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File 154181070584.png - (45.50KB , 800x600 , salq3-title.png )
910105 No. 910105 ID: 8a614b

[pt1: >>/questarch/862495]
[pt2: >>/questarch/883042]
[dis: >>/questdis/120117]
[bte: >>/questdis/96269]
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No. 949026 ID: feecd8

>Explain why you're watching something so lewd.
That's simple. Sisirri really wants to bang non-salikai aliens.
No. 949027 ID: 91ee5f

Careful. This could be a kiter trap to lure in anyone attempting to investigate that signal’s source.

Wow, that brain damage is really out of control isn’t it? It’s especially bad since Sisirri is sleep deprived!
No. 949054 ID: 3ce8ff

This seems like a solid course of action
No. 949061 ID: b1b4f3

More thoughts on the dancing:
Did it remind you of the ocean? The waves on the surface, or the movement of fish or kelp? How did you usually go to sleep while in your ocean base?
Did it remind you of your mother when she was still sane? Did she rock you to sleep? Did you have a sleeping ritual from back then?
No. 949069 ID: cfc58e
File 157325291562.png - (8.60KB , 800x600 , salq3-74.png )

Yeah, this makes more sense.

I put together a quick note to Ku and make this his problem. I think signals and data are more his thing, anyway.


>yellow triangle
That is odd.
Let's look at that a little closer...

I can't. That's all the information I can access. Apparently whatever's picking them up can only pick up that they're there, not whatever they are.
That's a little disconcerting. At least they're not over us. Yet.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Sleep...

I put the previous show back on. Yup, they're still going at it. Maybe the monotony will put me to sleep.

It definitely isn't erotic to me. This isn't how salikai sexuality works. Unlike a disturbingly high proportion of sapient species, we aren't constantly receptive and thinking about procreation at all hours. What an exhausting mentality that must be. And while I sure don't know my exact position in the cycle, I know for definite it's not the peak.
Then again, that might explain some of why we're so significantly less populous than other species.

I will admit I'm impressed by the balance these two must have to continue mating with their arms behind them and now above them.
I envy the balance and agility all these bipeds seem to have. If I tried balancing on two legs I would fall over immediately.

The two shudder against each other and pull each other tightly together by the hips, heads facing down and smushing their foreheads together.
Now they're just standing in place, apparently catching their breath, eyes closed.
No. 949070 ID: cfc58e
File 157325293369.png - (9.65KB , 800x600 , salq3-75.png )

> FrontierLibrarian: Okay, why are you sending me alien pornography, though? I'm the least interested here in this sort of thing. This isn't even close to how my species reproduces.
> Machinist: That wasn't the point. Something is broadcasting this. You're the signal analysis and data extraction expert. Can you figure out anything about this?
> FrontierLibrarian: Yeah, it's some sort of longwave broadcast that uses a protocol this facility already had in its databanks. How? Don't know. I'm far too used to this sort of mystery setup, Reclaim was full of things just like it. We actually already had some recordings of this species and culture, Saba put together a translator for it and then we translated the material we had, filed it away, and forgot about it quick when the Kiter took an interest in us.
> Machinist: Why didn't you mention you had data on the natives?!
> FrontierLibrarian: Wait, this species lives on this world?
> Machinist: What? How did you not know that?
> FrontierLibrarian: Sisirri, the drones Aza sends out don't see a great deal before they get shot down.

"That was a super cool vid, no name, nameless actors, totally fuckin' banned for all the fuckin'. Everywhere but the breeding centres. Y'know, the breeding centres?"

> Machinist: Wait. Wait, there's words. I understand them.
> FrontierLibrarian: The autotranslation kicked in. Was there audio before this?
> Machinist: Music and sound but no spoken word.
> FrontierLibrarian: Okay, I have some other business to take care of that just came up, I've got this recording now, I'll come back to it.

No. 949071 ID: cfc58e
File 157325296110.png - (42.12KB , 800x600 , salq3-76.png )

Every time I think I'm about to drift off my expectations are challenged yet again.

"You know, just another thing the regime isn't talking about. You ever wonder where that hot chick or that buff dude disappeared to? Can I get a fuckin' 'eugenics' here, people?! On the brink of extinction, what better time to get the best, brightest and most docile of us fuckin' like crazy to replace all the dissidents and protestors and people with half a fuckin' brain?!"

Wait. Wait what.
What is happening.

"Here's a question: has anyone seen one of the Convocation since the whole space invasion thing? Y'know what I think? They're aliens! How the fuck do you suppose we end up on the hitlist otherwise?! And you know what happens when the poor fuckers in Tiranna get the full might of alien wrath descending upon them? What does the Convocation do? Fuckin' nothing! Seal up the domes! Let them die! Turn on the death ray satellites, point them over there, maybe take out more Tirannans as 'unavoidable collateral'! Open your fuckin' eyes, people! You think the Kiter are the thing that's gonna kill us?! The Convocation is turning us into fuckin' meat drones and justifying everything because Kiter this, Kiter that! We're losing everything in the name of a war fought without a single civil word exchanged!"

What am I watching.

"But that's all gonna fuckin' change, revolutionaries. Ol' Cho's gonna show you how it's done. Look -- first contact didn't go well, sure, but does it ever? Anyone remember what happened when we came here? Ask the weasels and the bugs about how much we fucked them up! What did we preserve of their culture and works?! What about the fuckin' ruins? Anyone read in your history files about the time the mighty Peshgiene Usakarak tried to destroy a precursor structure and melted the temple city the zizene had around it?! This isn't evil alien invaders from space, people, it's fuckin' getting what we're owed!!"
No. 949072 ID: cfc58e
File 157325301598.png - (30.82KB , 800x600 , salq3-77.png )

"But I'm gettin' off track, y'know. Now, let me introduce to you, for the first time on this shitheap of a planet, an actual civil discussion with the big scary invader aliens!"

What. No. No, no no no no.

"Welcome to the underground resistance, Mr. Kiter!"
"Heheh. Resourceful little place you have here, Mr. Cho."
"Eh, fuck formality, 'Cho' works fine."
"Yes, this shedding of protocol is certainly freeing. My name is Bloomtide, and I am here as a diplomatic envoy on behalf of the Kiter, as I was considered the most sympathetic to your cause and circumstance. I can understand there will be many among your audience that might not feel particularly happy about my appearance on your show, yes?"
"Fuck 'em, real truth seekers and freedom fighters hear out the words of the demonized and make their own conclusions."
"Ah, true words of enlightment. Yes, I must clear up some misconceptions. The Kiter are not as monolithic and unified in purpose and cruelty as it may seem. Much as your own self-assigned leaders, our leaders can be somewhat... stifling. Still, to say we all view your people as nothing more than resources to consume is an oversimplification."

Why is this happening?! Is anyone going to be even remotely fooled by this?!

"So let the world know what you told me, Bloomtide."
"Certainly. There is a place for the peshgiene among the Kiter. We are making efforts to reach out to those interested, but with the Convocation's defense systems in place, we cannot reveal our presence on this broadcast. And a message for the Convocation. Watch your people and see how much they resent you, how much they are prepared to stand against you. Consider the wishes of your people beyond your own wishes."
"Awesome, couldn't have said it better myself."
"One more thing. No one among the Kiter has known starvation, homelessness, frailty, illness, or ever been lost adrift without a greater purpose and focus. We are a transcendental civilisation, and we wish to bring you into our fold. We grieve the loss of those we have foolishly and wastefully slaughtered, in our paranoid self-defense."
"More Convocation fucked up bullshit! They were the ones who shot first! You all know that, right, revolutionaries?!"
"Let us not focus on the past or who started what,"
says the neno fi, a serene and smug expression on its stupid face. "Let us focus on forgiveness, and our future together."
"Folks I've seen the stuff these people can do,"
says the most gullible lunatic I've ever seen, "That Azure Sky bullshit means nothing to the stuff the Kiter can do. Chips? Augments? Try total fucking genetic reworking!!"

I... I feel like if I keep watching this I'm going to end up being sick, clawing the wall to shreds or I don't even know what.
I am livid that this broadcast is happening.

> Machinist: Does anyone here know how to hijack a signal?
> saba!: whatever you're planning on doing please do not
> CybLux: what is happening now, sisirri, busy working in lab
> LessEdgyThanYou: Oh gods I check the slate for two minutes and you're planning to hijack a signal?
> LessEdgyThanYou: Sisirri we have too many fires going for you to start trying to light one
> Machinist: This is a fairly time-sensitive issue.
> LessEdgyThanYou: Everything is!!!! Is this really worth it?! What are you even planning?!!!

Oh, there's so many options. Block the signal, jam it, distort it, live edit it, I don't actually know how to do any of this stuff but I bet someone else does. Or maybe actively meddling with some sort of Kiter propaganda broadcast would be a bad idea. Even if they can't do anything to me while I'm in this building. Hm.
No. 949073 ID: b1b4f3

Any outright censorship will look oppressive. Do you have any recordings of other Kiter going into detail about how they work? You know, the part about how they're going to rip the planet apart? Or how the Kiter is inherently self-destructive in purpose and methodology?
Just broadcast that audio on the same wavelength. Video too if you can manage it, but only for a short time.

It's tempting to invite them into this facility since it's a safe location but apparently they have their own safe havens, and it shouldn't be possible for them to travel here safely... I guess it wouldn't hurt to invite a diplomat though. Maybe you can open up a trade route if they have secure transport?
No. 949076 ID: 8d4593

Interrupt the stream. Announce your location and then show footage of the blasted landscape around the facility. Announce that the kitir merely wish to rob this world of its resources, including genetic resources. Announce that at best they will enslave you, but that most likely they will merely devour you. Finally, tell them not to trust any machines, and to remove all but the most rudimentary cybernetics. Imperium comes.

Then return the signal.
You can't make them believe you.
Most won't.
But a mere seed of dissent could save millions.
No. 949079 ID: 86eb65

You have to fight. If these idiots get conquered even a second faster it could get you killed. Even if we escape tomorrow we need to make sure we can survive until then.

Live edit it. Show evidence of what is happening. Get a hold of that crazy psychic asshole you met earlier. Make them realize what there fate will be if they do not stand united against the Kiter.

Because its the right thing to do and they will make a handy meat shield.
No. 949081 ID: ad51b8

if you got any evidence on hand of how the kiter empire works through together a quick little video and show that on the hijacked signal. Idiots are still probably going to be idiots and get themselves killed but hopefully some of the smarter ones will see the truth for what it really is.
No. 949085 ID: b1b4f3

The horrible fate of Lackey's species *would* be a pretty effective warning... Question is can we get him ready for the broadcast in time?
No. 949088 ID: 4cf79d

Explain to your colleges you intent to interfere in kiter propaganda.
Send info on the continental strip mining operation and the fractured mental state of their genetically engineered biological drones. That should shine a new light over their offer.
No. 949089 ID: f49f5f

All of these seem like good ideas
No. 949091 ID: 977456

This looks like a job for Caffeine!
No. 949094 ID: 422cea

Do it. Prepare an info dump.
No. 949096 ID: 015bf2

Hijack the signal and insert a message of your own, mostly out of frustration and a desire to do something, anything, less in the hopes it might matter. Just record it and get someone else to do the delivery and the auto-translation - heck, they can even make the final call whether it is actually released or not.

"Why is it that nearly every other alien being I find on this planet is to some degree idiotic, repressed, depressed, homocidal, suicidal or any and all the above? Is there something in the gravity?"

Clack your claws together pointedly. Tell Cho exactly how much of a dumbass he is for inviting the Kiter into his pad and for encouraging whatever feeble resistance is left to lay down their arms and embrace the coming biological rapture - WHICH OF COURSE IS GOING TO BE PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL, AT NO COST WHATSOEVER FROM THE PLANET-DEVOURING LOCUSTS WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE AND NOBODY WILL REWIRE HIS BRAIN OR ANYTHING OH NO. Tell him he's a fool and a sell-out, or perhaps even a cloned dupe. Honestly, you hope it's the latter as seeing someone this deliberately dense does not give you high hopes for his species' survival.

Address Bloom-whatever. Tell her you don't want to deal with this transparent, ill-conceived garbage. Tell them that they should stop it - or you will use it, and better than them.

Have whoever helps you paste into the feed images of recordings of what the kiter are doing, stripping the planet, angry screeds and communiques, messed-up biological projects, samples of the whole nine yards.

Go back to bed. Feel strangely refreshed.
No. 949099 ID: ba56e6

Radio free wasteland, baby. Let's hook it up.
No. 949102 ID: a9af05

Now is not the time for drunk Sisirri! Nobody will listen to Sisirri's message if she's drunkenly trying to speak!
No. 949104 ID: 73b272

It really is true, the best lies have a seed of truth.
>There is a place for the peshgiene among the Kiter.
Yep, their genetics will be useful. The rest will make great biomass for future Kiter.
>No one among the Kiter has known starvation, homelessness, frailty, illness, or ever been lost adrift without a greater purpose and focus.
Yep, they're liquidated if they show any of those signs of weakness. It's almost laughable that the eugenics-hater is with the Kiter.
Oh wait, this is a Neno-Fi. Can you say, "psychic brainwash?"

Hijack. Get 1045 on. Say he's a revolutionary from the Kiter. Hopefully they'll sympathize with a fellow rebel. Have him tell them what the Kiter are like from his implanted memories. Their stances on eugenics and "fucking". Then show >>/questarch/869556
Worst case, some listen and Kiter sympathy is weakened.
No. 949107 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm maybe we shouldn't put Lackey up to this. It lets the enemy know we have him and he's cooperating. Rebroadcasting that earlier public Kiter broadcast could work though.

Also make sure to clarify to the others that you're disrupting Kiter propaganda and aren't hacking the signal for no reason.
No. 949108 ID: 094652

Two can plant those seeds!

Make your own broadcast stating the Kiter will own them; even if they don't enslave, mutate, and discard the survivors, they'll still lord over the rebels for doing all their work for them. If the rebels were smart, they'd reverse-engineer the tech they found and win this fight against the Convocation with their own hands, not sell-out to an alien civilization with its own oppressors! Heck, they should be the ones to liberate the Kiter from their oppressive leaders!

Also, begin encrypted communications to various rebel cells and neutral communities, offering them a job in exchange for a shelter away from the upcoming storm. Tell them to bring their own guns, it's safer that way.
No. 949109 ID: 91ee5f

>Is this really worth it?! What are you even planning?!!!
“I’m currently watching an [insert Salikai swear word and/or insult here] talking about having a truce with the Kiter! I want to hack the signal to hopefully prevent them from making a mistake!”

>show broadcast
I was thinking of using this one: >>/questarch/863415 .

Or we could show these transmissions of Voidsong: >>/questarch/866192 , >>/questarch/866193 , >>/questarch/866194 . Because I’m sure if we broadcast what’s in the background behind Voidsong, that would get everyone to question if the Kiter can be trusted.

>Don’t use Lackey
I agree. That would only make us look like hypocrites if we tell them to not trust the Kiter, but we’re working with a Kiter ourselves.
No. 949110 ID: b1b4f3

...huh, why are they even bothering with propaganda? They obviously have access to one specimen of their species. Why would they need more? Larger genepool to draw mutations from? Or are those domes and other military forces actually a threat?
No. 949111 ID: 28efe8

Dude, the Kiter already know about 1045. Their orders are pretty much shoot on sight. See >>/questarch/893108
>look like hypocrites
Wut. Dude, we're using a Kiter defector. It's the same logic as using former cult members to say why people should stay away from that cult. They were inside. They know how they operate. Plus, once again, these guys will likely sympathize more with a fellow dissident than Bloomtide, who is a gov't spokesman equivalent.
That said, good stuff with the other Kiter comms.
Strategically, it saps enemy morale and forces resources to be directed toward home and away from the Kiter, easing the invasion.

And yes, specify to your allies you're aiming to discredit Kiter sympathizers and propaganda among the natives.
No. 949113 ID: 91ee5f

>Then again, that might explain some of why we're so significantly less populous than other species.
Hey, Sisirri, here’s something to think about. Imagine what it would be like if Salikai could reproduce at the same speed as Neumono.
No. 949114 ID: 8de00a

>Anyone read in your history files about the time the mighty Peshgiene Usakarak tried to destroy a precursor structure and melted the temple city the zizene had around it?!
So the moths used to LIVE HERE? Well. File that away for later use.
No. 949115 ID: b1b4f3

>Kiter already know 1045 has gone rogue
Fair enough.
No. 949116 ID: 1ed92d

Start transmitting the intercepted information about Kiter wanting to leave before "Harvester" fleets arrive and the process of extraction going on, as well as showing the bombed out hellscape around this facility. Suggest interviews with Kiter Defectors are forthcoming.

We may not care about the local biosphere, but we do despise the Kiter intensely.
No. 949121 ID: 5b93d3

Step 1: Capture the signal, slow it to 95% speed, then rebroadcast blocking the source signal. This builds you a 1s buffer every 20 seconds (so 3s per minute).
Step 2: Use this buffer to modify words and phrases of the Nenofi. Thigns like 2can modify" to "will modify", "your have a choice" to "you have no choice", etc.
Step 3: After this has gone on for a bit (or if they appear to be about to catch on) then 'block' their signal with a data-dump of the local Kiter activities.

Even if the viewers see the data dump as propaganda and dismiss it, that it was sent to 'block' the prior transmission will enhance the veracity of the prior (modified) transmission.
No. 949125 ID: 12b116

are there even any survivors on this planet? How do we know this isn't a looping broadcast from a dead city? If doing something will inconvenience the Kiter we should try it but it might be a waste of time
No. 949137 ID: cfc58e
File 157334425439.png - (3.85KB , 800x600 , salq3-78.png )

>why propaganda
I don't know, but I'm less concerned with why at the moment and more concerned with how to stop it.
Investigation can be later.
>looping broadcast
A possibility.
But if there's anyone out there who can be swayed against the Kiter, they can be a problem for the Kiter to deal with that isn't us.

> Machinist: I'm forwarding this broadcast. There's talks of a truce between a native species and the Kiter. This needs to be prevented at all costs.

I wait for responses.

> saba!: this isnt our business
> LessEdgyThanYou: Sisirri, we're not peacekeepers, we're not soldiers, we're just stuck here. We can't get involved.
> Machinist: We are already involved! We already have Kiter defectors!
> saba!: we dont want to poke the fuckers with sticks sisirri
> saba!: we need to stay quiet
> Machinist: I have lived staying quiet and hidden for most of my life and I can tell you it doesn't work out. Do you know what happens? You end up backed up into a corner with all your escape routes rendered inaccessible. Ku, Aza, one of you, help me with this. I need the recordings of Kiter communications, all we have. Lackey, I need you to tell the world about the Kiter.
> LessEdgyThanYou: I don't think Lackey's around...

I wait for responses, again. Minutes pass. The broadcast looks like it might be coming to a close.

"As always, my revolutionaries, keep on fighting the good fight. The Kiter are on our side and soon we'll all get what we've been fighting for!"

> FrontierLibrarian: Never mind. This is more important.

The broadcast falters a little, interleaved with a different broadcast.

A symbol briefly flashes up on the screen, six lines looking very similar to Ku's voxnet avatar.
No. 949138 ID: cfc58e
File 157334427871.png - (54.99KB , 800x600 , salq3-79.png )

A heavily distorted voice plays on the transmission. If Ku is the one speaking I wouldn't be able to tell.

"Your Convocation has made their case. The Kiter have made their case. Now we shall make ours."

Distorted images, almost aggressively spliced into the broadcast, showing the charred wasteland surrounding the facility, and the towering Kiter spires.
I realise most of this is video taken from drones being destroyed while scouting the immediate vicinity.

"The Kiter have consumed all surrounding territory. The Kiter are a machine that engulfs and digests everything in its path. Even the bones of the dead are resources to be utilised. There is no civilisation here."

Snippets of the recordings from the Kiter leaders play.
"First Continent operations are to focus on extracting all available planetary crust resources until otherwise informed. This stranlet speaks with the authority of the kiter stran Penumbriot, leader of Shadow Fleet tendril 4356. Obedience is mandatory. Deviation from the directives will not be tolerated."
Imagery of the desolate wasteland again.
"Eat this continent before the Processors get a chance to. There is no further room for discussion. Dismissed."

> 1045: What did you just do?
> 1045: There's been a massive spike in paraspacial activity, it's hard to perceive anything in this noise!
> 1045: ...What did you do?! Coordinator Gol and Coordinator Aub are... I can't peer into the channel, past the encryption and the proxy relays, but some sort of communication is flitting between them fast. Very fast. Large volume. Spiking intensity. This isn't the paraspacial signature of a verbose conversation, this is emotional noise, these two sound furious.
> 1045: And the channel just cut out. Wait, no, only Gol's side did. Aub's side is trying to forcibly reopen the channel but it's just... hold on. I can almost pick up on the screaming into the void. Something... no distinct words, but a deeply held conviction that First Continent operations are now openly sabotaging Second Continent operations, or are so incompetent that First Continent can't clamp down on an openly broadcasting rebel station?
> Machinist: Ku, you are... I lack the superlatives to express my gratitude.
> Machinist: Thank you, sincerely.
> 1045: ...what's going on?
> FrontierLibrarian: You have absolutely no idea how good that felt for me. I only wish I could be smacking the Kiter in the face directly. Winding them up is a consolation prize, at best.
> FrontierLibrarian: I'm keeping things recording in hopes for a response. But now I need to get back to working on the cybersecurity upgrades for the network.
> FrontierLibrarian: Or, well, it's getting late. Might just sleep. Maybe check up on Aza.
> FrontierLibrarian: Incidentally, there's other broadcasts from the same source you might want to check on. They were using a different protocol, it was garbling the audio.


Now I feel like I could go for a drink of some kind. No coffee, something more relaxing.

Or I guess I could check out one of the other streams. There was that what looked like a news broadcast, or there was that chip exhibition, or that channel with the different aliens, or maybe I can try to find a different art broadcast not presented by a rainbow-painted idiot revolutionary selling his species out to monsters...
No. 949140 ID: 3ce8ff

those characters are like just Japanese but like mirrored upside down つー fuck I don't remember my classes well enough to make them right side up
No. 949141 ID: ad51b8

yea, we caused more infighting.

But yeah, see if they have tea since I heard tea is suppose to be relaxing. Then maybe try the news channel to see if you can't get an idea on what's going in the rest of the world.
No. 949142 ID: b1b4f3

Should probably tell 1045 what happened.
I wonder how the Convocation will react to that ominous mention of the Processors?
...it occurs to me that if we can keep instigating infighting like we've been doing, the Kiter offensive might fall apart enough for the Convocation to get an edge. Seems a bit unlikely though, there's a lot of Kiter. Also it wouldn't matter for when the Processor Fleet shows up, so if the Convocation beat the Shadow Fleet they'll have to evacuate the planet anyway. Do we know what the Processor Fleet is yet? Another type of Kiter force, or something else? Ask 1045, he might know. If not him, maybe the new defector does.

...wait, if the moths used to live here, and at one point had a temple around a precursor facility, then they might know how to operate the facility. We were worried about the defector but the OTHER one might be the real threat. Or an incredible asset, I suppose. Might want to pass that information along to the others.
>what do
Uhhh... watching the thing about chips might be neat to see how their machines match up to yours. The news broadcast might give some indication on how the fight is going but there's no guarantee the info will be accurate, depending on how much censorship, self-aggrandizing, or false hope is involved, so I'd pass on it-- if it becomes important we should try to get information from a direct source.

Getting a drink would be nice too. Herbal tea analogue?
No. 949147 ID: 2202fb

I think it is a fluke
No. 949152 ID: a9af05

All of this sounds good.
No. 949154 ID: fd7f7d

Ah, a new name. Aub. That leaves one final Blaukesch, and we'll have basic knowledge of the local Kiter High Command. And I feel that Aub is so very right about Gol's incompetence. Gol's seems to be the key to infighting though, so I almost hope he stays. Then again, if the Kiter decide to put him down, we might be able to get him to rebel like with Voidsong. Well, we'll have to figure it out as we go.

So, TV.
We already know a bit about the chips. As the gullible rebel said,
>"That Azure Sky bullshit means nothing to the stuff the Kiter can do. Chips? Augments? Try total fucking genetic reworking!!"
Unless they're Imperium chips, seems meh.
Unknown aliens? We'll have time to figure those out after we're safe.
That leaves the news. Local politics might be good. It'll help us figure out how we should strategically deal with these aliens.
My vote goes to news.

Oh, 1045 is on. HEY 1045! Do ya know a Carax that goes by Ktri-94? And you know the names of the command Blaukesch, do those memories also tell you how they act and the styles of command they use?
No. 949157 ID: 91ee5f

Ask if he’s come up with a proper name for himself yet? We said we’d stop calling him Lackey and we’d let him name himself, so I’m just wondering if he’s thought of a name yet.
No. 949158 ID: 094652

You did what you could. That's not just a step up, it's a path forward. Some of those people, convocators and rebels, will realize what you did, how high your organization's level is to disrupt an entire manipulated revolution like that, and will decide they're sick of living where they are and will request a pickup for a new job.

Keep disrupting Kiter occupations where you can. If you're too late, just do what you can and use the teleporter to save any survivors. Keep recruiting like this. It will be slow, but that's also your smokescreen; both of your adversaries are underestimating you due to poor performance, but once you get a proper R&D team of friends and specialists, instead of this skeleton crew of badly-utilized people who barely tolerate each other, your progress gets exponential.

And get some hot chocolate. You earned it.
No. 949159 ID: b1b4f3

Chocolate has caffeine, it's not a good idea. Most tea does too (but herbal tea generally doesn't).
No. 949160 ID: 8d4593

The caffeine in chocolate is minuscule and the "Tea" they have there is likely not the same as our tea.
No. 949178 ID: 977456

For all we know, caffeine isn't even what did it. There is lots of stuff in coffee, and Salikai have who-knows-what physiology...
No. 949189 ID: 0efe8e

Did we tell Kitsiksu about his cult? Because if not we should probably do that some time soon.
No. 949193 ID: 22d5ad

Seconding this
No. 949202 ID: 233458

Hang on a sec. He said it was less likely he'd have to have to arrange the collective demise of every neumono here. LESS likely. He gets his Bioservitors, that may go out the window.
No. 949207 ID: b1b4f3

Actually if he has a small army of minions he'll feel less threatened by the three neumono.
No. 949215 ID: a9af05

If he has his small army, he'll send them after the neumono. Or his small army will attack the neumono without being told to attack them.
No. 949216 ID: b1b4f3

What would he stand to gain by doing the former? The latter can be avoided by simply asking them to stay out of the area where everyone else is living.
No. 949217 ID: ba56e6

Agreed. We must further garner what can loosely be called 'trust' between him and the others before we disrupt the power balance.
No. 949218 ID: a8efc3

What would he have to gain? A perceived sense of security. Also, seperate rooms will not stop empathy.
And he can be very subtle about the kills, the bioservitors have Predator abilities.
Which sucks. I want them badly. I have plans for 'em.
No. 949219 ID: b1b4f3

I said area, not rooms. And again, if he has a small army, he's not gonna feel threatened.
No. 949220 ID: a9af05

>asking them to stay out of the area where everyone else is living.
Just because we ask them, doesn't mean they'll obey. They may take initiative and attack the neumono in the hopes of making Kitsiksu happy.

He won't feel threatened because he'll have them eliminate the threats.

And the last thing we need right now is more mouths to feed.

Also I believe someone said that we've got enough "fires" going on right now, so we might be better off not starting another one before we contain the other ones we've got going right now.
No. 949222 ID: b1b4f3

The cultists have a farm.
No. 949223 ID: ac29e8

Areas will be useless, too. Ekasarra had to go OUTSIDE to get away from the empathy of her former hivemates.
From >>/questarch/864286
> saba!: a walk in an active warzone?????? you idiot call her back
> LessEdgyThanYou: She was very, very insistent on it. Said she had to get away from her friends for a moment.
No. 949224 ID: b1b4f3

Areas can be pretty big, you know, and the facility is big.
No. 949225 ID: 91ee5f

>not feel threatened
I’m more worried about the Neumono feeling threatened. Because if what >>949218 said about Predator abilities is true, then that would be a significant problem.

The last thing we need are the Neumono having their personalities erased and turned into Predator slaves..

>we've got enough "fires" going on right now
I agree with this. The last thing Sisirri needs right now is yet another thing to worry about. Especially since she’s currently about to pass out.

Let’s wait until later to tell Kitsiksu about his little army, when we have things under control and less likely to spiral out of control.
No. 949235 ID: 1ed92d

You could always channel surf.
No. 949264 ID: cfc58e
File 157351671501.png - (13.62KB , 800x600 , salq3-80.png )

>kitsiksu's cult of neumono predator derived bioservitors that hate all neumono and want them dead

>use the teleporter to recruit
The gate is down and the only key I have takes us straight into a presumably now destroyed Imperium structure.
Lackey can somehow teleport himself and others around, but considering the last time I was with him, he managed to go to the wrong abandoned alien complex. I don't know how reliable he is as a form of transportation.

Well, the two of them are locked up in the reception area, so it's probably fine.
I mean, it's evidently not fine, and they'll probably break out, but someone else has probably thought of this.

I trust the reception area to hold them maybe as long as an arkot in an inch deep hole. If they start cutting a swathe of destruction through the facility I'm sure we'll get to find out how the defenses work.

Unless that moth thing can make the defenses work to her will. ...Whatever, I can't focus on every problem all the time. And this door is locked. I'll be fine, at least.

Good point.
> Machinist: Hey. Lackey. You remember Coordinator Aub. Who is the Coordinator for the 'third continent' operations?
> 1045: Modulation. Unlike Gol and Aub, Modulation is a neburi, not a blaukesch, but is a data-caste neburi apparently capable of the levels of simultaneous datastream processing blaukesch are. I've never seen or heard them. I suspect he or she is a prototype, not unlike like myself. A new evolutionary iteration of the neburi that proved to be a success. Shadow Fleet has a tendency towards promoting exceptional individuals as leaders regardless of suitability.
> Machinist: How do they act and command?
> 1045: I... that's hazier. I was never under the command of Aub or Modulation, and you know about as much as I do on how Gol operates. He is a ruthless and quick to anger leader, but he is not stupid. I suspect he's probably already dispatching task forces to any signal broadcast sources on the continent. Of course, he can't touch this facility, but I would not be surprised if he tried more drastic measures. Make sure no one leaves the facility for any reason.
> Machinist: Noted. Also, do you know anyone by the name of Ktri-94?
> 1045: Sounds like a carax. I don't remember a lot of my carax-inherited experiences beyond raw skill training. Why?
> Machinist: They're being held prisoner in our reception area. He claims to want to defect. He asked for you specifically. He also said you'd recognise the name.
> 1045: ...I'll go investigate.
> Machinist: Thanks. Also, one last thing.
> 1045: Yes?
> Machinist: Did you think of a name for yourself yet?
> 1045: No.
> Machinist: Alright. Goodnight, Lackey.

I turn the lights off and look at the screen wall, looking at a machine embedded into an alcove in the wall. It has a bunch of capsules in a rack.
I grab a pink one and put it into a slot. A hot drink comes out in a white cup made of cheap plastic.
It smells like the pink fruits and tastes sort of like them too, but with an added touch I can't quite place. Something almost citrusy. It's an odd drink, but I enjoy it.

I curl up on the bed and watch.
No. 949265 ID: cfc58e
File 157351674195.png - (51.58KB , 800x600 , salq3-81.png )

"Good evening. In the news tonight, seven cells of terrorist organisation Pump were arrested for crimes against the state, as well as numerous charges of violence and conspiracy."

Pump?? An entire space of names to choose from and... I hope that's just a quirk of the autotranslation and the actual name sounds a lot better than that.

"The orbital conflict between the Khepalliion Astral Forces and the Kiter continues, with casualties increasing on both sides. Experts say the military is doing all it can, but without more materiel and logistical improvements, the Kiter may break through by numerical supremacy alone. Convocation officials have stressed an urgency on economic prioritization and increased benefits for military families, warning that drafting may soon become fundamentally necessary. With us in the studio later is Synoch of Nestral, Fei Engur."

I just realised I do not care about any of this right now. I am so low in energy. Give me something less tedious, mystery broadcaster. Click.
No. 949266 ID: cfc58e
File 157351675432.png - (30.34KB , 800x600 , salq3-82.png )

"..the peshgiene who chose to stay in Tiranna were of a different belief, however. Many of them saw the ancient ruins and remnants of great societies as evidence that progression had no goal, no ceiling, no ultimate outcome but overreaching and declining. Rather than treat the zizene itudak and ningkiene zalak as primitive natives to exploit, they sought to learn from them. The Tirannan peshgiene began to adopt a more decentralised way of life, nomadic, and establishing permanent trading posts became less and less of a priority as they learned from the natives of the world.
Things would change when news of the significance of the ruins reached Khepalliion and expeditions began. In less than a generation, Khepallii expedition forces found peshgiene with cultures alien and in some cases in direct conflict to everything they knew. Outright war was prevented only by the lack of a central Tirannan authority to declare it. Raids and skirmishes of both sides began, with the native life becoming more distrustful of the alien outsiders that had sought to learn from them. Things may have only escalated from there until the Tirannan were but another heathen movement consigned to history, but a reckoning had followed our ancestors to this world. The first contact with the Kiter began as a scouring of Korai, the once capital city of Khepalliion, in an act we would soon learn to be only a fraction of the capability of their dreadful power. Ten years have passed since that historic encounter, with only the Four Domes standing as the last bastions of Khepalliion civilisation, and the Tirannan peoples already long forgotten ashes."

No. 949267 ID: cfc58e
File 157351677044.png - (13.08KB , 800x600 , salq3-83.png )



Switch to:
- Lackey
- Kitsiksu
- Voidsong (No thank you, I'm busy.)
- Someone else, perhaps..?
No. 949268 ID: 465a14

Voidsong being busy is exactly why we're switching to her.
No. 949269 ID: cdabe3

Prettiest Arkot!
No. 949271 ID: 0fae41

No. 949272 ID: 8d4593

No. 949274 ID: 86eb65

No. 949275 ID: 3ce8ff

but what if, and hear me out, we pick voidsong ANYWAY.
alternately Lackey because moth
No. 949276 ID: 1ed92d

No. 949279 ID: 736b7e

No. 949283 ID: 0efe8e

Let's switch to speaker, so we can see how well Six and Three are getting along in their mission.
No. 949284 ID: 094652

Moth girl in captivity
No. 949292 ID: 12b116

No. 949295 ID: 977456

No. 949297 ID: b1b4f3

Sitkva is the depressed amtsvane who is trying not to be a burden during the current food supply issues by restricting his diet. I don't think switching to him is going to be very interesting or let us influence events.

Hmm, let's switch to Lackey and make sure he tells everyone ELSE that they are not to leave the facility for any reason until further notice, since we poked the Kiter and they're going to have a harsh eye on us for a while. Sisirri didn't spread that information and then fell asleep.
No. 949302 ID: 4854ef

No. 949304 ID: 6e59e3

>Be someone else
Be the suspiciously tozol-shaped creature in the cryojail.

You are an apex murder biosynth who don't need no salikai
No. 949316 ID: 91ee5f

Switch to Lackey.

First order of business: Change name to something else.

Sitkva is female.
No. 949323 ID: 2622b6

>presumably now destroyed Imperium structure.
WAIT A... We'd be able to use drones to fetch leftover materials, tech to study, possibly more! If drones fail, we have one guy that eats radioactive stuff.
>Shadow Fleet has a tendency towards promoting exceptional individuals as leaders regardless of suitability.
That's a surprise. I expected them to be mostly devoid of meritocracy due to the desire for troops loyal to authority, which usually comes at the expense of skill. Even so, if this is meritocratic for them, I'd hate to see what the other Kiter fleets are like.
>He is a ruthless and quick to anger leader, but he is not stupid.
Got it. Expect little mercy. Rile him up, he'll make mistakes. A possible plot would be to poke Aub enough to get him to attempt a raid. I suspect Gol would take the overreach of authority poorly.
Well, that explains the unknown vessels. Surprisingly bleak propaganda.
Roughly dissected at >>/questdis/131411
Key stuff:
-Moths (and "ningkiene zalak") = natives
-Khepallii peshgiene = space colonists
-Khepallii dislike natives, view as primitive
-Some peshgiene joined natives
-Khepallii believe natives are wiped out by Kiter

Basic gist, the Khepallii may be decent allies vs the Kiter, but be wary.
>and the Tirannan peoples already long forgotten ashes.
Nope. We have proof they still exist. See >>/questarch/882761 + >>/questarch/882762

Kitsiksu is doing idle busy work, so...
No. 949330 ID: 094652

It's buried under metric @#$%-tons of rubble, irradiated to glowing from the nuclear meltdown, and anything that survived has all of Imperium's Spite-Then-Harvest protocols written into its viruses.

But other than that, good call. We could use the place as a testing ground for our battledrones against Imperium's stragglers. Vaccine effect and all that,
No. 949331 ID: b1b4f3

>Sitkva is female.

>send drones into an Imperium facility, even after it blew up
Not a good idea, unless we destroy the drones after they come back, since there's like a 70% chance they've been hacked by passive security even if Imperium isn't directly controlling the place anymore. We'd need to encase the portal in a faraday cage too so they can't hack our stuff after coming through the portal before being destroyed. We COULD send some purely organic members of the crew in there... If they're properly armed with nonhackable weapons and they never go far from the portal, it'd be a decent enough way to gather raw materials. Granted, we would then have to make sure those raw materials are completely inert after we bring them in.
Heck, if the area is fully under control by forces which are friendly, we could use it as an escape route and finally get off this doomed planet? It's REALLY hard to trust anyone we meet in there though, since they could easily be Imperium loyalists in disguise.
No. 949351 ID: a9af05


>Change name
No. 949354 ID: ba56e6

Lackey could use some moral support.
No. 949355 ID: cfc58e
File 157359379201.png - (15.33KB , 800x600 , salq3-84.png )


Hrrfff. First my meditation is ruined by paraspace catching fire, and now I have to go talk to some random defector.
I just wanted some time alone.

>change name
I've got nothing.

I feel sick, wrong inside. I don't know how much of it is guilt and anger pooling up and how much of it might be me discovering the limits I can put my body to.
I jumped via paraspacial shunt from the biolab to this closet and I can taste copper. I should probably not be using reality-sundering capabilities to leave in a dramatic fashion.

I make my way down to the reception area, which is a long, boring walk made slightly painful by the odd twinge and ache.

After a while I feel a sudden sharp pain in my side which makes me stumble. I fall onto the floor, quickly shielding my head with my arm.

Hrg. It's like something's broken. Moving makes it worse. I can feel my hearts pounding asynchronously and I'm not even sure if that's supposed to happen or not.
One of them is beating a lot faster than the others and it's making my leg feel numb.

I could call for help.

...Why, though. I don't particularly feel like I should pick myself back up right now. I'm a prototype. Maybe my biology was never meant to last long term. Maybe I was never meant to last more than a few days. Just let me stay here. If I live, I live, if I die I die.

At least all the shame and futility and mistakes I've experienced will die here with me. The rest will undoubtedly live on in some number of generations of Kiter soldiers.
No. 949356 ID: ac7aff

Dude you are literally a child. Quick pretending that you are a falling apart old man.

You had a childish tantrum over a small matter and left a huge mess for other people to fix.

Now I don't blame you for reacting like you did. Kids are a big choice. But a adult would have nice long talks with there significant other before storming out and declaring they hate them forever.

Just call up someone on the intercom and get some help.
No. 949357 ID: 0efe8e

Congratulations, you have depression, crawl/call for help, lying down and giving up accomplishes nothing. The mistakes you say will die with you are not a negative, mistakes are how people learn, if you give up after one, then what was the point in trying in the first place.
No. 949358 ID: 3ce8ff

You will probably be fine, you got redundant hearts for a reason, neumono are hard to kill, and you are, largely, neumono. hard to kill to the point that you could theoretically cut one in half and eventually have two alive neumono, though both will likely be diminished, but that is besides the point.
At this point your lack of purpose is hitting you harder and harder, the Keter was supposed to always be there giving you continuous purpose as part of how your psyche was designed to work, you were not designed in such a way that this position would accounted for, or it was and this is a sort of mental self-destruct as a way to help prevent deserters from hurting the Keter.
However you were also designed a soldier, and one of the traits of those is not giving up, so: Head Up Soldier, Take Care of Yourself, & Find Your Own Purpose!
No. 949359 ID: 015bf2

You got your pride stowed in and a knee shoved into your gut after you managed to proverbially eat both of your feet, you ninny. Of course you hurt. Arguably deservedly so.

Though, to be honest, chest pains and asynchronous heartbeats don't really fall under that umbrella. Perhaps... it might just be a honest stress reaction? You haven't had a great time of it of late. When did you last actually get some proper rest, for that matter?

Take two. See if it gets worse, and send for help if it does - none of the neumono, that'd just be doing them a disservice as miserable as you are right now - make it one of the other xenos.

If it doesn't get worse, get up and see what this kiter defector wants and resolve to hit the sack ASAP. If you die, perhaps you can die in your sleep, and somewhere a little bit more comfortable.
No. 949360 ID: b1b4f3

Considering you're in a facility designed to keep things in it safe, you have likely gone past safe limits of the use of your powers. Well, that, or you're subconsciously killing yourself with them. You need to learn restraint, both emotionally and paraspacially.

Also yeah you should definitely call for a medic. If you die now, you're going to leave your baby without a father, without anyone to teach them how to use their powers. That would be irresponsible.
While you're at it you should warn the others that the Kiter are probably going to monitor the facility closely to see if they can kill anyone who leaves it. Nobody gets to go outside for a while.
No. 949362 ID: 465a14

yea ok sounds good, have fun lying there

Let's just relax and see what happens this time.
No. 949363 ID: 4cf79d

Demand that Kitsiksu fix your hearts problem. Wasn't that rude centipede supposed to act like a doctor? Make use of him.
No. 949364 ID: ba56e6

Try not to give up on life so soon. Can you message Tirzi?
No. 949366 ID: 8545bd

If you like puns, Juan Fiver.
Juan O'Fore Fiver.

Your memories gave you some idea of how to use your abilities, but you may have to practice if you wish to use them without self-harm.
Maybe eat some food. Can't fix yourself without stuff to fix it with.
As to the rest. Did you ask the Director if you're allowed to die? You've made mistakes that have made you a failure to yourself. Are you going to fail the director too?
No. 949367 ID: cdabe3

Hey look, you’ve been having a hard day, okay? You’ve been released from the only life you knew, joined what was once an enemy faction, became intimately involved with a lover before you understood what was happening, have fathered a child of some kind, and took out your frustrations on someone who you cared about. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and stressed out right now!

Take a moment to gather yourself though, and then pick yourself up and keep going. I know you can do this, you have incredible potential within you. I know you can keep moving!
No. 949368 ID: 094652

Lackey, you have an extreme case of bipolar disorder. You need help, your director needs help, so go get help with your teleport powers. Find a warzone and extract survivors.
No. 949369 ID: 3ce8ff

lets NOT use our paraspaical powers right now as that has been identified as a possible cause of current physical problems
No. 949371 ID: 91ee5f

>now I have to go talk to some random defector.
Sisirri never said that you have to immediately go talk to the defector. She merely informed you that there was someone that wanted to talk to you. That person isn’t going anywhere, so you can wait if you don’t want to talk to them right now.

>>change name
>I've got nothing.
How about Wayko?
No. 949475 ID: 1ed92d

Sounds like you need emergency medical attention. Let's go call for help from Tirzi!
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