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File 155476019470.jpg - (824.39KB , 2024x1950 , Chapter 4 part 0.jpg )
929115 No. 929115 ID: 70be57

Wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 943794 ID: 58c631
File 156711357050.jpg - (1.10MB , 2480x1779 , Chapter 4 part 65.jpg )

Before this chapter continues there is going to be a short story in between. Choose which one you want to be portrayed.

No. 943813 ID: 8b660e

I would prefer to do Putting all things inside outside, but I have my coplayer would want to flavor of happiness with aftertaste of regret. Tell you what, if this is the case i'll roll you for it.
No. 943845 ID: e51896

flavor of happiness
No. 943849 ID: 58c631

Oh boy
No. 943877 ID: 8b660e

rolled 3 = 3

No. 943878 ID: 8b660e

Oh... well shit
No. 943948 ID: e51896

My turn to roll,
before I roll, what sided dice are we rolling?
No. 943949 ID: e51896

rolled 13 = 13

Nevermind, Harbard told me he rolled a 20 sided dice. So that is what I'm rolling too

you may have beaten me in the first two dice rolling games, but I'll get you this time
No. 943960 ID: b151ba
File 156723589946.jpg - (424.05KB , 1158x1095 , Chapter 4 part 66.jpg )

No. 943961 ID: e51896

You didn't steal those things from that spirit that tells riddles, did you?

lets go search for hidden things this time.
No. 944026 ID: f1cf1b

I’m down for this.
No. 944087 ID: b151ba
File 156735591141.jpg - (2.40MB , 3508x3318 , Chapter 4 part 67.jpg )

I already implemented the transition to the short story. As for the roles, one participator will be Null while you Harbard Grim will be in control of Tv Flint, just play him like a reanimated corpse with low intelligent.

No. 944092 ID: 8b660e


Who’re we talking about again?
No. 944110 ID: e51896

...Where's Ember Sapling? after giving Ember my precious heart to get her to trust and follow Essence's orders to keep things running outside of my body... only having it end up getting Ember burnt to a charred state and letting her down...I would have thought she would especially be here to watch and laugh at my inevitable torture or death... maybe even personally rip my soul to shreds like she threatened to do to that small guy with the mask that managed to escaped my clutches...
No. 944121 ID: b151ba
File 156741416949.jpg - (1.85MB , 3080x2497 , Chapter 4 part 68.jpg )

No. 944138 ID: 8b660e

Ohhh yeah, that’s right. Essence is dead now...

Inner thoughts: Good. Maybe this means I can leave here and go find my kids. I really don’t care about this thing in the can. What about that other girl the one with the melted face...?

Actually come to think of it I’d like to get everyone’s thoughts on what should be done here with this... uh, traitor? I guess I’ll go last.
No. 944217 ID: e51896

What is there to explain? What's even the point trying to explain myself at this point? to try to garner sympathy from you all? to ask for forgiveness and redemption? Nothing I'll say will ever get you to think better of me. I mean what is it you want to hear from me? All I can say is that Essence was trying to destroy me through that whole fight despite me trying to be helpful to her, with strike one being breaking all my bones in a very painful manner and getting ghosts to control my body, strike two being erasing my precious memories that makes me who I am with each ghost killed, and step three was giving Ember the courage she needs to accomplish Essence orders to stay outside my body by giving her my heart only to have Essence's orders end up destroying my heart and hurt Ember in the end. Was I supposed to take all that?

But that's not the answer you want to hear, is it? You want the easy less complicated answer, only wanting to see things in black and white ignoring the gray. so fine, here it is: I'm a (literal) spineless coward who only cares about my self preservation at the expense of others, and I am the "villain" for betraying Essence for my advantage instead of suffering for her, losing my mind, and possibly dying for her like I was supposed to. While you all are the "heroes" all ready to make me suffer without mercy or chance of redemption. Is that what you want want to hear? Whatever, I'm done feeling sorry for myself at this point. I've finally accepted my current state, and will accept whatever punishment you have in mind.

What I won't accept, however, is your comment on Ember. Where do you get off on calling Ember, your own ally, weak? Especially after all she went through during that fight? How DARE you to even insinuate her grieving is a weakness!? If anything, she has shown the most amount of courage in that battle than anyone else ever shown, standing in the most vulnerable spot all to keep my uncontrollable body angered and powerful. She may have been unsure at first, but after showing my courage and giving her my heart, she herself showed courage despite the risks, and despite where it ended up for the both of us. And that's more than can be said about you, Spirit Contaminator, just watching it all happen in the safety of that shielded throne. Sure Ember might hate me the most out of all of you, but she at least has all of my respect for her courage.

Actually, who is it am I talking to? are you Blizulia, Spirit Contaminator, or is it the Spirit Parasite controlling Blizulia? I can't be sure anymore with your actions. Are you sure who you are?

To top it off, Ember is showing more courage than you right now! You may see her grieving as a sign of weakness, but I see it actually as a great sign of courage. The fact that she even had the willpower to accept the cards that has been dealt to her to begin with, and to visit Essence's grave to accept Essence's death and grow stronger from that sadness and acceptance shows she has far greater strength than any of you.
Meanwhile you still refuse to accept Essence's death, to pay your respects to Essence and support Ember and instead opted to just decide to formulate a punishment for me, hoping my suffering will help you gain any sort of satisfaction, that maybe my suffering will make you feel stronger and bring a bit of Essence back to you symbolically. Nothing you do will bring her back, and while you may feel strong for beating up a weak slime like me, you aren't actually gaining strength. So instead of calling your "friend" weak for grieving, maybe you should be supporting her through her difficult trial, maybe even pay your respects to Essence instead of trying to run from it like Ember did.

And you asked me what you all should do with my treason? Here is one: let Ember herself decide my punishment. After all she's been through, she has suffered the most next to Essence, so she should be most deserving deciding my punishment.

But whatever, you all have fun and and decide my punishment. Just like how Ember accepted Essence's death, she has inspired me to accept my punishment. After all, I've hit rock bottom, no, I've hit the earth's inner core. no amount of punishment will make things any worse for me at this point, even death is a mercy. But I'll say in closing, if you have any respect for Ember, you should let Ember herself decide my punishment.

No. 944220 ID: 8b660e


Could you slow that down a bit? It sounded ballsy so I’ll give you that much.
No. 944228 ID: b151ba
File 156754037108.jpg - (3.09MB , 3186x4233 , Chapter 4 part 69.jpg )

No. 944277 ID: e51896

for how I'm doing? Well, I just blew off a bunch of steam ranting after hearing them call Ember weak, and now, I oddly feel a whole lot more refreshed and relaxed... all things considered. Just anticipating my death day coming a day or two apparently.

have I considered my choices in my previous and current lives, and the theme of my existence? I guess. I have always been too selfish, too self absorbed and arrogant in my choices, and in the end lead me to themes of being alone in life... but then again, life and existence has no themes or meaning, does it?

y'know, I just got a wave of nostalgia with what memory I still have left... you all remind me a bit of all my dead friends. Tv head reminds me of the strong Mike, Felafaf reminds me of the quiet Jerry, Anubis reminds me of Betty, the missing Ember reminds me of the caring Nadly, Spirit Contaminator reminds me of the leader Tom, and Happy reminds me of Christopher who brought that portrait that Halloween. Yeah, I feel it will be fitting to wait for Nadly on the day of my death.

hm, your face seems a bit too close to your communication portal, Happy. Can't even see a part of your body either. Something wrong?
No. 944279 ID: 6eabb5

( whoops I meant for null to say "wait for EMBER on the day of my death" not "wait for NADLY on the day of my death". But then again him saying Nadly instead of Ember could really show just how nostalgic Null feels.)
No. 944707 ID: bfce93

How can you tell what his face looks like? He’s wearing a mask? I think? Come to think of it he always makes a weird wooden clacking noise whenever he walks around.
No. 944890 ID: f7ff14
File 156828605707.jpg - (1.26MB , 3220x1467 , Chapter 4 part 70.jpg )

No. 944902 ID: e51896

[inner thoughts] strap a bomb on myself to kill my enemies in self sacrifice? might as well find a nuclear bomb or two in that case then. Maybe that insane FBI agent can help with that if I can find her... if she doesn't blow me up first. but nuking the ash tree's spirit now that I think about it... will that even work?

[inner thoughts] I already told him how I'm feeling. No need to tell him again. interesting how the others weren't immediately following his orders to answer him when he asked them a question. First not straightening up Embers weakness, now not following orders immediately. Things probably aren't going to end well.

Hey, You were talking about my destiny... but I thought Essence told me you hated the concept of destiny with a passion, and wanted to get rid of that? Maybe you don't hate destiny as much as Essence lead me to believe...
No. 944916 ID: 8b660e


Oh yeah I did, didn't I...?

... Well I guess the only thing I feel is a slight sense of relief than. I don't really want to work for someone who would shoot me on a whim.
No. 944928 ID: e51896

[inner thoughts]: >>944916 I'd bet my soul tv man doesn't even remember who exactly shot him, lol, change the channel.

[inner thoughts]: Now that I think about it, while I will probably look for a bomb/nuke if possible, I have a feeling if I needed to sacrifice myself and activate the bomb, it would probably not work and be a dud knowing my luck.

[inner thoughts]: good thing they can't read my mind.
No. 944970 ID: f7ff14
File 156840451986.jpg - (2.71MB , 2756x3457 , Chapter 4 part 71.jpg )

No. 945102 ID: e51896

[inner thoughts]: OH! that's right! dreams are easy to forget, so I almost forgot that in my dream, Demoria wanted to find a way to talk to and bargain with Spirit Contaminator, and I offered to help arrange a meeting. But like Demoria said, I can't just rush into it. I'll need to have patience, and by doing that, I'll need to slowly start some kind of friendship with Spirit Contaminator, or maybe get stockholm syndrome in order to eventually get her to talk with Demoria...

[inner thoughts]: I think to do that, I'll need to answer and critique Spirit Contaminator's questions truthfully, but not be insulting, but not be too friendly either... but ugh, that's TOO MANY QUESTIONS SHE IS ASKING!!!!... nonetheless, I'll have to answer them... because I may have let myself down, but I won't let Demoria down at least. This is for her. I have to prove I'm not a total failure at everything

What I think of you? we just met so I barely know you to draw a conclusion, nor do I know what you mean by Ice cream shop incident... but initial thoughts, you do seem to have sympathy for your family and others, especially the late Essence. I mean, you're trying to keep your team together in the interrogation room. And I know you wanted to kill me in the interrogation room, but in that fight, you used to be a little hesitant in killing me with a poison earlier and called Happy to intervene instead. But more than that, you now seem determined to get shit done trying to push away past weakness, not showing mercy anymore towards me, trying not to let feelings get in the way, and just looking forward on your goals... Just be sure to check your rear-view window periodically, the past can rear-end you if you don't.

Appearance? I don't think that matters at this point considering the type of people of varying appearances are out there being the norm after the fog hit. I mean, look at Tv Head's, and my own appearance. But I believe despite whether or not what your physical condition is, you are still you, it matters not how you look as long as you know who or what you are and want to be. But you asking about your appearance towards us, I can't tell if you hate how you look or not. I think the question is what do you yourself think of your own appearance? How do you want to look? How do you want others to see you?

For your leadership? even though your leadership was probably thrown at you, I see potential. You certainly seem to have a plan of action and the preparation and will to carry out those plans. And you seem to be keeping order in your team as you have prevented Anubis from keeping TV Head muted showing you can keep your team as united as possible...
...However, there was something about what you did as a leader that caused my outburst in the interrogation room: calling Ember weak. Sure you may have disagreed with my suggestion to go grieve with her and face the truth saying there is no time for sadness, but I think you could have still gone with Ember if not with the intention to grieve for Essence, but to support Ember through her grieving and time of need even if you didn't agree with it... if only to weed out the weaknesses by mending Ember's broken heart and help her grow stronger through it instead of just leaving her alone to pay respects to Essence...like Jerry did to me when he wouldn't support my studies thus ending my first life
I think this goes for Felafaf too. She said she was Sad and empty when speaking to Happy, and yet you said there is no time for sadness earlier. If you're worried that sadness is going to bring your team down, you should try to mend Felafaf's and Ember's sadness.

thoughts on the community? hm... I don't know if I've met EVERYONE in the community, but it seems with all the people I've seen so far, it seems to be full of broken spirits who lost people or somethings or everything and they want to do something about it. A community of people with broken hearts and emotional trauma. But hey, at least you all can be miserable together to pull through and reach for the stars. But I think I remember hearing that people who are broken can be manipulated easily. I'm probably speaking from experience though. Just be aware of what is going on around you.

How you function? you're all very secretive, very prepared, I'll admit, it is quite intimidating,
However, some of you seem to act out on your emotions, like Anubis' blind rage muting Tv Head which shows signs she can potentially ignore logic and and act on rage without seeing the big picture or considering her teammates thoughts, Tv Head's confusion which could cause misunderstandings in orders, Felafaf's and Ember's sadness that may potentially give them a defeatist hopeless attitude. I think as a leader, you need to address these with them before your mission.

How you are organized? as I said, you remind me of my friends, sticking together, united. Though it seems if one of you are doing something you disagree with, such as Ember, you call them weak behind their back. Shunning someone for their actions will just give them more reason to leave your organized group or get thrown under the bus like what happened to me with my group of friends... But at least you all took consideration with what I said regarding Ember and decided to wait for Ember for my death so that you all can truly be together.

For how you all see each other in your group? well, you all seem united with the same goal, but I can see how some of their personalities don't match up well with each other. For instance, Anubis has no patience for Tv Head, Tv head doesn't look like he wants anything to do with anyone and would rather get lost in his confusion, Felafaf doesn't speak out often, and it looks like you seem to be distancing from Ember and her sadness instead of helping her get over her sadness.


Also, after this conversation, can TV Head put me inside that toy box and close it? I want nothing but total darkness to blanket me.

[inner thoughts]: That was too many questions that she wanted me to answer... I hope it amounts to something. I'm doing this for you Demoria.
No. 945160 ID: 8b660e

You know my head’s kinda fuzzy on some details. Probably because how I got shot. But this community...? Well I mean you accept me, and I can’t say my own mothers treated me quite as well as you do. I don’t necessarily feel like a prisoner, either I don’t need to put on any airs. I kind of remember... I guess trying to hard to be a leader myself? I don’t think I was very good at it.

As for your appearance? Well c’mon can I really be the judge of that? You’re fine with me. I don’t really have any problems with anyone. I don’t think Anubis likes me though, but she’s okay with me.

As for your leadership? You don’t shoot me or hurt people under you, I’d say that’s a good start!

But there is one thing I feel like I’m missing... I want to see my kids again. If had to leave this place it would be for them.
No. 945329 ID: f7ff14
File 156881578469.jpg - (3.73MB , 3508x3923 , Chapter 4 part 72.jpg )

No. 945341 ID: bfce93

*suddenly turns around very quickly, so as to not stare at her nakedness but stays in the room and turns Null so as to not look either.*

WOAH! Um... well if it’s any consolation I don’t care how you look. If you’re wondering why I turned around though, it’s not right for a man to see a a young lady’s body unless... well, you know...

Well, to answer your question, I’d say as long as you are you no matter what, and you have people here who care about you who will help you with your pain the best they can.
No. 945448 ID: e51896

[inner thoughts]: I think I might be on the right track if I want to get Spirit Contaminator to speak with Demoria to start a bargain between the two, especially since Spirit Contaminator is letting her guard down talking with me... but I notice she doesn't seem comfortable enough to remove her headpiece of the hazmat suit just yet. Hmmm, maybe removing her headpiece will be a gauge on when I can bring up having her contact Demoria... or maybe not. For now, I still need to be patient and especially be careful on what to say if I want her to talk to Demoria

While you believe you might be the weakest person within the group, and that your position of leadership was forced onto you even though you might not have wanted it or maybe feared it with feelings that you are not qualified, you however certainly have the willpower to try be that leader you need to be with your determination to keep your team together and even confront your enemies despite your doubts in yourself regardless of those thoughts of weakness.
And because of that, with that willingness to challenge such uncertainly as a leader and the agony you may face against your foes... maybe perhaps you at the very least have courage after all, right?

Also, You were talking earlier about not being in the right state of mind... and after hearing about your body being a connection of two different dead things to form one life, I have to ask if you ever thought that might include your brain as well and not just your body, as in your brain being combined from two separate brains of different minds to form one, which is putting you in what you described as not the right state of mind?

And as far as you not knowing what you are, and thinking you will never get that answer, I unfortunately cannot give you an answer either... especially when I cannot answer myself who I am supposed to be, Null, or Marty, or someone or something else entirely... I was given a question to ask myself in order to be true with myself if I want to get anywhere, but I still can't figure it out. It has been bugging me ever since I saw what my heart looked like when I let Ember take it.
Everything about me was a shadow, even my blood, so I accepted myself as a monster of nothingness and played that role... until I found out my heart was that of a human's and not shadowy. I do not know how to feel about that, I was overflowed with relief, sorrow, anger, regret, really a whole confusion of emotion.
But even though my problem is somewhat similar, I am not going to be cheesy and say we are very much alike, and I'm not going to say I know how you feel. Because the reality is that I can never understand what you're going through, much like you might not ever understand what I'm going through. I mean, If I understood anything... well... I wouldn't be melted black licorice, now would I? but while I can't understand what you're going through, at least I can listen, and try to provide you with questions you might not have thought about before.

But for you, the question of figuring out what you are is more of an answer you have to figure out for yourself alone. But I think the only advice I can give regarding you figuring out what you are is this: instead of asking yourself what you are... maybe instead ask yourself what you want to become and how to work you way into being what you want to be?
Who knows, maybe you'll figure out what you are as you focus on what you want to become?
No. 945485 ID: f7ff14
File 156900058543.jpg - (0.96MB , 1318x2177 , Chapter 4 part 73.jpg )

No. 945488 ID: f3cdde

You can if you want to, I’m just trying to be respectful of you miss. And I’m not really one to judge on what people’s body’s look like, the mother of my kids was half-spider and that was when I was still human.

ooc for a second second, seriously how old is Spirit? Because I thought she was she was a kid like underage. She was getting bedtime stories read to her for Christ’s sake so the other reason is if she is underage this is really creepy
No. 945574 ID: e51896

...now that I think about it, I don't think TV head is wearing clothing either. And going down this line of think, even I'm not wearing anything. Probably even before I became a puddle I don't think I had any clothing when I still had a body this whole time... maybe we're all nudists after all?

[inner thoughts]:Ok, maybe now is a good time to ask Spirit contaminator to set up negotiations with Demoria. I just first have to be polite and ask if I can make the request first

Anyway, okay, I'll listen to your request... and... um, speaking of requests, I too have a request, that is, if you want to hear what I am requesting, Spirit Contaminator.
Don't worry, I'm not going to ask to be free or have my old body back or have an ability to move again. It is something else entirely and unrelated. May I ask my request after you ask yours?
No. 945620 ID: 48a98a

There aren’t many clothes that will fit me, I mean c’mon my body is made up of mostly scrap metal. I don’t really think I need them. My body is pretty unstable too I guess. Come to think of it though, I remember feeling a lot more ashamed of it before I got shot.... who did that again...? Anyway yeah, you don’t bother me Spirit, but I’m always willing to talk and listen.
No. 945656 ID: f7ff14
File 156924859360.jpg - (2.16MB , 3190x2423 , Chapter 4 part 74.jpg )

No. 945662 ID: 8b660e

Wh- what did you just do? I can’t see anything on that side of my face! Well I mean I couldn’t anyway, I’m half blind, probably because of... uhhhhh.... something. But yeah what’s on the other side of my... monitor? Yeah what did you just do?
No. 945840 ID: e51896



...ok. I'll agree to your request. Perhaps if I roleplay as your brother, maybe I'll be able to discover a bit about my own identity of who I'm supposed to be: Marty or Null or someone else before my execution. And maybe perhaps you may discover some similarities between the two of us we haven't yet discovered during our roleplay, Spirit Contaminator, besides our similarities between you and I on trying to figure out our idenities of who I am and your identity of what your body exactly is, as well as your similarity between you and flint of losing family members.

So Flint, you'll be the mobility and strength, and I'll be the brains and do most of the talking.

And since you are known as Blizulia the Spirit Contaminator, Flint and I will be known as your twin brother, Flintin (combination of the names Martin and Flint), the Soul Corrupter

Now, as a twin bro of yours, it is my responsibility to try to ease your pain and unload the emotional weight you have on you, and because you look seem depressed, I ask: do you want a hug from your dearest twin brother? I'll be sure to be as gentle as possible with the hug if you agree that means you have to be gentle, Flint, with that new strong body of yours. Or perhaps you want me to read you a story or play a game with you as I like games? Maybe a snack like maybe something sweet?

[inner thoughts]: I'll wait a little longer before I ask Spirit Contaminator to contact Demoria until Spirit Contaminator is in a happier mood. Perhaps roleplaying as her brother for a while will lighten her mood enough. But I hope I'll be able to convince her before I am killed by the others.
No. 945874 ID: f7ff14
File 156953523595.jpg - (633.36KB , 1162x1599 , Chapter 4 part 75.jpg )

No. 945932 ID: e51896


My sister, As I said: I'll agree to pretend to be your bro.
But, at the end of the day, while pretending might give me an idea of what you're going through... I don't know if pretending will truly make me understand exactly how you feel with having two different bodies being incompatible with each other if I'm to be honest with myself. Thus, I cannot give you a genuine experience of being your brother. Regardless I will still try to roleplay as your brother to the best of my abilities...
but, unless I can somehow share your body and mind, I don't think it is possible to truly understand what is going through your head...

ummm... I might have said something interesting by accident: you sharing your body and mind with me. You said something about my body not being compatible with Flint's robotic body thus we can't combine. But, um... what about you? are you compatible with me, hypothetically speaking?
Even though I know I'm in a weird puddle form that can't do much, I'm wondering if you have ever thought that maybe your body is actually compatible with mine in some way? Like maybe if you somehow get yourself and I to share the same body and mind, you may finally get somebody who truly knows what you are going through? Or maybe If you can somehow get me to share your body, I can be the adhesive that can keep your body, mind, and psyche together in harmony one shared body with me instead of having your body try to tear itself apart?

I don't know, I'm probably just spitballing weird nonsensical ideas because I'm weird, but I don't really have anything to lose or going for me at this point so, I guess I'm willing to try weird and crazy ideas...
No. 946084 ID: 8b660e


What about a puppy or a pet? Think we should get her one? That way she can always have a friend with her?
No. 946086 ID: e51896

I prefer cats, personally.
No. 946117 ID: f7ff14
File 156982777675.jpg - (642.42KB , 1140x1543 , Chapter 4 part 76.jpg )

No. 946142 ID: 48a98a

*baymax style hug*
No. 946329 ID: e51896

[inner thoughts]:thats... kind of... unfair. While Spirit Contaminator and Tv Flint gets to feel the comfort of an embrace... I don't get to feel it up here as part of Flint's face... But maybe I don't deserve or not supposed to act or feel the physical comfort of embrace, but rather ace as the voice of comfort. Or maybe, I need someone's voice of comfort for myself?

ok, I'll swallow my pride and admit this: I really have no understanding of anything of what I should be doing or what purpose I should be fulfilling anymore, or what my place in life is. It all stems from my conflicting desire to live two different lives which can't be compatible with each other: life as Marty, and life as Null... perhaps much like how you have two bodies that can't be compatible with each other.

I mean, I thought I knew what my purpose was when I was reborn as Null. In a way, I thought I was brought back to life by pure frustrations of an unseen force having everything going wrong for them alone, and I thought my purpose was to act accordingly for that force, with my new life as Null. I thought I needed to channel that vengeance against the powerful spirit that murdered me for seemingly no reason by selfishly stealing the souls of mortals and gods for myself.

but... As Null kept devouring souls to become strong enough to take down the powers that be as an act as vengeance for Marty's untimely death, Null always had a small voice of Marty which was quietly pleading desperately for Null to stop and give up. And as the devouring continued, Marty's pleas was growing louder with each life that Null devoured, to the point where it was almost as if the voices of Marty was coming out of the mouth of the people and gods Null was devouring pleading for Null to spare their lives, much like how Marty was pleading to the spirit not to kill him, an echo of the past. "Please stop, I'm begging you... this isn't right, I don't understand why you're doing this to me. I didn't mean to do anything wrong." That is all Null can hear from Marty. That echo of the past of what Marty pleaded with the Spirit was being repeated, but the plea was directed to Null this time. Each death Null was taking always reminded him of Marty, except for some reason, Null's memories wasn't seen in Marty's point of view anymore, but in the point of view of the spirit who killed him whenever Null devoured a soul to gain power.

My desire to live as both Null and Marty all accumulated to finally destroying my body in the end when my memories of Marty was being erased during that battle against Laura, with each ghost getting killed. I couldn't leave my life as Marty behind as I would lose my memory as to why I became Null in the first place to get vengeance on that spirit, and I couldn't leave my life as Null behind as I'd be too weak to defend myself from the dangers that spirit brought to our world, and all the people that hated me. In the end, my desire to take vengeance with the body as Null, and my want to cling to the past with my body as Marty finally broke apart those incompatible bodies and I ended up as a mixed puddle of misunderstandings of my own actions and not know who I wanted to be.

I think even though I initially didn't want to think so because of my pride... maybe the truth is... I do actually understand how you feel about having two different incompatible selves, Spirit Contaminator. My life and memories as Marty and My life and memories as Null just can't coexist with each other, both of which I felt were too valuable to leave behind and can't live without, and in the end, it destroyed me... And I... I think it is still destroying me. Much like how you feel your two different bodies can't live with each other and you feel it is tearing itself apart like mine did. It is the scariest feeling, not knowing who we are supposed to be and where we belong and for what purpose...

...I mean, if I really have to leave one life behind, which should I choose to keep, and which should I choose to stay to live a better life? Should I keep both? And will it even matter if the destiny Happy said was true about me falling apart despite what life I choose?

Maybe despite my actions, that is why you didn't wish for my death while everyone else did. Because you saw that connection you and I share: both of us having two lives that just can't be compatible with each other which is destroying us, with myself already being destroyed because I just couldn't leave one life behind... And because of who we are and our history, we just can't fit normally with society...
Spirit Contaminator, Let me ask, While I can't decide which part of myself to keep and which part of myself to leave behind, Null or Marty... if you had to choose, do you know which part of your body you would keep and which you would leave behind? or are you unsure which body to keep like I was struggling to decide which part of myself to keep?

Spirit Contaminator, I don't know if I was able to comfort you with telling you what I understand what I have in common with you, but I think that understanding of you and I having two lives or two different bodies being incompatible can give us both clarity of knowing how we both feel.
No. 946353 ID: f7ff14
File 157012549979.jpg - (1.37MB , 2480x1742 , Chapter 4 part 77.jpg )

No. 946414 ID: f6c741

*puts the fish in a glass of water*

So, how can we find you a new purpose?
No. 946663 ID: e51896

...Sorry... I didn't mean to make you cry. Flint and I am supposed to be comforting you, but I guess I can't. But maybe it's like you said, doing this is probably bad for your psyche, and it is probably best to rip that bandage off now and face reality. not just you, but me too...

Good and bad experiences from the past can mold what type of person someone can be.
But dwelling on the bad aspects of the past too much causes life and their joyful moments to just pass us by without realizing it...I learned that the hard way when I was too focused on dwelling on my previous life and past woes with thoughts of vengeance that I just didn't pay attention to where I was heading in the present that it destroyed my body. I didn't take the patience to live in the now when I was too focused on the then.

Right now, this moment is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. You said that your pet is hurt from your incompetence. Yet you're still not acting because your grieving over past actions and experiences of living in isolation instead of trying to save it.
But you should know that it is still not too late to save your pet's life, just as it's not too late to get a hold of the situation you are in. instead of being sorrowful over the past, You just need to take the first step to try to focus on what is happening in the present and save the poor little fish's life.
And you don't have to take the first step to take action alone. I know change is a scary concept for you, but you have friends like Flint, Felafaf, Ember and Anubis to help give you aspiration. And you have me as well to help you through it.

Change is difficult, but if talking about the past while wishing for things to be better brings too much pain, then let's all try to take baby steps first to let go of the past and change ourselves and find aspiration in our lives by starting with this small little aspiration: saving the little fish's life together. Agreed?

It's not too late to save Daylight the fish, it's not too late to change yourself.
No. 946677 ID: f7ff14
File 157047937456.jpg - (1.65MB , 3154x1932 , Chapter 4 part 78.jpg )

No. 946678 ID: f7ff14
File 157047944018.jpg - (385.08KB , 1276x827 , Chapter 4 part 79.jpg )

No. 946680 ID: f7ff14
File 157048007322.jpg - (479.20KB , 972x1184 , Chapter 4 part 80.jpg )

No. 946681 ID: f7ff14
File 157048010578.jpg - (1.01MB , 2611x1622 , Chapter 4 part 81.jpg )

No. 946682 ID: f6c741

They won’t bring him out unless they have to. And at that point they would be getting desperate.

What this is, is isolation. Keeping you from seeing anyone or anything because they are getting ready to question you. If you’re lucky they will try to cut you a deal. If you’re unlucky they will use more heavy-handed tactics to get you to talk.
No. 946733 ID: 8b660e

*sees she's still trying to be like Essence*
No. 946759 ID: e51896



No. 946760 ID: e51896

Well, I remember Dreamwalker in another time was chained up when he was imprisoned in a torture room, with the chains keeping him from using his magic. You seem to be just in a prison, with a bed no less to relax in (despite it being rough). You are not chained up like he is. If they had the intention to kill you, they would have put you in a worse prison like the one Dreamwalker was in. I don't think shooting will be involved unless absolutely necessary when meeting with Lorence...

I think if they wanted you to suffer before the interrogation, they would have chained you up like Dreamwalker was. This prison seems less harsh in comparison, so perhaps I agree, they are going to try to cut a deal... Lets just wait it out.
No. 947470 ID: f7ff14
File 157157156039.jpg - (1.79MB , 2135x3253 , Chapter 4 part 82.jpg )

No. 947484 ID: e51896

Are you being haunted by ghost, Ana? Well, at least Wicker Kid only seems to be observing you out of boredom, and I think when he said playthrough, he probably means this time cycle we're in if he sees each cycle as a playthrough in a video game. But maybe we should warn him that he might be a little too late to watch our journey since our journey may come to an end soon once Lorence shows up? I mean, I'm not sure what might happen when Lorence shows up to decide our fate.

I did have one dumb idea Ana, what if you were to draw that one ash tree skull symbol again here and fall asleep like you did back at home? Keep in mind that I don't think it will help you escape at all since it is more of an out of body experience, but it's more of doing it out of mere curiosity if anything, I mean it isn't like we can do anything else besides look out the window to get an idea where we are, and wait for Lorence to decide our fate... the only thing is, I don't see anything we can draw with unless you find a pebble and use that to scratch the drawing on the wall...

But before we decide whether to do that or not, I think we should mainly focus on learning more about Wicker Kid and why he is here, especially if he is going to stick around with us. For starters, I am interested in wondering what Wicker Kid finds confusing in this "playthrough"? I thought it was obvious: we lost a bunch of our friends during a hostage situation not knowing their fate, got taken advantage of while we were trying to do the right thing, reached a breaking point after all the anguish you faced to the point we found it difficult to trust others, got betrayed, and became imprisoned waiting for Lorence to decide our fate. I wonder what does he find confusing?
No. 947495 ID: 548a98

I don’t necessarily think the term “play through” is correct for this case either. It implies the same person is behind each game. I consider myself my own person with my own beliefs and morals. So maybe “new player” would be more appropriate?
No. 947541 ID: f7ff14
File 157166425459.jpg - (1.97MB , 3508x2553 , Chapter 4 part 83.jpg )

No. 947549 ID: 548a98

Well change is neither benevolent nor malevolent. It makes sense you see us as opposites. What we all want is for progress to occur. But I guess to us, Lorence represents the opposite of progress, Stagnancy and rigidity, nothing changing except in small minute details that stack the deck in his favor. If the game never changes he can never lose.
No. 947582 ID: e51896

I don't know, as far as end goals go, I think it's something to do with somehow ending up opposing Root and his followers in some way, whether we intend to (like Scarred Ana) or not (like me, fortune Ana) just to survive, which forces Lorence's hand to try to stop us.
It doesn't help that the Ash Tree somewhat urged us from the very beginning to take that route to try to stop Root in the first place when there are actually arguably other bigger threats out there like Absolution Prime, since Absolution Prime betrayed one of us versions of Ana in her cycle...

Hey Ana, while your talking to Wicker Kid, can you do me a favor and look out the window, just to get a feel of the location we might be in, or is pitch blackness the only thing out there?
No. 947707 ID: f7ff14
File 157186059387.jpg - (2.06MB , 2480x2944 , Chapter 4 part 84.jpg )

No. 947749 ID: 548a98

You’ve seen every run...???

This is too good of an opportunity to pass. Having him on our side would basically increase our chances.

But Ana? Can you ask him one question for me? Why did my baby have to die...?
No. 947751 ID: e51896

Nothing but a black void, Ana? I wonder if that means you're not in the waking world at the moment and instead dreaming again having another out of body body experience. multiple times you were in something like a black void, it was in a dream like area. If so, this cell might just be not only a literal representation, but a metaphorical representation of the situation we're in being now stuck in a dark path with no escape

to answer his question of him wanting to tag along, the only appropriate response I can think of is: "whatever, do what you want, I don't even care what happens anymore. Just tired."

The only questions I have for him is: what is the point on even continuing on or caring at this point if it is now impossible to get any sort of happy ending and we're now just destined to fail in a bad ending or dead end, despite doing our absolute best to do the right thing. (Wow, sorry if that sounded depressingly nihilistic, wasn't my intention)

And also: since Wicker kid see's these lives a a different playthrough, ask if there ever been a moment when this game has been modded, or even hacked by someone in some way? I mean, all games are capable of being "hacked"

(I only want you to ask Wicker Kid that because I suspect there might be "hackers" in this "playthrough" that screwed us over big time*is thinking of Essence and Happy*)
No. 947765 ID: f7ff14
File 157193013796.jpg - (3.27MB , 3508x3189 , Chapter 4 part 85.jpg )

No. 947771 ID: 8b660e

It was....

Absolution.... not Root.... this whole time....

*goes incredibly silent*
No. 947806 ID: e51896

*imagines Essence after hearing the Smiling Forever ending, then imagines Happy after hearing the Happy Forever ending*

Scarred? you alright? hello?
umm..... Ana, I think Scarred stopped working after finding out Absolution Prime killed her child, not Root.

As far as this decision goes... All I can say is that if our end fate is now guaranteed to be doomed, then maybe until that time comes, the only thing we can try to do is maybe at least try to give the next Anas in future cycles a little bit of a better chance and life in some way during this current cycle until we reached our doomed fate...

Wait, hold up, Wicker Kid said that Essence and us voices are glitches that he isn't sure can be patched out, but... as it turned out: Scarred Ana "debugged" Essence, "patched" her out of the "game". In other words, Scarred killed Essence. So... perhaps Ana, Scarred, and I should finish what we started and become debuggers for this world until Ana's doomed fate comes? That way, those glitches won't be present in future cycles to influence things in certain directions?

I mean, seeing as we are doomed to fail, maybe at the very least thinking in game terms, we can act as debuggers to patch out as many of the glitches that we can that are influencing the game/time cycle, thus updating this universe to 2.0 or something for future cycles. Perhaps maybe then, future cycles might have slightly different and maybe better outcomes for future Anas' cycles. Seeing as Scarred killed Essence, that is proof that this goal can be achieved before Ana's doomed fate, if difficult.

The thing is, this will also probably be a suicide mission for Scarred and I as us voices are also glitches that influence this world in Wicker Kid's eyes, and it is probably going to be a morally gray goal to accomplish as some glitches might actually be good people just as some glitches are bad people, and this will also mean we will have to stop being pacifists in order to take on the role of debuggers and upgrade this universe... hmmmmm... What do you think, Ana and Scarred?

I would tell Wicker Kid: we'll keep going, but we're not keeping our hopes up anymore, keeping expectations low, and staying unenthusiastic about everything.

but also say to Wicker Kid: Besides Essence and the voices, who and what else is considered a "glitch"? do you, Wicker Kid, have a list of "bugs" that needs to be "patched out"? we're asking because as it turns out it is actually possible to "patch out" those influencing "glitches", as one of the voices killed Essence, and we're debating whether or not to patch out as many of those "glitches" as possible to "update" the "game" for future cycles until our doomed fate comes.

Because otherwise, I'm not sure what other goals that is possible to accomplish at this point.
No. 948113 ID: f7ff14
File 157226528451.jpg - (2.53MB , 3112x3785 , Chapter 4 part 86.jpg )

No. 948125 ID: e51896

You know, Ana, I've come to the realization that when your time of death inevitably comes, AJ is going to perish along with you as well. I don't think we should bring AJ into this going forward knowing what is to come, which means we'll have to find someway for AJ to carry on without us, which means finding someone else to take care of him who isn't related to Absolution Prime in some way... hmmm...

Hey, I know this idea sounds crazy, but seeing as Lorence is someone who travels from cycle to cycle at the end of each one, and AJ is a god who gains power very quickly as time passes... what if we ask Lorence to take care of AJ in our place? AJ is a god who gains his powers as time goes on, and if he follows Lorence around from cycle to cycle, he might just be strong enough to hold his own against Prime and perhaps take Prime's place. I mean, I know that Lorence is working with a murderous cult, but as it stands, Lorence is AJ's best bet to survive as he is the only person that can travel from cycle to cycle, and it might give AJ a chance to make some kind of difference for the future cycles, and might even help change Lorence's personality for the better giving his life of living in a repeating cycle meaning. Maybe we should even make a deal where in return for AJ, Lorence will treat and help the future Ana's better in some way?

Plus, letting Lorence take care of AJ can also act as a great way to get back at Absolution Prime for what he did to your child, Scarred.

Ana, for right now before we ask this favor for Lorence, it might be best to get comfortable for this moment. To start, simply sit down, or even lay down on the prison bed to get comfortable and show Lorence you mean no harm, just give a simple:
"ok... I'm ready to talk. And afterwards, I have a very important request to ask you as well if you wish to hear it... please."
No. 948163 ID: 548a98
File 157229845978.jpg - (1.66MB , 2048x2732 , B5A45B0D-9AFE-45C0-8AC5-B33CE5B29819.jpg )


*breathing very heavily*

Be quiet. I don’t just want to get back at Prime.

I want him dead, more than anything in this universe. I want vengeance. I want him too look at me in fear for what he’s done. I want him to bleed. I want him to hurt. I want him to suffer. I want him to spend eternity in mortal agony, unable to die and in constant pain.

You don’t know what I want, Fortune. And I refuse to give an inch to this monster who thinks he is above us. You would give him the powers of a god? He who kills regardless of consequences? Nothing matters to him, only his routine and his way of life. The very thought of giving up that kind of power sickens me. And the fact you thought it a good idea... If I were able I’d slap you for a fool.

Talk with him if you want. But I will give him nothing, except his own ideals back to him showing them as nothing but hypocrisy and garbage.
No. 948208 ID: e51896

Sorry, but...

Scarred... I still stand by my decision. I know it sounds weird, but in my heart, I just believe that It is something that has to be done, like it or not.

You say you want Absolution Prime dead, but as it stands, it is impossible to do that, at least not in this cycle considering everything.
If you truly want Prime dead, the only way this world would perhaps stand a chance against him is with AJ, but AJ is right now too weak. Even if he were to wait until the end of this cycle to mature and get stronger, he will still be like a mosquito in comparison to Prime. You really have no idea just what we'd be up against if anyone were to face him in this cycle.
The only way AJ can stand a slight chance is if he secretly survives and jumps through many many cycles, and as it stands, Lorence is the only person we know who is able to sneak through so many cycles and miraculously stay alive all this time. He is the only chance I know that may possibly let AJ grow and mature until AJ is ready to combat Prime in the far far future in another distant cycle, and take Primes place.
And besides, even if Lorence only see's AJ as a weapon, which I doubt, his girlfriend Felafaf will set Lorence straight. I know she will... and who knows, she may even act as a nanny, or maybe even a mother to AJ. And if she acts as a mother to him, you'll bet she'll do what she can to try to get Lorence to treat AJ like a son, maybe even soften to other people as a result... but who knows?


I only ask, Scarred, that you trust me on this idea. Please.

But... Right now though, we are getting way too ahead of ourselves with this idea. For now, we should mainly focus on seeing what Lorence wants to ask us. Afterwards, we'll decide on whether to ask lorence about AJ or not, considering I think we are in for a very insightful conversation.
No. 948211 ID: 8b660e

I would never give him anything. Let alone the son of a god.

Lorence is no better than Prime. Do they both kill people to keep their status quo? Do they think themselves above the consequences? You can stand behind your decisions and your logic all you want. Make all the long winded speeches your mouth can make. Doesn’t change the fact that your idea could potentially kill off millions of lives, regardless of the consequences and what someone like Lorence could do to influence AJ. Do you remember that alternate time line? AJ and WC changed to reflect the nature of that Ana. Do you honestly want to give him up to someone like him?

Damn you then.
No. 948215 ID: f7ff14
File 157233943382.jpg - (2.62MB , 3508x2881 , Chapter 4 part 87.jpg )

No. 948216 ID: f7ff14

No. 948308 ID: 8b660e

His choice huh? And really, he just wanted to talk huh? Guess those two gunshots were just punctuation then. Could've fooled me.

He's keeping you alive for something. Otherwise he'd of just shot you and had done with it. Is he gonna share or what?
No. 948519 ID: e51896

...Lorence sitting on a chair, while you Ana is sitting on a seat that can also be laid down on... wait, I just realized, is this a setup for psychological therapy? If so... hey Ana, it might be difficult given how the bench looks, but pretend that the bench you are sitting on is a comfy couch. And if you don't mind... I think I'd like to sit next to you, even though you can't see me doing that. Scooch over please, Ana. *sits next to Ana* Don't worry, you can still lay down where I am sitting if you need to Ana, since I'm not corporeal

And Ana, I notice just now that tears were falling only from your right eye where AJ is and not your left eye, and you even mentioned you are losing ability to show emotion... therefore, I don't think those were your tears, those were AJ's emotional tears.

Absolution Junior, you don't have to speak if you don't want to, but I want to let you know if you can hear me is: you are going to be alright. None of what happened to Ana and us was your fault. it is alright to cry AJ, as it shows you have humanity in yourself despite being a god, but just remember you are going to be alright. And because you are showing emotion for Ana, it gives me relief that you will be able to help Lorence himself gain back some of his morals and meaning in his life if he agrees to adobt you from Ana. And with those emotions, I know you will have a grasp on what humanity is to potentially become a better god to care for this world and humanity when you take the place of Absolution Prime, and even save Ana in future time cycles...

And Scarred, listen closely: I apologize but, I'm still following my heart with what I believe is the right thing to do now no matter what, which is salvaging what we can left in Ana's cycle when everything else is ruined. And the most important one to salvage next to Ana's life before her end is Absolution Junior. I refuse to let AJ perish along with Ana's eventual fate, and the only way for him to survive and grow now is if I can convince Lorence to keep AJ secret, and get AJ stronger in future cycles to eventually match up against the demon Absolution Prime.
And I think the only way I can convince you to take my side and agree with my choice, Scarred, is if I prove to you that Lorence is not the monster you make him out to be, and everything we thought we knew about Lorence was all a result of misunderstandings and misconceptions from not seeing things from his perspective. I'll show you that he is also human like Ana is. Besides, if he truly is a monster who kills without regards of consequences, he would of killed Ana by now and not be wrestling with this dilemma he has. If he didn't have feelings, he would not of dated Felafaf. There is more to Lorence we're not seeing, and I'm going to reveal those to you.

And even if Lorence is a monster, I believe AJ can free Lorence from his sins and help him change for the better by giving Lorence the responsibility to take care of AJ not as a weapon, but as a son. This isn't just about saving AJ, but saving Lorence's humanity as well, Scarred.

Mainly, I'm begging you now to believe in me on my choice, Scarred, like I have believed so much in your choices even though I despised some of them that even lead us to here, like threatening Rosalia with a thumbs up, or hurting Logan's daughter thinking it was Essence, or choosing not to go back to the alternate timeline to name a couple.
If you believe in me, then come here, and sit next to Ana and I on this therapy prison bench couch as we'll appreciate the company, and relax your anger. Let me take action for this scenario this time like I have let you take action for previous scenarios the other times. I am going to clear the air between us and Lorence and prove to you that Lorence is actually a good person. If you don't want to believe in me, you can remain standing. I won't take offense, but I'm going to do what it takes to save AJ's life no matter what.
No. 948521 ID: e51896

Sorry Ana, to start, I would tell Lorence this: "Before you decide our fate, maybe it'll help your choice if we clear the air between us. As of now, I only want nothing more than to seek out closure to unanswered questions we may have of both of us to clear up doubts we have. I've come to realize that there have been a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions we have about you and misunderstandings you've had about us that lead us to our doomed fate, and I want to at least clear those misunderstandings up by asking you questions, and letting you ask us questions before you decide our end fate. I even have a very important request for you afterwards."

if he agrees, then we will need to address two important things before we can truly start discussions: Dervan and the Conductor. We should let Lorence know that Dervan uses those business cards to spy on people just in case Dervan is trying to spy on this conversation if Lorence doesn't know already know about Dervan's spying. This is hopefully to gain a little bit of Lorence's trust.
And we need to confess that we were looking into the past because if we end up forming a truce with Lorence, the conductor could waltz right in to ruin that truce by telling Lorence what we were doing, ruining everything. It's better if Lorence heard us confess from our mouths instead of it being revealed through the Conductor's mouth.

First ask Lorence "Before we start, are you aware that Dervan not only uses those business cards to communicate and use as portals and transportation, but also to secretly uses those cards to spy and listen in on people who own those business cards?"

Afterwards, tell Lorence "I also have a confession: I went to look into the past on how the fog got started back when I thought I knew what I was supposed to be doing. But after the voices found out the dire consequences, and started learning more about the world, we decided to stop looking further, only getting up to the point a little after one of the kids died and where the two kids were driving in a vehicle. Please forgive me, but I wanted you to hear it from me, and not from the Conductor"

After we tell him those, then we can truly start asking Lorence questions and let Lorence ask us questions to clear up misunderstandings.
No. 948523 ID: 8b660e

That’s cute.

If you despised my actions so much, why didn’t you stop me? You had the power to leap forward and stop me anytime you wanted when I swung my fist at Logan’s daughter, but you didn’t. You also forget most of those weren’t even my fault to begin with. Essence tricked me, tricked us in both the cases of that doomed timeline and when I struck Logan’s daughter. Don’t you dare point the finger at me when you had the power to stop me yourself or when things were behind our control.

Also you talk as though I didn’t view AJ as son, as a person. Have you not seen my right eye? Honestly, you even bothered to look? Where do you think those markings came from? I’m speaking from experience. He is a person and just like you claim, I would protect him with everything I have to give. He is not Absolution Prime, but I will not see him given into the hands of someone who is no better than him.

So, please, convince me. No, really I want you to try and convince me. How someone can retain their humanity when they live for a cult’s ideals where the main idea is “sacrifice your humanity?” Who has killed him self off numerous times to take the place of each Lorence. Who even the pompous Ash Kid over there calls him “the never changing.”
No. 948565 ID: e51896

I thought their ideology was "sacrifice your mortality" not "sacrifice your humanity". For context, Dreamwalker is an immortal god, and he seems pretty close to the concept of humanity despite being immortal, even choosing to be a part of Laura... I miss him already, but he needs to stay with Laura. I wonder how they are now

I didn't stop you those times because sometimes, your actions can be very quick and unexpected that it becomes too late to even discuss your actions or stop you before I can even react, like when you threw those bombs at Essence without asking me first before I even got the chance to make a plan with what to do with those bombs during the battle.
And I didn't even knew at that time you would throw a punch at Logan's daughter. I chose the option to ask questions when Essence gave the option to either hurt her or do something else, and I thought you would choose that same option id did, but instead you unexpectedly threw a sucker punch thinking Logan's daughter was Essence. And when you did, it was already too late to even stop you because it was so quick and unexpected.
Other times, I was just too cowardly to speak out to stop you because I worry that you would outright scream and threaten me for thinking out an idea you hated, or for trying to stop you from doing something I didn't like and as a result you might drop your respect for me and not want to be my partner anymore. For that, I apologize for being cowardly back then, But to make up for it this time, I've decided not to be a coward and stand firm for what I believe is the right thing so we don't make another regretful decision. I'm making this decision as your friend, not your opponent, "tough love" as they call it.

That said, while I'm sad you are not sitting next to Ana and I like I asked as I was hoping you would believe and have faith in me, I appreciate that you are at least still giving me the chance to show you that there is more to Lorence that you're not seeing, and giving me the chance to try to convince you the choice I want is the right thing.


and Scarred, I want to apologize if I implied that you didn't see AJ as your son. That wasn't what I meant at all. I believe you are a great mother for him. Probably the best damn mother. But I know that eventually, a mother bird has to let her son fly off to serve their purpose, and I think it is AJ's time to be sent off to live through future cycles and grow up or else the nest will be too small for him to survive in.

(inner thoughts: I don't know if it is true or not if Lorence himself can't change, but I might have to see if we can use that tarot vision to see Lorence's tarot card and see if at least his tarot carded fate can be changed. We haven't used that in a while. I was hoping we wouldn't use it as I hate using magic after all that happened after using any sort of magic, but maybe Felafaf was preparing us for this moment? I don't know if we should use it or not... lets see how things go with this conversation between Logan and Ana goes with the things I wanted Ana to say...)
No. 948587 ID: f7ff14
File 157270320468.jpg - (2.18MB , 2948x2484 , Chapter 4 part 88.jpg )

No. 948599 ID: efa420

*looks at Lorence and looks back to Fortune.*

... Oh. Shocking.

Well go on, you’re running this show aren’t you?
No. 948646 ID: e51896

Well well... this is very important to note: did you hear what Lorence said there? he said: "You have no idea what other things that is threatening existence, Andrew Goodwill isn't the only threat that is trying to become part of this world"... so this means that even Lorence himself see's the potential threat to existence that Andrew Goodwill would cause.

that is common ground that we just found with Lorence and us. Both us voices, and Lorence sees Absolution Prime, and as we just found out now, Andrew Goodwill as a threat to humanity. These are common threats he see's that we ourselves see as well even if Lorence's way of doing things is much more extreme.
And all this time we all thought that he was trying to summon Andrew and cause an end to existence like Cera and Root wanted. Lorence is well aware of the potential dangers Andrew could cause and wants to prevent that.

Ana, I would tell Lorence: "I never expected you to feel sorry for me, I already accepted my fate and was even contemplating sacrificing myself. I just wish I could have known so much earlier you saw Andrew as a threat like I do and have known much earlier that Absolution Prime was dangerous to humanity like you do. If I'd known, I could of helped you in some way... But with what little time left I have before you kill me, I want to help you now considering what we learned just now, whether you accept the help or not. I just want to do the right thing before whatever happens to me"

To show we meant what we said, tell Lorence, like I wanted you to earlier, about how Dervan uses those business cards to spy and listen in on people, like the business card Lorence has now. Dervan could have be spying on him this whole time.
The reason why I want you to do this Ana is because Lorence admitted he is paranoid, and telling him about Dervan's spying might be important for him to know if we are to form any kind of truce.

Also, I still think we need to confess about looking into the past before the Conductor himself tells Lorence himself and ruins that trust between Lorence and us that is trying to be built. Better to rip off that band-aid now and tell Lorence ourselves before he hears it from the Conductor.
No. 948653 ID: 8b660e


So, are just going to ignore the fact that he also just admitted he was the one who sent Stitch to kill us in the shop and who also maimed and possibly killed Blacky? It’s also kind of messed up when we get down to it. Lorence even got Jack the Shopkeeper as a curator now.
No. 948668 ID: e51896

If we may, I think from this point it is for the best that we should have this debate elsewhere as to not further frustrate Ana while she is focused on having a civil discussion with Lorence. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/107070.html Sorry to frustrate you Ana, we'll take this debate elsewhere, but we are not leaving you either. We'll still be watching over and giving you suggestions.

but the short version as to explain about that incident with Stitch, it is all about the perspective of what Lorence saw in relationship to what he knew, and what was going on, such as Logan being in the same location as Ana, and whom exactly Logan works for (Prime).
No. 948687 ID: f7ff14
File 157283412381.jpg - (1.94MB , 2663x2462 , Chapter 4 part 89.jpg )

No. 948836 ID: e51896

Ana, tell Lorence "I found out too late what was going on around us in this world, and I understand what you did to my friends and me was an act of the ends justifying the means from the knowledge from previous cycles..."

"...But Lorence... with your actions of sending Stitch at me or threatening my friends, you and Root still deeply hurt and traumatized me, even to the point of us getting too scared to think logically and act in impulse trying to defend ourselves, forcing us to make bad decisions and lead us to this point of no return...

"You're one of the many people who broke me the most, Lorence, And even though I am doomed now, and you may see your actions as just, I want to know if you feel any kind remorse for your actions. After everything you did to hurt me, I just want to hear you apologize for what you did to me."

If Lorence thinks he is above an apology, Ana, tell him "look at your watch you stole from that house. it is a memento of your wife that clings you to your humanity and remember your good morals. Your wife was strong enough to apologize to you for her unforgivable actions, and you were strong enough to forgive her. I am strong enough to forgive you, but I first need to know you are strong enough to apologize. Not just to me, but to yourself."
No. 948837 ID: 8b660e


*silently watches Lorence.*
No. 948953 ID: f7ff14
File 157311737052.jpg - (2.44MB , 3028x2924 , Chapter 4 part 90.jpg )

No. 949100 ID: 89ee1a

*deep sigh. And she takes a seat on the bunk.*
No. 949241 ID: e51896

Alright, I forgive Lorence. Ana, can you forgive Lorence?

Now then, lets see what Lorence want to do or say before we decide about aj.
No. 949256 ID: f7ff14
File 157350797326.jpg - (2.68MB , 2788x3457 , Chapter 4 part 91.jpg )

No. 949396 ID: e51896

"Umm... hmm. I'm not sure if I should say this since Root stated he wanted to keep this fact a secret, but I think it has to do with how my voices had once tried to save Root before way back when he was still in a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy when Delilah was holding him over a flight of stairs threatening his life to let go. Derrick was there too to try to save him."

"Basically, Root mentioned once to Derrick that his life was a combination of miserable events, and before my voices and Derrick tried to save his life, he hated the world and its cruelty. but Derrick and my voices' act of trying to rescue him gave compassion to his perspective and made him want to be better."

"Maybe Root saw that he and I had a lot in common, both of us stuck in a series of miserable events, both of us having voices that guide us, both of us having the entire populace act cold towards us, all that jazz."
No. 949397 ID: efa420

Don’t forget he is also probably in love with you... or at least the idea of you... gross.
No. 949400 ID: f7ff14
File 157365229906.jpg - (2.45MB , 3380x2326 , Chapter 4 part 92.jpg )

No. 949413 ID: e51896

Fuck it, I agree. lets do it. I mean, if it is the only way to save AJ...
No. 949417 ID: efa420

... alright... I’ll go with you to wherever this other place is. But then I’m coming back here, I’m not staying there.
No. 949465 ID: f7ff14
File 157369524281.jpg - (1.95MB , 3508x1852 , Chapter 4 part 93.jpg )

No. 949468 ID: 8b660e

gods damn it all Fortune...

for me, it’s easy. Vengence.
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