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File 157222029990.png - (109.88KB , 750x1000 , OC Template.png )
947959 No. 947959 ID: b517b1

pls don't make this weird. SFW and NSFW allowed. Anything too gross might be deemed too much but other than that all bets are off.

help me
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No. 949337 ID: 5a5548
File 157356072115.png - (898.55KB , 1500x1605 , sabrina.png )

heyy it's been a little while since the last update so I'm gonna go ahead and take over!

feel free to keep going 59ed7a, but in about 24 hours I'm gonna start my own OC. see you guys then!
No. 949614 ID: 5a5548
File 157390500715.png - (583.96KB , 1500x1170 , sab2.png )

Hi guys! my name's Sabrina and I'm a writer! well... sort of... I've only written fanfiction so far... uhm. erotic fanfiction, that is...

but I'm gonna write my first original story! starring my very own bona-fide Original Character! the problem is, I can't think of what to make them like! can you guys help me?

first thing's first, I need to come up with a story for my OC. what kind of Genre should I write? it can be anything! maybe a murder mystery? or a horror story? maybe something a bit more romantic~?

oooo I can't wait!
No. 949615 ID: a80e3c

No. 949616 ID: 0efe8e

Sci-Fi adventure with a twist of romance.
No. 949617 ID: 7ebbf9

Post apocalyptic paranormal romance.
No. 949618 ID: dbf437

Yes victorian cosmic horror is best idea
No. 949619 ID: 094652

>Romantic Cosmic Horror
Now with real Romans! No wait, I can do better.

>Dance-a-thon Baseball; it's baseball but a new law states all players must dance while playing!
Nailed it.
No. 949620 ID: de4640

Combine every suggestion into an amalgam that is an affront to writers everywhere and possibly god too.
No. 949626 ID: 60df9e

Space Opera mixed with Old West.
No. 949627 ID: 0fae41

Science fiction pseudo-documentary.
No. 949629 ID: 3ce8ff

science fantasy but the machines are treated as magic and the magic is treated as machines
No. 949630 ID: ca2950

Post-Apocalyptic transhumanist dance musical.
No. 949636 ID: 3ce8ff

naw this wins just also add magic to the setting
No. 949638 ID: 2202fb

I would like to humbly suggest we combine these three.
No. 949640 ID: d5a6bc

Supporting victorian cosmic horror
No. 949641 ID: cdabe3

Victorian cosmic horror erotica
No. 949653 ID: 5a5548
File 157394169525.png - (549.58KB , 1500x1651 , sab3.png )

wow! you guys are so enthusiastic! that's so sweet~! so it sounds like you guys awant to write a Victorian Space Opera Cosmic Horror Romantic Musical!

I've never written something like that before, but how hard could it be? let's jump right into it!
No. 949654 ID: 5a5548
File 157394177603.png - (2.74MB , 3724x5049 , sab4.png )

how about for the main character, we have a detective? someone mysterious and sexy. what should the detective be like?
No. 949656 ID: bc6496

No. 949658 ID: 9155b0

Pregnant and horny. Just wants to fuck all the time.
No. 949659 ID: 0fae41

They should go undercover as a nightclub singer.
No. 949661 ID: 0efe8e

one of their hands is missing, and is a gun, cause it's edgy
No. 949662 ID: 1dbaf7

I’m just gonna go ahead and veto any pregnancy
No. 949663 ID: 1dbaf7

Well it wouldn’t be a detective story of the main character wasn’t smoking at least three cigarettes at once
No. 949665 ID: 60df9e

Round sunglasses!
No. 949666 ID: 3ce8ff

not how this works! not one but two are already for (it if you got here first you could do that)
can do something like this though: mentally and biologically male (it's just that eldritch horrors don't care about trivialities like that)
No. 949669 ID: e5e15e

They think they're mysterious and cool, but they're actually a giant dork and if they're not solving mysteries they're just horrible at everything else.
No. 949670 ID: b1b4f3

I thought pregnant implied female already...
Victorian elements are required! More FRILLY CLOTHING!
No. 949673 ID: d5a6bc

Sharp teeth and an eyepatch for cool points
No. 949674 ID: 8d4593

>I thought pregnant implied female already...
Not if he's BUTT PREGNANT with eldritch horror.
No. 949677 ID: bc6496

No. 949680 ID: 2202fb

What if... we are both male and female? Aside from the herm possibility, we could have them be female but mentally male.

Also we absolutely must have the pregnancy in the torso somewhere, otherwise we wouldn't have any fabulous chestbursters!
No. 949691 ID: dbf2cd

Not just a gun...

Big Iron.
No. 949694 ID: 094652

Spikes through the eye sockets
No. 949700 ID: 3ce8ff

kome how could you we were sticking to inconvenient rather than straight up disabling, that should be round two at least
No. 949708 ID: feecd8

An extra thicc lizard lady!
No. 949711 ID: 741672

Should be made of solid shadow and brain pregnant!
No. 949722 ID: 5a5548
File 157399633898.png - (379.53KB , 1500x1334 , sab6.png )

this guy is Vance Darkvision. by day he is just your average billionaire playboy vampire living in a haunted castle!
No. 949723 ID: 5a5548
File 157399644340.png - (328.33KB , 1500x1200 , sab7.png )

by night, he sings lounge music in a burlesque show under the show name Madame Ravenorchid.
No. 949724 ID: 5a5548
File 157399649225.png - (546.41KB , 1500x1324 , sab8.png )

and by even later in the night he stalks the alleys of the streets as a Private investigator specializing in Erotic and Esoteric mysteries!
No. 949725 ID: 5a5548
File 157399657085.png - (851.13KB , 2000x1415 , sab5.png )


I hope you guys don't mind if I get a little bit more comfortable~

I just washed these jeans, and where this story is going I'm thinking I should take them off before I get them dirty again...
No. 949726 ID: 5a5548
File 157399669502.png - (499.64KB , 1500x1662 , sab9.png )

uh anyway, like I was saying, he takes on the cases other PIs won't. the sexy kind.

except in his latest case, something unexpected happened! the old one Vance was attempting to make contact with lashed out with a attack to his very soul!
No. 949727 ID: 5a5548
File 157399686860.png - (450.65KB , 1500x1427 , sab10.png )

how will Vance deal with his new predicament? who knows?

for now, Vance is at his lowest point. Mpregged, out of work, and short on clues, he has no one to turn to, but then he meets a mysterious individual. little does he know this person will be the love of his life!

and that person is...

(it's your turn, guys! give me a good love interest! this story is going great so far, let's keep it going!)
No. 949729 ID: bc6496

No. 949730 ID: dbf437

This but their name is Todd
No. 949732 ID: 0fae41

The leader of the alien invasion, mortal enemy of eldritch-kind!
No. 949734 ID: 6d6624

The Glow Cloud! (all hail)
No. 949735 ID: 4854ef

Alien love interest who turned against their kind for their fascination with others.
No. 949738 ID: 3ce8ff

Also they are blind and thus care little about the physical forms of others
No. 949741 ID: cdabe3

Also the blind alien rebel looks like a thicc wolf girl with big ol tiddies :D
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