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File 157539634170.png - (686.42KB , 1280x1024 , Front.png )
950800 No. 950800 ID: 482fee

Okay, no idea what happened but updating the thread last night and it just died. Now it's gone. Gonna try again where I left off.

Same thing as before, Discussion and wiki below. Okay let's try this again where we left off.

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No. 950801 ID: 482fee
File 157539637953.jpg - (157.17KB , 1400x1050 , 4.jpg )

>Family name: Taruvik
>Family Leader: Lady Valeras Vinn Taruvik
>Leader gender and race: Female Hybrid-Rezan/Lizardfolk(Kobold)
>Family ideal: Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right.
No. 950802 ID: 482fee
File 157539644720.jpg - (158.71KB , 1400x1050 , conception.jpg )

The template is created. The Lattice shall be pulled. Data must be injected.

>No family can survive on its own without getting swallowed up. So you need a patron.
No. 950803 ID: 482fee
File 157539649268.jpg - (164.71KB , 1400x1050 , Makag.jpg )

Lead by Patriarch Vanwa Varlian Makag, bastard child, latent karver, and was last in line for the throne. Through ruthless force, and cunning political maneuvering, all his rivals have mysteriously died or wound up on the losing end of the political bouts that make up high nobility within the great families. It has done nothing to settle Vanwa's suspicion nor his ambition. His eldest brother and bodyguards have never been found years ago. Many whisper it was Vanwa who started the fire who burned the summer estate, but the body of Talgu Makag was never recovered…

Nevertheless Vanwa is ready to carve his legacy across all of Rezo, and if his family couldn’t stop him, who could?

Currently, Makag is the sole owner to the secrets of Soul Karving, a technique that dampens key aspects of a slave's personality(namely the desire to be free), and so the family and its clients enjoy reduced upkeep for civil slaves to near nothing as they can be relied upon to look after themselves. Additionally, Vanwa has decreed that all Makag military forces are accompanied by Karvers similar to himself, to ensure Karving is enacted on any surviving enemies to replenish losses. This means every military victory automatically gives a unit of slave auxiliaries at no cost.(Military upkeep still applies)

Will start in: Angrat, Vek Romo
No. 950804 ID: 482fee
File 157539656034.jpg - (181.83KB , 1400x1050 , Gamin.jpg )

Lead by Matriarch Soovi Taloo Gamin, a veteran of family politics. Like most Gamin, she is Resilkem, and sees the coming conflict through their eyes: a wasteful war that will see her family destroyed unless she can end it fast. While she will not hesitate to bring the might of Gamin down on any foe, she is content to play the long game, letting her enemies fight each other rather than waste resources bleeding them herself. Economically, Gamin has control of all water based trade routes(as all Resilkem aid each other); and owns the largest and the fastest fleet in Rezo, comprised of the most advanced ships of all the families. Gamin's fleets allows for raids across the entire planet for the same cost. Their expeditions have given them first pick for slaves has given Gamin and its client families a population of specialized slaves, doubling output for all assigned slave populations. Gamin controls the only safe route to the island of the Grafla, a race of Rezans with poor eyesight but otherworldly sense of smell, size, and strength. Gamin regularly leases Grafla auxiliaries to loyal clients.

Will start in Sunassa, Vas Amra

No. 950806 ID: 482fee
File 157539662858.jpg - (187.74KB , 1400x1050 , Rokof.jpg )

Lead by Grand Patriarch Pokl Rokof Rokof. Unlike other rulers who inherited their positions after years of grooming, Pokl has gained his position when his mother was ambushed on her return from Rezo. Her fate remains unknown, and Pokl leads in her stead, posting a large bounty to anyone that can uncover her fate. As he was not yet ready for his position, he is unsure of himself, learning his position as new situations arise. However he does know that trade is the life blood of Rokof, and will do whatever it takes to keep the coin flowing. Even if he has to burn half the families to the ground. If that gets back his mother, so much the better.

Rokof owns Vot Kaltav, the richest city in Rezo thanks to its location. Rokof's near monopoly on land based trade routes gives client families a bonus to diplomacy with all families. Because of their trade, many smaller interest groups and guilds raise private mercenary companies to defend their wealth. As part of a pact, Rokof and their clients may purchase these veteran mercenaries for a single payment rather than raising their own soldiers. Rokof understands that an army consumes wealth, but that a family needs the safety of an army to generate wealth. Thus Rokof has established that all guilds and merchant conglomerates in his territory contribute to the Defense Fund, reducing upkeep for all military units.

Will start in Tamo, Vot Tikve

No. 950807 ID: 482fee
File 157539668689.jpg - (176.27KB , 1400x1050 , Gamavo.jpg )

Master Hontra Iacro Poldras of Gamavo controls the mysterious Gamavo family and their deep holdings. His ambitions, unclear. His motivations, unknown. When the Council dissolved, he was the first to leave, his sole compunction for attending, the King, no longer chaining him to the table. Since then he has been busy. The walls of his city have grown high, and his armies march to no set pattern. He is preparing for war as the other families are. What his ultimate prize is however remains a mystery...

No member of Gamavo ever leaves their walled city, the only contact with the client families coming from the venomous, cave dwelling Scrshk, a chitinous race of humanoid arachnids that haunt the caves and ruins of Rezo. Most view the Scrshk as pests to be avoided at best, monsters that need to be exterminated at worst, but Gamavo has managed to establish some means of communicating an alliance with one of the larger broods. These chitinous things come to inform the clients of Gamavo what their history family demands as tribute. The city of Vot Gamavo is voracious and the family will make many demands of clients, be it money, material, or slaves. For those who meet the ever growing demands of tribute are rewarded with Scrshk skirmishers who entrap their enemies in viscous webbing ensuring new slaves after every battle. Families who earn the confidence of Gamavo are granted access to the Godscar, a crystalline labyrinth for wealth, and artifacts.

Will start in Opvar, Vot Sotao
No. 950809 ID: 482fee
File 157539684481.jpg - (186.17KB , 1400x1050 , Tuk'drav.jpg )

Lead by Emi Ponta Tuk’drav, Suzerain of the North. The nations north of the mountain aren’t actually part of Rezo, and Tuk’drav technically isn’t part of the Council, but is invited to deal with the other Great Families in an unofficial stance as a representative of all the people North of Shraktal. The north needs the wealth and food of the south, and the south needs the minerals and wood of the north, a beneficial relationship overseen by the Suzerain. Emi controls the largest nation north of the Shraktal Mountains, and the city of Vuk Padsdal serves as the only safe passage through the hazardous pass. Emi however has long chafed at this arrangement. While the Rezans of the South need face the troubles of Winter for only a short time every year, her people must contend with the dangers all year round. Desiring a stronger voice at the Council, and greater support from her Southern neighbors, Emi thought very little of the Rezan King that blocked all her appeals for greater authority. With the royal line gone and council in disarray, none of the Southers have time to listen to her. So she will have to make them listen...

Southern tributary families of Tuk’drav have Rok'Gulpm advisors that teach them the means of working and fighting in winter so the horrors of Shardfall doesn't affect them as badly as other families. While they prefer the colder tundra and all who want to speak with her need to trek through the border city of Vuk Podr to the frigid town of Vuk Tuk’drav, Suzersin Emi Ponta harbors dreams of southern expansion, and will supply her allies with Valkn, a race of tree born warriors that attack with speed and ferocity unmatched by any other force on Rezo. Normally found only in Westerland under the protection of secretive elf clans and jotun, Suzerein Emi possesses the only Valkyn tree in Rezo.

Will start in Endran V’ka T’del
No. 950810 ID: 482fee
File 157539721994.jpg - (184.62KB , 1400x1050 , Silida.jpg )

Lord Sanjingnam is the only foreign born leader of a family. Taken as a youth to be the bodyguard and companion to the Heiress Apparent of Silida, Sanjingnam learned the ways of Rezan culture from its highest strata. When he completed his Rite, he became the first and only husband to the late Matriarch. A skirmish, one of countless fought between the families, took that joy away from him. With no other successor, he has assumed her position as Patriarch of the family. Long chafing at the decrees of the king, and forced to sit at the same table with his wife's murderers, he was all to happy to leave the Council when no authority forced him to attend. He now builds his forces, seeing the coming war as an opportunity to seize control of Rezo and restructure its society...specifically into one without Gamin.

Inheriting the Silida family and its vast mineral wealth, he controls the Pariah’s Mark, one of largest deposits of Gretling, an ore conductive enough to hold Rezan magic. Under him, tributary families have more expensive, but elite fighting forces drawn from Rezo and beyond.

Will start in Rotaa, Vaa Telo

No. 950811 ID: 482fee
File 157539749908.jpg - (157.61KB , 1400x1050 , Talba.jpg )

Great Queen Kilees Eesham Talba, the infamous Vermin Mistress. While not a true Great Family, her influence over the uncontrolled lands infested by the "vermin races" gives her influence and power on par with the reigning families. Utilizing the fast breeding Gulpa, the mysterious Voraklat, the underdwelling Skrshk, and the hated Dredanok

The Mother-Protector of the Rejected, and Queen of the Hated takes no Rezan families as clients. She may be willing to negotiate to those with deep pockets...

>Choose your Benefactor
No. 950812 ID: 4854ef

Gamavo! The power of Scrshk and Godscar shall push things on to victory.
No. 950813 ID: dd0c06

Rokof, I feel that help with diplomacy will be good since we don't want too much bloodshed. But in case we must fight reduced military upkeep is good.
No. 950816 ID: d4b39e

No. 950822 ID: ec4b90

I'm split between Rokof and Gamin. On the one hand, reduced upkeep for soldiers. On the other, Gamin can work slaves extra hard and seems to have a way to get more real cheap so capitalism ho?
No. 950824 ID: e8c08d

Makag doesn't sound like a reliable ally, nor an easily out-backstabbed one, so let's stay clear of them. Rokof sounds good.
No. 950825 ID: e7c7d3

I'm voting Tuk'drav. Winters are the best defense against invaders. Turning what is an obstacle to most into an advantage is reason enough.

I'm not against Gamavo, though.
No. 950837 ID: ec4b90

I dunno what's good about Gamavo honestly. I mean you got spider-people but they have the same benefits as Makag. And godscar sounds like something we won't get at the start.
No. 950838 ID: 4854ef

It's not really the same benefit given the fact that Makag's slave auxiliaries are.. Well slave auxiliaries, and require military wins to gain while the Scrshk will be given based on cost/tribute. Not to mention they gain normal slaves rather then slave auxiliaries.. Not to mention being a skirmishing capture group instead. I'm not seeing how they are the same.

And yes Godscar is a benefit to gain later, but it's a decent method of gaining artifacts later on.
No. 950841 ID: ec4b90

I was referring more to what Scrshk bring to the table. From what raids sound like with Gamin, we can probably get slaves easily without relying on scrshk skirmishers. It just feels like extra steps. I dunno I guess we'll see but I still think Gamin or Rokof are the better economic choice.
No. 950844 ID: 9876c4

Rokofs seem cool.
No. 950845 ID: e7c7d3

I'd argue that the biggest advantage of Gamavo is that they have the most separation of client and patron. The only requirement for bonuses is tributes, while someone like Makag could be demands of "You need to huntdown this So-and-so because they're loyal to my uncle's nephew twice removed, and you need to do this or else you'll also be a traitor that needs to be hunted down"
Just that disconnection from the bigger political intrigues until we're ready to enter that circus ring.
No. 950847 ID: ec4b90

From what it sounds like though they might want us to go attack whoever like Makag, but where Makag will have reasons like 'I don't like how he looked at me last week. EXECUTE HIM!' Gamavo seems to want you to declare war just to enslave everyone. I'm just saying with the way these families sound, I don't think we can do anything that won't have some effect in the political arena. Gamin sounds like she'll try to deflect the blame to keep us safe, and Rokof is giving us a discount so we can whether the shitstorm that comes after
No. 950850 ID: 094652

I'd suggest starting out with Tuk'drav. Their gameplay seems to be centered around holding a siege against everyone else via natural barriers and maintaining choke-holds on cross-border roads, followed by quick surgical strikes on specific enemies while Shardfall lasts. From there, we attempt to forge fluid diplomacy with mutual benefactors; Gamavo would be a major priority, as assisting in their tributes would give us a heavy trade presence, followed by an attempt to reconcile the Gamins and Silidas (or just side with one). Our main goal would be to break the monopoly each specialist clan has, and take them out if they become enemies.
No. 950890 ID: dbaa56

Actually what is Shardfall? Can we get filled in on that before we make our decision or is this kne kf those thing we learn as the quest progresses?
No. 950932 ID: 482fee

Okay. Shardfall is basically a period of winter when crazy stuff happens. Basically any army that isn't garrisoned will take massive casualties, and any town that doesn't have any standing defenses(doesn't exactly need an army, could just be a militia) will suffer some major setbacks. Only happens in winter though. Which for Tuk'drav is all year round, hence why they mitigate most of the penalties

I'll wait till tomorrow around noon to count votes

No. 950961 ID: 482fee
File 157557910449.png - (892.86KB , 1400x1050 , injection.png )

Okay looks like Rokof is in the lead by one vote

Identity, and association established. Finalize.

Any other additions? (backstory for your character, the family, etc.). Anything beyond this is additional flavor that may affect how other families deal with you.
No. 950995 ID: e7c7d3

Hmm, since we're part kobold, maybe family is decided by egg cluster instead of by blood. Like I'm imagining that the eggs are communally cared for, so who popped out which egg doesn't matter as much as the ones who were raised in a group.
Since blood wouldn't determine who's the leading family, we got to be leader through guile and diplomacy. With a bit of brute force when needed too.
No. 951013 ID: 094652

The Taruviks practice trading eggs with potential allies, similar to swapping princes with Darkseid. If the egg is raised healthy and educated, the ally is considered trustworthy. If not...
No. 951036 ID: dd0c06

Yes, this is good.

I think that our family should have a history where they were once prominent with a decent military which was divided by specialization and they fell apart after each division either abandoned, betrayed or demolished each other and the leader went mad.

Just an idea, if there is something better I will also support that.
No. 951059 ID: 482fee

>Lady Vinn is a shrewd tactician leading earning her position through a balanced application of cunning and clout.
>>Families of equal or lower power will be more cautious/respectful when dealing with Lady Vinn directly

>Egg Trading: Taruvik has joined the practice of like families of egg-exchange to strengthen ties and gauge potential patnerships
>>Have the option to exchange eggs with a family during diplomacy for political favor...provided the eggs are of the right quality.

>>Faded glory: The Taruvik family was once a proud military family. Once. Its barracks are empty, its soldiers a shadow of the veterans that once marched through its halls. Madness, ambition and treachery has broken the family, and it is up to you to pick up the pieces.

Anything else?
No. 951090 ID: 482fee
File 157568888377.png - (281.44KB , 1400x1050 , 5.png )

>Finalized. Instance has been pulled. Injection imminent.

The blizzard obscures vision for more than a few feet in front of your face. You barely even see the bridge until you're crossing it. You're home.

You return with ill news. Your patron family has informed you this may be the last meeting of the council. Any attempt at finding a peaceful resolution has been lost with the death of the entire Deinoka family. The Family Deinoka is gone, even the slaves. The vacuum of authority will no doubt cause chaos across the land. It is recommended you prepare for summer, war comes.

The ancestral home of your family stands as a silhouette, a shadow barely visible through the haze of snow.
No. 951091 ID: 482fee
File 157568891675.png - (297.93KB , 1400x1050 , 6.png )

The Gorod, a distant sibling of yours, huffs in frustration underneath as it plows its way to the yawning entrance. The ancient doors creak in protest against the blowing wind. Your brother(through trade) and the ever dutiful servant Ssoolaku await you as you dismount, letting a pair of slaves handle the belligerent mount.

"So what is happening in Rezo sister” your brother Aligos asks. "Are the rumors true?"

"How do you not know already" you ask him. "I'm sure even the most isolated Shulka tribes in the north know by now."

He shrugs. "There are many rumors. Some are credible, others less so. I don't know which I should take seriously."

"What the young massster meansss" Ssoolaku raises a digit "is it true our patron readies for war with the other familiesss?"

"It seems that way" you sigh.

"And what does that mean for us?" brother asks.

>Your response:
No. 951098 ID: e7c7d3

It means we prepare. Whether for war, tribute, or even refugees. We need to be ready for anything. We need to be able to stand on our own two feet in the coming storm, with or without the patron's support.

Ssoolaku, what's the state of our lands?
No. 951104 ID: b1b4f3

It means we need to prepare for war as well. Hard times are upon us.
No. 951119 ID: 094652

"It means we're @#$%ed. We have to play this smart every step of the way, or we die."
No. 951229 ID: 482fee
File 157584272145.jpg - (200.90KB , 1636x2233 , 7.jpg )

"It means we prepare" you respond "Whether for war, tribute, or even refugees. We need to be ready for anything. We need to be able to stand on our own two feet in the coming storm, with or without the patron's support. We have to play this smart every step of the way, or we die."

Aligos laughs. "Good. Good! Our family made itself through fire and blood. And we shall do so again."

Your brother hefts his blade. “I expect Rokof will want to speak with you privately soon yes?", he turns to leave. “I’ll be drilling the men. At first thaw, they’ll be ready.”

You turn to your servant. "Ssoolaku, what's the state of our lands?"

He guides you to a table with a map of Rezo and outlines what assets Taruvik has:

Name: Vinn Taruvik

Food(in tons):10
>Used to grow population. Every turn food exceeds total population, one city gains 1 new citizen
>Measure of how quickly your holdings can build new improvements/produce new goods. The higher the number, the faster the production.
Kushel(money): 1000 (+100)
>Used to buy soldiers, build improvements, hire armies, fund raids, and maintain slave populations.
Inertia: 100 (+10)
>Measurement of your governing body and how quickly it can get things done. Spent to enact policy, and reforms
Influence: 10
>Resource spent to engage in diplomacy with other families. Some actions require influence, others generate it.
Holdings :[City] (3,3)
>All cities and towns will be listed by name, and their populations(citizens, slaves)

>Consult Your Family: No cost
>Enact Policy:Ssolaku will present 3 possible reforms and you may choose which to enact if you have the right amount of inertia
>Visit Your Patron: Progress turn
No. 951230 ID: 094652

>Accept Refugees
First and foremost, all the smart freemen will realize they need to find someplace safe before their leaders lose their minds and start throwing armies at each other. We should advertise a "Give us your cold, your tired" speech to the local neighbors. Since we're only promising safe shelter, we can then put them to work as contracted engineers.
>Promote Industry
We don't have the numbers to mount a sufficient army defense, period. We need technology to turn the tide, and we need it now. As our province exists in the center of all these feuding factions, we also need an exit strategy and further mobility, which leads to
>Annex the eastern province
That province is close to the sea and away from the other capitals. Building a small fleet of civilian transports will be a high priority, as they will keep the civilians assured they can cut and run if things go badly. Which means you can get the first transport out!
No. 951236 ID: e7c7d3

No point in starting any projects, since they'll get halted when shardfall happens.

Let's ask Ssolaku for some reforms. The status quo is going to change so we must change as well.

Let's meet some family members as well.
No. 951430 ID: 482fee
File 157605425129.png - (372.62KB , 1400x1050 , 8.png )

>Anytime you come to Ssoolaku asking for progress, he will present three potential options he has drafted that may improve family and holdings. You decide which to enact. There is an inertia cost to enact it, and it will be in effect across all family holdings by next turn:

Ssoolaku comes to you, papers in hand. “I and the sssscribessss have deliberated how besssst to ssssever our relationssss to the royal family. We feel these optionsssss are besssssst.”

1) Dismantle Royal Infrastructure: There has been a tariff on all trade in Taruvik lands for generations that went to supporting the king’s guard. As the king no longer guards us, we shall take that tariff for ourselves. (All money generating improvements increase gains by 10)

2) Defense Force: With no king’s guard to patrol the roads for vermin folk, and no royal force controlling family raids, it is only sensible that we raise additional forces to defend ourselves (+1 standing armies)

3) Applied Workhouses: It was by decree of the Deinoka that all work shall cease by the setting of the sun. Such niceties cannot be allowed when everyone is a potential enemy. By altering the schedules and pay of working families, freemen and slaves can have day and night shifts to ensure workshops and smithing houses are always productive. (All Industrial Improvements have additional work output of 5 per civilian and slave multipliers increase)

Welp my computer stopped working over the weekend. Turns out it was a motherboard issue. Swapped that out, now I'm back. Feels like I have a new problem every week...

No. 951432 ID: 094652

> Dismantle Royal Infrastructure
Not yet. Keeping up appearances as submissive subjects will draw less aggro from our local subjects. Once our numbers dip into the red we can draw from our taxes with justified desperation, but for now, a few extra coins to whoever is hogging the gold means they'll spend money to preserve our tribute state.
> Defense Force
Not until after Shardfall. Conscripting people specifically to guard them during the ass-end of winter is liable to piss them off. We're better off fortifying our defenses with sturdy walls and bunkers than paying extra to make under-prepared scouts stare in the distance and get pneumonia.
> Applied Workhouses
Yes, great idea! Workshops shouldn't be emptied out and left alone for 66% of the day! That just makes them prime targets for gang hideouts! We can free up some land and materials and give jobs to everyone in our district at once!
No. 951442 ID: e7c7d3

2) Defensive force
Seems the most sensible to me. A protected people is a happy people. Plus, the prevention of raids will keep any resources we gain in our hands.

The main thing we have to watch out for with Applied Workhouses is to keep the freemen from being worked like machines. While it'll boost our productivity for a bit. Men are not machines and will eventually break before the workhouses do.
No. 951444 ID: b60627

I think the idea is not to make people work more, but to make more people work in the same space.

Of course, that reasoning is only useful if we currently have either idle people (or people working jobs in which they're in surplus), or space problems (highly probable in a walled city).
No. 951465 ID: 482fee
File 157612537885.png - (207.09KB , 1400x1050 , 9.png )

As you ponder the decision, you call for a meeting of the family. Only Aligos is present. He still reeks of exertion training the soldiers.

"Aligos!? Where is the family?"

"Oh where to start" Aligos sighs. "You remember your egg-sibling that kept arguing with your over inheritance after mother and father died?"

"I thought that matter was settled."

"No, he just waited until you were gone to stage a coup. I killed him, rounded up his associates, and sold them to Rokof as slaves. The proceeds were needed so Ssoolaku could repair the estate. He and his sympathizers left a mess."

"How many did he have?", you ask, dreading the response.

"More than I expected him to have. I honestly was surprised sister. I would think there'd be greater loyalty between egg-siblings."

"There really should be..." you sigh. "That doesn't account for everyone though, where are the rest?"

"Run off. Hiding. This place has so many escape tunnels and secret chambers. I know several decided to just wait out the rebellion and side with the survivors, but I don't know where these chambers are hidden to tell them the fighting is over. You remember Uncle Dovorital during the siege by the Dredanok clan? His secret room was so well stocked he remained hidden for years before he came back out."

>Consulting with the family is a way to roleplay between members of the family to generate extra influence, and spend it to 'recruit' new family members through whatever means you decide (adoption, trade, finding a hidden chamber, etc.). Currently only Aligos is available to interact with.

>Ssoolaku still awaits your policy decision.
No. 951470 ID: e7c7d3

So why did you remain loyal, Aligos? Do not think we are ungrateful, but you were in a prime position to take control of the house.

Regardless, which would you prefer: More troops or better arms?
No. 951476 ID: 094652

"Hilarious. My sibling manages to make life as difficult for me as possible, and he didn't even have the courtesy to endure long enough to laugh in my face. Or suck my blade.

Ssoolaku, there has been a change of plans. We need to set up a giant noisemaker in the tunnels before they start forming cults dedicated to my dead seditious sibling, or some other dumb idea that breaks our clan into doomed tribes."
No. 951478 ID: b60627

Let's go with Applied Workhouses.
No. 951829 ID: 482fee
File 157671735467.png - (244.97KB , 1400x1050 , 10.png )

Fifteen page white paper finally written and behind me. Resuming!

You sigh as you walk across the table. "My sibling manages to make life as difficult for me as possible, and he didn't even have the courtesy to endure long enough to laugh in my face" You stand in front of your brother. "So why did you remain loyal, Aligos? Do not think we are ungrateful, but you were in a prime position to take control of the house."

Aligos smiles "Sister you should know by now I don't want to be a patriarch. All that power is tempting yes, but I know all the responsibilities that come with it" he shrugs "My place is leading soldiers, not an entire family."

You snap your fingers. The Jassanid retainer slithers into the room, but maintains a respectful distance away. "Ssoolaku, there has been a change of plans. We need to set up a giant noisemaker in the tunnels before they start forming cults dedicated to my dead seditious sibling, or some other dumb idea that breaks our clan into doomed tribes."

"Sister" Aligos sighs. "That will just convince them the fighting isn't over and they'll barricade themselves deeper. A loud noisemaker sounds much the same as a Grafla shot-tube down there."

"They'll need to be dealt with somehow" you wave a dismissive hand.

"My misssstresssss" Ssoolaku raises a hand "There is ssstill the isssssue of polissssy?"

"Ah. Aligos which would you prefer: More troops or better arms?"

"Both if you can manage it. Our standing force is comprised almost entirely of kobold skirmishers. In a raid they might be useful but as a standing force they're next to worthless I'm sad to say. And our armory has seen better days. As is our forces could be beaten by a strong wind."

"It's that bad?"

"No it's worse, but you have me" Aligos chuckles "I account for something."

"Well I'm afraid I can't get you both right now. It's one or the other, which is the better option for now?"

Aligos is pensive "Mmmm, if there really is no other option...weapons. Come thaw we can recruit stronger hands from outside the estate, but it means nothing if we have nothing to arm them with besides sticks and harsh words."

>>Choose reform, or put off(advance turn)
No. 951834 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's trade for weapons. Since everyone's hiding that means we have low upkeep and can afford to spend some capital.
No. 951847 ID: e7c7d3

Applied workhouses it is, then.

If I'm understanding it right, we're not at risk of raids during shardfall anyways
No. 951849 ID: 094652

Get creative for now. Buy some shoddy weapons in bulk, then disassemble them and use them as trap components. They'll expect a rabble of easy EXP, not a house of deathtraps.
No. 951985 ID: 482fee
File 157696731848.png - (381.99KB , 1400x1050 , 11.png )

The plans are finalized and the quill pushers start putting idea into action. In the meantime, Ssoolaku commissions the usual sellswords and hirelings that pass through your land for whatever scrap weaponry they find on their travels. Their word should spread and bring in larger bulk once merchants catch wind.

You however are required in Vot Rokof. Travel is fast, much faster than usual. The Rokof family sends a fleet of Gorod to speed you on your way and you're there within a week's time. You are known well enough the guards expect you, and usher you in with no fuss or demands.

Grand Patriarch Pokl Rokof Rokof is in his study, pensive. A blizzard is beginning to form outside, yet whatever carvings place in the walls prevent the chill from seeping in and mutes the howling winds. Snow still falls through the open windows however, pooling into small mounds on the floor. He pays them no mind. He barely notices you coming in. He takes one of the green stones lining his waist and turns it in his hand.

"Do you know what these are? They're the seals of every family Rokof deals with. A requirement for stamping all the paperwork that goes past me" He points to the stones closest to his belt. "The bottom most rung are families Rokof trades with" his hand drifts to the upper wrappings. "The middle and top rungs are for subservient families to Rokof. I use these the most. I can't pass an edict, law, or even approve the pay schedule of the guard without each seal going on the documents. Most families don't even know they have one of these things. Do you know which is yours?"

You don't. Until today you didn't even know your family had such a thing.
No. 951986 ID: 482fee
File 157696738451.png - (414.33KB , 1400x1050 , 12.png )

He doesn't give you time to answer. He juggles the seal in his hand. "It's this one. Yes, I know each of these seals by name. I know them because I have to. Just another requirement to becoming patriarch. Though none of that matters I suppose if the line of succession is called into question…do you know what makes Rokof so powerful Taruvik?"

No. 951987 ID: 892d8f

Our trade and reliability. Our neighbors know we never make offers, or threats, in vain.
No. 951990 ID: 094652

"Because all the world's a stage, and you're the director. You tell an actor to slightly change his lines, and the whole play shifts in meaning without directly ordering them to betray character."
No. 952066 ID: 482fee
File 157706723008.png - (126.37KB , 1400x1050 , 13.png )

"Because all the world's a stage, and you're the director. You tell an actor to slightly change his lines, and the whole play shifts in meaning without directly ordering them to betray character."you reply.

Rokof smiles. "The Third Annad from 'The First Lie' by Kome the Bizarre. No. It's commerce."

He get up from his thrown and turns to a bare book case. "We stand in the middle of the easiest land routes between north and south. All trade must flow through us, and so we regulate it. It is our decisions that determine the price of grain in the north as does the cost of an axe in the south. That is our power. But like many things, it only existed because the royal family said so. Without that backing, there isn't much stopping a rival from trying to take that power from us. The attack on my mother's caravan was proof of that. Now my own family questions whether I am worthy of being Patriarch. My own family. Ready to tear itself apart like Makag gulpa."

"The storm comes Taruvik, and it will test us all. For now as patriarch I order you to strengthen your borders, consolidate your home, and prepare. And be careful. We don't know yet who our true enemies are, and who are mere fools driven by greed."

Reach Food stocks of 20
Reach income of 500
Have at least 1 full standing army
Have a Prosperity rating of at least 50%
No. 952067 ID: 482fee
File 157706733358.jpg - (239.75KB , 1636x2233 , 14.jpg )

Turn 2
Food(in tons):10
Kushel(money): 1100 (+100)
Inertia: 10 (+10)
Influence: 20 (+10 from meeting with Rokof)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (3,3)
Prosperity: 30%
>New Resources Prosperity - Determines the relative stability of your owned regions. It goes down when raided, battles are fought on it, or new settlements are annexed into your territory. Improve by making your territory safer(policy, patrols, improvements, holding captured territory long enough to rebuild what was destroyed, and other actions

>>SHARDFALL IS UPON YOU: Work grinds to its slowest pace as none dare leave their homes.
>Consult Your Family: No cost
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers
>Skip Turn
>Other:You decide what the family should do this turn. Search for bandit nests, root out old family members, delve forgotten wings of the estate? This is for any action you think should be done that isn't listed. Can yield bonuses or penalties depending on results.
No. 952069 ID: 094652

Keep a token squad of scouts on the off-chance that Tuk'drav spends their strike trying to shake up Rokof. Think of it as soldier vetting; every recruit gets a day of guard duty. Meanwhile, Aligos will record their level of vigilance at random intervals, and determine which among the potential recruits have the potential to be more than rank-and-file.

>What do
Meanwhile, you're on vacation since most people don't need someone to tell them to stay indoors and do mostly nothing all winter. Do some dungeon delves, starting at your estate.
No. 952074 ID: e7c7d3

Let's train some soldiers. We may not have the best equipment for them yet, but you don't need grade A weaponry to train.
No. 952106 ID: 8d2ec5

What sort of soldiers do we have available right now? Ask Aligos what our army look like currently and what we can add to it.
No. 952210 ID: 482fee
File 157739438050.png - (224.85KB , 1400x1050 , 15.png )

You ask Aligos about Taruvik's military strength.

Aligos sighs. "Skirmishers. We have kobold skirmishers. They are equipped with whatever they bring. Some have bows and javelins. Others have swords and axes. And some have farming equipment and kitchenware. And a few just brought very big rocks."

"And how many do we have?"

"200. Enough for 2 companies of them."

Available for recruitment
>Taruvik Skirmishers: Assorted kobolds and Rezan-bolds. Can be used as raiders.
(-200 Kushel)
>Sagura(sword/repeater bow/spear): Sagura are fresh recruits who have sold themselves into a conditional slavery as military conscripts. The specifics of their contract vary per individual. Some seek fortune in loot. Others hope to be inducted into a higher family, or given enough status to form their own. While given extensive training, they are untested in actual combat. Can be used as raiders.
(-400 Kushel)
>Gulpa Auxilia: While Gulpa are considered a vermin race, a 'domesticated' nest can be formed in Rezan midden heaps, and young are culled to serve in a family's military. Mostly as aids or servants, but the more aggressive adolescents can be armed and made to serve as meat shields. What they lack in knowledge, skill, kit, and general intelligence, they almost make up for in savage fury. Gulpa make use of anything and everything as a weapon, including their razor-like teeth. Can be used as raiders.
(-100 Kushel)
You take a few guards with you down into the older sections of the ancestral estate.
>>Roll 1d100
No. 952211 ID: 0fae41

rolled 23 = 23

Pace out the halls of your lineage, once familiar, now foreign.
No. 952213 ID: e7c7d3

Train some Sagura spears for a defensive force, Then perhaps two groups of Taruvik skirmishers to bolster the main force. Should leave us about 300 in the bank + whenever income happens.

Gulpa sound like excellent raiders and forerunners. But it also sounds like they wouldn't really benefit from extensive training. So I'd say wait until we're thinking of striking out before starting the zergling rush.
(Plus, they cute.)
No. 952214 ID: e7c7d3

rolled 56 = 56

Dice didn't work
No. 952274 ID: 482fee
File 157752395564.png - (246.91KB , 1400x1050 , 16.png )

>Your family combs the lesser kobold clans for capable fighters to fill 2 batallions of Skirmishers. They shall be prepared by the turning of the seasons
>The Sagaru contracts are being written and their ranks shall be filled by end of the season

Your inheritance was sudden, and very vague on many details. The tunnels and catacombs that run 'neath the estate are a mystery to you. Taking a small escort of your best...skirmishers, you explore your property and find...
>Moderate success
That's odd. It looks to be an egg. Though what laid something of this size is unknown. Yellowed parchment are written in a language you do not understand.

When you return it with you, Ssoolaku nearly jumps out of his skin. "Misssstressss" he exclaims "Thissss! Thissssss! How do you find thissssss?!"

"What? What? What have I found?"

"An egg" Ssoolaku pronounces, as if it is a profound discover, over and over.

"I can see that."

"It is Jassanid!", Ssoolaku hastily corrects himself.

"Jassanid? Like you?"

"Not like me! Not like me! I am mere Anumahat cassssste. Thissss! Thisssss egg not Anumahat! Thisssss egg Ssssirasssar casssste!"

Sirassar? The ruling caste of the Jassanid? In all of Rezan history no raid has even managed to capture one alive. To have an egg....what did your parents do to get this? "Ssoolaku, will it obey me upon hatching?"

"I...I do not know missssstressss" Ssoolaku looks away abashed.

You toss him the scrolls you found. "Then start translating these. Find out what you know about this egg. I want to know what value I have."

>Acquired Sirassar Egg
>New Project: Translate Sirassate Scrolls
No. 952275 ID: 482fee
File 157752401169.png - (1.01MB , 1636x2233 , 17.png )

>Shardfall ravages Rezo
>Tuk'drav ignores the storm and conquers a rival clan in Vem Crek
>Gulpa raids break out in V'ka T'del, Voo Mas, Vas Amra, Vak Okras, Vek Rokta, and Vek Talobre
>Silida finishes construction of a wall around its capital.
>Makag launches a purge within its city. Those Vanwa accused as traitors are thrown out of the city, left to the mercy of Shardfall. Whatever remains is burned.

The horrors of Shardfall have passed. The temperature begins to rise slowly, Spring comes.
Turn 3
Food(in tons):10
Kushel(money): 400 (+100)
Inertia: 20 (+10)
Influence: 25 (+5 for delving the estate)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (3,3)
Garrison: 4 Kobold Skimishers, 1 Spear Sagaru
Armies: 0 (armies consist of a character officer, and up to 5 units(can be extended by reforms))
Prosperity: 30%

>Consult Your Family: No cost
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers
>Skip Turn
No. 952276 ID: 482fee

Opps forgot to add in Actions
>Build Improvements
>Scout your land(Find potential threats to your territory)
No. 952278 ID: 094652

>What do
Spring is here. Just focus on agriculture, like every other sane person.

>New Project: Translate Sirassate Scrolls
Concentrate on this project while you have the time. You do not want the egg to die from neglecting critical environment conditions. Or for the baby to do anything but imprint on you.
No. 952284 ID: e7c7d3

Scout the land. Protect the farmers while they sow their fields.
No. 952285 ID: 0c84a6

>List Improvements
No. 952320 ID: 482fee

>Existing Improvements
Taruvik Estate:Producing 100 Kushel, 10 Inertia, idle slaves producing 3 prosperity
Taruvik Workhouses: Producing 5 Industry, no civlians or slaves assigned
Grain Fields: Producing 10 tons of food, no civlians or slaves assigned

>Possible improvements
>Walled Garrison: Increase defenses of the city, adds 5 to prosperity and increase garrison size (-200 Kushel payment, -20 upkeep)
>Closed Sewage paths: increase prosperity by 10 (-100 Kushel payment, -10 upkeep)
>Trading Post: Generate 250 kushel per turn (-500 payment)
>Scribe's Retreat: Produce 50 Inertia (-200 Kushel payment, -20 upkeep)
>Metallurgists: Produce 2 Industry and 100 kushel (-700 payment)
>Other(Write in what you think can be improved and I'll add bonus and stats based on what it does)
No. 952330 ID: e7c7d3

I'd say save up for the trading post. Follow in our patron's footsteps.

Can we assign some slaves to the workhouses and fields?
No. 952438 ID: fd2dfa
File 157778283104.png - (314.34KB , 1400x1050 , 18.png )

Scouts report one of the lower family farms decimated during your predecessors' rule has been infested by a wild Gulpa nest. If left to themselves, the vermin will grow to unsustainable numbers and raid your holdings. Additionally clearing this land will allow you to reclaim its fertile soil for exploitation.

>Can we assign some slaves to the workhouses and fields?
You may. Citizens apply a bonus proportional to the number of civilians working an improvement (1 for +1, 2 for +2) while slaves provide twice the amount. It should also be noted that slaves shouldn't outnumber civilians unless prosperity is over 50, are a client of Makag, or possess Soul Karving.
No. 952470 ID: 9dffb8

Can we talk with the other families and make a non aggression pact? At least keep the big players off out backs while we work on our home turf.
No. 952480 ID: e7c7d3

Remove those vermin. Eradicate them if they can't be put to use elsewhere
No. 952568 ID: fd2dfa

You may. That is a perk of being a Rokof client. Which family?
And who will be sent to clear the nest? Which soldiers?
No. 952587 ID: cfbb76

Obviously send everyone. Blood the troops
No. 952665 ID: fd2dfa
File 157812905529.png - (338.35KB , 1400x1050 , 19.png )

rolled 19 = 19

You send out the entire garrison to clear out the farmlands. Aligos leads the rabble with some sense of order.

Purging a Gulpa nest follows a pattern. When their nest burns, they will surge out in waves to meet the attackers. The warrior males will first retaliate, then the laborer males, then the steriles females, and finally the breeder females. To ensure as few as possible escape the purge, the nests are surrounded as they are lit from afar. Once the smoke reaches the sky, the first wave hits the lines...
No. 952666 ID: fd2dfa
File 157812988971.png - (534.21KB , 1400x1050 , 20.png )

It's bloody work. As expected, the soldiers Aligos trained have little experience faccing real enemies. Even as wild and undisciplined as Gulpa, many fall to slashing claws, biting fangs, and crude weapons. Had it not been for overwhelming numbers, and the presence of Aligos reinforcing the line anywhere it threatened to crumble, the battle might have been a rout.

Victory is snatched from the jaws of defeat. Though they took their toll, the Gulpa nest is destroyed, the males slaughtered, and females burned inside the nest. A few intrepid sagura try to take Gulpa prisoners as slaves for extra pay, but most satisfy themselves with a grisly trophy. There's certainly plenty littering the field.

Many Rezan and Kobold are killed, but rather than demoralized, the survivors are ecstatic for surviving their first battle. Aligos lets them have their victory as they cart back the spoils plundered from the nest.

All this you read in a very glowing report sent by a slave sent to witness the conflict. Most of it is drivel about how 'sweat glistens off the perfectly sculpted muscles' of your brother's bare chest. Perhaps you should send someone else...

>>Gulpa nest cleansed
>>Looted 500 Kushel
>>Gained 20 influence, 5 Prosperity, and [Fertile Field] in Holdings
No. 952667 ID: fd2dfa
File 157813019340.png - (884.58KB , 1636x2233 , 21.png )

>>Tuk'drav conquers rivals in V'ka Tros
>>Skirmishes break out between the border of Vot Gamavo and Vek Sota
>>The island of Eh is raided. The raiding forces are unknown.
>>Makag launches a campaign against the rebellious Tazara family in Vak Seru
>>Silida battles Royalists in Vot Talobas

Turn 4
Food(in tons):10
Kushel(money): 1000 (+100)
Inertia: 20 (+10)
Influence: 50 (+5 for delving the estate)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (4,3), [Fertile Field]
Garrison: 4 Kobold Skimishers, 1 Spear Sagaru (All units at 50% health, need 2 more turns to fully recover)
Armies: 0 (armies consist of a character officer, and up to 5 units(can be extended by reforms))
Prosperity: 35%

>Consult Your Family: No cost
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Diplomacy (No cost to just talk, some costs for actual agreements)
>Skip Turn

Apparently I forgot to have the 'vacation' part in my winter vacation. These last few days were hectic

No. 952674 ID: 9876c4

Claiming Vek Sotau and the coast should be done sooner than later.

At minimum scout it out, then raise the troops to take it.
No. 952692 ID: e7c7d3

Let's build those trading posts now with our spoils. If we can have multiple improvement projects, let's also start on some walled garrisons.
No. 952761 ID: fd2dfa
File 157820105671.png - (890.51KB , 1636x2233 , 22.png )

rolled 94 = 94

While there is nothing stopping you from scouting Vek Sotau, however your scouts cannot pierce too deeply into the province; nor can they identify the owners of the four estates closest to Tamo. It would be easier if your family had more control over Vot Tikve, but wishing gets you nowhere.
>Identified 12 key territories. Control of majority cedes control of the province to your family.

Ssoolaku reports construction is now underway. While there is enough manpower for both the new walls and the trading post, it will take some time for either to be completed.

>Multiple projects can be undertaken. Your industry rating determines how quickly they can be built. At your current rating, they will be completed in 2 turns each.
>Random events happen every 5 turns, they can be beneficial or a pain. What will happen?
No. 952764 ID: fd2dfa
File 157820206047.png - (949.81KB , 1636x2233 , 23.png )

94 = By chance, you had accidentally tripped a switch in one of your estates many dusty hallways, revealing a sealed chamber where one of your family members would have hidden. Unfortunate for the poor bastard his taste in decor was his undoing. However the fortune he had hidden away to buy his way into the graces of whoever won the family feud will most certainly be put to good use.

>Gained 2000 Kushel!

>Spring gives way to Summer, marking a rising of temperatures, and when the population of the Vermin races reaches critical points. Raids break out across Rezo. Some dangerously close.
>The campaign Makag launched intensifies as more families are drawn to the fighting, and raids add to the turmoil.

Turn 5
Food(in tons):10
Kushel(money): 2300 (+100)
Inertia: 30 (+10)
Influence: 50
Holdings :Tamos-[City](Garrison and Trading Post completed in 1 more turn) (5,3), [Fertile Field]
Garrison: 4 Kobold Skimishers, 1 Spear Sagaru (All units at 50% health, need 1 more turns to fully recover)
Armies: 0 (armies consist of a character officer, and up to 5 units(can be extended by reforms))
Prosperity: 35%

>Consult Your Family: No cost
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Diplomacy (No cost to just talk, some costs for actual agreements)
>Skip Turn
No. 952799 ID: 9876c4

I would say that windfall is best spent by raising armies of Sagura. We need to take Sotau in the next few years to remain solvent.

We can lay some groundwork by using Diplomacy to find out about that region's feuds, and who we might promise governorship to.
No. 952803 ID: 6e6f32

Soldiers sound like a good option.
4 Companies of Sagura. 1 Sword, 2 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear.
1 Company of Gulpa.

Once training is complete we'll have enough soldiers for a Regular army of Sagura and an Auxiliary Army.

Consult the family. Aligos makes a fine general but even he cant head 2 armies at once.
No. 952806 ID: 4533e0

We should probably scout Vot Tikve to see the local players and find who we can roll over and who might be a problem later.
No. 952814 ID: 05851d

Troops are fine, but build that trading post first! It'll boost our income by 250%, allowing us to field more troops.
No. 952833 ID: fd2dfa
File 157830042566.png - (235.48KB , 1400x1050 , 24.png )

You arrange a meeting with your brother. He doesn’t take to the summer weather well, and you find him by the window overseeing the new sagura drilling below. At least when he takes the time to remove the damp cloth he is using to cool his head.


“Raiding party” he interrupts you.


“I saw the mustering reports Ssoolaku delivered to you. The Sagura can form the core of a proper army. Skirmishers and Gulpa do not work well in ordered forces. They can serve as a raiding party. They do not need an officer leading them. Better they don’t have one anyway as it prevents rivals from tracing them to us if the party fails or is captured. Summer is the season of raiding so this is the best time to do it. Ach ka, I do not understand how you and Ssoolaku take so well to this heat.”

“I see. That answers my question for now, but in the future we will need other officers” you raise.

“Well our options are limited. Either find the ones hiding in the catacombs below, find one out in wild, or we can fuck and hope our bastard is a child prodigy!”, Aligos snaps.

He really does not like the heat...
No. 952834 ID: fd2dfa
File 157830046130.png - (908.74KB , 1636x2233 , 25.png )

>The Trading Post will be completed next turn
Scouting Vot Tikve, you identify the key territories of the province.
>Red territories are hostile
>Blue are clients of Rokof. You cannot attack them without permission from Rokof.
>Green are neutral. They are not hostile, and they can be negotiated with to become clients. If that fails you can use force to try and crush them.

Turn 5
Food(in tons):10
Kushel(money): 1000 (+100)
Inertia: 30 (+10)
Influence: 50
Holdings :Tamos-[City](Garrison and Trading Post completed in 1 more turn) (5,3), [Fertile Field]
Garrison: 4 Kobold Skimishers, 1 Spear Sagaru (All units at 50% health, need 1 more turns to fully recover)
1 Gulpa Auxiliary
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 2 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 35%

>Consult Your Family: No cost
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Raid (New Action): Send a raiding party to a target. The number of forces in the party, initial funding, and distance all add to chances of success.
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Diplomacy (No cost to just talk, some costs for actual agreements)
>Skip Turn
No. 952847 ID: 094652

Petition Rokof for (A) temporary forces to help you take Sazoga or (B) permission to march past Sov and 'negotiate' with Suzo.

If you can't get enough forces to obtain a new town within a single turn, go for Metallurgists or any other potential upgrade/recruitment.
No. 952848 ID: 9876c4

Ok, so a plurality of holdings in this province means 7. With all reds conquered, that gets us 5. No reason not to get started on that.

We need 2 neutrals to swear fealty, or be convinced to come under our banner.
I suggest we leave Rokof's friends alone for now.
No. 952849 ID: 6e6f32

Open talks with Ozuva. We need them to at least look the other way as when invade Suzogu, and we will need their cooperation to became more prominent in the region in the future.
No. 952851 ID: 9876c4

Looks like we'll need their roads to finish our campaign too.
No. 952853 ID: 6e6f32

Lets train one more Spear Sagura for the army as well. Have an solid front line for the archers, swordsman on the flanks.
No. 952860 ID: 0e72a9

I second that we shpuld ask Rokof for support against Sazoga(won't do to have hostile neighbors) while we ask Ozuva for help(or at least stay out of it).

Alongside the spears we should also raise one more unit of skirmishers for flexibility. They won't be an army but keeping them in the garrison ought to keep the city safe if anyone raids it while Aligos is away.
No. 952862 ID: 6e6f32

I dunno man. We still haven't fulfilled our patron's request of us. Asking Rokof for help now may make us appear impotent.
No. 952870 ID: 0e72a9

True. We we should still ask Ozuva though
No. 952871 ID: e7c7d3

I'm not sure we should consider conquest quite yet. Our patron wants us to focus on prosperity for now, and we have no idea how strong our enemies are. Although a good way to test that is with raids, as our brother has said. Let's send a skirmisher unit and some gulpa towards Sazoga
No. 952872 ID: 6e6f32

Our Skirmishers are at 50% health until next turn.
No. 952875 ID: 3e9b65

Spies would be better. A raid would make the region alarmed, fearful, and angry, which would ruin any diplomacy. Worst case, they seek refuge with rivals.
Spies, however, can quietly aid diplomacy with secrets.
No. 952876 ID: e7c7d3

Alright, just the gulpa then
Raiding is very much part of this world, what with the brother straight up saying this is the season for it. It's not like our raiders will be waving our banner. It's only if they get captured and interrogated will it get traced back to us, same risk as spies. Besides, we've already seen others commit raids without anyone knowing who did them.
No. 952886 ID: 6e6f32

That's literally suicide.

What if we take the Gulpa, Consolidate the 4 damaged Kobold raider companies into 2 functional ones, and burn a couple hundred gold on extra supplies and equipment for the Raid.

I don't know if consolidation will effectively eliminate 2 companies or if we'll have 2 useless companies for a few more turns, but either way if the the raiding companies take damage we'll be largely without garrison or auxiliaries during our invasion. There is merit in restraint. As >>952875 suggests, spies could also be an option.
No. 952897 ID: e7c7d3

I guess what I'm picturing when talking of raids: is some loose troupes sacking and looting some farms and small, defenseless towns. Fleeing as soon as any actual armies appear. Some gulpa could be just as viable to ruin a farm or two and run away with some food and tools. We don't need to put all our forces on the line to lay siege to a city. Just smash and burn.
No. 952940 ID: 6e6f32

Sure, but the Gulpa are just one step above animals.
They are suitable for creating chaos while more reliable troops get the real work done, and little else.

Besides, The point of a raid against Suzogu right now would be to soften the target and test their defenses.
Sending insufficient force will yield little damage and no information.
No. 952942 ID: fd2dfa
File 157836876862.png - (357.33KB , 1400x1050 , 26.png )

Well while you decide what to do, diplomacy with Ozuva will go on ahead.
Ozuva was a moderately sized city famed for its timber and the the exquisite works of the Karvers and wood-shapers. From humble spear to massive Storm-breaker ships, Ozuvan lumber is considered one of the greatest(with some debate) and is the primary export of the city. The dense trees provide cover for Voraklat raiding parties, and the Vermin have become very tricky in getting past Ozuvan defenses. Ozuvan people have in turn become expert ambush hunters and extremely wary of outsiders. Can never tell if you really are an outsider coming to do trade or just a Voraklat wearing someone else's face...

Generations ago Deinoka had granted control of this city and its forests to the Zokuval family, a Resilkem line that makes even the conservative Rokof look progressive by comparison. Unchanged throughout the centuries, they care not for who rules or the crumbling political structure of the world around them. They will agree with whatever lets them remain in their isolated world.

"Heyha. I am Karver Saleeyana, daughter to Lord Patriarch Hadru Sanklek Zokuval, Speaker of the Zokuval family, Guardian of its House, and leader of the first Zokuval Leklos. I greet you Tavurik representative, and inquire what business requires your intrusion into our realm."

>Making agreements with other families first comes down to negotiation. Once a settlement has been made, a payment in influence and/or money must be made to make the treaty official. If the payment cannot be made, the treaty is simply left in escrow until payment is made.
No. 952949 ID: e7c7d3

Seems like we should make our intentions plain. Simply that we intend to leave them alone when our forces move, that they are not our current target nor are they a future target.

Alright, my official vote as to what to do will be to start a raid against Inva. Send all skirmishers and the Gulpa with 300 Kushel in funding.

This should allow for a decent chance of success without alerting our immediate neighbors should things go sour. We now have a standing army to defend us should the need arise. I do see the skirmishers and gulpa as expendable, since it would be easier to simply raise more at the moment than to wait for them to heal. Any loot brought back should cover any losses and then some.

We seem to be just of two minds when it comes to how the raid should and will go. Hopefully what I've voted for won't terribly interfere with your plans.
No. 952950 ID: 9876c4

We seek to bring some semblance of order to the province. The south supports Rokof, while the north goes it's own way. Divided as we are, we're easy prey for larger kingdoms.

We desire to move caravans and patrols through your province, and to trade for supplies at your city. We offer you a spot in our coalition, and substantial profits once we form a trade route.

(I want to topple Sazoga with overwhelming force, before they even expect it.
Once we do that, we'll have that working for us in negotiations.)
No. 952966 ID: ee95ba

Fine, but if it's just looting, why hit places we'll own? Shouldn't we go loot places our rivals are likely to target? Let them pay to rebuild.
I'd be careful about how that's worded. Downplay changes.
No. 952980 ID: 6e6f32

We could offer the Ozuva an opportunity to construct a road between our two cities.

As we speak, Tamo is enhancing it's trading infrastructure. In these trying times our survival and independence relies more than ever on our access to the money and resources we need to defend ourselves.

As it stands it takes over 2 weeks for traders to make the journey between the two, and travel is made more precarious by the factional nature of the recent political breakdown. To be successful our traders need better access to the northern lands. Ozuva is the heart of Vot Tikve. A road between our two cities would be mutually beneficial, Our traders would be able to reach the northern lands in under a month, and Ozuva would become the hub of all trade in the region. I propose construction of a road between us start in earnest. With both sides working to complete one half of the length of the project.

Such a proposal would benefit us more than Ozuva, and I suspect they will realize this and ask for more favorable or additional conditions on it's construction. Which is fine. Permission to build a road at all would be fine. Any agreement that somehow binds them to us can act as a line in for when they inevitably freak out and bunker down when we attack their neighbor.

Personally I'd prefer a raid against Zovdek if raiding Vek Sotau for reason of distance alone. In the interest of getting things moving however, I will back your plan of targeting Inva.

I still suggest consolidating the skirmishers however.
No. 952981 ID: 9876c4

I don't think we can safely move into Vek Sotau until we've neutralized the reds on our starting province.

In any case, once we own the province we can field larger armies.
No. 952997 ID: e393ff

The more I think about it, the more I think it might be a bad idea to raid an unknown territory. Better we just raid a distant hostile like Tog. I mean what's the worst that can happen? They hate us more? Declare war? We were planning that anyway. At least if they attack we can claim to be on the defense and petition aid from Rokof.

If we raid Inva and they wind up being a neutral or worse, they're a Rokof client he didn't tell us about (he didn't tell us about the ones in Vot Tikve we had to find them), that could come back to bite us in the ass if the party gets captured.
No. 952998 ID: 6e6f32

I'm willing to resign to just not raid.
At the very least we'll have a shitload of manpower to march with in the fall.
No. 953000 ID: 368f7d

Oh no I think we should. I'm just saying better a known target than an unknown one. Much more predictable outcomes.
No. 953001 ID: 6e6f32

Welp. Then here's my analysis.

Suzo is a good potential target, but raiding could cause trouble for our patron's other clients. They are also currently neutral and we'd risk burning a potential partner.

Sazoga is a conquest target. A raid now would have unpredictable effects is relation to that goal.

Ozuva is too near our conquest target to risk angering right now.

Arglos is annoyingly out of the way road wise, and would require the expedition to travel through a sizable amount of wilderness.

Everything North of Ozuva presents an extreme challenge in terms of distance for our Damaged Troops.

Vek Sotau Cities are poorly scouted. Though I doubt their influence extends this far south, we run a real chance of angering House Gamavo should we raid blind.

There's really no good obvious choice.

The real question is is the potential lost opportunity cost worth the risk?

If we do nothing we get the small "reward" of a full health raiding army next turn.
If we raid something we gamble with not only the potential fallout, but with the actual units themselves. We could end up with fantastic rewards, or we could lose all of our units.

So. Do we go for broke, or take the unexciting sure thing?
And if we are raiding, Where?
No. 953003 ID: 9876c4

The way forward is to control Vot Tikve. That will give us de facto control of everyone's armies.

Vek Sotau is folly until we do that. We can raid, but can't stand the counter attack, or the diplomatic heat from it.

We can't head north of Ozuva until they allow it, which is why I'm making diplomatic overtures. In the meantime, we need to concentrate on bringing down Sazoga.
No. 953005 ID: 6e6f32

Yes, but do we raid?
No. 953025 ID: 368f7d

My vote is split between Arglos and Sazoga, if only to see how raids will work
No. 953029 ID: fd2dfa
File 157846939450.png - (304.67KB , 1400x1050 , 27.png )

"As we speak, Tamo is enhancing it's trading infrastructure. In these trying times our survival and independence relies more than ever on our access to the money and resources we need to defend ourselves.

As it stands it takes over 2 weeks for traders to make the journey between the two, and travel is made more precarious by the factional nature of the recent political breakdown. To be successful our traders need better access to the northern lands. Ozuva is the heart of Vot Tikve. A road between our two cities would be mutually beneficial, Our traders would be able to reach the northern lands in under a month, and Ozuva would become the hub of all trade in the region. I propose construction of a road between us start in earnest. With both sides working to complete one half of the length of the project."

The Lord Patriarch calls his daughter to him and they have a whispered conversation.

No. 953030 ID: fd2dfa
File 157846946029.png - (305.74KB , 1400x1050 , 28.png )

After some time has passed, Karver Saleeyana turns back to you.

"This offer is...acceptable provided you offer a gesture of faith."

>Zokuval will accept your proposal if you pay them 750 Kushel
No. 953034 ID: 9876c4

Okay. 300 up front, and an annuam of 150 for 3 more years.

We cant squeeze our merchants harder until they've had a chance to recoup their losses.
No. 953035 ID: 094652

Negotiate that you wish to pay them 500 Kushel now for the construction of the road between Ozuva and Tamo, but if you are satisfied with Ozuva's construction crew you will pay them another 500 Kushel to construct a road between Tamo and Weka.
No. 953047 ID: 6e6f32

Ah, an offer most shrewd. As can only be expected of the famed Lord Patriarch Zokuval.
However, we could hardly call ourselves traders if we didn't at least engage in one of the oldest and most time honored traditions: Haggling.
Let us begin...

Start at 400 and work up until an agreement is made.

I also have another suggestion if anyone wants to bite:
When we hit 500 and 500 is rejected, what if we offer 500 again, provided we build the entire road?

After Sagoza is taken, we could rush construction by using the army to build it (Since they newer specified we couldn't use soldiers), which would put us in prime position to seriously intimidate them, perhaps allowing us to subjugate them bloodlessly.
It would also give us a good excuse to send "Survey Parties" into Ozuva's southern forests. We could observe troop placements and ambush techniques, we could map the surrounding terrain finely, and we could even perhaps contact the local Voraklat.
No. 953050 ID: de4006

Haggle it down or make it like a safety deposit. Why would something mutually beneficial be something you should pay for? It's almost like they're trying to get you to pay for the entire road.
No. 953054 ID: ca5a8a

Judging by the description, they're both suspiscious, and need money to keep funding theor defenses. If they can have someone else foot the bill, they'll probably do it. Try to haggle them down with promises of mutual defense.
No. 953141 ID: fd2dfa
File 157862522513.png - (922.95KB , 1636x2233 , 29.png )

“Ah, an offer most shrewd. As can only be expected of the famed Lord Patriarch Zokuval. However, we could hardly call ourselves traders if we didn't at least engage in one of the oldest and most time-honored traditions: Haggling. 400. In addition we shall pay the same amount for the construction of a road between Tamo and Weka if your people perform satisfactory work.”

Karver Saleeyana turns to the Lord Patriarch who whispers in her ear. “Make it 500, in addition your patrols defend our work crews.”

“An acceptable compromise.”

And so it was a contract was signed between Tavurik and Zokuval, witnessed and notarized by representatives of four additional families. Work crews begin laying the foundations. (Road will take 2 turns to complete)

>Lost 500 Kushel
>Gained 50 Influence

>The Kobold Skirmishers have been consolidated and taken out of recovery.
Food(in tons):10
Kushel(money): 500(+100)
Inertia: 30 (+10)
Influence: 100
Holdings :Tamos-[City](Garrison and Trading Post completed in 1 more turn) (5,3), [Fertile Field]
Garrison: 1 Spear Sagaru (50% health, need 1 more turns to fully recover), 2 Kobold Skirmishers
1 Gulpa Auxiliary
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 2 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 35%

>Consult Your Family: No cost
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Raid (New Action): Send a raiding party to a target. The number of forces in the party, initial funding, and distance all add to chances of success.
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
No. 953155 ID: 094652

Can you squeeze in Closed Sewage Paths for your construction workers without increasing the projected time to complete the other two projects?

You can also opt to train some troops. You'll need them next turn.
No. 953159 ID: 9876c4

We don't need a completed road to raid Sazoga, so if the weather permits, lets do it.

I'm against spending our more of our money until we can get more.
No. 953164 ID: 6e6f32

Train a skirmisher
Move a repeating bowman unit to guard the road to honor the agreement.

Lets Raid
Target Sazoga
2 Skirmishers and the Gulpa
Use the Gulpa sacrificially to cause chaos. Strike when the guard is busy.
Prioritize isolated patrols and defensive structures.
Burn 200 for firebombs and digging implements.
No. 953166 ID: e7c7d3

I agree that closed sewers should be our next improvement. Going to say that we should wait until our current projects are done though, and maybe see how a raid goes first.

I'm fine with this raid.

Just realized I asked about assigning citizens and slaves, then didn't suggest to do so. Let's put 1 citizen and slave into the fields, and then 2 citizens and 1 slave into the workshops.

Can we use the fertile field right away, or does it need to be improved first?
No. 953167 ID: 094652

Oh crap we forgot to trade eggs with Ozuva!
No. 953176 ID: 6e6f32

We'll get to it eventually.
No. 953179 ID: 1af76c

As far as I know we only got one egg and like hell are we just giving that to anyone.
No. 953187 ID: fd2dfa
File 157872183049.png - (188.33KB , 1400x1050 , 30.png )

rolled 66 + 35 = 101

You can use the fields as is, but you can place improvements on the fields to specialize crop production towards food, trade(meat), industry(textiles), influence(luxury crop), or prosperity(crazy good drugs).
While you would trade eggs, your hatchery was left empty by the family scuffle. Replenish it first before trading. How you refill it is up to you.

>Raid Bonuses
>Gulpa (+1)
>Skirmishers (+1)
>Raid size (+3)
>Raid funds (+20)
>Distance (+10)

>The raiding party is given the funding and supplies, its target, and is let loose into the wild. Their success is now in the hands of the gods…
No. 953195 ID: fd2dfa
File 157872614268.png - (483.09KB , 1400x1050 , 31.png )

>Sazoga identified – Royalist Stronghold
Royalists: Generals that believe there is a missing Deinoka heir. Deluded lowborn believing they’re a bastard from some forgotten Deinoka line, or officers exploiting their position in the royal forces to carve out territory for themselves before everything collapses. These, and dozens of other assorted factions fall under the blanket collection the families call the ‘Royalists’. While many claim to act under the authority of preserving the rule of the old kingdom, most are simply plundering the land for wealth and labor, retreating to strongholds to wait out the coming disaster or possibly harboring dreams of becoming Great Families themselves.

>Perfect Raid
The Gulpa unfortunately were too enthusiastic with the firebombs. However their pyromania worked in your favor as the enemy became so embroiled in putting out the raging infernos, the skirmisher attack came as a complete surprise and by the time any realized they were being ambushed, they were drowned under a tide of angry furry bodies. Many targets were softened by Vorklat raids, meaning defenses were already breached by the time your party arrived, making it a simple matter of waiting for the two forces to exhaust themselves before swooping in and claiming the spoils.

On their way back the party had even more luck of stumbling upon an ambushed patrol about to be routed by a Voraklat hunting band. As the predators were about to haul the defeated forces back to their larders, your party swooped in to save the day and claim 'payment'. Carts carrying 'taxes' for Sazoga,your collected loot, and a bound Royalist officer - Karver Kavonika, are now bound for Taruvik pulled by newly enslaved royalists. Revel in this victory. Rare does everything that can go right actually go right.

>Gained 3000 Kushel
>+2 Slave Pop
>No casualties taken!
>Bonus-Gained Karver Prisoner of War
No. 953196 ID: fd2dfa
File 157872623253.png - (946.22KB , 1636x2233 , 32.png )

Turn 6
>Summer is in full swing, raids intensify across Rezo
>Your raid of Sazoga set something off as it suffers raids from three additional assailants.
>Makag’s war intensifies even further as it fortifies the border of Vot Rezo
>Tuk’drav launches a two pronged campaign northward and southward to claim Vem Tus and the islands of Tuu, T’uu, and Tu’u.
>Gamin fortifies the walls around Roso.
>Rokof launches a retaliatory campaign in his territory, striking back at all known raiding hideouts and scourging hidden nests.
Food(in tons):13
Kushel(money): 3630(+330)
Inertia: 40 (+10)
Influence: 100
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (6,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
Garrison: 1 Spear Sagaru , 3 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 35%

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
>Other (Deal with Prisoner)
No. 953203 ID: 094652

D'aww they're so cute

Well that was impressive. Talk to that girl slave later.

Buy the most expensive combination of upgrades you can afford, while it still lasts.
Spend about a fourth of your windfall recruiting and training.
No. 953205 ID: 9876c4

After 4 seperate raids, is Sazoga ready for occupation?
That is to say, how do we make it turn blue? Consult with family if need be.

Treat royalist slave with care, she may become someone's spouse/tutor if she plays her cards right.

Don't squander too much wealth, but plug any gaps that need shoring.
No. 953207 ID: 6e6f32

Consult Aligos.
Sazoga Burns. The time to strike is now.
Soldiers? Raiders? Rokof Veterans? Supplies? What does he need, we can make it happen.

We should Start The Metallurgist right away, along with an upgrade for the field.
Can't go wrong with food, but we also desperately need industry so textiles might be the way to go..
Might as well Que up the Scribes Retreat, Closed sewers, and Garisson Upgrade while were at.

We still have over 2000 left after all that investment for soldiers, supplies, and more after we talk with Aligos.

Also, do talk to the prisoner.
No. 953208 ID: d75176

Blue nothing, time to annex Sazoga. Blue means making them Rokof clients, when we can just add it to our holdings. Not only will that give us room to grow, but it will give us room tk expand and act as a show of force to persuade neutral families joining us is in their best interest. So new turn, lots to do. We can use that money to start constructing Closed Sewage and Metallurgists, while keeping some for building whatever we'll need to get Sazoga up to speed once we occupy it. Also we should talk with the prisoner and see what we can learn from her. And since eggs were brought up last turn maybe we should look up Ssoolaku and see how he's progressing on getting that sirassar egg hatched.
No. 953209 ID: e7c7d3

Metallurgists seems like a must after such a windfall. I would liked closed sewage as well.

I'm at a loss as to what would be best for the fertile fields, I'm thinking between meat, textiles and luxury goods.

Does seem like a good time to strike as well.
No. 953245 ID: fd2dfa
File 157881069967.png - (292.17KB , 1400x1050 , 33.png )

You're call goes unheeded this time. Aligos is in your home's shrine to Ach-Ka, and he is meditating before the Fires of War.


"You come asking of Sazoga. There is nothing left to be done. The raids have drained its coffers and ruined its defenses. I can command a full leklos. Unless you have another officer hidden away, I am all you have to take the stronghold."

"Is there...is there anything else we can do to ensure success?"

"Depends on what they have left. If they can still defeat our forces in a siege or outnumber even a leklos after the beating they recieved, we can starve them out. But for that, I will need your support. Tamo will have to feed its soldiers while we surround Sazoga and wait them out."

"Then that is what we shall do!"

"I will be waiting" Aligos returns to his meditations.

>When marching against another stronghold, rather than engaging the enemy in open battle, you have the option to lay siege and force them to surrender after a set amount of turns. The amount is determined by the state of the stronghold before your army lays siege. This option however requires half your food and industry to act as a supply chain to keep your army in fighting shape.
>If you opt to take it by force, you still need to supply your army with 2 food and 1 industry per Leklos

>Construction begins on Closed Sewers, Scribe's Retreat, Metallurgists, and Textile Specialization (-1200 Kushel). Their combined efforts divide the labor force, requiring a total of 5 turns to complete

>What shall you do?
No. 953250 ID: 6e6f32

Prioritize the Metallurgist and Textile Specialization, Keep the Money Invested for the Sewers and Retreat, but don't actually start constructing those two yet until at least one of the Industry building is complete.

Raise 2 companies of Saguru, Spear and Repeater. And another Kobold Raider Band.
Replace the Battle proven Spearmen from the Garrison and the Repeaters guarding the road with the new recruits.
Use the older companies to fill the Leklos.
Order The Invasion of Sagoza.
No. 953264 ID: 9876c4

I would prefer not to besiege. Give them to much time to summon allies or compose poems to our cruelty, and they'll take it.

My feeling is after 4 raids their army is gonna be pretty puny anyway.
We need to present a unified front against north and east.
No. 953266 ID: e7c7d3

A straight up assault does seem best in this sort of situation.

We might want to start investigating or spend resources for another officer
No. 953274 ID: 6e6f32

Were gonna need to go into the catacombs anyway to pick up a governor once we take Sazoga right?
Might as well pick up an officer while We're there.
No. 953281 ID: 9876c4

Depending how it goes, we could always award governorship to an officer that distinguishes himself. Could work alright, especially if he marries the slave.
No. 953318 ID: fd2dfa
File 157889993473.png - (919.08KB , 1636x2233 , 34.png )

rolled 78 + 40 = 118

The forces have been mustered, and the Leklos made all speed for Sazoga...

>Sazoga weakened (+20)
>Distance (+10)
>Fresh Troops (+10)
No. 953322 ID: fd2dfa
File 157890153166.png - (386.56KB , 1400x1050 , 35.png )

Sazoga burns
The Royalists core army is made of a handful of Tovaru, whose skill means nothing in the face of sheer numbers. As Aligos cuts down their command, the gang-pressed Sagura begin to scatter, making them easy prey. Some of the more inexperienced separate from the Leklos to pillage and enslave for extra pay, but the majority stay in formation as they push deeper and deeper into the stronghold. Most of the city falls within the day. The real challenge however will be the keep itself. It is as old as your ancestral estate, filled with booby traps, hidden passages, and secret chambers. Prying the royalists that still fight will be hard and bloody...
No. 953323 ID: fd2dfa
File 157890155720.png - (440.39KB , 1400x1050 , 36.png )

Blood coats the walls, the floors, the ceilings. Aligos shouts down empty halls as he beheads one opponent after another. "Enough of the chaff! Where is the commander! Show yourself coward!"

Beneath him the fighting is a stalemate. Your forces have the numbers, but numbers mean little in such tight spaces, and the enemy knows the layout. Aligos could take direct command of the Leklos and sweeep through the keep, but risk losing whatever commanding officers are in the keep, or continue his search, and damn the casualties.

>Roll to determine success

Also I wanted to ask you guys something unrelated to the quest, so I'll pop it in the discussion board.
No. 953325 ID: ae8ec4

rolled 24 = 24

No. 953335 ID: 6e6f32

Damn the Casualties, Overrun this whole keep if you have too!

If the commander escapes we'll be target number one once the royalist finally up and organize, plus a ransom could be worth an entire Leklos depending on who it is.
No. 953336 ID: 9876c4

Try to avoid becoming a casualty yourself. Take risks but not absurd ones

A general your sister can depend on is worth more than this anthill of a town.
No. 953374 ID: fd2dfa
File 157896722894.png - (237.54KB , 1400x1050 , 36.png )

Minor failure
Aligos finds the commander...what's left of him. "Poison" he spits as he sniffs the bottle. "Coward's way out."

The commander apparently also slit his throat to prevent him from compelling his corpse to talk if there was a Karver along. Not that you have any in your army.
No. 953375 ID: fd2dfa
File 157896724943.png - (282.96KB , 1400x1050 , 37.png )

Aligos takes the severed head of the commander and brings it with him through the keep. Royalists see their fallen commander, and the poison still staining his lips and know they've been abandoned. The keep is captured shortly afterwards. Aligos takes the head to the top of the tower, letting the gods see his victory, and his trophies as the Leklos cut down the banner of the Royalists and supplant it with the seal of Taruvik.

>Sazoga captured! (4,1)
>Unrest across the city will need a Leklos garrison to control for 5 turns
>Unrest causes a dip in overall prosperity (-7)

What shall be done with the captured soldiers?

>Press into service (replenish losses)
>Release (Reduce unrest to 3 turns)
>Enslave(+1 Slave Population to Tamo)
No. 953378 ID: 6e6f32

I'm fine with a release. The sooner the people fall in line, the sooner they'll be productive.

Take a contingent of the best Kobolds from the garrisoned squads and head down into the catacombs.
I'm sure someone in your family will be willing to wield some power. Aligos can't stay in Sagoza forever after all.

Also, we still haven't interviewed the prisoner. We should do that.
No. 953380 ID: 9876c4

Press into service. Regionally and linguistically, we're close cousins. They can learn our ways. And we do need the men.

Guess we need to get working on making a spare Leklos, for expansion.
No. 953382 ID: 094652

Press gang. Sazoga was your buffer to the rest of the sector's angry psychos out to crush your eggs, and now they know you're coming for them. You'll need all the troops you can get, both to defend against the tide and to convince more neutrals that you've got this if they help.
No. 953384 ID: ae8ec4

Back to front boys!
No. 953386 ID: e7c7d3

Press into service. The reduced unrest would be nice, but I feel it won't matter until we have a suitable family member to govern the land anyways.
No. 953388 ID: fd2dfa
File 157897542324.png - (926.04KB , 1636x2233 , 38.png )

>Soldiers pressed. Some grumbling is had, but being on the winning side is argument enough for most.

>The war south takes a turn. Makag takes partial ownership of Vak Seru.
>Gamin begins construction on a drydock.
>Tuk'drav's campaign south grinds down as it meets fierce resistance. The islands however are quickly brought to heel.

Turn 7
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1840(+410)
Inertia: 80 (+40)
Influence: 100
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (7,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
Garrison: 2 Sagura(1 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (4,1)[5 turns of unrest]
[Tovaru Barracks] (Damaged)
[Taxing Office] (Damaged)
[Trading Post](Ruined)
>Damaged improvements offer no bonuses but still take upkeep. Costs the same as building to repair it
>Ruined structures offer no bonuses, take no upkeep and costs the same as building to repair it

-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 28%

"...Ssoolaku, you have some explaining to do."
No. 953389 ID: fd2dfa
File 157897555949.png - (465.21KB , 1400x1050 , 39.png )

"Misssssstressssss?" Ssoolaku is surprised to see you intrude in his private chamber.

"I oversee distributions on everything you approve of Ssoolaku. That compound you put in the garrison wine. What is it?"

"Why doesssss it perplex you misssstresssss?

"Because my entire garrison is now at each other like Gulpa in heat!"

You were just down there, and to say order had broken down was an understatement.

"Misssstressss did say the family hatchery wasssss depleted" Ssoolaku notes.

"What does that have to do with anything?!"

"In the old country, when a Jassssssanid casssssste population dropped to unacccceptable levelsssss, the Ssssssirassssate would order the mussssssijarhaati be dissssstibuted to living membersssss and a great coupling would commence where we would all engage and copulate with each other for monthsssss to bring populationsssssss back up to working levelsssss again. I gave them to your garissssssson misssssstresssss as I knew the overwhelming number of koboldssssss would ensssssssure that when the Great Coupling began a great number of Kobold eggsssssss would resssssult. I even have prepared the hatchery ssssspace for the many layings that will surely commenccccce!"

"But they aren't listening to me! They don't respond to anyone!"

"Mussssssigarhaati is quite strong" Ssoolaku nods. "And once consumed, they are compelled to ssssssseek more."

"And we allot rations by season you scalebrained dolt" you shout "My soldiers will be too busy fucking each other all Fall!"

"You could forcccce an early end to the rutting Missssssstresssss" Ssoolaku raises his hands in a placating gesture. "Remove the mussssssijarhaati, and they sssssshall normalize within dayssss. Though I do not know the effectsssss that would bring. Most come down ssssslowly as the ssssssupply dwindlesssss. To take it all away at once" he looks wistful "I've never seen it happen before."

>Quarantine the kobold barraks(Garrison cleared for a turn, adds [Full Hatchery] Improvement which grants bonus to influence and inertia.
>Remove the musijarhaati (Keep garrison staffed, prosperity drops 5%, add [Hatchery] improvement with diminished bonuses.
No. 953390 ID: b1b4f3

Quarantine. We need a Leklos in Sazoga to keep things stable there, we don't need our garrison in Tamo.

Speaking of which we have to repair the garrison in Sazoga immediately. May as well repair the other buildings there while we're at it.
Also I feel we should work on prosperity somehow since it seems to be something we have to spend occasionally... what options are there to do this?
No. 953392 ID: 6e6f32

Quarantine the Barracks.

I guess recruit a company of Spear Sagura for basic defense and I dunno... Just have them report to duty from their homes or from a temporary encampment and supply them like we would a traveling army.
No. 953393 ID: 36a5ac

The evil we know is probably the better one to go with.
Quarantine the garrison, let this drug run it's course and reap the benefits of it.
We know exactly what the garrison being down entails and can plan around it, but not whatever side effects removing the musijarhaati could have.
No. 953395 ID: 9876c4

Whats done is done, and we need the population. Ssoolaku should be punished, but administratively, not seriously.

Using the occupying army to repair buildings would be good for PR and useful.
No. 953396 ID: e7c7d3

That's... one solution. Quarantine.

Remind Ssoolaku that he was to deal with the one egg. Not multiple, kobold ones.
No. 953459 ID: fd2dfa
File 157904914830.png - (926.56KB , 1636x2233 , 40.png )

>The barracks are quarantined, and Ssoolaku has a stern talking to. Unfortunately he is Anumahat so he probably enjoyed the scolding more than learning anything from it.

>Prosperity can be raised by scouting the local land around your claimed territory for unclaimed landmarks(farmlands, caves, forests). Claiming them grants prosperity(capturing it, usually by killing whatever squatters are using it at the moment) and additional bonuses based on what the landmark it.

>The road to Ozuva has been completed.

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 840(+410)
Inertia: 80 (+40)
Influence: 100
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (7,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
Garrison: 1 Spear Sagura
QUARANTINE[2 Sagura(1 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (4,1)[5 turns of unrest]
[Garrison](Under repairs, 3 turns)
[Tovaru Barracks] (Under repairs, 2 turns)
[Taxing Office] (Under repairs, 2 turns)
[Trading Post](Under repairs, 3 turns)

-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 28%

>Consult Your Family (No one here)
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
>Other (Deal with Prisoner)
No. 953461 ID: b1b4f3

Well we don't have much of a mobile army for most of this and not much liquid funds either, so let's just deal with the prisoner.
No. 953463 ID: 9876c4

Meeting the karver is fine.

Medium range goals: province is 1/2 Rokof. We need only turn 1 more red or green to get a plurality.

We attain that by approaching Sazo to turn, or marching troops north to raid Arglos. Both of those will be hard, but we need to start taking steps.
No. 953464 ID: c8eb7b

We might want to shift gears and start building prosperity. Taking Sazoga meant taking a hit there and we don't know if we're getting it back after unrest is over.

Interrogate prisoner and see if we can't get her to switch sides. Afterwards maybe scout around Sazoga if they have any landmarks.
No. 953470 ID: 6e6f32

>QUARANTINE[2 Sagura(1 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]
Gulpa/Kobol/Rezan Hybrids? That'll be interesting.

Recruit a Swordsman unit, Scout the land, And deal with the Prisoner.
No. 953524 ID: fd2dfa
File 157913476656.png - (190.40KB , 1400x1050 , 41.png )

Though she has been in your cells for months, the prisoner is as alert as the day she was brought in. As soon as the door opens she stares at you intently.

"So" she rasps. The guards have been limiting her water it seems. "My jailer has finally deigned to remember me. To what do I owe the honor of seeing a traitor to the king?"

No. 953527 ID: 9876c4

We meant to do this earlier. But we have had distractions...

We are not convinced that there is a king, or a regent. But there is a Vot Tikve, and there are those who wish her harm. The only way out is through a unified front.

Your home, Sazoga has come under our protection. Will you serve her new rulers, as a noble ought, or waste yourself down here as both our enemies gather strength?
No. 953538 ID: fd2dfa
File 157915125406.png - (182.24KB , 1400x1050 , 42.png )

"We meant to do this earlier. But we have had...distractions"


"We are not convinced that there is a king, or a regent. But there is a Vot Tikve, and there are those who wish her harm. The only way out is through a unified front."

"Your home, Sazoga has come under our protection. Will you serve her new rulers, as a noble ought, or waste yourself down here as both our enemies gather strength?"

"I accept."

"I know this must be difficult for a Royalist but I guarantee you mercy if-what?"

"I'm no fool. Your...soldiers rescued me from Voraklat. Sazoga was under incompetent leadership, and General Togaro in Sot Nasau had abandoned us. That much was obvious. If you've taken my home, I've no reason to stay loyal to him. I submit."

The karver gets onto her knees and bows. Well that was simpler than you thought.

"Then I name you Karver Kavonika Taruvik."

>Karver Kavonika has joined you!
>Karver Officers fight from the rear casting magic. If used actions that require dice rolls (exploring, raids overseas, etc.) results can be a bit...explosive.

Further Actions?:
>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
No. 953543 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, that didn't use up our turn. Uh...
Can we fortify Tamos using the funds we have now?
No. 953549 ID: 094652

We should negotiate with Ozuva to make it a client state. They don't really care who rules over them so we should apply quickly and let the trade flow through.
No. 953550 ID: 9876c4

I'm against it because it doesn't gain us anything. And convincing an isolationist to shift politics sounds expensive.

Now Suzo... is trapped between us and Rokof, and might see the light clearer.
No. 953555 ID: 6e6f32

Ozuva is in a Cushy, if precarious Position right now. They stand to make a lot of money, but are also going to need friends. But, their isolationist nature will make them not want to become TOO involved with anyone.
I suspect however, that if we maintain positive relations
while Clienting/Conquering most of their neighbors, they will eventually see us their natural partners.

We should make use of this new road. See if we can hire Ozuvan Workers/Buy Ozuvan Wood to speed production of at least one of our buildings. Sitting on our hands for a year doesn't sound like a great idea.

I agree that we should begin dialogs with Suzo.
No. 953580 ID: fd2dfa
File 157919824236.png - (323.76KB , 1400x1050 , 43.png )

>Suzo is has thrived since coming under the control of the Navozem Family. A Rezmodla descendent line, they are one of the few 'River Folk' families who have moved completely onto dry land, though they still maintain strong ties to the rest of the Rezmodla trade network. This means they have a direct line of trade to Gamin, who in turn supplies them with all manner of exotic slaves and goods that have bolstered the city's wealth.

>The best words that could describe Navozem are 'shrewd' and 'decadent'. While they are just as sharp as other Rezmodla, honed from generations of being hunted by other Rezans, they revel in their financial superiority and choose to spend their extended lives in luxury few in the world know. Do not take their jovial tones and spendthrift attitudes as shallow or stupid. Their political structure is based on Gamin, and a wrong word can have dire repercussions.

"Heyoowa Soosanwe. Sagla pol-Rutani Navosem ruksal, yilerosootanru ru-pora yil ru-resoo. Naa rukswaleea ipora etsa ruksanvrali; kiso ruksujipem reelasoonavrabaloodiana."

("Hello out-clan. I am Sagla pol-Rutani Navosem, and I speak with the authority of all my family and people. I don't recall ever meeting your family before; but I hope this is the start of a fruitful and happy relation.")

>Rezmodla families speak the Rezmodla dialect in court. While you understand it enough to speak it, the dialect is more than just the words spoken. The tones used, the subtle gestures of the hand, the tilt of the head, the language is as much song and dance that conveys hidden meaning only fluent users can pick up on.

>Unless you have a diplomat skilled in Rezmodla, they will have the upper hand in negotiations as they can dupe your envoy into adding things they didn't exactly agree to.

No. 953587 ID: 9876c4

We hope so too.
We heard from our ally Sou, that there was a fabulous city just to the west. As traders ourselves, it makes no sense to be strangers. With our expansion into the north through Ozuva, we want to meet and feast with all of Baron Rakof's neighbors.

Indeed, you do appear to be weathering the unrest quite well!
(It's a start, and I think the message is clear)
No. 953589 ID: e7c7d3

Indeed, we wish for nothing more than to trade and reach prosperity. So turning to the Navosem seems to be the natural choice.

I due agree that we should emphasis our relation and their position with Rakof. Sounds like whatever we suggest, the deal won't be entirely to our benefit. Might be worth the price anyways for good relations.

What exactly do we have to offer though? Just implied threats?
No. 953590 ID: 9876c4

Implied Profits is a key point too.
No. 953616 ID: 6e6f32

My, what an astounding sight to behold! You must be very proud to have built such a marvelous city! Though of course, the appetite of such a gleaming metropolis must be ravenous. All manner of people and materials flow both into and out of cities, and that fact does not change regardless of political climate.
Surely in this period of unrest, there must be certain things Suzo is finding harder to come by. Meanwhile Tamo, though a humble city by comparison is experiencing a period of growth.
Perhaps we could direct some of that growth toward your needs, to our mutual benefit.
No. 953621 ID: fd2dfa
File 157922471819.png - (285.55KB , 1400x1050 , 44.png )

"You must be very proud to have built such a marvelous city! We heard from our allies that there was a fabulous city just to the west. As traders ourselves, it makes no sense to be strangers."

"Ayoo ayoo, Suzo kejo suscra. Maavaz kejo kushel rupamaneeane, ui ruswajane maswapem. Kiso soovaks marassas aljuaniza.”

(Yes yes, it is a great city. Much kushel was poured into its development and it continues to swell. This conflict has been a boon to us more than anything.")

“Yes but even with such benefits, surely there must be certain things Suzo is finding harder to come by. Surely Tamo, a humble city by comparison, may stand to help and gain benefit?"

“Ivoosa kushra a? Sass monaz enti a? Ivoosa jelookra madleti Soktra monaz enti a?”

(“Are you proposing a trade deal? So close to winter? How will that benefit either of us with Shardfall so close?”)

No. 953628 ID: 094652

"Why, just before Shardfall is the greatest time for a trade deal! We offer security and shelter, we have a great surplus after we garrisoned our troops to a recently-claimed town in need of improved leadership. You bring your farmers and workers to our homes and we'll keep them safe AND paid throughout winter, for a modest tax of supplies to keep our bellies fed."
No. 953629 ID: 9876c4

This guy has gotten rich off his noble sponsor. He's not about to switch gears without pressure from Rokof.

Let's promise him something meaningless, and head back.
No. 953632 ID: 6e6f32

Trade deal?
Nothing so immediate. Rather, we're trying to lay the groundwork for something more substantial. More permanent.
What could we be doing for you by this time next year? We'll make it happen.
No. 953838 ID: fd2dfa
File 157941323241.png - (190.41KB , 1400x1050 , 45.png )

Itoozala, rukuanas trom shovar. Ui trom ikoolukra, rukfaasalpem soonagr. Gulpa, yik-sloosal, yik-soosanwe maagrinas. Siicho saasal moograsol-akwoma voo...'isatrane', ruktoodalmi."

("Settle down, we can negotiate again at a future date. However if you are so determined to aid me, there are a few problems I've had. Vermins, rebel slaves, and other riff raff that disrupt my people. My scouts have identified a number of possible hideouts. If you would be kind enough to 'dispatch' them for me, I would be in a more giving mood.")

>Marks identified

"Rukfeysi tseh oogl nantsamee"

("I hope you don't die")

With the traditional goodbye of the Rezmodla, Sagla tosses his drink cup over his shoulder, and gives your envoy a warm smile.
No. 953839 ID: fd2dfa
File 157941354568.png - (952.97KB , 1636x2233 , 46.png )

>The war with Makag drags on as Silida families fortify their borders. Makag claims no hostility, but at the same time he makes no claims to leave neutral families out of his warpath. Campaigns slow as supply chains from Rezo to the front are bogged down by the long trails of prisoners being sent back to be enslaved.
>A surprise attack by Gamavo splits the province of Vem Tus. Tuk'drav and Gamavo rush to conquer neutral territories before their rival can.
>Gamin reinforces seaside borders.

Turn 8: Winter comes again. Armies settle into garrisons and cities collect their harvest. Slaves and Civilians alike prepare for Shardfall.

>The Jassanid brew runs its course. Bleary-eyed Rezans stagger out of the barracks, some clutching their genitalia with pain, others carrying kobolds in their arms. Inside is a veritable mountain of eggs. You don't know who laid them, and you don't really want to know. By right, they are property of Taruvik and so they are hand carried one by one to the family hatchery.

>New improvement: Full Hatchery (+5 to inertia and influence)
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1250(+410)
Inertia: 125 (+45)
Influence: 100 (+5)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (7,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
Garrison: 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]
(Lady Kavonika idle)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (5,1)[4 turns of unrest]
[Garrison](Under repairs, 2 turns)
[Tovaru Barracks] (Under repairs, 1 turn)
[Taxing Office] (Under repairs, 1 turn)
[Trading Post](Under repairs, 2 turns)
>>1 new issue - A royalist cell was uncovered among the conquered peoples. Aligos has waited until all known members have been identified before planning any action, and has decided now is the time to deal with this problem. He writes to you for advice as both possible actions will mean killing a number of people (-1 civilian population)

>>Purge the cell, and hold a public execution to remove this tumor from the Taruvik body(+3 prosperity)
>>Raid the cell and enslave the members. Let them work to rebuild what they tried to destroy.(+1 slave pop)

-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 28%

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
No. 953844 ID: 9876c4

It sounds like Sazoga was mismanaged, so execution is better for loyalty.

Lady Kavonika, conduct a ritual to find out which of the greens is most receptive to Baron Rakof. No sense wasting resources for middling results.
No. 953847 ID: 5cce25

We finally have enough inertia for another policy. Talk to Ssoolaku and see what he has.
No. 953852 ID: b1b4f3

Also now that we have our barracks back let's start killing vermin.
No. 953853 ID: e7c7d3

I say turn the cell into slaves. Give them a chance at redemption.

Yeah, let's get rid of some of these problems. If I'm reading the map right. There's trouble right next to us that should probably be dealt with.
No. 953856 ID: 6e6f32

Are these squares to our west things Suzo marked? If so, lets raid the one immediately nearby first. Use the Kobolds and Gulpa and dump in 200 Kushel in supplies as well.

I'd rather enslave them than execute. We NEED the manpower and with Kavonika on our side we can probably restore a couple of the Sazogan slave units to citizenship when the unrest is over.

Consult Ssoolaku. Progress must be made.
Bring Kavonika in on the discussions as well. A karver's thoughts are sure to be insightful.
No. 953893 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949675196.png - (365.24KB , 1400x1050 , 47.png )

Ssoolaku approaches you with three new policies drafted over the year:

1) Bonded Auxiliaries: It is no secret that many Rezans have harems of slaves they hope to marry once freed, and second generation slaves are generally more enthusiastic towards Rezan culture and are eager to transition to citizenship status. By specializing our military force to accommodate the different races, new rites can be drafted based around these beings to streamline their contributions to the family and hasten their own path towards freedom. (Unlocks slave auxiliaries. New Auxiliaries are unlocked based on foreign lands raided and what races are captured)

2) Reformed Servitude: Slave work output can be increased by restructuring their labor and home lives. By relocating slave quarters closer to designated work stations and fitting twice as many slaves into assigned labor zones, output is expected to double. (Output from assigned slaves is now 4 instead of 2)

3) Bait the Tovaru: Tovaru are veterans of war and while there are certainly plenty living in our city, there aren’t enough to form a battalion. A barracks that provides the basic needs of the Tovaru(personal pleasure slaves, bonus pay, exotic meals and spirits) should attract wanderers to the family banner. (Allows construction of Tovaru barracks and recruitment of Tovaru)

Kavonika is consulted over the policy. "It is not my place to decide Matriarch" she shrugs. "However your forces would stand to benefit from having a larger more adaptable fighting force than the Sagura. My previous commander, employs Tovaru, and even maintains a corp of Kovatu. Where and how he found them I do not know, but they've been instrumental in him holding power. Sagura alone would be decimated fighting them."

>The policies Ssoolaku submits changes after one is employed. Old ones however may resurface if he feels this is an opportune time to enact them.
No. 953904 ID: 9876c4

3 is probably the most immediate boon. Getting a unit of skilled soldiers> getting a mob of unskilled ones.
No. 953906 ID: e7c7d3

1) Bonded Auxiliaries.

This is similar to how the romans liked to assimilate people, and it worked pretty well until it didn't. Plus, new unit type!
No. 953911 ID: 094652

3 - We're going on the offensive now. We need mercs and we need them fast.
No. 953912 ID: 6e6f32

Tovaru. We'll need to bring in outside labor to build the barracks before next winter... But with Sov to the east and Ozuva to the north that shouldn't be a problem.

Have Ssoolaku draft estimates for the price of construction for what he would deem fair using outside materials and labor.
No. 953965 ID: fd2dfa
File 157957906194.png - (0.98MB , 1636x2233 , 48.png )

Ssoolaku takes your accepted policy and sends his scribes off to make preparations. "The Tovaru ssssshall be ready for consssssideration come Sssshardfall Misssstressssss."

You turn back to Kavonika regarding the other neutral holds in the province. Kavonika points at your map where Vogu is located. "I don't even need magic to tell you Sarzolig is sympathetic to Rokof. They're position places them close to Gamavo and fear of Scrshk attack is making them more receptive to finding allies here. They aren't finding any with the Royalists however."

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
No. 953973 ID: 9876c4

What if we...
Approached Sou and Vogu about a group raid on Sozu? We'd share risk, reward, and ideally get another city out of the deal.

We'd lay the groundwork, build our army, and strike in tandem sometime next year.

We'd be closer to our allies, and their trade routes would be mildly more secure.
Can't imagine Rokof would be all that displeased either.
No. 953981 ID: 9876c4

Suzo, rather
No. 953990 ID: 6e6f32

Vogu and Sarcera could indeed be good targets for diplomacy with Gamovo so close. With our road to Ozuva complete they are definitely in range for something like a defensive pact. We might have to formalize a non-aggression pact with Ozuva to move troops through their land.

Open dialog with Vogu and scout one of these nearby encampments Suzo suggested we take down for them. If we can get a good raid off on one of them before shard-fall I wouldn't be complaining.
No. 954005 ID: e7c7d3

Scout that land. We need to be able to utilize what we have.
No. 954032 ID: 6e6f32

Eh. I'd rather raids on Suzo wait until we have some more non-Rokof allies. Our compatriots could prove somewhat unreliable since they not only have to deal with their on shit, but Rokof shit as well. A city like Suzo is built on blood. Perhaps we shouldn't poke at the hornets nest until we are ready.
No. 954048 ID: 9876c4

Disagreement is all well and good. I'm only suggesting it because they're house Gamin-aligned, and will become a spy problem sooner or later.

Something every Rokof house, like ours, will want to head off.
No. 954056 ID: 6e6f32

The fact that they are making such a killing off of the current unrest unsettles me is all. It suggests war profiteering or large scale raiding, the likes of which shouldn't be possible for a lone landlocked city state to pull off.

They are a real threat and they have an ace up their sleeve to back it up further.

I agree that they are a problem that we will likely need to take care of militarily at some point, but they're one I'd like to address with overwhelming force.
No. 954106 ID: fd2dfa
File 157973396104.png - (318.43KB , 1400x1050 , 49.png )

Placed at the border of Gamavo, the wild lands of Varas Itvar, and the vermin infested Vak Tavu, Vogu has become less a city and more a fortress. It's people expect battle, and everyone of fighting age has experience beating back raiders, rival families, assaults from vermin people, and enduring the horrors Varas Itvar vomits up every Shardfall. For them the death of Deinoka has done little to change their attitude. Just added more enemies to a very long list.

Sarzolig has seized control of Vogu more out of necessity than granted ownership. No one wants to be placed near Varas Itvar, but their family was exiled generations ago from some offense no one can remember. Stripped of their holdings the family and their clients had founded a new estate at the borders between the wild lands and Gamavo and fought tooth and nail to make it livable. While you won't be seen as an enemy outright, you aren't going to be given a warm reception either...

"Heyha envoy, I am Lord Patriarch Argalvas. Every moment I waste here is a moment I'm away from directing my leklos so speak your mind or go away."

No. 954111 ID: 9876c4

We'd like you to consider joining the southern coalition. A united VT is a strong VT. Your current independence is adequate for now, but it's not doing you any favors.

We'd welcome your military ability, and your thoughts about how trustworthy and helpful Suzo's placement is.

We'd require a token show of fealty to the coalition's patron,
Baron Rokof, and the ability to trade in your lands, once our caravans are running.
No. 954114 ID: 6e6f32

... Of course, with Shardfall upon us so soon we understand if you have more immediate concerns.

With our more secure location, we may have a spare general -and Sagura- to help take some of the heat off.
Just say the word.
No. 954181 ID: fd2dfa
File 157976920061.png - (238.54KB , 1400x1050 , 50.png )

"We'd like you to consider joining the southern coalition against the royalists. Your current independence is adequate for now, but it's not doing you any favors. We'd welcome your military ability, and your thoughts about how trustworthy and helpful Suzo's placement is.

We'd require a token show of fealty to the coalition's patron,
Baron Rokof, and the ability to trade in your lands, once our caravans are running."

"Fealty to Rokof?" Argalvas scoffs as he unsheathes the dagger by his hip. "Last envoy that was so brazen owned this. Royalist bastard thought just because we were so pressed we were desperate for aid. I sent his head back to the scum in Sot Nasau. The rest of his remains feed the beasts of the wildlands. The Great Families tossed us out here. What reason do I have to accept their yoke again after years of fighting to be free of them?"
No. 954186 ID: 9876c4

Let's reframe this. Every house has an army, and vassals. And they're all moving in on unprotected lands.

You've got a fortress here. Does that protect you from Gamin, the Royalists and the local fauna if any of them decide to get serious? You can't beat them by outlasting them. To fight a united army, you need one yourself.

Irrespective of Rokof's merits as a man, he governs to your west, and his allies rule the south, even moreso with Sazoga annexed. Is that an advantage you can afford to pass up, if you intend for Vogu to stay free?
No. 954187 ID: b1b4f3

I think his answer would be yes, he feels safe enough.

We don't have any ammunition here as the big players haven't made big enough moves to be an urgent threat, though we could reassure him that he would not be under a yoke. We could offer him more independence than he had under the Great Families.
No. 954214 ID: 6e6f32

*Visibly relax*
Oh thank the gods. Lady Taruvik would have my head if I came back with that. Since we're on the same page I'll drop the pretext.

My presence here is borderline treasonous to Rokof.
Tamo is working to unify Vot Tikve. To that end I am here to secure a military alliance.
Rokof has not been informed. They have thus far been seemingly uninterested in this province, no doubt thanks to the fires raging at home. But with Lord Rokof's relative inexperience and his central position on the continent, it's only a matter of time before he is swallowed by the other houses.
When that happens Vot Tikve must be able to fend for itself. That can't happen with the families squabbling with each-other over scraps. That can't happen while there are still royalists holding on to delusions of grandeur. That cant happen while cities like Suzo profit from the chaos only to horde more wine.

Admittedly, You'd be the first to join us. But with a joint strike on another one of the Royalist Strongholds say, in the spring or summer, it could give us the diplomatic pressure to convince Ozuva or Sarera to join.

In the meantime, though. With Tamo's much more secure position to the south, It wouldn't be a problem for us to lend you a spare Leklos for the shard-fall.

What say you?
No. 954218 ID: edfe25

For the same reasons I did: Share a bigger army, trade more. More prosperity.
No. 954239 ID: ce39da

That's a big statement to make if we haven't necessarily agreed on doing it ourselves! (And even if we did, this is way too soon to be making those kinds of waves.)

As for more general speculation, he all but said that the royalists the Karver got her info from were mistaken, and this guy isn't desperate in the slightest.

"You aren't hurting for fighting forces, yes, but what of the livelihood and comfort of your people? I realize that suggesting you swear fealty is a bit sudden, so let's back up; you're good at surviving, but what can we offer to help you thrive?"
No. 954281 ID: 6e6f32

>That's a big statement to make if we haven't necessarily agreed on doing it ourselves! (And even if we did, this is way too soon to be making those kinds of waves.)
Perhaps, but it's a decision we're going to need to make eventually. No matter what we choose it's gonna be messy. That and unsanctioned military agreements as a client state are frowned upon at best.

I mean, what are we even here for? If they wanted to join Rokof they would have pledged loyalty at the onset of the chaos. Meanwhile our industrial capacity is sapped until late next year, we control no unique resources, and we are not here with the blessing of our patron. What exactly do we have to trade for?
Unless we are here to form a private military agreement, we are literally wasting their time. We can soften the words, we can manipulate the terms, but the implications remain.

Finally, don't mistake their bluster for confidence. The first words out of his mouth were "Every moment I waste here is a moment I'm away from directing my leklos".
His situation is tense at best. They NEED an ally, they just aren't willing to surrender their sovereignty for one. That's reasonable. In fact this is the most reasonable leader we've encountered so far.
No. 954392 ID: fd2dfa
File 157993128745.png - (623.39KB , 1481x2033 , 51.png )

"You aren't hurting for fighting forces, yes, but what of the livelihood and comfort of your people?" you backtrack.

"Safety is the only comfort my people need. And so long as the enemies stay on the otherside of the walls, they are safe enough" Argalvas replies.

"Alright, I realize that suggesting you swear fealty is a bit sudden, which was brash of me. What I mean is we should start a more profitable relationship? You're good at surviving, but what can we offer to help you thrive?"


"I'm...sorry. Gretling?"

"Bring me Gretling. My karvers would make greater armor and weapons for my soldiers if gretling was infused into the metal. I doubt you have any, as any lord who had a supply would have given some to me as a bribe" he gets off his seat of skulls. "I have now spent enough time with you. Return with Gretling, or not at all. I have an army to manage."

>Sarzolig will agree to softer relations if you have a supply of Gretling to trade. Gretling can be secured by finding mines(through scouting) or trading with a family that has access already.
No. 954393 ID: fd2dfa
File 157993138599.png - (249.94KB , 1400x1050 , 52.png )

Your envoy returns shaken but with Sarzolig's demands. Reasonable. Gretling is a rare metal, but it is in circulation enough that you can find a trade-family to supply you. Though many swear it is easier and cheaper to secure a vein for yourself.

Alongside the missive from your envoy is a report from your scouts. The place marked on your map, the closest to Tamo in fact, has been identified. An abandoned shrine to Dof-Ka, the Guardian God. Ironically it has since been overrun and occupied by a Scrshk brood. Securing it would be a great boon to you as worshipers would see it as a sign of the god's favor, increasing prosperity overall.
No. 954394 ID: fd2dfa
File 157993144608.png - (911.31KB , 1636x2233 , 53.png )

Turn 9: Shardfall comes again. The families whether the storm as the worst of winter delivers hell upon Rezo.

>The Tovaru Barracks have been repaired. Come Spring, Tovaru can be recruited again.
>>Tovaru(sword/spear/bow/mounted/axe): Sagura Who complete their contract but choose to continue their profession as a fighter are known as Tovaru. Whether the allure of greater wealth, the promise of work as a mercenary, the freedom of responsibility as a retainer, or the devotion to the art of killing, Tovaru hone their skills with a manner of weapons, gaining valuable experience over centuries of fighting. While more venerable families can hold entire leklos of Tovaru, smaller estates need to attract wandering Tovaru to their cause with promises of greater pay, good food, warm beds and warm slaves. The benefits they bring to the battlefield however are often worth the expense. Cannot be used as raiders.
(-1000 Kushel)
>The Taxing Office has been repaired, and the taxman will start collected the appointed tithe from locals come spring, though it will cause some grumbling.(+300 kushel, -3 prosperity)

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1660(+710)
Inertia: 70 (+45)
Influence: 105 (+5)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (8,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
Garrison: 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]
(Lady Kavonika idle)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (5,1)[3 turns of unrest]
[Garrison](Under repairs, 1 turns)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post](Under repairs, 1 turns)
>>1 unresolved issue - A royalist cell was uncovered among the conquered peoples. Aligos has waited until all known members have been identified before planning any action, and has decided now is the time to deal with this problem. He writes to you for advice as both possible actions will mean killing a number of people (-1 civilian population)

>>Purge the cell, and hold a public execution to remove this tumor from the Taruvik body(+3 prosperity)
>>Raid the cell and enslave the members. Let them work to rebuild what they tried to destroy.(+1 slave pop)

-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 25%

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
No. 954401 ID: b1b4f3

No. 954402 ID: 9876c4

Execution for a free taxation cycle. 1 kobolds and 1 spear Sagura to cleanse the shrine.
No. 954406 ID: c37dad

We sent a full leklos in to deal with what was basically murder-gerbils and they took a thrashing. You want to try and accomplish the same thing with less? On spider people?

We got money. I say we spend it. Hire a unit of Tovaru and send them in with the entire garrison to cleanse it after shardfall
No. 954407 ID: c37dad

And to specify, axe tovaru. Those bugs look like they have natural armor that need to be hacked open
No. 954409 ID: ce39da

Oh boy, what time is it? Purge o'clock? I think it's purge o'clock!

As for our second action while we're stuck indoors - It is two full actions per turn, right? That's the trend I'm seeing? - I say we search for family hidey holes and/or treasure.

Actually... should we really hold public executions at a time when nobody is going outside?
No. 954414 ID: 6e6f32

Enslave, killing pops is like burning money.

Send Kavonika with the 3 Sagura to the shrine.
Raise a sword Sagura and an axe Tovaru, send them to meet Kavonika there. Cleanse the site when the army has joined up.

Since its the ass end of winter can we like burn an extra 250 Kushel on Cold weather supplies?
No. 954472 ID: fd2dfa
File 158001229830.png - (736.83KB , 1636x2233 , 53p.png )

>The prisoners are executed. While it cannot be a public display thanks to Shardfall, their heads are dangled from the central keep as a sign of what happens to those who challenge Taruvik. Shardfall is bad, but it can do little to a severed head.

(Prosperity Restored)

If you want to explore the estate, roll 1d100

Sending soldiers outside towns during Shardfall incur (1d100)% casualties, are you sure you want to do that?
No. 954479 ID: 9876c4

rolled 6 = 6

I'd rather not commit forces under these conditions. Lets search.

maybe I remember how to do this...
No. 954484 ID: b1b4f3

rolled 37 = 37

Uh, I hope we can roll more than once...? Exploring the estate.
No. 954487 ID: 6e6f32

rolled 61 = 61

Oh damn. Yeah no. Waiting is better.
Although I wonder what we can do in the future to mitigate that.

Might as well explore the estate then.
No. 954560 ID: ce39da

rolled 88 = 88

It's about time we recovered one of our missing family members!

Is the roll decided by the first roll, last roll, or highest roll?
No. 954933 ID: fd2dfa
File 158036296220.png - (172.67KB , 1400x1050 , 54.png )

Highest roll.
>Major Success

You find Sorgav, a distant cousin of yours that is more Rezan than kobold. He always had an acumen for trade, and little for much else. Small wonder when the coup happened, he took his fortune and hid.

"Cousin! Mistress! You are still the mistress Taruvik yes?"

"I am, the coup is over, and my rebellious family members are gone. It's time to come out of hiding."

>Sorgav Taruvik has joined.
No. 954934 ID: fd2dfa
File 158036299585.png - (857.13KB , 1636x2233 , 55.png )

>Turn 10

"Mistressssss Taruvik" Ssoolaku slithers to you "A messsssssenger has arrived, claiming to be a represssssentative from Talba."

"Impossible. We've just reached the end of Shardfall. No one travels during Shardfall."

"She says her ssssssecretsssss are her own and wishesssss to ssssspeak with you on behalf of her mistresssssss."

>Let her in
>Turn her away
So yeah, got confirmation. It's the flu. I'm gonna be stuck like this for a while so expect more slowdowns.

No. 954942 ID: e7c7d3

Let her in. We're building a network anyways
No. 954943 ID: 094652

Let her in but do not let her near anyone important. Talk through proxies, but compliment her grace and finesse. Anyone who can survive Shardfall deserves nothing less.
No. 954944 ID: 9876c4

Sorgav seems like a natural to direct our caravans when applicable.

Talba isn't even anywhere on our maps. This should be interesting.
No. 954948 ID: b1b4f3

Fine let her in. We've got guards, what can one person do?
No. 954951 ID: 6e6f32

Mother fucking TALBA?!?!
This far south no less???
At least it makes sense that it would be her. No other house save perhaps one, would challenge the shardfall.
Our half Rezan leadership has surely caught her eye. She sees opportunity.

Well. Let the Obviously-a-Vorklat envoy in.
This will be interesting.
No. 954952 ID: b1b4f3

...I feel like the only reason we'd get a visit from them is for them to offer to find more hidden rooms for us in exchange for a cut of the recovered funds. A *lot* of funds were lost like that, so...
No. 954965 ID: ce39da

Let her in and listen to what she has to say. Keep her distance from anyone important, though.

> He took his fortune and hid.
And how big is that fortune? Or is he not interested in sharing?
No. 955195 ID: fd2dfa
File 158054982879.png - (192.04KB , 1099x1061 , 56.png )

"Greetings illustrious Taruvik. The great Mother-Protector extends her wishes to you and your family for a long and healthy life"

"I thank you representative..."

"My name is irrelevant as after today you shall not see me again. The Mother-Protector mourn the loss of your parents and wishes to enquire if you knew their affairs?"

"Why does Talba want to know Taruvik affairs?"

"Because oh wise mistress of Taruvik, your family had an arrangement with Talba. Your province is rife with Gulpa and Dredanok. Our mistress offers to extend her protection over your family as she did to your parents. Of course such work requires a tithe of wealth. Unfortunate that she can only extend her beneficence to those who return in form. The royalists of Sazoga chose to reject her generous offer just days before they were overwhelmed by Voraklat. It would be a shame if the same happened again now that you have finally brought your new province into order..."

"Is that a threat representative Talba? I do not respond well to threats."

"I do not threaten oh mistress Taruvik. I offer only truth and my own Queen's most generous offer."

>>Talba offers protection from raids by Gulpa and Dredanok for a payment of 500 Kushel every turn
No. 955201 ID: 9876c4

Our hands are tied. As allies of the Baron, we can't give our funds to another.

Protocol has been followed, so she can and should go.
No. 955204 ID: 094652

As generous as this discount is, your hands are tied. You can't allow non-allied military forces into your patron's area of influence for obvious security reasons, and you were planning to deal with the enemy forces yourself for the lion's share of spoils, land, and combat experience.

However, you are open to sharing spoils with joint flank assaults. If Talba agrees to limit their loot shares to 33% and their land share to 0%, they can bring their armies to help you with your current conquests. Yes it is not ideal, they would mainly accept if their armies need field practice.
No. 955209 ID: 6e6f32

That's not a tithe. That's extortion.
However. I suspect you are here for more than coin.

In it's current state, the world is malleable.
By pulling the right strings, Talba can mold this continent to better serve both her own needs and the needs of her people.
I don't pretend to know your mistress, but I Can think of a better use of that money that I'm certain she would approve of.

I could abolish slavery in my realm, and use the funds to prevent economic and civil collapse during the transition. Once the initial culture shock has subsided, I could begin integrating the other races into society.

Though such action will earn me many enemies, it would link our fates. My success would be hers, and vice versa.
No. 955307 ID: fd2dfa
File 158070747787.gif - (288.11KB , 1400x1050 , 57.gif )

rolled 21 = 21

"Our hands are tied. As clients of Rokof, we can't give our funds to another and we can't allow non-allied military forces into your patron's area of influence."

The Talba representative's smile widens.

"Is that your final response?"

"However, we are open to sharing spoils with joint flank assaults. If Talba agrees to limit their loot shares to 33% and take no land, they can bring their armies to aid us in our campaigns."

"I see. A refusal then."

"As I said"

"You've said enough" she interrupts and turns to leave. "Oh yes" she turns back to you "How is Rokof's mother?"

And she's gone in a flash of bright flame. You hope you made the right decision...
No. 955308 ID: fd2dfa
File 158070805037.png - (848.94KB , 1636x2233 , 58.png )

>A courier arrives soon after Talba’s departure. It is your patron Rokof, requesting additional resources for a campaign he is planning. While the amount may seem rather large, he assures you, it is an equal cost all his clients need to pay him.
>Occasionally (if the rolls demand it), your client will ask for resources. Fulfilling these orders grants you a boon that can be repaid in aid in later battles or a payment of resources/soldiers/slaves. Failing to do so or refusing to will incur a small penalty to influence that increases the more you reject. Reject to many, and your client may opt to ‘replace’ your leadership.

Turn 10
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1370(+960)
Inertia: 115 (+45)
Influence: 110 (+5)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (9,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
Garrison: 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]
(Lady Kavonika idle)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (4,1)[2 turns of unrest]
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Garrison: 1 Axe Tovaru
-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 28%

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 955309 ID: fd2dfa

>Rokof requests a payment of 2000 Kushel to be paid as soon as possible.

>Pay Later
>Pay 100 influence now to skip the request
No. 955317 ID: 094652

>2000 Kushel

Pay what you can and send supplies worth the remainder. Explain to the messenger that you emptied your coffers fully, the rest was spent on long-term resources and you will pay an additional 500 kushel next season.
No. 955318 ID: 9876c4

Inconvenient, but it's his right.

We either delay until we have it, or do Kome's plan.
Hopefully we can spend that boon to quash Talba.
No. 955319 ID: 6e6f32

Money is easier for us to come by than influence right now.
We can pay next season, or send 1000 now and 1000 next season.

In the meantime, Send Lady Kavonika with the Sagura to cleanse the temple. Have the Tovaru meet her there for the operation, but have them return to Sazoga afterword.

We should scout our land while we're at it.
No. 955458 ID: 07c82e

How about sending half now and send information about Talba about his mom. He might be more interested in info instead of the money
No. 955582 ID: fd2dfa

rolled 98 + 20 = 118

You send half now with a missive warning your patron of Talba's threats, and a promise to fulfill the rest as soon as you are able.

Kavonika takes her garrison and meets up with the Tovaru. Once assembled, they storm the shrine...

>Tovaru +10
>Numbers +10
No. 955585 ID: fd2dfa
File 158098325091.png - (466.30KB , 1400x1050 , 59.png )

>Major success
The Tovaru make the difference. Centuries of combined experience turn each individual warrior into a whirling storm of metal and death. Sagura learn quickly to let them lead as those who extend to quickly into the shrine are torn apart by ambushing thralls. Feral savagery is destroyed by trained brutality, and the Axe Tovaru clear the shrine in a single day.

>>Shrine cleansed
>>Looted 200 Kushel, 10 bolts of Scrshk silk, and 10 pallets of Chitin
>>+15 Prosperity, +30 Inertia, and [Empty Shrine] added to Holdings

With the Shrine now firmly in your hands comes the question of what to do with it? It could be reconsecrated and bring some much needed prosperity to your holdings, it can be built to house shrines to many gods instead bringing in more pilgrims and more business to your estate(which will need more bureaucrats to track everyone), or cede the territory to Navozem. You are only here because they told you its location after all...

>Reconsecrate (Passive Prosperity generation)
>Rebuild(Kushel and Inertia generation)
>Cede (Large bounty of influence)
No. 955587 ID: 9876c4

We sent the Karver, might as well reconsecrate.

The favor of the gods should not be overlooked, and it shouldn't be given to a rival state.
No. 955589 ID: ce39da

We have the food and income requirements for Rokof's mission, but I think we still lack in Prosperity. Let's reconsecrate the shrine. By the way, how do we know when we have a "full standing army?"
No. 955592 ID: 6e6f32

Navozem only gave us us these locations to be rid of us, they expect nothing. Profiteers make poor friends anyway.
No. 955673 ID: fd2dfa
File 158106825185.png - (921.66KB , 1636x2233 , 60.png )

A full standing army is an army with an officer and maxed out unit size(Currently 5)
>Shrine Reconsecrated. The Guardian god's faithful tend to be well armed and their increased presence starts to take a toll on wild raider populations and bandit clans. The Prosperity of your province however reaps the benefits of their unpaid security.
>Silida launches a surprise campaign into Vot Amta, crushing the few families that were not directly subservient to him.
>In error, this left Vak Seru open to Makag's forces, who swept through the province secruing an easy victory.
>A rash of raids break out in Vek Rokta, the forces involved are unknown.

Turn 11
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1330(+960)
Inertia: 160 (+45)
Influence: 115 (+5)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Garrison: [4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (4,1)[1 turn of unrest]
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Garrison: 1 Axe Tovaru
-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater)]

Prosperity: 30% (+2)

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 955675 ID: 094652

Pay the remaining Kushel to Rokof and get that boon.

Use the remaining money to raise an extra all-rounded defense army so you can move both your raiding parties east. Current plan as follows: Conquer or annex Inva, conquer Tavek, negotiate with Zovdeh and annex Weka. Then continue conquering until you reach the sea. From there, build a few merchant fleets dealing in arms. When the time is right, awaken your sleeper agents smuggled through the arms race and conquer the rest of Vek Sotao.
No. 955678 ID: 6e6f32

The axe Tovaru are listed as in garrison in Sazoga and in Tamo as part of Lady Kavonika's forces.

We need to scout. The Vermine Races stir, it would be wise to be proactive.
No. 955679 ID: 9876c4

Looks like Vogu took a hit.

Pay the rest of the tribute.
Consult Sorgav about where to get Gretling.
Move Kavonika's army back home, but let her hit another vermin nest on the way.

Sazoga needs more garrison for when it's unoccupied. Kobold skirmishers? More axes?
No. 955701 ID: ce39da

We have enough to enact a policy this turn, and then another next turn. We should capitalize on that once we get the second half of the Kushel delivery out of the way.

Why are those insurrection spots around our second city not gone if we've done the execution option already? (Unless I missed something and those are something different?) Also, it might be helpful to make "our holdings" and "poorly scouted cities" different colors; it's easy to tell them apart now, but it could get confusing in the future as we get bigger.
No. 955763 ID: 6e6f32

We do have a bit of inertia, don't we?
Perhaps Ssoolaku has some potential defensive solutions.
No. 955785 ID: fd2dfa
File 158114699262.png - (386.92KB , 1400x1050 , 61.png )

>Why are those insurrection spots around our second city not gone

Those aren't insurrection spots. Those are areas Navozem identified but you haven't yet scouted. And yes, I'll change up the colors as expansion continues.

Ssoolaku presents three new policies to implement.

>River Clan Sponsorship: There's always a few river clans looking to settle on solid ground. Promising them shelter and pay, and they can lend their services to you in trade and diplomacy with Rezmodla families (Unlocks Rezmodla Clan House, giving your envoys experts in Rezmodla language and politics. Also allows the trade of resources and slaves with friendly families as their knowledge of Rezo's waterways give them an edge over land based merchants.)

>Justice Through Servitude: The old way was to judge criminals and send the guilty to be sentenced in the royal courts. In this day and age such unnecessary steps to rid your territory of criminals is a waste. Better to put their potential to use and enslave all convicted criminals until they serve out their term, or possibly permanent slavery for the unrepentant and the serious cases(Unlocks Prison Processing center that occasionally produces 1 slave population in the city and builds prosperity)

>Found Gorod Line: The life of Gorod ranchers is a necessary blemish to many families. To voluntarily breed and raise Gorods is seen as utterly degenerate act in Rezan society, and the selfless dredges who choose this path are often given all the comforts they require, from a very long distance, to ensure a steady supply of the war-beasts to the family. The truly unsavory aspect is the fact the ranchers must come from the family itself, as Gorods tend to be docile only among those they recognize as their own blood.

"Misstress, there is still the matter of the Sssssirasssate egg."

"I told you to study that, have you not done so?"

"Regrettably misssssstresssss. No. I have been busssssy implementing your polisssssy and unable to ressssearch. I feared you had forgotten the ssssssacred gift and had taken it upon mysssssself to draft this polisssssssy to give me the ressssssourcesssss I need to properly ssssstudy the egg."

>Extra Policy - Research the Sirassar Egg: The Sirassate caste of the Jassanids are an enigma to Rezo. The only contact with them comes either in battle, or from complacent Sirassar that sell scores of Anumahat and Kalasahad caste to buy off Rezan raiders to leave their cities alone or attack rival Sirassar instead. Ssoolaku is asking for Taruvik's small army of quill pushers and slave counters to uncover the secrets of hatching one of these rare eggs.
No. 955786 ID: e7c7d3

Let's figure out this egg.

Though I'm not against justice through servitude.
No. 955788 ID: 6e6f32

Gaaah. These are all great. At least we'll be able to take a second one next turn.

On the one hand, Egg, on the other, Gorod Cavalry.

Have Ssoolaku investigate the egg, but make sure she understands you'll need her in a few months.
No. 955800 ID: ce39da

"Will this egg policy still be present next time I summon you to enact something?" If so, choose Justice Through Servitude. We passed up an easy slave pop earlier, and we do need more Prosperity.

Oh, and don't forget to send the second half of your tribute to Rokof.
No. 955802 ID: 9876c4

I'm onboard for the Servitude policy, because it'll allow us to have
more cost-effective executions. And that's good prosperity.
No. 955810 ID: 094652

Research the egg. The embryo could die in a matter of months without proper nesting / hatching conditions. You should have gotten to this a long time ago.
No. 955979 ID: fd2dfa
File 158140799149.png - (929.60KB , 1636x2233 , 62.png )

>Ssoolaku begins researching the egg, he estimates with the resources at his disposal, he can decipher the secrets of the caste by Autumn. The remaining funds are sent to Rokof.
>When you inform him of Talba's message, the reply you receive is simply
>>I will investigate this

Turn 12

>The season of raiding has begun again. Across all of Rezo warbands pillage lightly defended targets and entire armies smash open fortress walls to take what they want before vanishing as quickly as they arrived.
>Gamin's hand is forced as a raid compels a retaliatory campaign against a royalist holdout
>As Makag and Silida solidify their new gains, opprotunisic Gulpa hit their flanks, making away with slaves and pillaged wealth.
>Facing a stalement, Tuk'drav launches an invasion of the more lightly defended, independent families
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1290(+960)
Inertia: 105 (+45)
Influence: 120 (+5)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Garrison: [4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (2,1)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Garrison: Empty
-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [3/5]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater)][4/5]

Prosperity: 32% (+2)

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 955982 ID: 9876c4

Interesting. I wonder what hit Sov.

Lets hit another vermin nest with the 2nd Leklos.
No. 955984 ID: 6e6f32

Build another Axe Tovaru in Sazoga
Scout the nearby red circle.

What did Suzo say it was? A renegade slave encampment?
Let's find out.
No. 955988 ID: ce39da

We have enough inertia for another policy. In the meantime, we should scout at least one nearby threat so we can prepare for some preemptive strikes against neighboring raid factions.
No. 955992 ID: e7c7d3

Something I just remembered is that we can assign citizens and slaves. Also, need to figure out what to turn the fertile fields into.

I say we assign 2 more citizens and 2 more slaves to the fields and workshops, each. If we can, I say we assign 2 citizens to the trading post as well.

For the fields, I'm thinking luxury goods. We should start thinking of things to trade beyond just political clout of our patron.
No. 955998 ID: 6e6f32

We turned the fields into a textile crop.

Also, our two slave pops are captives from Sazoga. With Sazoga under our control, it's unrest quelled, and a Sazogan noble under our command, we could probably reintegrate them as citizens if we return them to the city. We just need something for them to do there.
No. 956060 ID: e7c7d3

Did we? Ignore that part of my suggestion then
No. 956161 ID: fd2dfa
File 158158027942.png - (733.50KB , 1400x1050 , 63.png )

A call for Tovaru has been made. However, most of the nearby warriors have already been called. The time to assemble a new unit of veterans shall take longer.
>2 turns to completion

Scouting the closest of the Navozem locations, you find a fort. When Deinoka reigned, these were built overnight in many places to serve as bastions during the Yishic Uprising. Many of them have since been abandoned, with less savory owners hanging their banners from the wall. This one has been claimed by brigands - a mix of rebellious slaves, criminals, and foreign vermin races like Kobolds and Goblins. While it is technically illegal for a family to lay claim to these places, one could still 'liberate' it until proper reclamation authorities arrive...

No. 956173 ID: 9876c4

IF we take Suzo at their word, this is detritis that should be cleared.

If we view Suzo as an insincere ally, these rabble could assist in it's new ownership. And with our racial mixture, they'd probably be more sympathetic to us anyway.

I think we can take them, but that doesn't mean it's smart to.
No. 956185 ID: e7c7d3

Have a slave deliver an ultimatum to the fort: Give up now and face justice. They shall live and some may even walk free. Refuse and be slaughtered, none will be spared. They're desecrated corpses will be used as a warning for others.
No. 956193 ID: 094652

Talk with a balance between respect and mayhem; issue a challenge for a duel between the champions of the fortress and your own champion. If they win, you'll pay them a small sum every month to leave you alone. If you win, they enlist as mercenaries on retainer.

Do not indicate that both outcomes result in annexation of the fortress with self-rule.
No. 956240 ID: 6e6f32

We could send in some Kobolds as spies to get a better idea of this places situation, leadership, and layout.

Simple fort or not, it's still a fort. Siegeing sounds like a bad idea with Talba's threat still in the air and summer coming so soon. This could be taken without blood, but we need more info.
No. 956242 ID: fd2dfa
File 158166924592.png - (260.51KB , 1400x1050 , 64.png )

You send a number of kobolds pretending to be 'escaped' slaves. Hopefully they can give you intel on the fort's inner workings. In the meantime, you had also send a slave to deliver an ultimatum, one part hoping they would submit outright, one part to distract the fort occupiers from your spies, and one part to put them on edge. If the more likely scenario occurs (where they refuse) they will be focused on the enemy without than the one within.

A response comes a few days later when a Sikhari slave brings a box to you at lunch. "What is this?"

The Sikhari removes the box lid, and presents the head of the slave you had deliver the ultimatum. "There was a message embedded in his throat mistress. It simply read 'Come and take it.'"

>What shall you do now?
No. 956244 ID: 6e6f32

Welp. That was the obvious response.

And now sending spies is probably off the table, at least for some time. They're on guard now.

I feel we should wait for fall before fucking around with this place.
No. 956245 ID: 00dfd3

We sent spies already. We just need to hope they aren't caught. Maybe we should just focus on fortifying our garrison by buying up gulpa meat shields with the last of the money and hope any raids that might hit us get drowned in a tide of carnivorous lemmings
No. 956249 ID: e7c7d3

Yeah, but thankfully it seemed to work as a distraction.
I'm was hoping for the ultimatum to be more of PR thing. If rumors get out of this, then other houses will get the idea that we're negotiators first. Secondly, if we successfully follow through with the threat, then other rebel forts will at least be more likely to consider the first option.

In the mean time, let's train some expendable troops to throw at the fort, and give the spies some time on how to get us in.
No. 956251 ID: 6e6f32

Oh. So we did. I read that wrong.

I'm down with buying some mooks, but I feel like we should have them chill in Sazoga.
No. 956282 ID: ce39da

I think we have a lot of troops already, both expendable and not. While we wait for the spies, perhaps we should enact another policy?
No. 956288 ID: 3814fa

Sazoga's garriaon is technically empty. Best to buy some more to have a standing force if Alogos is deployed.
No. 956289 ID: 6e6f32

Ssoolaku is currently busy, sadly.
No. 956331 ID: 35984e

>'Come and take it.'
Ha. They fail to see their achilles heel. They have the fort, but they lack supply. They likely raid for food. Siege them, disease + lack of food will do the rest.
No. 956475 ID: fd2dfa
File 158189461844.png - (929.55KB , 1636x2233 , 65.png )

>Raiders pull back to their homes, packs and carts laden with loot and slaves. Temperatures begin to cool as the harvest season comes.
>Gamin takes key points of Vek Rokta, and others surrender to the invading forces. The Voo Roso slaves markets bulge with new merchandise.
>Tuk'drav and Gamavo continue sparring with each other, and other forces in V'ka T'del. Many lives are lost, but no land is gained.
>Though word from Gamavo is hard to come by, it is said the family's capital has seen extensive renovation as the last royalist elements are purged.
>Makag, after months of hunting for traitors, declares Rezo of Vot Rezo cleansed of subversive elements. The bodies of those he found guilty hang from the towers of his estate, to die of thirst, or ripped apart by Sosso carrion.
>Rokof gathers the last of his funds and begins assembling forces for another campaign. The end goal of this campaign is known only to a few. You're not one of them.

Turn 13

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1050(+960)
Inertia: 150 (+45)
Influence: 125 (+5)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Garrison: [4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (3,1)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Garrison: Axe Tovaru, 2 Gulpa Auxiliary
-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [3/5]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater)][4/5]

Prosperity: 34% (+2)

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 956488 ID: 17422a

Everyone else may be don raiding, but we're not. Send both Leklos to siege the fortress while the gulpa and kobolds can go raid Arglos
No. 956512 ID: 6e6f32

Still don't wanna attack the fortress until we get the spy reports back.

Arglos sounds like a plan though. It's location suggests it's a backwater, but we find out for ourselves.
Add 250 Kushel in supplies for the raid.
No. 956586 ID: 9876c4

I'd prefer to keep one Leklos in Sazoga to keep any raiders from moving west.
No. 956598 ID: 6e6f32

Oh, apparently our improvements from before have been finished for a bit.
Settings -> UI -> Show Construction Completion Toasts: (Enabled)

Start building the Walled Garrison in Tamo, and bring up the available improvements list.
No. 956706 ID: fd2dfa
File 158209873651.jpg - (263.29KB , 1636x2233 , 66.jpg )

Construction of the walled garrison begins. The new slaves groan under the weight of the heavy stone, but taskmasters keep them working at an efficient pace. (Construction will last 3 turns)

>Available improvements

>Closed Sewage paths: increase prosperity by 10 (-100 Kushel payment, -10 upkeep)
>Trading Post: Generate 250 kushel per turn (-500 payment)
>Scribe's Retreat: Produce 50 Inertia (-200 Kushel payment, -20 upkeep)
>Metallurgists: Produce 2 Industry and 100 kushel (-700 payment)
>Family-Storehouse: Storehouse not owned by any trade guild. Allows storage of trade goods (-600 Kushel)
>Library: Generate Inertia and allows old policies to be recalled.(-900 Kushel, -100 upkeep)
>Exploratory mining- A number of shallow mines are built to assess the mineral content and stone quality of the local area. Rolls and reveals the potential industry output of mines and quarries. Has small chance to reveal strategic or precious resources, artifacts, or something very bad. (-300 Kushel x [Number of tries] per attempt)
>City Undercroft- Generates prosperity and defense. Provides a place for growing domestivated vermin races. (-600 Kushel, -150 Upkeep)
>Academy- Initially generates nothing until a specific resource is assigned to it (-500 Kushel, -50 upkeep)
>House of Higher Servitude - Training of slaves for specialized tasks, higher skilled trade, and unlocks Slave Auxilliary (-850 Kushel, -50 Upkeep)
>Temple of Ach-Ka - A place of devotion for aspiring Rezans, and gathering place for Tovaru, and Kovatu reducing training time (-1000 Kushel)
>Proving Grounds - Eliminates first battle penalty to Tier 1 units, and generates income through public sparring matches(-500 Kushel)

>Upgrade from [Stronghold] to [City]: Allows access to civilian improvements (-800 Kushel)
>Walled Garrison: Increase defenses of the city, adds 5 to prosperity and increase garrison size (-200 Kushel payment, -20 upkeep)
>Temple of Ach-Ka - A place of devotion for aspiring Rezans, and gathering place for Tovaru, and Kovatu reducing training time (-1000 Kushel)
>Proving Grounds - Eliminates first battle penalty to Tier 1 units, and generates income through public sparring matches(-500 Kushel)
No. 956709 ID: 6e6f32

Construction begins on Closed Sewers, Scribe's Retreat, Metallurgists, and Textile Specialization (-1200 Kushel). Their combined efforts divide the labor force, requiring a total of 5 turns to complete
That was back on turn six, did we not build those? Did something happen? Also do trading posts stack, then?
No. 956789 ID: fd2dfa

Ah right, I had forgotten to remove the cost to Closed sewage and Retreat since they would be postponed. The actual construction was put on hold and never resumed. Let me post the revised list, and I'll add the existing upgrades next turn.
>Closed Sewage paths: increase prosperity by 10
>Scribe's Retreat: Produce 50 Inertia

>Trading Post: Generate 250 kushel per turn (-500 payment)
>Family-Storehouse: Storehouse not owned by any trade guild. Allows storage of trade goods (-600 Kushel)
>Library: Generate Inertia and allows old policies to be recalled.(-900 Kushel, -100 upkeep)
>Exploratory mining- A number of shallow mines are built to assess the mineral content and stone quality of the local area. Rolls and reveals the potential industry output of mines and quarries. Has small chance to reveal strategic or precious resources, artifacts, or something very bad. (-300 Kushel x [Number of tries] per attempt)
>City Undercroft- Generates prosperity and defense. Provides a place for growing domestivated vermin races. (-600 Kushel, -150 Upkeep)
>Academy- Initially generates nothing until a specific resource is assigned to it (-500 Kushel, -50 upkeep)
>House of Higher Servitude - Training of slaves for specialized tasks, higher skilled trade, and unlocks Slave Auxilliary (-850 Kushel, -50 Upkeep)
>Temple of Ach-Ka - A place of devotion for aspiring Rezans, and gathering place for Tovaru, and Kovatu reducing training time (-1000 Kushel)
>Proving Grounds - Eliminates first battle penalty to Tier 1 units, and generates income through public sparring matches(-500 Kushel)

Yes trading posts do stack, but each additional improvement only adds half the benefit of the previous one.
No. 956792 ID: 6e6f32

Well then, no reason to not get these sewage paths in Tamo going then as well, since we're already doing stone work.

This Arglos raid happening?
No. 956854 ID: e7c7d3

Yeah, continue the sewers. The temple and proving grounds are very tempting.
No. 956895 ID: fd2dfa
File 158226728359.png - (121.92KB , 640x480 , 67.png )

rolled 59 + 11 = 70

>Raid Effects
>Gulpa (+1)
>Skirmishers (+1)
>Raid size (+4)
>Raid funds (+25)
>Distance (0)
>Unseasonal Raiding (-20)

>The raid is underway. The distance from Tamos only adds difficulty to keeping the raiding party concealed. Additionally, the party does not have the confusion of Summer raids to obfuscate their identity. Additional work will be required to mask themselves.

>The forces around Arglos are preparing for winter, and have completed collecting their funds and supplies from locals. The only potential targets are within the fort-city itself. The Gulpa are sent in first as a distraction...
No. 956898 ID: fd2dfa
File 158226796641.png - (118.04KB , 640x480 , 68.png )

>Arglos identified – Royalist Stronghold

The Gulpa scale the walls in such numbers that they silence many of the guards along the walls, raiding storehouses, killing mores soldiers, stealing food, releasing the Gorod to rampage in the city, and setting fire to more than a few buildings.

By the time they get to opening the gates for the kobolds, much of the stronghold is in pandemonium. Unfortunate for the Kobolds is many of the supplies they had come to take had been locked away in the central keep when the alarm was raised. The Gulpa are rather distracted looting the dead and stuffing their cheeks with stockpiled foodstuffs. So the kobolds resolves to simply steal what is available, and sell the loot to merchants that ask no questions. Not quite as much as they would have hoped for, but at least the raid was succesful. Barring the inevitable deaths that come from Gulpa shenanigans, the party returns with plunder and a few new slaves. It takes some work, but the royalists are convinced the raid was a result of Gulpa nest they failed to identify.

>Gained 1000 Kushel
>Gained 1 slave pop
>Gulpa units took 10% casualties
>Gained 2 crates worth of Royalist armor

>You now own more than one territory. Where shall the slaves be sent to?
No. 956899 ID: 094652

Send to Tamo, we need the builders.
No. 956908 ID: 6e6f32

No. 956912 ID: 9876c4

I favor Sazoga, because I think they'd acclimatize easier. Not a big deal, though.

Can we do a divination to find Gretling, or not with Kavonika in the field?
No. 956921 ID: 6e6f32

Actually.... We could move a pop to Sazoga. Our current two slave units were originally Sazogan. As was Kavonika.
What if we took this pop to Tamo but repatriated one of our current slave pops back to Sazoga as citizens?
No. 956951 ID: ce39da

Consult Ssoolaku; ask about his progress on the egg, and whether asking to enact another policy would interfere with that. (It would be a waste not to spend our Inertia.)

Our Inertia production will get higher as we build and gain more improvements. Will we A) get to a point where we're generating more than we could ever spend on Policies, B) see Inertia costs for Policies increase the more we enact... or C) get more stuff to spend Inertia on besides Policies?
No. 957191 ID: fd2dfa
File 158250137465.png - (231.83KB , 1000x1400 , 69.png )

You consult with Ssoolaku over the progress of the egg. "It isssss. Complete."

He gestures to his quarters, refitted to become a hatching chamber for the egg. "The old textsssss entail the egg be placccced in a chamber where moonlight isssss captured and incubatesssss the egg day and night."

"For how long?"

"Asssss long as the Sssssirassssssar within desssssssiresssss."

"Unacceptable" you shake your head. "Is there a way we have it hatch sooner? Give us a set timeline."

Ssoolaku strokes his antennae. "The Ssssirassssate at home would demand blood ssssacrifice. Ssssshe claimed it would feed her egg and hasssssten the hatch. But I do not know if it is true or if ssssshe sssssssimply wasssss thirsssssty."

>Sirassar egg incubating
>You may choose to hasten the process by bathing it in blood.

>Kavonika needs to be reassigned to a city before she can begin a divination for the land around it.
>Slaves cannot yet be repatriated until the Slave Rites are finalized(the rites a slave must perform to be recognized in your family's holdings as ready to join it as citizens)
No. 957192 ID: fd2dfa
File 158250139695.png - (932.88KB , 1636x2233 , 70.png )

>As Autumn cools the world, families take this opprotunity to strike at enemies before winter stalls continued warfare.
>Fighting breaks out between Rivals in Vek Sotao. You only know this because prisoners of war are turning up in Suzo's slave markets.
>Silida launches a counter-invasion to reclaim lost territories in Vak Seru. The battle is deadlocked.
>Meanwhile Silida seeks to annex Vaa Telo for additional war material while Makag launches an invasion of Vot Sadbe from the sea to cut off pirate raids
>Vogu sends a strike force into Varas Itvar make of royalist-slave soldiers. Their purpose is to slash and burn the forest to give the family a killing ground come winter while thinning the numbers of their enemy. Few are expected to return.

Turn 14

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1860(+1060)
Inertia: 195 (+45)
Influence: 130 (+5)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,5)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage] - 1 turn
[Scribe's Retreat] - 2 turns

[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Garrison: [4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary] - Upgrading to Walled Garrison - 3 turns]

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (3,1)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Garrison: Axe Tovaru, 2 Gulpa Auxiliary
-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [3/5]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater)][4/5]

Prosperity: 36% (+2)

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land

>There is still a mob of slaves sitting in Sazoga's garrison waiting for assignment. Which settlement will they be assigned to?
No. 957208 ID: 6e6f32

Keep the slaves in Sazoga. I guess we should start building a walled Garrison there, too? Assign them to that if we can.

Also, have we gotten spy reports back from the earthen fort? Send some 'bolds to to get us an update if not. We should do something about it before winter.

Also also, Ask Ssoolaku if he can draw up some plans for a policy involving project management? It would be nice if we could see how much industry each construction is consuming, how long each project will take before committing, maybe have an apparatus for applying Kushel per turn during construction instead of requiring up front investment. Ect.
No. 957228 ID: e7c7d3

Attacking before winter might be a good move. We can lick any wounds we receive while waiting for shardfall to end. Perhaps send both armies, just to make sure the fort is crushed.
No. 957433 ID: fd2dfa
File 158279699766.png - (269.32KB , 1400x1050 , 71.png )

>The spies report that the fort is crammed with slaves that went unprocessed. Apparently a barge from Gamin loaded with Westerlanders had been beached, and the prisoners fought their way free, and are now lead by a Tsang Naji proclaiming herself queen of the island.

>The story has a lot of holes in it, and the slaves have a suspiciously large amount of gretling weaponry bearing an unknown family's crest. It's not Gamin so it couldn't have come from the ship, nor is it Deinoka so they couldn't have looted it from the fort's stockpiles.

You receive a missive from Aligos.

I have camped my leklos not far from the Fort as per your instruction. We really need to come up with a name for it. I can't keep calling it 'The Fort'.

Additionally Lady Kavonika has arrived not too long ago with her Leklos. Neither of us have proper siege equipment. Kavonika is formidable and I can can hit quite hard with my blade, but I doubt either are enough to break fortifications. Are we going to lay siege or is this some attempt to marry me off to the Karver?

No. 957436 ID: 9876c4

It's not solely an appeal for marriage.

But between you both and the local greenery, surely you can think of something? Ladders, or tunnels, or a magic spell that can crumble a wall?

Think of something this season, or return to Tamo and rearm.
No. 957476 ID: 2f0f8a

Noooo. Onii-chan belongs to us!

But seriously, that is concerning. The fort's current rebels may be pawns in someone else's game and we're stumbling in blind. If we take it, we might be getting involved with another family's feud we may not be ready for. Moreso we don't have siege equipment. We could make ladders ourselves out there, maybe even catapaults but that would be time consuming and could keep those armies stuck out there until winter or worse.

If we still have contact with our spies we should see if they can sabotage it from the inside or maybe coordinate a night attack. When the leklos assault the fort, the spies should open the doors and let our forces in.
No. 957492 ID: 6e6f32

Gretling Weapons? This just become a priority.

What if we sent our raiders there ahead of the army with a massive amount of supplies to create a breach? 1000 Kushel worth of bombs, digging implements, and experienced contracted sappers.
No. 957675 ID: fd2dfa
File 158305442479.png - (665.98KB , 1400x1050 , 72.png )

rolled 32 + 61 = 93

>Gulpa (+1)
>Sapping tools(+20)
>Raid funds (+100)
>Distance (0)
>Unseasonal Raiding (-20)
>Fortified location (-40)

As the raid is sudden, and...rather desperate, Suzo merchants sell you explosive compounds at severely marked up prices for the raid. The mixture creates volatile bombs that many raiders are nervous to touch. Thankfully the Gulpa aren't smart enough to realize how deadly the bombs are and run one at a time towards the walls...
No. 957676 ID: fd2dfa
File 158305488414.png - (259.89KB , 1400x1050 , 73.png )

The last Gulpa trips and becomes the first Vermin to visit the stratosphere. The explosives worked better than intended. Unfortunately, there will be little wall left when the fort is taken. The remaining raiders surge forward in the chaos, seizing whatever is unburnt, solid, and generally still intact. While the fort held little treasure, the armory's gretling weaponry is looted.

>5 units of gretling weapons and armor looted!

>The Fort's defenders have deployed in response to the raid and are marching towards your encampment!
No. 957686 ID: 9876c4

I'm thinking we use our combined forces to murder them. Axes in front, missiles in back.
No. 957688 ID: ce39da

This engagement is a siege no longer; our brother should be feeling a lot more confident about his odds now. I trust him to handle this.
No. 957691 ID: 094652

>Walls Destroyed
Turn the fort into a trading post. You can store the weapons at Sazo, where they'll be better protected.

>Fort is attacking
Retreat until their lines break from lack of disciplined marching, then pull in.
No. 957729 ID: 040e34

They will be inexperienced slaves and rebels. They'll be charging in a mob. So the pincer formation will break them. Put the raiders and sword sagura in the middle to take the brunt of the assault while the spears and Tovaru take the flanks while ranged take elevated positions and wait until the enemy boxes themselves in. Then have Aligos pull the center back bit by bit unti the line becomes an arch and then hammer them with the bows while Kavonika does some magic.
No. 957883 ID: fd2dfa
File 158330959860.png - (396.91KB , 1400x1050 , 74.png )

You army takes position on a ridge, the swords forming a wall of shields against a charging mob of Westerlanders. There is no organization to their ranks, as a Tsang Naji woman carried on a palanquin screams praises to whatever gods they worship, whipping them into a frenzy. The 'soldiers' wear an assortment of sack cloth and rags, wielding Westerland weapons, scavenged Rezan blades, pointed sticks, jagged rusty pieces of metal or simply large rocks as they hurl themselves into the shield wall. Aligos meets a Tsang Naji warrior, one who is clearly more skilled than the rest of the rabble, and stops an attack that would have bisected any other Rezan. Aligos shouts a single word that's repeated down the line and the soldiers slowly move back, bit by bit.
No. 957884 ID: fd2dfa
File 158330962553.png - (327.07KB , 1400x1050 , 75.png )

The mob is carried away in their frenzy and do not see the trap that is being set around them. And then the Axe Tovaru get to work, slaughtering stragglers as passively as butchers cutting up slabs of meat. The trap is closed. The attackers realize too late they are surrounded and the bolts fly.
No. 957885 ID: fd2dfa
File 158330964564.png - (259.85KB , 1400x1050 , 76.png )

The Tsang Naji tries to flee with her smaller army of body guards and hanger ons when from over the hills a tide of Gorod charge down the hill, causing the ground to quake with their stampede. The lead spits a bearer on his spear, causing the woman to fall while the other is crushed by the sudden weight he is force to bear. Her loyal followers are trapped by the Gorod, torn apart, and messily devoured by the feral Rezan-beasts.
No. 957886 ID: fd2dfa
File 158330966808.png - (302.39KB , 1400x1050 , 77.png )

"Good job good job" the leader of the Gorod force congratulates Aligos. "Your little strategy left her wide open for me."

"I'd be more grateful" Aligos pauses "If I knew who the hells you were."

"Ah' he lifts the cover of his helm.
No. 957887 ID: fd2dfa
File 158330968081.png - (308.63KB , 1400x1050 , 78.png )

It's Sagla, of Suzo. "I forgive you for not recognizing me. We are outside of court so I will dispense with the Rezmodla" he smiles. His ears still twitch, and his head still bobs this way and that. It is hard to tell if they are ticks or if they are subtle gestures.

"Still I must thank you again, this pup was quite a nuisance she was."

"Yes...how did you know we'd be here?"

"Oh" scoffs Sagla. "Please. The only people moving armies so late in the year are you and Vogu. And Vogu is further north. It was clear who this army belonged to" his smile widened. "And I had to participate. See this one" his hand ruffles the chin fur of the Tsang Naji "was the crown jewel of a raid I funded in Westerland. I, alongside Gamin and Sossukla, raised a small trade port with a monastery overlooking the harbor. Turns out a lord left his daughter there till she reached maturity and was ready to come for her. We took her instead, as well as the entire town and burnt the whole thing to the ground. She would have made a fine addition to my staff if only the transport wasn't...delayed."

>Let Sagla keep what he claims is his
>These are YOUR spoils, demand the Tsang Naji as payment.
No. 957891 ID: 9876c4

How many Gorod does he have with him?
I don't like this guy, and It'd be fine with me if he dies. But it's not worth risking a pyrric victory.

I think it's most likely we take our gretling, and plunder, and leave him the daughter.
No. 957894 ID: 6e6f32

Hmm. So Suzo is heavily involved with Gamin, which would mean a rival of Gamin is probably supplying this fort with the gretling weapons. But supplying a random slave rebellion to disrupt a random neutral city state that happens to be involved with a rival is strange.
How did they even know about the fort?
And surely such efforts would be more effective if they were used more directly to disrupt their rival.

Either this Tsang Naji is a fantastic speaker and diplomat...
Or Suzo bit off more than they can chew and a large business partner of theirs, maybe even Gamin themselves is plotting their downfall.
Maybe Both.
Or maybe neither. Despite the secret languages and obvious omissions this guy can't help but over share. Anyone could know his business.

He may not know about the gretling weapons. The proper thing to do here might be to torture this person until she talks...
Or he might just wan't to ransom her back to the Westerlander's for a shitload of gold.
If he really does add the Tsang Naji to his staff it could be catastrophic for him.

In anycase...
We have no immediate use for her. Let them have her. It's clearly what they wanted out of this arrangement anyway.
But we'll need to start spying to on Suzo. Someone is preparing to make a move on them, and we need to be able to act before they do. A great house taking Suzo could bring open war to Vot Tikve. We aren't ready for that yet.
No. 957902 ID: 094652

Tell the lady that her 'leadership skills' on the battlefield were nothing less than incompetent and sociopathic, hence her upcoming enslavement, but she should at least have the right to choose which master should dole out her punishment.

Explain to Salga that you want either her, or her surprisingly competent dual-sword champion. He can take the one that doesn't go with you.
No. 957924 ID: ce39da

Assuming she didn't die: "If she's who you want, then can we have her champion guard? I was impressed when I crossed swords with her."

If he says no, drop it; we did come here on his behalf, in the first place.

"Do you recognize this clan insignia? It was on some of the better supplies we raided from them beforehand. I figure you should know."

It's tempting to agree with sending someone to locate and watch those who are watching Suzo, but I think that if Suzo themselves find them out, this could backfire spectacularly.

"Well, that's two down. One to go before we officially meet again."
No. 957979 ID: 6e6f32

We don't have to ask for the swordsman. If he lives we can just take him. Suzo has only claimed this woman. Also don't mention the Gretling weapons.

Kome's suggestion introduces interest in the crazy dual swordsman while also providing us a shot at getting the noble captive.

The attempt will probably fail but it's a good suggestion and worth a shot at the very least.
No. 958267 ID: fd2dfa
File 158354685146.png - (352.34KB , 869x1049 , 79.png )

>Suzo has an entire Leklos of Gorod. The only unit in your army that wouldn't get run down are the Tovaru, but even they would probably get torn apart after a decent fight. While he is not in court, he is still playing politics, the lord is showing his strength with his Leklos.

Aligos puts on his best smile "The lady's leadership skills were...what's the word? 'Incompetent'. Perhaps with such fine ability, she should choose the one who will be her master and dole out her punishment."

Salga laughs. It is lilting and full of genuine mirth. "Oh that would be a fitting punishment master Taruvik. But I'm afraid I must decline. I had my eye on her ever since I took her in the raid. I will make sure she learns never to disobey again" he turns to her. The claw on each of his fingers tighten one by one around her muzzle, drawing blood. "I'll. Make. Sure. Of. It."

"Fair's fair" Aligos drops it. He chooses not to bring up the swordsman. Salga and his forces are already departing with the princess in tow, leaving the few survivors of the slaughter to you without bothering to see if any other valuable members are left. Clearly he only wanted her. More fool him.

"Well then" Aligos muses. "What to do with you?"

"Slavery's only option Aligos" Kavonika says bluntly. "For what he's done, it's that or death."

"Aye" Aligos replies. "But he has a way with swords, even if they were just crap iron. Be a shame to have him sweep floors or serve as some minor foot soldier."

>For 1000 Kushel, you can commission a Makag Karver to Soul Karve him and make him a bodyguard for Aligos, Kavonika, or Valeras
>>Bodyguards help prevent assassination attempts that may occur later on in the game and aid officers in battle (raids, sieges, etc.)
>Enslave now and keep him as a trainer for future soldiers
>Imprison and decide later
No. 958270 ID: 094652

>1000 Kushel to Soul Karve
Too expensive, maybe later

He didn't exactly shape his unit up. In fact they were outright pathetic.

I think we can do better.

>Make him the gulpa daycare until he pledges loyalty
This should be funny.
No. 958320 ID: 9876c4

We need combat superiority on trade missions.

Offer to split the cost with Valeras. If he won't pony up, it's his loss. Otherwise trainer.

We need combat superiority on trade missions.
No. 958331 ID: 6e6f32

Winter is coming, and correct me if I'm wrong but the walls won't be completed before shard-fall.

Talba has had all year to deliver on her threat. If she hasn't done it already, we can expect it during shard-fall.
We can karve him later, right now we need the money to finish shoring up our defenses, and maybe commission a divination on the upcoming attack.
No. 958362 ID: fd2dfa
File 158360943071.png - (856.66KB , 1636x2233 , 80.png )

The Tsang Naji is placed in your most secure cells while you deliberate with your brother as to his fate...
Turn 15. Disaster.
>Explosions rock Tamos, tunnels underneath the city open up as Scrshk vomit forth slaughtering civilian and slave alike! Aligos rallies his Leklos and the militia to push them back!
>Then Shardfall begins. Shardfall doesn’t care who you are. It doesn’t care what you are. With your walls collapsed, and defense burning, everyone is exposed. The dreadshards pierce flesh, felling people by the score and embedding themselves into fallen defenders and dead Scrshk alike. They don’t stay dead for long.

>Tamos is under siege by Scrsk raiders from underneath and Shard-raised outside!
>The Garrison collapsed, burying its forces alive!
>Aligos and Kavonika are present!
>What’s your strategy?
No. 958422 ID: 6e6f32

Define a line between the breach-point's and the rest of the city.
Place armies on that line.
Utilize a single unit of Sagura to assist civilians on the breach-side in evacuations to the defensive side. Order them to NOT engage.

The idea is to create a single, unified front. That way, we only effectively fight one enemy, whilst our invaders fight two.

Meanwhile, behind our line...
Start gathering up vermin race slaves, and consult Kavonika.
Their blood shall fuel her sorcery!
No. 958424 ID: 9876c4

Honestly this seems decent.

This sounds like a sustained engagement, so rather than deploy all our troops at once, we should rest some of the 2nd Leklos and rotate units in.
No. 958899 ID: fd2dfa
File 158399956215.png - (355.13KB , 1132x1048 , 81.png )

You relay your orders to your officers and your forces rush to obey.

Civilians are escorted into the estate hold by the militia while idle soldiers establish a series barricades from furniture, debris, and loose rubble.

Aligos organizes the Sagura to bring in as many survivors as they can, battling a fighting retreat as dozens of fronts become a dozen, then six, then three, and finally one. The dead are left where they fall, as the dreadshards will give the Scrshk something else to worry about.

The barricades provide additional defenses for the sagura to set up their shields and mount their spears to thrust out from while the repeaters fire from behind. The Scrshk ignore their casualties, but funneled into the killzone, they no longer have any advantage!
No. 958900 ID: fd2dfa
File 158399962853.png - (587.20KB , 981x1050 , 82.png )

From your vantage you already see the shard-raised moving towards the opening of least resistance: the breach holes made by the Scrsk raiders! The reaction is slow, but the arachnoid enemies are slowly turning against them, and the chitninous hordes that were taking your people into the tunnels are now fighting a wall of Rezan steel!

Kobolds, Goblins, Gulpa, Kochebi,and other vermin slaves are herded in a great chamber beneath the estate where you meet with Kavonika.

"Blood magic?!" Kavonika exclaims. "You want a blood ritual?"

"Why else are they here Kavonika?" you gesture to the shivering slaves, prodded into place by the watchful glares of the sagura. "We need strong magic. I know this isn't your strongest gift" you hold up a claw to cut her off "but we have no other recourse!"

Kavonika sighs and clenches the bridge of her nose. "What then? What will they die for? Powerful as this ritual is, I can only do one."

>A Barrier. Large enough to protect all of Tamos from Shardfall(This will also protect the Scrshk...)
>A Storm. A firestorm that will scorch the Scrshk off or streets and burn their tunnels!(Will leave Tamos exposed to Shardfall...)
No. 958902 ID: 9876c4

I'm not against blood magic, but using so many of our own slaves with an untried caster seems dangerous.

Let's put our Karver to an ultimatum; can she erect the barrier, or can she think of another method to plug the gap?
No. 958907 ID: 094652

We should try to find a way to dominate or negotiate with the Shrshk. Failing that, use them for the sacrifice somehow.

Get some kind of barrier up before you take on massive casualties, though try not to use blood magic on your people.
No. 958910 ID: 6e6f32

Pretty much this.

We can't fight an innumerable enemy. We need a barrier.

For now the threat is contained. In theory we need only advance our positions and collapse upon the enemy to retake the city.

In practice most of our forces are undisciplined Sagura who form weak lines.

If you could cast a lesser magic to better protect just our troops, while Aligos musters their courage with a rousing speech, we could probably end this without a terrible sacrifice.

Still. Kavonika, you're the mage here. I will defer to your judgement.
No. 959248 ID: fd2dfa
File 158460224052.gif - (745.93KB , 1400x1050 , 83.gif )

rolled 84 = 84

Boy this week has been a doozy. Delays everywhere, and the list of things I have to do seems to be growing instead of shrinking. Hopefully things can pick up now, but not holding my breath.

The vermin-slaves are herded around the sacrificial pool. Swords and knives are unsheathed as the panicky slaves are slit in bunches, letting their life-blood spill into the pool. Kavonika begins the rites, and you can feel the power surging up your spine. More blood is spilled, lifeless bodies tossed aside as new slaves take their place. A pressure builds in your head and you cannot hear what Kavonika says. She takes her caster-rod and plunges it into the pool, drawing glyphs within the crimson liquid...
No. 959249 ID: fd2dfa
File 158460227886.gif - (318.85KB , 1400x1050 , 83s.gif )

You are made blind and deaf as your body is tossed against the wall! As you regain your senses, you see your soldiers in a similar state, rubbing their eyes or slapping the side of their heads trying to force out the ringing that has replaced the silence. The blood has boiled away, a burning green glyph in its place briefly flaring before fading away. Kavonika is supported by a Sagura, her legs shaking with weakness. She looks up at you with a weariness that you cannot even fathom. “It” she whispers “is done. Please don’t make me do anymore” and she collapses into the soldier’s arms.

>The ritual is a success, Tamo is surrounded by a barrier! No more shard-raised will plague your soldiers.
No. 959250 ID: fd2dfa
File 158460242449.png - (497.57KB , 1400x1050 , 84.png )

The attack has been stymied for now as the Scrshk battle with the shard-raised. Hopefully the raiders will deal with them soon. Shardfall hides many worse horrors in the blinding snowstorm, and they are drawn by the shard-raised…

Civilians move your wounded further into the estate where Ssoolaku oversees relief efforts. Soldiers switch shifts, exhausted Sagura turning over their wargear to smiths and craftsmen for sharpening and re-attunement. Teams of Westerlander slaves, guided by Anumahat minders, barricade holes in your defenses with debris, and the dead when there is no more rubble.

Aligos sighs as he sits next to you. You notice much of his armor has been torn away, and blood flows freely from a dozen cuts. Despite his injuries, he seems more annoyed than in pain, grabbing a water skin and washing the Scrhsk ichor from his blade instead of cleaning his wounds. When done, he downs the remaining contents. “So” he turns to you, his voice hoarse from shouting commands all day. “What now sister?”

>The Scrshk tunnels are still open, and they will eventually tear apart the shard-raised.

No. 959263 ID: 094652

Grab some shards and corpses, combine and throw into the Shrshk tunnels. While they're busy, find a building to crash underneath them. Have squadrons focus on eliminating Shrshk detachments, use Gulpa as their satellites to swarm and distract any ambushers.
No. 959268 ID: 6e6f32

No barricade will hold the Scrshk for long. We must make use of this time we have won.

We must begin collapsing our position inward to eliminate the threat, however we will do so carefully and deliberately. I want soldiers combing over the entire city. Checking every street, every building, every sewer, every basement, under every bed and rug. There could be countless minor breach points and waiting ambushes when it comes to the Scrshk, and we are not going to miss a single one. Every hole guts plugged, every bug gets squashed. By the time we make it to the primary breach site to fight off the survivors, there will be NO surprises.

When forming parties, distribute Tovaru and Kobolds among our Sagura. The with any luck the Tovaru's experience and Kobold's innate understanding of the earth will minimize any further casualties. Enough of our people have died today.

And for god's sake get yourself cleaned up.
No. 959593 ID: fd2dfa
File 158503815234.png - (231.80KB , 1400x1050 , 85.png )

Your civilians managed to unearth some of the garrison, but there’s no chance of getting help there. Few of the soldiers survived the collapse, and those that have are so horribly maimed it is unclear they will ever be able to fight again.

You raise a small unit of kobold militia from volunteers among the citizens and slaves. Breaking them apart into parties mixed with Tovaru and Sagura, you deploy them across Tamos piecemeal, while maintaining a shieldwall against the Scrshk. Days pass, the Scrshk attack your shield wall six more times as your smaller parties collapse each tunnel they find and kill every Vermin hiding in your city. After the sixth attack is repelled, you rally your exhausted forces to push the raiders back and collapsing the final tunnel. Not before throwing scores of the dead into the tunnel with them, dreadshards already twisting the cadavers as the rubble covers it up. The victory feels hollow. Shardfall continues to pelt the barrier, and it will no doubt require more sacrifices to sustain while repairs are made…

>The attack is repelled. Most of Tamos is damaged
>Garrison forces lost
>Treasury has been raided, 560 kushel is missing
>Lost population to raiders and Shardfall (-3C, -2S)
>Slaves are sacrificed to sustain the barrier all season(-1)
>The remaining dreadshards are removed from the ground and structures. Dangerous as they are, they are a valuable trade resource. (+2 Pallets of dreadshards)
No. 959594 ID: fd2dfa
File 158503828922.png - (926.53KB , 1636x2233 , 86.png )

Turn 15
>Shardfall continues across Rezo. The shard-raised however has drawn several Things around Tamo, making what limited movement available in winter impossible until spring.
>A string of raids across Vot Tikve leave other holds in a similar condition. Vogu is attacked from two directions, but they whether the attack as they have every year. The attack on Arglos is repelled by disciplined ranks and Karver magic. Sov and Suzo whether attacks by Dredanok, and only with the sacrifice of many slave auxiliaries are the attacks repelled.
>Talas is destroyed. Voraklat raiders tear down the walls, carrying off countless citizens and slaves. Those that remain are overwhelmed by the Shard-raised, joining their ranks as they lurch into the shardstorms. The Things raze the settlement, leaving no living creature in its ruins.

Food(in tons):13
Kushel(money): 2000(+1060) (-360)
Inertia: 195 (+45)
Influence: 130 (+5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (7,2)
[Garrison] [Collapsed]
[Trading Post] [Damaged]
[Metallurgist] [Damaged]
[Closed Sewage] [Damaged]
[Scribe's Retreat] - 1 turn

[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka] [Desecrated]
Garrison: [Empty] - Upgrading to Walled Garrison - 3 turns]

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (3,1)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Garrison: Axe Tovaru, 2 Gulpa Auxiliary
-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [3/5] (50% strength, 2 turns to recover)
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater)][4/5] (75% strength, 1 turn to recover)

Prosperity: 36% (+2) (-2)

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 959602 ID: 094652

See if you can enact a policy; your people will understand, resources are tight and your defenses are lowered, so some fat will need to be trimmed.

Build a new garrison elsewhere, fortify the walls and floor so recruits are less afraid of a repeat.
No. 959615 ID: 6e6f32

Wait, how did a Leklos make it back to Sazoga? To be clear, it is still shardfall, yes? Also is the Shrine Re-Desecrated?

Pour 300 Kushel into replenishing troops in the first Leklos, thereby getting it to 75% like the second Leklos so both will be ready by spring.

Begin Repairs on the Garrison, Trading post, and Metallurgist and consult Ssoolaku.
No. 959616 ID: 9876c4

Repentish troops across the board.

Once our army's shipshape, we should think about sending colonists under guard to rebuild Talas.
No. 959656 ID: 2d9b2c

Buy another 5 units of Gulpa so we have a raiding force, and see what the bill os to bring Tamos back to normal.

Also check with ssoolaku about some anti-bug defenses so this doesn't happen again.
No. 959703 ID: 6e6f32

We could probably invest in the Undercroft upgrade, as doing so would effectively allow us to fortify our underground. Though I think excavating directly after a Shirsk incursion with a severely damaged army is a bad idea. Maybe Ssoolaku will have a solution?
No. 959724 ID: fd2dfa
File 158519902744.png - (397.08KB , 1400x1050 , 87.png )

Damn you're right, I gotta keep a better record of this stuff.

Repairs are underway, burning a hole in your treasury. As you've lost a majority of your forces, you spend a bit more to bring the more skilled militia into the leklos. (-1600 Kushel spent)

Unfortunately you only have enough to recruit 4 additional units of Gulpa, though the Gulpa matriarch has no issue if you want ten or ten thousand. (-400)

Consulting with Ssoolaku, he lays out three policies hastily drafted nased on our need for better defense, and replacing our lost slave population.

>Gold for Irons: Slaves are routinely traded across families as a secondary currency. Taruvik had no system in place to deal with the changing values of slaves based on their race, age, and skill. This policy would lay the foundations for such a market to buy and sell the labor pool.(Opens the Slave Market for trading slave populations, can buy slaves directly from friendly families)

>Find the Raiders: The raid was coordinated to strike during Shardfall, there can be no doubt. There are few capable of directing a brood, and all of them are dangerous. It is best to know who wronged us before we throw around accusations. Ssoolaku suggests establishing a division within the military devoted to intelligence gathering (Build House of Eyes, home for spies and devoted slaves who can infiltrate other families.)

>Scrshk fortifications: To prevent another such raid, or at least reduce the damage of another one, Soolaku proposes a number of possible defenses to be built into the city and combat drills to be trained into the soldiers. (Allows a city to build 'Scrshk-proofing' improvement to reduce chances of Scrshk ambush)
No. 959734 ID: 6e6f32

As nice as a quick and dirty anti-shirsk solution would be (As undercroft is quite laborious and expensive), I gotta go for house of eyes.

If we can find out who attacked us, we can send Daddy after them.
It would also help us get a better bead on the developing situation in Suzo.
No. 959736 ID: ce39da

Gonna have to second this sentiment. Doesn’t mean we’ll be shirking defense; I expect to go hog-wild with the rate of policy enactments in the coming months while we recover.
No. 959774 ID: 9876c4

Fortifications need to come now. Can't do intel/counterattack until we secure our perimeters.
No. 960056 ID: fd2dfa
File 158555789684.png - (923.03KB , 1636x2233 , 88.png )

Okay so I put together a spreadsheet of all the info. Everything should be in order now
Ssoolaku bows as you command him to gather the necessary components to build an intelligence gathering network. As he leaves, Aligos emerges from his alcove, a sneer of derision on his face. "Spies? We're a family of warriors, not nightblades."

"A family that also lost far too many because of subterfuge" you argue. "I won't let it happen again."

"We should be focusing on hardening our defenses then" he argues back. "What's the point of knowing our foe if we cannot stop them a second time?"

"If we know who they are, we can."

Reconstruction continues albeit slowly. Your militia attempt to help, but with the standing force being Gulpa, their 'help' comes as swarms of the furry vermin sifting through the wreckage and taking anything that can be used as a weapon. With infrastructure broken and an already sizeable backlog of structures to build, it will take some time(2 turns).

Prosperity suffers as basic infrastructure is closed off for repairs and patrols are called away to deal with a hundred different problems for the locals, leaving your roads unguarded. Without a garrison, soldiers are being forced to take refuge wherever they can, at local inns, with private family abodes, and unoccupied space in your estate. The disorganization makes it harder to coordinate your forces(-14 prosperity until the shrine is rebuilt).

Turn 16
>Spring comes, your people breathe a sigh of relief as your barrier begins to fade.
>The Scribe's Retreat is built, giving your scribes and bureacrats a place to store their supplies and organize their own infrastructure while they process the day to day activities of your holdings.
>Talas stands empty, with little trace of those who once inhabited it.
>Sot Nasau is under siege, the raids leaving the fortress open for attack. Whether by brigands or another family no one knows. Whoever sieges the fortress-city certainly has the numbers to merit the full force of the Royalists and reinforcements march from Arglos.

Food(in tons):23
Industry:21 (-2)
Kushel(money): 700(+1060) (-360)
Inertia: 285 (+95)
Influence: 35 (+5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (7,2)
[Garrison] [Under Repairs] (Gulpa)[4 units] [Upgrading to Walled Garrison - Delayed until repaired]
[Trading Post] [Under Repairs]
[Metallurgist] [Under Repairs]
[Closed Sewage] [Under Repairs]
[Scribe's Retreat]

[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka] [Under Repairs]

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (3,1)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Garrison: Axe Tovaru, 2 Gulpa Auxiliary
-In Tamo-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [3/5]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater)][4/5]

Prosperity: 20% (+2) (-4)

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
No. 960070 ID: 6e6f32

Oh man. So much to fucking do. At least the retreat is done and we can enact more policies from Ssoolaku.

Lets see...
Consult Ssoolaku. Aligos is right, we need to be ready come Winter. Hell, summer could be rough this year as we appear as a soft target. We need some way of boosting our infrastructure and repair/construction efforts. If Repairs, the walls, and the undercroft project aren't completed by winter we wont be able to withstand another assault like this. At the same time, summer is just a few short months away. We need something to repel or dissuade the hordes of drooling opportunists that will surely be beating down our door.

Send Sorguv to Vot Rokof with the Dread Shards and the Gretling Weapons.
He his to sell the shards, find out the manufacturer and origin of the weapons, and then sell them too.

Send Kavonika to Vot Rokof as well. She will inform our patron of the events of this winter and make a plea for aid. We are caught up on our dues, it is likely Rokof will offer some sort relief. Kavonika was crucial in our defense, but it clearly took a toll on her. By granting her the privilege of shaping our plea, whatever aid she returns with will surly give her piece of mind too.

Raid Send a recovery team to Talas. Send the first Leklos, Though Aligos' presence shouldn't be required. Its possible that beneath the ruined estate there could be bunkers or catacombs, much like ours. If so there could be survivors, and survivors mean information.

Raid Arglos. Send Aligos with the second Leklos, (minus the Tovaru of course) accompanied by two units of Gulpa. Burn 500 Kushel worth of supplies for the trip. When the Army's away, the raiders shall play.

Make a personal visit to Vogu. Explain our situation, and seek information on local powers with access to Schirsk, and ones with a reason to attack so far south. They've probably dealt with all of them. We have little to offer for the information, though an offer of a future favor would be acceptable at this time.
The info will be useful in helping us direct our new spies.
No. 960075 ID: 9876c4

I'm just going to say it, the undercroft is a huge hole in our already shaky defenses. We should table it until we have this under control.

We have enough gretling to get Vogu to swear fealty. We could send a messenger to them, enroute to a northern raid.

This is a good opportunity to hurt Arglos, and we should take it.
No. 960082 ID: 6e6f32

The Undercroft would be a defensive Construction. It's defensive purpose is 3 fold:
It would allow for rapid movement of friendly troops in the city above and below ground.
It would provide emergency underground shelter against the frost fall.
It would allow us to fortify against underground attack, as the shirsk wouldn't be able to bore through the solid bedrock beneath or around it without our notice.

Of course, it's an ambitious and somewhat expensive plan. If you have an idea that's more down to earth it could definitely be worth exploring.

As for the gretling... Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe we have 2 crates of assorted gretling weapons. Is that enough for an army? A unit even? I think Vogu expects us to control a Source of gretling, or at least have a large enough income to consistently purchase it, so he can supply his armies. A bribe of the stuff is meant as a function to demonstrate that.

Though, we weren't told how large the crates were. If it IS a significant amount we could try it. We propositioned him to swear fealty to Rokof, not us. If he does swear and get's disappointed later, our neck is still safe.
No. 960095 ID: 380fbe

I think we are still only at two actions per turn so we gotta prioritize. I agree we shpuld explore Tagla and see ablut colonizing it foremost to start securing a larger population and more income. But maybe Ssoolaku can give us some means of doing that?

Basically my vote is for Policy, then explore ruins. The rest can wait.
No. 960104 ID: 094652

Keep making policies, you have high inertia, enough food to enact this stuff, and low everything else!
No. 960112 ID: fd2dfa
File 158564352475.png - (389.03KB , 1400x1050 , 89.png )

Taken by surprise, Ssoolaku hastily brings forth three policies that his office is currently equipped to enact.

>Reclamation Standards: It’s not uncommon for villages and towns to be wiped out over Shardfall. Reclamation of lost property is a costly affair, cleansing ruins of Shard-raised, rebuilding decaying infrastructure, and establishing a functional infrastructure with limited supplies. With careful study, Ssoolaku proposes a set of protocols Taruvick can follow, including establishment of kobold warrens and a Gulpa nest. (Unlocks action, ‘Reclaim’ to occupy ruined settlements.)

>Office of Family Lineage: Keeping close track of your own family lines can be beneficial when negotiating with the Great Families. Distant relations help open doors and smooths the pathways to getting deals out of the Triarchs. Even if not with your host, than another Great Family will benefit. (Reduced influence cost of negotiating deals with Great Families)

>Found Gorod Line: The life of Gorod ranchers is a necessary blemish to many families. To voluntarily breed and raise Gorods is seen as utterly degenerate act in Rezan society, and the selfless dredges who choose this path are often given all the comforts they require, from a very long distance, to ensure a steady supply of the war-beasts to the family. The truly unsavory aspect is the fact the ranchers must come from the family itself, as Gorods tend to be docile only among those they recognize as their own blood.
No. 960131 ID: 6e6f32

We have 200 Influence. Can we do 2 of these?

Gorod Line and Reclamation sound good.
No. 960167 ID: 9876c4

Family Lineage comes before Gorod. Let's determine and exploit our lineage before we absolutely wreck it.

Reclaim is the best option here, and on a long enough timeline, we'll be using this a lot.
No. 960231 ID: ce39da

Dang it, none of these are all that useful for putting out these fires... except, perhaps, for finding our family lineage; I see a lot of requests for help in our future.
No. 960240 ID: 6e6f32

Damn. When you put it like that the choice sounds obvious.

I'll change my vote.

Family Lineage. If we can take 2 then Reclamation as well.

Though I would like some information on the Gorod option. Whats the set up time? Do we need to assign an available family member or is someone related but unimportant found?
No. 960286 ID: fd2dfa
File 158572716698.png - (136.94KB , 1400x1050 , 0401.png )

Dear Sirassa-san,
I have been able to get enrolled in Taruvi High School I hope to get used to this school as quickly as possible and lead a healthy academic life.
No. 960287 ID: fd2dfa
File 158572718170.png - (269.52KB , 1400x1050 , 040120.png )

However I am surrounded by people of unfamiliar demeanor, and I am somewhat at a loss
No. 960308 ID: ce39da


> Checks date.

Oh. Well now.

> What do.

Go up to the biggest, baddest lookin’ dude you can find, and punch him in the snout to assert dominance.
No. 960379 ID: 6c227a

Seems legit. Establish dominance.
No. 960381 ID: 9876c4

Pencils out
No. 960398 ID: 6e6f32

No. 960417 ID: fd2dfa
File 158578234697.png - (143.78KB , 1400x1050 , 04.png )

I can't just punch someone in the snout! Look at them! So much bigger and more menacing than me. This is a school of delinquints, and I've never done a naughty thing all my life. Focus! Focus Ssooraku. First day. You'll be fine if you just focus on the schoolwork. Pencils out. Pencils out. Pencils-ah!
No. 960418 ID: fd2dfa
File 158578236871.png - (172.12KB , 1400x1050 , 01.png )

"Oh thank you." I suppose I was quick to judge. These people seem quite alri
No. 960419 ID: fd2dfa
File 158578238325.png - (154.34KB , 1400x1050 , 2020.png )


No. 960420 ID: fd2dfa
File 158578241263.png - (122.06KB , 1400x1050 , 01042020.png )

He...ate my pencil. He ATE my pencil...
No. 960426 ID: ce39da

He's trying to establish dominance. He's trying to freak you out or provoke you into answering it in kind. Therefore, we need to avoid looking weak while also avoiding any "macho" response that could be interpreted as escalating matters.

I have just the answer:
> "Weird flex, but okay."
No. 960432 ID: 641650

This boy hungry, give them all your pencils to show you aren't intimidated.
No. 960435 ID: e20834

this is the normal person response. Infact, offer to go out and buy him some more pencils encase he doesn't have enough for himself
No. 960436 ID: f56a2b

"Mother didn't pack you a lunch, eheheh...?"
No. 960483 ID: 9876c4

This is more than we bargained for. We need to find Freddie.
No. 960484 ID: fd2dfa
File 158580575436.png - (106.55KB , 1400x1050 , 04.png )

No. 960485 ID: fd2dfa
File 158580576306.png - (176.77KB , 1400x1050 , 01.png )

No. 960486 ID: fd2dfa
File 158580578008.png - (126.08KB , 1400x1050 , 2020.png )

No. 960487 ID: fd2dfa
File 158580588807.png - (76.67KB , 1400x1050 , 420.png )

That was all my pencils. He ate all of them. This is too much

No. 960497 ID: 6e6f32

Make sure he's alright. Sure he hate your pencils, but a gleaming heart is a sure way to friendship!
No. 960512 ID: a89711

Impressive, challenge them to the oldest game.
No. 960514 ID: fd7f7d

*(edit) Challenge the entire class to the oldest game.
No. 960534 ID: c2f1f6

His hubris has made him weak, now's the time! What's the matter punk, my pencil's not good enough for you? Not even a thank you?
No. 960545 ID: ce39da

"Hope that weird-ass flex was worth it. I'm sure you look real macho to the other guys." This tells him that he lost this round, but in a way that makes it clear that you barely had to do anything; he took this L upon himself by means of his own dumbassery, and he ought to know it.
No. 960858 ID: fd2dfa
File 158612018930.png - (319.33KB , 1285x1044 , 90.png )

rolled 100 = 100

You send a force of Sagura to the ruins of Talas. The silence is unsettling for the soldiers, used to cities being filled with the sounds of civilians talking business, the shouts of slaves working their errands, the wail of fresh captives being collared, and the shouting of traders trying to be heard over the din. There's nothing here. Not even beasts make a sound. Shardfall is thorough when clearing out population centers. And the things the pick through the ruins aren't always Rezan...
No. 960860 ID: fd2dfa
File 158612028287.png - (320.41KB , 1468x972 , 91.png )

Talas is infested with Sopros

Sopros. Spirit-demons that are like scavengers following the Things of Shardfall. They are drawn to places of great suffering and death, though what they hope to find is unknown. They flit in an out of existence, as though they are figments of imaginations. Their chilling touch is anything but, and any living thing unfortunate enough to have their attention suffer a fate as bad as the shard-risen, being taken with the Sopros to whatever realm they inhabit.

Dealing with them is a difficult process. Karvers can send them screaming back to their hellpits with magic, but soldiers have a harder time. Cold iron pierces their etheric sleeve-forms but it's never clear what truly kills one. Some die to a single stab, others need to be hacked to pieces before they finally fade back to their realm. And all the while soldiers die to their ghostly claws. Their attacks leave no physical marks the claws rip into their soul, slowly separating spirit from body. Those that survive the encounter are Ether-marked, poor wretches who know that otherworldly things gather around them, waiting for them to die, freeing their soul to be consumed by the ether-predators.

And there are dozens of them in Talas. The scouts sent in have managed to avoid detection so far, but the creatures are growing wary. They can smell the stench of living flesh and it has them agitated.

>What shall they do?
No. 960862 ID: 9876c4

This isn't a military problem. Let's pull back and hire an exterminator.
No. 960879 ID: 6e6f32

What do depends on whether "Cold Iron" is a poetic term for normal iron, or an actual special material used for dealing with magic creatures.

If it's the former, split the forces into a dozen smaller groups encircling the gate, making sure no group is closer to the gate than any other. Have each group draw straws, and on a signal have one soldier from each group draw blood and scream in tandom to draw them out and split them up. A line wont work here but we hold the numerical advantage. The more iron we can lay into the enemy, the more quickly we can end this.

If it's the latter... Then there is no shame in retreat. No point in wasting lives over an unkillable foe. We will return with a karver when we are able.
No. 960909 ID: 094652

This area will be a 81+(# to reclaim, for you and your enemies. Leave it alone until you can organize a Karver institution to exorcise the @#$% out of every square foot. For now, it will serve as a sufficient buffer against any surprise raids from the southwest.
No. 960911 ID: 094652

Also, that champion you left rotting in your dungeons? Assign him as a trainer.
No. 961115 ID: fd2dfa
File 158633271445.png - (225.60KB , 1400x1050 , 92.png )

The reclamation forces pull out of Talas in quick order. None of the Sopros follow.

Meanwhile you head towards the dungeon. Your prisoner had stewed all winter, almost forgotten during the whirlwind of Shardfall, and neglected for far too long.

He glares at you when you enter. "Juh gwan jan jilie koghwan na?"

Oh right. He doesn't speak Rezan...

No. 961129 ID: 6e6f32

No no this won't do. A Translator isn't good enough. He needs to know our language.

Put him in a cell with a desk and some basic amenities and assign a language tutor.
We'll return to him in a few months.
Just make sure a Tovaru soldier is present among his guards.
No. 961130 ID: 9876c4

Put him a work gang of Rezan slaves. He'll grow his muscles and learn the language.
No. 961138 ID: 6e6f32

Also an option. Though I worry about flight risk with the current disorder of things.
No. 961162 ID: fa0f98

Two parter. Find someone tgat speaks his language, and use him as a translator, but not for us. There might be things that don't translate over. Bring in Ssoolaku

Ssoolaku is probably best equipped on how to teach him better. Let him give the prisoner a crash course, identify what he's most receptive to, and set up a program among his bureucrats to give him a basic enough vocab so he can talk directly to us by next turn. He has nothing else to do so he'll have to pick it up.

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