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Darkness Quest by Rowan

Rowan's first and thus far longest running quest. According to Rowan, this takes place approximately 2000 years after the war against the light and the dark. This is supposedly going to be covered in Rowan's quest Children of Creed.


Gus: Darkness incarnate. Resurrected in a lab by a doctor under the orders of Rastin. Gus has thus far escaped said laboratory and has found himself in the company of the grue Pitchy, and the human shadow walker Lizzy. With aid from these two and the mysterious Jay, the janitor, Rowan was able to escape further testing from the doctor and has thus found himself in a mysterious world filled with beings that relate to the elements of the world.

Pitchy: Pitchy is a Grue, a creature of the darkness and bound in spirit to Gus. According to Pitchy, her goal in this world is to re-establish the world's grue population by creating eggs with Gus, the only possible mate to a grue in such a state.

Lizzy: Lizzy is a former thief, which is ironic seeing as she joined Gus to expand her thieving skills. She has up to this point found her self the mother type character to Pitchy and has taken the role of care-taker when Gus is busy. Rowan does not like to draw her due to his inability to easily draw breasts in paint. So far Rowan has found more effective ways to solve this problem, namely expanding the space within to draw his characters.

Shocky: A lightning elemental with an adventurous spirit. He is able to directly interact with the denizens of Questden via his computer. He also has the ability to travel through the internet, and has used this ability to shock literally EVERYTHING in the world.


The lab: Not much to say, the starting point of Darkness Quest and the place of resurrection for Gus. Pitchy was found being held captive for unknown purposes in here while Lizzy was found attempting to steal information. The three were later held captive again until a mysterious janitor helped them escape into another world. The elemental plane.

The Elemental Plane: Shocky's home and home to thousands of elementals including the prime elementals such as Gus and the Light. Other more mysterious elementals reside here, but most remain secluded or sedentary.

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