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The Dungeon Crawlers by TDC
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There are multiple quests with a similar name. For other uses, see Dungeon Quest.

"Generations upon generations ago, it is said that six great heroes united the races on the continent of Ution and beyond, and drove the dark race known as the Drow deep underground.

It's a shame you're not in the hands of any of them."

Instead, this story is about Mark the adventurer, Lin the paladin, and their various traveling companions.

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Mark's group


Occupation: Adventurer
A somewhat hapless adventurer who is first seen accidentally burning down a town. He owns one of the two amulets that /tg/ speaks through.

Prince Erick Samwell

Occupation: (Unofficially disowned) Crown Prince of Farway
The eldest son of King Gerald of Farway, and technically the heir to the throne. Effectively, however, he was sent on effectively a suicide mission because he was seen as so unpopular the public would not have accepted him as king. It takes quite a bit of time for him to realize this.

Lin's group


Occupation: Paladin of the Sons of De Justús
A paladin who was once in Mark's adventuring group. The owns the other of the two amulets that /tg/ speaks through. She has a bit of a problem with being intimidated by authority figures.


Occupation: Paladin of the Sons of De Justús
An elven paladin. He is rather squeamish for a paladin, but he means well and is a quite capable healer.


Occupation: Paladin of the Sons of De Justús
An (ogre?) paladin. He is very strong and rarely speaks.


Occupation: Former criminal, initiate paladin of the Sons of De Justús
A changeling who entered into a foolish deal with a demon in an attempt to gain the courage to stand up for himself. After Lin's group of paladins free him from the contract, Lin has him take the paladin's oath to prove a point and is surprised when Ath is accepted by the paladin's goddess. This is previously unheard of, as changelings are considered abominations by practically all paladins.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

ITQ: Mark 1, Lin 1, Faer 1, Doctor Namskul 1


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