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Vinetits by whaat

Vinetits as a character was created initially to give Whaat someone to draw tentacle porn of. Then he got the idea to do a quest about said character to give himself a quest that he would hopefully find fun to do.

TL;DR Something something the beauty of nature's symbiotic relationships.

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The quest starts with Vinetits emerging from a pod growing from the ground. She hears an explosion of some sort and goes to investigate. She finds the camp of the Tozols, one of which is trying to put out the other who has caught on fire. She also finds a bright yellow fruit which was described as "a very delicious thing it tastes really good and makes your everything feel really warm and light". She immediately eats the fruit and absently grabs a vine. While the effects of the fruit takes effect, something comes up from behind her. But the vine tentacle pulls her up into the canopy out of reach of what she sees as a distorted silhouette of a Tozol. She wakes up on a large branch wrapped in the tentacle. She easily frees herself and gets a better view of the camp from above. She then tries climbing down but is knocked off the branch by the same Tozol trying to jump up onto the branch. They both fall but the tentacles catch Vinetits and lowers her safely down to the ground. The tozol quickly recovers from his fall and intrigued by the discovery of Vinetits carries her to their camp. The Tozols at the camp while initially intrigued, quickly loses interest and sees her as a mild annoyance. The Tozols uncover something under the ground and two of the Tozols go inside and do something with some equipment. The Tozols ignore Vinetits, as she climbs into the hole and explores the hallway finding a room with various things in it. After fiddling around with the stuff in the room she accidentally powers up what appears to be a space ship of some kind and it takes off. Shortly after the room she was just left explodes and she passes out as one of the Tozols drags her away from the explosions.

Vinetits wakes up in another pod and shortly thereafter a Scellor finds vinetits. Intrigued by this discovery, using psionic powers, she carries Vinetits to other some other Scellor. They are able to talk directly with /quest/ through their minds, although Vinetits doesn't seem to understand much at all. It is reveled that they are looking for something inside a crate inside a ship that is on the planet. Wanting to acquire information directly from Vinetits' mind one of the Scellor dives into her mind. She finds /quest/ as a glowing green orb hanging from a tentacle but no sign of Vinetits' personalities or memories. Then ...


Situated on a jungle covered world inhabited by a species which has a symbiotic relationship with the plants, which usually manipulates them using tentacles. The plants themselves are not sentient but, with the unique geology of the soil and the unforeseen consequences of alien contamination, have formed a collective consciousness or a superorganism made up of every single plant on the planet.



Standing around six feet tall "Vinetits", named after the quest title, is a digitigrade bipedal creature that has long ears and short brown fur with a slight green tint. She is almost a direct player character as she unquestioningly preforms suggestions to the best of her ability but has her own, initially lacking, personality.


A /quest/ species created by TestPattern, the Tozols are the first group that Vinetits discovers. The group consists of five tozols, two females and three males, trying to dig up something buried under the ground.


A /quest/ species created by Jukashi, the Scellor are the second group that discovers Vinetits. The Scellor are able to communicate directly with /quest/ and Vinetits but Vinetits, although able to hear their thoughts, is unable to understand or even comprehend what is being said.


Vinetits' appearances Inside the Quest.

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Vinetits encounters a quoddle
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