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File 170733564289.jpg - (49.20KB , 850x531 , An Pur Waterfront.jpg )
1082760 No. 1082760 ID: c4cfd0

((I will be borrowing some artwork from Thief 2014, and other games in the franchise, such as the one used for this post. I will credit art where able. This quest uses a mishmash of Blades in the Dark and the setting of CATastrophe. It borrows names and ideas from various media sources, including, but not limited to: Black Lagoon (anime), Final Fantasy X, various crime dramas, the Thief franchise, and more.))

An Pur. One of the largest cities floating out there. A veritable metropolis of the sea. On the surface, it's just another safe haven, bigger than most, but still just a place where folks gather and party. Their little slice of heaven. Sure it takes a lot to keep the place running, enough that there's even formal schools, universities, and a huge demand for skilled labor, but it's safe harbor in uncertain seas, home, some might even call it heaven.
You can live there a lifetime and not see everything.

And the cats up top like it that way.
It keeps people from asking questions, like "what's down that alleyway?" "What's that smell outside the cannery?" "Why does everyone in that office have a knife?"
For those who know where to look, An Pur isn't heaven. It's hell. A honeytrap. An Pur is history rhyming, the mistakes of the past reiterated. Nobody pays attention to the faded letters. Nobody reads between the lines. Not if they want to keep their beautiful illusions alive.

Welcome to the dark side of An Pur. Once you've seen it, you can't leave it. Even if you make it to the top, it'll cling to you, like bad cologne.


You all got tangled up in this in your own ways. Caught too much attention from the wrong 'benefactor', made a sale to the wrong guy, racked up the wrong debt. Maybe the only thing in common was that one word. "Wrong."

Doesn't matter. The end result is the same. A bag is ripped off of your head, letting you finally take a proper breath. The air is rancid, and carries the faint undertones of rot.

You're in a firing line, fifteen people long, overlooking a river. And it's clear this isn't the first time this river has been used like this.

Snap! You hear somebody's fingers click, and then the deathrattle of some other poor guy. Snap! Again, somebody tumbles into the river.

Snap! Snap! Snap! You hear some begging- it doesn't stop the snapping. Snap! Snap! Snap!

On and on it goes, until three are left. There's tension. A hand on a throat, the feeling of cold steel on the nape of a neck.

Then boots on wooden boards. The knife goes away, but the hand remains.

"Well, count your lucky stars. Boss says you get to keep on breathin'." A gruff, accented voice declares. It then concludes with a sardonic, "Welcome to An Pur, newbloods."
No. 1082763 ID: aef6e4

Character sheets: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e0UqVZ9Vh_-o_ao08IkM_FsYam5-xjzncgfhiI_6oFA

"Yes, thank you, we're all very impressed with how much more hardcore you are than the university's accounts receivable department. Nice attention to detail on the bodies - smells almost exactly like the real thing," says Rock, who's wrangled far too many medical cadavers as part of teaching assistant duties.
"So, does this mean Hotel Blue is willing to allow the Tinsnips to throw the proposed glitter party in the D'Nyanzelo Brothers warehouse on fourth street? Assuming we clean up after ourselves, and the maitre'd gets paid on time and in full, of course."
No. 1083275 ID: 965bce

>It then concludes with a sardonic, "Welcome to An Pur, newbloods."
"Lived here my whole life, drama queens" Specs mutters under her breath, awkwardly twisting herself to work the kinks out.
No. 1083278 ID: 3f01d5

Upon hearing her compatriots antagonize the gangsters whose good graces they're operating under, Costello lets out a low growl.

"Business over dinner. Not over riverbed. Talk shop at nicer venue."

So, we need to figure out how many dice we roll, what the position is, and what the effect level is. DM can set position and effect level- by first guess is "Risky" and "Standard" but you have the most insight into the goons motivations/orders and how well that aligns with us. We're trying to score, and we're going to make a Social plan to do so- >>1082763 throwing a party to rub elbows.

action roll
1. The player states their goal for the action.
2. The player chooses the action rating that matches what their character is doing in the fiction.
3. The GM sets the position for the roll.
4. The GM sets the effect level for the action.
5. Add bonus dice.
6. The player rolls the dice and we judge the result.

For action rating, this seems like Consort, Command, or Sway. Not really confident on which. Then we considered advantages which add/subtract dice?

> Is this operation particularly bold or daring? Take +1d. Is this operation overly complex or contingent on many factors? Take -1d.
> Does the plan’s detail expose a vulnerability of the target or hit them where they’re weakest? Take +1d. Is the target strongest against this approach, or do they have particular defenses or special preparations? Take -1d.
> Can any of your friends or contacts provide aid or insight for this operation? Take +1d. Are any enemies or rivals interfering in the operation? Take -1d.
> Are there any other elements that you want to consider? Maybe a lower-Tier target will give you +1d. Maybe a higher-Tier target will give you -1d. Maybe there’s a situation in the district that makes the operation more or less tricky.

I would say this is certainly bold... not sure about the rest. Thoughts?
No. 1084742 ID: aef6e4

rolled 4, 5, 2, 2, 5 = 18

>For action rating, this seems like Consort, Command, or Sway. Not really confident on which.
No, if this is an engagement roll for the start of a heist: https://bladesinthedark.com/planning-engagement
>The engagement roll is a fortune roll, starting with 1d for sheer luck. Modify the dice pool for any major advantages or disadvantages that apply.
I'll just roll more dice than we're likely to need, and then we can figure out how many of them are relevant.
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