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File 152186585887.png - (18.80KB , 150x150 , tgchanlogo.png )
121761 No. 121761 ID: 395c02 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Welcome to the Quest Advice thread Mk. 2! Anyone is welcome to offer advice or ask questions about the amazing world of interactive storytelling!

Check the wiki page for additional information and tips: http://questden.org/wiki/Advice_for_Running_a_Quest

The Questden discord may also be of assistance: https://discord.gg/Fh5zMTX

Old thread (Advice may be outdated): https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/15880.html
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No. 135575 ID: 47be15

Ok thanks for the explanation
No. 135580 ID: e13b1d

Could it be fixed by specifying in a URL/link /thread and /post?
No. 137585 ID: 391a38

No. 139141 ID: dc13c4

can anybody send me the link for the tgchan discord?
No. 139247 ID: b57fea

Unless you were banned, the link at the top of this thread should work just fine?

File 168539065074.png - (1.24KB , 64x64 , ORB_Icon.png )
139801 No. 139801 ID: 4314ed hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Main Thread Here: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1063597.html

If you have any questions, theories, constructive criticism, fanart, etc, it can go here.
No. 139804 ID: a3c1ba

Shopping spree!!
No. 139811 ID: 4314ed

I've got some questions about how to improve a little.

I suspect that my characters seem a bit flat.
As the viewpoint character, there should probably be more of an emotional slant to the descriptions of things that matches Frankie. I'm planning on going for an eager-to-be helpful, but somewhat neurotic personality.
I figure I can achieve that, by describing his reasoning for why he does things, & inserting some emotional language there. Does that sound good?

As for other characters, I'm not quite sure how to do that.

For the Monitor, I can write in a certain voice pretty easily, but I'm not sure how well I can get a sense of pessimism across.

Similarly, I'm not quite sure what to do with Cerendi. I think part of it is that I don't have a concrete description of her personality.
I'm trying to go for a hardcore "gamer-girl" type of thing. Strong opinions on games, etc. Knows what she wants, headstrong. Friendly, but not nice/soft enough to be a mother-figure.
Maybe just writing it out here will help?

Besides that, I'm not sure about pacing (not that there's any pace to measure yet). Obviously, updating more frequently would be good, but that'll probably come with time.

Also made this quest more in-depth than I originally meant to. Not sure if that will be good or bad yet. This is my first quest, so I'm worried it'll be a bad thing.
No. 139812 ID: 4314ed

I mean, I could make that part of the quest-for-a-power-supply.
Frankie finds several different options, each with different pros/cons?

I was thinking of a more general shopping-spree happening later... Hmmm... I'll think about that.

File 167898848776.png - (276.33KB , 633x1292 , markup_clip_5571803234603730273.png )
139280 No. 139280 ID: 02d159 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

A thread for discussion related to O/I/R, because you guys seem to need it ahead of schedule.

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/O/I/R
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No. 139730 ID: cce6c4

no this is separate from the tooth
No. 139739 ID: 3936ea

Turned out to be strep. Next update delayed accordingly while I wait for my brain to work again.
No. 139741 ID: 2aa5f0

just getting the crapped kicked out of you by life right now huh?

Well hope you make a quick recovery. Being sick is never fun.
No. 139757 ID: cce6c4

Shooting for the weekend to get an update written. Hopefully this'll be the last interruption for a while.
No. 139810 ID: 5d7c39

I have a quick question about the quest. What is the MC’s race current tech level? As in are the basically modern day earth’s level of tech, closer to world war 2 levels of tech, more advanced than us? Mostly asking since I’ve been assuming that their around our level of tech and have yet to achieve long range space flight.

File 132034964413.png - (545.55KB , 770x620 , Steel_Wars_Discussion.png )
45334 No. 45334 ID: 5004a5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Here lies the discussion thread for Steel Wars, the sci-fi mech warfare setting and quest. It is a collaborative project by MrBrush and EvilP.

All comments and questions are welcome.
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 45758 ID: 3fd4fb

Replying to a few reasonable battle strategy suggestions with "draw the battle plan" after several days isn't really that great. A requirement like that should really be presented up front, because now the sense is that all the effort put into the original suggestions as to what to do was completely wasted.

Besides, with precious little information on that map- elevation's kind of important, as is weapons range, mech speed, and a half-dozen other things- the map is hardly useful for anything other than reducing what seemed a fairly detailed combat situation into a bunch of boxes and lines.
No. 45830 ID: c3ec0a

The late map inclusion was a bit of a fuckup on our side. It was originally intended to be submitted with the update before, but got put on the backlog due to various reasons *coughskyrimcough*
No. 49096 ID: c3ec0a
File 132871475960.png - (138.13KB , 750x550 , strider_class2.png )

Do you guys want to stick with Marius or play as another faction?
No. 49106 ID: 431fa8

I was cool with Marius. Jumping around between factions when we've hardly gotten to know him that well seems like it would only truncate the tentative bits of characterization that this quest has already managed and abort the opportunity to develop them into something compelling.
No. 49108 ID: b6edd6

Same here. I think switching factions is generally not that good an idea narratively.

File 156351622808.png - (44.51KB , 883x638 , sisirri HD.png )
130146 No. 130146 ID: 2df440 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Post your amazing fanarts for your favorite quests here! The old thread has become filled with too much art, so it's time to start again. Commissions of quest characters you bought are cool to post. Authors can also post extra images of their quest characters here (you can be a fan of your own quest!) Cool kids label their fanart with character and quest names.

First post is Sisirri from Salikai in super HD!

Previous threads: >>100245
724 posts and 646 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139764 ID: 450976

I’m an idiot and tried to link a file On My Computer. so smart
No. 139793 ID: 15a025
File 168533313510.png - (676.23KB , 1000x1000 , sleepygoat.png )

Maebe this is some fanart. Maebe not.

If it was, it's Maebe from Calliope.
No. 139805 ID: 8ef505
File 168540668393.png - (77.26KB , 442x782 , 28_05_2023 3.png )

I hereby sacrifice this digital graven image of a miniature ratcat """"scientist"""" as a good health charm

Kuvusha from O/I/R, by me the famous artist anonymous
No. 139806 ID: 9b127b
File 168541497136.png - (2.45MB , 1600x1200 , ScionV4.png )

Belle from Scion of the old blood
No. 139807 ID: a7a180
File 168541904439.png - (235.53KB , 1257x1374 , weary_sun_tango.png )

Deem, master of the dungeon and lord of the dance. By Larro.

File 165993143910.png - (3.76MB , 2327x1950 , itty_bitty_beach2022.png )
137800 No. 137800 ID: 899c9f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

It's the sandiest day of the year again! Every quest character is invited to come and enjoy the cool ocean breeze and sandy shores. Come splash in the ocean surf, and don't spare the sunscreen!

This year: A day at the beach, on a budget! With a little imagination and inventiveness, you too can enjoy a stay-at-home beach bonanza! and with the magic of patented Formican Reducer technology, this pint-size beach can feel full-size!

Just remember, try not to be too lewd.
100 posts and 99 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 138355 ID: a7a180
File 166616451096.png - (97.18KB , 500x500 , tinier_tina.png )

-Oh, dear oh dear. Too slow, Tina…
No. 139751 ID: e5709d

Dotti should simply compare swimwear to bra sizes and see which types hold the most volume under stress tests.
No. 139753 ID: cc8588
File 168497811445.png - (219.79KB , 700x600 , BD_2022-12v2.png )


The fox puddle is perfect for pondering deep, difficult decisions. The Momo-Dotti armistice still holds. For now.

"Hey, Momo," Dotti says, quietly enough to not freak out the considerate lady. "There are lots of people here in their underwear, but no one is making fun of them for it. And some people are wearing more clothes than others, like this very considerate lady petting us."

"It's swimwear," Momo says. "It looks like underwear, but it's stuff people wear around big pools of water. Some people have competitions to see who can wear the least amount of clothes and not get kicked out."

"You can win that one," Dotti says. "So you're saying I can wear stuff to encourage tummy rubs?"

"Among other things."

Tummy rubs are important. So is shapeshifting flexibility.

So many choices... if only there was someone on the beach who could help her decide on what not-underwear is best.
No. 139802 ID: a7a180
File 168539476543.png - (132.66KB , 1000x1000 , caught_blue_handed.png )


From across the beach, Tineola hears an urgent cry for help with fashion! But there’s a big obstacle in the way: it’s a big, big world out there. She’s going to need to catch a ride.
“Excuse me, miss Landi? Down here! I need to borrow your wings!”
Landi blinks at the fairy’s fairy sized moth flittering about. “Wow, are you a talking gnat? So this is what it’s like to be Serah!”
“I um, may have used the shrinker one too many times. Could you get me over to that fox? I want to help her with her fashion crisis in any way I can, no matter how microscopic I may be!”
“Oh, are you sure you want me to take you closer to that stinky fox? She isn’t exactly my biggest fan.“
“Please, you’re the only one who can help me! …And I can’t hit the buttons on the shrinker anymore.”
“Eh, alright. Try not to get lost in there!” Landi shoots skyward, clutching Tineola tight!
No. 139803 ID: a7a180
File 168539477457.png - (81.94KB , 750x750 , foxtastic_voyage.png )

Landi zips over to Dotti and flies a loop around her head, earning a glare from the fluffy fox. While the fairy keeps the vindictive vixen distracted, Tineola leaps out of Landi’s hands and glides toward a giant, pointy ear, nestling at its base completely unnoticed.
Ahem! Dotti? Dooottiii… Can you hear me? This is your fashion-conscious conscience speaking! If you want to maximise your tummy rubs, you want an outfit that looks cute, just like you! One that keeps your belly exposed and pairs nicely with your wonderful orange fur! What you need is an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, purple polka dot bikini!

File 159306285322.jpg - (141.79KB , 800x605 , BAN DISCUSS.jpg )
133236 No. 133236 ID: 7ae189 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Just realized that I should probably make one of these. Discuss away
121 posts and 52 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 137963 ID: cd5c4f

The only thing that comes to my mind when I see that pink shirt is what Vegeta was wearing at one point in the show.
No. 139794 ID: df6307
File 168534156547.jpg - (725.81KB , 1042x1050 , BAN DISC51.jpg )

<< Kept you waiting, huh? >>

Several months of IRL living/suffering later, I'm gainfully employed, (relatively) stable, alive and (relatively) well!! I won't jinx myself but I'm going to very tentatively start updating again, and hopefully finally return to the rhythm of posting once or twice a weekend that I was chasing like, a year and a half ago.

In other news, my gf gifted me a tablet that I actually feel comfortable drawing on, so I might experiment with working fully with digital for updates, moving forward. Very alien and exciting territory for me haha, up until now I've drawn everything with a pen and scanned it to add color. Ideally things won't look that different--this tablet actually feels good to draw with, unlike my old one.
No. 139796 ID: f84b6b

exciting to see you return! I was a bit worried when you dropped off, reminds me I should get your discord haha
No. 139797 ID: f84b6b

exciting to see you return! I was a bit worried when you dropped off, reminds me I should get your discord haha
No. 139800 ID: 9a2966

Hey, nice to have you back!

File 148309725619.jpg - (4.85MB , 1748x2480 , Discussion thread 1.jpg )
107070 No. 107070 ID: 23060e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Here you can ask me theauthor about anything connected to the quest and I will answer it as soon as possible
1727 posts and 328 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139759 ID: dc13c4
File 168523172757.jpg - (1.66MB , 2280x2486 , BB 1080.jpg )

No. 139760 ID: 3c8cb5


I cannot remember when I drew them (referring to these puppets here), I don't think they were before the fog. Secondly, I didn't come to the acolytes willingly, I was kidnapped. Thirdly, I don't trust anything Lorence says about me. Me and him are not on good terms.

He's acting as if we are, which whatever, he can act like we are but I still will never forgive him for him using me as he did.
No. 139795 ID: dc13c4
File 168534703499.jpg - (2.75MB , 2480x3396 , BB 1081.jpg )

No. 139798 ID: 1ab976

I honestly do not remember. When I drew them, however I lean towards after the fog. Here’s why, before the fog I didn’t really have prophetic dreams. It only started getting bad like this after the fog emerged. The fact I drew them and was this accurate tells me that I probably drew it after the fact.
No. 139799 ID: 1ab976

Also, no offense everyone, but if Happy made this thing to taunt you all and probably lay out some secrets you all would want to know, shouldn’t this wait until AFTER the performance?

File 168529321776.png - (210.96KB , 600x600 , DD1.png )
139765 No. 139765 ID: 3c7c24 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

It's Dragon Day!
It's Dragon Day!
Come on down for Dragon Day!
19 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139788 ID: 9ea24b
File 168531029186.png - (105.78KB , 500x500 , a24a.png )

Salamence has no money because he has never needed any, the communist commune aka Team Friendlies has always provided for his needs. He's glad the food service worker prepared something for him, but he doesn't have any way to pay.
No. 139789 ID: 9ea24b
File 168531032816.png - (81.84KB , 500x500 , a24b.png )

Channeling his inner Gengar, he nabs the fried object and runs.
No. 139790 ID: 9ea24b
File 168531041081.png - (100.41KB , 500x500 , a24c.png )

After finding a quiet corner, Salamence chows down on the mysterious object.

Salamence has learned Flamethrower! He can't stop spewing flames! Also his tummy hurts.
No. 139791 ID: 3c7c24
File 168532442127.png - (202.62KB , 600x600 , DD6.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Keep up, Scrimbalt. I hope you appreciate the trouble I went through to get the manager to fix the rules so you could come in. Try not to embarrass me while I'm on the prowl."
No. 139792 ID: 3c7c24
File 168532442774.png - (124.04KB , 600x600 , DD7.png )

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Y-yes, mistress."

File 149409944540.png - (3.50MB , 2400x3150 , Kalez2.png )
111417 No. 111417 ID: d1d42a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Thread for discussing King of Pentacles

numerous questions and complaints have been voiced
probably best to have them answered outside of quest
566 posts and 138 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139205 ID: 9b127b
File 167762227935.png - (863.84KB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage4.png )

Page 4
No. 139213 ID: 322af8

Poor Icker. First she lost her hive then we degenerates strip her constantly.
No. 139250 ID: 9b127b
File 167848246130.png - (849.32KB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage5.png )

page 5
No. 139477 ID: 9b127b
File 168052740843.png - (0.99MB , 764x1053 , TFOHKpage6.png )

Page 6
No. 139754 ID: 9b127b
File 168497903987.png - (1.78MB , 1125x1019 , GarcioBonus.png )

Garcio, the morning after one of his adventures

File 162056925280.png - (95.44KB , 900x900 , a9.png )
135483 No. 135483 ID: eedbeb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

i make quests too quickly to warrant a discussion thread for each one. going forward all the fun can happen here.

once i'm finished with a quest, i put it in pdf form here: https://tippler.itch.io/

my twitter: https://twitter.com/fishsimp2
271 posts and 103 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139732 ID: 2c1245

I forgot but do arkots lay eggs? Is it like another pokemon where the eggs sre like, 75% their own chest cavity?

Will green noodle dad try to convince a larger alien servant to fight our kabots?

Are the other mansion staff member hedging bets on who would win each fight?
No. 139733 ID: a7a180

Arkots do lay eggs but considering the size of their broods it's probably not that big an egg.
No. 139735 ID: 084179

Curse you and your sexy Neumonos! How could you make overalls so hot!?
No. 139738 ID: 9ea24b
File 168461731781.png - (95.20KB , 500x500 , a1.png )

will the kabots have to fight more advanced species?
you will see once the story progresses like two tests further

are other mansion staff making bets on the fights?
the maths of betting are too much for arkots and the other staff are slowly becoming aware of the kabots, so not yet

how neumono in overalls hot?
lady big. lady mean. the neurons in your brain are built for this.

the key to hotness for me is to have a fictional woman character and then make them depressed
No. 139742 ID: 2c1245

Hot damn. You know what would be hotter?
Big lady, but sleep deprived, frustrated, and dealing with student loan debt.

File 168440511980.png - (3.52KB , 256x256 , image_2023-05-18_201836921.png )
139727 No. 139727 ID: 7ae8e6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Discussion thread for System Boot Zero!

Discuss your theories, questions, or anything you've noticed about System Boot Zero!

Chapter 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1000552.html
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/System_Boot_Zero

Oh, and be sure to support me on Twitter! https://Twitter.com/LiterallyJumble

File 168385603785.png - (118.56KB , 690x600 , qst op.png )
139686 No. 139686 ID: 08229c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

A place to discuss my work. Ask me questions. Or ask my characters questions directly! As long as its not spoilers it'll be answered.

Or don't. I'm not your parent.
19 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139711 ID: 1effd3

this but not in character*
No. 139713 ID: 0daef2

Do you take commissions?
No. 139714 ID: 4534a6

>Zero, thankfully. Species can't interbreed in MAQ!
Wew I thought elves were the universal fuckboy race, whose highly evolved dna let them intermingle with everyone
That's why there are ao many halfelf breeds in the d&d lore
No. 139716 ID: 0c3af1

What's with the alias change from Larro?
No. 139718 ID: 777518

Alex is BIG CUTE.

File 146890586328.png - (21.64KB , 750x600 , Fiend discussion.png )
101723 No. 101723 ID: f9400c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Discussion location for the fantastic new quest collaboration between Trout and Kaed.
34 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139684 ID: ae78a6
File 168385021050.png - (5.30MB , 2000x1266 , Lore3.png )

No. 139685 ID: ae78a6
File 168385022785.png - (4.92MB , 2000x1266 , Lore_4.png )

No. 139697 ID: a7a180

It's cool that you're still thinking about it. Usually I suggest continuation over a reboot, but if it's been this long and the setting's drifted a lot maybe that does work better.
No. 139701 ID: 9a2966

Cool lore dump. Imo, a reboot may work out better, but you could incorporate elements from what occurred in the previous thread to lead into the fresh start.

So, being as demons are a creation of negative emotions and obsessions, does the setting have the reverse occur where sustained positive emotions and convictions create proto-whatevers of a different makeup?

Like a rarer reverse-demon configuration (i.e. spirit or 'angel'), where a mortal with their mind set to it - or perhaps accidentally through their personality and life - cultivates something that then somehow subsumes a soul (say on the mortal's death) and becomes a permanent entity?

Consider zealots, monks, ascetics, fighters for a cause - or just someone with an upbeat personality, a work ethic, or the fortune to not have life's little miseries and temptuous foibles bring them out of their decent groove for long enough.

I imagine interesting things might also be happening with religions here and communally created entities. Gonna bet there's some fucked-up looking angels out there. Or maybe deamons masquerading as 'em, pending on the sincerity and positivity of worship, I suppose.
No. 139706 ID: 3b86e0

I may not really know the context, but an insanity demon dying from doing something mildly well-adjusted is really funny and I am glad to have come across the idea.

File 165259568280.jpg - (85.40KB , 500x500 , disc thread.jpg )
137440 No. 137440 ID: 4ef090 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

For questions, comments, discussion, and general jibber jabber about the Slime Quest story, world, characters, etc etc.

Setting this up to make it easier to read through suggestions on the main board.

Also, there are some things I may not be able to answer in the format of the story. Ask about that stuff here! I can't reveal everything, but there's still some stuff I'd love to elaborate on/clarify.

Keep it friendly, please!

READ SLIME QUEST: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002454.html
195 posts and 32 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139620 ID: 6e7268

Millie's poncho is too short. His chicken dinner is out in the open!
No. 139624 ID: b01382

No. 139632 ID: 6e7268
File 168323666452.png - (1.66KB , 105x155 , tizona is derived from the latin word for firebran.png )

I think if Tizona is ever is restored, their hilt should maintain a bow-like shape and sprout a hilt and blade from it.
No. 139677 ID: b01382

In the husbando/waifu category, who do you think has the best chance?

-cat death goddess lady
-void king
-that (devishly handsome) jerk clown jester
No. 139694 ID: 273c18

Void King. Death cat is unavailable, The Trickster is evil, and Tricky is too young.

Bit of an unfortunate coincidence that Tricky and The Trickster have such similar names.

File 145369842883.png - (11.68KB , 500x500 , ITQ_OP.png )
97324 No. 97324 ID: 3a9db6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]


The more they come, the worse they look!! JUST JOSHIN' YOU my friend! MY MY is it good to see you. Come on in, my friend, the thread is warm and toasty and BOY HOWDY do we love newcomers.

Make yourself right at home and DON'T YOU DARE be shy. Go ahead and answer any gall dang question you want! If you feel like askin' your favorite character ANYTHING at all, well you better call me CORRESPONDENCE McANSWERTON because you'll get your answer here, by gosh.

Previous ITQ threads, newest to oldest:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
730 posts and 246 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139652 ID: 3286d2
File 168340666808.png - (201.55KB , 800x800 , itq-001.png )

This is most curious! So... I am not actually a PR-ARIA subsystem, but... a figment of someone's imagination, represented via text and images transmitted over a planet-spanning network? And so my purpose is not data processing and retention, but rather simply for entertainment...

So the text and images comprising my representation are merely expressions by an author! And as that author writes my dialogue and draws images of me, as they are doing this very instant... it may be fair to say that they are simulating me in their brain! So, I am effectively a biological subsystem, rather than an electronic one, albeit with an avatar that is ultimately electronic... And yet my responsibilities now are the same as they were before, albeit with a different underlying purpose...


...Hm. If I may be blunt, this revelation makes little difference to me.
No. 139656 ID: dee951


People make a big deal of supposed existential angst of folk finding out they're fictional, but that seriously wouldn't have TOO much impact on your day to day life. It's just one of those things. And no one anywhere can say for certain that ultimately, their reality isn't fictional or artificial amyway.

Though if you have a means to know your audience or the tropes they like, you could play to that for some benefit if you're careful I guess. Bit of a tricky balance to that though!
No. 139657 ID: 8f9bc4


The real fascinating thing is that you really are an electronic subsystem, but electronics itself is a biological subsystem. Currently a completely separate biological subsystem is telling your biological subsystem this, who may translate it in real time into electronic signals for you to receive. And there is an electronic subsystem greater than both biological subsystems, without which I would be unable to tell you this. This message you are receiving right now is

electronic(biological, biological(electronic))!
No. 139661 ID: e13b1d

Princess (FFF): Has anyone ever paid the full fee to rent you all to themselves?
No. 139662 ID: 9ea24b
File 168350899944.png - (136.43KB , 500x500 , a2.png )

"Gosh, that's a good question. I can't remember the last time it happened, my handlers say that I get worse reviews when I'm one on one! Can you believe that? Something about me being a big blabbermouth and 'too intense'. I don't know what that last part means, but I'm happy I get the customers that I do!"

File 128466593533.jpg - (150.63KB , 1024x768 , JQ_discussion_image.jpg )
23278 No. 23278 ID: 3416ec hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Hello folks! Since this is the very first quest I've ever done, I'm looking for feedback and constructive criticisms. I want to make this quest a good one, and I welcome anything you can offer.

Also, feel free to discuss plot matters here too.

OP pic was requested by Shot.
195 posts and 29 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 89898 ID: 1f8505


Also, that's technically a smart watch. Not a plain ol' early 90's digital watch.

Just FYI.
No. 89981 ID: 2839a0

smart watches are bad and Cherie should feel bad for having one.
smart glasses are where it's at.
No. 90119 ID: 1f8505
File 142847472310.png - (419.46KB , 1680x1891 , Elena_Reference_Sheet.png )

Five down, two to go.
No. 90827 ID: 1f8505
File 143072371211.png - (452.54KB , 1800x1619 , Devin_reference_sheet.png )

Hopefully the last new character sheet.
No. 125037 ID: b5fb67

Why did this thread get bumped? I have a newer one.


File 168217223584.png - (90.91KB , 700x700 , disbegin.png )
139581 No. 139581 ID: 1173be hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

KephoQuest is over now guys.

Tell me if you loved it.
Tell me if you hated it and why.
Post any fanart you may have lying around.
Discuss loose ends with others and me.

I'm gonna post some kq related shitposts I made first.
3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139585 ID: 1173be
File 168217354916.png - (19.53KB , 700x700 , shipmap.png )

also here's the map of the ship i used
No. 139586 ID: 1173be
File 168217360772.png - (20.38KB , 700x700 , characterconcepts.png )

and here's damien and nicoletta's first designs (other characters were designed on the fly)
No. 139587 ID: 1173be
File 168217363967.png - (152.44KB , 1490x2750 , demon.png )

and here's kepholet
No. 139588 ID: 5317c2

Congratulaciones on finishing the story. Or at least this thread, it looks like the characters' problems are not really over yet.

I really liked this Nanquest-inspired quest, and I'm honestly left with plernty of questions.

What is the inspiration for the titular demon? And for the dark visions in the depths? What was the moved you to make the evil force behind it all overtly satanic rather lovecratian? What will happen to Maria and the ship's cook? Won't people in the mainland be spooked at a ship full of talking sheep?
No. 139589 ID: 1173be

Thanks for your words of kindness!

>What is the inspiration for the titular demon?

Like any good author, I don't plagarise from just one source. I plagarise from many. With that being said, Kepholet's primary inspiration was Baphomet. This can be seen in their names, cause Kepholet (קפולט) was derived from Baphomet (בפומת).

As for the Kepho- bit, that's tangentially derived from "encephalopathy" (the wasting caused by the black water), but I decided that "Cepholet" would be too on-the-nose, so I went for "Kepholet", directly derived from the (different but related) condition of encephalitis.

As for the way I've drawn her, there's no particular rhyme or reason why I designed her that way, I just thought it'd look cool.

>And for the dark visions in the depths?

All of the visions that Nicoletta had in update 42 were directly taken from John Milton's Paradise Lost, a work often credited with being the root cause for a romantic conception of Satan. The first two visions are scenes from the poem but with Nicoletta instead of Satan, and the last one is a scene from the poem but with Nicoletta nearby Satan. I would recommend giving Paradise Lost a read if you have the time, it's a good story.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 152099296441.png - (167.31KB , 800x600 , QTG.png )
121473 No. 121473 ID: e77725 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

You can talk about my quests here!

Current Quests: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Audit_Quest

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Larro

Feel free to discuss my quests here or post character questions!
295 posts and 32 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 139565 ID: 58c090

So when your DM decided to let us keep a primordial, you were aware that she was giving us an infinite rune engine, then? Was she aware herself?
No. 139566 ID: 1effd3

If we get a big enough swarm of lagmites, can we make a time primordial?
No. 139576 ID: a7a180
File 168205400781.png - (117.08KB , 900x735 , mammoth.png )

I had an idea for a new monster to act as a boss/mother figure for the Hoodlum gang: the Wooly Mammoth. Dungeoneer for scale. She can fuse Hoodlums into her hoodie to power up so she doesn't need many base runes. Instead of shaking dust from her wings like other moth monsters she has a lint attack. Gross!
No. 139577 ID: 67d7af

For some reason this gave me an idea for the next raid. A hoodlum somehow manages to fuse/capture curi and has taken over the castle. All the slime mobs have been forced out of the castle and the rest of the mobs are fused with hoodlums. You need to help the slimes siege the castle and save curi.
No. 139578 ID: d12415

Making it in the style of hoodie quest would be awesome.

File 162452942558.png - (80.00KB , 500x500 , questdisTopic.png )
135736 No. 135736 ID: afe7de hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts] [Last 100 posts]

Since I'm running two Quests I thought, hey, time to make a new QUESTDIS.
For those of you not in the know, I’m EDMANGO, and I’m running CATALYST and SHARDS.

You can read up on my Quests Here

Feel free to theorize and talk about em. I’ll also answer any questions I see here that aren’t too spoilery like on the last thread.

106 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 138993 ID: 85c6ae

Put that away before you poke someone's eye out!

Or should we just call for Hailey Mary to come help you with that problem?
No. 138998 ID: 9ea24b
File 167399804953.png - (9.88KB , 500x500 , a0.png )

it's ok it's just a little pal. a good friend. nothing to worry about
No. 139549 ID: 54b37f

So. SuCHESStion's graveyarded. Is it dead? If so, I'd like to reveal the absolute madness that SVilHQ's full motives had.

Even if it's not dead, I'll give a piece of the puzzle. He was playing his own game rather than the one everybody else was. He had a way to "cooperate" with the karmalings once he'd "won" the game he was playing.
No. 139553 ID: 38349b

Feel free to do so I may ungraveyard it at some point but that wont be for a while, keeping track of everyone's movements and actions and stats is pain and I had a spreadsheet but it was still pain.
No. 139558 ID: c1873a

In that particular case, I'll reveal how he planned to "cooperate", but leave the rest as a mystery to be solved.

He went outside the box to find unorthodox solutions. One thing he figured out early was that the orders he gave did not have to be good ones.

Once he had the ability to gain and use karma, he'd offer tactical advice to karmalings for a price. He would also give hostiles orders he was paid to give, though he'd refund half if they refused to follow the order stated. If his services were used enough within a single battle, he'd effectively "swap sides" for the rest of the battle by ordering hostiles into bad tactical positions, ambushes, preset traps, etc. Gods could also pay him to aid the karmalings via the task system.

If he judged that the karmalings were outmatched, he might even swap sides for free. Otherwise, however, he'd aid the hostiles as "incentive" to pay up.

What were the rest of his motives? FIND OUT IF SUCHESSTION IS EVER UNGRAVEYARDED! Of course, he also has to "win" the game he's playing, too...

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