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File 171555153913.png - (49.04KB , 800x800 , Booty Dragon 0.png )
1090792 No. 1090792 ID: 435f13

A warmup quest in 10 updates or less.
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No. 1091520 ID: 3e5b92

Convince the knight to join your follicule.

Yeah, you read that right. PUT HIM IN YOUR HEAD!
No. 1091647 ID: 435f13
File 171651473156.png - (86.29KB , 800x800 , Booty Dragon 14.png )

Enraged by your generous slathering of slime, the White Knight charges at you!

White Knight: "Foul beast! Those who would dare befoul a princess will taste my steel!"
No. 1091648 ID: df0f75

That sword is no match for you. Just do nothing and let him charge at you, and have his sword get bent as soon as he impacts on your knee or something.
No. 1091649 ID: 8f9bc4

Oh shit oh shit, hold the princess in the way!
No. 1091650 ID: dd3fe0

No. 1091652 ID: ab46e9

We're not the smartest dragon, sure, but even we know that sometimes knights have enchanted bullshit. Dodge and let's not take the risk.
No. 1091653 ID: a7a180

Hip check him and his horse into oblivion.
No. 1091654 ID: 5ebd37

Use your greatest asset and just sit on him.
No. 1091658 ID: 4c750c


NO! Do NOT hold the princess in the way! If she dies we can’t kidnap her!


YES! Sitting on him is an excellent display of our strongest ability! Do this one! But make sure he drops his weapon as you sit, and you knock away his weapon with your tail. If he still has his sword while being sat upon, aforementioned tail will be very vulnerable to ouchies from sharp objects!
No. 1091665 ID: 873dde

Engage sit
No. 1091671 ID: 3e5b92

Lick him too so he is your property too.
Cold steel tastes good.
No. 1091673 ID: a629b6

I support this. Lick the knight too.
No. 1091674 ID: ebae20

Lick the knight and stick him to the princess like a stamp
No. 1091684 ID: fe7e50

Hmm. You already kidnapped the princess, so that part is done. Stretch goals tho...

You should scream for help, just like the princess did. If that's how things work around here, then a potential mate should appear to save you.
No. 1091685 ID: a629b6

You think that would work? Either way, i still think booty needs a prince.
No. 1091691 ID: 4f5c27

"Oh look, I'm putting her boobs between my sharp, serrated teeth."
No. 1091692 ID: c5529d

Lick the knight's crotch area

lick the dick
No. 1091694 ID: a629b6

Kidnap a princess and get a knight? Sounds like a good deal to me.
No. 1091710 ID: 2f41db

I can see why hes mad.

When you licked the princess she looked like she experienced a sudden revelation regarding the length of dragon tongues and their various uses.

Hes only a little feller.
You can hold him at arms length with one beclawed arm while threatening to lick the princess again
No. 1092021 ID: 864f6d

No. 1092157 ID: 435f13
File 171712063575.png - (69.48KB , 800x800 , Booty Dragon 15.png )

>Use your greatest asset and just sit on him.

This knight is ASSuming you're just going to roll over. But you know what happens when you ASSume?
No. 1092158 ID: 435f13
File 171712065099.png - (67.36KB , 800x800 , Booty Dragon 16.png )


Damn you had something for this...

Get squish'd, fool!
No. 1092160 ID: 5bd196

Good job! Say, by the way... where might his sword be at now after you sat on him?
No. 1092167 ID: 9f8647

Oh no the sword
No. 1092168 ID: 5c15a4

Nevermind the sword. Lick him and his steed, then start hoarding nobles. Whoever controls the upper class controls the universe, and all the other places too.
No. 1092174 ID: 5ebd37

Well he's dealt with, now to continue your conversation with this delectable princess. She must know where you can snag some hot princes.
No. 1092175 ID: 7c69ed

Ask the princess why she was apparently interested in that asshole
No. 1092177 ID: eb0a9c

Demand lucre, threaten to lick 'er.
No. 1092180 ID: 7c1f1c

Defeating the knight makes the kidnapping complete, doesn't it? You won her, fair and square! Check one off the to-do list.

Now, much ado is being made of this sword. Wherever it's ended up, I think you can count it as a spoil of war. You can start your hoard with that--a sword hoard!
No. 1092189 ID: b09d4a

So I guess sit on him until he passes out and ask the princess if she knows of any cute princes nearby. Then once the knight passes out leave the princess with him and just tell her to tell him that he managed to fight you off before passing out in exhaustion or something.

Then leave her to let princesses do to passed out knights when nobody is around and go off and find your prince.
No. 1092190 ID: dd3fe0

Once the Knight passes out, talk to the Princess to get her story!!
No. 1092195 ID: 2f41db

The princess looked curious, confused and a little intrigued by the lick.
Now the knight is buried in a mountain of booty.

Girl, you are awakening fetishes all over today!
No. 1092198 ID: 4c750c

+1 for sword hoard! Find that sword! Also, +1 for talk to princess to figure out what’s going on.
No. 1092200 ID: 8f9bc4

Check his pockets for loose change maybe you can start your hoard.
No. 1092208 ID: f2320a

Take off the onights pants see if you can get a quick fuck out of it your booty should be soft and large enough to just deform around him
No. 1092262 ID: 1667b2

Show your dominance by twerking the knight into either submission or death. Then ask Princess Tittiana just what the hell is going on, and why she’s trying to seduce that knucklehead.
No. 1092263 ID: a4152f

>This knight is ASSuming you're just going to roll over. But you know what happens when you ASSume?
>Damn you had something for this...
He makes an ASS out of himself!

Improvised butt plug!

Yeah! Steal his stuff!
No. 1092270 ID: eb0a9c

Twerk on the knight's corpse, then give the grieving princess a breaking speech about the raw force of dragons and how her position is simply the end result of humankind's long con against itself to consolidate power in the only people with predatory instincts as sharp as a dragon's. She is the descendant of vicious, cruel, dishonorable people that can, with the unjust sacrifices of the many, stand up against the overwhelming force of a dragon - she is Bad, and Bad survives. Good men like this knight just die.
No. 1092306 ID: ab46e9

Remember the princess had a crush on this knight. Don't murderize him yet at least. That's showing off to less people.
No. 1092337 ID: fe7e50

Dress up as a priest(ess), hold the two in your hands, and perform a wedding.
No. 1092343 ID: 4933a1

Ah, the perfect ending to the perfect fairy tale. Let's do it.
No. 1092345 ID: 2f41db

Like dolls!
Knight and princess...
Now you have a breeding pair, you will eventually have MANY princesses and knights!
How many eggs do humans lay in a clutch?
Got to be lots.
Time to start booty freerange princess farms.
No. 1092363 ID: 8f9bc4


That's right! You can breed princesses! o.o
No. 1092366 ID: b09d4a

Aren’t they called queens at that point?
No. 1092370 ID: 2f41db

After their first clutch.
I dont know what youd call a knight after that...
Rooster? Nah. Maybe a paladin.
No. 1092751 ID: 435f13
File 171798524517.png - (94.90KB , 800x800 , Booty Dragon 17.png )

>Defeating the knight makes the kidnapping complete, doesn't it? You won her, fair and square! Check one off the to-do list.

Princess Get! +1 point

>Sword Hoard

One sword isn't exactly a hoard. But it's a start.

Hoard Started! +0.5 points

>Kidnap a princess and get a knight? Sounds like a good deal to me.

You can try mating with the knight and see how it works out. If he survives, then you can check that one off the list.

Mate Acquired? +0.5 points for effort.

All in all a good day's work in the life of a dragon!

Good Job!

Quest Ended!
No. 1092752 ID: 5ebd37

No. 1092755 ID: 19ea25

Double Huzzah!
No. 1092757 ID: 8f9bc4

Back to xbawkslive!
No. 1092762 ID: 2f41db

Congratulations booty!
You done did the thing!
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