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File 171599372526.png - (136.88KB , 800x640 , 0.png )
1091157 No. 1091157 ID: 08229c

Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen


"Dost thou seek any further companions for thy company?"
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No. 1091158 ID: 08229c
File 171599386449.png - (155.81KB , 800x640 , 1.png )


"... Eh... Not really..? I kinda already got my hands full with Magda and the cat girl..."

"Jane! Hast thou no grasp of narrative cadence? This is the moment where thou shouldst smile and proclaim, 'Welcome to the crew!' or some such frivolous utterance!"

"No offense but I'm not sure how helpful a mage would be.. And I get the feeling you just wanna stick around to study my brain or something."

"Though that may be sooth, our ambitions are congruent. Thou wishest to vanquish a mage—what more fitting companion couldst thou have by thy side than a fellow mage?"

"... I guesssss....?"
No. 1091159 ID: 08229c
File 171599480124.png - (173.26KB , 800x640 , 2.png )

"Then it is settled! A necromancer is among thy targets, is it not? A perilous adversary indeed. Even with thy other two companions, a mage shall be most welcome. When dost thou intend to engage in battle with them?"

"I don't -want- to battle them, but there's one holed up nearby that has to be taken care of. Ideally it won't involve actually fighting them at all, but if it does I had wanted to make sure I was immune before I did."

"Thou hast grown more astute, Jane, and seeking mine aid is a clear indication thereof. My assistance shall be indispensable indeed. As thou art aware, mine dolls are impervious to the wiles of necromancy, thus proving most advantageous. When dost thou intend to depart?"

"I don't know. Soon?"

"Then I shall rendezvous with thee at thy dwelling anon. I shall ensure to bring mine finest gear. Worry not, I shall require no aid from thee in my preparations."


This is what I -hate- about them. They just... Force their way into whatever's going on in my life. I knew coming here was a mistake. I should just say no on principle..!
No. 1091160 ID: 273c18

I dunno, having some doll backup sounds pretty good. In this case, it seems like a good idea to bring her.
No. 1091161 ID: 1effd3

But... magic!

Also more firepower
No. 1091162 ID: a7a180

Reassert yourself, tell them you will gather them from here if and when you are ready to depart. She's right about the dolls' utility.
No. 1091164 ID: 861ceb

before we try to convince you whether or not to let her join or kick her out, what can she actually do (to your knowledge at least)?

Cause we have a bruiser with your ex, the cat girl seems to be a range specialist, and you're somewhere in-between them, uh in-between combat style wise I mean, so what can spells-a-lot do to help?
No. 1091177 ID: 5b2941

>I should just say no on principle..!
pfeh. Principles never bring anything useful to the table, but they sure do ruin good things and get people killed. Didn't we just do a whole thing cause we could use all the help we can get, and here you are wanting to refuse help for such a silly thing. Don't let me stop you from setting boundaries, but you need to keep your eyes on what's important.
No. 1091179 ID: fe6604

Worst case she's a meatshield. Plus she's a girl so she has other uses...
No. 1091198 ID: 1f4d3c

Operating on the basis that more girls is better, I elect to bring them.
No. 1091202 ID: 53560f

You should establish rules so she doesn’t just do whatever she likes and consequences too for breaking them. She definitely seems like she needs some kind of higher authority in her life considering the state of her room and how she acts around others.
Also we just saw the world in colour for a half-second there. I wonder what caused that?
No. 1091210 ID: 2f41db


Its rough jane, i know.
But you gotta focus on the goal.
Take down the necromancer.

If this necromancer is doing something down right weird you need your own weird to figure it out and explain it.
and maybe counter it.
At the very least youll be armed with knowledge.

Plus, you know, for all the people youve met since we turned up, she fits the "needs to get out more" catagory more than anyone.
No. 1091211 ID: eb0a9c

From her enthusiasm, you could set some extremely disfavored terms; one share of loot for every four to each other member of the party, the university sponsors the expedition, she has to pay for the supplies, etc.
See how far you can push her.
No. 1092736 ID: 08229c
File 171797953077.png - (211.05KB , 1000x640 , 3.png )

No, you guys are right. And the really shitty part is I -know- you guys are right. Logically, I need all the help I can get. But every time I look at her she just makes me so fucking angry.


You want a rundown of what she can do? She uses puppets infused with shards of her own soul. This gives her amazing control over them, and they all share in her knowledge and power. As far as I can tell the range she has on them is ridiculous. But, she has basically no combat skills. He. They. Whatever. Their body swaps genders as often as anything else.

The way I see it, with Fio on the team we're actually pretty well rounded as a group. I just...

"Whatever, look, you can't just go waltzing about like you own the goddamn place. I'll come get YOU when I'M ready, got it?"

"Indeed, dear Jane. Thou art no longer a child beseeching at mine threshold to learn the arcane arts. Thou art a woman matured, and I shall honor thy desires."
No. 1092737 ID: 08229c
File 171797978450.png - (184.65KB , 800x640 , 4.png )

"And perchance, when all is said and done, mayhap I could persuade thee to visit my laboratory? I would relish the opportunity to scrutinize thy brain and those companions of thine in greater detail..."

"No, fuck off, I'm tired of people poking at my skull. I'm fine with you coming with us but my body is mine."

"Hehehe... Jane, thou hast flourished greatly. There is no experience more profound for a teacher than witnessing the growth of their student.'Tis a joy to witness thee assert thyself thus. I eagerly await thy response anon~"

"Yeah, alright. Also, clean your room up or something..."

The romeo merely chuckles in reply.
No. 1092738 ID: 08229c
File 171798027721.png - (140.66KB , 800x640 , 5.png )

Jane marches off, each of her steps a heavy thud on the ground. Her hands are in her pockets and she can feel something clawing at the edges of her soul, eager to be let in.

God. She always puts me in such a foul mood. Goddamn wizard stupid ye' olde bitch.

I need to calm down. I can't go into any sort of mission like this.

I need to center myself again.

I guess I could admire my horse collection. Or maybe go talk to someone who doesn't piss me off.
No. 1092739 ID: 1effd3

How many people don't piss you off in one way or another?

Go admire the horsies, or go polish your gun(s)
No. 1092740 ID: 273c18

No. 1092741 ID: 861ceb

go see the horses, wonder where you'd might be able to see a live one.
No. 1092742 ID: a7a180

Ponder yonder horse corral, for ye set off on a quest with no way of knowing upon whence ye shall return.
No. 1092743 ID: da75dd

Hors hors hors hors hors horsing around
No. 1092745 ID: 80ce16

Is this the part where we post tons of centaur porn for Jane to marvel over?
No. 1092753 ID: f439a0

Fio Margatroid?
Go smooch a cute girl.
No. 1092764 ID: 2f41db

Admire hoers.
Recieve tranquility.

Its a solid plan.
Lose yourself in the thought of riding out across a rolling plane, just you, your steed and a trusty six iron.
No noise but the drumming of hooves and the voice of the wind singing a song only for you.

Someday, jane...
No. 1092765 ID: eb0a9c

Wanna buy horse parts?
No. 1092767 ID: 1618e6

[32 gigabytes of centaur pornography uploaded here in spirit, as to not inflict that upon the author]

haha I love being a malicious intrusive thot
No. 1092784 ID: 5b2941

Remember, she can't see any pictures we send, we're strictly voice-only. We can only share words with her. Speaking of which...

How are we doing on time? We could read you another part of The Gunslinger if we can afford it.

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