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File 171621145754.png - (9.12KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1091337 No. 1091337 ID: 9ea24b

Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html

This quest is to help me practice a new chibi-esque style and to be something fun.

1. When a new character appears in the story, there will be a call for who they should be. You, the readers, get to suggest who you want to play the role! The character has to be from a quest and will be made the legal age and size needed to access a generic american club.

2. There can be a maximum of one character per quest author in the story, but multiple from an author can be initially recommended.

3. Actions can be suggested for characters once they’re in the story. Characters do not have to be totally in character.
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No. 1091338 ID: 9ea24b
File 171621147193.png - (9.43KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

Our MAIN CHARACTER emerges from the shower with a long sigh. The bathroom is very steamy and they can barely see a thing. They’re going through a tough breakup and after a week of moping around their apartment, their friends are forcing them to get outside and go to the club tonight.

Who is our MAIN CHARACTER? Please include the character name and quest name. Images optional.
No. 1091340 ID: 2f41db

Lets go classical to start.
I nominate beardbeard the dorf of dorfquest by gnome.
No. 1091342 ID: c6a6d3

Anemia the bunny blood witch from the Crystal Spire of course!
No. 1091343 ID: df60a9

Kata22ti, Defective, by Cirr
No. 1091345 ID: 7f0864

Emerald from 2 frames by Jiggydino
No. 1091346 ID: 2b15df

Maniacal Laughter

Bika from Brom's Enemy Quest
No. 1091348 ID: 76eede

Charlemagne “The Legend” Llewellyn from Coxwette.
No. 1091349 ID: 382635

Tippler does coxwette would make me laugh
No. 1091350 ID: 382635

Tippler does coxwette would make me laugh
No. 1091351 ID: bd0a95

Maple, the perpetually-reincarnating gigantic-honkers cowgirl from Catalyst!
No. 1091352 ID: c5529d

Landi from Lazy Fairy. Yhat fairy loves partying!
No. 1091357 ID: c6ae21


If not for Tippler's current stance on drawing tiddy, I'd definitely support this.

I'll support Bika from Enemy Quest. Haven't read it, but it seems fun from what I've peeped off the wiki.
No. 1091358 ID: 7c0da2

One more vote for The Legend.
No. 1091362 ID: 2d9179

I shall cede and lay my support at the many feet of the skut swarm.
No. 1091371 ID: c5529d

Charlemagne would also be a funny pick, complete with all his weird reaction faces
No. 1091393 ID: 273c18

Bika from Enemy Quest
No. 1091396 ID: 4ee17d

Gotta go with Landi!
No. 1091403 ID: a7a180
File 171624016749.png - (239.46KB , 790x512 , three_of_clubs.png )

Ooh, tough choice. My top 3 picks:
-Penny (Dead Dust) (RIP Mike)
-poor Deem from Dungeoneer has had her heart broken :’(
-Gneiss (Neo Horizon)
No. 1091404 ID: 29c889

Steve from PokemonQuest
No. 1091439 ID: eef602

what time is it? what era is it? this is very important
No. 1091445 ID: 9ea24b

this quest takes place in the nebulous current time era in the land of 'yes, and' in terms of world building and reasons non human characters exist. characters have phones and modern middle class problems.

this quest is really just excuse for entertaining character interactions, like what occurs in the holiday events over on questdis
No. 1091516 ID: 9ea24b
File 171633451526.png - (11.58KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

Bika, the famous Skut from Enemy Quest, steps out of the shower and towels her tan skin dry. She looks at herself in the mirror. Her horns are droopy, eyes cloudy, and she can’t shake the general feeling of malaise that the long, warm shower barely improved.

Her thoughts drift to her ex-boyfriend, the infamous Chuck from Coxwette, and she tucks her chin into her chest to stop herself from crying. They had been together for years, and despite Chuck’s offer to stay friends, she doesn’t want to talk to him for a long time.

Why did Bika and Chuck BREAK UP?
No. 1091517 ID: 3e5b92

She called him a square when his head is clearly pentagonal. That made him mad, man!
No. 1091518 ID: 28f26c

He did a party trick where he smoked thirty cigarettes at once and his breath was never the same
No. 1091519 ID: eb0a9c

He threw one of your old bodies off a cliff 'as a prank'. The clad-in-salad-dressing didn't hurt as much as having seven of the body's bones shattered, which lasted for three hours.
In retrospect, maybe you should have explained Skut neurology in better detail...
No. 1091522 ID: c5529d

He left on a train and was never seen again.
No. 1091523 ID: 5ebd37

He made that face at her. You know the one.
No. 1091524 ID: 273c18

He wanted to see other people. Despite dating a hivemind. Yeah, what a guy.
No. 1091525 ID: 4f49c1

Yeah sadly his expressions were just too much for her.
No. 1091527 ID: 8b8c72

He called your favorite game cringe.
No. 1091528 ID: a7a180

Chuck had been mooching off her and blaming missing stuff on her other bodies, but you can't gaslight a hivemind forever.
No. 1091545 ID: 2f41db

Life of the party chuck.
Absolute legend.

Sometimes it felt like she just wasnt enough for him.
No. 1091561 ID: 861ceb

one of the other girls was able to get that wedding ring around his finger before you could tie the knot yourself.
No. 1091564 ID: 0db8d3

Chuck tasted the hedonistic fruits of the hive mind, and ended up in an existential crisis.

Bika has many dozens of bodies, both male and female. Chuck, the horndog that he is, enjoyed Bika Orgies whenever he wanted, and never had to really do anything but make you happy.

After a few years though, a sense of insignificance crept over him. He became distant. He he wanted more- to be more- to do more- with his own hands. With you however, that seemed impossible. Chuck, with his his single mind and single body was not unlike a candle trying to compete with the sun that is Bika. It may have never been a contest, but Chuck couldn't compete with someone with a hundred bodies and minds.

You were just too awesome for him.
No. 1091588 ID: 9ea24b
File 171643068072.png - (15.59KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

Bika doesn’t know whether she should trust how she feels about Chuck right now, but she wants to think about if there were any warning signs before the breakup.

He was funny, the life of the party, but sometimes reckless. Once he smoked 30 cigarettes at once for a dare, like an absolute legend. Despite his bad taste in video games and habit of freeloading food, he was a great lay and could be sweet when he wanted.

Chuck was always popular with women, which Bika didn’t mind at all. It reminded her of an old partner. Maybe one of them managed to convince him to settle down and try monogamy? There were some things she couldn’t provide despite her multiple bodies, like biological children.
No. 1091589 ID: 9ea24b
File 171643070008.png - (13.48KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

She can’t stop the tears from leaking out and she hunches over the sink. They sizzle lightly against the cheap metal tap after they fall.

B: You’ve always been busy lately. Can we hang out soon?

C: Sorry, it’s been crazy busy with delivery work. Actually there’s something in person I wanted to talk to you about.

And then it was the fucking nonsense about ‘it’s not you it’s me’ and ‘oh you’re so cool and you have everything figured out and we could keep having sex but I don’t think I can handle being romantic anymore’.

All that time, all that effort, and that’s it. It feels like an unfinished story where the author flipped off the audience and left.

She would have stayed there, crying, for who knows how long, but her phone buzzed on the counter.

?: Are you almost ready? We’re coming to pick you up in 20 minutes!

Who are Bika’s TWO BESTIES?
No. 1091590 ID: 6804e4

Landi from Lazy Fairy
Puffball from DRAGNR
No. 1091592 ID: 0db8d3

I Second Puffball.

I suggest Rokoa from Lagotrope's Asteroid Quest.
No. 1091593 ID: 5ebd37

Rishi Zsazsa from New Horizons
Graphene from Nanogoo
No. 1091594 ID: b709fb

"Bugfriend", from Bungee Grapple Adventures, by Cirr
Emily, from How to Be an Overlord, by Larro
No. 1091596 ID: a7a180

Jynn from Order Up
Serah from Lazy Fairy
No. 1091600 ID: 382635

Thirding puffball, but also what if her other bestie was rancid?
No. 1091604 ID: ab46e9

Backing these two.
No. 1091605 ID: 124485

Puffball from DRAGNR and Rishi Zsazsa from New Horizons
No. 1091607 ID: 4c750c

Another for Landi and Puffball! (Idk who Puffball is personally, but folks seem excited for them! Might go read DRAGNR real quick!~)
No. 1091608 ID: 4c750c

Update: Love Puffball!
No. 1091616 ID: 7c4c87

Landi and Puffball!
No. 1091635 ID: eb0a9c

Toothpick from Possession Quest
No. 1091645 ID: 9ea24b
File 171651355828.png - (14.32KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

Before Bika can reply to Landi, her glowing fairy friend, Puffball posts a selfie to their group chat of her outfit for tonight, which accentuates her soft belly and long neck, turning the space between into a sensuous black curve.

Landi: Girl! Omigod, that is soooo hot you have to save some for the rest of us!

Landi: Especially Bika, she needs a hookup to get over that no good douche Chuck.

Bika: i just got out of the shower

Puffball: Show me your dressssssss

Bika: haven’t picked one

Landi: You got 20 minutes to figure that out and do your makeup and everything, we’re going to have fun tonight no matter what! I’ve been saving fairy dust if we need to get super crazy.
No. 1091646 ID: 9ea24b
File 171651357022.png - (8.03KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

What does Bika WEAR to the club? She is going as a singular female Skut to save money on the cover charge and drinks. The next update will be in two days to give more time for the paper doll.
No. 1091651 ID: df0f75

Since this is Questden quest about questden, i will accept nothing but the legendary questden STEVE shirt meme to fit the spirit of this quest (would draw it, but im afk right now for the next several hours)
No. 1091655 ID: a7a180
File 171651739730.png - (63.39KB , 714x714 , underdress_for_success.png )

A tube top (Your fur keeps this theoretically decent) and your cutest, shortest skirt. No pocket space whatsoever on this outfit, so bring a purse!
No. 1091656 ID: df60a9
File 171651828898.png - (15.87KB , 500x500 , beve.png )

One oversized steve worn as a dress, as ordered, boss.
No. 1091657 ID: 80c73b
File 171651883065.png - (32.42KB , 500x500 , bika_steve.png )

Agh, you beat me! I had trouble with my tablet drivers.

No. 1091659 ID: df60a9

Very boyfriend's tshirt in the morning look on this one. Hope she wore underwear.
No. 1091660 ID: 80c73b

Probably wore (short) shorts; comfy and easy to wear.
Also, I like the tail sleeve on yours, haha.
No. 1091661 ID: 5ebd37
File 171652169914.jpg - (69.36KB , 500x498 , bika inna poncho.jpg )

All the hottest cuties are wearing green ponchos this season.
No. 1091666 ID: 273c18

With hot pants under if you're not feeling brave.
No. 1091667 ID: 9f8647

Yes and yes
No. 1091672 ID: d0e0a7


This, with the hot pants
No. 1091693 ID: c5529d
File 171657312652.png - (26.97KB , 500x498 , paperbika.png )

What if, all of the above?
No. 1091695 ID: 4e090a

An enlightened intellect. I kneel.
No. 1091700 ID: a307c2

Ah, of course!
No. 1091708 ID: 2f41db

No. 1091734 ID: a7a180

But... who wears a poncho to a club?
No. 1091741 ID: 861ceb

people planning on having something easy to take off when they find the right guy or gal to take back home.
No. 1091743 ID: 382635

I like this with hot pants, the poncho look is how all heroes and cool guys (spiders) dress
No. 1091756 ID: 9ea24b
File 171665052554.png - (11.49KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

Bika walks to her closet and thumbs through her dresses. They’re all fine, but she’s not feeling skin-tight fabric, she wants something she can disappear into.

She finds the perfect item, an old poncho with the symbol of an imageboard she used to frequent before getting busy with real life stuff. She easily pulls it over her head and, upon second thought, puts on a pair of black hotpants.

Bika waits on her balcony until Landi and Puffball hover into view. The fairy makes a face when she sees Bika’s outfit.

Landi: Um…Bika, what are you wearing?

Bika: Poncho and hotpants.

Landi: You’ve told me about that logo, that’s a nerd thing. You’re wearing a nerd wool poncho to the club with only some shorts underneath! What happens if you get too hot while dancing?

Bika shrugs.

Puffball: I think she’ll be ok, Landi. We’ll have fun and meet cute boys no matter what! C’mon Bika, I’ll carry you while we fly.
No. 1091757 ID: 9ea24b
File 171665053782.png - (11.99KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

Landi gossips with Puffball the whole way to the club, trying in vain to interest Bika in the particularly juicy bits of news. The skut is a little resentful after the poncho comments and has the excuse of post breakup depression to grunt out single-word answers instead of engaging.

From above they can see a good sized line has already formed in anticipation of opening. Once the doors open it doesn’t take long before the bouncer glances over their IDs and nods them inside.

There are various iterations of vodka being sold for $20 a glass at the bar and the DJ is starting his set with some classic EDM remixes.

Landi: So whaddya wanna do?

Should Bika focus on getting LAID, WASTED, or SOMETHING ELSE?
No. 1091758 ID: 80c73b

No. 1091760 ID: c5c93c

>Should Bika focus on getting LAID, WASTED, or SOMETHING ELSE?
Seconding. Dance. Lose yourself in the music. Let it fill you with sound and vibrations and heat, until you melt into it and there's no more room inside for the pain.

>What if you get hot
Grab a cold drink, step out into the cool night air, take off the poncho for a bit. Nobody can tell you're not a boy. Just don't take it off inside, there might be a no shirt no service policy.
No. 1091761 ID: 0db8d3

Bika can get laid and wasted at the same time, with herself no less.
In fact she's probably doing both right now, elsewhere.

Here though, here she can get down!
Every fucking eye in the club is gonna be on her!
No. 1091763 ID: c5529d

Dance! Maybe someone will be attracted to your dance moves and be your new boifriend
No. 1091764 ID: 435f13

Get laid obviously
No. 1091774 ID: 5ebd37

Dance, get that energy up
No. 1091779 ID: 9f8647

Seconding this entire post
No. 1091781 ID: eb0a9c

How many spare bodies do you have? Play Grenade Launcher Roulette.
No. 1091782 ID: 2f41db


The ponch is swishy, flowy and once you get gling will waft cooling breeze up and around your unmentionables.
No. 1091786 ID: 681f7e

Laid, naturally.
No. 1091793 ID: 15a025

No. 1091843 ID: 9ea24b
File 171675988509.png - (18.10KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

Bika has no desire to drown her pain in booze, especially since it would take a lot of cash and fussing with the bartender. There’s a passing interest in finding someone to fuck instead of the usual hivemind masturbation, but more than anything she wants to dance. The bass is pounding through her body and she feels herself swaying with the beat.

Bika: Let’s find a good spot to dance.

Landi: You don’t want to get drinks first?

Bika: Nah, I don’t feel like drinking tonight.

Landi: Suit yourself. Molly?

Bika: My name’s Bika.

Landi: Har dee har, you know what I meant.

The fairy fishes a few clear capsules filled with white powder from her hammerspace and swallows two. Puffball politely declines when offered, and the trio moves to the middle of the room where a few groups of people are already gyrating.

She’s loath to admit it, but Bika heats up fast in her poncho, especially when more people pack into the space and she can’t swish the heavy wool around to waft air on her sweaty chest. Most of the eyes on their group focus on Puffball, who’s usually clumsy but has studied enough viral dance videos to throw it back. Pretty soon the big pink lady has a muscular he-dragon grinding against her tail, and Landi and Bika have to move to give them space.

Bika’s having fun, even if she’s uncomfortable. She can’t go outside to cool off but she could admit defeat and REMOVE the poncho or LEAVE her friends to get some water at the bar.
No. 1091848 ID: c5529d

hydration is important. And we get to meet and maybe vote who the bartender is!
No. 1091851 ID: 2f41db


Also flirt with the barman but only to see if you can get an icepack to wear under your poncho.
Tell them you want to win a dare. Its not strictly a lie since its with your own stubbornness
No. 1091855 ID: 5ebd37

this, and take a break. Maybe there are some cool people hanging out at the bar.
No. 1091857 ID: a7a180

Molly seems like a bad idea when you're overheating. Take off the poncho and keep dancing!
No. 1091858 ID: 9bbb0e

No. 1091871 ID: 15a025

Don't forget to drink water
No. 1091872 ID: 9f8647

No. 1091873 ID: 0db8d3

You can't LOSE to Puffball!

Lose that poncho and double down!
And don't forget to spin in overhead!
No. 1091879 ID: 435f13

No. 1091889 ID: 9ea24b
File 171683270564.png - (12.21KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

The only things currently altering Bika’s mood are the breakup and the psychosexual effect of dehydration. She needs to stay hydrated and hopefully get some ice to tuck into the poncho’s cowl.

Bika: I’m going to get some water, Landi.

Landi: Whaaaat?


Landi: OKAY!

Bika weaves and nudges her way through the packed bodies on the dancefloor. She finally breaks through to fresh air and has to dive into the next thicket clustered around the bar. Once she reaches the counter she catches the eye of the nearest bartender.

Who is Bika’s DESIGNATED BARTENDER tonight?
No. 1091890 ID: 1effd3

Mary from Auditquest
...because we know she can't hold her Liquer so it'd be funny
No. 1091891 ID: c5529d

Its Dart the bartender from Last Call. He'll listen to Bika's problems.
No. 1091893 ID: 2f41db

Amadoobus of episode two of cutebold slaughterfest by captain slowpoke.

He is a legend on the keyboard (key singular. Just one), carries the song of his people in his soul and would make a great bartender between gigs.
He too knows of love, yearning for his sweet Ladoobra who he seeks to prove himself to.
No. 1091896 ID: a7a180

Quartermaster Lurleen from SEXCOM.
No. 1091899 ID: 9bbb0e

No. 1091901 ID: a307c2

Fayz from Arzfayz adventures
No. 1091906 ID: 4c750c

Naz from Coxwette? Perhaps Penny would be more qualified, I just really like Naz
No. 1091907 ID: d124d4


Thirded! Lets see that cute crime boy
No. 1091909 ID: 382635

Dart would be cute yeah
No. 1091911 ID: 7ede17

I second Fayz
No. 1091920 ID: 0db8d3

Hin from Ahra's Dungeoneer.

No. 1091924 ID: 435f13

Cat Wizard
No. 1091985 ID: 9ea24b
File 171694522396.png - (14.42KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

A tall, thin, and fluffy poodle notices Bika and leans across the counter so she doesn’t have to shout. His tag says his name is Dart.

Bika: Can I have some water please?

Dart: Sure, tap or bottled? Tap is free.

Bika: Tap. Can I get some extra ice in another glass? I’m trying to stay cool in this poncho while I dance.

Dart quickly fills a paper cup with water and hands it to Bika.

Dart: About the ice, I don’t mean any offense, but I think it might be better if you changed into something more appropriate for dancing.

Bika: What, I should take it off? I just have hotpants underneath.

Dart: The night’s young, maybe you could go home and change and come back.

Bika squints at the dog, who smiles politely. He seems sincere in offering wholesome life advice, but she’s not going to take it. Time to escalate.

Should Bika use a SOB STORY or ADVANCED FLIRTING to get her ice?
No. 1091989 ID: 58dd24

advanced flirt activate
No. 1091990 ID: 0db8d3

A good boy will do.
No. 1091991 ID: a7a180

Advanced flirting. Can you hold onto this poncho for me?
No. 1091992 ID: 15a025

Sob story, you just don't have the energy to get flirty after all you've been through today.
No. 1091993 ID: 2f41db

Sob story, but with a tweest.
Tell the truth.

You broke up, you were mopey, your friends wanted to fix that, but you really werent expecting to go out and threw something together.
You love your friends but landi can be a bit of a bitch sometimes and the last thing you need is an evening of "i told you so" from a fairy with no off switch and you without your bug zapper.

Help a gal out?

Throw in a little light flirting too. He seems nice.
No. 1091994 ID: 5ebd37

If she goes home this early she'll probably just give up on the night. have to struggle through it.
No. 1091996 ID: 9bbb0e

These seem reasonable.
No. 1091999 ID: 9f8647

No. 1092000 ID: eb0a9c

Ignore him.
No. 1092003 ID: 8b2aa7

Sob story. Be the crybaby!
No. 1092008 ID: 435f13

Sob story for sure
No. 1092048 ID: 9ea24b
File 171703015559.png - (12.52KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

Dart is cute and Bika could see herself hooking up with him, but it’s easier to tell a true sob story than to flirt.

Bika: Sorry, I know I look silly. I had a bad breakup recently and my friends forced me to come so I just threw something on.

Bika: If I go home I’ll just give up and my friends will be really disappointed in me and I was really having fun dancing, I want to keep dancing so I can forget about Chuck.

She starts to sniffle. Dart hurries to put a scoop of ice in another cup, which Bika takes. It’s humiliating crying in front of this guy when he has nothing to do with the situation, not to mention the people around her are starting to notice she’s upset. Her chest feels hot and tense and she shakily raises the water to her snout.

Bika: I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t belong here and now I’m just causing problems for everyone.

Dart: Hey, hey, that’s not true. I’d like to help you but I’m working. Are your friends nearby? Can they come get you?

Bika: Landi’s rolling and I don’t want to bother Puffball…They just want to have fun and I’m ruining everything.

???: I can help her find a table and sit down for a second.

Dart: Could you? That would be great, I’ll keep an eye out for your two friends, miss.

Bika clutches her two cups to her chest and looks around for the person offering to help.

Who is the STRANGER? What is their general VIBE?
No. 1092056 ID: 58dd24

Oh that's Ona, who is being hypervigilant about (and weirdly exited about the idea of) anybody and everybody who might be involved in getting roofied, while offering her own brand of party enhancers.
No. 1092058 ID: 2f41db


Moonlighting as a bouncer between threads.

He is, as ever, sincere to the point of frankness and wiser than hes given credit for. Still an unrepentant horndog, but not the kind to take advantage.

Bika could do with some kindness right now and maybe a little wisdom too.
If shes not too intimidated by him.
No. 1092062 ID: e5e8f3

Lana, the bouncer from the behind closed bars series.
No. 1092063 ID: 9bbb0e

Ace, the Worm That Walks from Ruby Quest.

A fellow hivemind, of the colony organism variety. He's an introvert and has been having trouble fitting in, after some old friends dragged him to the club to socialize.
No. 1092070 ID: 5ebd37

seconding Dompag
No. 1092075 ID: a7a180

Sezeda from King of Pentacles, vibe: Sympathetic.
No. 1092076 ID: eb0a9c

Argine, Last Trace.
Is busy chatting up all the girls. Has no idea what she's doing.
No. 1092079 ID: 924634

Oh hell yeah. This!
No. 1092096 ID: 382635

Hah that could be funny
No. 1092118 ID: 15a025

One more for Argine.
No. 1092149 ID: 9ea24b
File 171711913069.png - (14.68KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

The stranger is a short woman with four ears and thick gray eyebrows.

Argine: I’m Argine, c’mon, follow me, I know a good spot.

Bika rubs the tears out of her eyes and follows Argine through the crowd to the side wall that’s on the opposite side of the restrooms. The woman weaves around the people in her path like she’s dodging punches and Bika has to squeeze through the leftover gaps in the crowd while trying not to spill her precious water.

Finally they reach the barest lip of shadow cast by the curve of the wall and Bika slumps against the vaguely sticky surface. Argine steals some chairs from an occupied table, and everyone there looks offended.

Argine: So…you’re crying.

Bika: Mhm.

Argine: I know it can be hard to figure out your life, but you’re not causing problems! I know people who cause problems and you seem way nicer than them.

Bika: It’s okay, you d-don’t have to try and make me feel better.

Argine: No, but, this is a problem and I’m going to fix it. I’m a good problem solver.

Bika: It’s just, snff, dumb feelings.

Argine: I know, here’s something that always cheers me up.

The woman reaches into her pockets and pulls out two guns. Uh.

Argine: Aren’t these cool?

Bika doesn’t feel particularly reassured, but the dark slice of the club has helped her calm down. This lady is nice, despite her weird gun obsession and trouble with social cues. Should Bika try to DITCH Argine or INVITE her to dance?
No. 1092152 ID: 5bd196

Invite Argine to dance. We got ice cubes now. We can dance properly now and do the shimmy because HOLY HELL YOU'RE COLD NOW AND CANT STOP SHIVERING
No. 1092156 ID: 8b8c72

"Weird gun obsession" are some big words from a girl who keeps a Dragunov in her house.
Invite her to dance.
No. 1092161 ID: 15a025

Invite her to dance with ya.
No. 1092164 ID: 9bbb0e

Definitely dance she showed you her guns
No. 1092165 ID: 20eb0f

A dance sounds fun, doesn't it? Though the last time Argine had a 'dance' with a six-eyed sharpshooter, someone got shot in the face.
Hopefully the gun-toting rebel can get her steps together in a more casual, upbeat setting. Sometimes you just need to meet someone new & have a good time to move past the hurt.
No. 1092172 ID: 5ebd37

Dance your cares away. She seems fun, if a bit crazy. See if she's a good dancer.
No. 1092178 ID: eb0a9c

Dance it
No. 1092191 ID: a7a180

Comrade, let us dance!
No. 1092203 ID: 9ea24b
File 171718402907.png - (12.66KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

Bika takes a moment to look at Argine’s dual pistols. Clearly custom and well-maintained. Argine doesn’t seem like the antisocial type but the skut is still a little nervous that she brought weapons to a crowded public area.

Bika: Yeah, those are pretty cool.

Argine: Right?!?! All the other girls I’ve shown them to tonight haven’t been interested.

Bika: That’s wild. Hey, do you like dancing? How about you put your guns away so we can dance?

Argine beams and holsters her pistols.

Argine: Hell yeah. Usually when I dance I’m dancin’ on the edge. A little tango with danger. I’m a real rebel when I cut a rug.

Bika: Right. Hopefully this will be more casual.

Bika finishes her water and spreads the ice in the neck of her poncho. Freezing liquid immediately starts trickling down her fur and she shivers as she pushes her way back to the dancefloor. She cranes her neck but can’t see the usually obvious Puffball in the crowd, so she finds a spot where she can face Argine and start to groove.

How should Bika DANCE (sultry, restrained, intense, etc.)?
No. 1092204 ID: 9bbb0e

Feel the burn
No. 1092210 ID: c5529d

intense! just to prove a point!

Try breakdancing!
No. 1092218 ID: 5d3153

I feel like one generally starts off a little restrained and works your way up to intense
No. 1092219 ID: 2f41db


Start slow, but build.
Lose yourself in the music.
No. 1092228 ID: 7f4d35

feel the burn creep on you. breakdance until you lose it!
No. 1092229 ID: 15a025

Feel the burn and let loose! See if you can keep up with Argine's pace.
No. 1092234 ID: 273c18

Try not to overheat again.
No. 1092239 ID: 5c15a4

Do the gun-caroussel, or whatever they call spinning around locking arms with each other while firing blanks (or live rounds, I'm not your mom).
No. 1092241 ID: a7a180

Sultry dancing!
No. 1092261 ID: 9ea24b
File 171725572516.png - (15.80KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

Bika’s muscles are already warm, so she doesn’t have to wait long before she’s jumping with the beat, leg’s burning from effort as she attempts to do an unpracticed breakdancing move. Argine doesn’t seem to know any dance moves herself, but her footwork is lightning fast and she has a wild grin on her face as she looks into Bika’s eyes.

The ice keeps Bika cool. It melts and soaks into the poncho and her hotpants, even dripping onto the dirty floor. The wet wool fails to weigh her down as she leaps and twists, lost in the music.

After dozens of tracks pass, Bika stops for a moment to catch her breath. This particular body has been eating ice cream by the pint and sleeping 14 hours a day for a week, and she can’t keep up with Argine’s effortless cardio. While Bika rests on her feet, still bobbing her head to the beat, she spots Puffball sneaking out of the men’s bathroom.

Argine currently thinks Bika is very COOL and ATTRACTIVE while everyone else on the dance floor is DETERRED by the intense thrashing and leaky poncho.

Should Bika get Puffball’s ATTENTION or FLIRT with Argine?
No. 1092265 ID: eb0a9c

No. 1092266 ID: 5ebd37

Looks like Puffball's having a good time~

But tonight's about you so flirt away.
No. 1092267 ID: 9bbb0e

FLIRT. Tell her about your guns.
No. 1092269 ID: 84117e

Argine dont seem like the best choice, so im gonna say go check out puffball.
No. 1092272 ID: 0db8d3

Invite her to go see your gun collection!
No. 1092284 ID: a7a180

Let's go check in with Puffball...
No. 1092293 ID: 2f41db


I say introduce her to puffball.
"Come meet my friend."
Lets you rest a moment, avoid losing A in the churn of the dancefloor and gives you a chance to throw in a passive flirty compliment.
"Hey PB, this is Argine. Shes <insert compliment here>."
No. 1092301 ID: 9ea24b
File 171736107723.png - (11.84KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

Bika leans in close to Argine, snout brushing one of the woman’s long ears. Argine stands ramrod straight and her blush deepens.

Bika: You know, I have some cool guns at my apartment. Do you want to see them?

Argine: Whoa, what kind of guns?

Bika: I don’t want to ruin the surprise but I have a few pieces from off planet.

Argine: Yeah I’d love to see them! Uh, and is there anything else you had in mind? Like kissing?

Bika: We can do a lot more than kissing, if you’re down.

Argine: Yes! But, um, you should know I have a lot of maternal figure baggage.

Bika: And you know I’m going through a breakup. We don’t have to make it complicated, it can just be casual.

The club is packed. Bika catches a glimpse of Puffball talking to Dart at the bar as she takes Argine’s hand and leads her toward the exit. Wait a second, if Puffball was getting railed in a bathroom stall and she was dancing with Argine, what happened to Landi? The fairy hates being ditched.

Bika checks her phone but doesn’t see any messages. Landi wanted her to have fun and find a hookup, surely she wouldn't be too upset if Bika went home with Argine.

Should Bika LEAVE the club for tonight and take Argine back to her place or LOOK for Landi first? The fairy will definitely complicate the clean exit strategy.
No. 1092303 ID: 9bbb0e

Landi was high and unattended and hasn't checked in. It would be a bad friend move to ditch her without at least checking that she's okay.
No. 1092304 ID: c5529d

better check on Landi. you can also introduce Argine to her and puffball and brag and rub it in their faces about how you managed to dance in a poncho no problem!
No. 1092307 ID: 273c18

You could in theory delegate the duty to Puffball...
No. 1092308 ID: a7a180

I guess we're checking on Landi instead.
No. 1092312 ID: 81c963

Nah, today's not a day for concerning yourself with Landi's needs, and Puffball's still there, preoccupied as she's been.
No. 1092313 ID: 2f41db

Be a good friend bika.
Tell A you just need to say bye to you friends so they dont worry.
Otherwise they might turn up in the middle of the "gun show" knocking on your door to chevk you made it home
No. 1092314 ID: 5ebd37

Yeah, don't want them thinking you gave up and went home to mope, they'd come and bother you.
No. 1092322 ID: 15a025

Let them know you're heading home with a new friend you've met.
No. 1092349 ID: 9ea24b
File 171742947157.png - (14.04KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

Bika is sorely tempted to text the group and tell them she’s heading home with a girl, but it would probably be best to check on Landi in person. She turns to Argine with a sigh.

Bika: Sorry, I have a friend here that I should see before we leave.

Argine: That’s okay! It’d be cool to meet more people.

It’s gotten crowded enough that it takes forever to find Landi, despite the fairy’s natural glow. Bika finally stumbles across her tiny friend who’s rapid-fire talking to someone familiar. Recognizing them sends an unpleasant jolt up her spine. This is one of Chuck’s close friends.

Bika doesn’t have time to dwell before Landi leaps at her and clings to her torso with her legs, arms around her neck. Bika keeps a firm grip on Argine’s hand to stop the woman from excitedly pulling a gun on Landi. The fairy hops down and feels the wet poncho with her fingers.

Landi: Yeeeee you’re finally back, Bika. I missed youuuuuu. Wow, you got really sweaty!

Bika: It’s water. This is Argine, she’s really cool and strong.

Landi: Omigod, you’re so pretty. What do you use for your fur?

Argine: Thanks, it’s all antiseptic gel.

Landi: Heeheehee, you’re so funny. Also Bika, look who I ran into! They had the same idea we did.

???: Hey Bika, how’s it going? Heard about you and Chuck, I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

Who is Chuck’s FRIEND? Reminder of rule #2, only one character per quest author can be in the story.
No. 1092351 ID: 4c750c

Man, I missed a few updates. Um… can I suggest Naz again? Is that legal? Or maybe Grace from DO NOT FILE?
No. 1092352 ID: b55e17

Gena from catalyst because she's basically AU Naz anyway and also it'd be funny to see those two vibing
No. 1092353 ID: 58dd24

yeeeeaaah Dompag Dive and Chuck would get along
No. 1092354 ID: a0df32

Uzak from this isn't working seems like the type who could tolerate Chuck long term
No. 1092356 ID: c5529d

Saul from You died. He wouldnt miss a party like this!
No. 1092357 ID: b9ffc6

Va.ne.tu from Flockload of Problems.
No. 1092358 ID: 9bbb0e

I'll second Dompag for this one.
No. 1092360 ID: 172604

Dompag may be even more of a crazy womanizer than Chuck. Of course they are friends!
No. 1092362 ID: 2f41db

4th for the esteemed dompag
No. 1092364 ID: a7a180

Yeah, supporting Gena, why not.
No. 1092418 ID: 9ea24b
File 171755064735.png - (14.43KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

Dompag the ogre is dressed in his clubbing finest: a button up shirt that shows off his broad chest, tight jeans, and a toothy smirk. He shifts his weight and holds his fist out to Bika. She bumps it.

She hadn’t liked Dompag when she first met him through Chuck, thought he was overplaying the ugly bastard angle to get chicks who read too many doujins. Maybe she was a little jealous that the strategy worked so well. Once she actually got to know him, she realized that was only one of the many roles Dompag could flawlessly execute in the name of seduction and she gained a grudging admiration for his skill. It helped that the ogre was also a genuinely nice guy.

Bika: Wait, Chuck’s here?

Dompag: Thought he’d appreciate a night out after all the moping he’s been doing. This is our second stop. He should be coming with the drinks soon.

Bika doesn’t bother to hide her scowl and Dompag does a smooth pivot.

Dompag: ‘Course if you want to keep this a girls night I can go join the lads.

Landi: Awwwww but you’re such a fun guy, Dompag. C’mon Bika, let him stay.

The fairy hovers up to Dompag’s shoulder and gives it an affectionate squeeze.

Bika: You literally called Chuck a douche two hours ago.

Landi: Yes, but that was the old me. The me who was a normal fairy with normal serotonin reuptake. I thought you two were still friends, kinda? It’s good to talk to your friends!

Bika spares a glance at Argine, who’s eying Dompag, brows furrowed in...concentration? Hopefully not lust?

Should Bika tell Dompag to GO or allow him to STAY? There’s still a risk of running into Chuck later even if the ogre leaves this corner of the club.
No. 1092432 ID: eb0a9c

No. 1092433 ID: 9bbb0e

Doesn't matter too much since you're planning to leave with Argine. Landi can have your blessing to hang with Dompag, he's an okay guy.
No. 1092436 ID: 273c18

Don't care, you were leaving anyway.
No. 1092440 ID: 5ebd37

Landi's OK, so dodge any awkward encounters and go somewhere nice and private.
No. 1092443 ID: a7a180

Either leave or ask him to go.
No. 1092456 ID: 2f41db

Wish them a fun night.
Let dom know youre still cool with him, thank landi for the cheer up.
Peace out.

Youve got a new friend who has tickets to see your gun show.
Best not keep them waiting.
No. 1092460 ID: 0db8d3

You've seen yourself use that gaze Argine is staring at him with.

She's seriously considering 147 ways to murder him, lol.
No. 1092469 ID: 4c750c

Dompag can stay. Get the feeling an awkward encounter with Chuck is unavoidable. Dompag is chill, and might even help things go a little smoother when the inevitable proves to be an inevitability.
No. 1092477 ID: 9ea24b
File 171763173777.png - (13.78KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

Bika: Dompag, you can stay because we’re leaving. I just wanted to check on Landi and if you’re with her I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Dompag: I’ll keep an eye on her. You been drinking water, miss?

Landi: Yup, I’m a good girl. And not too much water so that I explode either! I’m basically an expert at doing drugs.

Dompag: See you around Bika, don’t scare Argine too bad.

Argine looks a little sad when Bika tugs on her hand and leads her away. The strange woman did seem excited about meeting more people and Bika feels a little guilty about monopolizing her time. Must be hard to make friends when both armed and socially awkward.

Once they’re out of the club and in the fresh air, Bika’s mood improves, especially when she looks at her new friend. Argine watches the dark sky with a fresh wonder, eyes flicking between the stars that are faintly visible through the light pollution. Bika doesn’t want to make assumptions but it doesn’t seem like her date gets outside much.

Bika: My apartment isn't too far, like a twenty minute walk. What were you thinking about when you were staring at Dompag?

Argine: Oh, I was wondering how I’d beat him. I have a rough time with tanks and grapplers, and his skin looked pretty tough. I don’t have my grenades or other gear with me so I think the best strategy would be retreating and returning when I’m better prepared.

Bika: Haha, did you think about beating me at all when you first saw me?

Argine: Well, maybe a little. But it wouldn’t be a fair fight because you were really upset! Not that I don’t get mad or sad while fighting but you’re also kind of small and your grip isn’t that strong.

Bika: I bet I’d win, I’ve got some tricks under my skin.

Argine: People always do. Nothing in my life is ever easy and that’s a lesson that my superiors made sure to pound into me.

Argine sighs and looks downcast for the first time since Bika met her. Should Bika ASK about Argine’s tragic backstory or keep things LIGHT?
No. 1092478 ID: dd3fe0

I mean, you are going to have to come clean on the hive mind, multiple bodies, each body is expendable thing sooner rather than later. And sooner as in, 'before getting physically intimate' if things get to that point. It's one of those Mandatory Disclosures. That said... perhaps leave the option of how deep things get to Argine? Say that you are willing to keep things light and fun, or talk about Deep Serious Existential Shit in an equitable way if she wants to take it that way. Even stuff like a question for a question, or a share for an equal share, if she wants to do that. Or just listen. Whatever she needs, she seems a caring soul.

Also, Argine would absolutely see the training possibilities of a friendly hivemind and be ecstatic about it and that is really quite a lot to offer. But you still have to make the initial connection.
No. 1092479 ID: 2f41db

Dont ask, just offer.
"Sounds rough. You want to share im a good listener. If you rather not, all good too."
That kind of thing.
Youve got your own past and oddities to share too.

Just steer off exes for topics.
No. 1092480 ID: 9bbb0e

Sounds military. Most of your old friends are military! Sounds like some common ground if she feels like opening up.
No. 1092488 ID: 273c18

Sparring match would be fun. Hell, you can tell her about how your bodies are, well, not exactly expendable, but you can spar with ones that won't impact your efficiency too much if they have to recover from an injury.

Hell, this might be a good time to introduce her to the concept. Bring out some of your nearby bodies (because some HAVE to be nearby for you to be lucid)
No. 1092491 ID: a7a180

Let's not dwell on it on the first date.
Float the idea of a friendly spar on the walk and then ambush her with another body's tackle when you get there.
No. 1092589 ID: 9ea24b
File 171778830764.png - (12.50KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

Bika: I don’t know your exact situation but if you want to talk about it, I can listen.

Argine: Ugh, I don’t want to bring us both down in the dumps. Let’s stick to casual stuff.

Bika: Sure. I know a lot of people who are ex-military that I could put you in touch with, if you’d like. Y’know, if you feel up to it in the future.

Argine: That’d be nice, yeah.

They walk in silence for a while. Bika considers the idea of inviting Argine to spar, but that would be dangerous if the woman drew any skut blood. She should definitely tell her about the whole hivemind thing.

Bika: About those tricks I mentioned, um, you should know I’m a hivemind. I have multiple bodies around the city and a bunch in my apartment. I control all of them simultaneously.

Argine: Huh?! That’s awesome! Me too, kind of, except I don’t have any extra bodies, just a lot of voices in my head. In a good way, uh, they give me battle advice and stuff.

Bika: Hey, I’ve seen weirder. Also you’ll need to be careful if you want to bite, I have really acidic blood.

Argine: How are you so cool? Seriously, everything I learn about you is just wild.

Bika opens her mouth to say something uncharitable about how she might be cool but her ex didn’t seem to think so, but decides against it. Need to keep things light.

They reach the apartment and Bika gives Argine the full tour, including the various weapons cached around the place, her multiple bodies, most of whom are asleep or close to it, and the bed where Argine can stay for the night.

What should Bika and Argine DO for their hookup?
No. 1092591 ID: c5529d

videogames. play smash bros with a Questden MOD (where the fighters are questden characters that Bika downloaded online into her console)
No. 1092592 ID: 9bbb0e

Seconded, this is a cool idea.
No. 1092595 ID: 62b4e3

Yeah, Smash it up
No. 1092596 ID: 462d8c

Or at least with the frillsby and galsby cast. Their quest was all about smashing!
No. 1092597 ID: 4c750c

Hell yeah, Questden Smash Bros!
No. 1092600 ID: a7a180

Smash Quest sounds like a good way to keep doing cameos have a fun evening at home!
No. 1092604 ID: 273c18

Don't forget the sex.
No. 1092613 ID: 2f41db


And it offers a flirting opportunity.

Bedroom eyes, sultry voice.
"So... wanna smash?"
Pause for effect.
then pass controller.
No. 1092620 ID: 31e74a

Do. Not.

I repeat.

Do. Forget. The sex.
No. 1092624 ID: 9ea24b
File 171786810063.png - (12.77KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

Bika has a brilliant idea. She tells Argine to sit on the bed while she lugs a CRT television out of the closet. With some dusty adapters and cables, she sets the mini disc in the GameCube spinning and opens the most hype platform fighter of all time.

Argine: We’re playing video games? I thought we’d be, uh, smooching or something.

Bika: We’re skipping the foreplay and going to the main event. I’m about to smash you hard, babe.

Argine: O-oh.

Argine blushes through her fur as Bika hands her a controller and shows her how to wavedash and fast fall and ledge hog and all of the basic tech every budding gamer needs. Bika still kind of wants to have sex, but this is far more exciting. Honestly, if Argine is into it, she wouldn’t mind if they just gamed all night.

Which TWO CHARACTERS do Bika and Argine play in the Questden version of Super Smash Bros. Melee?
No. 1092625 ID: a7a180

-Anet from Small Quest (plays like AC villager)
-Slime Knight Reginald from Audit Quest (another swordguy, but bouncier)
No. 1092626 ID: 1f8e28

Super Quest Den All Stars feat: Silv Mithra, from From Nothing (Zoner), Raskrev, from ROT (Hiyaa!! Mm'mmm Toryaa! Teight! Come on!), and FIGHTING POLYGON TEAM, from FIGHTING POLYGON TEAM (vs. 30)
No. 1092627 ID: 9bbb0e

Bika plays Silv Mithra from From Nothing.
Ardine plays Rita from Fog World.

If they end up feeling frisky and want to foreplay into some sex, there's always playing footsie with each other on the couch to throw off the other's game.
No. 1092630 ID: dd3fe0


If things DO get frisky, will one of the other bodies wake up, or one of the drowsy ones pull themselves awake (maybe go get a stimulant?), and if so, will Argine ask for a three-body-some? And if so, what sort of extra body would be most interesting to Argine for a multisome? Or would the idea weird Argine out, I don't know enough of her character to guess!
No. 1092631 ID: 5ebd37

Bika playing Silv from From Nothing, a new character she hasn't played before.
Argine playing Clara from Survivors, cause badass bunny robots are cool.

keep things frisky with a little wager, winner gets a kiss?
No. 1092635 ID: c5529d

Glinp from Nice Save
Brett from BLOOD HUNT an O.W.O. quest
No. 1092642 ID: 4c750c

Bika plays Wilamina from Catalyst, using Ice magic and such, and then…
Ardine plays Snowpea from Chinzbeth

(Also realized Chuck is the ex, so all my suggestions for Naz were ILLEGAL! Whoops! Thought it was a different Chuck or something, idk.)
No. 1092646 ID: 0e2cec

Have we had any Lagotrope characters, yet? I feel like Rokoa (and/or Polo?) from Asteroid Quest would probably be in a fighting game. (Balancing Rokoa would probably be hard, given that she's TERRIFYING.)
No. 1092652 ID: eb0a9c

Shenzi (Eadoo Quest version)
No. 1092653 ID: 9bbb0e

Most power levels go out the window in a crossover fighting game anyways.
No. 1092666 ID: 2f41db

Ace pilot oken is a perfect fox mcloud reskin.
No. 1092674 ID: 15a025

Bika plays as Fen from Fen Quest
Argine plays as Annie from The Sunfish.
No. 1092687 ID: 20eb0f

Having Argine play as Rokolo from their respective titular quest would be pretty amusing - and I don't think there's been a Jukashi quest character in here yet. If not one of those two - then Rokoa/Polo would be interesting as well.
No. 1092716 ID: 9ea24b
File 171795733335.png - (13.84KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

Bika selects her main, the projectile slinging mage Silv Mithra. Not at the top of the tier list but very good against less experienced players.

Bika: Alright Argine, pick whoever you think looks cool! Let’s say the winner of a best of five gets a smooch from the other person.

Argine: Who’s good against that bug character?

Bika: Uh, well, I’d say her worst matchup is probably Rokoa, she’s a fast, heavy hitter.

Argine: Okay! I’ll play Rokoa. Can I have your wifi password? I’m going to look up some guides.

Bika is a bit taken aback when Argine finishes her studies and immediately starts labbing stomp knee combos. Her movement gets cleaner every minute and her fingers manipulate the triggers with consistency. Did Bika awaken a monster? Maybe Argine is just a competitive person?

Argine: I’m ready! Let’s do this.

Bika wins the first game fairly easily, which makes Argine hunch over and laser focus on the small CRT screen. Her dodge timings start to improve, and the second game comes down to last stock. Argine bares her teeth and growls when Rokoa is hit by a charged blast spell and goes flying, putting her one game away from a loss.

Projectile characters can be really annoying to play against and Bika doesn’t want Argine to get frustrated. That said, the skut’s fighting spirit is running hot and she really wants to beat a gaming newb who’s never touched the sticks before.

Should Bika try to WIN (play projectile spam) or LOSE (play honest)?
No. 1092718 ID: 916e92

Don't use cheap tactics. If you are going to play, play honest and don't exploit odd game quirks! See if you can beat her with proper sportsmanship!
No. 1092720 ID: 9bbb0e

Play your heart out, but don't get cheap. Even if you LOSE, you want this to be fun for both of you.
No. 1092724 ID: d8bf36

You want a real win, right? Don't get cheap
No. 1092728 ID: 0e2cec

I mean, in general I think it's ideal playing games with someone that it not be too one-sided, and since secretly going easy on someone feels...disingenuous, to me, it's even better if they get their victory fair and square. I think it reasonable to avoid spammy tactics. Consider a loss a price paid to make your guest happy.
No. 1092730 ID: 2f41db

Play hard but play fair.
Even a novice can spot a cheap win.
No. 1092744 ID: a7a180

Playing honest is playing to lose, but playing for fun. She's a quick study, but is following a guide the same as living those battles?
No. 1092750 ID: 15a025

Play honest! Alternatively, change characters to someone she might stand a better chance against.
No. 1092772 ID: 9ea24b
File 171803256223.png - (14.82KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

Bika convinces herself that since they’re playing for fun, there’s no reason to make Argine miserable for a cheap win. Silv is her best character and has decent aerials and tilts, it’ll be fine.

Bika enters her own gamer lean after Argine gets a sweet spot knee to win game three. She needs to play smarter. What are Argine’s unsafe habits? Are her recoveries predictable? There has to be a weakness!

Bika is used to multitasking, but even she can’t analyze and adapt to Argine faster than the woman is improving. The next two games slip away from her in less than ten minutes of Rokoa brutality. She drops her controller and plants a kiss on Argine’s cheek.

The exhaustion of the long night of dancing catches up to Bika all at once and she slumps back against the bedsheets.

Argine: How’s it going?

Bika: Ego death.

Argine: Yeah, losing sucks, but that’s competition. I really like this game! I’ll see if I can get a copy for my place.

Bika: You’ve never played Smash before, right?

Argine: Nope.

Bika: You’re really good. I’ve been playing for a decade and you beat me easily.

Argine: Thanks, I was born in a tube.

Bika isn’t quite sure what that has to do with gaming ability. Maybe it has everything to do with gaming ability. She yawns and stretches her arms and legs out before checking her phone.

Puffball: Bika, brunch tomorrow??? I want to hear about your night!

Bika: It’s not over yet. Down for brunch.

She tucks her phone away and catches Argine staring at her. Should Bika INITIATE sex or, given her tiredness, STICK TO kisses and cuddles?
No. 1092777 ID: 498a9b

Start with cuddles, then tag in a more rested body for the good stuff.
No. 1092779 ID: ef2228


Agreed, but that begs the question: what's Argine's sexual orientation and level of both interest and comfort with group sex? How weird and freaky is it wise to get on these sorts of dates? Is asking a faux pas?
No. 1092780 ID: 2f41db

Smooches and snuggles.
Talk about nothings and enjoy to presence of each other.
If you get a second wind, then see where it goes, but dont push yourselves.
A night of solace in each other can be rest for the soul.
No. 1092785 ID: c5529d

Stick to the cuddles
No. 1092786 ID: 45108a

As always, the big rabbit crushes the little guy in contests…
Get it on, stick to one body on the first date.
No. 1092790 ID: 0db8d3

Surely there's a rested body around here!

Start with kisses and cuddles only to eventually go further, all slow like.

When it's about to go down, ask Argine which sex and # of bodies she'd like to get in on with.
No. 1092795 ID: 9bbb0e

INITIATE. Ask seductively if the winner would like a prize. Let Argine pick what she wants to do with you.
No. 1092840 ID: 9ea24b
File 171815116668.png - (13.25KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

Bika leans over and puts her hand on Argine’s hip. They both wriggle closer to each other until their thighs touch and they can kiss freely. Their snouts brush against each other, gentle nips turning their lips pink.

Bika: Mmn, how are you feeling? Still want to fuck?

Argine: Yeah, if you’re down.

Bika: I’m pretty wiped, would you mind if I swapped bodies for something fresher? Or had one come in to help out?

She feels Argine frown against her lips.

Argine: Would they have your voice? And look the same?

Bika: There’d be subtle differences from slight genetic and environmental variability. Also some have male anatomy.

Argine: Nah. Not that that’s a bad thing or anything I’m just more interested in, uh, the you I’ve been getting to know. I don’t mind doing the work if you’re tired.

Bika lies back as Argine kneels over her and sheds her jacket and shirt, tossing them onto the floor to join the tangle of controller cords. Bika lifts her poncho and Argine runs her hands along the sides of the skut’s stomach before dipping her fingers under those tight black hotpants.

There are calluses on her trigger finger and Bika whimpers when they curl inside her, gently rubbing her sweet spot. She grinds into Argine’s thumb and reaches out to take Argine’s free hand to grope the bands of muscle running up the woman’s arm as her knees start to tremble.

Bika: Go harder, right there…Oh!

Argine: Do you like talking and stuff? I don’t think I’m super good at it. Um, you’re real warm and wet. And I think you’re a cool person with nice guns. Dammit, is this doing anything?

Bika: Hahaha, you’re fine. J-Just keep–mmm!

She squeezes her thighs tight around Argines wrist, then relaxes in a soft brown puddle. Argine carefully pulls back and sheds her pants, then they move under the sheets.

Bika lets her club-going self sleep in while her other bodies wake up and make breakfast as quietly as possible to avoid bothering Argine. That was a really fun night, existential crisis from video game loss aside. Without even a hangover to recover from, Bika feels like she could do something productive today, for the first time in a week.

Should Bika INVITE Argine to brunch with her friends or BID her farewell, for now? They’ve exchanged numbers.
No. 1092842 ID: 9bbb0e

Definitely show off the new friend with benefits.
No. 1092843 ID: a7a180

Bid farewell, call them up later.
No. 1092846 ID: eb0a9c

Don't introduce your friends yet.
No. 1092853 ID: 5ebd37

Too soon to bring her to brunch, but make plans to meet again.
No. 1092886 ID: 9ea24b
File 171824194161.png - (13.39KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

Argine did get introduced to Landi briefly last night, but Bika thinks it’s too early to throw her into the combined gossip vortex that is the fairy and Puffball. They’d ask for graphic details and then brunch would be derailed by a discussion of frame data. Best to give Argine a hearty breakfast in the apartment and then send her on her way.

Bika sends a body with a tray to rouse herself. She rubs her eyes and then nudges Argine awake.

Bika: Good morning, here’s some breakfast.

Argine: Bwuhhhh…Smells good.

Bika: I have some stuff I need to do, let’s meet up soon, okay? You can come over and smash again anytime, I’ll be practicing to make sure I can beat you.

Argine: I’d really like that.

While Argine eats, Bika goes to the bathroom to freshen up. She returns to the bedroom and sniffs the poncho, which was discarded on the floor in the excitement last night. It’s only a little sweaty, and the natural smell of wool covers it up anyway. She dons it once more.

Bika: Do you need a ride or anything?

Argine: No, I’ll jog home. It’s not too far.

Bika: I’ll take you to the door.

She gives Argine a smooch goodbye as they part ways, Bika heading up the street to the cheap but popular brunch place a few blocks away. Puffball texts that she already has a table, so Bika steps inside and asks the host to take her to them.

She spots Dompag and Landi sitting in the booth, the fairy dour and sipping a glass of grapefruit juice. Puffball butters a fluffy biscuit while the vaguely familiar person to her left looks at the menu. A hookup from the previous night? No, another one of Chuck’s friends. Bika crouches behind a different set of patrons and looks around furtively to make sure Chuck isn’t lurking somewhere.

Who is Chuck’s OTHER FRIEND? This will be the final new character in the quest.
No. 1092887 ID: 9dcef6

No. 1092891 ID: 9f8647

No. 1092894 ID: 5ebd37

Gerbera is a good choice
But if not them then Rose from House
No. 1092898 ID: 9bbb0e

It is none other than Sir Humpy, from Monster Humper.
No. 1092902 ID: 2f41db

Dragon and knight.
What could go wrong?

Sir humpy.
Chilling in his casual chainmail.
No. 1092923 ID: 9ea24b
File 171832623810.png - (16.83KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

Why it’s none other than the bombastic Sir Humpy! Bika would recognize those rippling back muscles clad in a tank top anywhere. Chuck sure knows how to pick ‘em, this guy has no indoor voice and made several passes at Bika while she was dating the sleazy cat.

The hostess seems confused about having lost her customer and Chuck is nowhere to be seen, so Bika stops cowering and approaches the table.

Puffball: Hi Bika!!! Sorry I didn’t get to see you very much last night, I hope you had a good time. We’re just getting ready to order, you haven’t missed a thing.

Bika: Hi everyone, what did you guys end up doing?

Puffball: Oh, I saw Chuck and Humpy at the bar and then the bartender told us he’d seen you crying, so that was awwwwkward. I was worried but after we found Dompag and Landi they told us you’d seemed okay and then we hung out until Chuck got really drunk and we took him home.


Puffball: Dompag went with Landi to her place once she crashed.

Dompag: We talked. Was a while before she could sleep.

Landi: And I’d still be in bed if Dompag didn’t drag me to brunch. Meanwhile Chuck is hungover as fuck and no one made him come…

Puffball: So who was that lucky girl you left us for? Was she into anything weird?

Bika: She was plenty weird, but we got along really well. She’s strong and I introduced her to smash. I think I’ll see her again soon and I’ll invite you to meet her.

Puffball: How big was her massive throbbing cock?

Bika: I don’t know where you keep finding these people Puffball, because most women don’t have those.

Puffball: Which is such a shame, honestly.

No. 1092925 ID: 2f41db

Aw. Good old humpy.
Sweet of him to be concerned
Thank him for asking but was just a little overwhelmed.
its ok.
Over it now.

How much of her couch is still intact?
No. 1092929 ID: 9bbb0e

Humpy has absolutely no filter. On the one hand this could be a good opportunity to switch the topic to Chuck and get some gossip about what he's been doing, but on the other hand Humpy will yell anything you tell him about the breakup to the entire diner and everyone he knows.
No. 1092937 ID: 5ebd37

Just stare him down. He's not that stupid, he'll figure it out.
No. 1092954 ID: c29ecd

You’d rather not talk about it, or Chuck.
No. 1092957 ID: 9ea24b
File 171840935410.png - (13.16KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

Bika’s face heats up. It’s sweet that Humpy is concerned about her feelings but now the entire diner knows that she cried. Also, she’s about had it with all of the close calls between their social groups. She doesn’t want to see Chuck! She doesn’t want to think about Chuck! Why do her friends keep hooking up with his friends?!

She glares at Humpy, who fiddles with his gloves.

Bika: I was just a bit overwhelmed by all the noise, thanks.


Bika: Can we not talk about Chuck, please?

The table falls into silence until the waiter arrives. Bika orders Eggs Benedict.

Is there ANYTHING ELSE Bika would like to TALK about with everyone?
No. 1092958 ID: 640e14

Talk about SMASH. You and Argine had a fun smash bros match that your friends has got to hear, whether they want to or not.
No. 1092959 ID: 9bbb0e

The hooking up with his friends thing might be something to talk about with the girls, when it's just the girls. Maybe it's good we didn't bring Argine, this would be embarrassing. On the other hand, she's exactly the kind of social hand grenade that could bring a new topic to this trainwreck of a conversation.

Work? You could ask what everyone's been doing for work. It'll kill time until the food gets here if nothing else.
No. 1092961 ID: 1effd3

Trains. Trains are always a valid discussion topic.
No. 1092964 ID: dd3fe0


Only if they're some amazing luxury experience or some crazy value that was also an amazing luxury experience or maybe you met someone fun that it's actually a good thing that gossip of what you did with them gets out... or some hilarious misunderstanding/mystery/escapade you had on one or something. Storytelling, yaknow?
No. 1092966 ID: 2f41db

Been locked up in your own situation for too long bika.
Hear how theyre all doing.
Escape into their lives for a bit.
Just remind them to try and dodge the C word.

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