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File 155476019470.jpg - (824.39KB , 2024x1950 , Chapter 4 part 0.jpg )
929115 No. 929115 ID: 70be57

Wiki https://tgchan.org/wiki/Root_and_Branches
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No. 959633 ID: d63ea8

And such a fortifying stock.
I will consume it as well.
You two feed such a roaring blaze between you.
It is without wonder that Ana has carried herself this far.

Yet now,
it is done...

"Oh great and mighty voice of this nothingness."
"Two have chosen one."
"a now filled presence..."
"will speak to this 'Ana.'"

No. 959639 ID: e51896

Thanks... though it seems you are not one of our voices after all. Regardless, I'm appreciate you coming to help me speak with Ana

Scarred, I have decided I will go talk to Ana as I need to address some things. Do you have anything you wish for me to relay to Ana when I enter?

inner thoughts: I got a good look at this tentacled person. if my suspicions are true...
No. 959643 ID: 8a8fef

Go. Go help her. And tell her the truth about how I feel about her, because that thing told only lies.

A knight’s word speaks only truth after all.
No. 959669 ID: 2bd15b
File 158514381688.jpg - (1.99MB , 3414x1806 , Chapter 4 part 144.jpg )

No. 959676 ID: d63ea8

What great power exudes from that form,
Oh stalwart 'Ana.'
Oh precious 'Ana.'

The Seeker of Truths is right to worry for you,
she wishes so dearly for your safety,
and the safety of your heart.

Her and the Disciple of Marks,
both hold you with such value.
They dream your dreams,
take your failures as their failures.
Their desires are so potent and filling,
that they threaten to overflow from my mouth.

Oh loved 'Ana.'
Oh precious 'Ana.'
How dearly do they both wish...
that you might see the value they exalt you with.

But you cannot hear me...
as this filled presence...
is neither stout,
nor cunning.

But I will honor your want,
and remove my sight from these proceedings.

*The presence covers its eyes.*

"Oh great and mighty voice of this nothingness."
"I beseech you,"
"let this filled presence..."
"speak to this 'Ana.'"

No. 959679 ID: 8b660e

Sorry mate, I don’t know if they can hear you. I know they probably can’t hear me anyway. Might as well pass the time, a bit. So, I’m not opposed to having you around but I want to get a better idea of you first.

First question, why does suffering occur in this world? Second, what makes people hate each other? Third, why does it seem impossible for people on this gods forsaken planet to get along? Why do these same people often fall back on violence to solve their problems? Why does pain exist and why are there people who enjoy inflicting it on others? And lastly, what is the most common reason for people to do all these unspeakable crimes?

You want my opinion? Everyone is just trying to find their own way being happy.
No. 959681 ID: d63ea8

You offer questions..?
I will devour them,
and regurgitate an equal number of answers.

Suffering occurs as is natural,
it neither begins nor ends.
It permeates the material...
and immaterial.

Hate is a poison that is offered.
It spreads through words and thoughts.
Staining things with its bitter coat...
and draws others to itself.

Vessels cannot find understanding with other vessels.
So they bite and claw and steal.
Too many hands for too little food.

When words and feelings fail...
vessels use their forms to exert presence.
It is the one tongue that all share.

Pain is the thirst to the dying.
To know pain is to witness...
at a distance.
Without pain,
none would drink,
all would die.
But some vessels fear death...
and wish to observe this 'pain' in others.

As for that which cannot be spoken...
none can say.
Only silence remains.

Your opinion is sampled,
for I fear of bursting.
It tastes acrid...
burning slightly.
I have not tasted of happiness...
but what you offer...
Disciple of Marks...
does not fit.

Not into my mouth,
nor yours.
No. 959692 ID: e51896

Me being bounded by tentacles like this... Ana, does this remind you of when you saw that sculpture of yourself from the very first cycle, the "Sacrificial Lamb" sculpture? >>934222 It does for me. It also reminds me of when Scarred Ana in a timeline Essence took us to was given a chance to speak to a different Ana from that time, but had to be bounded too. It feels like everything just keeps coming in full circle, and repeats. And for me, all I can do is try to make sense of everything and their symbolism as things get figuratively continuously blurry.

we've certainly have had a lot of failures throughout of journey thus far, but we've accomplished so much together as well. Not to mention we've come a very long way without giving up until the bitter end. That is something not a lot of people could say, most would have given up, but when you pleaded with Godfrey, you showed that you still had the will power to keep going despite the inevitable.

and while this was probably one of the rockiest path we went through to get here, I just want to say that I am sorry for not being able to help you survive.

I'm not a perfect person. There have been ideas and paths that we suggested you take that I wished I could take back or had more knowledge of knowing the significance of certain decisions in our world before making them. But I wanted to try, and keep trying now to do my best for you to be safe, so you can live a life of not having to live in constant fear and lonliness. I wanted to help you be a good person.

Can I remain your friend? I know I'm not perfect and may have caused harm in my attempts, but I don't want to give up on you and I want to continue to try to keep you from going down a dark path nor a path of sorrow.

There is much I want to tell you, Ana but first I want to really ask about you personally. What has this journey thus far has meant for you and your growth as a person? And in comparison, what was your own life like before this fog started?

But most importantly, what do you see in me and Scarred?

And seeing as I am now here physically, you are allowed to do what you want with me. You can hug me for comfort, or you can beat the shit out of me as punishment for not being able to guide you to a better outcome, or maybe even try to unbound me from these tentacles. Ultimately, what you want to do here is your decision.
No. 959706 ID: 2bd15b
File 158518121418.jpg - (2.04MB , 3328x1686 , Chapter 4 part 145.jpg )

No. 959732 ID: e51896

It's Alright... For you Ana, yes I will accept. You've been burdened by so much, and you must be so very exhausted. So I will lift that burden off of you and be the one to carry it.

I just want to say a few things.

For Ana's safety, Please, lets all keep this event a secret from everyone. Whatever happens in here is kept only between the five of us here. I predict that things will get very troubling if this secret of what we are about to do is exposed to the wrong people.

And second, I want you to know most importantly Ana that voices are not invincible. there are still ways for them to perish. The ambassador had threatened to kill Scarred and I before, and our lives were almost taken multiple times when we were saving Laura's life.

Lastly... take care and keep an eye on Scarred Ana for me, okay Ana? Be sure to ground her every once in awhile if she gets too unruly... heh.

*looks up at the tentacled creature above*
Inner thoughts: I know this tentacled being has help Scarred and I before in the past. I won't say anything out loud about it out of risk, nor do I want anyone to say anything about it. But I have a feeling that this being is aware that we realized who it is and know about it's assistance in the past, and that we can trust it.

I am ready, are you Ana?
No. 959733 ID: 8a8fef

oh you fucking... hoo...

Hey tentacle thing? Why don’t I get a say in this???
No. 959737 ID: 2bd15b
File 158522453973.jpg - (0.98MB , 2309x1217 , Chapter 4 part 146.jpg )


This is the message specifically addressed to Scarred

No. 959740 ID: d63ea8

Oh foolish 'Ana.'
Oh precious 'Ana.'
How greatly you wish for freedom.
How carelessly you seek escape.

To see one divest their name...
I thought impossible to happen.
To enter nothingness while already there.

Oh poor 'Ana.'
Oh precious 'Ana.'
How many would kill...
for what you now discard.

But you cannot hear me,
and thus my warnings lost.

Suffering occurs as is natural,
it neither begins nor ends.
It permeates the material...
and immaterial.

These desires I have now consumed...
rebel against me form.
How greatly they seek to pull you away from the edge.
But I am selfish.
What presence I have,
I wish to keep.
Your power would annihilate it.
No. 959743 ID: 8b660e

Eat a dick, hentai boy. I told Fortune to help Ana, but I didn’t know she was going to jump at the first chance she got to switch bodies, what kind of shit is that? Our times are over this isn’t our life to lead anymore, and this isn’t the universe we know. And if that’s the case why the hell should we trust you? Fortune said we know you and you’ve helped us before but somehow I doubt that. If you want my opinion this is another ploy to try to turn us all against one another.
No. 959746 ID: d63ea8

Again the desires fight me.
They wish to surge forth.

You cannot hear me...
but I feel compelled to scream.

"Oh ever-fearful 'Ana.'"
"Oh most precious 'Ana.'"
"I approached looking for the scraps!"
"For this is the place of scavengers!"
"I can only take that which is offered,"
"but please..."
"do not offer what little you have left..."
"not in this place."

This great and mighty voice,
This great beast of stripes,
It is a predator of what is dead...
and gone.

If you are so low,
that this existence is torturous.
Then in non-existence...
you shall fare worse.

Oh disowned 'Ana.'
Oh precious 'Ana.'
No. 959753 ID: e51896


Before I forget, Scarred wanted to relay a message to you before I entered, she said "I do have personal desires. I want to be held by the people I love most and I want Ana to know that same kind of joy. I want to hold my son again and to see him grow, even though I know that’s impossible. And I want to see the one responsible for all of this pay and get the justice they deserve.

And... I want Ana to be the one to break these cycles and set us all free."

You are free to consider what she said and we can still go through with this since you said yourself being a voice is is what you truly want.

But I need to address something very worrying... Why do you want to be known as "disowned"?

Is it because you are disowning your existence? It can't be because you'll still exist and live on as a voice if we do this ritual...

is it because a lot of people have betrayed or hurt you? I don't think so. I've mentioned earlier that so many people did a lot to see you continue on, and I'm sure Boxhead and our friends in that group is still out there looking out for you.

Or is the reason you want to be known as "disowned" is because you believe like that being said, deep down you believe that I am abandoning and giving up on you by making this decision and thinking that I believe you are nothing and a burden?
You are NOT nothing. If anything, the conductor once told me that I was the one that was nothing. If anyone is nothing, it is me!

I don't want you to think I would abandon you. I don't see you as nothing. In my timeline, I was the one who ran away when Lorence convinced everyone with his manipulations that I was a traitor. But you at your last moment courageously stood your ground against all the odds when you tried to convince Godfrey not to kill you. Your courageous actions is more than what I could accomplish as I died a cowards death running away, and for that I can't see you as a nobody. that So please tell me, why do you see yourself as "disowned"?

*is trying to hold back tears to stay strong for Ana but is having a hard time hiding her emotions*
No. 959779 ID: 2bd15b
File 158526324441.jpg - (1.01MB , 2368x1172 , Chapter 4 part 147.jpg )

No. 959784 ID: 8b660e

By all the gods of light and darkness, shut the fuck up you depressed cephalopod.

I am so tired of the never ending pity party around here, and you aren’t helping anyone. If you were really on Ana’s side you’d bring her back and tell her to not give up hope. I’m sorry for Ana, really I am but it’s just not the way this world works. My life was hard so was Fortunes’, but neither of us chose to give up we all met out destinies and lived our lives the best we could. People are mean and this shit is hard but the world isn’t one big liberal arts college campus. You just want Ana to just quit here and say “hooray I did it.” Fuck yourself, pervert.

And I’m not done, based on this I don’t believe for a second you are on our side. My guess is you are just like the rest of them. Andrew, Essence, Happy, you’re all the same. You’ve all got a hard one for Ana because of her connection to the ash tree because you all want more power or it’s just how you get your sick kicks. In fact shit, 50/50 bet you work for Happy, and you’re trying to get Ana away from us. I bet that’s what the naked bird chick wanted, this is the same M.O. Tell your boss to piss off, we’re fucking busy and we don’t need his skinny ass poking in where it doesn’t belong.
No. 959785 ID: d63ea8

Oh hopeless 'Ana.'
Oh precious 'Ana.'

You bring such pain to this presence.
I fear that I might wretch this food...
So kindly offered by the ones who shadow your form.
It turns to caustic fire in my belly,
searing what little sensations I have.

But I would not abandon it.
I have dined on nothingness,
it is less than ash,
less than poison,
and less than death.

I would endure this 'pain,'
for its lack is far worse.

"Oh sweet 'Ana.'"
"Oh precious 'Ana.'"
"Hear what little I offer..."
"This presence came from nothing."
"Consumed nothing."
"And would steal whatever something you might hold..."
"if it had the strength too."

But you cannot hear me...
and my body quakes.
The anger of the Disciple,
The fear of the Seeker,'
I was wrong...
they do not build...
they blow apart.
No. 959792 ID: 8a8fef

SEE!!?? Even The Presence who just showed up agrees with me! And we just met! So I’ll tell you what because your so adamant about Ana essentially killing herself, why not spread the misery. I’ve decided that I’m going to at least make this whole exchange as miserable as I can for you because you’re a lecherous cretin and you can hear me and they can’t and at the very least it will annoy the shit out of you.

Here now is a hideous sight
A disturbing and terrible blight
It’s a magical squid
That’s far off the grid
In a land that’s derived of the light

The squid worked with a puppet named Happy
Whose ass cheeks were indeed quite clappy
With the squid’s tentacles, long
And harpy’s wooden dong
The two would get freaky and slappy

The squid wanted the girl named Ana
Cuz she drove boss Happy bananas
They schemed and they planned
With their dicks in their hands
A suicide for her, a bonanza!

But their plan was caught in the act
By the Scarred voice with no tact
The disciple of marks
With a voice like a lark
Who will split open your face with an axe

With me here now is The Presence
Who is much better than bitchy ol Essence
Together we sing
So your eardrums will ring
To fill up your life with unpleasance

The squid whined and pined and he balled.
To think he would even get the gall
To say “Kill yourself”
But in spite of himself
He’s still sucking on Happy’s oak balls.

Maybe we’ll call rubber the boss
And then Squidsy would be at a loss
To just do his job
Cuz we’ll watch him sob
As turns him into less than the dross

And that mark the end of my song
It’s for me to say now “so long”
Oh no that was a lie
And by and the by
It continues all the daylong
No. 959838 ID: e51896

I'm flowing my tears for you because you can't Ana.

Ana, I want to tell you one last thing, something important so please don't look away and look directly at my face when I say it: when I began my duty to guide you, I've always had to tell myself, sometimes even scream to myself in my head the following things to keep me from not being distracted by my goal and keep me on the correct and moral path for us: *looks directly at Ana's eye (at Absolution Junior)* Do everything you can to SAVE and PROTECT Ana's life. DON'T let Ana die.

*looks at Ana as a whole* That is what I kept telling myself, and keeping those words in mind is what made me accomplish some impossible things and decisions I've never think I would ever make, all for your sake... And if doing this will save your life physically and mentally with you as a voice and keep our relationship neutral to good, then it is all I can do at this point. After all *stares directly at Ana's eye again (at Absolution Junior)* EVERYONE in this realm we are in currently MUST have a say in this decision... *looks at Ana as a whole again* and with that said, your say and your decision, Ana, matters the most to me, which is why I will agree with you for this to happen, Ana, even if it hurts me.

...forgive me Scarred. I only ask that you put your trust in my decision.

I'm ready. Hello cruel world.
No. 959865 ID: 2bd15b
File 158535224143.jpg - (1.92MB , 3340x1625 , Chapter 4 part 148.jpg )

No. 959871 ID: e51896

...I believe now, you can tell me what to do, Disowned. Though I don't think things will last very long considering the cult in the alive world is going to take my body to burn to ashes the moment I wake up, and even if I awaken, they'll probably just finish me off. But perhaps if you have a idea as to what I should do in this conundrum?

Inner thoughts: But also at the very least, you should be able to read my thoughts. I do have a request for you, Disowned should you choose to do it or not... as a voice, you can sometimes have access to areas even I cannot reach in this physical form now, and if you are able to do so, I want you to see if you can go to the investigation team in The Mad Creator's place (that rabbit robot guy) and see if you can talk to them about everything you witnessed during your time with that bird lady and how you met Happy there.
No. 959881 ID: 8a8fef




No. 959882 ID: d63ea8

And with that...
all breaks.

Fortune Ana's Desire dissolves.
Scarred Ana's Desire dissolves.

I await your approach Renegade of Body.
We might share a cup of your sorrow.
Or fight over what scraps remain of you.

Oh former Seeker...
take care of the vessel now entrusted.
Many will seek it's demise...
and division.

And fiery Disciple...
I return this shard.
May it act to temper...
the presence you now exert.

*The presence reaches a hand into its mouth and pulls out a [Fragment of Scarred Ana's Question]. Holding it out to its former owner.*

"... Third, why does it seem impossible for people on this gods forsaken planet to get along?..."
No. 959891 ID: e51896

And also... *hugs Ana*
No. 959911 ID: 2bd15b
File 158540971232.jpg - (2.27MB , 3508x1689 , Chapter 4 part 149.jpg )

No. 959916 ID: 8b660e

I’m not helping you Fortune. Go fuck yourself, thief.

Hey “Disowned” you hear me now right? Good.


Firstly, I’m not calling you Disowned Ana, because fuck that and fuck you. I’m going to call you Quitter, because that’s exactly what you are. Secondly, you gave up something so precious and now you understand, do you feel that? The nothing? Fucked up isn’t it. You don’t realize you can feel your blood pumping until you abruptly can’t anymore, and all you have is your voice, now you can watch in rage and fury or self pity all you want. Good for fucking you. Thirdly, I’m calling you Quitter because you made everything we did for you worthless. I feel as though that fight we went through? How long we spent defending you?


I’m sorry things are tough, but fuck me running if you do dare to complain about or cry I will scream at you. I WANT YOU TO GET ANGRY. GET FUCKING MOTIVATED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, FIGHT FOR YOURSELF.

But no you essentially put a gun in your mouth to join me in bumfuck nowhere. Fuck you, I have no sympathy for your actions and I condemn them. I want you watch Fortune suffer because sooner or later you’ll realize what you squandered and gave away was so priceless, and you just took it all for granted. And that’s the last reason you are fucking Quitter now, the only one who disowned everything was you. We never gave up on you, but you wouldn’t fight for yourself when it really mattered.

You’re a spoiled bitch who can’t break her own self-fulfilling prophecy.
No. 959922 ID: d63ea8

Fragment of Scarred Ana's Question evaporates.
Scarred Ana's [Lie] dissolves.

This place...

*Notices Godfrey, and quickly ducks behind the table.*

is the realm of vessels.

The place beyond the nothingness...
that realm from which entropy emanates...
I do not belong.


None offered a space...
for the shape of this presence.
Yet I am here.


Heat surges around me...
the Disciple burns with exertion...
'Ana' may not hear me...
but the Renegade of Body...

to beneath the rising inferno.
'Ana' has offered many gifts...
and taken many burdens.

If you must live as nothing,
amid nothing.
Then you...
Renegade of Body...
must learn which offerings to make...
and which to take.
No. 959943 ID: e51896

... No Godfrey. I am not fine. I am not completely fine at all. I may look completely fine, but I have made permanent damages and made a terrible mistake just now that I don't think I will ever be fine.

I've made a lot of horrible mistakes and horrible sacrifices that I cannot reverse and can never be forgiven for... irreversible and unforgivable mistakes that I need to fix right now regardless of how impossible it is, and that is why I look completely fine like I do now. I'm sorry, This is all I can say as far as my appearance goes, and I cannot reveal anything else on this matter to you or anybody, at least not yet... Please believe me when I say I will tell you later, just not now. There is only one person I can explain this situation to...

Godfrey, I need to talk to Root!! inner thoughts: and his voices, one of his voices must have come across Happy or his minions at one point or another in their past, and if that is the case, there might be some way to work together to find Happy!

Something horrible that we cannot comprehend is going to happen, and I need to speak to Root immediately. You, your men, and I need to save him from the wolves as soon as we can so I can explain to him what happened to me and a huge threat that will threaten our world, and I need all the help I can get to prevent it and even fix the mistakes that I've made...

But first... Lorence is not going to be too pleased with you if he sees me alive while saving Root... Godfrey, I need a disguise from you. Think of the first thing you can give me as a disguise, then discard that idea and come up with a second idea for a disguise. Discard that second idea and come up with a third idea for a disguise. I ask you this weird request because Lorence is a smart man, he will be able to see right through my disguise if we make obvious choices to disguise myself with based off of your personality..

*puts hand on stomach to calm herself and notices the orange liquid coming out of her* WHAT!... what is this Godfrey???

inner thoughts: SCARRED, THATS ENOUGH! If you need to get angry at anybody, GET ANGRY ONLY AT ME, NOT ANA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXEde89WC44

inner thoughts: Ana is right now suffering from depression, she is mentally damaged to the point where sympathy won't work on her to bring her spirits back up, and calling her a bitch is only going to sink her further down that depression making her believe it and making her do nothing to fix it until she snaps and becomes someone like...

inner thoughts: Ana shouldn't be treated like some kind of video game character who has no limits to their suffering which can be treated by simply going to an inn to make things better, or can continue fighting after they mentally suffer from losing someone. That is unrealistic! She is human! and humans have limits! and Ana had her limits torn apart. She never even had the proper training to become a soldier like you did to adapt to what she went through, especially in such a short amount of time!

inner thoughts: Yes, perhaps it is true that I am a thief like you said, and I feel absolutely awful about it. Maybe my decision was because I was influence by being a part of the Acolytes of the Ash Tree in my past life, But Ana already had so much taken from her from you and I already, like when she wasn't allowed to leave with Dervan, or when she wasn't allowed to switch with Laura. If I had taken away her last remaining wish to become a voice and take my place, she would lose all faith in us and turn against us like...
...and I would still be regarded as a thief regardless if I took away her choice to become a voice, and I know that tentacled creature would just manipulate things to make me sound like the bad guy in Ana's eyes for taking away Ana's freedom to choose making her lose her trust in us.

inner thoughts: I really wish I didn't have to take Ana's physical form and ruin my friendship with you, Scarred, and I wish Ana could of held on and not give up give up, and I know this is a terrible mistake, but it was a moment of weakness and the whole thing to me was a lose-lose situation. I only thought that what Ana needed right now was EMPATHY, someone who will go through and suffer everything she went through while she takes a mile in my shoes and understand what we deal with as voices.

inner thoughts: What Ana needs right now needs is a professional therapist, not someone who will verbally abuse her like you are doing now. If you need to take out your aggression, Take all that aggression and pile it on me, and give Ana a break FOR ONCE! Or if you truly don't want to help me fix my mistakes, thus letting Happy destroy the multiverse, how about you ask me to ask Godfrey to kill myself so that you can get rid of me and we can end this adventure? Your voice is very influential after all. I WILL do it if you just ask.

inner thoughts: or we can try to fix our mistakes and Ana's mistakes and see if we can help Ana with her depression and find a way to switch back once she gets better. But if you're not going to help me, then fine. Ana told me to never stop believing in myself no matter what anybody says... and if that includes you Scarred, then I will sadly accept it. I've been abandoned by everyone back in my own timeline so I'm used to it. I'll do this on my own with Disowned Ana's help if I have to.

inner thoughts: But all I ask of you is this: you can verbally abuse me or give me suggestions that will cause endless suffering to myself, or just suggest me to ask Godfrey to finish me off, but stop berating poor Ana, her broken heart can't take it. get on her level and help mend her broken spirit so that one day if the time comes when Ana and I can switch our bodies again, Ana can be prepared for this world. Be patient with her, because this isn't over yet. That is all I plead and beg of you to do Scarred.

inner thoughts: Please Scarred, Ana and I need your help more than ever now... don't give up on us...

No. 959948 ID: d63ea8

That sound...
it reaches me with the force of a vessel...
and the force of a presence.

Am I bound..?
But how?
None had offered.

I see these words,
and they pass me by.
They were not given to me,
but instead to the Disciple.

They fall from on high,
rain to combat flames...

But I am able to read their purpose...
and divine their import.

Renegade of Body,
through fate or grand design...
this emptying presence...
has been bound to your former vessel.

I am a pit,
a vacuous space.
Hurl me your pains,
your lost hopes,
and graying thoughts.

I will drink them,
be among them...
and you will not be alone.
No. 959954 ID: 8b660e

FUCK YOU. I don't give my sympathy to you or her because you both were incredibly stupid, it's honestly astonishing. Instead, what I give both of you isn't abuse, it's fucking honesty. Because that is how I feel about her actions as of late and I condemn you for not helping her in way that was actually effective and instead robbing her of a chance at really healing and getting stronger. So yes, you are a thief, and she is a coward.

Speaking of which, until ANA, again I refuse to call her Disowned, responds I don't even know if she is even here. And that is what infuriates me the most. Both of your actions, her unwillingness to do what was needed, and you with your gods damned "empathy" may have just doomed her anyways. What if that monster was working for Happy as I suspect he was? Didn't his willingness for Ana to remove herself just seem more than a little suspicious? What if by sending her away you just inadvertently created a new Essence of Life. Your own actions may have just doomed us all anyway. So you can go fuck yourself, Fortune. I have no sympathy or desire to help you.

But I did swear to help Ana. And if that means I need to help you to help her than so fucking be it. But gods' damn it all, had I the power I would give you both a thrashing for your stupidity. Sorry not sorry.

So Ana, are you here or fucking not?
No. 959962 ID: 2bd15b
File 158544867555.jpg - (2.70MB , 3508x3056 , Chapter 4 part 150.jpg )

No. 959972 ID: d63ea8

It is clear...

This presence did not leave the nothingness.
Instead it extended into this realm.

All I feel...

Scarred Ana's Questions dissolves.
No. 959973 ID: d63ea8

...is nothing.

Farewell Renegade of Body.
The nothingness will not offer peace.
But as moments bleed into eternity...
perhaps you will lose what brought you pain.

I shall remain in this space between.
No. 959987 ID: e51896

inner thoughts:... no... NO!!!! Ana was supposed to still be here with us as a voice!! Why is it that I can never make a single tiny solitary correct decision!?! Why can't I get a win just this once!?! it... its okay... I can fix this... I just need to breath and calm down and figure this out...

*Starts to breath heavy*

inner thoughts: Ugh, I'm going to be sick... Why didn't Absolution Junior do anything when Ana needed him most? I tried to reach out to him, a last ditch effort call out to him to save Ana from that tentacled being in order to prevent Ana from thinking negative of us while also saving her from becoming a voice. I just thought that if I refused Ana's wishes and didn't let her become a voice, that creature would manipulate Ana into thinking I was the bad guy for refusing her choice and make her think she meant nothing to me but a puppet, and that's why I didn't refuse Ana her wish to become a voice.
I looked directly at Absolution Junior and dropped hints to save Ana in order to not let that tentacled monster know. and asked Absolution Junior, pleaded with him to stop this from happening: "Do everything you can to SAVE and PROTECT Ana's life. DON'T let Ana die." thats what I told him. I was even banking that maybe even for Desolation to help save Ana, but it was just another plan that was just wasted.

*starts to hyperventilate from the stress*

inner thoughts: It's over. I'm never going to make another decision for anyone ever again, not even for myself, because no matter what decision I make, it will always lead to doom, so maybe the only chance for things to get better is if I don't make a decision at all. Maybe this world will be better off without us voices helping make decisions for others... and it makes me wonder, what would Ana's journey be life if she never had voices to guide her in the first place?

inner thoughts: ...It doesn't matter... Ana is gone, Laura is gone, Scarred is no longer my friend... Essence was right, we really were unfit to guide Ana, or even guide ourselves, or anyone for that matter. Happy has won, this multiverse is going to crumble into nothingness. And knowing my luck, Ana didn't get the bad "Smiling Forever" ending, she got the worst "Happy Forever" ending, didn't she? Probably an ending that no other Ana in previous cycles has gotten either. It's all my fault...

Godfrey, I... I don't know what to do anymore... or where to go.

*can't handle her breathing any longer and just faints from the stress of it all*
No. 959990 ID: 8b660e

Gods damn you and your empathy...

Rest now I’ll find her.


And you’re wrong Fortune. I am your friend and sometimes friends have give each other the harsh truth to keep it that way.
No. 960007 ID: 2bd15b

Do you honestly want to know what happened to Ana? If that happens this epilog will end.
No. 960011 ID: d63ea8

You take too much,
you give too much.

You entered into the realm...
of cheaters,
and thieves...

That great striped beast,
that almighty voice of the nothingness,
was a pinnacle of form.
It wormed into the mind of the Renegade...
and tricked her...
not you.

You take responsibility that is not yours.

Oh broken 'Ana.'
Oh precious 'Ana.'
If fate had been different,
this presence may have been the cheater,
and thief.
I offered warnings,
but the almighty voice stole them.
The responsibility was meant for them,
not you.

Do not offer up your hope...
as the Renegade had.
It blinded her,
weakened her,
and deafened her to your pleas.

Do not offer up your autonomy...
for there are those...
myself among them...
who would kill at the chance...
to take it.
No. 960015 ID: e51896

I vote yes. I think that will be very important to know as she is very important to everyone here, even if we won't like the answer.

Also, it will let me focus on Test Run while I do other things.
No. 960018 ID: d63ea8

No. 960023 ID: 8b660e

Yeah if I’m gonna go looking for her best to get a clue
No. 960135 ID: 2bd15b
File 158567132818.jpg - (1.47MB , 3476x1713 , Chapter 4 part 151.jpg )

No. 960451 ID: 2bd15b


This is officially the end of the story for Ana, I implore you to see that this wasn't a bad ending. The world is a chaotic and unpredictable beast that does what it wants when it wants it. If I intend to continue the story it would be from the perspective of Laura or Fortune. Tomorrow I will post my idea for a spin-off the story connected to the quest of Root and branches.

No. 960456 ID: 7f776d

>I implore you to see that this wasn’t a bad ending

You’re wrong.

And she’s not done if I have anything to say on the matter, and I do.
No. 960460 ID: d63ea8

It is what it is in my mind.
But I am the newest participator, so I will take a backseat to the discussion.
No. 960466 ID: 7f776d

Your opinion matters, time spent on this doesn’t matter. But I’ve been here practically since day 1 almost 3 years ago. I haven’t come this far with Ana to see it end like this. So when I say I can’t accept this, understand when I say “I cannot accept this.”
No. 960469 ID: d63ea8

I would expect no less.
Regardless, I will seat myself in support of my seniors.
No. 960507 ID: 8b660e

*Sees all of this*

Oh Ana...


This will not stand. I will not lose you too.

*Reaches down and picks up a broken horn piece, a very piece of the Ash Tree tself. And begins to channel everything she is and all she has.*

For this part go to my draw thread
No. 966403 ID: 2bd15b
File 158932549258.jpg - (2.00MB , 2644x2949 , Chapter 4 part 152.jpg )

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