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File 156943808898.png - (128.17KB , 295x278 , DRAN0.png )
945771 No. 945771 ID: 074ba6

discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/131032.html
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No. 945772 ID: 074ba6
File 156943812919.png - (1.51MB , 1700x952 , DRAN_01A.png )

No. 945774 ID: 074ba6
File 156943816420.png - (1.23MB , 1768x1152 , DRAN_02A.png )

No. 945775 ID: 074ba6
File 156943820450.png - (668.67KB , 1200x952 , bDRAN_03A.png )

No. 945776 ID: 074ba6
File 156943825680.png - (538.37KB , 1700x1952 , DRAN_04A.png )

No. 945777 ID: e7c7d3

Name? They look like Gthar to me
Age? Relative to the local sun: 24
Gender? Look how spindly that abdomen is. Clearly a male.
ESC? There is no escape.
Delete? No, we could use that tech in their arm.
No. 945780 ID: 6c74cf

Name: First name, Obv middle name, iou last name, sly
Age: I will agree, probably 24
Gender: Methinks is a male
Esc: pfft, escape, as if
Delete: nah
No. 945784 ID: 977456

Gthar works. Looks mid-aged, maybe 4 months local-time? Looks like a labourer's body, gonna have to say drone.
No. 947106 ID: 074ba6
File 157109605346.png - (1.04MB , 1700x952 , DRAN_5F.png )

Good to be in the Bright again.

>Labourer's body
Placing discovery beacons isn't the comfiest way to spend your 5th month in this lonely solar system, but neccessary to be prepared when the reverent Formian arrives.

>24 six-paired cycles old.

I've found it useful to have engineered myself a nerve-spectating exoskeleton arm. Plans are to build a whole set once I'm richer in titanium and positron wares.

>the Bright
We gappians enjoy bright light which surrounds us inside groundhomes and spacecrafts.

When in bright resting places, we are peaceful creative and non-confrontational. Dark and drafty places stress us.

I've stationed on this spacecraft for 4 months. There are two other gappians with me. Our tribe rented the spacecraft from another gappian great family that has some sort of ties to Formians in another solar system, where the Formians have previously visited.
No. 947110 ID: 3eff9c

Initiate dance, for mirthful reasons
No. 947112 ID: 933721

Yes, initiate. Perhaps your companions will enjoy it.
No. 947625 ID: 977456

It's lounging time!
No. 947723 ID: 074ba6
File 157187532046.png - (628.11KB , 1700x952 , DRAN_7AA.png )

Before lounging I perform Ascaleth, the dance I just now improvised for homecoming. Ascaleth represents in my mind the letting go of burdens and restoring a vivid sense of being alive. Altering significantly the mental state, I'm suddenly physically even more streamlined, stress-free, lucid and friendly.

>Gained action: Ascaleth (Friendliness, relief, agility, lucidity)

I'm ready to meet the others in lounge.
No. 947725 ID: 074ba6
File 157187598720.png - (1.00MB , 1700x952 , DRAN_DANCE_6AA.png )

I remove all my garments and environmental protections and then I enter the lounge, I see no one else there.

>Good to be Home
Ahh, it's really good to be home after a field day.

I can foam my body, enjoy nutrition, use substances available, those are

pritalymine- a piloting substance,
traple- a sleep-inducing substance in case of recovering from injury,
gentileple- a substance that is more rare, but pleasurable to use that also has agility and stamina boosting effects for working environments, or for intercourse
istapine, that is a pure medical substance, strong and replenishing. Boosts bug-adrenaline levels and rapidly replenishes chitin structures of the body - this substance is applied on skin.
other minor nutrition-substances like nebula salts, alcohol, sugar, flaris.

I wonder if the others are on the bridge.
No. 947726 ID: 979c00

Foam your body for hygienic reasons.
No. 947743 ID: 3eff9c

No need for any drugs now, but hygiene is very important so cleanse for hygienic reasons.
No. 947744 ID: 3eff9c

Then go meet your pals on the bridge. If they’re there that is.
No. 948956 ID: 074ba6
File 157312620837.png - (1.20MB , 1700x952 , holobridge_A4.png )

I find my pals on the bridge, greet them and tell that the beacon is in place for the navigators.

"Dust home then?" I ask from the pilot.
"Dust to dust, space it's where I feel most whole in."

The eccentric pilot is a black Gappi-Gappian or true Gappian, also known as the soldier Gappian. I don't know where he comes from, just that he is addicted to piloting and is good at it. According to his own say that I've gotten out of his stubborn person is that he is born in the Great Void. He loves not only to fly, but also to disintegrate enemies. I don't seriously know what to do with him, but to give him a sense of an ongoing mission, where we always have a chance to meet our great many enemies.

That green Gappian is Moluch, he is our technician that keeps us going in space when things malfunction on the craft or anywhere else. He has a ship interface attached to his arms feeding him realtime info on the machines. He comes from a tropical world called Nipiphuur.
No. 949039 ID: 977456

Ask for a status update and offer to get snacks while they get that together.
No. 949373 ID: 074ba6
File 157360824710.png - (1.86MB , 1200x1700 , DRAN_7_AF.png )

I ask them "What is the status?"

Moluch gives an update. "Gthar, good job. We're heading to home colony. The craft is functioning like a newmade object. Current mission is completed, we're ready to check back at the home colony. Expecting the beacons to transmit gravitonic signal to the awaiting host of the reverent Formian. We may keep the craft or join the Formian's host. Or return the craft to the colony and join the Formian's flagship as handymen and mercenaries without our own flier. We may get more crafts to the colony from the host to supply our own projects in the solar system and get to command and train new crews to them. These are the most probable outcomes of this current endeavour. Good times lie ahead. The Formian should contact us with FTL comms anytime."

I thank Moluch for the nice summary and hurry to get some snacks for us three while they maneuver the ship into orbit.

I find 2 Juicybars and a pouch full of Energizer pills. I take one for myself.
No. 949411 ID: 9aa12d

So it’s just a waiting game for now, quickly bring the snacks back and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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