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File 147604438291.jpg - (165.72KB , 585x720 , pulp02.jpg )
11247 No. 11247 ID: 4dc2d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Is everyone a tripfag on this board? Just trying to assimilate.
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No. 11285 ID: 4dc2d2

No. 11286 ID: 60f863

To be honest trip fags are pretty cancerous.
No. 11288 ID: dc887b

No. 11289 ID: 86497f

there may be certain arcane magics by which a trip could be customized, or reverse engineered.
It's rarely necessary though.
No. 11290 ID: ea1c62

Its only ever necessary if you want to troll tripfags, which is admittedly a pretty worth cause.

File 147605591905.png - (12.67KB , 847x260 , Gets hot chance.png )
11251 No. 11251 ID: 4dc2d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Has anybody ever had any experience with homebrewing 40k into GURPS? I have maybe an hour or two put into and I was wondering if anybody else was also working on something like this or if it has been done before.

Any criticism on what I have done so far is also appreciated. Please excuse the EXTREMELY work-in-progress formatting.

No. 11252 ID: 4dc2d2
File 147605635789.png - (1.04MB , 565x729 , campaign sheet.png )

I'm looking for lots of random tables and in-depth differences between different forgeworld patterns of equipment.

I don't know much about xenos so any advice on templates/rules for them would be awesome.
No. 11284 ID: a107fd

First, save yourself a lot of trouble and start from Ultra-Tech. Most of the weapons are there, or close enough. A bolter is just a gyroc weapon loaded with 18.5mm APHEX. The Imperium of Man at it's height was TL 10, 'Nids and the Eldar are both TL 11, the Necrons are TL12, and the Tau are TL 9 but they don't need an Unusual Background to buy Engineer skills and their infrastructure isn't FUBAR. Orks are approximately TL 10 but many, maybe most, have Quick Gadgeteer and/or TL-transcending wildcard skills.

Looking over your Gets Hot rules, for result 6, 4d6 burning damage per round seems excessive, given that 1d6-1 per round corresponds to "entire body on fire." Even 1d6 burning damage, directly to the hand, would be enough to present a serious risk of the gunner being left with a charred stump.
Similarly, for result 7, why not just use the fragmentation rules?

If you're treating power swords as cutting damage plus follow-up, power fists should probably be crushing damage plus follow-up, since it's the same basic mechanism, instead of a multiplier to thrust damage which I'm not sure there's a precedent for. Combine it with the sleeve exoskeleton (from Ultra-Tech) when somebody's using one without powered armor.

File 12509267786.jpg - (109.60KB , 402x599 , 402px-MkVIII_Errant.jpg )
1635 No. 1635 ID: a91907 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I fucking hate the Corvus armour. I really think WH40K needs more Errant armours. They look so fucking cool.
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No. 3118 ID: f348ea

I figure they're just so badass they can breathe in space.
No. 3121 ID: 4553b2

Much like Batman?
No. 11256 ID: 4dc2d2

Only Guilliman can breathe in space anon.
No. 11258 ID: 398fe1

No. 11265 ID: 4dc2d2

Very powerful necromancy at that.

File 146637307404.jpg - (31.32KB , 256x317 , overlord 2.jpg )
11219 No. 11219 ID: e78505 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

How do i Overlord?
No. 11246 ID: 4dc2d2

What exactly are you trying to do?

Are you asking for advice on how to become an overlord?
Are you asking what to do once you are an overlord?
Are you asking how to run PC's being rulers in a game?

Help us out a bit here.

File 147593267194.jpg - (922.12KB , 3696x1926 , 1475917496235.jpg )
11244 No. 11244 ID: 34647c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

IP Address: intcraft.online
Server Version: 1.8.8 (any client from 1.8, 1.9 or 1.10 can join the server.)
Chien's World Map cropped to Eurasia
Towny, Brewery, meme recipes, word filter and more..
RP and General Rules
Contrary to previous iterations we will now state the actual rules for the server in a clear way, pre-launch. In theory, as always, there is only one rule: Don’t be a shitter. If you follow this set of rules, you are thereby not a shitter and you are in theory allowed to do what you want on Intcraft, and it will be up to the server population and community to put an end to their own disputes.
Towny War Flag will only be enabled from Friday-Sunday, from Monday-Thursday it will be disabled. PvP will always be enabled.
First 24 hours after launch will have War Flag disabled
Building a town/nation must be historically accurate for that location given the current time (300bc-300ad)
Buildings do not have to be 100% accurate, variations are allowed. But no memes.
Towns do not have to be exactly in the same geographical location as they were, but it should be in the same general area.
If you only want to pvp, find a pvp server
If you only want to buildfag, join a nation or get gud.
Nations can spread through conquest or diplomacy, but no Atlantic Federation tier memes.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 147399114728.jpg - (405.75KB , 1077x741 , angron_by_alexboca-d7930i6.jpg )
11239 No. 11239 ID: 8013df hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Post your Black Crusade starting characters. First 5 get in. I'll select one for a quest I'm making. Try using my format here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1P7TbuaDy0ZvCoNQhrvgW14ho2aoy9aYt1U0yM7BTKrI/edit?usp=sharing

You don't have to put the CSM's extra gear/skills/talents, but you do have to put any stat increases of any kind. You may switch out any gear for one of the same availability, any skill for one of the same rank, any talent for one of the same tier. Good luck, all ye scions of chaos.

File 131735442344.jpg - (258.22KB , 800x1238 , 111108a.jpg )
7655 No. 7655 ID: 84b792 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

STR: 10
DEX: 6
CON: 10
INT: 7
WIS: 10
CHA: 7

Ranged Weapon Mastery
Melee Weapon Mastery
Hand-to-Hand Combat Mastery

Personality trait: It's all a joke

Alignment: The Comedian.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7671 ID: d335e5

OP, you are using what system?
No. 11210 ID: 2f5847

He's got enough natural agility to dual-wield 1911s. And despite everything, he's smart, which is why he dies first.

Keep CHA and WIS as dumpstats.
No. 11214 ID: 15fae4

maybe it's just me but I'd put charisma down

The Comedian is hardly charming
No. 11221 ID: 4201a2

Need more dex in here.

STR 14
DEX 14 -> 16
CON 13 -> 14
INT 13

Assuming a low-powered PF point buy, with the racial bonus in dex. He definitely has enough dex for TWF, and enough int for Combat Expertise. Put the level 4 in con, and he dies before level 8.
No. 11222 ID: 2f5847

>Level 8
Debatable. He dies at the peak of his ability (probably RAW, he'd have middle age penalties) after numerous combat missions in Vietnam and Abroad. And he was in WW2.

The Comedian has probably killed more humans than any other named character, until the events of the comic.

File 146571543507.png - (231.85KB , 1024x576 , banner2.png )
11217 No. 11217 ID: ad1bf8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Your barbarian got poisoned? Your cleric was blinded? Give players the corresponding condition card to use as a reference. Return the card when the condition is removed. These gorgeous full-color reference cards complement and enrich your 5E RPG experience. As a GM quickly and easily track fifth edition conditions for your own role-playing and tabletop adventure!


File 146459373755.jpg - (287.73KB , 400x600 , bestiary1400.jpg )
11213 No. 11213 ID: 3710d9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Here you can find lots of bestiarys (including Pathfinder, D&D, Gurps, Star Wars and many more). It is my collection.


Enjoy! :)

File 140374306253.png - (298.36KB , 1312x1316 , mountain-and-trench-bare-map.png )
10510 No. 10510 ID: c5e29d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I figure I really should have my own thread for this sort of thing.
26 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 11197 ID: 99b6a2
File 146129434452.png - (925B , 103x52 , sprites.png )

Sometimes PCs poke things they shouldn't OK?
No. 11198 ID: 59a537

Sometimes? "Poke things they shouldn't" is one of a PC's primary functions.
No. 11199 ID: 99b6a2
File 146129616486.png - (975B , 103x52 , sprites.png )

Oh fine with alpha channels
No. 11200 ID: 99b6a2
File 146129995517.png - (1.22KB , 50x50 , Garren.png )

No. 11206 ID: 912e7b
File 146346028649.png - (424.59KB , 522x701 , kimono.png )

File 146177774844.jpg - (516.93KB , 1920x1400 , angels-video_00242233.jpg )
11202 No. 11202 ID: 0eaeaf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I made up a game! Yeah! It borrows some mechanics from Warmahordes! BOO! Help me fix my game!

File 139560687820.png - (747.40KB , 730x791 , theultimatedeathmachine.png )
10435 No. 10435 ID: 312fe2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

How do i write good BBEGs for my campaigns?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 10545 ID: 436cdc

See Also: The Joker, well known for just wanting to see the world burn. (nolanverse joker, of course, but still)
No. 10766 ID: ab0ecc

Make the BBEG believe, unrepentantly and without remorse, in something that the pcs find disgusting. He could worship satan when the pcs are christians, could believe in the notion of all other races being slaves to the pureblood aryans, etc. If you use that as a starting point, you can cre
No. 10831 ID: bc7b81

skeleton wheels. kool
No. 10850 ID: 4c2072

fuck that shit.
No. 11195 ID: 8013df

Here's something I like to use. Just simple: set them against the player's morale. For example: (and I hope none of the WiI players are here: get back to the thread!) the "big baddie" I have planned for Wars in Immoren is a Cryxian warcaster, Sheerah Ravenmane, daughter of the Satyxis Queen Skarre Ravenmane. While she does have the general "necromancer pirate" theme of Cryx, I have the knowledge that /quest wants to keep every single person alive, no matter how inconsequential to the story. So I made her cause the most collateral damage possible: she does not know the meaning "of subtle," she will kill you and raise you from the death just to skull fuck you. She is so sadistic even other satyxis are scared of her.

tl;dr, Use the normal stereotypical BBEG for your setting and twist it to make it seem horrifying to your players.

File 145566600703.png - (33.68KB , 300x300 , tW11ZYZ.png )
11144 No. 11144 ID: 73c49c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey TG, im running a myth weaver game set in the Asteroidverse. The game add for it can be found here http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=345947

hope to see some of you over there, and fell free to post questions here too.
No. 11154 ID: 73c49c

app closes on the 27th of this month so get in soon dudes and dudettes.

File 145276434438.jpg - (1.51MB , 2144x2272 , rules_Twilight_2000_(2nd_ed)_-_Special_Operations_.jpg )
11126 No. 11126 ID: 1e20cc hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I have come with a minor question about Twilight 2000 regarding pointbuy. How far does the standard 32 attribute pointbuy go in terms of character power?

How powerful would characters be with 35 or even 40 points?

File 125648825013.jpg - (109.54KB , 873x627 , Holy dicks I'm orgasming.jpg )
2728 No. 2728 ID: 8e18cd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So who's hyped up for the new Skaven models and lack of battlefield domination from clan Skyre?

Clan Pestiliens is getting a whole lot of new stuff. Same goes for Clan Moulder. And there's something for Clan Skyre too...

I'm all hyped up.
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 3392 ID: c3ce7f

The Army List has lots of great ideas in it but I still think they dropped the warpstone on quite a lot in the list, sadly, and that's not touching on all the stupid rules errors that's in it too.
No. 3419 ID: 4da923

Stormvermin look absolutely fucking epic. Clanrats look okay, too, but the Stormvermin... Fff.
No. 3492 ID: 95ab41

if only Stormvermin were as good as their new models look
No. 3498 ID: c5ce35


I'm *so* glad I'm not the only person who imagined a seer singing that.
No. 10955 ID: f96a1d


File 142025018788.png - (193.80KB , 350x250 , 0508a_franklab_6891.png )
10709 No. 10709 ID: 01fb62 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

>Continued from 4chans /tg/

You are Asria, human leader of a band of slaves toiling under the heel of a mad scientist who may once have been human, but is no longer. After generations of toil in an insane clockwork labyrinth in the heart of the city where once you served the Rulers who abandoned you to the hordes of risen dead, you have decided that enough is enough.

For the first time in the history of your people, you will be free. But first, the faceless, laughing Master must die.

>Your population has increased by 4, giving you 151. Culling has been temporaily discontinued.
>You have 25 Freedmen and 10 warriors armed with scrap pipe. The remainder are toiling on the Machines.
>Engineering Research completed next Turn.

>You have two Actions this turn, which will either be decided by a d100 roll or a consensus depending on whether this website supports a dice function (I will be amazed if it does not)

16 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 10726 ID: a3bfc6

Is this thread alive?
No. 10773 ID: ab0ecc

No. 10827 ID: bc7b81

No. 10941 ID: 2eeb65

Are strategic quests like this forbidden on the main /quest/ board?
No. 10942 ID: 149da0


File 12848568302.png - (30.67KB , 600x800 , 1284334291356.png )
4419 No. 4419 ID: f57857 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Does anyone have more information on Nevreans? The Vilous wiki leads me to understand that they're a short, flightless bird race with teeth in their beaks(wat.), but they're also more technologically advanced than their other contemporary races.
90 posts and 26 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 10586 ID: c8aa07
File 141010364524.png - (349.79KB , 1280x1280 , 1348408461_kp-yoshi_lime_rape.png )

and Trancy Mick's friend KP-YOHSI says.
"The sexual role of Nevrean is opposite to that of human.
It means that male Nevreans are girly, colorful, short, and not that strong.
In contrast, females are tough, not colorful, tall, and strong.
Also, their ways of thinking are different."

so female Nevrean rape male Nevrean!
No. 10760 ID: ab0ecc

ther unhealthy obsession with sharp objects. Any
No. 10828 ID: bc7b81

or at least not hot enough to make him pause the fukken game.
No. 10939 ID: a09e62
File 144328377837.png - (171.29KB , 700x700 , Nv.png )

I think it's what makes the species so cool, with how the females are masculine and how the males are feminine. On first refsheet on this thread it does mention male and female, but it's just not very noticeable. I'm glad they updated it though to make it more noticeable on new arts.
No. 10940 ID: a09e62
File 144349114878.png - (204.76KB , 1250x972 , 129103454256.png )

This is latest version ref of it.

File 140563607292.jpg - (30.98KB , 220x284 , 220px-Pathfinder_RPG_Core_Rulebook_cover.jpg )
10532 No. 10532 ID: 9866d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Ugh. The year was 2012, This was my fifth run-in with traditional tabletop gaming. One of my friends turned me on to it. This was also my first multiple-person campaign. Anyhow, we all got to the GM's house, and he told us we were playing a Pathfinder campaign.

It was a bit of a shock, seeing as I brought a 3.5 character sheet. But he showed me the SRD online and I was able to figure out how it all worked. Someone else brought Pathfinder character sheets, a godsend, and we all spent two hours making our (level 3) characters. My friend assured me that these guys were pro's and that I should follow their lead or something close to that.

The party consisted of 5 people

A Human Urban Ranger (me) who (stupidly) took two weapon fighting with two bastard swords (My personal favorite weapon) I also ended up rolling three 18's before the DM got me another set of d6's.

An Elf Summoner who put everything into his Eidolon (and let it do the talking while he rode around on it's back. He was the friend that turned me on to tabletop gaming)

A Tiefling witch (who buffed everyone's actions, not much to say)

A Human Antipaladin, he wielded a greatsword and was one of the few people roleplaying. He ended up getting a stat array when he couldn't roll higher than 12 using the d6's.

And finally, The Alchemist (also Human). He was absolutely crazy and awesome. He and I stuck together throughout the entire campaign.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 10561 ID: f0eee9

Thanks for the story!
No. 10767 ID: ab0ecc

No. 10834 ID: bc7b81

No. 10852 ID: 4c2072

No. 10879 ID: 625166


holy space carp, this is a year old?!

File 142058417053.png - (23.45KB , 500x500 , 1334127855_testpattern_tq877.png )
10727 No. 10727 ID: 1b639e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

#ApocalypseNow! @ irc.rizon.net

Less traditional methods of finding players have failed, so let's see if this way still works as well.

Planning on running a semi-homebrew Deathwatch game centered around a small squad of Tozols, etc. If you're interesed, check out the IRC channel above.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 10856 ID: 73e9a1

To whoever "GreyFever" was: We've already started the game but we might be able to find room for you. Come back to the channel when I'm around.
No. 10857 ID: f8b4f5

GreyFever: There's a spot opened up for you. Come on the IRC and I'll brief you.
No. 10872 ID: a19cd5

somejerk where did you gooooooo
No. 10876 ID: a19cd5

mman where did everyone go? Get back on IRC you nerds this shit ain't dying yet.
No. 10877 ID: 70d6d5

Yo, Some Jerk here. Looking to see if anyone would be interested in filling in for me if I can't make it to a game. I'll *try* to ensure that you get a week's warning at the absolute minimum, though depending on when I find out if I can make it or not you may have less warning than that.

If you're interested, you can hit me up on the IRC chat at #ApocalypseNow! any day at ~3pm GMT onwards. I'll fill you in there.

File 138764157808.png - (536.08KB , 1680x988 , 2013-12-22_00_00_18.png )
10414 No. 10414 ID: 399fd4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hi everyone,

Just posting to make people aware of our minecraft based Dwarf Fortress Roleplay server. Four races, mechanically adjusted with plugins and with a heavy emphasis on true dwarf fortress experience. Come on by and check the server out!
9 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 10764 ID: ab0ecc

no more
No. 10833 ID: bc7b81

mort is gone
No. 10839 ID: 8c1166

Thanks for that.
Your diligence is commendable.
No. 10843 ID: 4c2072

no really. gone gone.
No. 10875 ID: fddc52


I ain't gone. Server is winding up last story arc. My attention is getting the new server set-up done. Custom maps don't build themselves. You'll probably hear from us once the changeover is done. Taking time however as we're also working on integrating elements of the conversion mod we're doing into the server- namely the dialogue system which allows people to speak in the DF languages, and have race specific chats.

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