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File 135338274723.png - (97.19KB , 1328x2824 , Untitled-2.png )
16394 No. 16394 ID: eba327
so i guess im going to give this thing a try
request away guys
ill try and do them
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No. 16398 ID: 0f60d7
I like your style. Not sure what part, but. Can't think of a request that wouldn't just be plain fan-art requests from me, which feels a tad egocentric.

How about a bee?
No. 16399 ID: 79b5a6
I feel no such shame!

Can I request an amtsvane? They're like twenty feet tall, and they look like http://tgchan.org/kusaba/graveyard/src/133600255822.png
No. 16405 ID: 1ace6e
draw a pomeranian
No. 16410 ID: cef479
File 135343048578.png - (16.00KB , 522x408 , TabletLizard.png )
Lizards would be cool, if uh, you don't mind me suggesting of course.

Pic somewhat related, a lizard in a sweater, because I don't wanna really link my stuff from other places. Again, totally up to you but it'd be super neat.

Apologizing in advance if I'm imposing or anything.
No. 16411 ID: 0bf55a
Can you draw the necromancer or legion? Depending on who you find easier to draw, here a
reference for Legion http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/133854503749.jpg ; the necromancer http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/ques/src/134990586276.jpg thank you in advance even if you wont do it
No. 16435 ID: eba327
File 135355652909.png - (169.95KB , 3728x4356 , yeah.png )
okay so i did those
sorry typo and puddomega i tried
No. 16443 ID: 750dd8
thank ya!
No. 16444 ID: 1ace6e
i am so proud

now do shiba inu
No. 18657 ID: 55c4cf
life is beautiful
No. 18658 ID: 0006f5
life finds a way
No. 18660 ID: 1ace6e
that pom still makes me cry laughing
No. 18661 ID: b53faa
draw a dick man
just a normal man in a business suit
but made of dick
No. 18662 ID: eaa6fc
hmmm draw...... drawwwwwww..... draw a indian gian squirrel looking dapper
No. 18663 ID: 857855
draw a cute birdie
No. 19710 ID: 113cf9
File 137279856876.png - (89.18KB , 738x528 , New Can2vas.png )
No. 19723 ID: ea4b0b
No. 20059 ID: a01b62
here's a request for yA: re-quest!1!
No. 20061 ID: c23ab0
Draw a cat man who suspiciously resembles a spork trying to escape from his lego house.
No. 20065 ID: e1609c
Dont think I mentioned this but I love how in the header she's sorta just "Hm, something doesnt seem right here..."
No. 20067 ID: 34cbef
i got a request, peeps- lots of peeps. Lots and lots of peeps
No. 21256 ID: 1a0754
File 138483152138.png - (87.06KB , 403x374 , fuckin peeps.png )
here you go
No. 21257 ID: 53548a
thanks for completing my re-quest request
No. 21259 ID: 05b1f0
surprisingly cute :3
No. 21267 ID: 1a0754
File 138507885739.png - (439.00KB , 648x432 , lego house escape.png )
You bust the HELL OUT of the house.
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