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File 129601422476.jpg - (1.28MB , 2000x2200 , asscarab.jpg )
2393 No. 2393 ID: 6d4645

Well, since I don't want to flood the porn thread with stuff that won't necessarily be NSFW, I guess I'd rather open one myself.

Not sure about this one. The perspective/mirror effect is really erratic and the colouring looks more like some DA shit than like GM's technique.

At least I'm quite happy with the way I drew Sar'a. Looks more accurate than before.
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No. 4935 ID: a5bfdb
File 130835521634.jpg - (913.85KB , 1340x2300 , gzn braid.jpg )

well, went for a very simple lighting, but I"m still unsure about its (relative) realism. So far, it's still my less dysfunctional pic of her, visually speaking.

I'm not sure about which style to adopt for this, though:
No. 4968 ID: d25899

I say go with it.
No. 4989 ID: 659bbc

hey techno do you think you could post the robo khronette?

had to be AFK before I could check out the thread, and it wasn't archived on suptg.

(not the requestor, clearly)
No. 4990 ID: f03d8a
File 130852208001.jpg - (676.67KB , 1660x1790 , bzzt.jpg )


Swarmlord pic nearly finished, btw.
No. 4993 ID: f03d8a
File 130854839149.jpg - (902.56KB , 2560x2370 , swww.jpg )

the composition is pretty lame and heterogenous, but it's hard to keep it coherent when you've been working on it for days.

just a few more gaunts and whatnot to add on one side.
No. 4994 ID: f03d8a

Okay, it seems like I have a fucking problem concerning commissions. I can't find an online service that would allow me to receive money transfers from abroad, without demanding a huge conversion/transfer tax, that would often exceed the price of the drawings I'd sell.

So, basically, either I lose money, or I charge off-putting prices for the most simple requests.

Unless I manage to find a cheap service for this.
No. 4995 ID: 6ebab9

Deviant Art?

It's purely a private thing; DA has nothing to do with it, but it gets you known.
No. 4996 ID: 8e18cd

DeviantArt does not make you money off commissions.

FurAffinity does.

DA doesn't have people with that much disposable income and if they do, they rather pay in Gaiacoins or DApoints, which are completely useless.

Besides, if you read ToS and SA of DA, you'll know why every sane person stays the fuck away from it.
No. 4997 ID: 224f7c

>ToS and SA of DA
There are loads of professional artists on DA that don't mind the ToS at all and only furries are deadly afraid that their precious art might get stolen
Make of that what you want.
No. 4998 ID: f03d8a

Wait, what I'm looking for is a service that will allow me to transfer, or at least receive actual monies on my bank account, not something to promote me or to host my drawings. Are you telling me that DA can handle transactions on its own, and for cheap?
No. 4999 ID: 659bbc


Have you considered paypal, and convincing people to pay the transfer fee?
No. 5000 ID: f03d8a

If by transfer fee you mean the tiny one that paypal takes (like, 2% of the transfer) I could do it myself. But since paypal only seems to handle the trade of physical objects, not services, Emps, and a few other people told me never to use paypal. Though I don't really understand why.
No. 5007 ID: 8e18cd



16. Copyright in Your Content

deviantART does not claim ownership rights in Your Content. For the sole purpose of enabling us to make your Content available through the Service, you grant to deviantART a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, re-format, store, prepare derivative works based on, and publicly display and perform Your Content.

In other words: posting something on your DA, grants DA the license to make profit of your work without paying you a broken cent. If you want to make money, I don't think that's what you're looking for.
No. 5008 ID: f03d8a

I'm not talking about selling what I've already drawn, I'm talking about taking commissions, and in order to get paid, I need to find an online service for money transfers that isn't expensive as fuck.
Because Western Union is very nice, but it only handles mandates, and it's at least 15 $ fees where I live, which is twice as high as the price I want to sell the cheapest commish.
No. 5009 ID: a41aaf
File 130861727962.jpg - (71.53KB , 763x551 , paypal.jpg )

Commissions would fall under "services". You could also ask people to send it as a 'gift' instead and avoid the extra fee (fee charged to recipient), and this seems to be the standard practice.
The only difference is with gift, in the case of a refund the sender trusts the recipient to provide the refund, whereas with "goods" or "service", the sender can open a dispute to get their money back. "Service" would be the 'professional'/'proper' way to do things, "Gift" is what everyone actually uses to minimise fees.

Loathe as I am to recommend paypal, it's pretty much the only viable solution to your problem. Just remember that any money in your paypal account is at the ransom of the nebulous whims of paypal, so best to withdraw it as soon as possible to an your actual bank account.
No. 5010 ID: f03d8a

thank you. I understand better.
No. 5015 ID: 576ff1


Yeah, but that's for prints and stuff, is it not?

You can just get people to send you notes privately, charge them privately, and upload the work to your DA (or not if they request such a thing).
DA hasn't need to have anything to do with it but for the end result.
No. 5017 ID: 2563d4

FWIW, Google Checkout have pulled the same stunt before now: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/05/18/can-you-help-the-indie-stone/
(If you look at the "Project Zomboid"-tagged posts in either direction there's a little more.)
No. 5021 ID: 8e18cd


I think you really don't understand the ToS, that's why DA delightfully exploits people like yourselves.

The point is:

ANYTHING you upload to DA may be used by DA for their own "promotion" (which is nicely non-defined so it could range from prints of your art to portfolios where your art is featured) and you won't get ANY royalties for it.

So it works like this. You upload a picture, you're not a part of their printing service and not really want to make money off of it in any way, you want it to just be there.

Now uploading the picture confirms that you read and understood the fact that DA might take that picture make prints of it and sell them as part of a "promotion" without paying you a damn cent or notifying you, screwing you in the ass.

Can you protest about that? No, you accepted the ToS, the minute you uploaded the picture, therefore you GRANTED THEM THE LICENSE to do that. But it goes deeper than that. You remove a picture that you didn't like or just want to wipe DA off your art and quit. They STILL have the license to the pictures, since the deal is NOT terminable by deleting the image of the gallery.

In other words: DA wants to make money off you, whether you will get share of the profits or not.

I also repeat that DA is a very shitty way of getting customers, even /tg/ would work a lot better (And use an empty gallery account as your message exchange).

As for money exchange: Stay off Western Union. Their rates are insane, I've used them for a while and it was out of necessity.

Paypal is good enough. Trust me on that one. As long you don't start hauling some heavy amounts of cash, you're safe.
No. 5022 ID: f03d8a

Hey, it's not like they'd even manage to make money with my shit, anyway. And even if they do, I'm okay with it. The only thing that interests me about DA is that it's more convenient to contact me and to check my prices.
No. 5023 ID: f03d8a
File 130868941928.jpg - (2.55MB , 2560x2370 , come at me bor.jpg )

aaaand it's finished.

Won't work it any further, that was a really fucking difficult one.
No. 5026 ID: f03d8a
File 130870174499.jpg - (866.57KB , 1900x2100 , catch it.jpg )

Succulent rod-shaped human delicacy, for good girls only.
No. 5029 ID: 5e9cbd
File 130873724924.png - (568.80KB , 764x744 , 1279423869289.png )


MFW I clicked that expecting to see a baby.
No. 5030 ID: 5e9cbd

Also, that's incomprehensibly awesome. Good gracious, how awesome it is.
No. 5031 ID: fb1d32
File 130874112636.jpg - (3.98MB , 2560x2370 , 1308694400062df.jpg )


No. 5032 ID: 285ae8
File 130874254760.png - (53.75KB , 477x599 , so_much_win.png )

This looks abso-fucking-lutely awesome.
Is this going to be coloured? Ohmygod-
No. 5033 ID: fb1d32
File 130876692713.jpg - (721.57KB , 2560x2370 , 1308694400062sdsfs.jpg )

Its done. Tried my best. I hope it pleases Technomancer and DLFG.
No. 5034 ID: aa0645

well, it ignores a lot of specific details, but it makes the picture easier to understand.
No. 5035 ID: fb1d32


T_T Sorry, I wear -3 dioptreean glasses and I barely made out these details as is without lineart.

Your style is awesome but confusing for me.
No. 5041 ID: 4e9007

Good job, but like Techno said, it ignores a lot of details, like you have bunches of colour that are the same over many details.

Still, the colours themselves are nice. With a little practice, you could take that a long way.
No. 5042 ID: 2eac65

Wonderful art! You get 7.8 puppy hearts!

...but some of them are a bit blurry. In images like >>5023, the shades tend to blend together. But even so, it's wonderfully drawn.

This topic is getting pretty huge, don't you think? Another one might be in order.
No. 5043 ID: efa906

actually, I wish things would have been a bit blurrier in the background, but it's a bit hard to to this once most of the work has been done.

I agree, this topic is taking a bit too much time to load, I'll make a new one (unless the mod prefers me not to) soon enough.
No. 5048 ID: b33270
File 130883755118.jpg - (2.09MB , 5016x6696 , IMG_016743.jpg )


Like I said before, I have poor eyesight, and a lack of lineart to work with is posing a problem. I am learning how to shade and stuff by watching you guys.

Id like to see a step by step tutorial on this, if you guys got the time. Meanwhile heres something I've been working on. I should get a drawpad...
No. 5049 ID: 4f6ba2

The side and front views look good, but the 3/4 is a bit wonky.
No. 5050 ID: b33270


Whats wrong with the 3/4 view?
No. 5051 ID: 4e9007
File 130883875268.png - (2.62MB , 779x3592 , Tutorial.png )


I like the front one the most, I think. To me, it looks best before you add colour. I don't think it's the way you're applying the colour, but rather the colours you're choosing. I think the hues are too saturated.

I did actually do a basic tutorial, but I don't know how easy it is to follow, or if the outcome is what you're looking for. It's a fairly lineart-reliant stlye, so it might be alright. Since your eyes are bad, maybe it will be hard to see the screen-captures, although they aren't too important.
No. 5052 ID: b33270


I was guiding myself after the helm shading tutorial you did. I am not sure what you mean by color saturation, needs moar dark?
No. 5053 ID: 4e9007
File 130884015237.png - (95.67KB , 512x512 , saturation.png )


Yeah, sort of. If you imagine your colour chooser thing, you have the fully saturated colour on one side, and grey on the other. People's eyes aren't accustomed to looking at fully saturated colours without less-vibrant ones supporting it.

Use a dull version of the colour, and lighten it while increasing the saturation as you go. It makes for a nice transition. Here's a little thing I just made to demonstrate it a bit.

Hope my handwriting is legible enough. :S
No. 5055 ID: b33270


its quite okay, thanks! =3
No. 5059 ID: e33a62

> Like I said before, I have poor eyesight, and a lack of lineart to work with is posing a problem. I am learning how to shade and stuff by watching you guys.

Do't do this, I don't know shit about shading, try to use actual scenes instead, or at least actual artists to imitate.
No. 5060 ID: b33270
File 130885417495.jpg - (46.91KB , 447x519 , IMG_0055afdsd.jpg )


Ah well, Overlord said hes going to try making a tutorial! I've downloaded some pdfs with Andrew Loomis's work, I am trying stuff out on a sketch level first.
No. 5061 ID: 8ac5c9


Well, Technomancer is quite right. While I'm happy to make a tutorial for you, there is a buttload of stuff that I don't do right, or take shortcuts with. Adding to that, I am self-taught and probably make a ton of mistakes because I was never shown otherwise.
No. 5066 ID: b1398d
File 130890807197.jpg - (257.72KB , 1701x2330 , IMG_005asdasd6.jpg )


>actual artists to imitate

I took Technomancers advice and downloaded pdfs on how to stuff, but Im still keepin an eye on you two ;3 you guys have a certain style I can't take my eyes off.
No. 5068 ID: d77433

First and second ones are great. Reminds me of captain what's-his-face from that shitty movie that had the boldness to claim affiliation with Warhammer 40,000.

Like I said, I really like 1 and 2, especially 1. On 4, I think that his eyebrows need to be moved down, but is otherwise okay. Number three has a too-large cranium, and a jaw that isn't sufficiently substantial, or at least doesn't match the scale of the rest of the head.

Also, I've done some of those videos, if you haven't already seen. In my thread.
No. 5069 ID: b1398d

I have downloaded them , watching them as we speak. Eagerly awaiting part 3.
No. 5070 ID: d77433

I'm sorry that the cursor is hard to see or invisible at times. There seems to be nothing I can do about it. Nonetheless, most of the time it's easy to see what parts are being altered or clicked on.
No. 5084 ID: 0448b9

Some pretty interesting stuff here. Carry on, Doctor.
No. 8581 ID: aab2ac

i really love your stile
No. 27818 ID: 3caab9

is he ded?
No. 27822 ID: 068b4d

Are you retarded?
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