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File 144254855726.png - (102.01KB , 800x600 , GoldeIsTryingToFitIn.png )
28107 No. 28107 ID: 2be160
Maybe it's time for me to be even *more* active?
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No. 28108 ID: 2be160
File 144254868844.png - (971.48KB , 905x540 , Charcoalfirst.png )
Well, I'll be honest, I started this draw thread because I wanted to avoid updating quests for the day. Drama and all that lovely business.

So here's my first charcoal drawing so I can waste time.
No. 28111 ID: 2be160
File 144263354616.png - (70.32KB , 471x415 , KingOfBooHoo.png )
The King of Boohoo (King of Sorrow from Klonoa 2: Lunatea's veil) to tide you over for another day.
No. 28117 ID: 2be160
File 144269429618.png - (66.71KB , 395x335 , sketchcartoons.png )
So I tried out some of the tips that an animation book (by Preston Blair) offers and these sketches came up.
No. 28125 ID: 2be160
File 144271847707.png - (44.21KB , 335x458 , GoldeSick.png )
Oh yeah, and before I tomorrow, I'll just drop this here. I'm sick, but I'll be updating things after the sun comes up.
No. 28135 ID: 2be160
File 144288703094.png - (8.32KB , 255x262 , MechPoodle.png )
Mech Poodle

Megaman X's soundtrack might've had an influence in this.
No. 28143 ID: 2be160
File 144297904048.png - (47.48KB , 407x585 , IStoppedCaring.png )
Short Golde- "Smol" if you will.

Kinda how I feel today, among other things.
No. 28172 ID: 2be160
File 144332787112.png - (69.66KB , 800x600 , GW1.png )
"All it could do is walk."
No. 28185 ID: 2be160
File 144350108153.gif - (14.63KB , 448x328 , GoddamnSadness.gif )
This is to the sorrow that’s been spreading from person to person.
No. 28187 ID: 2be160
File 144357475961.png - (7.09KB , 336x524 , ABat.png )
Have a bat.
No. 28210 ID: ff8b57
File 144374520964.png - (99.92KB , 800x600 , quickdoodle.png )
Quick doodle. I don't feel like drawing today, I just want to play more Undertale.
No. 28232 ID: 41f58b
File 144393007111.gif - (12.03KB , 180x414 , Dotted.gif )
I like pixels. I like buns.

But you probably know this if you've been stalking me.
No. 28235 ID: 41f58b
File 144393656321.png - (24.89KB , 296x484 , SittingWYX.png )
This character I drew sometime earlier this year, but I just recently drew it again.

If I remember *anything* correctly it was some kind of mimic.
No. 28263 ID: 41f58b
File 144419041879.png - (51.77KB , 265x503 , AwShucks.png )
Anime is real.

Raise your fisticuffs!



Or your oversized sword. That works too. Totally fair. (Just go easy on me.)
No. 28295 ID: 41f58b
File 144445163478.png - (53.74KB , 234x382 , GoatMom.png )
Beginner's regret- I mean, Toriel.

Sorry for the lack of updates on quests lately, I haven't been feeling up to it.
No. 28319 ID: 41f58b
File 144460254409.png - (8.54KB , 407x585 , BunBun.png )
I might have a problem.

A tiny problem.

It involves buns.
No. 28322 ID: 41f58b
File 144467082893.png - (9.32KB , 400x505 , Napstablook2.png )
Good job, Napstablook!
No. 28361 ID: 79288d
File 144514819005.png - (6.35KB , 214x329 , goldequest.png )
Sorry for that~!
No. 28365 ID: 3e5cad
File 144521409667.png - (104.03KB , 421x556 , WOW.png )
>"I'll have you know that frankensteins bunny is the absolute best costume!"
love your art so i drew you this, hope you like it
No. 28367 ID: 79288d
File 144522684643.png - (6.06KB , 195x423 , GoldePose.png )
I was trying to work out poses a bit, so I chose something weak and hand-related. Obviously the best pose for trying out new skeletons.
No. 28368 ID: 79288d
Aw shoot, I didn't notice that at first! It's really good, thank you very much! <:3
No. 28375 ID: 79288d
File 144530998269.png - (24.62KB , 540x678 , NiceCreams.png )
So I went and drew the Nicecream Man serving some of the other characters.

(Also, how the hell would Monster Kid carry gold? In their mouth? On their tail?)
No. 28391 ID: 79288d
File 144557209251.png - (17.65KB , 197x276 , AccurateKlovr.png )
Here’s a bunny that’s more accurate to how I look in real life.

I got a lot of hair.
No. 28405 ID: 79288d
File 144566944012.png - (4.96KB , 315x317 , KeelOverAndCry.png )
“They just fell over and started crying...”

It just isn’t anyone’s year, is it?
No. 28419 ID: 79288d
File 144581112887.png - (7.64KB , 194x374 , CaveBunny.png )
I was reminded that Cave Story exists today.
No. 28426 ID: 79288d
File 144581794858.png - (7.22KB , 134x309 , Robbit.png )
It's a Robbit.

A robotic rabbit.
No. 28427 ID: 76a858
Klovr Sexbang
No. 28449 ID: 203cc6
File 144601047314.png - (141.07KB , 422x928 , BunPink.png )
A bun a day won’t keep the doctor away, but it’ll at least make you feel good.

(I think?)

You tempt me...
No. 28484 ID: 95f72d
File 144640745774.png - (168.92KB , 606x684 , NuctalTheBlind.png )
This is a character I've had for a while... and every time I draw it, there's a new design or a new name for it.
I'm so indecisive when it comes to this poor creature.
No. 28490 ID: 95f72d
File 144652763549.png - (657.06KB , 552x2186 , FeelingFrisky.png )
... I'm so sorry.

No. 28499 ID: dc651b
File 144669954342.gif - (10.59KB , 370x440 , WATPump.gif )
“What? WHAT?! What do you mean that my performance was absolute bird seed?!”

I did some pixel stuff again.
No. 28585 ID: dc651b
File 144773809795.png - (3.44KB , 204x225 , UpdateQuestsComplete.png )
Go me~!
No. 28627 ID: 6e1a15
File 144824019420.png - (240.57KB , 610x1566 , Untitled.png )
No. 28661 ID: 6e1a15
File 144865404870.png - (6.60KB , 580x520 , BasicPlatformerEnlarged.png )
I love making these for some reason.
No. 28668 ID: 38cdc4
File 144884637702.png - (15.29KB , 619x582 , SSLeaning.png )
In SS1 you can lean so far that your character can practically travel a yard, and it’s great.
No. 28838 ID: 33bc1a
You ever seen how far you can reach with your hands on SS1? Allegedly you were playing the role of a 'hacker', but in actuality you slenderman in disguise.
No. 28839 ID: 38cdc4
Slenderman's taller cousin, to be exact. I could touch the end of the space station if there weren't walls in the way.
It's that, or the Hacker has some serious Psy power that he didn't tell anyone about.
No. 28849 ID: 31f075
I think he's some kinda boneless octopus man. Cause he can reach ridiculously far but only if there is no pit in the floor between him and the thing hes reaching for.
No. 28919 ID: 4231d8
File 145058100052.png - (26.35KB , 800x800 , 12-19-15ForYouSketch2.png )
I drew a monster today, and I'm actually really proud of it.
No. 28923 ID: 4231d8
File 145058230728.png - (7.81KB , 377x387 , LookAtYouHacker.png )

More likely to be some sort of stretchy android, but the idea of an octopus running around a space station amuses me to no end.
No. 28965 ID: a8e4a5
File 145154151875.png - (9.73KB , 654x552 , 12-30-15TheEldersSorrow.png )
He is lost in the past...
No. 29069 ID: a8e4a5
File 145245777680.png - (9.00KB , 315x586 , 1-10-16MeGoat.png )
Proof I am not dying slowly. Just getting lazy.

This is one part hand work, another part… secondary something.
No. 29070 ID: 15a025
Who is this cutie?
No. 29071 ID: 15720c
"'Me'Goat" makes me think it's Klovr's Goatsona.
No. 29073 ID: a8e4a5
Nailed it.

It's my goatsona.
No. 29074 ID: 5ad4a7
It's a cute goat.
No. 29076 ID: 15a025
I'd have to say she's the GOAT goatsona then.
No. 29094 ID: a8e4a5
File 145307940711.png - (4.16KB , 179x276 , 1-17-2016SurfaceSoldier.png )

Surface soldiers are well known for their incredible mech suits and nuclear weapons. However, radiation can cause severe mutations to this little guys causing them to go Radian.

Allies: Other surface soldiers

Enemies: Radians, Dwellers

No. 29153 ID: cf27c8
File 145375167569.png - (2.63KB , 120x160 , 1-24-2016SurfaceSoldierPix.png )
Pixel art and that little Surface Soldier thing.
Let me know how this looks as far as pixel art goes.
No. 29172 ID: 15a025
They look pretty good.
Reminds me of the little mimigas from Cave Story
No. 29173 ID: cf27c8
This wouldn't be the first time I've heard that. (First time was on InkBunny)

I just find it funny that despite being based off Palicoes (Monster Hunter) everyone thinks of Mimiga instead.
No. 29236 ID: a23e8f
File 145468329435.png - (6.99KB , 1024x1024 , PixelCat.png )
Something I made two days ago. I did it on my phone.
No. 29273 ID: 244bc1
File 145531554562.png - (27.84KB , 800x600 , InterzHeaviestRing.png )
The ring of burden looks light but gets heavier when picking it up. Whoops.

Mage guild’s quest line is something else.
(This was made for a streamer I watch every now and then, known as "MoarInterz" on Twitch)
No. 29301 ID: 244bc1
File 145560202049.png - (3.72KB , 125x212 , 2-14-16Creature.png )
Late night pixel art makes for some really weird creatures... I like it.
No. 29319 ID: 143506
Reminds me of the Supox from Star Control.
No. 29320 ID: ea9e4f
I had to look that up just to figure out what you were talking about. I see the similarities for sure. Also, that game looks interesting. May have to take a peek at it sometime later.
No. 29321 ID: 7b7ab3
I recommend it. It gets pretty crazy.
>homicidal centipedes... IN SPACE
>Scottish pterodactyls... IN SPACE
>belligerent warthog people... IN SPACE
>evil giant spiders... IN SPACE
No. 29346 ID: 860bab
File 145616540302.png - (55.56KB , 274x435 , 2-22-16IthinkImGunnaHurl.png )
I post quality art 24/7

Also, I'm sick today. How lovely.
No. 29441 ID: 860bab
File 145672311211.png - (43.77KB , 165x682 , 2-28-16YOUGameNamikoConcept.png )
I know I come up with a lot of lame concepts rather often, but… here’s Namiko, some sort of main character. Perhaps just a side character?

Character's name is Namiko.
No. 29460 ID: 860bab
File 145681154614.png - (62.57KB , 517x198 , 2-29-16yougameDividoandNamiko.png )
God help us all.
No. 29489 ID: 611afc
File 145741570475.png - (133.36KB , 800x600 , 03-07-2016_wandering_and_suffering.png )
Hella stressed out, so I'm just going to drop this for tonight and try to get an update for HALL out in the morning.
No. 29494 ID: 611afc
File 145749851089.png - (169.34KB , 800x600 , 03-07-2016_wandering_and_suffering-FINISHED.png )
Finished version of >>29489

How is it...?
No. 29502 ID: f7029c
looks good amigo
No. 29543 ID: 89ae9f
File 145792766962.png - (1.96KB , 200x186 , Cybil.png )
Some weird creature with a rocket tail.

First thing I did on Aseprite
No. 29544 ID: 89ae9f
(And thank you)
No. 29552 ID: 89ae9f
File 145810222319.gif - (4.99KB , 200x142 , another_horrible_day+it_seems+.gif )
A miserable life for some.
No. 29681 ID: bc2c13
File 145871410193.png - (159.48KB , 426x472 , 3-22-16Tyler.png )
Something naughty for once?
No. 29687 ID: f56624
Woah, nice pixelwork dude
I don't check draw much anymore but solid work
No. 29692 ID: 736774
'Ey, thank you~!

And that's perfectly fine; it's not a requirement to living a healthy life or anything.
No. 29695 ID: 736774
File 145898093742.png - (69.29KB , 317x533 , 3-26-16+Swat_femboy+.png )
Swat Dog
No. 29712 ID: cf6dfa
File 145913253811.gif - (38.15KB , 372x372 , sea+angel.gif )
Something I whipped up today.

Happy Easter
No. 29722 ID: e4347a
File 145922540155.png - (47.27KB , 308x442 , 3-28-16+Cairo+.png )
Icon misinterpretation is neat.
No. 29748 ID: 65577f
File 145958906680.png - (311.08KB , 1796x1207 , whatiswrongwithyou.png )
“Death is merely a concept!!”
No. 29752 ID: 8cc125
File 145967603125.png - (61.94KB , 186x428 , 4-3-2016+Wounded_Mage+.png )
I usually play a mage in RPGs, and I tend to take a ton of damage as well. I imagine that every one of my mage characters is just covered in cuts and bruises.
No. 29823 ID: 2a93b7
File 146009830618.png - (10.80KB , 800x600 , CONCERN.png )
Low HP...
No. 29839 ID: 2a93b7
File 146019451634.png - (28.62KB , 139x324 , 4-9-16+Judy_bird+.png )
I saw Zootopia.
No. 29842 ID: 2a93b7
File 146025038316.png - (20.20KB , 800x600 , 4-9-16+RED+.png )
An old character of mine. Vanished a long time ago (Like two years ago, really)
No. 29909 ID: a0993a
File 146077124616.gif - (6.17KB , 256x250 , +Endless_Rain+.gif )
Some more pixel art. Figured I’d work on talking animations.

This is in honor of how rainy it gets in my state (though, that’s usually during the winter…)
No. 30011 ID: f9c17a
File 146163283808.png - (51.49KB , 223x638 , SamanthaConcept.png )
So a while ago I decided to reboot AvatarPace, and I’d been told that a different name may work for such a quest. For now, I’m unsure what to call such a quest, but I’m going to at least get some concepts down.

Here’s Samantha (Dizzy) with a new design.
(And I'm honestly not sure whether this belongs on my draw thread or the old AvatarPace discussion thread?)
No. 30017 ID: 466046
She looks really cute. Not so sure how are the rules about necroing threads, but i think its worth giving a signal on questdis.
No. 30018 ID: a075ba
Necroing is really only frowned on when people (or bots) bump old threads for no reason. (Or worse, with spam). An author bumping their own dis thread, with content, wouldn't even count as necromancy. That's about as on topic as it gets!

As to original question of where it belongs, that's sort of at your discretion.
No. 30044 ID: 31fcff
File 146215568941.png - (116.84KB , 535x835 , ClockHeadButter.png )
Samantha now has an outfit. And maybe a lost eye, but who knows.
No. 30045 ID: 31fcff
File 146215641122.png - (126.15KB , 654x828 , whatthefuck.png )
Oh yes, and before I forget: I drew this freakish creature today as well. No idea why.
No. 30047 ID: b66b01
File 146223632277.png - (109.48KB , 550x680 , Sammantha Dizzy Bust.png )
I wanted to doodle Dizzy cause she's cute but felt a bit uninspired, so here's a bust. =3
No. 30048 ID: 2d2adf
Hey, nice job. You made her really cute~!
No. 30049 ID: 2d2adf
File 146232540404.png - (94.88KB , 481x474 , 5-3-16+mummy_cat+.png )
I don’t even know, I’m just exhausted today.
No. 30078 ID: 2d2adf
File 146269714404.png - (116.91KB , 500x500 , 4-3-16+DemonCatBabe+.png )
Something I drew last month. Weird demon cat.
No. 30080 ID: 5ae0cb
File 146283699221.png - (128.53KB , 800x600 , 5-9-16+He_is_out_there+.png )
He's out there somewhere....
No. 30100 ID: 3c9bdd
File 146321774002.png - (10.69KB , 320x590 , +Samantha+.png )
Yet more Samantha. This time, it’s pixel art, though… and in color.

I think I've actually finalized her design now. Down to the colors and everything. Now to work on the other characters.
No. 30112 ID: f0e552

thats pretty good
No. 30128 ID: 5a41f9
Hey, thank you~!
No. 30192 ID: 267415
File 146406423817.png - (32.35KB , 343x528 , 5-23-16+weirdrabbit+.png )
More bun. Yes.
No. 30195 ID: 267415
File 146418307374.png - (92.90KB , 331x600 , 5-24-16+TheresAThingOutThereSomewhere.png )
A friend wanted me to add to some sort of sci-fi collab story.
I created some Space bunny-slugs and a race called Bob (Shown in another post).

Zoni, the one talking to Neeri, is a minimum wage worker who works at a bootleg McDonalds. Neeri is more of less like a TSA worker in galactic transport.
No. 30196 ID: 267415
File 146418312584.png - (73.59KB , 655x430 , 5-24-16+BOB+.png )
Meanwhile, with the Bob race, every single one of them is named Bob, their gender is all bob, and Bob’s distinguish each other is through very precise pitches when someone says “Bob”… except… only other Bobs can do it, so everyone else has decided to assign them a number because they don’t understand.
No. 30198 ID: dcc486
these are all great and I love them
No. 30199 ID: 519a72
File 146422225179.png - (55.94KB , 503x389 , 5-25-16+ThankYou+.png )
No. 30206 ID: 74e34e
File 146433075895.png - (48.70KB , 364x397 , 5-26-16+Psuedo_Psychic+.png )
Another sci-fi species.


This species is well known for being soft-spoken and germophobic. It is thought that the antennae on this species are what let them perform “telepathy”.
No. 30207 ID: 74e34e
File 146433271238.png - (90.10KB , 547x475 , 5-27-16+BigBob+.png )
Also at some point, we discussed the possibility of a Bob Mafia.

So here's Big Bob.
No. 30213 ID: 74e34e
File 146442681122.png - (60.31KB , 395x575 , 5-28-16+Camalto+.png )
A rabbit who doesn't seem to acknowledge how little she is wearing.
No. 30225 ID: 74e34e
File 146450851008.png - (93.21KB , 260x385 , 5-29-16+RoboWaiter+.png )
Model 90081 - “Malco”

A robot programmed to act as a waiter for The Emerald Garden. The Emerald Garden is a high-quality restaurant on the planet Oaria that specializes in Solelian-style foods.

Malco stands at three foot two inches, and can reach speeds of 30 mph on foot.
No. 30228 ID: fcd6dd
What? All the important bits are covered.
No. 30271 ID: 4b1e09
File 146508472229.gif - (16.36KB , 124x104 , +angered_wanderer+.gif )
Still wouldn't be acceptable in public, and especially not restaurants. Remember, "No shirt, no shoes, no service."

Did some pixel art today to pass the time. Decided to try out a more complex animation than “talking”, so I did a stab animation instead.

There’s some obvious Dark Souls inspiration to this thing, isn’t there?
No. 30283 ID: fbbc68
File 146516644680.png - (261.77KB , 358x2547 , 6-5-16+NSFWdoodles+.png )
Naughty doodles from my sketchbook redone in SAI.

No. 30284 ID: fbbc68
File 146516650555.png - (119.79KB , 360x1522 , 6-5-16+Sfw_doodles+.png )
Some digital renditions of things that I found in my sketchbook. Safe for work stuff.
No. 30325 ID: 447408
File 146571354587.png - (1.38MB , 2122x2976 , AvatarPaceCover.png )
Possible AvatarPace cover for “Volume 01″.

Let me just get this out and say that so far, the current plan is radically different from the original quest. I’d try harder to keep it like the old one if I didn’t like this new idea so much. Sorry.
No. 30354 ID: 447408
File 146623307772.png - (71.79KB , 597x617 , 6-17-16+uncovered+IfTheyDie.png )
I unburied a doodle of mine, I don't know the real date I drew this, but it was only a sai file until today.
No. 30389 ID: 447408
File 146649855275.png - (8.75KB , 400x300 , RedNoise29.png )
I did do like... maybe two quests before I discovered tgchan. Neither of them was really that interesting, though, one of them has characters I'll definitely be reusing later.

This unburied panel from RedNoise is one of those characters that I might reuse. Apparently its name was "Netti" or something like that... but I don't remember actually establishing its name. It'd take quite a bit of work to unbury *that* information, however.
No. 30390 ID: 447408
Forgot to mention something: that brown liquid? It's barbecue sauce. This character was eating ribs moments before passing out. Though, it appears that I forgot to draw said ribs... hmm...
No. 30391 ID: 447408
File 146650257604.png - (12.08KB , 723x471 , AP1.png )
Oh, and before I pass out for tonight, I might as well give you some neat info. The original AvatarPace was originally going to be HALL (albeit without merchants), but at some point, I changed it to be something else. (Hell, I may just reveal what the abandoned version was to become at a later date... especially since the current "rework" plans are so different from the abandoned plan.)

There are a couple of differences in this image when compared to the first panel of the abandoned version. First off, the entire room is more or less the same, however, it was had a lot more space (and a window!) in the older version. The lines are also thinner (and shakier) than the "finished" one. Also, the dresser used to be a drawer and the bed had two drawers of its own (if I remember correctly that's where Dizzy used to keep her clothes).

It's been weird to unbury old projects like this tonight. Should I look for more?
No. 30393 ID: 0c23cd
R.I.B. (rest in barbecue sauce)

I think it would be really neat to see the concept/prototype art for avatar pace (and by extent HALL).
No. 30394 ID: 447408
File 146654309772.png - (21.65KB , 800x600 , AvatarPace.png )
You know, when it comes to my quests, there's usually little to no concept art for them. About all there is for AvatarPace was a hallway. It looks like a very early version of the standard HALL segment...

I think this was also the early title card for the quest, maybe even a teaser. (There is a very minimal difference in Dizzy's design here. She used to have a heart on her nightgown, it seems.)

I do wonder if I should really be going for the more detailed approach on this quest when I revisit it... keeping it simple would probably speed up the time actually drawing the updates and allowing me to spend more time on writing it. Hmmm...
No. 30397 ID: b7fc87
Maybe do a mix? Like simpler designs/drawings for exploration segments and larger areas, and more detailed ones for close ups and important scenes?
No. 30415 ID: 447408
File 146675881476.png - (4.37KB , 256x224 , +Cybil_gametest+.png )
Hmm... the issue is trying to make it look good while doing that. I'll work on it.


Here's some pixel art that I made, the character is named Cybil, I think I showed some of him before here.
No. 30427 ID: bb474a
File 146699229539.gif - (78.98KB , 319x556 , +movement_bunny_gunna_travel_the_whole_world+.gif )
So I got curious and tried to animate something more doodle-like in Aseprite. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t cause the whole application to explode. Usually, with these sprite softwares they don’t allow higher res works to be animated, often times having some caps for anything using a large canvas. That or I suck at finding good software.

Anyways, this animation was done rather quick as it is just a test.
No. 30428 ID: bb474a
It looks like there's nothing there, but that's because the first frame is transparent. Probably should've had a background...
No. 30444 ID: 660afa
File 146707706393.png - (66.76KB , 333x544 , 6-27-16+Two_hundred_percent_ANNOYED_goat+.png )
Return of goatsona. This time with boobs.
No. 30445 ID: 398fe1
I approve of goat boobs.
No. 30466 ID: d72ee1
Its simple, but really smooth. Good work
No. 30505 ID: ee2fe8
File 146753837303.png - (40.88KB , 307x512 , 7-3-16+My_fuck_face+.png )
Filename says it all.
No. 30513 ID: 93f2fa
File 146762364720.png - (67.79KB , 400x881 , 7-4-16+Dead_Deer+.png )
A little deer with a soul-hungry dress.
No. 30536 ID: 694798
File 146769955784.png - (12.14KB , 394x600 , 7-4-16+Fuckin_bunny_fucker_does_the_thing+.png )
What weird eyes you have, Mr. Butler bun.
No. 30538 ID: 694798
File 146770885197.png - (238.58KB , 800x600 , 7-5-16+King_of_Sorrow+.png )
Some King of Sorrow fanart
No. 30564 ID: 727894
File 146820463876.png - (299.32KB , 960x1280 , +mindless+.png )
"Make up your mind, sir... there are over a hundred people behind you."
No. 30629 ID: 36cc65
File 146875428757.png - (46.54KB , 360x528 , 7-17-16+bun+.png )
I'm pretty sure I'm drowning every website in bunnies.
No. 30630 ID: ea2bfa
I frigging love your art. Just saying.
No. 30631 ID: 36cc65
Glad you like my art!
No. 30632 ID: 8c39f0
Drowning in adora-buns doesn't sound like a bad way to go.
No. 30633 ID: b2faf6
I dunno, I think suffocating under a pile of fluff would still be pretty painful. Lack of air and all that.
No. 30634 ID: b2faf6
File 146885139959.png - (63.71KB , 372x600 , 7-18-16+Sycho+.png )
Explosive collars… do something wrong and you’re dead. Dangerous stuff.
No. 30804 ID: f77d62
File 146994668824.png - (84.88KB , 434x330 , 7-30-16+would_you_like_a_room+.png )
Every now and then I do concepts. Usually, they're incredibly simple.

Something something motel- yatta yatta yatta- furries.
No. 30825 ID: 457093
File 147029707418.png - (58.58KB , 283x580 , 8-4-16+Jiggy_kitty+.png )
A happy little kitty
No. 30826 ID: 457093
File 147029711872.png - (54.32KB , 283x580 , 8-4-16+Clipping_is_a_no_no+.png )
Bonus: This is what it looked like when I accidentally turned my clipping layer was off
No. 30856 ID: 9bf4c3
File 147060998015.png - (28.44KB , 292x247 , 8-7-16+Birbun_and_Fox+.png )
I meant to draw a bird, but I fucked up and now it's a birbun.
No. 30857 ID: 9bf4c3
File 147061001875.png - (37.76KB , 252x295 , 8-7-16+Birbun+.png )
And Birbun with longer ears.
No. 30888 ID: 90f2c1
File 147074187503.png - (80.50KB , 500x892 , 8-9-16+Too_much_effort+.png )
Based on how I’ve been feeling recently.

Not just with music, but drawing as well sometimes.
No. 30944 ID: 8bcc5c
File 147116173029.png - (71.12KB , 834x645 , 8-14-16+Warrior_bunny+.png )
Warrior bun
No. 30981 ID: 2b08da
File 147135787518.png - (235.50KB , 960x1280 , AGJ_001_PG01.png )
Page 1
Another Galactic Jam- "Personal Difficulties"
No. 30986 ID: 822fa1
Losing sleep due to being worried is a pain in the ass.

Nice poster on the background.

Super motel mystery does sound like a fun quest idea. possibly supsense/lewd quest.
No. 30989 ID: 405f0f
Losing sleep, in general, is a pain.

Yeah, I think that I could probably make the whole thing for Chest Day, but that'd be out of character, wouldn't it? Haha
I don't think I'll do a lewd quest anytime soon. Dating quests maybe, but lewd ones are unlikely until I get a better grip on anatomy.
No. 31001 ID: cda578
>Yeah, I think that I could probably make the whole thing for Chest Day, but that'd be out of character, wouldn't it? Haha
Probably. It would still be funny to see him join in chest day though.

Also what about beach day, how would andrew and/or the other characters react?
No. 31004 ID: 7f04a8
File 147152542068.png - (14.23KB , 800x600 , HallBeachDay.png )
Yeah, I may go with it anyways after I get back from this trip. A family member is graduating and I wanted to congratulate them.

As for the Beach day thing, I did have him pop up there on the previous one. That was still when I was getting a feel for his design. (And it was in third-person)
"Andrew isn't having much fun here, it's too hot for him.
(Malachite, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying himself.)"
No. 31006 ID: cda578
Neat, maybe you could draw a second panel with andrew saying/acting like "i don't remember agreeing to do this". also congrats to your relative.

As for the lewd quest, yeah things get complicated. The nude drawings you made (like that nan or the reboot design for avatarpace) look very nice, but drawing "action" scenes is pretty damn complicated. Nothing thats unattainable though.
No. 31018 ID: 20a9a0
File 147169713651.png - (260.27KB , 960x1280 , AGJ_001_PG02.png )
Stay up too late and it gets tough to pay attention.

Perhaps their co-worker knows how to catch up on sleep.
No. 31034 ID: c41711
File 147178596079.png - (5.80KB , 512x448 , 8-21-16+Bunny_Bravo_Battle_enlarged+.png )
I got bored and did one of those fake RPG battle screens. This one was inspired by Earthbound and Earthbound: Beginnings (mostly from the enemy design)
No. 31068 ID: 834c6a
File 147226160176.png - (57.28KB , 214x404 , 8-21-16+Bunny_Bravo_full+.png )
I forgot to drop the full Bunny Bravo drawing... so here it is.
No. 31073 ID: 0b03d6
File 147229014864.png - (54.09KB , 304x257 , 8-27-16+Nostal+.png )
Rediscovered some of my old DSi art (all of it was on Flipnote Studio, and no doubt uploaded to Flipnote Hatena at some point) and decided to try something out.

I had decided to try and recreate the art style I used to use why utilizing the things I had learned since then, all the while trying to minimalize on layers used and the usage of the eraser tool. This was the result.

It was pretty fun, and I encourage others to try it out!
No. 31074 ID: 0b03d6
File 147231735964.jpg - (15.12KB , 128x117 , back_when_I_saved_in_jpgs.jpg )
Here’s something to gander at.

This is some of my old art. It was found on my DSi, and yes, this is the shit I uploaded to Flipnote Hatena.
No. 31146 ID: 504847
File 147294105539.png - (39.19KB , 190x472 , 9-3-16+Mercury+.png )
I dunno, a skeleton bunny or something.

(Sorry for the lack of HALL updates, I'm still workin' on that)
No. 31225 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147375041683.png - (60.86KB , 344x436 , 9-10-16+RingCritter+.png )
Designing mooks... it's pretty interesting to do.
No. 31240 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147390898221.png - (8.68KB , 445x629 , 9-14-16+BunnyBun+.png )
More buns. All the time. Endless bunnies.
No. 31259 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147406678736.png - (986B , 96x100 , ++TRASHBUNfnl++.png )
Trash bunny
No. 31274 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147429916702.png - (221.57KB , 590x956 , 9-19-16+chevre+.png )
No. 31296 ID: 197c8a
File 147452377868.png - (122.93KB , 826x541 , 9-21-16+AGW-chabta+.png )
A couple of characters. Mostly just doodled for fun.
No. 31343 ID: 6e8921
File 147477712959.png - (1.31KB , 100x80 , pupper.png )
No. 31383 ID: 6e8921
File 147513842159.png - (51.20KB , 247x511 , 9-28-16+Ghost+.png )
No. 31384 ID: 85bf0b
I think your art's really adorable, Golde! I want to be able to draw like you sometime, your works really warm my heart.
No. 31399 ID: 6e8921
File 147545629315.png - (40.52KB , 277x338 , 3804153.png )
Thank you! I'm really not sure what else to say, first time I've heard that. Sorry

As for this post, it's for a species I've been using for a small webcomic that I work on in my spare time.

"Echen have little tentacles on their head that can retract like the eyestalks of a snail. Though these haven’t had much use since they’ve been accepted into the IGU, they usually retract during dirty work or when working in restaurants due to other species believing they might get slime everywhere if they don’t."
No. 31400 ID: 91ee5f
>A small webcomic that I work on in my spare time.
What?! Where?! What's the name of this comic?! I must know!
No. 31401 ID: 6e8921
It would be this: Another Galactic Jam
( https://tapastic.com/series/Another-Galactic-Jam )

There isn't much done on it, and my updates have been a bit slow for it (only three pages and the last update was a couple months ago) but I've mostly been focused on building the world before continuing outside McMurphy's (the restaurant the main character works at).
No. 31456 ID: 6e8921
File 147588539367.png - (42.99KB , 185x446 , 10-7-16+GoldeBunny+.png )
"Dead in a good way" I have no motivation, holy shit. Help.
No. 31461 ID: cb3485
A story about the pros of being undead/a reasonably conserved set of limbs stitched together?
No. 31537 ID: dc7870
Don't need to say much, just draw more bob!
No. 31751 ID: 4b51b9
File 147806712974.png - (7.33KB , 274x536 , 11-1-16+Audurian+.png )
I'll get to that, just gotta crank out the next AGJ page. A bit of Bob in that.


I went and re-read some of AvatarPace, still working on setting up the newer version. At the moment, it's the same general story but in a different time and has a different name (Wildheart).

So have the weird clacking cat.
No. 31921 ID: a16e1b
File 147874851607.png - (2.73KB , 244x206 , ++UnfortunateReality+.png )
No. 31922 ID: 550a81
Take heart. With luck, it won't last long.
No. 31965 ID: 911670
File 147898826528.jpg - (171.35KB , 800x600 , Room002TumblrA11.jpg )
Oh look, more old art.

This is from something known as "Monoroom" probably my first ever quest. It wasn't planned out very well, but it did have one thing going for it: the gimmick. You see, MonoRoom was hosted on three different websites. Each website represented a different character and they were able to communicate loosely via marker (marks made by one site will pop up in the same room of the other sites) and sometimes it was possible to meet up with other sites' avatars (only Tumblr and Furaffinity met up with each other in the short run)

It is pretty odd to look back on. May revisit it at some point.
No. 31967 ID: dc7870
I like comforting people too.
No. 31970 ID: 626224
Thats actually a very creative idea, although you would need quite a lot of coordination to work this out.
No. 31977 ID: 180f83
fun concept there. If you revisit that idea again, might I suggest probably using only 2 playable characters instead of 3 to focus on? that way, there can be less coordination to worry about.

fun thing to expand on this idea: one website can control the hero, the other controls the villain (or better yet, an anti-villian).
No. 31981 ID: ac2e95
If I can recall, I got the idea from some indie horror game called "Tainted" (I might've got the wrong name, but oh well). The game in question required interaction between two players who went through identical rooms, who couldn't see each other (nor the differences in their rooms). The two players had to interact through this computer that you'd find in every room. I remember playing it with a buddy and saying something along the lines of "wouldn't it be neat if you could actually write it on the walls?" or something like that.

Coordination is definitely the biggest problem I'll run into, planning is the other. I have a tendency to come into things unprepared (a habit I'm trying to break). As for the hero and villain idea, I suppose it could work, but in that case, you could essentially "screen-peek" (look at other website's character) to stop them or hunt them down. I feel it'd be better to have them on the same team in a system like that one.
No. 31982 ID: ac2e95
File 147916065315.gif - (31.39KB , 224x668 , ++ENDLESSTENSION++.gif )

Probably the first gay thing I posted on this site. I can't even remember, nor can I be asked to check. Too busy being a stereotypical bun.
No. 31997 ID: 2169b1
Touch hte dik
No. 31999 ID: c441c1
No. 32077 ID: ac2e95
File 147971525510.png - (4.13KB , 256x240 , RoomTest3.png )
Some pixel art nonsense. I made a very basic room.
No. 32121 ID: 180f83
Reminds me of those old Kemco games on NES (Uninvited, Shadowgate, Déjà Vu)
No. 32126 ID: e10b68
Haha, *exactly* what it was inspired by! A friend of mine was making some sort of chiptune horror track and it reminded me of Uninvited, and it made me want to do something in that style.

(Funny thing is, I remember Uninvited more than the other ones. When I was little, the skeleton lady freaked me out so bad that I didn't touch the NES for months. I don't think I ever really got past her either.)
No. 32128 ID: 188451
I played Shadowgate back then on the nes. Never play Uninvited. I tried to play both of them on the comp, but I can't find a decent port. Shadowgate feels a lot more sluggish then it does on the nes.(just not fun overall)
No. 32129 ID: 180f83
Only one I've played was Déjà Vu. However, I was too young and stupid at the time to know what was going on in the story, and just gave up on it. I Couldn't even get past the first screen, lol.
No. 32144 ID: e10b68
File 148003997396.png - (54.01KB , 673x327 , 11-24-16+Food_Coma+.png )
I ate a lot today.

Surprisingly, I did not need to be put into a wheelbarrow just to get me to the car.

Happy Thanksgiving!
No. 32232 ID: 516b7d
File 148080351988.png - (41.05KB , 221x300 , 12-3-16+agw_champ_spider+.png )
I've been designing champions a lot lately... Not even sure why by this point, but it's pretty fun! So here's a germophobic spider-critter. Mostly sharing this one as it's a very early design and I would like feedback on what to improve on the suit and all that.
No. 32255 ID: 516b7d
File 148106064930.png - (63.70KB , 301x330 , 12-6-16+agw_champ_spider_Cosimia+.png )
Admittedly, this character is pretty fun to doodle.
No. 32264 ID: af6e04
Very cute! Is this for a game? Are the legs part of the suit or are they her/his legs sticking out of the bottom?
No. 32281 ID: 516b7d
Sort of? I'll put it this way: it's a game that may or may not even come to be. It's mostly just me making concepts of various characters, maps, and other things that *could be* in a game, but this is something that's more or less a doodling project.

As for the legs, those are attached to her body, yes. The way the species' arms and legs work are a bit weird, and I'll probably get to doodling that out at some point.

Glad you like it, though!
No. 32286 ID: 49f18e
I take it you're a fan of the Kumo Manga?
No. 32287 ID: 516b7d
Yup! The head design of the character is temporary while I got the suit designed. But I think I got it in a good spot, so I'll be working on the head and possible the body as well now.
No. 32288 ID: 516b7d
File 148125893610.png - (77.42KB , 460x410 , 12-8-16+agw_champ_Cosimia_caterpillar+.png )
Ah! Speaking of different body designs, while I was looking for a reference to base Cosimia off of, I found something called the "Japanese Emporer Butterfly". The caterpillars that form the butterflies are super cute, so I tried designing Cosimia (without the suit) after them. Let me know how this is.

(Kept the facial features because they've really stuck with me. Haha)
No. 32316 ID: 1843a1
100% not spider victini
No. 32344 ID: 516b7d
File 148166616774.png - (131.68KB , 800x600 , 12-13-16+CosimiaBall+.png )
That's the result of a mistake I made during my first sketch up of Cosimia's caterpillar (and slightly spider-ish) body. The lines I made to put those weird little horns at the right spot was unusual, so I figured that while I was finishing it up that I had meant to fill it in. After realizing the mistake, I kept it in because it reminded me of Vicitini, one of my friends' favorite Pokemon. So yeah, in a way, she *is* spider Vicitini.

Although... those horns are based off of the Japanese Emporer caterpillar's... horn-like things on the top of their head. (http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/tecola12/imgs/b/7/b7e45821.jpg Here's the image I had used as reference while doodling Cosimia)
No. 32358 ID: 516b7d
File 148183291296.png - (52.83KB , 240x525 , 12-15-16+Rabbitgirl+.png )
Hand practice again. It may be a while before I can get these down.
No. 32427 ID: d628f6
File 148222534169.png - (27.26KB , 229x312 , 12-19-16+LH_Genesis+.png )
I’ve decided that when 2017 comes around I’ll try to doodle more often... however, I’ll be using my left hand instead of my right and no SAI stabilizers.

While this doodle was done with my left hand, stabilizers were used.

So here’s Genesis, who’ll be the sort of “mascot” of this journey.
No. 32473 ID: a1345a
File 148262733296.png - (195.98KB , 800x600 , 12-24-16+TheYearIsEnding+.png )
Snow and presents. Mostly snow.
No. 32511 ID: dedc6b
File 148297458045.png - (133.46KB , 744x279 , 12-28-16+agw_mercenaries_wip2+.png )
More champions

Seriously, this shit is so much fun to work on.
No. 32589 ID: dedc6b
File 148341846932.png - (21.15KB , 432x453 , 1-2-17+Guguri+.png )
Whoops, I did something right-handed.

It was for a good cause, however. Cute slug monsters are precious.
No. 32590 ID: 398fe1
No. 32591 ID: 91ee5f
>Whoops, I did something right-handed.
That's ok! It doesn't count if it's not in the other draw thread!
No. 32593 ID: 2169b1
No. 32613 ID: 959a5d
File 148360284446.png - (54.14KB , 376x801 , 1-4-17+Echen+.png )
Lazy anatomy practice before I crash
No. 32632 ID: 959a5d
File 148373906513.png - (4.70KB , 221x221 , ++Tower_of_Gluum++.png )
I've been toying with Pico-8 lately.

Though this image is *not* anything I've been working on in Pico-8 (limitations would make this a bit interesting to make, however)
Rather, this is sort of a fake screenshot for the hell of it.
No. 32650 ID: 959a5d
File 148400397071.png - (80.12KB , 434x383 , 1-9-17+Clementine+.png )
I have named this goat "Clementine".
No. 32666 ID: 959a5d
File 148424592656.png - (12.10KB , 559x452 , 1-12-17+KoS+.png )
It’s been a while, and the tears have dried up on his face. Maybe he’ll cheer up this year?

(First King of Sorrow doodle of the year)
No. 32667 ID: 188451
So cute.
No. 32713 ID: 959a5d
File 148461489846.png - (52.84KB , 344x471 , 1-16-17+Tsukani+.png )
Thank you kindly!

Been listening to a lot of spacey-sounding tracks on SoundCloud, made me think up of this.
No. 32744 ID: a22a05
I'm always a proponent of cute and/or sexy goats
Good job
No. 32777 ID: 7281aa
File 148533870791.png - (92.70KB , 496x418 , 1-25-17+Every_Waking_Moment_Is_Pain+.png )
Glad you enjoy all the bleating goats.

This one is based on something I found in one of my older sketchbooks. There was a description on the next page saying something about how the "cabbages" scream when they're ripe, uproot themselves, and run to the south until they rot.

It's a bit confusing to look back on, but I like it.
No. 32917 ID: 7281aa
File 148594704874.png - (173.84KB , 746x698 , 2-1-17+big_bob_and_poochy+.png )
This'n is for the one who wanted to see more Bob. I didn't have any ideas for a while, and I have been working on several projects at once (like the dummy I am).
Big Bob and Poochy. A pair of unstoppable bounty hunters, these two travel around the world searching for some extra cash.
No. 32930 ID: 7281aa
File 148624840219.png - (95.59KB , 328x809 , 2-4-17+Genesis+.png )
Genesis with a color reference.

I'm working on another little comic for that Genesis Journey thread I made, but my main focus is currently on the HALL update (storyboarding it and all that for now). This will be a bit slow, sorry.
No. 32939 ID: 7281aa
File 148638227480.png - (80.56KB , 470x487 , 2-1-17+Redd+.png )
I keep revisiting this character. There has been three or four different iterations of them, and so far this is my favorite.

With the text, you can tell what kind of world this boy would live in.
No. 32971 ID: 762883
File 148659999114.png - (164.50KB , 800x600 , 2-8-17+redd+.png )
Quick concepts for this little lynx. Easy enough to do as they're pretty much a stick figure.
No. 33022 ID: 8ac997
File 148710738867.png - (317.96KB , 811x1164 , 2-14-17+ValentinesRedd+.png )
Happy Valentine's day, everyone! Don't get sick on chalky candies.
No. 33023 ID: 8ac997
File 148714570816.png - (49.78KB , 186x621 , 2-15-17+Quickposes+.png )
Body practice. I should do this more often...
No. 33024 ID: ca0e20
No. 33142 ID: 7c4b40
File 148773288166.png - (532.86KB , 960x1280 , GS0000.png )
I'm running into issues for that HALL animation, so I might just break it down into a comic at some point. (The application I'm working with keeps crashing, unfortunately)

Anyways, here's a quick prototype comic for something. The Genesis Journey is nearly complete, I'm just struggling to maintain motivation.
No. 33150 ID: 143250
What program are you using? I know that when I do my animation with adobe premiere, or adobe flash, I have auto save set up to reload every 1-5 minutes in case it crashes, which tends to happen.
No. 33151 ID: 7c4b40
Not too surprised an Adobe product would crash so often. That's like a staple of theirs (or at least, it is in my experience).

Toon Boom Harmony is what I'm using. The crashing is just one of the issues, however. The second isn't nearly as bad since I could use some other apps to fix it (imported sound doesn't come in properly and becomes silent and prevents proper rendering)

I'll just do the comic update this Thursday. Oh well, maybe some other time I'll toy with animation.
No. 33392 ID: 03db68
File 148998642577.png - (69.62KB , 417x600 , 3-15-17+Building_it_back_up+.png )
I forgot to post this quick Golde here, whoops.
That and I should probably get done with the Genesis Comic I said I'd do.

Boy, I am on a roll for being a forgetful bun.
No. 33425 ID: 792835
File 149043149291.png - (9.82KB , 343x600 , Dizzy.png )
Still trying to figure out what to do with AvatarPace… I liked the quirk system, but I have no idea what to do with it. I wasn’t big on the Audurian things and the weird surreal dreams (after the second one at least)

No. 33479 ID: 792835
File 149073929425.png - (7.00KB , 363x548 , 3-28-17+why+.png )
Favorite kind of doodle: cartoon animal with a semi-realistic human face.
No. 33509 ID: 792835
File 149084450404.png - (143.24KB , 800x600 , 3-29-17+Star_Swimming+.png )
Star Swimming
No. 33527 ID: 792835
File 149111601016.png - (10.26KB , 434x541 , 4-1-17+Knight+.png )
A little knight.

Also, HALL will now update on Sundays due to some schedule difficulties.
No. 33566 ID: 792835
File 149138400809.png - (7.42KB , 331x371 , Its2AMandIhatemyself.png )
The ground is a Gloryhole.
No. 33622 ID: 66f00d
File 149198850893.png - (405.33KB , 1570x2773 , 4-12-17+Dizzy+.png )
Really quick Dizzy. I'm getting back into drawing her, as I'm planning on getting back into AP after HALL thread 2 is finished. Will probably switch off between the two after every thread.
No. 33630 ID: 143250
AP was a fun quest. Will it be a reboot, or a continuation?
No. 33631 ID: 66f00d
A reboot, likely taking out the alien species thing; still sorting out a few more details. This time I should know what's going on in my own quest, at least.
No. 33632 ID: 66f00d
File 149204008489.png - (696.11KB , 2018x3677 , BigBun.png )
Ah yes, also I have been toying with a larger canvas. Normally I started with 800x600 since it uploads fast (and my internet has nightmares about uploading files larger than a megabyte)
No. 33721 ID: 66f00d
File 149255713508.png - (634.27KB , 2555x3076 , Drowsier_and_drowsier.png )
Drowsier and drowsier… sleepy…
No. 33756 ID: 4d579a
File 149285327150.png - (328.85KB , 1752x2237 , NekoZombie.png )
Neko Zombie (Gregory Horror Show) from memory.
No. 33757 ID: 82a33d
No. 33765 ID: 4d579a
File 149293698459.png - (321.55KB , 1330x1776 , magegoat.png )
Looks like I was close. So that's good at least.


Mage goat for all your goat needs.
No. 33766 ID: 4d579a
File 149294315959.png - (206.86KB , 987x1006 , KoS.png )
Mandatory King of Sorrow
No. 33790 ID: 4d579a
File 149312122322.png - (304.46KB , 1858x1833 , AGJ_enevolan.png )
Alien thing... as a result of staying up until 4:50 AM
No. 33868 ID: 4d579a
File 149376983230.png - (458.91KB , 2554x4249 , 5-2-17+Mercury+.png )
Whenever I design an edgy character there is a very high chance it ends up being my favorite design. I have no idea why, but I love them.
No. 33938 ID: 6ab9e4
File 149444555870.png - (161.93KB , 790x1060 , 5-10-17+Serena+.png )
I love drawing in this style.
No. 33948 ID: 6ab9e4
File 149449318367.png - (654.38KB , 2353x1585 , 5-11-17+Siwang_Jingjie+.png )
Some ideas about death and stuff. Skeleton bunnies, ghosts, and spooky monsters included.
No. 33982 ID: 3d501d
File 149481791018.png - (147.40KB , 613x970 , 5-14-17+Im_too_proud_of_all_of_these_designs+.png )
A prankster? Nope, just some cheeky maid who is super proud of what she wears.
No. 34011 ID: 3d501d
File 149497904047.png - (250.89KB , 1479x1432 , 5-16-17+Nukian+.png )
I misinterpreted an elephant drawing really bad, and it somehow turned into an alien species.
No. 34170 ID: b42a2c
File 149577036822.png - (116.03KB , 739x1775 , 5-25-17+Xiao_Lian+.png )
"Little face"


I'm a bit slow with the HALL update this time around as I'm doing some planning ahead, it's really hot, and I'm preparing for a month-long vacation pretty much. Oh right, that and college is a thing that's poppin' up for me. Busy days ahead!
No. 34246 ID: bc6bbb
File 149639890545.png - (17.99KB , 560x762 , An_Offering.png )
I woke up a little earlier than I needed to for my flight. I figure I'll drop this offering in case anyone wants it as I'll be bringing my laptop. I'll be able to do a short, month-long quest from there (likely using MSPaint or something without a tablet) and update it a little bit before I go to bed each day.

It's all up to you guys whether or not I pick this up.
No. 34275 ID: 246585
File 149661686576.png - (4.95KB , 400x300 , BLAΩK_titlescreen.png )
Ran into a bit of trouble starting the mini-quest on TGchan. Something about the captcha being wrong even though I swear I put it in correctly. Oh well, I started it on Tumblr at least. That should be easy enough to find, as it's not only on the tgchan wiki thing, but I use the same username for just about everything (maybe with slight variations like GoldeKlover)

This thing shouldn't run for too long, likely only for until the 30th.
No. 34280 ID: 246585
File 149667289488.png - (21.68KB , 800x800 , cute_boys_and_the_one.png )
It’s 7 AM and I’m disappointed in myself.
No. 34454 ID: bc6bbb
File 149756425846.png - (340.26KB , 1840x2004 , 6-15-17+some_concept+.png )
And I'm back to my drawing tablet. So look at this young lady and realize I have no consistent art style.

Not sure what I'll use this one for yet.
No. 34455 ID: ca0e20
Welcome back! And this is still a great drawing/character. =P
No. 34456 ID: ca0e20
And by "welcome back" I mean "welcome back to the land of the tablet". I dunno, lol.
No. 34457 ID: bc6bbb
Thank you! Tell you what, 12-ish days drawing with those laptop touchpads is hell. Now I must figure out how to tackle BLAΩK now as I got my drawing tablet back (Might as well keep drawing with the touchpad?)
No. 34458 ID: ca0e20
If you feel like taking that challenge. I think you mentioned that it was getting bigger than you wanted while blaming your brain for coming up with lots of idea. If the quest is gonna end up being longer, I'd say it's fine to use the tablet for it, but keep it visually simple like it is now? That would make working on it speedy enough to not be as much of a focus compared to Hall and whatever else you are planning, if things are coming.
No. 34459 ID: bc6bbb
The plan, for now, is to finish up BLAΩK, and use it as sort of a prequel to something else. Might be a quest series, might not, I'm not sure on that yet. I do know I've got the basic story for it planned out already as well as several characters and that after the prequel is done I'll go back to HALL. Though, given BLAΩK's simplicity, I could likely put it as a side-quest that I can update alongside HALL.
No. 34498 ID: e8f1c9
File 149793462650.png - (188.38KB , 793x572 , 6-19-17+Bombcat+.png )
Cat bomb!
No. 34505 ID: e8f1c9
File 149802691096.png - (614.45KB , 2480x2900 , 6-20-17+AC_Golde+.png )
Most of my Animal Crossing time had been spent fishing for the various villagers (mostly Bella, who seemingly always wants fish)
No. 34532 ID: 5f2f55
File 149818201526.png - (105.82KB , 708x1190 , rip_in_peace_climbing_ability.png )
RIP in peace, Climbing Skill.

You broke Daggerfall to Oblivion and back.

(1996 - 1996)
No. 34533 ID: 3ce125
Most of the Daggerfall dungeons are randomly generated so don't worry, you didn't hurt anyone's feelings.
No. 34535 ID: cefc95
Instead, I've just managed to get stuck in the ceiling. Seems the climbing skill is a bit glitchy.
No. 34544 ID: 823244
File 149825213901.png - (1.29MB , 2878x4600 , ElderScrollsFirstExperiences.png )
My first experiences in each Elder Scrolls game:

Arena: I got beat up a lot

Daggerfall: Map is huge, and I’m lost

Morrowind: Don’t leave Tribunal on unless you know what you’re doing

Oblivion: I stole everything

Skyrim: Catching useless things 24/7

(Needless to say, I've been playing a lot of TES games lately)
No. 34547 ID: 3ce125
Haha yeah the wilderness in Daggerfall is not meant to be explored. Technically you can walk from one town to another but it can take a very long time, and you're very likely to just walk past towns without seeing them due to the limited draw distance. Even with a mod that extends the draw distance it's difficult. You basically have to resort to fast traveling to landmarks once you're right next to them on the world map.
No. 34551 ID: fe7355
I actually did find a way to go from settlement to settlement without fast traveling by abusing and exploiting the spell crafting system to make a spell that jacked my speed and my jump height up to ridiculous levels. I'd be careening across the landscape like Sonic, bounding high into the air to clear obstacles. Throw in water walking and seas offer no hindrance either. In game-time I'd be moving between cities and towns in minutes, but in real time it was still faster to just fast travel.
No. 34558 ID: 638191
the morrowind thing is because one of the addons really is ment to be installed on an inprogress game when you are somewhat stronk and not a new one because of those assassins and bethsoft never learning that there should be an delay on when addon content activates rather than just dumping everything on a new player
No. 34560 ID: 9864f6
This I know by now. I've kept Tribunal on regardless as the armor those assassins drop is quite valuable! Once you get used to the way the game works and get properly equipped, they aren't nearly as difficult as I portrayed in that doodle. (Problem was, when I started Morrowind, the only previous TES games I played were Oblivion and Skyrim)
No. 34562 ID: 48237d
My first combat in Morrowind were much less dignifying than facing an assassin. I attacked a mudcrab with a dagger, missed all the hits and died.
No. 34698 ID: dd14c9
File 149919698195.gif - (5.45KB , 400x300 , 4thjuly.gif )
Happy 4th of July!
No. 34731 ID: dd14c9
File 149940641947.png - (7.29KB , 240x267 , SuperVillainGolde.png )
I had a weird dream a couple days ago. So by now, everyone who has followed me for a while knows Golde, the little undead bunny that’s been more or less my blog’s mascot (as well as many accounts) for a couple years now. Well, the dream in question he was sort of a super villain. Floating all around, zapping things and all that. I remember that somewhere in the dream he admitted that he was doing it for his wife who always liked it when the heroes were “looking cool”, so Golde decided to become a beatable villain to ensure that they look cool as often as possible just for his wife. Although, he didn’t have the heart to tell her why he always came back home with bruises.
No. 34752 ID: 609863
File 149963922112.png - (21.27KB , 690x1054 , dsd77#$83w&^73hdh.png )
Something I whipped up while listening to River Twygz Bed. Actually ended up kinda cute.
No. 34757 ID: 77670b
File 149971608304.png - (59.73KB , 236x524 , DizzyBunBun.png )
I think I’ve got a style down that I can use for AvatarPace when I get around to that. Regardless, here’s Dizzy with a shirt that’s got the logo to her favorite band, Abandoned Winds.
No. 34758 ID: 143250
Looks cute. Can't wait for the reboot. It was a fun quest.
No. 34774 ID: 77670b
File 149973907244.png - (127.32KB , 761x1081 , HALL_returns_with_pizza_and_soda.png )
Here's hoping it meets your expectations when it's up!

We’re back in business, Audience.
No. 34775 ID: 91ee5f
You lied! There was no pizza and/or soda in that update!
No. 34800 ID: 9b662f
File 149982073655.png - (135.17KB , 1124x1304 , 7-11-17+Xiao_Lian_and_Necul+.png )
They both like pears!

Introducing Necul! Some sort of shadowy mouse who spends most of his time in office complexes delivering motivation. Unfortunately, most people cannot see him, and are completely unaware of his acts.
No. 34844 ID: 0ba81d
File 150017358561.png - (198.09KB , 1128x1596 , Mu.png )
Funnily enough, I forgot to upload this, and quite a few others images. Might get on the others later, however.
No. 34845 ID: 143250

Reminds me a little bit of Marshal from Animal Crossing
No. 34852 ID: 3647a6
File 150032171778.png - (13.06KB , 500x519 , LISA.png )
It's probably in the eyes and rosy cheeks. To be frank, I haven't really seen Marshal yet in Animal Crossing, especially since he's only in New Leaf (and I've got is a town full of cute Koalas, not squirrels)

I am a very serious artist.
No. 34892 ID: b80f6c
File 150035602724.png - (162.42KB , 823x949 , 7-17-17+FomFom+.png )
Some characters I plan to use later on.
No. 34911 ID: 1341b7
File 150044499916.gif - (38.77KB , 142x315 , 7-18-17+Mercury+.gif )
A little skelebunny animation I did today.
No. 35016 ID: 45123e
File 150102960293.png - (343.87KB , 1659x1450 , 7-25-17+AngryKat+.png )
Something I doodled as quickly as possible. Took about 5-6 minutes.

I like to think this cat is explaining magic to someone.
No. 35029 ID: 3f229a
File 150112079249.png - (255.71KB , 849x1288 , 7-25-17+spacebun+.png )
“Did someone drop their space pirate?”
No. 35032 ID: 143250
Pretty cool. That backpack reminds me of the ink tank the inklings wear in Splatoon.

You take drawing requests? maybe you can draw a character from Splatoon if you've played it before. If not, forget I said anything :)
No. 35039 ID: 873d83
I haven't played Splatoon, sorry. The last home console I owned was from the sixth generation (and I say home console as I *have* had more recent handhelds like the PS Vita and 3ds). (Though, I did use my brother's Xbox 360 for a bit to play Oblivion before I got a good PC) So yeah, I haven't had the necessary console to actually play Splatoon so far.
No. 35041 ID: 873d83
File 150118890594.png - (248.09KB , 1941x851 , 7-27-17+dragonblep+.png )
Local dragon goes “blep”
No. 35110 ID: f96eff
File 150149677615.png - (910.85KB , 3441x892 , reddmanor_cast_labeled.png )
So I've been working on some character designs I plan on either using for a quest later on or a dating sim game. Either way, it'll have romance involved.

So I present the entire cast of Redd Manor!
No. 35133 ID: c88e6d
No. 35168 ID: a7e9c8
File 150171604012.png - (309.62KB , 706x1122 , bugracethingy.png )
Earlier today I was talking about how there aren’t many (if any) insect-like races in fantasy RPGs, so I decided to quickly doodle one.
No. 35169 ID: 143250
Is that a Poodle Moth? those are the cutest insects that I know of.
No. 35170 ID: a7e9c8
Kind of. I also put some spidery bits (I think spiders are cute) on the face. Was going to draw the whole body and show some extra arms but I was feeling a bit lazy today (heat does that to me)
No. 35180 ID: a7e9c8
File 150180861804.png - (359.02KB , 696x965 , 8-3-17+tails+.png )
With Sonic Mania getting closer, I had to doodle my favorite Sonic character.
No. 35239 ID: a7e9c8
File 150205922463.png - (135.43KB , 704x1176 , Creamy.png )
Creamy Ghosty
No. 35273 ID: c517fa
File 150222707205.png - (192.22KB , 501x1552 , 8-8-17+Golde_Hoodie+.png )
Golde with a hoodie
No. 35294 ID: 21ad57
File 150234244497.png - (123.45KB , 649x993 , 8-9-17+lacking_something_unknown+.png )
Not sure why, but I've been feeling empty this whole week. Missing something perhaps, but I'm not sure what it'd be.
No. 35295 ID: 21ad57
File 150239956721.png - (291.15KB , 1063x1682 , 8-10-17+Brewer+.png )
No. 35314 ID: d0ab8b
File 150243891473.png - (96.76KB , 782x1182 , NotActuallyObscureVideoGameCharacter.png )
I decided to try something tonight: try drawing a character that would be at home in the early days of the PS2. I like to imagine this character would’ve had a sticky tongue and a mouth that looked like the inside of a gobstopper.
No. 35329 ID: d0ab8b
File 150252821374.png - (622.37KB , 1537x1391 , DendiiAndExtras.png )
More character designs on top of a reworked bunny thing. Named him Dendii.
No. 35380 ID: d0ab8b
File 150272159888.png - (298.62KB , 1201x1837 , 8-14-17+Dead_Digitally+.png )
I had a dream where several artists suddenly vanished from reality, finding themselves inside the internet while taking the form of the last character they drew. These artists kept most of their personalities, but some of it was replaced by the character they took the form of. Every single one of their lives was viewable from a strange new site that appeared in reality. Due to the nature of the internet, it was extremely easy to add to their lives which lead to many chaotic situations.
No. 35381 ID: d0ab8b
File 150273416994.png - (1.39MB , 2859x3044 , 8-14-17+Shattermoon+.png )
Space pirates and a space bunny
No. 35395 ID: ca0e20
This and the couple previous drawings of this character might be favorite version of him I've seen you draw. Though I might be biased since he looks cuter, though maybe more expressive too.

As for the dream... Commissions would make me be an hypno loving Worgen lady. Welp, lol.
If it's completed drawing, then I'm not sure which one counts.
No. 35402 ID: d0ab8b
File 150287800740.png - (344.56KB , 843x1005 , 8-16-17+a_wee_bit_horny+.png )
A goat
No. 35414 ID: d0ab8b
File 150295471644.png - (466.32KB , 1540x1697 , Ears.png )

(Some strange little bunnies I drew)
No. 35423 ID: 436991
File 150317822134.png - (217.92KB , 760x1990 , 8-19-17+bunnyboobs+.png )
Bunny boobs
No. 35424 ID: 79756e
So cute!
No. 35454 ID: 436991
File 150327234822.png - (323.61KB , 941x1652 , AngrySpider.png )
I forgot how much fun I had drawing aliens. Might get back into that soon enough.

I also wrote a little more on this species on my Tumblr if anyone is interested.
No. 35455 ID: 436991
Oh yeah, and thank you!

I've been trying to get Golde (the character) to be more expressive so that's good to hear! Thanks!
No. 35551 ID: 51ac2d
File 150377894121.png - (499.56KB , 1860x1336 , 8-26-17+chilly_forest+.png )
Chilly Violet Forest

Figured I needed some work on backgrounds, so here's one attempt.
No. 35585 ID: 93940e
File 150405596785.png - (160.42KB , 741x1293 , 8-29-17+Ponder+.png )
I’ve been thinking about opening up commissions a bit. Still thinking about it, but I was probably going to keep them small (for now) and use my Ko-fi page as the way to pay for them.

I’ll let you guys know if I decide to go through with that.
No. 35607 ID: bd4e9e
File 150414236884.png - (318.05KB , 897x1843 , 8-30-17+K10+.png )
K-10, a robot that was originally meant for heavy lifting; now floats around aimlessly.
No. 35683 ID: 631ea0
File 150464302013.png - (1.49MB , 2936x3429 , reddmanor_cast2.png )
Cute horror and facial expressions. Cute horror is actually pretty fun to work with.
No. 35726 ID: c88e6d
An amusing irony! She is very cute.
No. 35740 ID: 29d1d8
File 150501164698.png - (157.09KB , 1395x1989 , 9-8-17+Ennick+.png )
A goo bunny.
Oh right, I also forgot to drop the commission info as well as my Ko-fi on here (not sure if anyone cares, but I figure I'd drop it just in case)
http://goldeklovr.tumblr.com/post/164866467953/alright-im-gonna-try-out-this-commission-thing <-Commission stuff
https://ko-fi.com/Manage/ <-Ko-fi
No. 35743 ID: 29d1d8
File 150509422663.png - (204.63KB , 1117x2193 , 9-10-17+Pepper+.png )
Pepper may have only one arm but it won’t stop her.
No. 35763 ID: 29d1d8
File 150528543798.png - (269.28KB , 1092x1690 , Commission0001v3.png )
Commission for Serpens that I forgot to post here.
No. 35826 ID: 47b84a
File 150569934501.png - (346.05KB , 1558x2130 , 9-17-17+REMEMBER_ME+.png )
I made this while listening to Eurobeat.

Of course, due to the effects of Eurobeat, some bits are rushed.
No. 35861 ID: 47b84a
File 150585997371.png - (514.62KB , 1984x2716 , Commission0002.png )
Commission I did for MoarInterz.
No. 35911 ID: 8cbca0
File 150615394372.png - (0.97MB , 1723x2301 , 9-22-17+Slimey_Echen_Trash+.png )
"It isn’t your lucky day tonight. Then again, it never is when you end up here. You really need to drop this awful habit of yours before it takes over. But it seems whenever you want to stop, they’re always there to pull you back in. Perhaps it isn’t the gambling. Maybe it’s them that pulls you in."
No. 35972 ID: 670558
File 150646296286.png - (94.68KB , 463x844 , 9-26-17+Magicat+.png )
Magical cat with a weird hat
No. 36054 ID: d8c757
File 150684609656.png - (567.38KB , 1724x1666 , 10-1-17+SpookGolde+.png )
Welcome to October.
No. 36072 ID: d8c757
File 150690831947.png - (153.71KB , 909x1800 , 10-1-17+Eico+.png )
As with most rabbit vampires, Eico sucks out the juice of vegetables. Though, he has a habit of going after blood during October. Rumor has it it’s because he wants to be in the Halloween spirit, but no one has introduced him to fake blood yet.
No. 36111 ID: d8c757
File 150699162257.png - (278.27KB , 1250x1314 , 10-2-17+Cosimia+.png )
Respect your space janitors
No. 36157 ID: af2e45
File 150717382486.png - (241.12KB , 2006x950 , 10-4-17+ghosts+.png )
Spooky ghosts
No. 36190 ID: e573c0
File 150747476803.png - (199.94KB , 1146x1915 , 10-7-17+Cal+.png )
A skeleton with some weird gas coming out of him.
No. 36233 ID: e573c0
File 150759182434.png - (1.67KB , 256x240 , +++SpookManor+++.png )
I remembered this old Atari game called “Haunted House” that I used to play as a kid, but it seems I remembered one thing about it incorrectly. You see, for some reason, I remember it as having one sprite for the light source, with the walls and background being completely black (the walls being a layer above the light source). Oh well, the idea is kind of interesting at least.
No. 36238 ID: 3ce125
You might be thinking of Return To Haunted House, which did do that.
No. 36240 ID: e573c0
Huh, you might be right. Though, upon looking at the game itself I wonder if I perhaps played it a little bit and spent more time in the original (as I will remember this happening while being just a floating pair of eyes, not a square). Either way, thanks for pointing me to that!
No. 36242 ID: e573c0
File 150762434448.png - (286.81KB , 1138x2358 , merctest2.png )
Mercury is skeletons of fun to doodle.

This one took about an hour to draw as I’m not familiar with non-cartoony skeletons.
No. 36257 ID: e573c0
File 150771291704.png - (626.01KB , 1937x2144 , 10-11-17+Mu.png )
Another thing that took an hour to complete.

Feedback appreciated as I was trying to work on my anatomy some more.
No. 36286 ID: e573c0
File 150780297463.png - (272.05KB , 1410x1062 , 10-12-17+love_me_version_topless+.png )
I’m tired and feeling lonely so I drew this. Help.
No. 36287 ID: e573c0
File 150780303534.png - (257.33KB , 1410x1062 , 10-12-17+love_me_version_nude+.png )
And it's not often that I make other versions of my works (I think I've only done it twice before this time) but here's one.
No. 36291 ID: c88e6d
I'm sorry to hear you are lonesome. Do you require a hug? And this image is very fun.
No. 36328 ID: e573c0
While a hug may be nice, I think it'd be better if I actually got out and socialized. I think I've been spending too much time alone in my house.
No. 36355 ID: 16dab1
File 150806301562.png - (0.97MB , 1480x1280 , 10-15-17+thegirls+.png )
Working girls on break.
No. 36359 ID: c88e6d
I recommend it. Also, those girls on break are adorable~!
No. 36457 ID: 16dab1
File 150849600088.png - (176.34KB , 894x1779 , 10-19-17+Amella+.png )
Amella. A weird bunny with a ton of tentacles inside of her body. She often uses them as a means of grabbing faraway objects or as legs.
No. 36474 ID: 16dab1
File 150859772714.png - (662.31KB , 1700x1368 , 10-21-17+dizzy+.png )
No. 36509 ID: 7298d6
File 150877052608.png - (841.86KB , 2980x1648 , 10-21-17+ShatterMoon+.png )
No. 36560 ID: c88e6d
This seems... lewd!
No. 36622 ID: f0d8a6
File 150921300001.png - (626.80KB , 1443x1936 , 10-28-17+Annie_Belle+.png )
It isn't lewd, however. Think more like Resident Evil kinda tentacles. The kind of thing that could cause some serious harm.

Annie Belle Schneider. Not the kind of doctor you want to piss off.
No. 36623 ID: 6a58a0
She look more confused and clueless, them malicious and ruthless
No. 36624 ID: f0d8a6
Annie isn't exactly capable of making any other facial expression. Most of that is left to the mouth on her belly (which is mostly obscured in that doodle).
No. 36627 ID: 6a58a0
No. 36654 ID: f0d8a6
File 150934325893.png - (747.27KB , 1786x1488 , 10-29-17+Mwetio+.png )
A being who cannot be kept in a single dimension. It often ends up in standing out like a sore thumb in whatever dimension it’s in due to its constantly changing texture.

Mwetio does not speak. Instead, it lets out a variety of squeaks.
No. 36699 ID: f0d8a6
File 150943237202.png - (935.75KB , 2296x2036 , 10-30-17+Annie_Belle+.png )
This pic of Annie should showcase that mouth on her belly a little better than the previous doodle.
Stay safe everyone!
No. 36703 ID: f0d8a6
File 150947010254.png - (767.23KB , 2312x1866 , 10-31-17+HALLOWEENIES+.png )
Happy Halloween! Don’t get spooked too hard, ya’ hear?
No. 36732 ID: 95e2fe
File 150980765491.png - (236.66KB , 1033x1612 , 11-3-17+serena+.png )
The finished version of a sketch that's two months old. I only finished the sketch recently after unburying it from my hard drive.
No. 36757 ID: d8fb9d
File 151003269614.png - (560.18KB , 960x1280 , 11-6-17+AcceptYourCalcium+.png )
Today wasn't very productive. And I imagine tomorrow won't be very productive either since Nioh is coming out on PC. Gon' get killed a ton.

Oh yeah, and remember to drink your goddamn milk. ;)
No. 36760 ID: fc0d38
No. 36801 ID: d8fb9d
File 151020052426.png - (200.29KB , 1114x1309 , 11-8-17+villiantest+.png )
Not exactly great at creating villainous characters. Figured I might as well try to make one today.

I think this’n’s a space goat.
No. 36818 ID: 466a9f
File 151028451169.png - (170.87KB , 797x1233 , 11-9-17+Cathryn+.png )
This is one of the few designs for Ghost Sitter that I’ve near-completely settled on.

Her name is Cathryn, and she’s one of the ghost children staying with the main character of Ghost Sitter (who happens to be the brother of Yuri, from Redd Manor). She’s twelve years old, enjoys origami and has an interest in robotics.

Compared to the other ghost children she isn’t picky about food, but she absolutely despises tomatoes (unfortunate).
No. 36877 ID: c0739d
File 151060982810.png - (184.54KB , 859x1318 , 11-13-17+Serena+.png )
Serena is always trying to make herself more lovable, adopting traits that she thinks would be attractive. She’s adopted so many traits by this point that she cannot even remember who she used to be.

She usually comes off as a bit too much for those she has a crush on.
No. 36901 ID: c0739d
File 151063244969.png - (322.34KB , 1009x2303 , 11-13-17+Taksi+.png )
Taksi has found herself stuck behind the wheel ever since she died. But unlike most members of Redd Manor, she spends most of her time in the realm of the living, driving people over to the manor. She's not actually sure why she always ends up there either.

Being as she lacks lips, her speech sounds windy and she is incapable of making certain sounds. This horrifying visage hinders more than her speech, it also keeps the living from wanting to interact with her, so she hides her face in shadows until after someone boards her bus. It'll be a wild ride for them, for sure.
No. 36908 ID: c0739d
File 151072259459.png - (482.76KB , 1325x2193 , 11-14-17+Rue+.png )
Started with nothing and ended up with rags. Rue is a shy one indeed, doing whatever she can to cover her face(s). While she isn’t the chef of Redd Manor, she’s great with food.
No. 36933 ID: c0739d
File 151081304027.png - (377.95KB , 1556x1467 , 11-15-17+Ebony_and_Roy+.png )
Roy and Ebony are the only guests in Redd Manor to be related. Roy enjoys cars and anime, while Ebony enjoys deadly pranks (or, would-be deadly if it wasn't for everyone being undead). Despite their wildly different interests, they still get along well enough (for siblings).

Due to both of them being younger (Roy is 17 and Ebony is 11), neither of which are dateable (unlike the rest of the guests)
No. 36972 ID: 3eeb4d
File 151114202460.png - (407.44KB , 1228x2416 , 11-19-17+Serena+.png )
No. 36988 ID: 3eeb4d
File 151122432208.png - (728.22KB , 1603x1269 , 11-20-17+Longing_For_The_Impossible+.png )
"It's frustrating, isn't it? It'll be centuries before we can properly reach that massive planet ourselves. By the time we have the technology, surely you and I would have died long before."
A little doodle about a species living on a tiny asteroid (seeing it as a planet themselves)

Not really sure what I'm doing anymore.
No. 37226 ID: 245a0f
File 151262745929.png - (1.07MB , 3055x2831 , 12-6-17+Stealth+.png )
Working on HALL comic script and proof-reading stuff (I'm slow, sorry), but here have something dumb while you wait.
No. 37585 ID: 245a0f
File 151677212234.png - (921.44KB , 1276x2118 , 1-23-18+serena+.png )
I've been listening to a lot of beach themes. Wanted to try and draw something that had the fun feel of those themes, but I kinda went a bit bland. Oh well. Better luck next time.

Also, hey I'm back here again!
No. 37610 ID: 245a0f
File 151684939852.png - (211.59KB , 1052x1581 , 1-24-18+WormCat2+.png )
"What weird hands you have!"
No. 37611 ID: 879724
Why is there white stuff dripping from his hand?
No. 37612 ID: 245a0f
'Cause that's the color of their blood. I forgot to give it the greenish tint, but oh well.
No. 37613 ID: 879724
Why is there blood on the hand in the first place?
No. 37616 ID: 245a0f
File 151693321179.png - (341.47KB , 1261x1937 , 1-24-18+prom+.png )
That specific tentacle is stretched out too far and as such the skin has started to split.


Consequently, this is how Genesis and Uri met. It was an awkward night, to say the least.
No. 37617 ID: 879724
No. 37787 ID: 245a0f
File 151864382406.png - (1.26MB , 2208x2587 , 2-14-18+Valentines+.png )
Happy Valentine's Day from Redd Manor!

Characters from left to right: Roy, Serena, Sable, Zeus, Yuri, Rue, Ebony, Mercury, Cheonra, and Lepris
Also, I've managed to clear up my work again! So I'll be updating HALL tomorrow while I work a bit more on the HALL comic tonight. I'm waaaaaay behind since I had to focus on life for a bit.
No. 37790 ID: ae9b99
Take your time. Gotta deal with priorities first.

Happy valentines day. Though I'm looking forward more to singles awareness day.
No. 37821 ID: 245a0f
File 151910147020.png - (372.21KB , 1123x1898 , 2-18-18+WORKAGAINGODAMMIT+.png )
I need to put some points into LUCK.

So yeah, looks like I’ll be inactive for at least a week. It could possibly be longer. I have to watch over some animals again for another family member who is getting surgery. Oh well.
No. 37940 ID: 245a0f
File 151971410046.png - (388.87KB , 1000x1670 , 2-26-18+Tagme+.png )
And now I’m back once more!

I return with a doodle of Tagme, a scientist’s assistant who suffers from dwarfism. Despite being 24 she’s roughly 132 cm, which causes some issues in her workplace.

Tagme is Cybil’s creator, having accidentally dropped two extra ingredients into the mix (that being her lollipop and a smidge of gunpowder).
No. 37958 ID: ae9b99
Whoops, she forgot to wear pants to work.

Artwork looks great.
No. 37963 ID: 245a0f
File 152005057130.png - (311.29KB , 1219x1190 , 3-2-18+Naoko+.png )
Thanks! She's pretty lazy, so there's no real telling if she forgot her pants, or just didn't care enough to put them on.
A doodle of Naoko I did real quick.
No. 37983 ID: 245a0f
File 152012960070.png - (364.81KB , 603x1234 , 3-3-18+MonoRoom+.png )
Every now and then I go back to Monoroom. I still dunno what I’m going to do with it as of yet.
No. 37993 ID: 245a0f
File 152024232934.png - (972.28KB , 2836x1638 , 3-5-18+EndoNuke+.png )
Sometime in 2015 I drew these characters. I only ever drew them once, and by this point, I forgot what they were supposed to be for.
No. 38025 ID: 245a0f
File 152040028293.png - (283.71KB , 941x1952 , 3-6-18+GothicLolitaMercury+.png )
I cannot draw gothic lolita fashion at all. Oh well, I like how this turned out at least.

I imagine this is the only dress Mercury owns.
No. 38090 ID: 245a0f
File 152075164336.png - (414.71KB , 1394x1559 , 3-10-18+tagme_and_arquest+.png )
Arquest is the creation of Tagme’s mentor. She was left under Tagme’s care when her mentor suddenly vanished.

Overall, Tagme isn’t fond of her; she regularly wishes that Arquest would fall in a vat of acid or something.

Workin' on the HALL update too, just got caught in some stuff (some events have been going on here). I *should* have it done today if not, tomorrow.
No. 38112 ID: 245a0f
File 152105004206.png - (32.66KB , 602x1410 , 3-14-18+Tagme+.png )
Been away from SAI for a while. Drew Tagme in it.

She’s got a big fluffy tail!
No. 38113 ID: c88e6d
I intensely desire to touch it.
No. 38256 ID: 245a0f
File 152193107583.png - (595.01KB , 2080x1929 , 3-24-18+Tagme_and_Arquest+.png )
Arquest’s friends are far from the type Tagme likes to hang around. Though, that’s not too surprising as she already dislikes hanging around Arquest.
No. 38275 ID: 245a0f
File 152212534117.png - (230.83KB , 728x1354 , 3-26-18+EchenSolo+.png )
Decided to draw an alien for the first time in a while. Back to drawin’ Echens (Echen are a sort of slime bunny species for some sci-fi world I was building at some point in 2016 (I continue to work on said world during my free time)), I suppose!
No. 38380 ID: 245a0f
File 152295818766.png - (3.95MB , 2548x3540 , 4-5-18+Redd_Manor+.png )
Been a while since I’ve doodled the all of the main characters for this project of mine. Well, here’s another shot at that.
No. 38381 ID: 245a0f
File 152295823481.png - (2.16MB , 2548x3540 , 4-5-18+Redd_Manor2+.png )
And here's an alternative version with no background.
No. 38389 ID: 245a0f
File 152308523363.png - (165.93KB , 1177x896 , 4-6-18+KonoeMcOhNo+.png )
Figure I'd add this here.
No. 38391 ID: 245a0f
File 152309671051.png - (478.95KB , 1403x1602 , 4-7-18+TagmesFamily+.png )
Being able to create life naturally is one thing; being able to create life through a wild combination of objects and elements is something else entirely! Both Genesis and Cybil were little more than lab mistakes of Tagme. Despite this, Tagme has taken to raising them as her own kids.

Genesis was made when Tagme was only eight (which for any normal girl would’ve been hell), and Cybil was made when Tagme was sixteen.

Technically, Arquest is apart of the family as well. And while Tagme doesn’t get along with Arquest, she still cares a lot about her. Possibly due to Arquest being the last trace Tagme has of her former mentor.
No. 38392 ID: ae9b99
I have to say, the flat artstyle of the characters that happen from time to time in HALL reminds me a little of PaRappa. Did that game series influence your art style at all?
No. 38393 ID: 245a0f
Nope, the flat art style was influenced by something I used to do as a kid. They all kinda had the same general shape of the HALL characters and I called them paper dolls. If anything the biggest influence is PT (Silent Hills). The whole repeating hallway thing was directly lifted from that, but then things started to change a bit once Malachite was introduced (mostly because I wanted to do something a bit more than just reuse the same hallway)
No. 38510 ID: 245a0f
File 152369591673.png - (507.54KB , 1407x1843 , 4-14-18+robot+.png )
I wish to draw robots better, so I did a bit of practice today.

The influences should be pretty obvious, I think.
No. 38553 ID: 245a0f
File 152395464397.png - (266.75KB , 1222x1252 , 4-17-18+Quint_Smug_and_Stupid+.png )
I should draw more Quint. These dumb space bugs are fun to doodle, but I never really get around to it.
No. 38594 ID: 245a0f
File 152410101403.png - (643.34KB , 1889x1944 , 4-18-18+Quint+.png )
"Quint are an insectoid species that has no remaining males after the females had wiped them out during a gender war. Shortly after this, the Quint discovered a way for females to reproduce with other females using large quantities of their blood. This process usually leaves the “drained” (the one using their blood to impregnate their partner) exhausted and pale for up to three days.

As for appearances, Quint carapaces usually range from red to blue hues. It’s not uncommon to see purple or pink, but green carapaces are incredibly rare and thought to be a bad omen."
I really like writing for alien species. I really need to get back into it.
No. 38599 ID: 245a0f
File 152413137020.png - (396.85KB , 1254x2161 , 4-19-18+Eviz+.png )
"Widely considered to be technological pioneers, the Eviz are one of the most intelligent species in the union. Eviz spend the majority of their time in confined locations, even when working on large-scale projects. It is thought that the reasoning behind their love for claustrophobic rooms is that they originally sheltered in dens during their feral phase. However, due to Eviz having been alive for billions of years, there is has been no evidence to prove this theory.

The Eviz are incredibly introverted by nature, engaging in conversation with an Eviz is likely to cause them to shy away, or attempt to pantomime their way out of the situation.It is very rare to hear them speak unless they are of a higher class."
I'm in full throttle for alien doodling I guess.
No. 38600 ID: 0c3c2c
These aliens are all great!
No. 38616 ID: 245a0f
File 152435880888.png - (315.71KB , 746x1483 , 4-21-18+Golde+.png )
Thanks! I plan to make more of them later on.
Oh look, it's this bun.
No. 38631 ID: 245a0f
File 152446963372.png - (228.62KB , 737x1368 , 4-23-18+Is_This_Loss+.png )
Looks like my little external hard-drive had a hiccup. There’s a chance some of the files on there are corrupted. Currently just trying to recover the files in the first place.

Unfortunately, this also had some HALL-related files on it as well. So it might be a bit for the next update. (In hindsight, I probably should’ve backed them up on other drives)

While it isn’t the end of the world, it most certainly is annoying.
No. 38721 ID: 245a0f
File 152523432518.png - (3.93KB , 174x260 , 5-1-18+ItsRainingToday+.png )
(This is from my crappy laptop)
So I’ve been having computer troubles lately and just recently the damn thing went belly up. My computer is pretty much dead. It’s possible that it’s just a bricked SSD and all, but I cannot really tell. If it’s more than that, there’s a possibility that I’ve lost every single file I’ve had for art, modeling and more.

As such, I’m pretty frustrated right now. I probably won’t be able to do any art or anything for a while and I won’t be online as often either since my laptop and phone are pretty damn slow.
No. 38746 ID: 245a0f
File 152545878885.png - (208.90KB , 816x1730 , 5-4-18+Lift_the_curse+.png )
Installed my tablet drivers on my laptop. It's pretty fuckin' slow; as I expected.

Also, I have a hard-drive coming in soon, here's hoping that's all I need to get my desktop working again. Fingers crossed!
No. 38844 ID: edfed4
File 152601003987.png - (591.61KB , 3019x2174 , 5-10-18+Giygu+.png )
Gas mask-wearing killer, Giygu

This should come as a surprise to no one who has been on the internet long enough: Giygu is heavily inspired by that early 2000′s Newgrounds feel. You know the one. The Bunny Kill, Madness, and other fighting flash animations type of feel.
Oh yeah, and my computer's fixed now. It was just my SSD crapping out. Lucky for me, all of my files were kept on a separate hard drive so nothing was lost.
No. 38850 ID: 91ee5f
This makes me think of “Bloody Bunny”: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B5_aRsGiHwo ?
No. 38852 ID: edfed4
I imagine that Bloody Bunny (based on the earliest trailer I could find of it) was also based on a lot of those early fighting animations (they were practically everywhere). Difference being that whoever animated this certainly went all out with flash compared to most of the other animations at the time. ( See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0zcCXIXHKc )

Seeing this kind of stuff makes me want to get back into animation. I've kinda been away from it ever since Flipnote Hatena shutdown.
No. 38885 ID: edfed4
File 152628165775.png - (236.09KB , 779x1461 , 5-13-18+Weewoo+.png )
One of the many stuck in a labyrinthine pit in the city, Weewoo is one of the few who could be considered "pure" in there.

She is a self-proclaimed figure of justice and will chase down anyone she believes is a criminal until finally "putting them to justice".

Her and Giygu have a fairly rocky relationship.
And sorry for the lack of HALL updates for a while. Given that I basically have had to reinstall everything since my SSD died, I'm still getting my SAI settings back in check. I *should* have an update done this week, I've just been slow due to some life-related affairs.
No. 38928 ID: fe86a3
File 152662168038.png - (321.79KB , 1191x1881 , 5-17-18+Toon+.png )
I played ToonTown again recently. It's been a very long time since I had played it.
No. 38929 ID: 4160a6
File 152664116752.jpg - (116.69KB , 960x720 , qyU6cjYqY5lomd3ACrALY6bg3RESDurc4401C-Wsz9A.jpg )
Funny thing mentioning that, have you seen this easter egg in the new DuckTales reboot
No. 38930 ID: fe86a3
No, I have not! I've actually been meaning to check out the DuckTales reboot but I keep getting distracted by things like learning guitar.
No. 38985 ID: d03d44
File 152704485192.png - (472.69KB , 1775x1956 , 5-22-18+Toon+.png )
Accidentally made a banana flower, but oh well. I did this so I actually had something drawn for the day. I’m afraid HALL updates might be moved over to Sundays now, and I’ll have to continue to delay it until then. My schedule is pretty messy lately.
No. 39012 ID: d03d44
File 152721579970.png - (397.65KB , 1595x1938 , 5-24-18+squirt_gags+.png )
I kinda lewded my own toon because I am a trash human being who gets a bit in the mood every blue moon.
No. 39017 ID: b1b4f3
I don't see any lewd.
No. 39019 ID: ae9b99
Just because it isn't nude
doesn't mean it isn't lewd.
No. 39021 ID: 7c8f18
Wait one minute, in the first and second appearance of this character, she didn't have gloves and now she does. Why the change?
No. 39022 ID: d03d44
Because I remembered that toons had gloves on at all times, and I'm a bit on the dumb side.
No. 39024 ID: 61838d
Questionable/NSFW Toontown, now that's something i rarely see, especially the well done kind :V
No. 39099 ID: d03d44
File 152751280328.png - (268.94KB , 1011x1274 , 5-27-18+SerenaDrinks+.png )
Serena enjoys a drink or two... or twenty...
No. 39114 ID: 7c8f18
Does she also enjoy having liver failure?
No. 39115 ID: d03d44
Being undead, she does not have to worry about this in the slightest. She's having the time of her life... er, unlife?
No. 39126 ID: 27c69d
So did she die because of alcohol poisoning? Or because of drunk driving?
No. 39129 ID: d03d44
Neither. I'll get into her cause of death later on down to line. For now, that'd be spoilers for a future project. :P
No. 39130 ID: 27c69d
Oh OK, sorry if have been pestering you with my dumb questions
No. 39132 ID: d03d44
No problem! It's nice to know someone is interested in my characters
No. 39180 ID: d03d44
File 152808645115.png - (573.97KB , 1678x2115 , 6-3-18+Keroak+.png )
Determined to get back at all the hardships life has given her, Keroak has seen her new life in the abyssal labyrinth as a chance to do just that.

She had taken to mercilessly beating the hell out of any living being she had come across in there until she realized everything just comes back the very next day, including her. So now she just messes with everyone.
No. 39371 ID: d03d44
File 152987044270.png - (17.63KB , 526x707 , AndrewModelV2.png )
I figured I'd try to do some modeling for HALL. Dunno when I'll use them, or even if, but I still want to do them for funsies. Ya know?
No. 39393 ID: d03d44
File 153007546549.png - (446.25KB , 1159x2203 , 6-26-18+GoldeRM+.png )
No. 39394 ID: fcd056
Is this a catchphrase of that characters
No. 39395 ID: d03d44
Nope, it was just something I added for the hell of it. Boredom, really.
No. 39398 ID: fcd056
I was meaning to ask you is that rabbit your avatar or is he a character in the story?
No. 39406 ID: d03d44
If you're talking about Golde, the undead bunny I draw from time to time, they're basically my fursona.
No. 39407 ID: d03d44
File 153015937107.png - (402.06KB , 577x2067 , 6-27-18+Vyno+.png )
(Tried to do something a bit different than usual this time.)
Previously a part of the Talmerian Unity before said unity was absorbed by the IGU.

The Vyno are a species of honor-bound bipedals infamous for their camouflage capability. Able to mimic textures in the surrounding environment combined with their enhanced hearing, they are excellent hunters and soldiers.

After the TU was absorbed, many Vyno adopted Eviz mannerisms, keeping quiet unless absolutely necessary.
No. 39435 ID: d03d44
File 153051062189.png - (210.94KB , 939x1275 , 7-1-18+Dek+.png )
One undead dog. Still a very good boy.
No. 39446 ID: d03d44
File 153059926234.png - (272.58KB , 1142x1369 , 7-2-18+Edico+.png )
Despite outward appearances, Edico is actually a very sweet girl. She’s just got a nasty case of RBF.
No. 39467 ID: d03d44
File 153077245347.png - (827.12KB , 2246x2850 , 7-4-18+HALL_Monitors+.png )
At some point I had some idea for a Resident Evil Mercenaries-type thing with HALL characters called “HALL Monitors”. It kinda stuck as more of a joke than anything else.
Also, I need to figure out how to un-graveyard the quest. I'm unsure if I properly reported it or not as I'm still kinda blind on this site. Whoops.
No. 39469 ID: 81d03b
HALL has been un-graveyarded:
No. 39470 ID: ae9b99
congrats, your quest is now a zombie!

I'm excited to get back into that quest.
No. 39476 ID: d03d44
File 153085084768.png - (238.72KB , 554x1403 , 7-5-18+Bandi+.png )
Thanks a million!

Glad you're excited! I'll try to live up to your expectations.
To taste the future is to understand Bandi.

They might not be capable of speech... or writing for that matter, but they can taste ahead of time. This is exactly as weird as it sounds.

Often times, wet spots just... appear after Bandi has licked the air. These wet spots often show up on people for some reason.
No. 39499 ID: d03d44
File 153099449229.png - (345.68KB , 1356x1403 , 7-7-18+Sliggy+.png )
Swirling, swashing, and squashing. Sliggy is simply voracious, consuming vast quantities of toast. On occasion, the large red orb convinces him to absorb flesh though. It’s generally best to keep your distance from Sliggy.
No. 39522 ID: d03d44
File 153118707758.png - (361.80KB , 1014x1447 , 7-9-18+Ubeddo+.png )
Ubeddo enjoys casting people into a deep sleep. Or at least, that’s what one might think. It’s hard to tell given her face is always covered in her hair.

This one doesn’t follow the red orb as willingly. In fact, Ubeddo seems to be entirely unaware of the world around her, only stopping the view the people she sees, swaying side to side. Should she stop in front of you, avoid gazing at the disc.
No. 39523 ID: d03d44
File 153119016447.png - (800.68KB , 1175x1082 , 7-9-18+Ubeddo_and_Sliggy+.png )
And an extra doodle featuring Sliggy and Ubeddo.
No. 39524 ID: 896ddf

For all the resent monsters that you drew will they appear in your quest and if they end up appearing what will they be in the quest. Will they be rivals, opponents, love interests, friends, allies, inhabitants of the world, NPCs or something completely different?
No. 39525 ID: d03d44
Edico, Bandi, Sliggy, and Ubeddo are apart of their own world. Not much else I can say about it currently as it's very early in development.
No. 39530 ID: d03d44
File 153137699735.png - (309.46KB , 1050x1726 , 7-11-18+Treppi+.png )
Short-tempered and easily overwhelmed, Treppi is one of the few who closely follows everything the red orb orders them to do. If the orb isn’t happy, Treppi’s pissed; and when Treppi’s pissed, someone’s losing a limb.
No. 39647 ID: bbb1b3
File 153213229164.png - (183.62KB , 934x1108 , 7-20-18+Chipper2+.png )
While I drew this for a friend I figure everyone could use a little positivity.

Their name is Chipper!
No. 39688 ID: bbb1b3
File 153224595510.png - (299.83KB , 903x1559 , 7-22-18+Crimson+.png )
People who find themselves lost in forests often report finding a mysterious hut labeled “Crimson’s Gift Shop”. While the descriptions of the gift shop itself varies between individuals, everyone has a similar description of the shop owner themselves.

She is described as a sort of bizarre creature of bone that’s covered in blood. This oddity is, of course, known as Crimson.

Often times, Crimson will sell various trinkets to the lost; shortly after, they’ll find their way out, missing various parts of themselves. Those who appear to be unharmed have been reported to lack emotion or a voice. These mutes tend to wander back into the forest and vanish from existence.
No. 39737 ID: d03d44
File 153256456518.png - (330.77KB , 979x1829 , 7-25-18+Golde_EMB+.png )
I have no idea what I'm doing.
No. 39742 ID: ff82d2
Experiments. In other words, you're doing science. That's a good thing.
No. 39749 ID: d03d44
File 153267032494.png - (349.36KB , 1229x1713 , 7-26-18+Nevaeh+.png )
I suppose so. Though these types of experiments are a blue moon-type of deal for me.

Harassed by society for her whole life for her face, Nevaeh eventually hid her face, becoming the husk of her former self she is today.

Despite having hidden her face, she still seems to think she’s ugly. As a result, she has a tendency to buy into beauty products in an attempt to be pretty. Nevaeh does not seem to accept anything about inner beauty though, focusing more on outward appearances than anything else.

There’s been whispers that she kills people who she deems as "too pretty”.
No. 39750 ID: f35739
File 153276126858.png - (433.01KB , 1145x1496 , 7-27-18+Willow+.png )
The supernatural is full of mystery. It’s that very mystery that pulled Willow into it.

She loved checking out areas that are supposedly haunted and trying to get a photo of a mythological creature. She had not made any progress for as long as she’d been at it, and has since given up on her search.

Nowadays she sits in her room watching movies and eating her weight in food. When she’s not at home, she’s in high school, screaming internally until P.E.
No. 39768 ID: f35739
File 153283642759.png - (416.25KB , 1330x1724 , 7-28-18+Ranya+.png )
Rumors have spread throughout town that someone has taken to living in the abandoned school up the mountain. This individual is no other than Ranya, a ghoul.

Ranya tries to scare away people who visit her home, believing it’s a ghoul’s duty to scare the living (or at least, that’s her excuse). She tends to favor spooking girls as their screams tend to spread fear among all nearby.

Despite all the terrific bravado, Rayna is a shy girl who drives others away simply because she’s not sure how to interact.
No. 39769 ID: f35739
File 153285334870.png - (459.94KB , 1694x1182 , 7-29-18+Ghoul_at_School2+.png )
(Ghoul at School)
Trying to figure out how to use halftones without it being obnoxious. It’s a learning process.
No. 39772 ID: ff82d2
When using patterns for greyscale colors it's important to make the pattern small. Small to the point where it starts to blur into a single color. This is usually done by rendering the image/pattern at a very high resolution and then downsizing it.
No. 39775 ID: f35739
That's super helpful to know, thank you!
No. 39776 ID: 260e5b
I have some doubts on this:
1) Thanks to the moiré effect, shrinking a halftone without some interpolation can result in an even bigger halftone (as I learned the hard way shrinking a scanned image).
2) And if shrunk with interpolation, it can become actually grey (or at least, get grey pixels at the edges of the pattern) and no longer a true halftone!
No. 39778 ID: ff82d2
Using interpolation/resampling is taken for granted.
No. 39779 ID: f35739
File 153292276203.png - (552.15KB , 1625x1668 , 7-29-18+Claire+.png )
Hmm, I'll experiment with it at some point. At the very least, I can try for a sort of false half-tone.
A relic of an older time, this Boo Hag has managed to stick around much longer than the rest of her peers. While no one really knows how Claire has stuck around this long (with even more confused how she ended up countries away) most are at least aware of the fact that she is incredibly loud, and awful with social cues.

For some reason, she carries starting guns with her at all times.
No. 39796 ID: 47f212
File 153301942860.png - (444.40KB , 1686x1642 , 7-30-18+PapaCap+.png )
So about a month ago I listened to "Promise" by Hirose Kohmi and it reminded me of a doodle of mine. Afterwards, I listened to "7th Element" by Vitas and a world formed in my head.

So now this doodle became a character in something... a little odd, I guess.
No. 39836 ID: d03d44
File 153329148009.png - (513.50KB , 1494x1982 , 8-3-18+Hitch+.png )
Emerging from the night covered hills is a singular headlight. Matching speeds up to 80 KMH (roughly 50 MPH), this “light” will continue to stalk lone cars at night until either the car reaches light or the creature boards the vehicle.

It is unknown exactly what happens once the Hitch enters someone’s car, but the result is almost always the same: the victim has a large grin, markings on their neck, and their heart has burst.

There is no photos of the Hitch, only descriptions from those who barely made it into the light.
No. 39837 ID: ff82d2
>>39779 >>39796
Cool characters~

Scary! Well, at least the victims die happy. I bet it's because they see a beautiful angel under that cloak but they die because no mortal can survive looking directly at a divine being.
No. 39865 ID: d03d44
File 153350844269.png - (366.92KB , 1348x1355 , 8-5-18+Ranya+.png )
Foul mouthed and aggressively shy. It’s Ranya (again)!
No. 39895 ID: d03d44
File 153371270695.png - (611.28KB , 1600x2175 , 8-7-18+Akilla+.png )
Forcefully ejected from her castle after adventurers finally made it past the hordes of technicolor skeletons and other various mythological creatures, Akilla is left in a strange town known as Kennai.

Unlike most vampires, Akilla prefers feasting on the undead due to multiple experiences of what she calls “garlic blood”.

She is armed with a sword known as “The Guillotile”
No. 39912 ID: d03d44
File 153379911675.png - (152.17KB , 683x700 , WHAT.png )
I had been away from HALL for a while as more life stuff cropped up and I was away from Desktop (meaning I'm away from SAI as well as all of the files for HALL). Apparently, having that happen and coming back to it fried my brain a little bit as I just sat there staring at the suggestions looking like this...

For some reason they just didn't make sense to me, but nor did what I was doing. After a while I came to and could actually process that information again. Overall very strange.
No. 39947 ID: d03d44
File 153404225376.png - (595.08KB , 2130x1632 , 8-11-18+Skeeter+.png )
Mimicry of the shadows, the Skeeter strikes during the night, gently giggling to itself in the voice of a child.

No one knows why it kills, nor why it can be see playing with kids during misty days. Interestingly, children are never victims to this monster.
No. 39966 ID: d03d44
File 153410949540.png - (216.36KB , 1189x900 , 8-12-18+Noco+.png )
It isn’t uncommon for lost souls to repossess their bodies if left untended, though for a body that has two souls, this can lead to some interesting results. Noco is one of these cases, with one soul in the head, and another in the body.

Noco’s head is often ordering the body around so they can get something done, though usually they both just give up and watch TV (or at least the head does).
No. 39967 ID: d03d44
File 153411433809.png - (888.95KB , 2216x2100 , 8-12-18+Noco_body_interests+.png )
While Noco’s head tends to prefer darker colors and makeup, the body loves obnoxious neon and sandals.
No. 39989 ID: d03d44
File 153429807769.png - (366.69KB , 1235x1394 , 8-14-18+Pryu+.png )
When you’re all alone in the forest and feel the eyes of another looking you over, Pryu is probably near. Despite her rather spooky appearance, she’s a prankster-type spirit, meaning she’s mostly harmless unless you’re prone to heart attacks.

Pryu takes great pride in the screams of her victims, drawing all of them to capture the moment forever. These drawings often manifest themselves as skinned faces of previous victims. Luckily, no one is harmed in this procedure (though plenty are startled).
No. 39990 ID: d03d44
File 153429848507.png - (375.86KB , 1146x1480 , 8-14-18+Yodame+.png )
On a dry summer stroll through the forest, you feel droplets of water hit your shoulder. They appear to have come down from the trees themselves. In actuality, Yodame has begun ogling over you.

There’s a high chance you might receive some bizarre love letters after this event.
No. 40010 ID: d03d44
File 153438571995.png - (433.31KB , 2411x1377 , 8-15-18+Tahira+.png )
No arms? No problem! Tahira is a psychic! She’s also one of the few in Kennai who can see the supernatural.

Tahira usually spends her time chatting with the tamer spirits, and occasionally sparring with zombies and skeletons. The undead generally like her company.
No. 40025 ID: d03d44
File 153447207072.png - (318.95KB , 1203x1357 , 8-16-18+Jara+.png )
The tapping of fingers echoes throughout the halls. A chitter followed by a scream. Jara has found you.

Prolonged exposure to a curse has done hellish work on her body. Despite all this, she seems to think she’s the very same school girl she used to be all those years ago. Doesn’t seem to question why she keeps getting covered in blood though.
No. 40026 ID: d03d44
File 153449747761.png - (368.07KB , 1184x1439 , 8-17-18+Yuu+.png )
Knock knock. “Who’s there?” Yuu. “Yuu who?” Cut the crap, she’s selling food.

Yuu is a passive spirit. Seemingly living the same way she did before death. She even covers herself as much as possible to avoid showing her true self as she did in life.
No. 40036 ID: d03d44
File 153459724594.png - (274.80KB , 1354x1398 , 8-18-18+Cien+.png )
Stealing the lives of individuals before inevitably killing them through means of voodoo. That’s the way Cien rolls.

She’s a voodoo doll, but can only be connected to someone by mimicking the way the individual lives. Cien steals clothes, scents, and even mannerisms to link her body to another. Once she’s at least 75% linked, she begins to tear pieces of herself off. The victim’s body is never found.
No. 40039 ID: d03d44
File 153460823432.png - (400.73KB , 1593x1414 , 8-18-18+Lockette+.png )
The past is easily forgotten, but Lockette never forgets.

Shambling around an abandoned mansion, Lockette greets guests. If they stay long enough, she’ll open up her safe, and show a forgotten memory. These memories are still hazy, and often leave the viewer scrambling to piece it together like a puzzle.
No. 40063 ID: d03d44
File 153481156383.png - (396.24KB , 1556x1429 , 8-20-18+ShaoCircle+.png )
Late at night when the streets are only illuminated by the lamps sprinkled around town, one might hear a droning ambiance. Should one hear this, the next moment they blink the Circle of Shao will appear before them.

The Shao will wander around aimlessly, only really paying attention to you if you get up close. Getting close causes a sticky rust-like liquid to drip from their eyes as they glare at you.

After about three minutes, the ambiance will ramp up and an aggressive percussion becomes audible. During this, all Shao will open their eyes and glare. And in a blink, they’re gone. No ambiance. Nothing.
No. 40064 ID: d03d44
File 153481502946.png - (592.45KB , 1492x2091 , 8-20-18+JailsHell+.png )
Suddenly forming in the distance, a creature begins to create a hellish tempo. With every beat it quickly dashes towards you before freezing and waiting for the next beat. It will not vanish until it loses sight of you or traps you inside itself.

This creature is referred to by multiple names. Some of which include “Dasher”, “Jail’s Hell”, and “Mogrin”
No. 40072 ID: d03d44
File 153492266310.png - (470.92KB , 1570x1760 , 8-22-18+Luna+.png )
Have you ever looked into a mirror and thought you saw someone else beside you? Chances are, you were visited by Luna. Probably also licked by her, though if that happens you’ll find yourself with feeling a slight burn where she licked.

She’s an unusual undead, and is invisible unless seen through a mirror. Though, supposedly people with a sixth sense can see her as well.
No. 40092 ID: d03d44
File 153501852152.png - (410.35KB , 945x1610 , 8-23-18+Serval+.png )
Serval from Kemono Friends!

It’s a really cute show with bad animation
No. 40097 ID: d03d44
File 153508396479.png - (535.28KB , 1365x2026 , 8-23-18+Avarii+.png )
An unending appetite, a large maw, and always wielding a fork and knife. Avarii is simply a gluttonous fiend. She’ll demand that you cook her up something good, else she’ll eat you, and likely chew on your bones.

Hope you’re a good cook.
No. 40100 ID: ae9b99
lol, from the thumbnail, I thought she was wearing a bib. It's just her mouth.
No. 40103 ID: d03d44
File 153516558514.png - (571.15KB , 1747x1785 , 8-24-18+Adela+.png )
I dunno why but the casual way you say "It's just her mouth" is goofy to me
In the halls of an abandoned castle, a light appears from one of the armor sets on display. It moves in for the kill. You’ve met with Adela, a cursed armor bearing the soul of a hunter. She’s currently searching for her lost weapon, the Warpick.

When she stands perfectly still, her body solidifies and becomes visible.
No. 40119 ID: d03d44
File 153523703441.png - (1.94MB , 1933x3432 , 8-25-18+Anne_Belle_Fan+.png )
No. 40131 ID: d03d44
File 153533534067.png - (674.10KB , 2067x1757 , 8-26-18+Les+.png )
There’s a certain face that one might see on strange furless animals. It’s the face of Les, a shapeshifting creature with a diamond shaped hole in the middle of their chest. Les is searching for “the perfect lord”, believing that she can only fill the role of pawn in her life.

Les seems to derive pleasure from pain, claiming that it tickles.
No. 40133 ID: d03d44
File 153540202995.png - (260.42KB , 767x1277 , 8-27-18+Bonus_Serval+.png )
Bonus Friend!
No. 40156 ID: d03d44
File 153552970051.png - (506.03KB , 1186x1664 , 8-28-18+Emilia+.png )
One night you decided to venture into an abandoned mansion. The whole place seems to be filled with night terrors. And you believe another one is lying in wait inside the mannequin sitting on the table. You slowly approach it. It’s eyes are blank. Suddenly, they roll into place.

Emilia is a Crying Girl. A type of spirit that acts as a lure to other spirits. Though, Crying Girls don’t usually mean to do this, it’s more often that the other spirits have done something to them.
No. 40198 ID: d03d44
File 153594754847.png - (266.47KB , 794x1632 , 9-2-18+Nude_Bun+.png )
Tried doodling without using a sketch this time. Result was this
No. 40214 ID: d03d44
File 153609284396.png - (258.84KB , 1303x1662 , 9-4-18+Devoxil+.png )
Yet another attempt at a sketchless doodle.

It'll take a bit to get used to, especially to get everything looking right, but I feel like I'm getting somewhere.
No. 40216 ID: d03d44
File 153613098730.png - (562.24KB , 1458x2312 , 9-4-18+Caelina+.png )
Lights? Not anymore. They’ve been snuffed out by Caelina! Mostly invisible to those without a sixth sense (her shadow is still visible oddly enough), when her shadow grasps a light it dies.

Often times, Caelina doesn’t snuff out any lights on purpose, it just sort of happens and ends up scaring people.
No. 40222 ID: d03d44
File 153621706748.png - (1.71MB , 3283x2419 , 9-5-18+I_AM_HAPPY_ConceptsWIP2+.png )
Four buns as a sort of break from all the cute horror lately.
No. 40223 ID: d03d44
File 153629402404.png - (3.69MB , 3560x4891 , 9-5-18+PROJECT_HAPPY_Concepts+.png )
All of the bun designs are here now!

Eight buns, eight fluffy tails.
No. 40271 ID: 91be00
The MegaMan feel is strong with this one.
No. 40272 ID: d03d44
You got the inspiration down! Yup, the entire idea was to go for a sort of Mega Man feel (particularly the ZX series)
No. 40290 ID: d03d44
File 153653100749.png - (299.91KB , 870x1596 , 9-9-18+Grotesque_Bun+.png )
Nicknamed “Grotesque Bunny”, this girl has had a lot of trouble approaching others due to her physical deformities. Few people in her school have even bothered learning her name and she’s a couple months away from graduating high school!

Despite appearances, she’s a sweet girl who cares a lot about other people, even if they don’t care much for her.
No. 40306 ID: d03d44
File 153672770442.png - (379.06KB , 1149x1452 , 9-11-18+PROJECT_HAPPY_PROTAG+.png )
Remember all the robuns earlier? Well think of this like a protagonist character in the same world.
No. 40350 ID: d03d44
File 153679563569.png - (536.47KB , 1628x1779 , 9-12-19+Eleone+.png )
Individuals who experience an empty feeling have had any feelings of their eaten by none other than Eleone, the devourer of emotions. Those she feeds on often find themselves accomplishing nothing for several hours.

Eleone’s favorite emotion is sadness, she claims it tastes “salty”.
No. 40352 ID: d03d44
File 153680149817.png - (241.20KB , 1035x1367 , 9-12-18+Chokum+.png )
The dark is no stranger to playing tricks, however, one must not trust any lights in the dark neither. Many night terrors lie waiting in the dark, Chokum is no exception. Simply being in the presence of them will cause the air to weigh down on you.

It isn’t unusual to find yourself feeling something pressing around your neck during this event. Whether you make it out or not, it will leave a mark on you forever.
No. 40361 ID: d03d44
File 153689292234.png - (388.77KB , 815x1468 , 9-13-18+KoFi_Tom+.png )
Poppy wanted me to draw Tom. I delivered.

And you can’t convince me that Tom *wouldn’t* flail his tiny arms around while trying to roar like a T-rex.
No. 40362 ID: d03d44
File 153700518932.png - (333.35KB , 788x1521 , 9-15-18+Linn+.png )
Well? Are you?!
No. 40367 ID: d03d44
File 153705475066.png - (344.60KB , 965x1438 , 9-15-18+Linn_Shirt+.png )
(Based off of a shirt I got from "Grab A Wiener".)

Linn was born without a right hand. She’s made up for it with a hook. This hook often causes trouble when it comes to clothes, so she often borrows clothes from friends larger than her. This occasionally leads to some strange fashion choices.
No. 40390 ID: c29333
Could be worse: It could have been the "Steve" shirt.
No. 40425 ID: d03d44
File 153725683120.png - (491.21KB , 1206x1969 , 9-17-18+Otrilyx+.png )
A smell lingers around you. It’s indescribable. It doesn’t necessarily smell bad, but it’s strong enough to cause a headache. Otrilyx has begun wafting nearby, and will likely be around for a while.

Scatterbrained to her core, she often forgets what’s she’s doing half-way through the activity itself. The only thing that she can’t forget is that she’s looking for her little sister.
No. 40426 ID: d03d44
File 153725990387.png - (532.49KB , 1534x2406 , 9-18-17+Shirley+.png )
Not many people would consider sweets to be a form of currency, however, Shirley accepts them to perform her surreal comedy skits. Her works are often so bizarre that viewers bust out laughing out of confusion.

According to some individuals who have befriended this spirit, she’s also trying to lose weight.
No. 40475 ID: d03d44
File 153765293510.png - (460.99KB , 1414x1923 , 9-18-18+Pihol+.png )
One may think it normal to blurt something out. In reality, Pihol has forced you to. Feeding on the embarrassment of the living, she often forces out strange thoughts into public. As such, she usually stalks around high schools.

Despite causing embarrassment, should her antics result in bullying, she’ll often exclusively target the bully until things balance out.
No. 40492 ID: d03d44
File 153777084457.png - (522.16KB , 1578x1159 , 9-23-18+Serena+.png )
Redrew an old Serena pic (that hasn't been posted here I guess). There’s been a ton of improvement since then.

(Yes, I know it isn’t Friday, I’m just impatient)
No. 40505 ID: d03d44
File 153791285962.png - (451.73KB , 1162x1686 , 9-25-18+Elspet+.png )
Hiding solemnly in paintings long forgotten, a viola can be heard dancing in the darkness. The artist who time forgot, Elspet, is a shy spirit, secluding herself from both the living and the undead.

Supposedly, she paints using her own blood and her viola uses strings made of her own fur.
No. 40511 ID: d03d44
File 153800186096.png - (434.26KB , 1222x1364 , 9-26-18+Shiori+.png )
Few have a deep understanding of the creatures around them, even fewer undead even care enough about that sort of thing. Shiori has kept a mental log on nearly every being around Kennai, and some of the mushrooms as well.

She makes soup out of many of the mushrooms she finds. Supposedly, this soup temporarily gives you a significant amount of knowledge on the people around you.
No. 40513 ID: d03d44
File 153802924035.png - (18.84KB , 272x915 , 9-26-18+Bread_Bun-kun+.png )
Bread Bun-kun

(Trying to refamiliarize myself with SAI before updating HALL again, I’ve gotten rusty with all my key bindings on it now...)
No. 40521 ID: d03d44
File 153811441317.png - (647.14KB , 2001x1684 , 9-27-18+Maji+.png )
A seemingly normal girl until her face deforms, Maji gets her kicks from scared anyone she meets. Her face is capable of being transformed into just about any shape, texture, and color. While it’s usually used to spook individuals, she can occasionally be seen using it to simply assist her with tasks beyond her normal capabilities.

When she isn’t scaring the wits out of people, she can usually be seen in the town square of Kennai, wandering around aimlessly.
No. 40522 ID: d03d44
File 153811709727.png - (466.31KB , 1086x2390 , 9-27-18+IvavI+.png )
Caught in an endless loop day in and day out. That’s the life Ivavi lives. Every single day she drinks the same coffee, has the same conversations, and hikes along the same trail.

Anyone a part of her loop don’t seem to realize that they say the same things to her every time. Nor that they only repeat whatever parts lead into her path before returning to normal.

Caught in an endless loop----
No. 40523 ID: d03d44
File 153816088535.png - (11.58KB , 295x662 , 9-28-18+Taro.png )
I have named this bread bunny “Taro”. It literally translates to “bread”.
No. 40525 ID: d03d44
File 153818584645.png - (338.25KB , 838x1483 , 9-28-18+Taro_handling+.png )
Treat bread with care

(Perspective practice!)
No. 40554 ID: d03d44
File 153842477432.png - (372.63KB , 1180x1743 , 10-1-18+Love_Nobody+.png )
A monster known as Nobody has taken a liking towards the man who inhabits the home he haunts.
No. 40654 ID: d03d44
File 153916317361.png - (198.69KB , 1154x970 , 10-10-18+WillowXNevaeh+.png )
An unusual relationship between a spirit and one of the living, but they enjoy each other’s company like any ordinary relationship.

Often before going to bed, Willow and Nevaeh will read books together.
No. 40764 ID: d03d44
File 153984877739.png - (91.58KB , 1078x1080 , 10-18+18+Golde+.png )
News flash

(Just some lineless nonsense I did for fun)
No. 40893 ID: d03d44
File 154053178671.png - (235.78KB , 667x1222 , 10-25-18+Big_Bob+.png )
It's been a while since this boy has been here, huh? Well---

Reintroducing one of the most wanted criminals in the universe: Big Bob. He and his partner in crime, Poochy, have robbed several galaxies and assassinated thousands of individuals.

In Bob culture he is referred to as "The Dealer" thanks to his habit of leaving cards wherever he commits a crime.
No. 40938 ID: d03d44
File 154079887653.png - (150.88KB , 672x1369 , 10-29-18+Dizzy+.png )
So I drew Dizzy again for the first time in like... a year or whatever. I figure after I get the HALL thread complete I’ll switch into AvatarPace’s reboot and then switch between the two quests back and forth. I cannot promise anything though.

HALL updates should resume tomorrow though; or, well, technically today being as it's midnight. Whoops.
No. 40943 ID: ae9b99
Dizzy is either so drunk that she lost her bottoms today, or her quirk today is that she can't wear pants even if she tried.

Avatar Pace was a fun quest and would like a reboot, but I'll understand if it is too much work to work on two quests.
No. 40971 ID: d03d44
File 154096577614.png - (23.44KB , 816x1102 , 10-30-18+Taro+.png )
We'll just have to wait and see if I do two quests again or not. I do plan to do more writing and planning than I did the first time around though. It should make at least a *little* more sense.
Taro bringing in the big gun
No. 40989 ID: d03d44
File 154104638654.png - (203.64KB , 804x1481 , 10-31-18+Rosa+.png )
Nothing is ever truly useless, especially not with Rosa. This spirit has a tendency to nab every piece of junk she sees and builds her house out of it. This has made her house smell absolutely horrid, only those with a strong spirit can even survive it’s stench.

That being said, somehow or another, Rosa smells like mints.
No. 40997 ID: d03d44
File 154114979444.png - (281.44KB , 798x2389 , 11-2-18+Impunny+.png )

An imp/ bunny mix? I guess so!
No. 41008 ID: d03d44
File 154122635809.png - (385.78KB , 1167x1933 , 11-2-18+Lethal_Echen+.png )
So I’ve been enjoying Lethal League Blaze quite a bit.

Decided to draw an Echen as though they were a participant just for fun.
No. 41098 ID: d03d44
File 154155544982.png - (259.55KB , 1456x1085 , 11-6-18+Aeod+.png )
Sniper bunny! Toying around with the rabbot designs a bit. Might mix this one with some elements of the first one and change it to a more green color at some point, but we’ll see.
No. 41129 ID: d03d44
File 154190123880.png - (44.83KB , 649x2072 , 11-10-18+What_We_Do_To_Cuties+.png )
A bit rushed, but it needed to be done to express my love for the fluffy boy.
No. 41220 ID: da3708
File 154288646646.png - (207.53KB , 1493x1438 , 11-22-18+Thank_You_Kindly+.png )
Thanks a ton for ya’ll following me this long!

When I first started having a presence on the internet (sometime around 2010 or so) I don’t think I ever really expected to have gotten as far as I have. I’ve managed to get about 700 or so followers on just Tumblr alone! Needless to say, the me that started on Flipnote Hatena, could never have seen this coming.

I’ve gone through many names (believe me, I’ve got a list of the ones I can remember), art styles, programs, and interests through out the years and I’ve grown a lot as a person.

To to all of you, have a great Thanksgiving, and please take care of yourselves!

(As for HALL, I'm trying to get it updated but SAI is being a butt and not working on my laptop, might have to wait for the end of the month when I get back to my desktop.)
No. 41224 ID: da3708
File 154292260267.png - (366.74KB , 1253x1761 , 11-22-18+Taro_Kofi+.png )
Oh right, I should probably mention that I'm doing Ko-Fi doodles. So for one ko-fi I'll do a little doodle of your choosing.

(Though, NSFW stuff is a bit limited at the moment as I'm still figuring that out)

Ko-Fi is https://ko-fi.com/A76434BS
No. 41225 ID: da3708
File 154292923339.png - (217.86KB , 1028x1375 , 11-22-18+KoFiSerpens+.png )
Ko-Fi doodle for Serpens

(Wasn’t much to go off of, so have a spotted bun)
No. 41226 ID: da3708
**Slight correction, it was Seren on Furaffinity. I got mixed up a bit. Whoops.
No. 41282 ID: ae118d
File 154347521909.png - (290.30KB , 1397x1823 , 11-28-18+Abigail+.png )
"Rain rain, go away. I don't like you any day" -Abigail (this character), every single time it rains
No. 41482 ID: d03d44
File 154477883148.png - (2.52MB , 3264x3058 , 12-14-18+Golde_Form_Refs+.png )
Golde form references.

(I say form, but three of these are bodies that Golde can normally create.)

I've been away for a while, sorry 'bout that. But I'll get on updating HALL. At the very latest, the update should come around by the 18th.
No. 41534 ID: d03d44
File 154525141262.png - (789.38KB , 1777x1631 , 12-19-18+Vera+.png )
Figured I don't toy with emotions enough, so I did a few with Vera (a character I drew up a week ago or so).
No. 41575 ID: d03d44
File 154558423563.png - (803.54KB , 2130x2037 , 12-22-18+Christmas_early+.png )
I am 100% for corny romance dialogue.

(Willow is a cheesy girl on occasion, Nevaeh finds it cute and a bit goofy.)
No. 41581 ID: d03d44
File 154568152074.png - (173.57KB , 859x1199 , 12-24-18+Flipnote_10thAnniversary+.png )
With Flipnote Studio being like 10 years old now I figured it’d be time to reflect on how far I’ve come.
No. 41684 ID: d03d44
File 154631076872.png - (745.04KB , 2283x1291 , 12-31-18+Naul+.png )
My final drawing for this year? A monster girl inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing and Square's Parasite Eve.
No. 41784 ID: 598fee
File 154724791969.png - (163.84KB , 842x1187 , 1-11-19+Deedle+.png )
I named this boy Deedle. No, I don't know why
Another HALL delay. More stuff draggin' me away from my desktop. I should be back next week though. If not, I'll pop in before the end of the month.
No. 41785 ID: e51896
Deedle is such a funny name.
No. 42043 ID: d03d44
File 154969844635.png - (55.19KB , 1200x1586 , 2-8-19+Necul+.png )
Redesigned Necul a bit. Was fun to do!
No. 42759 ID: d03d44
File 155590646766.png - (374.02KB , 1993x2672 , 4-21-19+my_hand_grasps_for_air_but_it_never_greets.png )
Something more horror focused. It was honestly fun to do.

It'll be a bit before I get to updating HALL again, might be another month depending on how things go right now. Figuring out the whole night shift thing is hard.
No. 42951 ID: d03d44
File 155811764031.png - (764.00KB , 2028x1795 , 5-15-19+Embal_And_Lumber+.png )
Something I drew a couple days ago. I had been away from tgchan for a while, so I didn't upload much.
No. 42952 ID: d03d44
File 155811770734.png - (1.93MB , 5151x2358 , 5-4-19+Ghastly_Animal_Friends+.png )
In addition, here's all of the "Ghastly Animal Friends". I'm not entirely sure where the idea even came from, but imagine this as some sort of children's "horror" series.
No. 42975 ID: d03d44
File 155839958566.png - (193.22KB , 519x906 , 5-20-19+Soival+.png )
Tried something a wee different.

Only a head this time as I'm still figuring out more complicated bodies.
No. 42976 ID: d03d44
File 155840748679.png - (738.33KB , 1197x2509 , 5-20-19+ServalForm+.png )
Light experiment on Golde's serval form. Trying out a more symmetrical design.
No. 42991 ID: d03d44
File 155842342316.png - (410.00KB , 654x1975 , 5-20-19+My_Mind_Is_Always_Screaming+.png )
Struggling with adult life and recently having been cheated on, Violet has a fairly negative view of the world around her. She usually finds escape in violent fantasies or boxing.

She doesn't have many friends, but the ones she does are always there when she needs them most.
No. 43001 ID: d03d44
File 155857362911.png - (602.31KB , 1697x1909 , 5-22-19+Moida+.png )
Hunting the one who took her peaceful life away
No. 43010 ID: d03d44
File 155867080451.png - (839.86KB , 1450x2017 , 5-23-19+Serval_Lorg_edition+.png )
Serval is lorg
No. 43017 ID: e51896
>Hunting the one who took her peaceful life away

is the one who took her peaceful life away named "Adult Life"?
No. 43018 ID: d03d44
That description would likely fit Violet more than Moida. Violet's world is a lot like our own, while Moida's is like most Newgrounds fighting series'. Hyper-violent combat is the norm, and the standard greeting is tearing off someone's lower jaw and lodging it in their forehead (not really, but it's just a hellhole through and through).
No. 43029 ID: d03d44
File 155890056314.png - (241.32KB , 712x1213 , 5-25-19+Ebony+.png )
Like any other young girl, Ebony is into guillotines, axes, dynamite, and the color of blood.

Unsurprisingly, she causes a lot of trouble for the guests of Redd Manor.
No. 43030 ID: d03d44
File 155890057519.png - (202.24KB , 869x788 , 5-25-19+serval_no_like_banana+.png )
No. 43033 ID: d03d44
File 155893814606.png - (3.19MB , 3437x3479 , 5-26-19+Dead_Mans_Sky+.png )
For a Korvax, I sure am trigger happy

Mostly just comic practice, as I've honestly not done enough work on them.
No. 43037 ID: d03d44
File 155907049978.png - (1.22MB , 1493x2622 , 5-28-19+Rabbot+.png )
I've found myself trying to draw more robots. I blame No Man's Sky and their Korvax race

It's an interesting thing to practice. Perhaps one day I'll get to drawing massive mechas
No. 43059 ID: d03d44
File 155927351720.png - (122.37KB , 1627x1769 , 5-30-19+Axyliss+.png )
Unaware of their own strength, Axyliss is known for playing hard and hugging harder. In fact, they hug so hard it's basically a back breaker.

They mean well, but struggle with restraint.
No. 43060 ID: d03d44
File 155933777441.png - (94.84KB , 1805x1528 , 5-31-19+Axyliss+.png )
Some might say it's the thought that counts. Others might say it's the thought that's the scary part.
No. 43065 ID: d03d44
File 155934993536.png - (99.46KB , 1617x1746 , 5-31-19+Flaye+.png )
The face of the Woodrot's taxi service, Flaye is a busy chap trying to keep up with his boss' demands. He is what makes sure the fleastalks go from place to place.

In his free time, he usually hangs out with Lumber in Mortis Cafe.
No. 43076 ID: d03d44
File 155946226326.png - (1.27MB , 2268x2429 , 6-2-19+K10VR+.png )
Some point during 2015 I had a sona that was a robot named Klover (this still gets occasionally referenced with some of my robot characters in games being named K10VR)

I tried out massively overhauling their design to give them a bit of flair. Unsure if I'll keep it thanks to it's overall complexity, but we'll see.
No. 43077 ID: e51896

so who is the robotic scientist(s) that builds these awesome robots?
No. 43097 ID: d03d44
File 155978667427.png - (868.75KB , 1956x2380 , 6-5-19+Elvira+.png )
Not really something I had put much thought into. Most of the robots are for different universes though, so you can guarantee that they're all made by different people.

Rulers of a non-existant year! One's lazy, the other is an evil mastermind... or would be had he a higher IQ.
No. 43110 ID: d03d44
File 156006522233.png - (400.40KB , 997x1742 , 6-8-19+Willow+.png )
Once deeply interested in the supernatural as a kid, Willow recently found those interests piqued after encountering a spirit after school. From here, life got a little more interesting for her.
No. 43111 ID: d03d44
File 156006525048.png - (681.25KB , 1625x2068 , 6-8-19+Claire+.png )
A sharp shooter boo hag. Shooting is the thing she does best, everything else is borderline unknown to her. She's also very forgetful; she's no stranger to forgetting to braid her hair, tie her shoes, or turn off the oven.
No. 43134 ID: d03d44
File 156029983314.png - (629.71KB , 1441x2213 , 6-11-19+Serval.png )
Practice serval
No. 43154 ID: d03d44
File 156056572472.png - (87.24KB , 1196x1733 , 6-14-19+Nightmare_Weaver+.png )
The Nightmare Weaver is the leader of a gang that regularly torment the nightmares of Woodrot. One would think this makes him a good guy, but in Woodrot the term "nightmare" can mean just about anybody.

His name comes from a rumor about how he had sewn together his gang and gave them life through dark magicks.
No. 43156 ID: d03d44
File 156066917043.png - (91.35KB , 1154x2298 , 6-15-19+Hatenian_Serval+.png )
I found a playlist on Youtube that's filled with songs that were all over Flipnote Hatena. Drew this serval while listening to that.

(Playlist in question is here should anyone be interested in diving into *that* rabbit hole: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN4MinC_j_fOmVvIvQ091RGthQPyNXAs4 )
No. 43165 ID: d03d44
File 156083173232.gif - (29.01KB , 256x192 , 6-16-19+Get_Fucked+.gif )
An animation I did recently. Mostly just for fun
No. 43166 ID: d03d44
File 156083176075.png - (44.00KB , 893x1692 , 6-17-19+Shrowder+.png )
Hidden bun as well. Spooky
No. 43177 ID: d03d44
File 156108881650.png - (160.13KB , 1924x2316 , 6-20-19+Golde+.png )
No idea what I'm doing
No. 43185 ID: d03d44
File 156116554769.png - (268.90KB , 1340x1666 , 6-21-19+Vhile+.png )
One of the Nightmare Weaver's creations, Vhile. Despite appearances, he is the brawn of the gang. That said, unlike most gang members he only really responds to people if they have kibble.
No. 43193 ID: e51896
Does Nightmare Weaver have an opposite or rival, like a Dream Weaver?
No. 43207 ID: d03d44
Closest to a rival the Nightmare Weaver has is Lumber and all of his friends. That's mostly because they stop his shenanigans so they can get on with their lives.
No. 43209 ID: d03d44
File 156141238324.png - (520.78KB , 1240x2437 , 6-22-19+Rabbot+.png )
A lightweight robot made with high-speed data collection in mind.
No. 43214 ID: d03d44
File 156142417458.png - (227.53KB , 994x1496 , 6-24-19+TaroFixed+.png )
Duck hunting with Taro

It was time to draw her again
No. 43221 ID: d03d44
File 156159098859.png - (49.51KB , 671x1571 , 6-26-19+Golde+.png )
Word of the day
No. 43222 ID: 458fa9
No. 43223 ID: d03d44
File 156162201139.png - (368.94KB , 1986x1375 , 6-26-19+Old_Ass_Characters_Of_Mine+.png )
Got bored, found some old flipnote characters and tried redesigning them somewhat (very minimal tweaks, really)

Don't remember the left one's name, but the middle one is Noc, and the right one I believe was named Pipi
No. 43232 ID: d03d44
File 156171017032.png - (184.01KB , 1298x1118 , 6-28-19+PokefusionFixed+.png )
I decided to draw a pokefusion

A wee late to that party, but whatever
No. 43245 ID: d03d44
File 156194869547.png - (517.20KB , 1560x1828 , 6-30-19+Serena+.png )
Got the sweets!
No. 43246 ID: 9dda2b
how sweet of you
No. 43247 ID: d03d44
File 156204053709.png - (16.07KB , 1024x768 , 7-1-19+BungeonReSized+.png )
Some pixel art I did today. It's honestly been a long time since I've done this kinda thing.
No. 43253 ID: d03d44
File 156212076598.png - (294.70KB , 1095x1211 , 7-2-19+Hiki_magic+.png )
Originally I had planned to make a beetle design that looked like a platforming mascot. I couldn't quite get it looking right, so then I just threw random elements together until I got this design.
No. 43259 ID: d03d44
File 156222635566.png - (385.81KB , 1173x1164 , 7-3-19+Fourth_of_Flames+.png )
How not to spend the fourth
No. 43260 ID: d03d44
File 156223757308.png - (640.25KB , 2118x2023 , 7-4-19+Wild_Iron+.png )
A renowned bounter hunter who carries a golden flintblade. They are known by many names, but the people of the Endless Sands call them "Wild Iron".

They stand at about 4'2" (127cm), making them the shortest hunter out in the sands.
No. 43261 ID: e51896
At least she seems to be enjoying the heat.
No. 43264 ID: d03d44
File 156241519402.png - (1.06MB , 2351x2663 , 7-6-19+Noc+.png )
Lazy, unmotivated, and a bit on the dumb side; Noc is more of a stay-at-home kind of individual, passing the time by browsing forums and napping.
No. 43277 ID: d03d44
File 156254581106.png - (2.92MB , 1565x1012 , 7-7-19+TBMWCOL_ChillFixed+.png )
Noc and Adrian are co-workers over at Skeleton Joe's Cafe. The two often have similar shifts and as a result have had a lot of time to bond. They spend a lot of time together when Noc's away from his room mates.
No. 43278 ID: e51896
Nice place in the background.
No. 43287 ID: d03d44
File 156265052316.png - (160.28KB , 671x992 , 7-8-19+Mercury+.png )
Calcium rabbit, Mercury
No. 43293 ID: d03d44
File 156281376261.png - (224.15KB , 532x1760 , 7-10-19+Carrot+.png )
A wee bit of practice
No. 43305 ID: d03d44
File 156300875892.png - (684.99KB , 1918x1259 , 7-13-19+Dread_Zone+.png )
Been a bit since I actually drew any backgrounds. Wanted to try a grayscale scene with this one. It was... an experience trying to keep it semi-readable.
No. 43306 ID: d03d44
File 156306262875.png - (787.90KB , 2230x2006 , 7-13-19+Rairry+.png )
A farm boy turned city boy. Noc's not quite cut out for heavy lifting anymore. His older sister Rairry on the other hand has bulked up since he left to go to college.
No. 43328 ID: d03d44
File 156326657330.png - (605.52KB , 2383x1692 , 7-16-19+Pipi_Always_Wins+.png )
As an alien invader and a room mate, Pipi is skilled in manipulation. She's really good at getting people to do her dirty work.
No. 43350 ID: d03d44
File 156340522580.png - (363.22KB , 947x1734 , 7-17-19+Elriva+.png )
"For evil!"

And then Elvira proceeds to lay on the couch eating corn chips for seven hours straight. It's very evil stuff.
No. 43359 ID: d03d44
File 156345028031.png - (1.12MB , 2155x1859 , 7-18-19+Dreadzone+.png )
Backgrounds are something I tend to lack a lot of in my works, trying to rectify that with practice.
No. 43367 ID: d03d44
File 156355268739.png - (496.13KB , 1254x2050 , 7-19-19+Pihol+.png )
The spirit of embarrassment herself, Pihol. She makes everyone around her embarrassed about themselves. Though, that's mostly because she won't shut up about what she's seen.
No. 43368 ID: d03d44
File 156360440783.png - (341.74KB , 1088x1117 , 7-19-19+Yodame+.png )
Yodame, the spirit of many desires. If it seems like it's raining but the weather report says nothing of it, you might have this spirit oogling over you. She tends to drool when she sees something she likes.
No. 43372 ID: d03d44
File 156366390806.png - (372.72KB , 1244x1286 , 7-20-19+Jiiko+.png )
Deception is the norm when it comes to Jiiko. More often than not, her deals result in a lighter wallet and some junk in your possession.
No. 43384 ID: d03d44
File 156375875273.png - (226.71KB , 913x1176 , 7-21-19+Noco+.png )
Chimera souls possess two or more souls in one entity. Noco is one such chimera soul. Her head is quiet and soft spoken, while the body is energetic and all over the place
No. 43387 ID: d03d44
File 156384879394.png - (348.92KB , 1117x1639 , 7-22-19+Shirley+.png )
A ghostly performer who only accepts candy as an entry fee. Shirley's works are usually so surreal that her viewers laugh out of confusion.

Rumor has it she's trying to lose weight.
No. 43401 ID: d03d44
File 156387957028.png - (666.50KB , 1605x2076 , 7-23-19+More_of_the_flipnote_characters+.png )
Some more flipnote character redesigns. While I've forgotten the left one's name, I dug a bit and found the one on the right is named Phisic.
No. 43422 ID: d03d44
File 156421106138.png - (458.54KB , 1494x1251 , 7-26-19+Niow+.png )
A writer by heart, but what he really wants to do is get into cooking. Niow goes to Noc's college, and is even in his calculus class.

Niow isn't noticed by many people, but he prefers it that way.
No. 43458 ID: d03d44
File 156467777958.png - (417.16KB , 1368x1317 , 7-31-19+Mac_And_Cheese+.png )
Noc makes mac 'n cheese. It goes as well as you'd expect.
No. 43459 ID: e51896
And nobody can stop him!
No. 43462 ID: d03d44
File 156472425703.png - (487.31KB , 1555x1329 , 8-1-19+This_Beautiful_Mess_We_Call_Our_LivesWIP1+.png )
But his cooking skills sure can!
Three idiots try to go to a mall. It doesn't happen. They just scream in the parking lot and go back home.
No. 43471 ID: d03d44
File 156487811577.png - (42.13KB , 1255x1060 , 8-3-19+Mr_Munchie+.png )
Not entirely sure. Just started drawing and this came out. He sits on his tail like it's a chair or something.
No. 43484 ID: d03d44
File 156489945913.png - (416.52KB , 1388x1182 , 8-3-19+Scarecat+.png )
A scarecrow cat named Scarecat. He appears during the night, foggy days, and during Halloween.
No. 43493 ID: d03d44
File 156497766065.png - (253.44KB , 820x1596 , 8-4-19+Silver_Bullet+.png )

I had to look up references on a couple things for this'n. Still cranked it out in 35 minutes (reference searching is included in that time frame)
No. 43517 ID: d03d44
File 156515201094.png - (252.04KB , 981x1229 , 8-6-19+Remember_Your_Quirk+.png )
No. 43518 ID: d03d44
File 156515203066.png - (291.98KB , 851x1953 , 8-6-19+Bleed_In_Mono+.png )
Zero gravity blood? Yup!
No. 43540 ID: d03d44
File 156525108355.png - (492.69KB , 991x2388 , 8-8-19+Phelian+.png )
Been a bit since I drew any aliens, so I designed one with the idea of an aquatic bat in mind. Was fun to do
No. 43546 ID: d03d44
File 156532484222.png - (298.44KB , 1321x1463 , 8-8-19+Lumber+.png )
Dancing Lumber

He's honestly a super simple design but tons of fun to draw.
No. 43550 ID: d03d44
File 156539499317.png - (377.28KB , 963x1569 , 8-9-19+Serena+.png )
A delicate bow to greet new guests
No. 43559 ID: d03d44
File 156558631433.png - (312.92KB , 897x1446 , 8-11-19+Wild_Irons_Sally+.png )
One of the many prospectors of the land. Sally is the daughter of the Sand Threader, and wields the very same walking sticks they used to defeat ghouls way back in 623.
No. 43561 ID: d03d44
File 156567320877.png - (472.07KB , 1376x1615 , 8-12-19+Scritter+.png )
When a little girl's imaginary friend got corrupted it made Scritter, the deliverer of nightmares! He still cares a lot for the girl who created him, and will fiercely protect her.
No. 43586 ID: d03d44
File 156575409384.png - (345.97KB , 1012x1240 , 8-13-19+Abigail+.png )
A thi