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File 144618143591.png - (101.90KB , 800x600 , titlescreen.png )
28460 No. 28460 ID: bb9a5d
This is the thread where I prove myself right or wrong. One drawing at a time.
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No. 28461 ID: bb9a5d
File 144618148145.png - (101.99KB , 800x600 , cat.png )
For a first drawing, have a lazy cat. Too laze to draw the feet. I might come back to it one day.
No. 28464 ID: bb9a5d
File 144625557598.png - (89.74KB , 800x600 , catspider.png )
Happy Halloween since it's here in this side of the world.

I wanted to draw a spider at first but someone was like "Put cat ears on it."...

No. 28466 ID: 95f72d
I love the cute simplistic style you got going on, keep it up!
No. 28472 ID: bb9a5d
File 144632899453.png - (78.85KB , 800x600 , goldebunnywhenicandrawproperly.png )
Thanks, Klovr! Honestly, the only reason I do a cute, simple style is because I can't do more complicated stuff, like this, very well!

A couple of things, I'll be posting a drawing once a day here depending on mood. Feel free to give critique, most likely I'll work on it but if it doesn't become fun anymore, I'll just stop. I'm doing this for fun in the end.

My formal experience with drawing is a semester in life drawing, that's it. :P
No. 28491 ID: bb9a5d
File 144653268739.png - (169.13KB , 800x600 , colourtest.png )
Sorry for not posting yesterday, wasn't feeling very up to it so here's something I've been working on with brushes and making backgrounds in SAI.

I'm also going to start my own quest soon so look forward to that! This is a test to see how a background style will look against how I'll draw.
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