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File 127430859246.png - (11.37KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles1.png )
623 No. 623 ID: 8d7dd2
So I decided to try streaming sketching stuff.

What in the name of every deity past present and future have I wrought with my terrible art.
Expand all images
No. 624 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127430866545.png - (19.44KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles2.png )
No. 625 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127430870233.png - (10.40KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles3.png )
"Cirr, why did you use a lowercase i in that last picture?"
No. 626 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127430872094.png - (17.87KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles4.png )
No. 627 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127430876443.png - (24.19KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles5.png )
>Draw an umbral stopping a seltdown!
No. 629 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127430882566.png - (10.40KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles7.png )
>draw a sauzer
>have no idea what one looks like

No. 630 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127430883940.png - (20.05KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles8.png )
No. 631 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127430886038.png - (16.80KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles9.png )
Sure do like them squiggly symbols.
No. 632 ID: 0b2a05
File 127430908615.png - (58.06KB , 509x361 , ec90a88cb0370756572abcfb1a67c345.png )
No. 633 ID: 0b2a05
File 127430913391.png - (66.14KB , 500x500 , fm2zxx.png )
No. 634 ID: 0b2a05
File 127430915850.png - (37.15KB , 589x385 , wix.png )
No. 635 ID: 8d7dd2

not me :V
No. 636 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127431014016.png - (23.45KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles6.png )
Repost of broken image.
No. 638 ID: 1ac39d
truth x sensation is my OTP
No. 639 ID: 4cfc69
No. 640 ID: 4cfc69
File 127440127825.png - (31.54KB , 640x480 , seltwildrugs.png )
No. 642 ID: a594b9
I lol'd
No. 2372 ID: 3e6377
File 129590409958.png - (99.85KB , 640x640 , areeni.png )
I was bored and drew aliens and had nowhere else to post them.

Here's an example of a species I might in the foreseeable future use for yet another quest. The species name is "areeni".

As a species they're almost universally fascinated with biotechnology and self-modification for a variety of biological and cultural reasons.

This particular individual differs from baseline with the addition of gills on the next, two extensions to the nervous system coming from the arm, and stitches showing some internal modification has taken place in an extremely crude manner.

Most areeni are able to more subtly and less intrusively alter their internal environment without the need for repeated surgery.
No. 2373 ID: 3e6377
File 129590414572.png - (51.84KB , 500x500 , areenihug.png )
Also there's this.

I need to find better ways to kill time, like actually updating quests or something.
No. 2396 ID: 38b610
File 129602346585.png - (17.83KB , 300x300 )

View animation
No. 2399 ID: 3e6377
it's true I am the worst kind of hack artist D:

using the word "artist" loosely of course
No. 2428 ID: 28e94e
Cirr why do all your races look EXACTLY THE SAME
No. 2429 ID: 3e6377
No. 2443 ID: 5c95ee
Yes, they do. Cirr... you are lucky I love those those pizza-headed three-legged lizards...
No. 2641 ID: 3e6377
File 129798470668.png - (3.52KB , 241x280 , hi.png )
I streamed again. Oh dear lord no.
No. 2642 ID: 3e6377
File 129798473431.png - (3.35KB , 301x251 , sergal1.png )
Also all my images went transparent for some reason.

"Draw a sergal!"
No. 2643 ID: 3e6377
File 129798476176.png - (24.94KB , 623x475 , bombthetower.png )
>Draw the Eiffel Tower being carpet-bombed by birds
No. 2644 ID: 3e6377
File 129798479766.png - (24.08KB , 582x447 , chaoscola.png )
While waiting for requests I drew this.
No. 2645 ID: 3e6377
File 129798482175.png - (27.63KB , 629x480 , beforecritter.png )
>Draw a critter from Before!
No. 2646 ID: 3e6377
File 129798485361.png - (13.94KB , 532x461 , brbmoon.png )
And then I had to leave (and lost all my viewers for the fifteen seconds I was absent).

But it was worth it.
No. 2647 ID: 3e6377
File 129798488033.png - (18.98KB , 577x464 , catempire.png )
With a band name like that how could I not draw something like this
No. 2649 ID: 3e6377
File 129798491246.png - (18.17KB , 631x378 , nondrone.png )
>Draw a non-drone kulukuzu!

Chances are you probably don't know what a kulukuzu is. It's okay. No-one does. Including me.
No. 2650 ID: 3e6377
File 129798494996.png - (20.83KB , 563x438 , komato.png )
This is some character from some game no-one's played I dunno it's all zeroes and ones to me
No. 2651 ID: 3e6377
File 129798498486.png - (8.21KB , 240x326 , notlemonorpizza.png )
>Draw something that doesn't have a lemon or pizza face!

No. 2652 ID: 3e6377
File 129798500714.png - (20.67KB , 614x436 , noneuclidean.png )
>Draw something non-Euclidean!

I hate you so much.
No. 2653 ID: 3e6377
File 129798502934.png - (15.23KB , 632x468 , spaceship.png )
>Draw a spaceship!
No. 2654 ID: 3e6377
File 12979850549.png - (9.36KB , 286x366 , marcodigits.png )
>Draw a cat perplexed by having an extra digit.
No. 2655 ID: 3e6377
File 129798508485.png - (17.54KB , 636x299 , scaredrabbits.png )
>Draw the same cat scaring some rabbits with its extra digit

if only I could remember what mimigas looked like
No. 2656 ID: 3e6377
File 12979851026.png - (24.50KB , 628x436 , katacorn.png )
>Draw a lizard eating corn
No. 2657 ID: 3e6377
File 129798515323.png - (22.67KB , 603x350 , teaparty.png )
>Draw a tea party
No. 2658 ID: 3e6377
File 129798525134.png - (24.39KB , 614x480 , sergal2.png )
>No, Cirr, actually draw a sergal.

No. 2659 ID: 3e6377
File 129798527784.png - (25.66KB , 574x442 , fourcakes.png )
>Draw Kata with egg beaters for feet.

Four cakes!
No. 2962 ID: 3e6377
File 12996241174.png - (81.76KB , 640x480 , angry.png )
I can't draw but that didn't stop me this time.
No. 2963 ID: 3e6377
File 129962413778.png - (45.39KB , 640x480 , lemonpizza.png )
No. 2964 ID: 3e6377
File 129962415443.png - (66.09KB , 640x480 , theo.png )
No. 2965 ID: 3e6377
File 129962416425.png - (116.33KB , 640x480 , toomanyfries.png )
No. 2966 ID: 3e6377
File 129962417735.png - (131.09KB , 640x480 , 24xmantisotp.png )
No. 3046 ID: 2563d4
File 130016132719.png - (26.67KB , 639x399 , 9d68d15a02e873a464eae030118ab090.png )
03:53 < LionsPhil> So anyway are you going to add your latest creation or do I have to on your behalf
03:53 < Cirr> well
03:53 < Cirr> I am going to sleep
03:53 < Cirr> decide based on that
No. 3413 ID: 54b969
File 130204078479.png - (17.79KB , 500x500 , nored.png )
[22:46] Slinkoboy looks up a picture of a sallazarine. puts it on monitor 2. oh wait, monitor 2 has nored.
No. 3419 ID: f123de
...in the final stages of this wasting disease, the normally vibrant hue of the sallazarine's skin fades to a dull brown. Death follows within 8 to 10 cycles.
No. 3547 ID: 54b969
File 130282085826.png - (92.98KB , 800x600 , rickspacemonaut.png )
Rick Spacemonaut, scout for URF (the Universal Reconnaissance Front), stumbles across a strange new world filled with strange new lifeforms. He can't help but get the uncanny feeling he's being watched. The glare seems to go straight through his spacesuit, which was unfortunately built by the lowest bidder and, as he found out on landing, not glare-resistant in the slightest. (He can almost see out of his right eye again.)

This picture arose from me trying to doodle the extreme diversity of morphology among areeni due to biotech giving way to all sorts of shapes and sizes being possible.

I drew a few designs and noticed I'd inadvertently had mostly all of them looking at one central thing and wondered what could be so interesting/unusual, so I stuck a random guy in a spacesuit in there, and the idea took off from there.
No. 3553 ID: 54b969
File 130282806542.png - (944.33KB , 1000x1600 , harvester.png )
No. 3554 ID: cfc019
lol, you reposting that here was the last thing I'll expect from you
No. 3557 ID: 1854db
No. 3562 ID: 3416ec

Poor guy looks like he's been raked over a cheese grater.
No. 3670 ID: 78bd18
File 130333483641.png - (587.65KB , 1000x809 , seipinup.png )
Rejected thing for Rosque's pin-up calendar. I don't know how to pin-up. Rejected because terrible pose, shoddy linework, and shading that could have been done better. Also rushed background.
No. 3816 ID: 180ec2
If you drew it from the front the pose would be much better. This is for several reasons including but not limited to the visibility of the face and thus the ability to express more emotion of the character, as well as removing emphasis on the background.
No. 3845 ID: 70d9eb
Also nipples.
No. 4367 ID: 3e6377
File 130568446175.png - (125.32KB , 800x1400 , concept2.png )
The keletians are a strange species. They are the sole species known to possess abilities that seem to transcend the physical and rational. Specifically, they as a species appear to have the gift of telekinesis, though other abilities are often rumoured.

Pictured is an individual keeping their focus on some fragile objects, custom crafted specifically to allow for telekinetic exercises, training the keletian to keep their mind focus and attentive lest the objects they carry fall and shatter on the ground below. The red markings across their body are cultural in origin, but the meaning and relevance is not clear to any outsiders, given the keletian refusal to part with certain secrets when aliens are the ones requesting them.
No. 4898 ID: 804d70
File 130817942335.png - (22.83KB , 401x492 , cutezarine.png )
This sure is a thing.
No. 4900 ID: 1854db
Okay now do an entire quest in that style.

...does BGA count?
No. 4905 ID: 46feaf
It looks so cute petting it's almost worth the risk of dismemberment.

No. 4936 ID: 804d70
File 130835733243.png - (22.38KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles.png )
>Draw Midaychi

I couldn't remember what a sergal looked like. At all.
No. 4937 ID: 804d70
File 130835740545.png - (26.18KB , 640x480 , streamdoodles2.png )
> Draw the Companion Cube and the TWIM cube

I could not be assed to draw all the fiddly bits of the companion cube. Fuck that cube and its fiddly bits.
No. 4938 ID: 804d70
File 130835755321.png - (29.06KB , 640x480 , steamdoodles3.png )
> Draw Per leaping at Azil

For those not in the know, these are two characters from the sporadic Timewarp campaign, which includes as its cast of protagonists a southern sergal by the name of Azil and a silirw cyral by the name of Per.

Per being completely insane and stab-happy, and Azil being of the "you can count the fucks I give with no hands" type of character.

That's basically the backstory you need to fully appreciate this work of glorious art as it was intended. And both the reference pictures I was given had them naked, so.
No. 4939 ID: 804d70
File 130835763959.png - (30.81KB , 640x480 , stramdoodles4.png )
>Draw a spiderzzarine.

Slinko just wanted revenge on me, didn't he.

Well, I threw in a skirt to hide 8 of the legs. Hah. I win.
No. 4940 ID: 804d70
File 130835772422.png - (54.73KB , 640x480 , stroomdoodles5.png )
>Draw a keletian winning at a pillow fight

No. 4941 ID: 804d70
File 130835778419.png - (23.82KB , 640x480 , strimdoodles6.png )
>Draw a snake licking its feet

That snake is the worst curator the Museum of Feet has ever seen.
No. 4942 ID: 804d70
File 130835783165.png - (48.11KB , 640x480 , stoomdoodles7.png )
>Draw an areeni who's biomodded herself with breasts to look sexier to humans

I think this pretty much speaks for itself.
No. 4943 ID: 1854db
No. 4947 ID: ce4a4d
>both the reference pictures I was given had them naked

Per is your character why are you needing reference pictures?
No. 4951 ID: 804d70
Shoddy memory and forgetting how to draw a cyral, really
No. 4954 ID: 2563d4
>And both the reference pictures I was given had them naked, so.
Must have been the morning after. Explains the booze and character motivations.
No. 4964 ID: 9801a2
I bet he's thinking: "God damn you, unbreathable atmosphere!"
No. 4986 ID: 221021
It's funny because humans and areeni breathe the same kind of atmosphere, he just doesn't know.
No. 5135 ID: 804d70
File 130913666992.png - (509.06KB , 800x600 , tezakian.png )
I drew a tezakian for Slinkoboy. And another thing that might be a tezakian if you squint really, really hard. I also tried a bunch of stuff I hadn't tried before.

Make your own caption!
No. 5136 ID: 221021
"Hmm, are you SURE you're a real tezakian?"
"Uhh, yep, of course, heh, what else would I be? Now let me through... I need to... speak... with the president."
"Yeah, sure, I'm not buying it. You look kind of strange for a tezakian. If you're really one of us, you'd know the secret tezakian password."
"Umm... 'Peep'?"
"Oh, sorry about that, you're free to go. I guess you really are a tezakian. You should really look into seeing a doctor about those feathers, you know."
No. 5171 ID: 804d70
File 130921411375.png - (84.02KB , 800x600 , enesi-design.png )
Rejected design for a species that may be turning up in The World Is Mine. (Reason for rejection - needs more thinking through)

(also oh god i can't draw caustics)

Species name is enesi. They aren't members of the Alliance. Primarily because part of the criteria for being part of the Alliance means making a certain percentage of owned territory freely available for other Alliance species to live there, and the logistics of this for the aquatic enesi make this practically impossible. The enesi are on good terms with the Alliance, however.

Depicted is a female on the left and a male on the right. Enesi mouthparts consist of teeth that can be extended and retracted as well as angled towards or away the centre of the mouth, and a hollow tongue that tapers to a needle-fine point. They feed primarily off of the blood of the fauna around them and have been very successful at domesticating several species to harvest from. Despite their appearance and freaky eating habits, they're known to be relatively peaceful and forgiving, a reputation that the less peaceful and forgiving enesi particularly resent.
No. 5172 ID: 180ec2
Oddly enough, I find those things strangely cute, with their little arms and fishy bits, even though their mouths are a little freaky.
No. 5174 ID: 3073a8
Yay, Bloodworm aliens! And they're not triggering a prey reaction at all!
If Sinter meets these in TWIM i'm pretty sure this is going to be her reaction.
No. 5697 ID: 2b5bad
File 131137696218.png - (73.05KB , 640x480 , streamdoodlan1.png )
The theme this time was "from the future".

Here's Sinter, sitting on a throne made of fire after she set the world alight with her reign.

The joke is that is a literal thing that happened in this future. And we all remember that not being on fire is for quitters, right?
No. 5698 ID: 2b5bad
File 131137704242.png - (47.16KB , 640x480 , streamdoodlan2.png )
I was asked to draw Hashidori from Lilac, but that didn't quite fit the theme, so I mixed things up a little (too far).
No. 5699 ID: 2b5bad
File 131137722132.png - (46.91KB , 640x480 , streamdoodlan3.png )
Sergals are not a known species to the areeni, but when Sinter saw that Saikhan wasn't wearing any clothes, she assumed it not to be an act of misfortune but a cultural trend, and didn't wish to scare or confuse the poor alien.

She did want to ask how the hell she got on the Tinvishe space station as if by magic, though.
No. 5700 ID: c891d3
No. 5707 ID: cded1d
5 parts Sinter, 3 parts demonic, 1 part Rambo.
No. 6045 ID: 180ec2
Yes it did.

(Best thing ever)
No. 6049 ID: 2563d4
You may as well just sign up for FurAffinity already.

Remember to use the same username you're building a portfolio for potential employers to look at under.
No. 6050 ID: 07416a
Cirr, your application to the porn mafia is being considered. You will get an answer in one to six days.
No. 6060 ID: eba49f
This picture reminds me of the song Skullcrusher Mountain.
No. 6066 ID: 180ec2
You are a terrible, terrible person.
No. 6071 ID: f00311
Why are you not blaming the person that removed the art? Or at least respecting his choice to pull it?
No. 6073 ID: 2563d4
Cirr needs to either get over the fact he's associating that name with being a furry artist who goes to tgchan, or stop being a furry artist who goes to tgchan with that name. Continuing to do things he is only comfortable with half the time just leads to this flip-floppy delete-in-the-cold-regret-of-morning behaviour.

Bleedingly obvious drama-pre-empting disclaimer for the hard of thinking: taking the latter solution by not coming here at all is the bad option.
No. 6379 ID: ce5017
File 131445699974.png - (333.91KB , 1000x800 , alltheareeni.png )
Seal requested I stop being a butt and upload the pic again.

Looking at it again after this time sweet christ all the anatomy errors. I think my main resistance to drawing this sort of thing was because it shows up how badly I draw. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
No. 6381 ID: 1854db
Maybe you should put it in moo instead.
No. 6387 ID: 07416a
Maybe you should instead draw more porn and correct all those anatomy errors. Do not take the cowards path! Onward, into glory! TO IMPROVEMENT!
No. 6390 ID: aa5a3b

Can't they just, I dunno, go inside instead of fucking around in the rain?
No. 6402 ID: 1854db
It's the shower room.
No. 6415 ID: 6dc317
File 131464755290.png - (31.92KB , 900x900 , salazzaref.png )
In continuing my slide down the slippery slope of not giving a fuck about what it is I happen to be drawing at a given time any more, I drew birthday arts for a person.

Yes, that line is there.

PS: A special hello to anyone who got here after playing Aphelion Incident. No idea how you ended up here of all places (although simply mentioning the game title just jacked up the google relevancy) but hi I am Cirr and I draw weird freaky drawings. We cool? We cool. We not cool? Oops.
No. 6416 ID: 5b0012
She's so cute! I would give her a big hug.
No. 6417 ID: ec0bf5
I am a happy person. Salazzas are so cute. :3

They totally give the best hugs because they have so many limbs to hug with and are soft and also kind of fuzzy.
No. 6419 ID: 1854db
Is she glowing? The lighting is odd.
No. 6420 ID: d224da
If you're going to act self-congratulatory about drawing porn, you could stand to spend some time looking at
No. 6446 ID: d4c0f3
I will never understand your ability to make things-that-are-like-bugs look cute.
Also yeah that line is totally there.
No. 6516 ID: 2eac65
Insectoids? Cute and lovable? It's more likely than you think! See: bees.

Speaking of which, Cirr, you should draw a picture of some happy bees.

Pretty please?
No. 7085 ID: d4ffb6
File 131637609499.png - (222.75KB , 1024x1000 , eidragon.png )
Ei drawing designs for DRAGON MODE.
No. 7088 ID: ec0bf5
Ei is the best. :3
No. 7332 ID: 9c538a
File 131701601684.png - (51.14KB , 900x900 , pomfsala.png )
I am such a hack.
No. 12435 ID: f2c010
File 133478963174.png - (103.48KB , 2048x1540 , souldevourer.png )
Presented without comment, a character design or three.
No. 12436 ID: 5eea01
No. 12439 ID: ed57e8
its head is not a lemon
No. 12448 ID: 2563d4
Still covered in tentacles, though.
No. 13401 ID: 9e3c3d
File 133892859842.png - (1.03MB , 2200x1024 , merge.png )
more junk
No. 13538 ID: 9e3c3d
File 133981773385.png - (186.61KB , 1024x768 , serai.png )
Construct species with no concept of personal space.
No. 13539 ID: b85f8c
They look kinda like Umbrals.
No. 13540 ID: 9e3c3d
I never saw myself using that design and adapted the umbral design from them. True story.
No. 15097 ID: 0f60d7
File 134706738695.png - (963.76KB , 1280x1024 , humming.png )
Trying a new thing.
No. 15101 ID: f2c20c
Yep that's a different thing alright.
No. 15102 ID: 0f60d7
File 134708094730.png - (536.14KB , 1024x768 , humming2.png )
no go away brain i have five thousand other quests to attend to before vague stupid scribbly line quest

including an existing vague stupid scribbly line quest

aaagh what's the best cure for inability to focus on one thing at a time
No. 15104 ID: 4a20fa
Electro-convulsive aversion therapy.
No. 15105 ID: 34cbef
ritalin... well if you don't mind losing your soul
No. 15109 ID: f2c20c
There are other ADHD medications.

Well it would help if you updated more. The more you do a thing the easier it is to keep focused on it. If you leave it alone for a while you're bound to get sidetracked.
No. 15131 ID: 0f60d7
File 134723353738.png - (786.05KB , 1600x1024 , humming3.png )
i am a terrible person
No. 15132 ID: 0f60d7
File 134723356466.png - (766.82KB , 1350x1100 , humming4.png )
the worst
No. 15133 ID: ec0bf5
You sure are. That sure is a direction to take a cute things quest.
No. 15140 ID: f2c20c
Well that's a different sort of breastfeeding.
No. 15273 ID: 0f60d7
File 134801963177.jpg - (36.94KB , 320x480 , bug.jpg )
No. 15558 ID: 0f60d7
File 134958172744.png - (171.19KB , 2100x2000 , vibrantvivid.png )
i am waste time

mine and everyone else's
No. 15559 ID: 0f60d7
File 134958175641.png - (53.49KB , 1280x1600 , aliens.png )
more time wasted
No. 15560 ID: 0f60d7
File 134958177287.png - (26.27KB , 1280x1024 , formers.png )
so much wasted time
No. 15561 ID: 0f60d7
File 134958180671.png - (751.77KB , 1600x1400 , highlydangerous.png )
stop looking at this junk
No. 15562 ID: 0f60d7
File 134958183482.png - (407.42KB , 1280x1024 , maker.png )
there's better things to do

don't make the mistakes i'm making
No. 15574 ID: 0f60d7
File 134966675222.png - (5.99KB , 500x500 , alkasisad.png )
Everyone remembers Alkasi!

nobody remembers Alkasi :C
No. 15590 ID: f2c20c
I did but you stopped updating.
No. 15604 ID: ec0bf5
Yeah I'm going to have to agree. Not to complain about it, I think that if you actually care about people paying more consistent attention to your quests it would help to not keep going between ten updates a week and one a month.
No. 16175 ID: 0f60d7
File 135226536881.png - (32.75KB , 524x1024 , subjectfive.png )
After the psychological and behavioural failings evident in Subject Four, efforts were made to produce a slightly more compliant specimen. Maintenance of the facility became an increasing concern, and so efforts were made to test a sort of remote technopathy with machines run on substance B7. Subject Five is capable of such feats, but remains troublingly reluctant to do so. Further investigation required.
No. 17272 ID: 0f60d7
File 135821270203.png - (47.12KB , 1280x1024 , iiet.png )
RPG things.
No. 17309 ID: 0f60d7
File 135838554588.png - (59.83KB , 1024x768 , thing.png )
No. 17554 ID: a6cb8d
File 135985765546.png - (371.27KB , 1024x768 , silirw.png )
2012 art for Toastline posted here because Dylan said so
No. 19642 ID: 56710e
File 137231492688.png - (582.17KB , 1300x1200 , robots.png )
old thing
No. 19643 ID: 56710e
File 137231493725.png - (84.71KB , 1000x500 , findprism.png )
less old thing
No. 19644 ID: 56710e
File 137231495097.png - (73.02KB , 1024x768 , queststhatmayneverbe.png )
No. 19648 ID: f2c20c
Pretty decent shines you got there on that robot bug alien thing.
No. 19656 ID: 9ddf68
really liking this one
No. 19872 ID: 3c1769
File 137360403781.png - (238.06KB , 1280x1024 , alienladies.png )
No. 19875 ID: f5680f
The thing in the tube looks a bit pregnant.
No. 19876 ID: 3c1769
it is

one day there might exist some kind of reason as for these defects in my brain causing me to draw such things arbitrarily without prompting

UNTIL THEN I MIGHT TAKE A RANDOM REQUEST first come first served I reserve the rights to reject everything I don't like haha no one is going to request anything this is such a stupid idea why am I still awake past 6 am local time
No. 19878 ID: cf49fc
Humorous. Go to bed. Do not end up like meeee....

And when you wake up, go see Pacific Rim. Every time I say that, I get $20!
No. 19885 ID: ea4b0b
Draw a shark riding a tricycle
No. 19888 ID: 196d1b
I am intrigued as to how a shark could ride a tricycle if it doesn't have any legs. I guess we will find out.
No. 19892 ID: 3c1769
File 137367171623.png - (306.05KB , 1280x1024 , alienladies2.png )
Her soldier creation was not up to scratch, but she was sure with more samples she could do a little genetic engineering here and there. With the lab more for prototyping, the only real effective means of producing those samples on a mass scale was something a little more biological.

How distasteful. Fortunately, that's what her assistant creation was for. Even if he seemed about as taken with the plan as she did.

Of course, there'd eventually be the matter of raising the next generation of soldier constructs, given their larval states of mindless bloodthirst and frenzy, but she was sure she'd find some remote settlement to test them out on.

and now you know what a random blue thing is doing pregnant in a tube, on a side note what the fuck is wrong with me
No. 19895 ID: f5680f
The tube has an obvious purpose but I don't get what all the other things hooked up to her are for.
No. 19896 ID: 3c1769
Sensor instrument things. mad science doesn't have to make sense
No. 19923 ID: cf49fc
Except fiscally.
No. 19925 ID: 7f1702
This is the board where everyone draws their fetishes.

It's only weird if you act creepy or embarrassed about it.
No. 19926 ID: cf49fc
No. 19965 ID: 59cf9f
File 137411054288.png - (424.53KB , 1024x768 , doodle3.png )
I did a draw stream and this is the only good image that came out of it. Request was Vibrant wearing a Shaper-styled cloak from Geneforge, shaping some creations into being.

I might post the others some day when I stop hating myself so much.
No. 19970 ID: cf49fc
You like Geneforge? GENEFORGE IS AWESOME!

[spoilers]Ultimate Power ending all day erry day.
No. 20025 ID: 59cf9f
File 137473543101.png - (130.01KB , 1024x768 , doodle2.png )
more doodles from the stream that never was

(doodle1.png was the title card which was kinda boring tbh)
No. 20026 ID: 59cf9f
File 137473545445.png - (44.54KB , 1024x768 , doodle4.png )
"saucy telwis"

of all the things i can't draw this was one of them
No. 20027 ID: 59cf9f
File 137473546998.png - (46.05KB , 1024x768 , doodle5.png )
something something pile of birds
No. 20032 ID: 59cf9f
File 137481805170.png - (828.09KB , 1000x1600 , cenesufemale.png )
The cenesu, or 'witness of miracles', were created as specialised tools to seek out new artifacts and were given the senses required for the task. All functioning cenesu can see the slightest traces of mystic forces beyond the known universe. The avian-humanoid aesthetic came as a compromise from the two most outspoken members of the design team, being a member of an avian species and a human respectively.

While not as adept in the summoning and conductance of magic as their created kin, the seltwils, the cenesu are capable of seeing the ways the forces seek to flow, and subtly guide them to enhance or alter effects, such as flitting through the weak membranes of reality into a nearby other-world.

When the invaders from outside first came, they had an advantage over the unsuspecting cenesu. With their innate magical negation, the cenesu, used to complete information about the mystic threats far in advance, were left blind. The invader constructs, the umbrals, became a thing of legend. It is said all cenesu fear the dark, for they can neither see the umbral by light or by arcane force.
No. 20062 ID: 59cf9f
File 137515467645.png - (104.70KB , 800x1280 , snakelady.png )
No. 20066 ID: f4f679
I really like your latest pictures.


I heartily approve of this.
No. 20068 ID: 59cf9f
File 137521835282.png - (104.62KB , 800x1280 , snakelady2.png )

then i am sorry to disappoint, by misinterpreted request
No. 20069 ID: 60e498
golly why did you sage such a cute image, I should bump this.
No. 20207 ID: 0bc691

I never thanked you for drawing this.

No. 20336 ID: e983a7
File 137791733293.png - (53.04KB , 691x1568 , dudukwoman.png )
A duduk from a different space culture.
No. 20340 ID: 96c896
How come they wear those bands but nothing to cover their SHAME?
No. 20341 ID: e983a7
What shame?
No. 20454 ID: e983a7
File 137851434275.png - (237.74KB , 768x1280 , earthshaker.png )
No. 20455 ID: e983a7
File 137851439664.png - (484.92KB , 768x1024 , storm.png )
No. 20456 ID: e983a7
File 137851442101.png - (184.64KB , 768x1024 , fireshaman.png )
No. 20458 ID: ec0bf5
You butcher, you cut her in half! What kind of mad experiments are you doing in that lab of yours, Cirr? What did you do with the rest of her legs?

Oh, you fed them to her.
No. 20462 ID: e983a7
File 137851740842.png - (8.26KB , 548x398 , bathtubkata.png )
No. 20465 ID: bd48c5
Hey, don't be harshing on the lady with the voluptuous hips. Too damn few hips these days...
No. 20470 ID: cef479

How dare you question Dr. Cirr's methods! He knows what he's doing, he's a professional after all.
No. 20471 ID: ec0bf5
I suppose he is the world's smartest table.
No. 20478 ID: 639388
I bet the legs of that bathtub walk around on tippy-toes.
It sounds like something cyborg skinks would do.
No. 20555 ID: 1b97ff
File 137937671037.png - (177.56KB , 1400x1200 , umbrals.png )
So I tried to redesign umbrals and this is apparently the most controversial thing I've done even keeping in mind the recent sticking tits on things that haven't got them.

Aaaaaa etc.
No. 20562 ID: 761017
Umbrals are primarily metaphysical beings. When you give one familiar humanoid traits or a catlike :3 expression it loses that vibe of otherness.
No. 20563 ID: bd48c5
On the plus side it looks cool and hot. On the downside, it has a :3 face. And I hate that face.
No. 20564 ID: 96c896
Hmm. Getting rid of the mouth entirely sounds good to me.

I would also reconsider their method of movement. Just a normal bipedal gait seems wrong for Umbrals.
No. 20569 ID: 1b97ff
File 137944862575.png - (29.79KB , 640x480 , umbralinset.png )
This is useful feedback and I'm probably going to end up using these guys in a different project now.

But the comments raised are exactly why I wanted to do a redesign. The umbrals were never meant to be metaphysical creatures. In fact that makes the least sense for them out of the three (four if you count the craftkind) races of Ter. They're the antimagic creatures! If any creatures were meant to have the most substance to them it was them, and I was never happy with the unexplained floatiness or apparent counter nature to magic when they were on surface inspection the most innately magical creature going. They're a mortal species! Without even any innate magical power, or at least that was the intention before I made a pretzel-shish-kebab out of Resonance's continuity.

I wanted to make them more grounded and then this lead to me thinking in very literal terms about basically being in contact with the ground.

The impact to otherness is significant, though, as (and this information no longer has any bearing with my impulsive decision to break them away from being "Resonance umbrals" to just "happen to be called umbrals") in the reboot setting they'd be the only significant species not to originate from the same world as the others. One thing I'm taking with them to whatever I use them in is, rather than hovering all the time, a strange unique buoyancy to the way they move. Gravity seeming to be about a tenth of the scale for them as for any other physical object in the world. So while they can't hover indefinitely, they can just hang in the air for an unnerving duration or just jump over a wall that might be an effective barrier to anyone else. And that would be their only real useful paranormal attribute, save for the terrible vulnerability to fire.

I coulda sworn I drew more umbrals with cat faces. I checked all my images and only found a few but it was so lodged in my mind that they had cat faces that only appeared whenever mouths were open. Where the hell did I get that idea from?? All I know is if I'd drawn the mouth open, the reboot design has a mouth full of jagged pointy teeth they get as they mature.

See attached picture which I'm sure will be totally uncontroversial in every way.
No. 20571 ID: ec0bf5
I think it looks super neat as a general design, although I'll continue to say that the one without the breasts looks a good deal better. Also I can't explain why but I thought they had cat faces too. That's kind of strange.
No. 20582 ID: 84cfa1
Now consider what happens to tits in 1/10th of the gravity they were made for.
No. 20584 ID: bd48c5
File 137951571119.gif - (10.50KB , 300x300 , boing.gif )
I assume it looks a little like this.
No. 21887 ID: a29693
File 138983454247.png - (49.23KB , 800x1600 , design2d.png )
Regarding the apparent epidemic of sticking tits on things that shouldn't have them, have a rejected design for D-SYN-106743, the protagonist of my latest quest, Catalysis. (For those of you following Reformation, it'll resume once Catalysis finishes or dies a long, drawn out death, much like D-SYN-106743.)

The quest was originally going to be entirely five shades of orange forever. Then I drew the first update and this and realised I'd never have enough shades of orange. Orange you glad I didn't use only orange? You're probably not glad I used that pun, that's for sure.

Crotch line probably still totally canon.
No. 21888 ID: a87e3a
Black and white along with shades of orange for stuff that needs color would've worked.

It would've been ripping off SotW then though.
No. 21889 ID: 9ddf68
I have to say I'm impressed that you're actually drawing humans, it's been a while since you tried that.
No. 21893 ID: bbf7be
I agree, five shades of orange is not enough, sometimes you need green oranges and blue oranges, and stuff.
It would totally work with some finagling though!
No. 21914 ID: a29693
File 139002609239.png - (85.34KB , 595x1346 , powerandprestige.png )
In the far future, the free automata have redesigned themselves to be almost indistinguishable from their TerraTrans produced ancestors.

Biological style reproduction requires intricate complex miniaturisation to be feasible for any smaller scale automata. Possession of such a system implies a position in life with little risk and access to a wealth of resources to allow for the continuous microscale construction of new automata. The parent automata's beliefs and ideologies form a base for the new automata's pattern, as well as any contributed data from other automata. Any automata with such a system is a powerful and prestigious individual, and would likely take steps to exhibit said system to inspire respect and preferential treatment in their fellow automata.

While the exhibition of a reproductive system may result in favourable responses from their fellow automata, it tends to result in the exact opposite reaction from human contacts. Automata with such features have learned the value of wearing pants in polite conversation with human ambassadors.
No. 21916 ID: a87e3a
Well how come she's showing them off to us HUH?!
No. 21920 ID: 672873
She's just showing it off to the tgchan servers.
No. 21931 ID: a29693
File 139012233089.png - (81.67KB , 1280x1280 , systeminaction.png )
In a running for the competition of "weirdest thing I have ever drawn".

Spoilered for those with an aversion to weird stuff.
No. 22351 ID: f9af65
File 139416643767.png - (349.56KB , 1024x768 , paintins.png )
i dont know how paint
No. 22353 ID: e51cd7
Gosh this is a cool thing I should bump this thread just for this !
No. 22354 ID: 9ddf68
you know more then most
No. 22407 ID: 445b3b
File 139469016638.png - (309.04KB , 543x938 , pregkuzu.png )
in today's news some people learn that giving me carte blanche to draw whatever is a mistake
No. 22412 ID: 3656f9
If it was a mistake for them then one must wonder what their intent was...

Also the way she is gripping that inhaler pipe... I suppose kulukuzus don't really have flexible enough lips to from a good seal?
No. 22413 ID: 445b3b
not really also it's less an inhaler tube and more a deceptively small liquid container probably filled with some sort of combined developmental accelerator and fecundity enhancer to allow for impregnation right after she's already given birth or something

really a lot of the stuff I seem to draw recently is too offensive, gross or both to reasonably justify posting on draw I mean no one wants to see that kulukuzu giving birth with a crowd around her with weird alien medical equipment but that's exactly the fucking weird kind of gross offensive shit I wouldn't post to the thread
No. 22415 ID: 566cf7
So I take it you've never been to /draw/ before.
No. 22416 ID: 445b3b
I don't remember seeing anything like what I described

No one wants to see anything like I described, ever, so it'll stay out of this thread
No. 22426 ID: 445b3b
at least I'm pretty sure no one wants to see that am I right here I don't know anymore people keep telling me I'm not drawing terrible things and I keep not believing them I don't know what's right or what's wrong anymore
No. 22427 ID: a87e3a
Well you're right that most people don't really want to see actual childbirth. Pregnant ladies aren't bad though.
No. 22586 ID: ed6622
File 139631997395.png - (530.58KB , 1024x768 , seltwil.png )
Still don't think I know what I'm doing ever.
No. 22587 ID: ec0bf5
Ok, it's confirmed: Cirr is about to reboot resonance!
No. 22591 ID: 9ddf68
No. 22649 ID: ed6622
it's a lie, baseless conjecture, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE
No. 22650 ID: ce6b06
>posting under anonymous to try to kill the hype
Rude !
No. 22658 ID: ed6622
No. 24848 ID: b9a650
File 141211474767.png - (1.27MB , 1050x1400 , Brown Female 31.png )
i want the month of pain to be over but it will continue into october who would have thought a thesis is hard to write

have a drawing, synthetic names are bad
No. 24863 ID: 9ddf68
hang in there man, it'll be over eventually and then you can relax for a bit. Also don't worry about names, coming up with good names is hard.
No. 25167 ID: 48bac8
File 141430194320.png - (671.61KB , 768x1024 , suiholoarmour.png )
Keynain don't tend to be seen outside their armour in public, but some keynain might, in private quarters, play around with more esoteric features of their personal suit.
No. 25168 ID: 48bac8
File 141430196060.png - (684.57KB , 768x1024 , suinoarmour.png )
Or dispense with it altogether.
No. 25172 ID: eea2c3
This armour seems like it has a key zone of vulnerability given they are space crows.
Tail pulling.
No. 25981 ID: f7b961
File charanim.webm - (2.05MB )
I might be sort of busy trying to learn other skills.

of course the fucking IK fucks up when I try to capture the animation grumble grumble
No. 25982 ID: f7b961
File 142000030076.png - (124.94KB , 1280x1024 , gnoll_f.png )
concept at request
No. 25990 ID: 4a20fa
Nice. 3D is time-consuming as hell.
No. 27960 ID: 55bb5a
File 144082512104.jpg - (226.05KB , 1080x1920 , image.jpg )
I was inspired by Drgons' pokemon god-botherers to draw a Xatu follower of Dialga and then it got all Kingdom Hearts reject and fuck it's bad.

However I've been dead for almost a full year here so we take what we can get, even if it's something drawn on an iPad and so all previous art skills learned are all totally for naught.
No. 28201 ID: eb7eb3
File 144372189938.png - (203.80KB , 2400x1024 , ei.png )
doodled some godawful things being done to a distorted version of a character in a quest I'm not running any time soon

why am I here why am I posting this what am I doing with my fucking lifSO ANYWAY, YEAH. Here's "art". there is legitimately more artistic value in Piss Christ than this stupid unpleasant doodle
No. 28202 ID: c9f250
When's more ei quest stop being so hating of your weird drawings
No. 28203 ID: 9ddf68
you realize you are your own hardest critic right? I mean I have never seen anyone here ever bash any of your work and the only complaint I have ever heard from people is that they'd wish you'd update more often. That's it. So stop pretending you're awful because no one here believes that.
No. 30003 ID: 471926
File 146146644058.png - (801.13KB , 1536x2048 , moredoodles.png )
No. 30004 ID: a22f87
welcome back Cirr
No. 30007 ID: cc08c7
More weird alien stuff is always welcome. Alien/10
No. 35106 ID: 2734a6
File 150146045410.png - (474.31KB , 1009x1201 , fox.png )
when harvesting organs it's important to finish the job
No. 45496 ID: 41b2d4
File 159611959907.png - (14.06KB , 800x600 , dolphinbirthday.png )
just to prove i'm not dead, have something I doodled last month to celebrate somehow making it to three decades without completely biologically falling apart
No. 45497 ID: 41b2d4
File 159611964642.png - (35.51KB , 960x859 , CLIPStudioPaint_2020-07-25_22-19-31.png )
to document the further atrophy and regression of my ability to draw, here's a character design i doodled five days ago for something i'll never make, observe how generic and lacking in character it is
No. 45499 ID: cdabe3
your "generic" character is adorable :3
No. 45502 ID: 4f51b2
No. 45503 ID: 8fab7a
Welcome to the thoiddies, cirr.
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