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File 125624653536.jpg - (166.50KB , 733x600 , To_Do.jpg )
364 No. 364 ID: f4963f

Alright, fuckers. I've updated the fuck out of this here wiki, and from a general query in IRC, it seems that some people don't even know we have one. No wonder; there's no obvious link to it from the site.

http://www2.tgchan.org/wiki/Main_Page < Here is the main page.

The original organization scheme made it hard to add or remove quests from the listing, and required each quest to have a preview image. What I've gone ahead and done is created a page stub for each quest I could find, as well as a bunch of redirects (for anal differences like KaraQuest vs Kara Quest), and added category tags to each one.

The advantage of category tags is that a person needs to know a lot less wiki-fu in order to do it reliably, and it's easier to micro-manage if you know that, say, quest X is no longer active. I eventually would like to create a 'running quests' category, but for now, I'm just splitting quests up into Quests and One-Shot Quests, with a subdivision between text and image (IE: standard) quests.

What I'd like to see is the ability to reach the Quests category from the front page.


These are the category tags I've been using for articles, for anyone else who wants to carry on this work:

>This is for any quest that's not one-shot. Preferably not something dredged up from the Graveyard, though a few dead quests are already on the list.

Category:Image Quests
>This is for standard quests, that combine text with images. Something like AntQuest occasionally showing layouts doesn't quite count; it needs to be an actual text-and-image quest.

Category:Text Quests
>This is for text-based quests. Writefaggotry-oriented rather than Drawfaggotry-oriented. AntQuest would be a popular example of what I'm thinking of for this. Category's currently pretty slim, mostly because I'm unfamiliar with the text quests of the board.

Category:Completed Quests

Category:One-Shot Quests
>I give a definition on the quest page. I do /not/ add a Quests tag to these, since they'd cluster up the main quest listing like a motherfucker. Instead, I've made One-Shot Quests a subcategory of Quests, so anyone viewing the Quests category will see the One-Shot Quests tag.

>This tag marks the entry a stub, automatically pushes it into a Stubs category, and leaves a notice on the page that it is, in fact, a stub.

Category:Quest Authors
>This tag should be self-explanatory. People tend not to know how to link to userpages directly, but our wiki's small enough that we can simply create normal articles for our quest authors. I happen to have made my userpage redirect to the Adept page myself.

Those are the important ones, anyway. To use them, simply stick this phrase in double brackets at the bottom of the article:


With WakWakWak being replaced with 'Quests', 'Image Quests' whatever.


-It would be nice if we had a direct link to the wiki on the main site. This is Dylan's domain, not mine.
-It would be nice if there were a link to the quest category on the main page. I'm not quite sure how to edit the main page; my Wiki-fu is underlevelled.
-If Quest authors and readers could start filling out the articles (we have /lots of stubs/), that would be awesome. If I missed some quests or got some facts wrong, please correct them.

( Stubs link here: http://www2.tgchan.org/wiki/Category:Stubs )

TL;DR - I organized your quests up, fags. Now go fill in content or I eat you.
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No. 365 ID: afbe56

>It would be nice if there were a link to the quest category on the main page. I'm not quite sure how to edit the main page; my Wiki-fu is underlevelled.
ooh, you know what would be even nicer? If the quest category was linked on the sidebar, like special pages!
No. 367 ID: f4963f

Ooh. I like that. Is there any way we can do this? <3
No. 368 ID: afbe56

Don't know. It'd be a Dylan-level task, though.
No. 369 ID: af9e69

>No wonder; there's no obvious link to it from the site.

Yeah, it's not like it's in the sidebar, at plain sight, under the radio or anything.
No. 370 ID: f4963f

If you browse with frames. :V It's not on the frameless version.
No. 375 ID: 4553b2

No one browses with the frame thing. It kills your address bar copypasta abilities.
No. 386 ID: 6faa8c

When I have the time, I'll make a page for Fury Rising. It's a good place to infodump...
No. 394 ID: f4963f
File 125653759369.jpg - (162.65KB , 733x600 , Categories_Categories_Categories.jpg )

Hey there, Adept again. Two things.

First of all, I'm beginning to create and categorize pages for quest authors. The tag for this is ((Category:Quest Authors)), with the parenthesis replaced with brackets. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Second, I'm creating a Running Quests category! This is for quests that're active, and have neither gone on hiatus nor died out from inactivity. There is no hard-and-fast rule for toggling from one category to the other; just use common sense. In particular, nothing on the graveyard board should be listed as a running quest unless it's specifically revived by the author.

Also, completed quests do not count as running quests, but I'm sure you know that.

There is also an 'On Hiatus' tag, but I would reserve those for quests where the author has /specifically/ stated the quest is on hiatus, rather than every little quest which simply hasn't updated since the dawn of time. The list should remain relatively small, thusly.

I've noticed that someone's begun classifying images! I didn't even know that was possible, and I think it's pretty cool. I've been doing a bit of that as well.

There's also, like, a zillion quest article stubs if anyone feels like doing a job that has very low wiki-fu requirements. Find article, click edit, type, save changes. Don't even worry about dividers and tags and stuff if you don't want to, someone else can pretty it up if there's content there.

Do the categories help any? I'm thinking of linking directly to them from a few different pages, because I find them pretty nifty, but I'm not sure how less-wiki-familiar people cope with them.
No. 395 ID: 9891a9

>classifying images
It's tons of fun, everyone should do it when they upload images.
No. 407 ID: 135d9a



It is a list of every tgchan quest ever, and their respective statuses as far as I can tell.

It is probably not 100% accurate but hopefully will still prove useful.

I'm gonna go lie down now.
No. 408 ID: ed8d8a

I browse with the bar. In the rare instance where I need an address, I am fully capable of opening a link in a new tab to get the URL.
The bar makes me feel safe.
No. 459 ID: eda57e
File 125708190424.png - (5.97KB , 400x400 , Alpaca.png )

I updated my quest and alpaca quest's pages.
For the former I used AfterQuest's as a template, it's a pretty good example of what a more developed page can look like, so I suggest using that if you're lazy :p
No. 460 ID: f4963f

In particular, I'm fond of the little image + archive links table AQ has in the upper right. I stole the table's code for NicQuest's article as well, and later, I intend to pretty up other articles with little side-image-table things and such as well.

In a little while, I intend to put up some guidelines for de-stubbing quest pages, since quest pages are the meat of the wiki, as well as tgchan itself.

I guess I'll just mention right now that the most helpful contribution that requires minimal writing and wiki-fu would just be dang archive links. There's a lot of different quests, and some of them have several chapters. I've been seeing people putting up archive links on their own, and this makes me very, very happy. It means that one of the most important bits of info is there, and that we won't have to spend hours digging back when we decide to finally pretty up the articles.

It's also very useful. I find it much easier to type a name into the wiki and click an archive link than I find it to scroll back through howevermany pages of quest archives we have. Which is, I suppose, the entire point. Love you guys for contributing. <3
No. 538 ID: 135d9a

Hey this seems kind of relevant.

So I've noticed a bunch of people lamenting lately that TGchan has been slower than it used to be, say, a month ago. Certainly, some portion of this can be attributed to the unexpected downtimes (y'know, with peripheral users seeing an error and not coming back), but it still got me thinking about how I found this place to begin with.

And I remembered that the whole reason I wound up on TGchan is because while browsing TV Tropes I found the link to the Ruby Quest 1d4chan article, which led me to #rubyquest.

So I guess what I'm wondering is, does anyone think it would be worth it to write TV Tropes articles for (at least) the longer TGchan quests? Obviously these things would take a while, but if anybody else thinks it would be worth it I could at least start throwing up skeletal articles on there.

Also I have been neglecting the TGchan Wiki. :< I will get right on going through my HUEG LIST O' QUESTS as soon as I'm not being smothered by midterms, I promise.
No. 563 ID: f4963f

So earlier today, I was asked on #tgchan what would best help the wiki right now.

Let me just repost the answer here, in case anyone else is interested. The answer is QUESTS. They're the meat of tgchan, and having fleshed-out quest articles would be a great boon.

In particular, archive links are very useful. I've noticed a few people stuffing archive links into articles, and the efforts are very much appreciated. The links are one of the most important bits of info in the wiki (it saves a lot of time archive spelunking, for one), and any archive link additions are greatly appreciated.

In the future, what I may begin doing is declaring an 'Article of the week' to focus our efforts on, in an attempt to stomp out stubs one by one.

Oh, and as a side note, Dylan's recently appointed me as a wiki admin; if anyone needs an image nuked, or if there's reason to believe a page should be protected, just let me know. We haven't had anything but light vandalism in the past, but...
No. 568 ID: 7da6cc

So I should start up some heavy vandalism so you have something to do? Can do.
No. 935 ID: f4963f
File 125775549264.png - (27.00KB , 800x600 , End_Is_Nigh.png )

Alright, wikifags. Earlier, I mentioned the possibility of a 'Page of the Week' type deal to flesh out the wiki. In particular our quest pages, the meat of the tgchan community, are fairly thin.

So this week, we are going to begin with The End. The End is probably one of the best-known quests on tgchan: It's the first one in the archives, it's got a kickin' robot butler and an eccentric astronomer who's trying to save the world, and it's spawned a great deal of fanart to boot.

Despite all this, The End's wiki page is looking rather anorexic. We should do something about this.

Here's the wiki link: http://www2.tgchan.org/wiki/The_End
No. 965 ID: f4963f

Alright. Thanks to the awesome work of Ashs, we now have a Featured Article page on the front. Which, contrary to conventional featured article things, actually shows articles we're targeting for improvement, rather than 'this is an example of what an awesome article is'.

If we get big enough, I might consider adding an 'Article of the Month' or whatever to showcase particularly interesting pages.

I have gone ahead and added a basic layout to The End's page, to make the prospect of filling in details less intimidating to those with low wiki-fu. Those who are talented in wiki-fu are free to screw around with the formatting as they please, but those that don't know the first thing about categorizing or tables of contents can rest easy knowing that all they have to do is type around the little divider things.

Here's the link again:

No. 969 ID: 7f4e82
File 125786841198.png - (94.08KB , 800x957 , 124926987321[1].png )


The Ends setting is fairly detailed and Anti-Sex is set there too, should Caelum get its own article or should it just be part of The End page?

This might be a good idea for a few other quests....
No. 971 ID: f4963f

Hmm. I think the best approach would be to have Caelum be its own article, and then to just describe it briefly for the The End article with a link to the full one.

We could also link to the Caelum article from ASQ's, then, and avoid being redundant. <3

This is a good idea, thank you for bringing it up.
No. 973 ID: 43d730

Separate Setting and Quest articles, maybe?
No. 975 ID: 7eda8b

I'd say put the Caelum stuff in The End. If it gets too large and unwieldy, THEN put it in its own article.

Do it like you're growing a tree, not building a house, where you have to lay out the foundations ahead of time and so forth.
No. 976 ID: f4963f

Righto. We'll make this the plan for now.
No. 1081 ID: f4963f

Hey guys! Just wanted to say, the entry's looking great. Thanks to everyone who helped.

There's really only one major bit remaining, and that's the galleries at the bottom. In paticular, Official Art and Fanart.

There's a lot of Fanart for The End (particularly in the second and third threads).


And the official art is easy to find in The End's own threads, as well as in the discussion thread. All of those are linked to from The End's article.

Really, all that remains is a few aesthetical gripes, but content-wise, it's all there, and that's mainly what we're looking for at this point. Thanks, guys. <3
No. 1170 ID: f4963f
File 125835095261.png - (131.77KB , 768x768 , Deep_Splash.png )

Wow, The End is looking gread. Thanks for the contributions, guys. <3

This week, we're going to focus our efforts on Deep. Awesome quest, immersive, and as of the time I made it Page of the Week, had maybe one sentence in the wiki. I know we can do better than that.

No. 1394 ID: f4963f
File 12589419358.png - (161.86KB , 768x768 , Ven_Nosechomp.png )

It's beginning to occur to me that some of these articles will take more than a week to flesh out in full, and fa/tg/uy energy may wane based on the time of the year and what D&D supplements have come out recently.

As such, I'll be renaming the concept 'Project Page' or somesuch. Deep in particular is going to take longer than a week to do, as will future pages like Dive, Journey, and ... Mudy. Man, there's so much the Mudy article's going to need.

Anyway, in light of it being 4 hours til midnight here, and the Deep article (I keep typing Dive, damnit) being only about ~60% complete, I think I'm going to keep it up.

In the meantime, though, I'd be curious to hearing a vote as to what you guys would like the next project page to be.
No. 1396 ID: 135d9a

Well you just suggested Dive, Journey and Mudy in your post there. :V

All of them sound like good candidates, given that they're all very well-regarded and yet none of the three has a decent wiki article yet, but I have no idea which one ought to be written first.
No. 1481 ID: fe0817

Related to the Mudy Quest topic, I am trying to find the links to the chapters between ch 31 and act 2 part 2 for the archival links. Any one got the lost links?

As well, Romanticar 2 or parts of Romanticar Underground would need archival links as well, since my google-fu is too low.
No. 1482 ID: f4963f

As I recall, Mudy Arc 2 Part 1 had a fake-out intro. It's one of the nine thousand indistinct ones with the protagonist waking up. I'd find it, but I honestly have to finish packing up for a family trip.

At the moment, the most useful thing for the Mudy article would be an archive link dump. Between that and upgrading the DiveQuest article, we should be good.
No. 1539 ID: 8e18cd

AlienQuest article would really profit from getting a little more than just links to the threads.
No. 1613 ID: fe0817


I am updating Mudy quest little by little.

Also, does anyone have the links to Romanticar 2 or 3?

That is all that is lacking in the Romanticar pages.

Also, I would like to request, if possible, for the authors to update the wiki page with links.
No. 1616 ID: f4963f

The archive link dump in the Mudy article is AWESOME. And makes it freaky to realize just how huge the quest was. Many thanks for that bit.

I should have some free time tomorrow. Perhaps I'll dig up some old Romanticar links then. <3
No. 1618 ID: bec2a7
File 125956075771.jpg - (23.33KB , 460x288 , sleep-computer-460_1205647c[1].jpg )

Sorry already did all the Romanticar links too :3

As for possible next featured quests I'd suggest:
Alien Quest
After Quest
Connection Lost
Dive Quest
Ant Quest (though I haven't really followed this)

Mudy Quest should defiantly wait until we're all more experienced at this and can make the article it deserves.
Id also suggest making Journey low priority as it has its own wiki, likewise for Joan as there's an article on 1d4chan.

Also are featured articles staying featured articles for as long as it takes?
If so by what measure is an article considered finished ?
Personally I think The End article could have done with a little more, or is the aim just to turn stubs into articles?
No. 1619 ID: f4963f

The main goal is to turn stubs into articles. More could be done with The End, to be sure, but at the moment, The End is actually probably the second best article on the wiki.

The best, of course, is John's. http://www2.tgchan.org/wiki/John_%28Joandventure%29

Currently, the featured article / project page / whatever is going to stay the focus until it's sufficiently de-stubbed. Deep was a hard target, perhaps I should have chosen something easier.

You do make a good point about Journey. That being the case, we should probably throw a link to the Journey wiki up on Journey's page.

Right now, I'm aiming for long-running quests that don't seem likely to die, but that are under-reported on the wiki. Alien's sort of a zombie quest in that it almost died, then returned, but fits the bill nicely.

Mudy is important, but should probably wait until not-anywhere-near-finals-week time.

And I know Numbers wants his article's page fleshed out.

Based on this input, I'm thinking Alien and Dive should be our next two priorities. Dive will be trickier to update because there's 13ish threads to cover, and we'll have to design it in a way that doesn't make new updates too hard; it's one of the more frequently-updating quests.

Thank you for adding the Romanticar links. <3

In that case, I will direct tomorrow's energy towards improving the Deep article instead.

So yeah. Thank you guys. <3
No. 1620 ID: 135d9a

Assuming the link to a "Journey Quest Wiki" currently on our JQ page is accurate, the JQ wiki kind of consists of one page with three sentences and a picture on it at the moment.

Just sayin'.
No. 1639 ID: fe0817

My sincere thanks to whoever updated the wiki for Romanticar and Mudy.

Please clarify for me, but I thought one main point for the wiki is easy access to archived threads? Or a brief description of the quest for readers to be interested?
No. 1640 ID: f4963f

Both of these, more or less. Archive Links are particularly important, they save a lot of time for people who want to read or reference past threads.
No. 1662 ID: 280f7c

Hey, Mind if I add in Castaway Quest?
No. 1664 ID: f4963f

By all means, please do. There's a few new quests that don't have wiki articles yet, creating pages for them is very helpful. :)
No. 1665 ID: 280f7c

alright Just a quick question how do I create a new page? I've never done that before I have edited plenty of articles just never had to create an entire page.
No. 1666 ID: 280f7c

Never mind I now have a page going! I'm not sure how well built it is though...>>''
No. 1714 ID: 9891a9

I changed the Feature Article this week since Deep has had 3 weeks of it running. Adept, whenever you get around to IRC again, we ought to devise up an ordered list of articles so we can truly make the "Weekly" features Weekly.
No. 1719 ID: fe0817

How about randomizing the article so any one could appear? It requires less maintenance.
No. 1729 ID: 135d9a

The point of the Weekly Features (for the moment) is "this article should be better," as opposed to Wikipedia-style "this article is great."

In other news, I threw up a whole bunch of stub articles to cover hopefully all or at least most of the quests that have started or updated lately that didn't already have articles. They are quite minimal but do have archive links; feel free to make them longer if you find the time and drive.

And I still say Journey should be the next feature after Dive. I probably said it before, but it only has its own wiki in the most nominal sense (i.e. there is exactly one page with three sentences on it, plus an image).
No. 1758 ID: 135d9a

And some more stubs~

Honestly I really probably ought to make these longer and more descriptive, but I'm having trouble finding focus right now. :/
No. 1903 ID: ac8bac
File 126068189795.jpg - (172.43KB , 1920x1083 , list2.jpg )

So during my archive lurking for various link dumps i also made a list of every archived quest without an article on the wiki...

Are there any prerequisites (length, quality etc.) before a quest gets an article, or is the plan to record every quest?
No. 1912 ID: 217dae

Ideally, every quest should have a stub.
No. 1914 ID: f4963f

Why is Rurouni on that list? It has an article.


The one-shot quests are kept in a separate category from the other quests:


Otherwise, quest article stubs would be awesome.

Anything that's one-shot or graveyarded doesn't need to be marked as a stub; just categorize it as ((Dead Quest)) or ((One-Shot Quest)) appropriately.

Thanks, man. :>
No. 1965 ID: 62278b


Ok I *think* thats it

Every archived quest *should* now have a stub somewhere in the wiki with the following four exceptions:

These 3 because they need title confirmation

Guy with shades

Sliouette girl with hatch

Somekind of blob



...because I know it relates to one of Trips other quests but i don't know which

I'll try and do the same for the graveyard at some point...

(Apologies if ive fucked up anything, my wiki-fu is very bad)
No. 1985 ID: 34470e

The Alien Quest Wiki page has been untouched for a long time. I think it's time to move on to a different quest.

I suggest:
No. 1987 ID: f4963f

Actually, I was thinking... since JourneyQuest ended recently, it might make a good target article.
No. 1991 ID: 6550ad

Yeah, I think that Journey Quest deserves to be the article of the week.
No. 2113 ID: 8e18cd

AlienQuest entry is solid gold right now. Except for adding images it looks pretty nice.

I vote for Journey to be the next upgraded entry.
No. 2114 ID: bb9130

Can I just confirm that I need an acount to upload images to the wiki?
No. 2115 ID: 8e18cd


Yeah you do
No. 2125 ID: 51d0f5

Is sul's ass really what we want hesitant new readers to see first? It's been on the front page for quite some time.
No. 2126 ID: 25f375

It's a test of endurance - if they can read past Sul's ass, they're worthy of reading all the murrier, purrier adventures that circulate our beloved quest board.
No. 2128 ID: f4963f

No. 2129 ID: 9891a9

I'm trying to update the featured article and will attempt to remember it every week, but I can't upload any files. Anything I try ends in an error:

Internal error
Could not rename file "/tmp/phpOIByWF" to "public/3/3d/MyFile.png".

The objects in quotes change every time I try to upload, so I've no idea what the problem is. Other attempts yielded the following.

Could not rename file "/tmp/phplrpRBN" to "public/e/eb/AnotherTry.jpg"

Could not rename file "/tmp/phpvnfJtG" to "public/1/1c/Filename.jpg".

No. 2135 ID: e0499d

you're doing it wrong probably...
are you just uploading the object, and attempting to put it in under another name?
No. 2222 ID: 9891a9

Speaking of, what should be the featured after Journey Quest? We really should make a proper listing of what needs improvement.

It was the same image every time, but I changed it to png after jpg failed twice. Once that failed, I stopped.
No. 2223 ID: cd4d81

There should be a list of what was already a featured article.

As far as I remember (no particular order):

- Deep
- The End
- Alien Quest
- Bite Quest (?)
- Journey
- Dive Quest

But, if I may add, Journey Quest page is still a bit... empty? It's definitly worth to work on it a bit more.

Also, suggesting Kara Quest.
No. 2225 ID: 6550ad


Hmm, I don't think Bitequest has been featured yet.

And going to quote Typo here coz I'm lazy

>The point of the Weekly Features (for the moment) is "this article should be better," as opposed to Wikipedia-style "this article is great."

And there are a lot of quests that need more work on their articles than Kara Quest, which only needs a proper gallery.
No. 2236 ID: 3416ec

I added a chapter summary to Knight Blades. I hope it is satisfactory.
No. 2736 ID: c42be6

Thanks to Dylan, all thread links to /quest/ (e.g. http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/42587.html) will now automatically redirect to either /questarch/ or /graveyard/ if necessary. While I'm sure this will be useful for when threads get moved, I'm not sure if we should try and keep links consistent to the actual location, or have them be to /quest/ across the board.
No. 2781 ID: fc2a27

okay, since im bored as shit and i really have nothing else to do, ill do work on the wiki for whatever people ask me to do. Anyways, im usually on IRC (both #rubyquest and #tgchan) so if you need something done, just hit me up.
No. 2791 ID: 135d9a

Threw up another pile of stubs.

Wish I wasn't the only one doing this.
No. 2916 ID: e973f4


Seriously, nice work on all of that stuff that you did. 'spretty cool and whatnot.
No. 2919 ID: e921b3
File 126563197789.jpg - (111.25KB , 1155x967 , categories.jpg )


Eh, not sure where else to ask this:
The categories are a bit obscure to me. Could somebody give more info on what belongs where?

Four things I want to ask specifically:

1. The inital purpose of the rule to not add One-Shots to the [Category:Quests] seems to be that One-Shots would cluster up the [Category:Quests]. But atm there are 200+ entries in [Category:Quests] and ~20 in [Category:One-Shot Quests]. Would it really be that bad to add One-Shots to [Category:Quests] ?

2. Does a One-Shot Quest with images belong into [Category:Image Quests] ?

3. Are One-Shots unique enough to warrant their category?

4. Does an Image Quest also belong to [Category:Quest] or only to [Category:Image Quest} ?

(pic semi-related)

The thing is, some few quests seem to be incorrectly categorised, but before anybody tries to correct stuff, it would nice to know more about the system.
No. 3051 ID: 126d08

From my understanding, the reason One-Shots have their own category is so readers who want to read something shorter and quicker have those options.

I don't think they need to be separate from the comprehensive list of quests, however.
No. 3114 ID: f4963f

This was the original reasoning, yes. However, you're right - one-shots wouldn't really cluster up the main quest list as much as I thought, since there's so many damn quests to begin with. I'd be cool with adding them to the main Quests category.
No. 3250 ID: d8aa80

Lev, you are a goddamn champion. I would like to say that you have edited the fuck out of the wiki. I only wish you would update more ;_;
No. 3262 ID: fc8259

I'm mostly adding stubs and doing framework. What the articles really need would be some fleshing out.

Incidentally, let me mention that the new featured article is MUDYQUEST (yes, that one. Get writin' stuff!).
No. 3276 ID: fb1d95

Did you take over the wiki in a coup when nobody was looking or something?
No. 3279 ID: fc8259
File 126713608254.png - (43.50KB , 600x600 , les_french.png )

Un coup? Moi!? Mais non!

Well, the wiki is a collaborative effort and I can't help but think that the image that is created here tends to be somewhat onesided...

So, back to topic n' stuff.
No. 3479 ID: 3416ec

GOSH you're such a slave driver! D:<

Just kidding. I'm peckin' away at it.
No. 4083 ID: e973f4

Alright so hey guys.

I dunno where Lev or Adept are at but with neither of them especially active on the wiki as of late it could sure use some help.

I've been trying to make a habit of throwing up barebones articles that have a (laughable) description of the quest plus some relevant threadlinks; I might try fleshing out some of these later, but the point is this thing really needs more than a couple of people working on it to really be a good resource. :O

So, uh, I guess what I'm saying is, let's get some wiki done!
No. 4090 ID: e973f4


On a related note, this might prove useful ???
No. 4099 ID: e973f4
File 127346976581.jpg - (140.38KB , 400x593 , The_shining_heres_johnny.jpg )


SO I JUST WIKIFIED ALL OF /questarch/, /quest/... AND /graveyard/

No. 4106 ID: 25fc10

You are a god among disembodied voices.
No. 4148 ID: 3416ec


Holy crap.
No. 4151 ID: 731b16

Truly awesome, man! Our wikifags don't get the love and attention they deserve.
No. 5080 ID: a594b9


Can someone please change the Featured Article? The Nanquest article got plenty of lovin', and it looks great. So, switch it to something else.
No. 5084 ID: e973f4

Pick something and I will make it happen!
No. 5094 ID: a594b9

How about Gobbo Quest? It's looking pretty stubby.
No. 5095 ID: 9f875b

I request someone make a list of previously featured quests.
No. 5097 ID: 006690

- Deep
- The End
- Alien Quest
- Journey Quest
- Dive Quest
- Nan Quest
- Mudy Quest

As far as I remember and not in chronological order. Completeness of this list is not guaranteed.
No. 5101 ID: e973f4

That sounds about right.
No. 5163 ID: 0c9433

Don't forget to gather up all the fanart.

We need all the stray pieces.
No. 5185 ID: 903f16

I've started to add some more completed quests to the Completed /tg/ Quests section and a couple running quests to the running /tg/ quests section. I'll try to work on creating the dead /tg/ quest index and adding to it later, but that's going to be a huge section. Honestly the state of those sections is terrible it seems like no one here has been to /tg/ in ages. It still had Bad Guy Quest as active, that one stopped six months ago.
No. 5191 ID: e973f4

More power to you. I considered doing this at one point but the threads seem to have been archived rather incoherently. :V
No. 5641 ID: 2fa60a

Disable anonymous editing. The spam has to go.
No. 5649 ID: 1a99f0

No. 5651 ID: 03640a

Some bots constantly try to add random garbage or links filled with internet-aids.
No. 5652 ID: 34470e

I'm starting to think this is a good idea.
No. 5661 ID: 1e9d01

I agree. I mean, IPs are recorded so there's no need for anonymity.
No. 5664 ID: f95872

I don't understand what you were trying to say. While I have no influence over the wiki, and thus my understanding is irrelevant, your post may well seem meaningless to others as well.
No. 5710 ID: e973f4

Alright, anonymous editing is now disabled.

Since it's not like it's difficult to get an account or anything.
No. 7538 ID: d677cc


No. 7539 ID: 3416ec

But I love you, Wiki! I just don't have enough content to update you with. :c
No. 7555 ID: d560d6

Dyyyyylllllannnnn...any chance you'll get around to installing the ParserFunctions extension any time soon?

Shiny infobox templates await! Rather than a broken and confused pile of markup slumming about under my userpage namespace.
No. 7559 ID: f4963f

Added stubs for: Sammy's Adventure, It is the Far Flung Future of 1999.

Updated BiteQuest's author template to include Sammy's Adventure, added template to Karen's Heart page.

Updated Gnome's author template.

Created redirects for HTRAP -> How To Raise A Princess and EDF -> Earth Defense Force.
No. 7681 ID: d560d6

There is not Template:Lucid on the Journey Quest node, nor does Template:Lucid exist to point to his other quest. This is, clearly, a travesty.

...someone whose brain is working better than mine at the moment can fix that, though.
No. 7683 ID: f4963f

Lucid template now exists and has been applied to the following pages: Journey Quest, Riarda Legends, Shed a Tear, Lucid.

Those are all the Lucid quests I'm aware of...

Next up on the template hit-list: Gnoll. Gnoll! What are your quests?
No. 7684 ID: f4963f

Edit: Gnoll template exists, just not on Gnoll's author page. For... some reason.

This has also been rectified.
No. 7728 ID: d560d6

Right, I've been doing a lot of work to The Icon, as it's a pretty info-heavy quest that benefits greatly from having a reference available. In general I'm ordering the article by discovery order/degree of spoilerness so that you can read it alongside the archived threads (that's why the reference gallery's near the top). It still needs more info, but at least we can tie down some of the names being thrown about:

In particular, I've created a couple of general-purpose templates for it:

I'm also proposing turning the big image reference, which is already out of date, into wikimarkup---see over here: >>/questdis/332920 . That'd involve a whole load of image uploads which would benefit from a common prefix or something to keep them neat. (Proper Mediawiki namespaces need to be set up by the server admin and I'm not even sure if you can have multiple image ones.)
No. 7781 ID: dab2fd

So I had an idea. After discovering it didn't have a wiki article or a listing in Beakie's template, I went ahead and added a page for Frisbee Quest.


But what would be really cool would be if we could find a way to emulate the textless, picture-only format of the quest for its article - this would entail finding a way to link to the archives that doesn't involve words. I thought I'd throw the idea out here and see if anyone has ideas. We could always write something up, but I think we could make it pretty stylish.

I dunno. What do you guys think?
No. 7788 ID: f35afd

Is it possible to have images that hotlink to somewhere else? My only other idea would be some ascii art that piped to the archive.
No. 7789 ID: dab2fd

That's my main question. An image-link would be great. ASCII wouldn't be a bad fallback, though. Hadn't even considered that.
No. 7826 ID: d560d6


Careful with that, though; it's pretty annoying when you want to get to the actual page for the image.
No. 8336 ID: 2563d4


I've added people's entry dates to the article via a little template since they seem significant and are the kind of mostly-static reference data wikis are good for. It still needs pictures uploaded for a summary bios for some of them. The part summaries could do with an agressive edit, too, to summarise the key events rather than just list "Nan did this, Nan did that".
No. 8665 ID: 0549ec
File 128670180180.png - (49.32KB , 955x517 , [10_10_10][11_54_08][Maxthon Shot].png )

Ah, another undernourished wiki for a genuinely good project. There's always work to do.

Just voicing my thoughts, feel free to disagree.

1. Standardizationise. Having awesome featured articles displayed on the front page is good, but enforcing them as standard is one of the staples of a consistent database.
And with all due respect to Typo, http://tgchan.org/wiki/Typo/Minimum_Standard_Template doesn't exactly cut it.

2. Pic related. Seeing this kind of notes on the editing page has saved me a lot of effort (and trouble) in the past. I figure that these parts can only be modified by an admin. For now I see only a link to article standards/guidelines as necessary there.

3. Suggestions. We could use some sort of discussion page, where ideas can be bounced around until they're actually implemented. And by "cound use" I mean "I've already got something to put there".
The same ideas could very well be discussed right here, but imageboards don't understand wiki-code so to illustrate your suggestions you'd have to post an image/screenshot OR link to the wiki. Why not just hold the discussion right there?

4. To-do lists. More often than not they're contained on user pages, but having a single list on who's planning to do what is much more useful IMO. This list could be stored in Community Portal, or replace the super-funny image in Current Events.

5. Accessibility.
5a. "Alright, let's create a page. Ah, what was the character to put before REDIRECT? Hey, there's an Editing Help link here, I'll click it to find out." And end up looking at three lines of text. That is not how you ask questions, Ruby. The "sexy wiki links" from the main page should be there, and basically anything regarding wiki mark-up.
5b. Take a look at the bottom right section here: http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/index.php/Main_Page , the "Editors" one. That's helpful. I mean, not all of it is relevant to this wiki, sure, but it shows everything that it should. The "Helping out" section on our wiki already looks a great deal like this, it just needs a bit of tidying up.

6. And for God's sake, please put a link to the wiki from /questdis/. Possibly other boards too.

Inb4 "anyone can hurt a contributor", "why don’t you go and do it yourself", etc. I will, as soon as time constraints allow me.

Oh yeah, I'm http://tgchan.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/ArsonCat , in case anyone wonders.

P.S. Reposting due to broken links.
No. 8669 ID: 2563d4

1) I'm trying to get a proper semi-semantic infobox up but I'm waiting on Dylan for the ParserFunctions extension so I can do optional arguments.
2) Based on my research (yes, actual research), once you hit big, overemphasised notes like that, people stop reading.
5) Documenting Mediawiki is what Mediawiki's site is for.
6) There *is* one on /quest/, right under the title!
No. 8670 ID: 7497d8

> 1) I'm trying to get a proper semi-semantic infobox up but I'm waiting on Dylan for the ParserFunctions extension so I can do optional arguments.
Cool. Any ETA on that? As in, weeks, months, "when I have the time"?

> 2) Based on my research (yes, actual research), once you hit big, overemphasised notes like that, people stop reading.
Then if I were in your sample, I'd fall on the very margin of it. Besides, it doesn't have to be that bloated, as I've said.

> 5) Documenting Mediawiki is what Mediawiki's site is for.
But wouldn't it simply be nice to have a handy link to http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Contents nearby?

> 6) There *is* one on /quest/, right under the title!
Yeah, hence why I said /questdis/, not /quest/. I'm one of those non-frame weirdos, so to get to the wiki from a /questdis/ thread I have to go to the top of the page, click /quest/ and then the wiki link.
It's not that big of a deal, just gets annoying after a while.
No. 8671 ID: 2563d4

>Any ETA on that?
Like I said, it can't be reasonably done without an extension---any useful infobox has to have optional arguments to support the many quests which have nontrivial thread organisation or naming, and even to allow a variable number of threads in the first place! :/

Help:Contents on our wiki should probably just point to Mediawiki's editing docs, yeah.

Perhaps a wiki link should be up with [WT] [Home] [Manage], or on the left with [questarch].
No. 8673 ID: e973f4

>And with all due respect to Typo, http://tgchan.org/wiki/Typo/Minimum_Standard_Template doesn't exactly cut it.
Hey, look, I was just trying to make thread links available to people, since there was some insistence that if nothing else wiki articles should have that at least (and really there never seem to be more than two people actively working on the wiki at any given time).

(But eventually I got way behind and the wiki is now kind of out of date as a whole. At least I went through the graveyard.)
No. 8675 ID: 7497d8

No, I mean, ETA on Dylan bringing ParserFunctions aboard.
Yeah, conditionals are a bitch :<

> Perhaps a wiki link should be up with [WT] [Home] [Manage], or on the left with [questarch].
Either woubd be perfectly enough.

Don't get me wrong. With current level of activity, I'm thankful someone put the effort. I'm just saying there are many ways in which it can be improved.

> (and really there never seem to be more than two people actively working on the wiki at any given time)
Most wikies I've ended up joining so far are in that state. I wasn't even expecting any replies today.
No. 8725 ID: a21da2

I've been looking over the categories ( http://quest.lv/w/index.php?title=Special:Categories&limit=100 ) and here's what I think.

1. The following is about quest categorization only. Not authors, not features, not continuities - quests only.

Tree structure (akin to >>2919) won't fit without considerable duplication. I was trying to draw them as overlapping sets, and while doing this I realized it can be done even more simple: in groups of mutually exclusive tags.
Any quest can have only one "quality" from each of these groups:

* image OR text
* one-shot OR series
* running OR on hiatus OR completed OR dead
* quest (all quests have this for navigational purposes)

This means that, as I see it, any quest entry should have at least four tags which describe what it is and point to similar quests.
Also, some optional categories are needed when something is, for a lack of a better term, "out of the norm":

* quest was run on /tg/
* article is a stub
* author is unknown OR anonymous OR is more than one person

Therefore, a page containing a short note about some anonymous text quest running on /tg/ could have seven tags, which is about as much as it is reasonable for a single page to have.

2. On to other stuff. Author categories (I noticed three, for Capt slowpoke, Gnome and SDF). I don't quite understand what they are for, since every author, in indeterminate future, will have a template with all their quests.

3. A category for a single quest. Sorry guys, but I'm just gonna outright question that. Grouping art/fanart and all that jazz is cool, but do you really think it warrants having 400+ categories, when all that art/fanart could be shown on a quest page, in the gallery.
The only way you're supposed to find a picture is by going on a quest's page. And if you're there, all other images pertaining to that quest are already there, and no category is necessary to find more of them.

There was also a thing about races, but I have stuff tomorrow for which I need at least 7 hours of sleep. I'll continue my good-natured nitpicking later.
No. 8726 ID: f4963f

This is a very nice post. I'll see if I can address some of the category points, as I originally had a hand in setting them up.

Four standardized categories, three of which are binary - I like this a lot.

Stub category should be tied to the {{Stub}} template, to prevent one existing without the other.

Optional /tg/ and a binary collab-anonymous tags are great as well.

2) Author Categories
The reason for these is twofold. The first is that the category system was set up before we had author templates, which are a vastly superior system of linking an author's works together.
The second was that I wanted to be able to tie together all the images and fanart made by a single producer in a way that tgchan's archives and quest pages couldn't. The problem with this is that it requires a lot more overhead and isn't very friendly to people who want to just casually upload an image and add it to a quest's page. In light of subsequent developments, I don't believe this is the best use of our time.

Quest categories:
I agree with your assessment completely. This would be the purpose of the fanart galleries. I believe the initial intent was to make it easier to search for all media related to Quest X, including crossover stuff (such as halloween dressup games, etc), but again, I don't think this is the best use of our resources.

I'm just glad that someone who seems to know what they're doing has finally stepped in. My wiki skills are moderate at best, and I think it shows with some of the infrastructure decisions.
No. 8727 ID: d560d6

In an ideal world, we'd be using Semantic Mediawiki (well in an ideal world my PhD project would be more than a nice prototype :V ), and a lot of this would fall out naturally from just annotating things as what they are, like being able to cross-query orthogonal categories, and form proper taxonomies of sub-catagories.

But it's kind of a development thing and god knows how much would explode if Dylan just switched across to it, let alone the risk of giving him more maintenance burden.
No. 8728 ID: 2563d4

Oh, thass me. For some reason my laptop joined the wrong network.
No. 8752 ID: a21da2

I'm glad to see my suggestions receive some support. People can sometimes be horribly protective of their work and it's good that is not the case here.

There's always something better. Code-heavy long-term projects like "transclude everything everywhere", "write a script to search stuff and update pages automatically" or "get a neat semantics MW upgrade and write a bunch of functions to make life easier" are very good on their own, but the tendency is that without enough manpower they are never finished and the idea is eventually abandoned. At the same time a more blunt, low-tech solution is often brushed off in favor of a more "advanced" way to organize stuff.
I'm not saying everything should be done in a two-year-old wiki engine version with headers and pipetables only. I'm saying that it'd make more sense, with our current userbase, to rely on resources available now rather than something that might or might not be installed sometime in the future.
That's merely a single opinion, of course.

4. Races. Currently, this is what deals with races of quest.lv:

Races (includes 15 race articles)

Races (a page covering 11 widely featured ones)
66 pages dedicated to a single race each (15 of which belong to Cat: Races), interlinked with a template; many are stubs

Races (a neat box-o-links to pages)

Evidently, several people were constructing this and there's a bit of overlapping. Now, there are different ways to approach this:

1). Single race articles + Template
Kind of how it's organized now. Every species has a page with its description, quests featuring it and a list of other races at the bottom. Requires more maintenance and de-stubbing, and can potentially inflate as authors come up with more and more species. As an added bonus, shows what races are the most popular/famous.
2). Single race articles + Category:Races
Functionally equivalent to 1), but with a category page instead of a box. Has the same dangers. Choosing either 1) or 2) will make the other redundant.
3). One article to rule them all
A huge list with all the info about all kinds of creatures of /quest/. It's easier to find, edit and update, but will have to stay light on the pictures to avoid becoming enormously long and painful to load. It's likely it will at some point anyway.
4). Single race category + Category: Races
Basically, Cat:Races will have 60+ subcategories for each species. A race category will describe the species and link to quests that feature characters of that species, the way Cat: Sergals! does now. This is probably the most "wiki" way to go, but the big downside is that the number of categories associated with a given quest can spiral out of control.

I think it's pretty much established that species info should not be stored on a quest page. In all options above, I assumed a quest page will have links to corresponding articles.

You know what, I'll make a little illustration now, this wall of text isn't seem awfully clear.
No. 8753 ID: a21da2
File 128707077010.png - (89.18KB , 1282x2014 , Безымянный.png )

Here it is.
No. 8754 ID: 2563d4

#2 is the most semantically-correct, since category membership in [Semantic] MediaWiki roughly expresses an is-a relationship. If people really wanted to do things like "list all the quests with Lohrkes in", it'd be better to just use SMW than to mangle the category system like #4 and say "Journey Quest is-a Lohrke is-a Race".

(Also, races are first-class entities, so deserve proper identity [i.e. pages], not mere fragment IDs.)
No. 8755 ID: 2563d4

Also it's worth pointing out, if you didn't know, that Semantic Mediawiki is an actual thing, not a hypothetical:
I really need to catch up on what they've been up to recently.
No. 8768 ID: f4963f

Alright, some thoughts here:

I have a few problems with the template proposal. The template format of races - as it currently stands - shows a list of races from a variety of settings without any sort of context, categorization, or organization. Nautil, Nedynvor and Nevrean are right next to each other, but all appear in completely different quests. How do I know that Lohrke and Engsami exist in the same setting, but not Nevreans? Similar problems appear with just a bighuge list in a single article.

Rather than alphabetically, it seems to be that the most intuitive way to group races is by setting and origin. If I'm looking for information about the Journey setting, I'm not interested in Gobbos, but a 'Races of Layridin' template would be invaluable.

I have two proposals that I think would address the need for a centralized 'Races' hub while providing context and organization to wiki-users searching for information:

1) One Template with Subcategories
Some quest authors already have a format like this for their series, one-shots, etc, and it seems to work pretty well. Divide up the races by setting of origin rather than simply spitting them out in alphabetical order; that way, if I'm looking for information about the Layridin setting, I can look at the bottom of the Lohrke page and see Engsami, Nedynor, and Shocker Crab all under the header of 'Journey Quest'. Convenient!

This proposal unfortunately presents problems for crossover settings or settings that borrow from other quests - Cutebold Slaughter Fest is a prime example. I just gave Lohrke as an example of a Layridin race, but they also exist in CSF alongside Sergals, who would be listed under the Vilous setting, and Cutebolds, whose origins lie in the depths of /tg/. We would either have to accept the possibility of repeat entries in the template (and the possibility of rapid template inflation) or accept that we have to leave some quests hanging.

2) Multiple, setting-specific templates; one Races category

We would create a single [Races] category for all races, for the handful of individuals who are not looking for setting-specific information, but are just genuinely curious about what sort of critters are in the /quest/ world. This would be the full extent that an attempt to centralize races would go - all other effort in races would go into localized spheres of influence. We would create, for example, a 'Races of Cutebold Slaughter Fest' template that could be found on the CSF page linking to the species, a 'Races of Layridin' template to hook together critters from that continuity, etc.

The problem with this proposal is the possibility for a bloated number of templates on the species pages themselves - do we need a template for every quest that randomly has another NORTHERN SERGAL! reference? Do we need 15 different templates on the Cutebold page?

In any event, I disagree with the idea of smashing all the races down onto a single page. I would consider it horrible to lose an article like the Lohrke article ( http://www.tgchan.org/wiki/Lohrke ) because it had to be trimmed down to fit a one-paragraph blurb on a massive wall of text.

I think I am going to tentatively suggest proposal number two - just one single category tag for all races, with the actual organization taking place in localized templates for related species.

Whatever proposal is taken, I suggest we limit any sub-organization to very race-intensive settings, rather than using templates as a sort of list of every setting that race has ever appeared in.

I propose each significant race have its own article, but perhaps settings that don't have bountiful information about their races could be crunched down into a 'Races of X' article. The Lohrke article I mentioned earlier is a great example of a single-page race article, but we might want to do something like a single page for the races of The Icon.

Wow, that was a mouthful. TL;DR: blah blah blah related races go together blah blah blah templates for each setting blah blah blah pages for individual races.
No. 8783 ID: 1d5504

Well, that's kind of awesome. Although I'd probably have to re-learn most of what I know about wiki to make the best use of new semantic tricks.

So, #3 and #4 are pretty much out.

>The template format of races - as it currently stands - shows a list of races from a variety of settings without any sort of context, categorization, or organization.
Yeah, that caught my attention too. Lumping them all alphabetically doesn't make much sense apart from having an index of races. I was thinking of something along the lines of "aerial-aquatic-terrestrial", but setting-based grouping is definitely preferable to that.

The drawbacks you mentioned in both suggestions are valid concerns indeed. So much, in fact, that I'm still on the fence after quite a bit of pondering.

Usually this is the time to ask the viewerbase. What do they want to have on a race page? What do they want it to do?
But it looks like in our case "they" almost equals "we", so I'll try to formulate that:
- A race page should provide info. Backstory, physical description, society, traditions, cuisine - anything goes.
- A race page should tell about quests featuring that race.
- A race page should direct to related races. This one's horribly vague, and will probably have to be sacrificed to an extent.

The first two are nailed down more or less. The third... I don't know. I was going to propose refining the current template and putting races that appear in more than one continuity as "Mixed" (as opposed to "Layridin", for example), but Adept is right. Authors keep borrowing from richer settings. We can expect more and more cameos, and eventually every race will end up in "Mixed".

Another thing we could do is come up with an arbitrary "depth" criterion. If the setting has enough detail to it, like Layridin or Vilous, we link to the setting article under "See Also" on a race page. If it's only a couple of homebrew races, well, tough luck. I don't like that option too much.

Again, sketches coming soon.

Ah, it's been a while since I had a calm, reasoned, civilized discussion like this~
No. 8786 ID: 1d5504
File 128716484589.png - (38.95KB , 1275x709 , doesthisresembleasubwaysystemtoyou.png )

This is slightly modified #2

Couple more notes:
- a "races in this quest" template is a big no-no. All the races that take part in a given quest are already listed as characters
- a "quests that feature this race" template is redundant, since we put this under "Appears in"
- a "other races of the same setting" is impossible to pull off for reasons stated by Adept

I can't think of anything else that belongs to a race page.
No. 8790 ID: d677cc

As somebody who is supposedly of some importance in regard to all of this wiki nonsense, it looks good to me.
No. 8795 ID: f4963f

Alright, so far so good. My question is, then...

-How much need is there for setting articles?
-If we make setting articles, should we coalesce them with continuity articles somehow? (DiveVerse, Rastin-Vresch Continuity, TQ's universe, Layridin...)

I guess what I'm going to say is that I find the idea of a monsters template too silly. The way it's set up now, it's of little use, and contextualized race lists will become large. I suggest a single tag for all race articles ((Category:Races)) to create a race hub, and then setting articles for major settings, which can serve as small hubs for quests and races that relate to one another.

So I guess I'm saying, let's go with the proposed layout there. Although part of me loves templates to death, this is one scenario where the number of continuities create problems.
No. 8798 ID: 2563d4

I'll look at this properly when I don't have a head full of fog.

Really I don't much like explicitly stating inverse relations because they should fall out naturally from specifying them in just the one.
No. 8835 ID: 68324c

>Really I don't much like explicitly stating inverse relations because they should fall out naturally from specifying them in just the one.
Care to elaborate?
No. 8846 ID: 2563d4

If I state
Penji is-a Tozol
then because they are inverse properties, it follows that
Tozol has-instance Penji
and I really shouldn't have to put what is fundamentally the same fact in two places.

Now, I don't know of a single Semantic wiki that does reasoning like this (because although that's simple, in general it's hideously complicated and expensive), but at least allowing bidirectional navigation across a relation is pretty easy. In SMW you can at least throw in a query so that the page for a race automatically lists every character using the fact that those characters were marked up as being of that race (although you may need to make those characters first-class, i.e., give them pages).

...this is all getting way too academic. Sorry. Let me throw up a temporary wikia or something and prototype.
No. 8850 ID: 68324c

But the "Appears in" is more than just stating inverse relations.

In this example, if Penji "is-a" Tozol, I would have the Tozol page state:
Appears in:

In a semantic MW, sure, that's unnecesary. Add a query mark-up to the article and let it show you all the Tozols found in /quest/ (if that's how it works).

But in a non-semantic wiki the only way to show all "has-instance" relations is to make Tozol a category. But we already decided to make them articles, not categories. In an article, you have to put a link to these quests, otherwise you might not even know Venji exists.

Also, I fooled around with "random page" for some time and put down some questions to bring up. Giving each character a page is one of them.

>Let me throw up a temporary wikia or something and prototype.
Please do.
No. 8851 ID: 68324c

>-How much need is there for setting articles?
Low-priority at most, I'd say. They're nice to have but only if there's a spare editor to take on it.
>-If we make setting articles, should we coalesce them with continuity articles somehow?
Yeah, we should I guess. I mean, they're almost the same thing. If you can think of a setting that has more than one continuity on /quest/ (or vice versa, if that makes any sense at all), then it might pose a problem.
No. 8852 ID: 2563d4

Semantics says each character is a first-class entity (you want to make statements about them, like Penji is a Tozol, and Penji is in Tozol Quest), and wikis say that first-class entities are pages.

Unfortunately that's kind of awkward for Mediawiki because you want Penji to really be a section in Tozol Quest. You can transclude it in using the templating system, but then it's a pain to edit. (My system solves this, but academic again.)

Once the Wikia people get back to me on turning on the SMW extension we will see what looks workable. At the moment it has the default set of just a few tens of them(!) http://thatquestsitetemp.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Version
No. 8943 ID: 2563d4

Semantic Mediaiwiki is now enabled, along with Semantic Forms and Semantic Drilldown. I'll try prototyping something later.
No. 9150 ID: 2563d4

Right. I've thrown some very basic things together. This is not necessarily optimal but shows why Semantic Mediawiki might be useful. (I'm afraid Wikia is a horrible mess so please just ignore all the ads and be sure to turn off all the JavaScript rich text smarts if you go to edit anything as they don't understand the new markup. :/ )

We have Tozol_Quest:
Which declares some attributes like who runs it. Penji has identity as a page, which declares that she's a Tozol (which itself is a Race: categories do is-a relations) and appears in that quest (the protagonist relation in Tozol Quest is redundant and ideally just an implied inverse).

The clever bit is that if you look at Tozolverse, the wiki can automatically fill in the quests and races that apply to it by quering the information they declare: Tozol Quest has a setting of Tozolverse, so it gets listed. Likewise Tozol exists-in Tozolverse.

I've done similar things with TestPattern, who gets an automatic list of the quests he's an author of, and Active quests, which can pick out the quests listed on their own pages as being active without them needing to be in an awkward category heirarchy. (You generally need fewer special little categories in SMW because you can do things like this.)

If you want to try stuff out, the docs are here:
Remember to turn off as many horrid Wikia editing features as you can. Categories still seem to vanish into a little bar below the editing area though.
No. 9176 ID: 3df3c1

Thanks LP.
So, let's see:

Pro: the {{#ask:}} query stuff is really really nifty, I'll give it that.
Pro: being able to straightforwardly define (custom?) relations , e.g. "is-a", "exists-in", "protagonist-of" instead of conforming to wiki terms (category = is-a) makes for a more intuitive and effective organization.

Con: ads ;_; I have not yet figured out how to make my adblocker eat them properly. They load when I reach the bottom and send me to the top once they're loaded. Very annoying.
Con: we have to rebuild the whole wiki. Jesus.

Although I lean more towards the conservative side, I have no qualms with recreating the wiki on SMW. Thing is, I'm afraid we hardly have the manpower to both start working on the SMW version and keep updating quest.lv/wiki

So I ask you, /wiki/. Shall we run a voting for OldMediaWiki vs NewSemanticsGod or keep doing both at half speed?
No. 9180 ID: 2563d4

The ads (and rebuilding) are not a Semantic Mediawiki thing, they are a Wikia thing. I am under no circumstances suggesting that we move to Wikia, because it's horrible. Even if Dylan never has time ever again to do a thing to the software on ours, let alone install the SMW extension on it.

There's a reason I put "temp" in the name for it.
No. 9184 ID: 2563d4

Incidentally, if you go to http://thatquestsitetemp.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Preferences when logged in, you should be able to change your skin to Monobook and at least find things again, like the left-hand toolboxes. Wikia seem to have broken the ability for me to change this default for everyone. This may or may not also disable some of the hateful and broken "helpful" JavaScript and ads.
No. 9185 ID: 2563d4

Incidentally, if you go to http://thatquestsitetemp.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Preferences when logged in, you should be able to change your skin to Monobook and at least find things again, like the left-hand toolboxes. Wikia seem to have broken the ability for me to change this default for everyone. This may or may not also disable some of the hateful and broken "helpful" JavaScript and ads.
No. 9363 ID: 3df3c1

Well, judging by the enormous amounts of feedback we got in the last several days, it's safe to say noone gives a shit SMW is a more desirable, but not yet reachable option.

Meanwhile, I hope you guys will be okay with me straightening up category tags as per >>8725 when I have some spare time.
Which leads me to another thing. There should be an agreement on what exactly "on hiatus" or "dead" stands for. My proposal:
"On Hiatus": one month since last author update or when the author explicitly says the quest is on hold.
"Dead": six months since last author update or when the author explicitly states the quest has been abandoned.

I think half a year is enough for anyone to make up their mind whether they want to pick up their child or not.
No. 9382 ID: 2563d4

I'm not sure that distinction is meaningful, especially if only defined by an arbitrary cut-off time.
No. 9523 ID: 4f6e37

tgchan wiki more like bgchan wiki
seriously bg has been a busy little whatever-bg-is
No. 9525 ID: 2563d4

Bg apparently doesn't know how to preview, or even mark as minor edit.
No. 9850 ID: 901fff
File 128975336440.gif - (346.61KB , 180x100 , z-1162489096304.gif )

> http://quest.lv/wiki/User:LionsPhil/InfoboxProto
No. 9851 ID: 9d50af

No. 9852 ID: 2563d4


I'll roll it out as soon as I can get an admin to delete the existing, blank Template:Infobox someone tried to create, since that's in the way of a move-deploy. Supposed moving that out of the way should have let me then trample the resultant single-redirect, but Mediawiki doesn't want to play ball.
No. 9854 ID: 2563d4

And we're live:

No. 9865 ID: 2563d4

I see ArsonCat is busy replacing uses of {{TavStub}} with stub. I'm fine with unifying that slightly odd distinction, but should we move the amputated Lohrke to replace the current stub image, since they make the same joke but the Tav version is more topical?
No. 9866 ID: 2563d4

(Edit comments)
>forgot that image comments don't work in templates :(
Well, I (probably) could make them work, but I'm not sure if image captions would really work that great in infoboxes. (If nothing else it'll end up with every quest having a forced witty one---and then what will we complete the "something something" line with?!?!)

>threads are partially on suptg! what do I do, Phil?! ;_;
Eeeeeechhh, I noticed that with TeQ, too and it's damn LiveJournal links. Maybe I'll complicate the already horrendously complex template some more by allowing arbitrary thread URIs later. :|

Bleh. If they're not native to tgchan, why are they even on our wiki? :V
No. 9867 ID: 70d9eb

Because this is the only quest wiki.
No. 9885 ID: f4963f

Heh. There are three stub templates: TavStub, JohnStub and Stub.

Stub's Alice's leg, but it's not really identifiable as such. I added the Tav one, and then... I added the John-Ear one just to troll John, prettymuch.
No. 9888 ID: 754124

Yeah. Make the Tav image the one for the normal stub. It's more identifiable as what it is.
No. 9890 ID: 901fff

> Well, I (probably) could make them work, but I'm not sure if image captions would really work that great in infoboxes.
Nah, don't sweat it.

I'm all for trolling fellow authors, but I'd rather not dupe templates for that.
And the {{Stub}} image, yeah... if you didn't tell me it's Alice's leg, I'd never figure that out. The Tav one's more legible, so to say.

There are also {{Nolink}} and {{Noauthor}}, which can be found here ( http://quest.lv/wiki/Category:Articles_without_links ) and here ( http://quest.lv/wiki/Category:Articles_without_quest_authors_credited ) respectively, and they're quite different from the general style of {{Spoilers}} and {{Stub}}.

There's other stuff I've noticed could use some tinkering, but that's for another time when enough of those accumulate.

Oh, and you might be wondering why I skip all over the quests with Random Page instead of going to the quest index and doing everything from A to Z. Firstly, completely uncategorized quest articles exist, so there's essentially no way for me to find them (from the index) unless I know what to look for, and I obviously haven't been around here for that long. Secondly, skipping around is considerably less boring to me.
No. 9916 ID: 2563d4

>so there's essentially no way for me to find them (from the index) unless I know what to look for
Although the "more fun" argument is fine.
No. 9917 ID: 2563d4

Right. {{TavStub}} has now been replaced with {{Stub}} across the whole wiki, and {{Stub}}'s image is now Tav.

Because I don't want to be a total killjoy, though, what I've done is modify Stub to support overriding the character in use; adding to the list basically means adding an appropriately-named image (and documenting it on the Template's page). So Sergal-y quests can still have John's pitiful beauty for their template, and Silvermoon can still have multiple stub templates. (Doing this now.)

If someone knows the original image for that Tav stub, a PNG version would be appreciated, since currently its JPG-ness is handled as a special case, and converting via a lossy format would be bad.
No. 9918 ID: 2563d4

Oh, w.r.t. nolink/noauthor, they're probably fine being as ugly as hell because they should be shouting HEY YOU YES YOU FIX THIS RIGHT NOW, whereas stubs and the like may well be something that sits around for months or years until someone can put in the not inconsiderable effort to write up a quest nicely. And "spoilers" is of course pretty much permanent. (I'm wondering if there's a better icon for that than the car spoiler.)

The Sergal cull is complete. >:3c
No. 9919 ID: 2563d4

...and {{Noauthor}} is hardly used relative to the number of quests which got wikified without people actually filling in Typo's copy-paste template:


Ugh. Ever get the feeling we need a Category:Threads Not Clutting Up The Quests Category Because They Died After A Single Session? :V
No. 9920 ID: f4963f

This was part of the reasoning behind the Running Quests category as well as the original reason that one-shot quests were shunted off the main list into their own little world. I'm not really sure if that was an elegant solution in itself, though, either.
No. 9921 ID: 2563d4

>partially on suptg
I'll probably sort out that troublesome Tezakia thing next.

Also I've routed all the notice templates, including the ugly error ones, through Template:Notice anyway since apparently we have plenty of quests where the author is lost to history. :/ Some could benefit from icons; see the community portal.
No. 9936 ID: 2563d4

Sure is LionsPhil in here today!

If anyone wants to pick up the other 20-odd, I've done down to "Narwhal Quest" in this list adding infoboxes, which then adds Noauthor automatically (it'll do Nolink too if you find such a quest page).

There's also multi-author support in the Infobox now, along with autoadding the category for it I found someone had set up. So that's now working on Multiquest, Update Quest, and the odd other one I managed to find.
No. 9937 ID: 901fff

Now I'm surprised someone above in the thread greeted me with "finally someone who seems to know what they're doing has stepped in". You're quite better and the voodoo and you've been here all along.
Wrapping {{Nolink}} and {{Noauthor}} via {{Notice}} looks great, thanks for going through it.

> Ugh. Ever get the feeling we need a Category:Threads Not Clutting Up The Quests Category Because They Died After A Single Session? :V
> >>9920
If you go to the index of all quests looking for only running ones, well, there's the Running subcategory right there. Same for one-shots. And if you're looking for a specific quest, loads and loads of entries shouldn't bother you since the index is alphabetized.
The logic behind quest categories might not be perfect, but it does the job.

That is not to say that I'm not frustrated by the sheer amount of dropped quests that will never be updated but have an entry.

I venture to say we'll put those on low-priority, and by the time we get to them we won't care enough and will just delete them.

We should reconsider goals of this wiki from time to time. Numbers of abandoned quests grow faster than those updated and eventualy completed. If those dead tag-alongs put a lot of strain on us, then to hell with them. I don't think this wiki's purpose was to be a database for every thread ever created on the /quest/ board. I think the idea behind it was to collect knowledge about quests that someone cares about. I'm not saying burn down the village, but GM quest there is a good example of something I don't want to spend time on at all.
No. 9938 ID: 2563d4

"Running" is the wrong criteria. "Every got off the ground, even if stalled a few threads later" is more like it. What we probably want is for the default view when you hit "Wiki" over on /quest/ is probably something like the set Category:Quests minus the set Category:Stillborn Quests, so that skimming the list is more useful (e.g. new people looking for things to read, and we're close [40 quests away, I think!] from it being paginated, which will ruin everyone's day), but I don't think you can do that kind of thing in plain Mediawiki.

But, yeah, not to slap Typo in the face for his marathon of going through the graveyard and giving everything an article, but most of those I thought "you know, if I were an admin, I'd probably be reaching for delete instead of edit". And I'm one of those machine-processable semantics types that normally believes in capturing everything forever, but in those cases the wiki adds nothing the board database doesn't already have. :V
No. 9939 ID: d677cc

People told me that it was what the wiki was for, man. The running theme here until not all that long ago was "just make sure everything has archive links." |U
No. 9941 ID: 2563d4

There are a few I came across that are graveyard-only. :3c (In fact, recycling the work of the mods making the questarch/graveyard distinction is probably pretty smart.)

Er...since that board distinction gets dropped by the infobox templating, those would be:
http://tgchan.org/wiki/GnarlyQuest (but someone might care about that? I just merged the mis-spelt GnarleyQuest into it)
http://tgchan.org/wiki/Entropical_Island (this one's probably notable for its image-only suggestions---that basketball kid and Chomhabere are pretenders)
(...man, that's literally almost every Noauthor quest I did---I think there are two exceptions, and one of those (Hawksbury) is a short arch and then a graveyard. And people say tgchan used to be all gems all the time in the anon thread. :V )

http://tgchan.org/wiki/GM_Quest isn't even on kusaba; it predates it(!). Any oldfags want to pipe up on if it's historically significant? Because it didn't get very far.
No. 9943 ID: 901fff

Sorry, Typo, I didn't mean to deny you the effort you put in this. It's just there're so much quests in need of destubbing, that if we can trim down the total number even by a quarter, it'll save us a great deal of time.
No. 9945 ID: d677cc

GM Quest had more threads on /tg/ (that may or may not have been the same story ???), although I have no idea if they're archived. But I guess there's not really much else to say about it, besides the fact that it's the other quest besides Sue Quest that was on the wakaba board and therefore the second oldest quest on this site.

Well, I mean, honestly, is there really any reason to make the articles for stillborn quests any more than the "something something extremely brief description"? Were these quests to not already have articles with threadlinks, I would probably be in favor of not creating them in the first place, but seeing as they're already there, I mean...
No. 9946 ID: 2563d4

>something like the set Category:Quests minus the set Category:Stillborn Quests...but I don't think you can do that kind of thing in plain Mediawiki.
Sigh. Sure enough, there's no usable set complement capability or extension I can find; closest is the Wikia "Forum" extension but that's got a lot of superflous crap on top.

So one way to perhaps deal with >>9941 et. al. is to be revisionists about the meaning of the word "quest" and say "if you only have graveyard threads and no exceptional claim to fame, you never made it to the point of being a Quest at all, get out of my taxonomy". Then shove them in Category:False Starts or something, which we shall pretend is not a subtype of Quest.

(The problem with doing a Category:Quests Which Have Got Somewhere is that it'd hide quests until someone bothered to add them, whereas this way around un-quests are shown until we revoke them. Someone starts a quest, we assume the best and it goes into Category:Quest from the get-go.)

God. I've turned this into an abortion argument. WHEN IS BABBY FORMED? D:
No. 9950 ID: f4963f

Hmm. I like the idea of 'at least one thread in the archives' as being a metric for noteworthiness, with then isolated exceptions for truly noteworthy ones like DMCQuest.

This includes every single completed one-shot quest by default, and then also includes abandoned quests such as Mudy Quest and JimQuest, which I feel are noteworthy enough to be mentioned.

Yeah, good metric. I'm gonna +1 this.
No. 10010 ID: 6c4937

Hawksbury was done by The Littlest Emo.
No. 10210 ID: 2563d4


Would it be correct to imply that a quest belongs in this set if it has a thread2 specified in the infobox?

(Also, is anyone going to hate me if I move Vapour Quest to being, well, "Vapor Quest", so it'll sort under V? Fancy text-GUI Unicode fade will remain as a redirect.)
No. 10213 ID: 812e68
File 129019186035.jpg - (93.95KB , 1022x768 , z-120702498833.jpg )

Why haven't I though of this?
No. 10216 ID: 812e68

This way we're essentially handing some the classification work over to the mods. But since they put threads into /questarch/ and /graveyard/ anyway, this won't be any extra effort on their side.

There's one thing left, though. By fencing out all graveyard-only quests, we might lose a couple of saveworthy ones. So yeah, some manual tuning will be due.
No. 10218 ID: d677cc

Fine with me.
No. 10226 ID: 2563d4

Done on both counts. Suppose I may as well note some things we can't imply:
- If there's only thread1, it's ambiguous as to whether that's a one-shot, or a series that just hasn't reached its second thread yet.
- You can't imply image/text quest from the infobox image, since some image quests will have no image uploaded yet (in which case it's better to state nothing at all), and some text quests do have reasonable images for infobox use (e.g. Red Sky).
- The infobox can't tell which board threads are on, so it can't do a thing about the only-graveyard rule. And even some kind of batch job probably shouldn't since we want some human discretion.

We seem to already have a Category:Dead Quests doing roughly this, so you can now tell the infobox template "dead=1", and it will use that category instead of Category:Quests. Because Wikipedia doesn't do any inference at all, this leaves it out of C:Q even though C:DQ is currently a specialisation of C:Q. I've set this on CheckerQuest to test it and I think it's doing what we want (it's out of the main list, it still has an article, it can still be found via Dead Quests [and also Image Quests...dunno if that's helpful or unhelpful]).
No. 10227 ID: 2563d4

Oh, thoughts: quest character making a DAT ASS face for the NSFW template icon? Want some nice clean art that's recognizable at 40px.

Someone with sysop-level powers (Typo, probably) should be able to edit http://tgchan.org/wiki/MediaWiki:Sidebar to do this. Some docs here:
I think you should be able to just use "** Category:Quests|Quests" and skip all the interface-string bits.

In theory we could probably drop the never-going-to-be-used "current events". The image there is neat but also the OP for this thread so not like it'll get lost to the ages.
No. 10228 ID: d677cc

Even I don't appear to be able to edit that.
No. 10230 ID: 2563d4

No. 10899 ID: d4529b
File 129174669241.gif - (11.22KB , 1548x501 , Image1.gif )

It might be unapparent why I did the last few changes. Here's a quick illustration.
Basically I got rid of two categories that were only used on one page.

Other pages in Cat:Sergals! not shown. Lots of various pages are in Cat:Stubs, not shown either. Cat:Fanart isn't really a subcategory of Cat:Tgchan, unlike what the picture suggests.
No. 11137 ID: f7166d

I want to edit the wiki but I can't edit the wiki.

It didn't use to require registration to edit. What's up?
No. 11142 ID: d8049a

Bullshit like this http://quest.lv/wiki/User_talk:MelaineBooth , for the most part (spam, that is).

Also, randomly generated account names roughly every two weeks. I suspect they're lurking and waiting to spam one day too.
No. 11809 ID: 2563d4

So I'm looking over http://tgchan.org/wiki/Category:Completed_Quests , having just added SDF's last couple of one-shots. And I notice that some of these are ragequit ends rather than actual reaching and ending (and one which was just the author explicitly if poitely stopping the quest mid-thread).

My take on that is that ragequits belong in the dead=1 set instead. "Completed Quest" kind of implies that there's a complete narrative there to read, like Journey.
No. 11874 ID: 0b5a64

I think that gets kind of subjective and is therefore bad.

Author stopping mid thread should be dead, but if there is some kind of resolution, the quest has an ending IMO.
No. 11875 ID: 2563d4

Subjectivity is unavoidable.
No. 11880 ID: 0b5a64

This is true, but it should be minimized where possible.

You don't want people arguing over judgment calls - was the quest always intended to have a sudden 'trollish' ending, or the did the author ragequit? It could be impossible to tell based on the actual content of the quest.
No. 11882 ID: 2563d4

I'd worry about people arguing when and if it happens. Quests that ragequit are unlikely to have precious fans or authors still around.
No. 11884 ID: 0b5a64

I guess my issue is really that the critera for whether or not the author ragequit isn't based on any objective, easily discernible critera, and authorial intent determines category rather than any feature of the quest.

This seems like a bad way to categorize things to me. For instance, if SDF revealed that he had intended for Drunk Nevrean Quest to go on much longer, but quit in frustration when everybody suggested animal control, then by your own criteria you'd have to move it to "dead" instead of "completed."
No. 12621 ID: 2563d4

Can someone admin-powered delete the redirect at http://tgchan.org/w/index.php?title=Tory%27s_Tower&redirect=no so that "Tory's tower" (note capitalisation) can be moved into its place (which will also set up the redirect the right way around)?

Obviously be careful that you're not deleting it after it's moved or deleting the page it currently redirects to. :V

(Beakie: use move for things like Lazuhrek‎->Lazurek since it preserves the edit history.)
No. 12626 ID: e973f4


I think.
No. 12629 ID: 2563d4

And moved. Ta.
No. 12729 ID: cc0413


This is what I was talking about in Icon dis thread. Could you please bug the admin about it?
No. 13056 ID: 2563d4

We need to either get captchas implemented on account signup or just block it all until you have time, Dylan; the spambots are out in force.
No. 13057 ID: 2563d4

( http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Preventing_access#Restrict_account_creation )
No. 13129 ID: 2563d4

Moving to delete http://tgchan.org/wiki/Quest_Index and everything under that tree. It's all horribly out of date and horribly redundant with the quest pages themselves and the automatic categories. Maybe some of the /tg/ quests listed don't have pages here, but then I don't exactly see why they should; even our page for Ruby Quest is more-or-less a pointer to 1d4chan. And that's fine.

The one thing to perhaps save is http://tgchan.org/wiki/BHCQI and repurpose it to be the list of nontrivial completed quests: Journey, Bite, Last Flight, that kind of thing. Not all the random one-shots (good as some of them may be) and rocks-falls of Category:Completed_Quests.
No. 13142 ID: 2563d4

02:30 < LionsPhil> Hey, Dylan16807: http://tgchan.org/wiki/User:LionsPhil/FanartTest
02:30 < LionsPhil> It's pretty ugly, but doesn't need the files uploaded to the wiki. :3
02:32 < LionsPhil> If Dylan had limitless free time this would be much easier if there were an URI-space carved somewhere that mapped from post numbers to their thumbnails.
02:33 < Dylan343> yeah that seems pretty easy
02:33 < LionsPhil> i.e. you GET /kusaba/questdis/thumb-for/339590 or maybe ...thumb-for/336257/339590, and it throws you an HTTP 301 to http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/thumb/12956035692s.jpg
02:34 < Dylan343> I forgot what the single post query goes to
02:34 < LionsPhil> ...aaaaalthough come to think of it Mediawiki is hideous and that wouldn't work unless I could GET something with a recognized image filename. :|
02:34 < LionsPhil> I guess I could always pretend it was a PNG and let the real HTTP MIME type tell the browser otherwise. Nobody uses Internet Explorer, right?
02:35 < LionsPhil> (so it'd have to be ...thumbfor/123.png for this. Even if it 301s to a gif.)
02:39 < Dylan343> post this in the wiki thread so I don't forget

tl;dr /kusaba/BOARD/thumb-for/POST.png -HTTP301-> URL for the thumbnail

In much a same vein a mapping from pure board/post to board/thread#post would be incredibly useful for the citeq template, too, since it would remove the need for an explcit thread argument. e.g. /kusaba/meep/by-post/123 --> /kusaba/meep/12.html#123 Gotta be something along those lines already for the hover-previews.
No. 13149 ID: bd0417

Sounds good. Although I always wondered what BHCQI stands for. The page name is about as unintuitive as it gets.

And this is just plain awesome. I use a browser that used to be IE some eight years of development ago, but it'll probably do fine.

Also, sorry for my Cat:DELETE ME jackassery. I was just frustrated I couldn't delete accounts altogether.
No. 13166 ID: 2563d4

Right, this is done. We now have a http://tgchan.org/wiki/Major_Completed_Quests
It may be missing Hat Quest and Romanticar; they were missing proper descriptions in BHCQI and I couldn't determine if the latter actually came to a proper conclusion.

So if you think a major quest is missing, go for it.
No. 13194 ID: bd0417

No, you seem to have spotted all of them. We could reclassify Knight Blades as a Dive Quest prequel that "ended", but that's quite a stretch.

While you're at it, I'm gonna bring your attention to some other pages so as to question their relevance:

http://quest.lv/wiki/Minecraft - nothing links here and why is it there again?
http://quest.lv/wiki/Doubletestbed - probably was supposed to be in namespace?
http://quest.lv/wiki/Catagories - same
http://quest.lv/wiki/Dusker - blank page
http://quest.lv/wiki/Spikesby - character page
http://quest.lv/wiki/Totenkopf - character page
http://quest.lv/wiki/Atu - character page
http://quest.lv/wiki/Strip_Poker - while it might be a thing of interest, does it warrant its own wiki page?
No. 13195 ID: 2563d4

I'll let this be someone else's call since I have no interest in Minecraft. I'm not sure if anyone even still plays on the tgchan server, or if those links are up to date?
I can see this people being worthwhile if people care about it enough to pick out the bits of the thread and flesh out the page; the characters available and links to their quests, link to my DOSBox environment for running it under 64-bit, whatever the current instructions for making sets are, etc. Does anyone care to?
No. 13200 ID: d677cc

I want to say that the finished Romanticars and also Crowmanticar are probably long enough to warrant inclusion on that page, but not totally sure.
No. 13229 ID: 33b512

Does no one else think that the Major Completed Quests page is useless?
What makes something a Major Quest? Is it the amount of chapters or popularity?
Why is a separate page even needed for this?
Posted via http://www.vastbrowser.com
No. 13239 ID: d677cc

Well, for one, thanks for posting from an obvious proxy instead of just posting as yourself.

>repurpose it to be the list of nontrivial completed quests: Journey, Bite, Last Flight, that kind of thing. Not all the random one-shots (good as some of them may be) and rocks-falls of Category:Completed_Quests.

Pretty sure the purpose of the page is pretty clear: so that someone looking for complete long-running quests can find them without digging through the pile of completed one-shots on the regular page. I suppose there might be some /tg/ quests that are long and have finished that aren't on there, but I wouldn't know.
No. 13739 ID: 1854db


No. 13740 ID: 2563d4

Yeesh...best intentions and all but I don't think this page is a good idea, falling under the category of "health advice from THE INTERNETS".

In particular the suggestion to wear a wrist brace as often as possible is terrible; letting the muscles atrophy will just make things worse in the long run.
No. 13741 ID: f7166d

Man, there is a bunch of shit that is horribly out of date.
No. 14288 ID: 6795ff
File 130204288755.png - (56.02KB , 709x519 , _tmpdumb.png )

So I tried to request a wiki account to help fill in the tragic lack of information on Jukashi's various quests, only to be met with pic related when I submitted the form.

Any suggestions?
No. 14289 ID: 2563d4

What username did you request as? It might have gone through anyway.
No. 14290 ID: 6795ff

No. 14291 ID: 2563d4

Hmm, afraid not. It'll have to wait for Dylan to take a look at it. :|
No. 14295 ID: 78edaa

The one bit wouldn't fix without an update. So I updated everything. Seems okay now. And updates are nice I guess, didn't crash and burn.
No. 14298 ID: f29d9f

Thanks. Looks like it went through this time. :)
No. 14485 ID: 2563d4

4chan quest from someone who moved to tgchan which has been purged from the suptg archive, so the link here is bad:


Wat do?
No. 14587 ID: 2563d4


Like Dylan said the other day, it's about time this got changed.

I'm suggesting Bite Quest, since it's a recent good example. (Or Last Flifht.) By which I mean I'll probably just go ahead and change it to that soon if there's no feedback.
No. 14593 ID: 383006

Also the Bite Quest article could really, really use updating.
No. 14750 ID: d6ae01

It is of my completely unbiased opinion that it was totally super fine the way it was.

And Bite Quest...'s quest is older than mine he just took longer to finish it :<

You act like five whole months is a long time!

Wait that was posted 8 days ago? Wow, I'm slow.
No. 15227 ID: 1f2692

alrighty, so i'm slapping my page up in the quest authors and am wondering if there is any sort of small, easy to do things that needs doing?

I expanded on nevrean a bit, but only because there is some discussion on them over in traditional games
No. 15997 ID: 2563d4
File 130740387895.png - (40.70KB , 456x346 , wikihelp.png )

So hey, if you've been around the wiki a while, you might be used to the little "Help" link in the sidebar being pretty useless.

It isn't any more.

(You can also get there by clicking "Editing help" next to the save/preview buttons when editing a page.)

And while I'm bumping, opinions on >>13195 and >>14485 ?
No. 16137 ID: 30df25

http://www2.tgchan.org/wiki/Main_Page - 404 file not found

Shame the OP can't be edited to have the correct URL: http://quest.lv/wiki/
No. 16140 ID: 2563d4

It probably could, if Dylan was overflowing with enthusiasm. But that effort would be better spent putting a [Wiki] link in the top navigation with [questarch] and the like~
No. 17823 ID: 2563d4

Since it's a major change, crosspostan:
Fanart can now be used directly from the board without uploading.
No. 17898 ID: e1c562

I have an Idea,

when browsing through Quests there's no way of telling if the quest is a completed epic, or some no name thread that died off after 20 posts

what I think might be helpful is if beside each quest name, there was an indicator showing how many threads are in it.

another Idea is if when you mouse over one of the links, the main quest picture comes up. so you could see what the art looks like
No. 17900 ID: 4bdd79

No. 17901 ID: e1c562

that's not exactly what I'm talking about.

and maybe thread count is not even the best indicator
image might would be better

what I'm refering to is scale.
No. 17902 ID: e1c562

oh I just thought of something
maybe a "sort by" type feature would work

"thread count", "image count" "popularity" could be a couple examples
No. 17905 ID: a83de5

No. 17907 ID: e9b708

uh yeah, that's not what I'm talking about at all

I would appreciate it if you actually read my post

also that page is a pain in the ass to find,
No. 17910 ID: 2563d4

The wiki doesn't have that information, and unfortunately I don't know of any way to make use of it if it did. Category entries aren't really customisable.
No. 18198 ID: 2563d4

>we're looking at Infoboxes picking up quest OP images automatically
This is now live. All infoboxes without explicit images set are now falling back to the OP of the first thread. Maybe take a look at the the article for that quest you like but never got around to spiffying up the infobox for and see how the heuristic fared. If the image is inappropriate (e.g. it's a big black mess with "???" in it), do one of:
1) Set an uploaded wiki image filename with image
2) Set a post number for a better image with imageext
3) Set suppressimg=1 to just not show anything (e.g. text quests)

In other news, viewing the Template:Infobox source now begins to cause blood to pool at the bottom of the browser window. I'm sure it's nothing serious.
No. 19862 ID: 2be5ee

we can nominate quests of the week right? i wan't deep to be nominated this week, kays?
No. 19866 ID: 2563d4

Deep's already been Featured Article, admittedly back in November 2009.

Generally I'd prefer a quest that was either running or finished...
No. 19867 ID: becb83

like black company or rinaquest?
No. 19870 ID: 55c4cf

i nominate passage or tales from meigara. starit needs some love
No. 19872 ID: f5343f

Voting for Passage.
No. 19873 ID: fc7101

I'll vote for this as well
No. 19878 ID: 2563d4

Sounds like a consensus to me!
No. 19879 ID: 9c7c3b

So when should we feature a new article? Every two or three weeks or so?
No. 22131 ID: 4a20fa

So. 'Sabout time to change the Featured Article.

I nominate Protector because it needs more love.
No. 22240 ID: 8be69f

Do before the storm. It's a really long-running quest and the article is abysmal.
No. 22241 ID: 05dad8

Supporting this.
No. 22243 ID: 97486c

I vote for How to be an Overlord cause I've been running quests here for years and I'd die happy if I got a featured article.
No. 22244 ID: 34cbef

sorry larro, but i'm gonna downvote to keep you alive. We need you to wrap up all those fantastic quests before we can let you go.
No. 22246 ID: 97486c

No. 22268 ID: 4a20fa

Aight, done.

So someone better damn well make it more than a two-sentence stub. :V
No. 22443 ID: 27d5ae

I attempted to work on the articles without links category, but I was only able to find DerpQuest and Swords of Virtue.

Naga's Tale was hosted on /tg/, but I couldn't find it on the suptg archive.
I did find it here under February 2009:
The link here is dead, I'm assuming because this is a list of culled quests.

Fuck trying to find QUEST, because over half of the quests are named ___Quest

I also created a Bamump template earlier and made a barebones page for Hunter
No. 22445 ID: 4a20fa

Cool, nice work.
No. 22447 ID: 1b5014

I think someone around here might have some of the culled suptg stuff archived. Can't say for sure.
No. 22452 ID: 4a20fa

This "authoralias" thing is a bad idea.

Use redirects instead; then _all_ uses of that author's pseudonym end up pointing to the same place. See Octary/Insomnia.
No. 22456 ID: 1987d1

Could I request that someone rubber stamp my registration approval? It's been stuck in purgatory for around a week now.
No. 22457 ID: 4a20fa

Done. If you don't use a real, confirmed e-mail address, the system doesn't give any notification.
No. 22458 ID: 1987d1

Thank you kindly.
No. 22812 ID: cee89f

Can i get mah wiki account approved? ...Please? =( I'm supposed to be putting up a list of deva elements.
No. 23092 ID: 4a20fa

So since people are faffing with Minecraft again:


Use it or lose it. Are these server addresses still right?
No. 23093 ID: 2f4b71

>Are these server addresses still right?
No, they just kick you back to the default page. Doesn't look like anyone ever posted the server IPs in the big Minecraft thread, either.
No. 25162 ID: 5337ed

The tiny banners for spoilers and NSFW are ridiculously worthless. The wiki needs an extension or something to allow actual hiding of content.
No. 25163 ID: c95833

I've experimented with that a little, but my html-fu is weak.

The problem with spoilers is more implementation and unequal standards that anything else. Some articles are written so as to try and not give away important information, others are written so as to give absolutely everything away. (The Cheequest article, for instance). Almost might be good to have several different banners to warn as to the level of spoilage. Although the rule of thumb is really not to read an article before the quest.

Board style mouseover spoilers don't seem to work- the best I think we can do at the moment is black text on black background you have to highlight. There is a spoilers module / addon / whatever available for wikimedia, which hides text behind collapsible java (I think) buttons.

The NSFW galleries seem the easier fix- we just need the ability to put them in a box that collapses and expands. Wiki has that all over the place, right? If want to be really fancy, tie it to account settings so people can default them to expanded or collapsed.
No. 25164 ID: 4a20fa

Stop browsing a furry porn site in worksafe contexts.
No. 25165 ID: d59b6c

Personally I don't care about porn all over the wiki, but some people don't want dicks in their face when just going to the wiki to get links to quest threads that don't contain porn, which isn't really unreasonable.
No. 25167 ID: 4a20fa

I don't see how you'd get that, though.

The [Wiki] link on the /quests/ board goes to Category:Quests, which has all the links for current quests (Dadko seems to be remarkbly tireless at updating everything), and the search box lets you find any other. At this point all you can see is text, even if you had to search. Click on your quest, and the links are there at the top in the infobox. Unless it's the absolute stubbyest of articles, you're going to have to scroll down to get any dicks, since the gallery goes at the bottom. The NSFW banner already has some margins so that if you're skimming down the page you have a good chance of spotting it before Bite's fanart slaps you in the face with horsecock.
No. 25168 ID: 4a20fa

Right. Ten minutes of experimenting seem to show that Mediawiki filters out JavaScript event attributes from elements (which is sane, since it'd be a gaping security hole in this modern age of XMLHttpRequest), so any kind of click-to-show thing is a no-go without more involved fiddling or extensions.

An overlaying black div with pointer-events:none that changes to transparent on :hover, and some z-index stunts to position its children above it might work, except that :hover is a selector so can't be put in style attributes, only CSS rules, and I can't inject CSS rules either.

Maybe something like http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CSS , but that requires Dylan time, and I'm not sure it'd actually work usefully in the end.
No. 25169 ID: 34cbef

question: are we considering player dependent quests separate from normal story quests?
No. 25170 ID: c95833

If we just need to make sure nsfw galleries are pushed below the infobox and/or the bottom of the screen for even stubby articles, that's certainly doable with a {{-}}.

...only time someone might have to scroll past the galleries is to reach the author template at the bottom of the page.

There's a category for them, yes, but it's really just a tag. They all still count as quests and show up in the main list.
No. 25171 ID: 4a20fa

Right, I did that with the article for Last Flifht, since it was geared towards being a reference for us sleuth-players and is thus utterly spoilerariffic.

Honestly though, for NSFW fanart to *get* onto the quest's article, someone had to care enough to put it there, and that prrrrrobably means they care enough to stick some text content in there too. (Unless the OP is NSFW, in which case /well what did you expect/.)
No. 25172 ID: e3aff6

I am encountering a strange bug with editing the wiki. My goal is to add an image to the Codex and Cards section of http://tgchan.org/w/index.php?title=Black_Company. When testing, I found that and this works:
while this does not work:
where both are the filenames of images from the same /questdis/ thread, in what appears to be exactly the same format. The only differences between these cases that I can tell is that the working one is an image that was posted in the thread a long time ago, while the other one (the one I actually want to use) was posted recently. Does anyone know how I can get this to work?
No. 25174 ID: 4a20fa

The only reason one of those works is that someone uploaded it, probably before we had the {{questart}} template:
No. 25175 ID: e3aff6

That works. It doesn't really format with the previous stuff, but oh well.
No. 25176 ID: e1609c

Hello, a bit unrelated to any current discussion, but I would really like to know if there is a possibility the wiki could be made a bit more user friendly in the future? As it is, I am having trouble just adding images and page dividers, even with the help of tutorials and such.
I am WOEFULLY bad at coding, and it is a bit discouraging having to go jumping through hoops as opposed to just straight-up embedding a pic through imgur or something.
If these have been covered before, I do apologize, I havent had time to go through the thread upon asking this beyond skimming the last ten or so posts that showed up.
Thanks in advance, mates!
No. 25177 ID: c95833

I don't really think overhauling the code structure so it looks different or is easier to use is an option. (Or particularly necessary).

There's certainly no need to support using a 3rd party image host when you can upload images directly to the wiki, or use the {{fanart}} / {{questart}} templates to use images hosted on the board.

If you're confused as to actually do something specific, my best advice is to find a page on the wiki that already does it, and then copy what they did. That, or ask for help in irc. (Or here, although that's rather slower).
No. 25194 ID: a01b62

You don't have to be good at coding to update the wiki. Just capable of reading. If you don't understand how to do something, chances are there's a nice long tutorial on Wikipedia if you Google it.
No. 25294 ID: 4a20fa


QuestState could do with an icon, because we have a few quests doing this kind of thing now. Suggestions welcome, ideally in the form of PNGs that look identifiable when reduced to 40px.
No. 25295 ID: 41690e

...Huh. I have to say, I'm not sure I see the point of the QuestState template. Going into every quest that has a link to a sub-page and replacing the link with that template just seems like it would the articles choppier and messier.

I mean, I think I get the point that the template is there to draw attention to the link. But, if someone's not actually reading through the article, what do they care about extra details hidden away?
No. 25296 ID: 4a20fa

Well, the main thing I was trying to do was make the inventory stand out well enough on NSM that you didn't actually have to read words to find it once you knew it was there; navigation by shape and position is fast for reference.

The second benefit is that it enforces that the quest stuff is a subpage of the quest article, which keeps it all neatly namespaced away. That said, Guns for Hire did pretty well at almost doing that (they're not quite named as Mediawiki subpages, but then actual subpages seem to be turned off for the main namespace). I thought Black Company had some scattered around but can't find them now.

But, no, I'm not entirely happy with it.
No. 25297 ID: 41690e

If you want to find all the quests with subpages, hit up special:Uncategorized pages. Since none of the supages are marked as quests, they should all be there.

Off the top of my head, I know Unnatural Selection, Polo Quest, How to be an Overlord, and Reformation have one-off sub-pages for the author uses to list stats and/or inventory. They might be able to use the new template.

Guns for hire did a pretty good job linking everything together the way they did, I figure. It's probably good as is.

I've experimented with breaking the main article in Asteroid Quest into subpages (it seemed the only reasonable way to compromise between avoiding spoilers and providing useful information). The links are mostly section headings, which I think stand out well enough. Still working on that, though.

For the icon, maybe a pencil or pen marking a list? These are primarily used for listing statistics and inventory, after all.
No. 25329 ID: b32a14
File 137799844203.png - (4.26KB , 40x40 , inventory.png )

>QuestState could do with an icon
Okay, I had an idea. This template is supposed to be for exhaustive inventories, stats, and tons of details you could get lost looking though, right?

So I thought of that storeroom from the end of raiders of the lost arc.

Good idea or too tiny?
No. 25330 ID: da4ec6

Far too tiny, you can't actually tell what it's supposed to be.
No. 25331 ID: 4a20fa

Yeah, afraid so.
No. 25425 ID: 3dd384

Wiki's busted. Getting 404s trying to visit it.
No. 25426 ID: f45380

There's some server magic going on.

Currently, you can reach the wiki if you stick a www3. in front of the url. Dylan will have things back to normal eventually, though.
No. 25427 ID: 9ddf68

how the hell did you figure that out?
No. 25428 ID: f45380

IRC witchery.
No. 25446 ID: 5010b8

Why isn't the /quest/ board's template changed to point at the wiki's www3 URL in the meantime?
No. 26238 ID: 4a20fa

So uh.

Maybe you guys would like to discuss what you're doing after you've already started at least.

Because a lot of organizational effort seems to be being undone en-masse on a rather snap decision.
No. 26239 ID: 4a20fa

Stop autocompleting sage, browser.
No. 26241 ID: ba8629

It was a fast decision, but there was kind of a consensus about it, at least in #tgchan. Sorry about that. I forgot this thread was even here.

Anyway. So we decided to TAKE ALL THE PORN from the wiki and PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE. Namely here: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Porn_hole

Frankly, I'm sick of wanting to link people to a quest I like, but being unable because we're speaking in a SFW context and the quest pages are full of porn.

So we decided to take all the porn and shove it in a corner.

Pretty straightforward.
No. 26244 ID: 4a20fa

Can I, at the very least, ask you lot to actually keep the headings as the canonical names of the quests so we aren't actually destroying information that Dakdo (and to a much, much lesser extent, myself) have spent the last few months carefully organizing.

Because organizing by quest author is derived information.

Yes, I do expect you (collective you) to redo this for the mess you've made. You made it, you clean it up.
No. 26245 ID: 0bd34b

The actual end goal is a booru that has 100% of fanart on it instead of <5% and is not in your face on the wiki pages of SFW quests. The porn hole is basically pointless so I stopped moving things to it besides the couple files that were actually hosted on the wiki and might not be on the board. It would have taken a lot longer and accomplished nothing to move the other things to it.
No. 26246 ID: 4a20fa

If you'd actually bothered to discuss this it could have been automated.

So could have importing it to another system, but now you've made a mess where half of the art has been moved somewhere else with missing metadata.

In the short term if we actually bump the wiki then show/hide sections are supported in core MediaWiki these days, which is another option.
No. 26247 ID: 4a20fa

Since I know people aren't necessarily tracking RecentChanges or paying attention to the colours of the tabs at the top, Dakdo's thoughts are on the Talk page:

No. 26248 ID: 0bd34b

Completely removing NSFW is a better solution than hiding it with an updated wiki because with it removed you can actually link a wiki page without explaining why there's porn on it for a completely SFW quest.
What quest an image is from is not some hidden privileged information that only magical wizards know, it is really not an issue. There'll be a mass upload of fanart threads/day threads/etc to the booru and tagging them will be ez pz. In the unlikely event that no one wants to help tag things on the booru I could tag all the information that was on the wiki by myself.
No. 26249 ID: 4a20fa

Once someone is reading a quest thread they are literally one click away from porn. It's the very top-left link on the page.

Once someone is on a wiki page they are one click away from seeing that we have quests about rape, and it's the Category:Quests link to find more of the same.

If you want to fix these things, you need to go a lot deeper than the wiki, and fix the whole site being a cesspit of furry smut.

However, last I knew, the community liked it that way.

More importantly, some IRC posse does not get to throw away the organizational effort on the wiki on a whim. Regardless of the above, there are much better ways to do this if we want a worksafe wiki, and you didn't stop to give anyone a chance to think before making ~500 decidedly unhelpful edits.

I've locked the Porn Hole for now to stop anyone making further moves while this is sorted out.
No. 26250 ID: 0bd34b

Being able to snoop around elsewhere on the site and find NSFW things is far different from them being thrust upon you on the same page where the content you want is.

The community throwing away the actions of what is for the most part a single person making quest wiki pages less linkable is not some heinous crime, and people have wanted it for months.
No. 26251 ID: 4a20fa

Many of the possible alternatives (fold, subpage, move it to a dedicated image database, etc.) put the porn one (or more) clicks away on the wiki. This argument is retarded.

IRC is not the community, let alone whatever subset of people were awake at the time. Being more than two people is still not reason to undo the work of those of us trying to make the wiki a useful reference resource.
No. 26252 ID: 2f4b71

>Many of the possible alternatives (fold, subpage, move it to a dedicated image database, etc.) put the porn one (or more) clicks away on the wiki. This argument is retarded.
The point is that you click a link. It's a conscious choice to click the 'OMG PRON HERE' link, and little complaint can be made of viewing content you decided to seek out. Having it just turn up on a page is significantly different; there is no agency involved.

A link away, or even just an autocollapsed section with a prominent label, would be sufficient to prevent NSFW content appearing without it being requested. Additional burying adds only inconvenience with no functional benefit.
No. 26254 ID: 0bd34b

A big fat NSFW section on a wiki page even auto-collapsed still has the problem of being too in your face about it. There blatantly being porn on a page makes it harder to link a wiki page for a SFW quest. Also, a Booru is significantly easier to fill out the backlog for and keep up to date.
No. 26255 ID: 0ee153

I might want to link the quest pages to people on mobile or people who are offended by the idea of images. Is it okay if I remove all the images from the wiki and make it text-only without asking first and dump them someone else? It'll still be easy to access, other than the loading times.

Yes I realize I don't have a wiki account
No. 26256 ID: 0ee153

Oh, and before someone points out that it's just a stupid idea of mine and I should never do it, I went on IRC at an unspecified time and an unspecified number of unnamed people agreed with me, this is all totally legit.
No. 26257 ID: 9a281a

Whee, namefagging when I never do.

First up, I would like to say I respect Test's position. My philosophy for what should be done with the wiki is mostly reader / audience driven, and about making life easier for them, but as an author, he has a right to control his content.

Anon44 doesn't want June Quest porn on the page, so there isn't. If test would like the same courtesy paid to him, that's fine. (And if LawyerDog wants his quest' page kept clean, he's welcome to that too). An op-out, do not porn please policy is easy to maintain, and basic respect. All we need is a list of authors who have asked, and to put a comment on the relevant pages asking future editors not to smut things up.

>Yes, I do expect you (collective you) to redo this for the mess you've made. You made it, you clean it up.
Cleaning up (in the sense of reversing what has been done) would be trivial. We have undo buttons for a reason, and if for some reason those fail, I keep text-file backups of pages I edit in case firefox crashes before I hit save page.

Cleaning up, in the sense of resolving the situation and establishing a staus quo to everyone's satisfaction, and setting up a new status quo, may take a little longer.

I'd really like to hear more community feedback on this. What do other authors think? What do readers / suggestors who use the wiki think? Do they appreciate art of all kind being easily accessible from quest pages, or are they bothered by the smut? Would they prefer the wiki to default to showing smut except where authors opt-out? Would they prefer that it was there, but better censored / separated so main articles were clean browse or link to? (There are many ways this might be done, and I'd be happy to set up some mock ups if people want). Would people prefer the wiki completely squeaky clean? (Despite the site being what it is). Are they indifferent?

Ultimately, this the wiki is a resource intended to serve the community. But it's really only being implemented by a small number of people, and it's hard to know what the masses want. How does the community want to be served?

>throwing away the actions of what is for the most part a single person making quest wiki pages less linkable is not some heinous crime
As the single person in question, I agree, how I feel really isn't the issue. It's just that I've put effort into cleaning up the disorganized mess the wiki once was, and if we're going to change things, I'd prefer them to be discussed, and executed in an orderly manner.
No. 26258 ID: 337362


I, Brommerino, welcome the porn hole.

You have to pay the troll toll to get into the porn hole
No. 26259 ID: 4a20fa

I was actually talking cleaning up in the sense of reorganizing the Porn Hole is a less ridiculous fashion. By this point, yes, I'd be more in favour of just reverting the whole deal.

The premise is fundamentally flawed (tgchan is inexorably linked to furry porn; if you don't want your quest to be, don't run it here), and even then the implementation is one of the worst possible.
No. 26260 ID: 4d75a8

I dislike the porn hole. It is messy and at the current moment looks like a heap of unorganised images with only the quest author specified. If it were improved and better organized by say quest, then it would probably be pretty alright, but my opinion is that one of the other methods like folding or a subpage would be better. It strikes a balance between not being blatantly on the page but still being organised and easy to access by quest. Authors that do not wish to have NSFW images on their pages or subpages at all can simply request to keep them clean. Of course a dedicated Booru site would be the best, but until something like that is actually set up, it is probably best to not just toss all the smut into a single page.

Another unrelated issue people seem to be having is that a group of people on the IRC made the sudden decision and did not consult the board on it. While IRC is indeed fast and more efficient, it leaves behind little public records and not everyone is on it at all times. Please keep in mind that just because people on the IRC agree doesn't mean that everyone does.
No. 26261 ID: 2bfcdf

I don't like the porn hole either, it's much messier and less properly categorized than per-quest subpages for NSFW fanart.

However, seeing as how it is temporary, it doesn't matter. Get the booru up within a week and everyone is happy.
No. 26262 ID: 0bd34b

The porn hole is pointless, a booru is getting set up. A batch upload to a booru of all the fanart will be a huge amount better than trying to have the wiki to be a subpar collection of porn.

I think it's going to be pointless to have any fanart at all on the wiki with the booru. The wiki has never been a good source for fanart and never will be.
No. 26266 ID: 9a281a

If and when a booru gets set up, there are still complications. To get everything, batch uploading would have to cover all the fanart threads, day threads, the one off things that resemble day threads, discussion threads with art in them, and the relevant parts of draw threads (so the batching would require babysitting). And quest / author / character / artist are not intrinsic information, and all images will need to tagged (and if you haven't been on the site forever and read every single quest, surprise, this is harder than it sounds). It'll take someone or several someones a lot of time to get all that right.

And if a booru exists, the question then becomes how the wiki interacts with it, and how the booru interacts with the board. Do we abolish wiki galleries completely? Do we just them exist in parallel, because it's a good thing if things are available in more than one place? Pare them down to a selection? Replace them with links to content on the booru? (I mean, LD, you were arguing that the wiki hiding smut away on subpages was unacceptable to you. How would the linking to a booru be any different? Porn is still a link away). Would the booru have or need a way to link back to original posts, the way the fanart template in the wiki does? If we make a booru, do we still need /draw/, or fanart threads in the first place?
No. 26267 ID: 0ee153

I'm against the booru, especially if it ends up replacing threads on tgchan. Fanart and such is a good chunk of the reason the board exists.

As for "waa waa it might offend people I link it to", too bad. Would you link someone to a porn video for the plot and then complain when they saw nudity? Here's a revolutionary idea. If you want to tell someone about a quest? Copy+paste the wiki's description of the quest and the lniks to the quest threads. Do not include the pornographic images. It's that simple.

If anyone needs further instructions for some reason: Click the left mouse button, hold it down as you drag the cursor in such a fashion that you highlight the body of text you wish to copy, and then depending on personal preference right-click and select "copy" or press Ctrl-C. You have successfully copied the quest's description. Right-click and select "paste" or use Ctrl-V to send that information to someone else. Repeat this process with the links to the quest threads.
No. 26269 ID: de9231

What is this porn analogy. It's the fanart that's the problem, not the quest itself. I'm too baffled by your copy paste solution to even respond other than to insult you and tell you to argue in good faith.

I'm not going to worry about mic. threads at the start, just fanart/day threads.

The booru will take some time to tag, but it will surpass what the wiki had quite quickly.

People can put some images on the wiki but it would be more examples than comprehensive in the general case, unless someone wants to put in that extra level of effort.

Should the booru only allow images that are on the boards? Threads are still good because they allow discussion.
No. 26270 ID: 0bd34b

Tagging everything on the booru will take time but it will be a small fraction of the time it would be for getting everything on the wiki, and people are way more willing to tag things on a booru than edit a wiki. Worst case scenario I just tag everything myself and it takes a while to get done, but a few people have already said they would help out with tagging.
I am against subpages mainly because of how much easier a booru is to maintain than subpages, but the ideal solution is for guest users or people logged in that don't opt out of it to have censored thumbnails for the porn images.

/draw/ has a ton of non-quest stuff so that easily still has a purpose. Fanart/day threads still have a reason to exist because it makes it easy to check up on everything and have discussions about them by just heading over to /questdis/ or having them in your watched threads list. The booru's purpose would be more in having a complete archive of fanart in my opinion.
No. 26271 ID: 4a20fa

How to add a piece of fanart to the wiki:
1) Copy the post number
2) Type the quest name in the wiki search box
3) Click "edit" on the fanart section
4) Type {{fanart|<paste number>}}
5) Bonus credit: add |by=Whoever into there

Holy shit that was hard.

2 and 3 will almost certainly already exist because Dakdo has been tirelessly updating the thing. If they don't, click help on the sidebar and, bam, there's the markup to use because I've documented it. Associating it with a quest is automatic by virtue of it being on that page. And because it does it by reference to the post, so it assocating its context in the right thread so you can go find the replies, which is particularly useful if it was part of a bandwagon or something.

But, no, let's throw all this effort away and start from scratch. Because, in bizzaro world, that's easier.

I might understand the argument if you desperately wanted to tag these things with metadata the wiki doesn't (currently) cater to, or vote on which tiny deer is best, but that doesn't even seem to be your position. And there's no compelling evidence that some other system will do better at being a complete archive of fanart, especially if it's starting position is to delete all work done so far.
No. 26272 ID: 0bd34b

Did you miss the part where fanart/day threads are getting batch uploaded? Wiki's been up for 5 years, if people were willing to put in the time to get it all done on the wiki it would have been done by now, and not have a tiny percentage.

How to tag a piece of fanart on the booru:
1. Click image
2. Add tags
Holy shit that's significantly faster and something that people are actually willing to do, unlike putting things on the wiki.
No. 26273 ID: 4a20fa

The board does not have unambiguous, consistent names for quests associated with each image. The wiki does.

The board does not have artist information associated with images, outside of a few namefags. The wiki does in more cases.

The board does not have SFW/NSFW rating for most images, because having spoilers is a recent thing and even then it's not been used consistently. The wiki does.

The fanart threads do not contain all of the fanart. The wiki pulls in fanart from all sources. This is still going to be a problem with the image service even if Dylan hacks it around to automatically upload things posted in fanart threads or something.

The work on the wiki has already been done.

The work on something which is not the wiki has not been done.

It would have been possible to mechanically transfer metadata on the wiki to somewhere else, but you have made this harder because now it has to dig through history for some articles. (Or we roll all this back, which is absolutely the correct approach.)

Step two of your process is actually another whole swathe of steps to get that data correctly because you've made it all manual. And this is assume there isn't a step zero because of magic integration work, which dumps images in a pile without any metadata. Well, shit, we could have done that on the wiki, except it would have been every bit as useless.

Jesus. This is outright painful by this point. Watching you fuck this up is like watching someone type with a single finger, hunting and pecking for keys, screaming "NO IT'S OK I'M HAPPY TO DO THIS".

Except it's not just yourself you're making pain for, because this is a shared resource you fucked up.
No. 26274 ID: de9231

>The board does not have unambiguous, consistent names for quests associated with each image. The wiki does.

We'll copy the wiki names, solving the very few overlaps.

>The board does not have artist information associated with images, outside of a few namefags. The wiki does in more cases.

That'll get copied sure.

>The board does not have SFW/NSFW rating for most images, because having spoilers is a recent thing and even then it's not been used consistently. The wiki does.

For the images it actually has, yes. Easy to copy.

>The fanart threads do not contain all of the fanart. The wiki pulls in fanart from all sources. This is still going to be a problem with the image service even if Dylan hacks it around to automatically upload things posted in fanart threads or something.

How many fanarts on the wiki are not on questdis? How many aren't on the board at all?

>mechanically transfer metadata

Isn't harder now than it was before.

>made it all manual

It was already manual and this lowers the barrier to editing.

>Except it's not just yourself you're making pain for, because this is a shared resource you fucked up.

A shared resource where people were complaining about having the porn on display next to their quests.
No. 26277 ID: 2bfcdf

Dude. Almost your entire argument is the "sunk cost" fallacy.

Yes, we know, it was a lot of work to put the art that is on the wiki on the wiki. However, it turns out that work was not for the benefit of everyone, so it was undone. Deal with it.
No. 26278 ID: a8f0e8

Just popping in to say I'll probably reorganize the pornhole sometime next week, possibly sunday or monday. My initial worry about duplicate quest names is, in hindsight, utterly retarded, and once I figure things out will try and get some semblance of organization going beyond "giant messy pile of dixks and boobs"
No. 26280 ID: 9a281a

Okay, yeah, that's just rude. Obviously trying to copy the body text of a page and all the links is more inconvenient than linking the article. You're not helping any side of the discussion, there.

>silly arguments about wiki being better than a booru
As far as I can see, they're just different means to do the same thing. Neither is intrinsically better, although if other people are actually willing to help tag and sort art in that system, it would be a big advantage.

The only technical difference I think of is that the wiki doesn't actually host the vast majority of the art in its galleries. Anything that uses the {{fanart}} template instead of [[Image]] just redirects to images hosted on the imageboard, rather than hosting them directly. Presumably, art uploaded to a booru would be hosted there (unless we hacked the booru to somehow be directly connected to the imageboard). Not that this really maters, unless we're really desperate for server space.

>The work on the wiki has already been done.
>You lose all the metadata already on the wiki if we transfer
We only lost anything if we attempt a transition in the terribly disorganized fashion we started out. If we get a booru up and running, it wouldn't be hard to slowly migrate existing galleries from the wiki over without loosing the metadata.

Ie, it's easy to keep it 1 to 1 if you only remove images from the wiki once you've made sure they're available on the booru. Move, instead of purge and rebuild.

Honestly, from that keeping-the-stuff orderly standpoint, what I'm leaning towards now is just reversing the edits (except for quests belonging to test, lawyerdog, or anyone else who really objects to porn), waiting for this booru to appear, and then moving the galleries over and linking them and/or editing what's on the wiki down to reasonable selections. I have no problem with a reasonable and orderly transition to a new and/or better system, if and when we get it set up. I have a problem with making a mess.

>because of tireless Dakdo!
Thanks for the compliments (I think?), but I can't really be used as an argument for one system or another. If we had an organized and functional system for sorting images, I'd be happy to carry on the tireless whatever there.

>how much art is actually on the wiki?
Less than half, I think. I've been working through the fanart threads backwards, and I've only gotten as far back as February 2011, or fanart thread 8. And I haven't even pushed all the edits yet- I've got a text file full of sorted stuff waiting for me to get to.

>other people to help tag
Now for that, I would be hella grateful. An encyclopedic knowledge of every character and artist ever to grace the site, I do not have.

>keep Booru tags in sync with wiki namespaces for quest titles
That would certainly be the organized way to do it.

Be nice if somehow the original post ID or post time / date were included as metadata for transferred images. Would make cross referencing for tagging easier, and it would make it possible to sort images by when they were originally posted, rather than the order they were transferred.

Don't bother. The porn hole is terrible idea that's not helpful for keeping data on the wiki, or moving it elsewhere, and it's locked, anyways.
No. 26281 ID: 0ee153

Dude. Almost your entire post is the "nirvana" fallacy.

Yes, I know, people put in a lot of work on the porn hole, but it turns out that work wasn't to the benefit of everyone, so it was locked. Deal with it.
No. 26286 ID: e1609c

oh, nevermind then!
>helping with tagging
THAT I can do. I dont have an encyclopedic knowledge by far, but I can definitely help out with keeping what I do know about straight.
No. 26288 ID: 2bfcdf

>"The nirvana fallacy is the informal fallacy of comparing actual things with unrealistic, idealized alternatives. It can also refer to the tendency to assume that there is a perfect solution to a particular problem. A closely related concept is the perfect solution fallacy."

No, no it was not. I was pointing out that he was doing something BAD, so someone reversed that BAD thing he did. Try to be less of an idiot next time you decide to be an asshole.
No. 26290 ID: 0ee153


Try to be less of an idiot next time you decide to be an asshole.
No. 26291 ID: 337362

Stop that.
No. 26298 ID: 2bfcdf

It was bad because it dissatisfied one person enough to speak up about it at length, which got the attention of several other people who agreed with the points he made and decided to take action instead of just waiting for spoiler tags or something. I was understating the problem in that post you took issue with, not comparing it to a perfect solution. Are we clear now?
No. 26300 ID: fe4e0d

wow, somebody really hates me.
No. 26302 ID: 2bfcdf

Why do you say that?
No. 26303 ID: 0ee153

From what I recall, his posts keep getting deleted because he shitposts and/or calls things "faggy".
No. 26304 ID: fe4e0d

I merely asserted my opinion that this whole discussion is pointless and unseemly since either result would impact anyone's life so very, very little and yet people are posting paragraphs upon paragraphs of arguments.

the use of the word 'faggy' was a one-time offense and only because it was easier to type than 'faghatty'. I don't "keep doing it".

I usually don't post in srs bsnss threads, but when I do, they get deleted. I don't know why, but would very much like to know so it stops happening. "someone really hates me" was merely my guess.

No. 26305 ID: 337362

You asserted that a discussion was pointless in a thread specifically for having the discussion.
No. 26306 ID: 2fe071


yup. ^_^ so?

(So stop)
No. 26309 ID: 0ee153

Dude, you shitpost constantly. This is coming from me; this is practically a professional opinion, somewhat to my shame. Sure, keep doing it if you like, free speech and all that, but don't act confused when you know you're shitposting. I'm only saying this because you actually do seem dumb enough to do shit you know is stupid and be honestly surprised when it backfires.

Fair enough, but I'd like to note that the same thing is happening right now with regards to the porn hole. Both sides have people dissatisfied with the solution.

And because I think my initial post about copy+pasting was misunderstood based on Moon Berry's response: I was suggesting that instead of linking to the wiki page, people who are afraid of offending others with the NSFW art can simply C+P everything except the art.

I'd also like to apologize for being a huge asshat in general.
No. 26310 ID: 2bfcdf

I don't really like the porn hole though- I support the incoming booru. I know there are a couple of people that didn't like having the porn moved at all, but uh, yeah I've already talked about that as much as I am going to.
No. 26371 ID: 4a20fa

>Get the booru up within a week and everyone is happy.
Unsurprisingly this hasn't happened.

Can we revert this mess yet?
No. 26373 ID: c7a241

Eh, I'm still in wait and see mode. It's not like much moves fast around here.

I'm probably not going to strait up revert the changes if the booru never happens, anyways. I think I'd want to implement some kind of censorship / segregation for the people who were upset by the porn in the first place. And I haven't got around to deciding on how to do that / templating anything for that, yet.
No. 26374 ID: 2fc3e9
File 140216421016.jpg - (97.58KB , 575x713 , post-6568-Censorship-is-telling-a-man-he-uLEl.jpg )

How about no? The problem with porn on the wiki was that people didn't want to link porn when they wanted to share quests. As I suggested earlier, they can just copy+paste the description of the quest and the links to the quest threads if they want to avoid porn.
No. 26375 ID: e1609c

Dylan says the booru will be up soon.
Be patient.
Also, who the fuck is gonna have the time to copy-paste fourteen billion links for shit like dorfquest or anything by weaver?
the whole point of the wiki is to have one page with links to everything specifically so its easy to share, yo.
Pornhole was a bad idea, but the booru's really our best option as it stands.
now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna duck back out of this and get back to making favicons for everything ever
No. 26377 ID: 2fc3e9

>the point of the wiki is to have one page with links to everything so it's easy to share

Everything except porn? And the booru makes it harder to share pictures. How much harder is it just to tell people not to scroll down, since there's fanart they might not want to see? The best option here is for anyone who seriously has problems with linking to the wiki to deal with it instead of forcing everyone else to deal with their own issues.
No. 26378 ID: c7a241

>Just have them copy paste everything instead of link!
Yeah, that's just an offensively bad non-solution to a problem people had.

Look, as far as I'm concerned, this isn't an argument anymore. It's settled. Enough people had a problem with the way things were done before that we're going to try doing things differently now. And Dylan is already putting the thing together, anyways.

Wiki articles will link to content on the booru when it exists. And if for some reason the booru doesn't happen, the wiki will resort to text links, or censored thumbnails, or segmented galleries or something instead of what it was doing before.

Either way, the content will be organized and accessible, but the smut won't be directly displayed on main article pages. (With possible exceptions for quests that are blatant nsfw smut themselves, anyways). Everyone wins, except infinite canvas scrolling advocates.
No. 26383 ID: 7f9410

Dylan is being super slow, but it's almost ready. Everybody just chill.
No. 26427 ID: 2fd516

Holy shit dylan it's been TWO WEEKS since the booru was "almost ready". What happened?
No. 26428 ID: f9d06f

Hey, how do i connect to the Irc thingy? need to ask a mod to resurrect a quest.
No. 26429 ID: f9d06f

Do i actualy need to talk to a mod, or can i just post the new stuff in the thread to get it removed from the graveyard? i know your not supposed to bump dead threads but since im
No. 26430 ID: e1609c

step one: get an irc program, or go to mibbit
step two: connect to the server "rizon.net" (usually is on a list of servers, rizon's pretty popular)
step the third: connect to "#tgchan"
step there is no next step: you are now in the irc
No. 26431 ID: 2fd516

You do have to talk to a mod.
No. 26436 ID: 4a20fa

JSPoker's been waiting for a single HTTP header on /TEMP/ since last year. Dylan is not fast.

So can we do one of >>26373 yet?

(And can you not put random IRC questions in the wiki thread just because it's the nearest to hand?)
No. 26442 ID: d8a627

So, are there particular moderators in charge of approving people for wiki accounts, or what? I applied a couple of days ago now and still haven't gotten approved.
No. 26443 ID: 4a20fa

Should be done. There's no notification for us unless we happen to be looking at the wiki.
No. 26444 ID: d8a627

I see. Well, thanks :)
No. 26446 ID: d8a627

How do I get lines to wrap around an image? What I mean is, I don't want it to put one line to the right of the {{fanart}} image and then skip to the next line as soon as Wordwrap hits. Would I have to manually upload the images for that to work?
Is there a way to convince {{fanart}} to keep a proper width, or would I have to set up a new template for that? Probably the latter, to avoid messing up other pages, but then, is there already a controlled width (60-100 pixels, excluding margins to fit text in) template for it? Specifically, if you take a look at the Rust/Compressed page, notice that Jericho RUSTED takes up more space because of the lack of auto-wrapping.
No. 26447 ID: 4a20fa


It's pretty much a table, so I put it in a table. If you can wrangle the first column to be centered, that should mitigate that fanart/questart boxes are dynamically sized.

No. 26448 ID: 50338d

>How do I get lines to wrap around an image?
Aside from tables, you can also apply text wrapping to an image with formatting like this

<div style="float: left; margin-right: 0.5em;">{{fanart}}</div>

Obviously, you can set it left or right. And you can remove the margin term entirely, although I find it looks weird if you let the text press right up next to the image.

>Is there a way to convince {{fanart}} to keep a proper width
Well, you could use images of the same width, and not stretch things out by adding captions the way you are. Put the names in the paragraph, or use headings, instead of the caption.

If you really wanted to force a width of a specific number of pixels, the template currently doesn't support that. It's limited to the size of whatever thumbnail you point it at- it can't resize. If you want to force a resize of an image to specific dimensions, you unfortunately have to upload the file to the wiki and use [[Image]].

I suppose adding a max width parameter or something to the template might be doable? Ie, to stop the white space (grey space, really) around the image from getting bigger due to captions.
No. 26449 ID: d8a627

>It's pretty much a table
Great, time to look into how to set up an entire template centered around this. Hopefully my rusty Wiki-Fu hasn't lost is edge, I used to work with templates like these all the time.
Although I must admit, {{fanart}}'s ability to nab images from an external database is new to me, I never knew wikis could do that.
No. 26450 ID: d8a627

By the way, since apparently I discovered something that people don't know: While I don't know of a way to hide text under a clickable spoiler box, you can hide it by making the background the same color as the text, such as using
<span style="color:#000" style="background:#000">SPOILER TEXT</span>
to get black text over a black background.
No. 26451 ID: d8a627

Yeah, um... My wiki-fu sucks, and the scrolls explaining the art are written for wikipedia, which allows a {} system, instead of the HTML based <> system. For anybody who wants to take a stab at it, what I'm looking for is a table that uses two columns. The first column will be 100px wide, no matter what. The second column should be as wide as the browser allows for. The number of rows, I would prefer to be unlimited, though I honestly would not mind having to insert an extra copy of the code every line for each separate character.

Inside the first cell should be placed the image, and below the caption for the character's name. The second cell will be however long is necessary, and used to explain who the character is. Chances are, only Kaktus's quests will use this, but even so, it's a good idea to have in advance. In the meantime, I'll look into some possible alternates.
No. 26500 ID: e21646

I finally found it!
Oh hi there, Toko!
To my knowledge, tables don't work that way, as a column must be the same size through-out the entire table, otherwise you'd get some weird effects.
What you could do instead is make one table with a width of 100px then create a table after it with a width of 100%.

But uh... That's not what I'm here for, oops.

Does anyone here have experience with Wiki IF statements? I've tried copying the one from template:icon, but I've had no luck with it, I either broke it or am not setting it to be triggered properly.

What I've tried:

{{#if:{{{icon2|}}} <!--IF "icon2" has a variable-->
{{{icon2|1}}} <!-- Then return this -->
}} <!--Close statement -->
No. 26501 ID: 4a20fa

No. 26502 ID: e21646

Thanks bob! Turns out I was just a little off.
Simple example in case this helps anyone else out:

{{#if:<!-- If this (string) is not empty -->|
<!-- Then return this -->|
<!-- Else, return this (optional) -->|
}} <!--Close the IF statement -->
No. 26607 ID: 4a20fa

>a little shy three months after "within a week"
So here's a straightforward solution (you get to be a guinea pig, Sports, sorry!):


Thoughts, objections, etc. before making this a common pattern?

If we get a wiki upgrade, it should be possible to transform this into 'click to expand' by just changing one template. However, I wouldn't expect that any sooner than a booru.
No. 26608 ID: 4b571b

No objections here. Looks good to me, at least from a wiki-formatting perspective.

Though, yeah, I won't be implementing it all over the place until I hear how some of the people who originally raised objections feel about it.

I had thought of re-purposing the old nsfw template to warn when a page or quest itself had nsfw content, since we're not using it in galleries anymore.
No. 26620 ID: cf922e

Hi all,

New here. I look forward to contributing and understanding more about this community.
I am loosing my hair and would love to understand more about it.

No. 27108 ID: e114bc

Hey is there some basis for whether or not multi-thread completed quests get put in the Major Completed Quests list?
No. 27110 ID: 79940c

There's really no set official criteria for what qualifies as a Major completed Quest. I mean, obviously, it shouldn't just list every completed quest. And there should be some expectation of quality. But it's kind of a judgement call.

It's not even a hard rule that it has to be a series quest. Just that so far everything on there happens to be so. (Maybe because it's harder to feel 'major' in a one-shot?).

Was there something in particular you feel deserves a listing?
No. 27300 ID: 2eeb65

Hi guys! Just an idea.

How about categories or templates for quests by year? E.g. "Quests of 2009", "Quests of 2010", etc. It would make archive binging easier, and help see the context for when a quest was created.
No. 27301 ID: db012a

Say, speaking of NSFW content, would it be possible to get matching SFW / NSFW quest tags, so we can tell at a glance whether or not a quest contains pornographic content, and to be able to filter lists accordingly?
No. 27303 ID: 149da0

Well, it's not the worst idea, but

>manually add a [[Category:Quests of 20XX]] tag to ~1900 pages
>be depressed the whole time about how old things are now
I sure as hell don't have the willpower for that. Unless someone comes up with a script to do it, or figures out how to bundle it into the infobox template that's already on every quest page (the template would have to follow the first thread link and check the date string in the OP, somehow), it's unlikely to happen.

That's pretty feasible. There's relatively few quests that are flat out nsfw (if we narrowly define "nsfw" as "actually depicting pornographic content" and not "stuff you wouldn't want your boss seeing you look at"), so it wouldn't be a large effort to tag them. In fact, there's already the {{nsfw|quest}} banner, and it wouldn't be hard at all to embed a category tag in the template.
No. 27313 ID: 2eeb65

Hey! Things are not "old", they're classic. But yeah, I get what you mean, fair enough.
No. 27321 ID: 2eeb65

Btw, does the wiki collect info about non-canon threads? E.g. "Inside the Quest", crossovers like "Beach Day", etc.
No. 27322 ID: 19540d

The short answer is yes the wiki tracks stuff like that, but incompletely.

ITQ is pretty much squared away- there's a page a page with links to each thread, and relevant quest pages have links to itq posts. There's crosslinked pages for the [Bodypart] Day threads. But a lot of the smaller or more one off stuff doesn't really have anything.

The ones that are basically art threads could just be lumped in with galleries / the booru (if and when we get that implementation figured out).

Something that has a lot of crossover like Beach Day is probably best treated like Fight Quest, where relevant quest pages just note they participated and link it. (Which is on the to-do list, now that it looks like it's over).

We could probably be some kind of better organization of this kind of thing. Though in the meantime there is this, uh, nightmare.


It hasn't been updated in years, though, and maintaining it would kind of be insane.
No. 27327 ID: 2eeb65

I see, thanks!
No. 27330 ID: 59ae77

Right, so per request, this exists.

No. 27332 ID: 2738e2

Sweet deal. Dunno if Velu exactly qualifies, though.
Might be a good idea to put Dakdo's definition up on the page, to prevent the category being watered down with quests containing at best mild nudity.
No. 27333 ID: 59ae77

>visible naughty bits and/or sexytimes
That's the definition I've been using. If sex is shown in an update, or if body parts that would be censored on a television broadcast are shown in panel. (With some allowance for frequency. Say, I'm not gonna bother labeling a big long series quest nsfw if a nipple shows up once). And there are obviously a lot of quests where characters run around naked 24-7 without showing anything naughty.

I suppose I could be a little more exact in laying that out.

As for Velu, yeah, I know they're literally 1-pixel nips, but the author saw fit to spoiler a bunch of images, so I just followed suit.
No. 27373 ID: 28d02c

I've just updated the wiki to have a page for the previous Halloween threads and for Beach Day since it seemed like it'll become a yearly thing. Added them both to the tgchan holidays template as well.
No. 27625 ID: 86cfc3
File 145040177953.png - (4.84KB , 270x270 , This is cool, right.png )

Hey so Dylan went and updated the wiki with a newer mediawiki version. There's a bunch of cool little improvements / features as a result of this (like sortable tables now work), but the big thing is this:

It's now easy to sign up for the wiki. All you need is an email and to solve a captcha. No longer do you have to wait (days or weeks) for a lazy wiki-mod (me) to get around to manually clicking the "yeah this guy doesn't look like a robot, approve" button!

Oh, and even if you have no interest in contributing or editing, the search bar on the left now suggests autocompletes of page names when you start typing, making it easier to find stuff.

Thanks, Dylan!
No. 27644 ID: 1f8505



Thanks Dylan~
No. 27699 ID: 1b3b5e

Alright, I've tried to look at the wiki if I could find all the previously featured quests, or if some quests had a "featured" tag, or something like that.

Turns out I can't. I feel like I'm missing out on A LOT of great quests (deep, alien quest and the end being the first three I have found here that I hadn't yet read)!

Since the "major completed quests" has like ten quests, but there's a lot more quests that are worth reading, (maybe a major unfinished quest page like the romanticar series) could anyone help me out here? Thanks!
No. 27700 ID: 02422f

This history shows every quest that's every been featured. Just start clicking through.


Personally, the reason I never added a tag or category to show off quests that have been previously featured is that featuring is somewhat arbitrary and unfair. There are plenty of good quests that have never been featured, and while I'm comfortable holding up something once a month or so and saying "hey this is good maybe more people should look at this" I'm less comfortable curating a permanent list of what's quality and what's not.
No. 27702 ID: 1b3b5e

Wonderful, thank you! I'm also checking out the completed quests and some of the unfinished ones.
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