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File 167821611606.png - (374.21KB , 1000x750 , 1.png )
1057778 No. 1057778 ID: 08229c

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest
Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place.

And by my hand, this shall be a grand dungeon.
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No. 1057779 ID: 08229c
File 167821624903.png - (104.88KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Today I am meeting with the First Dungeon Master.

I feel horribly overdressed for the occasion. Or maybe she is horrendously underdressed? I can't get a read on her at all.

"-And that's all the feedback I've obtained so far. We're still waiting on reviews but, in general, players seemed to be highly engaged with the nature of the event. There are balancing issues, of course, but I'm certain if we work together we can iron those out, Miss..."
No. 1057780 ID: 08229c
File 167821706764.png - (168.35KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

"Dungeon Master." The First Dungeon Master says, "Or just Master. And yeah I am in awe at the event. I watched super close. The thing with the Ghost Slime was amazing."

She takes a bite of her tea flavored sugar before continuing.

"I think maybe we should have like... Games that are more PvP-centric? Like capture the flag and stuff like that. You ever hear of battle royale games?"

"I'm afraid not."

"For real? They're great. So basically you got these people, right? And they're trying to eliminate the other side. Most of the time it's a free for all but like, you can make it whatever you want. I'm thinking like we have the two sides have to complete the same objective as the field gets smaller and smaller and so they're all trying to do things but they keep bumping into each other and you can make it so that like they revive constantly but maybe can revive in quicker for money? That'll keep the action up and eat up resources at the same time and if I know these adventurer types if they have the money they'll pay up. Ah but that might be a bit too pay to win? We also have to determine what the ultimate win con is. I know you had one for yours but I'm thinking in a more general term. The narrative for most dungeons will have to change to fit this all in but I really do think this will be fun. What do you think?"

"Ah, well. I agree with you on a few aspects. I think primarily the story is what matters the most. Players have to feel engaged and have a reason for battle."

"Ehehehe... Nah... If you stick two adventurers in a room and say only one can get the shiny treasure they'll find a reason to fight... Story is fun, though, I guess."


I'm not sure I like her.

I don't think she came to the meeting like this as a power move. I think this is just how she is. Also she smells like she rolled out of bed and then came over here.

And she's drinking the tea wrong.

"I have many reports and everyone praised the story for the dungeon the most. I think it will be important to come up with a reason for all the battle."

She takes another bite and chews slowly before swallowing.

"I approve. If the players are having fun that's the most important part, yeah? What we think should and shouldn't be in a game matters less than that. " She shrugs, "I'm old and I don't really get what people think is fun sometimes. Not this generation. So, if you say narrative is good then I think you might be right. I think a few things can be set up.. Maybe have it obvious from the outset that they want to run PVP or PVE. That way there's no confusion. Hehehe, this is all very fresh and exciting. What do you think? If you could change how your run went, what would you change?"
No. 1057781 ID: 6f4507

More obvious challenged for both sides, the order side didn't have much of an issue getting their princesses. Also, there were moments when both sides met up and had no reason not to fight each other outside of the contrivance set up by the dungeon. Better goals for both sides, maybe different goals, instead of just both gunning it for Curi, have the chaos side going after some artifact, the order side hunting down the chaos cult's main base.
No. 1057782 ID: 6f4507

We gave both sides outfits by the end of the event, maybe we could START events with outfits so that both sides know which team you're on?
No. 1057783 ID: 1effd3

yeah but this event did become a "who dun it", even tho it was... fairly obvious.
No. 1057784 ID: 5c8d2c

Obviously there's lots to do. In PVP, story is mostly a backdrop, a reason why they're fighting. But it can be used for all sorts of experimental things. Like throwing in monster allies, or giant robots, or weird stuff that wouldn't be able to be used normally.
For the testing phase while you're introducing it, I'd suggest creating a "DM Beta Test Package" or something, that gives them a small stock of gold and runes or something that can only be used to produce monsters and rewards for PVP modes, so they can test it out and it doesn't make them use their own limited resources incase it doesn't work. Then have like three or four example modes. So for example: Battle Royale, Team Capture the Flag, Team Base Assault, and Payload. You also don't have to keep it basic game, like CTF can be each side has one flag, or there can be six scattered around the map, constantly changing hands that gives your side points and advantages. You can also throw in PVP quests, that let your side hire special mercenaries, or get special weapons or mechs. Heck, you could even have a base assault variation where both teams are gathering resources to awaken their big Super Mech/Monster and they have to stop and interfere with each other so both awaken around the same time to cancel each other out, or one awakens way earlier to secure a win.
There should also be rewards for the DMs who decide to OP in. Maybe special flairs or something and then give our prizes for the best performing or most innovative approaches. Like special construct accessories or a free sub-dungeon or something.
Also Fanservice. Fanservice everywhere.
No. 1057785 ID: 4534a6

Maybe a few more 'scripted' events where the factions are given the opportunity to effect the others progress without directly fighting eachother
And of course
More themed prizes and outfits
No. 1057786 ID: 06095b


The parties have the ability to send a message at the outset of their run to let the dungeon master know why they want in. Certain dungeons could use that for a mode selection. Failing that, the Ruins will include a toggle in the future to start the split party event.

However, not all dungeons could easily fit a theme like this into their existing infrastructure, nor should they really all follow the same template. Glass Spinner comes to mind in the sense that she focuses on puzzles and might have to effectively double her room/puzzle count to enable a PVP event.

Speaking of rooms, that might have been our biggest issue with the dungeon in that we couldn't set up all of our strongest monsters in a way that enabled a truly equivalent fight for both teams across the board. Also, with the limited traversal methods, the teams had a relatively difficult time being tactical with their movements, which could help a weaker party outmaneuver and out-recruit a stronger initial split of the team.

Also, if she wants an example of her PVP idea, you should pitch the Arena to her. If made sufficiently large and given enough terrain plus complex mechanisms to alter the terrain throughout the matches, you could easily have that serve as a proof of concept for her idea. She might even help fund it...
No. 1057797 ID: ad76be

Something to keep in mind is that we’ve focused a lot on Slimecrown, but the Hamlet exists too. That actually turned out fairly well, but only because people weren’t expecting the chaos corruption. Once that becomes more well-known Chaos is going to be at a major disadvantage out there. They start off weaker than Law.

We’ll need a better way to give Chaos a leg up early on that doesn’t rely on Law being clueless about the mechanics. Either disguise Chaos better, or make it so raids “opt-in” to this mode and get randomly assigned at the start. They can express a preference at the start though. Then Chaos can work from the start rather than getting a late entry.

A general question for the First DM, what sort of infrastructure exists for dungeons to cooperate/share instances? Something like the arena could exist in many dungeons, and be instanced so you can compete against players who are running other dungeons or do PvE against enemies from dungeons that are part of the network. A shared currency would exist for all arenas, with secondary dungeon-specific currencies.

This would be the most natural format for something like a battle royale. A interdimensional arena putting itself in the world, demanding dungeons put entrants into the arena or risk being overwhelmed by each other, and overall being a nuisance.

People can ignore it if they want story experiences. If they want to fight, we have window dressing.
No. 1057798 ID: a8e6c3

Your glass spinner example got my noggin' joggin, and...well, we know how she *reacts* to people solving puzzles, can you IMAGINE her state at watching people figure out a competitive puzzle? Something like that BR Tetris game, where the better you do, the harder you make it on the opponent, who has to compensate on the fly?
No. 1057803 ID: 5c8d2c

Oh. Do it like Tetris Masters, where you doing well interferes with the other players, but also increases the difficulty of your own game.
No. 1057805 ID: a7a180

Revisions to the chaos event, hmm... Well, for the first half of the dungeon we would designate a traitor at the start who could get the other players killed and revive them on the sly or possibly even convert them without having to kill them, but the party would be warned that a fell presence was among them. If the traitor was sussed out early, the party would have an exorcism spell that removes their 'mind control' and the side of chaos would no longer have a double agent. If you want to get really creative with it, the traitorous party member is under no obligation to betray his team and could use his powers to try and aid the party, or go off on a solo tangent. But for now, let's leave those lines of thought to emergent gameplay.
However, for this run, I think the beginning with Cleric coming back as a revenant was perfect. The adventurers' inability to recognize her corruption helped greatly with the eventual reveal. The party surviving up until the reveal was also a chance that fell in our favor, though we really had to bend the rules there after Ronin obliterated herself so thoroughly. Really about the only thing I would have changed is forcing the clash between factions before the final boss so that whichever side won could go in against the final boss at full force, as we intended. Rather than contriving that Curi has to be fought anyway because chaos got her if order wins, which does make winning against the Chaos players feel like a hollow victory, she would have the same reason to fight both sides, being that she is neither on the side of chaos nor order but a secret third thing.
Also, we would have prepared a speech for our introduction that didn't make us seem incompetent at running a kingdom.
No. 1057806 ID: 58c090

The thing forced us to improvise, and go a little bit against the established lore, but hopefully not enough that'd be a problem later on. Forcing the confrontation before they get to Curi will indeed help with that, because either they're chaos invaders and need to be put down, or they revert to a regular raid so the reason is the same as always: The seal will fail sooner rather than later, and Curi is willing to put her life on the line to test if the adventurers are strong enough to kill Jeffrey and end his menace once and for all, before the seal fails and he's unleashed on the rest of the world.
No. 1057807 ID: 708905

Hmm a way of determining if a run will be PvP or PvE at/before the start would be good. The tricky bit is if some on the run want it and others don't because that means someone will be unhappy whichever way you go.
No. 1057811 ID: ad76be

I’d say if a party can’t agree on which rides they want to go on in an amusement park then it’s the fault of the party, not the park for offering multiple rides. Same principle with dungeon modes.
No. 1057820 ID: 08229c
File 167824639106.png - (125.07KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

We're not doing fanservice. We're above such things.
But, we certainly could have done that better. I know the adventurers had fun, but... Well, there's always room for improvement, no?

"I think I would have made it more obvious from the start," Mary says. The First Dungeon Master nods, "This was all improvised so such an opportunity was denied to me. But, for the next time this occurs, I would make it clear what's going on.

I think this could be accomplished by having the players choose what they wish to do prior to entering the dungeon. Is it possible to have two layouts, one for each mode?"

"Mmm... Not currently, no. Raid mode lets you do more stuff to keep it exciting but you're basically talking about making a whole new dungeon."

"What about simply changing monsters and the rules of certain areas depending on the adventurer choice?"

The First Dungeon Master thinks for a long moment before nodding.

"I will allow it. I'll see about patching it in after our meeting. And after I figure everything else out."

"I think I would have also made more scripted events. While there were moments where the players clashed, I think different ways of allowing them to hinder each other would be interesting. Using my own dungeon as a basis, I would have done something akin to... Poisoning the well and giving chaos a buff. Or if they went into the church and recovered some relic they could gain an edge against chaos. Things like that.

Now, mind you, these changes would only really work best for my dungeon and my experience. I have a co-worker, Glass Spinner, who has a puzzle dungeon. I'm not sure if a PVP experience like the one I want would work."

"Maybe a race to solve puzzles?" She says, munching on her tea. Mary shudders. It sounds like chewing sand.

"That could work. Though, it would be denying them a tale."

"Not everyone likes stories."

"That is true. And, for those who simply wish to test their mettle against their friends, why not an arena? I have had a few ideas about that. Going back to your uh.. Battle Royale?"


"Right. Well, perhaps we could use an arena for that. I mean, if possible, we could even have adventurers from other dungeons come in? That way it's not just 5 or however many come normally."

The First Dungeon Master's eyes light up.
No. 1057822 ID: 08229c
File 167824716026.png - (238.11KB , 800x600 , 5.png )


The cape(?) behind her shoves aside and the First Demonologist speaks up.

"Dungeon Master," She says, "We can't just... The sheer amount of script changes needed to do it... And nevermind the weapon spawning... We don't have anything in place for such a-"

"We can make magic rune weapons! Artificer, can we make magic rune weapons for the thing?"

"We could," The black orb floating above the First Dungeon Master says.

"See! Artificer agrees with me."

"S-still..." The Demonologist seems a bit flustered, "The sheer amount of spell crafting to get the system in place..."

"Oh come oooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn. We never do anything new or fun! This is the first time in decades! Mary, you seem like a smart lady. Help me sell it to these nerds."

Her feet are on the table.

But, she seems excited.

Maybe we can get her to fund the entire thing if we play our cards right. Finally, the arena could be ours.
No. 1057823 ID: 4fa4e7

give us to her, I want to speak to her directly
No. 1057824 ID: 58c090

I... don't think we're standard issue. We may be one of the stuff we want to keep hidden.
No. 1057828 ID: 1effd3

i feel like we are the WORST POSSIBLE IDEA.

saying that it could also be a good idea. to help sell the idea we could also call in the rest of the Guild and let them have a say.
No. 1057829 ID: a7a180

This is a player-focused arena, not monster themed. Though... there's no reason we can't change the formula. Having monsters of increasing toughness to fight provides resistance to adventurers as they close into the center of the arena, serves as both a loot drop and a PVE challenge, and filters players out too. Hell, you could make Curi the only monster in the arena. Everyone else they fight is just one of Curi's summons. She's strong enough for that, maybe fighting 25 adventurers is enough of a challenge for her. And then uh, Brawndo and other non-slime monsters are wandering rare prizes. Oh man, metal slime is going to love this mode.
No. 1057830 ID: 1effd3

also have Lagianna and her siblings just sorta tormenting people. bring on the tidalwave of lagmites
No. 1057834 ID: a7a180

Storm wall of Lagmites.
No. 1057836 ID: cecad0

(brings out sketches and rune configuration of BRAWNDO THE THIRST MUTILATOR)
No. 1057837 ID: 58c090

well damn, if someone's gonna appreciate Brawndo it's the one who came in here with Chilk in hand, innit
No. 1057839 ID: ad76be

Alright, so hear me out.

What we’re really suggesting ultimately is a shared interface space between dungeons. What we do with that space is semantics, the bottleneck and main development point is to link multiple dungeons together.

If their code is anything like most code, it’s an utter mess in places as things have grown, coders got more experience, patches were made etc. etc. but as far as I know every dungeon is running the same the same OS so to speak. Getting them synced shouldn’t be hard.

So, break this down into chunks. The first step is to have an arena shared between 3-5 dungeons. To keep things relatively simple, it can start as either direct PvP pitting teams against each other (each team is a “monster” group to other teams) or PvE against shared dungeon monsters (hero teams merge into each other) based on whichever is easier mechanically. The arena will be a few handcrafted maps representing the first few dungeons in the network. Make sure to build a system to switch out those maps for a new ruleset if possible, but doesn’t feel the need to fill it in yet.

Iron that out, focus on getting the backend right for scaleability across multiple dungeons for team play. Next step after that is to pull in dungeon features systemically. Again, shared base so procedural generation should be relatively easy. They can even offload the “tagging” of features/creatures that can be pulled into the arena to DMs so long as they meet certain safety criteria. Goal here is to make it so something similar to the first several maps (both features and monster matchups) can be built ad-hoc by the system.

After that, everything else is just gravy. Weapons can be rolled by calling the loot table functions directly and passing the results into the arena. Battle royale and team modes are a function of flipping tags. If bigger battles are wanted, they just link more dungeons to the arena and let procedural generation handle the rest. Some testing will be required at various points to ensure it doesn’t get too screwy, and some “event” matches/arenas can be built to override the procedural generation using a similar system to what kept the original “hardcoded” maps in place.

They should have most of the functions in place for what we’re suggesting. But if we ever truly want to be a community, we need to be able to work together. That, unfortunately, is a glaring hole from what we’ve seen. There’s a whole group of DMs who get together and share ideas, but we can’t literally do anything with each other’s dungeons from what we’ve seen. What I’m asking for is a space where all of us can interact. It can be left as-is or expanded for more interactions between dungeons, but one shared space is more than the no shared spaces we currently have. What’s the excuse for siloing us all from each other for so long?

I… also now realize we could use this to form a DM party. Can you imagine 20 DMs versus 20 heroes? A special event match where heroes get to be the creature of a mini version of a real dungeon and a group of DMs have to clear it? God I’m smiling at just thinking of what a unified playing area could bring to the table.
No. 1057840 ID: 06095b


If buy-in with the existing staff is a concern, maybe we can start small. Once we prove the viability with one dungeon, we can work on implementing cross-dungeon tournaments. What we need as a baseline for that testing though is an arena, a roughly circular one, that we can implement terrain onto and selectively close-off as the match continues. Programmatically, that is simply asking that we have a collective of open rooms each outfitted with a "trap", one that makes that particular open room hazardous to remain within.

Note that the current Slimecrown Hamlet configuration serves as a proof of concept that open areas defined as unique rooms can be done and done well, and if they are considered unique rooms, implementing a toggleable trap that allows for the hazard condition should be simple.

Special weapons in each area are just loot, though adding a script that despawns it come the end of the dungeon run could prove difficult. Still, by exploiting the current system that reduces the take that adventurers receive if they do not complete a win condition to create a system where the "win" condition to keep that item is not possible should be sufficient.

For demon placement, Raid mode is more or less sufficient. Configurable terrain would be more difficult, but preferred to add spice and variety to the experience, and could be presumably introduced mechanically as part of a trap mechanism, just one wired to the dungeon master's whims or the whims of a monster in the room who can actuate the appropriate levers.

Again, as a bare minimum, what we need at the end of the day is a series of open "rooms", all of which can be set as part of a single "arena". That arena needs to have at least boss level capacity to allow the strongest monsters to fight at their full capability.

Code implementation wise, treating the rooms as rooms will be the easiest way to make it all work. Since it's raid mode, the monsters can be freely reassigned between rooms, meaning the distinction of separate rooms making up the arena is functionally meaningless.
No. 1057844 ID: d12415

You could have a representative from other dungeons participate though, like Colt or someone could take part as the Champion of Slimecrown.

Another idea to go along with the battle royale would just be to build a Colosseum and have a tournament there. Outside of tournaments, it would just be another location in Slimecrown. Hell, you could charge admission to the events as well if people want to spectate.
No. 1057849 ID: dc4bad

The work should be well worth it even in the short term, there's clearly a market for this kind of thing given the reactions from the most recent run.
Plus there are plenty of adventurer rivalries or resentments (if the silent protagonist run is canon anyway) that would be given a healthy and fun way to be exercised.

If there are concerns about the logistics of making this a sweeping change, it might be a good idea to first implement this pvp/battle royale thing as a special event that gives the host dungeon a temporary extra 'floor' which can be designed into the arena.

Doing something similar to the most recent run seems like it'd be fairly easy; the adventurers are basically unchanged from when they'd do a normal run and just declare factions (law/chaos in this case) beforehand so we can give them scenarios to compete against each other in.

It'd only really get more complicated for the Battle Royale or other forms of relatively 'skill-based' arena fights, Artificer can take care of Arena-only equipment for adventurers to use (so they either start with no or basic provided gear), so part of it is trying to find/fight for gear to use. Levels are gonna be a problem for balance, so either the mode/arena itself would need to be able to regulate participant levels or maybe have equipment power scale to the desired powerlevel (it'd be stronger for low levels and hinder higher levels)

if the event version tests well, maybe make the arena a feature of all dungeons and keep the battle royale as a rotating special event.
No. 1057850 ID: ad76be

Oh, and if they need more coders then just offload some of the work to other copies of Demonologist and the like in various dungeons. I imagine being the First DM and in charge of the overall system gives some privileges for reassigning personnel to different projects. Have her (ab)use it to have the straightforward or tedious parts handled by the crowd while The First Demonologist concerns herself with QA and overall design.

I have faith in her abilities. We handed control of our dungeon to our Demonologist a while ago and she did a damn good job of it when we did. No slight against our girl, but I assume The First Demonologist is even better.
No. 1057853 ID: bdea11

We don't need to do everything new ourselves. Other DMs can can use some ideas that would work better for them.

Additionally, I think we should step back from declaring the citadel as a law faction. Mary is represented by law, but it didn't seem like she was part of the citadel in character.

As for the arena:
I don't think it fits with the current citadel. What I think works better is a semi independent arena that has a rotating story/configuration based on the representative dungeon. For Slimecrown, it would have a noncanon story of finding the strongest contender to fight the monster sealed away.
No. 1057854 ID: 4b4d4e

This suggestion (>>1057853) has a point.
No. 1057855 ID: 1ed92d

Yeah, suggest our skeletal bro and Glass Spinner and that guy in a diving suit and the slime lady all participate in the suggestion process for this battle royale thing.

But not Red Widow, because she swapped the signage on your dungeon and is a bitch.
No. 1057856 ID: 1effd3

brings them up on the screen and Mary says thats the first DM.
They dont believe her
DM presses a button and turns out the lights in thier dungeons.
They believe her
No. 1057858 ID: 5c8d2c

I like the idea of bringing in the DM's guild and pitching BRAWNDO.
Honestly, monsters can be used as interference and to give drops. Maybe they drop special loot weapons and items to be used in arena. Weapons and consumables can be given through chests around the area. Kind of a PvPvE type deal.
Stronger monsters/rarer chests.
Also Mary, adopt the First DM. I want to keep her, she's cute.

>We're not doing fanservice. We're above such things
Above Fanservice is good. Everyone loves Cleavage. But we need some below fanservice too.

No. 1057862 ID: 1effd3

we could also have monsters be like support units like in SMASH
No. 1057864 ID: a287d4

How’s bringing in adventurers from other dungeons supposed to work? Like, who gets their loot when the adventurer dies? The hosting dungeon or the one they initially entered?
No. 1057866 ID: 8e07f4

Summoning monsters from the dungeon or at least themed for the dungeon the adventurer team is representing that attack enemy squads could be a good reward for completing objectives. Maybe a system where the objectives are worth "points" and you can spend the "points" to summon a Monster of equal rune value to fight at your side, probably to a max of 5 since that seems to be Boss monster territory.
No. 1057867 ID: a287d4

Also don’t forget to ask her to break your curse lol.
No. 1057869 ID: 6f4507

possibly, make a central dungeon that all dungeons access, and make it so that each DM gets access to it per basis or such? Would mean not everyone needs to make a dungeon over their own dungeon.
No. 1057878 ID: 340403

How about a DUNGOEN TOURNAMENT ARC where parties affiliate with their preferred dungeons and do duke it out against other dungeon sponsored parties? Make it like a DUNGEON DOMINANCE DISPUTE, and the dungeon that wins the tournament gets a little star on its profile page or extra advertisement or something. Then they can't participate for a couple of times.
No. 1057880 ID: 06095b


A paid for spectator role and possible corporate sponsorship opportunities for concessions would be a pretty friendly way to make a tidy profit.
No. 1057882 ID: ad76be

I could see fitting it in the citadel.
>Random portal in a room somewhere
>Slimes admit they have no idea what’s on the other side since none of them go through, they just get second-hand accounts of an arena
>Heroes that go through sometimes return with loot and nothing comes out that didn’t go in so it seems okay to monitor and let exist
>Slimes let heroes know that if they go through and represent Slimecrown to draw in stronger heroes (slimes aren’t really sure it works that way but may as well right?) then they’ll get bonus tokens if they do well (measured by the new swag they come back out with)

I’m envisioning the arena as a semi-alive entity that has anchored itself to various planes of existence that have powerful people, monsters, and equipment (dungeons basically, parasites off their features unobtrusively for itself, and is hosting matches between them to feed off people who participate/spectate.

Completely unrelated, but we could have a Kaiju fight in the arena couldn’t we?
No. 1057883 ID: 58affa

No need to worry about weapon drop chances or scripting for randomly picking locations for weapons to drop. We have the solution to that right here in our very own dungeon. Show them our wonderful archivists first attempt at making a demon, the O.Fence! If memory serves, it can spawn any weapon that it's seen, and wield them. Just make two or three times the maximum amount of players in an arena, show them all the same weapons grouped into varying tier lists based on power, enchantments, etc. And set them loose in the arena to run around. Give them the instructions that any time a player manages to open their cover they will randomly spawn one of the weapons in their collection for the player to use rather than wielding it themselves, and add a drop chance table to their indices so that higher tier weapons have a lower chance of spawning.

This would cut down on the cost of spellcrafting and making runed weapons both, since you would only need to make one set of weapons that all of the books could copy from. Hell, you'd probably be able to recycle the weapons back into being runes after they've gotten a good look at it.

And the fun meta part, since the weapons aren't technically items but instead are part of the monster, you might have some particularly clever players realize that after they get a really good weapon they need to protect the book they got it from. After all, if it dies, one would assume the weapon would vanish with it.
No. 1057884 ID: 8e07f4

Let's at least make sure our half time show is actually good.
No. 1057885 ID: 58affa

Because let's be honest, what battle Royale wouldn't be made more amusing by the first three minutes being filled with players madly scrambling after a bunch of startled, running chickens to try and claim the question mark covered gun cases strapped to their backs?
No. 1057886 ID: ad76be

Clever! Though maybe they want to check the scripting for our monster so that storing something like 9000 weapons isn’t putting it 1 away from causing a weird overflow error and breaking the arena or something.

Since we have the weapon book they should be able to make similar ones for defensive and accessory equipment. Get the complete kit available for the loot tables.
No. 1057887 ID: 8e07f4

So we're releasing a lot of loaded up metal slimes into the trap infested maze/arena.
No. 1057888 ID: 58affa

Not a lot, but absolutely one or two every now and then, just to watch the fighting stop while they all go mad chasing it
No. 1057904 ID: 1effd3

we could use harpies/other flying monsters to drag the books around, making thier items way more widespread
No. 1057916 ID: d12415

Make it a loot pool and winner takes all. This would also work well with dungeons sending in a singular champion to take part as well. If a monster wins, their dungeon gets the loot. If an adventurer wins, they get the loot.
No. 1057919 ID: d12415

Isn't it called D.Fence?
No. 1057920 ID: d12415

No, sorry, you are referring to The Guide.
No. 1057921 ID: d12415

Btw Larro, if you have the time, could you make an updated monster roster graphic for the wiki? It would be really handy. No pressure, just a humble request.
No. 1057922 ID: 08229c
File 167831415251.png - (3.52MB , 2726x5151 , roster 3.png )

It's been on my to-do list. I finished the slimes and the staff drawings.
No. 1057925 ID: ad76be

Looks like “Chaos Slime” is on the list twice. Lucia should be more than a generic after what she achieved in the last raid!
No. 1057927 ID: 58c090

Back when Larro drew that she wasn't named yet. And the basic Chaos Slime is still in there cause Curi can still make more of her.
No. 1057932 ID: 08229c
File 167832027731.png - (182.53KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

"I don't think it would be difficult." Mary says, "At least not exceedingly so."

She begins explaining on how to use the already existing systems as makeshifts for what she's thinking of. Or at least temporary things to test things out. There will be bugs, of course, but that's why there's the testing period.

Raid mode can be utilized to allow monsters to be dropped in and out and be used as hazards. To ensure fairness, the level limiting system can be used. Also all players would be given faction specific or generic gear fit for their class.

Weapons can be placed around by using weapon spawning demons. This has the added bonus of making the weapons fade away after the "dungeon" is done. Weapons and armor can have 0 for their stats, allowing the adventurers to use their own skill.

If it's a complete battle royale it can be an extra floor hosted in certain dungeons that connect to others.

The First Demonologist points out that connecting to other dungeons is basically impossible with the way the current system is.

The First Dungeon Master says they'll figure it out.

The back and forth continues for a while until the First Dungeon Master pauses to pull out a pencil and paper and begin writing things down. Architecture is drafted and what Mary sees as spells are formulated.

The First Demonologist points out a few flaws in the spells while noting that the First Builder will have to make sure the structure can withstand being connected to so many instanced areas.

Whenever the First Dungeon Master spills tea on herself the First Artificer cleans it with a cape that seems to not get dirty.

"Oh, also, if I may suggest a monster..."
No. 1057933 ID: 08229c
File 167832058244.png - (175.90KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

"Brawn-Do the Thirst Mutilator. I came up with it along with a representative from YUM!. So long as we can get their approval on a design I would love to add them into the place. Perhaps as a bonus boss of sorts."

"Ohmygodyes. I approve."
No. 1057936 ID: 08229c
File 167832140684.png - (128.47KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

A few finer points are discussed. Mary also insists that the others of the Dungeon Master Guild be made aware of this new potential game mode so that they may prepare and decide if they want to participate as well. The First Dungeon Master notes that until she's made more progress in it she's gonna keep it a bit hush-hush. Just for now.

The First Dungeon Master notes all that down and then grins wide.

"Well, thanks a bunch DM Mary. This is going to be a fine expansion to the system. Hey, hey, would you be willing to test it for us? Like, I don't really do much dungeon stuff myself these days. Kinda a voyeur in that regard. Would you do it though? I can pay for the whole setup and everything. You don't gotta worry about runes or gold."

"I would love to help you. We can start small for a trial run. I have a few coworkers that I can reach out to about this. If that's alright."

"Yeah, we're gonna need at least SOME people. Give me like... A week?" As she says this the First Demonologist just sighs, "Yeah, a week. Then we can make some real prog. Get things set up."

She folds up the papers she's scribbling on.

"Oh, there's one more thing, Dungeon Master."


"My curse?"

"Oh, right ye. Uh... I think it's a Sub spell? Like for any system that matters you ping as the man. It's pretty clever. I didn't even notice something was wrong til I got a good look at you. Last I checked Atrociatus wasn't this darn cute. Uuuuuhhhhh.... Shouldn't be hard to break..."

She snaps her fingers. Mary feels lighter as something invisible shatters around her.


Mary blinks. Was it actually done? Was she truly free? She FEELS more free.

"Wow... Thank you."

"Hey, thank YOU. This is some good stuff you gave me here. I haven't felt this excited in -ages-.

I feel like I should give you something. Something cool. Is there anything you want? If I can make it happen I'll make it happen."



Well, I really mostly just wanted the curse lifted?

All my personal needs are taken care of, really.

What would be good for the dungeon?
No. 1057937 ID: 4534a6

.... A Free tier upgrade for our constructs?
Mary you've been stuck here for a while, maybe some recommendations for some good food joints to take your adopted daughteru too?
Uhhhhhhh a specialty Dungeon Master class for yourself?
Idk I'm spitballin here
No. 1057938 ID: 5c8d2c

Remember to get a picture with the First DM and her crew. Not sure what to ask for wish wise, I don't want to ask for anything directly for the dungeon.
What about asking to friend her so we can hang our, or to send Isabelle over to her dungeon to hang out? Unless we just tell her about the thing in the basement and go "WUTDO?"
No. 1057939 ID: 1effd3

Friend request, and perhaps some lessons from the Original?
No. 1057940 ID: dc4bad

You kinda have most of the dungeon-related stuff in hand (y'know beyond asking for a buncha runes or money to splurge on upgrades)

I dunno, maybe some way to communicate with jeffrey (maybe by extension all chaos-distorted entities, since Lucia's speech was causing some discomfort) accurately and remotely?
The dungeon plot of getting a group mighty enough to take our basement beast on is cool, but we might be able to actually do stuff with jeffrey and the basement/treasury if we could communicate without being gibbed

alternatively maybe see if she and her clout can either lean on drachma bank to get their shit together, or scare the unliving daylights out Atrociatus
No. 1057941 ID: 90c451

Getting a readout on the thing in the basement might be helpful. Maybe ask if it's even possible to control the thing and what it would take to kill it.
No. 1057942 ID: 426929

Maybe not the construct tier upgrade, that'd probably require interacting with them and then she'd see Dungeoneer. Maybe the gold to upgrade all of them?

Also we could always use more runes to experiment with.

If I had to think of anything, maybe something to help Mary with combat, or something to take in runes without becoming a demon? That's really been a sticking point on things for a good long while.
No. 1057945 ID: 6f4507

Well, we could do with a nicer bedroom, or maybe nicer bedrooms for our NOT daughters? Other then that, it would be neat to have different runes, or maybe for her to look at the MONSTER IN THE DEPTHS and ask what the fuck is up with that.
No. 1057947 ID: 06095b


Just floating the idea. I'm not exactly committed, but maybe they could do something about Jeffrey. It wouldn't be fair to kill him, but maybe they could "untangle" him a bit, possibly get him back to where we can control him somewhat.
No. 1057948 ID: 1effd3

Chaos muffling is a good idea, but i REALLY dont think we should mention Jeffrey *yet*
No. 1057949 ID: 6c3185

oh yeah, get the dungeon ownership of slimecrown citadel formalized under Mary’s name, make sure the financial debt is thrown back onto the previous dungeon master’s name, And Ask for Mary’s title to be changed to something new instead of “King of Demons”.
No. 1057950 ID: 6c3185

oh yeah, get the dungeon ownership of slimecrown citadel formalized under Mary’s name, make sure the financial debt is thrown back onto the previous dungeon master’s name, And Ask for Mary’s title to be changed to something new instead of “King of Demons”.
No. 1057951 ID: 6c3185

don’t forget about the Debt that got thrown onto Slimecrown Citadel because of the previous dungeon master! we need to do something about that atrocious thing!
No. 1057953 ID: 6c3185

leave a greetings card for our dungeoneer.
No. 1057954 ID: a7a180

Something good for the dungeon... a kaiju battler. A spell to make our monster grow at the end of a dungeon, and the adventurers get to choose one of their own to kaijufy too! That way, not only do they get an epic battle, but we can use our kaiju fighter abilities on the hero...
No. 1057955 ID: b6c09a

I can't remember if Alex was cursed
OH, Jeffory was, in theory, Atrocitous's, and should be ours now... if the abomination was ever ANYONE'S, that is
No. 1057956 ID: 08229c
File 167832865521.png - (147.97KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

"Well... That is so kind of you... But, before I ask for anything, may I get some clarification?"


"So, with the curse broken this dungeon is mine, yes?"

"Mhmm! Truly and utterly. It's all yours. You were originally given just a little bit so it was easy to sign everything else over to you since your hand touched the rest of the dungeon. So, yep. All yours Dungeon Master."

"Even the basement?"

The First Dungeon Master's head tilts

"Basement?" She glances over at the First Demonologist who just shrugs.

"There's a basement floor that I've struggled to get access to. There's also a very powerful demon there that I have no control over."

"Really?" She seems interested now. "Show me."

"It's very powerful."

"So am I."

Mary rises from the table and leads the First Dungeon Master to the entrance to the basement. Her companions try to stop her but she insists on going alone.

She opens the door and steps in.

No. 1057957 ID: 08229c
File 167832900093.png - (227.49KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

She is instantly killed.
No. 1057959 ID: 6f4507

No. 1057961 ID: 08229c
File 167833031621.png - (246.14KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

The First Dungeon Master walks down the stairs to the basement and picks up her own severed head.

"Wow, it's been a while since I've been killed like that." She says, examining her own face.

"Dungeon Master, please..." The First Demonologist sounds exasperated.

"What? You know we can't stay dead."

"Yes, yes we can. You're lucky that wasn't one of the few things that CAN permanently kill you."

"Mm... I had a good idea what it was. Now I know for sure. You have what we call a Primordial Demon." She says, with the Demonologist nodding in agreement.

"A what?" Mary asks.


The First Demonologist clears her throat. It's a shockingly similar gesture to what Mary is used to seeing.

"Primordial Demons are basically avatars of a true demon. The source of the runes. They usually come about when a large mass of the same rune congeals into a single creature. Such demons are extremely powerful."

She glances into the basement.

"If I had to guess," She says, "That is a Primordial Demon of Chaos and Power. However, because it's not pure its power is actually diminished. But... The dungeons should not possibly be able to contain something like that."

"Correct." The First Dungeon Master says. She holds her head up in one hand. "We have a pretty hard cap for our system. Cause something that big could easily cause untold damage if it breaks out. Not good for business."

"I see," Mary says, "So... What do we do?"

"Uhh.... Normally I'd say nothing. Cause it's kinda... OP? Like... I can't fight it... But, it's residing in your dungeon so..." She pulls up a blue screen and plinks away at it, "Okay, the room is registered as part of the dungeon, fully. You are free to banish the creature or whatever. If you demolish the room while it's in there that should kill it."

"Oh. Is it illegal to have it there or..?"

"Hahahaha nah. Honestly I think it's hilarious that you have one of the apex demons in your dungeon. I bet you could come up with some fun way to use it."

"I've mostly just been sending adventurers there as a bonus boss and part of the lore."

"Snrk. That's great. Yeah I think I read something about that on your reviews. Uh... There's always a chance it could break out and like... Destroy this entire shard and explode? But... Whatever. I'm not your boss.

... I mean I am but... Look, you're a grown woman you do what you want with it. So long as the room remains in one piece it's not going anywhere."

"I will make sure it doesn't leave."

"Coolio. Like I said, the room and its contents are fully yours now so do whatever you want with it."

"Thank you."

"Oh, also, you never asked me for a thing."

"Oh. Uhm... Runes? Or some upgrades for my constructs?"

"I don't give runes away as a rule buuuut...." She produces two tokens and tosses them to Mary, "That's two free upgrades to any of your constructs."

Mary catches the tokens and nods.

"Thank you."

"Ye." She drops her head and kicks it back into the basement. "Alright, I think you and I both got a lotta work to do. So, catch you later friendo."


Is there anything else we want to ask before she departs?
No. 1057962 ID: 1ed92d

Ask what the counter to overwhelming Power is. Is there a Pure Condensed Comfy you can pour down the stairs or something if Jeffrey starts acting up? If you stick the Infinity rune on Jeffrey, can you force it to ditch some of the power and chaos runes?
No. 1057963 ID: 58c090

If he escapes we might be able to delete him by adding a Nothing rune, maybe.
No. 1057965 ID: 06095b


Ask her if she wants to do lunch at some point? You need more friends.
No. 1057966 ID: a7a180

At least one of those tokens is going to Dungeoneer.
Ask what her fighting style as a DM is.
No. 1057967 ID: 58c090

Huh? No, Dungeoneer's next level is cheap, only 5k, and also we don't need 7-rune monsters yet (seriously, we had to literally change the boss fight for them to win). Compare that to Archiver's 20k. And, I'm pretty sure, some of the prices are gonna start being unreasonable pretty soon. I think we best save them for a while.
No. 1057968 ID: 06095b


Oh, right. Speaking of runes, maybe offer her or her demonologist the undyne rune that technically isn't from this reality. It'd be a nice present for all the overtime she's about to put in.
No. 1057969 ID: 1effd3

u mean the otherworld aqua andits inversion, the aero rune right>
No. 1057971 ID: 5c8d2c

Ask her for a photo with her and her constructs so we can frame it. Also, ask her if she'll be friends with you on Dungeonbook.
No. 1057972 ID: 5c8d2c

Mary, I had an idea. Ask for her head, then rune it.
No. 1057973 ID: 58c090

See >>1057961
>"Ye." She drops her head and kicks it back into the basement. "Alright, I think you and I both got a lotta work to do. So, catch you later friendo."
No. 1057975 ID: 273c18

Oh, Mary. You're still human, so you're mortal. Can you ask for some kind of death protection? Or maybe that's something you can buy from town now that you can leave...

>primordial demon spawns from a bunch of the same runes in one place
Hmm, probably shouldn't stockpile too many water runes then.
No. 1057976 ID: d8b603

>Mary asks for that
>OGDM puts a rune in her
that's what she did to herself, after all
No. 1057977 ID: b644d3

The smart thing to do would probably be to banish Jeffery right now and replace him with something we can control.

But we're not going to do that, are we?

Now, we've developed our canon quite a bit. It's gonna get a little harder to do more crazy fun stuff and have it make sense.

We shouldn't be afraid to let some events be non-canon. It gives us more possibilities and scenarios without it having to make sense.
No. 1057980 ID: 4b4d4e

Two photos:
One group photo of The OG DM gang by themselves.
Another photo is the OG DM gang plus Mary.
Won't hurt to take multiple photos.
No. 1057981 ID: aa60d9

Ask if we were to delete the room would we get all the runes used to make the demon?
No. 1057987 ID: 6f4507

No. 1058000 ID: ad76be

Yeah, backing the questions about death protection since you’re not a demon and if we run the risk of summoning another demon just from stockpiling runes. How many is too many runes? We can split them into different types freely but we don’t want any accidents from, say, Dungeoneer trying to see what happens if she converts our whole stockpile into Cute runes or something.
No. 1058001 ID: 61235c

Alex is free too now, right? It’s been a minute but I think I remember her accidentally getting caught up in our curse, right?
No. 1058002 ID: 58c090

Nope, we just hired her against her will and that got her fired from her job at the bank. No curse involved, just dickery. Also, she's a demon now.
No. 1058003 ID: 885c82

Free upgrades for any 2 constructs? That's cool! Who should we upgrade?
No. 1058004 ID: 58c090

These are our current available upgrades:

Dungeoneer III: Allows for the creation of 7 rune monsters. Can alter the runes in a demon once, only. Allows Final Boss rooms to contain 6 rune monsters. Allows Extra Boss runes to contain 7 rune monsters. G-5000
Carpenter III: Allows for the creation of a mini dungeon. These dungeons are fully automated and run on their own. The Dungeon Master needs to only add demons in it. It can be either a Puzzle Dungeon, Adventure Dungeon, or Gimmick Dungeon. G-15,000
Archiver III: Hidden runes can be drawn from items. If an item has two runes, both runes can be obtained from the item. Cost G-20,000. Price drops by 1000 for every 5 rune or higher monster.
Demonologist IV: The price to create demons is dropped by 2. However, this does not affect demons that are 8 runes. G-8,000
Artificer II: Allows the creation of stronger Dungeon Master Gear. The Dungeon Master can fight as a 5 rune demon. Costs G-10,000. Price drops by 1000 for each Fundamental Rune unlocked.

I'd recommend banking them both until stuff starts getting more expensive. But if people really wanna use one of them now, I'd say Archiver.
No. 1058006 ID: 4b4d4e

We're good on our Monster level curve for now, what we currently lack in terms of player feedback and challenges is the variety in terms of Dungeon Architecture. Story focused yes, but there's something to be said about our Dungeon Architecture about the lack of environmental interaction.

Builder would be a good investment from the get-go and would be worth the Investment and free-upgrade.

Archiver would help break down that book for both of those runes. and also make Rune-discovery from adventurer loot much easier to find and fill out for our library.

Artificer isn't worth it given that it's cost discount is tied to Fundamental runes in our library, but it would help keep Mary safe. Given that we have All but Almighty, the cost of upgrading Artificer is stuck at 5,000.

Dungeoneer isn't tied to any discounts but the ability to allow a 6 rune-Curi to fully function in the final boss rune has a point, but again, not what we need in terms of enhancing our dungeon run experience.

Demonologist would be a big cost-saver in term of rune-costs for creating new demons. 2-runed demons and lower are practically free now if we give the upgrade.
No. 1058008 ID: 58c090

Curi's already fully operational cause she's in an Extra Boss room, but you're missing the point: it's not which upgrade is more useful to us, it's how much are the tokens worth. Anything under 10k we can just upgrade by using money, and we can get that kind of money easily enough. So that just leaves us with Builder and Archiver, and honestly I'd rather pay for this upgrade for Builder so we can use the free upgrade for his next upgrade, which could be a lot more expensive.
I really think it's in our best interests to bank these tokens for now.
No. 1058009 ID: 06095b


I personally recommend that we upgrade Archiver and then see what her next upgrade costs before picking a second. She seems to be the leader when it comes to expensive upgrades and if we could get two on her (which I'm not convinced will work), it could allow us to make 3 rune monsters for free and maybe get even more runes from items (like the items we're about to get from the run).

After we see what her next upgrade will do for us, I'd say it comes down to between her and the Carpenter. The thing about his and her synergy is that we can populate a mini-dungeon with three rune slimes easily enough, set aside a unit as a boss, and then use it to generate a lot of passive income.

Speaking of income, we should get YUM on the line and inquire about how much they'll pay us to make a mascot for their organization a front runner at a program being personally sponsored by the OGDM.
No. 1058010 ID: 638acb

Yeah I agree. I think it's smarter to save the tokens and buy the next upgrades out of pocket. I say the Carpenter. We can use the tokens later down the line

Anyways, the DM is a total gremlin. I love it!
Glad we know what the thing in our basement is. Now we can tell our adventurers that the secret boss is a demon. But maybe keep quiet on the part about it being "threat to our shard".

More importantly, if we have access to the basement, does that mean we have access to a new level in our dungeon? Can we build rooms down there?
No. 1058011 ID: d12415

I wonder if we could contract some adventurers to help us test and revise our dungeon. Sort of like playtesters.
No. 1058012 ID: 4b4d4e

these dungeon runs are already considered the playtest sessions.
No. 1058014 ID: 08229c
File 167839782108.png - (205.93KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

"Ah, a moment. It's so rare I can speak to someone with such intimate knowledge of how things run. Can I ask a few more questions."

"Mm? Shoot."

"Thank you. Is there a specific limit to how many runes can be added before something becomes like what the uh... Primordial Demon is? Should I avoid keeping too many runes in one area?"

"Uh... Demo?"

The First Demonologist takes over the answering.

"Runes themselves are inert. They don't react to anything on their own and you can keep a lot around with nothing happening. If you're asking how many runes you can put into a demon before it becomes primal... I would say anything higher than 100 would show the most changes. Right now our system does not support demon crafting that high so you should be safe."

"Then how was that monster made?"

"Honestly I have not a single fucking idea. That thing is weird and if you want my personal opinion it should be destroyed."

"BORING." The First DM interjects.

"Boring but safe. Primordial Demons are beings of raw runic might. Whatever is in there, the exact nature of its being, it is wholly unique and truly dangerous."

"You mean fun."

"It..." She sighs, "It is yours to do with as you wish. Just take my advice to heart."

"Of course," Mary says, "If I were to delete the room would I get back the runes in the demon?"

"If it were utterly destroyed you would gain nothing but peace of mind."

"Understood. One more question, is there a way to avoid death without becoming a demon?"

"Uh..." The First Dungeon Master speaks, "Yeah, plenty. Going demon is just the easiest. I'd ask adventurers. There's a lotta them who get pretty old. Older than me."

"I will ask around, thank you."

"Ye, no problem. Hey, this was fun. You got a Calam?"

"A... What?"

"It's a chat program. Here, hold on." She writes down a username on a piece of paper, "Get it and add me on that. We can speak with the DM screens but then I can't show you my sweet emote collection."

"I... See.... Uh... Thank you."

"Peace, peace~"

Her and her group just blip out of existence.

. . .
No. 1058015 ID: 08229c
File 167839800584.png - (103.04KB , 800x600 , 13.png )


Yeah I...

Have mixed feelings on her, certainly.

Mary pulls up the DM screen to confirm something. The basement exists AND she can build off of it.

Might be risky to tamper with that area so let's leave it be fore now.

And let's also save our tokens, yes? I know things will get more expensive.

... I think I have to find out what a Calam is?


I have no idea what to do now that I'm actually free.
No. 1058016 ID: 58c090

Yes you do, but I guess you're not ready to go talk to your parents yet. I suppose you can go get your stuff from your apartment, if they're still there?
No. 1058017 ID: 06095b


There's personal matters that you'd certainly like to take care of, I'm sure. For now, business wise, you still have those reviews to go through and you should probably make sure Dungeoneer and/or Ruth haven't caused an incident. Izzy has not been mentioned, because she is an angel.

You know, two birds, one stone, maybe you could get out and stretch your legs while looking for the three, treat them to a nice meal.
No. 1058018 ID: 340403

Time to get some sweet runes for yourself and start working on accruing phenomenal cosmic power
No. 1058019 ID: dc97ad

Your task is simple, you must find a means of turning the primordial demon Jeff into a cute girl dungeon construct.
No. 1058020 ID: a7a180

It's an app on your crystal ball or something? Ask Dungeoneer, she might know.
I suppose it's wiser to save these upgrade tokens until the cost of new constructs really spirals out of control... in that case you'd better make sure dungeoneer doesn't touch them without permission.
Now that you're really free, surprise her by picking her up from the ball game!
No. 1058021 ID: 4534a6

Summon the Chef and make plans for throwing a rager to celebrate your freedom.
Hire a DJ
Get some good Booze
Invite your Dungeon Master buddies
.... Invite some of the regular adventures?
Regardless, ha e some fun and unwind
No. 1058022 ID: 1effd3

well good to know Jeffrey isn't *technically* illegal, just that he shouldnt even exist.

with your new found freedom-- well actually got to do the party with everyone first, THEN you can out out into town.

...And make sure you bring your evidence to use against Drachma Bank in court.
No. 1058023 ID: 8160fa

Can we pull up the stats on Jeff? It'd be nice to at long last have some idea of what we're really working with down there.

As for freedom, just, take a step outside. Bask in the sunshine and enjoy being able to get some fresh air after so long. Or moonlight. That's nice too.
No. 1058026 ID: 4aaa23

That's a wise choice. Still, I would suggest looking into whether you can build stuff in the basement without connecting anything to Jeffrey's room. There might be a way to have multiple entrances to a floor that do not connect to each other.

But that's a question for later. Now it's time to read reviews and celebrate with your friends. Since you don't have any, we'll have to settle for your employees and coworkers.

Congratulations Mary! You're free!
No. 1058027 ID: e2339e

Tell your family you're free, draft up some defenses for Drachma bank when they try to shaft you. Also have a countersuit ready, because FUCK THEM. In fact, now that you can, document all this shit and leave it at a reporter's so you can nuke Drachma's PR to shit.
No. 1058028 ID: e2339e

Oh, also might want to set a Limiter on Curi, because holy shit she is STRONG now and breaks the curve on dungeon encounters unless it's RAID mode nad even then.
No. 1058029 ID: 58c090

I'm gonna say Phase 1 should be enough for non-raids, and for raids we still don't want her to be this powerful either unless they're really high level. My recommendation is: no having more than 1 summon per enemy alive at the same time, no fusion, and no Metal Slime. And probably no Ms Bloops either, just in case.
No. 1058030 ID: 412884

didn’t you send Dungeoneer, Izabelle, and Ruth to go see a baseball game? Now that you’re free to leave the Dungeon, why not join them on the fun?
No. 1058034 ID: 1effd3

if you kill bloops at the start of the run, she then joins
No. 1058036 ID: e2339e

Something to note, that should Jeffrey get clear, if we don't have a hard counter rune combo?

Stuff Curi with all the Water runes, do the same with Ms. Bloops, then have them fuse. Pure water Runes would make a pure water demon, thought it would come at a HIGH cost.
No. 1058039 ID: 1effd3

When we do the party and stuff, we should analyze some people and figure out their stats and skills. we never scanned Izzy after she became a member of staff
No. 1058040 ID: a9af05

>I have no idea what to do now that I'm actually free.
That's easy: Just step outside. Breathe in some fresh air and soak up some sunlight for a bit.
No. 1058041 ID: 2aa5f0

>I have no idea what to do now that I'm actually free.

Call ahead to some of the other dungeons and ask if they'd have time for you to visit so you can see how their dungeons are set up/network a bit more/catch up and actually hang out with friends who are outside of our dungeon?
No. 1058042 ID: ad76be

This voice >>1058040 has the right of it. Just go outside. Enjoy the fresh air. Work can wait a few minutes.
No. 1058043 ID: 01fe07

Yeah, go outside for a bit.
No. 1058049 ID: 61235c

Feel the sun on your face.
No. 1058058 ID: cecad0

Plot your dickhead boss's assassination.

Failing that, shut the place down for the day and play some laser tag with your coworkers, maybe go bowling. Then call up a lawyer regarding your boss.
No. 1058062 ID: 6f4507

....she didn't wait to see the reviews : (
No. 1058063 ID: 58c090

Mary can send them via Calam
No. 1058080 ID: d12415

I meant more like repeated, structured sessions with the same people specifically for them to critique the dungeon.
No. 1058083 ID: 273c18

Go touch grass.
No. 1058093 ID: 1ed92d

You should get a Calam. Also, send your parents a message! You just got kidnapped for months by an asshole client and fired by your shitty boss, so you need to warn them not to use that HORRIBLE bank ever again... or protect it from rampaging kaiju.
No. 1058095 ID: 6d3e80

Go outside
No. 1058098 ID: 4fa4e7

What would happen if somebody, maybe a construct, eats all of the fundamental runes. Theoretically.
No. 1058101 ID: aa60d9

Go outside and touch grass
No. 1058110 ID: 58c090

Considering one of those is the Nothing rune? They'd vanish.
No. 1058115 ID: d12415

Touch grass.
Roll down a hill.
No. 1058125 ID: 5c8d2c

Let's go wrestle a kaiju
No. 1058140 ID: d12415

Bruh, that is super not pc. You can't just mug a kaiju.
No. 1058142 ID: 1effd3

Jeffrey technically counts as a kaiju
No. 1058143 ID: 58c090

So what you're saying is, Mary and her parents could fight Jeffrey
No. 1058144 ID: 90c451

Maybe visit your friends and relatives? I'm sure they've missed you.
Otherwise? Go to a fancy restaurant, treat yourself.
No. 1058154 ID: 08229c
File 167850234081.png - (144.00KB , 1000x750 , 14.png )

I'm not not checking the reviews cause I don't want to. I'm not checking them cause they're not IN yet. When they are, I'll check them.

For the party I guess I can invite the Dungeon Masters over? Maybe some adventurers...

But, first...

Mary adjusts her tie and goes outside of the dungeon.
No. 1058155 ID: 08229c
File 167850237870.png - (34.97KB , 1000x750 , 15.png )


This shard is really pretty come starfall.
No. 1058156 ID: 520a3f

...the FUCK?!
No. 1058157 ID: 08229c
File 167850283842.png - (177.30KB , 800x600 , 16.png )


I think I'll call mom.

Mary pulls out the phone and dials her mother's number in it. There is a brief pause before a voice is on the other end.

"Hello?" A slightly out of breath person responds.

"Mom? It's me, Mary."

"Oh my goodness, my daughter lives!"


"Well how ARE you? Did something bad happen? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Mom. Are you uh... Working?"

"Oh, nothing serious! Just dealing with a few Cycloptipus. I can talk."

"Oh. Uh... Good."

"This isn't your number. Did you lose your phone?"

"Sorta. It's... It's a long story..."

"Well, I have time dear."


Mary tells her everything that's happened in the past few months.

"Wow... And that's why you couldn't call me?"

"Y-yeah. Sorry about that, mother. I've just been so busy and it was hard to get a phone and I was stuck there."

"I'm so sorry you had to do that, honey. But, everything's good now?"

"Yeah, mom. I'm fine now. More than fine. I think I found my true calling in life, you know?"

"I can't believe my little Mary is a Dungeon Master. I will have to tell your father once he breaks free from this stupid kaiju's stomach."

"Ah. Y-yeah, if you could tell him. That'd be great."

"Hey, listen! I wanna come by and see your dungeon!"


No. 1058158 ID: d0b490


Unfortunately, I highly doubt you're gonna succeed in that regard.
No. 1058159 ID: 63b63e

Oh boy! Its bring your Mom to work day! Lets get the cake and streamers out. Look. We can't go easy on her just cause she is family. Think about all the times your were taught a board game? Did she go easy on you? Of course not. School of hard knocks. Didn't let you even win once. Ha haha.
No. 1058160 ID: a7a180

You can't give your own parents a balanced run of the dungeon! You'd have to hand off the run to someone again, like Dungeoneer, or Alex.
A tour on the other hand would be fine. Curi and Lucia would love to meet their grandparents!
No. 1058161 ID: d14e86

Tell her about the kids you are dealing with, and all of your not-children slimes. Parents are terrified of grandkids, so that'll chase her right off!
No. 1058162 ID: 61235c

Sorry, can’t help. Moms are too strong.
No. 1058164 ID: 1effd3

"convince her to not come over"
thats the neat part, you dont
No. 1058165 ID: 5c8d2c

Tell her you adopted an Orphan and that you're super busy raising her and it's just so much hassle and you don't want to bother her with it.
It'll scare her right off.
No. 1058166 ID: 58c090

I mean, maybe we could help... but we won't. We want them to visit.
No. 1058167 ID: 520a3f

This is when your friendly crown enacts their sudden but inevitable betrayal and says 'no, we're not helping you this time'.

Let them come!
No. 1058168 ID: e2339e

That's not really possible, shye's going to come eventually. but tell her there's no Kaiju, she'd need insurance, and we might still have Drachma bank after us for a debt that isn't ours.
No. 1058170 ID: 06095b


People can just visit us when the dungeon isn't on. I mean, they might accidentally fall into the comfy slime pit and be lost for a while, but as kaiju fighters, they probably have their own health benefits.


Also, look at it this way, you can always just drop them in the spa for a few hours. That'll wind them down enough to where you don't have to worry too much about being overwhelmed.
No. 1058171 ID: 4b4d4e

Mary, I know it's hard to accept this fact, but sooner or later, your parents will visit. You can't really escape it.

But what you can do is ensure that they visit you on YOUR terms, on YOUR timetable.

So, as a first measure. You can tell her that your dungeon's currently closed for the day, and that your schedule's fully booked for the week/month. Tell them that you're involved with a Major project with the OGDM and stress that it's very important that you can't afford distractions/delays. They may be your parents but they sure as hell can understand their baby girl has a full work schedule.

It'll delay them for a while, likely enough to get that PVP beta-testing event out of the way. But it's a stalling measure.
Another delaying measure you can enact is to ask them to do their research and homework on Slimecrown Citadel and other adventurer dungeon runs. Have them go through those Adventuring Magazines and Dungeon Master Weeklies and find those articles detailing your dungeon.

And if they're really REALLY itching to give your dungeon a run, tell them that you will treat them like any other customer. If you really don't want them to go to the basement, give them fair warning about what's in the basement. That way you'll minimize the chances of them walking into the basement.

Finally, you can always strike a deal. They're free to visit but only at the entrance and only to drop off lunch. Letting them see you in person will usually be enough for parents.
No. 1058172 ID: 4b4d4e

Mary.....I was not expecting the outside world to look like ....that.

Why is the world like that? I'm used to the world being one planet-sized intact sphere. Not...floating Islands and empty...*shudders*....empty "Void".

Hold me Mary. Hold me tight on your noggin. Please? I'm scared.
No. 1058173 ID: ad76be

Yeah… she’s going to come eventually. And you know most of us have actively cheered that on. Or maybe you didn’t? Hard to tell if you actually catch everything we’re saying or if you tune some things out for your own sanity.

But you can delay if you so choose, even without breaking her heart! The secret is aggressively signing them up for something they’d enjoy doing.

Along those lines, send Isabelle over to them for some babysitting. You can mention the big project with OG DM as an excuse to keep her clear of the dungeon for a bit. They can’t say no to looking after a crippled orphan you’re taking care of.

Eventually they’ll come with her in tow. But it’ll probably buy you a couple weeks minimum. Then you can do things the others mentioned like hand the dungeon over to someone else so you don’t have a heart attack watching them or sending them over to the spa area.

As long as they meet Dungeoneer after some of the others you won’t get any wacky misunderstanding where they think you’re bullying your employees. If Curi sees you mom harassing you without context the. she’s likely to call in the army and smash your parents. Which would be bad!
No. 1058174 ID: 273c18

I don't see a problem with this? Are you worried she's too high level? It's ok, she'll understand.
No. 1058175 ID: cecad0

Mary, if I knew how to do that, I'dve written a book on how I do that and have sold it on the internet already.
No. 1058178 ID: 6f4507

If she's coming over at least tell her to bring a gift for her adopted grandaughter(s).
don't forget to tell her about the girl you decided to foster.
No. 1058180 ID: 7695ec

you think we have the power to stop parents?
the only thing I can think of is to point out that your dungeon can't handle really high level people yet
No. 1058181 ID: 4534a6

Mary, ok, listen
What you need to do is test the dungeon fiest hand....
With your parents
As a team
That will let you show them your worknfirat han AND catch up all at the same time. Bamn two family events done at once!
No. 1058196 ID: dc97ad

That's the funny part, you don't.
Just make sure the path to Jeff doesn't have anything indicating that there's something dangerous down there, 'cause they seem like they'll want to check that out.
No. 1058204 ID: 4aaa23

Ask her if she has a spare kaiju fighter outfit for Isabelle!

Isabelle would love to learn about fighting kaiju with grandma and grandpa. You could even teach her something yourself
No. 1058205 ID: 1ed92d

There is literally no way to convince her not to come. Refusal will make her think something is wrong and make her want to come harder. Making it seem boring will make her want to come out of pity.

You are done for. Prepare for the hellish experience of Dungeoneer trying to sell dakimakuras of you to your own mother.
No. 1058211 ID: 8e07f4

We'll have to make sure we get adventurer insurance for mom and dad and make sure Curi's boss room can accommodate her growing up to at least 65 feet tall.
No. 1058213 ID: 8e6882

Don't forget to have them get your costume.
No. 1058219 ID: d12415

>worknfirat han
That some sort of Kaijutsu?
No. 1058222 ID: 08229c
File 167856237397.png - (151.22KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

"W-well, mother, I'm really busy with the dungeon right now. Fixing it up and stuff. I'm working with the Original Dungeon Master, actually."

"Oh, we don't have to run it, dear. I just want to see what you've been up to all this time you haven't called me. Or wrote. Or sent a text."

"Urk... I uh... W-well, you see I'm uh... I'm also busy uh... Fostering... A child... So..."

"You have a child!?"

"I mean, technically I have several but-"



"I'm coming over tomorrow."



"I'm coming over tomorrow and I'm bringing gifts."


"Love you, dear, bye~"




That is something I will have to

Prepare for...

>Hold me Mary. Hold me tight on your noggin. Please? I'm scared.

Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot not all of you are from here.

Mary holds the crown close to herself.

Don't worry, you won't go floating off to the void. If you got dropped off you'd just go down to the demonic surface area.

Not sure if that's -better- but... Well, you'd be on land.

>You are done for. Prepare for the hellish experience of Dungeoneer trying to sell dakimakuras of you to your own mother.

I'm going to make sure she's on her best behavior.

Actually, I should check in on her..

Mary doesn't use her phone to call Dungeoneer, just the usual interface that allows her to contact her Constructs.

Dungeoneer answers immediately.

"Hey, boss! How's it going? Dungeon run go well?"

"It did. The Original Dungeon Master has left. How are things over there?"

"Oh things are just peachy! Yeah the kids are having so much fun. Got Izzy some cotton candy. You ever have that stuff? Delicious."

"I have. It's already starfall, they should be coming back now."

"Is it? It's so hard to tell! The stadium is just so brightly lit. I'll be back in uh... Yeah, not too long."

"Sounds good. You sound out of breath. Is something wrong?"

"I said everything's fine. There's just... There's just so many stairs and stuff, you know?"

I'm not sure if she's being entirely honest.
No. 1058223 ID: 427c4b

Offer her a platonic work date with her if she comes clean.
No. 1058224 ID: a7a180

where is she? If she's in a dungeon, we're sending RSP back in to get her.
No. 1058225 ID: 58c090

no, you have to get better at recognizing facetious voices when you're flustered

>I'm not sure if she's being entirely honest.
I'm sure she's being entirely dishonest. Can you connect us directly to her, somehow?
No. 1058226 ID: 36b2ef

She looks like she's doing something inappropriate for the presence of children. Send us through. Time for a perspective switch.
No. 1058232 ID: 06095b


You know we won't be upset regardless of what's happening, so long as you are honest with us. You're either running toward something or away from something else. Either way, we can help, just let us know.

99 copper Ruth wanted to join in on the game.
No. 1058233 ID: ad76be

Hey, not my fault you didn’t opt to force Isabelle on your mother like I suggested. You could have deflected her for a bit at least!

Pretty sure Dungeoneer is trying to find the kids. Just ask if she can put Isabelle on so you can say hi, and when she deflects just ask her upfront if she wants help finding them. You’re free to go help her and take in the sights of the shard.

Sending one adult (with the general maturity of a teenager) alone with two kids was probably asking for trouble all along. I didn’t think about it enough when I backed the baseball game idea.
No. 1058234 ID: 569a5d

If she took the children to a strip club, there will be hell to raise
No. 1058236 ID: 06095b


If this winds up being too serious a matter, I put forth the plan that Mary put us on Metal Slime and send us out into the field.
No. 1058237 ID: 4534a6

Tell her stop flirting with the hotdog vendor and bring the kiddos home
No. 1058240 ID: 1c4e42

She is most likely in a panic state over having accidentally lost track of Isabelle and Ruth.

REMAIN CALM. panicking will not help.

Talk through with this slowly with Dungeoneer. Remember your customer service skills.

Keep in mind that the fact that Dungeoneer is actually putting effort into trying to find them is to be applauded.
No. 1058249 ID: 111561

This would be good, lol.
No. 1058250 ID: 08229c
File 167857341740.png - (117.21KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

. . .

"Dungeoneer... Did you lose the children?"

"N-no! I... Mary I'm so sorry!"

"It's... Okay. Keep calm. I'm going to send you the crown. I need you to tell me what shard you're on."



"Just... Find the details of what shard you're on if you can and message me with it. I'll be there shortly."

I'm trusting you guys.
If I send a message and put you as an attachment it s




It's you guys!

Okay, so! Ruth went mad! She's in the arena and she hit a buncha people with balls and knocked some people out!

And I was talking with this really cute cotton candy vendor and I just freaking

Lost track of the child


No. 1058251 ID: a7a180

First, put it on. Feel the power of the double crown. Now, with that empowerment, get people to stop throwing balls at Ruth for her to hit!
No. 1058252 ID: 111561

Calm down you disaster lesbian, everything is going to be fine! Ruth is a nightmare and a half and you just have to find the other child. Also get that vendors number if she's super cute.
No. 1058253 ID: f93d77

Did you at least get the girls number?
No. 1058254 ID: 4534a6

Step one: Get the vendors number for later
Step two: ?????
Step three: profit
Step four: Show profit to Marry in exchange for buttpats and more responsibilities
No. 1058256 ID: ae9e42

Tell them to stop throwing balls at Ruth. No balls, no problem. Then go to the announcers booth and call for lost child. Get as many lost children as you can. Maybe hit up an orphanage on the way back for extras. Mary's mom is coming and we need more fosters.
No. 1058257 ID: 885144

Ruth is a known variable. She won’t leave the arena as long as people keep throwing baseballs at her. It’s Isabelle that’s the priority.

Tell the staff that They can calm her down by telling them that she wants to play baseball.including her in the baseball game should wear her down and makes things easier for everyone involved rather than attempting to wrangle her. It’s isabelle that our priority in finding.
No. 1058258 ID: 2aa5f0

>Okay, so! Ruth went mad! She's in the arena and she hit a buncha people with balls and knocked some people out!

hmmm, from my experiences if she had a few drinks and was holding a beer in a red solo cup before she started clubbing people than this is actually fairly normal for a ball game. If this game was big enough it will probably make this weeks sports highlights.

As for finding the lost child. Where was the last place you saw her? Also can you remember the name of the stadium and the name of the two teams that ruth is making sure suffer from the playoff bug? Getting those and giving marry a quick call again would let her figure out where you're at and could let her send back up to try and assist you.
No. 1058264 ID: 06095b


Prioritize and delegate.
> Ask cotton candy man to spread the word that Ruth just really loves baseball. No baseballs, no problem. Also, he's an employee. So, he knows his way around and people will listen to him.
> Try to think of the last place you saw Izzy. Start tracking her from there.
No. 1058265 ID: 58c090

>Ask cotton candy man
>candy man
we're talking about Dungeoneer here
No. 1058266 ID: 06095b


Mistakes were made.
No. 1058269 ID: 61235c

I don’t know about Ruth, but as for the child, you should ask any employee to “take you to the security desk” because that’s the internal center of operations for things like lost children. You should also be able to find out what shard you’re on there.
No. 1058273 ID: d12415

Yeeeah, send us back, Mary really needs to come over and help at this point. There really is no getting around it.

Authorities need called to help find Isabelle. Also to help explain away things so Ruth doesn't get subjugated. We kinda need someone who is savvy with laws and has some good common sense.
No. 1058275 ID: 1effd3

Dungeoneer I need you to calm down and listen to the mostly-sensible voices in your head. First we need to know what shard you are on so we can get Mary to bring in the cavalry. Next, calm down Ruth and stop her from getting you in more trouble. Then we can worry about Izzy. Izzy is a big girl and knows how to ask adults for help, so I'm less concerned in that regard. But first we focus on DAMAGE CONTROL.

Do you understand?
No. 1058276 ID: 9eb4d9

Where is this, again? Is this an area we have control over? Can't we control and message monsters? Send Ruth a message or order or something.
No. 1058277 ID: 1effd3

Messaging Ruth is actually a good idea.
No. 1058279 ID: 4aaa23

Ignore the sensible ones Dungeoneer. Listen to me, possibly trustworthy voice.

Ruth will be occupied as long as people keep throwing baseballs at her. Sure you could go to the security desk, have us message Ruth, and notify Mary, or you can take the less sensible but way more fun route. Break into the announcers booth and use the voice thingy to notify the stadium. Tell them you're looking for a lost child. It would definitely spread the message quickly. Also, don't forget to ask for that cute cotton candy vendor's number. The crowd will search for Isabelle.

I know now is not the time for fun shenanigans but think of it this way, Mary is going to be extremely disappointed in you when you get back anyway. She may even ground you for a while. So you might as well go for it. Trust me. You will possibly not regret it.
No. 1058280 ID: 4b4d4e

If you don't want to take responsibility, Look at the surroundings and find landmarks! Signs, postage boards.

If you're in a stadium, there should be a stadium name! A stadium would be attached to a Shard. Find the Stadium Name, then Call Mary and tell her the Stadium name. That should help get her to this place faster.

In the meantime after you get Mary our current location, engage in damage control.
No. 1058284 ID: ad76be

Okay, it’s like we thought.

Looking at the scoreboard to get the name of the teams to send to Mary is a good idea.

Asking someone where you can call for a lost child (Isabelle) is a good idea. Have them ping through the intercom that her grandmother is on the way to her home and she’s to show up at (some landmark in the stadium) to head home.

Just shout at Ruth that Mary’s mom is coming and all of you are going to be grounded forever if you’re late. That means no baseball bat for Ruth. It’s a lie, but it should get her to follow you.
No. 1058289 ID: 06095b


You do know Izzy had a family before they all died, right? Telling her that her grandmother is coming to see her in a universe where magical revival is possible might lead to some really terrible consequences.
No. 1058472 ID: 08229c
File 167875364321.png - (161.80KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

>Did you at least get the girls number?

I didn't! I thinks he was really into me!

Or was really into selling me cotton candy.


Okay, these are good ideas, guys. Let's see...

Dungeoneer looks about and finds that the place is called Fell Air Stadium. She relays this information to Mary. While she waits for the dungeon master she goes over to an information desk. Or at least what looks like one.

She quickly explains her dilemma to the person working the booth.

They nod and say they will be right back.

>Where is this, again? Is this an area we have control over? Can't we control and message monsters? Send Ruth a message or order or something.

Oh! We don't have any control over the area but with the dungeon master title I can tell Ruth what to do.

She gives Ruth a command to stop attacking balls and to meet with her. She no longer hears the crack of bats against balls.

A man approaches Dungeoneer from behind the booth. He's wearing a much fancier attire than the normal employees do.

"Hey. You lost a child, right?"

"Yes! She has a robot arm and leg and eye and her name is Izzy!"

"We found her wandering around and she's in the snack bar right now. You want us to bring her here?"

"Please and thank you so much." Dungeoneer breathes a sigh of relief.

"Hey, is that your slime in the field?"

"What? Oh, no that's the boss's. I'm so sorry about that.."

"Oh, no no it's fine. We'd love to speak to your boss about having her play on our Underball team. She seems to be a natural."

"Wait, really? Ruth?"

"If that's her name, yes."

"Well, she was built for the dungeon, I'm not really sure ho-"

"I'll discuss it with your owner when they get here."

. . .
No. 1058473 ID: 58c090

>I thinks he was really into me!
huh. Alright then.
No. 1058474 ID: 2aa5f0

>I'll discuss it with your owner when they get here."

well fuck you too pal
No. 1058475 ID: 4534a6

>"I'll discuss it with your owner when they get here."

Owner and slave is some pretty highteir bdsm play this man is accusing you and Marry of here!
No. 1058476 ID: 1effd3

...he knew you were a Dungeoneer, that is NOT a good sign.
No. 1058477 ID: 58c090

>"I'll discuss it with your owner when they get here."
I suppose some people are used to treating dungeon construct like they're not real people. Then again, I suppose in your case it'd be better to play along, wouldn't it? Wouldn't wanna give away just how autonomous you really are, would you?
No. 1058478 ID: a7a180

Reminder that most Dungeoneers he talks to are not capable of having nuanced opinions on baseball teams or children, especially without DM input.
Explain that you will inform her of Ruth's promising career in hitball when you return, but for now your owner has given you instructions to collect both child and slime and wait for her by the entrance.
No. 1058479 ID: cecad0

>your owner
Dungeoneer, could you open up a line, please and thank you.
"...WE'LL discuss this with our BOSS, thanks."
No. 1058481 ID: 5c8d2c

At least they don't seem too angry. Hopefully we have some gold left. Dungeoneer, collect Izzy and Ruth and wait for Mary. Keep everyone out of trouble and hopefully Izzy didn't laser eye too many people while she was out of sight.
No. 1058482 ID: 06095b


>thinks he
>think she
probably just a typo


And probably Dungeoneer is just recognizable because there are thousands of her out in the world, like most dungeon constructs.


As for this guy, kind of fucking rude, but Mary's habit of treating her dungeon constructs like actual people is apparently a bit rare. I'd say feel free to correct him, but maybe don't get too angry. He's not worth it, and you need to get Izzy out of here without creating even more of a scene.
No. 1058500 ID: ad76be

I’d like to suggest some things you could order Ruth to do right now, but there’s probably some clause where Mary would have to pay for various medical bills if Ruth hurt anyone or cover damaged property and I have no context for how much or little Mary makes in relation to that.

Just… ask her if she owns you when she gets here. Don’t hand us back so we can’t coach her, get what she thinks free of our influence. I don’t know if she’ll say the right thing up front since, y’know, kinda a weird question, but I’m certain she won’t say she owns you. And then you can take that answer and put what the man said behind you.
No. 1058530 ID: 34713f

Or at the absolute worst, "Technically yes, but I don't want to think of it that way." I can't imagine her honest opinion being any worse than that - she ain't like the other Dungeon Masters.
No. 1058531 ID: 58c090

What are y'all going on about? We already know what Mary's honest opinion is, we can see into her mind, remember? She considers Dungeoneer and the other constructs employees.
No. 1058532 ID: 1ed92d

Explain that you are not a slave, you're a construct in a moral grey zone and have emotions and self-esteem and ask politely for an apology.

Please do not tell Ruth to destroy this man, it would deprive Mary and Ruth of opportunities and also make it harder to retrieve Izzy.
No. 1058535 ID: ad76be

We know that. But we lie about a lot of things too. If Dungeoneer is actually hurt by what he said, hearing it from Mary would mean more. Especially since their relationship can be pretty rocky.

Though if Dungeoneer is more angry than hurts she can chuck all this out the window. I’m guessing at her reaction here, she didn’t share her thoughts before we piped up.
No. 1058537 ID: 58c090

That feels like jumping the gun a bit, Dungeoneer hasn't shown any doubts as to what Mary thinks of her. Or our trustworthiness, for that matter.
No. 1058538 ID: 4aaa23

If they don't treat dungeoneer as a person, then I doubt they'll treat Ruth like one either.
No. 1058540 ID: 421554

Fortunately, Ruth has something they don't: a baseball bat and the lack of critical thought to use it as a proper weapon, rather than a physics object.
No. 1058541 ID: 273c18

Hey, don't overreact. Remember, most constructs ARE "owned". Also you have to keep a low profile...
No. 1058548 ID: 31ad9f

I'm still confused about this whole situation. I thought monsters couldn't leave the dungeon.
No. 1058551 ID: 1ed92d

They can if they're Dungeoneer.
No. 1058555 ID: 7675bb

They can leave any time they want, just can't stay away for a long time without fading away unless they have plenty of runes, if memory serves. Talked about way early on, and used when Curi and some gals went to Glass Spinner's dungeon during Christmas, I believe.
No. 1058581 ID: 08229c
File 167884612484.png - (190.89KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

"Ah. Well. Can I know this shard's name? So my BOSS can get here faster."

"Sure, N-Shard 12, 16-492."

Dungeoneer texts that to Mary. It's utterly gibberish to here but it seems to help Mary tremendously as the Dungeon Master is there in just a few moments.

She rushes over to the booth just in time to see Izzy and Ruth. The game is already going back to its normal routine. Apparently demon attacks aren't even uncommon here. They just haven't had one with a bat.

"Are you two okay? What happened?"

"A lady was giving out free samples so I got some and then followed her and got more."


"Geeze... You worried the hell out of me... Don't wander off from Dungeoneer again, okay?"

"Okay." Izzy says, "Are you mad?"

"No, just... I'm not mad. You have to be careful."

Izzy nods again.

Should I... Should I ask? I mean I know Mary doesn't think of me like that but...

It really is bugging me now.
No. 1058583 ID: 58c090

Should probably ask away from the guy, but sure, go for it. If you trust, us, tho? You don't have anything to worry about from her.
No. 1058586 ID: 08229c
File 167884659599.png - (139.85KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

Dungeoneer approaches Mary, her crown in hand. Her mind is swirling with so many thoughts. How she failed, what the man said, her horrendous luck in getting cute girls numbers.

It has been a hard day for her. She can barely look Mary in the eye.

"Hey... I'm so so so sorry about this... I just... Things spiraled out of control.."

"People make mistakes. I should have considered what could happen by sending Ruth to a baseball game. As for Isabelle... Well, I'm glad that nothing bad happened. I'm sure if I hadn't sent the crown you would have solved the problem on your own."

"I was trying but I freaked out and when I freak out it's hard for me to think normally."

"It's fine, truly. Just be more considerate of where she is in the future."

In the future. That means she still trusts me, right? Frick... I really don't want to ask...

I'm not sure what I'd do if she told me...

"Hey, boss?"

"Mm?" Mary turns her attention briefly from trying to herd the children to look at Dungeoneer.

"Do you uh... Do you think I'm property? Like, do you own me..?"

"What? No. You're a valuable member of my group and my friend. Have I not expressed that enough?"

"Ah, n-no no it's uh... The dude said something that just got into my head is all. It's no big deal. Oh, also he wants to hire Ruth to be part of the team?"

"What did he say?"

"It wasn't anything crazy. Just something stupid and dumb. I'm just overthinking things."

"Tell me."

"Well, I was... Going to give my opinion on Ruth joining the team and he said to wait til my... Owner came here. Like I didn't know what I'm talking about. I mean he's not wrong cause Demonologist is better at knowing the ins and outs of demons but I have some-"

"Which man?"

"Eh? Oh. Uh. That one." Dungeoneer says as she points.

Mary turns to see the same man waving at them and gesturing for Mary to come over.
No. 1058587 ID: 08229c
File 167884776049.png - (119.00KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

Mary marches over to the man. Dungeoneer keeps hold of the crown and moves closer to hear what she's saying.

"Excuse me, sir?"

"Hey! Are you the owner of that slime and Dungeoneer. I was wondering-"

"The slime and Dungeoneer are my employees. They are their own people and I do not own them anymore than you do a member of your own staff."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean t-"

"Now, I hear you wish to hire Ruth to be on your team. What are your policies on pure demons and their rights?"

"Well, it's actually a simple transfer of ownership t-"

"No, rights like people rights. She is a sentient creature and if I were to allow you to hire her what are the benefits? Her salary? How can I know she is being treated well and is happy?"

"That's not quite how it works here, ma'am."

"Then I'm afraid I have to decline. Thank you for keeping my ward safe. Farewell."

"Well, ma'am, there's still the matter of damages to the stadium and people injuries."

"How much?"

"At least 100 gold. Maybe more if we uncover more damages from inspection. I'd be happy to cover the fee myself if you could sign over the slime to my team."

"No. I'll cover it. Also I want a third party unaffiliated with this league and its workers to do the inspections."

"We can do that. But there's also the matter of how long we had to pause the game while your demon went on a rampage. The amount of lost profits while things were disrupted-"

"I -saw- what happened before I came here. Your people kept feeding Ruth balls. If you ask me it's clear you were just testing her. Why would you keep throwing the balls otherwise?"


"Also I couldn't help but notice that I was never contacted in regards to my ward? She knows where the dungeon is. She has my number. She can contact me at any point. Did anyone even try to get in touch with me? Or were you more interested in testing Ruth's abilities?"

"It was just to stop her-"

"By giving her more ammo? Most of the damage inflicted could have been prevented. She's a single rune slime. This is a park is a space that's open to the public. You have demon wranglers, right?"

"Of course."

"Then why didn't you use any of them?"


"I am taking my ward and my workers. I am going to send you G100 to cover any damages, even if most were caused by your own hand. You will not be recruiting my exmployee. And that is all."


"Or I can summon lawyers and we can go down THAT route. Which would you prefer?"

"Uh. You know. It's fine. We can cover the damages."

"No. I insist. Expect the funds sent to your financial department soon."
No. 1058588 ID: 08229c
File 167884813791.png - (116.51KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

Is it bad that I found that kinda hot?

Forceful Mary is a very good look on her.

Hey, you're on her head all the time. Do you think she's into constructs?
No. 1058589 ID: 58c090

>Is it bad that I found that kinda hot?
No. No it's not.

>Do you think she's into constructs?
Sorry to tell you she doesn't believe in dating employees.
No. 1058590 ID: 1effd3

Oh god she went full Lawyer mode, that was terrifyingly awesome.

She doesnt believe its right to date employees.
No. 1058591 ID: 4fa4e7

Only the really cute ones. So you should probably give up and let Demonologist have her.
No. 1058593 ID: 63a1ed

She doesn't seem to want to date employees. But I think you and I both know that she's just romantically blind. Though there was that time she got drunk...
No. 1058594 ID: 273c18

Maybe if you weren't an employee.
No. 1058597 ID: cecad0

Well, pretty sure she's into chicks, but she seems kind of a stickler for the rules about employee relationships, so you might have to wait 'till your rune thing you're doing is finished and you're able to make your own decisions. That said, she does seem to put you in rather revealing outfits a lot...
No. 1058600 ID: 08229c
File 167884944488.png - (140.40KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

>Only the really cute ones. So you should probably give up and let Demonologist have her.

I'm cute! I'm super cute! I got white hair, my belly is exposed, I'm freaking cuteness personified!

>Not employees.

Ah. Yeah that's... Actually very accurate for the type of person Mary is.

>She doesn't seem to want to date employees. But I think you and I both know that she's just romantically blind. Though there was that time she got drunk...

The memory of her flirting with Glass Spinner is a precious memory of mine. I will never forget where she tried to kiss her.

>Well, pretty sure she's into chicks, but she seems kind of a stickler for the rules about employee relationships, so you might have to wait 'till your rune thing you're doing is finished and you're able to make your own decisions. That said, she does seem to put you in rather revealing outfits a lot...

... Do you think she likes how I look? Ia ljfhsdlfjdlskfdsklfdsf

Guh. Accidentally almost gave myself a heart attack. I don't wanna think about Mary thinking about me...

Ah, well. I guess I'm just cursed to never find love.
It's fine. Mary needs someone less wicked than me anyway. Maybe someone who likes math. And I can admire her work from afar.

Thanks for the help.

Dungeoneer returns the crown to Mary. Mary accepts it, sighs, and puts it back on.

I am...

I appreciate the handling of the situation. I knew sending you guys was the right idea.

This has been a VERY tiring day. And yet there's still so much to do..

I have a party to assemble, reviews to go over, preparations to make for my parents.

What should I focus on first?
No. 1058602 ID: ad76be

Are you wrong? No, having someone willing to defend you is an acceptable turn-on. That said, as your boss she would fire herself for dating you since she takes her job seriously and unequal power dynamics are a big no-no. Especially when one side can make the other stop existing if they get angry enough. Then you’d either go back into the ether or get stuck with the bag of bones she replaced and never see her again.

If it sounds like a boring answer, that’s Mary for you. If you’d like to date her you’d need to show you’re more than a horny teenager and prove you can literally exist independent of her. That COULD come with more runes… but you also shouldn’t need to change yourself so much just to get into someone’s pants. Keep being horny, there’s a match out there that would love to date a cute thing like you!

Though now that I think about it, the whole “construct” thing really does mean more than I thought over on your side, huh? That’s… upsetting. You deserve to be happy too, Dungeoneer.

You need to get Mary hooked up with another cute DM that has a greater variety of cute monsters. Then Mary can educate her on bringing out the best in her employees and you get a larger dating pool. We know about Glass Spinner, Cleric might be someone who we could talk into DM’ing, and having her hook up with Slime Matron seems… possible(?) but our knowledge is limited.

Mary’s mom is coming over. Do some research on single girl DMs, see if you can plot with her mom afterward. Mary’s got Isabelle and several slimes calling her “mom” so getting her mom on board to hook Mary up so she doesn’t work herself to death juggling everything seems reasonable. You’d probably get some support from the other rank-and-file like Curi or Mirelle.
No. 1058603 ID: 06095b


Reviews are important, but they will keep longer than your other obligations. If you are going to party, you really need to inform the prospective guests ASAP.

As for supplies for the party and for greeting your parents, you can make the necessary items appear magically, correct? While it's tempting to go to a store, I'd use the convenience of magical conjuration to eliminate your headaches.

If you must go out for anything yourself, maybe a small apology gift or a letter to your mom. Mom's love handwritten letters, Dad's too.
No. 1058605 ID: ad76be

Hello Mary! Apologies for the late response to Dungeoneer. Feel free to pass my message onto her.

Reviews seem like the easiest thing to handle. If you’re really that drained then the rest can wait until sleep/nap first.
No. 1058607 ID: 1effd3

How i think it should go:Reviews, make a note to remind yourself/employees about parent visitation incase you get drunk, party, then prep for parents
No. 1058608 ID: cecad0

Reviews should be quick enough to do first. Second thing should be making things look nice for your parents visit. After that, you can invite them to the party and invite your DM pals and Adventurer friends. Might want to also look into ways to keep your parents from dying without Adventurer Insurance, because there's a decent chance that if they find out about Jeffrey they're going to want to fight him. Just in case, y'know.

Also, just a heads up, but Dungeoneer really appreciated you standing up for her. She was a bit bummed about earlier with that guy, and you giving him the business helped get her in a better mood.
No. 1058610 ID: 0e1dcc

Party preparations are going to really just be delegations. Get those going first so chef and whoever can get started on them while you get ready for your parents. Reading reviews can happen anytime you end up having to wait for something else.
No. 1058611 ID: aa60d9

I’d say start with the reviews since you’re going to be helping the head DM spearhead the PvP idea and getting some actual feedback might help you puzzle out a more solid idea in the future while your ticking away on the other things n your todo list.
No. 1058615 ID: 4534a6

Well you're already out of the dungeon
You know that means right?
Awwww yeah gotta get that booze in person my fine lady friend!
No. 1058618 ID: ae9e42

oh man, timing...
No. 1058619 ID: a7a180

Party first, parents last.
No. 1058626 ID: 111561

Give the girl a nice pat on the shoulder for the discriminatory remarks against her person, and promise something nice for her? Other then that, it would be nice to see the reviews since you can get that out of the way decently quickly.
No. 1058628 ID: 111561

Mary we aren't giving love advice to the girl, I promise.
No. 1058639 ID: 4aaa23

I'd say send the invites first so you know who is coming. It might help you prepare. Aqua steve would enjoy a water stuff, Bone guy might enjoy bone stuff, etc. If you want you can invite the gremlin. Sorry, I meant the first DM. Though they might be busy.

P.S: It is VERY important that you invite Glass Spinner
No. 1058640 ID: 4aaa23

And don't worry about why it's important to invite her. Seriously. Don't worry about it. Just trust us
No. 1058643 ID: c8d42d

No. 1058645 ID: 3fa41f


Reminder that you still have Izzy in tow. So, liquor shopping in person is no. You could dispatch Dungeoneer with her for a second time while you do that to maybe get her something nice to wear, or go with her yourself. Your mom is probably going to fuss over her regardless, but showing she is at least well-provided for will go a long way.
No. 1058656 ID: 4534a6

I don't understand, I went liquor shopping with my parents as a kid, it was never an issue.
It's not like we are making the youngling buy booze herself.
No. 1058663 ID: d14e86

Crush that Sportsball team, see their league driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the fans!

I bet that an interdungeon sports league could garner a following, and these new dungeon-interaction facilities that are presumably being worked on ought to help.

Te better fit with a dungeon theme, replace the goal with a boss monster, and keep the players region-locked. With dramatically stronger goals than the players fighting them, most of the gameplay would probably be about allowing the bosses to influence the rest of the field, like attacks that can be carried to the other end, or demons that can retransmit buffs they receive on to the next region. Player substitutions would be encouraged to keep things variable, and there could be an exchange rate to replace runes worth of demons for traps, quick respawns and incapacitation limits to stop one team just dumping all of the other players into a pile with a comfy slime, have a couple of wandering minibosses free to interfere in whichever region they like to add some more strategy...
No. 1058672 ID: 08229c
File 167893714842.png - (99.18KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

>You need to get Mary hooked up with another cute DM that has a greater variety of cute monsters. Then Mary can-

. . .

Are you guys trying to

Hook me up?

I have no time for relationships. My dungeon is at a critical juncture and we are at the cusp of breaking new ground in the system as a whole.

Dating can wait.
No. 1058674 ID: 08229c
File 167893812671.png - (67.41KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

What can't wait, however, are these reviews. I see you are all as eager as I to see what they think of the dungeon.

Hmm. We're missing one, I think. Well, let's see what they have to say.

-Bulk Mage-

"Slimecrown 2.0"

When I had first entered this dungeon, I was surprised. The quality was far above what it had been previously ranked and the challenges were far greater than anticipated.

When I went again, I was once more shocked by how much it had grown and deepened.

Going today, I think I can declare this dungeon as one of my favorites. It has continued to grow and expand and change in ways that the average Adventurer may not have seen before. If I had but one complaint it is that it takes a while to grind the tokens for some of the prizes.

The event that happened today was especially surprising. I won't spoil it, in case it occurs again, but it was a challenging and fun run.



"A Special Event Brings Great Fun"

It's really hard to say exactly what happened this run without spoiling some of the key mechanics... But, I'll say that if you see something like Chaos VS Something then GO. Go go go go go. You will NOT regret it. It is the most fun I've had in a dungeon in a long time.

I've been going to Slimecrown for a while now and I will definitely be going again.



"Growth and Change"

As my title says, the key words for my experience are growth and change. I've gone here a few times and every time I return something has changed. The dungeon has grown.

And with it, I feel I have as well. I've learned lesson that will hopefully make me a better leader and a better person. As usual, I highly suggest all go. This is especially so if there are any special events running.




THIS RUN WAS AMAZING. I GOT TO BLOW UP STUFF AND WOW. I'm trying REALLY REALLY hard to not spoil anything but damn this was great. If I had any complaints? It REALLY drained my wallet hahaha. But that's the hobby, I guess!

I got some cool stuff but I'm gonna wait like... Two weeks before posting pics of it. So, follow me and check my Calam Blog if you wanna see!

Remember, this is a hard dungeon! Definitely bring a friend if you wanna get through it!



All fives... We've done well, guys.

However, Cleric hasn't responded. I am somewhat troubled by that. Did she not enjoy it? Should I reach out to her? I don't want to come off as weird.
No. 1058675 ID: 4fa4e7

Nah just leave it. She probably just doesnt want to vent about her shitty team
No. 1058676 ID: 58c090

She seemed to actually be having fun for the first time in a loooong time, I doubt the reason she didn't post a review is disappointment. That said, I still wanna encourage you to form social ties with non-employees, so do reach out. Maybe something happened, who knows?
No. 1058677 ID: cecad0

She's probably busy making sockpuppet accounts that're all giving 5/5s to boost the SEO of our dungeon.
No. 1058678 ID: aa60d9

Nah, don’t worry about it she’s probably just respecing her build since she said she wanted to add chaos cultist to her class and you’d probably have a better idea than us about how long that takes. Could have also already done so and is testing it out in another dungeon (since yours is getting a reputation of being challenging) to either grind some levels in her new class or just giving her new build a test run.
No. 1058679 ID: 61235c

Some people have hangups about feedback. Might want to be constructive but can’t think of anything to change. Might have had to do something right after that. Might be thinking hard about her build right now. Best not to pester her I think.
No. 1058680 ID: 4534a6

Give her cute ass a ring and inivte her to the party (while forgetting to ask about the review)
No. 1058681 ID: 4b4d4e

While it's clear that she enjoyed herself during the dungeon run when we gave her the opportunity to have fun, she was the 1st adventurer we subjected to in terms of the Chaos vs. Slimecrown event, she'll need lots of time to gather her thoughts.

She'll likely be making some hard decisions in terms of whether or not she wants to stay as a cleric or switch classes to Chaos Cultist. And such a big change would likely impact her personal and professional life.

I wouldn't be surprised if she came from a family of renowned clerics and got lambasted heavily in the aftermath of the dungeon run.

If her review does show up, be sure to cross-check the review with her performance during the dungeon to figure out discrepancies.

So keep an eye out on any Slimecrown bashing posts related to Cleric/Cultists. You've likely stirred up an "Holy Inquisition" adventurer guild who've decided to be out for your blood and dungeon specifically.
No. 1058682 ID: 4b4d4e

I'm fairly certain that Cleric's putting her thoughts together. Just set up a notification on the review page for new incoming reviews, in the mean time get your staff prepared for the party.

And just so you know, I'm gonna call it: Izzy's gonna be adopted and inducted into Kaiju Fighter training by your parents the moment they lay eyes on her. Ultra-seijin Outfit and everything.
No. 1058683 ID: a7a180

Ring and ask if she'd like to tell you about it in person.
No. 1058684 ID: 841764

>And just so you know, I'm gonna call it: Izzy's gonna be adopted and inducted into Kaiju Fighter training by your parents the moment they lay eyes on her. Ultra-seijin Outfit and everything.

This may earn me the ire of my fellow voices, but I feel like I should warn you: you should probably use your newfound freedom to take Ashley and go look for young Isabella's parents, before events spiral farther out of your control in that regard.
No. 1058685 ID: 4534a6

.... We could always offer her a job as a Chaos Cleric if she needs it
No. 1058686 ID: 4b4d4e

>This may earn me the ire of my fellow voices, but I feel like I should warn you: you should probably use your newfound freedom to take Ashley and go look for young Isabella's parents, before events spiral farther out of your control in that regard.

A little late on that warning there, looks like we've already gotten engrossed in other business.
No. 1058687 ID: 1effd3

It's likely nothing. She's mostly likely looking into either switching into Cultist, or multiclassing into it.
You definitely do need to start networking, you as an auditor know the power of having connections.
No. 1058688 ID: 36784c

>However, Cleric hasn't responded. I am somewhat troubled by that. Did she not enjoy it? Should I reach out to her? I don't want to come off as weird.
Nah, leave it alone. She’s probably taking extra long because she's writing a really big review.
No. 1058691 ID: 111561

I figure give her a minute, and get back to her in a day to see if she's fine.
No. 1058692 ID: 111561

We know that your busy and really getting into your new job market, but ignoring social conventions isn't healthy either! Don't forget, even the most strict places have weekends and social gatherings!
No. 1058693 ID: 298597

You should send her a little Cleric plushie which spits out a "never split the party" voice line.
No. 1058694 ID: 298597

Not only did they lie to you. They purposefully sabotaged you for the purposes of meeting your parents.

Think about it. You're a woman with an adult child, so you're probably at least 40-50. That means that you're running out of time till menopause. You're body is sending you signals that you need more progeny before you run out of time. But wait you have that adult child of yours you can get them to spawn for you, and you can take care of children thus satisfying your body's maternal urges without dealing with all the crying, screaming and dirty diapers. Plus it's far easier to make a child absolutely adore you if you don't have to deal with the consequences of those actions on the child, like for instance loading them up with candy only to duck out for their sugar rush. Or giving them a bunch of presents, but not having to deal with keeping them from becoming spoiled brats.
No. 1058695 ID: 298597

You should text or call Slime Matron and tell her that you found out Jeffrey is a primordial demon from the First Dungeon Master.
No. 1058704 ID: 06095b


I'd give it a day or two at least. It may be that she's reticent to give feedback which might include negatives about her party members. It may be that she's just busy.

My only real concern would be that she spent longer being undead than her other party member, and that she might be suffering some side effects, but since Psion was fine, I imagine she is as well.

As for interactions with players in general, it's a bit weird. Some players who are invested in the lore might not necessarily like the immersion breaking involved in having a person-to-person chat with the dungeon master. I'm not saying stop trying to reach out and get feedback, but maybe consider alternative channels, like updating the review forum with information on how to contact you directly (through Calam, for example).


For Izzy's parents, we are assuming her entire village died due to a demon attack. However, it might not hurt to invest some resources to be sure about that. Problem is, figuring out the location to start looking for evidence might be tricky, since it'll be prodding into Izzy's traumatic past. I'd say let's table this until she's met Mary's parents.
No. 1058708 ID: ad76be

Alright, I’ll cut go against some of the grain here and say you should reach out.

A lot of the other voices bring up fair points that are certainly true. Cleric is definitely considering a class change, she was the most affected by these systems as she was the first Chaos character, we don’t know her personal life and what a change means for adventurers etc. etc. She’s busy, even if she’s possibly grateful. I’ll also toss in that she’s used to being overlooked and would probably feel a little awkward calling the DMs personal attention after an experience she knows you’re monitoring for feedback.

All that said, you’ve been trapped in the dungeon for a while and never really talk about your own social life. I’m guessing you were grinding away at being an Auditor instead, and you mostly had work buddies? Ones you would have left behind when you were fired.

Now, I’m unsure what your priorities are but I figure there’s a few important things in life. Being comfortable with who you are, being content with how what you’re doing in life, and personally brining joy to others and finding some in return. You’re definitely set on the first two, not as sure about the latter. You’re allowed to slow down the dungeon growth to find people who make you happy, rather than always searching for happiness in your job.

Some voices were wondering if she was even considering going DM, which could be something she’s wrestling with and you’d be uniquely qualified to answer. I mean, if I considered it in her shoes I’d wonder if you’d find it admirable or hate her for turning into a competitor. How awkward would that be to be a DM because of how fun another DM was and finding out they disliked you for stepping onto their turf? That’d be a real blow.

Even if I’m off-base, there is literally no harm in admitting to her upfront that you just want to hang out with someone since your circle is small and you know you should expand it with people you have a shared work connection with but also aren’t literally employees. Cleric seems like a riot when cut loose, but she also seems like she’d be a decent listener after being overlooked in parties for so long. Not much else to do, right?

You might play therapist for a bit, but I’d think she’d be happy listening to stuff going through your head and sharing her own thoughts on it. Isn’t that reward enough?
No. 1058718 ID: 58c090

>prodding into Izzy's traumatic past
Did you forget? Izzy became an adventurer to gather money to revive her parents. I don't think trauma's gonna be a problem to get a location from her. Now, whether she can actually give directions is a different story...
No. 1058720 ID: 4aaa23

I did forget. Does that mean Mary/Izzy will revive them eventually? Did we tell her to forget about her dead parents? I forgot a lot about Izzy's origins.
No. 1058722 ID: 06095b


We've never told Izzy to stop chasing her dream. We've just tried to be as supportive and nurturing as possible for a child who otherwise was going around just begging for scraps and coin to survive.

In the end, her dream of reviving everyone from her home village by earning enough money may never be realizable. Mary explained how expensive it is to revive just one person when it's not immediate and when the body is incomplete. It's thousands if not tens of thousands of gold.

Even if she became the greatest dungeon master ever, those sorts of profits aren't easy to turn out let alone part with, and the people with the right expertise and willingness to go through the revival process of so many would be hard to find. We should never tell her this directly because it would shatter her, but for better or worse, we are likely to be her only family until the day she can start her own.
No. 1058747 ID: ad76be

Make Isabelle the oracle of the arena. Pay her money and get a blessing of her choice for your upcoming fight. More money = better blessings.

There, stable income to invest in resurrections.
No. 1058753 ID: 61235c

Now that we can get our Auditor skills out and about, we should probably go and work some accounting magic to put an actual dollar amount to it. Then we’ll know for sure if it’s truly unachievable. But we can’t give up before really trying. Not on behalf of our child’s dream.

I mean, we can literally print genies. The realm of possibilities within our powers if we’re willing to be creative and ambitious is pretty vast.
No. 1058771 ID: 1ed92d

I enjoy this plan.
No. 1058793 ID: 08229c
File 167903244603.png - (188.00KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

I won't bother her just yet, then. As curious as I am about what she thought, I recognize that her reasons are personal and I don't want to push. Maybe we can invite her to the party?

And, I'm glad I could make Dungeoneer feel better. That man was extremely rude. I know many do not consider dungeon constructs to be people but... They have thoughts. Likes. Dislikes. What more do they need to be considered a person? I consider Dungeoneer a friend. If I can make her feel better when she's upset I'm always willing to.

And the way he talked about Ruth just...

Oh, I did call Isabelle my ward but... Yes, I suppose at some point we should find out if we can revive her parents. I'm going to be honest, guys, I think it's a long shot.

But, we can give it a try.

"Hey, Izzy?"

"Yes, Aunty?"


"What shard are you from?"

"Uh. I dunno. It was high up."

Of course. That narrows it down to MOST of the world.


Guh... Okay, I guess I can look into things. Demon attacks are common but if I can at least get a rough timeline of events...

Maybe I can hire a detective and take some of the burden off of myself. I can find one while I go shopping for supplies.

Ah, but first I should make a list of people I want to invite. I don't completely agree with you guys but socializing is important I suppose. Maybe I can even invite the last raid group. That way I can speak to Cleric without arousing suspicion.

I should probably make the list now. I know Chef can handle the cooking but there might be more person specific items I can buy. I should also look into getting something nice for my parents while I'm at it.

Ah, I should also send Dungeoneer and Isabelle back too. I don't think I need any help shopping. But maybe they'd enjoy being outside?

What do you guys think?
No. 1058796 ID: 421554

Maybe just take them to a general goods store? Sure, it might not be something especially exciting, per se, but I think that both of them would appreciate doing something a "normal person" does, even if they have different reasons for doing so.
You could also take them to a bookstore, get Dungeoneer some harlequin romances, Izzy some storybooks... Maybe call the dungeon and ask around for requests?
No. 1058797 ID: 426929

...Uh. Mary? Your nose is bleeding. Pretty badly. Oh gods mary take us off take us off take us off
No. 1058798 ID: cecad0

I think you need to sit down for a moment, put your head back, and pass us to Isabelle. You seem to have gotten a nosebleed, and I'm worried it's from stress or overwork.
No. 1058799 ID: 5c8d2c

Yes. Bring Isabelle shopping. Also, you might need to take a break, your head is leaking.
Give us to Izzy, we'll handle the hard stuff and you just relax and think about keeping your brainmeats inside your head.
No. 1058800 ID: 4fa4e7

You need to get your story straight, if you parents find out that Izzy is your love child with dungeoneer, there will be hell to pay
No. 1058801 ID: 273c18

...do you have Dungeon Adaptation? Can't spend too long away from it, maybe?
No. 1058802 ID: a7a180

Suspicion? Of what?
No, let them accompany you. Ruth should go back though.
A private eye would be good, you can definitely afford one. They should talk to any adventurers (or adventurer's guild staff) that have spoken with her before, see if they recognize her by description or something she's said.
No. 1058803 ID: 4534a6

Girl you're thinking so hard you've sprung a leak
Or maybe it's all that gross outaide "fresh" non-dungeon air
No. 1058805 ID: 1effd3

Izzy and Ruth are up past their bedtime, have Dungeoneer take them back to Slimecrown.

For people to invite, definately the last raid party, some(if not all) of the guild.
No. 1058807 ID: 1effd3

...Also Mary, you may or may not have a nosebleed.
No. 1058814 ID: 4aaa23

Invite the all of the guild.
You could invite Red Widow too. I know she tried to mess with you but hey turn that rivalry into a passionate romance a good working relationship.
Invite adventurers who have been to your dungeon before.
Finally, invite the first DM. They'd love a party

Altough, maybe you should leave the shopping to someone else. Go home with Isabelle and Ruth. Relax with some comfy slimes and let the others handle it
No. 1058816 ID: adc866

Better get that nose sorted out, or your parents might insist on staying to take care of you.
No. 1058822 ID: 06095b


I think you need to slow down. I'd say take a deep breath, but you've got a nosebleed currently. So maybe, stopper that first. Then you need to take some time to just decompress. Maybe a nap would do you more good than a party right now.
No. 1058824 ID: ad76be

Lord Savage is the leader of the DM Guild so he’s the likeliest to know what the others like for food and such if you’re looking to get specifics. I’m guessing you’d know your own mom and dad best and can shop for them.

Backing the bookstore idea. Reading is fun! Get some fantasy or sci-fi stories for Isabelle (and us, I’m curious what counts for those genres in your world) and give Dungeoneer some money to find her own stuff. Unless you just want to take a glance and pick up whatever seems “cute” and “horny”.

Re: the nosebleed, either you’ve spent too long in the dungeon and are readjusting to the lower “pressure” of outside or interacting with us outside the dungeon is a bit of a no-no. Probably fine for Dungeoneer and other runed creatures, but maybe not “normal” people. We have to be drawing some form of mana in to boost the holder’s mental resiliency or the sheer number of voices would be overwhelming and maybe that’s hurting you?

If that latter part is true, you could use us as a weapon when outside. Throw us at someone and wait until we start making them bleed! Not a very useful weapon I suppose, but I enjoy the idea that we could back you up in a fight somehow.
No. 1058827 ID: 58c090

Guys, calm down, it's just a cuteness-induced nosebleed. Notice it started when Izzy called her "Auntie".
No. 1058831 ID: 4b4d4e

Mary, You're in-danger from collapsing due to over-work.

Tell Isabelle to contact emergency medical services and hand her the crown.

Make sure that if they're gonna make emergency treatment to save you, underline the fact that you refuse being turned into a demon.
No. 1058832 ID: 4b4d4e

Look, cuteness induced nose-bleed or not, the dungeon and by extension Mary, and Us, cannot function if the Dungeon Master collapses from health problems. She may be a dungeon master, but she's still a human!
No. 1058833 ID: 4b4d4e

Take Isabelle, Ruth, and Dungeoneer with you, go shopping with them together.

Also, some of us are panicking due to your nosebleed.
No. 1058857 ID: 08229c
File 167908990876.png - (73.58KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

My nose is bleeding? Wow, that hasn't happened since my intern years. Uh.. Probably just the air pressure. I have been stuck in that dungeon for a few months now.

I can fix that real quick.

"One sec, guys," Mary calls out to the construct, ward, and demon, "Just making a to-do list."

"You alright, boss?"

"I'm fine, thank you."

I'll send out a few invites. I suppose we can invite the last crew that came, the DM guild, and the First Dungeon Master herself. I know she's busy but we can at least ask.

I suppose then we'll have to build a list of what people want based off of that?

If Lord savage accepts then he can give me some good ideas of what to get. I'll have to ask him first.

The bookstore will have to wait for another time. There's entirely too much to do right now.
No. 1058858 ID: 08229c
File 167908998714.png - (74.75KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

I think Isabelle would like to go shopping so she can do that. Should probably take Dungeoneer with us to help keep an eye over h-

No. 1058859 ID: 08229c
File 167909012186.png - (106.37KB , 800x600 , 30.png )


You know I think you guys might be right. Might be a bit stressed out.

But this isn't even an intense amount of work. Getting exhausted over this is ridiculous. I've pulled 48 hour workdays before.

It's probably just the air.
No. 1058862 ID: 4fa4e7


Anyway I think you should probably delegate. No sense being in charge if you dont order your lackeys around
No. 1058865 ID: ae9e42

Mary, you can't avoid talking to your mom by refusing to sleep until you die. She's just going to move in to take care of you.
No. 1058867 ID: 5d33d8

Uhm Marry, my Friend, your eyes are looking even more lifeless than usual... When did you sleep last?
No. 1058868 ID: 58c090

Your eyes are not looking great either. Oookay, how about you get to the dungeon, entrust yourself to Oilivia, and hand us over to Demonologist. We'll take care of the rest.
No. 1058869 ID: ae9e42

You know you work more efficiently and make less mistakes when well-rested, right? Make a comfy-heal-time runed bed to rest as efficiently as possible.
No. 1058870 ID: 8e07f4

Go see Ashley
No. 1058871 ID: 7eb89d

Uh Mary, are you sure you are curse free? You are looking kinda cursed here.
No. 1058873 ID: a7a180

Oh yeah, you might be feeling a bit of decompression sickness. You might... want to wait at a lower depth of shard before coming back up? But heading back down to the dungeon is too much. Visit either a hospital or a higher up dungeon. The guild might know of one.
No. 1058882 ID: 36b2ef

Young lady, you will sit down and take care of yourself or I WILL call your mother up here to do it for you!
No. 1058883 ID: 06095b


Mary, you have had a big day today. A lot of things have just happened, some of them good, most of them stressful, and your body is telling you its time to wind down, not rev up.

Could you do a quick exercise if you're not sure? Could you try counting out your heartbeats for a minute or so? While you do so, try to keep your breathing nice and regular.
No. 1058885 ID: 111561

could also be having a weird mental crown that was previously used by a skeleton. Maybe its not healthy to have a hive mind on your head?
No. 1058888 ID: ad76be

Well, you’re still bleeding. And your eyes are getting closer to anime territory. Dunno if you have anime in your world, but it’s not a good thing to emulate.

Given the first DM’s general attitude she may have done an incomplete patch without realizing. Or it could be us.

Hand us back to Dungeoneer. At least we can eliminate one possible source of what’s happening that way. If we’re actually holding it back then Dungeoneer can put us back and cart you to the dungeon with Ruth and Isabelle.
No. 1058889 ID: 273c18

You've been up for 48 hours?
Mary, I think it's time you accepted that you're not as young as you used to be. You can't overwork yourself anymore. Would you ask your employees to do this?
No. 1058892 ID: 5c8d2c

Mary, give us to Isabelle and go see a healer. We'll get the shopping done and since we'll be on the head of someone competent, there won't be as many shenanigans.
No. 1058893 ID: 2aa5f0

maaaaybe a lingering effect of the curse?
No. 1058895 ID: e2339e

It could be a MYRIAD of things, lingering effects of a curse. You getting mana withdrawal from going to a place of relatively low magic from high. Pressure sickness. Could be you're tied to the dungeon still, and while it's not as strong you still can't stray too far for too long. COuld be you've partially demonified and as such are especially fragile. Go home, make a medical monster if no one is qualified to actually diaqgnose you in the dungeon, and get treated.
No. 1058898 ID: 67a3b9

Were you eating and sleeping and drinking water often enough inside the dungeon? Do you have any other curses? Are you overdue for a checkup?
No. 1058899 ID: cecad0

...Right. Pass us over to Dungeoneer or Isabelle. We're going home, and you're getting some hot tea with honey and some nice chicken noodle soup or congee with chicken, none of that instant ramen stuff. Also, Dungeoneer, what rune would you think a soup slime would consist of?
No. 1058900 ID: 1effd3

Mary. Please check your HP and Status screen.

No. 1058904 ID: 08229c
File 167910382723.png - (88.85KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

Oh my goodness. You guys are overacting. It's cause the air is dry.


My heartbeats do feel a bit irregular.

Let me just...

Mary takes a deep breath and tries to relax all the muscles in her body. Her nosebleed gets worse.


Dungeon Adaptation sickness, clearly.


Mary opens her Health Menu.

Mary Smith - Dungeon Master

Mental Health - Severe Damage. Mental damage can not be healed with healing magic. Rest is suggested.
All other systems will suffer until the damage is healed.


Debuff - Overworked (5 Stacks)
All work related actions will grant another stack of Overworked. Each stack increases the stress placed on the body. At 5 stacks, failure begins to occur on certain actions. As a result of age the affects of Overworked have increased.
All stacks vanish after an extended rest.

. . .


Okay uh... Maybe I have been working a bit hard lately.
I think that might explain my headaches too.

I should rest but there's still so much to do. And I don't know if I can trust anyone else to do exactly what I need.

I can problem struggle through another stack or two, right? It's not like it'll kill me.
No. 1058905 ID: 3d6e34

pull up your hp bar and call your emergency contact numbers. all of the numbers on your emergency contact list.

Now. You are about to Faint. Hand the crown off to Dungeoneer.
No. 1058906 ID: 3d6e34

Hand us over to Dungeoneer. You are going home and going to rest and go on a Very well deserved vacation.
No. 1058907 ID: 3d6e34

Hand us over to Dungeoneer. You are going home and going to rest and go on a Very well deserved vacation.
No. 1058908 ID: 1effd3

Mary, do you REALLY want to be on deaths door when your PARENTS and your party guests show up?
No. 1058909 ID: a7a180

Doing what exactly? Party planning? Plan the celebrations after a good night's rest. And this isn't a good look for your parents' visit either. Just nap. At least it isn't the demon bends.
No. 1058910 ID: d61e4d

I get not trusting Dungeoneer or us, but do you really not trust Demonologist to do it? You need to delegate.
No. 1058911 ID: 3d6e34

Bed rest. now. Ask Dungeoneer if she’s up for being in charge. She’s your closest staff employee. I don’t care if you have hangups about her rampant lewdness/perversion, tell her that this is a SERIOUS responsibility if she accepts. We’ll take care of the rest once the handover is done.
No. 1058913 ID: 34713f

Head home and hand the crown over to SOMEBODY. It doesn't have to be Dungeoneer (even though she IS your staff manager). Demonologist has a level head on her shoulders - she'd do about as good a job at planning a party as you would.
No. 1058914 ID: 06095b


I'd honestly urge you to take the night off and don't worry about a party. The last thing you want is to try to host something for your colleagues and esteemed customers and then suffer a panic attack. That will really make everything that comes after seem like an uphill battle. It's also not like you've already invited anyone.

If I'm wrong about that, and you have, Demonologist is very dependable and can handle the setup with a bit of help from us. We promise that we won't go overboard with budget or with stressful activities that you'll be roped into.

If not, though. Again, rest. Drink some soup, get some sleep, and check your stats in the morning after a hearty breakfast and a trip to the spa. If you're feeling well enough then, have your parents join you in shopping with Izzy. Then bring them home to see your other children (who can handle preparations for their arrival while you are out and about).
No. 1058915 ID: 111561

Cuddle your NOT children and use that fucking spa you made, ya?
No. 1058916 ID: cecad0

>(too busy making lemon tea and soup to notice what Mary said)
No. 1058917 ID: ab3821

Tell Dungeoneer she's in charge of the dungeon
Get Chef to organize the party
YOU go see Oliva and get pampered like you've refused to let anyone even your parents do since you were a baby!
No. 1058919 ID: 63b63e

Can't you leave now? Go take a spa day, hit up Bave and Duster's Arcade and Eatery, go to the local Minature Golf, and have an expensive meal for dinner. Even your last job gave you vacation days, I think, maybe.
No. 1058925 ID: 5c8d2c

I'm pretty sure it will kill you. Seriously, delegate stuff out, give us to Izzy so we can go shopping, and go take a day off. Set someone up so if you try to work at all, they'll prevent it.
No. 1058926 ID: d61e4d

Actually, yeah. You haven't invited anyone yet, we can postpone the party. Tomorrow will be just as good.
No. 1058928 ID: ad76be

You won’t die, but the increasing chance of action failure isn’t great either. We have work to do, and you’re the weak link right now. Which makes since as you’re not a demon or construct like most of your employees.

Head back to the dungeon, get treated by Oilivia, go to bed for once. The three-rune bed suggested by the other voice is a good idea. Hand us to Dungeoneer, we’ll make sure she delegates appropriately.

Don’t worry about the lewd/date stuff we were discussing, it’d be a terrible idea for any of us to implement until you’re properly healed and one rest session may not be enough to clear the debuffs. We’ll focus on keeping things as straightforward as possible so you can actually relax and don’t get stressed out again when you pick us back up and start reviewing our work.
No. 1058930 ID: f113d6

Do you not get alerts about these kinds of things?

If you don't think you can trust anyone to take over right now, then don't. Put everything on hold.
No. 1058932 ID: e2339e

Go to the spa, give us to DEmonologist or Alex and rest. Your minions are good at party planning at least, and just lock the dungeon that raids are not allowed due to troubleshooting on experimental features. Your employees can handle the normal load without too much issue.
No. 1058933 ID: ad76be

Actually, these voices do bring up an interesting point. You’re the DM, the boss. You have the power to, y’know, shut the dungeon down. Give everyone a day off from the usual stuff, including yourself, and just ask them to help chip in for a party.

I doubt you’ll listen to us tell you to just delay everything, but this would free up everyone else to do things well for the party.
No. 1058934 ID: 36b2ef

That's it young lady! I'm calling your mother!

>Operator lady: Please enjoy the music while your party is reached.
>With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound~🎵
>He pull the spitting high-tension wires down~~🎵
No. 1058938 ID: 7298f5

If you put us together with someone you can trust like 75%, that should add up to someone you can totally trust, right? Maybe we should give Curi a visit.
No. 1058941 ID: 7298f5

Actually, wait, don’t you have several time-warping monsters on payroll? (Well you don’t pay them, but still.) I bet you could use hyperbolic time chamber magic in the spa to cram like a week of R&R into an hour.
No. 1058942 ID: 273c18

You have SEVERE damage to your mental health points. You need to rest. This is not optional. Either shut down the dungeon for a bit or hand it off to someone trustworthy.
No. 1058945 ID: 4b4d4e

If anything, You can at least have one of the dungeon staff put up a notice on the Front door of our dungeon and the Forums with the following:

"Due to a sudden downturn of their personal health, the Dungeon Master has ordered Slimecrown Citadel to be closed until further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience." - Slimecrown staff.
No. 1058948 ID: 58c090

I will go ahead and say this: DMing for a raid is challenging enough, but creating and successfully running a completely new kind of event is amazing, and then negotiating with the First DM who hasn't been seen outside of her dungeon for centuries would already makes you one of the most remarkable DMs alive, even with our help.
But to have done all of this in your current state? You're awesome, Mary. Never forget that.

Now go get some fucking rest.
No. 1058949 ID: 4aaa23

Sit back and relax. Your health is your first priority.

Don't you remember the last party Curi threw for you? Things will go great. You can trust us and your staff. It will be a fantastic party and we'll find you a love interest who will make sure you don't work yourself to death
No. 1059000 ID: 1ed92d

Nah, after five stacks things tend to get exponentially worse. Also, it's kind of amazing you got so stressed out you started bleeding, you must really love your job.

Try taking a few days off. Maybe go relax in the comfy slime pit.
No. 1059044 ID: d12415

Seriously, do these but transfer us to Demonologist instead. We need someone with a cool head.

Shit, if we can do this, lets do it.

>Helpless people on a subway train~🎵
>Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them~🎵
No. 1059069 ID: ae1513

Just imagine your mother's disappointed face.
No. 1059070 ID: cecad0

I just had a thought...

We've got a Time Mage and a bunch of Lag Mites, right? You think we could ask them to work on something like DBZ's Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but for relaxing instead of mastering martial arts? If we can figure out how to make one, we could send Mary in there for emergency spa sessions and massages, and then have her fully relaxed and ready within a few minutes.
No. 1059119 ID: 298597

We also have Gravity Slime. we could combine the time and gravity to make an actual Hyberbolic time chamber. Hmm maybe we should make a Space Slime first
No. 1059120 ID: 298597

How about is you hand us over to Archiver. I don't think she's gotten time under the crown yet. And she gets forgotten too easily
No. 1059121 ID: 298597

I wonder if we could make a Golden Dragon Slime by combining the 4 Chinese Cardinal Runes together with Water.
No. 1059129 ID: ad76be

We could probably make a Wuxia slime by combining water, wood/plant, fire, earth, and metal. Or the Japanese equivalent by swapping metal for Nothing (closest to “void” I can think of and a fundamental rune).
No. 1059130 ID: ad76be

Just realized this would also give Bulk Mage a true rival in our dungeon.
No. 1059168 ID: 4b4d4e

Problem: These ideas have difficulty in meshing together with the Lore of Slimecrown Citadel.
Tweaking is required.

Proposal of solution: Have the aforementioned ideas of "wuxia slime" and the "Oriental training room" as part of a 3rd party faction who seek to challenge Slimecrown's Chaos titan for their own ulterior purposes. Wuxia Slime would likely challenge Slimecrown for "cultivation purposes".
No. 1059172 ID: ad76be

Could do it as a secret boss in Slimecrown Hamlet. Jump through enough hoops and you can find Wuxia slime meditating in caverns underneath the hamlet near a confluence of all the elements.

They really just want to keep cultivating in peace. They can be infected by Chaos, but they’ll keep cultivating. They have no interest in what happens up above, once they ascend they’ll beyond all such mortal concerns anyway. Perfectly acceptable responses for someone in the genre, right?

Since it’s a 5-rune monster by default, it’s equivalent to Curi prior to her most recent rune which was “raid-tier” even then. An absolute curbstomp for most of the people who would raid the hamlet since it’s the lower-level area, befitting a secret boss you have to actively try and fight.
No. 1059184 ID: 4b4d4e

If you want to add to the "secretness", have him locked behind a puzzle room that involves the 5 rune elements. No guidance, no hints. It's just there off to the corner.
No. 1059189 ID: ad76be

That’d work. The only indication it exists is the fact that Curi can summon it. We could even outsource ideas on how to use slimes that aren’t in the dungeon yet but leave Wuxia slime off to suggest it’s already being used.

Oh, and to touch on your idea more - I feel like it overlaps too much with the arena idea, but maybe we could turn it into a low-key partnership between DMs?

Approach Slime Matron about having her send a “team” of creatures in every week/month to serve as an encounter group. They’re allies from another slime city sent to give general aid to Slimecrown. She can show off some of her slimes, and other DMs can suggest slime ideas that represent their own dungeons if they want to take part.

We can figure out if SM is able to add our own slimes into her dungeon as a rotating group as well. It might get some of the ones we don’t have a place for to stretch their not-legs and enjoy participating in a dungeon.
No. 1059190 ID: d12415

Lets stay on task here. We need to focus on triaging Mary. These are neat ideas, but lets try to keep Mary from dying first.
No. 1059191 ID: 298597

We don't have to have a spot to put them in. We can just keep them around for emergencies, or send them on Adventures.
No. 1059197 ID: ad76be

We’ve done all we can at this point. It’s ultimately up to her to listen to us. Or not, at which point Dungeoneer or Isabelle pick us up when she crashes and we take over from there.
No. 1059198 ID: 08229c
File 167944351657.png - (205.76KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

Alright, alright... You guys have made yourselves loud and clear. I do appreciate the compliments, but yes I think it is time for a rest. While I don't consider the work I've done to be especially great, we have taken quite a few steps, haven't we?

When was the last break I truly took..? I think it was the last time I gave the crown to Demonologist.

"Guys, we're going back."

Mary teleports back to her dungeon with her group. She does her absolute best to not think about work and all the things she has to do and summons the Demonologist.

She hands over the crown.

"You're in charge for a bit, Demonologist."

"W-what? Me? Uhm... I'm flattered to have been chosen once again but I really must remind you that constructs don't normally..."

"I trust you. I'm sorry to place this burden upon you but I think I've reached my limits. I'm going to take a nap. I'll see you in a bit."

"Understood, Mary."

Hello again Crown.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing?
No. 1059199 ID: 4fa4e7

Make more monsters. Doesnt matter what.
No. 1059200 ID: ae9e42

Enhance Mary's bed with Comfy, Time, and Heal runes. She's got like 1 hp in her head zone from overworking and not sleeping. She needs a super bed of sleep good fast.
No. 1059201 ID: 0c8d1e

I think the difficulty progression needs some tuning, especially since ourdoors is thew new beginner area. I'd like to upgrade all the princesses to 4 rune, and add some two and three rune monsters themed on mud / plant / lava on the paths leading up to them.
No. 1059202 ID: cecad0


Make a Soup Slime, then send it, Comfy Slime and Tea Slime to Mary so she can heal up.
No. 1059203 ID: a8e6c3

Keep an eye out for the Cleric review of the dungeon, in case it's just late in coming. Other than that, start planning a party to celebrate both an amazing run and Mary's new freedom to step outside when she wants to. You know, get Chef to plan a menu, look into getting a selection of drinks, get a party area set up, make a guest list, basic stuff. You're mostly just gonna keep things running and help get ready to celebrate while she takes an extended rest to undo the frankly INSANE damage she's done to herself. You know she had FIVE stacks of Overworked?
No. 1059209 ID: 06095b


Let's start by making Mary a comfortable bed. Doesn't need to be fancy, but comfy would be nice. She's currently experiencing an overload of fatigue and needs a clean break.

On that note, she was talking about throwing a party tonight to celebrate being curse free, but I think we should veto that and let her rest.

What we can't put off is that Mary's parents are visiting the dungeon tomorrow. We need to alert the chef to plan for multiple hearty meals for three plus one child, and tell the staff at large, especially Oilivia that we'll be expecting guests. Everyone needs to be on their best behaviour.

Oh, and could you make Izzy some nice clothes for tomorrow? Mary was going to take her shopping and may do so when she's feeling better. For now, though, we need to make sure Izzy appears better cared for than frankly we've actually been doing.
No. 1059210 ID: 5c8d2c

Let's hang out with Izzy. Get her an apprentice dungeon master outfit and let her run the dungeon with you. Let her make some monsters and pick the people who get to run it next.
It'll be fun.
No. 1059212 ID: a7a180

Planning a surprise party for Mary! Make sure to invite Cleric and Glass Spinner and her mom.
No. 1059213 ID: 4534a6

It's time to impress Marry by making her a new batch of horny slime demons!
No. 1059218 ID: 273c18

Don't worry, just keep things as they normally are. No need to implement anything new, just do upkeep if there's any. If you get another party of adventurers then we can handle the details.
No. 1059220 ID: 1effd3

ok so first:
second: prepare for the party and send invites to the rest of the guild, original dm, and the previous raid party.
third: keep eye out for Clerics review

Basically: you can close the dungeon down for the next day to help prepare for the party and Marys parents.
No. 1059222 ID: 04c384

prepare a guest list for the coming party, make sure everyone is happy and comfy, look into the group that did their adventure, and see what their up to? other then that, enjoy a little bit of a break.
No. 1059223 ID: ad76be

First thing is to make the bed and send in the slimes that others suggested, then prepare for the party. We can’t delay Mary’s parents visiting. Telling them she’s exhausted would only make them move faster.

So, inform the rest of the dungeon team that you’ve been put in charge, you’re closing the dungeon for an emergency, and Mary’s parents are visiting. Mention on whatever site that adventurers use to visit the dungeon that the DM is off to recover and to send her well-wishes. You can ask Ms. Bloops if she’d be willing to have her name on the note as our unofficial mascot.

All hands on deck for party preparations to put a good foot forward for Mary’s parents. Isabelle could probably use a wardrobe upgrade, if you don’t know anything fashionable then send… shit I don’t know who can do fashion that isn’t horny or dress weird. Maybe call Glass Spinner or Slime Matron for a favor since they can take Isabelle out clothes shopping. Let them know the circumstances, we’ll be busy with prep.
No. 1059226 ID: 58c090

So, Mary's mental hp is shot, so needs to be well rested. The faster we can do that, the better, so how about we get some comfy slimes and Lagianna and make her have 8 hours of bed rest in 2? Can that be done? you're the demon expert here. You can add any monster under 3 runes if you think it'll make the outcome of this better.
No. 1059227 ID: 1effd3

to be fair, i dont think Lagiannas ability to speed up time or the power of the math book will work that well in this situation
No. 1059228 ID: 58c090

Dunno, let's not discount the possibility before we know for sure.
No. 1059230 ID: e7be6f

I think it's best to just let Mary rest how she wants unless something else becomes necessary. Let's not try to cheat the system or make Mary relax how we want her to. You can close the dungeon, no need to give any detailed explanation.

Maybe when Mary recovers we can set up some kind of permissions system so certain jobs can be done without passing around the DM role.
No. 1059233 ID: b859df

As the construct in charge your priority should be to get everyone organized.

First Mary’s condition. Depending on the furniture you may need to send Artifacer to make a bed, and Cook to make a meal while Olivia works on Mary. Possibly a cuddle of comfy slimes or whatever the plural is to help Mary sleep.

Second is preparation for a party after Mary wakes up. Depending on when that is it may include her parents.

Third find out if everyone is up for another group in case one arrives while Mary is out of commission. If not put up a closed for maintenance notice.

Now off topic I’ve had an idea for a while but never had a good opportunity to bring it up but with someone mentioning Slime Matron, would it be possible to have a quest for adventurers be to escort a diplomatic envoy to Slime Matron’s dungeon to make contact with a group more in tune with the more primal nature of slime.
No. 1059245 ID: ae1513

I've heard that soul runes are delicious. Why not try one?
No. 1059246 ID: 99f29a

Mary's repeatedly indicated lack of interest in runing herself and I doubt trying to think about work or efficient resting will help matters.

Go to Oilivia and get pampered. Hand us off to Demonologist or Carpenter or someone to supervise stuff. Have a day off with your mom.
No. 1059248 ID: 58c090

You seem to have missed an update? We're already in Demonologist's hands.
No. 1059285 ID: adc866

It's fine, she just needs to rest. Push her any further and you may just end up with a situation like the previous DM.

Also, don't let her push herself as hard in the future, she's a mere human after all.

On another note- prepare for her parents to visit, they sounded like they're pros at slaying monsters, so... either max or no combat encounters when they show?
No. 1059286 ID: 2aa5f0

well your boss's parents are showing up tomorrow so maybe clean the place up and maybe put out a notice that the dungeon will be closed for the day but will be up and running again tomorrow. That should give marry enough time to rest and allow her to focus on showing her parents around the dungeon. Hell maybe even let them try and run it if they want.
No. 1059287 ID: dc4bad

The dungeon is pretty self-sufficient for most things now, maybe do some rounds just to make sure there's no trouble and be ready just in case some adventurers show up.

Arrange for some pampering of Mary when she wakes up (she might be tempted to just get some rest in and get back to business right away despite herself)
No. 1059292 ID: 1592f0

Mary’s mental health is at very low HP and she cannot perform work tasks at the moment.

Let’s start by getting chef looped in for party planning, then move to invites.
No. 1059294 ID: 4aaa23

Create a slime kaiju for Mary's parents! Now that I think about it, Curi could probably turn into a slime kaiju if she wanted too

Tell Curi and the residents of Slimecrown to help you prepare for a party like they did during Christmas. You've done a good job before, and you can do it again.

Do we have a party slime? Should we make a party slime?
No. 1059307 ID: 6f4507

curi basically already IS a slime kaiju
No. 1059346 ID: 298597

Mary's nose was suddenly bleeding, so we freaked out, she assured us it was nothing and then checked her status screen. This is what she saw:

Mary Smith - Dungeon Master

Mental Health - Severe Damage. Mental damage can not be healed with healing magic. Rest is suggested.
All other systems will suffer until the damage is healed.


Debuff - Overworked (5 Stacks)
All work related actions will grant another stack of Overworked. Each stack increases the stress placed on the body. At 5 stacks, failure begins to occur on certain actions. As a result of age the affects of Overworked have increased.
All stacks vanish after an extended rest.
No. 1059351 ID: 1ed92d

Mix Almighty/Holy/Power/Water, create GOD SLIME.
No. 1059352 ID: ad76be

I don’t believe we have Almighty or Power yet. Almighty is over in Lord Savage’s dungeon, and Power is something Jeffrey is made of. Turning him back into runes directly may crash the system from overflow errors.
No. 1059380 ID: 08229c
File 167961795661.png - (159.93KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

F-five stacks!? I've seen people pass out from just two. How is she even still standing!?

It seems like every time she rests it's because she can't stay on her legs anymore. We have to make sure she gets more rest in the future.

Still, the Dungeon Master is counting on me! As her construct, I can not allow her to suffer! The dungeon needs her in top condition!

I will ensure she has the COMFIEST REST POSSIBLE.

First, we're going to postpone the party. That can wait until her reserves have been recharged. Nothing is more tiring than playing host.

We have to make sure she has the most amount of rest before tomorrow since I doubt she will reschedule something she already has planned.

To that end, I will need some help.
No. 1059381 ID: 08229c
File 167961810246.png - (201.77KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

The lag mites are not capable of helping Mary. They would slow down time relative to her so while 10 hours would pass for us, much less would pass for her. This would leave her less rested.

The bigger one could probably speed her up but it would be more akin to an adrenaline shot than letting her rest faster.

But, I have an idea. Well, it's your idea but I'm taking it. Sadly, my knowledge is only in demons as they exist and the potential. I will need knowledge on how to enhance demons and how to play with runes.

To that end...


"Of course we will help you." The Archiver says.

"Boss is tired? Don't worry. I can think of a few ways to make this Soup Slime."

"Excellent. With the three of us working together there is no way we can fail."
No. 1059382 ID: 58c090

>there is no way we can fail
you should know better than to tempt fate like that
No. 1059384 ID: 08229c
File 167961893776.png - (186.84KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

The three work together and craft the Soup Slime.

"Ladies, we did a fine job if I do say so myself." Dungeoneer says with a nod.

"Yes, this will suffice. A comfy slime AND soup. We're geniuses."

"I'm just glad we had the runes for this." Archiver adds, "It took a bit of twisting."

"Alright, now we'll just send this to Mary along with the others."
No. 1059385 ID: 08229c
File 167961939853.png - (144.10KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

Demonologist orders the Tea, Soup, and Comfy slimes to go to Mary's room and make sure she is as comfortable as possible.

"Anything else, Deemo?" Dungeoneer asks.

"Let me consult the crown."

Alright, how else can we optimize Mary's rest? Her comfort is of the highest priority.
No. 1059387 ID: ad76be

Please tell me you didn’t make a Kaiju soup slime that is going to drown Mary. It’s so much taller than you! It’s 5 runes! The soup slime would be a boss monster in other dungeons!

Though I am impressed that you managed to make a 5-rune monster for an inevitable food-gimmick dungeon using YUM-branded snacks.
No. 1059388 ID: 1ed92d

Well, presumably solitude would help. Can you make a Nothing-Music-Water Slime to create the Mute Slime?
No. 1059389 ID: 58c090

No, that... that should be good enough. Let's not spend any more runes, that would stress Mary out.
No. 1059390 ID: 1effd3

I think maybe we just leave Mary alone for right now.

Unless we make a monster that can cast sleep on her.
No. 1059391 ID: 06095b


First, why did you not include Chef in making a culinary demon? Second, why did you not just have Chef make regular soup?

Get the demons out of there and have Chef work with them to make portions of soup and tea that you can send in to Mary. Let her enjoy those with some peace and quiet, or ask her if she'd like some soothing music from music slime.
No. 1059392 ID: a7a180

We’re naming the new gal Vegeta, and Germaine and Giselle’s cafe is hiring.
Give her some privacy and see to it that dungeon chores are handled. Leave Mary’s in progress tasks alone so things are left the way she prefers them.
No. 1059394 ID: 06095b


If you need to spend further runes on anything, bring in Artificer. Use a Thread rune combined with Comfy to make just like, the most comfortable sheets.
No. 1059395 ID: ad76be

Okay, so, hear me out. What if… we made a Mary slime that could handle basic tasks for her. Almost like a junior auditor.

Take Law, Soul, Mind, Life, and Flesh. Optional Mundane rune. It’d be nice if we had a human rune, but I’d rather not turn Mary into runes.
No. 1059397 ID: ad76be

Er, replace Flesh with Water. Thought I added that at the beginning.
No. 1059399 ID: 1effd3

disembodied voice friends we should focus on other stuff probably...
No. 1059404 ID: 08229c
File 167962499174.png - (190.09KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

Was the idea not a good one? Almost all problems can be solved with demons... Is this, perhaps, one of the ones that can not be..?

No, impossible. I'll check on Mary right now just to prove it.

Demonologist looks in on Mary as she 'rests'. The woman is in critical condition.


Demonologist orders the slimes to leave her alone. Instead she has the Chef prepare food for the Dungeon Master.


I think I made a gross miscalculation in how restorative this would be. How could I have judged so poorly?

Leave her alone, hmm?

Yes, well, I suppose that's fine...

But since the party is cancelled what am I to do in the meantime? I suppose I could open the dungeon but without the Dungeon Master...

I could also try and buy stuff to prepare for the visit tomorrow.
No. 1059405 ID: 61235c

Isn’t that basically just Alex?
No. 1059406 ID: 5c8d2c

She already has soup and tea right? Now we should make her resting area comfy.
What about some sort of super comfy monster she can hold and cuddle while she rests. We could use like, Lion or Octopus as the base, those are both super cuddly.
No. 1059407 ID: 61235c

Alex has human parents. Let’s see what she thinks we should buy. I’d guess myself but we’re unfamiliar with your dimension’s culture.
No. 1059408 ID: 5c8d2c

Get Isabelle a nice outfit that isn't just her tunic. Mary's mom seemed interested in meeting her and Mary might get yelled at if Izzy looks like she isn't being cared for.
No. 1059409 ID: 0c8d1e

Make a lounge room and a study for the visit. With thrones and comfy pillows and a slime aquarium!

Lack of proper places to unwind and to work comfortably are probably stress contributors for Mary. What are your living quarters actually like behind the scenes?
No. 1059410 ID: 1effd3

Some nicer clothing for Izzy would be a good idea.
Besides that, I'd say just clean the dungeon and wait out Marys debuffs.
No. 1059411 ID: 58c090

This... is a good idea. Alex probably has a more human viewpoint than yours.
No. 1059419 ID: 4b4d4e

Ask Alex for consultation, and prep for the visit. Don't open the dungeon for Business, but give Mary's Parents permission when they arrive.

No need to go overboard.
No. 1059420 ID: 4b4d4e

Look, I think it's best if we wait for Mary's parents to arrive. They know their child best and will help take care of her recovery.

So when Mary's parents arrive, try to explain the situation or hand us over to Mary's parents so we can debrief them on the situation.

I get that you're well intent to help but for Mary's sake, lets not make things worse.

Bad. No. No more dungeon monsters. Mary's a human, and it's clear she's on death's door.
No. 1059422 ID: 5c8d2c

What are you, an idiot? Clearly, that means she needs more dungeon monsters.
No. 1059424 ID: 0c26c2

yes, prepare for the visit tomorrow. Remember, her mom's a kaiju fighter, so we're going to need to temporarily kaijufy some monsters. Can you buy spell scrolls to make your monster grow?
No. 1059425 ID: 273c18

Why would Mary's mom want to fight kaijus here? That's her job, not what she does for fun.
No. 1059434 ID: 8e07f4

I get it now. Mary is going to work herself to death, literally to the bone and then get sent back in time by shenanigans, where she will then have to change her identity to Atrociatus Maldorium in order to curse her past self into being stuck with the Dungeon of Pain thus completing the loop.
No. 1059435 ID: 06095b


In no particular order:
> Close the dungeon down officially for the time being.
> Get Izzy some new clothes. Her employee uniform is cute, but I think it will raise concern with Mary's parents if that's the only outfit she owns.
> Inform Oilivia that she'll be expecting new guests tomorrow.
> It's unclear if you speak Slime-ish, but maybe have Curi call a general assembly of the slimes to impress upon them the need to behave tomorrow.
> Make sure Rosa's study is set up to host a party of three adults plus Izzy. I think it's the nicest room we have for that purpose with the garden area plus the study.
No. 1059438 ID: 8e07f4

Rosa's garden needs a gazebo. A gazebo mimic, so we can make people face it alone.
No. 1059467 ID: ae1513

If the demon solutions are having difficulty, perhaps you should bring in someone who either isn't, or until recently wasn't, a demon. Do you know anyone like that?
No. 1059468 ID: 612b5e

We shouldn't pander to Mary's parents unless Mary wants to. They'll be expecting to see the dungeon as it is, not something built for them. Besides, they're coming mostly for Mary and the children. It really doesn't matter.

Shenanigans are fun and all, but I'm kind of liking being trusted.
No. 1059480 ID: 4534a6

Rally the slimes, clean the dungeon top to bottom
Interview all the 3+ rune monsters and get their opinions on the most recent run
Get the carpenter to add a soup stall in the village so SoupSlime can sell soup to adventures in the early portion of the dungeon.
No. 1059569 ID: 09e2c0

There's surprisingly little to do if all best Mo- Dungeon Master needs is a day of not doing anything.
The visit is tomorrow, the party is TBD, Isabella...

So all we need to concentrate on is making sure Mary and her parents have the best visit ever!

Decide on whether we're hosting Mary's parents in the castle proper or the hamlet. I'd prefer hamlet just for the simulated skybox.
Remind everyone to keep their behaviour in check or stay in their room if they feel they can't.
Close down the Spa. I don't know why. But parents and spas give me an ill-feeling.
See Constructor for how much setting up a gazebo w/ added seating for a small-scale tea-party would cost. Gazebos are an indoor AND outdoor structure.
Ask Chef whether he needs any special materials/ingredients for something edible for Mary's parents. If so, send Dungeoneer & Isabelle out for it. If they feel up for it.
Spruce up the dungeon for the visit. Trim the lawn! Dust the walls! REGROUT THE ROADS!
No. 1059580 ID: 2aa5f0

well you could probably check around the dungeon and see how everyone is handling the new additions. I mean we did just basically double the size of the dungeon recently so it might not be a bad idea to see how everyone is handling the changes.

Might be some people who were moved who liked their old position better, could be some don't feel like their part of the dungeon is getting enough attention or possibly too much attention. Things like that.
No. 1059594 ID: ad76be

This is actually a pretty good idea in general. Most large organizations have an HR department to handle employee satisfaction surveys and such, and we probably have enough employees that one could be useful.

See if you can work with the other constructs and/or Alex to work out a survey for the others. Open to anyone who has the sentience to fill one it. Not sure how many slimes meet that level, but I won’t make any rash judgements. Some starting questions:
>Are you happy with the state of the dungeon? Scale of 1 to 10.
>Are you happy in your current position? Scale of 1 to 10.
>Would you prefer to grow or remain in your current position?
>If you would like to grow, how would you prefer to grow? Training classes? Additional runes (type specified if relevant)? Change in location/duties?
>How would you rate your work environment? Scale of 1 to 10.
>How would you rate management? Scale of 1-10.
>Are there any employees you wish to give a shout-out for?
>What is your favorite food? This response is optional, but we will keep this in mind for future party planning.
>Would you like this survey to be anonymous or have your name on it?
No. 1059642 ID: 8b8ea2

The problem with your approach here is that you aren’t testing your solutions before you apply them! You have to find the most optimal solution before applying it. Surely you can use just a tiny bit more runes to create a copy of Mary you can test health plans on. What would be a good time for that? Fragile? Cloth? Soul?
No. 1059643 ID: 58c090

This is why Mary doesn't trust us to be on anyone else's head. Quit it.
No. 1059649 ID: 8604f5

Can you get Mary's phone? If so, then you have en emergency option by asking her mother for advice.
No. 1059672 ID: 1effd3

this is why mary doesnt trust us with others D:
No. 1059673 ID: 58c090

Yeah. So far, I don't think she liked the Soup Slime, but she'll probably let it slide as an attempt to help. If we call her parents or make a Mary slime or anything else of the sort, tho? Yeah, I don't see this happening ever again.

That said, this she'll probably be happy about, so I suggest we do so. And asking Alex for advice on how to deal with the whole family thing is also a good idea.
No. 1059757 ID: 08229c
File 168006241546.png - (142.91KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

I don't think we should make more demons... I don't want to stress out the Dungeon Master anymore. A Mary demon would be... Very... Very interesting to do...

But I have to resist the urge. The very strong urge.

There is work to be done.

First, she finds a place for the Soup Slime outside of providing Mary with soup. Instead she is going to be running a stand in the dungeon proper or work in the tavern in the hamlet. Whichever the adventuring party has access to.

Next she goes to see Alex. The woman is in casual clothing and seems a bit surprised to see the Demonologist. She puts down a book she was reading.

"Demonologist? Is something wrong?"

The construct hands over a piece of paper with questions on it.

"I was wondering if you could fill this out? Mary is resting right now and I'm doing some work on her behalf."

"Oh, I was wondering why things were so quiet. I was going to tell her to get some rest myself.. She was looking a bit pale."

"Indeed. You don't have to fill that out immediately but the sooner the better. Also, I have a more personal question."

"Oh? What is it?"

"Her parents are coming by tomorrow. Is there anything we can do to prepare for that?"
No. 1059758 ID: 08229c
File 168006318892.png - (140.44KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

"Ah, well, I may not be the best person to ask."

"Why is that?"

"Well, between you and I, my parents abandoned me when I was younger. They went off to fight 'the strongest monster' and I never saw them since... So... Yeah... Not many good memories about parents to relate too... Sorry..."

"Oh. My apologies."

"No, it's fine. I'm over it now. I'll have this paperwork done soon."

"Thank you. And here," She hands her more of the papers, "If you could deliver this to the others like the Constructs and some of the more sentient demons I'd appreciate it."

"Of course."

Hmm... Who do I ask for about parent stuff?
No. 1059759 ID: a7a180

Ask the yum co. rep, she's a parent!
No. 1059760 ID: 4b4d4e

Isabelle should have at least SOME memories of her parents before the horrible Village Incident. She probably had to take care of her own parents. Why not ask her?
No. 1059761 ID: 4b4d4e

Try Novem?
Either her or Isabelle.
No. 1059762 ID: a7a180

Or, maybe you could ask the Mary demon...
No. 1059763 ID: 1effd3

Wow, everyone had a terrible childhood here huh?
Without asking the adventurers, I can only think of asking the other guildmembers, granted thats a loooong shot.
Our bets bet at this point is: HOPE AND PRAY
No. 1059764 ID: 6ccff3

Curi is the best mom. Barring that, well to be honest no set of parents, let alone they and their kids' relationship are the same. It'll be fine regardless.

Also, c'mon. Think of it. Mary demons, several of them just for you. Do the work then needs to be done, then enjoy yourself. If we were REALLY not to be listened to, Mary wouldn't have lent us out.

So we, as we share the authority with Mary, command you to once done with your work to treat yourself. Do something nice for Demonologist. Think of it as us rewarding you for your hard work.
No. 1059765 ID: 09a3b0

Do any of your fellow constructs have parent-relevant memories or is that locked off?
No. 1059766 ID: 04c384

All I know about proper parent talk is to prepare tea and snacks.
No. 1059769 ID: 4534a6

Have Chef prepare a nice Luncheon and afternoon High Tea for the impending visit
No. 1059772 ID: 525c0b

One time my dad jumped off the back of our boat and got his ass nipped by a parrot fish that was hanging out in the shade by the rudder. It was funny.
No. 1059787 ID: aa6dda

Maybe just think about what you’d want to see if you had a daughter who stopped calling for a while.
No. 1059789 ID: 4aaa23

Mary is the dungeon mom. Just ask them what they would do for her
No. 1059793 ID: 8160fa

Speaking of 'the strongest monster,'that reminds me, were you informed of what that thing in the basement was this whole time? If not, prepare yourself. It's a primordial demon! Cool, huh?
No. 1059795 ID: 06095b


You should talk to Izzy, and make sure that she's been getting everything she needs. Ask her if there's anything she would like and how she feels about meeting Mary's parents.

As for the parents themselves, it honestly doesn't take much. They're coming here to see Mary, and so long as she is present and in good health, they'll likely leave satisfied. The biggest hurdle to communication is going to be the awkwardness of Mary not having talked with them in ages, but there's little that can be done for that other than having some planned diversions into shared activities that can afford Mary some breaks (ie. the spa, snacks, meetings with the staff/demons, and maybe going out shopping with Izzy).
No. 1059821 ID: ad76be

General “moms” we know
>Slime Matron

General kids with parents we know
>Isabelle (though hers are dead)
>Lucia (she has trouble calling Mary anything but “mom” at least)

Possible randos to ask
>The DM guild
>Red Widow (we’d probably take the opposite of her advice)
>The recent adventurers (assuming we can contact them)
>The YUM rep (drop that we have a collab project with the first DM, that’d keep her on the line)

Activities to break the ice would be smart since Mary gets awkward when we bring up her parents. Setting up “So You Think You Can Dance” or similar challenges would be smart as Mary could compete in them with her parents without any dungeon creature worrying about hurting her. I’d leave planning those activities to anyone willing to embarrass Mary though, the awkwardness may cause anyone else to falter partway through. Curi or Mirelle seem appropriate.

Maybe… maybe we even set up a little meet-and-greet area for the parents on our own. Where we can intercept them before they get to Mary. It’d let them get a feel for everyone here without Mary’s presence influencing their words. Plus we could let Mary sleep in a bit longer.
No. 1059825 ID: 82891b

Yes, strong agree!
We abmush her parents and let all the slimes and constructs and other demons know how much they appreciate Marry and love her to bits before marry is even awake from her overwork coma!
No. 1059869 ID: dd8f6a

The best person to go about Mary's parents is Mary, and she's not available right now.

We shouldn't do anything that Mary can't take back when she wakes up.
No. 1059870 ID: ad76be

The annoying part is that Mary has always been tight-lipped when her parents are brought up. It feels like every answer we get has to be dragged out of her.

I figure we do some relatively safe things and toss in stuff that may be embarrassing but ultimately worth a laugh after all is said and done. A construct asking questions about what to do with parent’s visiting feels reasonable given how far outside their expertise that is. The Mary slime proposition and setting up dungeon games… those are in the “funny” camp.

Even the Mary slime is practical on reflection, can you imagine how effective a dungeon raiding party would be with an auditor-class that can appraise items mid-run for value and audit an opponent’s weapons? Calculator would have field day putting several such slimes to work in investing. We could even start a bank catering to DMs and really show Drachma Bank what for!

And yeah, Mary could buy into the plan first but we overwork her enough with our brilliant ideas. Let someone else have them for once.
No. 1059871 ID: 08229c
File 168014615673.png - (163.82KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

>Do any of your fellow constructs have parent-relevant memories or is that locked off?

If I think really hard I can sort of remember something. But not really, no. If I could help more like this I would.

>Isabelle should have at least SOME memories of her parents before the horrible Village Incident. She probably had to take care of her own parents. Why not ask her?

I would rather not involve the little one in any matters involving her parents. I -am- self aware enough to know I'm not the best at dealing with social issues. So, I'll just not.


>You should talk to Izzy, and make sure that she's been getting everything she needs. Ask her if there's anything she would like and how she feels about meeting Mary's parents.

Yes, this is a good idea I think. Mostly just to make sure she's got everything she needs.

Not that she has been neglected but there may be things she wants that she doesn't bring up to the Dungeon Master.

Demonologist goes to look for Izzy. The child is playing with the other slimes while Colt watches over them all. The older slime nods to Demonologist as she enters and steps off to the side.

"Hey, Isabelle?"

The child looks up from her play and smiles.

"Hey, Deemo."

I can't believe Dungeoneer made that catch on...

"Hi. I was wondering if you'd be willing to answer a few questions on this paper here?"

She hands her a sheet similar to one she had passed Alex. This one asks her what she likes, wants, needs, etc.

She reads it and looks mostly confused by it.

"Ah, it simply asks if there are things you feel are lacking that the Dungeon Master has not provided."

"Auntie Mary?" She thinks for a good moment, "No, I'm okay."

"Oh. Are you certain? Is there nothing you'd like?"

"Hmmmm... Brownies." She says, resolute in her choice.

"Brownies? Very well. Oh, uhm... The crown had mentioned you might want more clothes? Is that a thing you'd desire?"

"Sure." She says, simply.

It is a simple matter for the string and cloth slimes to fashion her some clothing.

>Maybe… maybe we even set up a little meet-and-greet area for the parents on our own. Where we can intercept them before they get to Mary. It’d let them get a feel for everyone here without Mary’s presence influencing their words. Plus we could let Mary sleep in a bit longer.

Yes, I think this will work. We can stop guessing and get some solid answers.

This is a good ide-

>Speaking of 'the strongest monster,'that reminds me, were you informed of what that thing in the basement was this whole time? If not, prepare yourself. It's a primordial demon! Cool, huh?

=Data Unlocked: Primordial Demon
Track: 16c3
Established Thoughts from Parallel 5
Minor Deviation: 0.00004% (Acceptable)=

A... A Primordial..?

I... I see...

Well, it would be negligent of me if I didn't check on it, right? Now that I know this.
No. 1059873 ID: 1effd3

>should check on the basement<
No. 1059875 ID: 4534a6

D-did Deemo just get horny for Jeffery.....
No. 1059877 ID: f1f923

Mary's sick, remember! And trusting you to run things! Wait until she's back on her feet!
No. 1059878 ID: ad76be

I’m guessing that little blurb is Demonologist’s data unlock, followed by her “reaction” triggered by the system, followed by how many other constructs have gone down that “track”, and her deviation from the baseline of the rest.

Sooooo yeah, not a lot of Demonologists get to have this reaction, but all of them are expected to behave in this way.
No. 1059879 ID: 61235c

You can check from the console, right?
No. 1059883 ID: a7a180

Can you ask the original you what your parents were like? Er, her parents?
It would be negligent of you to be destroyed in a manner that leaves the crown damaged or irretrievable. Why don't you review past logs where adventurers encountered Jeffrey, while locking yourself in a room with a cozy fireplace and a Mary daki.
No. 1059888 ID: a60675

Go, do it. Evaluate the primordial in the basement.
No. 1059890 ID: dc4bad

Wait a sec no-

Yeah good point.
Since we've got control of the room now we should be able to view it remotely like any other part of the dungeon right?

Come to think of it, doesn't that give us access to that treasury thing the speedrunner looted that one time too?
It'd be nice news for Mary when she recovers if we found out there was some form of more dungeon resources to play with.
No. 1059895 ID: 273c18

It will kill you if you enter its room. Even the First Dungeon Master died instantly!
It's fine to observe from a distance though, if you wanna do that.
No. 1059896 ID: 06095b


It KO'd the First DM without any apparent effort after the First Demonologist specifically warned her not to mess with the thing. DO NOT.
No. 1059901 ID: cd5d5f

"Auntie Mary"? Cute.
"Primordial Demon"? Not cute. DNI. DNT. DNR. DO... what >>1059879 suggests and observe from a location that is outside of its room.
No. 1059912 ID: 3b4a7d

It could mean that, but I think it's more likely that the deviation is her deviation either from the track or the parallel. Probably the latter, based on context.

I have some other speculation, but the most important is that we might be causing her thoughts to deviate from the parallel.
No. 1059915 ID: 1ed92d

Go check on the Primordial Demon, but have Artificer construct an external body so you can experience its majesty without risk of head explosion.
No. 1059919 ID: ad76be

I read it the same way basically. Track is the thought process, parallels are other copies that ran the same track in the past. But I would assume some degree of deviation is normal, especially in such a small sample size and when we already know some constructs inherit different personality traits even within the same class. We shouldn’t worry about causing her to deviate too much.

Yes, I realize I’m tempting fate there. I’m okay with being wrong and it turns out we’re a corruptive force on the very fabric of dungeons. It’d give First DM some “excitement” to deal with.
No. 1059921 ID: a481b2

I hesitate to even say this, but if you're dead set on going there physically and ignoring all of us yelling "don't do it, it's certain death"... then the only thing you can do that can result in you staying alive for 30 seconds is to bring Ruth with you.
No. 1059929 ID: ad76be

She’ll die too. The bat may be indestructible due to how she wields it, but it doesn’t mean much against multi-pronged or AoE attacks.

She might be able to hurt it with a baseball if she hits one in from outside the room. Could be too shocked to hit her back before the door gets shut. That doesn’t really help Demonologist though.
No. 1059932 ID: cecad0
File 168021976646.png - (73.58KB , 800x600 , Larry.png )

Maybe we boost Ruth's INT score first or put another rune in her, then show her the video of Larry the Peasant's trowel run. I think I remember that Ruth's bat is both enhanced by adamantine and is considered a physics object, so the Trowel Run strategy might be possible if she learns how to parry...
No. 1059933 ID: 58c090

That's actually literally what she's doing right now with the bat. And boosting her int or giving her another rune would backfire, cause then she'd stop being able to do that anymore. This was all confirmed back in thread 8.5.
No. 1059936 ID: ad76be

Larry’s existence proves it doesn’t HAVE to backfire. He’s clearly got more than a few INT points to figure all these tricks out even if he doesn’t talk like it.

A smarter Ruth would need to rely on wielding the bat “naturally” instead of overthinking it. In her case, she learned to hold it like a physics object so that should be “natural”.

That said, I like how terrifying she is with so few runes. She’s one of our mascots, like Ms. Bloops. Leveling her would feel wrong.
No. 1059939 ID: b00701

Did we ever make Ruth's bat a dropped weapon?
No. 1059951 ID: 58c090

>A smarter Ruth would need to rely on wielding the bat “naturally” instead of overthinking it. In her case, she learned to hold it like a physics object so that should be “natural”.
Thing is, in this world equipping a bat is the natural way of using one, and she's only managing to do otherwise cause she doesn't know any better. Once she's smart enough to know to equip a weapon, she'd find it really hard not to. It's one of those things that's a lot harder to do wrong once you learn the proper way of doing it, she'd basically have to constantly convince herself that the bat is not an item and thus not equippable. She might be able to figure that out, but not with a single extra rune.

>That said, I like how terrifying she is with so few runes. She’s one of our mascots, like Ms. Bloops. Leveling her would feel wrong.
That I will agree with.

I'm not sure anyone ever managed to kill Ruth since she became her own slime.
No. 1059953 ID: 474654

If Ruth died, I think she would drop her actual bat. It's something she's holding, not something she has equipped as a weapon.
No. 1060354 ID: 8160fa

Any recollection of how your old boss even got that thing in here?
No. 1060459 ID: 95a492

Just noticed Tea Slime down at the bottom there. Ganbatte, Tea Slime. Do your best.
No. 1060546 ID: 08229c
File 168064846450.png - (11.39KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

>Since we've got control of the room now we should be able to view it remotely like any other part of the dungeon right?

R-right. No need to endanger myself, right? I can view the creature from afar and safety.

Demonologist excuses herself from Izzy and goes to access the dungeon master system. As the temporary DM she has complete access to just about every system the dungeon has. And that includes scanning and examining rooms.

She pops open the monitor and looks at the basement.

Okay... Wow... It's beautiful.

Let's see...

Avatar of Chaos Empowered. Absolutely amazing. To think we have the strongest demon of both chaos and power within our dungeon. Literally the strongest.

If it weren't for the fact that it would kill me immediately I would love to examine it further... To feel its muscles and marvel at the sheer might contained within it.

But, I must remain alive for the Dungeon Master's sake.

>Any recollection of how your old boss even got that thing in here?

I can only vaguely recall it now, forgive me. It's not that I'm trying to hide information but if it's not pertinent to my current duties it's hard to retain. I remember everything about Mary clearly, though.

As for the former one.. We brought it in here I believe. It was not easy. Then the previous Dungeoneer made it even stronger.

Dungeoneers are always ready to strengthen demons. Sometimes to their detriment.

Hmm.. Wait...
No. 1060547 ID: 08229c
File 168064891084.png - (26.42KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

Chaos mites? These aren't from us... Oh wow, the demon is acting as a font of chaos runes.

And some power runes.

There must be at least 20 of the little things in there.

Oh, I see what's going on. It's generating these creatures and then destroying and absorbing them. That might explain how it's only gotten stronger since we first brought it in.

We could crush all the mites into power and chaos runes.
We've never had a power rune on hand..

Do you think Mary would be okay with that? I don't want to overstep the boundaries.
No. 1060548 ID: 1effd3

...so Jeffrey is getting ACTIVELY STRONGER?!?!
This is like actually SUPER BAD.
No. 1060549 ID: 58c090

I'm worried that getting that many runes at once would trigger an alarm, but then again the OGDM already knows we have him in there... fuck it, rune at least 1 Power mite.
No. 1060550 ID: dfff20

I think Mary would definitely be very happy you did that. Start slow and gradually ramp it up though: sudden changes might provoke it.
No. 1060551 ID: e2339e

Yes, and be ready to de-rezz him if he tries to break out. Safety first.
No. 1060552 ID: a7a180

Uh, yes, rune at least half of those. Don’t rune all of them, lest Jeffrey be upset! But Jeffrey’s growth should be reduced.
No. 1060558 ID: 340403

Gift Mary a power rune or twenty. She'll be grateful.
No. 1060559 ID: 06095b


You can rune one and see if Jeffrey notices. If he DOES notice, be ready to create a new mite to replenish the ranks immediately.
No. 1060562 ID: 4aaa23

Yeah, rune them. We don't want to let it grow unchecked.

By the way, did you see a knockers rune anywhere? Sorry, that was a weird question to ask. I just had this weird dream. Nevermind
No. 1060564 ID: ad76be

So it’s kinda doing the same thing that the slimes do to generate free runes? Splitting them off? Though in this case it’s reabsorbing the runes instead of us taking them into the rune treasury.

So… guess that means we can’t go to First DM to this in case it gets patched. Maybe we can pull in Slime Matron to ask how we could disrupt the splitting process?

Should be safe to absorb one of the runes at least.
No. 1060568 ID: 1ed92d

Rune one of the Power ones. Just so you can avoid attracting JEFFREY'S WRATH. It might notice if you rune all of them.
No. 1060576 ID: 2aa5f0

can you tell if jeffery is able to brake out? Cause if he runs an actual threat to the dungeon we might need to delete the room and in the process deleted old jeffery there as well. I like the guy and he's been a great boon to the dungeon but if he's an active threat we might need to get rid of him.

As for the mites... get rid of one for the runes and see if jeffery reacts at all to you taking one.
No. 1060578 ID: 298597

What we want is to rune some of them, but not so many that Jeffrey feels it no longer is worth it to make them, thus adding to our passive income.
No. 1060606 ID: 1effd3

Idea for the future:
Make Jeffrey a chew toy with as many Sturdy/Indestructible runes as we can
No. 1060614 ID: 273c18

Gaining runes while preventing Jeffrey from becoming stronger seems like a win/win and also something Mary would agree with. Preventing him from gaining strength is the main purpose though.

...would allowing him to absorb different or even *opposite* runes dilute his power and thus weaken him? You could try runing monsters and replacing them with others...
No. 1060618 ID: d12415

If Jeffrey is sapient, they may find being given a chew toy incredibly insulting and demeaning. Probably should shelve that idea.
No. 1060627 ID: 08229c
File 168067688911.png - (148.67KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

Listening to the crown, Demonologist decides to play it safe. She runes a single mite and obtains a power rune from it. If the thing in the basement cared or noticed it doesn't give any indication.

She then inverts the rune and gets the Weak rune from it.

I think Mary will be pleased.

Also, I wouldn't say that it is getting stronger. I mean, it is, but it's like adding a drop of water to a pool every day. It's not going to be an issue for an extremely long time.

>By the way, did you see a knockers rune anywhere?

You'd want to ask The Archiver, not me.

Let's try another experiment...

She decides to try and rune 3 more of the mites. Once again, the apex of chaos doesn't notice or care.

Demonologist watches the creature for a while long. It shifts and accidentally crushes one of the mites. She sees a small flicker of light as its rune is absorbed.

Interesting. It's not actively doing it. But it is definitely absorbing those runes. I'm fairly certain it doesn't lose any runes when it creates the mites either. It only gets stronger.

>...would allowing him to absorb different or even *opposite* runes dilute his power and thus weaken him? You could try runing monsters and replacing them with others...

I am not an expert in infusions, just the demons themselves. For that we need...
No. 1060628 ID: 08229c
File 168067700048.png - (118.61KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

Demonologist finds the Dungeoneer and explains to her the situation. She agrees that it isn't a major issue but definitely something to keep an eye on.

Demonologist asks what would happen to it if they infused an opposite rune.

"Infusing an opposite facing rune into a Primordial? I have no idea what will happen but there's one way to find out! Can I? Oh please pretty please with lots of YUM! sugar on top!?"
No. 1060629 ID: 1effd3

Dungeoneer, don't you need to be NEXT to a creature to infuse it?
Like, next to the MASSIVE DEATHBLOB?
No. 1060630 ID: 05bc7c

No. 1060634 ID: 8cd077

I choose violence. Let's do it.
No. 1060636 ID: 273c18

Tell her if she doesn't know what will happen, we have to wait for Mary to get better and approve the action.
No. 1060639 ID: a7a180

NO. Look at Oilivia. You would be destabilizing the situation.
No. 1060640 ID: b31a26

Won't making it more unstable make its mind and behavior more unstable? AKA more likely to be actively violent?
No. 1060642 ID: 22952f

Not yet. I think we should do this after Mary gets better. It seems that this decision is Mary-level
No. 1060643 ID: 474728

As terrifying as Jeffrey is, I don’t think he deserves the sort of situation Oil Slime was in. Let’s quit while we’re ahead.
No. 1060645 ID: 4aaa23

I doubt one rune would destabiiize Jeffrey. I think they have so many power runes that we would need to pump a lot of weak runes to destabilize it.

But yes, waiting for Mary is the safe but less fun decision
No. 1060646 ID: 340403

Yes, do it. Test it on a mite first.

And what would happen if we infused Jeffrey with YUM sstuff?
No. 1060647 ID: 340403

Yes, do it. Test it on a mite first.

And what would happen if we infused Jeffrey with YUM sstuff?
No. 1060648 ID: 340403

Yes, do it. Test it on a mite first.

And what would happen if we infused Jeffrey with YUM sstuff?
No. 1060651 ID: 06095b


No. Infusing an opposite rune has a strong possibility of aggravating Jeffrey, and Mary would presumably like to wake up in the morning, if not wake up with the dungeon fully intact.
No. 1060657 ID: 58c090

No. Actually, wait: hell no. Jeffy boy is currently content to just stay where he is, let's not do anything that would change that.
No. 1060659 ID: 4ced15

Do either of you want to explain to Mary what you were doing instead of preparing for her parents coming over and for a very important party with THE FIRST DUNGEON MASTER? How about explaining what you were doing after Jeffy decides to go hog wild when you try to put a new rune in him without her permission before those important meetings?

I thought so.
No. 1060666 ID: ad76be

Yeah, the biggest obstacle is that Mary actually treats her underlings as people, not property. If you infuse Jeffrey and it pushes him towards an Oilivia situation as he spits out more Weak/Law mites to counterbalance the Power/Chaos runes, we’ll all have to explain to Mary why we ever considered treating a monster like a science experiment. It’ll be the baseball manager all over again, but we’re on the receiving end.

Find a way of establishing communication with Jeffrey first, then bring him on board for experimentation. We were told Primordial Demons aren’t supposed to have multiple rune types, so maybe if we stack enough Jeffrey would split into two dual-rune creatures into of a quad-rune. Maybe he’d appreciate the company, even if they’re literally opposed to him by their very nature? Might also cause them both to escape and blow the shard up.

Ask Lucia if she’d be willing to speak to Jeffrey. Maybe bring some chaos-infused cookies on the way in. If he kills her then we’ll have confirmation he’s an asshole.

If you ignore all our advice anyway, make three rooms in case Jeffrey decomposes into the component rune types of four different Primordial Demons.

BTW can you invert Weak into Almighty? Just checking.
No. 1060670 ID: 25fd81

No. More importantly, we need to regularly delete the new motes that spawn. If we automate this, we’ll have yet another infinite rune exploit and can discontinue large scale slime farming. We’re going to need to think of something to do with all these runes besides feeding them to Jeffrey. Hm… let’s give Lucia a power rune and see how chaos and power interact. This one’s okay, they’re not opposing runes and she already is a test case to better understand Jeffrey.
And Mary’s mom could have a wonderful time sparring with her…
No. 1060674 ID: 58c090

>Find a way of establishing communication with Jeffrey first, then bring him on board for experimentation.
>We were told Primordial Demons aren’t supposed to have multiple rune types
From the disthread:
>If something somehow gained the title of two of the runes then it'd be taking both of those seats
So it's not that they're not supposed, it's just that it's not likely to happen. I doubt this will be a problem for Jeff.
>Of course, you have to have enough sense of self to even -want- such a thing.
So he might not really have much of a mind to communicate with.
No. 1060675 ID: 04c384

worse comes to worse, we delete the room with it inside and call it a day.
No. 1060676 ID: ad76be

I was referring to >>1057961 when stating they shouldn’t have multiple rune types. First Demonologist stated that a combination should be weaker than a pure-strain Primordial. That’s not necessarily contrary to what you referenced in that thread, it should be weaker than a pure Chaos and pure Power PD collectively would be in theory. Probably because it has to represent two concepts instead of just one, so its overall psyche is stretched.

If adding additional rune types weakens it relatively, and we’re infusing opposite runes on top of that, I can’t imagine the demon taking it well. Splitting off is a very real possibility. Or crashing the dungeon system since he’s already way beyond what the system should be capable of creating and we’d making it interact with him. Overflow errors galore.

As for the lack of self, would you rather explain to Mary that you attempted to communicate with the epitome of Chaos and Power before turning it into a science project, or that we skipped straight to experimentation without seeing if it cared? Either is going to be a difficult conversation regardless of results, but one is still harder than the other.

I recommended Lucia as a delegate to attempt communication since she’s one of his “subjects” so to speak. Maybe she can get some words out of him. Or she’ll be killed, but at least dungeon monsters respawn.

If she doesn’t because the PD claimed her somehow, that does give us the excuse to have Mary argue with a Primordial Demon if you’re hoping for crazy situations.
No. 1060677 ID: 58c090

>would you rather explain to Mary that you attempted to communicate with the epitome of Chaos and Power before turning it into a science project, or that we skipped straight to experimentation without seeing if it cared?
I'd rather do neither. The golden goose fairy tale is on the money for this, let's enjoy the free runes and unbeatable BBEG without fucking with him any further.
No. 1060680 ID: 08229c
File 168072895218.png - (88.47KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

>BTW can you invert Weak into Almighty? Just checking.
It just goes back to Power.


"No... As much as I'd like to see the results I think we should ask Mary before we mess with the strongest of all the Chaos and Power demons. If we screw up the entire dungeon could be destroyed, along with Mary herself."

"Yeah... I -guess-..." Dungeoneer says, looking deflated but otherwise agreeing to it.

"I would love to learn more about the demon itself, though."

>Ask Lucia if she’d be willing to speak to Jeffrey. Maybe bring some chaos-infused cookies on the way in. If he kills her then we’ll have confirmation he’s an asshole.

Demonologist summons Lucia to the room.

"Ḑi̴d ýo̵u ͜neȩd ̛mé?"

"Yes. I was wondering if you'd be willing to speak to the thing in the basement for me. See if it CAN communicate. Maybe ascertain its wants and desires."

"͝Ţhat̨ ̷thin̴g.̴ ͢I ca̶n͝ hear ̛i̵t c̀al͠li͘n͏g͏ ͡t̶o ̸mȩ, ̷a̧lwa͠y҉s̕. I͢ ̸can̕ ̛s̸p̸ea͏k̵ ̸to̷ ̷i͘t͏,͡ I̧ ̷b͞eli͝e͞v͏e.͝"

"Okay. Just remember, if you feel you are in ANY danger to flee immediately."

Not that she can die permanently so long as I set things up right. Still, better safe than sorry.

Lucia walks with Demonologist down to the basement. The door is opened and Lucia walks in. She begins speaking, her speech devolving into pure noise.

The Primordial doesn't give any meaningful response.


"Th̛e͘r̡e͠ is n̴o ҉l͡i̸f̡e̶ with͞i͜n, no urg̛é b͜e҉yo͞nd͠ th̡e͟ ̨d͡e̡str̢u͝ct̵io̡ń ͜o͡f͠ all̸ ̵w҉ho d̀r͢aw҉ ͝ne̛ar̴.̴ It̀ ̵i͘s ́no̷t a͏ ͢pe͘rson, it͘ ͏i̴s ͜a͠ d̨i̢s̷a͟s͏ter. ̧It ͝is ͢a͜ ͏f̀or̷ce. It ̴i̵s̕ ̴p͞ri͞mal̶. ͢I͟t̶ remain͘s̡ b̛e̛c̨au̡s͏e͞ ͢it̷ ̶i̡s ͘al̡re̡adý ̧h̷er͘e.́ I͏t's͞ n̨ot ̴tr͝yi̵ng ̨t͏o ̨tal͠k to͞ me. Maybe ̛it d͢o͡esn͟'t͜ e͘vȩn͏ kńow̨ ̢I͟'m̕ ̸he͝ŕe̡."

"That tracks with what I know about these types of demons. Thank you, Lucia."

The Chaos Slime nods and leaves the room.

As much as I'd love to satisfy my own personal curiosity I think it's best we don't poke the demon further...
No. 1060681 ID: 08229c
File 168072941730.png - (58.06KB , 800x600 , 46.png )

Before Demonologist can leave the Dungeon Master chambers an alert rings. Someone wishes to enter the dungeon.

Arcane - Level 43 New runes detected. Purpose: A rocking good time!


I forgot to formally close the dungeon... Should we just turn them down? It's only one person but Mary is out of commission and there's still so much work to be done.
No. 1060682 ID: 1effd3

A single lvl 40 adventurer shouldn't pose a huge issue, unless they have a gamebreaking ability we cant account for like with the alchemist a while ago.
No. 1060683 ID: e59d77

No they're here now, it'll be bad for reviews to turn them away.

Quick since you're filling in for Mary you'll have to put on a variant of her DM outfit!
No. 1060684 ID: 1effd3

well this mostly confirms we can just rune whatever little guys Jeffrey spawns without him getting angry. Infusing him with weak runes probably will.
No. 1060686 ID: a7a180

Accept! We'll show you how to give people a good time.
Also, Lucia taught us something very valuable! It's a force of nature, not a pet. Just keep it away from everything you love and cherish and it will be fiiiiine! It's the Lord British of our dungeon and we should advertise it as such.
No. 1060688 ID: 06095b


You forgot to close down the dungeon, didn't you?
No. 1060689 ID: 4534a6

Welp they are already here, let them in
Alert the slimes, to your stations, this is not a drill, an adventure is here to have a good time!
No. 1060690 ID: 1ed92d

Allow them inside, prepare the normal, non-Raid experience. Inform them that management staff are currently on mandatory sick leave so if they have any issues please take it up with the dungeon inhabitants.
No. 1060693 ID: dc4bad

Let them in, I'm sure Mary wouldn't be opposed to the chance of new runes and some money, besides it's a new face looking for a good time.

Possibly an in to more circles of adventurers who'll check the dungeon out.
No. 1060696 ID: 58c090

They're already here, might as well show them in. Otherwise that could lead to a bad review.
No. 1060697 ID: 67460c

No, let them in. Then "accidently" turn the difficulty all the way up
No. 1060700 ID: ad76be

Let them in, and tell the slimes to run a special event:

>Panic! At The Citadel
>The guardian angel of the citadel has taken ill and an inspection from her superiors is coming! All hands on deck to ensure no adventurers bother her and that everything is ready to show that Slimecrown still holds strong against primordial evil!
>Normal sidequests are disabled and replaced with sidequests to gather ingredients or fix things up for the “inspection team”.
>Aggravating slimes provokes a much harsher response than normal.
>Curi is not seeing entrants to fight Jeffrey now. You may “complete” the dungeon by assisting all the Princesses instead. Alternately, you may force your way into Curi’s room and fight her anyway. Expect immediate pain.
No. 1060711 ID: 4aaa23

New runes! New runes! New runes!

I mean, it would be rude to not let them in. They just want to have some fun. Mary would approve of you providing that

Honestly, this is reassuring. I don't know what Mary would have done if she found out Jeffrey was sad down there. At least we know it doesn't care much
No. 1060730 ID: 61235c

If we don’t have to worry about them waking Mary or fighting you/her, then it sounds like it’s time for everyone to take their places!
No. 1060733 ID: 4534a6

I love this idea!
No. 1060742 ID: 3a3c7d

I say don't let them in. If possible, apologize and say you were just about to close.

If we do let them in, I don't think we should do anything special until we are inevitably forced to.
No. 1060755 ID: 58c090

I don't. When Mary's asleep is not the time to try new stuff, not if you want her to ever rest again.
No. 1060759 ID: 273c18

That's a little sad.

Uhhhh, no. Tell them the dungeon is closed temporarily as the dungeon master is ill. That's what Mary wanted, and even if it wasn't done properly we should stick with it. Also figure out how to officially set the dungeon's status to closed...
No. 1060814 ID: 08229c
File 168080927669.png - (111.18KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

Okay, uhm... It's one person. It should be fine, right?

And there's new runes we haven't obtained. That's always good.

Let's see what we're dealing with first before we do anything special.
No. 1060815 ID: 08229c
File 168081004638.png - (145.93KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

The adventurer wheels into the dungeon and gestures at an unseen screen.

"Hey, Magifans it's your girl Arcane! Looks like we managed to snag us a spot in the Slimecrown Citadel! Thanks for tuning in to my dungeon run, guys! Let's smash that like button and get some epic loot!"
No. 1060816 ID: 08229c
File 168081015886.png - (110.36KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

... I don't think I'm familiar with the... Arcane class?

What is the proper procedure here?
No. 1060817 ID: 91e074

Kill it before it can reproduce
No. 1060818 ID: 58c090

I don't think it's a class, I think as a public figure the name protection is not actually working. This is bad, turning away a regular customer would just risk a bad review, but doing that in front of a live audience? That could spell disaster.
No. 1060819 ID: 1effd3

Oh no.
>It's a live streamer.<
They're basically broadcasting everything they see to an audience of normal people.
No. 1060820 ID: ad76be

Her name is Arcane, so it’s probably her “custom” class. She’s also a social media personality of some sort. Kinda looks like the Twitch icon for viewers in the top-left, though I’m assuming that company is meaningless to you.

I’d stick with the Panic! at the Citadel idea. Cute slimes being panicked seems like it’d do well for her stream. Frenzied activity, content no one else has seen, a chance to both help and make things worse with immediate punishment if her fans like to see her suffer.

I don’t suppose you can figure out a way to hijack her video? It’d be a good gag for her viewers if we did it once during the run.
No. 1060821 ID: 5c8d2c

Have Metal Slime and Ms. Bloops immediately start stream bombing. Stream Viewers like cute things.
No. 1060822 ID: adc866

Arcane class? Try Streamer class. Focus on clothing damage at a pace where she can keep the NSFW bits covered. We don't want to get her a 3 day ban.
No. 1060825 ID: 1effd3

Have lagianna haste them so that they appear for like a single frame XD
No. 1060827 ID: 6f4507

Panic! at the Citadel idea would probably work well with her stream thing, unless she's one of those weirdos that go really fucking hardcore on it.
No. 1060828 ID: a8e6c3

...I will be shocked if she makes it through the hamlet...though I will say that perhaps Metal Slime could be loaded up with "epic loot" and used to lure her right down the Candy Wyrm's maw if she's not gonna use her head atall. Otherwise, just...give her the normal experience and be ready to reward/punish her depending on whether she's willing to play along versus trying to "break" the citadel for her viewers.
No. 1060829 ID: a8e6c3

Why would that be her name? Sounds like it's just another class - albeit probably a more recent one that Demo just hasn't run into before - and the filter's just replacing her name with her class name as usual when she speaks.

...apropos of nothing, I hope cleric's okay, I really figured we'd have the review by now.
No. 1060831 ID: ad76be

Alright, some strats for the rooms
>Ms. Bloops does her usual thing. When finished, Metal Slime can zip in, pick up Ms. Bloops, and sit in view of the camera but running away whenever Arcane turns to see what they’re commenting on.
>The maze has lines of explodey slimes running supplies between citadel wings. Goal is to get through without touching any. If failed and supplies are lost, the lines are shut down and explodeys are dispatched to hunt down the intruder.
>SYTYCS now has three difficulties in preparation of the visit. Even inspection teams need to relax, and we want to cater to all levels! The adventurer is asked to test all three out, as well as one longer session that mixes all three difficulties. If they try all four, they get a reward. No pass/fail from actual dancing competence. If they attack anything, gravity slimes pour in.
>Mirelle’s task is to assist the slimes in clearing out some remnant chaos slimes so things are quiet during inspection. Music slime draws them in, fight ensues. Siding with chaos gets both sides attacking the adventurer. There is no chaos corruption mechanic in non-Raid mode after all.
>Rosa’s task is to try tea mixtures. From regular tea, to paralytic tea (helps you relax), to tea soaked with peppers (for those who like it spicy), to poisoned tea (for those who want a different kick). Try enough teas and provide feedback, get the reward.
>For the ice elemental room, it’s being polished to perfection. The goal is to get across and back without mucking up a section already done. Fail and get a heavy assault from the janitors.
> Lucy’s task is to help her play dressup to impress the inspection team (and Reginald) because she couldn’t think of anything better. Adventurer (and her stream by extension) suggests outfits, Reginald and Lucy rate them. Do well enough with one or both, get a prize. Upset one badly enough, Queen Lily + enemies from the ice room at the same time.
>The spa has a variety of new scented oils to test, similar to the teas. Try them all, get a reward.
>Curi is practicing her “meet the parents” speeches (which no one admits to knowing about), drafting the dinner plans, thinking of new games, and has deployed her own powers to bolstering the seal. She isn’t to be interrupted on penalty of death. If anyone enters the chamber, the boss fight begins with a couple strong slime types already summoned. Curi’s full selection is limited as she’s currently supporting the seal more than usual. Heavy is the crown.
>Lucia is present… somewhere. Her quest is to enter Curi’s room and drop a piece of her in there, distract Curi (or beat her) for two minutes, then return. The most suicidal quest.
No. 1060832 ID: 4e0f30

Deploy Dungeoneer’s special pet and get her stream banned.
No. 1060833 ID: 06095b


Crazy thought, but we could run Slimecrown as normal, no massive new contrivances that we won't be willing to reproduce for the audience. Seeing what she does with Bloops will foretell a lot about how this run is going to go.
No. 1060836 ID: ad76be

I’d be willing to reproduce this anytime Mary is sick or someone important is coming to visit soon.
No. 1060837 ID: 61235c

I don’t think we should do anything special, if we want her to share an impression of what the dungeon’s really like. If anything, the biggest thing is making sure we’re able to balance around a 1-person party.
No. 1060839 ID: a9af05

I agree with this.
No. 1060840 ID: 58c090

Yeah, me too. We want to give the audience a taste of what Slimecrown is like when it's business as usual, not something that they won't get to experience. Plus, we just had a special event, and Mary's out. We should just do our usual, and do it well, instead of some untested thing.
No. 1060841 ID: 1effd3

same here, normal run, and we'll modify stuff as it goes as normal
No. 1060845 ID: a7a180

Standard procedure is to put on a show. Imagine there is a very large party entering the dungeon, being carried by one member only, but they all get to write a review afterward.
They have the choice of spawning at the entrance to the village or slimecrown as usual, either way the first creature to greet her should be Miss Bloops.
Open her stream in a side window.
No. 1060855 ID: e2339e

Run Dungeon as normal making allowances to change tacks depending on how she interacts with stuff.
No. 1060882 ID: 8e07f4

Hear me out. Chat integration.
No. 1060885 ID: 36784c

That can wait for another time.
No. 1060886 ID: dc4bad

ah, we have encountered a streamer. I mean this is one way to get some extra popularity, just do a bog-standard run.

let her and her followers see what slimecrown is all about, definitely start in the village till we see what she can do though (she is running solo after all, so it's a cointoss on if she's overconfident or overcompetent)
No. 1060889 ID: 66566a

Ah, a streamer. Wonder if they are one of those highly skilled streamers that people watch to be wowed by their talent. Or one of those streamers that kinda suck at games and people watch to see all the wacky ways they fail?
No. 1060915 ID: c1c650

Wait, do we even have anything "normal"? The only time we've done any runs with the Hamlet was in Raid Mode. We don't really have a normal dungeon run planned for use.
No. 1060919 ID: dc4bad

yeah the run with berserker and math wizard. we'll let Arcane mill around for a bit, probably fight some undead or something and then have an NPC point them towards either the gummy wyrm or the gazer's ruins to see how they handle something with a bit of substance.

If they totally stomp then we can have them sent to the Citadel, if they struggle we come up with some more Hamlet stuff (if they die, yay loot)
No. 1060920 ID: 529ba4

Put up a sign that says #nospoilers
No. 1060930 ID: 08229c
File 168089986146.png - (139.30KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

A streamer..? I'm not familiar with the concept.

>They're basically broadcasting everything they see to an audience of normal people.

O-oh. Oh no. That means we have to be perfect, right? Can I watch their stream? I have no idea how any of this works...

I didn't think we'd have an audience for this... I think I agree with the voices that suggest we run this normally. I don't want to give an odd impression of the dungeon.


"Wow, magifans! You all didn't tell me there was a pub here! Let's see what they got!"

Oh god she's going into the pub. What are we doing for the pub!?
No. 1060931 ID: 06095b


Did she just ignore Miss Bloops? Time to fuckin' riot!

More seriously, I'll assume she just passed her by without giving it a second thought, giving further credence to when I say that we don't have to worry about every little detail. She clearly isn't.

As for the pub, I think the standing crew in there is Demon Slime, Monk Slime, and Alex. It's never been confirmed if Demon Slime can speak anything other than Slime-ish, but if she can be understood, she can always spill some gossip regarding plot points around the place. If she can't, have Alex translate for her.
No. 1060933 ID: 58c090

Streamers often get distracted by having to talk to the camera and tend to miss the obvious. That said, I didn't see Ms Bloops at all, was she out there? Maybe she's camera-shy.
No. 1060936 ID: cecad0

Probably should have Soup Slime serving some soup at least, maybe a couple of others there for a meal or drink, perhaps Bandit or Beast Keeper there for some minor sidequests.
No. 1060937 ID: cecad0

Also, join her stream and call her a sub.
No. 1060938 ID: a7a180

With Miss Bloops ignored, the tension meter rises.
Wait til she gets inside, then start a bar fight! Bring out the lost soldiers, monk slime and one armed bandit! Let's throw some chairs around! Soup slime is the current tavern keep.
No. 1060939 ID: 58c090

Soup, sure, I guess... but when people go to a tavern, that's not what they're looking for. Who's bartending?
No. 1060940 ID: 5c8d2c

I still support having Metal Slime and Ms. Bloops keep trying to stream bomb by showing up on camera.

Have the basic crew in there, plus Goblin and maybe Bandit if she isn't in prison. Make sure Ragtime music is playing and there's a dancing show going on.
Have the patrons of the pub answer questions and drop plot hooks and stuff. Try and use them to get some info about her, her viewers and her stream.
No. 1060942 ID: 06095b


Demon Slime is the bartender, I think. Works in contrast with Holy Slime in the church
No. 1060943 ID: cecad0

It's more about how Soup Slime might serve the streamer soup then the pub food itself, if you get my drift.
No. 1060947 ID: ad76be

Know what, ask Isabelle if she knows how to track down “Arcane” the streamer. Or anyone running Slimecrown at the moment. Kids tend to be more in-tune with streamers and such.
No. 1060951 ID: a9af05

>Did she just ignore Miss Bloops? Time to fuckin' riot!
Miss Bloops is in the Citadel. The streamer is currently in the Hamlet. She didn't skip Miss Bloops.
No. 1060956 ID: 8e07f4

I believe the town well and the citadel fountain were supposed to be connected.
No. 1060957 ID: 340403

Fish and chips, but good.
No. 1060959 ID: 1effd3

ok heres my idea: we have some hooligans plotting in the cornver of the tavern to break thier boss outta jail, and maybe Arcane will overhear them, or if she doesnt, will ahve to fight Bandit later.

For watching her stream? Probably get Dungeoneer to look that up. Make sure she doesnt get distracted by her lesbian-ness.
No. 1060962 ID: 1ed92d

Confirmed, Soup Slime will be making the Soup in the tavern. Weird, exotic soups from all across time and space.
No. 1060965 ID: 6f4507

We got teas and slime meads produced by Devil slime, whose existence is to be kind of lewd and tempt people into making sinful choices, hope she enjoys the many different weird folk we have.
No. 1060966 ID: 6f4507

...I kinda want to have the option to "recruit" mercenaries from the tavern now? A few of our special slimes or monsters that don't have a role or place can hang in the tavern and chill out that way.
No. 1060967 ID: 36784c

A tavern is a good source of rumors. Some of our NPCs can drop a few hints on the different paths that Arcane can take to get into the Citadel.
No. 1060968 ID: 58c090

I like this idea. The Hamlet is our low-level area, after all. Just make it clear that they aren't allowed into the Citadel proper, so if they choose to go in, they're on their own.
No. 1060969 ID: 4a2cef

We should take it easy on her. Poor girl can't even afford pants. And look how thin the fabric of her outfit is; you can see her navel for goodness sake!

Definitely an adventurer fallen on hard times.
No. 1060970 ID: ad76be

This is pretty good! It’s probably hard to find dungeons that cater to a solo-player experience since it locks the dungeon down when someone is in and that’s an opportunity cost if 1 person locks out 5. Mercs help with that.

Who would the mercs be in this case? Psion/Magic/Archer slimes are the closest we have to regular party member classes. We could also throw in string/comfy/l slimes or a mimic as “joke” options.
No. 1060972 ID: 395885

You do remember that just about every run, we have played differently? this dungeon, 'twas always of both law and chaos
No. 1060973 ID: 2aa5f0

we have a bunch of monster we haven't used in the dungeon yet right? Cause I think I recall we made a kobold and harpy not to long ago. Might not be a bad idea to have them be hirable NPCs in the tavern to help her with the dungeon since she's doing this solo

Though in the future I think we should only allow enough NPCs to full up to a 4 person party. As in if someone shows up by themselves they'd only be able to hire 3 NPCs, if they showed up as a 3 man party they could only hire one. Not sure how raids would work but it should keep bigger parties from trying to build a hoard to try and swarm the dungeon but still allow smaller or no party groups to be able to participate in the dungeon.
No. 1060982 ID: 1effd3

i think the limit should be a party of 3, not four. 3 people parties can handle themselves quite well
No. 1061004 ID: 298597

Yeah, we intended for the tavern to be a quest hub. Where they can grab quest hooks to explore the rest of the Hamlet.
No. 1061006 ID: 58c090

Look, it's the Hamlet, it's our low level area. If they feel like they can't do it with 3, they should be able to do it with 4 (but no more than that, otherwise it'd be a raid). Plus not all hires are created equal.
No. 1061013 ID: 298597

I don't think Arcane even NEEDS anyone else. She's level 44. That's above typical Hamlet Level, and starting on Citadel levels. But not enough to see her all the way through Curi.
No. 1061030 ID: 4b4d4e

Well then Colt should give Arcane a run for her money. Can't enter the Citadel without his approval!

If anything, starting a Tavern barfight should give us a clue as to how Arcane fares in combat.
No. 1061031 ID: 4b4d4e

Classic Tavern Barfight. Arcane may be a streamer, but her ooc/ic shenanigans would rub enough able-bodied patrons the wrong way that a barfight should be inevitable. Have some mercs show up for hire and have some of them start a fight with her because they haven't even heard of Arcane's clout. They'll just think she's some random Gloryhound.
No. 1061036 ID: 58c090

I'm thinking long-term here, not just for Arcana. It'd be a nice thing to have in our low level area in general.
No. 1061094 ID: 54fb99

We are already watching her, we don't need to enter her stream. Let's keep things professional for now.
No. 1061192 ID: 08229c
File 168127062244.png - (139.76KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

Demonologist quickly sets up the bar. Thankfully most of the minions are already there, having their roles set by Mary. The place has some nice tavern music playing in the background. When Arcane enters she spins around as if showing off the place to her audience.

"Wow! Wow! Look at this magifans! The atmosphere is lovely! I can smell soup cooking in the background and everything looks like it should be here! This is why Slimecrown is the hottest place to be!

Ah, wait wait I forgot, gotta be in character! Okay, magifans get ready for some RP! I'll have some OOC moments but I'll be sure to let you know by doing an Arcane Special Wink!

Okay, in character in... Now!"

Everyone politely pretends to ignore her monologue.

"A bar, it looks like. Hmm, let's see what this lady over here is looking at..."
No. 1061193 ID: 08229c
File 168127121074.png - (81.37KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

"Excuse me, miss?" Arcane approaches Alex, "What are you looking at so intently?"

Alex turns around, looking quite intense in her full armor and demonic form.

"This? This is a job board. We Adventurers take quests here and sometimes even hire parties of others to go with people. I'm actually looking for some members to form a party."

"Really? What kind of quests are there?"


Alex is panicking. She is desperately pinging the dungeon master for what kind of jobs there are.


We should make some quests then.
No. 1061196 ID: 58c090

Alex doesn't have to strain herself, she can just say "why don't you take a look?" and we can just populate the board directly.
No. 1061197 ID: a7a180

-Clearing out the undead at the church
-Catch the infamous one armed bandit
-Investigate rumors of a cult in the ruins
-Collect twenty bat asses for the farmer
No. 1061198 ID: 1effd3

1. Fight the Hooligans in the forest who are planning to break out their boss.
2. Investigate the nearby ruins beyond the forest.
3. Help tidy up the church and graveyard.
No. 1061199 ID: 53f4a1

>Compete in the First annual SlimeCrown soup eating contest
>Investigate the forest for whatever is driving the animals out of the forest (Gummywurm)
>Put the undead back to rest at the graveyard
>Clean the moss and alge from the local well
>Security needed for transport of local goods from the farm to the citadel (frnd off bandits)
No. 1061200 ID: 53f4a1

>Compete in the First annual SlimeCrown soup eating contest
>Investigate the forest for whatever is driving the animals out of the forest (Gummywurm)
>Put the undead back to rest at the graveyard
>Clean the moss and alge from the local well
>Security needed for transport of local goods from the farm to the citadel (frnd off bandits)
No. 1061203 ID: dc4bad

There are undead rising and periodically attacking the town, find out why and try to stop it.

There's the spooky corruption altering critters in the forest and creeping towards the farm, either save the farm or head direct to the forest.

I like the Hoodlums busting Bandit outta jail as a quest idea.

Also, Kobolds have been causing a bit of a ruckus near the springs. They haven't hurt anyone yet but they are gathering in worrying numbers and not letting anyone close. Rumour has it that a dragon emerged from the citadel and has taken up residence there, so they've started serving it (Investigation shows it's just the gummy wyrm, docile while the kobolds can provide food, but they don't have supplies forever)
No. 1061205 ID: 4fa4e7

Blacksmith needs gummy wyrm scales
No. 1061206 ID: 1effd3

do gummywyrms even have scales?
No. 1061207 ID: 777518

Clearing rats out of the basement, obviously.
No. 1061215 ID: 9b3046

flakes maybe, from where the sugar on the outer layer has hardened?
No. 1061230 ID: 4b4d4e

>Cue Explosion from the Jail, one-armed bandits escape!
No. 1061231 ID: 4b4d4e

Kobold gathering at the Hotsprings are agitated
No. 1061233 ID: bf1fa5

Give her a trading fetch quest that takes her to meet most of the NPCs around town. Maybe soup slime needs water from the hot springs for making tea, but the customer wants the right biscuits to go with it! And so on.
No. 1061234 ID: 747a2b

>Thin the number of undead in the graveyard
>Gather ingredients for Soup Slime so she doesn't have to use her own Slim for the Soup. Locations: Farm
>Gummwyrm in the forest needs to be driven off
>Investigation in the Springs
>Gummywyrm needs to be defeated
>Find out why the undead are rising in the graveyard
>Tea Slime has wandered off again. Keep an eye out for her.
No. 1061235 ID: 747a2b

Alternatively, what >>1061233 suggests.
Trading quest-chain that takes you to each of the main areas and the main denizens there. Get food from the farm, but the farmer needs spring water to bless their crops, but the kobold/harpy alliance needs the spring to nest in since the woods are being terrorized by Chaos Mites, The only way to remove the Chaos Mites is to get into the Ruins and the only way to enter the ruins is to uncurse the barrier with help from the Church. Get these items from around town to perform the ritual, and meet the townspeople.
>Enter the ruins, remove the source of the Chaos Mites, get the Kobolds&Harpies to vacate the Springs, bless the farm, and give the fruit&veg to Soup Slime.
Ignore the School and Jail. They're context-sensitive locations.
No. 1061237 ID: 4b4d4e

A fetch quest chain that unleashes a chain of side quests and trades that also involve combat like driving away chaos mites or delivering a Gummy wyrm egg to the Kobold cult at the hotsprings for incubation. The whole thing have mishaps and misunderstandings, which will culminate with a bossfight with Colt.
No. 1061238 ID: 4b4d4e

Herb gathering for Credy. Monk slime pays coin if you care to hear his rambles.
No. 1061240 ID: 06095b


I think our staples thus far are:
> McCreedy needs help with some disturbances at his farm (Chaos Scarecrows or Salamanders).
> Help purify the graveyard grounds of an undead/sorcerer problem
> Outstanding bounty on the Gummywyrm
> Investigate the Ruins
> Deal with the hoodlum

I'm not opposed to any of the other suggestions, but in terms of ones that we've made available in the past, I think that's what we've got.
No. 1061244 ID: d12415

this is a good play

Also ping Alex telling her that Mary is out of commission and she will need to roll with things herself more than usual.
No. 1061262 ID: 36784c

Didn’t we assign 3 of our monsters to act as children for the school? We could have finding the missing children as one of the possible quests.
No. 1061286 ID: 4b4d4e

one of the three monster NPCs that we assigned to the school as schoolchildren has gone missing! Help look for their whereabouts!
No. 1061299 ID: 1effd3

who did we assign to school?
No. 1061307 ID: 06095b


Psion slime and maybe Izzy, I think, but that's about all I can think of.
No. 1061313 ID: 1ed92d

Hunting Gummy Wyrm Poachers, they try to steal the Gummy Wyrm's eggs and make it fly into parental rages.

Gathering spices for soup and tea leaves for tea. The spices and tea leaves are giant plant minions.

Tax accountant wanted. This one is actually a completely normal job, but you have to do Chaos Slime's taxes and she didn't keep any receipts and has a bunch of income oh noooo.
No. 1061325 ID: 08229c
File 168142993744.png - (183.29KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

>Also ping Alex telling her that Mary is out of commission and she will need to roll with things herself more than usual.

Alex acknowledges the ping with a short nod.

The posters, which were mostly just gibberish, suddenly reveal a few quests for Arcane to take.

"W-well, there's a bunch on the wall. Just take a look. See if anything catches your eye."

Arcane reads through the posters, nodding as she goes along.

"Wow there's such a variety! Let's see... What would be the most fun to watch... Hmm... This one!"

She pulls one of the posters off. It mentions that the Hoodlums are causing a bit of trouble and an adventurer is needed to deal with them.
No. 1061326 ID: 08229c
File 168143058918.png - (239.63KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

"And you said you're looking for a group, right?" Arcane asks.

"Ah, yes, that's correct."

"Great! Maybe you and I can team up! What do you say, magifans!? Should the girl with the cute eyebrows and I make a team and take on some hoodlums!?

Vote now!"


Well, while that's going on what should we have the hoodlums be doing?

They're a relatively new species of demon so we can decide on their general behaviors and actions. I know they're meant to buff things but let's focus a bit on their narrative actions.
No. 1061327 ID: 06095b


Let's see. It and the fairy are the main denizens of the woods. Maybe they've been stealing McCreedy's laundry and/or the wool from the battering rams. If the group investigates, they find they are using the extra material to build something.

If we want to incorporate the Gummywyrm, have it either be a net to capture it while they steal an egg or have it be to make a nest for an already pilfered egg.
No. 1061328 ID: a7a180

Hoodlums lurk in alleyways defacing walls and any unsuspecting hosts they can snag with colorful drawings. They sometimes like to hang out on clotheslines pretending to be laundry until someone walks underneath. An encounter with a Hoodlum usually consists of them pickpocketing an adventurer then running away to a prepared ambush like dumping a bucket of slime on their head or a tripwire.
No. 1061329 ID: a7a180

Alex might be a little too distracted to stay in character. Make sure the objective isn't to outright slay the hoodlums but to return items they stole so Mary's right hand demon doesn't monopolize the gameplay.
No. 1061331 ID: 2aa5f0

can we get a quick look at the hoodlum's stat sheet again? Can't recall what they could do off the top of my head and figure a quick refresher wouldn't hurt.
No. 1061332 ID: 06095b
File 168143241484.png - (411.84KB , 800x1800 , 166552505940.png )


Copy post from Chapter 10.5:

>Next, Mary has the gang create some creatures to fill in the hamlet. All of them have been reduced by one rune, though the total still represents how tough they can be.

>She creates:

Hoodlum - A cloth based demon that can harass others for simple pranks. Can also combine with other demons to power them up. Two runes.

Salamander - A creature that is known for being stubborn but mighty. These can be used for simple tasks. Two were created. Two runes.

Scarecrow x3 - Protectors of the farmland. Something seems off about one... Two runes.

Battering Ram - Bred for their sheer fluff volume, but quite ornery. Two runes.

Sprout - A young plant slime who works at the farm. Two runes.

Old Creedy - A wood demon that runs the farm. Old but still quite strong. Three runes.

Chaos Creatures - A bunch of corrupted monsters. Can be surprisingly powerful. Two runes.

Aspen - A new healer, setting up in the fountain. Similar to Ashley but their personalities are not the same. Three runes.

Zombies x2- A decently tough fight, inhabits the graveyard typically. Two runes.

>Due to the reduction these cost a total of 16 runes, leaving Mary with none.
No. 1061333 ID: dc4bad

huh, I forgot about a couple of these, need some battering ram shenanigans in the future

Yeah I like the idea that Hoodlums are kinda cowardly and more of a nuisance than anything on their own doing just vandalism, petty thievery and pranks, however when they have the upper hand or have the opportunity to boost up a wearer they suddenly become all bravado and tough talk.
Hence they are only really dangerous when they have a leader.

Typical street punk/gang behaviour and personalities.
No. 1061334 ID: 2aa5f0


could have the quest be that the hoodlums are just pulling pranks around town, try to pull one or two on the party, and when the party gives chase they run away. Right into an ambush. Could have them run to the church since that's right on the northern edge of town and have some zombies and whatnot jump out. Than when the party take about half of them down have the hoodlums use their fuse power to join with whatever monsters are left to make them a bit tougher.

This should give us an idea on how strong the streamer is as well as how she plays since we still don't know her stream's gimmick yet.
No. 1061338 ID: ad76be

Looks like Alex increased the viewer count by almost 1k. Not bad, Alex!

Thanks for the refresher. If we want to go the prank route, we can do
>The hoodlums have stolen a couple rams and are taking turns messing with them
>When the adventurers arrive, if the hoodlums outnumber them then they’ll try fighting normally.
>If the hoodlums have the same or less numbers compared to the heroes (either to start or because they fought and some were knocked out) then they’ll “possess” the rams and turn them into flying missiles against the adventurers.
>Beat the hoodlums without hurting the rams too badly for an extra reward at the end.

Low-stakes thievery to fit with their aesthetic with a surprise twist during combat so it isn’t too boring.
No. 1061342 ID: 1effd3

what happens if a Hoodlum combines with a Hoodlum?
No. 1061344 ID: 4b4d4e

If a Hoodlum combines with a Hoodlum, they become the "Neighbor-hooded Bandit", the demon who does the shotcalling and gives targeted buffs/debuffs for the hoodlum gang to exploit, dealing extra damage on the adventurers.
No. 1061347 ID: 4fa4e7

Theyre clothing based monsters, so obviously they should steal clothing
No. 1061349 ID: 4b4d4e

Hoodlums cause a ruckus, and then opt to steal Arcane and Alex's clothes and equipment, including the streaming Camera.
No. 1061359 ID: 1effd3

so you're saying they're panty thieves
No. 1061361 ID: 1ed92d

The hoodlums are stealing things to make themselves look bigger!
No. 1061379 ID: 295be8

The hoodlums like to steal the rams and set them loose in the town. Arcane has to stop the hoodlums before they steal the rams.

P.S: Alex is weak to being called cute. Good to know. Very important
No. 1061424 ID: 6f4507

wait she has 13 thousand people watching right now? Oh shit.
No. 1061431 ID: afb9e9

yes, some good old fashioned sheep rustling and property damage sounds great. Only "they are stealing the livestock soon" is kind of a weird thing to be on the board. How about "please find my missing rams"
No. 1061687 ID: 08229c
File 168185072112.png - (530.69KB , 800x1800 , 55.png )

Demonologist sets the hoodlums to just cause some general mischief in the farm. As the pieces get set, Arcane's poll ends. She wraps an arm around Alex.

"Alright, magifans! You've spoken! The qt-pi is coming with us!"



The pair arrive at the farm. Sprout approaches them, looking very distressed.

"(I'm so glad you came. Are you here for the quest?)" Sprout asks in slimish.

"We are!" Arcane confirms.

"(Thank goodness...)" She gestures to the fields. "(The hoodlums have stolen our signs, poked our animals, and took Creedy's walking stick. They have to be stopped!)"

"That's what we're here for! Now, if I were a hoodlum, where would I be..."

She scans the area looking for any signs of them.
No. 1061689 ID: 08229c
File 168185145830.png - (157.72KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

"Wait a sec... What's that chat? ... Yeah, it IS odd that a ram would wear a hoodie. That must be our target! Alright, magifans, let's get magical!"
No. 1061690 ID: 08229c
File 168185207296.png - (163.53KB , 800x735 , 57.png )

Arcane seems to change. She draws out a weapon and her stats fluctuate wildly before settling down again. She's stronger, faster, but more rash.

She does a dramatic pose for an unseen audience.

"This attack has been sponsored by YUM!" She shouts before readying her weapon.


Okay so, we should try and decide what the hoodlum does, yes? It does its best work when being used to buff others and right now there's only battering rams around.

Also uhm... We should give Alex orders? I have no idea how to command people... Mary wouldn't mind if we decide these things without her, right?
No. 1061691 ID: a7a180

Alex is a demon that can be left to her own discretion. Tell her to follow Arcane’s requests and to just herd the sheep to Arcane by default.
The hoodlum should start a stampede! Then use the ram’s voice to call for help from other animals.
No. 1061692 ID: ad76be

Can you mentally flag Arcane’s name as “Dora”, class “Explorer”? It’s just a reference from my world, she reminds me a lot about them right now.

Given the stat changes, I’m going to bet she wants to ride the ram. Have it charge around in semi-predictable patterns to coax her into that decision, then have the hoodlum try snatching control of her when she tries landing on it. Hoist by her own petard, in theory. The stream would probably enjoy Alex swooping in to save their magical maiden or whatever.

As for Alex, tell her to support Dora and have fun. You can also tell her to goad/stop Dora from jumping on the ram as she sees fit. I expect both options would be heard by the stream and they’d call for riding it though.
No. 1061693 ID: 06095b


Probably a good time to remind ourselves to place YUM chests throughout the run. Other than that, I'd say that Hoodlums should get stronger the more cloth fibers they absorb, and currently, this one is right in the middle of a bunch of prime targets.

> The battering ram being controlled bleats for help from the other rams, who attack.
> The hoodlum uses this opportunity to grab threads on the remaining rams and begins unraveling their coats as it makes its escape.
> Arcane will likely chase it right into a trap that it's set up, maybe a hoe left on the ground for an inconspicuous whammy or one of the signs set up to do the same.
> Alex can save the rams by slicing the threads feeding the creature to assist, but its next target is the clothes lines.
> If it gets there, it briefly tries to entangle the group before beating a retreat into the woods.
No. 1061695 ID: 58c090

>"This attack has been sponsored by YUM!"
Speaking off, don't forget to set the YUM chests, if they're not already.
No. 1061704 ID: 49deb8

Strategy of setting off a stampede and running if things get tough sounds good to me.

Far as abilities go, the Hoodlum's Dark rune and general roguishness make me think the ability to slip into and out of shadows would be fitting. Basically just be mobility/stealth focused to steal things from adventurers and get away if they aren't buffing someone, or attempt to set up sneak attacks if they are.

For the Rams, to me their Force rune just screams 'High knockback' on attacks, though I'd also like to suggest them being able to absorb/store physical force into their fluff and then releasing it as a big attack. Make actually hitting them a bad idea since they're not supposed to be the main target.
No. 1061705 ID: dc4bad

Good point, the battering rams being ornery means they probably only need the slightest excuse to join in with fighting Arcane, who naturally doesn't want to hurt the sheep she came here to save...

Until she lost a buncha int and wis anyway, hmm, Alex might need to uh, gently remind her of that before/mid fight.

Oh and while I know there's only one, that Ram in the jacket made me think of some form of 'two short creatures stacked up in a coat' though we'd probably also need 2 Hoodlum for the right coverage.
But heck, why just become taller when you can become weirder, I suggest after some fighting is done, a pair of Hoodlums nab a pair of Rams and intertwine lengthwise basically making a clothing tube with a ram head at each end, forming the mighty Amphisbaaena.
No. 1061709 ID: 1effd3

Hoodlums: When in doubt, GATTAI!
Alex: I'm sure she knows how to fight and can handle herself
No. 1061716 ID: 1ed92d

Have the hoodlum make the sheep pose to fight her.
No. 1061774 ID: ab088a

I'd upgrade the hoodlums if they are able to shear the wool off the sheep, transforming them to Wooly Hoodies.
No. 1061783 ID: 06095b
File 168203318625.png - (92.70KB , 1023x1020 , Gold_slime.png )

Just a quick reminder, since it's been a month and some change since the start of the thread, you can support the author on Ko-fi, if you've got the means: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

Generally, it just frees up more of the QM's time to do questing rather than art commissions. So, for those with vested interest in seeing more frequent updates, any bit helps.
No. 1062235 I