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File 168536908184.png - (79.65KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 1.png )
1064733 No. 1064733 ID: a3c1ba

You are Puffball.

You are a dragon.

Everything is fine.
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No. 1064734 ID: a3c1ba
File 168536910823.png - (79.85KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 2.png )

Oh no. You are lonely!
No. 1064735 ID: a3c1ba
File 168536913803.png - (75.75KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 3.png )


No. 1064736 ID: a3c1ba
File 168536921163.png - (91.61KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 4.png )

Whelp. Time to make a profile on DRAGNR, the Dragon dating app.

Get a good high-angle profile pic...
No. 1064737 ID: a3c1ba
File 168536925096.png - (159.73KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 5.png )

Fill in some deets...
No. 1064738 ID: a3c1ba
File 168536932203.png - (72.64KB , 1233x2000 , Drgnr 6.png )

And wait for the matches to roll in...

This is the part where you draw a dragon for Puffball to date

Don't take it personal if Puffball swipes left
No. 1064739 ID: 9ea24b
File 168537187183.png - (128.05KB , 500x700 , a25.png )

Gregor the He-Dragon loves to fish and watch anime.
No. 1064742 ID: afb9e9
File 168537665001.png - (44.23KB , 1207x1387 , potlid.png )

Name: Ramshnack
I am a: ??? dragon?
Seeking: Tall babe
For: Friends, maybe more???
About Me: I guard the cauldron. I work hard (vigilant) I play hard (energetic) 35" long
Likes: indoor/outdoor, long hot baths, cozy fireplace, neat rocks
Dislikes: soup theifs, high shelves, salad
No. 1064743 ID: e51896
File 168537868569.png - (479.26KB , 1233x2000 , derg.png )

Name: Leif Click

I am a: He-Dragon (eastern)

Seeking: She-Dragon

For: Friendship, someone to play games with (both tabletop and videogames) R...Romance? Maybe... uhhh... s-s-sex? (That is, uh, we don't have to if you don't want to... sorry if that part offended you...),

About me: I'm a single dragon (eastern) formerly a carp, first time trying out dating (sorry if I mess up T_T). I'm really friendly and a good listener and I'm kinda a geek. I'm a long dragon too (at least, that's what my friend told me to put on here. Sorry if It's not true, I'm not sure if I'm long enough or not >_<'), I'm also a computer technician so I can help fix your computer if you need help :D.

Likes: Swimming, tabletop games like Swords n' Spells (Sn'S), comics, webcomics, mangas, cartoons, anime, videogames, movies, conventions, arcades, hoarding small anime and robot models (I have an entire room sized shrine of them).

Dislikes: Knights, Tigers, Being yelled at, Horror movies/games, computer viruses, hackers (though it's alright if you like the stuff I dislike, I don't mean to offend)
No. 1064749 ID: dcf833
File 168538850518.png - (344.39KB , 740x1200 , jobRjoaquin.png )

Name: Job R. Joaquin (Joaquin is most fumbile! <3)
I Am A: He-Wocky
Seeking: She-Dragon or She-Wocky
For: Companionship and a muse for my jotscrawlers
About Me: Recently single and sapiosexual male jabberwocky living within the Tumtum forest with a passion for nature.
Likes: Lourngy brillig gyres and gimbles along the wabe. Struthing and prose-thorning works of epopera literature. And bingering compu-shows and chillaxing with like-minded draconizen companions <3
Dislikes: Allergic to wulloths and cramdaisies. Miscreants galumping and loitering through my privish Tumtum groves. I swear the next time I see one I’m going to lose my head!
No. 1064789 ID: 407ea6

Haaahahahaha, very clever.

Haha, Swords n' Spells was pretty clever, too.
No. 1064806 ID: 6b634f

all credit for the Swords n' Spells joke goes to quest author Donut (plz read Lucha Quest)
No. 1064843 ID: dac950
File 168550742707.png - (148.82KB , 582x810 , dragon first.png )

Name: Wilhelm Fangndr

I am a: He-dragon

Seeking: She-dragon

For: Dating, Romance, Casual Sex, Other

About me:Hey, there, toots! I’m the new guy in town, here to sweep you off your feet like the princesses I heard and the sheep I eat! Hit me up and I’ll show you why they call me The Lasting Flame!

Oh, yeah, I’m also a multi-cephalic dragon. Don’t worry, though, my siblings know how to stay quiet.

Speaking of which, if you are a multi-cephalic she-dragon, I’m all ears!

Likes: Ball sports, wrestling sports, blood sports, chicks (not the cockatrice kind), multi-head babes, peasant tribute, princesses, dragon princesses, rock, metal, most other minerals, really.

Dislikes: Sitting around, puzzle games, calculus, math puzzles, scolding (not burning, har har), lectures about boundaries, know-it-all girls, family feuds.
No. 1064844 ID: dac950
File 168550754809.png - (170.19KB , 594x768 , dragon second.png )

Name: Isolde Fangndr

I am a: She-dragon

Seeking: He-dragon

For: Dating, Romance, Friendship, Other

About me: I’m a caring, young dragoness looking for a relationship after getting a master’s degree in Lair and Castle Structuring. If you would like to go on a romantic flight, or just to chat over a burning hovel meal, I would love to meet you. I’m part of a multi-cephalic dragon, but my siblings are quite nice…when they want. You will like them, and may even become friends.

Likes: Ancient magic, flight competitions, eldritch architecture, calculus, foreboding tower construction, mundane and arcane literature.

Dislikes: Inquisitors, book-burning, self-importance, bratty guys, inattentiveness, interruptions while reading, body odor (except that cattle bones smell, yum!), the Royal Firefighters.
No. 1064845 ID: dac950
File 168550762435.png - (97.93KB , 381x830 , dragon third.png )

Name: Ajosha Fangndr

I am a: Middle head in a double-gender dragon

Seeking: Any dragon

For: Dating, Friendship, Other

About me: Hi! I’m new here. To this dating app, I mean. Me and my brothers are. Ehm, brother and sister! We are a three-headed dragon and the middle one. Sometimes they let me borrow their hands, like right now, heh heh.

I am not certain how I should feel or what to do on this app meetings, but if you wanna hang out, maybe go on a date, I would be super into it!

Just, uh, please be nice. <:c

Likes: TV, especially documentaries and news, firing range practice (I throw a mean fireball!), hibernating, sky-diving, my friends and family, hugs, villager flambé.

Dislikes: Loud noises, arguments, yelling on both ear ducts, roaring on both ear ducts, cold shoulders, no shoulders, Abba.
No. 1064848 ID: dac950
File 168550770739.png - (269.34KB , 1280x1280 , Be vewy quiet.png )

Name: Nate White

I am a: He-dragon

Seeking: Any dragon

For: Dating, Romance, Casual Sex, Frienship, Village-Terrorizing, Hoarding Competiton, 100 Years Slumber, Other

About me:I am great and mighty dragon with a great hoard, I love burning things and eating people, sorry about my profile pic, my cellphone I stole from a serf broke while I ate his family, so the lighting is off. At least you can see my red crest show, ha ha, you like?

Talk to me and I’ll take you to see my jewel and gold hoard. It’s really big, I promise.

Likes: Killing, maiming, burning, kidnapping nobility, hoarding, flying, sheep-sacrifice, maiden-sacrifice, cars, republics.

Dislikes: Honour, generosity, purity, charity, abstinence, celibacy, good manners and taste, Saint George, nice dragons that don’t burn villages and eat children, hesitation, asking questions, the dragon fuss.
No. 1064919 ID: b5d334
File 168558050962.png - (89.48KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 7.png )


You dunno... this guy seems kinda chubby and nerdy...
No. 1064920 ID: b5d334
File 168558051426.png - (69.42KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 8.png )

...But then again, so are you.

And you DO love anime.

No. 1064921 ID: b5d334
File 168558051767.png - (95.26KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 9.png )



No. 1064922 ID: b5d334
File 168558052006.png - (84.09KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 10.png )

>Leif Click


Not loving this guy's lack of confidence. A surprising amount of small dick energy from such a long dragon.

Then again, maybe he'll take you to a nice restaurant.

You'll chat with him a little and see if you're interested later.

Swipe Right
No. 1064923 ID: b5d334
File 168558052498.png - (83.24KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 11.png )

>Job R. Joaquin

You can't understand what in the Goddamn hell this guy is talking about.

Swipe left
No. 1064924 ID: b5d334
File 168558053982.png - (105.32KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 12.png )

>The Fangndr Trio

Three heads??

Uhh, yes please!

Swipe Right

Swipe Right

Swipe Right

You hope they don't mind a triple-date lol.

>Nate White

Ehh... What the heck,

Swipe Right on this guy, too.
No. 1064927 ID: b5d334
File 168558077923.png - (86.55KB , 600x600 , Puffball Paperdoll.png )

Your first date is with Gregor.

You exchanged some chat messages and he's taking you fishing on the lake.

Time to get dressed for your date!

What are you going to wear?


Even though you don't normally wear pants, you do have pants and skirts in your wardrobe. You also own panties.

Panty size: 2 person tent lol
No. 1064928 ID: b5d334
File 168558081199.png - (82.09KB , 600x600 , Puffball Paperdoll clr.png )

No background version
No. 1064930 ID: e51896
File 168558164508.png - (86.20KB , 600x600 , nak.png )

Fuck it, just go naked, easy for skinny dipping

(joke paperdoll, don't go with this one... unless you want to???)
No. 1064931 ID: 9ea24b
File 168558196297.png - (191.91KB , 600x600 , a26.png )

you live in a society
No. 1064937 ID: e5709d

Brilliant, voting for this.
No. 1064938 ID: 243f39
File 168558310138.png - (38.67KB , 600x600 , Puffball Maid.png )

Time to lay all our cards on the table here
No. 1064939 ID: 2f7f6e
File 168558311295.png - (75.54KB , 720x720 , what_have_i_done.png )

To catch a fish, one must first learn to think like a fish.

...Looking like a fish really has nothing to do with that, but it couldn't hurt?
No. 1064940 ID: f0bf00
File 168558342656.png - (78.08KB , 600x600 , 168558081199.png )

high fashion
No. 1064941 ID: 4314ed
File 168558434552.png - (110.15KB , 600x600 , Puffball_paperdoll.png )

No. 1064943 ID: 38349b
File 168558548373.png - (97.44KB , 600x600 , puffball_A.png )

Okay, so if you wanna REALLY go hard you could go in a dress
No. 1064944 ID: 38349b
File 168558551350.png - (358.52KB , 1200x1200 , puffball_b.png )

But alternatively, something comfy could work better, and with pockets!!!
No. 1064945 ID: 4314ed

Voting for this one
No. 1064946 ID: e300ca
File 168558677897.png - (231.79KB , 910x962 , the obvious choice.png )

Naturally, whatever we catch we gotta put into a killer robot.
No. 1064952 ID: 7a1a17
File 168558947120.png - (77.95KB , 600x600 , goff.png )

Gothic lite. Cause who doesn't like goths? No one I want to associate with that's for sure.
No. 1064953 ID: 7a1a17
File 168558952569.png - (83.10KB , 600x600 , horni goff.png )

Of course some guys may not take the hint so~
No. 1064967 ID: dee951


Some people could get the wrong idea. Dragons live in a world of violence and predation and knights and all that, ya know??
No. 1064971 ID: f2320a

I probably should have made some creature into fat girls also damn those are some egg laying hips and belly Reminds me of Elliott from pete and his dragon due to the fur and body shape
Could put on a thong with that due to the top of the hips being exposed
No. 1064972 ID: f2cf5a

Backing this. But fishing? Meh.
No. 1064973 ID: f2320a

Funniest part i noticed.
She is technically catfishing guys so fitting the first date is going fishing
No. 1064976 ID: cce6c4
File 168565508239.png - (375.59KB , 1233x2000 , gulketi_phone_thingy.png )

Name: Gulketi
I Am A: Male Amtsvane (no it's not pronounced that way) Dragon
Seeking: Any Dragon
For: Hangouts, Casual Sex, maybe a Romance
About Me: I had a boring job on a space station and I traded it for going on exciting adventures and also sometimes still being boring and doing taxes. I tend to be the most levelheaded and tallest in a group. Also I'm forty-four feet tall, have two huge prehensile cocks and prefer sex to last at least six hours.
Likes: Bold girls, hot boys, fluff, economics, bullying small friends, theater, looming over buildings
Dislikes: Early alarms, genocidal robots


“Hey, Siphon, have you seen my phone?”
No. 1065005 ID: 2c1245

Fucking Tippler you mad lad
Supporting this.
No. 1065104 ID: d29703
File 168582163203.png - (112.82KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 13.png )

It turns out Gregor doesn't live too far away so you decide to fly. You need the exercise anyway.

On your way there, you get a Match Alert from DRAGNR.


44 ft tall?

You always did have a thing for tall guys.

TWO prehensile dicks??

SIX HOURS of sex? He's probably exaggerating...

Your sense of self preservation says swipe left, but your curiosity says:


Why do you get the feeling you might have just set yourself up for a BAD END?
No. 1065105 ID: d29703
File 168582163526.png - (93.56KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 14.png )

You spot a chubby, nerdy looking dragon at the edge of the lake. He's standing next to a bunch of fishing stuff.

You guess that must be Gregor and swoop down to meet him.

For this date, Puffball will take audience suggestions like usual, but, by SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT, Tippler will be playing the part of Gregor. For future dates, I'll just draw both parts.
No. 1065106 ID: c3a039

This is just like one of my japanese animes!

Seriously, it is. So peaceful. Much anime. Wow.
No. 1065107 ID: e51896

as you swoop down to meet him, You miss the landing, and drop right into the lake, causing a huge splash.

you climb out, explain you meant to do that and introduce yourself!
No. 1065110 ID: d29703
File 168582518415.png - (91.26KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 15.png )

>as you swoop down to meet him, You miss the landing, and drop right into the lake, causing a huge splash.

you climb out, explain you meant to do that and introduce yourself!


You were so distracted by your phone you completely overshot your landing and dropped down right in the lake!

Maybe you should have paid attention to all those PSAs about not texting and flying.

Luckily, you're able to save your precious smartphone from a watery fate.
No. 1065111 ID: d29703
File 168582518857.png - (119.05KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 16.png )

You manage to wade back to shore, though you're completely soaked. Your nipples are totally visible through your crop top.

Why oh why didn't you wear a bra???

Puffball: "H-hi! Talk about making a splash, am I right? Y-your name's Gregor. I must be Puffball!"
No. 1065113 ID: 783c41

Gregor: Extend the most awkward, long-armed handshake in existence.

With your right arm.
No. 1065114 ID: 4314ed
File 168582561365.png - (379.92KB , 1233x2000 , BitchKobold.png )

Name: Bitch
I Am A: She-Kobold
Seeking: Any Dragon
For: Hangouts, Casual Sex.
About Me: 5' 2". Yes, I'm a kobold, & I'm still tougher than you. If you don't wanna rock hard, or fuck hard, then fuck off.
Likes: Heavy Metal, people who can take a joke, people who can take a dick, dominating, competition.
Dislikes: Idiots, cowards, people who don't give either kind of head, country music, being submissive.

[She's actually lying about being submissive. She will literally never admit it though.]
No. 1065124 ID: 9ea24b
File 168583827458.png - (135.70KB , 600x600 , p1a.png )

When Gregor scheduled a date with the she-dragon he met on DRAGNR, he expected a quiet afternoon of solitary fishing. It wasn’t a lack of self-confidence! He had self-confidence, he just also had healthy expectations when it came to online dating, especially with a profile like his.

So when Puffball emerged from the water like the fertility goddess of dragons, top extremely see through, Gregor had a stress induced nosebleed. He often got nosebleeds. His mother said it was his constitution as a hatchling.
No. 1065125 ID: 9ea24b
File 168583828093.png - (147.01KB , 600x600 , p1b.png )

Gregor: Hi! Sorry! Ahahah, this’ll clear up in a second and then we can get on the water.

Shit, he left her hanging on the handshake. Gregor steels himself, drawing upon the hitherto stated self-confidence. If there’s anything that’ll make a date awkward it’s constant backpedaling. Gregor is not a fan of this trope in his romance anime.
No. 1065126 ID: 9ea24b
File 168583828620.png - (155.45KB , 600x600 , p1c.png )

Sure enough, the blood stops flowing and Gregor ushers Puffball into his small rowboat he got for free from his uncle. He focuses on rowing to his favorite trout spot, where he’ll set out his bait lines and cast with a spinner.

Gregor: Can you tell me more about yourself? I remember your profile said you liked video games. Oh yeah, I can show you how to reel in a fish once I get a bite, it’s super fun!
No. 1065127 ID: d29703
File 168584054308.png - (86.96KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 17.png )

This date is so corny, but Gregor is surprisingly sweet. And he's barely even stared at your nipples!

You should probably say something.

You could go off about your favorite videogames, or ask him about fishing, or talk about something else.
No. 1065129 ID: 85ff18

Both? Both is good!
No. 1065131 ID: 0b4c2f

Both! Ask about fishing second, he seems pretty passionate about it and it may take up more time than the vidya games
No. 1065133 ID: 64b38a

Oh no, did Puffball say that out loud?
No. 1065134 ID: e51896

Dude asked you about yourself. you should probably tell him about yourself.
No. 1065157 ID: 6b3ad7

If you continue to date him would you still go on other dates and one night stands and would that be cucking him or not, and would he need to win you over with sex and should you tell him this at the end of this date? Probably depends on how horny you are or if you are a size queen and he's small, I mean, you look like a size queen.
No. 1065163 ID: 96715b


Don't mention any of this. Need to know. He's smart enough to figure things out from your profile.
No. 1065166 ID: 49dc63
File 168590076108.png - (137.01KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 18.png )

>Dude asked you about yourself. you should probably tell him about yourself.

Puffball: "Right now I've totally been into Dragon's Ring! I know a lot of dragons don't like the game because you play as a knight who fights dragons and takes their treasure but they don't appreciate how fun it is to watch the knight get killed 10,000 times.
"Also, the dragon designs are like, so cool and I totally crush on Gaurak the Destroyer, his giant horns are like, SO HOT. Did you know Gaurak is actually based on one of the developers who worked on the game?
"There's also a lot of lore in the game but the lore is mostly revealed through the item descriptions so you have to sort of read very carefully. Like, there's this one item called "Madelo's staff" but there's also an item called "Mandelo's book" and, okay, spoiler alert, but the book is actually the book Mandelo read to his daughter! But then you find out the item 'Elizabeth's Tragic Toy' actually belonged to Elizabeth and she died! So Mandelo carried the storybook around with him as a memento of his lost daughter and that's why you can hear a creepy ghost girl singing nursery rhymes whenever you equip the book.
There's also this really cool thing where—"

You continue to talk about video games...
No. 1065171 ID: e51896

Gregor: Oh no! she's going to be scaring the fish if she doesn't stop! Distraction time! use your tail to stealthfully splash behind you and be like "WHOA! I think we found a huge fish over there! lets try to catch it!"

good opportunity to teach her about fishing too.
No. 1065172 ID: 2c1245

EASY THERE GIRL! Whoa, real it in real quick, appraise the dude to see if he's actually listening, if he's bothered. Whole lot of wall of text you're spewing there. Why not ask what his favorite kind of games and anime are? Specifcally his favorite animators and tropes? Jesus you're spilling spaghetti.
No. 1065194 ID: 9ea24b
File 168593626610.png - (109.59KB , 500x500 , p2a.png )

Gregor’s dad taught him two important lessons growing up: How to kill the mob of angry humans coming to take your gold and how to respect women. Gregor doesn’t personally play Dragon’s Ring, but he likes hearing Puffball’s enthusiasm about the game and shows he’s listening by nodding and saying “uh huh” every so often.

Once it’s his chance to talk, he shares that his favorite game is Genshin Impact but with Dragons (often abbreviated GID). Waifu hoarding is a hobby of his.
No. 1065195 ID: 9ea24b
File 168593627340.png - (90.86KB , 500x500 , p2b.png )

Gregor rinses his bloody hand off in the lake as he chats with Puffball. The potent dragon’s blood dissolves in the water and is sniffed up by a curious trout. Gregor is none the wiser.
No. 1065203 ID: 8f9bc4

...if this date ends with Gregor and the fish leaving Puffball to go make out...
No. 1065207 ID: 85ff18

Wait, isn't that the game where all the dragons that can be played are super thin and svelte and don't have obvious muscles or big horns, regardless of gender, and regardless of whether they're one of the serpentine breeds or not? Like, a lot of the playable characters are teenagers or younger? Or were turned undead at a super young age so they're... what's the word... neotenic?
No. 1065222 ID: b4590d
File 168601770499.png - (195.14KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 19.png )

You haven't played much GID because you're not a fan of microtransactions, you've seen how fast those games can shrink a hoard.

Puffball: "Ooh, Genshin Impact but with Dragons! I should have guessed you were a man of culture. Sooo, tell me, how much real money have you spent on Dragon Crystals?"
No. 1065223 ID: 9ea24b
File 168601898520.png - (128.23KB , 500x500 , p3a.png )

Gregor: Uh. Well. I’ve spent a little. Maybe little isn’t the right word, but honestly I didn’t use more than I put aside. My dad might be the CEO of Dragon Nike…
No. 1065224 ID: 9ea24b
File 168601899829.png - (129.20KB , 500x500 , p3b.png )

Gregor is saved from giving a proper explanation by a powerful jerk from one of the fishing rods.

Gregor: BWEOJFHEH grab that rod!

Puffball: Oh shit, what do I do?

Gregor: Pick it up by the handle and set it by jerking it the other way, you’ll be able to feel if there’s a fish on and then you can slowly start reeling it in.
No. 1065225 ID: 0a4c27

>set it by jerking it the other way,

Instructions unclear. Puffball starts jerking off the rod.
No. 1065229 ID: b4590d
File 168602126057.png - (103.04KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 20.png )

>Instructions unclear. Puffball starts jerking off the rod.

You flail fruitlessly with the fishing rod.

Puffball: "This isn't like in Zelda! This isn't like in Zelda at all! What am I supposed to do? Do I jerk it like this?"

Though Gregor tries to help, he only gets an elbow in the eye for his trouble.

You are so panicked, you overbalance and...

No. 1065230 ID: b4590d
File 168602126436.png - (74.42KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 21.png )

For the second time on this date, you end up in the lake, only this time your feet aren't touching the bottom! And you can't swim!!!!

Puffball: "Hellllp! Helllllp!"

You flail around like a frenetic Muppet.
No. 1065231 ID: 38349b

Gregor: Try to help her using your tried and true methods, only to fail and fall over with her, which will then let you calm her down slightly and hold on to the edge of the boat, very romantic and anime
No. 1065232 ID: a7a180

Dragon-trout: Attack
No. 1065235 ID: dd4f2c

Consume the spinach, it will give you strength!
No. 1065243 ID: 6b3ad7

Wait can't she fly? Or can she not fly up from the water.
No. 1065245 ID: 2c1245

Go get her greg! Toss your shit back inna boat to keep it dry and go swim after her! Man i hope the fishing rod stayed in the boat.
No. 1065271 ID: 9ea24b
File 168610777644.png - (122.38KB , 500x500 , p4a.png )

>Gregor: Stay calm and try to help
Gregor: Grab onto this oar and I’ll pull you back to the boat.

He holds out the oar to Puffball, who flails her way towards salvation. The overboarded fishing rod swirls around menacingly.

>Dragon-trout: Attack
The enlarged fish is on the other side of the rod, and it hungers for more dragon’s blood. It bites through the line and charges at Puffball.
No. 1065272 ID: 9ea24b
File 168610778515.png - (122.88KB , 500x500 , p4b.png )

>Gregor: Counterattack
Gregor sees the shadow of the huge trout under the water and jumps in the lake immediately. The trout changes course and heads for Gregor’s tried and true blood.

It’s still a trout though, so Gregor instinctively sinks his claws through its slimy skin and chomps off its head.
No. 1065273 ID: e51896

No. 1065274 ID: 38349b

This but also mutter about how he's so hot when he brutally eviscerates things
No. 1065288 ID: 063ad4
File 168613974893.png - (118.90KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 22.png )

OMG you came expecting a boring date with a dweeb and it turns out he's a total badass! Look at him fight that trout! Such raw, animal ferocity!

You're totally wet and it's not just from your dip in the lake.


You totally gotta!
No. 1065289 ID: 063ad4
File 168613975060.png - (87.54KB , 450x600 , Drgnr 23.png )

Puffball: "Oh em gee, you guys! Are you seeing this?"
No. 1065292 ID: e51896

>Are you seeing this?

Now, after saying that, Lower your phone to your chest level to get a better angle of the action. This is sooooo awesome! (Without realizing your filming your wet tshirt)
No. 1065294 ID: f73077

Those shorts sure didn't last long..
No. 1065298 ID: 58dd24

huh, you're right, they've been gone since she hooked the fish
No. 1065305 ID: 6b3ad7

What if she drops the phone and we get to see what she's got under the hood, hopefully the dildo's she uses aren't too gaping.
No. 1065318 ID: a758c7

No. 1065324 ID: 9ea24b
File 168619435412.png - (93.60KB , 500x500 , p5a.png )

>Her shorts are missing
Gregor is interrupted from his bloodlust frenzy by Puffball’s enormous jorts drifting by. He comes to his senses and takes the trout body and shorts back to the boat, averting his eyes from Puffball’s entire body to respect all nips and nether regions.

Gregor: Er, we should go clean up. My parents have a cabin around here.
No. 1065325 ID: 9ea24b
File 168619437758.png - (114.68KB , 500x500 , p5b.png )

Gregor rows back to land, loads up his truck, and drives Puffball on a dirt road to his parents’ humble 6,000 sq ft cabin.

Gregor: My parents should be here watching TV or something, we can go to my room and dry off.

He leaves the trout on the kitchen counter and takes Puffball’s paw, leading her past the living room where the TV is blaring some Dragon K-Drama.
No. 1065327 ID: e51896

Gregor's parents: notice Puffball. Proceed to take out the family photo album and show some pictures of Gregor that they think are cute, but that he is embarrassed by and probably doesnt want Puffball to see.
No. 1065332 ID: 2c1245

>"Oh dear! You should see our baby's pictures! Here little Greg goring his first knight, and here's him laying Siege to the capital of Yarnae! Such a handsome baby!"
No. 1065489 ID: 7b4b63
File 168636343207.png - (163.11KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 24.png )

You take a long, relaxing shower. Gregor's parents actually have one of those bougie showers that have showerheads from every angle!

You scrub off all the lake slime and fish smell then dry out under the combination blow-dryer/heat lamp mounted in the ceiling.

You're feeling bougie AF right now.
No. 1065490 ID: 7b4b63
File 168636343519.png - (120.88KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 25.png )

Feeling refreshed, you wander the upstairs until you find Gregor's room.

You hear the sound of rummaging coming from inside, as well as muttering.

Gregor: Sorry, Sakura-Chan, sorry Osaka-san, please forgive me, Mei-Chan... Don't look at me like that. I'm not ashamed I just—"

Gregor sighs and continues to shuffle things around.

Who's he talking to in there?
No. 1065492 ID: 4314ed

Well, if you know shut-in nerds (and you do) he's talking to body-pillows or figurines.
No. 1065493 ID: 273c18

Sounds like he's hiding nerd stuff. You should attain some semblance of decency before barging in.
No. 1065496 ID: a7a180

Knock politely and inform him you're not dressed yet.
No. 1065501 ID: 15aaa6

Sounds like hes cleaning his room to prepare for us. Cute! Give him some time to clean his hoard. You know how dragons are, cuz, yknow, you are one!
No. 1065503 ID: 2a82d3

OMG, he has other girls inthere! Of course a catch like him would have multiple girls dating him at once!
No. 1065506 ID: a79990

Tbf, we also are planning on dating other dragons after this date. I dont think Puffball minds a polyamory relationship
No. 1065510 ID: 05490c

He's talking to his hoard, of course! Don't you?
No. 1065572 ID: 9ea24b
File 168644010117.png - (118.17KB , 500x500 , p6a.png )

>Puffball: Knock and wait patiently to be let in
It sounds like Gregor is hiding his nerd stash, which is awfully cute of him. Even if he has full on nude body pillows you don’t think you’d care.

Eventually Gregor opens his door and offers you one of his hoodies while averting his eyes. There’s a conspicuous pile of expensive anime figures leaking out from under the large bed.

Gregor: Um so we can watch stuff on my computer and order takeout and just hang out. Sorry fishing was such a mess, usually it’s way more boring than that.
No. 1065573 ID: 9ea24b
File 168644010652.png - (92.49KB , 500x500 , p6b.png )

>Other girls???
Puffball: You must totally have the dragon ladies all over you. You’re so sweet and this place is awesome!

Gregor blushes but sits up straight and looks you in the eye.

Gregor: Not really. I’ve been on a few dates before but I’m not seeing anyone. I’ve never had sex or anything before.
No. 1065575 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, that's honestly surprising. Nerd though he may be, he has the looks, the charm, and the power to be a lady magnet.
No. 1065577 ID: 38349b

Give him a smooch, he's adorable, snuggle and wait for that human chicken chow mein to be delivered
No. 1065579 ID: 8f9bc4

f-f-f-first dibs?
No. 1065580 ID: 084179

No. 1065582 ID: 6b3ad7

Should we take his virginity? That depends on if puffball is a virgin, what experience does puffball have and should she have sex with him or wait for a stud, because we still don't know what she has and what he has.
No. 1065590 ID: b4590d
File 168645714510.png - (178.24KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 26.png )

You slip the hoodie on gratefully. It doesn't have any wing holes, but it's roomy enough you're not uncomfortable.

>Well, that's honestly surprising. Nerd though he may be, he has the looks, the charm, and the power to be a lady magnet.

Puffball: "You've never even kissed a she-dragon?"

Gregor: "Um... Well... I've kissed my mom."

Puffball: "You know that's not what I mean."

Gregor: "Then no... I suppose not."

Puffball: "You said you've been on dates before. What did you end up doing?"
No. 1065591 ID: b4590d
File 168645714864.png - (113.23KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 27.png )

Gregor: "Well to be honest... most of my dates ended as soon as we got back to my room."

He casts a nervous look at the corner of an anime body pillow poking out from under the bed.
No. 1065592 ID: b4590d
File 168645715099.png - (129.10KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 28.png )

Puffball: "Well I think your room is cool."

You cast an appraising look around the bare walls and the blank spots on the shelves.

Puffball: "I think it would look even better with a few cool anime posters and figurines, though."

Gregor seems to brighten up a little.

>Should we take his virginity?

Slow down there, champ. You dunno if he's ready to go that far yet. Let's start slow.


Puffball: "Takeout and anime sound great."

You sit down on the bed, which protests loudly under your weight.

Puffball: "Care to join me?"
No. 1065595 ID: 0fb2b3

"I promise not to judge the body pillows. I'd actually like to see what characters you like for them! Especially if you have any sexy character body pillows, those are always fun, like if you are half asleep and can convince yourself that you are cuddling the character. Also you shouldn't keep them under the bed, they'll get dusty. You're a dragon, you should be proud of your hoard!"
No. 1065599 ID: 629f2e

"Yes." Immediately breaks the bed by adding his weight, resulting in all the nerd shit he tried to hide getting jettisoned out from under them.
No. 1065605 ID: f2320a

Big fat belly and ass jiggle if you stand up
No. 1065621 ID: a7a180

Get off the bed before it breaks. You are the bed.
No. 1065624 ID: 9ea24b
File 168651366543.png - (130.10KB , 500x500 , p7a.png )

Gregor sits next to Puffball on his bed, which groans under the combined weight of two healthy dragons. He’s vaguely stunned that revealing the truth and being honest about himself worked, maybe next time he won’t hide his beloved figurines and body pillows.

Puffball’s an amazing and cute dame, and Gregor pulls the best season of One Punch Dragon up on his laptop to impress her. He mumbles along to the opening while discreetly ordering Chinese takeout on his phone.
No. 1065625 ID: 9ea24b
File 168651367454.png - (131.40KB , 500x500 , p7b.png )

You stealthily wrap an arm around Gregor to encourage him to cuddle against your soft belly while you slurp stir-fried noodles. He puts his paw in yours around episode two, and you’re practically lying on top of each other with some exploratory fondling by episode five.

Eventually, Gregor yawns and moves to pause the video.

Gregor: Thanks for coming over, I had a really nice time. If you want to come around again sometime I can show you my hoard, I have a lot more at our main house, and you can tell me more about Dragon’s Ring.

A. Give him the goodbye gift of head (Gregor will be down)
B. Bid Gregor a polite adieu
No. 1065626 ID: a7a180

No. 1065629 ID: 322af8

A and maybe go further.
No. 1065631 ID: e51896

A. It is destined to happen
No. 1065637 ID: 4314ed

No. 1065638 ID: 99ca7b

A. goodbye kiss, of course
No. 1065655 ID: a758c7

No. 1065656 ID: e51896

Make sure you guys lock the door too
No. 1065657 ID: 6b3ad7

A is a good way to see if you should come back for horny or nerd stuff.
No. 1065658 ID: 5e3c95

A, and lock that door
No. 1065660 ID: 8f9bc4

Is a dragon blowjob... uh... safe?
No. 1065662 ID: 4314ed

I mean, for Dragons, yeah.
No. 1065669 ID: 7ff998
File 168653019423.png - (1.60MB , 4000x4000 , Drgnr 29.png )

>Is a dragon blowjob... uh... safe?

You're probably thinking of a "blowtorch job."

That's when one fire type dragon breathes fire on another fire type dragon's dick.

And yeah, those can get pretty dangerous, especially if there's anything flammable around.

But just normal sucking dick is perfectly safe. You haven't lived until you've been deepthroated by a girl with a yard of neck.
No. 1065719 ID: c1d994

A all the way, he's been wonderful and I'm pretty into him.
No. 1065777 ID: f2320a

and with a belly like that you know she can GOBBLE HARD and SUCCC
No. 1065945 ID: 42fa78
File 168688693290.png - (171.39KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 30.png )


Puffball: "I had a really great time, too..."
No. 1065946 ID: 42fa78
File 168688693767.png - (50.81KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 31.png )

Gregor: "Uhh... did you just lock the door?"

Puffball: "You weren't planning to end our date without giving me a goodbye kiss, were you?"
No. 1065947 ID: 42fa78
File 168688694078.png - (93.60KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 32.png )

Gregor: "Oh, right... O-o-of course!"
No. 1065948 ID: 42fa78
File 168688694684.png - (91.18KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 33.png )

Gregor puckers up, bracing himself as if you're about to slap him in the face.

Gregor: "Mmmmm-muhmmmmuh-mmmmmmm—"
No. 1065949 ID: 42fa78
File 168688694907.png - (130.27KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 34.png )

No. 1065950 ID: 42fa78
File 168688695490.png - (81.13KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 35.png )

While your lips are locked together in a sloppy kiss, you reach down and begin undoing Gregor's shorts.

Gregor: "Ooh oh... ummm..."
No. 1065951 ID: 42fa78
File 168688695901.png - (75.83KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 36.png )

Puffball: "Oooh! Hello! And where's this big fella been hiding all day?"

Gregor: "Oh well my shorts are pretty baggy and, uh..."
No. 1065952 ID: 42fa78
File 168688696994.png - (115.89KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 37.png )

You pull out Gregor's cock. It's much larger than you expected, and it's even more impressive once it gets hard.

Puffball: "Holy shit, it gets bigger! I can barely get my paw around it!"

Gregor: "It umm... I never measured it. I guess I might be slightly larger than average..."

Puffball: "The other she-dragons don't know what they've been missing!"
No. 1065953 ID: 42fa78
File 168688697394.png - (110.10KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 38.png )

You begin to suck eagerly on Gregor's fat dragon dong.

Gregor presses his hands to his snout in a desperate attempt to stem the geysers of blood blasting from his nostrils.

Gregor: "Oh wow. Should... should I be doing something?"

*Pop* your lips detach from Gregor's meaty rod.

Puffball: "Actually there is one thing you could do..."

Gregor: "Anything!"
No. 1065954 ID: 42fa78
File 168688697897.png - (102.42KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 39.png )

Puffball: "Would you... pull my pompoms?"

Gregor: "Pull your—?"

Puffball: "My pom poms. The puffy thingies on top of my head. I need you to pull on them."

Gregor: "H-how hard?"

Puffball: "As hard as you can. Don't be afraid."

Gregor: "Uhhh..."
No. 1065955 ID: e51896

Gregor: *pulls puffballs*

Puffball: *screams in ecstasy*

Gregor: *quickly stops and refrains from doing it again out in a panic thinking he hurt her badly*

Puffball: Why'd you stop?

Gregor: Sorry! *pulls again*

Puffball: *Screams again*

Gregor's parents downstairs hearing the screams: *sheds a single tear of proud happiness* "That's our boy!"
No. 1065959 ID: 38349b

I really just want the cutaway gag from this tbh, the parents being so proud just sounds funny
No. 1065966 ID: e5709d

Gregor: Pull so hard you accidentally rip them off
No. 1065967 ID: f2cf5a

Give 'em a good yank. Not TOO hard, but enough.
No. 1065989 ID: 0fb2b3


No. 1065990 ID: f2320a

Support lets see how strong dragon fur is during tension
No. 1066008 ID: 4314ed

Work your way up to pulling them full strength.
Also, use them to control pace.

Wait, shoot. How much are you gonna bleed if you move your hands?
No. 1066023 ID: f8083d

This. Start soft, ramp it up.
No. 1066031 ID: 0f7631

Gregor pulls on the pompoms so hard puffball compresses like an accordion
No. 1066036 ID: 9ea24b
File 168697200239.png - (97.51KB , 500x500 , p8a.png )

>What about the blood?
After the initial spurt, things tend to clot pretty quickly, so Gregor inhales sternly and wills himself to stop bleeding so he can be a good sexual partner. His hands are a mess though, but if Puffball still wants him to pull, by dragon god will he pull.

Puffball keeps her hand on his cock and mouth available for feedback as he reaches for her head.
No. 1066037 ID: 9ea24b
File 168697201145.png - (104.89KB , 500x500 , p8b.png )

Gregor puts a sticky hand on each pompom and is surprised to feel horns underneath. They’re thicker at the top, so he gets a secure hold and tentatively pulls.

Puffball: Harder! Harder, please.

Gregor ramps up the pressure until Puffball lets out a delighted squeal and latches back onto his dick.
No. 1066038 ID: 9ea24b
File 168697201739.png - (120.52KB , 500x500 , p8c.png )

Elsewhere in the cabin, Gregor’s parents look up from their dinner of trout at Puffball’s scream.

Mrs. Donahoe: It’s about time our Gregor brought someone home.

Mr. Donahoe: Good for him.
No. 1066039 ID: 9ea24b
File 168697202760.png - (99.07KB , 500x500 , p8d.png )

Gregor might have jerked off this morning, but he’s still dangerously close to blowing his load after only a few minutes.

Gregor: I-I’m gonna come soon, where should I do it? You don’t have to swallow or anything if you don’t want to, I have a box of tissues around here…

Puffball: Mmhmph!

Puffball tightens her grip on Gregor and seems very opposed to the tissue idea.

Where come?
A. Mouth
B. Face
C. Other
No. 1066046 ID: a758c7

wait, why not mouth and face? >:3
No. 1066061 ID: f2cf5a

She seems like she wants a lil' extra snack, so give it to her.

A. Mouth
No. 1066077 ID: c6c371

A. This is your first time doing this, so even if you wanted B, you wouldnt be able to hold back quick enough.
No. 1066079 ID: 322af8

B. Make her wear it with pride.
No. 1066157 ID: f2320a

No. 1066160 ID: f8083d

A) let's not make even more of a mess than we have now.
No. 1066161 ID: 708905

Seems to be what she's going for so may as well oblige
No. 1066169 ID: 42fa78
File 168712241647.png - (95.26KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 40.png )

Responding to your nonverbal cues, Gregor busts his load right in your mouth. A rush of hot seed bulges your cheeks and floods your gullet.

Holey smokes what are his parents feeding this lad??
No. 1066170 ID: 42fa78
File 168712241833.png - (115.55KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 41.png )

Gregor: "W-was that alright?"

You nod, too dazed to vocalize.
No. 1066171 ID: 42fa78
File 168712242268.png - (169.51KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 42.png )

Your original clothes are dry by now so you change and bid Gregor good night. He offers for you to sleep over but you don't think you could face meeting his parents.

You take off from the upstairs balcony and begin the flight home.
No. 1066172 ID: 42fa78
File 168712242514.png - (107.11KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 42a.png )

Home sweet home at last. It's well after midnight. Hopefully you don't wake your roommates.
No. 1066173 ID: 42fa78
File 168712243040.png - (185.40KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 43.png )

One of your roommates, Gloomweaver, is still up watching horror movies on her phone.

Gloomweaver: "Well well, looks like somebody had a fun night. Did he pull your pompoms?"

Puffball: "And how!" <3
No. 1066174 ID: 42fa78
File 168712243373.png - (210.39KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 44.png )

You relax amidst your hoard of plushies and reminisce about your awesome date with Gregor.

You hope all your dates turn out that well.
No. 1066175 ID: 42fa78
File 168712243650.png - (106.58KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 45.png )

Speaking of: who should you see next? You've narrowed it down to three you're in the mood for right now.

A. Leif Click, the long dragon

B. The three-headed triplets

C. Nate White, the totally definitely a real dragon.
No. 1066176 ID: e51896

B. we'll do Lief click later. having too nerds in a row will feel too samey right now. And Nate White feels like something that can be used as a grand finale, or close to it. lets see the three headed dragon and see if they'll have three of other things, if you know what i mean.
No. 1066179 ID: a7a180

No. 1066181 ID: 629f2e

B, you've never been with anyone who has more than two heads, so this should be an exciting new experience!
No. 1066185 ID: a758c7

No. 1066186 ID: 99ca7b

No. 1066203 ID: 7c5593

It's like a triple date! This will either be amazing or horrible weeee~
No. 1066205 ID: 0fb2b3

B, the triplets!
No. 1066212 ID: 42fa78
File 168714073313.png - (146.72KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 46.png )

>B. The Triplets.

You decide you're in the mood for some hot foursome action. Haha jk that would be silly.

Unless they're into it...

But no that's dumb haha.

But seriously you're going to date the three-headed dragon next. You've always wondered what it would be like to date a three-headed dragon, and this one has three different genders so it's basically a one stop shop for your pansexual ass.

You message them and arrange a date with each of them at Dragon Park.
No. 1066213 ID: 42fa78
File 168714073561.png - (356.49KB , 2000x2000 , Puffball Paperdoll.png )

Now, what are you going to wear on your date at Dragon Park?

If you don't have any new ideas for outfits, you can still wear one of the ones you considered earlier.
No. 1066216 ID: 2f7f6e
File 168714202532.png - (268.42KB , 2000x2000 , tiamat_call_me.png )

Being a multi-headed dragon must be tough, so it would be very nice to show some support. Just gotta sacrifice a few socks to make puppets (because everyone loves sock puppets modeled after themselves) and use a marker to make a quick modification to one of your t-shirts.
No. 1066221 ID: 7a1a17
File 168714295434.png - (80.24KB , 600x600 , ja.png )

Those are some nordic sounding dragons. They must got some amazing voices for death metal, and we know at least one is a metal enthusiast. I resubmit my earlier choice with a slight modification
No. 1066230 ID: e51896
File 168714616855.png - (97.06KB , 600x600 , poncho.png )

Ponchos can be cute, especially if you're wearing nothing underneath it.
No. 1066238 ID: 7a1a17
File 168715029189.jpg - (527.46KB , 1233x2000 , guldur.jpg )

Name: Guldur
I Am A: Big bad guy
Seeking: Yes
For: Some duck no I said some duck stop changing duck to duck fo
About Me: I will be straight. You want to go all night long? You want a big guy to take charge no matter where you are? You want to fly home cause your legs don't work? Hit me up. Why did you change Ira to I will no I said I'm a will you stop editing my text screw it I'll go back and fix it when I'm done with the pr
Likes: All kinds of girls. You're probably my type. Cause I'm a slob like that
Dislikes: Commitment cause I'm just a jerk like that Guldur what are you doing in my room stop that hey that's my phone don't touch get out I swear you are the biggest pain in my aft since moving in hey don't you dare look at my phone that's an invasion of privacy don't make me get the bat again wait don't hit that button you aft hole don't
No. 1066284 ID: 87e33c

Ponchos are cool because then you can be sneaky with groping and touches underneath them and no one knows *wink*
No. 1066414 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740647713.png - (78.46KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 47.png )

Oh! Looks like you got two matches you haven't swiped on yet!

>Bitch the Kobold

Oh.. oh my...

Dare you taste the forbidden fruit of dragon/kobold romance?

And by "forbidden" it is of course completely bidden. Dragons have sex with their kobolds all the time. But it's problematic because of the uneven power dynamic. Most kobolds instinctively submit to dragon commands, though this one looks pretty wild.

Would... would she be into it? Is this okay? Do you think she'd be into doing some lairplay?

You sheepishly Swipe Right.
No. 1066415 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740648096.png - (98.74KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 48.png )


Hubba hubba! Nyang nyang! Ruff ruff! Arooooooo!

You want him to pull on your pompoms!

Swipe Right!
No. 1066416 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740648662.png - (127.86KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 49.png )

It's the day of the date and you show up at Dragon Park rocking a pretty sweet goth/punk look. You borrowed one of Gloomweaver's toe rings to use as a spiked bracelet and she even did your eye makeup.

The guy running the potion booth at the front entrance leers at you in an uncomfortable way and you hurry past, avoiding his slimy gaze.

Once inside, you take a moment to admire the scenery as you wait for your date. Dragons are everywhere enjoying the rides and the food. This date seems like it will be a lot of fun!
No. 1066417 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740649031.png - (158.64KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 50.png )

You spot a tri-colored, three-headed dragon lumbering toward you and waving. You smile back and wave your tail.
No. 1066418 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740649309.png - (158.81KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 51.png )

The Fangndr Triplets (in unison): "You must be Puffball! I'm [Wilhelm/Isolde/Ajosha]. Pleased to meet you. I'm really looking forward to our date—"
No. 1066419 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740649665.png - (157.87KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 52.png )

The Fangndr Triplets (in unison): "Wait... YOUR date? She made a date with me!"

The three heads begins squabbling with one another.
No. 1066420 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740649806.png - (91.22KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 53.png )

Puffball: "Woah, woah woah! There's no need to fight! I thought it might be a little awkward three-on-one, so I brought along some friends. I hope you don't mind..."

Wilhelm: "Huh?"

Isolde: "Friends?"

Ajosha: "Where?"
No. 1066421 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740650018.gif - (26.94KB , 560x560 , Drgnr 54.gif )

No. 1066422 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740650325.gif - (21.65KB , 560x505 , Drgnr 55.gif )

That's right.
No. 1066423 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740650665.gif - (20.98KB , 560x418 , Drgnr 56.gif )

You totally did.
No. 1066424 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740651658.png - (157.54KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 57.png )

Puffball: "Wilhelm, this is Sally Button-Eyes. She's been very excited to meet you!"

Puffball: "Say hello, Sally!"

Sally: "Hey there, hot stuff!"
No. 1066425 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740652038.png - (112.75KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 58.png )

Wilhelm: "Woah! Your profile didn't mention having an extra head. Especially one so sexy! What's up, pretty lady?"

Sally: "Tee hee!"
No. 1066426 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740652453.png - (96.49KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 59.png )

Puffball: "Isolde, I'd like you to meet Johnny Coolstockings."

Johnny: "Sup."
No. 1066427 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740653069.png - (117.02KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 60.png )

Isolde: "Oh! Oh my! P-pleased to meet you! (Gosh, do my horns look alright? Are my scales shiny enough? Ooh!)"
No. 1066428 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740653350.png - (92.83KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 61.png )

Ajosha: "What about me? Who's my date?"

Ajosha looks around excitedly for yet another head to pop out.
No. 1066429 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740653859.png - (88.28KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 62.png )

Puffball: "Uh... it's me. Puffball. I'm your date."
No. 1066430 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740654383.png - (74.80KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 63.png )

Ajosha: "Oh right... yeah... yeah cool. Good... You look great."

Wilhelm: "Better luck next time, brah! Thanks for taking one for the team!"
No. 1066431 ID: 1f62c6
File 168740654746.png - (70.05KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 64.png )

Your date with the Fangndr triplets has begun!

This is a Super Triple Date! Puffball, Sally, and Johnny can all receive suggestions separately or as a group.

Where would you like to go in fabulous Dragon Park?
No. 1066432 ID: e51896



lets go to the water park. Why? because Kayk, Gecko, Scrimbalt, and the RHBDS is there, and that's a lot of cameos!
No. 1066434 ID: e51896

For convenience, gonna post a link to the map of dragon park here so people can get ideas on what to do https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/139765.html#139768

that said, lets also look for princesses to kidnap while we're here.
No. 1066435 ID: 8f9bc4

Yes the water park will totally not bleed your makeup and ruin your sock puppets, it is the perfect plan.
No. 1066440 ID: 683784

Water park. This time, we totally won’t forget how to swim.
No. 1066456 ID: 7a6db2

damn, three heads and not a brain cell between them. gonna be a looooong date
No. 1066917 ID: 48c015

Let us go then to the waterpark, but first, we must go to the Royal Village to purchase a swimsuit for the terrible trio.
No. 1066961 ID: 48c015
File 168831935187.png - (221.43KB , 600x600 , Doodle dragon.png )

Apologies for not doing this before.
If they go to get themselves a swimsuit, they'll obviously be open to suggestions about it.

What would be a good water park swimwear for a big, multiheaded dragon?
No. 1067036 ID: cb71f3
File 168843982049.png - (212.30KB , 602x602 , dragon speedo.png )

No. 1067069 ID: 7a6db2
File 168848364013.png - (174.58KB , 599x593 , Untitled.png )

yellow gives me floaties vibes
No. 1067084 ID: 7860cc

See, I'd think that each side would try to get gender appropriate swimming gear!
No. 1067165 ID: da4bfe
File 168861166223.png - (754.35KB , 1200x1200 , Drgnr 65.png )

>Water Park!

Despite your makeup and the fact that you have socks on your hands, you decide that you should start at the water park.

Yes, it's true you nearly drowned in the lake when you went fishing with Gregor, but that's because you panicked. You feel a lot more confident in water that has a shallow end and a lifeguard.

Plus you're actually extremely buoyant so maybe try to remember that going forward.
No. 1067166 ID: da4bfe
File 168861166520.png - (206.91KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 66.png )


After walking nearly the entire length of the park to get to the water park entrance (what idiot designed this place??) the extremely nervous kobold at the gate tells you you're not allowed in without a swimsuit!

The Fangndr triplets remonstrate angrily with the kobold.

Wilhelm: "Are you telling me it's perfectly okay for me to walk around naked, but I have to but on a swimsuit to get into the pool?"

Kobold: "I don't make the rules. P-please don't eat me!"

You, of course, are wearing a swimsuit under your date clothes, but it appears the Fangndr trio prefer to go au naturale.

>we must go to the Royal Village to purchase a swimsuit for the terrible trio.

The Fangndr triplets grumble about this but what else can you do?
No. 1067167 ID: da4bfe
File 168861166924.png - (753.77KB , 1200x1200 , Drgnr 67.png )

You schlep all the way back to the Royal Village where most of the general shopping is.
No. 1067168 ID: da4bfe
File 168861167333.png - (183.59KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 68.png )

It's a pretty hot day and by the time you've walked all the way back to the Royal Village you're roasting.

Your arms are getting tired from holding them up all the time and you're starting to feel self-conscious about walking around with socks on your paws. Other dragons are giving you odd looks.

Isolde: "Harumph! You'd think they've never seen two multi-headed dragons on a date before!"
No. 1067169 ID: da4bfe
File 168861167602.png - (175.29KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 69.png )

After asking around for where to buy swimsuits, the park employees direct you to the King's Ransom, the biggest shop in the village.
No. 1067170 ID: da4bfe
File 168861167946.png - (190.57KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 70.png )

>See, I'd think that each side would try to get gender appropriate swimming gear!

After trying on and then deciding against a triple slingkini, the Fangndr Triplets settle on a cute shorts/bikini combo designed with multi-headed dragons in mind.

They ask you, Sally, and Johnny what the three of you think of their outfit.


B. SAVE YOUR MONEY, LET'S DO SOMETHING ELSE (Like get something to eat).
No. 1067171 ID: a7a180

No. 1067172 ID: 74ba40

You and Johnny pick A. Sally picks B. She's out voted. Sorry, sal.

No. 1067173 ID: 38349b

A but keep the tags on so that you can try to get a refund later (puffball doesn't suggest that, they just do it)
No. 1067174 ID: 8f9bc4

It'd admittedly be nice to go get someone to eat...
No. 1067181 ID: 273c18

Ask for a rest first.
No. 1067189 ID: 770f88

No. 1067191 ID: dd3fe0

A. YEA, time to go swimming!!
No. 1067192 ID: 770f88

A, but remember to do a cannonball while getting into the water.
No. 1067195 ID: e51896

You fool! A canonball from puffball will splash the entire water all over the park, and leaving the entire waterpark dried
(Not really, but yeah, do a canonball!)
No. 1067203 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, when you canonball, have the splash hit the RHBDS, Scrimbalt, Kayk, and Tanwen (otherwise known as her embarrassing nickname, gecko)

these guys
No. 1067205 ID: 0600fd


A dragon date without at least three casualties is a dull affair. Cannonball!
No. 1067213 ID: 48c015

Option A, of course. All this hassle can't be for nothing.

It would add to the illusion, definitely.

Self-serving wisdom is still wisdom.
No. 1067572 ID: 3d7b4d
File 168904557527.png - (750.31KB , 1200x1200 , Drgnr 71a.png )

>A Go Swimming!

You gaze longingly at all the delicious food carts and restaurants, but it appears the majority has their heart set on going swimming.

So you trek all the way back up to the entrance to Water World and head into the locker rooms to change. There's some debate over which restroom you're meant to use, but you eventually decide that the Fangndrs should use the he-dragons' locker room and Puffball the she-dragons'.
No. 1067573 ID: 3d7b4d
File 168904558169.png - (152.30KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 71.png )

You emerge from the locker room looking like a total snack in your black thong bikini.

Ajosha and Isolde compliment you when they emerge from the men's room.

Puffball: "Oh, this old thing?"

Fun fact: you and Gloomweaver wear the same size bikini bottom.
No. 1067574 ID: 3d7b4d
File 168904559129.png - (198.63KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 72.png )

Strangely, Wilhelm looks a little distressed.

Sally Button-Eyes: "What's wrong, babe?"

Wilhelm: "Huh? Oh it's nothing... uh... hey um... Johnny, could I talk to you for a second?"

Johnny Coolstockings: "Sure bruh!"

Wilhelm glances nervously at you and his siblings.

Wilhelm: "Uh... privately?"
No. 1067575 ID: 3d7b4d
File 168904559404.png - (163.83KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 73.png )

The six of you go over to a secluded bench and you take a seat. After puzzling for a few moments on how to give Wilhelm and Johnny some privacy, you see the other two Fangndr siblings pointedly pretending to ignore Wilhelm, so you and Sally do the same for Johnny.

Johnny Coolstockings: "So what's up, bruh?"

Wilhelm: "Uhh Johnny how uh... how uhm... How... You know Sally pretty well right?"

Johnny Coolstockings: "Known her all my life. We grew up in the same sock drawer."

Wilhelm: "Huh?"

Johnny Coolstockings: "Uhh... nest. Sometimes I call a nest a sock drawer. It's a... regional dialect."

Wilhelm: "Oh okay... Anyway um... about Sally... is she like... much of a size queen? Follow up: how big are kobold dicks. You know... normally?"

Wow. You weren't expecting that. It appears Wilhelm is feeling insecure about his masculinity. What should you tell him?
No. 1067576 ID: 3ed3c3

Depends on the size of the kobold.
Seriously, what is he packing? Because a small dick isn't a deal breaker.
No. 1067577 ID: e51896

Tell him it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it, man. Plus, if the dick is too big, how is it going to pleasure anyone if it cant even fit, ya know? Sure its impressive to look at, but how can two people experience true pleasure without being able to have intercourse due to large size?

Also, since we're being secretive, ask if Isolde stared at anyone handsome in the locker room so you know whether to up your game against any competition or not.
No. 1067581 ID: 5a7a53

"Finger sized? But that's if they aren't being affected by magic, potions, or distant dragon ancestors."
No. 1067586 ID: 273c18

Tell him she loves all kinds of dick. It kinda scares you how much she's into dick sometimes...
No. 1067596 ID: aa1846

It's true.
No. 1067614 ID: 24d292

Kobolds are genetic leftovers my dude. They vary at least as much as dragons do. Most of them are pretty small I guess, but it wouldn't be unheard of to meet a tripod
No. 1067843 ID: 28a954
File 168939000055.png - (64.42KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 74.png )

>Tell him it's not the size that matters. . . .

You decide it's time to get real with Wilhelm and speak from the sole.

Johnny: "Bruh, look at me."
No. 1067844 ID: 28a954
File 168939000371.png - (67.09KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 75.png )

Wilhelm: "Yeah?"
No. 1067845 ID: 28a954
File 168939000615.png - (69.45KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 76.png )

Johnny: "Bruh..."
No. 1067846 ID: 28a954
File 168939000893.png - (78.00KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 77.png )

Wilhelm: "What?"
No. 1067847 ID: 28a954
File 168939001292.png - (80.96KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 78.png )

Johnny: "Look at me!"
No. 1067848 ID: 28a954
File 168939001404.png - (104.57KB , 672x672 , Drgnr 79.png )

Wilhelm: "What??"
No. 1067849 ID: 28a954
File 168939001710.gif - (61.93KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 80.gif )

No. 1067850 ID: 28a954
File 168939003592.png - (99.20KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 81.png )

Wilhelm: "AAARGH WHAT????"
No. 1067851 ID: 28a954
File 168939004087.png - (125.20KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 82.png )

Puffball: "LOOK AT ME, BRUH!!"

Wilhelm: "I'm scared."
No. 1067852 ID: 28a954
File 168939005056.png - (110.72KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 83.png )

Puffball: *Ahem*
No. 1067853 ID: 28a954
File 168939005415.png - (72.29KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 84.png )

Johnny: "Realtalk, bruh. It doesn't matter how big your dick is. If all a woman cared about was size, she'd just go buy a huge dildo."

Johnny: "If a woman is out on a date with you, it's because she's interested in spending time with all of you. Not just your dick. If you show a woman a good time and treat her right, she won't care what you're packing downstairs. And if the two of you don't click, even having the biggest dick in the world won't keep her coming around."
No. 1067854 ID: 28a954
File 168939005876.png - (82.81KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 85.png )

Wilhelm: "R-realtalk?"

Johnny: "Realtalk, bruh. Also, take a look at my sister, bruh."
No. 1067855 ID: 28a954
File 168939006994.png - (152.94KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 86.png )

Wilhelm: "I'm looking."

Johnny: "You've got nothing to worry about, my dude. The girl fuckin' loves dick, man. She's a fuckin' cockhound. It's scary how much she's into dick, dude. Look at those damn DSLs. Girl was built to suck cock. She's desperate for dong, dude. This girl will scarf schlong ALL DAY my man. She will eat dicks out of the trash She doesn't care what size as long as it's hard."
No. 1067856 ID: 28a954
File 168939007226.png - (90.00KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 87.png )

Wilhelm: "W-wow, really?"

Johnny: "Dude, this girl lives to lick pipe. She's probably thinking about sucking dicks right now!"

Wilhelm: "..."

Wilhelm: "So you think I have a shot with her?"
No. 1067857 ID: 28a954
File 168939007638.png - (64.42KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 87a.png )

Johnny: "You fuckin' know it, man. Now are we gonna swim or what?"

Wilhelm: "Hell yeah!"
No. 1067858 ID: 28a954
File 168939007979.png - (148.29KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 88.png )

You and The Fangndr Triplets go and enjoy Water World. You ride the log flume, you float on the Lazy River, you slide down the water slides, you play in the dancing fountains.

And, of course, the tour de force...

No. 1067859 ID: 28a954
File 168939008479.png - (110.97KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 89.png )

No. 1067860 ID: 28a954
File 168939008708.png - (99.62KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 90.png )

No. 1067861 ID: 28a954
File 168939009107.png - (190.25KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 91.png )

The pool's starting to get a bit crowded. Maybe it's time to move on to something else.

What would you like to do next on your date?
No. 1067862 ID: e5709d

"Call me."
(Date her later)
No. 1067863 ID: 3ed3c3

Uhhh movie?
No. 1067864 ID: 38349b

I am not normally of the same braincell as Kome, but today I am.
No. 1067865 ID: e51896

whoops, you lost your bikini bottom.

lets go on a roller coaster, the one near or at the water park, specifically the roller coaster labeled 10 on the map!

make a plan to flash the camera when you go down the giant slope of the roller coaster.
No. 1067866 ID: e51896

and yes, this!
No. 1067867 ID: 51f2a2

Yeah that sounds like a good idea to me too.

So does a movie.
No. 1067868 ID: 76c443

>whoops, you lost your bikini bottom.
It keeps happening
No. 1067869 ID: 273c18

Oh great an Ancient Dragon is crashing the party. They think they're sooooooo great just because they're sooooooooo strong and big and old.
No. 1067873 ID: 28a954
File 168939577238.png - (123.71KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 92.png )

>"Call me" (date her later).

Puffball: "Hey, big mama. My name's Puffball. What's yours? You free? Lemme get your digits."
No. 1067875 ID: 28a954
File 168939598046.png - (123.03KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 93.png )

Vesuvius: "Oh wow, oh gosh you're very forward! (still I can't believe I'm still getting propositioned at my age!) Nice to meet you, Puffball. My name's Vesuvius! I'm very flattered but it's my weekend with the kids so I'm kind of busy the next couple of days. Can I have one of my kobolds call you later this week?"

You and Vesuvius exchange numbers.

Got GIANT POOL DRAGON'S phone number!

Vesuvius: "Why do you have socks on your hands?"
No. 1067876 ID: e51896

>Vesuvius: "Why do you have socks on your hands?"

"uhhhhh, whoops! gottago!Bye!"

can't let our date know our secret! end this convo quick, and go somewhere else quick!
No. 1067879 ID: 6e7268

"Oh is that what these are?" Proceed to slide down her side and make a break for it like a baby sea turtle going toward the ocean.

I think our date just had all 3 of their necks bruised.
No. 1067880 ID: e631be

No. 1067888 ID: d20713

That's freaking amazing elder dragon design, I gotta say. Those poor younglings below.

"It's for entertaining the kids, and speaking of:"
Then, do a sumersault off her tail into what little of the pool remains clear of the pool like a caveman finishing his day shift.

The best movie would be Dragons: a Reality Made Fantastic.

It's kinda long, but it's got early dragons fighting dinosaurs for survival and stuff!
No. 1067890 ID: f2320a

Now thats body goals perhaps we should eat more if it makes our tits that large also huh we are sort of fat but our bands dont bulge out like that
No. 1067909 ID: 28a954
File 168948032548.png - (543.26KB , 1000x1414 , Drgnr 95.png )

>Body goals

*sigh* Don't you know it!

It doesn't help that Dragon fashion magazines create an unrealistic expectation of beauty.

Sure, we'd all like to be the girl who's a ten on the Richter Scale, but you can't go around comparing yourself to women like Vesuvius. The fact is it takes centuries of hard work for a dragon to reach that size. Millennia even. It won't happen overnight, no matter what the magazines say. Just stick to a balanced diet and get plenty of hibernation time.

You remind yourself to be confident in the body you have.
No. 1067910 ID: 28a954
File 168948033145.png - (215.33KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 94.png )

>whoops, you lost your bikini bottom.

How does this keep happening??

You hide behind a bush while the Fangndr Triplets look for your bikini bottom. Normally you wouldn't bother but you borrowed this one from Gloomweaver and she's super picky about getting her stuff back.

>lets go on a roller coaster, the one near or at the water park, specifically the roller coaster labeled 10 on the map!

>make a plan to flash the camera when you go down the giant slope of the roller coaster.

You hop on the Super Splash Coaster and make sure to flash the camera on your way down.
No. 1067911 ID: 28a954
File 168948033608.png - (227.26KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 96.png )

Movie time!

You and The Fangndrs head over to Hoard Mountain's underground cinema. Today they're showing Battle of the Cosmic Dragons in glorious 4D!.

You hit a snag when the lady behind the ticket counter insists you have to buy six tickets to get in!

Puffball: "What the hell! I only have one butt!"

Wilhelm: "This is outrageous!"

Ajosha: "It's really unfair."

Isolde: "It's discrimination!"

Ticket Lady: "Sorry, I don't make the rules. If you don't like it, take it up with customer service."

What do you do?
No. 1067912 ID: a7a180

Lose the socks!
No. 1067913 ID: 273c18

Take it up with customer service.
No. 1067915 ID: dd3fe0

Do not under any circumstances lose the socks!
No. 1067920 ID: 38349b

take it up with customer service, it's Horny dragon, who is just pathetic about it cause her manager is busy
No. 1067923 ID: e5709d

Skip this noise, not worth the risk.
No. 1067924 ID: 419a80

Do not lose the socks!
No. 1067927 ID: 3f26e0

Customer service. You are a customer(s) and you are in here in the first place so that you can get serviced.
No. 1067931 ID: e51896

Waaaait a minute, isn't she a princess? Aren't we supposed to be looking for hidden princesses in the park?

Kidnap her before you go to customer service to both complain, and get a reward for finding one of the princesses in the park.
No. 1067933 ID: 2ef4bd

Isn’t she one of the hidden princesses in the park? Hiding as an employee is clever, but not good enough! Kidnap her, then go to customer service for a reward for finding a hidden princess and to complain about having to buy multiple tickets despite only having one butt!
No. 1067935 ID: 38349b

Actually yeah, do that instead, and then watch as the reward is getting the tickets for free lmao
No. 1067966 ID: e51896

(also plz update this map to show more tracks of where Puffball and her date is going. I love how absurdly messy it is getting)
No. 1067982 ID: 28a954
File 168954832182.png - (792.55KB , 1200x1200 , Drgnr 97.png )

>(also plz update this map to show more tracks of where Puffball and her date is going. I love how absurdly messy it is getting)

You and your date are currently at Hoard Mountain. This is where the bulk of the indoor fun takes place. There's an underground shopping complex, a 4D cinema (you are here), laser tag, rides, and more!
No. 1069849 ID: 1963da
File 169136123403.png - (177.72KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 98.png )

As the seven of you are arguing, you gradually become aware of a distinctive, slightly intoxicating aroma...

Puffball: "Do you guys smell that?"

Wilhelm: "Yeah..."

Ajosha: "Smells kinda familiar..."

Isolde: "Smells almost like..."
No. 1069850 ID: 1963da
File 169136124054.png - (266.20KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 99.png )


OMG! You've found one of Dragon Park's Hidden Princesses!
No. 1069851 ID: 1963da
File 169136124525.png - (435.67KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 100.png )

You and the Fangndr triplets snatch up Princess Photon and rush off to Customer Service to claim your prizes!
No. 1069854 ID: 1963da
File 169136166879.png - (176.11KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 101.png )

Horny Dragon: "Congratulations! You've kidnapped one of the five Hidden Princesses!"

Puffball: "Yay! What do we win?"

Ajosha: "Do we get to eat her??"

Puffball: "Yeah, do we?"

Princess Photon: "Gorgul promised if I did this I wouldn't be eaten!"

Horny Dragon: "P-please refrain from eating the princess! The prize for capturing Princess Photon is your choice of either Laser Tag Tickets or a Romantic Dinner for two at the Mile High Tower! OOooh! Much better than eating a princess!"

Oh wow!

The Fangndrs say it's your choice. What do you want?

Free Laser Tag (date ends without sex)


Free Food (maybe sex?)
No. 1069856 ID: 99ca7b

No. 1069857 ID: 8f9bc4

Ohh no. They can't fool you again. When they say "dinner for two" they mean two heads don't they?
No. 1069860 ID: e51896

in this situation, it doesn't matter because if we go for food, they're sharing the same body, so the food is all going down the same stomach. We just have to make sure Puffball is one of the dragons eating and one of her dates is the second one eating.

It might actually work better this way because then we don't have to have our puppets pretend to eat without looking suspicious.

That said, laser tag might be an issue since she only has two tickets shown in the picture.

I vote free food
No. 1069861 ID: 273c18

Complain about their ticket policy.
No. 1069863 ID: 512ef2

Laser tag!
No. 1069866 ID: 8f2693

You and the Fangndrs look clearly hungry, free food!
Also the sock puppets must be hungry
No. 1069872 ID: f2847f

Laser tag, boys vs girls!
No. 1069873 ID: 3a16f1

Free food is always good
No. 1069890 ID: 5a7a53

you know.. a tower would be a prime location for another princess, too..
No. 1069892 ID: f2320a

Always food as a 60% stomach dragon also princess prime location
No. 1069934 ID: 4a2452

Free Laser Tag? Nice.
No. 1069935 ID: dd3fe0

No. 1069949 ID: 4481aa

Free food! You've done plenty of active stuff already, so sustenance is next on the docket.
No. 1070325 ID: 3d5535

>>1064749 This is hilarious.
No. 1070327 ID: 3d5535
File 169226067208.jpg - (219.30KB , 1233x2000 , Steed.jpg )

Name: Sylaxi
I am a: Pleasure Demon
Seeking: Anyone/anything
For: Pleasure in any capacity
About me: I haven't had sex in 152 years, and I haven't had fun longer than that. Someone take me on a date and show me a fun time, before I become a spreadsheet demon.
Likes: Pleasure, manners, punctuality, days off, sushi
Dislikes: Bad tempers, morning mouth, traffic jams, snow
No. 1070351 ID: ca2aa5
File 169232424453.png - (70.20KB , 814x935 , sparkle.png )

Name: Sparkle

I am a: she-dragon

Seeking: anyone (cat girls prefered)

For: friends, fuckbuddys, no drama

About me: here for a good time, not a long time ;p
talk to me about cats

Likes: cats, long walks on the beach, reading, cats, booba tea lol

Dislikes: people who dont like cats,
basic bitches
No. 1070407 ID: ab4dfd
File 169244896723.png - (614.76KB , 1234x1986 , Icecream_date.png )

Name: Marie Antoinette
I Am A: She-Drake
Seeking: Any-Drake, Any-Dragon
For: Romance, Friendship, Heavy Petting, Roleplay
About Me: 5'7 ft noble drake, though able to shift quadrupedal or gain height via mass shifting. Incident with magic left me dessert themed, scented and tasting. Hope you like cheese cake!
Likes: Manners, table top RPG's, baking, desserts, the classics, tea, food-play, being called mistress.
Dislikes: Revolutionaries, artificial sweeteners, guillotines
No. 1071510 ID: 435f13
File 169375651681.png - (99.91KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 102.png )

>I vote free food

>Ohh no. They can't fool you again. When they say "dinner for two" they mean two heads don't they?

>Complain about their ticket policy.

Puffball: "A romantic dinner for two?? You do realize that we have fou—er—six mouths to feed, right?"

Ajosha: "This constant anti-multi-head prejudice is outrageous!"

Wilhelm: "You single-head dragons think the world revolves around you!"

Isolde: "You know what? We should sue!"

Johnny and Sally nod along vigorously.

Horny Dragon begins to sweat nervously as the six of you berate her.

Horny Dragon: "Ha ha, did I say 'dinner for two?' I meant dinner for six!"

Horny Dragon rummages around in the drawers behind her counter and retrieves four more coupons. She whimpers as you snatch them up.

Horny Dragon: "I hope those don't come out of my paychek. It'll cost everything I've earned this summer..."
No. 1071511 ID: 435f13
File 169375652445.png - (769.63KB , 1200x1200 , Drgnr 103.png )

You and the Fangndrs make your way to the Mile High Tower and the fancy restaurant at the top.
No. 1071512 ID: 435f13
File 169375652805.png - (66.98KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 104.png )

It's evening and the atmosphere at the rotating Mile High Restaurant is very romantic. All around you dragons are sharing intimate meals and conversing in soft voices. Nervous waiters and waitresses dressed as knights scurry back and forth, praying they don't get mistaken for an appetizer as they rush from table to table.

You and the Fangndrs are seated at an appropriately-sized table with park benches to accommodate your dragon-sized posteriors.
No. 1071513 ID: 435f13
File 169375653328.png - (165.85KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 105.png )

You order three plates of food to keep up the illusion, but all you're really interested in is the 250oz buffalo steak (you decided you were in the mood for something light).

As you eat, you notice the Fangndr triplets are casting irritated glances in your direction. By the time you're halfway through your steak, they're definitely giving you the stinkeye.

Puffball: "What, do I have something on my face or something?"

Ajosha: "Your brother and sister have been so busy feeding you, they haven't had a chance to take a single bite!"

Wilhelm: "Sally hasn't even touched her chicken pasta alfredo!"

Isolde: "Yeah, and Johnny's chili bowl is practically cold!"

Ajosha: "Take a break from stuffing your face and give them a chance to eat!"

Uh oh... what do you do?
No. 1071515 ID: 7e1e63

Puffball: Don't worry, it's fiiiiine
Sally: Yeah, if you notice, we have no arms, so when we feed puffball with our mouths, we eat a little bit too!
Johnny: Yep! And we all decided to share each others food. We're just starting with the buffalo steak together...
Puffball: *mouth full* You know, *munch munch* I'm actually surprised you guys aren't sharing each other's food! It's basic etiquette table manners to share you know! *gulp burp*

Be sure to eat with your hands, err, heads from this point onwards to keep up that illusion
No. 1071516 ID: 4481aa

Sally: "I don't really like eating. I like the taste, but swallowing has just never worked for me. I just didn't want to gross you out by spitting food out onto my plate."

Johnny: "I like my food cold. Too hot, and it feels like my fire breath going in reverse."

Puffball: "This is kind of our usual system. I eat first, Johnny eats when his food cools down, and Sally gets in whatever she can stomach throughout."
No. 1071517 ID: 1a35ec

Ohh it's actually kind of embarrassing, we were having such a good time we forgot... only one of us has taste. Somebody's enthusiasm for chili got a little too extreme... and Sally, well. Don't spread it around, but. Don't listen to people double dog daring you to do the deep throat challenge if dire cat folk are involved.
No. 1071518 ID: 3ed3c3

"I have a stuffing fetish and these two are hopeless enablers."
No. 1071521 ID: 918cdb

John: Oh, sorry, since our necks are where our arms should, we aren't very good at swallowing.

Sally: but otherwise the food tastes pretty great.

>Squeeze your food with your sock hands for a while.
No. 1071527 ID: b04e3d

"So we've got a really weird insides where we're not tied to the digestive system. We can still taste stuff though, but swallowing is... contraindicated, let's say."
No. 1071530 ID: e5709d

Subtly guide them to the awful truth.
"Oh, we don't eat."
"Yeah, puffball stuffs all our food in her mouth. We want her to."
No. 1071571 ID: f9ee19

so like... It seemed like they were just going along with Sally and John at first, but now I'm thinking they might've bought it wholesale, which is a bit awkward...
No. 1071586 ID: 5fd8a6

Ok the date was fun but this is getting weird.
No. 1071865 ID: ed041d
File 169404406025.png - (385.25KB , 1233x2000 , Dagan Date.png )

Name: Dagan

I Am A: Synthetic Dragon

Seeking: She-Dragon

Looking For: Casual Date, Hangouts, Possible sex?

About Me: I'm a single dragon, something called a "replicant" and largely made of synthetic materials. Advanced construction, super strong, and rather flexible. 6 Feet Tall.

Likes: Other dragons, fire, action games, Music, robots, causing a little bit of mischief

Dislikes: Jackasses, people who don't know how to handle weapons properly, EMPs.
No. 1072610 ID: f2320a

Puffball: "Its a bit like how you guys handle the right and left of the body."
Jhonny: "basically there is a reason why puffball is so round heh". Sally:"she is the stomach of the gang, there is a reason for the ball part of Puffball other then the puffy fur"

Or something like that
Also supporting
Basically living vicariously through others
Makes sense if combined to a extreme degree
No. 1082372 ID: 2f41db

Commit to the disguise. Tell them youre on a fast-binge-fast diet and its middle heads turn to eat.
If you come clean now theyre gonna think youre sone kind of anti multiheaded dragon bigot mocking them.
I hear folk can get sued for that.
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