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File 169058937406.png - (96.98KB , 1600x1600 , Groundfull Header.png )
1069187 No. 1069187 ID: b15e1f

Written by Naocat.

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No. 1069188 ID: b15e1f
File 169058942090.png - (107.29KB , 500x500 , groundfull is sleepy.png )

“Detective Groundfull…”

“Detective Groundfull!”
No. 1069193 ID: 462d8c

The red mash file may help with your appetite... as in completely ruin it
No. 1069194 ID: a7a180

Mmm, book.
No. 1069195 ID: b15e1f

No. 1069197 ID: b15e1f
File 169059044322.png - (47.54KB , 500x500 , Groundfull Woken.png )

“Awhu… Huh? Whurr am I…”

“You fell asleep again. It’s 2:04 PM and counting.”

“Hmm… Thank you, Cooper.”

You are Detective Zenith Groundfull, a private detective.
No. 1069198 ID: b15e1f
File 169059056212.png - (63.27KB , 500x500 , Groundfull Stretch.png )

You shake the exhaustion off your face and stretch, cracking your stiff joints. You wait for a moment before trying to stand up, as not to completely pass out. You’re in need of more iron. More food, even. It’s been difficult to get any with how busy it’s been lately. It’s all paperwork on top of paperwork, countless court proceedings and legal matters…

You couldn’t get to Cooper last night because of it. They must’ve been cold. They look like they missed you.

“So… Yawn… What’s on the menu for today? Other than... paper.”
No. 1069199 ID: b15e1f
File 169059069404.png - (59.71KB , 500x500 , Groundfull Paper Place.png )

They set three case files on your desk, labeled Book, Painter, and Red Mask

“Three different cases in need of investigation. Sure there’s all the paperwork, but just One adventure would do you some good. I’m surprised you haven’t wasted away here.”

It had been a while since you’ve been out of the office, and even longer since a good case. Your gut yearns for excitement, for mystery, for… food. You’re very hungry.
No. 1069200 ID: 6fec12

i do love me some paints
No. 1069201 ID: e5709d

Red Mask sounds interesting.
No. 1069202 ID: a7a180

Mmm, paint.
No. 1069233 ID: e13cf9

the red mask sounds quite delicious
No. 1069240 ID: 322af8

Lets do painter. Red mask sounds like a hard mode case as we don't need that right now.
No. 1069243 ID: 7c0da2

Red Mask sounds interesting.
No. 1069245 ID: 34713f

Painter is the only confirmed person. A missing persons or murder case should take higher priority than a theft or mysterious occurrence.
No. 1069270 ID: b15e1f
File 169066682337.png - (55.58KB , 500x500 , Groundfull Kissy.png )

>Mmm, paint.
>the red mask sounds quite delicious
Well you aren’t that hungry. Besides, eating paint would be a very bad idea. Lead paint hasn’t been banned for consumer use yet. Consume… Hungry… You’re snapped out of your food-desperate haze by a kiss on the cheek and a plate of ham and eggs placed in front of you.

“Hey, I’ll tell you about the cases, but eat first love. You’re starving yourself.”

You two have been together for seven years, and you love them more than either of you could fathom. All you’ve wanted to do is to be there for them, but lately it seems like they’ve been taking care of you more than you’ve been taking care of yourself.

You don’t say anything, just an appreciative groan before chowing down on the warm midday breakfast. It’s delicious, made with love, and just what you need. You finish the meal and stand up, feeling energized and ready.

“Mmn! Thank you! Delicious as always, Sweetheart.”

Cooper’s tail wags, still as enamored with praise as ever.
No. 1069271 ID: e51896

only thing we can really do is read the case files. lets do that. listen to your bf's briefing on the cases so we can better understand them and decide which we want to take.
No. 1069272 ID: 6fec12

you cant just let them kiss you and leave it at that, you gotta kiss them back
No. 1069556 ID: b15e1f
File 169093792090.png - (51.05KB , 500x500 , Groundfull Kissy Kissy.png )

>you cant just let them kiss you and leave it at that, you gotta kiss them back
“You’re welcome honeycomb! Now the request-”

“Ah, wait a sec…”

You wipe your beak on your sleeve and give Cooper a nuzzle on the cheek, as close to a kiss as you can get without going full tongue.

“There. Couldn’t let you go without a kiss too, could I?”

“A-ah. Heh… W-we have work to do, Zenith. Kissing can come later.”

They gather themselves back up and start debriefing, accompanied by the thumpa thumpa thumpa of their tail wagging against the desk.
No. 1069557 ID: b15e1f
File 169093795640.png - (93.18KB , 500x500 , Thinking Groundfull.png )

“We have the Case of Professor Mercia, he is missing a book.”

“A professor missing a book? Why doesn’t he just look harder? It has to be somewhere.

“The book was locked in a safe. It was clearly broken into, from his account. The book contained countless descriptions of his travels and if they were to ever be released, he would lose everything. He didn’t elaborate on how, or what specifically was in the book.”

“Interesting… A secretive man… and the next?”

“The case of Ms Eloise Ford, reporting Vandalism. Her father’s barn has been painted on. All sorts of things from small doodles to an explicit, detailed mural of a “Horrible party of debauchery” as she put it.”

“Ms Ford? Her father died only a few months ago, yes? Who would do such a thing…”

“Zenith… we don’t know. That’s the point. Your job is to figure that out.”

“…fair enough. What’s the last one?”

“The case of Mr. Harvey Agguire, suspecting Adultery from his wife.”

“Another paranoid husband I presume. Anything other than a suspicion this time?”

“Yes, actually! He found a red, leather, deviant mask. One that doesn’t fit him, nor his wife. He assumes someone left it here after fornicating. He says it was, quote “Sweaty and stained” when he found it.”

“Oh my… Scandalous! Hmm… Which to pick…”

Now, which case will you take?
No. 1069560 ID: b15e1f

Reply with: A) The Case of the Secret Book B) The Case of the Farm Mural C) The Case of the Wife's Red Mask
No. 1069561 ID: 273c18

Mask. Should be quick, it's probably related to one of his kids' activities.
No. 1069583 ID: e5709d

Let's get that book (and conveniently fail to place the location of a few pages the thief tore out~).
No. 1069611 ID: e51896

Red mask
No. 1069612 ID: 561c41

C the red mask
No. 1069628 ID: 322af8

I still say B) but thats just me.
No. 1069673 ID: b15e1f

A) 1 vote B) 1 vote C) 3 votes Voting closed, thank you for participating!
No. 1069744 ID: b15e1f
File 169119252809.png - (22.15KB , 500x500 , smug groundfull.png )

You think for a minute, then hold the folder labeled “Red Mask” aloft.

“I’ll take the Red Mask. Surely, this has to be a misunderstanding of some sort. And even if it’s not, we could use something a bit dirty, right?”

Cooper catches your bedroom eyes and returns them twofold. You two are certainly no strangers to deviance. If anyone’s an expert in this field, it’s you. This is just the kind of easy job you need after a long, tedious night at work. Cooper takes the other two folders and puts them away for possible later use.
No. 1069746 ID: 273c18

Alright, so, take a closer look at the folder. Who's involved, who are their closest family members, who lives next door?
Also and call the client to tell him you're taking the case.
No. 1069800 ID: b15e1f
File 169127233431.png - (58.99KB , 1000x1000 , Stenchy Groundfull.png )

“Well then, we’d better get to work! But first, you should wash up and get changed. You slept in that outfit. It's gross, I can smell you from here.”

That incredible nose of theirs. They’re right. You tend to sweat a lot after sleeping, especially with these heavy clothes. To be fair, it was a cold night, but a very warm morning. Cooper takes the dish from the desk and heads to the kitchenette of your apartment to wash it.
No. 1069806 ID: 273c18

Share a shower.
No. 1069923 ID: b15e1f
File 169144210844.png - (63.44KB , 1000x1000 , Groundfull Undressin1.png )

You head over to the Bathroom and get ready for a shower. There’s plenty of feathers that need to be preened and a lot of freshening up to do. As you take off your gloves, your mind wanders to the mask.

A woman cheating on her husband. How could the husband be so sure? And why would she be so sloppy about cleaning up after herself? All it would take is to put the mask away. Unless it wasn’t for cheating? Maybe it wasn’t for kinky sex at all, was it a disguise for something else?

You’re in the middle of taking your cape and fleece suit coat off, but before you can get any further, a sudden knock catches you off guard.


>Share a shower.

“Zee? Mind if I join you for this one? I uh… I could use the bath too.”

You are now both Cooper Donovan and Zenith Groundfull.
No. 1069932 ID: 462d8c

Time to get clean in a chaste manner
No. 1069946 ID: e51896

Get naked, get clean, "accidentally" drop the soap
No. 1069951 ID: e5709d

Narrator: "Twelve hours lay-tair..."
No. 1069985 ID: 34713f

Ooh, time to do that "combine work with pleasure" thing that actually works for you guys; talking dirty to each other and bouncing pre-investigation theories off each other in the same breath.

Okay, so, we definitely don't have enough info to determine whether the mask is evidence of an affair vs. evidence of something more sinister. It's definitely evidence of something, however.

The conjecture about it being a disguise is a point in the affair theory's favor, actually; I can't think of a more plausible crime than adultery wherein the culprit doffs their disguise during the act.

If we say this is a disguise for some sordid affair (the sexy kind or otherwise), we can determine one of two things already:
A: The mask was brought to the house after it was doffed, possibly to frame someone for something.
B: The mask's wearer came to the house while disguised, then left while undisguised for some reason, implying it was either an unnecessary contingency for a master of stealth, or that the wearer is already a known face in that house who can pass by in plain sight.
No. 1069993 ID: 273c18

Maybe his wife is a secret costumed crimefighter...?
No. 1070004 ID: b15e1f
File 169161461947.png - (44.21KB , 600x800 , Groundfull Undressing.png )

Cooper opens the door. They’re already undressed to the undergarments, putting their athletic frame on display. They saunter into the room, take Zenith’s collar, and begin to unbutton his shirt. They start from the top and work their way down slowly, threatening to poke his corset with their freshly sharpened claws. Zenith’s feathers frill up when they reach the bottom and their palms brush up against his crotch.
No. 1070005 ID: dd3fe0

Oh my! Freshly sharpened? Isn't that, uh, poor for intimacy?
No. 1070023 ID: 6fec12

zenith: ponder the logistics of the both of you using that one bathtub/shower (despite probably doing so many times over the years) in a vain attempt to distract yourself from being flustered

>>1070005 it depends on what sort of intimacy
No. 1070516 ID: cfd614
File 169272643123.png - (55.38KB , 800x800 , Groundfull Inspect Body BAD.png )

>zenith: ponder the logistics of the both of you using that one bathtub/shower (despite probably doing so many times over the years) in a vain attempt to distract yourself from being flustered

There’s not much to ponder. When you shower, the both of you simply get in at the same time. You’ve done it hundreds of times before. Zenith has plenty of feathers he can’t reach for preening and Cooper could use the help for shampooing their whole body.

Zenith brushes the shirt off his shoulders and lets his wings breathe for a bit. They get so cramped in his sleeves sometimes, but it’s better for a bird to be presentable than comfortable. Most of the time. Cooper unlaces the combined corset/lingerie top and peels it off, revealing a mess of flattened feathers. It wasn’t made for overnight use, but Zenith didn’t exactly have a choice. He’s already quite lean, but the corset better hides the patches of missing feathers from old wounds and deep scarring, courtesy of someone he’s got a long history with. The corset isn’t standard for men, but it feels safe. Secure. Having it off makes him feel so exposed and sensitive; it’s almost overwhelming when Cooper’s paws grip his sides.


Cooper is certainly taking their time with this. A beet blush stretches across their face. Then…

“Hmm… Interesting…”

“What? What is it?”

“Mhm! Just as handsome as ever!”

“Oh! Oh you rascally little sweet talker!”

Groundfull sets his talon on Cooper’s head and rubs it with his palm. Cooper moves to take off their bird’s slacks, bobbing their head a bit closer to his privates.
No. 1070740 ID: cfd614
File 169292973026.png - (54.38KB , 600x800 , Cooper Puppy Eyes.png )

Groundfull sweeps the hair out of Cooper’s eyes, exposing the rest of his adorably desperate face.

“Do you think we could…”

They try to push their head closer, but they’re met with resistance from their bird. Cooper cocks their head to the side with a soft, but audible whine.

>Time to get clean in a chaste manner

“H-heha… Thanks for the offer Coop, but we should get cleaned up already… Right?”

“Hm? Oh! Right. Yeah.”

Cooper looks away and coughs, almost ashamed. They’ve been in the mood all day, the tent in their underwear is evidence enough. It was a terribly lonely night. But all the inspection got Zenith a bit bothered as well. There are things to be done, yes, but can he really turn down such a needy lover?
No. 1070747 ID: dd3fe0

Wellll... Hmmm.

Maybe a quickie? You all have things to do, there will be time for really involved stuff later! Of course affection and properly taking care of each other is important, but so is normal life stuff. A bit of some fast stuff now, and guarantee the *really involved* sex soon, when there's some time to do it right!
No. 1070781 ID: a785dd

How could you possibly resist that adorable face. You've been busy lately, and there's no telling how much busier you'll be with these new cases. Make time for your love, show Cooper how much you appreciate them, and indulge in your desire.
No. 1070966 ID: cfd614
File 169308989537.png - (49.30KB , 800x800 , oogh hot bord.png )

“Well alright… But we have things to do!”

Cooper’s ears perk up, then their eyes light up with delight when he pulls down his lingerie and sits on the edge of the toilet. His feathers relax and puff out, courting his mate. They immediately take their position, grabbing his waist with their paw.

>Oh my! Freshly sharpened? Isn't that, uh, poor for intimacy?

“Do you want claws this time or is that too messy?”

“I’m tempted… But I haven’t even had my coffee yet- it’s much too early for me to do anything that ravenous!”

“I figured, I just wanted to make the offer, I know you like it when I tear you apart~”

Groundfull is struck with a fluster. It’s true, the deep scarring on Groundfull’s torso is from none other than Cooper Donovan. Case closed. Except not really. There’s still the red mask and all.

No. 1071323 ID: 821ffb
File 169344403036.png - (55.44KB , 800x600 , Groundfull Hog Crank.png )

Once the dog is ready, they stick their face into his crotch and start sniffing. It’s a strange dog habit of theirs, but it’s one that Zenith has come to adore.

“I’ll be quick, I just… I need to get this out of my system…”

Cooper quickly strips off their drawers, then grabs his waist with their left paw. Their other paw takes hold of their shaft and starts to rub.

Heavens… this is embarrassing. One night without him and I’m a slobbering, drooling mess. He smells so good like this. It’s a lot of sweat and feathers, but there’s something about it. It’s so… appetizing…

Cooper’s pace quickens, being mindful of the time. They open their maw and pant heavy breaths against Zenith’s crotch, prompting a shuddering groan from him. He places his hand on their head and groans when he feels a thick dog tongue spill out, pressing against his slit.

“Hoo… there it is! Good mutt!”

Cooper’s heart melts at the comment. Their nasty praise kink works like a magic spell. With a simple phrase, their pipe leaks spurts. Their grip on his sweat-drenched waist slips, dragging down to his thigh. Thankfully, or much to Zenith’s disappointment, they didn’t scratch him on the way down.

No. 1071380 ID: e3600d
File 169350445311.png - (54.25KB , 800x800 , tntl groundfull.png )

The vicious slurps echo through the bathroom, almost as loud as Cooper’s desperate whimpering. Zenith is trying to get in the same sex-focused zone that his dog went to, but there’s something distracting him. He remembered something he read in the papers the other day, an interview with an up and coming actor who happened to be a canine. Whenever he took a drink, it was always noted with a "Shlorp." Ever since, he’s never seen Cooper the same. Every time they drink, he tries desperately not to giggle. He can’t help but to think of it now because Cooper’s making the same "Shlorp" sound. The Shlorps stop for a moment, only for Cooper to say a single word.


Zenith is nowhere near an orgasm. He’s been having a bit of a giggle fit the entire time.

No. 1071509 ID: 96dcd0
File 169375648586.png - (52.05KB , 700x600 , Cooper crumbing.png )

To the best of his ability, Zenith powers through his chortle and grips the hound’s shoulder with his talons to get this over with.

“Alright, let it out for me- hee Hahaha-!”

With a hearty buck and a deep growl, Cooper finishes their depraved drought and shoots into the bird’s tail feathers. They rest their head against the bird, twitching out the last few drops. Once they snap out of their feverish daze, they finally notice that Zenith is hysterical.

“Mnn huh..? Haha, hey! What’s so funny? Are you feeling okay?”

“Hoo…Hehee… Y-yeah, I’m fine… I just- hehehe.. Thought of something funny, it’s nothing..”

hehe Shlorp Shlorp Shlorp…

Cooper reconstitutes themselves and helps Zenith to his feet, though he didn’t really need the help.

“Oh… But you didn’t… Did you? I mean I didn’t feel anything-”

“Hey, don’t worry about it! Just means I’ll have a bit more for you tonight~! Now let’s get washed up already”

No. 1071582 ID: 96dcd0
File 169378836012.png - (38.74KB , 800x800 , fuck it it's shitty.png )

Zenith draws the water while Cooper wipes up whatever fluids were left over. The water is cold, and makes a horrible hissing sound, courtesy of a cheap rent. The private investigator business is a tough one for sure, but it pays the bills. Barely. Zenith draws the curtain and stands under the showerhead, then splashes about. A flurry of shed feathers, dirt, sweat, and other things cleanly flow off, leaving Zenith squeaky clean. He opens the curtain to a fully naked Cooper, who hops in the tub. They start scrubbing their own body with heavy-duty soap, stuff that’ll damage delicate feathers. But that isn’t to say they don’t get help from their bird! With a couple of Gloves, Zenith is massaging and scrubbing Cooper’s back like there’s nothing between them.

After a thorough rinse, Cooper closes the curtain and shakes off any excess water. Meanwhile, Zenith picks at his feathers for preening. He collects any feathers from his shed and puts them in a basket by the door. He collects them to sell, as bird feathers are useful decoration and clothing materials. It doesn’t yield much, but it’s practically free cash.

Cooper steps out of the tub and grabs the towel on the rack to dry themselves off the rest of the way. Their fur is shorn short, save for the head. The longer hair of their breed, while double coated and beautiful, simply isn’t practical for a bodyguard. Not to mention a pain to upkeep. Extremely short fur has its own problems, such as temperature regulation and exposure, but a warm bird and clothes can fix both of those problems.

Speaking of clothes…

What should the two of you wear?
No. 1071585 ID: 4547d4

Suit and tie. Dress professional as the detective you are!
No. 1071589 ID: 96dcd0
File 169378996817.png - (118.74KB , 800x843 , DRESS THEM.png )

What will the two wear? And what will Cooper's hairstyle be?
No. 1071590 ID: 16d082

Groundfull: Byzantine purple zoot suit with silk gloves and matching wide-brimmed hat
Cooper: White dress shirt with rolled sleeves, black dress pants
No. 1071658 ID: faf0ce

nice, like jacking of irl createre our hea8 for a greater qust
No. 1071724 ID: 787444
File 169395274205.png - (186.30KB , 800x843 , shittingmyself.png )

lets go solve some mysteries little buddy
No. 1071726 ID: 681cb5
File 169395581847.png - (95.23KB , 800x843 , DIO!.png )

"Oh? You're approaching me?"
"I can't breed the fuck out of you without getting closer."
No. 1072038 ID: 15a025
File 169429464915.png - (166.76KB , 800x843 , groundfelldresses.png )

Some sassy detective dresses.
No. 1072387 ID: 4481aa
File 169474641829.png - (184.23KB , 800x843 , Groundfull and Cooper Paperdolls.png )

I agree with Buckwheat, Groundfull could totally pull off a skirt. Gave him some tights too, although with the talons they may look nicer if they stop at the ankles. Maybe they could wrap around the base of the talons without going to the claw bits. Final note: I didn't draw a sunhat, but I'd be down with copping that from Buckwheat as well.

As for Cooper, I tried out a few different hairstyles. I'm sorry to say it, but I was happiest with the mullet. As for the attire, I considered a more traditional look. Trench coat, fedora, maybe a long scarf, etc. I wasn't sure if we were looking for casual, business casual, or whatever. In the end, I decided to just draw him in something that I thought would look nice next to Groundfull, and which made me happy. Thus, open hawaiian shirt over a crop top, and jean shorts.
No. 1072428 ID: 02a426

they should wear something silly like Mario and Luigi costumes
No. 1072443 ID: b99c43
File 169484440518.png - (97.04KB , 800x843 , 169378996817.png )

obligatory outfit and inexplicably chosen outfit
No. 1072479 ID: 96dcd0

Submissions closed. Thank you for participating!
No. 1072700 ID: 59a581
File 169514634368.png - (282.75KB , 800x800 , GF20MirraMirraOnDaWall.png )

You are now Zenith Groundfull.

You take a deep breath. Now that you’ve properly woken up, the world is a little bit clearer. Cooper leaves the bathroom to get dressed, and you head to your closet, now filled with inspiration for an outfit. You put a different corset on and decide on a pair of black leggings, a smooth red skirt, and a simple white button-up. As you’re putting on your gloves, Pawsteps patter from behind you, signaling the arrival of your partner.

“Wow, sure you want to look this good for a simple little investigation?” You turn to see their outfit, a cropped racerback tank top under an unbuttoned floral shirt with a pair of black jean shorts, and to bring it all together, a fake gold bangle. Their hair is pushed back into a curly mullet and held in place with a healthy amount of gel.

“Ooh, looking great sweetheart! Love the hair!” You chirp. While their flat bangs were fun to play with, the fluffy curls had to show themselves eventually.

They place your sunhat firmly on your head, then look in the wall mirror to fully admire you. You take their hand and strike a pose. You two look great. “Thank you sweetbeak. You look amazing too, but as much as I’d like to fawn over your skirt, we’ve got work to do.”

“Of course. A little behind schedule, but we should be fine.” You head into your office once again, now completely ready to take the day by storm.

>Alright, so, take a closer look at the folder. Who's involved, who are their closest family members, who lives next door? And call the client to tell him you're taking the case.

You grab the folder and scan its contents. Inside, there’s a letter from the commissioner, Harvey Aguire, in the form of a questionnaire. Additionally, there’s a photo. A burly, male polar bear next to a much shorter female badger. The badger is ecstatic, and despite the bear’s stoic pretense, he seems happy to be there.
No. 1072996 ID: 82f3cb
File 169550951370.png - (247.93KB , 800x800 , GF20Withinthefolder.png )

Applicant Name: Harvey Agguire
Age: 49
Profession(s) (if applicable): Construction, former Navy Sailor
Current Date: 5/30
Contact methods
Telephone: 727-162-2327
Address: 1571 Cannon Street

Who or what is the subject of investigation?
Bethany Agguire, my wife of 25 years.

Please give a short description of the situation.
I have reason to believe she’s been having sex with other people behind my back. She’s been actin real shifty lately and the other day, I found a red leather mask. I didn’t know what it was for at first, until I remembered something my buddy Randy said bout some racy kinky thing. I hear that you two are more familiar with situations like this and how you know how to keep your mouth shut. Call me to arrange a meeting.

“Pretty cut and dry, isn’t it? I swear, so many of these problems could be solved if they just talked to each other.” Cooper states.

“Hmm, keep in mind that keeping something from your husband in this day and age is dangerous. Especially a hardworking blue collar.” You look at the photo in a bit of awe. This badger must be pretty short, given that she’s the size of his arm. They’ve lasted 25 years, you can only imagine what kind of things her c--

Cooper saves you from a mental tangent by addressing the obvious. “Well then, no time to waste. We’d best make that call.”
No. 1072997 ID: 82f3cb
File 169550957114.png - (273.89KB , 800x800 , GF21TheCall.png )

You go over to the landline and put the phone to your head, then punch in the phone number. The line drones for a moment.


“Hello?” A gruff voice answers the call, so deep that it’s hard to make out. Any thought of Bethany being tiny is replaced by the thought of Harvey being massive. ”Hello?!” they boom, losing patience.

You’re startled for a moment, then you respond. “Yes! Hello! Good afternoon. Am I.. Is this the Agguire Residence?” It’s not like you to be intimidated, but you’re more flustered than anything.

The deep voice on the other line clears its throat, then speaks in a much softer voice. “Yes, terribly sorry if I spooked you. You’ve got the right line. I take it this is Detective Groundfull?”

“That must make you Harvey. I’ve decided to take your case.” You say. You’re relieved to hear a more welcoming tone, you’re not sure if Cooper could take this guy in a fight.

“Oh, well thank you. You’re calling about the meeting, right? I’m available for the next few hours, I took a sick day. How about you meet me at my home?” His composure teeters on breaking with every word. There’s a lot of confusion and a lot of fear. This must be a very delicate situation for Harvey and he should be treated accordingly.

“Sir with all due respect, That’s a horrible idea.” You state. Your tactfulness is unmatched.

After a bit of sputtering from the bear, he responds with a surprisingly calm “I beg your pardon?” It’s clear that this bear is aware of how intimidating he is. It’s also clear that he’s got no other choice but to be helped.

“If your wife is home, then she’ll be sure to find out, right?” You suggest. Before the bear can interrupt, you continue. “And keep in mind, I’m not the most favored person in town. I’ve dug up a lot of dirt and there are plenty of folks who’d lure me in and kill me. So nowhere private. We’ll meet somewhere in public.”

Harvey’s quiet for a moment, then he sighs. “...right. You’re the expert. Where will we meet?”
No. 1072998 ID: a79990

A bowling alley!
We can play a game of bowling, billiards, or arcades to calm his nerves, or have a drink or smoke as we discuss this case.

Plus, the little bowling animations they have there are absurd enough
No. 1073283 ID: 4481aa


Who doesn't love rolling some balls down lanes?
No. 1073639 ID: 3895d8
File 169610765539.png - (227.68KB , 800x800 , GF22Helmets.png )

As you’re on the phone with the client, Cooper leaves the room for a moment. They return with two motorcycle helmets, wearing one and holding the other. You look to them for an idea of where to go. They think for a second, then pretend to bowl with your helmet. “We’ll meet at the bowling alley on Eastbourne, get there as soon as you can.”

“Oh I know that one! I used to go there with Beth every now and then. Good times.” He pauses, as if stung by the memory. “Say, if you don’t mind me asking, why there?” he asks.

“I’ll tell you when I meet you there. When you arrive, go to the front desk and ask for the Frisking Finch, they’ll know who I am. Bring the mask.” Without explaining any further, you hang up the phone. If he does things right, there won’t be any problems.

“Here, Catch.” Cooper says, tossing your helmet to you. You grab it out of the air and put it on, holding your sunhat in your hand.

“So why do you want to go to the bowling alley this time?” You ask Cooper.

“I have a hunch, but you’re gonna have to trust me on this. Something feels familiar about Harvey.” You look at them, a little puzzled. They point to the calendar with an ecstatic wag. “...also, it’s Tuesday. Half off charcuterie day!”
No. 1073667 ID: cf1311

What else to say except get to the bowling alley.
No. 1073740 ID: 3895d8
File 169619396437.png - (66.24KB , 800x800 , GF23Motosycle.png )

>What else to say except get to the bowling alley.

A few minutes later and the two of you are well on your way to the Bowling Alley. It’s a beautiful spring day, if not a little dry. You’re shaken up by a few bumps in the road, shifting you a bit closer to your partner. You’d like to be unbothered from this morning, but all this friction is making it hard to think of much else other than gripping your partner’s rock-hard torso a little tighter. When you’re at a stop light, they pat your knee, sensing your tension. You sigh, resting your head against their back and scooching back a little, putting a bit of distance between your crotch and his waist. “I’m good.”

They give a thumbs up and start driving as soon as the light turns green. You try to distract yourself by recounting what few details you have on the case. This is a great opportunity to think of questions you want to ask Harvey.

Now then… Harvey Aggure the Bear and Bethany Agguire the Badger. Harvey worked in the navy, so there’s no doubt an underlying fear that Bethany slept around while Harvey was deployed. But if they’ve been together for all that time, there’s probably more trust than fear. Maybe that fear was festering over the years? Additionally, Harvey wrote something about Kink gear, namely a friend who had some sort of knowledge of kink gear. Randy. Is he a possible suspect? Likely not. Unless Randy is an idiot, he’d never hint at something he’s doing with a polar bear’s wife. Surely, any kind of interaction with someone ten times your size would be beyond nerve-wracking. Of course, I don’t know much about Randy, nor do I truly know how big Harvey is. I know that he’s at least small enough to fit in the bowling alley, but on top of looking huge, Harvey looks impossibly strong. Is he even allowed to bowl there? Maybe he’s weaker than he looks? But he works in construction, so he’s probably worth his weight and more. How much does a guy like that weigh? This is of course assuming that the photo he sent is recent, he could be even taller, or even wider. Perhaps Beth finally realized she couldn’t take someone that big? If that’s the case, why the mask? And why was it out in the open? Unless Harvey was cleaning something out, then it might’ve been hidden… So much to know…
No. 1073745 ID: fb8a42

Hmm... maybe we can try to steer the conversation toward kink, and see what we can find out while Harvey is talking about that? Maybe he'll let something slip.
No. 1073780 ID: 8f9bc4

Funny thing is, bowling isn't about strength, hardly at all. Being stronger just lets you lift a heavier ball, which stays slightly more on course because of the momentum if you aim correctly. He's not ten times her size anyway, not more than 3 or 4 times. No problem!

And bears are known to have tiny peen so she could totally take him.
No. 1073805 ID: b99c43

Nobody prepares to get stealthily interrogated through kink talk, unless they're crazy paranoid. It could be a good avenue of information!
No. 1074011 ID: 32c482
File 169653465870.png - (91.13KB , 800x600 , GF24thealley.png )

Another tap on the knee rouses you from your deep thought. You’ve arrived at Stripped Pins, the mistakenly named bowling alley on Eastbourne. It was supposed to be Striped Pins, given the titular Striped Pins, but one typo on the registration and that was that. It didn’t seem to be an issue for the owners, they certainly rolled with the theming. Cooper parks the motorcycle far enough, hidden behind a bush. You fasten your helmet to the seat, then make the walk to the alley.

“After you, Detective~” Cooper announces, exaggerating the accent. You do a little curtsy in response.

“How thoughtful of you! A tuppence for your troubles!” You hand them a two dollar bill, which they stash away in their pocket.
No. 1074062 ID: e51896

Is our guy we're supposed to meet here or not? if not, lets wait. Maybe order some pizza at the concession, and it'll be ready by the time our client gets here.
No. 1074082 ID: 0b594e

Order a pitcher of root beer to go with the pizza.
No. 1074083 ID: b99c43

Seconding the pizza idea. Also prepare your questions in advanced to have the upper hand in the questioning! Especially the kink questions.
No. 1074429 ID: 33044e
File 169691105116.png - (112.81KB , 859x600 , GF25TheVault.png )

>Is our guy we're supposed to meet here or not? if not, lets wait. Maybe order some pizza at the concession, and it'll be ready by the time our client gets here.

“I wonder if Bee’s ever gonna update her menu.” You think out loud, trying to stir up a conversation. Cooper catches on.

“What's wrong with this menu? It's got pretty much anything you could want, right?”

“I mean yeah, but why not go for something conventional? Like Pizza?”

Cooper looks shocked, almost offended. They scoff in disgust. “Pizza? In a bowling alley? Who'd want that? That’s so messy and greasy, it most definitely has no place in a professional, refined establishment such as this!” They wave their arms and gesture to the present parties. It seems like a slow day, only a couple groups here. Some of them are topless. Dicks are out. This is exactly how an adult bowling alley should be. More importantly, there are no bears here.

“You sure Coop? I thought you loved pizza?” Cooper nodded, even though they only liked the crust.

“Well yes, but I just don't see the reason anyone would want pizza here of all places! Charcuterie’s the perfect snack for your bowling pleasure. No grease, no junk, no risk of fire; it’s classy!” Their nose twitches a bit and their tail starts to wag. Must smell like preserved meat. It's not like you can tell, you don't have a very good sense of smell. You should find a menu for Cooper when you can. That dog loves their charcuterie.

“You two!” Someone calls out from behind.
No. 1074431 ID: e5709d

>Who'd want greasy pizza when bowling
Okay, I admit pizza grease on your hands isn't something you'd want during a sport (unless you're playing soccer), but has it occurred to you that some people come to an arena to watch rather than play?
(In truth, you're adding fuel to the fire as an excuse to ignore whatever the heck this dexterous sussy is trying to sell you)
No. 1074450 ID: 9fbc97

Bowling alley food tends to be nasty, but it's the only thing around so people get it anyways
also an employee, i think is likely pissed off and getting closer
No. 1074749 ID: 7e6fd4
File 169731642165.png - (69.49KB , 717x765 , GF26TheHugWIP.png )

>an employee, i think is likely pissed off and getting closer
Before you can react, you’re grabbed from behind. Someone’s draped around your shoulders. But it’s nothing to be worried about, It’s your partner, Jubilee! “Hey punks! What’s goin’ on?” She peppers the back of your neck with a barrage of kisses and a nibble on your cheek. You almost lose balance, but Cooper drapes themself over your shoulders to keep you steady.

“Hi Bee! How’s your shift been?” Cooper giggles. Their face beams with a dopey smile. “Oh shoot, before that, did you hear what Zenith said? He wants Pizza in here!”

>has it occurred to you that some people come to an arena to watch rather than play?

“I’m just saying! It could totally happen, even if it’s for spectators or something!” You retort. “And even if the players do eat the pizza, who cares! It’s just bowling!” Cooper scoffs again, this time even more offended.

Bee senses the tension in the air and intervenes. “Babes! Babes. This place’ll never sell pizza. We don’t have an oven.” She states plainly. That’s certainly a reason why there couldn’t be pizza. And it’s not like they’d install one, too much hassle.

“Yeah that’ll do it.” Cooper nods. “It’s not like you’re missing out on much business, are you?”

Bee sighs. “Well it’s sluggish to be sure, just a few regulars. But I figure you’re here for some action! I’ll get y’all situated real quick.” She hops back over the counter, grabs two pairs of bowling shoes, and sets them down. “Lane 5, charcuterie menu?”

“You know us so well! Gotta get this dog their treats, y’know?” You tease. Jubilee nods in loving agreement. Cooper shuffles in place a bit, clearly abashed. “That aside, not much time for “Action.” We’re here on business.”

She leans over the counter, clearly interested. “Oooh, what’s the scoop this time?” Before she can ask any further, the bottomless party coughs behind you. “Ah, I’ll ask you when I come around with the charcuterie. I’m still on the clock.” She looks to the party and the two of you stroll over to your lane.
No. 1074911 ID: 47713f

So begins the wait. Keep an eye out for Harvey while busying yourselves bowling.
No. 1075329 ID: 478b88
File 169803350511.png - (110.60KB , 800x800 , GF27CooperPerusing.png )

You sit down and hand the Charcuterie Menu to Cooper. They peruse as if it’s the first time they’ve seen the menu, even though you’ve got the whole thing memorized at this point. Nine times out of ten, Cooper picks the exact same thing. Gouda and Brie for the cheeses, Chorizo, Prosciutto, and Salami for the meat, Baguette slices and Butter Crackers for the Carbohydrates, and the “Sweet” Accessory option. You always order a couple of hard seltzers. But maybe you should go for something different this time? Bears like sweet things, yeah? That case… Maybe something happened with a twin sister… or something…

>Keep an eye out for Harvey while busying yourselves bowling.

You take your hat off and set it to the side, then lean against Cooper. “Hey, keep an eye out for me, yeah? I’m gonna doze off for a minute. Maybe… yawn maybe play a game of bowling in a dream…” They hold your shoulder and keep you steady enough to fall quietly asleep.
No. 1075681 ID: f3e128
File 169835288784.png - (78.69KB , 800x800 , GF28ohtheyrehere.png )

“Detective Groundfull…” You slowly open your eyes, not remembering where you are. “Detective Groundfull!”

“Hmm?” You’re woken up once again by a call to your name, but you aren’t quite in reality yet. You hear mumbling, someone talking. Two people, actually. One sounds like Cooper. There’s something white overwhelming your limited vision. You blink a couple times and the white mass clears itself, revealing a bag. Additionally, there's a very large bear holding said bag. “...and this is the man you’re looking for, albeit a bit exhausted.” they respond.

“Detective, It’s nice to meet you.” a voice booms. It’s Harvey Agguire. It may just be that you’re sitting down, but he’s more staggering than you imagined. He looks down at you, but not in an intimidating way. His gaze is warm and kind. You can see no ill intention behind his eyes, although one seems blind. He slowly extends his gargantuan paw and turns it over, allowing you to set your hand in his. You hesitate, but you complete his gesture. His paw pads are covered in thick scars and deep calluses, no doubt from the hard work he does as a construction worker. He folds his thumb over your hand and shakes gently.

ahem Thank you, Harvey. You’re much… much more than I expected.” Harvey looks a bit confused for a second, then smirks.

“Oh I know. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. I’m an acquired size, heh.” His mild temperament makes for pleasant company. You can see how easily someone can fall in love with this guy. He retracts his paw and sits down across from you. The bench groans under the bear’s sheer size. “So! What’s the whole… y’know… deal? What do I need to tell y’all?
No. 1075836 ID: 0b594e

Give us some details on this mask. Where exactly did you find it? Does it remind you of anyone you know, or have you seen any similar item in anyone's possession?
No. 1075837 ID: 15a025

Hm, maybe we should ask to learn a little more about the history of his relationship with his wife Have they ever hit a few rocky roads over the years? Does he feel she'd have a reason or motive to pursue adultery with another? Best be careful with how you word the questions though, given the personal and intimate nature of the subject.
No. 1075840 ID: 1d5c71

Any changes of routine from his wife recently? Could he elaborate on this 'shifty behaviour' he's observed?

Has there been any changes in the household's circumstances? New friends? Extra expenditures? Changes in employment? Family or friends having trouble?

Walk us through how he found the mask.
No. 1076056 ID: 3a8aa9
File 169880380333.png - (85.89KB , 800x800 , GF29MaskInspection.png )

“Well first, let’s address the primary concern. You did bring the mask, didn’t you?” His smirk stiffens up into a pained gloom, and hands the bag to you. Lo and behold, there’s a rather small, leather, red, full-head mask inside, resembling a dog. You go further, using your deep analysis skill to carefully inspect the mask down to the detail. The craft quality is second to none, but there are some lines of refurbished thread. No doubt it’s seen some heavy use. It seems that certain parts such as the “ears” and the “brows” were replaced, given the difference in “creasing” and “Color” from the main body. It also seems as though the “Lace” that tightens the mask in the back was replaced as well, given the lack of wear and tear on the current lace, as well as the small artifacts of wear on the eyelets. The overall feel and rigidness suggests that the mask was very well maintained and/or touched up. There is no visible fur on the mask, meaning the mask was unused for a while and/or cleaned thoroughly. The “wideness” of the snout seems to have been altered as well. May have been manufactured as a “base” then “made to fit” certain species and/or sizes, but the lace in the back makes this mask wearable to a variety of people. Given the quality and miniscule imperfections in the spacing of the stitches, this seems to have been hand stitched from the beginning. There’s a stamp on the back, displaying an old logo. Despite your dabbled knowledge of the craft, you don’t recognize it.
No. 1076058 ID: 3a8aa9
File 169880388172.png - (154.01KB , 1573x800 , GF30BashfulBear.png )

>Give us some details on this mask. Where exactly did you find it?

“You said that you just found this mask, correct? Where did you find it? It wasn’t just lying about, was it?” You inquire. Harvey looks concerned.

“Well, no. It was in Beth’s- My wife’s nightstand. I saw the strings on the back hanging out of the front around two days ago. I went and hid it in my closet until I could find out what exactly it was. I asked a couple drinking buddies and they told me it’s some deviant thing. I didn’t exactly understand what they meant, but they told me it was pretty bad. Then one of ‘em recommended you two for finding out where it came from.”

>maybe we can try to steer the conversation toward kink, and see what we can find out while Harvey is talking about that?

“Well, this is certainly a kink mask. Specifically a Pup Hood. Most commonly used in petplay, where one party is treated like a pet, sometimes wearing accessories or clothing items relating to a species of animal. In this case, a dog.” You place the mask back into the bag and hand it to Cooper, who gives it a short whiff, then nods.

Harvey ruffles his brow and tilts his head. Everything you said went over his head. “I… Well uh…”

Cooper interrupts his stammering with a plain statement. “Whoever wears this mask likes being treated like a pet.” Harvey’s eyes widen. He looks almost disgusted, but after a moment, a pink blush stretches across his face.

“Well I mean- That’s hardly a… It’s not like, well do they have-” He’s cut off by a loud moan from a few lanes over. He turns his head to see what caused it, then immediately turns his head back around, beet red. “Oh my god… are those guys having sex?!” You exchange looks with Cooper, who looks over to Jubilee, who has just arrived. She isn’t wearing a top. Her tits are out.

You are now Zenith Groundfull, Cooper Donovan, and Jubilee Paz.

You simultaneously come to the exact same conclusion.

This guy’s vanilla.
No. 1076063 ID: 8f9bc4

You really should have picked a bowling alley where people didn't have sex in the booths or go topless / bottomless.
No. 1076071 ID: 0b594e

Just to be thorough, is he sure the mask wouldn't fit his wife? Perhaps she got it from a friend and was waiting to get it altered.

It would be nice if she just wanted to spice up the bedroom and simply hadn't got around to asking her husband yet.
No. 1076074 ID: e51896

ooooh! Jubilee got an exhibitionism kink. nice.

agree on this
No. 1076087 ID: 273c18

>well-used, with repairs
Huh. What if his wife is the one doing repairs? Anyway, we have a lead. The logo. Do a reverse image search on it. Or if that's no good, we go asking around in kink circles.
No. 1076088 ID: 273c18

>spice up the bedroom
Oh. Would it fit *him*, if not her?
No. 1076103 ID: 7aa107

Oh yeah, good point. Ask if his wife knows about repairing something like this, or anyone they know that might be a tailor
No. 1076470 ID: 15a025

I'd point out to him how the mask looks like it's had some repair work. Maybe she was just fixing it up for someone?
No. 1076587 ID: 0b594e

Ask him how their sex life has been lately. Only in as much detail as he's comfortable with. Has she seemed unsatisfied? Has she hinted at wanting to try something new?
No. 1076797 ID: c21ceb
File 169946095975.png - (142.32KB , 800x770 , GF31Jojopose.png )

“Harvey, they’re allowed to have sex” Cooper starts to explain. “This is an 18+ bowling alley for a reason.” Cooper leans forward and spreads their legs a bit. They lean towards Zenith, starting up their guard dog instinct.

“I mean… Well it’s… this is nothing like it was a couple decades ago! Me n’ Beth came around here almost every weekend and there was nothing like this happening!” Jubilee circles around and stands behind the duo. Harvey looks bug-eyed at her chest.

“Around fifteen years ago, this place was bought out by an old philanthropist and is now run under new management. My boss is a very kinky gal, but on top of that, she strives to create sex-positive spaces for anyone who wants them.” She sits atop the bench, draping her tail over her partners.

>You really should have picked a bowling alley where people didn't have sex in the booths or go topless / bottomless.

“I- Wait, so you took me to a… a big ol’ sex party, or whatever you call it? I’m married!” Harvey barks, quieting the other party. He stands, as if he was about to leave. Zenith tosses the mask to the bear.

“You asked me to dig up some incredibly personal stuff, Harvey. If you aren’t ready to be in a space like this, you aren’t ready to know the truth.” The scathing remark infuriates the bear. His fists curl up and his eyes widen, cracking the limits of his temper. A low, violent growl radiates off of Cooper’s back. “And this isn’t “just some sex party”” Zenith continues. “It isn’t a sex party at all. This is a haven. This is a place people like us three can feel safe, a place for us to love each other as we deem fit. Away from judgemental eyes, away from the endless hate we face, away from those who think we’re better off dead.” Harvey hesitates, but his glare persists. “If you’re to leave now, don’t leave with the idea that you were tricked into being here or brought against your will. Remember, You came to us.” Zenith lies down on his side, showing the bear that he’s not afraid in the slightest. “And just as you were invited to come, you are invited to leave. Will you give up now, after everything?”

Harvey’s glare persists after Zenith finishes. He knows how imposing he is and he’s trying to use it against you. You three return the glare, but he holds steady. The other party a few lanes over dares not make a sound.

After what feels like an eternity of deadpan silence, he sits down, defeated. “I’m awfully sorry. I didn’t mean to insult you or make you feel bad or anything. I’m just… I’m way out of my element here.”

Zenith sits back up with a sigh, and Cooper remains on guard. “I understand. It’s a tough thing to learn something completely new about your partner, especially a secret.” Zenith says, consoling the distressed bear. “We didn’t go easy on you. I’ll try to be a bit slower. Make sure you’re comfortable and all that.”

The bear shuffles in his seat for a second, then nods. “Thank you, Detective.”
No. 1076798 ID: c21ceb
File 169946099703.png - (73.64KB , 800x705 , GF32JubileeBend.png )

Jubilee breaks the depressing atmosphere with a suggestion. “I know! How about we ease the tension a little bit!” Harvey looks a bit flustered.

“Well… I mean it’s not that I’m not uh… interested in you, ma’am. I’m just not sure it’d be right. I’ve still got a wife and all, hah.” Jubilee chuckles. This is prime teasing territory.

She stands up and waltzes over to the kiosk. “Oh please, your wife doesn’t have to know about a little bowling game!” Zenith and Cooper giggle, turning the bear beet-red once again. She punches in the party’s four names: COOP, ZEEN, HARV, JBEE. She walks back, holding her hand out to Cooper. “The usual?” They nod and hand the menu to her.

Zenith chimes in, “And a couple of mimosas, just you and me. Coop’s gotta drive.” Jubilee nods and turns to Harvey. “Water for the bear. I need him sober.”

“Not even a shot for confidence?” He chuckles.

“Oh, we don’t do shots here anymore. We’re pretty strict on drinks after the incident.” Harvey looks very concerned, but decides not to ask. “I’ll be back in a bit, go ahead and start without me!” With that, she’s off to the “kitchen” to prep those orders.
No. 1076860 ID: 256b77

Time to get a perfect strike on your first go so the client knows that you are a capable detective who can get the job done.
No. 1078186 ID: 598d4a
File 170113430115.png - (43.27KB , 800x800 , GF33DevastationBETA.png )

>Time to get a perfect strike on your first go so the client knows that you are a capable detective who can get the job done.

Cooper steps up to the lane, takes a breath, and throws their first ball. It’s a good 8, but splitter. They drop to their knees, devastated by being a capable detective who cannot get the job done. “Anyway, now that the pleasantries are out of the way, back to business.” Zenith states. Harvey shuffles in his seat and nods.

>Hm, maybe we should ask to learn a little more about the history of his relationship with his wife

“Let’s take it from the top. Give me a timeline. What was your relationship with Beth like up to this point?”

“Well let’s see here… We met when I was 19 and she was 21. We went to university together. We didn’t hit it off instantly, but she asked me out and, I guess I had a thing for her too. She’s warm, funny, loves talking, and I was a pretty good listener. We were there for each other. For some reason, she felt safe around me. Eventually, we moved in together while I was finishing up college, but then I got an offer from the Naval Armed Services for a couple years to be an extra bit of muscle. We were looking at hard times and almost no wiggle room for finances, and the money from the government couldn’t hurt, so I was sent off to the seas. We sent each other letters and such and we missed each other dearly. I’d like to say I got so sad that I cried until I went blind in my eye, but it was probably something to do with the head trauma. When I got back, we got married and that was that!”

“No children?”

“Oh heavens no! As compatible as we are, we’ve still got uh… The wrong… Biological compatibility. Besides, Beth hates kids. As much of a great wife she is, she’s told me how awful of a mother she’d make. I don’t quite see it, but I’m not complaining!”

“I respect that. Can’t stand ‘em either. So you were away for two years?”

“I know, I know. The whole stigma against military partners that they’re unfaithful, but I trust Beth with my life. I know she wouldn’t do something like that! At least, I used to. I’m just so unsure now.” There’s another moment of silence, broken up by Cooper’s one extra pin. They return to the benches and Zenith goes up.
No. 1078231 ID: dd3fe0

Walk them through the traditional ways of determining if a spouse has a secret lifestyle or a hidden life or is cheating or has some sort of secret problem -- following them, tapping and checking devices, stakeouts, going through trash, so on and so forth, and all the other forms of invading privacy that are the private detective's remit.
No. 1078232 ID: de5cb4

Ask him about their home life. Their hobbies, jobs, etc. What's a typical day in the Agguire house like?
No. 1090545 ID: 17abec
File 171513115836.png - (511.57KB , 1542x1473 , GF34SweetTalker.png )

>Ask him how their sex life has been lately. Only in as much detail as he's comfortable with. Has she seemed unsatisfied? Has she hinted at wanting to try something new?

Cooper sits back on the bench, ready to ask away. They heard everything said before, and wrote it down, given how good their hearing is. They lean back a bit, then start their interrogation. “Okay, give me your baseline on sex. What’s your deal? Who takes the reins?” He stammers, embarrassed. The questions were a bit easier up to this point, but the sudden shift to sex talk was jarring. “Woah, take it easy man. I’m not here to judge you on this kind of stuff. Look, I’ll be transparent too. Let’s see… I like putting my dick in things, but it’s sweeter when someone else has the control. Love getting gagged too, mouth stuff in general is hot.”

Harvey coughs, reserving his judgment. “I uh… I guess I like cuddling? Beth is very warm in more ways than one. But I like letting Beth take care of me. She’s got very delicate hands, and… I don’t know how to put this… Her mouth-”

“Can do a lot more than talking~?” Cooper teases. Harvey nods, clearly trying to hide his crotch. “Yeah, Zenith says that about me too.” Zenith throws his first. But the saucy comment interrupts his focus. It goes straight for the middle, but veers off course and hits 3 pins. He may not be a bowling star, but he is a capable detective.

>It would be nice if she just wanted to spice up the bedroom and simply hadn't got around to asking her husband yet.

“Has your wife tried anything experimental in the bedroom before? Maybe she was just trying to spice things up with you?” They grin, excited to hear the real dirty stuff.

He takes a breath like he was preparing for a confessional. “Well she’s tried to do a few things before, but I couldn’t exactly fall in line as well as her.” He holds the back of his neck, acting like he’s said enough. Zenith bowls his second, hitting a meager two pins. He shrugs and sits back down next to Cooper.

“...Elaborate.” Cooper demands. They aren’t satisfied with such a weak answer.

He gulps. “Well… at first she wanted me to go rough and hard, but I couldn’t bring myself to not go easy on her. I… I just don’t want to hurt her.”

Cooper nudges Zenith, now making two of the three seated flustered. “Have you tried anything less extreme than rough sex? There’s plenty that goes under that like… Teasing? Handjobs? All that stuff.”

“Well of course, after 25 years she knows how to keep things… interesting? She’s tried some dirty talking and roleplay things. I’m just not a very good actor I think. Eventually, she stopped trying the wilder things and she sticks to what works.” Harvey looks to the lanes, almost desperate to change the topic. “Oh, looks like it’s my turn!” He seems elated, eagerly stepping up to take his first throw.
No. 1090558 ID: 5ebd37

We know this is hard for you Harvey, but its important. This whole situation could just be a misunderstanding, and it would be terrible to leap to any conclusions that end up ruining what seems to be a deeply loving relationship.
No. 1090599 ID: ab4bb7

Yeah, there could be a few innocent explanations for this, if Harvey's wife never showed even one sign of unfaithfulness up to this point. Wanting to try something to spice things up in the bedroom is one, but there's another that I think is more compelling - what if we (and Harvey's friends) were wrong about this being for something sexual at all?

"Harvey, how would you describe your wife as an athlete, both in the past and more recently? Maybe she saw your lack of physical 'committing' as a sign that she's not enough as she is, and the mask is for a self-improvement activity, rather than the fooling around kind? There's one non-kinky context I could see this mask appearing in - the drawstrings are especially evocative, but the real giveaway is that despite the workmanship that went into this, and my inside knowledge of the community, I don't recognize this logo."
No. 1090609 ID: 17abec
File 171521927295.png - (276.95KB , 1115x1047 , GF35TheBoss.png )

Jubilee goes to the back and pokes her head into her boss’ office, Jane LaVerne. She’s rearranging things, probably looking for a paper.

“Hey boss-” She turns her head, then goes back to rearranging.

“Yes, Sweetbee?” The crocodile shuffles more papers until she takes one from a filing cabinet and sits at her desk.

“My fellas are here, do you mind if I take the rest of the day off?”

“Oh, the Dynamic Duo? Sure, go for it! Just remind me to give them a visit, yeah? I need their detective skills for something.”

“No problem, I’ll let them know! Thank you, Ma’am!” Jubilee heads to the kitchen and gathers everything she needs for the duo.
No. 1090652 ID: 17abec
File 171529305008.png - (484.64KB , 1503x1114 , GF36EatingJokingSmacking.png )

Jubilee pours the mimosas and the waters, but most importantly, plates the charcuterie. She brings the good stuff to the fifth lane table and sits down, ready to get to business. Zenith holds his mimosa up to Jubilee. “Cheers. We’ve got a lick of information from interrogating the guy, but we don’t quite have any leads.”

“Hm. Sounds rough. Oh, and the Madam wants to talk to you when you have time. Didn’t say what for.”

“Oh my, She’s quite the lady to have called on us! Are you sure we're in her strike zone?” Zenith jabs. Jubilee responds with a playful smack to the back of his head.

“Very funny, Zee. She’s looking for your services, not to be serviced. How about you, Coop? You down?”

Cooper is in pre-charcuterie bliss, taking in the rich, smoky smell of the salami and the spicy, tingly scent of the chorizo. It’s not quite as good when it isn’t fresh, but they really don’t mind. The part they like best is how it was lovingly put together by their beloved Jubilee. They stack a salami piece, a cracker, and brie, then happily munch it down. The opossum smiles and pets their head, they beam with intense happiness. “Check it, Harvey’s about to throw.”
No. 1090658 ID: 5ebd37

Call encouragement in a way that definitely won't mess him up at the last second.
No. 1090845 ID: 17abec
File 171561946314.png - (244.72KB , 1629x923 , GF37HarveyLikeADemon.png )

Harvey picks the heaviest bowling ball and hefts it like he was about to throw a baseball. He flexes and winds up like he’s putting everything he has into the shot.

>Call encouragement in a way that definitely won't mess him up at the last second.

“Hey don’t break the lanes now big guy!” Jubilee shouts before he can throw his ball. It has no effect. He’s too focused.

He throws the ball at a breakneck pace with no curve, taking out all of the pins with a bang like a gunshot. The ball returns with shards of wooden pin splintering the resin casing.
No. 1090846 ID: c5529d

Oh man, has he ever considered going professional? Anyways, the game is probably over now since the pins are pretty much shattered. Good game!
No. 1090851 ID: 714fab

Compliment his ability to stay in control, but I think the game's over.
So where do we go from here? He knows what the mask is for, enough to have a serious talk with his wife. Or does he want to go further, find out who the mask was meant for.
No. 1091301 ID: 17abec
File 171615511412.png - (190.81KB , 972x981 , GF38UpPonderinMyMask.png )

>Anyways, the game is probably over now since the pins are pretty much shattered. Good game!

Jubilee inspects the ball and shakes her head. “Sorry buster, that’s a ban from bowling. It’s for the better though, I’m not sure we could’ve kept the game going for the rest of the chapter.” Harvey nods and sits right back down to continue the interrogation.

>Walk them through the traditional ways of determining if a spouse has a secret lifestyle or a hidden life or is cheating or has some sort of secret problem -- following them, tapping and checking devices, stakeouts, going through trash, so on and so forth, and all the other forms of invading privacy that are the private detective's remit.

“Have you tried tailing your wife? What kinda things have you noticed?” Zenith asks. Harvey looks at him deadpan, with a bit of a squint.

“Isn’t that what I hired you for?”

“Oh, we don’t usually do that sort of thing with situations like this.” He explains. “It’s a horrible invasion of privacy. If she ever finds out that you hired someone to stalk her, it’d be over.”

Harvey purses his lips, then nods. “Alright, that’s a good point. I’d never want to lose her, even if she was unfaithful. As for what she does, everything’s relatively normal through the week. I work on and off, depending on the contractor. I’ve had Tuesdays and Thursdays off for the past two weeks, which is when I noticed something was off. Beth says she’s going to book club at the library, but she never takes the car. The library is a half dozen miles away, too far to walk.”

“Unless she’s doing some hardcore jogging, that is.” Zenith pauses for a moment and picks the mask up again, inspecting it.

>what if we (and Harvey's friends) were wrong about this being for something sexual at all?

It doesn’t quite make sense… I’m supposed to be the expert on this kind of thing, so then why doesn’t this logo raise any flags? It’s damn familiar, I’ll say that much, but no names come to mind. “Say… Have you noticed anything about your wife’s physical activity?”

“What? Well, she’s uh… I guess she’s been a bit more active, but I think that doesn’t have much to do with the mask… Unless she's walking… like a dog…” He glances at the mask and his face twists with a twinge of disgust, only for it to be overwhelmed with an embarrassed flush.

“Ah. I see. I doubt the mask would be used for a walk so long, given the material. This isn’t athletic wear in the slightest. Have you brought up the Tuesday outing with her?”

“Well, when I tried asking her about it, she says she walks to a friend’s house and carpools with her. But when I talked to her friend, she didn’t know anything about a book club.”

“What’s her name? Could she be a potential suspect?”

“Oh, her name is May. I haven’t seen much of her other than the time I talked to her, so it’s possible…”

>Or does he want to go further, find out who the mask was meant for.

Cooper would have jot that name down in their notebook, but they’re a bit preoccupied. It’s not much of a lead, but it is something, at least.
No. 1091323 ID: 5ebd37

Well, that seems to be it for this interview. We should hunt for more info on that logo. Other than that there's not much to do short of spying on her.

If Harvey is going to confront Bethany next it could be helpful to do a sort of practice run with you three. Sort of, get the anger out now and not in the heat of the moment.
No. 1091576 ID: 17abec
File 171640531871.png - (331.68KB , 1304x958 , GF39 Consoling the bear.png )

Harvey opens his mouth, then closes it again, but Zenith takes notice and pursues. “Hey… What’s on your mind? Is there something you’re not telling us?”

“I’m… It feels… so dirty now that I’m saying it all out loud.” He sulks his arms down and sighs.” I feel like this person I’m describing just… It isn’t… They aren’t who Bethany is? Or who I thought she was? I feel like I’m trying to find someone. Someone who felt that they had to hide from me. Someone who doesn’t-” He stops. He chokes back a sob, horrified by what he was about to say. Zenith sits next to Harvey and hovers his hand over his shoulder.

“May I?” Harvey notices Zenith’s advance and nods. He rubs his burly shoulder, a gesture that comforts the bear enough to let him weep from his clouded eye.

>We know this is hard for you Harvey, but its important. This whole situation could just be a misunderstanding, and it would be terrible to leap to any conclusions that end up ruining what seems to be a deeply loving relationship.

“It’s going to be okay, Harvey. We know this is hard, but it’s important. Just remember that hope is never lost. If you’re willing to go this far to find the truth, you’re in too deep to jump to such a conclusion.” He bites his lip, holding buckets of tears back. “You’re a good guy, Harvey. It would be terrible to ruin your love if this is all a misunderstanding.”

Harvey looks at Zenith, a whimpery little smile trembling across his face. “D-dhank… Yy.. yew..!” Zenith smiles.
No. 1091595 ID: 5ebd37

If he's able to bare his emotions in front of strangers here he should be able to have a real heart-to-heart with his wife.
No. 1091794 ID: 15a025

Yeah, he could just have a heart to heart with his wife about it.
No. 1092196 ID: 17abec
File 171717139961.png - (86.70KB , 697x823 , GF40What'sNextBETA.png )

“You’re allowed to cry here, man!” Jubilee giggles. “It’s just like the bedroom. Anywhere you can rawdog you can cry!” Harvey chuckles at the joke, but then erupts into an uproarious wail. It’s… bothering the other customers. But even worse, it’s probably impossible to get any detective work done with him right now. Jubilee sits next to Harvey and holds his shoulders.

“Hey I know I said you can cry here, but since I’m a manager, I gotta tell you to keep it down a lil bit.”

“Y… Yeah.” he sputters. “Sorry, miss.” Jubilee motions to Zenith and Cooper, but only Zenith catches the gesture as Cooper is stuck in Charcuterie Heaven.

You are now Zenith Groundfull. Where to?
No. 1092199 ID: 7c0a44

Do something playful to snap Coop out of it. While those two look after Harvey you can go see what Laverne's job is. Maybe you can do both cases at once, wouldn't hurt to check. Then you can get back to the bear after he's hopefully gotten calmed down.
No. 1092632 ID: a260be
File 171787329670.png - (244.50KB , 1021x1291 , GF41THEDOOR.png )

>While those two look after Harvey you can go see what Laverne's job is. Maybe you can do both cases at once, wouldn't hurt to check.

You figure that it’s safe to leave Harvey with the delicate and responsible hands of your lovely partners while you go talk to LaVerne in the back. You take the mask with you, just in case her experienced knowledge can shed some light on this case as well. The door is askew, but as you approach, it shuts.
No. 1092634 ID: 5ebd37

Just knock like a polite bird, I mean she did say she wanted to see you.
No. 1092638 ID: eb0a9c

Kick the door in!

F.B.I.:@#$%-horny Bird Investigator
No. 1092643 ID: c5529d

put an ear against the door, listen in

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