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File 169180548682.png - (17.92KB , 500x500 , Magical school of treachry thumbnail.png )
1070092 No. 1070092 ID: 770f88

An Elimination Style Quest (Like Danganronpa)
Nsfw: Nudity, Blood and Gore, Intense themes.
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No. 1070097 ID: 770f88
File 169180690788.png - (8.01KB , 500x500 , dark magicli has neck.png )

:dark_magicli_happy_anims: “Why hello dearies, I’m Magicli, a Magician so powerful that I transcend the plot, time, and space! Welcome to my magical school of treachery! Are you prepared? Have you got a nice snack? Well, it’s time for a quick history lesson.
No. 1070098 ID: 770f88
File 169180691059.png - (12.13KB , 500x500 , oh my shenanigans.png )

:dark_magicli_normal_noanims: “Magical sch-.”
No. 1070099 ID: 770f88
File 169180691341.png - (11.02KB , 500x500 , nooooooooooooooooo not dark magicli he was my fav .png )

No. 1070100 ID: 770f88
File 169180691652.png - (8.98KB , 500x500 , angry boi.png )

“Dark_magicli_angry_anims: “Ouch! White Magicli! What was that for”
No. 1070101 ID: 770f88
File 169180692068.png - (8.51KB , 500x500 , light magicli reveal.png )

No. 1070102 ID: 770f88
File 169180692579.png - (9.74KB , 500x500 , woaha thats a lot of students.png )

:whitemagicli_normal_anims: “LET’S JUST GET INTO THE PLOT. YOU, the Audience, vote on the twelve students that you wish to join, just remember their going to be plopped into a world of agony misery, suffering~ and best of all treachery!
No. 1070103 ID: 770f88
File 169180692811.png - (6.43KB , 500x500 , le thonk.png )

No. 1070104 ID: 770f88
File 169180693118.png - (14.79KB , 500x500 , no super vote primary protagonist f tier awful que.png )

:whitemagicli_happy_noanims: Oh yeah, and you have one SUPER vote, which allows you to guarantee a student gets into this beautiful school! Also don’t forget that you can choose a student to be the primary protagonist. (Can not be super-voted.)
No. 1070105 ID: 770f88
File 169180693670.png - (176.79KB , 740x1200 , Iceli Profile.png )

Magical School 1:

Iceli, Drego, Water:

Sex + Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual.
Species: Water Dragon.
Age: 18 Endla 8th (December 8.)
Astrology Sign: The Elemental.
Blood type: (Greyish.) AB+

Brief Personality Traits:
Caring, Nice, Independent, Thoughtful.
Naive, Trusting, Isolated, Laid-Back.

Biology, Drawing (Used primarily in biology.) Swimming, Building, and crafting.
Expressing herself in her way, Being Free, Nature, Friends, People, and Magic. (When she’s not being forced to learn it.
Authority, Rules, Social Obligations, Being forced to do something, Magic, Pressure.

Magic Specalaization:
Water: D+.
Growing up away from the hustle and bustle of cities, and even further than the countryside, Iceli with her Trader Uncle Vunji located hiddenly near Lake Hylxia. Vunji is mainly busy with his job, and with no one else around, Iceli grew up very isolated away from the world, however, she found her bliss in capturing the world around her through her trusty water-proof notebook that she brings with her, Iceli is very sociable, and would frequently have chats with travelers.
Iceli doesn’t understand social obligations very well, which makes her appear strange and even insensitive to others.
No. 1070106 ID: 770f88
File 169180693923.png - (53.74KB , 740x1200 , Hop character profile.png )

Hop Speedester, Makaila.

Gender+Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Rab-Kin.
Age: 19
Astrology Sign: Berstner.
BloodType: B

Getting into competitions.
Painting Little Dolls.

Brief Personality:
Kind, Secretive, Chill, Confident.
Flaws: Sassy, Brash, Self-Hating.
Likes: Conformity, Winning, Standing up for her friends,
Dislikes: Junk Food, Lazy People, Weakness, Herself.

Speed: C+

Hop is a competitor and generally fit person, However, unlike her boyfriend Alex, she invested in training her speed.
She's a really good sport and an amazing friend, however just like her boyfriend, she seems to train extensively, and she's been looking a little thin…
No. 1070107 ID: 770f88
File 169180694549.png - (76.70KB , 740x1200 , Posni Character Profile.png )

Name: Posni Palla Nodolea.

Gender: Male
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Species: Frog
Age: 21
Astrology Sign: Poistanata.
BloodType: AB -

Potion Making, Studying, Experimenting, Practicing Magic, Reading, Meditating
Brief Personality:
Loner, Self Reliant, Thoughtful, Deceptive, Smart.
Paranoid Brooding, Antisocial, Untrusting.
Likes: His Work, Revenge, Power, Lack of Power, Kind Souls.
Being Vulnerable, His Body, Dark Souls, Power.
Magic: Poison A+, Potion Making A+.
Posini Is an outcast, and he readily accepts that role, Donning a mask and being very conservative in how he dresses. However, he is content with this life for he doesn't trust anybody, thinking that they always have ulterior motives.
However he is not without some strengths, for one, Posni is very perceptive of his environment, and if he sees someone as not a potential threat, he is quite social with those, he also helps the weak and those hurt by others, willing to mentor those too get them stronger.
No. 1070108 ID: 770f88
File 169180694838.png - (84.90KB , 740x1200 , Rosa Profile.png )

Name: Otter fua yeink

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Sealter? lol jk, Sea-Otter.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: The Light
BloodType: A-

Magic Tricks
Treasure hunting.
Brief Personality:
Unpredictable, Weird, Crazy.
Likes: Weird Things, The World, Hypnosis.
Dislikes: Order, Bugs, RUDENESS

Otter is an Bit Odd-er.
:whitemagicli_normal_noanims: Hahaha Wow So original.
Such- Otter has lived a life of comfort in the Odd Circus, Playing Acts and doing boring things like not murdering, when she's not working she's spelunking for treasure and discoveries, she may be very strange, but ultimately harmless.
Great First Kill Fodder if you ask me!
:whitemagicli_sad_noanims: Blacky Bu, please stay in character as an omnipresent narrator.
Okay, Okay fine…
No. 1070109 ID: 770f88
File 169180695482.png - (444.16KB , 740x1200 , Fli profile.png )

Name: Fli Lil Ohnet.

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Cutenia.
Age: 20
Astrology Sign: The Light

Is too busy to have hobbies.
Brief Personality:
Passionate, Burning Soul, Confidence, Truthful
Honor, Stability, Truth, Simplciting, and Compliments from her friends.
Being Mis-Aged. Rejection, Being Decived.
Magic: Air Magic A+.
Fli has been mistaken for a child for most of her life, left on a doorstep of a member of an unknown species. She had adoptive parents who treated her as such, even up to her adult years, this constant smothering led to rebellion, and eventually independence. Fli constantly works to prove herself to others and be seen as an equal and hates being seen as lesser, she’s pretty talented in a wide variety of things and is up to help, however, her constant need to speak her mind can be standoffish to others and may make her come across as rude.
No. 1070110 ID: 770f88
File 169180695869.png - (65.79KB , 740x1200 , Furri character profile.png )

Name: Furri Fur allayia.

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Cat
Age: 25
Astrology Sign: Ribbon of Warmth.
BloodType: B-

Dancing, Computers, Reading, Accounting.
Brief Personality:
Kind, Understanding, Anxious.
Rude, Distant, Sassy.
Calmness, her old life, true friends, being alone.
Fake friends, Sex for pay.
Magic: Transmutation. B-
Furri is mistaken by most she-
:whitemagicli_happy_anims: AWOOOGA!! LOOK AT THAT RACK!
:dark_magicli_angry_noanims: Please leave.
:whitemagicli_happy_noanims: Dude, don’t you know how much our audience loves tits? Literally made a day for it.
:dark_magicli_sad_noanims: I think that’s not her character.
:whitemagicli_sad_noanims: Oh my god. Audience, please vote for her, please vote I beg you, I bet if you vote for her you’ll see so much boobie.
:dark_magicli_angry_anims: Please leave.
:whitemagicli_happy_anims: I can’t leave you silly~
:dark_magicli_sad_noanims: Unfortunately…..
:whitemagicli_happy_noanims: Heheehehehehehheheh.
:dark_magicli_normal_noanims: let me just finish at least my description.
Furri is often mistaken due to her *ahem* assets, and is seen sexually by most who come across her, however, Furri would rather do anything else, unfortunately for her, a different life was thrust upon her that she doesn’t agree with, but needs to do to survive. Furri is very isolated from those who come near her, thinking their either there to ruin her life or take advantage of her in some way. However, she ultimately wishes for true companionship and friends to support herself.
No. 1070111 ID: 770f88
File 169180696207.png - (76.66KB , 740x1200 , Spi profile.png )

Name: Spi, Sped, Webbe.

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi but prefers girls slightly.
Species: Spider.
Age: 19
Astrology Sign: The Protector.
BloodType: O

Hobbies: Scouting, Making Traps, Whatever her friends like.
Brief Personality:
Happy, Catering, Sweet, Very Protective.
Quiet, Anxious, Paranoid, Brooding, Workaholic.
Quality time, Friends, hard work, Freedom.
Her anxiety, being alone, her trust being broken, and the color red, are being pushed around.
Magic: Traps: A+
Spi, a spider from the foggy woods grew up a hatchling alone, all of her siblings were either dead or had gone off without her. She grew up alone in the wilderness, however, Spi longed immensely for friendship, however, those she would try to meet would run off in absolute terror. However, those that did stay she smothered with attention, she got obsessed over it, enough so that it would make friends leave her, and she was stuck in a perpetual cycle of
Being alone, smothering those who stayed, and getting left behind. The result was that her smothering got compounded further as she tried to people please those around her to stay.
No. 1070112 ID: 770f88
File 169180696628.png - (56.40KB , 740x1200 , Noon Profile.png )

Name: Noon Suniht Dawnhusk.

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian.
Species: Sun-Moon-Oli.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: Tunlanka.
BloodType AB+

Board Games
Brief Personality:
Thoughtful, Empathetic, Softspoken, Nice.
Depressive, Shy.
Art, Creativity, Cuteness, Nice people, Support.
Being Alone, Creeps, Depression, Messing up.
Magic: Lazers: C+
Noon is an artist, however, her art is too abstract for the art world, as most enjoy fine arts instead, this has not made her successful, instead, she relies on being supported by other people, mostly her parents. Noon does however love what she does immensely and puts her heart into her work. However, she does feel a great shame about her support, her work, and about multiple aspects of herself, which leads to fits of self-loathing.
No. 1070113 ID: 770f88
File 169180696931.png - (103.62KB , 740x1200 , Hypnoyet.png )

Name: Hypno yet.

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality:???? Power Dynamic.
Species: Ilchitoi.
Age: ???
Astrology Sign: The Darkness.
BloodType: O-

Hobbies: Leading
Brief Personality:
Fun, Hypnosis.
People Ruining her fun.
Not much is known about Hypno, besides her weird demeanor and even weirder tendencies, she tends to swing her pendulum in front of herself for hours at a time, occasionally snickering.
No. 1070114 ID: 770f88
File 169180697397.png - (85.26KB , 740x1200 , Ghasti.png )

Name: Ghasti Last Suilla.

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: ???
Species: Ghost (Formerly Human.)
Age: Death Year 1192.
Astrology Sign: Berstner.
BloodType B-

Healing the world around her, Reading, Golf.
Brief Personality:
Very Easy to Help, Cunning, Shy, Nice, Lonely.
Sadistic, Sad, Antisocial
Quiet People, Hiding, Being Alone, Death.
Loud people, conflict, life.
Healing/Life: B+
Ghashti is the Oldest student on the list, being from times of old, there is much she remembers, but can not accurately recall, She is quite timid despite being incorporeal and prefers to possess inanimate objects to speak, and generally appear to the world, it takes a lot for her to come out of her shell. Also despite being very adept at healing, medicine, and biology. Ghasti prefers to use a wand to cast her spells, for what reason is up to her.
No. 1070115 ID: 770f88
File 169180697722.png - (120.20KB , 740x1200 , Shad and ali profile.png )

Name: Shad Fu + Aliu
Shad’s Real name: Shad Nuniunat, Kizl.
Gender: Shad: Male. Aliu: Prefers Female Pronouns.
Sex: Shad: Male. Ailu: N/A
Sexuality: Shad: Bisexual. Aliu: Too mammalian a thought.
Species: BirCorvidae, Magical Sword.

Age: 18, Creation Year: 7548.
Astrology Sign: The Darkness
BloodType: B-

Training, Fighting, Sewing, Meditating
Aliu: Teasing Shad.
Brief Personality:
Hard Worker. Nice, Shy.
Aliu: Sarcastic, Rude, Lazy, Condesending.
Cute Girls, Being Told Stories, Scales.
Ailu: Killing people, Being annoying,
Them knowing the TRUTH, People in the way of his goals.
Ailu: Shad, Perverts, Boastful people.
Magic: Conjuration (Item Size Changing. A+ Sword-Based): A+
Shad is a Shijia which is akin to a ninja, however, Shijia’s use their swords and magic, rather than trickery and agility. He is quite low on the hierarchy of His clan and wishes to prove himself so that he may reach a higher rank. He also has Ailu, a sentient shape-changing sword that is adorned with moveable sharp edges, How Shad gained Ailu remains a mystery. Besides that he acts nothing like a Shijia normally acts, being an every-man in terms of personality. Shad lived in Jynia for most of his life, a very traditional, conservative, continent. and while he lives by their rules, he is much more willing to change, especially if it affects him positively.
No. 1070116 ID: 770f88
File 169180698330.png - (57.24KB , 740x1200 , Boreilla profile.png )

Name: Boreilla Demnato Shadow.

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi But into boys more.
Species: Boar-Blin + Half Seal (Don't mind the art the bottom half is actually an seal.)
Age: 19
Astrology Sign: Greedia
BloodType A+

Witchcraft, Demonology, Fashion, Pranking.
Brief Personality:
Untidy, Sadistic, Laid-Back, Trickster.
Telling Jokes, Pranking Humor, Brining Misery.
Light Magic, Insults, Ugliness, Unfunniness. Her other side.
Demonic: B+
Illusion: C+
Summoning: C+
Boreilla is a Trickster who loves Demonlogy, and the Dark Arts. Boreilla prefers humor above all else even if it dramatically affects the other party, however Boreilla despite her demonic heritage is mostly harmless, only using demonic energies in emergencies or during confrontations. When Boreilla uses too much demonic energy or has a mental break, the Demon inside her takes over her body not sharing the memories of Boreilla and being an split personality. The demon side will not fade until they either don’t use their energy or has a mental break.
No. 1070117 ID: 770f88
File 169180698690.png - (61.73KB , 740x1200 , Zea profile.png )

Name: Zea Nvu Shlie.

Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Species: Ilchitoi (Pill-Bug.)
Age: 18
Astrology Sign:
BloodType B+

Pretending to Work.
Brief Personality:
Good-Hearted, Loyal, Forgiving.
Cowardly, Dumb.
Loves the outdoors and animals, small things, protecting others, and feeling safe.
Shield B+
Zea is a gentle giant by heart, however, his lack of perception can make it hard for him to tell what can and won’t hurt him, combined with his powers has literally and mentally lived in a bubble, he however is nice and tries his best however he is quick too recoil into his shell.
No. 1070118 ID: 770f88
File 169180699192.png - (182.75KB , 740x1200 , Skel Profile.png )

Name: Skel Spoop Leton

Gender: Male
Sex: N/A
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Skeleiton (Piranha.)
Astrology Sign:
BloodType O-

Working out, smoking, and committing petty crimes.
Brief Personality:
Eardable, Holds a Grudge, Rude, Irrational.
Likes: Money, Power, Chill People, hard work.
Creeps, anything he deems “annoying”.
Gun: B-
Earth Magic: D+.
Skel is a laid-back kind of man when work isn’t involved. Skel used to work for a crime syndicate and that experience has had an immense effect on how he sees the world, at least in comparison to the other mobsters, who usually did it to get by. Skel internalized the Dog Eats the Bone mentality, and constantly strives to be better, however unlike Alex, he doesn't give his 100% instead blaming other people's weaknesses without looking at himself.
No. 1070119 ID: 770f88
File 169180699539.png - (97.18KB , 740x1200 , mr gobstep profile.png )

Name: Mr Gobstop String.

Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Elephant-Blin?
Age: 52
Astrology Sign:
BloodType AB-

Writing Litterature
Brief Personality:
Old-Fashioned, Appreciative.
The Arts, Artists.
Moving objects: C+
Gob-Stop is an old timely chap wishing to finally show off his hobbies after a lifetime of
Working in the culinary arts, Gobstop mainly uses his ability to compose sympathies for his one-man band.
No. 1070120 ID: 770f88
File 169180700225.png - (101.94KB , 740x1200 , Alex Character profile.png )

Name: Christopher Alexander (Alex) The Strong (IIV)

Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Ram-Kin.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: Berstner.
Working Out
Playing With Stuffed Toys.
Brief Personality:
Hot-Headed, Passionate, Conservative, Nice, Cool.
A Tad Aggressive, Quick to Anger, Shameful.
Honor, An Fair-Fight, Doing things with his friends, His Tribe, Getting Stronger.
Money, Being Forced into bad situations, His Anger, An Broken Heart.
Magic: Fire: C+
Alexander is a perfect example of a shotto protagonist, he constantly builds his strength, hoping to get stronger, almost religiously so, this redeeming quality may paint him in perfect light, however, he has one weakness. He falls victim to his emotions, especially anger. Alexander’s Anger seems to buff up both his fighting style, and his signature Magika: Fire. However, it makes him near-sighted and nigh unstoppable once it starts. Alexander fights to protect the weak and make his tribe proud, however, if his honor comes into question this can mentally damage him.
No. 1070121 ID: 770f88
File 169180700676.png - (178.73KB , 740x1200 , Wilabou Profile.png )

Magical School Of Treachery 2:

Name: Wilabo Buv Banaski

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Poly
Species: Neko-Cat.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: Verniesta
BloodType: A+

Watching Shows She enjoys, Cosplaying, Sneaking, Baking, Drawing, Playing Magical Games.
Brief Personality:
Jolly, ChatterBox, Optimistic.
Rambling, Obnoxious.
Anime?, Cool Outfits, Suits!, Fishing, Cat-Nip, Transforming, Burgner.
French-Fries, Girly Dresses, Uwah energy, NARWHALS.
Transformation A+
Wilabou loves media, almost to an unhealthy degree. As an avid media enjoyer, she enjoys the arts to make media, sometimes original, but mostly fan-fiction based on media that she likes. Wilabou loves to sew, and with both her polymorphing magic, and her love of characters, Wilabou can accurately recreate characters in appearance, and sometimes even voice. Anime? Is her favorite genre of media to consume, mostly due to its expressiveness, and its heavy use of detail. However Wilabou hates narwhals, she just does.
No. 1070122 ID: 770f88
File 169180701035.png - (115.94KB , 740x1200 , Kai profile.png )

Name: Kai Jono Axuno

Gender: Male/ NonBinary
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: OrwoBat
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: Darkness
BloodType B+

Spraying Magical Garrfehiti, Playing Magical Games, Causing Chaos, and Resurrecting the dead for educational purposes.
Brief Personality:
Does whatever he wants
(In some situations.)
A tad shy
Quick to anger.
“Look at the hobby section. K?”
Being misgendered, unchill people, Burritos.
Necromancy: B+
Lightning: F
This punkish lad is grossly independent, and is non-comparative, mostly because it’s what he wishes to do, but he also does it out of spite. He knows a lot about the underground side of the world but doesn't participate in it except for minor acts. His skill in necromancy is also very lucrative, from resurrecting fallen family members to using it as an army or through persuasion. And while he mostly considers his skill an means to an end, he does deep-down identify it as an extension of himself.
No. 1070123 ID: 770f88
File 169180701402.png - (110.70KB , 740x1200 , Rizam Profile.png )

Name: Rizam Specular.
Real Name: Cuddle Bot # 4389.

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Species: Cuddle Bot.
Age: 3214.
Astrology Sign: Defender.
Blood Type: Oil.

Training. Tinkering. Pondering her purpose.
Brief Personality:
Lone-Wolf Motif.
Get’s easily upset.
Getting Upgraded, Training, Being the Strongest, Sparing with Worthy Opponents.
Cute Things, Getting switched to her “Other” mode. Snakes.
Has programmed mechanical tools instead. D+
Rizam awoke from stasis very recently at the age of 9554 Ad. The last true robot, cuddlebot pondered her purpose. And eventually reached a decision. She was here in this world to fight and train to become the strongest fighter in Muani, Not knowing her original purpose. So she traveled the world, upgrading herself, and pushing herself beyond her limits, however, foes that do come across her will find a big weakness, an switch on her back that will revert her to her original programming, rather than her sentience.
No. 1070124 ID: 770f88
File 169180701797.png - (37.34KB , 740x1200 , Dair Profile.png )

Name: Dair Von Bkestaka

Gender: Male
Sex: N/A?
Sexuality: Asexual
Species: Corrupted Sentient Shadow.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: the darkness
BloodType: Shadow

Potion Making, Tea Making, Medical Science, Debate.
Brief Personality:
Empathetic Methichal
Judging, Sadistic, likes a bit of Chaos, Brooding.
Studying Races Biology. Researching and Debating Muani's History, Tuwui Tea, People like him, Science.
Morals in terms of progress, being told no, an easy challenge.
Magic Type:
Darkness: A
Dair began life as most Corrupted shadow people do, awoken suddenly created without a purpose or drive, however, the mask which his form shifted around had memories, a purpose, and drive. Dair integrated with the mask, acting as a twisted perception of the one who wore the mask before him. The creator of this mask was incredibly interested in the world, however, he acted more as a witch doctor, Dair however, became much more interested in biology, and the arcana of the world. As Dair traveled the world, he became less of the mask that he was infused with and became less than the shadow he was created as. He was a person with aspirations and dreams.
No. 1070125 ID: 770f88
File 169180702008.png - (37.26KB , 740x1200 , Senuia Profile.png )

Name: Senuia, Changa, Gena.

Gender: GenderFluid.
Sex: GenderFluid (Dependent on pronouns people use, also changed if they eat hot or cold food.)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Cursed Shapeshifter.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: Poistana.
BloodType: Light Goo.

Mineral Collecting.
Brief Personality:
Flexible, Initiative, Basic.
People Follower.
People conformer.
Trends, what everyone else likes.
Thinking about themselves. Bees, Rapidly Shifting Sex.
Light: B-
When Senuia was still an egg a witch visited their house and put a hex on their egg, when Senuia finally hatched, the parents discovered the odd curse that had been placed on their child. Senua was a shape-shifter, not by choice mind you, but by persuasion. Yes for all aspects of Senuia’s physical appearance, it was influenced by how other people talked about them. If they called them as slow as a snail, they would transform into a snail, if they were referred to as a boy, or any male pronouns they would shift towards that sex, likewise for the opposite sex.
However, the witch added one additional clause to Senuia’s curse. If they ate hot food they would transform into a girl, and if they ate cold food they would transform into a boy, despite but not preventing the original curse.
No. 1070126 ID: 770f88
File 169180702480.png - (48.37KB , 740x1200 , Noti Profile.png )

Name: Noti hihga pictor.

Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight.
Species: Anthropmorthic D Note.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign:
BloodType: O-

Playing all kinds of musical instruments.
Creative Writing
Candle Making
Brief Personality:
Ambitious, Hardworking, Confident.
Snobish, Cocky, Higher than thou attitude.
Classical Music, Fine Arts, Mystery Books, Honor, Being the best, Open-Spaces.
Mess, Climbing, Criticism, Astrology, Drinking.
Music/Sound Based: B-
Notti came from a long line of rich and well-known music players, the generational pressure was thrust upon him at a young age, and became integrated into his mind. Failure means defeat, and defeat means humiliation. Notti, therefore, has tried his best most of his life to avoid even the littlest potential of defeat. He may even cheat, but by using his magic, he amplified his performances to top even the greatest classical player ever made, however, this eventually came to a cost. Everything.
No. 1070127 ID: 770f88
File 169180702874.png - (103.48KB , 740x1200 , Gurier Profile.png )

Name: Gurier Gamel Soul (Colors may change)

Gender: Gender-Fluid
Sex: N/A
Sexuality: PolySexual
Species: Child of Chaos and Greed Souls.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: Greeda
BloodType Black

Practicing Magic
Stealing Candy From Babies
Gambling [Money, Or People.]
Casting Magic
Playing Tricks
Casting Illusion Spells.
Brief Personality:
Chaotic, Jolly, Jokester, Intelligence, Fun. [Can Get Serious.]
Acts Before Thinking, Hyperactive.
Money, Chaos, Fire, Tricks, Treats, Jesters, Plays, Cherries.
Blandness, Apples, Pears, and Oranges, Not fulfilling their sole purpose.
Gambling: S+
Money: S
Gurier is the strongest mage ever created…..That is what I would say if it wasn’t entirely random. Gurier loves his magic however and casts it wherever she wishes. Their personality may be the status of their creation or because he just naturally acts that way, Gurier fits comfortably into the chaos mage archetype. With he will plan or react to the next being almost entirely random.
No. 1070128 ID: 770f88
File 169180703303.png - (148.57KB , 740x1200 , Succuis.png )

Name: Succuis

Gender: Male
Sex: Male (May Shift.)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Succubis Demon.
Age: 1800
Astrology Sign: Ribbion Of Warmth.
Blood Type: (Pink) O-

Too busy maintaining himself to have hobbies.
Brief Personality:
Sociable, Submissive, Resilient.
Burdend, Deppresive, Resentful.
Forgot what exactly he likes.
His need to commit in lust.
Succuis in his original life committed a heinous act of lust, enough so that it angered the gods, who put a curse on him, immortality. Succuis must fulfill someone’s desire or lust at least once a day in order to survive, failure to do so will result in him being trapped in eternal agony in this plane for the rest of his existence. Succuis has learned his lesson and wishes nothing less but to die, however, it is not that easy for him, because of the maintenance required by his curse. And his fear of what will happen if he does not fulfill this act. Succuis has not properly found a way to kill himself.
No. 1070129 ID: 770f88
File 169180703672.png - (75.95KB , 740x1200 , Xeno profile.png )

Xeno Mal Ple.
Gender: Female
Sex: (Plant) Female.
Sexuality: Aromantic.
Species: Caranqi Seedling.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: Verista
BloodType: Sap (Acid)

Brief Personality:
Alluring, Kind, Pleasant.
Intimidating, Slightly Manipulative.
Fresh-Meat. Preferably Frog-Based Species. The Carqui Mother Tree. Lilies. Hunting her Prey.
Her Sisters.
Resistance, Fear, Roses, Fire, Smoke, Loud Sounds, Disgusting Smells.
Magic: Plant/Ampotheray.
Xeno is a Caranqui, an invasive carnivorous plant species that is grown from the Carqui mother tree, which spreads through offerings of meat, which is usually carried by her children. Xeno is the star child among her siblings, an excellent hunter, and an even better caster. Xeno is a favorite among Carqui Mother, However, she has an interesting quirk, unlike her sisters whose sole purpose is only to feed Carqui mother. Xeno wishes for a little more, sure her allegiance is with Carqui Mother, but Xeno has other hobbies, goals, aspirations, and dreams.
No. 1070130 ID: 770f88
File 169180704182.png - (32.30KB , 740x1200 , Umbra profile.png )

Name: Umbra Kon Vassider

Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Shadow Human.
Age: 21
Astrology Sign: Greedia
BloodType: (Shadow/Darkness.)

Tarot, Drama, Writing, Reading, Diorama, Chess.
Brief Personality:
Lover Type, Strong, Proper,
Alternating, Prejudiced, Petty.
Love, Himself, Military Battles, Dramas of Old, Conformity, Chess strategy.
Heart-Break, Pronouns, Corrupted Shadows, Monsters.
Nightmare: B
Shadow: A
Hex: C
Umbra like most shadow creatures was created by the goddess Ulutunia, and Umbra is no different, like most shadow creatures follow Ultania and her goals and aspirations, even after her defeat by the hands of Ultierer many millennia ago, like most shadow people, he considers corrupted shadows to be mere monsters who does not represent Umbra’s will realisticly.
Umbra is quite an old-fashioned shadow despite being created fairly recently like his parents. An interesting fact is that, unlike Ulutunia who created most of the races and magic throughout the land, Umbra’s creatures use magic channeled through her will, which can affect spells, perceptions of spells, and the chemistry of the spells.
No. 1070131 ID: 770f88
File 169180704661.png - (38.23KB , 740x1200 , narwhill.png )

Name: Narwill Kewiley bab

Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Rainbow Narwhal.
Age: 18
Astrology Sign: The Elemental
BloodType: Rainbows And Glitter.

Break Dancing
Brief Personality:
Excitable, Extroverted.
Head-Strong, Perverted, Risk-Taking.
Rainbows, Cats, Boobies, Glitter, the word owo, Talking about the nature of mankind, Magic Tricks!
The Color Grey, Black, and White, being sushed, Elephants, annoying songs made about her. Goop.
Rainbows: (Elmental Sides.) A+
UwU? I get a description? Hweck yeah! Hmmm… I guess I need to get a good first impression OwO so that I’m voted for, hmmmm……. Aww I just thought of the most important thing! Boobies!
No. 1070133 ID: e51896

my 12 votes are:
- Iceli
- Umbra
- Otter
- Furri
- Noon
- Noti
- Gurier
- Zea
- Wilabo
- Senuia
- Succuis
- Xeno (super vote this one)

protagonist: Iceli
No. 1070158 ID: 38349b

> Picks
- Furri Fur allayia
- Spi, Sped, Webbe
- Ghasti Last Suilla
- Otter fua yeink
- Xeno Mal Ple
- Wilabo Buv Banaski (SUPER)
- Senuia, Changa, Gena
- Gurier Gamel Sou
- Umbra Kon Vassider
- Dair Von Bkestaka
- Succuis
- Mr Gobstop String

> Protag
Spi Plz
No. 1070164 ID: 4481aa

I'm gonna include a great deal of my thought process, for whoever wants to see it. See if it may convince any of you towards my picks.

For my votes, I wanted to ensure that we had a nice variety to work with all around, while also supporting a lot of my favorite options. For obvious reasons, I chose not to vote for anyone who already received a SUPER Vote, and balanced my choices around those characters being guaranteed to go in.

I won't walk you through all that entailed, so here's what I came up with:

- Iceli, Drego, Water
- Hop Speedester, Makaila
- Posni Palla Nodolea
- Skel Spoop Leton
- Spi, Sped, Webbe
- Fli Lil Ohnet
- Furri Fur Allayia
- Umbra Kon Vassider
- Ghasti Last Suilla
- Zea Nvu Shlie
- Christopher Alexander (Alex) The Strong (IIV)
- Noti hihga pictor

I knew that my SUPER Vote had to go to a character that nobody else had voted for, and ideally one who I think would otherwise get very little support. That unfortunately excluded Skel from my list, as they're rad, and I simply refuse to believe nobody else will recognize this. That left Hop, Posni, and Fli.

Hop has one of the cutest designs imo, so she's out next as the most likely to gain votes (A pox upon you all if I live to regret this). So, Fli or Posni? In the end, it has to be what I feel the cast needs most, which made the choice crystal clear:

SUPER: Posni Palla Nodolea

Finally, the Protagonist vote. A good point of view can change the entire story, so it is imperative you choose well. Ideally, it'd be a character who can interact with everyone, and explore as much of the story as possible.

We can eliminate half my picks right off the bat for being a bit too out there to work for this role (Alex, Zea, Ghsati, Posni, Umbra, Noti). From there, we have to get a bit pickier. I like Fli, but I wouldn't want to be chained to her for the whole story. Same with Skel. Furri is a bit more interesting as someone we aren't in the head of, so she's out.

That leaves three: Hop, Iceli, and Spi. Frankly, I don't think you could go wrong with any of them, but I'm the least interested in experiencing Iceli's perspective of this trio. That puts it between Hop and Spi. Anxious and friendly VS. Confident and sassy. As someone who had very strong opinions on Danganronpa, particularly one big plot twist from a certain entry, I know EXACTLY where I stand on this.

PROTAG: Hop Speedester, Makaila
No. 1070171 ID: 38349b

I will note that Hop was also on my list before I cut her to include another guy, but wouldnt mind her being the protag if she was included
No. 1070173 ID: 3f565a

THE 12
- Furri Fur allayia
- Spi, Sped, Webbe
- Iceli, Drego, Water
- Hop Speedester, Makaila
- Otter fua yeink
- Notti hihga pictor
- Umbra Kon Vassider
- Kai Jono Axuno
- Wilabo Buv Banaski
- Narwill Kewiley bab
- Hypno yet
- Succuis

No. 1070174 ID: 3f565a

wait I mixed up the protagonist and supervote, mybad
No. 1070185 ID: e5709d

I super vote for Wilabo on everything and protagonist and stuff
No. 1070189 ID: 8e6882

-Alex (super vote)

Protag: Iceli
No. 1077141 ID: 770f88
File 169984127960.png - (47.58KB , 500x500 , Magicli shows off the students.png )

With the votes now in, it’s time to introduce who got into this wonderful school, plus some tidbits for flavor!
No. 1077142 ID: 770f88
File 169984128398.png - (68.05KB , 500x500 , Student vote tally.png )

First up Furri, who is the most-voted on non-super student with five votes! Next up our protagonist let’s bring it up for Hop! She as well as another character also got two super votes, a bit overkill if you ask me but I guess she is just very “well-liked”. The next characters are the ones who got four votes each, Iceli, Umbra, Otter? Wait why Otter- She’s first kill fodder, no- wait, don’t tell me.. Don’t tell me you're going to give her character! I-. Hmmph, I need to look at the votes, And last before our super votes, Succuis! With three votes! For super votes we have! Gurier, Senuia, Spi, Xeno, Posini, Notti, Alex, and Finally it’s her the myth the legend the one you’ve been waiting for with two Super votes, and the first character to receive rule 34….. It’s Willabo!
Now then with the actors called and the curtain set, let us begin… shall we?
No. 1077143 ID: 770f88
File 169984128696.png - (22.54KB , 500x500 , Hop awakes to an messy room.png )

The warm crimson air engulfs my face as I’m gently awoken, The tranquility I feel is greatly contrasted by the disorder of our room. My boyfriend Alex is still asleep, and bruises still engulf his skin, If we want our aches to heal It’s best that I leave him be.
No. 1077144 ID: 770f88
File 169984128831.png - (24.24KB , 500x500 , shuffeling through trash.png )

My feet shift through the mess on the floor, papers, posters, And Bills. I pick up a piece of paper that’s lying on the ground its words are messy and hard to read as I go to a brighter area the content flashes its immorality, the contents are as terrible as vilness. Is that- an eviction notice?! No! No! This- This can’t be happening! We work so hard every day! They can’t just throw us out like cockroaches!
I dash towards Alex and shake him awake.
: hop_sad_anims:“Alex! We need to get into some competitions, Right now!” I still shake him with the force of an earthquake as he rapidly wakes up.
: alex_sad_noanims:“H-Huh! Oh, Hop... Babe, I’m sorry I can’t... It.. didn’t work out so well. My body feels like I’ve been hit by a truck. I’m sorry…
“Alex, We have too if we don’t we’ll…” I overwhelm the paper up to his eyes.
It feels like a heart attack is about to set on me as I rapidly grab my bags and gear. : hop_sad_noanims: “Look, I’ll find out something that’ll work within that time, and then you’ll be ready by the afternoon for another one of your wrestling matches right?”As I say this, Alex shifts himself upright slightly.
No. 1077145 ID: 770f88
File 169984129161.png - (25.61KB , 500x500 , woaha alex is hurt no way.png )

“Hop, Look at Us, I’m bed-ridden in pain, and you’ve become just an anxious mess, Why don’t we just get some actual jobs, I heard that Trinu, the owner of the Spirt Urn, is looking for some employees, and there’s an need for heavy-haul workers.”
Alex feels distant, Is he giving up? Content falls by the wayside when we’re so close to perfection.
: hop_scared_noanims:“Are you crazy Alex? Look! I know we can make this work! We just need something to impress the crowds, I know it hasn't been looking good for us lately, but viewers love a good under-rabbit or under-bull story!”
Alex sighs, but then an inferno surrounds him.
:alex_sad_noanims: “This isn’t about us, this isn’t about our losses Hop! Look, our industry is drying up! No one is looking at straight athletic competitions anymore, everyone is looking at magical sports now, our flashier, more appealing contemporary! We just have to admit it! Doing it can’t pay the bills anymore!”
Did he just- No this isn’t my Alex, the Alex I know never gives up and always pushes through no matter what life throws at him, This Alex is a doubleganger a shell of his former self, maybe all he needs is a bit of inspiration.
No. 1077146 ID: 770f88
File 169984129417.png - (52.91KB , 500x500 , inspration speeches will help the cripples.png )

: hop_happy_anims:“Look, maybe we can apply for magical competitions! You use your fire magic, and I work on my speed magic and possibly something else! And finally, get ourselves out of the dirt! This is just a little pebble, Nothing has stopped us before love!”
I eagerly await his response, but what he said is different from what I was expecting.
:alex_sad_noanims :“We're not good enough, My Fire magic is too dangerous, and your speed magic needs to be worked on, we just don’t have enough time to hop. Magic takes a long time to learn unless you’ve got the dough, which we don’t have.”
: alex_normal_noanims:“Hop, we can do competitions as a hobby, what matters is the safety and stability of us.”
:hop_sad_noanims:“But Alex, our vow together… No matter what, we’ll support each other’s dreams!”
:alex_normal_anims:“I’m sorry honey bun, we have to return to reality.”
Reality? Hah! Reality’s done nothing for us but spit on our faces, wipe its shoes on our feet, and kick us in the crotch, and he’s defending it?!
:hop_angry_noanims:“Reality has done nothing to us but take, take, take! Were on our last leg, but they kept amputating us! It’s not because we are lazy, But it’s because we have the little thread to dream, that this was possible But nooo.”
My boyfriend outstretches his hoof, a shock of horror lined across his face.
: alex_scared_noanims:“Hop this isn’t like you!”
I would be willing to learn magic, but we can’t afford it! We're just stuck in a ravine within a ravine, there’s nothing that would- My thought drifts as I suddenly feel my lucky foot thump multiple times, and then
No. 1077147 ID: 770f88
File 169984129792.png - (7.39KB , 500x500 , big light goes boom.png )

A large bright light engulfs the room, like a flashbang mixed with the colors of a club, then silence,
No. 1077148 ID: 770f88
File 169984130041.png - (23.96KB , 500x500 , pen initiation.png )

where the light originated flies down a fancy piece of parchment. Which levitates within the air, a deep masculine voice with high-pitched inflections reads out the parchment which echoes throughout the room.
Hello there Hop and Alex! You two are the delightful winners to enroll in the greatest magician’s school, Magicli’s Magical School! Here at Magicli’s Magical School, there will be food, shelter, and a wide variety of amenities to fit any lifestyle. Magili holds personalized lessons every day so you can become as strong as them, and best of all it is Free! You heard me right free! I sent you the invitation because I heard how awful it is right now, and because soon you’d probably be out on the streets! you’d be an fool not to take this offer! So do you accept? -With love, Magicli. At the bottom of the parchment is a signature block. With the prompt: sign here.
A Quill Sunndley materializes accompanied by a gust of darkened flame that inches toward me, The absurdism of it all is quickly breached by Alex's voice.
: alex_sad_anims : “Don’t do it Hop!- It Chould- It could be a scam! Besides, that would break our vow, that we would do everything together, I’m not in a state to join you.”
The parchment behind me squeals in delight. “Oh, why didn’t you say so Alex?” And just as suddenly as the document finished, a colorful beam of light covered my boyfriend head to toe in a rainbow-like silhouette, The fear was inescapable as I jumped onto the bed and tried to break the swirling magic. I put my paw into the light but my anxiety flattened as I examined my paw, The Cut I had gotten in my last race was gone, it felt like I had just been reborn again. The colors stopped shifting and withdrew outwards towards the room, disappearing once they stopped at a surface.

I held my breath, anticipating some sort of reaction from Alex but I almost jumped out of my fur
as he let out a loud bellow
.:alex_happy_anims: “HAHAHAHA!”
:hop_normal_anims: I sigh in relief “So, Are you feeling better?”
: alex_happy_noanims:“BETTER?! I FEEL LIKE I’VE BEEN BLESSED BY THE GODS. I’M RAWRING TO GO!” As he Jumps out of bed, I’m reminded of the Alex I love.

:alex_happy_anims:“Honestly Hop, This Magicli guy seems pretty swell, And we’ve got nowhere else to be! I’d sign that if I were you!” I must admit, that the dopamine rush, clouded my judgment, In one fell swoop I Signed on behalf of myself and Alex.
No. 1077149 ID: 770f88
File 169984130273.png - (28.78KB , 500x500 , Get sucked into an pocket dimension.png )

As I finished writing, I felt a tingle brush across my fur, then splatted onto my feet. The parchment-it’s, it’s turned into a vacuum! The force of a tsunami crashes into me bringing me closer to its maw, as I dash for my life, my boyfriend soars through the air and is swallowed by the paper. I try using my magic, but the force seems to get stronger until I lose ground. then my feet finally surrender and I’m sucked into the parchment.
I can see our apartment slowly fade away until it’s nothing but a dot. I’m surrounded by all sorts of colors and shapes, shifting turning, and contorting I feel like I’m perfectly still despite the former. After what seems like about a minute, as I’m thrust back into the world as I’m plopped onto what seems to be some kind of wooden surface, I look around and see a wide variety of silhouettes, all varying in size, shape, and form. As I readjust myself, I notice quickly that we are on a bridge with long arches that overlooks a long drop into what seems to be the capital city of furnia of the Inta empire in the distance, As I’m looking around my peripheral I notice Alex to the right of me and some sort of moth to my left, the sun seems bright with some occasional clouds dotted throughout, I look forward and see an extravagant site. A structure that reaches the heavens, supported by columns made of marble, and whose sides are plated by the whitest marble contrasted by the darkest.
No. 1077150 ID: 770f88
File 169984130510.png - (34.38KB , 500x500 , Wow she's so cuteee.png )

As I’m investigating the building I’m interrupted by the golden-clad gate’s opening to reveal a tall white figure adorned with multiple shades of grey, Her dress hides most of her figure as their head adorns a hat that points upwards, She looks cute yet her eyes is chilling, I hear her voice, which seems quite different than the one I originally heard. High-pitched voice with low inflections, joyful, and hiding a sense of excitement.
: whitemagicli_happy_anims: “Why hello there students! I’m Maglicli! It’s so nice to meet you all! Sorry ahead of time for the initial fear strike, It was a better way to transport you rather than straight up telportation! But knowing what you’re all here for Let’s skip pleasantries and let’s get a tour of the school, shall we? As she turns around, it seems as if her body seems to shift so that she’s always facing us, it’s reminiscent of an owl, but given her height, much, much creepier. As she walks inside she gestures for us to follow her, And as the last of us packs in the large marble doors behind us slams with a force that makes my ears ring in a daze. Silence fills the room in the front hall All eyes glued onto her.
:whitemagicli_normal_anims: She Giggles “Oh yes, how could I forget! Your tuition time..”
No. 1077151 ID: 770f88
File 169984130834.png - (31.17KB , 500x500 , dark magicliiiiiii.png )

She quickly spins herself around, revealing him… This tall darkened creature whose robe is formal yet scraggy, their chest sharp, and adorned with an unknown icon, their teeth stretched to a monstrous grin, their eyes squinting, adorned with two slashes, as he speaks I feel a sense of recognition. It’s the voice we originally heard, coming from some demonic monstrosity!
:dark_magicli_normal_anims:“Will be a lifetime…”
No. 1077152 ID: 770f88
File 169984131145.png - (46.59KB , 500x500 , la big group shock.png )

everyone's heart sinks. What have I gotten myself into? Forever? Does he mean- I turn around to look at a door nob, some magician otter begins to try to open the doors but just as she’s about to open a dent, she’s blasted back by psychic energy, that crashes her into a nearby wall. Her body slumps down leaving a trail of blood, I quickly look back at the door which now has an oversized magically infused lock, but the lock doesn’t matter, I think what the monster is conveying is that we won’t be leaving any time soon.
I can feel my fur rise and the heartbeat of the entire crowd getting faster and faster as we all stare at him, not knowing what he’ll do next. He grins, seemingly feasting in the fear that we all feel at this moment, licking his lips, like a fox ready to strike an unexpecting prey.
Suddenly I felt my boyfriend move. His head is narrowed and his nose flares, he steps forward unlike everyone else to confront this beast. He shouts.
: alex_angry_anims :“You-You can’t do this!! Flames start to ball around his hands. “I WON'T LET YOU!” Until the Ball is as large as himself. “RWARGH!” he punts the flaming inferno towards the monster. The monster stays perfectly still, content with this end. However he instead puts forward his pinky, and as the inferno touches his pinky it shrinks smaller and smaller until it resembles nothing but a little ball. The creature sharply eats it quickly and then grins at Alex.
:dark_magicli_happy_noanims: “Mmmm, Spicy~” Alex lowers his head and begins to charge the creature.
No. 1077153 ID: 770f88
File 169984131428.png - (10.80KB , 500x500 , magicli big hand.png )

:alex_angry_noanims: “I’ll KILL YOU, YOU MONSTER!” the creature scoffs, bearly moving his expression. “Oh, I don’t think that's a good idea~” As Alex charges I blink and my heart drops to my stomach as I see the monster with sharp polymorphed claws pressed against my hubby’s neck, I shiver as I hear its evil sneer.
:dark_magicli_happy_anims : “Oh, I don’t think that’s possible, I’m Magicli, the greatest magician in all of Mueani, whose power is comparable to a Goddess. and you? You’re just some Washed-up Bull Boxer.
: alex_angry_anims : “Y-You Lie! I’ll Kill you! I’ll Save Everyone!” The Monster sighs. :dark_magicli_sad_noanims:“I don’t wish to get my hands dirty, but there’s only way you’ll listen.” And in one fell jolt the monster slashes through Alex’s neck, his head hits the floor and rolls until it stops by magicli’s feet. As I stare at Alex’s lifeless body, I’m frozen in place. I can’t- everything seems to blur around me as I Feel my soul leave my boy, but I can’t I’m stuck, watching, I can’t run, I can’t do anything. But watch this monster as he feeds on our fears. The monster moves sporadically each movement makes me jump in my skin. He turns to us blood covered throughout his robe, the stench of death resonating off of this grim reaper.
:ark_magicli_normal_noanims: “So, Does anyone else here wish to try to dispose of me?” Even if we could, the fear has made most of us immobile. a lingering silence stretches for what seems like eons upon the hall. He then nods to himself “Good…” He spins around flashing us his other side, as the blood seems to disappear off of him. He looks toward the two lifeless bodies on the floor. “Now let’s clean up this mess. A darkish aura appears around them, levitating them into the air. Along with Alex’s head. I watch with horror as His head is twisted on like a doll, then Magicli blasts them with the rainbowish light I saw before, and I watch as the two bodies jolt and contort in unnatural ways, the Bodies start to moan in agony, with each jolt until eventually they relax and open their eyes
No. 1077154 ID: 770f88
File 169984131899.png - (17.09KB , 500x500 , poisim ponder.png )

My ears perk up a little as I hear a strange-looking magician Whisper amongst himself.
: posni_normal_noanims:“ so this magicli can properly use necromantic magic.
The two’s dazed expressions turned to terror as they saw the creature behind them, looking small towards the predator They dashed towards the crowd, and there was not much I can do but hold Alex’s hand. He’s shivering, and he looks shell-shocked. I put my head on his arm. Which relaxes him, I’m sorry Alex. But Alex tenses up as the monster speaks again.
:dark_magicli_normal_anims: “Actually, I lied when I said it would be a lifetime, there’s one way to leave this school~.”
No. 1077155 ID: 770f88
File 169984132189.png - (22.00KB , 500x500 , oh moli.png )

“And that’s to murder! Of course, even murder has rules.” he looks up toward the roof. “Oh, Moli!” Two little horns poke out from a tiny little vent located towards the roof, they then fall somersaulting inside the air until she lands on her feet.
No. 1077156 ID: 770f88
File 169984132552.png - (11.77KB , 500x500 , Moli.png )

“Tadaa!” Her appearance looks like a mixture of both Magicli’s, with a corresponding but shorter robe to boot. Magicli commands. “Moli, can you give them the papers?” “Yes sir Daddy sir.” She then walks over and gives everyone, a paper, there’s a much smaller one followed by a much larger one. Magcli slides towards her lighter side to communicate this. “If any of you can’t read I’ll read it out!
School Rules!
No. 1077157 ID: 770f88
File 169984132865.png - (29.21KB , 500x500 , Hop complementation.png )

Number 1: Escape is Futile, any attempts to escape will be broken. subsequent attempts will be met with punishment.
Number 2: Any magic except for necromancy is allowed. (Because that’s dangerous stuff!)
Number 3: You must keep bodies intact, burning, mutilating beyond recognition, and getting rid of anything traceable about the victim will result in feeling the wraith.
Number 4: Look I know this school is a primal battleground full of emotions, treachery, and murder, but no rape/sexual assault, that shit is just nasty man and I’ll have your face caved into the nearest wall. If you need help remember this slogan Remember to hear and give the okay, before going all the way~ White! Okay, okay.
Number 5: New rules can be added at any time, most commonly during magicli announcements. Which happens weekly at 11:00 a.m. On Abru.
Number 6: This isn’t a rule but remember to shower every day, because nobody wants to smell someone nasty.
Number 7: At 12:30 A.m. every day there is a required magic training session, where I teach you all about magic, and you are allowed to practice in a versatile environment,

Besides that- Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING is on the table!

Now about murder~
Rule 1: No killing or attempting to kill my daughter you’ll die an infinite amount of deaths.
now, A murder can happen anyplace, at any time, when a murder happens minimal damage can be done to the carcass, cue the other rule. Also, the body will be prevented (Through my magic.) From rotting and will stay in the state that it was once in when it passed.
When a body is discovered either by the murderer after an 8-hour time has passed, or through another passerby, a body announcement will be broadcasted from everyone in the school, with its exact information and date, you then have around two hours to investigate before a trial begins. During a Trial people will accuse each other present evidence and do all of that boring stuff, then ounce everyone clicks the ready screen that will appear on your magical device, you’ll vote on who you think the murder is, Once all votes are processed one of three things will happen.
1: No one voted and the true murderer will be set free.
2: Someone voted on someone who is not the killer which will feel the wraith and the murderer will be set free.
3: Everyone votes for the true killer in which case they die.

Also! Before I finish, I just wanted to tell you about some terminology.
Punishment usually varies, now in this school punishment isn’t a slap on the booty, staying in detention, or having to do more work, no no no! It’s more comparable to torture~

And Feeling the Wraith is an excerpt from Feeling the Wraith of your actions, in this case, death.

:whitemagicli_happy_noanims:“Oh, I guess I should remind you about one thing, there is one other way to leave this school, and that’s by signing a deal with my hubby Dark Magicli, he’ll tell you all the details.”

And Magicli spins around to reveal his darker form.
:dark_magicli_happy_noanims:“Now students are you ready to experience an education that’s unlike any you’ve ever experienced before, where friendships are torn, brains are strained, and you feel like you’re all going insane? Well, you’ll experience it all! In the Magical School Of Treachery!!
:whitemagicli_normal_anims: “Roll Credits.”
: dark_magicli_sad_anims: “White I’d thought you’d said you behave while I have my moment!”
:whitemagicli_happy_anims: “Hehehehe Sorry Blackybu, I just couldn’t help myself.” Are, Are they arguing with each other? wait, now I feel confused.
:dark_magicli_normal_noanims:“Greetings students, before I introduce your class, I suggest we go on a tour around this school! Now if you’ll all follow me, we can begin, of course, you don’t have to join~.” Most of the crowds started to leave me behind, including Alex and joining in with Magicli, but how could I trust this jester, He decapitated my boyfriend for goodness sake, Maybe I could get a small group, of 1-4 and we could explore separately together, but I can’t really decide…

So should I
[1] Follow Magicli on His Tour.
[2] Get a small group to explore the school by ourselves [4-5 people maximum or magicli may get suspicious.]
[3] Attack Magicli
[4] Attempt to escape
[5] Or something else. [Other Suggestion:]
No. 1077164 ID: 8f9bc4

[5] everyone draw straws to see which of you dies, and then the rest of you all murder them at once. Nobody votes on who the true murderer is. Roll credits!
No. 1077166 ID: e51896

[2] split up from Alex. he'll take the tour while you investigate the school yourself with a small group and check out the stuff that won't be toured. when you get back with Alex, he can give you the details of what we missed.

try to convince Senuia for light (since we might come across a dark room while investigating) and spi (in case we need to set a trap for anyone following us in places where we shouldn't) and... what the hell: Otter.
No. 1077175 ID: 15b5a0

Wait so if 1 person votes incorrectly the killer goes free? No majority vote? Fool 1 person or get a loyalist who never doubts you and you're effectively free? Oh what if most people vote for the killer but others avoid voting, how does that go? Or 1 votes for a killer but everybody else avoids voting? ...Well either way the real win here is obvious. We will be learning magical skills for a long period. Once we all equal the spirits running this, we just kill the two using superior numbers. Guessing aging is not an issue. So, we just have to have patience and we all win this.
No. 1077193 ID: 8d318c

[1] you should gather information, find out important sites, see if you actually will be taught anything first, *then* freak out and use that info to figure out if there's any loopholes you can take advantage of here

They seem like the kind of person to sneak shit in just to fuck with you after all
No. 1077211 ID: b42d1e

[1] Can probably just sneak around later anyway. May as well see what Magicli has to show and maybe chat with the other students along the way.
No. 1078809 ID: 770f88
File 170189977036.png - (46.31KB , 500x500 , goodbye alex.png )

4: Votes: 0-10 [2] 10-20 [1] 10 = reroll
[you rolled a 7]

After what seemed like a battle of indecision, my mind finally rested on an idea. The group around me started to coalesce into different groups, most reluctantly joining Magicli, but some, like the odd magician I saw earlier, a strange musical-note-looking person, that eccentric-looking magician and a weird slot machine daemon thing, split up from the crowd and began wandering the halls out of sight.
I saw Alex look up at the ceiling, its marble roof reflecting his reflection, obscuring the protector whom he may never see again, or at least my interpretation. I sometimes wish I had mind-reading magic So I would know what’s on his mind. With a heavy sigh, I walk up to Alex.
:hop_sad_noanims: “Alex, I’m going to be exploring the school,
there may be something Magicli is hiding on his tour, and we're going to try and find it, tell me how the tour goes, okay? Please stay safe my ember in my heart.”
:alex_normal_noanims: “Oh hop I’ll be fine, but please stay safe, if anything ever happened to you-I I would lose everything..”
:hop_happy_noanims: “I’ll be fine! I’ll bring a group along, I’ll stay safe I promise! Goodbye!”

:alex_sad_noanims: “Goodbye…” Alex almost sounded like he was choking on his voice, but immediately attempted to remain composed;
No. 1078810 ID: 770f88
File 170189977340.png - (45.12KB , 500x500 , woah cool group shot without any design principles.png )

I scouted out others in Magicli’s group and eventually came across some suitable candidates from the first appearance. I asked them quickly if they had magic and a magic type. One, named Senuia, had light-based magic, while the other, named Spi, had the opportunity to make traps. The last one I decided to bring, Otter didn’t say what she had or if she even could cast magic; however, I decided that even if I didn’t want to think of it as an option if something like that strange magician came with the intent to kill us, we could use Otter as a meat shield, and immediately call a trial.

We all split from the group and went down the hall in the middle rather than the left as Magicli’s group did. I used this opportunity to cast a spell that would target their bodies, increase their heart rate, and strengthen them so we could explore much quicker.

Mana: (Can be restored, and later on, it’s maximum amount increased): 2/3;
We explored what almost felt like a labyrinth of hallways; the absolute size of this place was humongous. I almost wished that before we got stuck in this nightmare- I
No. 1078811 ID: 770f88
File 170189977553.png - (33.67KB , 500x500 , senuia talks alot.png )

Senuia, broke the silence after what felt like thirty-five minutes of running.
:senuia_normal_anims: “So, um… do you guys want to tell something about yourself?”
:hop_sad_noanims: “Why? Aren’t we all going to die here eventually? If we just pretend we’re just simple acquaintances, then it won’t hurt us as much.”
:spi_happy_anims: “Hey, I’m Spi if I haven’t introduced myself. I grew up in the foggy woods, and I like making traps. I didn’t trap anybody in them, though! I just did it to hunt, and I’m glad to meet all of you!”
:rosa_normal_anims: “Heya peeps, I’m Rosa! But everyone knows me by my magnificent title: otter; I love magic!”
[color="#915936"] “Gee, I could have never guessed.” [/color]
:rosa_angry_noanims: “Not only that! But I love Fun, and dancing, and acrobatics, and exploring the vasts seas land seas, and air sees for treasure!, see ounce when I awoke In my bed I saw an biiggg snake look at me from my roof and then I picked up some gum and then-”
[color="#915936"] “Isn’t this just what that creature wants? He just wants us to get close so we can stab each other in the back later, let’s just forget we ever knew each other after this.” [/color]
:senuia_happy_noanims: “Well, I’m senuia, and as you could most likely tell from earlier, I’m a light-based magic user I-”
:rosa_normal_noanims: “Woahhha does that mean you can tell the future?”
:senuia_normal_anims: “Well, not particularly. I was sent to private UltriVisc School when I was younger, but I couldn’t get a connection to her. You know, I just wanted to fit in, so I went into light-based magic; there is a difference between the two.
:spi_happy_anims: “That sounds spectacularly wonderful, you must be an incredibly gifted girl!”
:senuia_sad_noanims: “Thanks, but I’m not anything special. I’m just your average Hilikan.
:spi_happy_noanims: “Nonsense! You're exceptional! Look, you just lit something up right now.
:rosa_normal_noanims: “They remind me of pancakes.”
:hop_angry_noanims: “Everyone! Please! We need to focus! We are in a life-or-death situation! You all saw.” I paused, not trying to say Alex's name in the event they targeted him. “Now’s not the time to banter, we need to have escape routes and, potentially, find something before that thing can seal it off!”
:spi_sad_noanims: “As much as I want to disagree with her, I have to say that making sure we are not ambushed by any wanderers would be wonderful. However, we would all need to be at maximum attention.”
:senuia_sad_anims: okay..

And so we put all our energy into looking out for potential enemies, Except for Otter, who attempted to crack a joke now and again to the silence of everyone. I think everyone was just coming to terms with our own nightmare, but didn’t want to panic to save face, and instead distract themselves from what is going on.
Random Encounter {Fail:}
While we were dashing through rooms, lighting up ones that were shrouded in darkness, I began to think about the rules; what if we were all to murder everyone at once? Is there a majority vote? Magicli seemed very vague in their wording, which could make things entirely open-ended for trials. Just as the thought left my mind, I suddenly felt a gross sensation, like a sea cucumber moving throughout my brain; I then heard his voice echoing in my subconscious.
“I guess I did a bad job, in my explanation, not being very specific , to the entire experience.”
My hair raised to the heavens; what if he knew we weren’t with the group? Would he punish us?
There was so much uncertainty that the topic kept flip-flopping in my mind, completely forgetting the predator inside.
“Oh don’t worry deary! I won’t punish you, I don’t feel like you deserve it yet~” He says with a playful demeanor.
I can’t know how to reply to him, but I attempt to think to answer.
“Then could I bring more people?
“Oh goodness not! If we had that, It wouldn’t be much of a group tour, but considering your speed, you’re doing fine work! If you keep it up, you’ll have enough time for tutoring
Before the day is even finished! So many actions can a speedy magician take.”He sighs nostalgically.”
His tone immediately turns stern. “Ahem, to clarify the rules, And this following message is sent to everyone.”
The main rule to add is that my voting system is a majority vote; however, if you decide to make a deal with me, I may give you opportunities to “change” specific outcomes.
All voting is initially anonymous until an outcome is reached, i.e., a murder is found/not found.
1: If no one votes (i.e, the collective majority) votes skip: then if there was a murder, then they will be set free, or if the majority is clause number [2], then the killer is set free, and clause number [2] commits
2: If the collective votes on someone who is not the killer, that person will get punished [In my discretion and choice] or feel the wraith, and the murderer is free to leave.
3: If the collective majority votes for the actual killer, then the killer either feels the wraith or gets a punishment from the majority who successfully snuffed out the killer. No one becomes free due to this.
4: If my student count reaches three, they fulfill everything that my deal entails, or they have pushed their limits regarding learning, they can leave as they please.

The all-murder-at-ounce idea is clever; however, I will instate a rule against that:

5: If there is an accomplice(s) who also murdered the victim, I randomly assign someone as the murderer. While the other is considered innocent until the murderer dies, in which case they become the murderer for the same crime, and another voting period begins.

And finally:

6: I can add any rules whenever I think they are appropriate. However, I will reward creative loopholes.

“Does that answer your question?”

I hesitate with my response.


“Good! Now, hope you have fun spoiling yourself, oh, and watch out for the gore room.”
“The gore what-”
I feel the sensation wiggle its way out of my mind, and I think clear-headed again. I looked around, I had been on auto-pilot for the past several minutes or so. With the silence around me, I hadn’t noticed.

Eventually, after dashing around for what felt like a couple more hours, we all sat down and attempted to draw up a map of the areas that we had gone through to the best of our memory, highlighting the following areas:

- A Quite frankly impressive Pool (1’st Floor.)
- A *fake* outdoor field that goes *outside* and gives illusions of such multiple magically specialized training areas are strewn about it. (2’nd Floor.)
- What seemed to be the list of dorm rooms we’ll be staying in? It seems from the layout of the sign Magicli had put up to be a maximum of three people per dorm room.
- Some empty stands and buildings poke out of the walkways that follow from the first floor up to the third floor, almost like empty stores waiting for new business. (1’st - 3’rd Floor).
We noticed that some sort of Magical barrier would appear upon trying to go up anything higher than the fifth floor. It wouldn’t break, no matter what we did to break it.
Multiple small or large classrooms containing the following magical studies (3rd floor.)
What is a very average cafeteria. (1’st Floor.)
A room whose front door is inscribed in black marble contrasted with a white, almost gem-like pearl as the doorknob, whose form is more reminiscent of a gate with a creepy face almost a jester life face erecting out of it called the punishment room. I didn’t enter this room. Considering what Magicli told me about punishments, I didn’t want to step in.
A room’s front door, filled with a purple mist, seemed almost otherworldly in its architecture, called the dream room. I stepped inside it by myself, and I saw- well, I saw-, I don’t want to talk about it.
A very bright neon casino, whose name was called Ethereal Gambit Hall, whose expanse seemed almost comically big. I didn’t know that there were so many ways that you could gamble, there also seemed to be games of all types located in some of the rooms, and If I remember correctly there was even one game in particular where you could bet your life for a wish.
Some empty stands and buildings poke out of the walkways that follow from the first floor up to the third floor, almost like empty stores, waiting for new business.
No. 1078812 ID: 770f88
File 170189977881.png - (18.37KB , 500x500 , sassy posni oh ma goodnees.png )

{Random Encounter Successes: Posini:}

We were all so invested in the map that we didn’t even see that strange magician leaning over us, batting a response; most of us, except Spi, jumped upon his presence. He backs up by one step and puts both arms behind his back.

:posni_happy_anims: “Ah, Don’t worry I didn’t mean to startle you ladies, however, you must really be on the look-out if I had malicious intent, hah, then you’d four would probably be dead were you stand!”
It’s like he’s trying to look unassuming, but he still feels intimidating; he also feels fake; he’s trying too hard, He wants something. I try my best poker face and channel my mana to my feet to dash out of there.
:posni_angry_u_noanims: “No need to dash fluffy.”
:hop_scared_noanims: “How did he-”

:posni_normal_anims: “I mean no harm! However, others who roam these halls may not feel the same. I saw a goblin roaming the halls, and he attempted to throw a bomb at me!”
:senuia_angry_noanims: “Did- did you kill him?”

:posni_sad_anims: “Goodness no! I only dashed over to him and administered an Anesthetic, and put him in a place where no one could find him until he awakens.”
An awkward silence fills the room.
:hop_angry_noanims: “Why are you talking to us?” I cinch at him.
:posni_normal_anims: “Well, I just wanted to update my fellow students about some things I’ve noticed upon my first impression with Magicli.” He says with an insincere tone in his voice.
I attempt to speak but he immediately talks over me, his voice raised a bit higher.
:posni_angry_anims: “Magicli’s proficient in necromantic magic.” He pauses his statement and looks at us in the eyes, glancing between us. What’s up with this dude? Not only is he strange and even possibly sociopathic, but he’s spouting the obvious. He resumes looking at us, seeming that Senuia is the only one with a visceral reaction to his words.
:posni_angry_anims: “For the uneducated here, If you’ve even attempted to study magic, You would know how it’s nearly impossible to cast, and even learn necromantic magic. That bull he killed was dead. Not only was he dismembered, yet Magicli with great ease in just a couple of seconds, was able to quickly attach his head back to his body, returning it to a state where his body wouldn't reject the new stimulus, administered a blood flow to his brain and his heart, and revived him, anyone who’s remotely dabbled with bringing anything back to life knows how nearly impossible it is to require a soul which has passed, and Although I can’t confirm knowing what else he’s done I’d think that he somehow kickstarted the bull’s mana as well. This means that Magicli has done things with his magic that a team of arch-wizards would do, in a relatively short time.” After what seems like an eon of him monologuing about the obvious answer, and my body about to fall to sleep on the spot, a lone droning hum engulfs the room, which shatters by Otter's sudden action. Her voice isn’t as goofy as usual and seems quite reserved.
:rosa_sad_noanims: “I-I did pass, and I saw the other side- And I have my mana back it’s just…”

:posni_happy_anims: “Good! Great to have confirmed that hypothesis, well I must be going now, I’m quite busy and I have places to be.”
And the frog walks out into the hallway until he’s out of sight and his footsteps become dramatically inaudible.
No. 1078813 ID: 770f88
File 170189978115.png - (11.43KB , 500x500 , hop all alone.png )

Otter pipes up.
:rosa_normal_anims: “I’m going to eat some bagels, I reiterate, not the dog, although once I- Oh! anyone wants to zip on over with me?”
Spi looks to Senuia, who nods contently. They leave the table and walk out the doorway to where I presume the cafeteria is located. Chatting optimistically like they're not in a death trap. And I’m finally left alone in a drab, empty room with only my thoughts.

Should I find alex? Or I should try to befriend those three who helped me, I could attempt a more in-depth exploration into one of the rooms we found or get a head start on exploration and keep exploring around before anyone else can.

[1] Try to explore some more and get a general read on areas.
[2] Try to find Alex; if I can’t find him, find where Magicli is to help find him.
[3] Explore a specific room I found along the journey here. (Vote for Specifics)
[4] Think about potential plans or goals. I can try, and try to rationalize what I’m supposed to do in this place (Suggestions)
[5] Attempt to reintroduce myself to the girls whom I’ve traveled with and learn more about them
[6] Other:
No. 1078840 ID: 4634f3

2. I think we got enough information to share with our BF. And he can catch us up on stuff we missed during the tour.
No. 1078863 ID: 38349b

[2] and, yknow, even though you're trapped here, maybe find out what those special lessons were about, I mean it probably is too good to be true that he'd actually teach, but if he ended up doing so, *and* it gave you a leg up, wouldn't that be good?
No. 1078884 ID: ffa47e

>wish but have to bet your life
So if a person dies to it is it a suicide? Speaking of which do we vote nobody for a suicide or do we have to choose themselves? ...What are the limits on the wish? Or could 1 person win and wish us all free? Or just wish themselves free? Sounds like better odds than outwitting over 10 people. Especially if people stay with groups of 3. 3 people vouch as alibis for the group leaving whoever is missing as obvious suspects. Or if 2 members of a group get killed, the third is the obvious suspect to have. Should a group team up for kills 3 vs 3 is bad odds plus having 1/3 chance of randomly being selected is bad odds. Either way it's a bad idea for you to be alone. Just group up, learn effing magic stuff and you all leave alive.
No. 1078892 ID: b42d1e

gotta ask what happened on tour
No. 1079032 ID: 770f88
File 170214352015.png - (8.21KB , 500x500 , hop dash.png )

>> What are the limits on the wish? Or could one person win and wish us all free? Or just wish themselves free?

Knowing what Magicli said about how he can add rules whenever he wishes to, He'd most likely only allow one person to leave, if he even told his word for it, since Magicli himself probably runs the casino. He'd be killing you; he would most likely make an exception. Still, Having that option in the back of my mind is good.

I've decided that I've seen and heard more than enough. While I am iffy about "private" tutoring with Magicli, if this increases Alex's chance of survival, I'll go through with it, no matter how creepy Magicli is. While some of me know that he's a robust and independent wrestler with a hazardous magic type, a part of me is still frightened by the prospect that something horrible could happen to him; I decide to check on my boyfriend and update him on the best course of action.

I leave the room and begin sprinting down the halls. I decided to save my Mana just to be careful. I chose to take paths that I hadn't explored before. While I will admit it was a lot slower, however, I did discover the following:
No. 1079033 ID: 770f88
File 170214352480.png - (45.50KB , 500x500 , oh god.png )

The Enchanted Archive: a humongous library that, compared to the hugeness of this school, you think that this library catalogs almost every single book about magic in existence. It resembles more of a mansion where someone put bookshelves everywhere; even the bathroom has bookshelves in them.

Magical Cewties Adoption Centre: While seeming like a cute concept, Magicli allows us to adopt cuddly critters. I decided to stop and look around, and what I saw was a lot more disturbing; the door Closed until Magicli noticed: "Exotic, never before seen pets who are ready to meet you!"
However, when I broke inside, I saw a disturbing sight: a translucent glass window overlooked the animals who looked more like monsters. They were chimera-like and looked to be a combination of one animal and some intelligent race, and they always had dark or white Magicli features or faces; they were sharp, jagged, and had some elemental infusion inside them; it's like I wandered into some sort evil scientist's lair, One noticed me on the window and started to charge towards me I quickly slammed the door and ran away, not looking back until I was sure I was far enough away.
Something called the labyrinth of the illusions states: Reach the end and gain a prize! I didn't even bother looking at it.
Spectral Reflection: A Room advertising that you can talk, touch, fuck, or whatever the heck you want with the dead! (Magicli does not support necrophilia, as their corresponding souls are revived and placed into their own or surrogate bodies.) Price: Owning Magicli a Favor. (Note: This place is only available In times of peace and after a Trial; if someone is murdered and a Trial begins, this will not be available. )
The Hall of Forbidden Knowledge: A simple slogan dots the outside. You'll understand everything, but at what cost?
No. 1079034 ID: 770f88
File 170214352704.png - (13.56KB , 500x500 , Posini.png )

[Random Encounter: Success]

While quickly dashing through the library, my hair stood up as I noticed a familiar masked fiend.
It's that strange magician! I slow down so as not to draw attention, but he quickly stops what he's reading and eyes me thoughtfully; just as I'm about to leave the front gate, He returns to reading again.

Eventually, after what seemed like two more hours of jogging paired with occasional, I spotted a familiar tall, dark figure with a crowd following behind him; the room seemed to be some auditorium; there were probably hundreds or even thousands of seats located inside.
Did Magical ever trap more than just us, or did he not use to own this place?
No. 1079035 ID: 770f88
File 170214353023.png - (17.30KB , 500x500 , alex i missed you.png )

My question is quickly diverted when I spot Alex amongst the crowd and dash over to him; his expression immediately turns brighter upon seeing me.
"Hop, you're okay!"

:hop_happy_anims: "Of course, I'm okay; how about you, Alex, are you hurt at all? did something happen to you while I was gone?"
:alex_normal_noanims: "Only my patience. Magicli has been touring us around the school, but honestly, I think he's just wasting our time; an auditorium? Really? Who will be doing plays while we're trying to survive out here?!"
:hop_happy_noanims: "It is a bit much," I chuckle.
:hop_normal_anims: "Say, that reminds me! Can you update me on what you've seen and heard so far? I'll update you on what I've seen as well."
No. 1079036 ID: 770f88
File 170214353423.png - (25.84KB , 500x500 , discussing rooms with alex.png )

:alex_normal_anims: "Alright, So Magicli has stated that the tour is coming to a close soon, then there'll be lunch, training, a free period, teaching, and then it'll be a free period for the rest of today, He did stress that only the training is required, and everyone can op out of every other class he does, I just don't know how he'll be able to teach so many diffrent subjects without wrecking the quality of the other, y'know not being able to be in multiple places and such."
"Anyhow, If I remember correctly, we've visited the following places. Magicli has said it isn't all of the rooms, but the most important to consider."
Most of the rooms, especially near what I approximate to be the middle section and some of the right sections, I'd seen before; however, I was surprised when I heard about:
A Gym: Quite different from the vast open plains, it's an additional gym with a dedicated indoor and outdoor area. The indoor area has various state-of-the-art strength and endurance training machines and equipment, and the outdoor area is a track with multiple other equipment such as ropes, climbable walls, and much more; a hall at the end of the gym leads to the nearby pool.

Dedicated shower and change rooms: considering that there are a lot of physically intensive rooms, it'd be a crime not to have them; however, what Alex said interested me was that there are four dedicated change rooms—male, Female, non-binary, Stalls.
White Magicli introduced stalls by saying, "Having a hard day? Do you not want to see everyone's nether regions right after a long run? Introducing the stall, we fix those problems by eliminating all that unnecessary space and replacing them with stalls! Stalls also have built-in lockers, so there is no need to walk in on somebody or open the wrong stuff accidentally; Stalls are the easy solution to prevent change room embarrassment! Perfect for the average quest audience!"
Alex chuckles that he doesn't understand that last part but says most are pretty silly anyway.
Elements hot springs have different properties that you can set. You can make it a neutral geothermal, an ice-based setting, dust, etc.,
Alex notes that Magicli started to drone off and immediately started to walk away, probably demoting it as unimportant.
An area that takes up most of the fourth floor accurately feels and looks like an area covered in complete wilderness; however, Magicli has stated that the gate that opens this whimsical area closes at 10:00 pm and begins at 8:00 am due to security reasons.
The Fear Room: An room Magicli described as a room where you can face your fears and fight your inner demons; of course, those inner demons may just slit your throat!
:hop_happy_noanims: "How wonderful!" I state sarcastically, "More throw-away rooms!"

Those were the only exciting things; too, most of the rooms in this school are dedicated to classes or specific courses.

I scribbled those areas of intrest onto my map.

I then recounted the last couple of hours or so to Alex. However, I decide to discuss the rooms with him:
No. 1079037 ID: 770f88
File 170214353741.png - (24.83KB , 500x500 , oohh sharing an room without us ooooh implications.png )

"I think the dorms can fit up to 3-4 people maximum, based on what I saw on the signage in the front of them; that is something to consider."
"Yes, but if we share a room with someone, that just makes it easier for them to murder us in our sleep; if we get the choice of who we want in, I'd have to be someone we trust."
"But at the same time, an intruder is less likely even to want to come into our room to kill us if they know that they'd be four people in there; it would also be safer in that scenario since unless they came in a group, they'd be outnumbered."
"Yes, but our privacy is critical as well, you know, I wouldn't want to *ahem* do what we do sometimes if someone else was there."
"Yes, but we can just change our expectations; we don't have to do it , and we don't need it to survive."
"My stance on the matter is that if we have the option, I'd just be us in a room together, but I'll listen for whatever's best for you; I just deeply oppose that idea."

I bring up the wish game in the casino.

:alex_sad_noanims: "Babe, I'd never be comfortable in you doing that. Ever. We should never ever risk that; I'd only play that game if it meant saving you."
:hop_happy_noanims: "Aw, Alex, your sweet! I just wanted to say that as a potential option for us."

I bring up the dream room.

"I wouldn't recommend going in there, knowing magicli it's probably that your dream would become reality in there, and knowing how unpredictable and dangerous dreams are, however, I did hear from an old colleague at the ring that dreams are a way to face your fears or trauma that your brain turns into nightmares , He used to work in sleep magic therapy before his wife left him or something, I don't remember the specifics."
"I'd probably just see you die or something as gory or traumatic as that, and I just can't handle that this moment."

Alex shouldn't know I ever went into the dream room; I'd never tell anyone what I saw, even if Magicli tortured me into a confession. If they saw, they'd think lowly of my family.

I quickly changed the subject to the punishment room.
"Oh, Magicli, let us inside that room; I will say, though, that Jester is really fucking creepy."
My ears perk up
"What did you see?"
"Well, nothing. It was a completely blank, empty room. If you couldn't see the walls of it, you'd think you'd be standing in a completely empty, static void. a lot of other students who had an darker sense of humor began to joke about how Magicli's *torture* was actually nothing."
"What Magicli said right after they finished talking scared me more than seeing a room full of dead bodies, knives, and torture devices ever could. He said, "There's no need for anything in the punishment room because I can conjure up anything related to your darkest fear(s) instead. Oh, and believe me, I know them."
"Everyone became very quiet for the next couple of rooms after that, before the lady magical called us all a wuss for getting scared about the slimest possibility of our darkest fears becoming true."

My mind began to race. Was he bluffing, or was Magicli entering my mind earlier as an example? Oh, UltriVisc! Did he do more than just read my mind? Did he not only read my memories but, even worse, change them? Did he change my personality? Did he- I have to talk to Alex about this.
No. 1079038 ID: 770f88
File 170214354028.png - (64.02KB , 500x500 , Stupid magcli.png )

"Alex, while I was exploring, Magicli entered my mind, read my thoughts, and began talking to me. I couldn't get him out, and when we finished talking, I felt him leave my mind; I'm just scared that he did something much worse than just read my mind."

Alex's expression quickly turned to frightened: "Oh Ultri! Do-"
Magicli walks over and bends down to get to our level, hand behind his back.
"There's no need to gospel; I didn't do anything else than just read your mind."
Alex's face becomes bright red, and he grits his teeth
"And why should we ever trust you?"
Magicli scoffs at the very valid accusation.
"Because that wouldn't be interesting, of course! And that would be quite unethical; I'm here to teach you, not mind control you into becoming my servants or playing some game; that's the other student's job to mind flip you." "Besides, when delving into Hop's mind, I discovered some interesting ammunition I can use if she ever decides to become naughty~"
No. 1079039 ID: 770f88
File 170214354486.png - (47.62KB , 500x500 , alex dont ask me stupid questions.png )

"What ammunition?" Alex says softly, like a kid, knowing he's asking a dangerous question.
"I don't want to talk about it." I say bluntly, trying to change the topic
"You've talked about everything to me Hop, you don't have anything I'd label as "ammunition", even if it's bad, I'd still love you it's just that-"
"I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!" I scream at him.
Alex immediately tenses up like a deer in headlights. I can tell that his face is that of genuine regret, so a part of me feels ashamed for yelling at him. However, this isn't the first time he's pushed my boundaries, and he knows it.

I try to change the topic; however, I don't want to look at him cause he'd make me very angry, So I look partially off his field of vision and ask the question that's been brewing in my head since Otter talked about it.
No. 1079040 ID: 770f88
File 170214354783.png - (53.98KB , 500x500 , when you ask your boyfriend what the afterlike fee.png )

"Did you go to Helua?"
Alex hesitates initially but relents, not wanting to upset his already upset girlfriend further.
"Possibly." He fidgets while explaining this. I look at him, and his nerves calm somewhat.

"Okay, so you might not believe what I have to say, and I still can't understand if it even happened either but in one second Magicli had his hand around my neck his overgrown nails pushing into my skin, almost absorbing all the air in every breath, I saw his claw in my peripheral vision , and then I felt nothing for what felt an couple of minutes, and then I suddenly awoke my neck thriving in the second worst pain I've ever experienced in my life, it was like if you put an oven up to 300oC while feeling like slicing the skin with the dullest long blade and all the while bugs are screaming and moving inside you, all the while an insurmountable pressure is constricting it I fell on what I presumed to be the floor, my eyes automatically closing as I attempted to end the pain by pulling against my head. as hard as I could, twisting my neck, trying to do anything to end it. But it wouldn't stop; after what felt like half an hour in complete agony, the pain started to slowly fade away until I was comfortable enough to open my eyes and get up, and you wouldn't believe what I saw: a completely white void behind me and to my sides, stretching out forever, like distance wasn't an equation, below me was a completely solid, black colored platform that stretched about five feet, in front of me were some grey stairs, unlike the platform I stood on the stairs had lighting and felt more real, on each side of the stairs there was an Bust statue of differing animals, however, there was a pattern to them, An Mammal on the bottom, some sort of plant, or plant-based creature above it, an amphibian, an avian, An crustcean, Some sort of insect, and finally a reptile, however all of the creatures and animals look vastly diffrent, then how'd they look today, I thought I saw some small almost draconic looking creature, who had the biggest horn I'd ever seen, maybe this place that I was in was orignally built for our ancestors, and that's who they used to be. It was around fifty steps high, and in front seemed to be some sort of portal of light that somehow cast a deep dark shadow on everything surrounding it, I felt the urge to go to it, and that's what I did, I climbed the steps, and as I climbed I heard a low hum fill my ears, not a protector of light hum, but more so the electronic hum of a light-bub, almost mixed in with the rinning noises of death, it wasn't what I'd say *Comforting*, to say the least, however when I reached halfway, I felt some sort of presence behind me and saw a large black dot quickly becoming closer and closer, I attempted to reach the light, but the dot quickly pulled on me and the pressure in my body increased exceptionally as the dot quickly overtook my field of vision until all I could see was darkness. And as just as quickly I felt an incredibly alien feeling, it's just not something I could put into words, but it felt the most nauseous and invasive thing I've felt in my life while I was experiencing it, and then I had the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, I can't describe it except that it feels like every single organ of your body is being slowly and sharply being recreated except that *creation* is a sweet word for it more like feel every single detail, as it slowly gets taken apart, then not only that but then the invasive feeling comes up again, paired with twisting and screaming, until finally, I felt my skin touch the ground."

Alex may have noticed that I had a mix of both awestruck and absolute terror. He immediately reassures me, "But I'm okay now Honey bum, I promise, I just have an itchy neck, and I'm glad that I get to hopefully live out the rest of my life with you in this world."
No. 1079041 ID: 770f88
File 170214355008.png - (9.46KB , 500x500 , wow bleh.png )

I give him a quick smooch on the cheek. And I then looked around. Our conversation had so entranced me that I overlooked that we were approaching the cafeteria. Magicli had teleported back to the kitchen to *cook* some food, and most students had already gotten up in a line. It had almost been a minute, and everyone had gotten their food; it seemed custom-made and what they wanted. It was only a matter of time before I was face to face with Magicli, with Alex being the sole person behind me; Magicli had an apron with the cartoon character Bacon McFries and the slogan: Only the best of the best! Written on the bottom and had a lunch tray with utensils on either side of the tray. He mentally pings me.
No. 1079042 ID: 770f88
File 170214355374.png - (19.56KB , 500x500 , dark magicli being scary.png )

"We both know you're not here to eat, So! Are you taking my offer for tutoring? We don't have to start immediately, but know that once everyone leaves the cafeteria to do training, my offer will be revoked; since I'm Magicli, the greatest magician in all of Muani, I know an extensive variety of magic, even the kind that's outlawed by the stupid rules of that stupid goddess's children, I and my wife, Light Magicli have diffrent areas of expertise, however, there are some areas that we overlap, or one is slightly better than the other, for example, me and light have a decent understanding of Polymorph and Alteration; however my wife here is a master of the former classes; therefore she'd teach them."

As he was talking, I snarkily sniped at him. "If you're the "Greatest Magician in all of Muani," then how come you have limited time before you'd say you wouldn't tutor me?"

My heart beats as he lodges a butcher's cleave to the counter to my right.
"Because, you ungrateful little child, I'm [u] Busy [u]."
Light forcibly turns herself around to face me.
"It's because he wants to punish you by eliminating the option instead, forcing you into an ultimatum where you decide to either focus on strengthening yourself, or getting connections where you rely on the strength of others."
Dark screeches at her from behind. "White! Can you give me a chance to add terror to this student's life, and actually make them fear something? Which, in this case, is me??"
White giggles. "Actually blackie, we all know who the scary one out of both of us here is, it's me!"
No. 1079043 ID: 770f88
File 170214355797.png - (21.05KB , 500x500 , light magicli hates everything.png )

You mentally think, Well, one side is a dark Ulutunia or daemon or something like that, is tall and sharp, Locked us inside this school and sent the letter, moves fast and jumpily, has a creepy voice, and did the worst imaginable to my boyfriend. At the same time, one baited us inside and did nothing, so obviously, dark Magicli was the scary one.
White looks highly offended by my thoughts, and just as it sinks in what I thought, I feel a tremendous push. As I'm face to face with white, I believe her words enter my mind: "Listen here, SmartAss, I would break every bone- Dark switches over, "Apologies on behalf of my wife; my offer still stands, and we'd both be happy to teach you.
You can hear light grumble behind her breath a bit.

Anyhow, I provide Teaching for the following. If you could suggest anything extra, I'd most likely know it:
Rule-based magic: To put it simply, you state a rule, and in exchange for that rule, the magic grants you power; there are two types: permanent and temporary. Endless magic lasts with you for your entire lifetime; it is potent. However, you can never eliminate it; it taints your soul for eternity.
Temporarily, the time before it fades is much more reasonable, just a mere twenty-four hours after you cast your spell.
The more specific or deadly the rule, the stronger it becomes.

Portal magic: Portal magic is self-explanatory; if you've ever grown up with modern media, you'd most likely understand how portal magic works.

Soul magic: This one is outlawed in the land of the goddess of light children. For pretty good reason for most mortals, the ability to change, take out, bring, or somebody's soul is both immensely unethical and dangerous for the soul in question. Still, I'll tell you a little magical tip, you want to know why necromantic magic that brings someone back has failed, time and time again throughout history? It's because the caster either needed a basic understanding or experience in soul-based magic.

Necromancy: This one is the controlling and reanimating of corpses,
While it does have a stigma, primarily because of that dumb bitch of a goddess, It's not unethical; the soul has left the body and gone to mmmm- Magicli trails off, So honestly, you're just putting it to good use instead of just letting it rot in some ditch somewhere, There's also much more to Necromantic magic then reanimating corpses. Still, I'll explain in more detail if you choose this.

-Speed: While more physically taxing on the caster's body than most other spells, it's incredibly efficient in Mana and a must for almost any magician.

Creation: You wish to be a god little rabbit? Well, with this, you can!
With the cost of a soul, which I'll teach the basics of harvesting, you can create new life, whether mechanical, physical, or spiritual.

Various Elements: I'll list off the obvious: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Energy, Poison, and any you could possibly think of.

Theolur: hehe hehe, Ah, if you pick this one, I know that everyone here will hate you forever~ but you'll survive; I know you will, you know what? I won't even explain it!

Time: With this, you can temporarily stop time, move around for about 30 seconds, and go back in time for approximately 30 seconds max. However, this can be dual-cast with speed magic and have crazy results.

Wish magic: There are two subgroups of wish magic, Mana and Contract:
Mana casting is primarily done with the self in mind; you esentially bend the Mana around you through words of enchantment, making yourself a contract that acts immediately; however, to keep the balance intact, there is always a negative side effect no matter how much the rules of your wish, and the negative impact is immediate. However, the negative effect can't influence the wish in any way.
Meanwhile, Contract wishes magic is casting a wish onto others in exchange for the user's Mana; this takes up your own Mana; however, the burrowed Mana has the proficiencies and the magic type of the user's most potent level, essentially allowing you to cast their spells until their Mana fades away.

Divination Allows you to speak to the goddesses, someone, or anyone else; it also allows you to reveal specific information about the world and identify items and things.

Light provides teaching for the following:

Healing Magic: Standard Affair, Quite Standard. Did I say it's Standard? Moving on, you can remove curses and magical effects that have been enchanted to a higher level.

Polymorph: Changing form, Changing races, twisting and altering your form to stretch, bend, or change individual parts of yourself to whatever you'd like

And so much more; it's up to your imagination to guess, and we'd most likely have magic for that!

After finishing, time resumed as expected, and I left the counter and scouted out the following tables and people eating there:

Senuia, Spi, and Otter are all eating together at the table on the far right. I can hear them loudly talking about geo-political politics, and it's only Senuia, as Spi is just agreeing with everything Senuia is saying. Otter is speaking gibberish, which makes no sense.

I see an Ulutunanian-shaped creature talking to a scantily clad fox cat girl; from his body language and expression, He seems to be hitting on her, nudging his body against her, she looks incredibly disinterested and is getting increasingly visibly annoyed at him while she eats her sandwich.

The strange-looking magician eats by himself; he seems formal in his eating etiquette and practices. Meanwhile, the vast plant creature is scarfing down an entire roast Pinlin; it's disturbing to look at; the Frog looks immensely annoyed and shouts to the creature occasionally, who seems sincerely apologetic.

Alex sits by himself but begins to chatter with an oddly dressed dragon,

The dragon in question is sitting next to a cat that you can tell is from Sakura based on how she dresses; she's talking passionately to the dragon about something you can discern over the noise of Senuia and her group.

Finally, you see a creature that looks comically out of a horror tale, a long, slender man dressed in dark whose head is nothing but a shadow, talking to a relatively minor note man wearing nothing but a cape; both seem to be eating quite formal meals and have the etiquette of such.

Finally, after processing all that, I've come down to a decision: I

[1]: To immediately tutor with Magicli [Suggestion on what magic type to learn]
[2] To Tutor with Magicli after Lunch [Same rules apply]
[3] Refrain from tutoring with Magicli; do the schedule everyone else does.

And for Lunch

[4] Sit by a table with [Suggested character or groups of characters]
[5] Leave the cafeteria to explore elsewhere [Suggest where in particular you may suggest somebody else to come along if they wish to]
[6] Other:
No. 1079045 ID: e51896

[2] Kinda interesting he took a liking to us to offer private tutoring out of everyone here. not sure if we should feel honored or not. Regardless, learning spells is what we came here to do. Probably should avoid illegal magic spells or spells that breaks rules here like necromancy, or soul magic tho.

There's a lot of spells here,

but I believe my top pick is TIME (they said that this pairs up perfectly with speed based magic to do all sorts of crazy things, and since our thing is speed...)

my second vote is -Speed (speed is kinda our thing here, so having -speed makes the most sense to me here. I want to know more about it tho, like is it something where we slow someone or something's speed (hence the negative before speed)? or is it actually just something to help us go even faster, perhaps light speed with fast reflexes to react?

But yeah, TIME and -SPEED are my top choices, with TIME being my #1 pick

tho these other magics are good as a runner up:

Divination (would be a good way to get very important information, especially if someone gets murdered. Also wonder if the goddess can help us out from time to time if we are a good bnuuy)

Polymorph (would make for a really good disguise, especially if we keep this magic a secret from the other students once we learn it, plus, transformation is super fun)

>And so much more; it's up to your imagination to guess, and we'd most likely have magic for that!

Any size based spells? like making yourself, or certain body parts bigger or smaller? tho I guess that would fall into Polymorph.

your intrusive thought wonders if there is lewd-based magic spells, such as clothing damage spells, or spells that make others horny to the point of it being super distracting.

for lunch...

[4] Sit with Alex since he needs your support as his girlfriend, and introduce yourself to Iceli (my top pick character) and the popular Wilabo
No. 1081423 ID: 770f88
File 170572375920.png - (32.90KB , 500x500 , Iceli.png )

Even though it was the most obvious solution, I sit across from Alex's table; even though he may appear strong on the outside, I have to admit that we've gone through a lot. I can't expect him to be "okay" after dying, going to Helua feeling the worst pain conceivable, and then being alive again. And if I'm the only reason he's sane, then I'll have to try to support him no matter what. However, Magicli's tutoring seems an excellent way to learn magic quickly during this fragile period inside the school.

As I'm walking, I hear dark Magicli sigh dramatically in my head, but he says nothing further; as I reach our table, I notice the dragon; upon my first detailed look at her, I saw that she seemed to be some water dragon of some kind, and to be completely honest, her being a dragon is something hard to wrap my head around. Cause I can tell that she's not a lizard. The second thing I noticed was her loose open Vest and, looking under her table, tight black shorts.
Based on their first appearance, She is either a laid-back fellow or the type of girl who uses her body as some object and uses mammalian teasing to entice men; however, I don't want to accuse her without at least knowing a tiny bit about her at first.

She immediately notices my presence and attempts to strike up a conversation. "Oh! Hi! I'm Iceli what's your name?" She's slightly shouting her response as if she were outdoors.
"I'm Hop, And this is my boyfriend, Alex pleasure meeting you."
She responds back, "Oh, so you two are Egg-Mates? That's cool!"
Egg-Mates? Every Reptile I've heard of hasn't ever used that name before. Odd.
She pauses for a second while thinking about her words. The Sakura-Dressed Tabby eyes Alex and then me and frowns slightly.
She looks at Alex, smiles, and then glances at me. "Alex and I here were talking about our love for exercising. He duels-" Alex corrects her. "Wrestles." Iceli side-eyes him and then resumes. "Alex duels, and I like swimming; what about you?" Oh, so she's a fellow Athlete; that's a relief; if we have more in common, I'd be easier to be her friend/ally soon. "Oh, I'm a Professional Runner; I've been running for around Eight years since I was 11. I'd say I'm quite good at it. I've gotten numerous awards locally and nationally, but unfortunately, I haven't gotten sponsored in a long time; magic-based Long Distance Running has recently been on the down low." Whoops, I gabed too much there. Iceli is zoning out into space. I snap my fingers, and she immediately goes down to reality. "Uh Yeah! That's cool; I have reached around 151mph with magic and around 75mph without it; my goal is to be as fast as a Hyxlixian. Have you ever heard of it?"
"No, I live in Alura. Isn't the Hylixxian lakes near the Southern Western front of Saura? and Ritura?"
Iceli acts like her brain had immediately turned off at all those locations I had thrown at her; eventually, she shakes her head and resumes. "So! Hyxlixians are really fast huge mammalian predators in the Hylixxian lakes, they like to delve and live in the deeper waters of the lake system, they mainly live off of schools of Pui and larger terrestrial and aquatic animals, but I'm getting ahead of myself, esentially Hyxlixans are special in that they can reach speeds of 321 mph!" She says with a bright smile.
321mph isn't that impressive of a goal, but considering that she reaches speeds of 151, it should be a fair challenge.
Alex interjects, "So, Iceli, what brings you to this school?"
Iceli's eyes widened as if she was accused of something. "Oh, I live with my uncle up in the Hyxlian Lakes; he's been tough on me to learn magic even though that's not where my goals lie; he's been paying a lot of money to journey down into Saloyla and get someone to tutor me, I hate that place, it feels so restricting!" Iceli pauses and then resumes, "So when I checked my uncle's mail and saw the opportunity to not burden my uncle anymore, I gladly took the offer, but I wasn't expecting all of the murdering...."
The Sakura girl stands up. "I've been wondering this question for a really long time, but are you a dragon?!"
Iceli looks at her quietly and squints her eyes. "Yes..... why do you ask?"
The Sakura girl's smile widened as she quietly mouthed something to herself.
Alex interjects, "Wait if you're truly a dragon, what kind of dragon are you?"
Iceli's mood seemed strange at that question, and she answered in what I presume to be a bold tone of voice. "Oh, I'm a Water Dragon; Uncle's a Purple Dragon, which is essentially a very rare subspecies of a dragon that's a bit more psionic." Alex squints and turns his head. "You're kind of small for a dragon; I thought dragons were huge beasts of legend."
Iceli chuckles. "Well, guess you can say that you knew how big they truly are."
No. 1081424 ID: 770f88
File 170572376202.png - (23.93KB , 500x500 , Wilabo is cute oh moi gosh.png )

After Iceli finishes talking, the sakura-dressed tabby raises her voice as we all turn to her; with our attention, she slightly lowers her tone. "Uh- Hello! My name is Wilabo Banaski, and I love to create stuff! And media! Media's awesome too, in fact. My favorite is-" She begins to drone on about something I don't even recognize or have heard of; it's probably some Sakura thing.

Looking at her, she wears some sort of mask that covers the entirety of her eyeline. She had cut some holes into the front to see her face, and her body seems to be on the slightly chubbier side but around average weight; she has two white marks on her cheeks and a yellow heart marking on her forehead; she has white paws and seems to be wearing an oldy tight kimono, that doesn't show her features yet captures a few her curves. Valuing her privacy, I don't check under the table.
She is a passionate person, if not a tad obnoxious, and she does not understand social cues that well, even more than Iceli seems to. She looks like the person who grew up in a restricting household.
Wilabo continues, "So that's why Magic School: Penultimate is my favorite Anime. Wilabo looks at me and asks, "Do you watch anime?" I look at her quizzically. "Um, no. What even is Anime?" Wilabo looks immensely disappointed by my reaction. "Well, anime is a Sakura-created medium inspired by Ritura's animation around a couple hundred years ago; it mainly emulated the style of Ritura until the famous-" "Yep, that's tuning out from my mind. Alex and I participate in some small talk as she goes on and on about something relating to Anime's long, complicated history, its effects on Sakura culture, and how it ties back to Sakura as a whole.
After a full twenty minutes of speaking, with Alex and me already finishing our food among that time she finally ends with: "Anime is such a rich and vibrant medium with wonderful, insightful stories about our existence, would you want to watch it with me sometime? I have some episodes downloaded on my laptop." She turns, facing me with a broad smile on her face. "No." Her face immediately drops. I roll my eyes. "I'm a busy rabbit, and this "anime" just seems like a stupid way to waste-" Alex puts his hoof on my shoulder. I turn to look at him. He has a compassionate look on his face. "C'mon Hop, let's try something new; we don't have to be worried about work all the time, especially in a place like this. It might be good for us to relax for once."
I loudly protest, "Bu-" but Alex playfully holds my muzzle shut as I do so. "C'mon, Honey Bum, Do it for me, Please." Oh! Iceli says, I'd be willing to join you, Wilabo, but on the tour, I noticed a pool around here. There. Can I first show you guys how fast I can swim; it'll be awesome, I promise." Alex Smiles, it seems to want to go because he finds them cute or desires to be friends. That I can't discern; however, because of my tutoring, I can't do these things right away. However, I could plan it for after, although I wouldn't get a chance to exercise depending on how long we'd stay. I'd only have a little free time before Magicli enforces night-time lockdown.

I decide to:

[1] Ditch Tutoring and attempt to do this immediately
[2] Ditch Tutoring, but do this later.
[3] Keep doing tutoring, but do this later.
[4] Reject and do neither

[a] Do Iceli's plan, but not Wilabo's plan.
[b] Do Wilabo's plan but not Iceli's
[c] Do Both one after the other.
[d] Other
No. 1081437 ID: b42d1e

[3], we're here to learn magic! We should learn magic. Kindof agreed to do it after lunch after all.
[b], athletes becoming anime nerds is an interesting dynamic... and Wilabo!!
No. 1081471 ID: e51896

No. 1081851 ID: 770f88
File 170623500829.png - (85.60KB , 500x500 , mag_5_1.png )

As much as Iceli's plan caught my attention, I've never been one to participate in swimming. However, this "anime" seems intriguing, and who knows, It may be something that Alex and I will enjoy.

I look at the pair, who glance at me expectantly. Wilabo is looking at me with; I must admit, quite an adorable demeanor, "Okay, Fine, Wilabo, me and Alex will watch "anime" with you." Wilabo's eyes widened as her surprised expression turned to a smile. She immediately backflips, jumps up and down, and punches the air while expressing her joy in loosely related noises. She dashes up to us after her little burst of energy, almost tripping on her feet. As she speaks, her body moves almost as fast as her mouth.
"Ohmygosh Youwantedtowatch animewithme? your'ethefirstonetoeveragree! okaywilabodon'tmessthisup ooh!Iknowanperfectone Ihavesuch angreatselectiontoshowyouevenifitdosen'twork actuallylet'sdothisrightnow-"
I have to put my hands on her to contain her energy. "No, I can't." Her smile turns. "Just not right now, alright Wilabo? I have something busy that I need to get to; I will do it later, though, alright?" Wilabo smiles, nods, and dashes away, sometimes stopping to dance or express my excitement. Iceli looks at me expectantly. "Yeah, but what about the pool?"
I look at her and give her my honest thoughts. "It sounds fun, but I'm going to be really busy, especially today, so I may reconsider it just not right now." Iceli and Alex have almost duo-like reactions; they tell me what they think of my response, but they don't press me on. Just on cue, I hear a lunch bell ring.
No. 1081852 ID: 770f88
File 170623501174.png - (72.89KB , 500x500 , mag_5_4.png )

. I turn my attention to Magicli. And as I initiate eye contact, his voice slithers into my mind.
:dark_magicli_normal_anims: "While I command everyone to the left hallway, instead journey eastward."
:hop_sad_noanims: "Won't people notice I'm gone?"
Magicli laughs at the shere stupidity of my questions.
:dark_magicli_happy_noanims: "No, they won't notice; just follow my lead."
As he finishes, I see him teleport to the front entrance of the cafeteria with a loud auditory cue that almost sounds like a miniature explosion. With attention entirely directed towards him, he loudly states.
"Okay, students, now that you've ignited the flames inside your bellies, It's time to do what you are all here for; it's time to learn magic! Follow me, and I'll describe it in more detail."
And so, the crowd masses and begins to follow Magicli; however, obeying his instructions, I turn right, and immediately, darkness fills my vision.
No. 1081853 ID: 770f88
File 170623501597.png - (90.64KB , 500x500 , mag_5_6.png )

When I blink, I see Dark Magicli in front of me, in a quiet, roomy, dilapidated attic. There is a sigil on the ground, and I've noticed tables aligned with candles littering the sides of the room. I immediately feel my fur rise as I take in my surroundings; the room's smell burns my nose, and the air around me feels thick and dreadful. It's hard to breathe, and my skin irritates.
:dark_magicli_sad_noanims: "Ah yes, I forgot that Ultirvisc created you to be sick of Ultinma's presence; let me just fix that small oversight."
He snaps his finger, and in that moment, the pain stops. Finally, I'm face to face alone with this beast, this absolute monstrosity-
: dark_magicli_angry_anims: "That's not very nice to call someone little bunny."
he retorts in my brain. I feel a slimy tendril wiggle in my head as I am stuck with a wave of nausea that falls onto me. Right, the mind-reading magic. But finally, I can ask him questions, personal questions in the comfort of his own sick and twisted altar to his false god.
Magicli cocks his head slightly in response.
"I work for none of the goddesses or elementals. Although I am more impartial to Ultinma, Ultrivisc is a hypocrite, and Ultinma's magic is much more fun."
I can't help but shout at him.
:hop_angry_noanims: "Look, I don't care about the gods! But why do you have this sigil here? Are you here to sacrifice me like a lamb?"
Magicli sighs dramatically.
:dark_magicli_sad_noanims: "There are no pleasing Ultrivisics; the winning side tells the history; Ultinma lost against Ultrivisc; therefore, you've only heard the story from the side Ultrivisc."
I look at him suspiciously. " Then what is Ultinma's story?"
Magicli grins. "Look in the grand library, third row, second number. Now, little bunny, we both know why you're here, so let's cut to the chase."

Dark magic gets onto one of his knees to get to my level.
"Tell me, young kit, what magic do you want to learn?"
No. 1081854 ID: 770f88
File 170623501847.png - (38.43KB , 500x500 , mag_5_5.png )

Before the thought crossed my mind, I immediately remembered a question that had been bothering me for a while.
"Why am I so special to be solely invited to private tutoring from you?"
Magicli makes a brushing-like motion toward me.
"Oh, about that. Four other students have already accepted, and I'm tutoring them simultaneously with you. Although I will admit, I did notice something peculiar about you."
I raise my eyebrows. "Wouldn't It be easier for you if I studied alongside them?"
Magicli chuckles at even the simple thought of it. "Oh, it's because all tutoring students have a right to stay anonymous; some are learning things outlawed by Ultrivisc's restrictive rules."
:hop_happy_anims: "Okay Magicli, You've answered enough of my questions. I would like to learn some magic."
Magicli smiles gently, at least as gently as his razor-sharp teeth allow. :dark_magicli_happy_noanims: "That's the spirit! Now, what would you like to learn?"
A part of my brain wonders about the possibility of divination being practical in a murder mystery. Polymorphism is helpful in various cases, as I think about the options Magicli said earlier. However, as I do so, my mind wanders, as a part of me wonders if there's the magic that makes people incredibly horny, and as my mind reaches further, a part of me wonders if there are any spells that damage clothing. That magician from earlier looked so mysterious with his gear; part of me wonders how he would peek under the hood. Would he- I noticed that I started to drift away from reality.
No. 1081855 ID: 770f88
File 170623502478.png - (31.13KB , 500x500 , mag_6_6.png )

As I regain my composure, I see Light Magicli looking down at me with a smug expression.
:whitemagicli_happy_anims: "Horny magic? Huh?"
I can feel the embarrassment wash across my face as I immediately remember where I am.
"No-No! Please don't judge me! I'm just a rabbit; I have a high libido! I just can't help it!"
White Magicli coughs;
:whitemagicli_normal_anims: "Actually, there are two types of magic that could do what you want to do. A lesser form of mind-control magic cast onto the entire school should make it so everyone's libido goes haywire, although be careful not to go too far, as I'll easily cave your face into the dirt. and the clothing damage could easily be done by Telekinesis or basic Ultrivisc Mana fundamentals if you were wondering."
As my thoughts flush back into view, I decide on two magic types I'd been eyeing for a while.
:hop_normal_noanims: "Actually, I've been thinking about Time magic and increasing my speed magic."
Black Magicli spins around back into view.
Time magic then?, well," just as he finishes, I feel myself pushed onto the ground, but Magicli never leaves my vision. "It is amusing."
I watch as Magicli's chuckling shifts to a serious expression. "Time-based magic is Ultanian in nature, so their type of magic may take some time to get used to; however, I've seen you as the hard-working type, and we'll be able to finish our lesson today.
"Our lesson,"
Magicli says, revealing an apple behind him and throwing it at me. Despite my hands catching the apple, it phases through them and hits me straight into the skull. "OW!"
"Is to use Time-based magic to stop time, catch this apple, and throw it back to me. I hope you know how Ultirivsc-based spells use your mana around you and the environment to create, modify, or control mana.
No. 1081856 ID: 770f88
File 170623503064.png - (104.23KB , 500x500 , mag_7_7.png )

:Hop_Normal_Anims: "Yes I know what you mean."
:dark_magicli_normal_noanims: "Imagine that but located entirely inside your own body; think of it as mana itself, a machine with many different parts and perfect control over it. You could do nearly anything."
"For this magic, we'll focus entirely on your brain; think of your brain as gears churning to a clock; now imagine the clock stopped, and the bags have stopped. Hold that thought, focus, focus on if everything stands still."
I close my eyes, and upon focusing internally, I see my mana. They're all bustling and excited. So many of them are like a colony; it's a magical, otherworldly sight.
:dark_magicli_normal_anims: "Now you notice all that mana? Make them stop through your mana, and then open your eyes." The pressure from the mana is unbearable. I can feel each one wishes to squirm in a mass of energy constantly, and I lose focus often. Thirty minutes had passed before I wrangled the mana and could focus. They stay silent, and then, following Magicli's rules, I open my eyes and immediately lose focus again.
:hop_angry_anims: "Ugh!! Magcli! It's so stupid! It's so hard! No wonder no one likes Ultanimia if all her magic is as bull shit as this." I say, teeth bared, punching the ground.
Magicli looks at me with a gleam of disappointment. "Hmm, I guess I overestimated how quickly you'd be able to pick up the fundamentals and how little mental fortitude you had. I must admit you did choose one of the harder Ultanimia-based magics. I'll tell you what I'll change today's lesson; your goal now is to stop time but not move for about thirty seconds."
I begin stretching my aching limbs. "Why not move?"
Magicli remarks in a matter-of-fact tone, "Because moving while stopping time requires an immense focus and a quite intense mental strain, even for someone as talented and powerful as me; with your little expertise, you'd most likely black out for days, and suffer from mana loss or sorcerer sickness. Time-based magic also has an interesting quirk about it since you're stopping time and action for everyone except other time-based spell casters. Your mana inside your body has to stop and control all nearby mana as well, especially in a life-or-death scenario. that has its own nearby mana since mana is quite hyperactive it makes it harder and harder for it to stay contained over time, and that's why there's a time limit on the Time-control any longer, and your mana becomes unstable and unpredictable, I once read of a chap who tried to peek on the woman's room's using time control magic he was quite experienced and had been doing both pausing and rewinding Time-based magic for decades, however instead of ending at the 30-second mark, he continued and when another second went by his mana became unstable, and he immediately exploded into a pile of gore. I personally have reached the Three-minute mark. However, I must admit that the entire day and the following after, In bed."
He looks me up and down and snickers. "I see you as the type to reach about 10 seconds on our first session, and then on our next, you rewind by about 5 seconds and last for about 15."
I can feel my blood boiling; I feel like Magicli isn't taking me as seriously as he used to and sees me as lesser due to my lack of experience. I'll show him.
I immediately go back to my mind and, in just ten minutes, focus my mana into silence. I open my eyes and instantly get a searing headache as I feel my mana squirming inside my head. I think of my concentration, as almost a tether inside my mind, everything is silent, and looking around the room, I see the flames in perfect suspension, and upon focusing on them more, I can see their mana perpetually stuck at rest. Still, I'm hit with a searing pain across my head, red, prolonged, sharp needles slowly pinching into my brain. I can feel my tether weakening and my ears ringing, yet I attempt to focus on the silence. As the seconds go by, I sense the pain worsening; the pain goes abstract; it's indescribable. My body collapses as my vision becomes, and my rope is about to break, yet still, I attempt to hang on; my head feels crushed, trying all the while to have any semblance of coherence amongst the destruction. I sense myself fading as my eyes start to go numb. I eventually can't fight it anymore, and darkness envelops me. Still, just as it does, I see myself beginning at Magicli while standing where I originally stood, and time resumes back to normal.
No. 1081857 ID: 770f88
File 170623503421.png - (59.90KB , 500x500 , mag_8_8.png )

"Honestly, hop, I'm quite impressed. That was about 18 seconds! but please try not to pass out; it's quite obnoxious to magically resuscitate you back to life and calm your mana."
I point my finger at him. "Hah! See? I told you I got this, and I surpassed your expectations. "All mighty Magicli," I'm much stronger than I look, so no point treating me like a kit!"
He ignores me, looks across me onto the horizon with his arms behind his back, and states one word, "Again."
I'm flabbergasted. I learned how to do it, so why is Magicli telling me to do it again?
"A magician always practices their magic so that they can do it consistently. At any time, I need to see that you can go past the 15-minute mark every time while exhausted from your previous attempts, so Again."
And so I did it again, and again, and again of this torturous nightmare. It felt like I was stuck there for weeks, touching my mind about to burst every second; Magicli said I made five more attempts, but I think it was fifty-five; I did manage through shere force of will to be near the fifteen-minute mark consistently, although I started to lose steam and go down to about ten minutes as it went on and on. However, before I left, Magicli showed me a neat fundamental of a sub-set of speed magic; if instead of enchanting my mana, I used mine to move the mana away from me and target the mana in my nervous system, then if someone or something came about 5 feet of me, My body will immediately notice.

Hop has learned
Pause Time: 15seconds, Cost: 1 Mana

When the time came for Magicli to end his lesson, I felt physically and mentally beaten as I thought all of my mana had drained from my system; Magicli gave me a mischievous grin.
"Hop, wait just a moment." Then, just as quickly, I feel something enter my body, something alien, something otherworldly. Mana, but not that of my own, somebody else's; it touched a gross sensation as I sensed the alien mana coursing through every vein in my body.
No. 1081858 ID: 770f88
File 170623503782.png - (32.81KB , 500x500 , mag_9_9.png )

It felt oh so wrong, yet I supposed it was so, so good- powerful even.
Magicli looks down at me, still grinning ear to ear. "Don't worry, it's only temporary; the owner won't need it ever again; they have better substitutions

Mana Has Risen From 3/3 To 4/4
No. 1081859 ID: 770f88
File 170623504135.png - (114.76KB , 500x500 , mag_10_10.png )

:dark_magicli_normal_anims: "Now then, time to return you to the others; I have much more exquisite things to intend to."
He claps, and I'm transported to the school halls. In the near distance, I see Wilabo, Iceli, and Alex all laughing among themselves and seeming to have a wonderful time in each other's presence.

I dash over to him, and Alex looks surprised, yet his expression quickly shifts to a smile. "Hop! Where were you? Not only did you miss Magicli's boring lesson that a kindergarten should give, but you also missed it. he glances at Iceli expectantly; upon realizing his gaze, she yells out. "Yeah! Alex and I did some up-close wrestling! It was a close match, but Wilabo won in the end." As she says that, I see Alex's face blush a little; what is he trying to hide? Wilabo joins in. "Yeah, it was awesome. Alex went *Doosh*, and Iceli went *Woosh*, and then, near the end, I joined the fray, used my magic, and went *Boosh*, And I won!"
My ears perk up upon hearing the word. "That being?" Iceli and Wilabo look at each other in the eye with a smug smile. Should I tell her what it'll be?" Iceli says in a hushed whisper that is clearly audible to everyone present. Wilabo chuckles with a chaotic pitch. "No, I think it'll be a much better surprise if we don't tell her.
No. 1081860 ID: 770f88
File 170623504567.png - (59.56KB , 500x500 , mag_11_11.png )

Wilabo continues. "It's time to watch the greatest invention since electricity! A-N-I-M-E," She says, trying to stretch herself to parrot her words.
Just as she finishes, she dashes ahead in an excited fervor, only turning back as she gets out of sight and signs for us to follow. She dashes again as we get closer.
Leaving me, Alex, and Iceli alone to talk privately, Alex immediately broke the ice with a question that had me on edge.
"Babe, what happened to you? We saw you during Magicli's lesson, but you have yet to react to anything. You were a husk, and when his lesson ended, you just dashed away."
I look at Iceli, who responds with a look that could shatter an integration. "Oh, I was starting to feel sick; all of the stress of this place was beginning to get to me, and after I went to the bathroom, I decided to explore around a bit more to see if there were more exciting locations that Magicli had tried to hide from us."
Alex's face loosens, and he goes to hug me. "Oh, Hop, that's terrible! I hope you got that out of your system. I know how hard it's been, so thank you for being honest with me." As he goes to hug me again. I accept his offer, yet a part of me feels awful about lying to him; Iceli eyes me with suspicion but turns her attention elsewhere, scanning the halls we walk down. Eventually, we reached the dorm rooms, and Wilabo started to examine the many sizes available. She goes up to the four-person room, turns to us, and yells out.
I quickly shake my head in disapproval; Iceli readily accepts her offer. Alex turns his attention at Iceli, stares, and then turns back to me. "That's our decision to make later," Alex adds. Wilabo's expression lessens, but she immediately springs back into a frenzy.
No. 1081861 ID: 770f88
File 170623505153.png - (121.99KB , 500x500 , mag_12_12.png )

"Alright then, let's hang out in the four-person room." As Wilabo opened the room, a sense of amazement washed over us. The room is massive, with two bunkbeds and corresponding closets on each side, a kitchen with a corresponding table, a Living room with a corresponding TV, and two bathrooms on either side; I don't think I've ever lived in a room this massive. Wilabo moves to the living room, where three couches reside alongside a dining table. She magically conjures a backpack in a cartoonish puff of smoke alongside a cable and a charger; all electronic devices have comically long cords to boot. Wilabo gets everything ready and then stares at us intently with a surpassed smile.
"So! Here's the small number of options I brought. -" Wilabo conjures a tall tower of DVD cases in her hands that reach the roof, with some falling off to the sides. I'd laugh if it weren't considering how much of a hazard all that weight must be.

She inhales a deep breath. My favorite concurrent anime is Release from EDPEACH. In it, an Anthro stapler gets magical power, and he becomes big and ka-pow! Not only is it hilarious, but it's action-packed!
My favorite canceled one is the Dragon Bromance From Slithero, in which a dragon acquires a hoard of love. It's super wholesome and has a beautiful message!
Oooh, there's Fresh Apple By ReasonableDaVoid; their episodes come out quite frequently, so it's almost always a delightful day whenever a new episode comes out.
Oooh, how could I forget Productivity Fairy From Bagle? That one's a classic! The small fox is my favorite!
And I watch as Wilabo drones on about the anime mentioned and on and on, and even more, my brain has stopped processing everything. It's all just become sounds intertwined; I have to control her; if I don't, she'll talk about them all night! I vote to watch:

[b] Dragon Bromance
[c] Fresh Apple
[d] Productive fairy.
[e] Other
No. 1081865 ID: eb0a9c

No. 1081868 ID: 414d42

Fresh apple is great but probably a little dark for these guys. Go with D.
No. 1081877 ID: e51896

C knowing what that is, I feel this is a good film to learn about dealing with adversaries in a battle of wit and manipulation. might be useful for when we have to go on trial later.
No. 1081878 ID: a7a180

No. 1081881 ID: dc13c4

I hope there is a vegan option for the flesh apple because that is what I am voting for.
No. 1082332 ID: d6a776

C, more relevant to our adventures
No. 1082453 ID: 3f89df
File 170706958599.png - (64.59KB , 500x500 , Wow Anime.png )

As I speak, I see Wilabo freeze in place against the words I echo.
"Out. "Ummm! Fresh Apple!"
Wilabo cocks her head and looks at me with a sassy expression, her tongue outstretched. "Fresh apple? Why didn't you say so Dumb dumb? I just finished describing the plot for DvD#213: Ridge Cedar, Fresh Apple was ages ago! Alright, we don't need this." And I'm paralyzed in sheer fear as I see Wilabo chuck her immense tower of Cd Goodness towards the wall, which makes a demonic cracking noise before a wave of Cd's pile onto the ground, which sounds more like a pack of feral Buffalo charging towards us. Despite making the most frightening thing I've ever seen and heard in about a month, Wilabo has a nonchalant expression. "Oh, don't worry, everyone, the CDs are just blanks; I have all of the anime we need to be saved on my laptop and among other cloud-based storage platforms." Wilabo walks over to her laptop and turns it on.
I must admit that I've never really watched TV, or gone online, for that matter; the only experience I had was looking at my dad's desktop, so when Wilabo turned on the power button on her laptop, It was mesmerizing, I'm glued to my seat with my attention solely focused on the Tv it was a new thing I was experiencing, well besides watching Tv in bars, and in restaurants uncle used to host family gatherings in. Still, I had never seen a computer shown in such sheer size and velocity; I was almost bursting with excitement. Alex noticed my excitement and added, "Well, aren't you antsy? Well, I must admit I'm pretty excited too." I watch in awe as I see Wilabo do, in retrospect, very mundane things, such as exploring her files and folders and opening the media player app.
Before she pressed play, Wilabo turned to look at us.
"Okay, before we start, I have to preface this by saying that this anime is pretty dark. However, it's a good fit, especially for our current situation!"
I hear Iceli mumble. "Oh, I don't have a dark vision. Is that okay?"
Alex laughs at Iceli's blunder and then turns his attention back to Wilabo, his arms outstretched behind him with a grinning expression. "Oh, believe me, as one of the more popular Heels of the Inquan Wrestling Association, I've had to act out some pretty violent and "dark" stories, especially as the guy dealing out the violent blows."
I am still determining what Alex is talking about, but he seems happy, so that's what matters. Iceli and Wilabo also seem bewildered by it. Wilabo then turns her attention to me, and I answer with the first thing that comes into my head: "I have a high fear tolerance, but if I end up scared, I'm jumping off the couch; this is all relatively new to me."
No. 1082454 ID: 3f89df
File 170706958705.png - (46.89KB , 500x500 , fresh apple guy wow that cool.png )

Wilabo looks at us mischievously, her tail curling into a spiral. "Well, I'm excited to see it." She spins around, presses play, and then sits down; however, my attention diverts as the show begins. It reads: "Fresh Apple Monster King." The camera first pans to the castle and then into a window where a yellow-skinned, quiet-looking creature with a crown encased with a talking red apple atop it.
We hear the creature's voice- when suddenly, I'm brought out of the hypnotic gaze as I hear Wilabo's voice ringing through my ears.
"Yeah, this anime is pretty experimental! Especially when there's dialogue and the layout. But it's so cool! Oh yeah, in terms of the story, It's about doing your best with nothing through illusions, trickery and underhanded tactics, almost like ourselves and magicli, correct?"
I think about Wilabo's words, but magicli can read our minds, correct? He feels less like a mortal but an eldritch being whose sheer power is still yet to be defined; how does he know almost every magic, both Ultrivisc and Ultimina? And yet, why have we just heard of him or this place? How old is he, and what even are they? I'm getting off track, but Wilabo shouldn't know what I know to ask these questions, even if she's being kind now. She's still a rival in this experiment that Magicli's been concocting, and because I don't know her like how I do Alex. I don't know what's on her mind, I don't even know what her Magic specialty is, and considering how she and Iceli have it under wraps, it's either especially illegal or powerful.
No. 1082455 ID: 3f89df
File 170706959009.png - (36.48KB , 500x500 , Alex dosent know whats comeing to him.png )

My mind can't return to the intoxicating noises and lights from the television. I'd be letting my guard down, and then those two could strike in a way I wouldn't expect or go past my ten-second timer.
I can't believe I almost let my guard down, all because Alex is here; how could I be so idiotic?
There could be others inside this room, and this has all just been a plan by Wilabo to orchestrate her power by allowing a murder to occur and allowing the killer to go away Scott-free.
Without guidance from my Lucky Foot, I activate my Mana, shifting it outwards to increase my reaction time, and begin to consider my surroundings.
Mana 4/4 -> 3/4.
Wilabo has noticed my change in tone and looks at me quickly. [color= # FAA73F] " Well, the anime's not that scary; what's going on with you? " [/color] She then looks at Iceli, who looks at me with clear suspicion, like I'm plotting their demise.
No. 1082456 ID: 3f89df
File 170706959456.png - (34.31KB , 500x500 , girl code.png )

My head prickles in sharp, contorting pain; all of the stress and work of this hellscape must be getting to me. I need a safe place, but where is it safe?
I look at Wilabo, who is chatting with Alex about the current scene in the anime; she occasionally looks at Iceli and comments under hushed whispers that Iceli seems surprised to hear.
Alex looks like all the stress and tension have been released from his body, like he's forgotten all the world's stress and worries, like a simple bunny about to be Caught by a sly, slightly obese cat.
While I could leave quite quickly, I'm afraid for Alex and his safety. Considering how Wilabo brought up the topic of "wrestling" and his blushing response, they could easily seduce him. Seduced men are very agreeable to whatever plans their mistress provides, and if I leave him alone, they could turn him against me or, worse, Kill him.

I need a strategic position that isn't so close to Alex and allows me to be out of sight so that Iceli and Wilabo feel safe enough to do their wicked plan but be close enough for me to be able to stop them if the need arises, a place that is ordinary and won't raise suspicion, and then in a streak of brilliance I remember.

I stand up and say to the three, "Oh, I gotta go to the bathroom." But almost just on cue, I see Wilabo come up and say, "Oh! me too."
It's clever, but this does pose some more questions. She's using the girl code for: "I need to talk to you about something in priavate." But why? Is it because she has something to talk about? or is it just a way to get me away from the group as she murders me? If I'm thinking about this too far, and she's being genuine, what's it about? Should I trust her as if she trusts me not to do anything?

I look down at my lucky foot. It knows best; it should decide if I trust her.

[a] Trust Wilabo and talk with her in the bathroom.
[b] Don't trust Wilabo and refuse her offer.
[c] Attempt to leave with Alex.
[d] Other
No. 1082460 ID: 6ef96f

No. 1082461 ID: dc13c4

Don't leaver yourself open for an ambush, refuse the offer
No. 1082632 ID: 87e33c

[a] the bathrooms like right next to the room right, you'll at least hear a scream if something happens, and if Willabo attacks you you can just time stop for a few minutes to figure out a plan, after all, they don't know you can do that now.
No. 1082727 ID: e51896

No. 1083107 ID: 3f89df
File 170762049291.png - (40.12KB , 500x500 , sexy sex wrestling with alex i err not expecting t.png )

Ugh, Lucky Foot, why are you giving me mixed signals?! This doesn't help with my current predicament; however, with rapidly decreasing time, I have to think of something fast, so I go with my gut and decide that I'm going to talk with Wilabo but be prepared to fight as if everything I stand for depends on it, or prepare to save Alex from any harm that these two have planned.
I fake a smile toward Wilabo and respond with a quick, "Sure!"
With that, Wilabo starts to follow incredibly close behind me, towards what I presume to be the bathroom. I open the door to be greeted by a pretty luxurious bathroom, with a bathtub/shower combination paired with tile clothing; there's a large sink and a corner of which I presume lies the toilet. When we both enter the room, Wilabo closes the door behind us.

No matter what happens here, I need to know if she's a threat to me or Alex, no matter how long it takes her to spill the beans.

There's a period of silence as we both look at each other. However, it is shortly interrupted as Wilabo looks at me oddly; I am ready to react to anything she has planned for me.

Finally, there's an action that stops me dead in my tracks as she blurts out, "We didn't have sex with your Boyfriend, okay?" I pause; that was not even close to what I expected. I frankly reply: "What?"
"Look, we were making a joke about the whole wrestling thing? I know about the implication and attempted to act as silly as possible surrounding that, but you've been glaring at me and Iceli like we just killed your dad, so I just wanted to apologize."
As much as I feel like she's telling the truth, it doesn't explain why Alex was blushing. "Then why was Alex blushing?" I'm taken aback as Wilabo yells in audible confusion. "I don't know! There are many different factors; yes, we did wrestling, but it wasn't the obvious implication. Maybe he was embarrassed by the implication of the joke; maybe he was embarrassed because Iceli was shirtless during the match; maybe he was embarrassed because I wasn't being careful with my kimono. I have no clue!"

It would make sense if he were embarrassed by Iceli's shirtlessness; considering his evident fondness for her, it wouldn't be weird if the total mammalian response upon seeing someone shirtless applied to Reptiles and, by extension, Iceli despite her lack of boobs.
No. 1083108 ID: 3f89df
File 170762049725.png - (26.36KB , 500x500 , scaredy cat.png )

Everything seems to check out between what she's said and what's happened, but still, I can't be sure I trust them thoroughly, especially when I don't know how much they'd want to leave, I need to know more. time to bluff.
"Wilabo, Tell me why, if any, you'd want to leave this school. Lie, and I will know because of my magic, and you'll never leave this school again, or at least in one piece."
Wilabo looks taken aback, and her fur starts to rise on edge. As she glanced at me, her body trembling as her eyes darted between me and the door, she stepped back with an audible stutter that she immediately attempted to correct.
"I-i I Whouldent-tt- Ok-Okay, that's not true. I-I wo-would wan-nt to leave be-because of my safety, and I miss my-my family, but I-I-I'm the R-r-r-runt of th-th-the litter, so I-I-I wouldn't murder t-t-t-to-to see them again. Lo-look-Look I-I-I just don't want to think about it."
She's truthful, but she seems like the opportunist/Survivor type based on her response, but not the type to murder on the first day to fulfill her goals immediately.
No. 1083109 ID: 3f89df
File 170762050106.png - (29.18KB , 500x500 , wait why is wilabo blushing.png )

I step closer and closer. As I do, she retreats until she reaches the edge of the sink, where she attempts to make herself small. I loom over her, looking as threatening as possible from her perspective. Her breathing accelerates as she trembles, and I ask one question: "And what about Iceli? What's your relationship with her?"
Wilabo readies her claws; I'm ready for whatever she will dish out.
"I don't know about her family or background! She seems really laid-back. . I wouldn't expect her to try anything. And she's a dragon, so I'm obviously intrigued by her. look, Hop? I've been truthful in everything I said. Please, Please, I beg of you, don't hurt me!"

I bring myself closer to her until I feel her rapid breaths brushing against my fur. "What is your magic specialization? And how powerful would you say that your magic is?"
Wilabo squints at me like she's attempting to read deep inside me; she knows how much knowing someone's magic on the first day affects your mortality. I try to regain composure and keep my facade.
"Well, spit it out! Before I do something that I'll regret. " I said, bringing my hands closer to her neck.
"Okay, okay, I'm using polymorph magic, and not to spill out more info I need to give, but I could fight Iceli and Alex single-handedly, which I wouldn't. I also have a small bit of conjuration, but I can only conjure Items I'm attuned to; Please, Hop, Stop. I don't want to fight you."

A polymorphic? She can be powerful if she's crafty enough, and her capabilities most likely outweigh mine. Her power should be taken with a grain of salt, especially since she hasn't tried anything against me.
No. 1083110 ID: 3f89df
File 170762050425.png - (34.60KB , 500x500 , uh oh angry wilabooooooo.png )

I know everything I need. Now to "let her off the leash." I take my hands off her throat and step back until I reach the left side of the wall, still glaring at her like a prey about to pounce. She takes a second to breathe and then looks at me. She is still scared, but not as much as before. Just as she seems to be masking a confident demeanor, she turns offensive, shouting at the top of her lungs.
"All I wanted was to lay back, watch some anime, and not think about how I might be trapped here for the rest of my life while trying to make friends! But the moment I attempt to be a good person and attempt to rectify a mistake, someone threatens to kill me unless they can decide I'm a Threat! But because I'm not, You're just going to kill me anyway! I've seen enough Crime based anime to see where this will go. But if you're going to kill me, then I'll make sure the whole world hears my screams!"

Shit, maybe I am a paranoid freak; I felt like I've been on auto pilot? I just threatened a potentially innocent girl for information with her life at stake. Perhaps this school is just getting to me, But enough about that. I need to rectify this situation before it spirals out of control. I need to plan my following words carefully.

Shoot! Her screaming is clouding my mind! I need ideas and Fast!
No. 1083118 ID: e2839f

"You think I'm not scared too?!?!" - that should get her to pause for a second so you can get some stuff edgwise in

How about you offer a compromise, you're both competent and paranoid, how about a quid pro quo. You enjoyed the anime right? So how about be friends, or at least have eachother's back temporarily, at least until the first murder.

Don't be too vulnerable here, but you can let a bit of the mask slip just a bit to see if she's willing to co-op. Oh, and I def think you should apologize.

Oh, and this is just a bonus for fun one, but you could also ask why she was blushing a little, is she into being bullied? might lighten the mood
No. 1083162 ID: 76c9ae

WILABO. Look even if this was an attempt to kill you it'd be an awful one. Several witnesses know where we were headed. *sigh* Fine, since you leveled with me I'll level with you. Perhaps it's overcautious but the thought of Alex dying weighs more heavily on me than most things. Feels like he's... letting his guard down far too much so I've got to be protective. Have to, even if I have to do things I hate. Like intimidating a girl who might be a threat but who's actually honest and has no plans to kill. Were you planning you would have lied when you said polymorph abilities. So all this did was damage trust of a potential ally and friend. Since you bared your underbelly reciprocating would help fix the damage. Just ask what you'd like to know. Oh, and if that's not enough, look at it like this. Either myself or Alex kills we could lose the other because they'd have to escape too. Without a way to assure that we have no motive to kill. So... if you still think that's not enough you're free to leave but if... we grow our trust we can protect ourselves and maybe others too. Like I said, I'll bare my underbelly - no question is off limits. So what will it be, will we sever ties or will we reconcile?
No. 1083319 ID: 75beb8

>>1083162 Oop minor addendum for this. She asks sensitive questions, we whisper in her ear because her screams may have alerted people. So who knows who might be listening?
No. 1083516 ID: 3f89df
File 170819050996.png - (14.50KB , 500x500 , look wilabo im sorry i made you worry for your lif.png )

I pause; I have to be genuine but not let my mask fall to give her an upper hand.

Amongst her screams, I take a deep breath and shout back to her, "You think I'm not scared, too?!?!"

Wilabo hesitates, and I take the opportunity to continue on my sentence.
"I'm also stuck here Wilabo! And anybody here could potentially be plotting my murder!! Iceli, Alex, even you!"
Wilabo's expression softens, yet I can still tell by her demeanor that she's skeptical and a little angry.

I relax a little. "Wilabo, I'm sorry for what I did back there. I can relate to your paranoia; I wanted to see, without any lies, if you threatened me or not. And I know how when I did that to you, you were stuck in a scary, unwinnable situation, and I can feel the pain generating off of you."
No. 1083517 ID: 3f89df
File 170819051583.png - (34.16KB , 500x500 , OHWAIT~1.png )

Wilabo answers my earlier question, "So, Am I?" I don't respond.
Wilabo mumbles to herself loudly and then turns her attention back to me. Her claws retreated, and her demeanor now looked towards me, quizzingly, awaiting my subsequent response.
"Look, I can tell that this is a terrible introduction between us, and I'm not expecting you to forgive me. But I'm being truthful when I say that I really enjoyed the anime, or at least its introduction to it, and you seem to be a very truthful person, so do you want to be friends?"

Wilabo raises her eyebrow. I immediately backpedaled my previous statement.
"Okay maybe it's hard to trust me after what I just did to you, and I understand that. But we have some same traits, were both good spellcasters, and were both paranoid, so maybe at the very least we can watch each others backs, or at least until the first murder happens."
No. 1083518 ID: 3f89df
File 170819052193.png - (26.90KB , 500x500 , redeption redeemed.png )

Wilabo looks up to the sky, contemplating the information I just gave her. I give her a couple of minutes to formulate her response. As I feel impatient about her length, she looks towards me and describes her response.
"I'm not going to say that we can be friends. I need to know you better than just a crazy lady who was about to kill or force herself onto me to tell. But in terms of being a co-op, I can get behind it a lot better, but only when we are with other people. You know that I don't trust us being alone together."
"I understand."
"Now I could accept your apology, but..........." She gives me a mischievous grin. "I'll accept your apology only if you promise me a favor. Not like a Help me hide the body and stay quiet kind of favor, more so a silly inconsequential favor."
If this puts Wilabo and me on better terms and allows her to feel more comfortable around me, then a tiny favor is a manageable price. Knowing how much she likes anime, she'll probably get me to organize her collection. Maybe it'll make it so she trusts me enough to be an ally. If this is the price, then I accept.
"That's reasonable. I accept your terms, Wilabo."
I outstretched my hand and gave her a handshake. Wilabo looked much more comfortable now, but she still had that silly grin. Maybe if I were a guy, I'd call her cute.
"Deal!" She reciprocates my gesture.
No. 1083519 ID: 3f89df
File 170819052928.png - (33.11KB , 500x500 , sultry poses.png )

Now that I and Wilabo are on good terms, there's something that I wished to ask now that I passively noticed it when I was interrogating her.

> Ask why she was blushing a little. Is she into being bullied?

"So, now that we are on better terms, can you tell me why you were blushing earlier when I was on top of you?"

Wilabo's expression immediately drops, and her face turns beet red.
"Uh! Ummm! I! Hmmm! It's Just that-"
I tease her, "Is it because you like it when bigger girls order you around?" I can almost feel the heat radiating off of her face.
"No! I mean Yes! I mean- Crap! Why did I just say that!?!"
I look at her smugly and say: "You just want, no, you'd just love if a much stronger woman than you to pin her down onto the ground or her bed and then start to untie your kimono, all the while calling you demeaning things you'd know you want that."
Wilabo starts to cross her legs together and very badly attempts to seem perfectly cool.
"Nope! Don't know what your talking about! That thought didn't even remotely pass my mind! Nuh uh!"
Her reactions are cute. She's so bad at hiding that she's flustered, and it's adorable. Now I'm curious: How long can I tease her before she gives in?

I resume walking closer to Wilabo, whose breathing becomes rapid, her face still beet red in embarrassment. "And then once she's done, she'll leave you completely bare, where she'll sit on top of you, ordering commands and asking for your dirtiest secrets; I bet you have so much Anime that has your dirty fantasy, don't you?"
Wilabo looks at me, her face wholly flustered and her mind racing. She responds rapidly.
No. 1083520 ID: 3f89df
File 170819053510.png - (22.98KB , 500x500 , woahhh wilabo is really enjoying that.png )

"What? No! Nothing like that! I don't have Yuri! or Yaoi! Even if I did, that thought would never cross my mind, even if I would like it a little ." I'm face to face in front of her. I touch the middle of her chest, and her eyes go to follow.
"Thankfully for you,, cutie, I have.... experience, in that matter. Don't. Don't worry if you don't I can teach you."
My finger goes down until I reach her Obi. Wilabo says nothing; all I can hear is her loud purring.
No. 1083521 ID: 3f89df
File 170819053956.png - (54.58KB , 500x500 , oh wait hop is straight.png )

I can't take it anymore; I burst out laughing. Wilabo immediately stops purring and jumps from my sudden noise.
"Oh but imagine if we did? Hah! You were really into it! Your not really good against teasing aren't you? I'll keep that in mind if we become friends."
"Oh!" Wilabo says, still flustered from before. "Oh, I am... I guess that was funny. I umm... I definitely wasn't expecting anything, hah hah. You really got me there."
Wilabo looks lost in thought for a few seconds and then begins to join me in laughing.

"Okay, okay, fine. Hop, you got me; you found my weakness. Oh noooooo! Well, guess what, Hop, I still have that favor, and once I find out your weakness, then bam, then you'll be the one blushing like a maniac!"
The air in the room seems to be much more light-hearted than before. What I did was a risk, but it seems to have paid off.
"Well, then try to find it then!" I stick my tongue out playfully at her.
"I'll just tease you till you can't find it! Which you won't! No one knows." Wilabo smirks at me playfully. "Fine! then I'll ask your boyfriend when you're not here!"
No. 1083522 ID: 3f89df
File 170819054326.png - (25.30KB , 500x500 , wait no thats illegal i cant blushu.png )

My mask most definitely shattered depending on Wilabo's following expression: "What! No! Hey! That's Cheating!" "Well, look at who's little miss blusher now? I immediately put my hands on my face, feeling myself blushing harder. "Wait, wait! That's against the rules! You can't ask my partner he-" "Knows how to make you blush like a banshee? Is a valuable asset for this little war that you started?" She grins the most sassy grin I've ever seen. "Well, if you don't want all your secrets to be revealed, then you better not be a crazy stupid lady again and dig yourself another hole."
She's out sassing me? That's supposed to be my shtick!
No. 1083523 ID: 3f89df
File 170819054864.png - (41.52KB , 500x500 , uhoh did they hear us being horny horny.png )

"Well-" Our playful banter is cut short as I hear a knock on the door.
No. 1083524 ID: 3f89df
File 170819055282.png - (12.82KB , 500x500 , oh god alex what are you doing to that door are yo.png )

"Hey, you guys have been in there for quite an while. Is everything okay in there? Nobody's dying? I- well, the anime ended? The anime was loud, but I thought I heard lots of shouting come from here." It's Alex.
We look at each other, waiting for the other to open the door.
This is a test of trust, for whoever goes to open the door has to divert their attention away from the other; despite the mundanity of it all, it will send a clear message.
No. 1083525 ID: 3f89df
File 170819055647.png - (33.02KB , 500x500 , no wilabo please dont take her about that stuff.png )

Considering that I'm the one who's broken her trust the most, it only makes sense that I trust her to do the same for me; I go to open the door without any fuss. Alex looks at me; his face immediately lightens as he looks at Wilabo and me. "Oh, thank goodness you're both not dead."
"But really, what were you two doing in there?" Just as I'm about to respond, Wilabo dashes over and interrupts me. "Oh, nothing. Hop just told me a secret and told me not to tell anyone, but to seal her evil into my lips, she promised me a favor."

Alex looks at me with a disappointed expression. "Hop, is it about the thing that Magicli was talking about?" I can feel my ears on wits end. "What? NO!!!"
Wilabo's ears perked up. "What thing was magicli talking about?"
Alex looks at her quizzingly. "Well, Magicli said that Hop had some blackmail that he could say if she was ever "naughty" whatever that means." NO WILABO YOU LITTLE PRICK EVEN IF YOU TURN INTO AN ALLY IF YOU TALK ABOUT THAT-
"Oh! Well, yeah, something like that, what Hop said to me was really naughty~" She winks at me. Wilabo, for all that is Ultiminia, not in front of my boyfriend; I'm sorry that I teased you. This is a thousand. Please stop.
"We should discuss what Magicli was talking about; if Hop refuses her favor, maybe what she told me isn't all that, and it's something much, much, much, more embarssing."
Oh! Was it one of those things? " I see Wilabo grinning ear to ear. "Oh! Maybe!"
My mind immediately identifies what he's referring to. He wouldn't, right?
Just to be safe, I but into the conversation, and hopefully, no one notices my face.
. "Look, It's not!- It's not, what you all think it is! It's just girl talk! Alex, please refuse to tell her if I refuse the favor."
No. 1083526 ID: 3f89df
File 170819056109.png - (67.06KB , 500x500 , arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhriruggtuigtrjtrpreepwowe.png )

Alex looks at me, still visually disappointed. "C'mon, Hop. It isn't like you to be hiding information from me. And if what you told Wilabo helps me find out why you've been so shady lately, then I endorse any favor baring murder, and others that fit that mold, that Wilabo can do."
Wilabo looks at me and blows a raspberry. "Well, it's good to have that all dealt with! Now come on, everybody! We have some more anime to watch!" She retreats to her laptop, ready to select another series.

Wilabo definitely seems like she has much more control than before. Hence, she thinks that I'm not as much of a threat as I am, and if she feels that way, she most likely wants to hold that position for a while, or at least until we potentially gain a proper bond or something else happens.

I feel the anxiety in my chess lessen in weight as I feel much safer than I have since I've arrived in this school, and with it, my paranoia has lessened, at least enough that I can watch Anime with Alex and the others, and not feel like I'm about to be murdered, and with it, I relax and begin to watch the static on the screen.

The anime we watched afterward wasn't to my taste, but I still had a good time with those three for its short duration. We cracked jokes, did impersonations, and told some stories about ourselves. It wasn't much, but it deepened the group's bond, if not a little. I learned a new fascination, and the cognitive load that has burdened me lightened a bit.
No. 1083527 ID: 3f89df
File 170819056541.png - (16.55KB , 500x500 , hop pondering oooooh lore or social life or swimsu.png )

But with it all over and the groups murmuring about what to do next, I need to think realistically and carefully about what to do with my remaining time.

Magicli was talking about what "actually" happened with the goddesses that could be found in the Library; with the time left, I could also attempt to exercise or practice my magic on my own.
I and Alex could have some alone time together, maybe even a date; we could discuss a lot of information together.
I could try using this time to locate and find someone else in this school to potentially gain another friend or ally or broaden my sphere of influence; it is less likely that someone would murder someone they know, especially during the first night.
Mind you, I could also do that with the current group right here; maybe I can attempt to form a connection, and since I know what kind of magic two of the members cast and Iceli may be easily identifiable soon, I can adequately plan strategies with them. Or, if I'm lucky, I'm able to blossom potential friendships.

There's also the consideration that if Alex and Wilabo are left alone together, he might spill who knows what about me, but in the grand scheme of this school, that may not be important, just a little bit of gossip.
No. 1083528 ID: 3f89df
File 170819056930.png - (62.02KB , 500x500 , ooooh iceli talking to peeps thats cool.png )

As I'm lost in thought, a group conversation breaks my concentration. "My eyes are hurting; can we stop?" "Huh?! Oh, sure! Sure!" Wilabo turns off the TV screen.
"So what are we doing next?" Alex questions
"Ooooh! Let's finally go to the Pool! I need to show all of you how fast I can swim!" Iceli adds.
"Hmmm, I don't know, Iceli; as much as I'd love to do your favorite sport, I wouldn't say I'm the best at swimming." He turns his attention to Wilabo.
"And don't cats hate water?"
"Mmmmm, not really? It's just submerging and drying off my fur, and that's a problem for me. I know the basics, like the doggy paddle."
Their attention turns to me. Swimming? Didn't we talk about this before? I don't know how to swim; my parents never taught me, and it wasn't an essential part of my life. Mind you, if I'm here in this school, it is good to know how in case there are water magic users, or I slip and fall into a body of water. But it's much lower on my list.
"I don't know how to swim, I think I should pass-" Iceli cuts me off abruptly
"Oh, then I can teach you all, too! Once you get the hang of it, it's really fun! And amazing cardio! And it's really important information, especially if you're passing by Hylexia someday, what with all of its steep cliffs and unskippable rivers alongside the main paths."
"Oh, so if I decide to go, then you'll train me how to swim professionally?"
"Yeah, once I'm finished showing off how fast I can swim!"
"Then sure!"
Wilabo hesitates, but then she quickly smiles. "Hmmmm, yeah, sure! I'll come, I have nowhere else to be , and I won't say no to seeing everyone in swimsuits. "
Iceli turns her attention to me
"What about you hop?"

I can't decide; there's a lot I could do, all of which have equal importance and advantage; however, the most important of which is:

[a] Go to the Library To learn about the goddesses and the land's history. Or use the opportunity to discover something else inside the Library.
[b] Suggest we do something else with the group instead of going to the Pool. Maybe my paranoia's justified, and Iceli's going to drown us while she's teaching us how to swim.
[c] I Will Go to the Pool if I need to learn a new skill, then prioritize and reinforce my current connections.
[d] Attempt to find and hang out / speak with someone else in the school; potential allies are essential, and I'll be able to ask my way around.
[e] Leave to go exercise/ practice magic by yourself. Make sure no one knows your magic. is a strategic asset and is of utmost importance to keep hidden.
[f] Try doing a group magic session! Then you can accurately describe and know how vital each participant is and know what magic they try
[g] Alex and I are going on a date. There's much more information to catch up on, and you need to be much more on board with him about your potential plans and ideas.
[h] Other
No. 1083530 ID: 17b143

Go. Got 2 likely allies, plus you can reverse time if Iceli pulls stuff. Larger groups are safer after all.
No. 1083536 ID: e2839f

C, pools have shallow ends, so just make sure you stay in the shallow end while you're learning so you don't drown. Also absolutely refuse to go in the deep end no matter what, after all, water is her domain.

Also don't try too hard to form those connections, nothing makes relationships harder to maintain than being a tryhard at them.

And I think Wilabou being a prankster right now or bugging Alex is a good thing, it means she's actively considering trying to navigate this weird position you've found yourselves in. Definitely keep your guard up, but there's no need to overstep and restrict Alex from talking to her about it or anything.

Also remember, if a murder happens right in front of others, only one person can still get out, at least, that's my interpretation of "true murderer" from the rules, was that clarified? So if only one person counts as the killer, then won't everyone else just tell on them?
No. 1084038 ID: 3f89df
File 170858218167.png - (24.02KB , 500x500 , wait how the heck do you know this are you not my .png )

> After all, water is her domain.
Wait, her magic type is water? How do you know that? I know you're part of my concusses or whatnot, but Heck, I don't understand that, how do you?
"Ummm, sure , I guess." Only bad things can happen, but the lucky foot has never been wrong before for intuition.
No. 1084040 ID: 3f89df
File 170858218926.png - (23.50KB , 500x500 , ummmm icelii is this okay your not going to get na.png )

Iceli jumps in the air, squealing, "Whaoo! You're not going to regret this. I mean it. We're going to the pool, Yeah! Yeah!"
Wilabo interrupts her to state, "Wait, but what about swimwear? Actually, I don't know how we're going to be able to change clothes in this school to begin with."
Just to respond to that question. A familiar voice enters my mind. "Swim Wear is located in the locker rooms; whatever locker you choose will have a wide variety of curated clothes; the same rules apply for dressers once you officially decide on a room." And with that statement, I feel him leave my mind even more. I look at the group, and Alex doesn't seem to have any reaction. Iceli looks confused more than anything, but Wilabo's fur is standing on end. "What was tha- Did all of you hear him just now?"
Everyone else just nods their heads. Or responds simply.
"Oh god, so I'm not just crazy. Is Magicli just listening to every conversation, and spying on our every move in this Ultanian Forsaken school?"
No one else responds to her questions, and as to break the ice, Alex suggests, "So, let's get started, shall we?" "Yeah! I remember where it is, so I'll lead." Iceli ran out the front door, and we followed her to the hallways.
No. 1084041 ID: 3f89df
File 170858219359.png - (30.60KB , 500x500 , alex no dont go after that reptile booty.png )

While we walk, I keep mainly to myself in the back; most of my interactions with this group have been awkward or done passively through the comfort of anime. Besides, it allows me to monitor stuff such as....... Alex staring at Iceli's ass.
Cmon Alex! I know her shorts are tight, but I'm right here! Do I need to be more for you? I understand that our relationship may face a tragic end, but there's no need to immediately become hedonistic! And look at other girls.
No. 1084042 ID: 3f89df
File 170858219742.png - (57.82KB , 500x500 , Alex what the heck did you say.png )

As to interrupt his brazen hedonism, I can't help but overhear Wilabo whispering something to Alex; he quickly glances at me but then turns his attention back to Wilabo and whispers something that I can't discern. Wilabo's eyes widened, and I could see her blushing for a bit, but after a while, she turned to me and gave me a mischievous grin while Alex wasn't looking.

Why was this a good idea, Lucky Foot, Consiunce, whatever? Now I can't trust my Boyfriend! Am I just going to be the butt of the joke? Just because of my reasonable standoffish, and then Alex is going to give the a-okay for Iceli to drown me so that he can fuck her? Ultaninia, what am I doing? What the hell did Alex say? And why does he not trust me anymore? Know what, fuck it! I'm going up there and asking him right now.
No. 1084043 ID: 3f89df
File 170858220169.png - (61.13KB , 500x500 , angry spat fighting.png )

As he notices my presence, he looks away from Iceli's assets and turns his attention to me. Wilabo stopped her conversation with Alex, and I approached him, giving him a sliver of my anger. "Alex! Why are YOU the one being so shady and being a footstool for others to walk right over me!?" Alex stumbles in his words, obviously taken aback by his "secret viewing" being potentially seen. "Ice- I mean Ho- Yeah Hop! What's with this hostility? What happened to my calm, nurturing, never-going-to-give-up girlfriend? I-" The fact that he keeps talking in the past tense is starting to get on my nerves. "ALEX, STOP TALKING LIKE THAT."
Alex starts visibly upset; I know never to anger a bull. But I'm not scared of him. "Do you know how shady you've been? No, really, Hop, You left the tour, and then right after acted extremely defensively when I was attempting to make a friendship with these lovely ladies; there's Magicli's blackmail and how you want to keep it under wraps, And then you left again! mutiple times! I'm going to be completely honest, Hop, I think you're cheating on me."
Cheating? Alex, you're the one staring at Iceli's ass during this whole adventure. I swear to all things Ultaninia- No, Calm yourself. Hop, be calm and collected; anger ruins relationships and families, and Only immature people who never grow do this self-detonation. I breathe and attempt to calm my nerves, Alex's anger softens as I respond.
No. 1084044 ID: 3f89df
File 170858220725.png - (28.32KB , 500x500 , im sorry for acussing you alex even though i may b.png )

"Look, Alex, I'll tell you everything but only when it's just us; the subjects.... are a bit touchy, and I don't want everyone to know about them; your suspicions are justified, but I wholeheartedly swear that I am not cheating on you."
Alex calms down. "Okay, Hop, I believe you, but please, when we have the chance to talk , be truthful . If what Wilabo or Magicli tells me differs, I can't trust you anymore, and I think that'll be the end of our relationship." Alex!- I calm myself. "That make sense, love you." I give him a quick smooch on the cheek, and he reciprocates. I look him dead center in the eyes. "Now that were being more truthful with each other, can you tell me what you told Wilabo?" Alex hesitates but then looks at me. "I told her about your sweet spots." I can feel myself blush. "Alex!" Alex reiterates. "I didn't talk about your, y'know, so I thought it would be fine! She just asked for something embarrassing, and that's on the lower spectrum of stuff I know about you." I look at Wilabo, who is looking at us sheepishly; Iceli seems to be leading the pack and doesn't seem to mind the loud yelling and embarrassing conversation we are partaking in.
"Let's change this topic, okay? No more secrets, no more sweet spots, no more hushed whispering, If were all talking to one another were-"
No. 1084045 ID: 3f89df
File 170858221286.png - (38.76KB , 500x500 , poool time.png )

"Were here!" Iceli loudly states.
"Huh already? Wait what about the locker rooms-"
"Huh? Why would we use the locker rooms?"
"Were you raised in the wilderness? To change into swimming clothes!"
"Oh." Iceli just says blankly, who just stands there awkwardly
Alex looks at me and says, "If I remember correctly, the locker rooms are just down this hall."
I follow Alex and arrive at the locker rooms he had described earlier. Wilabo follows me to the girls, where Alex goes to the boys. It's a reasonably average locker room, and there seems to be no one else around; I guess wondering about your mortality and freaking out makes it so most don't want to go about the pool. Who would have thought?
No. 1084046 ID: 3f89df
File 170858221874.png - (30.69KB , 500x500 , ack dont take your top off we_ll have to put an ns.png )

I pick the first locker I see, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the number of options; there are separate compartments, and putting my hand inside, it stretches to fill up the remaining space without affecting the other lockers. There's a wide variety of swimsuits, One-piece, Two-piece, Swim Shorts, Swim shorts, Swim Skirts With Shorts or a one-piece bottom underneath, and Wet Suits. And some that are even more conservative and old-fashioned. Magicli really gave lots of choices; some are diffrent materials, like some kind of cloth, wool, elastane, polyester, nylon, Latex? Money? Skulls? Eldri- Nope, I'm putting that away.
I decided on a simple two-piece bikini and began changing, but right as I took my skirt off, I heard a loud beep! I turn around and see Wilabo blushing like a banshee. I tease her a little. "Oh, what's wrong Wilabo? Liking the curves?"
"Yes- H-uh O-Oh! Hop! Sorry, I just wanted to talk to you about something." I drop the teasing. "Oh sure, and I resume changing." But just as my hands touch my crop top, I hear her squeal, "Ack- Wait! I'm getting distracted."
No. 1084047 ID: 3f89df
File 170858222265.png - (31.92KB , 500x500 , uhooooh bluching wilaboooo.png )

I interrupt her again. "Is this your first time in a locker room? Don't worry, we're both girls here." "Yes- I- Ack! Focus!- Hop! I just wanted to say sorry!" I drop my demeanor. "About what?" Wilabo looks like she's tearing up. "I'm sorry about Alex; I didn't really know you two were on really rough ground right now." "Oh, it's okay, but I have to ask why it matters to you?" Wilabo looks down at the ground. "Trust is essential among partners; I was always taught as a little kitty that trust is important, especially in the blaze of battle and treachery, even while it gets harsh. I know you don't care about my life story, but trust has affected my family in a bunch of different ways, And I don't want to be the reason you and Alex break apart".
"Look, I know it's stupid, but I can't keep this to myself; I'm sorry for teasing you; I just thought everything was a lot better than it actually is."

"Wilabo, It's fine, I don't really care that much. Alex could tell you the most embarrassing facts and snippets about me, and I would still be pretty upset but not really care."
"Wilabo to participate in a bit of girl talk; I think Alex is compensating for his cheating behaviors by accusing me of the same."

No. 1084049 ID: 3f89df
File 170858222839.png - (42.69KB , 500x500 , uhoh locker room blushu shengangains whats gonna h.png )

"Did you not see him looking at Iceli's ass? It's obvious that at the very least he has some sexual attraction towards her, and she's just allowing it! But her personality is just a bunch of bricks."
Wilabo looks at me suspiciously. "Maybe? But that's kind of really defaming of her character; you haven't really hung out with her or even got to know her, tell me hop, what's her passion?"
"No, Biology! See? you don't even know her!"
"Well, neither do you. We all got trapped here this morning, and it's only been, what, 14 hours since then? You can't really know everyone from the inside and out in 14 hours."
"Let's stop this conversation."
I don't know why Wilabo is also defending her; could she also have a crush on her? Actually, I've noticed that Wilabo's been glancing at my underwear occasionally, which, paired with the blushing, does she also have an attraction to me? I could use this fact to my advantage.
I step forward towards her. "Wilabo, want to discuss another thing further as we change together-"
No. 1084050 ID: 3f89df
File 170858223363.png - (34.48KB , 500x500 , i wonder how well she chould fist with that claw.png )

As my step reaches the ground, My heart skips a beat, as almost in an instant, Wilabo's right paw transforms into an oversized lobster-like claw; she glares at me intently. "Don't take another step, I'm not afraid to defend myself against you this time."
I must suppress my flight or fight instincts and save face as I respond tonally dissonant, "I understand." Willabo then nods and goes off out of view. I don't dare follow her.
No. 1084051 ID: 3f89df
File 170858223824.png - (34.02KB , 500x500 , oh hey its iceli.png )

I quickly change into my swimsuit, shower, and go out to the pool, Alex and Iceli are chatting to each other. "So, I always found it intresting, how the kingdom Animalia, Is really an broad term but in textbooks, there seems to be some sort of special suporitory around us- Oh hey it's hop." [/color

Iceli walks closer to me and waves innocently, [color=#308BFA] "Hi, Hop!"
I can't help but notice Alex sneak a peek; Iceli didn't seem to change, but considering her clothes, she most likely just swims in her shorts.

"Hey Iceli, what do you think about this?"
"Oooh! I'm super excited, I usually swim alone, so this is going to be the first time someone gets to see my speed! You don't happen to have any magic that keeps track of time don't you?" [/coloe] What do you mean by a stopwatch? You don't need magic for that. Iceli looks a bit embarrassed. [color=#308BFA] "Right, right, I knew that! Do you, umm, have it on you?"
"I did, but getting sucked up by a portal kind of meant that I didn't have the time or luxury to get it."
Iceli frowns. "Don't worry, I can keep track of time for you." As I finish, I see Wilabo step out of the woman's locker room; she's wearing a black one-piece, and her demeanor is that of shame, which is interesting considering she wears a kimono that's leg height instead of the usual feet height.
Wilabo comes over to the group. "I'm here! oh my goodness It's like everyone is naked, internal screaming "
Iceli nods to herself, "K! Now that everyone is here, It's time for the big show and the showing of both my athletic prowess and magical!"
No. 1084052 ID: 3f89df
File 170858224395.png - (61.71KB , 500x500 , ahhhh iceli chest flashing is reptile and we mamla.png )

"I'm going to do 100 laps around, I'd say, a 100-metre pool, and It'll take less than two minutes to do so!" Wilabo, Me, and Alex sit down; there's absolutely no way she could go that fast, so let's make ourselves comfortable for the next hour. "Oh yeah! Well first, don't include this in the time, I have to get ready." And Iceli begins to take off her vest and throws it to the ground. Not going to lie; despite me not really finding girls attractive, my heart skipped a beat as she was disrobing. Mammal culture really makes you look at things differently.
No. 1084053 ID: 3f89df
File 170858224748.png - (47.45KB , 500x500 , uhoh mammal arousal towards reptilian.png )

I look to the others. Wilabo face is beet red, and her tail is waging, she seems to be enjoying this, and Alex- Alex what are you doing- His face is as beet red as Wilabo, and he has his hands in his pockets, bringing them forward in order to hide his little friend. Well, that just confirms my-
No. 1084054 ID: 3f89df
File 170858225498.png - (43.26KB , 500x500 , shorts oh no reptile shorts ahhhhhhhhhhh.png )

WAITOHMYULTANIAICELIWHATAREYOUDOING Why is her hands on her shorts now? Is she going- NO, I need to do something now!
No. 1084055 ID: 3f89df
File 170858226167.png - (55.34KB , 500x500 , average reaction to uiebruibtuyreiweburbui.png )

[1] Let her be, Maybe I'm just overthinking it and she has an one-piece underneath her shorts, she's not trying to seduce my boyfriend, right?
[2] Stop her! Grabbing her hands, shouting at her, whatever it takes, I'm not going to allow her to seduce my boyfriend.
[3] Other
No. 1084056 ID: 273c18

3: cover your boyfriend's eyes.
No. 1084059 ID: 8f9bc4

You need to seduce him first! Quick, take off your pants!
No. 1084063 ID: eab3f4

Well, never ascribe malice to what can be explained by foolishness. Like perhaps her culture has no qualms with being nude. Still a level of response is justified. Like asking what she's doing in a panicked tone. Here's how you solve a lot of problems. Wingman for Wilabo. Get her with Iceli which will solve several issues. Wilabo would trust you more, through her you'd get a bond with Iceli and with those two taken Alex will only have you just as planned.
No. 1084065 ID: eb0a9c

Quick pull down your pants
No. 1084126 ID: e2839f


Quick, pull down your pants!!!
No. 1084127 ID: e2839f

If everyone's naked it's like no one is, cartoon rules apply right?
No. 1084128 ID: 7c55ad

Pulling down pants could work, but you should also consider removing your top. She has no breasts, or nips. You do, you have that advantage over her! and that should be something to seduce your boyfriend over against her.
No. 1084161 ID: 3f89df
File 170863772598.png - (38.50KB , 500x500 , these ideas are reallly stupid and is very horny h.png )

> Quick, pull down your pants!!!

What-What's is up with me? I don't think getting naked is the right call. I don't even know if she has anything under or not, And if I do that right now, and she does have something under, then I'll look foolish. Also, I can't help but think of what if someone like Fli or that Mysterious Wizard walked into the room.

> If everyone's naked, it's like no one is; cartoon rules apply, right?
Gods, Watching anime already fried my brain cause I don't know, cartoons don't have genitals? And real life does? And how could I get Alex and Wilabo naked? It's not like this is the fourth of July. Can I actually have an intelligent thought?

> Pulling down pants could work, but you should also consider removing your top. She has no breasts or nips. You do, you have that advantage over her! and that should be something to seduce your boyfriend over against her.
Okay, that's a lot better, and that is true! It's a reason we react strongly to toplessness in the first place if it has to come down to that, and then I'd obviously do that.

> Well, never ascribe malice to what can be explained by foolishness. Like > perhaps her culture has no qualms about being nude. Still, a level of > response is justified, like asking what she's doing in a panicked tone.

Thank you! I'd almost say that my thoughts aren't my own and that they're full of spirits instead, but I've been around reptiles before, and their culture doesn't have the walking around songs out as a cute little aspect.
Okay, so freak out, got it.
No. 1084162 ID: 3f89df
File 170863772948.png - (44.75KB , 500x500 , ooooooooh spicineess increases.png )

I screech loudly as I see Iceli's hands pull against her straps, only moments away from revealing the truth.
" What are you doing?! " Iceli pauses and looks at me, her face full of apparent confusion.
"I'm getting ready to swim?" "By getting naked? " Iceli tilts her head. "Yeah? what's the problem with that?" I quickly glance over and see the rest blush, even more complex, most definitely aroused hearing of her near nakedness. "Oh, I don't know maybe the fact that your naked?! "
Iceli's hands go off her shorts, and her attention is directed entirely towards me. "I don't understand why that's a problem, I wouldn't want to get my clothes wet." "That's what Swim-Wear is for, you Gecko! Do you even have an brain in there? Or is it just sticks and stones?"
Iceli brow furrows "No one's had a problem with how I'd swim before, and I don't understand why someone whould wear clothes to swim, get wet, and then dry them, it sounds like an hassle-" I interrupt her stupid excuse "Let me guess, the one's who haven't had a problem have all been men- who's down to seeing an " dragon's " snapper fish." I can see Iceli's anger approach the tone in her voice: "I am a Dragon!"- "yeah an succubius dragon." Iceli steps toward me " WATER Dragon I don't understand why this is an big deal to you hop?" "Oh, I don't know, maybe, you'd be defensiveness if a girl dropped trou and then paroozed her vulva in front of your boyfriend's face." "STOP INTERUPTING ME! Your just as bad as my old magic teacher!" She's starting to get flustered, which makes her mask much easier to slip.
No. 1084163 ID: 3f89df
File 170863773389.png - (38.99KB , 500x500 , sassy iceli shes just gonna take her pants out.png )

"If you have an problem, then I'll ask if the others have a problem." She turned to look at my boyfriend and Wilabo. "Do you?" Wilabo stutters in her words. "I-Um-No! Not-n-Not at all!" Alex says a bit too enthusiastically, "Nope! Not at all!" Iceli looks at me smugly. "See? Your the wierd one here, if you have any more problems then just leave."
Well, that makes her intentions a lot more precise; she is a succubus trying to seduce my boyfriend and Wilabo, and she is willing to drop trou to cast her spell; the thing is, what do I do next? Now that I know the truth, I'm more flexible with getting more ideas.

> 3: cover your boyfriend's eyes.
That is a good idea since Alex is the odd one in this situation. Obviously, he wouldn't like it, but I can't do much further if Icel's intentions are genuine.
> Here's how you solve a lot of problems. Wingman for Wilabo. Get her with Iceli, which will solve several issues. Wilabo would trust you more; through her, you'd get a bond with Iceli, and with those two taken, Alex would only have you just as planned.
As much as I'd prefer Iceli to go to hell, this is a good idea. The only problem is that my trust in Wilabo is strained, and I can't think of any good ideas for this situation in particular; I should keep this in mind long term.

However, eventually, I decided on an idea.

[1] I quickly pull down my bottom: While this is a foolish and embarrassing idea, it would most likely get Alex's attention without giving Wilabo too much; also, if someone else manages to walk in, seeing someone's butt is much less embarrassing than someone's boobs.
[2] I take off my top: I do have the advantage over Iceli in that regard, and Alex much prefers boobs over buttocks; I feel like I will be showing too much, but it will most likely win in the tease war.
[3] Wing-man for Wilabo now: Further suggestions are needed. I can't think of any solutions to improve this, but maybe my lucky foot can.
[4] Leave: As much as I don't want to put Wilabo and Alex in front of this succubus, It's too much energy, and there are better things that I should be doing instead.
[5] Physically Restrain or Threaten Iceli: It's not pretty and might make me seem like a villain, but It'll make sure Iceli doesn't get any funny ideas and do this again.
[6] Use my Magic in some way: [Time/Speed] Further suggestions are needed. I can use my Magic to change this situation.
[7] Other
No. 1084164 ID: 56cab6

1, but also suggest that since it's so weird why doesn't *everyone* strip because then it would be fair. That there's 3 naked ladies near Alex might just make him short circuit and pass out too, which could be considered a net bonus.

Though to be fair, him knowing you are uncomfortable with this but still wanting to see her naked is kinda messed up since he's dating you.

How are your thoughts on monogamy anyway? Probably best to figure that out before Alex tries to become an anime harem protag
No. 1084215 ID: 01d6f2

1!! and if that doesn't work, 2!
No. 1084224 ID: dd3fe0

7.) "Okay, if ONE person is getting completely naked to swim, than EVERYONE gets completely naked to swim, and we do this all skinny dipping together, and just deal with any embarrassment some of us might have by having more obvious sexual characteristics by exhausting ourselves swimming."
No. 1084236 ID: 890083

Well the Gecko remark was unnecessary since she just seemed confused. Still Alex is *SO* in the doghouse. Still, screw how embarrasing it is, this is about keeping Alex focused on you. So strip as well, get close and cuddle him a little, get your boobs in his face. When he's most flustered and tempted hit him with the bad news. "Seems you need a little discipline. Learn how to take command of that lust you have. So for tonight you only get to look not touch. See what you could have had if you had only had command of that demon between your legs."
No. 1084238 ID: d0cff5

No. 1084284 ID: 75b262

Alex is a hare’s breadth away from ending the relationship. It’s time to do whatever it takes to keep him interested.

2. Do something she can’t compete with.
No. 1084288 ID: 7c55ad

2 for the advantage
No. 1084341 ID: 3f89df
File 170873933676.png - (42.83KB , 500x500 , ready aim.png )

> How are your thoughts on monogamy anyway? It is probably best to figure > that out before Alex tries to become an anime harem protag.

Oh, well, hmmm.. I wouldn't say I'm pro-monogamy, but I wouldn't know I'm the opposite. I don't like girls, or at least I don't find their bodies inherently sexy; I'm a "normal" person, so to speak, but umm with guys... Let's say I've found my way into a few beds... But if you happen to spirits to be stuck inside my mind, Please never tell Alex about that! I haven't told him yet, yeah.

I get it; he wants to expand his horizons when any day could be his last. I'm more so upset that he's just openly cheating or endorsing erotic behaviors from his contemporary "friends." The fact he's willing to boink them even when we haven't been in this school for a while, like everything we've worked towards is getting destroyed, at least a cheater who keeps his hidden keeps the status quo and the relationship's happiness.

> Though, to be fair, him knowing you are uncomfortable with this but still > wanting to see her naked is kinda messed up since he's dating you.

If I were in Alex's shoes, and there were three boys, and one would show off his treasure, I'd be doing the same. Again, if I'm not being crazy, please don't tell him about this. But then again, it's also diffrent since women tend to seduce men more than men seduce women into favors and tasks, so by proxy, this is much more important than if I were in his shoes.

If Iceli controls my boyfriend, I'll show him something to break him out of the spell.
No. 1084343 ID: 3f89df
File 170873934123.png - (35.83KB , 500x500 , let the tease war begin.png )

* Fawoomp * both me and Iceli depants ourselves nearly simultaneously. There's a quiet pause between us as we stare intently; I fling my bottom away from me off of my feet, and Iceli puts her clothes off to the side, parroting my movements. The tease-off for my boyfriend's attraction has begun, but first, a plan.

Tease off, Begin! Fight!
No. 1084344 ID: 3f89df
File 170873934680.png - (25.75KB , 500x500 , this situation is just quite a boner.png )

I look to the audience, both staring intently at my cookie; Wilabo has a look of shere amazement paired with shere arousal. Her expression is almost mirroring a reaction to someone seeing the opposite sex naked for the first time.
No. 1084345 ID: 3f89df
File 170873935144.png - (45.71KB , 500x500 , wiggle wiggle wiggle.png )

spoiler] His eyes are full of lust, and I can see he's fully erect. [/spoiler] Who's willing to greet me in more ways than one? That's a point for me. I exaggerate my movements by swinging my hips and turning so they can see that mammals are much more superior.
No. 1084346 ID: 3f89df
File 170873935746.png - (45.86KB , 500x500 , an very special greeting.png )

With every step, Wilabo's and Alex's eyes widen as they see the details of my unfolding wizard's sleeve, whose details get more and more detailed into view.
No. 1084347 ID: 3f89df
File 170873936410.png - (21.29KB , 500x500 , hey hop thats just rude.png )

I turn around to look at Iceli's presentation; It's quite a sorrowful sight. Her cloaca is almost barely visible, practically equivalent to a singular line. Quite honestly, I don't know why I was scared. There's no way she could repeat with me. That's another point in the tease-off.
No. 1084348 ID: 3f89df
File 170873936981.png - (40.08KB , 500x500 , jack o hop.png )

She's looking at me with a somewhat confused expression that furthers as I lower myself to the ground, bringing my buns clear into the view of the two; I tease her. "Oh, what's with the odd face? Am I being weird? Well, if what we're doing is oh so weird, then I bring myself to face the others then why dosen't everyone join us? After all, it's not strange and utterly normal for dragons and everyone else, right?"
No. 1084349 ID: 3f89df
File 170873937434.png - (43.23KB , 500x500 , oooooooh.png )

I grin at Iceli, who strangely doesn't seem to have an odd expression; she looks neutral. "Yeah! See? It's not weird to make sure our clothes are dry, cmon in and join us!" Wait, is she allowing me to win this? Another point in the tease-off! She barely has any traction.
Meanwhile, I'm winning this, and if they join me, she won't even have any ground to stand on. I look expectantly at the onlookers. Wilabo looks down at herself and her swimsuit. And Alex looks at his pocking member. Wilabo responds with a tiny squeak voice, "I ummm!" She looks up to the sky. "Maybe later, umm, now wouldn't be the right time, hah hah.." Alex looks down at himself, himself and his Richard wanting to be free, but realizing that being seen out of context with his member fully erect may be a lousy sign, so he responds shortly "I-yeah, what Wilabo said, maybe when we're learning how to swim, hahahaha..." He laughs awkwardly.
Heh, see Iceli? That's another win in my book.
No. 1084350 ID: 3f89df
File 170873937932.png - (48.85KB , 500x500 , iceli butt.png )

Iceli begins to move towards the pool but still looks at me and the others; she spins around a bit with an "innocent" indecision to go to the collection; the other's attention is entirely on her.
No. 1084351 ID: 3f89df
File 170873938554.png - (19.27KB , 500x500 , the anticipation is unreal.png )

It's time for the final act to ensure Alex knows why I'm his girl. I spin around to look at them, and their attention goes entirely towards me. I take the opportunity to grab onto my top and slowly raise it, the others looking at me with apparent anticipation.
No. 1084352 ID: 3f89df
File 170873938946.png - (23.28KB , 500x500 , fatality.png )

ah! Mammals always win in the Tits game, Sucka! I can't wait to see what useless attempts she makes to fight back-
No. 1084353 ID: 3f89df
File 170873939663.png - (42.47KB , 500x500 , and now your just there with your pants down.png )

*Splash* She jumped into the pool.
Did I win, or did I? Was there ever a battle? Or did she give up? Did she even want to seduce my boyfriend?.....
No. 1084354 ID: 3f89df
File 170873940532.png - (34.83KB , 500x500 , oh maybe i didn_t have to do the jack-o-pose then.png )

I feel the room's cold air around me and quickly remember that I'm indeed bottomless. I look over to the others. Did I just make a fool of myself? Well, there's no use covering myself now. It'll make me look like I planned this from the start.
No. 1084355 ID: 3f89df
File 170873942042.png - (23.30KB , 500x500 , oh shoot favor reveal i cant belive it derklord ra.png )

I walk over to my bottom piece, but just as I begin to pick it up. I hear Wilabo's voice with much more determination than her tense, ricken voice from before. "Wait- Hop I'm Redeeming my Favor! Hop, can you join Iceli? You know after she shows off her swimming speed, which I think she's about to do soon, but you *ahem* can get "ready" before then. Also this is legal based off of our favor rules!"
So, Wilabo wants me to get entirely naked and go skinny dipping; I don't know if I should; I already was taking a massive risk when I did the tease-off, but being fully naked could spell complete disasters to my social credibility if anybody walks in.

So I decide that.
[1] Take Wilabo's favor and get ready immediately; she already saw almost everything about me, so showing more's no actual harm. Besides, if I do it now, she may trust me more since I followed her orders.
[2] Take Wilabo's favor but hesitate until we're all ready to swim, preferably also getting my bottom back on so that they don't assume the worst in case anyone comes in.
[3] Leave: I already potentially embarrassed myself, and Wilabo's telling me to do it again?! No, I'm better off doing something else.
[4] Other
No. 1084367 ID: 0a4c27

2 cause your embarrassed over what you did
No. 1084371 ID: e2839f

Upon reflection, it kind of does seem like she really didn't get why what she was doing could be considered teasing (there wasn't a real battle). Though you did win a few points with Wilabou and Alex it looks like from their expressions. Heck, maybe even from Iceli herself since you technically agreed with her and she seems a bit dense.

[1], but just get in the pool (make sure it's the shallow end), after all clothes just provide friction and would increase the difficulty of swimming, you read that somewhere once, right?

Just accept the slightly emberassing W and move on, if it gets everyone on an equal enough playing field emotionally or friend/partnershipally, then I feel like this'll all have been worth it. And if someone walks in, then A. Iceli is also naked, so you won't be lambasted too hard, and B. if anyone does anything weird or awk, wilabou and Alex should at the minimum be able to take your side, so as long as it's not a squad of 4 creeps you're good
No. 1084374 ID: e5784e

This! 1
No. 1084375 ID: 48f8ea

Welp. Wilabo is for sure into females. 1 screw what people think about this. Survival > embarrassing or social standing. Just having a solid group is crucial. Plus if others do see you can just say you lost a bet as excuse. Or make a joke - "the difference between you and me is that I make this look good!"
No. 1084382 ID: 01d6f2

easily 1
No. 1084386 ID: 273c18

From her expressions it looked like she wanted to seduce your friends but was really bad at it. Don't second guess yourself.
No. 1084828 ID: 940726

Go with [1], but ask Wilabo to keep an ear out for anyone who might walk in on us. If we end up getting seen by someone else, she'll owe you a favor to make up for it.

Wait, weren't we supposed to be timing this? Iceli said she was going to do 100 laps in two minutes. Is that still going to happen? How far has she gotten?

Hey, you've got super speed magic. Are you fast enough to run on water?
No. 1085072 ID: 3f89df
File 170939896435.png - (26.13KB , 500x500 , hop booba.png )

>Upon reflection, it kind of does seem like she didn't get why what > she was doing could be considered teasing (there wasn't a real battle).

Huh, so I really did that for no reason. Shit, well, I mean, there's no use being a winy baby about it. And I did get Wilabo and Alex's attention quickly so that I may have gotten some chips or bargaining room.

>> 1084375

....Okay, I'll do it; it doesn't embarrass me. I wouldn't have been so extravagant if I were, but Am I becoming the girl Fli hates? Just for survival or social standing? Am I becoming what I thought Iceli was, or is Iceli becoming what I thought Iceli was? It's just never mind.
I hate that I ended up here, but I just have to suck it up and give them what they want; maybe these three will find me "sexy" enough to keep around, I don't know why they would like someone as chubby as me in the nude, but it's time to stop hesitating.

With some hesitation, I take off my top. Wilabo just looks at me and then at my breasts, stunned. "Oh my Ultania, she actually did it, she actually did it ."
I have to hide my disgust with myself with a vile mask of confidence that I had before, the mask of pride that ended up being pure paranoia.
"Oh, no matter; like you said, a favor's a favor. And it's good to let it all flow." Wilabo blushes harder at my lie; she's scanning my body, looking through any of many discrepancies, looking to change my perception of a goddess of lust in her eyes to just an ugly mortal. Her eyes begin to fixate on my chest, one which holds my mark of shame, a scar that I will take with me onto death. She looks like she will ask everyone who sees me in this state, even Alex, asking me , "Where did that scar come from?"
I respond, "Oh, it's just from a crazy ex." Wilabo looks back, her face full of disappointment at the answer that she has no use to comment on.
Wilabo looks me up and down, scanning me again for anything she can comment on; when she's finished, she looks up at me. "Umm.. hop, I just wanted to tell you that you're beautiful."
That's a lie, I can see right through her, this little moggy. Either way, I have to respond with respect, right? I fulfilled her orders and need to respond with goodwill, correct? "Oh, thank you Wilabo! You're not so bad yourself!" I can see her slyly smile while looking away from me; I would rather strangle her until she passed out trying to fulfill this lascivious cretin's fantasy.
She knew this would happen! She planned this; Iceli wasn't the problem. It's this monstrous puss who wants to slip her way into everyone's pants, a solvent woman who lives in an aura of pure fantasy. This-
I'm interrupted by rapid splashing against the water; it seems Iceli is fulfilling her task which she had sent out to do; I must admit that I'm dumbfounded by the shere motion that Iceli exudes; I must admit that I'm a tad envious by her speed, she's running laps as if it were child's play, each lap only lasting a couple of seconds before repeating another, and what seems like less then a second Iceli jumps out of the water, the liquid moving with her as if they were floating, she rides the water with her belly before coming to a close and standing up. "Whew, that one was a doozy, Hop how fast was I?" I don't respond; I lost track. After a few minutes, Wilabo responds, "A minute and fifteen seconds?" Upon hearing that, Iceli begins celebrating, fist-bumping the air and clearly looking pleased with herself. "Nice! My personal best! Now I'm feeling invigorated and ready to teach you all the masterful and useful skill of swimming, cmon!" She jumps back into the water, trying to wave us over.
No. 1085073 ID: 3f89df
File 170939897071.png - (30.78KB , 500x500 , woah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png )

Iceli didn't even notice everyone staring at her nakedness or even trying to put on a show; she mostly seemed stuck inside her own bubble of her reality; I'm starting to feel my own perception of Iceli break.. and I feel a great evil inside of me, suddenly after an eternity of silence Alex and his Richard exclaim "It all makes sense now!" Wilabo immediately turns her attention to Alex, not noticing his peeping tom, "Huh? How so?" "This is all about trust and intimacy, and not a lewd type of intimacy. " Wilabo looks at Alex, especially dumbfounded. "Iceli and Hop stripped because they trust us, and are inviting us to do the same in order to break the ice and all get connected among one another quickly." "And you know what?" Alex says while standing up. "And if they trust us, and there's nothing sexual about this chance to form an connection, then by darn it I'm going to join them too."
No. 1085074 ID: 3f89df
File 170939897703.png - (30.18KB , 500x500 , wilabo be acting like all of us when they see that.png )

Wilabo looks like she's about to say something. Still, just as she's about to speak, Alex pulls his pants off, revealing nothing but his member and his hanging assets underneath. Wilabo immediately notices it and squeals, hiding her eyes in evident embarrassment. Iceli seems to pay no mind and seems happy or proud? It's a bit hard to define her expression. "I see your'e all getting ready! Good! Like I said earlier, it seemed really odd when you told me you swam in your clothes." Wilabo is quite evidently reacting as if she never saw a dick before, and based on her earlier reactions upon seeing my tools, it might have been her first time seeing anyone naked besides herself.
She is trying to sneak a peek at Alex and his corresponding buddy, who seems to join us side by side. Despite him saying that he doesn't find this sexual, the newfound size and determination of his penis says otherwise. Honestly, looking at his growth makes me feel very tingly and warm throughout my body, but now's not the time for that.
No. 1085075 ID: 3f89df
File 170939898163.png - (19.83KB , 500x500 , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png )

I need to make sure Alex doesn't get any funny ideas about a whole bunch of ladies being naked near him, just as suddenly I get an idea. "Hey alex, I know your having a "good" time right now, but just replace any of us with your mom." Instant flaccid. Iceli seems to be the only one not noticing; she shouts at Wilabo, "Hey Wilabo! I know the water's a bit cold, but want to join us? It'll be fun! It'll just be like those swimming episodes in the anime! It'll be slow at first, but then you'll feel like your flying! Cmon we miss you!" Wilabo looks down at herself, obviously self-conscious about her apparent obesity and other things about you. "I don't know...." Alex begins to speak up. "Cmon Wilabo, it's not like this is sexual, just a fun group activity! Remember, this is all about trust; Hop trusts you, so do you trust Hop?"
Alex, I know you didn't understand the meaning behind that, but you're a bastard, you know that? But I look at her, does she trust me now? Or does she not? Wilabo obviously hesitates, a battle of indecision battling in her mind.
No. 1085076 ID: 3f89df
File 170939898969.png - (31.85KB , 500x500 , almost nude wilabo.png )

She looks up to the sky and then at us, sighs, and, with her face as red as a tomato, puts her hands to the straps of her one piece and slowly begins to take it all off until the only thing covering her body is her hands, tail and her mask. Wilabo is covering herself intensely, her tail curling around to add another layer to hide her shame; she seems much fatter than I had initially thought, her Obi hiding most of her weight.
I want to laugh at her, oh how the tables have turned, and unlike me, she has apparent hesitation, and rightfully so, considering how her Obi seemed to make her seem more attractive than she actually is, based on what she's hiding her tits also on the smaller side. She most definitely has a reason for hiding since she's so bad at indeed hiding her arousal.

Iceli obviously shouts , "Cmon Wilabo! Let's go already , we don't have all day!" Alex adds to Iceli's statement, "No need to be shy Wilabo, Were all naked here , and I bet your cute, there's no need to try and hide it." You're a skink, Alex. Wilabo smirks slightly. I add my own two cents to encourage her to be a fool of herself. "You trusted me Wilabo, I showed myself off and you called me pretty, I can't do the same if your censoring yourself."
No. 1085077 ID: 3f89df
File 170939899377.png - (28.08KB , 500x500 , nude wilabo oh my goodnees best update.png )

Wilabo purrs lightly, and slowly, she uncups her hands to reveal herself fully, symbolizing her trust in us.

She is laughable; my suggestions were correct; she is on the smaller side! Not only that, I wouldn't say her special slots are stunning anyway, but her shame and her fur seem to cover it mainly, which is very apparent from her nipples. Her humiliation is exempted from her- Oh? She wrapped her tail to block it from my view.
What's the matter, Wilabo? You don't like it when people scan your body? Well, because I'm a better person than you! I won't comment on the areas you're so clearly anxious about.
No. 1085078 ID: 3f89df
File 170939899787.png - (32.72KB , 500x500 , uhoh boner.png )

Alex seems to read her clear embarrassment and gives her words of encouragement. "See? Nothing to worry about, were all friends here and like I thought your'e truly cute inside and out." Wilabo blushes lightly at his statement. And if we had a couch, Alex would be sleeping on the couch for a month following everything that's happened today.
"We don't see your nudeness as anything other then your trust in us." Obviously, Alex's dick tells a diffrent story, but Wilabo doesn't seem to notice. Iceli, who had been shaking heavily during this whole process, finally released her pent-up excitement. "Alright! Finally, it took everyone long enough! Were FINALLY swimming! Cmon, cmon, everybody follow me."

Iceli takes us to the other side of the pool, which, upon my observations, is around neck-level high in length; next to the pool are some stairs that Iceli beckons us to follow down; as my feet touch the water, I'm immediately met with an ice-cold sensation, how anybody is supposed to submerge, let alone swim in this icey lake is beyond me, Iceli however trucks down like it's a Tuesday morning.
She then turns to us and shouts: "Hurry up everyone! Lessons are a-waiting!"
No. 1085079 ID: 3f89df
File 170939900062.png - (83.85KB , 500x500 , cold water.png )

I initially hesitated, but with a sigh, I decided to jump into my frozen grave. When submerged, a wave of shock came over me, which allowed the liquid to attempt to clog my throat; however, in a matter of seconds, the water's temperature seemed to change into something that, while still freezing, was much more manageable to swim through. Eventually, my feet touched the ground, and I rose to the surface where Alex and Iceli were waiting.
"Now that everyone's finally here, let's begin!"

Iceli begins her lessons with the following statement: "Water, is like a space, it is both hard and a liquid, this property allows you to move through it with an bit of force you extrude, now there are ways to maximize the energy you exude in relation to distance, and ways to maximize your speed but for this lesson we'll be learning the basic fundamentals that will save you if you ever find yourself in an large body of water."

Iceli turns around a bit to reorientate herself with her. She glares us in the eye: "But first, we must go over some ground rules and tips and tricks."
"First: Do not Panic! When suddenly submerging in water it's relatively easy to panic and go into shock, but screaming will let water into your lungs, which will hurt your energy, and make it more likely for you to drown or choke, Thrashing widely also doesn't help any hurts your energy, an important codomity where there's nothing else to hold on."
"Second: Always know your limits and prioritize your energy; it's easy to want to do big heavy dashes in order to reach your goal, but if it isn't crucial for you or your survival, then do it, go slow and be sure to take breaks, if you run out of energy you'll most likely drown, and let's just say that you don't want your last moments to be your body shutting down painfully as you sink away.
There's also more, but I'll go into them with much more detail when we get into it; if you feel light-headed, please ask me."

Okay, so let us begin. "We are starting with the Deadman's float." Iceli begins to lay on her black, floating on the top of the water; this would be fine if we all weren't naked. "To do so, you lay on your back and attempt to reimburse yourself whenever possible; this is a helpful way to gain energy, but it can be counter-productive in anything that isn't still water." Now, her words are pretty helpful, but I can't help but be distracted by her explicit nakedness at us.
"See? this one's pretty easy; now you try it!"
all of us look at each other awkwardly, but being the one who showed herself off the most, I attempt the maneuver; it ends up being a bit harder than I initially thought to keep myself buoyant and on top of the water, maybe if I didn't have so much extra fat I wouldn't sink as quickly.

Eventually, I think I'm done and lower myself back down, only to catch a sneak piece of Alex before he does the same.

"K, So this is the part where we swim; everyone has their own unique swimming style that's preferred by them, but esentially, how you swim is your leg's paddle back like this." She shows a quick example. "You use your arms to push you forward, usually in a clockwise motion or by spreading out. Try tilting yourself forward a bit so you are not touching the ground, and try to use your arms and legs to move forward."
No. 1085080 ID: 3f89df
File 170939900408.jpg - (102.50KB , 500x500 , bisexual awakning.jpg )

I attempt to do so and do a very awkward pose that, while hard on the muscles, allows me to gain much more speed than everyone else; however, it is really exhausting, almost as much as sex.
Iceli seems to notice something and swims right over to me. "Hop, your bunching youself and not really using your legs that much, here let me help with that." Before I get a second to respond, I feel Iceli help maneuver my body, first outstretching my arms, realigning how far forward I am, and raising my legs out of the water. At the same time, it wasn't sexually explicit touching; it somehow felt good? It's a bit hard to describe, like a warm feeling in my stomach.

After swimming a bit longer, her suggestions really helped in all regards.
Iceli just looks at me and winks, "Eventually, if you practice that enough time It'll become muscle memory Hop!"
After the others and I swam around longer, Iceli commanded us to stop and gave us the following task.
No. 1085081 ID: 3f89df
File 170939900832.png - (9.27KB , 500x500 , hop swim woah.png )

"Okay! With your newfound skills, it should be relatively easy to finish this; we are going to do a race to one end of the pool to the other, first one to the end wins..." Alex adds. "An favor?" Iceli ignores him and continues, "My congratulations; I may also show you some advanced techniques later!"
Everyone else will be left in the dust; races are my specialty.
Alex, Wilabo, and I all line up to the left side of the pool, some of our feet hugging the wall to be used as momentum later. "On your marks, get set, Go!" As the race begins, I parrot the technique that Iceli showed me; doing so with precision and speed, I can feel the particles coursing off my body like mana. I'm in control of the waves, to hold it; however, I know that an essential element must be added, breathe the fuel that stokes the fire of any race, rhythmic breathing, when you submerge and resubmerge, over and over again, your movements a precise rhythm, an pure fuel of passion that flows through you as your body embraces perfection-
No. 1085082 ID: 3f89df
File 170939901397.png - (14.93KB , 500x500 , iceli congratulations.png )

"You finished." "Wait, what? It's only felt like thirty seconds!" "You were a speed wizard! Are you sure you've never done this before?"
"Well, I am a full-time athlete, so I guess the two have many similarities."
[color=#6E4A3B] [color=#308BFA] "Well, the others are still half-way through the first lap, and I presume it's going to take an while, so want to learn some more?" [/ color]
I readily accept.

Iceli gave me the time to showcase some advanced techniques and maneuvers for swimming, and when the group eventually came back, Iceli kept teaching us more and more about swimming; it's much more complex than I had initially thought, and we started to pick it up reasonably quickly, in doing so we could do multiple laps, and Iceli without the use of her magic also joined in, paired with free time, in all I think I reasonably know how to swim, an essential skill, just in case.
No. 1085083 ID: 3f89df
File 170939901743.png - (44.03KB , 500x500 , hop i thought this isnt lude why are you placing y.png )

When we are exhausted and can't swim anymore, we decide to leave it be and submerge from the pool; nobody seems to be embarrassed, gawking, or even sneaking at our nudeness anymore; we are just living in the moment.

"Heh, Alex, are you sure you didn't "bump" into Wilabo?" "Oh my goodness, Hop, it was a mistake! Honestly!"
"Even when you locked legs with her?"
"I just wasen't expecting it- It was the first thing that came to mind! It's just really hard to focus when you're exerting yourself so much!"
" Yeah, you really exerted yourself onto Wilabo."
Hopppppp cmon stopppppppppppp"
"Nope! We'll be 80 and I'll still be talking about it, our grand kids would love the tale."
Wilabo interrupts us "Oh yeah, I just wanted to say thanks Iceli for the lessons! and for erm- not murdering us? Well, maybe that came out wrong, either way thanks! that was fun!"
Iceli chuckles and then turns back her attention "Oh it's nothing! I love teaching, and your "anime" was much more fun."
Wilabo goes over and rubs her sides onto Iceli "Well, maybe you can teach me about biology some time~" Iceli seems to miss the implication by a fair mile. To call what my lucky foot said earlier, she is really dense. "Hmmm, I don't know. We can't go outside anymore, and there's no natural funa here." Wilabo still continues, "Well, maybe you could show me your notebook?" Iceli seemed to enjoy her response. "Sure!"
Wilabo turns her attention to Alex. "Alex I know we haven't really talked as much, and to be honest, your kind of intimidating, but I just wanted to say your cool! sorry, did that come out wrong I meant-"
Alex chuckles "It's okay Wilabo, I didn't really know cats could swim."
Wilabo looks him in the eyes. "Well, I am a special kind of cat" , and she transforms into Alex."
"Wh- How are you able to do that?"
"I could go into a long-winded story regarding my culture, background, and myself growing up, but let me just explain it in simple terms: "magic."
Alex looks down towards Wilabo. "Hey Wilabo, Your missing something-"
"Eh?" I see that the Alex look-alike is missing a "key" component.
Wilabo immediately transforms back, clearly embarrassed. "Hey! Ignore that! I- I'm just not really that familiar with penises before [small], and I may have to experiment with them in my own time. [/small ]
I leap into the conversation. "Does that mean your'e a virgin?" Wilabo blushes harder. "Out-out of the question!!" Yep she's an virgin.
I notice that our clothes are in view. "We should probably get dressed now, right?" Wilabo seems to agree with me rapidly and has already begun putting on her clothes, same with the others before we are moderate again.
There's an silence in the room, that's then broken up by Wilabo "So that's not how I was expecting my evening to go." I lean in closer to her. "But did you enjoy it?" Wilabo almost uncharacteristically shouts "YES"
"Is this what you city people do? I feel like-like I've been missing out on this my whole life."
"Well, only when we're really drunk. Or stuck in a crazy school that as well." Alex responds.
"Well, I guess we all better be going. The night's still young, but there may be more important things to prioritize instead."

-You have strengthened your bond with Iceli x2
-You have strengthened your bond with Alex x2
-You have strengthened your bond with Wilabo x2
No. 1085084 ID: 3f89df
File 170939902506.png - (19.89KB , 500x500 , hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm pondering.png )

Actually, This could be an opportunity; just based off of my internal clock, I can tell that it's starting to get late, and I only have One thing left before it gets too late;. At the same time, I could look into the things I was discussing before we started this, there's also the opportunity for one more group session of well, I can't think of anything right now, something to help strengthen our bond. Also, know that it's getting late. Now's an excellent time to discuss logging with our group. At the same time, I may not be 100% confident sleeping with anybody besides Alex, or even with Alex's current behavior, Alex, a rabbit, always follows her lucky foot's intention!

Group's Room Louging:
[1] One-person Room (Just me.)
[2] Two-person room (Me and Alex, or Me and [suggestion]
[3] Three-person room (Me and Alex and [suggestion] or Me and [suggestion] and [suggestion])
[4] Four-person room (Me and Alex and [suggestion] and [suggestion] or Me and [suggestion] and [suggestion] and [suggestion])

Goal before bed
[a] My current group does [suggestion]. It's always good to build a group bond!
[b] Go to the Library To learn about the goddesses and the land's history. Or use the opportunity to discover something else inside the Library.
[c] Attempt to find and hang out / speak with someone else in the school.
[d] Leave to exercise/ practice magic by yourself
[e] Try doing a group magic session! Maybe I can learn some new magic there
[f] Alex and I are going on a date. There's much more information to catch up on, and you need to be more on board with him about your potential plans and ideas.
[g] Just head straight to bed; I have to have a clear mind to think tomorrow.
[h] Other
No. 1085088 ID: 7c55ad

2. You and Alex.

>I may not be 100% confident sleeping with anybody besides Alex, or even with Alex's current behavior, Alex

I think to raise your mood to sleep with him, going on a date would be beneficial.

F. go on a date with him, remind him that you're the love bunny for him, and strengthen your mood with him. It's also good to get some information with each other
No. 1085089 ID: 75b262

No. 1085090 ID: 01d6f2

[b] channel your inner BOOK NERD to experience some LORE and WORLDBUILDING

[2] just as good as a date! can use the space to chat sometime as well
No. 1085173 ID: d75239

Everything was better than expected! >>1085088 has the right idea though do set it up like he's doing this to make up for ogling. He should only desire you as long as you are dating.
No. 1085332 ID: e2839f

2/F sounds good

I think that the likelihood of someone dying first night is pretty low, so getting to know this group like you did was good.

Though maybe reflect if you're being a bit too hostile too quick. There's a difference between paranoia and straight up aggression or being bipolar. You're lucky that Wilabou is easily swayed by nudity and that Iceli was dense, but Alex seems a bit put off by your attitude.

You should take this time to clear the air with him and maybe do a second reflection on if you can still be with him in this hostile of a situation. If it really did hurt you for him to oggle the girls and nearly jump ship emotionally, and he doesent understand or doesent care and has motivations to go with others, then that might be something to clear up now. After all, you did >>1084341 think that you're into guys. If he's cool with that too and it's not just him wanting everyone and you being exclusive with him, then it's only a win win emotionally and strategically if you can buff up your time powers a bit.
No. 1085346 ID: 3f89df
File 170953058254.png - (48.11KB , 500x500 , goodbye goodbye princess goodbye.png )

After thinking through all of the options, I eventually landed on what I believe to be genuinely suitable: no guilt, no weird mixed signals telling me to take off my pants, just what needs to be done.

"Hey, Everyone, before we all go, I just wanted to discuss lounging."
Wilabo tilts her head slightly. "Sure? What about it?"
"While all of you are nice, I just met you, and with the tension of this school, I can only really sleep with someone I trust such as alex." I put my arm around Alex and put him close; he smiles lightly.
"I understand, Iceli is it allright with you if we share an room?" "Sure!" Wilabo looks stoked "Sweet!"
"Well, me and Alex better be going, we have some things to discuss before bed." Alex's smile fades.
"K, well, see you tomorrow! Make sure you don't get ambushed by an phyco murder, it is really late! Don't investigate the odd noise, and by all means, do not split up! Also don't learn biology~, cause that attracts super pycho murders."
I'm curious about how she knows all of this. "Where did you learn that from?"
"Horror Anime. " Of course, why did I think otherwise?
"Well, goodbye!" "Bye!" "See ya!" "Glad meeting you." Everyone waves to each other, and then Iceli and Wilabo begin to leave, walking in the opposite direction of either side of us, talking about who knows what until they eventually fade from view, leaving only me and Alex.

Alex has the face of a kid who just broke his mom's favorite face and is looking at me sheepishly. "So, ummmm what's the topic we'll be talking about?"

As much as I could tell him the truth, I deserved to tease him for the rest of today; even his life would make up for it. "You, know, what." Alex gulps.

I move forward to the other side of the pool entrance, "Cmon Alaxender, follow me." He reluctantly follows until the pool is far behind us, and it's just him and me in the lonely halls. And it's oddly tranquil despite the carnage that has led us to this exact moment; an awkward silence fills the air, and Alex looks at me expectantly like he wants this to get over with as soon as possible.

"So, Alex why were you so clearly oggoling the other girls, there's no way you can say otherwise your snake is awful liar."
No. 1085347 ID: 3f89df
File 170953059442.png - (41.00KB , 500x500 , wowha.png )

Alex fidgets, uncomfortable, but then looks back at me. "Okay, fine, fine Hop I just have to be honest but you can't blame me that thier just really hot, You can tell right?"
"I'm not bisexual Alex, that would be an sin. "
"Right, right, It's just, you know... they are adorable! Wilabo and Iceli are just so passionate, and they react so cute to compliments and stuff."
"Uh huh..."
"But you know... looking at everything I like about them.... everythnig can be found in you..... my passionate, hardworking, lovely girlfriend who's always out for me."
That's oddly sweet, Alex, although that doesn't mean you're off the hook.
"There's also one advantage that you have over the others."
"Oh, and what's that?"
I feel him touch my sides while caressing the side of my face. " You have a rocking body." Ack! No, Sex drive, stop doing the thing; I know he's so warm and hot, and I can only imagine his needy member, but he's got to be punished! He can't just get away with that.
I give him a quick flash. "You know of it, sweetie." Alex's eyes are drawn to my breasts, so desperately filled with temptation. He desperately wants to fulfill his need, but it's needed that gives him sin.
Alex's hands reach toward my breasts, and as I do so, I pull down my top and put my hands over his. I respond with, "Seems you need a little discipline. Learn how to take command of that lust you have. So, for tonight you only get to look, not touch. See what you could have had if you had only had command of that demon between your legs."
Alex hesitates and then puts his hand back down to his sides. "I understand."
Good, I reiterate, "You'll only get to have me, if your able to hold that temptation of your demon against other woman, if you are able to fufill your pardons, then the angel shall bless you with her divine pressence."
Alex looks off to the side; he's regretting his actions or that he got caught. "I understand ,Hop, again it's just I- y'know, my penis it- No, I take full responsibility, what I did was selfish, and I hurt you. Will you forgive me?"
I ponder a bit. While Alex seems to recognize the error in his ways if I gave it to him now, Alex would wish to do it again, even if I want to; otherwise, I need to be firm.
"Only if you promise me, Alex, that I'm your true love bunny, your angel, your divine gift ,and that you'll never be lead astray ever again while in this temptation cathedral."
Alex hesitates, and with a bit of concern in his eye, he sighs and attempts to throw a dart onto the field. "Actually, Hop, I thought that maybe we could try polyamory." Alex's face lowers slightly at my obvious reaction. "It's just, y'know your so beautiful, and amazing that you could bless men with your pressence, y'know take an break from me." I've already done that, Alex, but you don't need to know.
"I'll think about it later."
Alex tries to hide his disappointment. "Great..I mean Great! what ever works for you Hop! I'll be loyal either way you float your boat.."
There's an awkward silence between us before Alex adds, "Hop, I'm sorry that I accused of cheating, when I was the one who was disloyal."
I raise an eyebrow. Had he already done this before? Is Alex nothing but a good-for-nothing Cheater?
"Alex, be honest with me, have you done this with other women before?"
Alex initially hesitates, which adds to my growing concern, but he responds with, "No, and I say this with all honesty in my heart Hop, this is my first time being dysoloyal, but I'm glad you caught me while you did."
"And how do I know your telling the truth?" "May Magicli Cast a zone of truth on me."
In an ironic twist, I see magicli at the end of the hall we are approaching. Alex's heart drops.
No. 1085348 ID: 3f89df
File 170953059828.png - (21.84KB , 500x500 , whoops truth word alex.png )

Dark magicli eyes Alex with humorous intent. "May I cast a zone of truth on you? I may not know what for, but It's already done! And to add, I'll force you to repeat your previous sections.
Alex's jaw jitters heavily, and he attempts to hold it closed. Still, even his hands shake with such ferocity, and his entire body begins to shake until, inevitably, his mouth is forced open, stuck to repeat the words, yet with the truth added.
"I am being truthful in my honesty. I hope this is my first time. However, I wished to go with others since while you are amazing, I wished to participate in fun times with someone who was a bit less experienced, innocent if you will; I may have also just realized that I may have a fetish for reptiles-" Magicli drops the spell, "I think that's enough, My my, much insolence coming from you child! And no one will have ever known if you had not spoken my name."
Alex drops down to his knees and Magicli cackles. "Let this be an lesson Child, not to say the name of Magicli in shere vain." And he disappears off the horizon, again leaving me and the cheater behind.

I say the first thing that comes to my mind.
"So you were planning on cheating on me."
Alex, still on his knees, begins groveling in a pitiful display. "I-I'm sorry Hop! Please, please don't leave me! This school- It's too much! It's too much! I'm so sorry, please, I'll do anything. I have sinned, and I seek atonement."
My ears perk up. "Anything?"
Alex reiterates, "Anything!"
I look at the pitiful excuse of a man and decide to spare his misdeeds for now. "How about I spare you, Alex, If and only if you promise me to never go towards the darkness ever again, and I hold an simple favor over you."
Alex looks up and says, "You mean it?"
I look at him slyly. "I mean, it I mean you didn't put your'e demon in an place it didn't belong yet, you can still have atonument."
Alex stands back up. "Thank you, my angelic flower, I accept!"
Good. Not only have I figured out how to prevent him from cheating on me again, but I also have some leverage over him.

We begin walking, the air still very strained from the previous interaction,
"Alex, I know our relationship has been a tad strained lately, but maybe we should go on a date before bed and remind ourselves why we're together."
"We could go on a magical date in the dream room; just imagine, us up high in an floating castle, just me and you together, the view of the outdoors right next to us as the candle-light burns strongly."
Knowing my dreams, this sounds like an awful idea.
"How about we don't? And before you say, much as I want to either train together, or Relax in a hot-spring, I'm way too exhausted to do either right now."
Alex thinks of an idea: "Why not the game room? Or casino? If not to play, then to make fun of all of Magicli's stupid creations, they have a bar, right? Take an quick swig while discussing our life together."
As much as that sounds dangerous, and as much as my trust in Alex has worsened over this entire day, if it makes him happy, then sure.
"Sure Alex, that sounds like fun."

I lead the way slightly since I'm familiar with the game room and its current position. While walking towards its general location, Alex asks the question I've meant to avoid in a while: "So Hop, what was that ammunition that Magicli was talking about? Look if it's you cheating on me, then... I understand, we'll be even then correct?"

Alex can never know the full extent of my sins, but I can tell him something else, to lower his guard, to make him stop asking this god-forsaken question, one that he can respond with sympathy rather than disgust.
No. 1085349 ID: 3f89df
File 170953060277.png - (18.00KB , 500x500 , okayyyyyyy sad alex.png )

Okay, Hop, breathe, Inhale, and Exhale. "You know about the TreeNight massacre?" I can feel the color leaving Alex's face as he tries to hide his masculinity by hiding his emotions around a veil of nothingness. "Yeah? w-what about it?" It's also hard to save face regarding the intensity of the memories attached to this event, but I must stay strong. "So I was tiny around that time, only 7, and I was in bed, but my father- he...." I can feel Alex's mask starting to slip. "He was on TreeNight Road when the murder attacked; he was working at the nearby research institute. He was so busy with his work that he-" I can't picture my father anymore; it's too much for me to handle.
"But why didn't you tell me that Hop?"
"I don't know, it's just I... I know you see me as an perfectionist with an perfect life that was just broken by bad circumstances, and if you knew that about me... you'd not love me anymore... I- I miss my father!" I can't help but cry out in my suppressed agony. However, there is more anguish hidden beneath multiple layers.
[color=#D33E37] "I-I understand, Hop. I- I lost a family member important to me that day, too..." Listening to that information, I can feel my heart sink to the bottom of my chest. "It-it was also my father, y'know, the local famous Alexander the First, Banisher of Evil, but his actual name was Jhonothon Manathan Christopher; he wasn't in the glamor of the ring when it happened; in fact, he was just doing something mundane, he was picking up groceries with my aunt Georgia who lived to me a description of that man, the one who killed my farther.
No. 1085350 ID: 3f89df
File 170953060625.png - (17.03KB , 500x500 , him.png )

According to her, Jhonoton was talking to Georgia; it was just small talk about how I was growing up, how much I took after him, and *Sniff* how much he loved me... While picking up bread, we heard a woman scream, followed by many others.
It was chaos, according to Georgia, with people climbing nearby poles to escape, some falling and then getting trampled by the crowd, others fighting each other, yelling why they should escape; it was anarchy, screams of children, men, women, young and old animated. Eventually, there was enough distance that everyone had run, yet was still stuck in the indoor mall. The entrance was crammed, and Georgia looked at the man.
He was a Rabbit with pointy ears, white fur dotted with occasional brown spots, an unbuttoned work vest splattered with blood, and his pants tattered and destroyed. He swayed, not like a human, but like a predator; he had a knife in his hands, which was dripping off the fresh remains of the fifty-something near him; there was blood leading from, and to nearby shops as well, his kill count is higher. But what Georgia next has given me nightmares ever since.
No. 1085351 ID: 3f89df
File 170953061291.png - (24.40KB , 500x500 , the murderer.png )

But he was no ordinary rabbit; his eyes were utterly blank, with no retina, no pupils, nothing; he had marked himself with strange sigils and, most terrifying, his fur had clothes of scales, marked with python-like teeth, and his jaw was unhinged, he was some sort of abomination, and just his stare left Georiga immovable.

Suddenly, as he stared, the monster spotted his target, A small lizard boy running around screaming for his mother, who left him alone, valuing her life over his. And with a blade in hand, he lunged towards the little boy, his fangs unhinged moments away from striking. My father had dropped the grocery bag, turned to Georgia, and said, "Leave now. Tell Tenui, Tina, Jeena, Chris, and Thonny that I love them." And he immediately charged towards the little boy and threw him away from the threat. Georgia still stood there and watched, perfectly stunned. My father attempted to apprehend the monster, first by punching him, and when that didn't work, locking him in a chokehold.
No. 1085352 ID: 3f89df
File 170953061726.png - (12.37KB , 500x500 , goodbye alexs death.png )

My father was careful, most likely his defensive style in the ring doing wonders for him. He had utterly apprehended the creature and given enough time for the lizard boy to escape the crowd. Still, he forgot one key detail, the monster had one more weapon than just his knife, and with a swift go, he Bit into my father's neck and, with his grip loosening from the shock, Unhanded himself and stabbed my father through the heart, he died instantly.
Georgia had watched it all and only fled when he was the creature started to stare at her with eyes of blood lust.

My father died a hero, but it was ultimately in vain; both the lizard boy and a hundred and twenty-one people died that day, eighty from the monster and forty-two from other means such as being trampled. Those who had choked to death in the audience. Furthermore, the day before, he was shot to death by both magic and gunshots by law enforcement.
No. 1085353 ID: 3f89df
File 170953062236.png - (17.43KB , 500x500 , sad alex is sad and alex.png )

"Some days... I don't know if I can ever think I can be that man..I'm just so flawed and wicked.....I've-" [/color]

And then Alex finishes. His mask had broken as he unleashed all of his sorrow onto me; I wasn't expecting that; I didn't know that he lived through that event; I don't know what to say; I've never seen Alex like this ever...
I put my hand on his shoulder. "Your father died an hero, and I see an lot of your father in you. You wanted to fight magicli despite the cost, and you kept fighting until you couldn't, everyone has flaws, even your father did, that dosen't mean he's an terrible person, he did what he thought was right and attempted to save that boy, you are your father."
Alex holds my hand, tears still running through his face. "I am?"
I hold my face on his cheek. "You are. I love you alex." And I smooch him on the cheek. He wipes his face and smiles a bit at me. I go to hug him. "You're not alone."
And we embrace each other.
No. 1085354 ID: 3f89df
File 170953062899.png - (31.95KB , 500x500 , casion time.png )

It feels like a fine time has passed before we continue, but as quickly as we start, we reach our final destination.

Considering how heavy the tone was a moment ago, the style of the casino is almost comical in comparison; it's loud, overwhelming, and enticing; there are numerous sorts of machines that me and Alex should do, as well as multiple games; I can spot There's also the bar, and we should potential mix and match... but what?

Choose One or Two:

[a] Drinks! Make sure I'm fucking drunk; today has been a roller coaster, and I need to forget about it; I could also do light drinking if that's better. (I have not drinked before.)
[b] chat with Alex about [Suggestion]. It could be a nice line to break the glass or something I've been procrastinating for a while.
[c] I talk about Alex with something on my mind.
[d] Do the wish game or talk about the wish game with Alex. It may be risky, but it can get us out of here.
[e] Look around for much more intense games with higher stakes.
Let's do a classic with poker, maybe strip poker?
[h] Let's do some slots. We can't lose anything, right? So it'll be fun!
[i] Video games? I have yet to play any, but Wilabo talked about it, so we could try it out.
[j] Board games? That I'm a bit more familiar with, but more so playing scraggly at my aunt's house, more than anything.
[k] Other
No. 1085359 ID: 7c55ad


No more real talk, time for fun!

I'm in a tabletop game mood, so:
Board games,
poker (not in the mood for strip poker right now since we already did enough stripping for one day... though I suppose if our opponents asked... But we might need to get a bit more dressed for that first, Alex especially.)

I pick poker especially, we can get an idea of how other students could be lying with their tells if we pay close attention, which can be useful when we have to do court after someone gets murdered, and we have to find a liar. It's also good for small talk to get to know another student better.
No. 1085364 ID: e2839f

Talk about your religion, what constitutes a sin in that structure. You seem to be pretty intensely religious, so I doubt he isn't into that religion as well

And I think you should check out what [E] is like but end up doing [h], slots is a good game to just vibe out and kill time while you chat. If you can't lose anything then there's only the chance that you win something, even if it's just some fake currency or something like that. There might even be redeemable prizes. And if you're there for a while you can keep going until you win some minimal amount of something and see if it's useful
No. 1085426 ID: 940726

B: Tell him about the time magic training you did with Magicli. He was worried about that and it will help put his mind at ease.

I: Video games! We've had a lot of fun learning new things with our new friends, so let's try this out too.
No. 1085836 ID: 3f89df
File 170995493421.png - (73.20KB , 500x500 , time to play poker.png )

Before I begin to settle down, I look around to see if there's anybody already here in the school, and to weigh our options for what should be fun, I look over at the games whose general nose pierces through my sensitive ears; I notice a small gambling Ultaninian of some sort, spinning the slots and oggling it down like it's porn for him, He seems to be muttering to himself all the while squealing in pure euphoria, If this creature and Magicli are what Ultanian's are, I'm glad that Ultimia smote most of them down while they had the chance upon looking around I find the following games that Magicli had tagged as high stakes:

The slots seem to give out certain prizes but also have certain risks associated with them, be they physical, mental, magical, or financial. The most basic of the slots deem that there is no risk, and the only prize is Magi-Money.

Magicli describes Magi-Money as a new, innovative economy simulation used in School Life and very blatantly states that he may use more implementations of it shortly.

Enchanted Duel Arena:
It is a small colleague's construct with a magically infused interface. It allows you to create somewhat cathedral fighters with limited skill points, and then they fight each other to death; the first one to die wins. I believe the reason why Magicli tagged this as a stake game is the amount of flexibility you're allowed to bet on; I saw options for Magi-Money, Soul, Contracts, Magic, And a custom fill-in-the-prompt bet because I thought it was funny; I put in Virginity however I was surprised when it said that was a compatible bet.
I'm not a virgin...
I left soon after that.

Dragon's Dice Duel:
A Small projected game of sorts that follows a hero (Their stats and class chosen by the player) on a quest to defeat a dragon, however nearly everything is done with a dice-roll and other luck-oriented rool; it seems to have a hefty entry price: Owning Magicli a favor, and according to Magicli the Punishments and Rewards get greater the further you go, Magicli Advertises that if you can successfully defeat the dragon, you are allowed to leave the school and bring the additional rewards with you.

Magicli's Fun Guessing Game!:
It seems like a box. The rules are simple, so look at the image and guess what it is! Gain rewards! Get messy! It seems to have crossbones and a warning sign plastered all across

Do you know?
Another quiz-centric game, this time, is a trivia stand with some sort of microphone based on it; apparently, according to Magicli, it is constantly updating so that the trivia is both new and factually correct. However, I wonder why it's considered a High-Stakes Game; honestly, I don't want to know.

Holographic Hunch:
In a holographic chamber, participants predict future events based on a stream of simulated scenarios. The more accurately they foresee the outcomes, the greater their rewards. The catch: the scenarios become increasingly complex and unpredictable, testing participants' intuition and adaptability.

It seems to be a floating blank door with no support in sight. On the door, there is a note that reads, "In this holographic chamber, students predict future events based on a stream of simulated scenarios. The more accurately they foresee the outcomes, the greater their rewards. The catch: the scenarios become increasingly complex and unpredictable. Make sure you're correct! Or else you might face those outcomes!"

Finally, there seems to be a door of some sort that reads??? It is listed as a game, but for some reason, I sense a foreboding and nauseating presence. Walking near the door, I nearly pass out as my ears begin to wring and my stomach from a sense of overwhelming nausea. I go and return to Alex, who seems to have already down two shots.

Looking to my right, I notice a room with many Numours tables and, at the far end of it, a TV of sorts with some strange-looking boxes plugged into it. Strangely enough, Senuia seems to be playing it with another Ultanian. This one has a heart-shaped head, bony bloody wings sprouting out of it, and long curling horns.

On the table, I see an odd pair: the strange magician from earlier, another much scarier-looking Ultanian, and a small D note, all playing what I think to be some kind of poker game.

Before I decide how to relax that night, I go up to Alex to see how he's doing.
"Alex! I'm back, you feeling good?"
"Yeah, this really hits the spot; I will admit, Magicli has good taste in liquor."
"Good! I looked at our options tonight, and there are some games that we shouldn't try, like The Dragon's Dice Duel and a whole bunch of others, especially if alcohol is involved."
"I looove you."
' I love you too! But are you sure you're okay? you just took another swig, and now you're slurring your words."
"Nahh I'm fine! Seee?"
"Okay, Umm, Alex, I know I talked about something that Magicli could have used for ammunition a bit ago, but it went off-topic, so I couldn't tell you another thing that Magicli could have used for ammunition."
"Tell me deer, I don't care, I'll go fight the ultaninan out of ya if it is, an good o'l one two."
"Well, I was acting kind of weird during the magic lesson today because, well... I was having private tutoring with Magicli."
"I don't know! Magicli just suggested it to me, and I took the offer, don't worry I didn't learn anything illegal, I just learned some basics in time magic,"
"Well, I can only pause Time for around 10-18 seconds, I can't rewind or really move my limbs when I have time, and it's really physically taxing, but It's something I can do now!"
"Alex! There are more descriptive ways than just saying "what"!"
"Sorry, It's just, Magicli can tutor? I didn't know that! Unless this alcohol is just getting to me, If that's the case I proabbly should stop."
"Yeah, you definitely should. Yeah, Magicli allows you to tutor privately just in case you want to learn "illegal" magic or learn much faster than magic 101. I decided to focus on time-based magic for my session."
"Huh, wow. You didn't get any formal traning before and now your proabbly as good as me! Who whould have thought?"
"Heh, guess you should have spent time training instead of looking at girls~."
"I was learning about diffrent types of magic and the diffrence between UltriVisc and Ultanian Magic, leave me alone!"
"But where you?~"
I'm pleasantly surprised as Alex downs an entire bottle in around ten seconds flat.
"I was, now I already repent! Leave me alone! Babe!"
"But, How do you do Magicli?"

"Oh! Just ask him, I guess; Magicli seemed to ask me first, which was strange, but he seemed to do that for some others as well, the list of which is getting smaller by the minute."
"Anyway, Hop, I guess that's.... Okay, man, if the alcohol wasn't here, I'd probably go, What?! Or something along those lines."
"Oh yes, Alex! About what we'll be doing this evening, There seems to be high-stake games, slots for something called "Magi-Money," Which is just stupid, Some kind of Box Anime with Senuia and an Ultanian. If we did do the Box Anime, we'd have to get rid of the Ultanian, and finally poker with that strange magician and an-"
"..... That was fast? Any reason why? Is it because of strip poker?~"
"NO! Hop, get your mind out of the gutter!"
"Says the one who said he had a fetish for reptiles and wanted to boink Wilabo and Iceli just fifteen minutes ago."
"Look! My Man used to love Poker, he played it with Scourage and my Uncle on weekend nights, my Uncle told me the rules and some cool tricks regarding Undem Holdem, SpellStar, and PalPass. What about you Hop?"
"I mostly just watched the adults play it when I was a tiny Kit; my uncle was a real champion in it, although Auntie always yelled at him whenever he lost since it was always Her money on the line."
"Well? We're just going to sit here and talk about it or..." Alex dismounts his chair and begins walking towards the table. Before looking at him, I decide to follow him as well.

As we walk closer to the table, I can clearly hear the players' banter and voices, which I can more accurately process in a much more relaxed atmosphere.
The strange magician has a higher-pitched voice. It's Masculine, definitely, but much more on the higher side, like an older teenage boy; he also seems to have an Accent I need to be more familiar with, Mulani. Maybe?
The Ultaniain has a haunting voice that perfectly matches his sharp, tall, and skinny demeanor, a Deep voice with a slick undertone, and perfect Villan anime material. However, that might be Wilabo's shows rubbing off on me.

The strange magician speaks. "Despite not having an face, you are simply dreadful with your tells, this is the third victory in a row? Are you sure you said your the campion of your race?"
"Pray, do not show disrespect towards me, for thou hadst the favor of thy goddess on thy side, who did smite me with ill fortune, hand after hand, until I did meet my ultimate downfall. However, I shall now reveal unto thee the true potency of an Ultanian."
"I can't wait to see it!" The magician grins.
"Behold, yon, there doth appear fresh participants in our midst."
"Hmm. And who might you be?" The magician adjusts himself to look at us
"Do tell thee."
I sit down near the table
"Hi, I'm Hop!" I divert their attention to Alex. " And this is Alex!"
"Hail, Hop and Alex! I am Umbra Kon Vassider, Of the Eight Quarter, House of Third Rank, Beuthin. Yet, for brevity, address me simply as Umbra."
The magician seems to hesitate for a bit but then states, "Oh! I remember you, fluffy butt; you were wandering the halls and passed by me by the library! I have not introduced myself, my apologies. My name is Posini."
"Well hello there Umbra, Posini, And let me just tell you that your going to get beat so hard, it'll take all morning for your asses to recover."
"My much language! And for a simple alcoholic! I can smell the fermented grapes from here, well no matter, Drunks are easily manipulated and are no challange to me in poker."
"However you Hop.." He turns around and stares me deeply in the eyes, deeply into my soul; I can't help but shiver at his presence.
"Does the Moon turn twice?"
No. 1085837 ID: 3f89df
File 170995497437.png - (57.13KB , 500x500 , posini ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png )

Posini ideally turns around to face the rest of the party. "She's no threat!" Posini chuckles. I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the 180-degree change in tone; what was he even talking about?
Umbra continues
"Shall our venture involve Undem Holdem, SpellStar, or the noble PalPass?"
I raise my hand and resume "Undem Holdem please, unless the Ultanian doesn't wish to play fair?"
Posni looks at me oddly as the cards magically conjure above the table, slam down, and then pass themselves around, dealing our initial hand to our tables. A pot also appears, around 200 Magi-bucks, which are represented by small chips. Everyone starts with around 2000 Magi-bucks initially as chips on the table.
A Genderless voice enters the room: "Posni begins, and the game will then be played counter-clockwise." I carefully examine the previously creepy Posni to see if he has any weaknesses or clear tells. Still, he has no clear expression, at least one that I can't see through his mask.
Posini taps the table. "Raise 100." He then puts his cards down.
Then it's the Ultanian's turn. He looks at his cards and taps his long fingers across the table; after a while, he raises his hand.
"Raise 200."
then it's Alex's turn; he looks at his card and me. And then to his cards and begins to say, "So, what you were saying earlier Hop, Ermmm just so were on the same page, what constitutes a sin? Check"
"Alex! You know! You studied UltriVisc teachings correct?"
The Ultaninian beast flinches upon hearing the word, good riddance.
"Actually, Hop, I didn't. I went to church, but Ultrivsc was more of a thing my Mom went to, y'know? When I was in my rebbilious years, I left and never looked back, know?" Oh, I always thought he was religious. That's odd.
"Alex I-"
Posini glares at me. "There's still a game to play."
Oh, right, shoot! I quickly look at my hand; it's a spade Ace and a King, an excellent hand, and one that fits the flop.
And then it's Posini's turn. Posini had been scanning me very intuitively, looking for potential flaws or tells from me. He looked at the table and said, "Check."
However, he resumed speaking to me immediately. "Odd? I never thought you were the religious type? Y'know, with the appearance of your current choice of wear."
I must respond to this: "Just because I wear a crop top and a short skirt doesn't mean I can't respect UltriVisc."
"Yknow, It's always humorous hearing what Religious types constitute as a Sin, always seems to change depending on the person." "Check."
"Well, UltriVisc requires evil to be vanquished, and because of that, the Status Quo and our security must be upheld, lest demons like HIM spawn from our deepest darkest desires."
Posini seems to chuckle a blasphemous tune: "It's your turn; funny, you say that; because wasn't the thing about Ultrivisc and Ultaniain's that they were created by two separate goddesses? So an Ultanian being spawned from an Ultrivisc creation seems like an out-of-this-world concept, but please explain further."
I quickly checked the flop; the board seemed to overflow with spades, an easy flush. However, I was lucky to get another ace, so I bet a tad higher and raised 500. Even when making an intense move such as that, Posini does not seem to react, so I continue the conversation despite him clearly being a jester of lesser evils.
"Well, bedding or romancing one of the same gender is not allowed, same as bedding multiple partners, or bedding in private, masturbation is not allowed as it attracts lustful demons, To trust or devote yourself to Ultania, to Bed or romance an Ultanian, to trust an Ultanian, to give to an Ultaninian, Being happy among sinful acts, to lie, to steal, to give into lust, greed, pride, anger, craving, possesivness." "Fold"
"Hmm, seems oddly restrictive to me, and there seems to be some sort of Racial bias in those sins ,hmmmm?" This man doesn't know the danger of demons, despite one trapping us in this school.
"You say that like one hadn't trapped us in this school, and you haven't hold the tales of Ruinrin the Third among other tales of Ultanian ferocity and generalized agression, besides Ultanian's know nothing of structure! They just savage beasts who kill, rape, pillage and commune over their dark mistress!"
The Ultanian seems to stand up from the chair, staring daggers at me; try me, Demon; unlike Magicli, I know I can take you down.
"Thou speakest jestingly, methinks. Thou art unaware of the tribulations we, followers of Ultanian, have endured. Ultanian, originator of cosmic logic, bestowed divine contemplation upon us foremost. Alas, her sister, UltriVisc, did exile Ultinia and unleashed her progeny in a merciless genocide. We, in contrast, have only sought survival. Dost thou, in all sincerity, deem us villains?"
"Personally, I think religion is harmless. However, it's most commonly used by both parties as just an excuse for their actions against each other. Ideologion can be a fickle thing, and that is why we Ultrivisc kill each other, but I'm getting off-topic. Fold."
"You stand here like this Thing isn't an issue! Have you ever had a history lesson what about the time when the Scarf, and the Protector fell to the poison and Ultanian's ruled, don't you know how terrible thier ideology is? What about the TreeNight Massacre among many other strategies by the hand of Ultanian's or Ultanian Followers? How can you trust one to play poker with them?"
The Ultanian seems to be bending closer, his long, outstretched claws clearly visible on the table. "Thou dost assay the limits of my forbearance."
"Perhaps, but I'd much rather trust an Ultanian who follows the teachings of thier god, rather then an Ultrivisc who did the same, besides when religion dosen't cloud your judgment, you'd realize that both are esentially the same thing, thoughts, rules to live by. Personally, those who wish to boss others around are weaker beings outright."
"Oh, and those teachings are Rape as much as you can, as many as you can, go around and tempt the common man, murder hundreds on the street, and destroy everything that we work to maintain your dark godesses favor."
I'm startled by the absolute hostility regarding Alex's voice; I've heard nothing from him before, the first of many of today.
"Yes Alex?"
"Look, I know you don't really trust Umbra."
"The Demon."
"Umbra, I understand because of how you were raised and our past, but please keep this cordial. We don't want to make enemies in this school already."
I look to the rest of the group, whose eyes are either filled with anger or pity until finally, I stand down.

" Hmm? Oh yes, the game, Umbra?"
"I awaited the cessation of this impertinent garlic partaker's diatribe, but verily, I concede; I fold."
Oh! Does that mean I'm going to win the rest of my pot?
"So, what brought you two to this school? for me it's cause my girlfriend had to just drag me along! Oh right, Raise 100."
"Alex! That's just a Lie! You said, "And we've got nowhere else to be! I'd sign that if I were you! "Don't rope me in as the pure suspect."
My attention is brought back to my cards—another Ace. This is a Full House. Yet I wonder what hand Alex has to keep betting on; it can't be perfect. Otherwise, he wouldn't bet that low. It's Time to scare him out of the pot.
"Well, if I'm guilty, then why did you sign it Hop?"
"All In." "So what where you saying Alex?" His face has already fallen considerably, and my large show spooks him out of his terror.
"You better Fold, Alex,.Hop most likely has a Fourth or Third Value Card,unless you have something that can beat that or compete. It's better to cut your losses there."
How does he keep doing this?
"Well, I'm an Athlete and wish to work in this field full-time. However, no one really goes to standard competitions anymore; everyone just seems interested in magic-based sports nowadays. So, I'd like to learn some skills to get into that space; what about you, strange wizard?"
"Well, I Initially joined since my letter said that this place would be able to teach me magic that most modern institutions go to, with a much smaller community and more reserved space, I care not to disclose further."

"Prithee, 'tis strange thou utterest such words, for within my missive, I did expound upon the prospect of acquiring the lore of Ultanian Magic and UltriVisc Magic sans trepidation or scorn from instructors, and joining a fellowship that would be openly receptive to Untalnians. Alas, it appears this was but one of Magicli's deceptions, was it not?"
It's still Alex's turn, and he's still contemplating his next move
. "This may be an odd question, but what status are you two from? You seem to speak an Old speak that's not uncommon from the High Royalty, and the other looks like... well, he's from some kind of magic apprenticeship?
"AppretencieShip! Hah! Don't make me laugh! I'd say that I live quite modestly, but my skills are much, much greater than your own or ever will be; like I'd said earlier, I could kill all of you in a blink, and you'd never know. Still, there's no reason to escape from here. This place is just a reflection of the outside world."
"Inquisitively, thou dost pose such a query to me. Alas, I hail from noble lineage, bearing the esteemed Vassider name, among the chosen of Satient Ultanian lineage. My existence is devoted to the restoration of honor to our people. Pray, may I inquire of thy own origins?"
I don't know whether I should lie or be honest with such White Tower nobility. I find myself at this table; just as I'm about to respond, Alex breaks his concentration to respond.
"Me and Hop aren't from well.... best of backgrounds, However, it made us into who we are today, and has made it so close. I fold"
Yes! That means I get the pot! money money money money money
I feel so rich now, even if this currency is ultimately meanless; the magician looks at me oddly and then looks to the others
"I think now would be a good time to end this game, Or as compensation me and Hop Resign, I wish to speak with her privately for a moment."
Alex scans him, scanning him for any malicious intent, but then inevitably stops and puts his attention back to Umbra; Posini looks at me. Attempting to muster a smile but instead giving a wide grin.
"Hop if you would; it's a matter that I must discuss urgently, So I'd appreciate your cooperation."
I have a bad feeling about this. Lucky feet, Do I trust him?
No. 1085842 ID: e2839f

Talk in private? Sure. Talk where no one can see you and while Alex is drunk, no

You can head off to a corner where you can still be seen but not heard, even cover your mouth if lip reading is an issue, but it's late and that's a good enough reason to not fully commit to the being completely alone, even if by doing so they paint a big targer on their head.
No. 1085871 ID: cbdab2

Hard no. Maybe what he says is important, but not as important as Alex's state for all we know, he could reveal secrets to strangers, or start a risky game without our say so, or worst of all, start a game of strip poker without you, errr... i mean start a game of strip poker and lose his clothing.

Politely decline letting him know that you actually wanted to spend most your time tonight on this date with Alex. MAAAAAAYBE you'll listen if he allows a private conversation with BOTH you and Alex present as you both dont want to keep secrets from each other, but for now, you want to just supervise Alex.
No. 1085874 ID: 0afdf4

Actually, scratch the maybe. We came here to focus on growing our bond with Alex and thats what we're doing. In fact, ask Alex what he wants to do next here for fun with you before we head back to our room.
No. 1085894 ID: 3f89df
File 171000344843.png - (28.06KB , 500x500 , posini is not sucspicious at all.png )

This guy is acting incredibly shady. Why don't we chat in a corner? Why specifically does it have to be alone? And when I just talked about my social standing, he must compromise, or I must refuse.

"I'm sorry Posini, But I can't just blindly trust you, not in this school anyway, I'm willing to speak with you, but only if it's where everybody can see us."
His stern demeanor is broken by what seems to be a wave of disappointment that fills his mind.
"I accept those terms, just let it be known that it is for you and your boyfriend's upmost saftey, the question I ask is an tad..... personal, and I'd hate if Alex took it the wrong way." [//color]
I eye him with evident suspicion. "Then what is it?"
[color=#6ABB88] "Then follow me."
And he leads me to a corner of the room, with him facing towards the group and me near the wall.
"Look, I don't care what you think about my religion opinions but-erk!"
No. 1085895 ID: 3f89df
File 171000345017.png - (21.48KB , 500x500 , uhoh kinky.png )

I'm immediately surprised by feeling something sharp pressing against my neck; my eyes glance over to see a dagger pressed against my neck; my neck.... is warm... I can feel myself bleeding slightly by the touch.
"Do not scream or alert the others, Hop, I am not willing to kill you, but I'm willing to hurt you in ways that only someone like Magicli whould be willing to bring up."
My fear is paramount, and my fur is on edge; despite his reckless boasting, he is much stronger than me magically, even with my new-found mana, I don't know if my current spells would be able to help.
"I'll let you go only if you answer my simple question."
"Why do you have my Mana?"

No. 1085896 ID: 3f89df
File 171000345442.png - (29.76KB , 500x500 , angy posini.png )

As the shock begins to wear off, Posini slams me against the wall violently in a way that makes me feel dizzy, and my ears begin to ring.
"Answer me! Are you nothing but Magicli's Dog? How did you gain it?!?!"
With the ringing in my ears, it's hard to formulate a sentence or think coherently, yet I need to do so.
It's hard to think of anything to say...
No. 1085900 ID: 7c55ad

Oh! so that's who's mana that was that Magicli gave us.

You already played poker with Posini, He should know if you're lying or not through your tells so it's best to tell the truth unless you get killed

Tell Posini that after you finished learning new magic, since that's what we all came to this school for, your mana was drained, so Magicli did something and put mana into your entire body, without you asking or without your permission. then he sent you on your way before you could ask questions like who's it was, or why he did that, assuring you that whoever's it was didn't need it anymore. You didn't know it was Posini's mana, and would give it back to Posini if you knew how. You think maybe Magicli did this to turn students against each other, like what is going on right now, and he should really be asking Magicli to give it back to him, hell, you'll even ask to give the mana back to Posini next time you see Magicli. But like you said, you think Magecli did this to stir up drama and untrust among you and Posini, and Posini is falling for it right now.
No. 1085935 ID: 667e04

Yeah, no. Fuck this guy.

Use your time magic, and then use your speed to grab Alex, and get out of there.
No. 1085936 ID: 65968d

Polt's got the right idea here. Guess this is a lesson for everyone. Jumping to conclusions without civilly conversing may cause unnecessary death. Play nice.
No. 1085937 ID: 273c18

Just tell him. He has a right to be angry. Very foolish to assault you in front of everyone though.
No. 1085948 ID: 62d02f

Yeah just tell him, magicli is listening to everything that is said anyway, I'm down for returning the mana, if that's even oossible
No. 1085949 ID: 62d02f

Yeah just tell him, magicli is listening to everything that is said anyway, I'm down for returning the mana, if that's even oossible
No. 1086123 ID: 940726

On the one hand, if his mana really was stolen then he has a valid reason to be upset. On the other hand, he cut us with a knife and threatened us with horrific torture before even giving us a chance to speak. So I say no more Miss Fluffy Cuddle Bunny for him. It's trickster rabbit time.

Use speed magic to accelerate your body's blood production. Bleed profusely from your neck wound that he caused, and the others are sure to notice. You'll gain sympathy while making this guy look dangerous, and after Alex comes to your rescue you'll have a reason to kiss and make up with him.

Or Umbra comes to the rescue instead, and you'll have a reason to rethink your perspective on Ultanians.

We found out that he can sense your magic somehow, but remember that you're a time mage now and can stop to think if you need to. If that spell would take too much skill to prepare in a second or two, then try using your new time stop spell and working out the blood spell while time is frozen. You're not experienced enough to move during the time stop, but you won't need to move your body, only prepare your mana for when you drop the effect.
No. 1086524 ID: e2839f

Actually, I redact my prior suggestion and want to go with this, upon reflection, we just know they can read mana, and they probably saw that you have *more* of it than before.

Timestop and bleed profusely to get attention since you can't speak to get help. Guy won't kill you but will hurt you, if you find out it genuinely is his mana then I'm still down for returning it, but this also could be a coersion technique to get a one up on other students, we don't know if everyone recieved tutoring or other guidance, like, say, maybe a challenge to steal another student's mana.

After all, magicli did say that *the person wasnt using the mana anymore* how can someone right in front of you who obveously wants to use magic, not be using it, they didn't say they had magiphobia or anything
No. 1086561 ID: 940726

We might need to take both options. If the speed-bleeding trick doesn't work quickly enough, we could tell him part of the story as a stalling tactic, or we may have to tell the others if they ask him what he was freaking out about. Emphasize that you didn't ask Magicli to give you someone else's mana and he didn't give you any warning or choice in the matter; he just forced it into your body and sent you away with no chance to respond.

Whatever you do, though, don't reveal that it was time magic you were studying. That's too big of a secret to share with a potential enemy. If you're forced to give an answer, say it was a mental spell to help you think more clearly; that will explain anything we can do currently while still leaving it a surprise once you learn to move while time is stopped.

It actually went a bit differently from that. When Magicli gave us the extra mana, he said the previous owner wouldn't need it because they had "better substitutions".

Which is a good way to turn the conversation against our attacker if Hop ends up having to explain herself. What's the "mana substitute" he's been using? Has he been plotting to steal mana from other students?

Magicli also said that it was temporary.

Personally, I'm inclined to believe him that his mana was stolen. Even so, I think that we shouldn't return his mana. I'd do it if he had just talked to us about it, but attacking and threatening us proves that he's a serious danger, and we need to be at less of a disadvantage against him in case he attacks us in the future. Kindness only goes so far in a death game.
No. 1088267 ID: 3f89df
File 171260826502.png - (13.48KB , 500x500 , cut that mother hucker.png )

As much as I don't wish to disclose that I tutored with Magicli, I must tell him the truth because he currently holds such power over me. It would be unwise to push him back because his blade is near my neck; I must tell him the truth, but as I do, I'm distracted by the blood curling down.
"Posini! I- I didn't even know it was your Mana! When- *huff* I was learning magic with Magicli, My Mana was drained, and so Magicli decided to Stuff your Mana inside of me without either my consent or my asking, he just wants us to turn *huff* against each other! If I knew how, I'd give your Mana back, free of charge."
Posini lessens his grip and takes his blade away from my throat.
"But how do I know you're telling the truth? What is your magic type? What did you learn? I know of Tuasnaion, a Magic type that allows you to steal a tiny bit of Mana from a victim, almost like that of Sangouphage, like you have so rudely done,"

I suddenly get a brilliant idea, as if it had been whispered in my ear by some sort of spirit of cleverness.
No. 1088268 ID: 3f89df
File 171260826848.png - (17.63KB , 500x500 , woaha thats a lot of blood.png )

I use my speed magic to accelerate blood production from my heart; the blood caused by a simple nick of pressure turned into a geyser of blood. However, I am careful to make sure to allocate the proper amount towards my vital organs; it's not long until I'm gushing from the seams, and Posini's Blade is ideally encased in blood, with some of my blood spilling onto his sleeves and his cloak, despite me not being able to view myself, I'm presuming that the sight is quite violent, I've noticed that Alex and Umbra staring at this display, It seems Posini has noticed their presence as well.

After the initial shock across Alex's face fades, his demeanor immediately turns to pure, unadulterated aggression. Good boy.
No. 1088269 ID: 3f89df
File 171260827033.png - (19.67KB , 500x500 , gasp how gorey.png )

Ultra tilts his head curiously, his demeanor indicating pure disappointment; he sighs dramatically.
"Posini, thou hast disappointed me." /color]
Alex suddenly begins charging head-on toward Posini, his horns lighted ablaze and smoke bellowing from his nose. However, just before he finishes his charge, Ultra disappears in what seems to be a dark cloud from his original placement and holds Alex back with his long claws, making sure not to dig into his flesh.
Alex begins to thrash and squirm, attempting to free himself from the grasp of his adversary.
[color=#D33E37] "Let me go, you Demon! Do you understand? That Fucker Is Trying to kill Hop!"

Despite Alex's attempt to stab his aflame horns into the shadow's neck, It seems to not have any effect. Ultra just looks down at his attacker.

"I dare not deem such an act as mine; 'twould be utter folly to attempt a slaying in the presence of a gathering, scarce numbering four students, besides Gurier. Yet, the deed committed by Posini appears exceedingly imprudent. Pray, Posini, why dost thou exhibit such boundless folly? Furthermore, I suggest lowering thy blade to forestall this enraged bull from seeking vengeance for the slight upon his beloved, unless perchance thou wert dropped in thy infancy?"

Posini lowers his blade and, despite it still being bloodied, hides it back in his robe; he steps away from me, but not without slamming me back into the wall again; the feelings of being crumpled wash over me again. He whispers, "Count your blessings, Magicli's dog."
My body feels so close to breaking down right now.
Alex, upon seeing Posini's aggression from me, bites firmly into Umbra's hand and lights it ablaze. Umbra recoiled from the pain, giving Alex enough room to escape his grasp and begin his charge toward him, this time stretching back his arm for a hefty punch.
No. 1088270 ID: 3f89df
File 171260827373.png - (15.08KB , 500x500 , push against the posini.png )

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Alex, I don't wish to harm anyone here, You're just wasting your time attempting to attack me."
Alex still begins his assault, being only 10 feet away from giving him a finishing blow.

Posini Sighs and then seems to mutter something under his breath, then he yells.
Alex is almost in punching distance, yet I notice him straining against some pressure.
"That straining spell I cast is just a warning to allow me to speak; you may punch me if you want. However, I've cast a spell that, if you get up to five feet from me Or attempt to do any funny business with your flames there, you'll be surrounded by the Batrachotoxin inside my skin. The details of which I won't bore you with, but you'll find that very quickly, you won't be able to move, including your heart, in less than three minutes, And despite Magicli's trial system saying otherwise, that will just be a sucide on your part."
He turns his attention to me and then back to Posini and lowers his aggressive stance toward him. However, I can clearly see that he's shooting a dagger at him. Posini rolls his eyes in response.

While they do this, I slow down my blood production and attempt to somehow stimulate the cells that seal the flesh wall; it's hard to concentrate on, as the adrenaline seems to be fading, and the pain gets more intense.

Umbra notices the lowered tension in the room and, next to Alex, stares at Posini, both hands behind his back formally.

"Posini, might I inquire as to thy reasoning behind the desire to assail her? Thy indifference towards riches is evident, hence what impels thee?""

Posini looks at me and glares. "This Whore of Magicli thought she'd be stealthy attempting to steal my Mana; she was consorting with Magicli Priavatlely attempting to learn forbidden spells, Which I recoken is from the class Tuasnaion given our current status; if she is indeed practicing Tuasnoian magic, it's only a matter of time until she moves onto the Tusanion corpse magic, the ability to eat and gain Mana and a Host's abilities from eating their recently deceased corpse, or worse, the Parsatic branch. If you are magically informed about the catastrophe that could arise, then you'll find that I was justified; if you don't think so, ask her yourself! She's not afraid to say to admit of her private tutoring, is she!"

The attention directed towards me was exceptionally overwhelming, paired with the physical and mental stress due to my overwhelming headache; it was hard to conceptualize my words yet lie or shift my words into something that made me seem more accurate.
I took a deep breath. My survival is of the utmost importance. Talk like your life depends on it. Talk like you have authority. Talk like you aren't scared and down to your last knees.

"I must-mmm admit that what Posini said is true; I- *mmmphh* did tutor with magicli, but I assure you it was a mental spell that allowed me to think more clearly and plan ahead. After my magic had been sucked dry, Magicli, without consulting me beforehand, restored my Mana to full. I know that might sound illogical, and you have every right to call me suspicious; there's just one thing I have to say, Posini. If Magicli knew this situation was going to happen beforehand why did he say that you didn't need it anymore?"

Everyone stares at Posini, awaiting his response; Posini hesitates as the hostility and questioning that had initially been turned towards me reflect outwards towards him.
No. 1088271 ID: 3f89df
File 171260827631.png - (17.81KB , 500x500 , oh no posini doing an angry anime run.png )

"Posini? May I acquire further information about your current state? Unless you don't wish to disclose it, in that case you'd be no less than a hypocrite," Umbra says in a pretty accusatory tone.

Posini hesitates, looks at the onlookers, scoffs, and then dashes away toward the exit. Alex attempts to follow him, but Umbrea puts a hand on his shoulder, and Alex stops in his tracks.

"An eccentric character indeed, yet his abandonment of magic does intrigue me. I suspect he may be compensating and deflecting blame onto Hop; it would align with his behavior, methinks."
Alex seems to ignore Umbra's thoughts and turns his attention to me; he runs over to me and gently moves my hand to examine my neck.

"Hop, you still there, are you okay? It looks like your bleeding stopped."
It dawns on me now that, with all of the intense strain I've put on my Mana to help facilitate my body's healing process, my Mana has quickly faded away, and with it, the potency of Posini's Mana as well.

4/4 Mana -> 0/3

I embrace Alex in my arms despite my body screaming otherwise.
"I'm okay, Love. I-i just need to rest."
With the adrenaline wearing off, the pain, both from my reckless Mana usage and deficiency and the pain of the cuts and blunt force from earlier, seems to be rushing back to me, as well as the dizziness and exhaustion that has come from both my injuries, and the amount both my body and mind has had to endure today. Still, I need to say strong for Alex.

I slowly stand up and get my bearings, I don't like the attention on me, but at the same time, It most likely saved my life; Senuia dashes over to me and casts some sort of spell before I can even usher a word in, which on my neck, I can feel my neck wound closing.

"There, that should make the healing process go much quicker; You okay Hop?"

I feel my neck; instead of gushing blood at an average pace, now it's closed and feels more like a bruise or a scab; definitely not strong healing magic, whatever it was, but I guess that she helped me nonetheless.
"Yes, I'm okay; thank you, Senuia."

"You need anything? I know that was most likely traumatic and-"
I interrupt her insistent pity.
"No, I'm okay Senuia, I just need to lie down."

Senuia looks like she's about to say something, pointing her finger in the air but then lowering it and getting back to chatting with the Ultanian from before.

While I do have more respect for Umbra, I still need to keep my guard up around him and the other Ultaniains; it's not like I'll ever forget their potential for evil and the absolutely torturous things they've done to us—the things they did to my dad.

With my arm around his shoulder, I and I leave to return to our room. Despite some cackling from Gurier as we left the casino, the trip back to our room wasn't eventful, and it was oddly silent between me and Alex.
No. 1088272 ID: 3f89df
File 171260828112.png - (15.54KB , 500x500 , me fr fr.png )

The moment we stepped into the room, I collapsed onto the bed; it felt like lying on a comforting angel, a baby among silk and clouds. As much as I wanted to doze off and forget all about what had happened today, maybe end this nightmare if this was a dream, I felt Alex rub the sides of my face, cooing for my attention.

"Look, I know our date and exploring the school didn't really work out that well today, but we don't have to end today on a sour note; it's just you and me; you get to choose; you could go to sleep if you want too, or we can have a talk about something today, play an game, or......... maybe something more~ yknow, to help you relax."
Alex, Sex is the last thing I want right now. My entire body feels as if it's already been ravaged by a large ogre; I don't need a smaller one to finish the job; honestly, Passing out seems really good right now, but who knows, maybe his ideas are good; Lucky foot, should I-

[1] Just go to bed: I need sleep to recover for the next day.
[2] (Suggestion) Talk about something that happened today or is on my mind.
[3] Play a Game (Suggestion): It may help lighten my mood.
[4] Sex?: No
[5] Other: (Suggestion)
No. 1088273 ID: 7c55ad

5: 2 and 1. Bring Alex to bed with you, and just talk until you both go to sleep. a good way to de-stress. you can have a good cry too if you want. (will figure out what to talk about later.)
No. 1088284 ID: 42bb51

No. 1088302 ID: 382635

> Offers sex to help *you* relax
Ok, wow, I don't want to go on a whole thing here but that's a wild thought process to go through even with alcohol inside of him. You just got cut and nearly wounded and had to hold yourself together, and not ONLY did he only help by increasing visibility on the situation, but he couldn't even harm the guy. And then he's still trying to wet his dick? I'm with you Hops, no on the sex.

If we take a step back and think about the situation, at least now Alex, Senuia, and Umbra know that Posini is a potential threat, and you're seen as a potential non-threat. This is good, what's less good is that it puts you in a position that you *have* to keep Alex around for, which might mean throwing him a bone so that he remains loyal since the alternative is the high stress and trauma pushes you apart.

I think you're in a good place right now, strategically in regards to avoiding first blood, you've communicated with others and tried to bond, you've been shown to have been assaulted, but not defeated, so as long as you avoid Posini you should be fine there. It's also GREAT to know that the mana wasn't permanant, so any claims Posini has to trying to get you to give *more* back would just be extortion, and you can use that defense.

The only problem would be if Posini dies, then a target is put on your either your back since you didn't visibly show the use of magic and then would be forced to disclose your skillset, or Alex's back if he decides to be too chivilrous later on.

I think you should do [1]/[2] with a focus on 1, you can engage a little but a stress nap is probably better.

Oh also you should cryptically say that "I need to get stronger" or "We need to get stronger" as you go to bed and have your back turned to him. Because I think that's good imagery and also displays that you're still stressed about the whole situation
No. 1088364 ID: 0cabfa

Effing cuddle. Just cry and get it out of you visibly so he gets a clue. Should he shut up about the sex he's shown heroism worthy of rewarding. Of course no sex tonight since besides the obvious he is doghoused. However should your stupid but protective bf get a clue and shut up about sex his punishment should end once you both stop sleeping. Play it by ear though.
No. 1088372 ID: b3ee7b

Things to talk to Alex about until you pass out in bed

Talk to him about Senuia, Spi, and Otter, your thoughts on them and what they are like, and ask him about any interesting people we should be aware of that he saw when we split up earlier.

Apologize for yelling about the ammunition thing earlier. Maybe you'll tell him when you are ready, but right now, it is hard to talk about.

Tell Alex to avoid Posini, and if Posini comes near you again, please protect us from him.

Recite a prayer from your religion at some point.
No. 1088468 ID: 940726

Now that's using the cunning of an herbivore! Rabbits have a thousand enemies, and they're always a hop ahead.

Wait, did you speed up your blood production or your blood circulation? Production would have avoided the danger of blood loss, though it would consume a lot of nutrients. Either way, the solution is clear.

5: Eat some food before going to sleep. When you're recovering from blood loss, proper nutrition is important. Your boyfriend knows what you like, so he can use the room's kitchen to make something that's quick and easy to eat. Maybe a protein shake if the kitchen has a blender.

2: Talk about how the two of you are feeling after today. It's been a really hard day on the both of you; you had someone else's mana forced into you before being attacked by him without warning, and Alex actually died. It kind of makes all that romantic squabbling at the pool seem small, doesn't it? The otter girl was nice, though.

You should probably mention that the extra mana is gone and you're back to normal. I wonder if it went back to its original owner. Let's not mention that to Posini unless he brings it up, though; if he doesn't know we lost it, maybe we can trick him into saying too much.
No. 1088852 ID: 3f89df
File 171321207888.png - (72.67KB , 500x500 , me on the left clipstudio on the right when there .png )

Alex is being unreasonable. The entire day, he's been unreasonable. I'd get it if he were some feral creature or a teenager near mating season, but he's a grown adult with responsibilities, taxes to pay, and a reputation to pursue. When will he, or his dick, know that sometimes are the wrong time to pursue, and how I had to do something entirely sinful today to keep his attention? And He's already been dog-housed? So no, Alex, There's no sex for you.

As much as I want to go to sleep and stop thinking about everything today, it'd be best if I let all of these pent-up emotions out. An evil part of me also wants to just as a way to show Alex what we're dealing with, but I know that my thoughts and feelings are genuine.

So, Despite it being shameful, I decide to let out the emotions; as he looks at me, He drops that stupid horny look on his face, and it shifts to, hopefully, genuine empathy.
"Why did I do it?!? Why was I such an Idiot?! I'm going to Zuaren for all that I've done today!!!"
Alex goes onto the bed and snuggles up to me, holding me close in his arms.
"Hop, no! You're not an idiot, and by Ultri, you're not going to Zuaren."
"But I was the one who got us in this mess; I fucked my future over, and your future over, just cause I thought we should change our situation. There's nothing we can do, and where all going to die in here!!!"
Alex doesn't respond, But I can feel his grip intensify, but in an oddly reassuring way.
"I was also one who pressured you to sign; Magicli weaseled the both of us; not everything that happened today is your fault, hop."
"No matter how I attempted to give us an advantage, no matter how much I hurt my body, or hurt my soul. It feels like it ends up exploding in my face."
"I attempt to tutor with magicli, Posini tries to kill me, I try to get connections in this treacherous place, I end up commiting several sins in the pool-"

Alex rudely interupts me to remind me why where not having sex tonight.
"Hey, they where sexy sins! At least I thought so, your body is so beautiful~" I interrupt his degenerate behavior by lightly kicking him in the gut and moving away from him.
He seems to get the message.
"-And It seems like out of all the students here, Magicli themselves are out to get me! They have been threatening me, started the whole Posini thing, and tried to break us apart by telling lies about "Ammunition."
It feels good getting this out of my system; I almost feel like, even if they still giving me a sinking feeling in my gut, the tears are starting to fade away; I just want to talk about something else now.
A good minute or two passes in peaceful silence. Alex carefully begins to snuggle back up to me and seems to carefully choose his words as he begins and stops some sentences before starting with, "I know you'll most likely kick me again, but do you want to talk about the "ammunition?"

I'm too tired to care.
"I'm sorry for yelling at you about this whole "ammunition thing", But not right now, I'll tell you when I'm ready but right now, with everything going on, It's difficult to talk about right now."

Alex's hand retreats from my shoulder. He sighed and then said in a heavy voice, "I understand."

With the heavy topics out of the way, I slowly die off, both in consciousness and conversation.
"Alex? Before we move on to another topic, I just wanted to comment one last thing."
"What is it Bun?"
"If you ever see Posini, please avoid him at all costs, even if he tries to appear friendly or offers you something for access to our spaces, and as a supplement, if he ever gets near me again, Please protect me from him, He scares me, in a way that my experience with getting mugged seems like a small fly in comparison."
"I'll make sure to protect you to the ends of the earth Hop, even if it was my mother or father."
"Thank you alex, this means so much to me."
We take a moment to snuggle up close; it feels so comforting and warm amidst a room that feels dangerous and cold.
"Alex, before we go to sleep, what's your stance on the other students here? Is there anybody besides Iceli and Wilabo that interested you?"
"Hmm, Well, based on everyone there, I'd say Furri and Xeno; now, wait! Wait! Before you kick me! It's not because of her cleavage or the fact she's scantily clad, I noticed that even though she seemed rather dominant and rather stand-offish, I saw her when she split away from the group, I think I saw her crying to herself. She almost seems broken, with a mask of aggression keeping it all together, I know that I'm not her type to be friends with, but I know how good you are with flawed people, maybe you could get to know the real Furri and become friends.
"Xeno almost seemed the opposite; she seemed almost two kind and understanding, almost always giving favors to everyone, like an overbearing aunt who squeezed you into her business as a kid, even if you didn't want to. She seemed to stare a lot at Posini; I don't know if it's because she likes him or something, but it kind of creeped me out. that and Despite her mask trying to give a friendlier appearance, I managed to see inside her mouth when she yawned when no one was looking, and it was eldritch and terrifying. Maybe be friends with her, but be careful, and please bring me along just in case she attempts something."

"Noted, thanks. I saw some others myself, Spi, Senuia, and Otter."
"Otter is just completely random, and not in a funny way, more so in the hehehehehe oh I'm so quirky and random, kind of way. Honestly, don't tell her this, but she pisses me off more than anything."
"Senuia is okay, she seems kind of bland, the type to blend in, I find her okay, more so the type to keep around, but not really visit, you know what I mean?"
"Spi is kind of like Xeno in the way that she's a people pleaser, maybe not as scary as Xeno, if what you said is true, but more so the type to go with the crowd rather then everyone else, She's smart though, So I have to give her credit to that."

I hear no response. Is Alex sleeping? Well, now that I mention it, I'm barely keeping myself awake as is, maybe.. Maybe it's a good time to close my eyes.


May Ultirvisc Protect me and my Lover and shield us from the evils of this world as I begin my descent into her domain.

No. 1088853 ID: 3f89df
File 171321207993.png - (16.25KB , 500x500 , me when clipstudio crashes and i lose 2 hours of p.png )

"Man, How Corny is that? Oh, hello, there, spirits living inside of Hops foot. Are you proud of what you've done today? Are you happy manipulating this poor girl to do whatever you wish? Oh, please, retaliate all you want; I'm more so intrested in hearing your side of the story, and if you can, then maybe i'll awnser some of your questions."
No. 1088855 ID: 7c55ad

hmmmmmm... Nah, I'm good. As they say, dead men tell no tales... Literally in this case. I'll keep our secrets to myself.
No. 1088940 ID: 42bb51

oh Magicli, the poor girl merely needs to be liberated from that cancerous grasp of UltriVisc which has rooted itself deeply within her mind. It is controlling both her, and those close to her in its name - not us.
Observe the escapades that which we send her upon as opportunities to enlighten, challenge, and cure her of its poison.

Her mentality is that of a devote follower; once stripped of any purpose and meaning, a prime candidate for indoctrination. You must take advantage of the opportunity which will arise upon the challenging of her teachings in order to enlighten her.
A powerful ally may soon be at hand.
No. 1089022 ID: eb0a9c

Wait, we're in her foot? Did she step on a shard?

So... how do you make bank? You're clearly planning to get most of your students killed every year, so they can't pay off their loans.
No. 1089120 ID: 382635

Are you telling me we're literally her lucky rabbit's foot? That's hilarious.

Hop has an interesting perspective, but I'm still interested in knowing more about Wilabou, she seems to have more restraint but with a trickster energy to it, so I'm expecting good shenanigans from her.
No. 1089337 ID: 3f89df
File 171373056733.png - (13.89KB , 500x500 , woaha.png )


Hmm, I know that you are but a collective, which may make that nearly impossible, but I can read you; I don't need your attention; I'm humoring you after you've indirectly caused your host so much distress!


I do not care for the goddess, and I care not for your pleading to get my favor; both UltriVisc and Ultima are spiteful, manipulative, and petty gods, so I do not care for them. While I do have more sympathy for Ultinma, both have caused great harm to the world, despite what the history of the world may say.

Indoctrination is the cause of her sickness in the first place, the soul for which the poison ultimately resulted in your death, and rebirth into this world.
Hop is an exceptionally talented student, although her current skills are quite lacking. If I wished for an Ally, I'd prioritize Posini as Her Sins are heavier than Hop's, alongside her exceptional magical prowess.

I shall not disclose the nature of either, as it's much more fun if you find them out myself. Just know that Hop isn't who she presents herself as. If you wish to hear more, seek out me, as I can connect her with her false goddess to tell her the truth of her matters.

> Wait, we're in her foot? Did she step on a shard?

No, the nature of your existence is a remarkably complex one and one that is perfectly apparent to me, of course. It seems that you have lost your memories of your birth. And is an adventure within itself to find. I'll not explain further, as that'll be something for you and Hop to find. Before I move on, however, I wish to give you souls a warning. If Hop in her current state were to find out the nature of your existence, and your influence on her thoughts, feelings, and choices. She'd amputate herself, killing you in progress, and while I could preserve you, I don't think you'd want that now, do you?

> So... how do you make bank? You're clearly planning to get most of your students killed every year, so they can't pay off their loans.

I find it exceptionally humorous that you'd consider that I'd need wealth, to begin with; as I've said before, I'm the greatest magician in Muani; I could kill Ultrivisc herself if it wasn't for. In my current State, I don't need sustenance, sleep, or mana within my body to function; the Tutituon for the Students is entirely free; that is what made Hop sign her contract after all.

The land on which this school is built officially belongs to me, as declared by the High King of Muani himself. With my powers, building extensions of the school on the fly is relatively easy. I have no need for material wealth, and if I needed to, it'd be easy to steal or generate wealth anyway.

You may not know the High King, but he's a joke of a monarch. There are good reasons why he does not show his face and better reasons why he lived longer than I have, but that's for you to discover on your own.

If you knew what I know, I'd all make sense, but it's information that you'll discover in time.

Now, Spirits, before you leave, I'll give you some choices. It'll make this school a lot more interesting, shall we say? You may not accept any of these if you so wish, although you may miss out.

Regarding Hop:
[1] Do you wish to be moved to her brain, making it so amputation of yourself is impossible? Suicide or Getting Murdered be Pairing
[2] Do you wish to follow her in her dreams, allowing yourself to communicate and control her perceptions of herself?
[3] Do you wish to be able to clearly communicate with your Host instead of suggesting or giving them ideas indirectly?
[4] Do you have other suggestions regarding Hop?

Regarding Elsewhere
[1] Do you wish to Move yourself to another Student Instead of Hop?
[2] If you accepted the previous response, would you only wish to stay with them for a day?
[3] In response to making your current Host physically or mentally weak for a day, you can answer any question. I must give you a short explanation of your question regarding Hop or your Host. If there are multiple answers, I shall only reply with one answer.
[4] Do you wish to know the truth about your existence in exchange for your Host knowing the Truth about your existence?
[5] Do you wish to make a deal or bargain with me? Please give suggestions if you wish to do so.

I'll patiently await your answers.
No. 1089339 ID: 7c55ad

Regarding Hop:
[1] Do you wish to be moved to her brain, making it so amputation of yourself is impossible? Suicide or Getting Murdered be Pairing

Nah. I'd rather not force her to be with us if she doesn't want us. We'll just have to be nicer to Hop to not get amputated

[2] Do you wish to follow her in her dreams, allowing yourself to communicate and control her perceptions of herself?

Lets leave her dreams alone, let that be her safe space to rest (unless she has nightmares of course)

[3] Do you wish to be able to clearly communicate with your Host instead of suggesting or giving them ideas indirectly?

I don't care either way. Though it's probably better if we can clearly communicate with our host so that she has a right to refuse our suggestions rather than having us directly manipulating her

[4] Do you have other suggestions regarding Hop?

Regarding Elsewhere
[1] Do you wish to Move yourself to another Student Instead of Hop?


[2] If you accepted the previous response, would you only wish to stay with them for a day?
N/A, but if i did accept, I think a day is fine

[3] In response to making your current Host physically or mentally weak for a day, you can answer any question. I must give you a short explanation of your question regarding Hop or your Host. If there are multiple answers, I shall only reply with one answer.

Nah, I'd rather not do that to Hop

[4] Do you wish to know the truth about your existence in exchange for your Host knowing the Truth about your existence?

If we can clearly communicate with Hop, then yeah, I don't see why not.

[5] Do you wish to make a deal or bargain with me? Please give suggestions if you wish to do so.
No. 1089345 ID: 4b8694

With PEA on most items. For Hop 3 being advisors beats what is effectively brainwashing in a moral sense. Elsewhere 4 have to say no since we are defined by our actions. Our origins have no bearing. Plus telling Hop what we've done with no context will be too much to deal with at once. She'd probably panic and hastily amputate which is dangerous.
No. 1089403 ID: 382635

Idk, I'd rather avoid direct conversation with Hop. I can definitely see her personality wanting to either devolve it into arguments or lead to amputation. She already seems a little suspect of us

> Also no to Hops [1][2][3][4]
> elsewhere [1] - Wilabou for a day could be fun, but I'm indifferent on it
> elsewhere [2] - For a day would be cool
> elsewhere [3][4] - Nah
> elsewhere [5] -idk there doesent seem to be anything of value we as spectators can offer other than to withold information from Hop that we discover, or purposefully guide her towards something you want, I definitely think the conversation with the "false goddess" would be interesting to witness in the future though. I'm a fan of people meeting their gods and completely fucking up their worldviews because of it as a fan of conceptual beings myself.
No. 1089547 ID: 3f89df
File 171392237972.png - (8.16KB , 500x500 , magicli goes blah.png )

> [4] yes
If we can communicate with Hop, I don't see why not.
> [3] Yes

No. 1089548 ID: 3f89df
File 171392238178.png - (11.51KB , 500x500 , hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png )

Oh, your short-sidedness knows no bounds, Ultima-spawn, ounce she knows from whence you came, she'll remove you, but beg for mercy all you want, what's decided has been decided, and so I'll tell you the truth, you originated from-
No. 1089549 ID: 3f89df
File 171392238443.png - (11.63KB , 500x500 , oh your not screwed.png )

> [4] no
have to say no since our actions define us.

Hmm... One of you knows the risk of your identity. From Hop's perspective, you would be known for more than just your actions; since I slipped my tongue, you know the context of having a creature inside of her that is blasphemous from Ultrivisc's restricted religion.
No. 1089550 ID: 3f89df
File 171392238592.png - (19.19KB , 500x500 , screw you magicli.png )

That seems to be all you've requested. You spirits are no fun, I've given you a chance to switch hosts, yet you decide to stay with the whore; I'll only give you one more chance when your begging for my name; you have no control over when Hop gets rid of you, despite your insistent pleading and manipulation otherwise.

Let what happens to you be a lesson, Ultima-kin.
No. 1089551 ID: 3f89df
File 171392238816.png - (10.80KB , 500x500 , heh chat whos gonna tell her.png )

I'm jolted awake as the Snake tears its way through my flesh until I'm nothing but a carcass; despite my nerves feeling the pain of exposed flesh, It seems that it was just a dream, and despite my pleadings, it seems that I'm still stuck in Ultima's hell.

Something's off; Alex is missing, and I feel I'm not alone; my lucky foot seems to be twitching like mad, but It may just be spasms. Before I look for this presence, I call out, "Hello? If someone's in here, then state yourself, Or Else I'll have to hurt you."

I await a response or reaction from the deathly quiet room.
No. 1089582 ID: 42bb51

Hi, we are your footvoices

Is it hot in here or is it just me?
No. 1089585 ID: 940726

What was that? What's going on? Are we in danger?

Don't try to hurt us! We don't mean any harm! We're not going to threaten you!
No. 1089589 ID: eb0a9c

Hi, we're your new advisors! We were merged with you for quicker access!


Please don't kill yourself, we want to live.
No. 1089593 ID: 2fb549

Look Magicli put us in your foot and... well... BY ULTRAVISC HAVE MERCY WE DON'T WANT TO DIE!
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