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File 170734751190.jpg - (1.13MB , 1534x1228 , Monster queen76.jpg )
1082765 No. 1082765 ID: dc13c4

Previous chapter


Discussion Thread

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No. 1082766 ID: dc13c4
File 170734792310.jpg - (4.68MB , 2720x2943 , Monster queen77.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) First we should test the loyalty of the Archer.

B) First we should go to the village.

C) First we should finish the village leader's assessment.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1082793 ID: 58eb36

Save the assessing for last so Gram has the most time to make things look good. Out of the other two... loyalty of the archer would be useful. We could have him join Dredge as an inside man if he passes.
No. 1082801 ID: 5ebd37

Aye, lets not keep the poor boy waiting. Whatever we have him do should be done publicly, since opinion of him is currently quite low. He'll be proving himself not just to us, but to all our followers.
No. 1082813 ID: 55d88a

No. 1082854 ID: 27fceb

Test of loyalty
Is our main priority.

As for your literacy failure don't be embarrassed by it, embrace it as an issue that you will overcome.
No. 1082877 ID: dc13c4
File 170742799892.jpg - (2.21MB , 1586x2273 , Monster queen78.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Let the sister attend the meeting.

B) Don't let the sister attend the meeting.

C) Other suggestions.
No. 1082890 ID: 47c854

Let her attend. Just warn her that if she gets too out of line like she did she will be punished. She'll get leeway of course. We want to know if our plans are bad. She'll keep her council seat but showing poor judgement at a high level has to have consequences even if it's so minor that we have to dole out a wrist slapping. Which applies to everyone at the council.
No. 1082920 ID: 5ebd37

A) but if she keeps acting up we'll have to make her wear a jester's outfit.
No. 1082923 ID: e51896

this, because lol!
No. 1082931 ID: 27fceb

What is the worst that can happen if we let her attend this meeting, so let her be present
No. 1083023 ID: dc13c4
File 170756255096.jpg - (3.82MB , 2684x2076 , Monster queen79.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Describe all the events in a frustrating tone.

B) Describe all the events in a tired tone.

C) Describe all the events in a matter-of-fact tone.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1083026 ID: e9dcf5

Well matter-of-fact would sound heartless. Our rat died, rage died... but just unsure which of the other two would be appropriate. Will leave this to others.
No. 1083034 ID: e51896

Oh, Gram, Gram, Gram... that was supposed to be an outfit you have to wear as punishment... but now that I think about it, I think it's actually a good idea that Gram is wearing the jester outfit for this meaning. if Gram acts out, hey, that just means it'll be something our guest expects from Gram. Perhaps we should consider switching Gram's job to court jester depending on how things go here,

I say D, Other. Spread out and change the tone of your voice appropriate to each of the events that you went through. I think the key here is to not describe ALL events with just ONE singular tone throughout, but to tell certain events with a tone that would be appropriate for the different events we tell. As >>1083026 said, we don't want to come off as heartless if we describe all events as matter of factly, especially when describing what happened to our first casualty, but we also don't want to come across as weak if we explain all the events as tired or frustrating

for example, for the death of our spy mouse, our first casualty, have a tone be regretful and melancholic, and then a tone of determination when explaining that you will make sure that their death will not be for naught when Dredge eventually comes to confront us. for talking about ramming rage, have a frustrated tone about how disrespectful he was with how he would have treated your goblins if you sent some to him, and having to settle the resulting fight, but change the tone to one of confidence when explaining about dealing with the problem without casualties on your side. Things like receiving the gift of apples from a villager should be happy for another example
No. 1083042 ID: 5ebd37

Wa ha ha, Gramleza has fallen for our trap. Now everyone will expect disrespect from her, her actions will have less bite to them.

I would say (B), its been a harrowing time, with more trouble on its way. But there's much reason to hope as well. So just a mildly tired tone.
No. 1083219 ID: 27fceb

Let's describe it all in the matter-of-fact, it won't show us as heartless but more that despite everything we still are standing strong.
No. 1083291 ID: c7b6a1
File 170783371917.jpg - (6.52MB , 3325x2970 , Monster queen80.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) This brooch is a good thing.

B) This brooch is a bad thing.

C) Other suggestions.
No. 1083292 ID: 5ea742

Honestly it changes little. We fight - if he dies, other heroes get a shot at us. Still, perhaps it does help in an unlikely scenario. We capture him alive. While he lives, we are ironically protected from other heroes because he still has the exclusive rights while he poses little threat from within our dungeons. Loopholes!
No. 1083297 ID: 5ebd37

Yes, it does little other than buy us time
No. 1083352 ID: 27fceb

Well to me it seems like a good thing.
No. 1083389 ID: 6486d5

No. 1083422 ID: c1fc43

Wait a second... Oh man this just got highly useful. How much does it take to purchase one? Once we've dealt with the invading force... We could help Clara buy one. With that we effectively nullify heroes as long as she's alive. So victory scenarios have expanded. We had military and diplomatic - now we have economic as well.
No. 1083425 ID: 5ebd37

Yes, however, it probably wouldn't last, as the guild will ask questions when Clara continuously fails to deliver the bounty she explicitly claimed dibs on.
No. 1083507 ID: 426180
File 170817014866.jpg - (3.91MB , 2090x2696 , Monster queen81.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Ask about the opponent's strategy.

B) Ask about the opponent's behavior.

C) Other suggestions.
No. 1083534 ID: 5ebd37

What sort of things does she tend to steal? Can we predict what she's after and how she would try to get it?
No. 1083541 ID: 27fceb

Let's find out what this cat's strategy is.
No. 1083560 ID: e51896

B. figuring out the behavior is important when we need to play mind games with our opponent when the time comes.
No. 1083572 ID: a8efc3

Why not both.png
No. 1083663 ID: 17cc56
File 170835041751.jpg - (4.33MB , 2216x2609 , Monster queen82.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) What is the name of the bird?

B) What is its job?

C) What is its relationship with the cat?

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1083704 ID: 6defd8

So if she's just greedy could we go the bribery route? Worked for Clive at the battle of Plassey after all. Per Kenku why does he/she follow the literal cat burglar around? Just to give ideas as the brains of the duo?
No. 1083728 ID: 5ebd37

A scholar eh? Could he be looking for some ancient treasure or powerful artifact?
No. 1083805 ID: e51896

it could be possible the bird is being blackmailed into helping the cat after hearing her behavior.

I want to confirm that by seeing if there are any hints of that. C.
No. 1083809 ID: 5de8cd

Does the bird like the cat? Is it a servant to the cat?
No. 1084077 ID: 6458c7
File 170861313960.jpg - (5.16MB , 2352x3134 , Monster queen83.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell the demon apple to calm down.

B) Tell Worm Works to contact the Necromancer overlord about the bones of Covario.

C) Kiss Clara for no reason.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1084130 ID: aa22fd

Well we've got nothing she'd want to steal... that we know of. Wormworks, since you know this place do you have what she would steal?
>Steals regardless of bribes
Plan differed a little. We'd bribe her to backstab Dredge and his forces rather than not steal. We'd only pay when the job's done. Has that been attempted?
>What to do
Pettiness is unbefitting of a royal Abdle. Do remember your life is on the line here too. Such uncooperativeness is unpragmatic with the situation we have.
>Dead Covario bones
Sounds like a job for the Heroes guild. We're a little busy to act on this. Even if we had a reason to. We can give Clara supplies but that's about all.
>Actus Opus
We met before... Did Farm Knight gain status? Either he calls off the dogs or we keep defending ourselves. What's he suggesting we do? We're not gonna lay down and die.
No. 1084150 ID: 5de8cd

Go with A) we do not need that attitude
No. 1084214 ID: 5ebd37

A) Wow, Abdle, I didn't know you were so eager to talk about your sister. Since we apparently can't have any secrets lets discuss how you feel about her, hmm? Or would you prefer that we let some painful subjects lie?

As for the bones, is that even a problem? Do the bones retain something of the spirit or soul, or are they just raw materials?
No. 1084413 ID: 7d1aad

One another thing, ask Worm Works if he can talk with Necromancer about the bones of your previous opponent and if he can give them to us
No. 1084422 ID: 7c55ad

A. but also, tell Worm works to read the room next time
No. 1084522 ID: 069b13
File 170889960394.jpg - (6.45MB , 2967x3560 , Monster queen84.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell your guest to cool it with the sexual advances.

B) Be silent and ignore all of this nonsense.

C) Other suggestions.
No. 1084525 ID: 7c55ad

C. Quick! Change the subject. Here's a thought, ask if our cat enemy has ever made a deal with this necromancer or bone buyer before, like if she has ever sold the bones of her enemies for a quick way to make pay

because there could be a possibility she could send the bones of our spy to them and we may have to deal with it spying on us in a worst case scenario. You don't need to mention that part to our guest though.

if she's known to do that, we might have to amp up security around the castle and make sure they don't leak information.

side note to self: next time you send out a spy, don't let them wear anything that resembles that they came from our kingdom. I think our enemies were able to figure out we were spying on them by the symbol on its little hat.
No. 1084536 ID: 7c55ad

Now that I think about it, I wonder if Iron Dredge ever did business with the bone buyer too, considering he had our dead rat pal there last we saw.
No. 1084538 ID: 6e53a8

We're in a meeting. Save the pleasure for after business. Sheesh, what is she the paladin of to be so shameless? Lust deity or deities? So what does Actus expect us to do, not defend ourselves? For that matter Covario or the overlords should be of greater concern than us.
No. 1084539 ID: 5ebd37

C) Is this normal behavior for Clara? And what was with that urge to kiss her a minute ago? Does Worm Works even have a dick?
Something funny is going on around here.
No. 1084582 ID: 7cd5ae

Now slowly explain to your guest that you won't be able to have a conversation with her if there is a dick in her mouth.
No. 1084746 ID: 87b4c1
File 170905127044.jpg - (5.16MB , 2215x3629 , Monster queen85.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Just ignore all of this.

B) Slap Clara.

C) Slap Gramleza.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1084747 ID: 7c55ad

D. Gotta get the meeting back on track. Tell Gram and Clara to to keep it in their pants, or you'll Order Wormworks to leave the room for the rest of the meeting. You really don't want to do that, but will if they don't stop misbehaving.
No. 1084748 ID: 5ebd37

We might need to order more jester hats at this rate.
D) I don't think we've seen Worm Works so flustered before. Lets play along for a bit and see how he reacts to this situation he didn't anticipate.
No. 1084767 ID: 90f91e
Audio ForImbeciles.mp3 - (16.47KB )

Eh, pure text just isn't emphatic enough. Have an audio file from a vidya that says it all.
No. 1084805 ID: b099e0

Let's just sit back and see how this plays out.
No. 1084971 ID: 72574f
File 170930666726.jpg - (4.69MB , 2743x3049 , Monster queen86.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Other suggestions, I have no idea how to approach this suggestion.
No. 1084975 ID: 27fceb

Tell the two goblin brother and sister to take our guest to the bed for her to rest.
No. 1084978 ID: 7c55ad

Hah! I recognize that pose.


That's probably the best thing we can do right now. we'll need to call a doctor too.

At the very least, that trainwreck of a meeting is over. I believe it's off to see the archer after we get her to a bed and get a doctor over, yeah?
No. 1085014 ID: 0f4fb5

First make sure her neck and spine are unbroken because we'd need magic to fix those issues. Second, once you're sure those are fine move her body with a stretcher to a bed. Even if you don't have one just improvise with 2 poles and a large sheet/cloth because it will minimize further damage. Lastly, figure out what damage she has so you can focus on what to fix. She might have a concussion if she's unconscious. How ironic that paladin healing magic would be very useful...
No. 1085045 ID: 5ebd37

Well. Demote Gramleza from jester to prisoner, at least until we have time to have a discussion about her temper. I'm tempted to say Clara should wake up in a cell too, but healing her injuries takes priority.

lets forget about insubordinates and paladins who are apparently really easy to defeat, and move on to testing the archer.
No. 1085203 ID: 08b744
File 170947302825.jpg - (2.63MB , 2294x1994 , Monster queen87.jpg )

It will be up to you to choose what a fitting punishment will be.
No. 1085326 ID: a97f7c

Well, because this is pre-renaissance... One charge of conduct unbecoming of a member of the council. 5 lashes. (Perhaps this applies to Gram as well, though we could commute that on grounds of not knowing we'd need to do this until she did so.) One charge of recklessly endangering a life. 10 lashes. Wounds are to be healed so that there is no scarring. Should the culprit desire scars (as a reminder), leave a maximum of one per charge. Her charges will be read in public where she will either accept the flogging as fair or resign the council should she believe this is unfair and an injustice. Side note, we gotta set up a legal code. Pure arbitrary punishing is rife for abuse and discourages businesses if personal feelings can unnecessarily ruin honest business.
No. 1085328 ID: 7c55ad

Why do I get the feeling she might enjoy the lashes
No. 1085357 ID: 5ebd37

hmm, a legal code, yes. But in the meantime, some time in the dungeon to cool off, followed by a stern discussion about whether she can be trusted to hold her temper in future. And lastly a warning that if this happens again she'll be assigned to go look after the ex-treasurer. For a year.
No. 1085367 ID: 27fceb

I agree with this one, lets set up a law for all the disobedience.
No. 1085573 ID: ca7ffc
File 170973325912.jpg - (5.21MB , 3291x2565 , Monster queen88.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell him to organize the meeting for the Banisters leader.

B) Tell him to organize the meeting for the Head Splitters leader.

C) Tell him to wait for now until you choose your decision.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1085586 ID: 5de8cd

Go with the Banisters leader, time to start creating diplomatic allies.
No. 1085611 ID: 3a3015

We've got to play this well. Either side will likely wish to avoid us getting too close to the enemy side. We can leverage that for diplomatic advantage. For who we should meet first let's go with the side with a focus on military matters, which is the Head Splitters. Every bit of aid we get will help fight off Dredge.
No. 1085657 ID: 5ebd37

The Banisters seem like they would be better allies long term, as they sound like they would bring more opportunities for trade and such.
But our immediate problems mean the Head Splitters would be of more use. Maybe we can offer them our fine spider-made crafts in exchange for their help.
No. 1085661 ID: 7c55ad


Be sure to stay on their good side, or else you'll get banned by banisters. I wonder if they have their own band too, and a bunch of banners.

ok i'll stop
No. 1085765 ID: 711344
File 170990988267.jpg - (3.51MB , 3068x2112 , Monster queen89.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Try to calm down the birds.

B) Steal what the birds were carrying.

C) Try to ride one of the birds.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1085770 ID: 7c55ad

A. Calm them with the pecking order method. Since we can't really hurt anyone, ask Wormworks to give them both a light bonk in the head for you, similar to a peck to show them who's boss. They probably aren't going to let us near that package and delivery man, or ride them unless we deal with the roosters somehow. even though their monstrously sized medusa roosters, they're still chickens
No. 1085773 ID: 7c55ad

Oh wait, that method only works with chickens, these are more akin to roosters. If we want to calm roosters, we need to somehow get on top of them, and pin their head to the ground to show dominance. We are a bit too small for that...

Unless we can think of a way to safely pin them down, lets just feed them the apples the girl gave you the other day to distract them with (just make sure the apple seeds are taken out, those are poisonous to poultry)
No. 1085777 ID: 4271d7

Well inform the delivery service of course. We don't want to be blamed so we gotta tell them at once. Plus they may have protocols for this. Perhaps he saw a wild one while enroute? How much for a tamed one? Would be exceedingly useful vs Dredge's forces.
No. 1085785 ID: 27fceb

Try to ride one of them and try to pet it. That might calm it down.
No. 1085789 ID: 76a6c7

Actually, this raises a question, how did the guy get turned to stone if the roosters eyes were blindfolded, and still is?

Weird rotten luck is happening around here, first the mermaid falling down the stairs, now this. Maybe consider these might not be a coincidence.
No. 1085823 ID: 5ebd37

Great, more of Worm Works' crazy contacts, where does he find these people? Until we can free the man we'll have to look after these birds. Maybe they could give us an edge over our foes. Try approaching them carefully and pet them until they calm down. Oh, and store the stoned man in the dungeon, until he's freed he can make the place more intimidating for our prisoners.
No. 1086000 ID: dccb34
File 171006732061.jpg - (2.39MB , 1761x2447 , Monster queen90.jpg )

Introductions are in order.
No. 1086028 ID: 41a18b

Such an unfortunate name, probably the other bolder people called him Cock Vibration. Well say hello to this guy.
No. 1086030 ID: 7c55ad

uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh... did he really have to take his clothes off for the prank?
No. 1086031 ID: 7c55ad

Also, just realized something, this guy is a 🗿

But yeah, introduce yourselves, and ask if Abdle can have a ride on one of the birds
No. 1086073 ID: 08833a

Per usual will leave social to others. Should inquire about buying or renting one of those though. Or just an eyeball if that works.
No. 1086088 ID: 5ebd37

Introduce yourself as a queen who doesn't have much time to waste on shenanigans. (pointed glance at Worm Works)
Inquire as to the cost and difficulty of purchasing or renting a cockatrice or two.
No. 1086176 ID: d6c370
File 171021058856.jpg - (4.58MB , 2480x3055 , Monster queen91.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Armors.

B) Shields.

C) Spears.

D) Swords.

E) Arrows.

F) Other suggestions.
No. 1086177 ID: 5ebd37

I mean, we'll probably want all of those at some point. Actually why not make a few show pieces to bring along to diplomatic meetings. something to demonstrate what being our ally can bring.
No. 1086192 ID: 83ba40

Save a chunk for post-battle. Well unless swords can be beaten to plows. Or we can reforge them into tools. Per weapons we know we'll face armored foes so maces would be effective. Perhaps flails for those who are adept with maces. However given the stature of goblins range would be preferred. So perhaps crossbows that can pierce armor should be the focus. Per defenses armor is never bad to have. Full plate will save lives. For preserving metal we should use wood in places we can do so. Such as mace handles, non-mechanical crossbow parts or even parts of crossbow bolts except the tip. Wooden shields would be effective at a distance too. Wooden barriers such as "chevaux de frise" would also help fortify places. Simple pit traps with punji sticks may also be effective if deep enough to deal with shoes/boots/sabatons. Just build axes and saws first if we have to. Of course this assumes little hostile cavalry is used... which can be dealt with most effectively by polearms such as halbards. Horses are useless vs walls though.
No. 1086326 ID: ca7ffc

Just start mass-production of arrows. You can never have enough of them that and armors.
No. 1086344 ID: 1f54df

Whatever we get, make sure we get armor for Bobbie. She needs it since she cant really attack.
No. 1086360 ID: 3be84a
File 171037911541.jpg - (6.79MB , 2529x4569 , Monster queen92.jpg )

Choose which one of the materials is the most interesting to you.
No. 1086371 ID: 24ea9e

Depends. Will we get the stuff pre-battle or post-battle? Pre-battle iron's most useful. Post-battle bronze for tools. Oh, do you have small sizes of the exotics? Just so our smiths can gain experience. Glass Shroud... would armor made of this hide the user or is it "Emperor's New Clothes?" While cursed stone seems edge-case only one of those edge cases would be duplicating what the thief plans to steal...
No. 1086372 ID: 5ebd37

A sampling of the soul and glass metal would be nice, maybe the curse as well. These materials seem like they would be helpful for trickery.

As for the main shipment, iron or bronze, does it matter? We aren't going to survive a straight up fight with the bulls, so the effectiveness of our weapons seems of less importance. Maybe, plating iron weapons in bronze to appear worse armed than we are?
No. 1086377 ID: 27fceb

Soul stone sounds like the most promising material. As for the 20 sworde side job, is it time sensitive?
No. 1086391 ID: 7c55ad

I say main shipment be iron for making armor for Bobbie. also considering that steel silk don't know much about anything except iron, bronze, or silver.

We should consider having steel silk take lessons on making the other things. ask if anyone knows anyone that knows anything about smithing any other materials for steel silk to learn from.
No. 1086523 ID: 4d483c
File 171060206202.jpg - (5.14MB , 2504x3566 , Monster queen93.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked for the first question:

A) Order 26 Iron Ores.

B) Order 8 Iron Ores and 8 Bronzen Ores.

C) Order 1 Soul Stone, 1 Cursed Stone, 1 Glass Shroud, 2 Iron Ores, and 2 Bronze Ores

D) Other suggestions.

Possible answers to the question that was asked for the second question:

A) Create 20 swords.

B) Create armor, crossbows, arrows, and maces.

C) Make half of the first thing and half of the second one.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1086532 ID: 7c55ad

I'm thinking B and B.

Iron good for durability, bronze good for if Iron is too heavy for some of our goblins.

Iron armor for Bobbie however.
No. 1086533 ID: 7c55ad

On second thought, since we are seeing the head splitters, they probably are already going to give us ample protection if we manage to form relations with them. Also, consider that Wormworks can probably even sell some of those iron swords to the head splittes as a sign of good will, and for the moneys.

I'll switch my vote to A and A.
No. 1086537 ID: 4d483c


I just have to post a little correction in the first answers to the Iron Ores the amount that you will get will be 16 instead of 26.
No. 1086538 ID: 7c55ad

still going with my vote
No. 1086541 ID: 5ebd37

A & A) lets get some revenue
No. 1086581 ID: 27fceb

A and A. Let's become the Queen of Iron and the Queen of Trading, but more importantly let's get that money.
No. 1086634 ID: adac09

Huh? He said it was iron and silver before... but it's iron and bronze? Well regardless. Sort of figured we'd get more bronze because he said bronze was less heavy than iron is. Just iron is fine if it's all equal. Will we get delivery 2 before Dredge arrives? Sure we do desire trade but money is useless if we get wiped. Perhaps if it was assured we'd get aid or could hire mercs then it would be safe. We don't though. So we should arm up if delivery 2 will be too late. For the future, glass shroud would be very good for our scouts. We messed up a camp with just stealth. With invisibility we could do severe damage. Hostile morale would drop hard if whoever is asleep suddenly dies without a trace.
No. 1086665 ID: 42e55e
File 171077760859.jpg - (7.51MB , 3450x3311 , Monster queen94.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Can you ask him to pay us a visit?

B) Tell him that we will pay him a visit.

C) We are not interested in whatever he is offering.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1086667 ID: 7c55ad

A. As Bobbie said, we are pretty busy, so going out to visit would take more time out of our day, and will be better protected in our walls instead of going out and risking an assassination attempt if we go out in public. (at least, not until we are better equipped)

Still want to see what he's offering, if the pig is dedicated enough to come visit that is.
No. 1086671 ID: 7c55ad

Also another reason why, we have absolutely no idea where he is, since we can't really contact him and ask for his location, now can we?
No. 1086699 ID: 5ebd37

A) we don't even have a "sell fone" so he'll have to come to us.
No. 1086725 ID: aa625a

Doubt he can deliver through a siege but if he can we've got food to withstand a conventional siege. Well, while we can pay up. Otherwise perhaps this buhr-gar-vay-nee-uh has preserved foods. Which would be of use during a siege. Odd title, must be run by burghers...
No. 1086746 ID: 27fceb

Do we really want to deal with a fast food manufacturer. Best case scenario we get the food that is going to make us want it more, worst case scenario it slowly kills us. I vote on passing this offer.
No. 1086861 ID: 27fceb

No. 1086866 ID: 16a1a9
File 171103035191.jpg - (6.51MB , 3116x3621 , Monster queen95.jpg )

No. 1086868 ID: 7c55ad

Tell the truth, Bobbie, and tell him if he's that worried about it, he should do something about his flaws. Put some effort into it.
No. 1086881 ID: 27fceb

The truth will set you free, so go with that
No. 1086882 ID: 8b1e35

Eh, just slap on a little manly cologne.
No. 1086883 ID: 5ebd37

You are a rotten apple, what else would you smell like?
You could try flavoring covering yourself with some spices, that would smell nice. A little cinnamon, maybe some nutmeg, or cloves. mmm
No. 1086949 ID: be36f9
File 171119802997.jpg - (3.12MB , 2517x1872 , Monster queen96.jpg )

It is up to you to choose another test for loyalty, or if you are ok with this one being the test.
No. 1086952 ID: 1ca945

Little elaborate but here's one. Get a satchel. Put hidden air holes in the satchel. Put a spy rat with food and water inside. He is to take the satchel and go to Dredge. He will say that he was cursed to carry the satchel as a reminder for life that he crossed us. Should it ever be damaged, opened, or be removed he will die slowly with pain that will slowly escalate. Lies of course and he will be aware they are lies. His job is to be sure the rat stays alive. He will regularly see if the rat is alive by placing a finger on a hidden air hole and saying a codeword. Should the rat lick he's fine. Should the rat die or the satchel be damaged he is to head to HQ ASAP. Should he be captured he's to act as if he believed the curse was real but now he's aware it's lies his loyalty is to dredge - once freed he's to head to HQ ASAP. When he is in private he is to whisper details of the camp to the satchel's holes. Whole idea is that regardless of if the rat lives or dies he's putting his life on the line for us. Even if we fail, we still test how loyal he is because he's putting his life on the line by spying. Favorite plans are ones where you win even if you lose. Still, we'll attempt to verify what we learn just as insurance.
No. 1086956 ID: 78c96e

Oh addendum to the above. He's to say he believes that if Bobbie dies the curse dies with her so he'd like to help however he can without potentially damaging the satchel. Stuff like cleaning armor or accounting for supplies.
No. 1086968 ID: 5ebd37

That seems rather elaborate, and would Dredge even take back a soldier he thinks deserted?

How about this? Archer has to make his case in front of the entire castle, and he has to give a little speech on why Bobbie and Abdle are great and worth following.

Unless... if we could convince him that we have a potion or something that will turn him into a goblin. If he would willingly use it that would show he is committed enough to trust.
No. 1087003 ID: 27fceb

Go with your original idea but at the end tell him the truth. In that way both of you are at the same level, he was willing to risk his life to be part of this and you will return the favor.
No. 1087074 ID: 7c55ad

Maybe we can test his loyalty by sending him on some kind of quest? probably nothing related to dredge, but difficult enough to see if he will really be loyal enough to go on the quest and help us. We can probably send a spy to see if he does the quest and not do anything suspicious.
No. 1087099 ID: b68645
File 171137656683.jpg - (3.15MB , 2240x2073 , Monster queen97.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) What do we know about him?

B) Make sure that he knows the pecking order.

C) Ask him if he knows knows what we are capable of.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1087153 ID: 5ebd37

hey, no torturing. She's supposed to be in time out.

This guy seems alright so far. Hopefully we won't need his work very often. Brief introductions, then we've got to get on with things.
No. 1087183 ID: 27fceb

Soooooooooo what do we know about him, can he introduce himself?
No. 1087256 ID: a4f7ed

Has this guy been vetted?
No. 1087262 ID: 7c55ad

Well, we do know that he tried to arrow us earlier, whether out of nervousness or hated our guts or both. I think B to establish where he stands is in order.

after all, if he was willing to arrow us without ramming rage's permission, he might not follow directions again if he works for us. We need to make sure he will follow directions to a T and make sure he doesn't step out of line thinking he knows whats best like he did with Ramming Rage.
No. 1087302 ID: 2c00c3
File 171162268476.jpg - (3.52MB , 3366x2304 , Monster queen98.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Play it off as a joke.

B) Take it completely seriously.

C) Answer the question.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1087307 ID: 7c55ad

oh whoops, i thought we were talking about the archer in my previous suggestion.

C. I trust Gram. Give him a chance and just answer the question
No. 1087308 ID: 7b156c

Also, ask what kind of person or creature could actually survive without a head, cause im genuinely curious since hes asking that
No. 1087310 ID: 7a9f30

B) "no, can you? Kneel before us and let's find out."
It would be funny to let Bobbie 'chop' his head off, since it would look completely convincing until her curse took effect.
No. 1087314 ID: f8cffa

Our wits are too valuable to lose.
No. 1087368 ID: 27fceb

He is obviously joking
No. 1087460 ID: 55c31f
File 171181017486.jpg - (6.35MB , 3264x3518 , Monster queen99.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) I trust him.

B) I don't trust him.

C) I don't know how to feel about him.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1087465 ID: 7e654e

Would trust but verify. Full disclosure, he's looking for camaraderie. We're not the ones to convince. He's unpopular with our people because of what he did. He may not find camaraderie here. Should he be unwilling to deal with that he may leave. We won't keep him against his will.
No. 1087467 ID: 5ebd37

C) he seems okay, but he's in a vulnerable position. What's stopping him from abandoning us as soon as an opportunity pops up elsewhere? We can offer him much, but its among those society rejects; monsters.
Is he here because he wants to be, or because he feels he has nowhere else to go?
No. 1087497 ID: 27fceb

Why don't we put him up to though those tests that we originally planned and judge the strength of his character.
No. 1087603 ID: fbe348
File 171200087063.jpg - (4.12MB , 2560x3263 , Monster queen100.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Eat a pizza.

B) Go to the gym.

C) https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/140583.html#141966

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1087796 ID: 7c55ad

I will say I trust his reason for joining us, but I dont trust that he will follow our directions too well, considering he fired that arrow without ramming rage's permission during that confrontation. He needs to know that if he does something like that with us, there will be consequences, whether from us, or from his own actions failing a mission

In other words, he cant let his own feelings dictate what his actions should be, there are reasons why he is ordered to do or not do things even if he might not like it. He can however give his thoughts on why he might think something is a bad idea beforehand for us to consider, just not act out on them on his own.
No. 1087827 ID: 47c854


Well *technically* he disobeyed orders because he knew rage was disobeying orders. He was obeying dredge's orders. Who has greater authority than rage.
No. 1087891 ID: b6b00c
File 171216133308.jpg - (6.39MB , 3898x2573 , Monster queen101.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Push him towards joining our group.

B) Push him away from joining our group.

C) Say nothing.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1087894 ID: 1758e4

A) just a little nudge. Turn to Grimlith and very audibly tell him to prepare a travel pack of rations, subtly but clearly indicating that if archer's got nowhere to go, then that's where he's going if he doesn't do this.
No. 1087923 ID: 47c854

We will accept your decision regardless. We'd be happy to have you but there is a village close to this castle. Hide your ties to rage and you could start over and hunt animals for a living. Or you could wait before deciding since you can always return here. Forget everybody else. Even ourselves. Just decide the future you would prefer to have. (He has to decide for himself or his loyalty will be unassured, he has to feel like he he has a choice. Without that his loyalty will only be out of necessity which may go away once the necessity is gone.)
No. 1087924 ID: 535132

C. In the end, it is his decision. If hes going to have regrets either way, it will be because of his own choice, not because of us manipulating him to one side
No. 1087925 ID: 27fceb

If he is this conflicted about the decision it shows that he is still not willing to give a sacrifice to the case. Which will only make him a liability in the long run.
No. 1088082 ID: 9c049c
File 171241386220.jpg - (5.04MB , 3495x2712 , Monster queen102.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell him that he won't turn.

B) Tell him that you can make him turn at any moment.

C) Do the needle in the heart test.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1088085 ID: 7c55ad

A. I think doing anything else would be overdoing it. This was already a pretty big decision he took, and I don't think we should emotionally distress him any further with more tests.

First, Simply congratulate him on passing the initiation, and assure him he won't transform. Apologize for putting him through this as you wanted to perform test of loyalty to see how high he is willing to jump when asked and how serious he was about joining, and he passed with flying colors... of course if he wanted to transform, we can probably find some ways to arrange that.

Also, if we have the means to do so, tell him we shall have a feast tonight to celebrate his initiation.
No. 1088100 ID: eab3f4

Polt has it covered. He was never going to. We just needed proof he was willing to. So congratulations, we are honored by the dedication he has.
No. 1088101 ID: 5ebd37

A) Congratulate him on his resolve. Explain that this initiation was in part to show him the sort of trickery we need to use to survive.

A feast... hey wasn't that troupe of weirdos supposed to put on a performance? Could make it a real party.
No. 1088156 ID: 27fceb

I vote for doing the needle in the heart test. He might be willing to put his reputation on the line, and now we need to see if he will put his life as well. This will prove that he will stick with us even when we start to lose.
No. 1088246 ID: 9c049c
File 171258308480.jpg - (4.59MB , 2984x2327 , Monster queen103.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) After the needle in the heart test is over tell him the truth about the test.

B) After the needle in the heart test is over don't tell him the truth about the test.

C) Do not do the test.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1088259 ID: 7c55ad

hehehe, sorry, but I just had to laugh like Abdle did. Don't worry, we'll help you out of this Bobbie.

D. Your time to shine, Abdle. Grab the needle from Bobbie, and make your disagreements on this test known. Just like how Bobbie is running things, and keeping you in line, you have to do that too, but with Bobbie. You both need each other to call out on each other's shit so you guys can be the best rulers you can be.
No. 1088303 ID: 5ebd37

Ah ha ha ha ha! Ooh Gramleza's going to be so upset that she missed that.

Put your fo- ro- uh, tentacle down. Bobbie's going a little too far here, no need to torture the lad. Also don't give away that what happened to Rage was just a trick.
No. 1088377 ID: 27fceb

I am reconsidering my previous suggestion, no need for this keep going forward. Stop the needle in the heart test, he is loyal or in love with us.
No. 1088384 ID: e69e37

Pretty big stones on this dude. Still, wouldn't be a good test as-is. He believes Bobbie is powerful. Will he stay loyal once he sees it's a lie? Hard to say but how do you test that without revealing the unintended lie?
No. 1088435 ID: 8e7b4c
File 171273598404.jpg - (3.98MB , 3279x2064 , Monster queen104.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) She needs to be taught a lesson.

B) Let it slide but warn her that we all need to work as a team.

C) Don't even bring it up.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1088441 ID: c260b4

She's basically doing what gram did, forcing a decision in defiance of team decisions. We gotta talk this out or there is no team and if that's the case we may as well leave.
No. 1088442 ID: 27fceb


I agree with you a line needs to be drawn in the sand and she needs to learn that we all have to work as one. We are not her enemy we all work on helping her and if she can't see that then there is no real point in us being here.
No. 1088464 ID: 7c55ad

Yeah, we'll need to have a talk with her and see why she did what she did despite us being against it, and nip the problem in the bud before it gets worse. Perhaps she is scared of him, or has trust issues, might have had a power trip moment, or maybe there's something about us that she was disgusted with. Whatever the case, we need to know the reasoning, and see what can be done. maybe get Abdle's sister involved if needed.
No. 1088497 ID: 5ebd37

She's going to regret leading that poor boy on, especially when a certain someone, currently in the dungeon, hears about it.

But can't have a argument in front of your adoring subjects. Save it for later, in private.
Bobbie is queen, she doesn't need to listen to us. She should listen to Abdle though.

Hey, hey Abdle. Is the blood rushing to your head, all upside down like that?
No. 1088535 ID: 13fdbb
File 171287987866.jpg - (4.69MB , 2876x2531 , Monster queen105.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Let her off with a warning.

B) Make her stay in the cell for a little bit longer.

C) Punish her.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1088536 ID: 6b0eab

Drop the subject please, Abdle. That was then, and we will talk about that later privately. Lets be professional and focus on the task at hand for now.

What I want to do is have Clara decide what Gram's punishment should be as an eye for an eye kind of thing when she wakes up. But since she is unconscious at the moment, we are going to give Gram a chance to apologize to Clara by letting her write a formal apology letter to Clara in prison until Clara wakes up, if she so wishes to apologize and is serious about it. She should know that since Clara is going to be administrating the punishment, Gram should make sure her letter of apology is serious and sincere enough if she decides to write one, because who knows how severe Clara's punishment to Gram could be. This could help teach Gram consequences for her actions and teach her manners.
No. 1088549 ID: 5ebd37

Calm Abdle, don't be like Gramleza.

That punishment sounds fair, if she can grow from this experience then all is well.
No. 1088550 ID: 47c854

Seems she still fails to see the severity of this. She still put Clara's life on the line. Her words indicate intent even if she failed to see death as a potential consequence. We expect better from our subjects and even more from our council. Her defense is shrugging it off with "Well she didn't die." She has clearly learned nothing. She's fortunate we need her set of skills while Dredge is an issue. So what if we base her punishment on how well she meets expectations? She will have to write dull boring logs of her missions. Further poor behavior or poor performance will increase severity while meeting or exceeding expectations will decrease. She does exceedingly well she is only suspended from the council. She does exceedingly poorly she dies. Or worse as there are worse fates. She has one chance here to learn what is expected. Don't fail.
No. 1088551 ID: 55d524


I agree with this punishment as well.
No. 1088659 ID: f393b8
File 171300605244.jpg - (4.41MB , 3008x2296 , Monster queen106.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Vote for the punishment.

B) Vote against the punishment.

C) The Executioner's vote counts.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1088660 ID: c344a2

Why are you asking us? Our votes have no sway here. Go ahead, do what's expected, veto the whole vote.
No. 1088665 ID: 5ebd37

I don't know, why are you fighting like this? I thought you liked each other
No. 1088677 ID: 7e4e06

Arguments happen, even among friends.

D. Before we vote, I want to hear Bobbie's reason for doing the needle test despite the majority being against it, and why she feel she needed to do it. Basically, I want to get an understanding of each other to better communicate appropriately early on before the arguments tear our team apart later on. Ive been through that before, and I dont want that to happen here again. Is everything alright Bobbie?

My reasoning for not using the needle test was that things can be very bad if the archer figures out it was all a lie, and we lead him on keeping him under our thumb with a lie. Everything about our relationship with him is built on a bridge of lies, which path could turn into a tightrope if he starts investigating or asking questions. We'll have to tread carefully with how we interact with him and our actions around him now.
No. 1088681 ID: 27fceb


I agree with this suggestion.
No. 1088761 ID: 11d55a
File 171311750225.jpg - (2.05MB , 2450x1461 , Monster queen107.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) The punishment is not necessary, we can skip it.

B) Continue with the voting.

C) Other suggestions.
No. 1088765 ID: 7c55ad

B. And I vote punishment.

Sorry Bobbie, but, you have to remember that we have a village of humans nearby our castle, and one of them even gave us a gift of apples. If you start showing a bias against humans and treat them unfairly against other species, they could start a protest, or worse revolt. We will go with your plan, but I highly recommend you treat the archer just as equal as your other allies that follow you from this point on.

And yeah, we love you Bobbie, but this punishment has to happen because we don't want this team to end up like what happened to Ramming Rage and his allies. Like Abdle said, if we are going to deal with a life or death situations, we can't have anyone going off to do what they feel like doing. That doesn't just go for Bobbie, but it goes for Abdle, and all of our followers as well.
No. 1088809 ID: 5ebd37

A) This isn't how adults should deal with their interpersonal problems. If you two can't talk this out, then maybe your partnership just isn't working. And hitting each other when you don't like what the other did won't fix that.

This castle could really use a therapist on staff.
No. 1088818 ID: 27fceb

My vote is for the vote of the executioner to count, as for my vote it is that the Queen needs to be punished.
No. 1089020 ID: bdef32

Well time to deal with this tie, by rolling the dice. Every even number on the dice is going to be for the punishment to be ignored, every odd number is going to be for the punishment to happen.
No. 1089021 ID: bdef32

rolled 3 = 3

No. 1089063 ID: 14ce63

No. 1089180 ID: d2faab
File 171351847889.jpg - (9.98MB , 3508x4341 , Monster queen108.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) If we are going to start with the partnership I expect to get paid for working with your master.

B) You seem familiar, have we met somewhere previously?

C) Check back on Bobbie and see how she is doing.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1089183 ID: 7c55ad

D. I'm all for letting them start business as long as we get compensated in some way (TAXES BAYBEE!), but I think we should first ask questions before we make our decision. Like, does he has a way to sustain himself so he doesn't bite the other villagers for their blood without their consent? Would he be willing to pretend he isn't a vampire if being a vampire is a problem with the chief? are his employees vampires too? what is he and Maya Din's professional relationship, like how did they meet and what does she do? Stuff like that.

But starting a food industry here could help this world progress

(not B. I do NOT want her being suspicious of me and us. Sorry, I'm no longer the Peregrine she wants me to be.
No. 1089184 ID: 7c55ad

Thinking it through, if humans don't like buying from monsters, they simply need to hire humans and non-monster employees to cook and sell the food. Humans will buy from other humans. Simple.
No. 1089188 ID: 27fceb

How is Bobbie dealing with her current punishment?
No. 1089194 ID: 31da67

So they don't have any other locations, this would be the first? Without being able to observe one of their operations we can't make any promises. Perhaps they could be afforded a trial run, under intense scrutiny.
We'll bring it up the next time we meet the village elder and get back to you.
No. 1089208 ID: e415be

Well no promises but economic growth is usually good. Just remember we are not the law in that place. For now. Follow their rules. Oh it may help if you provide gifts *cough*bribes*cough* to the village chief. Should you be willing we'll have improved odds. Still no promises though.
No. 1089211 ID: e8342f

One final idea, they could cook a meal for the chief later on to help convince him later after we talk to him and hes on the fense about it.
But yeah, we'll talk to then, but no promises.

Important for us to talk to bobbie and see her thoughts about it and speaking to the chief about it too
No. 1089318 ID: 41733f
File 171371585830.jpg - (8.83MB , 3510x4066 , Monster queen109.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked are all up to your imagination. So good luck, but nothing will be lost if you answer the question wrong, this is all just for fun.
No. 1089321 ID: 7c55ad

The armor is her body is my guess.

I guess one more question before she leaves, are there any interdimensional beings or travelers out there that we should be wary of or not trust?
No. 1089322 ID: d42da9

Are you a rotting corpse, only kept alive by your armor?
No. 1089340 ID: 7c55ad

If her armor is not her body, then I bet she is green
No. 1089343 ID: dcf4fb

Dislike speculating though playing detective is useful. Sharp wits are key in warfare to figuring out the opponent's moves. So since it's no stakes let's puzzle this. From what is stated she specifically says the armor gives her body shape. From which it can be inferred she would have no shape sans armor or similar items. While she may *be* the armor itself, she may also be without form if she had none. So, 3 likely possibilities. 1, she's the armor itself given life, 2 she's a slime or ooze, 3 she is a spirit that has possessed it to give herself shape.
No. 1089355 ID: 27fceb

You are a mimic that is disguised as a suit of armor. If we are allowed to ask questions ask about the world where her boss came from.
No. 1089464 ID: a07698
File 171388846108.jpg - (12.08MB , 3508x4961 , Monster queen110.jpg )

Just to mention that this picture does not represent something that happened in 30 UPDATES OR LESS quest. This is just an artistic representation of the chaotic energy that occurs in that story.

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) They can be trusted.

B) We should keep them at a distance.

C) We can't trust them.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1089467 ID: c6a8cd

Probably a minority opinion but xenophobia is fine if pragmatism has precedence over xenophobia especially for official policies. Personally like Humans because of warfare innovations. Have yet to see a species more dedicated to winning wars. So you'll get second opinions if you worry about crossing lines. Where were we? Oh, Vance. He's a wildcard. He may do well, he may cause political scandals. So keep your distance for now.
No. 1089469 ID: c7ccaf

Agreed. Take the wait and see approach
No. 1089484 ID: 5ebd37

Yes, just keep an eye on them
No. 1089505 ID: 27fceb

To me, they all seem like people who just want to make money and we might get something by working with them.
No. 1089705 ID: 6b926a
File 171408697359.jpg - (10.58MB , 3508x4961 , Monster queen111.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked: Who do you want to bring with you for the first meeting with the villagers?

A) Bring only human allies.

B) Bring only goblin allies.

C) Bring half human and half goblin allies.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1089708 ID: 5ebd37

B) the only humans you have on staff are weird, and the goblins are... well some of them are... Well at least you have Grimlith

anyway, if you are going to work with the village they'll have to get used to you being the monster queen.
No. 1089715 ID: d0fe53

While a mixed group would show that cooperation can be done, Polt has a point that the humans we do have are unusual. Only normal-ish one we have is archer so bring that dude. We never got his name did we? Everybody else can be non-humans. Oh and this goes both ways: we don't have to like them and they don't have to like us to do business and cooperate. Perhaps by cooperating we'll both benefit which is enough. Good way to start warming relations.
No. 1089730 ID: 5de8cd

So to take all the notes that we know so far about this village: They don't care about the previous ruling class, they don't have any religious beliefs and they probably created hundreds of fatherless children. I suggest we might as well go with all humans or all goblins presentation. First impressions are important and if they do see that we are working with humans maybe they will be more inclined to go along with our ruling. On the other hand, they have been ignoring our presence and if we show up with nothing but goblins on their doorsteps they will not be able to ignore us any longer. Whatever is picked I have a feeling that this is going to be an uphill battle to get them to respect our authority.
No. 1089762 ID: c5529d

hate to say it, but take Gram along with you. Gram did lead the girl who gave us apples back to her home, so she should have some kind of good standing reputation with humans, or at least one of them.
No. 1089923 ID: d37872
File 171430986113.jpg - (4.23MB , 3056x2376 , Monster queen112.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Change the leader of the village with somebody you trust more.

B) Make the leader of the village trust you more.

C) Make the leader of the village fear you more.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1089928 ID: 9e4e4d

B) who would we replace him with? It would have to be a human, but one we trust, and we don't have any of those yet.

Ruling by fear is a lot if work, let's just butter him up
No. 1089930 ID: 233458

Option 2. Very easy to improve on garbage.
No. 1089932 ID: 5de8cd

I feel like we could pull off the ruling by intimidation, we are already using that technique to survive. So why not try it here as well?
No. 1090046 ID: c5529d

Going with B. If we can gain his trust, he'll have our back later down the road.

If it was any other village nowhere near our castle, i would have picked C. But since this village is pretty close to us, forcing him to fear us might not be a good idea as he could secretly work with our enemies out of cowardice to try to take us down later for revenge, and his safety. Keeping good relationships with him will prevent him from doing that, and might even give us some information.
No. 1090154 ID: 3ef18f
File 171466405481.jpg - (10.68MB , 3508x4961 , Monster queen113.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell them that they are all a miserable pile of secrets and that you are the answer.

B) Ask them how they would feel about living next to a vampire pig.

C) We are the new law of this land and you have to deal with it.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1090156 ID: 21f5b5

Perhaps you've heard the tale of the original owner of the castle. For those of you who have yet to hear the tale he showed kindness and mercy to non-humans. His goodwill was never repaid because of betrayal - from his own people. Still, we believe this legacy deserves to be honored. We have taken in humans ourselves as you see. We have also driven off a group of humans that have taken criminal actions against this village. With them gone you are free. Free to pursue whatever future you wish. However both our people are imperiled. While we are both free for now, we believe they will seek vengeance. Whatever cruelty they have inflicted will follow once more. For the sake of both our people, we cannot allow this. Only united can we cast off these chains once and for all. So We ask of you - is freedom worth putting aside our past to face them as one? (Few things end grudges and rivalries like mutual enemies of a greater scope)
No. 1090163 ID: c5529d

I like A but


I like this suggestion more.
No. 1090217 ID: 27fceb

The previous protectors of this village the Teacup Bulls have been challenged for their position and we are going to take that mantle. From what I heard is that they weren't much loved and that is what we will try to change in our relationship. If we cooperate both of our dides can benefit and make us all stronger.
No. 1090288 ID: 7ec7db
File 171483857956.jpg - (7.01MB , 3204x4492 , Monster queen114.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) It is a pleasure to me you.

B) Shut up nerd!

C) I think I know who the thief is.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1090289 ID: f0343c

A. Get the pleasantries out of the way.

This Is just a setback. Really, i think the jeers from the crowd would have happened no matter what we would have said. So heres an idea: if we can find out who the theif is and arrest them ourselves, it might help gain some of the villagers' trust in us. Not all or most of them, but it'll be a start. Stuff like this takes time. One step at a time.
No. 1090290 ID: c5529d

Actually, now that I think about it, only one person jeered, and that same person threw the tomato. the other villagers were just silent. i guess having no reaction with only one person jeering us is better than all of them booing us. So yeah, we just have to prove ourselves to them.
No. 1090300 ID: 5ebd37

A) but also tell us more about this theft. It didn't start at the same time we took the castle I hope. If we can catch a thief it would be good for relations. And if the thief is one of ours then a public punishment would show we don't hold ourselves above the villagers.
No. 1090305 ID: 27fceb

There is a possibility that the thief is the cat that we have to deal with. Maybe she sees this village as part of our kingdom and steals from our people.
No. 1090306 ID: 7dae82

Well to quote the video game Deus Ex "In the end they'll beg us to save them [all]." Half-tempted to take a page out of Seven Samurai and raise the alarm but that might just get us mobbed. Go with option one. Oh ask what problems they think we're causing. Even with social as a dump stat can still make a good speech. Polt/PEA thx for the vote of confidence. Which of those do you prefer BTW?
No. 1090434 ID: 69fd8a
File 171502139512.jpg - (6.89MB , 3508x3200 , Monster queen115.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Impres the child.

B) Ignore the child.

C) Insult the child.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1090438 ID: ad0e41

A. Time for a bit of a magic trick, and us lesser demons can help!

Tell him you have great insight, and to prove it, tell him to put his hands behind his back, and have us guess how many fingers hes holding up.

We lesser demons will look behind him and give you the answers. Make sure to have the cheif's daughter stand behind him to confirm your (our) answers
No. 1090444 ID: 27fceb

Defend yourself Bobbie, tell Archer that you were distracted and that they all were too close. Tell Gram that she should relax and tell Worm Works that he is still shady. As for the kid, yeah let's impress him with a stunt that your two warriors can perform.
No. 1090451 ID: 399be3

Well it's a lot harder to block without a shield archerbro. Either way... power is all well and good but do you have the skills and wisdom to lead? We can channel your power and have it be where it's most needed. However we would like to see what you are capable of before we make any decisions.
No. 1090464 ID: 5ebd37

B) Tell the boy there isn't a good reason, as we don't need the help of sulky children. children hate to be denied, he'll want to join even more, but later.
No. 1090568 ID: c6a1d6
File 171517820109.jpg - (4.86MB , 3024x2704 , Monster queen116.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) 6 fingers are up.

B) 2 fingers are up.

C) 4 fingers are up.

D) No fingers are up.

E) You are cheating.

F) Other suggestions.
No. 1090570 ID: 7220f3

E) so that's your power kid? Having too many fingers? Cmon Abdle this one's not worth the effort. Let him think you're lame, if he has any sense he'll see his mistake soon enough.
No. 1090577 ID: c5529d

Wait, is that one kid standing next to the kid in the viking helmet staring at the lesser demon counting the fingers? We're supposed to be invisible, right?
No. 1090587 ID: 27fceb

I am going with the second set of arms and that there are no fingers up. Whatever this is, it is just trying to confuse us.
No. 1090592 ID: 275214

Guess we have to give an educated guess using logic. Okay.

Soooo, seeing how he has two arms from the front, but suddenly 6 when looking in the back, it looks like its some kind of illusionary magic. So we have to figure out which is the real arms.

I do not think the top arms are real for sure. If you put your arms behind, it always most comfortable to rest them on the lower part of your back. Having it up high like that is rather uncomfortable.

The bottom arms seems a bit too obvious if we consider he knows we know hes using illusion magic. Plus, it kinda looks like his arms are a bit too long, and his elbows are positioned in a weird spot

Im going to go with >>1090587 and say it is the middle arms (holding out no fingers). It also looks like his arms are positioned towards the middle from the front too.
No. 1090610 ID: 6b81cb

Depends. Which row, top, middle, bottom, or all 3 rows? Either way a clever play even if it's sleight of hand. So what do you use these powers for kiddo? Just alleviating boredom of existence?
No. 1090668 ID: cce3c7
File 171533486953.jpg - (4.50MB , 3508x2179 , Monster queen117.jpg )

Possible answers to the first question that was asked:

A) Take the gift.

B) Refuse the gift.

C) Break the gift in front of the kid.

D) Other suggestions.

Possible answers to the second question that was asked:

A) Go with your idea Worm Works.

B) Don't do that.

C) I don't care what you do.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1090674 ID: c5529d

B) Refuse the gift. Thanks, but no thanks. It looks a bit too valuable to receive, and with a thief running around, I don't want people getting the wrong idea as to why we have something valuable that came from this town. Best wait until we gain the trust of the other villagers at the very least, y'know?

To politely refuse it, tell Scarecrow-kid that it'll be wiser if he keeps it in his possession, as it looks a bit too valuable to just give away, and as the years go by, and it goes up in value, it will help get him through college in this economy. read discussion thread plz https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/140583.html#142162

B. I will say that is a good idea, except, well... these villagers are pretty wary of us wormworks. I think if they are going to report anything that was stolen from them, they would more likely report it to someone they trust more, like the authorities (if this town has any) or to the chief. not to any newcomers working under the goblin queen. They might even give us false information as they don't trust us that well yet. That said, we can probably ask the chief about any reports of anything stolen, or get the chief to ask the authorities for some reports.
No. 1090687 ID: 27fceb

Let's take the gift that the kid offered to us, no need to hurt his feelings. As for the your plan Worm Works go for it, even if some people may not want to take it at least it will show that we want to help then out. Expecially now when they have been targeted.
No. 1090689 ID: 714fab

1A) it would be rude to not accept.

2A) (I think that's a silly idea that will at best have the villagers lying to you for laughs. They arent going to trust you yet. ) sure thing Worm Works, you do that and get out of our hair back to us later
No. 1090714 ID: a05062

1) Social issue. Politely abstain from voting. 2) ...Further details? How is compiling a list (assuming no lies) going to help? Forward it to the spy rats perhaps?
No. 1090774 ID: 20a211
File 171551337107.jpg - (5.27MB , 3503x2184 , Monster queen118.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Go outside and talk with the village crowd once again.

B) Don't go outside.

C) Call Maluvia a filthy fuman as well.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1090776 ID: e5114d

Perhaps have archer test the waters. He's human so maybe he can warm them up for us. We'll speak if they're less hostile.
No. 1090783 ID: 714fab

Talk with the elder, his daughter, the kids. Ask people who actually live in the village what the people there would want from a partnership.
No. 1090787 ID: 27fceb

Yeah, it would be for the best if he starts as the opening statement before we attempt to talk with them all once again.
No. 1090796 ID: c5529d

I agree with this. We can probably ask the chief and what the villagers want from our partnership while Archer warms up the crowd for us.

And, uh... when we are ready to go back out, I think we should have Abdle do the speech instead of Bobbie so her racism against humans don't bleed through her speech, yeah? Bobbie can use a break after all.
No. 1090879 ID: 20a211
File 171564613047.jpg - (4.39MB , 3259x2300 , Monster queen119.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Go and talk to the crowd.

B) Let him finish.

C) Tell the village elder to finish.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1090903 ID: 09824a


If i Remember correctly, as lesser demons, we can talk to our allies to some degree if we're in the same vicinity, correct?

what if we told the Archer to tell the crowd that he attacked Bobbie first, so she had every right to do make it difficult for him to join, to make sure he was truthful in wanting to join after he initially tried to attack. It might not make all the townsfolk agree with him, but it will give them a better understanding of the circumstances.
No. 1090921 ID: 5ebd37

yeah, warn archer not to be too detailed.

Bobbie needs to get better at hiding her real opinions if she's going to be a good ruler. Try talking to Migreveo some more but say the opposite of what you think of him.
No. 1090927 ID: 27fceb

Let's just suggest to him to tell the truth, that would be better than letting him try to lie in front of all these people. As for Bobbie she should apologize to apologize to Migreveo and ask who he will send to our castle for evaluation.
No. 1090996 ID: 48bc96

Seems they are unpragmatic about this. Healthy skepticism would be fine. However this is what happens if xenophobia overrides good pragmatic sense. Give archer a chance. Perhaps his genuine courage of conviction will be enough. Otherwise, well, should they prefer to languish, fine. We'll play the long game and be good neighbors. However they feel they'll have to get used to us since we're staying.
No. 1091045 ID: ae9a5f
File 171585084771.jpg - (4.23MB , 3487x2077 , Monster queen120.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Give an emotional speech.

B) Give a condemning speech.

C) Give a humbling speech.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1091052 ID: 714fab

Oh good job archer.
A) try something more honest and "real" seemingly. They don't like us and we don't like them, and that's okay. But we're not going anywhere so it would be better for everyone to work together.
No. 1091116 ID: 27fceb

Let's give a condemning speech but make it a light condemnation and end it up with their appraisal.
No. 1091120 ID: c10e31

First off let's get one thing clear here. We have stolen nothing. Had we desired their stuff we'd just send our army and take the stuff. We refuse to be tyrants. We prefer trade because we both profit from doing so. Past that it's hard to say for sure. We've made the strategic case in a persuasive way so if they are still unpragmatic about this they'll just ignore what we say regardless of how much sense it has. ...Option 1 because emotions may succeed where logic has failed.
No. 1091215 ID: ae9a5f
File 171603724510.jpg - (3.63MB , 2858x1818 , Monster queen121.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Cut off the source of his power, which is his nose.

B) I don't know who you are or why you keep being mean to me but you need to be nice to me right NOW!

C) Show them your power.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1091218 ID: 0fd043

Seems you've underestimated us. Serious mistake. Do you really believe we'd fall for such a lose-lose scenario? We kill him we're tyrants because we kill people who aid us on whims. We refuse and we look weak and powerless. However by exposing your little trap we've shown how wise we are. So if trapping us is your goal you've miserably failed. So save your breath since you're clearly wasting what little you have.
No. 1091221 ID: 27fceb

Hey guys I have a theory

No. 1091242 ID: 5ebd37

Hmm, I think you're right. someone should keep an eye on this one.

Just say no, you don't need to explain yourself. What kind of queen would do what any random yahoo says?
No. 1091334 ID: 47343b
File 171619764258.jpg - (3.06MB , 3708x1387 , Monster queen122.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Keep calm and give Worm Works the benefit of doubt.

B) Instruct your guards to go there and capture him.

C) Instruct the crowd to go there, hopefully that will stop whatever Worm Work was doing.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1091339 ID: 7f0864

A) you can't really do anything discretely while the crowd is here. Maybe you could quietly send someone to remind him to not look suspicious (while also spying on him)
No. 1091344 ID: 27fceb

Let's just try to send as much of the crowd there. The more eyes looking for them the better, we do not want to have a missing child on our first visit.
No. 1091463 ID: 08265b

Just keep cool. He's probably not going to be awful. Once we're sure he's done nothing bad we will have to have a talk about the optics of this.
No. 1091562 ID: 88c326
File 171638323332.jpg - (6.53MB , 3102x4314 , Monster queen123.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) So you seem to be the one who stole from the villagers.

B) There is more than one way to skin a cat and if you mess with me I will show you all nine of them.

C) Secretly send Gram upstairs to ambush her.

D) Tell Gram to shoot arrows at her.

E) Other suggestions.
No. 1091571 ID: 7bdd10

E. I wanna have a little fun battle of wits, so lets ask her to come down on stage, get the chief to ask us both questions along with questiona from the audience.
No. 1091573 ID: 8515a7

This doesn't seem a crowd that goes for flashy theatrics. Counter the cat's silly witicisms with simple truths.
No. 1091574 ID: 27fceb

Try to flirt with her, who knows it has a possibility to work
No. 1091627 ID: a114eb

D. Forget the sharks with laser beams. Forget walking away from them before they're dead. Just shoot 'em dead.
No. 1091675 ID: 687c26
File 171655844376.jpg - (3.60MB , 2862x1968 , Monster queen124.jpg )

Possible answers to the first question that was asked:

A) Make it the best possible place to live.

B) Make it great again.

C) Make it my own.

D) Other suggestions.

Possible answers to the second question that was asked:

A) Continue to look for them in that place or outside of it.

B) Talk to the puppet and ask it where they are.

C) Forget about that right now we are dealing with the cat.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1091681 ID: ad0f7c

Firstly no. What we are here to do is between ourselves and the people. Like I expect you to keep your word even if I did tell. Second go talk to the puppet about this whole thing. Sneaking into a place with a kid is bad optics. Disappearing with a kid is worse optics. What you're doing had better be very worthwhile...
No. 1091682 ID: a307c2

'Acomplish'? You make it sound like we're here to use these people. We are merely here to maintain amicable relations with our neighbors.

Archer, check if there's a basement or something, if you don't find them get back out here. WW is probably doing something innocuous in the most suspicious looking way cuz he's a liability.
No. 1091690 ID: c5529d

Okay, so I would like Bobbie to focus on the crowd immediately, and Abdle to talk to the cat. Consider that she is doing this as a distraction to keep your eyes on her for what she might actually be trying to accomplish with this stunt. Thieves are tricksters like that. You might want to see what mr big nose is up to for example.

Abdle, tell the cat that since you just moved in, your here to establish a good relationships with your neighbors in which both parties can benefit from. If the cat questions it, just tell her there are plans to help the village get better and easier access to food (there, we fulfilled our obligation to Maya)

For Archer, play along for now, and lets ask something that could put them on the spot. Tell the puppet that you saw him walk in with his first customer, Mandy, and you would like to see what he written for the record what Mandy said regarding information on the thieving going on in town.

I have to wonder though, who might be controlling this puppet?
No. 1091696 ID: 27fceb

I agree with your suggestion we should keep an eye on the big nose guy. As for the cat let's just shoot at her. Archer talk with the puppet and tell it that Mandy was stolen from you and ask if we can have her back.
No. 1091819 ID: 7c724f
File 171674640810.jpg - (6.35MB , 3272x3359 , Monster queen125.jpg )

Possible answers to the first question that was asked:

A) Give her the apple.

B) Shoot at her.

C) Try to pay her off.

D) Other suggestions.

Possible answers to the second question that was asked:

A) Wait for that time to pass.

B) Don't wait for that time to pass.

C) Other suggestions.
No. 1091823 ID: a307c2

She asks you to give up your closest friend to a murderer? Laughable. Grant her the mercy to walk away and never show her face again. (Have to appear confident here. She's exposed but we don't have enough people to really surround her.)

psst archer, didn't somebody steal your heart recently? See if ww knows about that. Archer you should get back out here, things could get dicey fast.
No. 1091866 ID: d1a1f5

...Well unless she has multiple crossbows she's outta ammo. Perhaps she has more tricks but we'd have to call the bluff to see. Stall while pressing advantage? "First off if we see a move to reload that crossbow or other sudden moves we're opening fire. Second that makes no sense. What would you get out of the apple that's so useful to a thief?" Perhaps she needs a hostage. Her real goal may be archer since Dredge hates deserters. Would explain why her little minion was attempting to get us to kill that dude. Per wormworks... "Well if it's so worthwhile, just tell us what you're doing. Stop being evasive."
No. 1091887 ID: 27fceb

Keep an eye on her if she tries to pull out another crossbow or try to reload the empty one. She proved that she can probably dodge anything that we threw at her. At this point, we should just play it defensively and not trying to pick a fight with her.

On the topic of the puppet, I have a sneaking suspicion that it is Worm Works who is speaking through it. The whole worthwhile phrase is something that we said and the puppet heard it.
No. 1092006 ID: 4c474c
File 171697414842.jpg - (6.48MB , 3224x3199 , Monster queen126.jpg )

Possible answers to the first question that was asked:

A) If you continue to do things like this curiosity will kill the cat.

B) You will never get your hands on Abdle.

C) How much is Iron Dredge paying you to do this for him?

D) Other suggestions.

Possible answers to the second question that was asked:

A) Go outside the library.

B) Stay at the library.

C) Other suggestions.
No. 1092018 ID: a307c2

We've said all that needs be said, she can leave or she can face consequences. Archer should come point an arrow at her to make this explicit.
No. 1092032 ID: 27fceb

Archer stay here and continue to question this puppet, Gram can handle the cat. The Shadow Taker did try to pull a fast one Bobbie but her plan failed misersbly.

Queen go with A).
No. 1092040 ID: 7a5de2

What's the saying... know thy enemy and thyself and you should be unafraid of battles? Either way ask how much Dredge is paying her so we get an idea of what she gets out of this. Per archer it's his call. Our objectives are furthered regardless. However the VIP's life is crucial. Just be wary because she may get bonus pay for offing people who are deserters. Oh and get Gram a commendation for his actions. Possibly a medal.
No. 1092105 ID: c5529d

Lets position the archer somewhere that he cant be seen and get a good position on arrowing the cat if needed. For now, bobbie and abdle and Gram should distract the cat until the archer is in position
No. 1092107 ID: c5529d

that said, try to be sneaky, archer
No. 1092194 ID: 6c6ff8


No. 1092224 ID: 14484a
File 171720062645.jpg - (6.84MB , 3352x3385 , Monster queen127.jpg )

Possible answers to the first question that was asked:

A) Tell the crowd that the Teacup Bulls are seeing them as enemies.

B) Tell them that you can protect them from the cat.

C) Tell them that you can compensate for all that they lost.

D) Other suggestions.

Possible answers to the second question that was asked:

A) Take the gift.

B) Refuse the gift.

C) Other suggestions.
No. 1092230 ID: 67061a

Well in my haste an error was made so my apologies.
So the villagers are now aware of who the thief is as well as that Dredge allowed this. Our innocence is established. Willful blindness is now the only excuse. We have common enemies. We must set aside our past and unite. We don't have to like it but we have to. Per wormworks, he has to learn bribery will not always fix things so bribe denied. His actions today have at minimum put his council seat in danger of being removed.
No. 1092231 ID: 318780

Side note. Perhaps a decoy Abdle should be given to Bobbie. Gram will take custody of the real Abdle until the cat is no longer an issue. Perhaps have archer close to Gram too.
No. 1092238 ID: 5ebd37

You know, there's a certain toy that's just the right size to be an Abdle decoy.

A) But this village isn't really equipped to make an enemy of Dredge. We should only ask for their neutrality for now.

Is it the soul of a snail that was happy when it was alive or that is currently happy as a soul in a jar? Nevermind, don't take weird gifts.
No. 1092243 ID: 27fceb

Let's approach the crowd with the enemy of my enemy is my friend speech. The Theacup Bulls didn't just turn their back on this village they are actively sabotaging it at this point. Tell them that they need us more than a fish needs water to live. As for the gift take it, why not. I don't like all the things that Worm Work is doing and it feels really shady but the snail is probably harmless. Probably.
No. 1092298 ID: c5529d

for the villagers: C. we have the means to do so with Burgervania after they lost their food for example. Gotta give them hope if we want to establish good relationships with them.

this will be something that we'll have to report to Bobbie and Abdle. just take the snail for now, and report to Bobbie and Abdle.
No. 1092341 ID: de0eac
File 171741005439.jpg - (7.38MB , 3508x3401 , Monster queen128.jpg )

Possible answers to the first question that was asked:

A) Agree with the crowd.

B) Calm them down.

C) Hype them up.

D) Other suggestions.

Possible answers to the second question that was asked:

A) Take the gift.

B) Refuse the gift.

C) Other suggestions.
No. 1092355 ID: a0df32

That's probably enough speech for now.

Worm Works you handed this thing to a child? Archer confiscate it, we'll let Bobbie decide what happens to the creep later.
No. 1092374 ID: c5529d

Since the crowed is more trusting and Since we talked about compensating them, lets tell them how we will start compensating them by telling them about how you plan on giving them an easier access to cheap food with Vance's business and you will be in talks with the chief about this, that way, we can easily fulfill one of these promises as we start to compensate them and continue to do so later and the town can have assurance that we will have their back with our first plan for compensation being easy to fulfill.

and yeah, take this snail away from them. Disgusting!!
No. 1092409 ID: dd6546

Bobbie the crowd is screaming for blood, tell them that the blood of the cat will be spilled.

I changed my mind, we do not need thatsnail as for you Archer. Do not get any funny ideas from its suggestion
No. 1092462 ID: f99fa0

Seems like this would be where we mention we sell weapons and metal goods. So the snail offers solutions regardless of future consequences? So it's a less useful version of us? Sounds like garbage.
No. 1092499 ID: dd6546
File 171766522946.jpg - (5.30MB , 3508x2407 , Monster queen129.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Hug her.

B) Ask if she wants to talk about it.

C) Give her the snail, as a present.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1092501 ID: c5529d

Might be remembering things wrong, but Didn't wormworks said he was gonna sell some stuff earlier? maybe he's doing that.

B if only to see what Wormworks was up to.

As for the snail... any possible way we can help send it to the afterlife?
No. 1092503 ID: dd6546

Hey guys I don't think that Mandy has the same eye colors as she had before.
No. 1092506 ID: 2791af

You're right. Don't let her (it?) know we know. We can't have a confrontation in front of so many witnesses.

Distraction. Ask her why Worm Works couldn't handle the basic task of setting up a booth on his own.
No. 1092510 ID: c5529d


good eye! Yeah, I'm not sure if she is being possessed, or if this is an imposter, but we should be very skeptical about anything she says. Also consider possibilities that Worm Works might be in danger and she is trying to keep us away from him, or Worm Works left this imposter to trick us (which makes me wonder why he didn't leave an imposter of himself at the booth instead of a cheap puppet).

Lots of unknowns, but at least we know something is up with this Mandy and anything she says should probably not be trusted or be taken with a grain of salt.

Yeah, ask this. Why did he need Mandy's help for something as simple as this. Could probably ask if Wormworks wants us to do anything during his departure to see if she'll try to lead us into a trap that we can avoid later.
No. 1092553 ID: baca85

Well done, got nothing to add.
No. 1092619 ID: e05649
File 171786511578.jpg - (6.60MB , 3508x4111 , Monster queen130.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) How dare you question me you filthy human!

B) Working with this person can be useful for us.

C) You are correct, we do not need the help from that person.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1092633 ID: 5ebd37

Probably should have talked to him before mentioning the pig in front of a crowd. Need to pivot this convo.

Tell him that this is exactly what you needed to discuss with him, and adjourn to his house for some privacy.
No. 1092639 ID: ee21ec

How else are we supposed to trade? Plus we've got to get used to each other - we'd welcome human business in exchange. Well unless you have an improved idea of how to go about this? (Put simply it's a combo of 'well what did you expect' plus 'got better ideas of how to do this?' Should he object strongly enough we should concede it's optional.)
No. 1092644 ID: c5529d


We should also make it clear that it is entirely up to him on this decision, and really, he should take some time to give it some thought and when he comes to a decision, he should give his answer to Vance when he see's him. He doesn't have to decide right away.
No. 1092719 ID: ddc903

I agree with this idea.
No. 1092729 ID: f7b5e9
File 171797541321.jpg - (5.77MB , 3167x3868 , Monster queen131.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) No it is not.

B) Yes it is.

C) It doesn't matter.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1092746 ID: 5ebd37

A) we should be ready enough, right?

Before we go, ask them if there's any details to the thefts that might give clues to how the cat operates. Like what sorts of things were stolen and from where.
No. 1092882 ID: c5529d

I mean, the spider still needs to smith the ore to weapons for wormworks to sell, right? Though he might not be coming back if he is captured, or really did decide to leave after accusing him. I guess we got weapons to show in the meantime if the spider got the weapons created by now. Otherwise, we can probably ask for a bit more time to get them done. For an excuse, we can just say it was kinda a long day today, what with the speech, the cat showing up, and stuff you've been working on in the castle, and you need a bit of time to take a break and assess things before the inspection.

But if he wants the inspection done immediately, guess we got no choice.

Kind of wish we can get a rat spy to search the library for clues to find what happened. But with that cat being around willing to kill our spies... maybe we can have the rats remove any attire that connects them to us. That was our mistake with the first spy that died that revealed us to them.
No. 1092912 ID: ddc903

Ask if we need to bing cat dead of alive once she is no longer a problem?
No. 1092940 ID: dab87a

Well we could stall if Gram needs a delay or so. We still have business here.
No. 1092967 ID: 1eeed6

Forgot to mention, probably have to consider Clara is currently sleeping over there after the... incident. Not sure how the mayor's daughter and Clara would react to each other.

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