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File 170951830923.png - (3.17MB , 2560x1440 , dialog.png )
1085319 No. 1085319 ID: 88065e

I inquire the Agricultural capital governor who is in seemingly paranoia after hearing about the attacks in the main galaxy:
"So the capital has activated an energy source displacement field to supress its signals through spectrums and is currently playing dead apart from the few emergency power supplies that keep everyone alive?"

The governor replies
"That is so, we are much safer like this until core systems send a military power to protect our frontier galaxy, we don't even have handguns on the planet because of gun controls... This is the same demilitarized situation in many surrounding systems, and there are dozens fertile planets out here we simply cannot lose until reinforcements arrive. Core worlds replicate their food, but the frontier galaxies require good organic nutrition for growth and vitality."

I request the governor:
"Please governor, I know you might feel paranoid but you're in the presence of your Super Star Empress, unmask yourself."

"As you wish"
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No. 1085384 ID: cf7751

We supposed to do a thing here? Looks like a cutscene.
No. 1085556 ID: ded497

Sigh fine I'll take off my hood.
No. 1085558 ID: 1effd3

Ah, this energy displacement field seems to have trapped our outer consciousnesses again.
No. 1085604 ID: 65e394
File 170976559581.png - (3.04MB , 2560x1440 , superstarempress.png )

Super star empress opens her visual channel to the sideboard.

>What are we supposed to do?

The first thing as a star empress I've come to realize the importance of consciousness skills and focus at all times. Even now I'm aware that great power brings great convergence of thoughts, ideas, and events.

As we know my title is the Shadow, I even now consider in my mind the possibility of installing on remaining titan ships this planetary energy source displacement device and quickly figuring out an alternative power source and adapting these power systems into feeding with that power instead of what is detectable by the Spectres.

"In my retinue few dozen titanships and I personally am present in this system. My Nebula Devourer Doomstar will make quick end of any single Spectre force in one system, but I cannot divide my forces to protect an entire galaxy."

"My Super Star Empress, I was considering installing new stealth technology on the remaining titans from my personal fleet, but I'd need a mysterious power source to feed my systems with alternate physics"

"If I'm correct Star Empress, your friend has recently made such discoveries in the fringes of this galactic group. As discovered by my arts."

>Take off visors and masks in the presence of the Super Star Empress

I show my eyes.

>Energy displacement field affecting consciousness too

"My Super Star Empress, I wasn't able to sense your approaching because of the displacement field, it might be actually more potent than I presumed earlier."

"Shadow-biscuit, it does work against the Spectres, I'd install the same devices on my ships unless I wanted to scare them from attacking any of the vital agricultural worlds of Yours by assuring destruction."
No. 1085667 ID: f286ce

Also I would like request a stable commander for an expedition I'm planning, someone skilled, subtle and loyal.

It's a long shot but if it succeeds then I could secure a valuable cash of lostech.
No. 1085672 ID: 65e394
File 170979353676.png - (1.05MB , 2560x1440 , naerltanis.png )

>Request officer; Subtle, Loyal, Skilled

"Shadow I have Naerl'Tanis ready to go for a risky expedition. Her skills in camouflage and shapeshifting make her ideal for spy missions. She is completely loyal and can recognise and use some lostech on site. Her primary skillset is Spirit Mage. This is exotic to our civilization and most techno-archivist even in the Imperial Archives of the core worlds do not know the lore of her abilities well."
No. 1085681 ID: f286ce

Well she seems well suited for the field work portion of expedition.

Well as long as she's supported by a competent team then we might be able to steal the lostech right under the machines mechanical noses.

Though a hacker would also help due to the nature of the enemy and maybe someone handy with a blaster if thing go loud.

>"If I'm correct Star Empress, your friend has recently made such discoveries in the fringes of this galactic group. As discovered by my arts."

"Hmm funny that since I was plan on visiting them before my expedition but if what you said was true then ensuring her safety would take priority."

Also Before you go, you should ask the governor how's the capital holding up, are the citizens doing ok?
And what could I do to help?

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