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File 171203399616.png - (9.87KB , 369x316 , Mushroom1.png )
1087705 No. 1087705 ID: 588b52

A spore lands on [SOMETHING], which rests on [SOMETHING]. [SOMETHING] grows nearby. Your senses are limited. Your knowledge is limited. However, you have some control over yourself - with some effort, you could roll off of [SOMETHING] and onto the [SOMETHING] it rests on, or the [SOMETHING] that is growing here. You feel that your choice, at this point, will more or less determine what sort of thing you will, eventually, become.

Potential pulses within your spore capsule, waiting to be realized.

You are not a normal mushroom.

>Roll off [SOMETHING]
>Roll towards the other [SOMETHING]
>Stay on [SOMETHING]
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No. 1087706 ID: a7a180

Roll towards the greener something.
No. 1087707 ID: 42bb51

ROLL TOWARDS the other SoMeTHinG??

strength in numbers!!!!!!
No. 1087709 ID: 5ebd37

stay on something, red is power
No. 1087712 ID: 462d8c

Stay on something. Youre progeny will spread to the other something soon enough
No. 1087713 ID: 588b52
File 171203530356.png - (11.82KB , 369x316 , Mushroom2.png )


You roll towards the growing, [LIVING] [SOMETHING]. You feel your spore capsule break open, and you latch on to the [LIVING] [SOMETHING]. It is not a friendly, kind, or beneficial relationship. Something is being drawn away here, something important, but the [LIVING] [SOMETHING] cannot do anything to stop you. You gain power, knowledge, and strength, potential thrumming within you. Suddenly, a realization dawns: the material you had rolled off of is [DEAD]. You don't know what else it is, but it is absolutely, certainly, [DEAD].

Your potential throbs. You must grow.

You are not a normal mushroom.




No. 1087714 ID: 462d8c

Grow up! Stand loud and proud!
No. 1087716 ID: 5ebd37

Grow up, reach for the [unknown]
No. 1087724 ID: 42bb51

Grow up and out of the frame margins!
No. 1087725 ID: 588b52
File 171203655152.png - (11.82KB , 369x316 , Mushroom3.png )

The [LIVING SOMETHING] grows more pained as you subvert the systems that keep it [LIVING] more and more to feed yourself. This power, this strength, propels you upwards - more mass, more reinforcement at your base, reaching higher and higher for empty space. There is little benefit here, aside from simply getting larger. You feel, deep in your future, this size might have some benefit, but right now, right here, it feels somewhat pointless. Still, the [LIVING SOMETHING] persists despite your continued harm. Perhaps it cannot do anything to stop you but... live harder? That phrase feels wrong, and right, all together. You feel that there's something more you could do to the [LIVING SOMETHING], something deeper...

Potential throbs within you, still unmet.

You are not a normal mushroom.




No. 1087729 ID: 462d8c

Grow towards dead now. Should be easy food
No. 1087731 ID: 75b262

Grow dead like bread
No. 1087735 ID: 5ebd37

Grow towards dead, make life
No. 1087738 ID: 588b52
File 171203775407.png - (12.13KB , 369x316 , Mushroom4.png )



Your tendrils reach into the dead flesh. There is no reaction, no resistance, and the power is not as strong as the living plant, which continues to fight - in as much as it can fight, or could call what it is doing, fighting. Your influence on both grows, and you reach further skyward, but it feels that there is nothing there, and even as your base thickens and pulses with power and potential, you don't feel this is advisable. You can feel that... action you could have taken, that thing with the living plant, is starting to slip away. But there's something on the edge of your self with the dead flesh, something vaguely similar? Something about your mentality has changed as well, something you can't really pin down...

You are not a normal mushroom.




No. 1087740 ID: 75b262

Be Grateful to Dead
No. 1087741 ID: 462d8c

Might as well take over plant. It'll be dead flesh soon as well if we keep it up
No. 1087742 ID: 42bb51

let's do something with the dead
No. 1087746 ID: 124485

Do something to living plant
No. 1087749 ID: 588b52
File 171203886839.png - (13.56KB , 369x316 , Mushroom5-1.png )







No. 1087750 ID: 588b52
File 171203888607.png - (4.38KB , 290x282 , Mushroom5-2.png )

You are something more.Your knowledge balloons well past your ability to keep track.

YOur flesh wraps about the dead flesh - as much as you can manage, which isn't much. Your filaments and feelers worry away at the edge of your control, and when you gain more mastery, the muscles and fibers in the flesh join in, flexing and twisting until, with a snap and a pop, you break away. The top layer of the dead flesh is eaten, consumed, repurposed, replaced. The muscles and the bone within are kept, useful, difficult to replicate. But with so much power, you break away from the plant entirely, leaving a part of yourself that seems to continue working on the dying plant, the matter vanishing into the plant entirely. Only a bit of stuff remains.

Your perception of the world has changed.

You are not a normal mushroom.




No. 1087751 ID: 462d8c

Move underground. Become like diamond
No. 1087753 ID: 124485

Move to green pool
No. 1087785 ID: 5ebd37

Examine living something, what is that thing?
No. 1087786 ID: 421806

Go to green pool
No. 1087788 ID: 588b52
File 171207000284.png - (7.77KB , 290x282 , Mushroom6.png )

It's a steady thing to inch and shuffle across the soil - yes, that's right, it's soil - and move to the green fluid. It's strange and wobbly, warping as you cross the space to it even though there is no wind, and it is a tiny body of water. How odd.

It is large, black, and its head is covered in dozens of eyes that seem to shift position on its head. It seems to have noticed you. This does not frighten you terribly.

Potential throbs within you again.

You are not a normal mushroom.




No. 1087789 ID: 462d8c

We are such a throbby thing. Hide underground. Become as dwarf
No. 1087790 ID: 5ebd37

Touch The Ooze!
No. 1087803 ID: 0fda44

Touch fluid.
No. 1087830 ID: 588b52
File 171209551847.png - (3.41KB , 522x775 , MUSHROOMtree.png )

You quickly reach a bit of mycelium into the fluid. It's only at the last moment that you notice it's glowing, and the shimmering power within the pool flows back into your body. Your bones grow denser. Your muscles bulge, what few of them there are. Your flesh grows thicker, stronger, more complex, your mental network more efficient.

In fact, you feel yourself mentally withdraw.

A decision must be made.

You feel you could grow more complex - from a writing worm to something with arms and rudimentary arms. Such a small improvement, but with drastic implications.

You could turn that complexity inwards, develop a unique, named capability - a power bordering on supernatural, something mighty and useful, but limited in scope.

Or you could empower the abilities of your fungal state. What, exactly, this leads to is not entirely clear.

Regardless of your choice, you are not a normal mushroom.



No. 1087831 ID: a7a180

Limbs, magic, or mushrooms?
No. 1087841 ID: 5ebd37

More fungal, bloom and grow
No. 1087849 ID: c3741e

>Be Absurd
No. 1087851 ID: 2f41db

Embrace the world in your abnormal mushroomey hug.
No. 1087859 ID: 588b52
File 171210934193.png - (7.20KB , 522x775 , MUSHROOMtree.png )


A selection has been made.

The potential within you is spent, a blast of insight and greatness that sheathes your entire being. It shines with power that you only barely understand.

>Absurdity Realized: [THE EMPEROR]
You grow a crown of mycelium fibers which, to other creatures, can form a hypnotic pattern. You yourself cannot perceive this, and anything that doesn't rely on optical sight probably can't either. You can manipulate the pattern to various effects, but it's hard to tell without experimentation how strong or effective it might be.
No. 1087860 ID: 588b52
File 171210936015.png - (25.47KB , 522x775 , Mushroom7.png )

It is only after you emerge from your revelatory stupor that you realize that the larger creature is upon you, a chittering mess of flesh like... It's hard to describe with your limited vocabulary. But it hides the sky from you with its size, forcing you to rear up to even see its mess of eyes that shift around its bulbous head.

Its intent is inscrutable, but it is very close now.



>FLEE INTO THE STRANGE GOO (now without power)

No. 1087861 ID: 462d8c

Flee underground!
No. 1087862 ID: 5ebd37

hypnotize its many eyes
No. 1087869 ID: 2f41db

Activate psychodelic crown of many colours!
Even if it doesnt work, its so damn weird it might buy you a moment to flee or consider other actions.
No. 1087947 ID: a7a180

Hypnotize it!
No. 1088309 ID: 588b52
File 171262441496.png - (28.78KB , 1043x559 , MUSHROOM8.png )


Your abnormality rises, tendrils along your crown wriggling into the air, and then back and forth. The creature's eyes follow them, shifting about its head until it, too, has a circular crown about its front, focused, lazy, bobbing left and right steadily. It's unclear how you are meant to actually... command it, however. It is frozen in place, and you can move, which is definitely an improvement. But aside from that...

You could quickly escape. You're not sure how long the hypnosis lasts. You could take the opportunity to subvert its substantial mass, even partially, or something similar - you know you can do it with dead flesh and plant matter, but living flesh is a new and interesting avenue for you. You don't know what it will do when the hypnosis ends, however, and that sort of ambiguity is frightening. After all, you are so small before it.

You are not, you remind yourself, a normal mushroom. You had forgotten, before. It's important to remember.


>Subvert the living flesh with your mycelium.

>Try out different hypnotic patterns? Work within your Abnormality?
No. 1088314 ID: 5ebd37

Subvert, assimilate, become stronger than the sum of your parts.
No. 1088316 ID: cda2b4

Enter the living flesh and become one.
No. 1088341 ID: 2f41db

Keep the pattern swaying rhythmically with its motions and gently slither a mycelium strand towards it.
Find purchase and grow.
Show it you are, indeed, not a normal mushroom.
Show it how to become patt of one too.
No. 1088343 ID: 273c18

Subvert. Do it from a location where it can't bite at your main body.
No. 1088824 ID: ef2056
File 171316735896.png - (12.96KB , 585x485 , MuSHROOM9.png )

It is shockingly easy to infiltrate the beast's body with mycelium, and while it is slow work, to pull yourself onto the back of its... onto the back of the organ that seems to function as its head. It is bizarrely protean, the shape, arrangement, and even number of eyes constantly fluctuating, as is the position and shape of its mouth - as well as whether it even has one.

The whole mass seems to be governed at its center by a series of organs and nerves, sealed behind layers of much denser mass. Positioned as you are, however, it doesn't seem capable of modifying itself to the extent that it can actually attack you. Even when the hypnosis ends, all it can do is buck in futility. It seems that its usual defense mechanisms have been defeated thanks to a combination of your positioning and your method of attack - you can sense, buried here, dozens of lesser organisms, choked to death but preserved within the black mass.

Very well preserved, in fact. Almost perfectly.

It roars, howling with anger as your mycelium robs it of more of the black mass, stretching deeper towards its core. Options rise, opportunities. Directions.

You are not a normal mushroom.

>Completely subvert it, mass and mind, turning it into a total puppet. While brutish, this would effectively make the beast into your new de facto body with a backup 'core' that was the creature's nerves and organs.

>Partially subvert it, preserving EITHER its mass or its mind - but controlling with totality whatever you do not preserve, stealing away either the core or the mass itself. This may have problematic results, but could have amazing beneficial outcomes, such as an independent servant OR a new, much larger body to do with as you please - free of the restrictions that the creature's core has placed on itself...

>Subvert the dead creatures in its flesh, rescue them, and flee, resulting in several independent servants, assuming you can escape...

>Convert all the mass into Mycelium, resulting in much more body mass but losing the special qualities of the creature itself. At best, you might be able to salvage the unique shielding of the core, if you're willing to accept the limitations of having it...
No. 1088825 ID: 273c18

Convert all, then go take over the human(?) corpse lying over there.
No. 1088832 ID: a066b2

Take its body for your own, no need for its mind
No. 1088859 ID: 2f41db

The phrase "all eggs in one basket" comes to mind.

Subvert some of its mind first.
Motor functions and higher processes.
Leave enough for the creature to function but your web of mycellium in its brain will adjust those priorities to favor your needs.
A fungal puppet master.

Then infest the dead creatures and induce whatever passes for vomiting to get them out there.
They will make excellent, attractive bait for others like your host.
Then they can erupt and infest whatever scavenges them.

You are not a normal mushroom but if you keep everything that is you wrapped in one thing you are only ever one bad mistake away from oblivion.

To propagate is to survive.
No. 1088927 ID: 184595

Ii side with subverting the creature's mind. Enslave the mass, and turn it to your extraordinary purposes.
No. 1088970 ID: a4d918
File 171331308645.png - (32.38KB , 653x564 , MUSHROOM10.png )


I subvert the mind and leave the body as it is. Fearful that the body may reject the new mind for a moment, I am relieved when a segment sloughs off and releases the bodies within. One is too far gone to be of any use and is made into more mycelium for me to work with later - the other two, however, are of far more interest - working neural mass and musculature is converted, rebuilt, remodeled into things similar to - but not as intelligent as - myself. A connection without a connection is made. A command structure - Just me and my three new servants. The large, crustacean thing with tacky, suffocating goo, and the two... things within. Whatever they might have been before, now, they are my loyal servants. Extensions of myself.

One is nimble, with four limbs and a tail, the other, rotund and clumsy. At some point it may have had a use for the thin, sharp bones in its body, but now, they simply stick out like spikes.

They will obey me without question. In order to order my extensions efficiently, I will need to segment my thoughts to the purpose. Feel free to double post to make suggestions to the minions specifically, or to Mush alone.

I am not a normal mushroom.
No. 1088971 ID: a4d918
File 171331309828.png - (9.02KB , 522x775 , MUSHROOMtree2.png )

Growth surges within me again as I feel the neural matter I directly subverted into myself shift and alter into making me more of what I am. A choice rises again.
I could funnel this growth into limbs for my main body - arms and legs to better move on my own, which I might empower later, which could grant me more dexterity and strength.
Or I could enhance my abilities as a fungal entity, my subversion and rebuilding capabilities, to more quickly and efficiently repurpose living and dead flesh.


No. 1088992 ID: 5ebd37

push your infesting ability
you don't need limbs when you can just ride one of your servants.
No. 1088994 ID: 2f41db

Fungal trait for now.

Movement can come soon, but the ability to propegate is paramount.
No. 1089019 ID: 184595

You are not a normal mushroom, but a mushroom you remain. Double down on the fungus.

In the meantime, send your nimble servant out to investigate. The clumsy one, we'll need to experiment with to find a use for. Can it burrow?
No. 1089386 ID: e1a09b
File 171377630371.png - (9.25KB , 522x775 , MUSHROOMtree2.png )

>>1088992 Interpreting as Fungus

Knowledge and understanding shifts, warps, grows, and interlocks. My mycelium is me, but it is also a network of connections and tissues open to my manipulations and information. It has many uses, and a new one blossoms in my mind.

[Unlocked ability: Myceliel Construction]
[You can now convert mycelium-based biomass into dense, mostly-inert fungiwood clusters. These can carry and transmit signals like all mycelium and even (slowly) convert dead biomass passively, but otherwise is stationary and immobile. The conversion is one-way.]

You are not a normal mushroom...
No. 1089387 ID: e1a09b
File 171377631562.png - (9.88KB , 653x564 , MUSHROOM11.png )

...But somehow, you cannot help but feel underwhelmed. What possible use could this have? It is solid, certainly, but... Ah, well. Surely there are better things to be doing.

>>The Body
>>The Pools
>>The Grasses

>... Something else?

>>>You may also command Nimble and Clumsy, the independent mushroom servants, in posts seperate from your suggestions to Mush.
No. 1089388 ID: 273c18

Dense fungus can be created for armor, or as a support structure. Useful!

Investigate The Body.
No. 1089390 ID: 5ebd37

Make a small piece of fungwood, have clumsy dip it in the pool to see what happens.

Meanwhile, nimble can make a circuit around the body, looking for anything noteworthy.
No. 1089397 ID: 2f41db

Oh, you are not normal.
Not normal at all.

It may seem underwhelming at first but imagine the applications.
You could practice hardening specific patterns in dead matter or even shapes.
Imagine a corpse with a jagged, spore laden shard deep in its meat and left for some scavenger to bite and infest itself with.

If its a living host you could begin to choke and kill outer parts.
give a host layer of fungal scales on the dead skin like overlapping mushroom caps.
sharpen or bulk up extremities to easier subdue prey.

So, i say the dead body.
Explore it.
Practice your hardening ability.
Push the limits a d see how weird you can shape things.

Nimble, scout.
Range around.
Sense the world beyond and return with knowledge.
Clumsy, gather.
Bring small biomass to the core.
Do not go far.
Ready things for thegreater whole to use.
No. 1089430 ID: e1a09b
File 171384840933.png - (11.36KB , 653x564 , Mushroom12.png )

...Nothing much seems to happen. The fluid in the pools seems to be inert, without anything special about it or worthy of comment. Perhaps something about it is beyond my understanding. Regardless, Clumsy moves back towards the body and begins piling scraps of biomass near a more central area from my new larger host body.
No. 1089431 ID: e1a09b
File 171384841821.png - (14.74KB , 653x564 , MUSHROOMmap1.png )

Nimble, for its part, maps the area. to the... to the uh. Over that way is a sharp drop. Dropping off of it would be difficult to return from. Nimble circles back. They discover that there is little here of comment aside from the remains of the Body. One mass, which I earmark for later conversion, and several others, that I will target later. Nearby is a colony of fungus that isn't myself. Plant based. Contact will come later...
No. 1089432 ID: e1a09b
File 171384842525.png - (25.45KB , 1041x472 , Mushroom13.png )

The current limits seem to be... squareish. About the size of my main body, or smaller. To make more would require subtracting from my host's mass. More advanced shapes escape me, for the time being. At least they stack well - at this point I have three bricks of it.

However, while investigating the Body, there is a mass that is absolutely not soil, nor organic. Parts of it shimmer and shine in the light, and pieces of it shift color rapidly. Sounds blare from parts of it, as if it were alive, but it absolutely is not. The sounds repeat after a moment.

You are not a normal mushroom.

>Forget this useless mass. Convert the larger part of the biomass, and work on Clumsy's findings next.
>Touch the shining part.
>Claim the interior of the strange mass for yourself!
>Make contact with the other fungus.
No. 1089434 ID: 273c18

>Forget this useless mass. Convert the larger part of the biomass, and work on Clumsy's findings next.
No. 1089442 ID: 2f41db

I do not like the shining noisey thing.

Subvert the biomass and followup on the findings byt have clumsy see if hes strong enough to roll the noise thing away.
It might not ge a threat but it may draw in threats.
No. 1089497 ID: 5ebd37

seconding this
No. 1089579 ID: e1a09b
File 171393907897.png - (6.65KB , 414x361 , MUSHROOM14.png )


Clumsy inspects the strange shape for a moment, moving in a circle around it. It digs at its base at one side,and near the rounded side digs again. It returns to your side of the shape, wedges itself under it, and then with a visible effort, its mycelium bulges. Whether it took in air, or tensed, or something else is hard to tell, but the motion shoves the whole shape away, making it bounce along the terrain. The noise it makes changes - growing higher in pitch and the sounds changing from the loop it had been making - but little else changes except for the shiny part, which shifts colors. You command Clumsy to do it again as you turn to the mass.
No. 1089580 ID: e1a09b
File 171393908157.png - (8.75KB , 627x552 , MUSHROOM15.png )

It is perhaps the largest amount of dead flesh you've yet encountered. Taken as part of a creature, it is intimidating in scope. Perhaps the strange shape had been a part of it, but who can know?

In any case, you get to work. It is easy stuff, the mycelial network spreading, converting, repurposing quickly. There are tissues you cannot change - the bones within the mass cannot be converted. The ones inside you, and within the findings from Clumsy, are also off-limits. The bone within your core remains of dubious use, but is kept due to the trouble of ejecting it. These ones are much larger, heavier. They, too, remain within the biomass. Probably I could shape the mass to remove them, but there may be a use for them.

Speaking of uses.

This mass is easily ten times your current size. There are many uses for it, but presently, I need to come to a decision on one. And there's the matter of the bones - two large ones in the center mass, several smaller ones in the lesser masses Clumsy found. But those can wait.

>Convert the mass into bricks of fungiwood, providing shelter from the elements and allowing construction of something more permanent here.
>Convert the mass into a stronger host body, SEPARATE FROM your current one. This will lead to other options.
>Convert the mass into enhancements for your CURRENT host body. This will also lead to other options.
>Convert the mass into something less permanent than fungiwood, to set up a temporary base or a stash for later.
No. 1089581 ID: 273c18

Use it to enhance CURRENT body.
No. 1089588 ID: 184595

Yes, bolster your strength as you are. There are other adversaries here, and you will need your strength to fend them off and add their strength, too, to your own.

Is nimble strong enough to move things? It might be a good task to consolidate the lesser masses into a stockpile that you can access later at your leisure. Once you have established territory to defend, it might make sense to start constructing fungiwood defenses for it.

Remember, you are not a normal mushroom.
No. 1089591 ID: 2f41db

Enhance current body.

See if nimble and clumsy can coordinate.
Stronger together.
Nimble finds and guides and clears obstructions.
Clumsy lends his mass and strength to the jobs.

As to the bones.
They are a heavy but strong scaffold on which you can build.
But there is more.
Dedicate a small number of the thinnest mycelium to probe it carefully for cracks that can be leveraged over time.
There are rich, complex protiens inside bones and while not worth focusing on as a dedicated task, a minor but persistant effort may return great rewards.
No. 1089623 ID: 5ebd37

your current body is good, make it better.
if there's any mass left over turn it into fwood
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