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File 168877558255.png - (140.53KB , 500x500 , l-look_at_you_samson.png )
1067338 No. 1067338 ID: a7a180


Into the heart of the Great Temple.
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No. 1083398 ID: a7a180
File 170795769736.png - (136.57KB , 500x500 , a_small_miscalculation.png )

>Teleporter tricks
“I know how we can deal with the bot, permanently.”
“By tossing it in the sink?” suggests Jaina.
“No, we’ll shrink it. It’s small enough to fit onto the teleporter now, isn’t it? We can send it to the other lab so it’ll be tiny even when the gas wears off. It’ll have to be carried outside before the gas wears off.”
“Ohh, that’s good. But first, let’s get you back up to scale.”

>how small are you right now?
After the rapid shrinking has fully taken effect, I’m only a sixteenth of an inch tall. I know, that’s incredibly small, and it certainly feels that way when I’m being held in someone’s hand,, but it’s actually not the smallest I’ve been lately. Being in the shrunken lab makes me nearly four times as small, which means I’m actually far too big to fit inside there right now. I can’t get bigger that way, unfortunately, and even if I could, I’d be way too big for the main lab if I went through the reducer after that!
A dose of the neutralizer/growth reagent brings me back to baseline miniscule proportions. The drone is given an order to shut down in preparation for moving it, which it complies with. Pent carries it down to the teleporter, while I teleport in ahead of the drone so it can be dragged off the pad. I wait for Pent to come through to help me drag it through the halls, but the delay before she comes through is longer than expected.

<Hey, Sam, can you hear me?> Pent’s voice booms from outside. <The teleporter won’t let me through. I think I’m too big. -Hold on, I’ve got an idea. Just wait there a minute!> Where is she going? This gas doesn’t last forever, and if the robot regrows in here it’s going to wreck the whole building!
Thankfully, Pent appears on the teleport pad in under a minute, as promised.
“You’re back to normal size! How’d you do that so fast?”
<Oh, I had a clever idea! Instead of waiting to get small, I just made the pad from the hut bigger! That way I was the same size as the pad, and I could go through it just fine.>
“Nice thinking! Now let’s hurry up before the gas wears off on this drone.”
Pent easily carries the drone out to the balcony with me leading the way, and we pass the drone off to Anet, who’s waiting outside for us. We teleport back out to join her and watch the bot become its new permanent size. The plan went off without a hitch!
Well, almost. Within a few moments of each other, Anet’s increased size wears off, and so does Pent’s. She shrinks down to around our ankles, while the drone regrows to that same height. We’ve succeeded in using the teleporter as a shrink ray - twice.
<…Oops. I forgot the growth was going to wear off, too.>

Fortunately, restoring Pent is an easy fix, as she can just teleport back to the enlarged pad to undo the shrinking. …Actually, thinking back on the tiny lab for a moment…
I take Anet aside before we climb topside. “Could you do me a favor and help with one last experiment? I want you to go back to the other lab, drag the teleport pad over to the arms, then hit it with the red gas. Then I’ll follow you through.”
Oh, I wonder what the results of this experiment will be?” She teases. “Sure.”
“Thanks, I appreciate it.”
“Don’t mention it! Really, don’t mention it to Jaina. We’ll let her keep wondering if that gas wore off.”
“Aw, don’t be so mean to your sister.”
“Oh fiiine, I’ll let her know… later. And while we’re waiting for the teleporter to change back, let’s look around the inside some more. There’s a whole building to explore!”
No. 1083399 ID: a7a180
File 170795770161.png - (54.96KB , 500x500 , going_up.png )

…Finally, it’s time to go home. The walk across the counter is quiet, followed by a long rappel down to the floor. The reducer looms overhead. The facade of the temple wall that makes up its control surface hides the connections to the complex, humming machinery behind its miracle of ancient technology. In a way, we’ve come back to where we started.
I think about what it took to get here, and what comes next. I didn’t expect a school trip to be so life changing, or that I’d end up discovering living Formicans and walking a meter in their shoes. My incredible journey over the last week would have been barely a couple of minutes of walking if I hadn’t been so small. I’ve gotten to know Formicans from very different walks of life, and parts of their history in more detail than anyone’s managed to glean from the ruins on Dirt. This is the kind of thing you’d write papers about, if I could tell anyone that is. …Actually, there’s not much in my studies on ancient Formicans that was related to what I learned on this trip. I kind of skipped all the course material all the way up to a chapter no one knew existed! I learned that they drank coffee, I suppose?

…That’s just a distraction from the promise I made to the Formicans. If I tell anyone where I’ve been, then I risk people following in my footsteps. And if people find a way inside the Grand Temple, then they’ll be completely at the mercy of the tallmen. What chance does a civilization of agrarian closet dwellers have of maintaining their autonomy? They can’t leverage their ancestors’ advanced technology, they’re a tiny population of tiny people, and their homeworld is technically the property of Talzor. I may buy them the time they need to recover by lying about what happened, even if it might mean I won’t get to take more trips here. But then again, it might not just be my college career at stake, but the future of the entire species as well. Maybe becoming a client species of the Talzorans is what it takes to prevent them going extinct where no one will even notice. It could take a long time, maybe even centuries for it to happen, but how many centuries do they have left? After I step through the reducer, I won’t have that long to make my choice.

The girls are getting ready to back off so I have room to regrow. This is my chance to say my final goodbyes to them. …It should probably be a little more eloquent than my goodbye to Bright Eyes. I’ve gotten to know them well over the past few days. I’m going to miss them when I leave… especially Jaina.

>Any last words for them?
No. 1083400 ID: 2a82d3

If there was ever a time for the L word, this would be your last chance. The question is whether or not you should.
No. 1083406 ID: 1effd3

It's been awesome to meet you guys, and, I hope we can get to see each other again someday.
...But sometimes we just have too... <i>grow up...?</i>
No. 1083407 ID: 8f9bc4

You were fools for trusting me! Ahahahaa!
No. 1083412 ID: eb0a9c

whatever happens... it's been small
No. 1083414 ID: 5ebd37

You know...
If one of them were to come with you, it would be easy to spin a tale of having stumbled onto a teleporter into some other dimension. A teleporter that is now conveniently vanished. As long as you don't mention being shrunken, your adventure would just sound like it took place on an alien world. The easiest lie is one that is mostly truth after all.
Bringing a Formican back with you would give credence to anything you tell the people back home, and gives a ready excuse to stay around the temple; your guest will need to find a way to return home. We know the Formicans inside the temple can observe what happens outside, so communication would be simple; tiny dead drops in the room where you first entered the temple. Excuse for entering that room so much; Formican guest needs to pray at the temple every week.
This route would be a long shot, but it would maintain secrecy while still allowing for negotiation between Formicans and tallmen.
Even if you return alone you could still do the dead drops, if you're able to stay on planet at least.

This has been an adventure you'll never forget, and though you've only known them a brief time you think you've become close friends. You'll do your best to keep in touch, but even if you can't, they'll always be in your thoughts.
No. 1083419 ID: ab46e9

"...I'm really going to miss you."
No. 1083420 ID: c1fc43

"Huh. Should have asked JNET if she has an encrypted connection for secret contacting. Oh well. So do you have ideas about where an 'artifact' might be that historians would like but nobody else? Just on the offchance?" Only now do I realize a board game would have fit the bill. Oh and GROUP HUG!
No. 1083611 ID: 622677


People will discover this place anyway, after all, even if we don't reveal the truth. But we have access to teleporters that can be used as shrink and potentially growth rays. They hvae so much knowledge in their databases, but also they have interesting thing.

The Hab Buildings, as seen in lab, are on wheels and can be moved. They're as tall as person one un-shrink up. We could have all the Formicans live inside a proper hab building and actually take it with us proper, to keep them safe, while those who want to grow to Tallman size to rejoin galaxy can do it AND potentially help protect the Formicans who enjoy the shrunken life.

Hell, at the very least I want Anet to have that chance to go with us, as she seems most interested in life beyond the village. And we bonded so much with Jaina and they both would worry about each other. We should at least offer them that choice so...

>Offer Anet and Jaina the choice of coming with you, bringing the others would be up to them.
>"Are you sure... you don't want to come with? I... don't want this to be last time we see each other or the last time we have an adventure together..."
>To Jaina "I... love you, Jaina. I don't want to lose you..."
No. 1083650 ID: 124485

I'm not sure if we should say that.

Also, Sam already said that he wouldn't even attempt to convince anyone to go with him earlier: >>1080143 .
No. 1083661 ID: 273c18

The only way he's gonna see them again is if he figures out a way to sneak back in, or spills the beans and becomes their ambassador.
No. 1083664 ID: f14228

This is pretty on point, but not enough.

Thank them for going on this journey with you, for taking all these risks, real as they were, to see you so you could go home again with all the risks, real as they are, that your return entails. You're honestly humbled. On top of this, fun and adventure was had through it all too, on an amazing journey of discovery through the ruins of the past, a thing a student of an ancient civilization might only dream about.

You like to think you made friends in the few days you've been together - and that you'll remain so however long may pass. You don't know if the Formicans that remain will allow themselves be discovered in your lifetime - so much of their actual tech, if re-discovered, could change things in the universe for good and bad - but you will try to keep your promise to them and stay mum on their existence. You do think they deserve their autonomy, and if they are discovered as they are now - well. It'll be a difficult time, you're certain. It would be good if someone were to lay some groundwork first, at the very least.

It's a big world out there and you can't even say that the Formicans of old were wrong to seek isolation (though obviously things could have gone better - a lesson on the over-reliance of automation, eh?). And yet, though their ancestors plans went awry, they did leave plenty for the future to find and build on, and you wish them and their peoples all the best in the rediscovery and in persisting as one of the universe's secret little wonders.

You hope they all will continue to seek their own destiny and learn from ancient technology and what happened to the Formicans of old - though stay safe! - as much you'll seek your own path outside this complex. And... if there's ever any need, any way you could help and they had some way of getting that news to you, you think you'd answer that call in an instant.

(In fact, you should give them your comms details, with a warning that such things might get, aheh, bugged and recorded. If they ever somehow get ahold of a communicator for a call or message to be sent, they should mention something only those who went on the journey here would know. As for using such tech safely and untracably... JNET might offer some advice there. Not your field, honestly!)

The future is uncertain for all, but you will hope for - and hopefully be able to work for - that things may turn the better for all. In whatever way, small or large, you think that can be done.

And yeah, you'll miss 'em all.
No. 1083670 ID: 34e119

>I love you Jaina
I'm not entirely sure that would be an appropriate thing to say. I don't even think either character even developed feelings for each other.

Honestly, it would feel kinda weird to blurt that out.

This sounds nice. Let's go with this.
No. 1083699 ID: 622677


It's more the wording on my part is awkward but you have to consider, as far as we know, this is going to genuinely be the last time we ever see each other... and Jaina and Sam DID develop feelings for each other, we saw it in the time spent together, them sleeping together, the heart-to-hearts they had.

Plus, while Sam did say he won't try to convince them in any way, Sam's view on stuff did change as the threads went on, that's why we're given this chance, no?

Plus, what Sam was saying is that he won't keep Formicans as TINY friends with him. There was nothing about them joining him with them at Tallman size. It's just 'keeping tiny formican in pocket is not right'
No. 1083740 ID: a7a180
File 170840167896.png - (99.48KB , 500x500 , hes_actual_size.png )

I’m standing on the reducer’s pad now. I really hope this thing still works... I wave up to the girls on the counter. They look so far away, for the moment.
I call up to them, “I hope we see each other again someday, but sometimes you’ve just got to grow up!” Their expressions tell me they got it.
I step up to the controls and touch the up arrow. In an instant, everything’s normal sized again. But I’m not in a microscopic copy of the lab, this time it’s the real deal!
“Ha, it worked.” I let out a nervous chuckle. “Woohoo, I’m big again!” I have to be careful to watch my volume, and where I step! I look down at the tiny Formicans standing around me, and I can’t help but give them a smile a mile wide. They’re waving their hands in celebration too.
“It worked! Yaaay!” I can hear Anet’s raised voice just fine.

>Take (big) Anet with you to back up your excuse
>Lie about where you found them, but not who you found
I’m tempted again… but no, I can’t tell the university a half-truth. They will find out where the Formicans really are if I give them cause to go looking. I’ll have to explain this on my own.
>Should have asked JNET for her number
Unfortunately, even if I had my commlink to give her, no signal carries through the outer walls of the vault.
Speaking of, I have to tell JNET the reducer worked! “Hey, JNET! Can you hear me?” I call out over the rubble blocking the door. “We made it to the reducer! The others will be heading back soon!”
Her response sounds muted echoing from down the hall. “Congratulations! Just so you know, Bright Eyes is waving to you.”
“Tell her I’m waving back! Time for me to go home now.”
“So it is. It was nice meeting you, Sam. I’ll keep looking after the girls in here.”
No. 1083741 ID: a7a180
File 170840168837.png - (87.68KB , 500x500 , hugs_and_kisses.png )

>Bringing an artifact back for historical value
Thinking back, maybe we should have brought that board game with us after all. It’s for the best, as explaining where I got a pristine artifact like that might be difficult. I’m keeping Anet’s book of jokes with me, and I still have the insulation shards and that chunk of plaster in my bag. I handed over the rest of my inventory, including my flashlight, to Anet. They’ll have a more practical use for these items here.
I look back down at my feet. I take a moment to collect myself, squat down, and say my goodbyes for real.
“Girls… Thanks for taking me on this journey, and sticking your necks out for me. I’m honestly humbled you did all this to get me home. I’ll do my best to keep in touch, but even if I can't, you'll always be in my thoughts. …I’m really going to miss you.”
Anet’s fulfilling our end of the deal with Pent and handing over the holo lens. Jaina steps forward, looking up at me with shiny black eyes. “We’re going to miss you, too. Making the trip out here has been… worth it.”

>Time to use the L word?
Lummox? -Oh, that one. I hesitate. I could still see them again... but I might not. Might as well try it out.
“Bye, Anet, bye Pent, bye Jaina... love you.” I mumble through my words.
Jaina’s expression changes to one of surprise, then cunning. “What was that? Say it again so I can hear you.”
Embarrassed, I do as she says. “...I said I love you!”
Jaina’s hand covers her mouth as she processes what to say next. Then, she just blurts it out. “…Yeah, me too!”

Anet and Pent’s attention has turned towards us. Anet runs up and hugs her sister with glee. “Awww! Congratulations, you both managed to say it out loud! Come down here Sam, let’s have one last group hug!”
That sounds like a very nice idea. I carefully lay myself flat on the floor and let the others gather around my head for a hug. Anet and Pent hug my face from the sides, while Jaina plants a kiss right on my lips. Well then! My cheeks are quite flushed right now. We stay like that for what feels like a long time, and yet not nearly enough. I gently get up, give them one last wave, and then walk away.
No. 1083742 ID: a7a180
File 170840169405.png - (128.49KB , 500x500 , guess_whos_back.png )

…Oh, right, I don’t have anywhere to go yet. The lab door’s blocked by debris, and would only lead back inside the temple. How am I going to get out of here?
I start by looking around. Huh, the Formicans are already out of sight. They sure can move fast on their tiny legs. The wall opposite the door is mostly bare, it must be the exterior-facing one. Maybe there’ll be scuff marks on the floor where part of it swings open. What’s this circle halfway up the wall? Is it another rune? …Oh! It glows when I touch it, and a hidden door slides inward and to the side, with only a quiet hiss despite its age. The door is a cross section of the temple’s stone facade and insulation, separated by an inch thick layer of shiny, dark barrier material. Seriously? This is the barrier that modern science can’t break through, no matter how hard we’ve tried? Scientists’ heads will spin when they find out.
I step through, and the hidden door seals up behind me with a whoosh. I can’t even find a seam left in the wall. Well, no going back now. Wait, I recognize this part of the temple! The bench where I was supposed to be cataloguing samples is down this hall to the left. The light filtering in from outside the temple suggests it’s late afternoon on Dirt. I think I can get my bearings from here, and head back to base camp.

After wandering in the general direction of the temple’s exit for several minutes, the first person I run into is Gail. She looks like she’s seen a ghost.
“Sam!” She runs over and wraps me in a tight hug. “I was so worried! I turned around and you were just gone! What happened?”
I return the hug and wait til I can breathe again to respond. I was not expecting this welcome! “Well, it’s a long story…”
“Wait, before you tell me, I need to find Professor Telgrade first!” That’s the teacher in charge of the dig site. Gail grips me firmly by the hand and leads me back to camp, making sure I’m right behind her. She goes directly to the teacher’s trailer and bangs on the door. “Professor, we found him!”
“Found who? Samson? Here?” Professor Telgrade pokes his head out of his trailer, looking slightly disheveled. He sees me and immediately ducks back into the trailer to make a quick call to tell someone. “Someone found him! Yes, here at the digsite. Hold on, I’ll ask.”
The professor comes back out of his trailer, dressed hastily and looking very upset.”Mr. Smith, we thought you had snuck offworld by now! The staff has been combing over half the planet looking for you. You’d better have a very good reason for disappearing on us. If you can’t explain where you’ve been for the last five days, there could be serious consequences for your education. We may even have to revoke your internship…”

I was afraid he’d say that! What do I tell him?
(This is your final choice.)

>Tell the truth
>Lie about it
No. 1083746 ID: 622677

As much as I'd love to get the girls out into the galaxy... it would only be done if they want it to be that way. With things as they are, the best thing to do, no matter how much it will affect us, is...

>Lie about it

If we really love Jaina, we will respect her and keep her safe
No. 1083747 ID: eb0a9c

*deep breath*

You don't need these fascist archaeology-posers or their scam of a degree. You discovered an ancient civilization and lived long enough to tell the right people about it.
And they are not the right people.

You are an adventurer. March onward, head high from what you know deep down, to your next expedition!
No. 1083748 ID: 462d8c

Even if you lose your internship, you're going to make a billion bucks writing a book about this adventure.
No. 1083749 ID: 1effd3

We have to >Lie about it.
But we can maybe tell a half truth and say that you triggered some kind of trap and got teleported somewhere and had a wierd dream.
No. 1083752 ID: 5ebd37

Aye, the best lie is mostly true. You can even mention the rune (that shrank you), since its now deactivated.

They won't believe your crazy story, but it would make for a great book series. And if you were a famous author it would be easier to get to come back here, for inspiration for your next book of course.
No. 1083755 ID: e51896

lie about it, dont even half lie, cause it might make them suspicious.
No. 1083756 ID: 622677

Did we ever get confirmation it was deactivated? I think all we were told was that they were surprised it was still working, and that it can't grow us back
No. 1083758 ID: 75b262

Lie lie lie
No. 1083760 ID: 890083

Lie. "Got lost and chased by an animal. Fell in a hole. Waited for animal to leave. Got stuck in a hole. Finally improvised a way out of hole. Found out animal was close. Got stuck in a hole. Waited to be *sure* animal was gone. Got lost-ish. Finally found way here, so real-life bad dream is done. Should you ever find my hat you'll have an idea where I was. Fired or otherwise you're not stopping me from getting a warm shower, fresh clothes, fresh water and a hot meal. Plus a therapist to help deal with this. Still would like to pursue archaeology though I'm never going anywhere without a GPS."
No. 1083762 ID: ab46e9

Lie about it.

It'll make a great fiction non-fiction book, though.
No. 1083774 ID: 273c18

Unfortunately any believable lie we give will require an explanation of how he didn't die of thirst or hunger. He's also not filthy or injured. Getting trapped in the building somewhere would mean he found somewhere with food and water, which means they'd want him to show them, and we can't do that.

I think the most believable explanation is that he got sick and went home to recover, but his phone broke or something so he couldn't tell them.
No. 1083777 ID: 9b15e8

We know there are colonies on the moon, say you found yourself up there and just returned with some teleport
No. 1083778 ID: 9b15e8

And if the colonies are ruins even better, cause you can say everything was nice a clean with dust, like it was just made, for what the fuck time travel? I was away just a day
No. 1083779 ID: e1e416

Lie about it. Don't say anything and don't even hint at what happened to you.

I don't think it was confirmed to be deactivated. So yeah, its best to not even mention that.

That would require us showing them where we stumbled into the teleporter that got us up to the moon, which we can't do.

And if someone flies a spaceship up there and they see the colony is in ruins, to the point where it's not at all possible for anything to live inside it, they'll know we lied.
No. 1083789 ID: dee638


For food thought he had rations? Or perhaps he just "happened" to have a few snack bars in his clothes? Even ignoring those 5 days without food is bad but not lethal. Per water there's rain or creeks or lakes or aquifers in a hole. Per clothes, well, no changing for 5 days has to have gotten filth.
No. 1084021 ID: f7d131

I really, really really want to tell the truth, but that might up mucking up the formicans' cozy lives in the long run.

Still, I'll be damned if I let Samson lose his career.

"I'm sorry, I just got sidetracked due to an intriguing discovery. One that led me down a very long ant trail that I just found my way back from."

"Do you see this wall over here, it turns out one of these symbols is actually the activation button for an old temple mechanism. If you would press, you will see tha- oops haha! Hello down there! Oh, I'm sorry professor, you wouldn't have believed me if I had told you."
No. 1084132 ID: 8f9bc4


If I recall, he only promised not to reveal the Formicans, said nothing about revealing the reducer.
No. 1084134 ID: 330620

Lie about it! Do not reveal anything!

Revealing the Reducer will lead to revealing the Formicans! And I'm pretty sure revealing any of the technology we found would be a betrayal of trust!

Do NOT do that!
No. 1084379 ID: 8f9bc4


A trust extracted at the point of a spear, mind you.

Really it's astonishing that your archaeology team hasn't discovered the reducer themselves yet. Not like discovering it would let them get past the wall of unobtanium keeping them out of the inner workings of this place.

Just trying to think of something to say that won't cost Sam everything he cares about.
No. 1084470 ID: a7a180
File 170883340568.png - (129.40KB , 500x500 , a_tale_of_derring_do.png )

>Lie about it
The best lie is one that starts off close to the truth, and then veers off in a completely different direction. I spun a tale of leaning on a trap door and getting stuck in a previously undiscovered chamber of the temple! I was careful to say I was touching one of the columns at the time, not the wall… Anyway, I wandered those dark passageways for five days, lost and alone, with nothing to subside on except for my water bottle and a few snack bars I had packed, just in case. At some point I dropped my flashlight and lost it, leaving me to push blindly at the walls hoping to find another secret door and escape.
To my surprise, Gail and the professor completely bought my story. I guess the general disarray of my outfit helped to sell it, along with the scrapes and bruises I had acquired. The researchers at the dig site ended up taking it as a cautionary tale about why you’re not supposed to touch anything unsupervised, and now they enforce the rule even more strictly.
Gail was deeply moved and said it sounded like a truly awful experience. She promised to provide me with whatever emotional support I needed afterward. The professor didn’t care to press me for specifics and was just relieved I was alive and well. He offered me full credit for the internship if I agreed to sign a waiver. I was equally happy to not have the matter investigated further, so it was a win for both of us. I was still quite eager to pursue a degree in Formican archaeology, after all!

You know, someday, I think I might write a book about my adventures. Elder Stone probably wouldn’t approve of me basically telling the entire galaxy what I discovered in there, but hey, she’s never going to read it, right? I’ll just have to make sure it can’t be traced back to the real events. I’ll use a pseudonym, and change a lot of the identifying details - names, locations, species… Hmm, how about Ancient Apians? Yeah, that should work…
No. 1084471 ID: a7a180
File 170883341387.png - (154.77KB , 500x500 , hello_new_neighbors.png )

As for what will happen back inside the Great Temple, I suspect the return trip will be a lot faster and safer riding in a giant robot. Neither the Xanthi of the outlying offices or the Beformicans of the inner laboratories will pose much of an obstacle to picking up Pent’s family and giving them a ride to the promised land of the village. Once there, their hardened survival skills and experience with lost technology should fill a much-needed niche in their society, and in return, they’ll be able to settle down somewhere with a steady supply of food to eat and without the constant threat of being eaten. Even Bright Eyes, with her open mind and impressive capacity for manual labor, will likely be accepted as a friend and guardian. JNET has a lot to teach her, and all the villagers, about history and science. With villagers, scavengers, and Beformicans all learning to work together, I have no doubt the Formicans are on a greatly accelerated path to reclaiming their legacy. Perhaps even within my lifetime, they could make their first steps outside the Great Temple in millennia.
No. 1084472 ID: a7a180
File 170883341837.png - (140.06KB , 500x500 , a_little_surprise_for_you.png )

And what about Anet and Jaina? I have no doubt Anet will want to keep going on exciting journeys far away from the village, and after her biggest adventure yet she’s only going to set her sights higher. Wherever she goes, Jaina won’t be far behind to keep an eye on her big sister. She may sound harsh when she’s providing the voice of reason, but I know it’s because she cares deeply about her family and friends.
I don’t know when I’ll see them again, but I have a feeling it’ll be soon… I’m looking forward to it.

>KILLS: 64% (43%)
>ITEMS: 71% (66%)
>SECRET: 58% (63%)
Thank you for reading!
No. 1084477 ID: 838b19

Where exactly are they in this picture, if I can ask? I'm quite curious. Seems to be a pocket but... I don't think I recall anyone having pockets of that color so...
No. 1084478 ID: ad7e61

And thank you for making! Was a good’un.
No. 1084479 ID: 1effd3

thanks for the adventure!
No. 1084482 ID: eb0a9c

Where'd all the kills come from?
No. 1084483 ID: 124485

It looks like Anet and Jaina snuck into one of Sam's pockets. Sam will be surprised when he finds them!
No. 1084484 ID: 5ebd37

Dang only half secrets?
Thanks for a great quest
No. 1084485 ID: 273c18

"kills" from fighting beformicans etc. Probably not any fatalities.
No. 1084490 ID: 96dce5

Gratz on completing. Hats off to tippler and Hatticus. When's the sequel?
No. 1084493 ID: 01fe07

I'm surprised nobody else has accidentally found that Reducer.

But just imagine how different this would've been if Sam accidentally leaned against the "grow" button!

Yay tiny friends are coming with Sam!

I mean, there was that one part where we knocked a bunch of Beformicans off the top of a giant speeding segway in the area where we met Pent and her family. Pretty sure they ended up dying when they were knocked off.
No. 1084494 ID: 8f9bc4

Nice! Lying about it is way better than going back on your word! One might even wonder if some supernatural being were watching out for the Formicans, to keep their secret safe. They can now quietly continue to stagnate and diminish until they're completely extinct.




There is no grow button on that one. That's why he had to delve into the depths of the complex.
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