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File 135399077983.jpg - (462.04KB , 1200x900 , unstopable and immoovable.jpg )
474741 No. 474741 ID: 8d2649

Expand all images
No. 474742 ID: 8d2649
File 135399084436.jpg - (109.82KB , 800x600 , swing my sword.jpg )

No. 474743 ID: 8d2649
File 135399085902.jpg - (95.39KB , 800x600 , EadoosQuest.jpg )

No. 474745 ID: b6edd6

No. 474747 ID: befc95

No. 474748 ID: 70c0f2

Yes, always start with options.

Then you poke around the main menu for Easter eggs before starting the game.
No. 474750 ID: f523b1

Always start with options.
No. 474753 ID: 8d2649
File 135399270302.jpg - (153.90KB , 800x600 , options.jpg )

No. 474757 ID: 70c0f2

Go through in order. Check video, audio, and then saves.

Make sure the video quality is turned up as good as it goes, and that it's the right screen resolution. Since we probably can't hear the audio, make sure the subtitles are turned on! Make sure the saves are configured properly to a directory we can find later. Don't wipe existing save data.

Scroll down pasts saves- see if there are any hidden options.
No. 474758 ID: f523b1

Have to check the audio, make sure it doesn't have subtitles on by default, or default German or something.
No. 474768 ID: 8d2649
File 135399494534.jpg - (163.12KB , 800x600 , video.jpg )

Please determine how well the quest will be drawn, the higher it is the longer it will take to update. varying from seven times a week, four times a week or twice a week or so. On full color, I can update once a week with some delay.

These numbers are approximates, I reserve the right to be lazy.
No. 474770 ID: 886a4d

Lets go with medium quality for now.
No. 474771 ID: 70c0f2

Well, that went from silly and frivolous to meta fairly quickly.

>once a week
We have enough quests on that update schedule, or worse. *slides graphics quality down to minimum*
No. 474786 ID: f523b1

*Attempts to put graphics on low*
No. 474791 ID: 1e8584

We have enough quests on that quality level, or worse. *Slides graphics quality back up*

Actually, I'm voting for whatever graphics level that first image was. Give me quality over quantity any day.

Whatever the final decision is, thanks for giving us a choice! That's a first, as far as I know.
No. 474812 ID: 522afb

Graphics at MAXIMUM and anti-aliasing on full!
No. 474818 ID: c33f8f

low graphics for maximum fps.
No. 474819 ID: fb9917

set graphics to medium
No. 474830 ID: 28da54

My vote's on high and/or fullcolor
No. 474834 ID: bf54a8

No. 474835 ID: 8d2649




Well... eum... let's go for the middle ground...

Medium! I'll actually give a fuck about how it looks
No. 474836 ID: 8d2649
File 135402564425.jpg - (130.80KB , 800x600 , audio.jpg )

Select audio quality

Dialogue. text written as if a book.

Brackets. Text written with names in brackets.

Icons. facial icons next to dialogue.

Bubbles. Text appears on screen.

Optional RPG mode: Dialogue scenes are on screen as in some Jrpg's

Just a reminder... video audio and save settings can be changed during game play.
No. 474837 ID: 8d2649

oh! RPG mode is an option and a audio quality must be selected regardless
No. 474839 ID: a14354

whichever is the most convenient for you. the last thing we need is a quest getting abandoned because it requires too much effort on the author's part.
No. 474840 ID: beeca1

Yeah, I have to agree with this.
No. 474842 ID: 70c0f2

>Optional RPG mode
...so any significant dialog would be dozens of images long, instead of fitting in one update? Nah.

Dialog probably fits this medium our system specs the best. Possibly brackets, if there's going to be loads of characters onscreen at once.

>video audio and save settings can be changed during game play
Of course they can. We just need to mash ABstartselect for a soft reset, or get a deliberate game over, or hard reset the system.
No. 474902 ID: bf54a8

No. 474912 ID: 06050e

[brackets][RPG mode OFF]
No. 474917 ID: 8d2649
File 135404185066.jpg - (144.06KB , 800x600 , saves.jpg )

brackets it is

Saving options are as of yet useless. But they may prove use full in later dates.
No. 474922 ID: 70c0f2

Alright. Enough of this tomfoolery. Mash the B button until we're back at the main menu, and then start the game.
No. 474927 ID: a14354

press alt+tab
run cheat engine
No. 474930 ID: 8d2649
File 135404376076.jpg - (135.60KB , 800x600 , enter name.jpg )

What is your name?
No. 474932 ID: 62496e

No. 474940 ID: a5d914

No. 474941 ID: 1e8584

How about Linden?
No. 474943 ID: 70c0f2

Sure, that works.
No. 474966 ID: fb796e
File 135405167156.jpg - (11.32KB , 250x374 , Richard_Jordan_Gatling.jpg )

We need a name that is wicked.
A name whose sheer pronunciation can make people feel power, a name that can last in the memory of our enemies and the heart of those who look up to us.

I suggest Richard Gatling.
Or just Gatling, if the limit is 7 letters like the last update suggests.
No. 474974 ID: a14354


srsly I don't even know why just Zangief.
No. 474986 ID: 8d2649
File 135405668409.jpg - (110.46KB , 800x600 , alignment.jpg )

No. 474987 ID: 70c0f2

AotA, obviously.
No. 474989 ID: fb796e

No. 474993 ID: c74bfa

No. 474996 ID: c33f8f

Why choose when you can have both? All of the above.
No. 474997 ID: 8d2649
File 135405952975.jpg - (107.97KB , 800x600 , sex.jpg )

No. 475000 ID: 886a4d

No. 475002 ID: e3814c

All of the above.
No. 475003 ID: fb9917

No. 475004 ID: 5e860c

No. 475005 ID: da3858

why the hell not. all of the above
No. 475006 ID: bbee3d

All of the above, obviously.
No. 475009 ID: fb796e

All of the a-NO

No. 475014 ID: 70c0f2

rolled 2 = 2

...I wish we'd done gender before name. All those suggestions were male.

I'm torn, so...

1 = woman
2 = all of the above
No. 475017 ID: 8d2649
File 135406450886.jpg - (96.43KB , 800x600 , class.jpg )

No. 475019 ID: 70c0f2


We have lots of melee fighters and blasters already. Let's get someone good for tricksy and sneaky stuff.
No. 475020 ID: e3814c

Mage, I want to go Zap Zap Mother Fucker.
No. 475024 ID: fb796e

Mage, because devising a hyper speed sequenced magic missile spell is totally something Dr. Gatling could do.

And once it's done then a variation of every single proyectile spell will be needed, and the gods knows Gatling can deliver.
No. 475026 ID: 70c0f2

...c'mon, we always go mage, if given the choice. Let's do something else.
No. 475028 ID: 1e72ae

Go with rogue.
No. 475033 ID: dc4a44

bandwagoning rogue
No. 475036 ID: bf54a8

No. 475039 ID: 8d2649
File 135407178363.jpg - (106.33KB , 800x600 , Eadoos sex.jpg )

I am a rogue of some kind... what kind? We'll find out later...
No. 475041 ID: 62496e

All of the Above, of course!
No. 475042 ID: 60fee2

all of the above.
No. 475043 ID: 70c0f2

...didn't we already do this? Except now we've aged down from man/woman to boy/girl?

Repeating my vote for aota, I guess.
No. 475045 ID: 72cfcc

All of the Above, All the Time.
No. 475046 ID: c31f72

all of the above~
No. 475059 ID: 8d2649

rolled 1, 18, 8, 16, 17, 18, 8, 8, 12, 8 = 114

now for stats - Roll 10d20 and add them to the base stats...
Must roll minimum 120 total
No. 475060 ID: 8d2649

rolled 19, 16, 19, 12, 18, 1, 8, 17, 5, 19 = 134

No. 475064 ID: 8d2649
File 135407438684.jpg - (160.33KB , 800x600 , rolls.jpg )

please place my stats.
No. 475066 ID: 8d2649

don't worry we're almost done
No. 475071 ID: 1e72ae

[It took like 6 tries, anymore and I was gonna roll too]
I suggest placing the 1 in either weapon or ballistic skill and focusing on the other with 19; I have no preference on range vs melee. If we go range we should get 5 or 8 for str and con. what does inside the circles vs outside mean?
No. 475078 ID: 70c0f2

...could you explain what the already placed stats mean?

I'd put 19s in ballistics, dex, and cha. 18 wil, 17 agility, 16 int, 12 fellowship, 8 con, 5 str, 1 weapon.

The idea being we're good at ranged, evasion, diplomacy, trickery, things like that- and we suck at close melee. Assuming of course that weapon is melee only. It it isn't, we'd need to make something else the dump stat.
No. 475081 ID: 8d2649

the number in the circle is the stat bonus, you get plus one for every ten points in one stat.
stat checks are made by rolling under the total number.

the numbers already placed are base stats, we add the dice rolls to them to get our final stats.
Yes ballistic skill is range and weapon skill is melee
No. 475086 ID: 1e72ae

Totals would be 4 weapon, 22 balistics, 10 str, 13 con, 19 dex, 22 agil, 16 int, 19 cha, 18 will, 17 fellowship. Since it only counts as a + to rolls if it is over the tens, we should replace the 12 in fellowship with something >15. (like will or int)
No. 475089 ID: 70c0f2

Let's swap int and fellowship, then. So:

19s in ballistics, dex, and cha. 18 wil, 17 agility, 12 int, 16 fellowship, 8 con, 5 str, 1 weapon.
No. 475092 ID: 8d2649

not quite... let's say we add 19 to our 30 ballistic, we'll have 49.
When we make a ballistic check, let's say shooting a crossbow. We roll a d100 and try to roll below 49. for every ten below the check is better off.

the bonuses for having decimals define characteristics like speed and health
No. 475094 ID: 1e72ae

Ok, that makes a bit more sense.

I say go for this then, unless anyone has any objections?
No. 475112 ID: 3a1e5a


I'd prefer 8 wil, 16 con, 18 fellowship. but you wrote out the whole things so meh.
No. 475163 ID: c9b053

oh wait I just noticed the difference between You and I. You is us, so we are both male and female and are called Gatling, but the character is also male and female, I assume he/she is Eadoo?
No. 475226 ID: 8d2649
File 135413699083.jpg - (156.43KB , 800x600 , stats done.jpg )

There now we can start
No. 475227 ID: 8d2649
File 135413705595.gif - (66.54KB , 800x600 , loading.gif )

No. 475234 ID: 70c0f2

Struggle to resist the urge to mash the A button in a futile attempt to make the loading go faster.
No. 475246 ID: 3a1e5a

up up down down left right left right B A
No. 475252 ID: bf54a8

hold B, A, down so you can catch the pokemon.
No. 475265 ID: 53688c

Get up and grab a soda from the kitchen.

To defeat thirst.
No. 475267 ID: 8d2649
File 135414573163.jpg - (159.63KB , 800x600 , first page.jpg )

*Ruffle ruffle*
>Glares slowly approaching silently...
*Ruffle ruffle*
No. 475268 ID: 8d2649
File 135414573954.jpg - (171.43KB , 800x600 , throwing knife.jpg )

>Slows down and takes her breath... pulls the knife from her boot and aims, She leaps from the bushes hurling the blade at her pray!
No. 475270 ID: 8d2649
File 135414574974.jpg - (176.51KB , 800x600 , bunnykill.jpg )

Yay I got one, we'll be eating jackalope tonight Hehee~
No. 475272 ID: 3a1e5a

first things first. check status of loins.
No. 475273 ID: 8d2649
File 135414600152.jpg - (162.35KB , 800x600 , scared and happy.jpg )

Ahh! It talks! A talking dead rabbit!! Oh wait... Where have I heard of this? Oh are you a demon? or and angel? Will you grant me a wish if I spare your life! Oh I want a harem, no fortune! Nono I want to be KING!
No. 475274 ID: bf54a8

uhh, no, we aren't the jack, maybe it ate us? if not then we are already in your brains. and we don't grant wishes, sorta. we can get you t what you want but you gotta do the work, we just tell you the steps.
No. 475276 ID: 3a1e5a

nah, we're just swarm of brain incubi. we're here to fuck with your head.
No. 475277 ID: 70c0f2

Girl, you need a shirt, or something.

Also, how'd that dagger fit in your boot? The blade alone is longer than your boot is tall. Also, is that your only blade? If you're a ranged fighter, you might want to equip yourself such that you have a lot of ammo to use.

Another advantage of more clothes, actually. In addition to hiding your shame, they give you lots of places to hide blades, throwing stars, etc.

>A talking dead rabbit!
Nope. Sorry, we're in your head- your own personal head-voices.

>Angel or demon?
All of the above, actually.

Well, we don't have wish granting magic. But I like your ambitions! We can certainly help you win a harem and/or kingdom, if that's your goal.
No. 475289 ID: d90199

My goodness. your wishes went from flagrant self-satisfaction to Royalty? Have you met,or seen a King before? They never have a moment's peace.

I personally think your first wish is what you want the most. The rest.. just things you think you're supposed to ask for.
No. 475293 ID: 53688c

You seem to at least have the sexy hat department under control.

You mentioned "we" are going to be eating jackalope?
Do elaborate.
No. 475299 ID: 8d2649
File 135415396068.jpg - (196.68KB , 800x600 , talking rabbit.jpg )

-oh... you aren't magic?

-Those are devils right? You aren't evil are you?

-I don't have any clothes.I wish I did though, it's very cold this time of year. a fur coat would be so warm...
You're in my head? That's strange. Your mouth is moving... You want to help my wishes come true? Th-thank you...

I've never really seen kings as busy. I always imagined them lasing around being powerful and rich. Still I wish I had that power...
Well of course I want fun and riches but it all comes with power right? ... Hmmn... I've never really seen those things as possible, so I never really put any of them in priority.

Oh thanks, I kind Gnome gave it to me. He gave me these boots two, said he wouldn't be needed them.
I'm out hunting for my family, I've got four kids and three younger brothers back home to feed.

So if you're going to help me become a king and have plenty of money and women... how are we going to do this?
No. 475316 ID: 9b0660

>-oh... you aren't magic?
Well... when was the last time a rabbit, with a knife jabbed on its neck felt like making a compliment on your garments, hmm?
Speaking of which could you be a dear and take that dagger out? Thanks.

>You aren't evil are you?
Good and evil is nothing but a matter of perspective.
Two towns fight for a land, both send their soldiers and both sides lose men. In the eyes of their families the other town's men are nothing but evil for they took a life that was dear to them, but they were only following orders very much like the ones they lost.
So you see? there is no real evil, but enough of that if you want to become a king first we must learn your name, baby steps.
No. 475319 ID: 70c0f2

Well, to be honest, we don't really know what we are. If we're the rabbit (or if the rabbit is our conduit or whatever), you probably need to make sure we survive, and see about securing an alternate source of food.
No. 475362 ID: bf54a8

well, wait... maybe we should get a bandage ready first, so when the knife comes out we don't bleed to death.
No. 475368 ID: 70c0f2

Unless we're the knife, and not the bunny? And we can only talk through it while it's impaled?
No. 475370 ID: bf54a8

oh yes, that would be interesting.
No. 475371 ID: b6edd6

>I've never really seen kings as busy. I always imagined them lasing around being powerful and rich. Still I wish I had that power...
Well some kings laze around delegate most of their work to their advisers, but as often as not they end up being back-stabbed by those advisers.
If you want to have power while lazing around you should try to become extremely rich instead. Getting power through wealth is much more stable than getting wealth through power.
No. 475388 ID: e88ad0

or have us has your adviser. I don't see how we could stab you in the back (unless we are indeed the knife)
No. 475418 ID: 2f4b71

>I always imagined them lasing around being powerful and rich.
So your monarchs just sit around emitting coherent radiation? That's awesome.
No. 475424 ID: d4ad1a

No. 475559 ID: 8d2649
File 135424965421.jpg - (158.93KB , 800x600 , testing with the knife.jpg )

-You're right, I guess you are magic somehow.
That's a rather particular way of putting things. I always just saw good and bad as opposites...
My name is Eadoo. What's yours? Do you have a name?
Oh sure, sorry for stabbing you.

>Eadoo pulls the blade from the jackalope's head.

-Better? ... Hello? Did...Did it kill you! Eum...

>She puts the knife back where it was and the rabbit slowly pulls itself back to life.

-We have mushrooms and beetles we can eat back home, but it wont last us the winter.

-Are you even alive? You have a knife in your head.

I see... Well I'd want that power, the importance. To be more than just Eadoo, Mother of four dieing children! *Sigh* Maybe I'm wrong. Let's take it slowly. But to put things in perspective, my humble adviser, How does one become King? What defines you as King?
No. 475560 ID: bf54a8

the simpelist form of king, is the one others follow.
No. 475562 ID: 8270f1

The crown is important. Otherwise you're just a chieftain or something.
No. 475566 ID: 553790

A king is a guardian & overseer, he arranges stuff for people so they can live peacefully under his guidance. That's the general idea of a king as short as I can deliver it to you. However, there is also a thing regarding kings I didn't mention: Kings are males. For your case, the proper term would be queen unless you want a title a bit more... neutral such as sovereign or monarch.

If you want to be a ki-err... queen you could try to obtain the control of a village, one village under your control turns you into a chief, two villages turns your control known, and three villages or more can turn you into a queen so long as the dominion of the land is vast.

Another method is regicide. If a king is killed its assassin can assume control so long as there is no complain from his advisors and no heir have been established, this method would require to kill or convince the king's advisors and to kill possible heirs too.

You could also try to become a heir, that is, unless you are one already. Doing this is tricky as it requires the approval of a king to identify you as his successor in the line of command for his lands, it wouldn't be as tricky if you were related by blood to a king since then you got the "right of blood" to his land.

And last, but not least is gathering. Similar to how guilds establish themselves, you gather people who either follow you for protection or for the thrill of the kill, so to speak.

Which method you use is up to you.

>Are you even alive? You have a knife in your head.
Yes and no. A dead being can't talk, some living beings can talk and most magical beings are also capable of speech, we belong in the last location. However, a catalyst is needed and for this case it is either the bunny or the blade.

>Mother of four dieing children
If I may, this sounds like a serious matter. Could you elaborate more into it?
No. 475582 ID: 70c0f2

...have you killed anything with that knife before? Because it seems like we're a collection of disembodied voices living in a magic knife that can possess impaled corpses, rather than a magic bunny with a knife injury.

Of course, if this means you need to leave the knife in the bunny, you're going to need another weapon.

Look, how about you tell us about your current situation, and we'll help you with that. King is kind of a long term thing- we'll work up to that. Finding a way for you, your friends, and your family to survive is what we should work on first. That's sort of what a king is supposed to do anyways- your first responsibility is to your subjects.
No. 475584 ID: 8270f1

Bah, everyone knows that once you're king you can just declare yourself male. It worked for that one pharoah who was a woman, but not really because she said she was a man, and everyone knows that what the pharoah says is truth.
No. 475849 ID: 974c95

Pharaoh is a gender neutral term.
It means "of the high house" making reference to the royal lineage and it was designated to the head of the house.
No. 476034 ID: 53688c

Oh please, if anyone protests your choice of title, just slap them with your dick.

Let's just all decide to not dwell on gender-specific titles and instead use whatever term Eadoo uses herself, okay?
No. 476040 ID: bbee3d

A King is a ruler, but not just any ruler. A King is usually a ruler of other rulers, whether they're dukes or earls or whatnot. That usually takes a while to achieve.

What kind of places are nearby? It would be good to know what there is to rule before you make plans to rule it.

For now, it might be a good idea to hunt some more. You need meat anyway, and then you could try other knife/corpse combinations and see which part is doing the talking.

Do you have a spouse or mate of some kind? Anyone to help you gather food?
No. 476315 ID: c9b053

that is of course if she has one. Eadoo dear, do you have a penis?
No. 476410 ID: 8d2649
File 135459850584.jpg - (160.45KB , 800x600 , blushing.jpg )

-Heheee so I need a crown and followers

-oh... becoming king is rather complicated. I'm not sure how I could do any of that, but I guess with you I have a running chance.
back at home I have four children and three little brothers. Two of my brothers and one of my children are sick and we're all hungry... I'm afraid we won't make it through the winter... I honestly would of given up hope, but Kaleb keeps promising me that we wont starve...

-No you're the first victim it's made, I found that metal along a road after my old knife broke. Looks like it's back to sharp stones for me.

-Eum... *Blush* I... I do...

>Crosses legs.

-I've never been outside of the forest, but from where the sun rises there are humans that come to cut down trees for their king, elves often stopped them, they tell them the forest belongs to their elf king. in the deep end of the forest there's a family of trolls, and where the sun goes down there's orcs. also I know how to find a village of gnomes. That's pretty much all I know about my surroundings. I spend most of my time in my hunting spots or in my den.
I had a mate but he died two years ago... He caught black scrawl.
No. 476411 ID: bf54a8

hmmm, well, we have no problem with you using us to kill things, just make sure to keep one body for us to take over. have you tried making snares? and other traps? a good number of traps can get you far more food then stalking.
No. 476412 ID: ec6d4c

>Looks like it's back to sharp stones for me.
Not necessarily. If we're in the knife, you can still use it as a weapon- you'll just be deprived of our council for the duration. Once you're done stabbing whatever, you can stick it back in the bunny and you'll have your creepy zombie-rabbit familiar back.

Actually, this could be useful. If you hunt down something big, like a deer, we could animate the corpse and walk it home for you! No need to lug it back, you can carry the little bunny.

>but Kaleb keeps promising me that we wont starve...
Does he have a plan or something?

>I had a mate but he died two years ago... He caught black scrawl.
Our condolences.
No. 476416 ID: 68bbc5

What are the natures of your relationships with the trolls/orcs/gnomes/elves?
If there are any that aren't immediately hostile to you, those'd be the best places to start looking for ways to improve your life.
It sounds like hunting has barely kept you alive so far, so we'll either want a way to improve your hunting efficiency or a way to supplement your diet.
No. 476434 ID: 05906d

If your mate was male.... and you have a dick...
Where did the babies come out!?
No. 476436 ID: ec6d4c

...from the other place? She's all of the above, remember.

I wouldn't harp on this, as she's obviously embarrassed.
No. 476642 ID: d64df0

Interesting... If you really want to become a King you will need to find yourself a Queen, or a cross dressing king i guess either works.

We can't let our wielder starve to death now can we? You might want to let us teach you how to make snares before you eat the jackalope though.
No. 476663 ID: c9b053

>-Eum... *Blush* I... I do...

How did you come about having a penis? are you a man or a woman in your oppinion?
No. 477024 ID: 8d2649
File 135491491818.jpg - (131.39KB , 800x618 , look what we found.jpg )

-Okay, for now you'll be my little bunny scabbard. I don't know anything about traps or snares... I tried once or twice but they never worked. Maybe you can teach me? You seem very knowledgeable.

-Maybe, he's my youngest son. Spirits talk to him at night, he says they talk about circles, lines, letters and shapes... But they're useful, sometimes they give him insight for me about hunting.

-I know nothing but stories of trolls, I'm sure you've heard the same ones... Gnomes have a bone to pick with kobolds, but I've never known why, they just don't like us. Orcs are savages and very aggressive, but I've dealt with them before. They came by wanting a protection taxes, when they saw that I couldn't every pay half the minimum they ignored me and elves are a mystery. I don't know where they come from or how to find them, but they don't seem to mind me. I've seen them with those furry elves, huldra I think they're called? I don't know much about the furry ones.

-My... My other private spot... *Sigh* Nono... you're right, If I'm going to be king i have to be proud, being shy is no way to act. I... I birthed my children through my vagina. I have both members.

-Hmmnn... A queen... Yeah we'll find one sooner or later.

-Well there's a little story behind that. My father wanted a strong son to help raise the family as he only could make girls, so he went out and found a witch. He asked her to make him a son that was strong and handsome, someone big and amazing, a legend or a king. The witch agreed to lend him her magic, but he had to give her all his other kids. He agreed and when me and my sisters were born my father brought us to the witch. But my mom hid one of my sisters away so the witch could not have them. When the witch found out she was outraged. She ripped away the blessings she gave me and cursed me to be small. Father pleaded and pleaded and moved the witch an inch. She agreed to give back a single limb of my fathers choice, right away he said the first thing that poped in him mind. "Penis" So yeah... That's why I'm both. It's kinda why I wish for things like being king, yeah I want wealth and easy living, but I want to live up to my dad's dreams... I'm a man caught in a woman's body.

>As Eadoo whispered her story to you she stalked and landed upon a road, on it she found something peculiar.
No. 477035 ID: bf54a8

oh ho, this could be a lucky break. it looks still intact, but old. meaning it could have something nice inside but anything living should be dead from age. aka, free stuff. open it up.
No. 477036 ID: ec6d4c

Ooh! Investigate! Either there's free loot, or people in need of help.
No. 477122 ID: 048c2f

Hold on a sec carriage doors aren't normally boarded up like that. Be cautious and see if you can see whats inside before you open it.
No. 477141 ID: 886a4d

Ya that boarded up door is a big warning sign. Peek in for monsters!

However all is not lost. That looks like a quality carriage. You could strip the outside of any metal bits and any intact wheels \ axles too. If theres at least two intact ones you can make a cart of some sort for moving stuff.
No. 477174 ID: a059d9

>that boarded up door is a big warning sign. Peek in for monsters!
New body time?
New body time.

Take the dagger from the bunny and be ready to stab anything that pops up.
If we are lucky and there is indeed a creature inside we could salvage the whole thing with the new body.
No. 477715 ID: 8d2649
File 135518353395.jpg - (126.99KB , 800x565 , girl in caben copy.jpg )

-Okay I'll go open it.
>Eadoo walk's over to the cart, climbing on it as she approaches.

-yeah! the wood looks soft, but light and there's some good metal bits on it. I'll be careful.
>He carefully peers over the opened window.
-Oh my! a woman, a human woman. The bottom... Er... side of the cart is torn open and filled with snow. Look's like it crashed pretty bad, what happened here?

-It's not a monster but it sure is a body. What should we do?

(Sorry for the slow down, I just got a new computer so I had to reinstal all my gear. But it's so much better, no more lag time for me. Just imagine, all you out there. Imagine drawing with your favorite pen, and the ink starts lagging all the time, and you certainly can't listen to the radio while you draw, otherwise your pencil lags and your lines appear seconds after you draw them. Well it's good to have a new computer.)
No. 477716 ID: 8d2649

sorry it sometimes looks like summer, I always forget to draw the snow.
No. 477722 ID: bf54a8

is their skin literally blue? if not then maybe she is alive. open it up.
No. 477724 ID: b33427

Hmmm... The body is on top of the snow. This makes me think that the carriage wreck was here before, with the door open so the snow fell in, and she was thrown in later and the door closed and nailed shut. Considering she doesn't have proper clothes for the weather, whoever put her in didn't expect to come back for her. She might have been dead already, and this is a body dump. Or there's always the possibility she's some kind of monster or undead or something.

Check what color her skin is. If it's quite blue, she's dead and frozen, or undead and frozen, or something... Uh... This isn't helping, is it? Just call out and see if she reacts to your voice. If she's frozen blue and reacts quickly, she's definitely not human.
No. 477725 ID: 7003a8

Untie her and check her pulse. Is she alive? Dead?
No. 477729 ID: 68bbc5

If she's really dead, you'll be eating jackalope tonight!
No. 477730 ID: beeca1

Impregnate her.

Check her pulse. The wrist, neck, and chest are all good for that.
No. 477731 ID: ec6d4c

...is she tied up? It looks like her wrists are bound behind her back, and she's wearing a hood over her head! So she's a prisoner of some kind?

Maybe we should see about talking to her? Or waking her up, at least?
No. 477758 ID: 7003a8

Possessing sentient beings is usually a terrible idea. If people find out then they tend to get really pissed, and anybody who knows them would figure it out almost instantly.

This would be a bit worse than usual, since this poor woman has obviously been victimized and her attacker would come after her.
We could turn that to our advantage if we played the role of a vengeful spirit, but that basically requires having her at least her memories, if not her personality, available.
No. 477761 ID: cf09b6

Check her pulse and see if she's alive.
If she isn't alive then it's safe to just jab us into her neck, that way we get a new useful body.

If she is alive then it's interrogation time, don't unbind her right away as you can never guess what she will do to you, it could try to steal us and attack you with us. Just remove that sack from her head and see how cooperative she is, if we're lucky we can make her help us into salvaging the carriage.
No. 477819 ID: 8d2649
File 135525530613.jpg - (115.66KB , 800x533 , checking for life.jpg )

rolled 16 = 16

-she looks pale, but she isn't blue.

-hmmn... that is rather curious. I hope it isn't a evil creature.
>Eadoo. calls out to it, but she remains silent.

>Eadoo makes a medicine check to determine if the body is alive or not. [Int. + 30(easy test)= 62]
No. 477827 ID: 8d2649
File 135525920213.jpg - (109.32KB , 800x533 , interogations.jpg )

-She's alive, she's not even all that cold.

-Let's find out what happened here.

>Eadoo take the burlap bag off her head and shakes the woman hopping she'll awake from her slumber.

-Er... Wha? What happened... Where am I?

>The woman say's as she slowly come's to.

-That's what I was about to ask, do you remember anything of what happened to you?

-Who... who are you! What have you done?! Foul creature, what have you done to me!

>The woman is very suddenly quite angry.

-N-no nothing! I just found you here, just now. Look I don't mean you any harm.

-I don't trust you, You foul rotten goblin!

-I'm not a goblin *Sigh* How about I let my magical knife ask the questions?


>Eadoo holds you out to her.
No. 477829 ID: ec6d4c

>let my magic knife ask the questions
Um, boss? That's gonna sound more like a threat to stab her than anything else. And really, he confusion and anger is understandable in her position. Try to be patient.

So... hello, tied up person. Really, we just found you here. We don't know how you got here, or who did this to you. Maybe you could tell us your name, or what the last thing you remember is?

If you can calm down, we'll see about getting you untied.
No. 477831 ID: bf54a8

we really are a magic knife. can talk through animals. anyway, you were found like this.
No. 477853 ID: bbee3d

Relax. If we wanted to hurt you, it would have been a lot easier to do so before we woke you up and took the bag off of your head. Yes, we're weird, but we just want to help. Who are you and what happened?
No. 477875 ID: beeca1

A combination of these seems good.
No. 477936 ID: b33427

...Eadoo, did you just point a knife at that bound, scared lady? Yeah, don't do that. In the future, grab it by the blade so you aren't making threatening gestures if you ever have to hold it up to someone so we can speak to them.

Eadoo, explain what happened before you found her, then cut the lady's arms free. I doubt she's going to say anything to you or us if she thinks you're a monster or something. And lady, please don't run off once your binds are cut. You won't last long in this weather barefoot and wearing just a shirt. It'd be a shame if you die of exposure the night after we rescued you.

Now, who are you, and where are you from? Perhaps Eadoo knows where wherever that is, is.
No. 478076 ID: aee217

>How about I let my magical knife ask the questions?
Greetings and salutations, we are Knife! The magical bunny with a knife up its neck~
Now, since that's out of the way. Could you be kind enough to tell us your name, age, vocation, hobbies, dreams, blood type, measurements & favourite food?

We are kidding, your name is enough, tho' if you could tell us what is the last you remember prior to our encounter that would help us in clarifying what happened to you.
No. 478079 ID: bfd086

First of all it's never a good idea to start a conversation with the phrase "How about I let my knife do the talking" and second, Actually I can't think of any questions right now. All I can think of is how this lady is apparently terrified of someone who is currently brandishing a bunny is a nonthreatening manner.
No. 478097 ID: 7003a8

Lets look at the facts:
1: You're in a broken carriage that appears to have run off the road.
2: You were just tied up with a bag over your head.

If you think a kobold could do that then you have unrealistically high expectations.

We're going to cut you free, then take you somewhere safe so your kidnappers won't find you. Also so that you won't freeze.

Before that, we're going to tear a strip off your clothing and soak it with this Jakalope's blood so it looks like you were attacked by a wild animal.
No. 478155 ID: b53faa

Hello, mate! We're the magical Stabby Head Voices!
While we aren't exactly AWARE of why we exist, we do in fact have quite a bit of good advice sometimes!
However, it MIIIIGHT be a good idea to ignore a few of the more... well, outright kookoo in the kazoo voices.
You'll know them when you hear 'em.

Anyhow, nice to meet you and all that! I suggest joining up with our hermaphroditic Kobold friend here. She's friendly, at might just be your only salvation from a chilly death at the hands of various things, included but not limited to freezing to death, starvation, and/or maulings by the local wildlife!
No. 478471 ID: 8d2649
File 135542277923.jpg - (127.58KB , 800x533 , girl answere.jpg )

-*Pout* You might not harm me now, but If you think I'm trusting a tricky knife and a goblin, you're sorely mistaken. You're trying to get something from me I'm certain! I'll let you save me for now... But I've got my eyes open. You mean to say you don't know me? ME?! I am Princess Rozalia, Youngest daughter to King Dukkan the 3rd! You simply cannot be so ignorant.

-No... I'm sorry I've never heard of you.

-*pout* Such ingrate. However I suppose you do live under a rock.

-Actually i live under a tree, and I'm not a goblin.

-All the same! *Sigh* last thing I remember, I was in bed... And... and Hooded men took me away in the night... They put a bag over my head and... *sigh* I don't remember anything else... They spoke in a tongue I didn't recognize.

-I'm sorry all this is happening to you.

-No matter! Bring me back to my home and I shall reward you with a crown. Oh wait, something like you wouldn't understand the likes of currency... Let me explain it to you slowly. A crown is an ounce worth of gold, you can trade it. With it, even you can afford a months worth of proper food.

-*Sigh* I know what money is... We should get going, sun's going down and it's horribly cold at night. Knife, is there anything else you'd like to ask? And I never did get your name...
No. 478475 ID: c31f72

Why does everyone these days insist we need a name? Just call us knife, that works as a name just as well as anything else.
No. 478477 ID: bf54a8

we are just knife, or maybe The Knife. if you are feeling fancy. anyway, think we should first figure out where we are in relation to the castle.
No. 478507 ID: d9b9dc

we probably shouldn't get too attached to a name. Maybe we already have one. We're a scrap of something larger, right? Maybe we're missing memories.
No. 478524 ID: d4ad1a

Wow, that princess is kind of a bitch.

Anyway, let's roll.
No. 478526 ID: ec6d4c

A single crown? That seems cheap. Isn't the reward for rescuing a princess traditionally half the kingdom?
No. 478527 ID: 54c7e5

We could be Carl?
No. 478528 ID: bf54a8

that's what SHE will give us, who knows what dad will reward us with for the return of his daughter.
No. 478552 ID: dc4a44

We are Buttslayer, Knife of Infamy.
No. 478556 ID: 68bbc5


Here are the rewards we could potentially get from the King, in order of increasing likelihood:
A. TWO crowns.
B. A single meal.
C. The right to leave without being killed.
D. A comfy spot in the dungeon after the Princess inevitably betrays us.
No. 478583 ID: beeca1

Hey, I have an idea.

On the way there, kill something else with us and see if we can possess it too.

If we can, then stab her in the femoral artery. Don't twist us in the wound, just let her bleed out and re-insert us. We shouldn't be noticed too easily, and that way we can get the reward with less fuss and no chance of being betrayed by Princess Bitchface.

And we are Tiddles.
No. 478588 ID: a3fcea

this is neiter smarte or safe, what would happen when it will be discover, we'll all be in real trouble
No. 478589 ID: a3fcea

and we should obviusly call ourself Ms Smith
No. 478590 ID: 68bbc5

>We shouldn't be noticed too easily
>Foot-long knife sticking out of her neck

Remind me again how this plan is supposed to work?
No. 478591 ID: ec6d4c

That's premature, mean, and unlikely to be successful. I mean, really, can you see us working together well enough to put up a convincing act as a single person? :V

The problem is we're kind of not a single entity. We're a bunch of voices and ideas, all going at it at once.
No. 478592 ID: beeca1

>femoral artery

The femoral artery is in the inner thigh. If we stab at an angle, it shouldn't protrude.
No. 478595 ID: 54c7e5

Wait, don't we say these things out loud?
No. 478599 ID: 7003a8

Alright, lets get going. Walk and talk
"Youngest daughter? You're telling me you're his the lowest-ranked among his heirs?
Princess, you're telling me that your castle was successfully infiltrated by a hostile force, and you think all they did was kidnap you?
You think that somebody capable of getting a squad into the royal quarters in the dead of night and then escaping undetected would do nothing more than grabbing the least important member of the royal family?
Surely you're more savvy than that."
"Before running along back to the castle you need to touch base with your loyalist contacts to find out what else happened. At the very least to make sure it wasn't a coup. Find out if your father is still on the throne, if anybody else is missing or dead, and what response was provoked.

You need to avoid being discovered until you know who you can trust, which means keeping a low profile. I'm guessing your education didn't include training for how to hide amongst commoners, right?
Our first stop is my home. We need to get you into warmer clothes."
No. 479345 ID: 8d2649
File 135572589920.jpg - (183.56KB , 791x516 , eadoo\'s house.jpg )

-Good idea. Rozalia, do you know where your home is?

-That's Princess to you!

-*Sigh* okay but do you know where it is? All I know is there's humans that way...

-No I don't know you little rat!, I'm lost remember!

-I'm... I'm sorry...

-sounds good knife.

>Eadoo unties the princess and leads her to his home...

>Knife whispered... things... to Eadoo as they walked in the cold snow.

-Hmmn... I'm not sure about any of this, but saving this girl is the right thing to do in my opinion, and maybe we can turn a profit. Do you think helping her will bring me closer to being king? I'm not sure if killing her's smart, at least not now.

-You're right... I really hope my brothers ad sisters are okay. Oh and I hope my father is all right... I really don't know what's going on. All this is so scary. Said the princess, panicked by knifes worrying words.

>they arrive at eadoo's home.

-Oh my... You really do live under a tree.

-Yup, home sweet home.

-I'm not going in there.

-You'd best, you'll die out here at night, if you don't die of cold, monsters will tear you flesh from bone. besides, there's my puppies down there to keep you warm.

-*pout* I will not be charmed by your vile children.

-*Sigh* Come on princess get in...

-*pout* fine...

>The princess crawls into the little cavern.
No. 479347 ID: 8d2649
File 135572612651.jpg - (104.24KB , 800x600 , stuck in a tunnel.jpg )

>Rozalia crawls head first down the dark cave...

-Eew! It's slimy and cold down here, I want to go back!

-Just keep going princess...

-I'm slipping!!

-no you're not the path is straight.

>Eadoo bumps into the princesses back end as she stops dead in her tracks.

-It's dark and wet and cold!! I'm not going any deeper!

-You have to. keep going princess!

-No!! it's dark! I can't see anything!!

-*Sigh* Knife, talk some sense into her!
No. 479348 ID: 629257

Calm down, reach forward with your hands and feel the path ahead of you. Then crawl, feel, crawl again. It's ok if you take a little while to do it.
No. 479350 ID: c31f72

Aww, why do we gotta stay back here? I wanna go see the pups!
Can we control the rabbit body too? Lets go down the tunnel so we can see Eadoo's kids.
No. 479354 ID: bf54a8

[jump on her head]
No. 479359 ID: ec6d4c

Oh hey, we make kind of an adorable bunny-knife, don't we? =D

>talk some sense into her!
Hey, you're lucky you're not freezing to death in the woods right now! And that Eadoo was considerate enough to dig a home big enough for a human to fit, at all! I know you're used to the high life, but for the moment, you're out here on your own, cut off. Beggars can't be choosers. Not if they want to survive.

>I'm not sure if killing her's smart, at least not now.
No, it's not. It's also really not a nice thing to do either. Even if she's a bit of a spoiled, well, princess (an apropos cliche) she doesn't exactly deserve to be murdered for it.
No. 479381 ID: 7003a8

"You're not a terribly well-rounded princess if dirt and darkness terrify you.
You need to be able to defy your fears and soldier on to get through this. You need to do this for your kingdom and your family."
No. 479394 ID: 8b9215

Get your royal ass moving or we will cut you.
No. 479395 ID: beeca1

I wanted to kill you, but apparently it would be a bad idea.

Prove me wrong, royal bitch.
No. 479428 ID: a3fcea

if you prefer princesse, you can go back outside and freeze to death. we only have your best interest at heart (at least part of us do)
No. 479463 ID: d9b9dc

"Has to be cold on the way, or something near the entrance would feel the warm and know something lived here."
No. 480012 ID: 8d2649

having my computer fixed, be back soon...
No. 480022 ID: c9b053

take your time.
No. 480115 ID: 656f39

Well you are certainly welcome to turn around and climb back up the cold dark slimy tunnel out to the freezing cold on your own, or you can go down a few more feet and there will be a well lit, heated, comfortable house down there.
Your choice.
No. 480185 ID: 8d2649
File 135613164614.jpg - (198.65KB , 800x533 , bloody mess.jpg )

-I know I know... just hate all this *sob* I want to be back home in the warmth.
>The princess sobbed as she held firmly to the cold wet ground.
-I hate the cold, I hate slimy grime and I hate the dark!!

-It's not light because my family and I see in the dark, your eyes will adjust if you keep them open, so keep moving okay, it's warmer down there.

-N-no... Pl-please don't hurt me... I'll go, I'll keep going...
>The woman slowly moved one hand in front of the other, crawling at a snails pace...

-Thank you... I'll I'll keep going...

>You leap up on the princesses head to cross in front of her.

-Try not to startle the little ones okay, tell them you're my friend as you enter...
>Eadoo asked out to you as he pushed against Rozalia behind, trying not to touch her royal holes...

>You leap on ahead and cross down the tunnels, looking back at their pace, it should take some time for them to arrive... You enter a slightly larger hole, it's barren and empty,looking like a open hall or entry room, it's adorn with a single door. crossing through the door you land with a splash in a gooey wet puddle of blood... The room is soaked in it, the walls are littered in claw marks, most much smaller than others. All that's left in the room is a bail of straw, a blue blanket, a bauble and the occasional limb...
No. 480188 ID: ec6d4c

Oh... fuck. Something nasty has been in here.

Quick, search for survivors, monsters, or the point of entry the nasty things used.
No. 480194 ID: d20eeb

Oh no! Something seems to have killed your puppies, looks like we should either get out of here (and find revenge) or stay here (and find revenge).

Either way, revenge revenge revenge.
No. 480199 ID: c31f72

Her son heard strange spirits, drew strange things and assured her they wouldn't starve. I'm kinda thinking he got possessed and kill the others.
Not that I'm totally sure that happened, but I've heard of it happening enough times that I think its a very real possibility.
No. 480206 ID: bf54a8

move the blanket
No. 480236 ID: 68bbc5

>inb4 son turned to cannibalism
No. 480240 ID: 7003a8

Call out
Then move the blanket, then go put a paw on that red ball.
No. 480253 ID: 77b987

Is it supposed to look like something died in here? because i think something died in here.
No. 480708 ID: 8d2649
File 135648606381.jpg - (151.10KB , 800x533 , everyone she loves is dead.jpg )

>There seems to be no life in this room, the only entry is the way you came in.

>You pull the blanket away, but there's nothing more than a mostly devoured carcass.

>After moving the paw onto the orb for extra dramatic effect you way out to Eadoo.

-Oh no! Oh no what is it?! What is it?!

>Eadoo enters the room and immediately gapes in horror at the bloody mess. Her eyes watering as she looks desperately for words...

-N... No... My... My babies. Wha-what happened? ... Why?

>Eadoo begins to cry incessantly, falling to her knees.

-What happened?

-Why does this happen, my babies... Why does everyone die?!

>She cries and cries, grasping the blood soaked ground in her little claws.

>Oh, merry Christmas~!
No. 480710 ID: ec6d4c

>everyone she loves is dead.jpg
...go offer what comfort we can to her.

After that, we're going to need to figure out what to do. Not sure if it's a good idea to stay here, or even if we can.
No. 480711 ID: 4576a6

Merry fucking christmas.
No. 480732 ID: d9b9dc

This is clearly not an animal attack. Or at least, not simply one. An animal wouldn't have covered up a body like that, or left it covered.

.. we cannot stay here. This is no longer a home. Recover what has meaning to you and lead the princess away.

Kobolds are good at hiding normally, right? Surely you know of other hiding places nearby? Ones where your family might have gone in case of something horrible like this?
No. 480733 ID: bf54a8

your brother did this, but, he could of been really messy and its just the one, the rest could still be okay.
No. 480753 ID: 656f39

I am sorry for your loss, but you cant break down yet. As bad as this looks it might only be one person who died here. Its possible (though unlikely) that its not even one of your kids. You need to think, did you have a backup escape route? A meeting place if things went wrong?

A person can live without almost half there blood. maybe they all made it?
No. 480755 ID: 710329

The Princess Is Not Fit to Sleep in Bloody Cold Mud.
No. 480787 ID: 68bbc5

The fact that one of the carcasses was covered by a blanket means someone survived in fit enough condition to do it.

No one here is that intact, so at least one of your family members is still alive somewhere outside.
No. 481700 ID: 8d2649

I forgot my wacom at a friends place, so I'm stuck using my stock tablet until I get it back... I hope it's not to horrible.
No. 481702 ID: dfa22a

No problem^^
I'm sure, even a mouse would be fine enough for us^^
No. 481704 ID: 8d2649
File 135707872025.jpg - (155.49KB , 800x600 , eug___ I hate my older tablet___.jpg )

>Eadoo holds you tightly in her arms, crying...

-I'll try... I'll try to be strong... I'll try... I *sniff* I don't know where they'd go... this is our home... and it's dark out now... if they d-don't freeze... *sob* ... the boogey's will get them...

>Eadoo cries even more as he realizes the gravity of it all. He squeezes you in his arms as he whimpers, nearly breaking your little bones...

>Eadoo look's over, hesitantly at the mangled corps...

-Kaleb... you saw this coming didn't you... You knew we wouldn't starve... *sniff* you knew you'd die like this... *sob* you're to young to die like that Kaleb!!

-who's dead, what's going on?

-my brothers? Wh-why would they do this? Why! *Sob* why would my brothers do that!

-You're right... I don't feel safe here... but I don't know where to go... And it's dark now... We could run to the gnomes, but I can't guaranty that they'll let us in. *sob* We could also head towards the humans, but it's getting dark out... It's dangerous out at night... I don't know what to do... *sniff* I just don't know anymore... Knife... what should we do? what should we do knife?
No. 481705 ID: 8d2649

Eug... it's gross... I can't wait to get my tablet back... Hugo if you're reading this, I forgot my tablet on the shelf you keep your car key's on.
No. 481712 ID: bf54a8

morbid but potentially useful would be to put us in them. it may not be much but we could be them instead of a jackalope. and get revenge with their own hands.
No. 481713 ID: 68bbc5

We've got a human princess here. We'll be safest with the humans.

That's assuming, of course, the humans aren't the ones who tied her up and left her for dead.
No. 481911 ID: 828cc7

gather what you can and leave, the sooner you get to a village of some sort the better. try to put this behind you, maybe with a good pint ones we get to a tavern.
No. 481933 ID: 8d2649
File 135718792560.jpg - (174.69KB , 800x600 , burying the dead child.jpg )

-N... no... I... I don't want my sons corps following me around... I... I have to bury him, I have to bury my youngest son... please understand, I'll give you the next body we find, promise.

>Eadoo digs at the bloody wet dirt, slowly making a hole for her young.

-okay... I'm not sure if we'll get there before sun down, infact I'm sure we wont, but it's safer there than here... But is it safer out there at night? speaking of the princess... I don't like her... and I don't trust her...

>He finishes burying Kaleb and dorns the grave with his toy and blanket. after which Eadoo gathers a weeks worth of nuts and shrooms in a small bag.

-we're good to go, I've everything of value... I'm ready to leave this place behind.

>Eadoo meets up with the princess in the main room.

-what happened? all I heard was crying.

-It's... It's alright... *Sniff* we have to leave, it's not safe here anymore.

-Wha-what?! But you said?

-Come on. The sooner we leave the safer we will be, and don't take an hour to climb back up, go fast okay!

>Rozalia looks surprised and faces away.

-*pout* fine, I'll hurry away out of this rat nest anytime.
No. 481935 ID: 8d2649
File 135718846917.jpg - (163.74KB , 800x533 , monsters in the forest.jpg )

>The princess hurries up the tunnel, scurrying towards the light. You escape as the sun's going down.

-Didn't you say it was dark, cold and dangerous outside?

-I know what I said, but things have changed, now we have to go.

>Eadoo takes her hand and walks off, towards the rising moon.

-Don't run, but don't walk and don't stop. okay?

-oh... okay...

>After a while of marching the sun goes down.

-Little monster... I can't see...

-Doesn't matter. just don't let go and follow me.

-I'm scared. It's dark! I hate the dark!!

>Eadoo stops suddenly as he hears creaking in the woods...

-Stay close... stay very very close princess...

>From all around you hear cackling...

-Crap... I thought they'd stay away if we were together. Knife, give us a hand here... there's 1, 2 ,3 boogie men, maybe more. What do we do? run, fight, talk? I'm not sure. I've never had to deal with them before... they're getting close...
No. 481937 ID: bf54a8

we can draw them off. if we act as a distraction do you think you can make it someplace? can just come back and pick us up in the morning if the jackalope gets destroyed. if we have a moment tell us what you have heard about them.
No. 481941 ID: 15b5e6

>don't trust her
...she's just a spoiled, naive child. I know this is a pretty awful time for you right now, but it's not her fault.

>I've never had to deal with them before...
Well, neither have we.

You're at a disadvantage in a fight. We're your only weapon, and you only get to throw us once! Stacking ranged and dumping melee seemed like such a good idea before we discovered we'd be playing as the character's only ammo! Although I suppose if you can take out one of them, we can posses the body and turn on the other two...

You could always try diplomacy first. Can't hurt, much, and if if fails, you can still strike first, being a ranged fighter.
No. 481942 ID: c31f72

How good is your aim? Do you think you can hit them in the head with that rock on the ground?
No. 481953 ID: 6dc5a6

Grab a rock while running. Do you know if the boogie men can climb after you if you decide to get into a tree?
No. 481956 ID: b33427

Oh, for... I slip away for a couple hours and you twits tell Eadoo to leave the only shelter around to lead a useless princess through a dark, snowy, monster filled forest. It would have been much safer to stay there just by blocking up the entrance with dirt and rocks. Dammit...

Hey. Eadoo. Get us down from Princess Complains-A-Lot's shoulder so we can whisper to you. Once we're at her ear, we can tell her that was on the off chance these boogie men can understand what we're saying.

Turn to face the boogie men, get the princess behind you, and loudly ask them what they want. Keep one hand on us, ready to throw. If they don't say anything and continue to advance, assume they're hostile. In that case, I hate to say it, but take aim and throw us once you have a sure hit, then run. If you, and us, are very lucky, we can take over critters we're embedded in. Or maybe just yell at them in their minds. Really, you don't have any other options here than that, I'm sorry to say. And pray to whatever god you worship, 'cause if that doesn't work you're going to need a miracle.
No. 482122 ID: 8d2649
File 135727608143.jpg - (144.20KB , 800x533 , throw the knife.jpg )

rolled 63 = 63

I've never seen one climb, for what that's worth

>Eadoo turns and faces the strange men, looking them clear in the eyes he speaks out to them.

-Stay away boogie men. We can talk things through, no need for violence.

>The creatures wail and advance, cackling insults and mockery in unknown tongues.

-Shoot, okay let's go Knife!

>Eadoo pulls you from your bunny sheath and hurls you at the nearest creature, waiting for it to close in.

Ballistic skill = 49 + 15 for aimed shot + 5 magical knife...
Below 69, hit
Below 15 critical.
above 70 miss
No. 482123 ID: 51f375

Alright, next stop: boogey's face. Population, knife.

Wheee~ *thunk* *ghlush*
No. 482124 ID: a1c774

-immediate posession attempt. even if its still alive-
No. 482125 ID: dc4a44

Do we possess them now?
No. 482127 ID: 51f375

Oh, and Eadoo, if you can still hear us, your priority now that you're unarmed is to keep yourself and the princess away from these guys. Reload with rocks or something if you can. (Seriously, if we reach a town, we are buying you so many knives).
No. 482132 ID: 656f39

"MWAHAHAHAHAHA! it's possession time BITCH!"
No. 482161 ID: 8d2649
File 135730494782.jpg - (167.09KB , 800x533 , knife in face copy.jpg )

>You sail through the air spinning and plunge into the creature soft skull. It's burlap skin tears open as you punch your sharp body into it. Inside you feel innumerable little crawlies running about around your blade. the beast cries out in pain, shaking its head violently.

>You attempt to posses the creature and find it's insect mind rather easy to dominate. You have assumed direct control of: Boogie man

-Shhkraaa kibkib? Trikkakka!

>The others look at you in a mix of panic and delight. Eadoo and the princess scamper off as soon as they can.
No. 482162 ID: bf54a8

hahah, this is interesting.
No. 482178 ID: 0b214d


Try to speak through the Boogey man, try to make it sound as intimidating as possible, work those vocal muscles of this meatbag body!


If they don't listen to us and/or try to attack Rozalia or Eadoo, attack them while trying to see if we can do more than just possess bodies, like making it just a bit stronger through magic or utilizing it's endorphins, adrenaline or whatever equivalent of those a Boogeyman has.
No. 482194 ID: d42c7a

Oh. Goodness. Nightmare before Christmas style boogeymen. Bags of bugs. I guess then the best way to kill them is fire. Or anything that destroys or damages the bag holding them together.

Attack other boogie creatures! Tear out their seams!

If we even up on the losing side of the battle (it is two on one, all we have going for us is insanity and surprise) pull the knife out of our head and jam it into one of the others.
No. 482196 ID: 7003a8

"You chose this."
Then bite one of the boogiemen's faces off.
[Maximum power!]
Adrenaline can make muscles rend themselves and bone alike, but since we can't bring this body near civilized creatures anyway we don't care if it's ruined in the fight. Once we've won it only needs to carry us back to Eadoo, so lets not stress the legs.
No. 482199 ID: 0b214d


Slight adjustment, as these Boogeymen are not technically flesh and blood.

No. 483173 ID: 8d2649
File 135752316791.jpg - (219.23KB , 800x533 , tear em up.jpg )

>You're new eyes adjust to how well this body see's, it's almost sunny in this dark midnight.


>They stare panicked in confusion, one steps away and moves towards your friends.

>You lunge towards the boogie man, slashing at him with your fists. You find you could probably push a body beyond it's limits though this one lacks the means, fortunately it is plenty strong enough. It struggles back in panic but is caught in surprise as you pin it down beneath you, you claw and bite, tearing it open and pulling it's bugs out, crushing them in your grasp. The creature wriggles and dies beneath you. The other boogie ran off screaming away from Eadoo and the princess.
No. 483180 ID: be7fd9

Alright then. Battle won. Hopefully the surviving bogey spreads rumors about the kobold with the terrifying monster knife and the next thing will think twice about messing with us.

I guess we head out after Eadoo and the princess.

Can we tell if the body we're possessing is still alive or not? If it is, it might be problematic the next time Eadoo wants to throw us.
No. 483181 ID: c31f72

If our body is still alive, we should stand in a fire until it does and have Eadoo put us back in the bunny. I liked being in the bunny.
No. 483275 ID: c9b053

call out to eadoo and the princess. they should know it's safe. We should keep this body at least until dawn, I don't think anyone will fuck with a boogie man, not even an angry bear.
No. 483278 ID: d4ad1a

Boogie man body is good for now. Makes a good guard for the night time.
No. 483301 ID: 14bafe

If we do eventually set this body on fire though, it could serve as a good stress test for how much damage something can take before we are unable to keep using it.

Also, for what happens if we remove the knife of our own will, or if the mind comes back after we're removed. If it's on fire, then it won't try to attack us probably, even if it does retain its mind. The stress test would come after this test, of course.
No. 483304 ID: 0b214d


Oh no, we are not destroying this body if I have anything to say about it. It is going to serves for as long as possible, helping us to keep Eadoo, Rozalia and any future friendlies, safe.

Also, just in-case we should check how the previous owner of this body is doing. I'd rather not get blindsided and ejected. Better to utterly crush and imprison any remnants of the former owner's personality/soul, while keeping any useful memories/skills.
No. 483388 ID: b33427

Lets out Eadoo's name and say we killed one boogieman, the other ran off, and that it's safe to come back now. When she comes back, we better warn her that this body we're possessing isn't dead, so she shouldn't pull us out unless she absolutely has to.

If there's any holes or rips in our boogieman's body, lets rip some of the burlap "skin" from the dead one to tie over them to keep any of our insect innards from falling out. ...Maybe we could eat the rest of the boogieman corpse as well. We kinda want to keep this body going, and feeding it might help in that regard.
No. 483717 ID: 8d2649
File 135769655511.jpg - (210.55KB , 800x533 , leveling up.jpg )

rolled 100 = 100

>You feel the life of the creature in which you are firmly planted. But feeling it's wounds, it won't life long. It has a day at best.

>You pull and rip away bugs and burlap from your brothers corps. eating it as you feel your body grow larger and healthier. Soon it's little more than a reminisce of it's terror.

the bugs mind withing your body is weak and frail, you could easily crush it.
Below 90 you expel the former boogies mind.

-it's safe, you won?
>Eadoo say's peaking from behind a tree.

-Good I was so very worried... And it looks like you've gotten the body you wanted. The princess is fine, just a little shocked.

>Eadoo leveled up Rogue Lv.2
Give +5 to two different stats and pick one of the following perks...
Watery eyes [+10 to factors of cuteness]
Pilfering hands [+5 to slight of hand]

-Eum... Do you think we should stay here or keep moving?
No. 483719 ID: 8d2649

Oh forgot to mention, you got a snaky snake of what's his face, the guy you ate.
No. 483721 ID: 8d2649

it's a little venomous. could likely kill something small...
No. 483735 ID: be7fd9

>Below 90 you expel the former boogies mind.
>rolled 100 = 100
...oh come on, the one time we roll a perfect hundred it's a bad thing? >:V

>level up!
+5 to ballistics, of course. And... Cha, I guess? We're going to need to be charming to survive when we show up penniless in town. And get Watery eyes.

>Do you think we should stay here or keep moving?
Well, here's probably safe if we've scared off the local monsters, but we're going to need some kind of shelter so you two don't freeze, right?
No. 483737 ID: bf54a8

grab snake and push it back in mouth.
No. 483744 ID: 572be1

Suggesting Fellowship and Charisma, with Watery Eyes.
No. 483752 ID: e7ad94

I vote Agility, Charisma and Watery eyes. We well be so cute that we will not need weapon skills.

"We should keep moving. It's not safe to stay here there may be more creatures nearby. Also i have a sneaky suspicion that this body will not function very well after dawn we should move on while we still can"
No. 483769 ID: 0b214d


I think the roll is good from what I can see. Halo said that rolling bellow 90 we 'expel' the Boogeyman's mind. At 100 we probably get to keep it, crush it and utilize any useful memories/experiences for ourselves.

Am I right, Halo? Please tell me I'm right? :(


This looks fine to me. That and it's time we stopped using our "shouty" voice.

Anyway, make sure to keep that snake from biting Eadoo or whatever.
No. 483770 ID: 0b214d


Along with possibly consuming it's soul, if it has one.
No. 483771 ID: be7fd9

Agreed we can go back to using the indoor voice. :p

I'm kind of surprised no one else wants to stack ballistics. It's Eadoo's core combat stat, and with only a single piece of ammo, we really can't afford misses.
No. 483772 ID: 0b214d


Alright then, changing my vote on stat level-up to...

Ballistic Skill

Pilfering Hands
No. 483780 ID: c31f72

Well, nothing to do but see how well a boogeyman can dance!
No. 483941 ID: a3fcea

finish playing metro 2033
see that name
No. 484103 ID: 67cbdb

charisma balisticskill watery eyes
No. 484109 ID: b74c5e

Voting this, but with Watery Eyes instead of Pilfering Hands
No. 484232 ID: a3fcea

balisstic ,cha ,watery eye
No. 485178 ID: 8d2649
File 135818439690.gif - (195.01KB , 800x533 , Its-a-Boogie-dance-party.gif )

Eadoo ups his charisma and ballistic skill by 5 and gains watery eyes.

>You break into sudden dance.

"We should keep moving. It's not safe to stay here there may be more creatures nearby. Also i have a sneaky suspicion that this body will not function very well after dawn we should move on while we still can"

-Okay let's keep moving then, if we keep going we can probably find some shelter before long.

>Gatling has also leveled up. Sentient shard Lv.6
choose one of two perks
Telepathy [Communicate telepathically with allies withing short range]
Multy-possession [dominate up to 2 hosts at a time]

>You march off on a steady pace.
No. 485181 ID: c31f72

We are the best dancer.
Anyways, I vote for multi possession.
No. 485182 ID: be7fd9

Oh, so we have a name after all?

Telepathy is mandatory. Or else Eadoo won't be able to communicate with us when she brings us into towns where undead knife-monsters would raise questions, or we don't have a body available, etc. We want to be able to communicate with her as a concealed knife before she opts to throw us into people's faces.
No. 485185 ID: 7003a8

Telepathy. Undetectable ranged communication? Yes please!
No. 485186 ID: 76b151

Telepathy is good.
No. 485191 ID: 710329

Choose telepathy
No. 485227 ID: bf54a8

telepathy. and we just need to stand around until sunrise. when this body is sun blasted it will disperse and we will fall to the ground. safe way to kill it.
No. 485230 ID: b6edd6

Yes, telepathy is useful for secrets, and secrets are important for becoming king.

The boogieman boogie!
No. 485380 ID: 0b214d


Telepathy? Yes, please! Also, once we get it, let's test it out on Eadoo, so that she knows we can converse with her secretly.

<"Testing newly gained telepathy. One, two, three... Eadoo, can you hear me? Though, try to reply by thinking, we want to keep this a secret for now.">
No. 485948 ID: 8d2649
File 135846877061.jpg - (217.27KB , 800x533 , found a tavern.jpg )

>You can now communicate telepathically with allies.

"Testing newly gained telepathy. One, two, three... Eadoo, can you hear me? Though, try to reply by thinking, we want to keep this a secret for now."

"Oh my! How long have you had that ability? This will be very helpful for when you're in your weapon form."

>You wander off into the woods in search of friendly life. after a short trek you find a beaten road, the likes of which lead up to a small house. It's brightly lighten inside and filled with booming clamor.

-A tavern, what luck!

-hold on little runt.

>The princess protests.

-see that emblem above the door? They're non loyalists, they don't take kindly to royals. non the less we are looking for shelter. On that note, as non loyalists they may not know much of the royal family. I'll let you and your knife decide what we do... I'm trusting you on this one.
No. 485949 ID: 8d2649

oh god I though I erased those lumpy snow mounds and where's the snowflakes?!
*Sigh* please ignore the uglyness...
No. 485950 ID: bf54a8

princess, just don't tell them or act like a princess. let eadoo do the talking.
No. 485951 ID: be7fd9

>How long have you had that ability?
We just figured it out.

Huh. People who aren't loyal to the crown openly flaunt it and display emblems? Your regime may be in some trouble, princess.

How well known is the princess' face? I assume she's not on coins or stuff, yet. And she's not wearing any royal emblems or symbology that I can see. We could probably pass the princess off as a regular person, if she's careful with her attitude, behavior, and speech. If she's got a recognizable accent, she probably shouldn't speak at all.

I doubt horrific forest monsters are welcome. We'll have to give up this body, and let Eadoo carry us.

We'll have to rely on Eadoo being charming to get food and shelter, since I don't think we have any money or things to offer in trade...
No. 485978 ID: b33427

Frankly, this is not the place I'd like to stay right now, but we're out of options. The princess will probably not be recognized, being the youngest and least important member of the royal family. She just has to shut up and clamp her royal demeanor down. There's probably going to be a lot of anti-royal talk in there, and her blowing her stack will get her killed or captured.

Alright, princess, clamp your mouth shut and swallow your royal pride; Either one will get you in trouble here. You're going to have to play mute as long as you're around the non-loyalists. Use our telepathy to relay anything important to Eadoo or us.

Now, what I'm thinking is that Eadoo and Rozalia will run full tilt, through the front door, and Eadoo will slam it shut and throw the bolt on it, and the both of them start barricading it with whatever is nearby. Their sudden entrance will shock everyone in there. Then we'll throw this boogieman against the door and make a ruckus. Eadoo then can shout that there's a heap of monsters out there and they need to barricade, right now.

We'll keep banging and scratching on the door, staying away from the windows. But if any of the tavern occupants decide to fight us, we'll run away into the night, then slink back into telepathy range, and proceed to bang on the doors until they try to get us again.

We'll figure out you two's cover story as well. Something where Eadoo found this girl near the road, couldn't communicate with her no matter what, and decided to bring her here for the humans to sort out. We'll play this like Rozalia has a curse of non-communication on her; One where she can't speak, anything she writes is jumbled garbage, and even her pantomime makes no sense.
No. 486013 ID: 7003a8

There is no choice. With how she's dressed snow on the ground means sleeping outside would be fatal.
Princess, you've had acting lessons, right? Tonight you're a merchant's mute daughter, who was separated from your father when your caravan was attacked in the middle of the night. Eadoo was hired to guide the caravan through the forest, and snuck you out of the attacker's camp because her paycheck is riding on it. Pick a reasonably distant city to be heading towards.
Ideally, your destination would be a medium-sized city in a neighboring country which is at odds with your royal family, and you'd claim it was soldiers shaking down the caravan.

Naturally, you can't say any of this since you're mute. Instead you'll be playing along if people pressure Eadoo into saying what's going on.
If you need help acting meek, humble, and scared, then just remember you're walking into a building full of people who would love to rape and murder you.

Eadoo? Don't offer any information unasked, and if anybody asks it's none of their damn business unless they plan to buy your story with two meals and a corner to sleep in.
No. 486751 ID: 8d2649
File 135882186980.jpg - (171.32KB , 800x533 , into the tavern.jpg )

-It's true. Our throne has had enemies ever since we started our rule.

>The princess states.

Only 20 years now have our own people been waving flags against us, our fair kingdom has been on the verge of civil war for nearly 15 years, but it's never seen day yet. My father fears for the worst, but his advisers tell him that war will never break out withing our own walls. It's a shame though... We nobles work so hard to make our kingdom a good place to live for everyone. managing taxes, building laws, raising militia, storing resources... But the peasants see none of our efforts. I only wish they could see the good we give them.

-okay I think we can do this, Princess, think you can play mute?

-Yes yes... you little rodent... I'll play a dumb mute if it will keep me safe.

>Eadoo runs full tilt towards the tavern with the princess. you chase after them wailing and calling out in aggression. They run in and hold the door against you. You scratch and claw at the wooden planks, banging and clashing hard.

>Inside the tavern the music stops, most everyone looks over at Eadoo and Rozalin.


>Eadoo whispers... immediately two armed men approach the door.

-Looks like a boogie.
-How many?
-just one small one at that
-Ha! I'll rip it a new one!!
-Just don't get ripped yourself.
-Step aside lassies~

>The tall beast of a man pushes Eadoo aside and swings open the door. you see his long brown hair covering his eyes above his massive frame, he pulls at his longsword before you run away burning from the light.

-Hahaa! I scared it off just by my gaze!

>He returns to his seat and downs a pint of ale loudly and life returns to the halls, clamor and chanting fills the air.

-Have a seat.

>A waitress asks as she picks Eadoo up unto his feet.

*Well that was spectacular, doesn't seem like anyone's asking about where we came from yet, and no one seems to have noticed the princess.*

>Rozaline's stomach growls loudly.

* *Sigh* Neither one of us has any coin and I've lost my rations when we ran from the boogie men. there's a few non humans here... look's like they don't discriminate here. Got any plans?*

I've been rather busy lately, sorry for not posting as much, I'll try to pick up
No. 486758 ID: 7b0ada

> Got any plans?
Charm yourself a meal. Use charisma and cuteness in place of coin.
No. 486783 ID: 6dc5a6

Look around the room for itinerant adventurers. Make a job offer or better yet partnership with one of the adventurers to transport a magic knife to some set of mysterious ruins. Promise these adventurers most of the spoils. Later on check with the princess if there are any major libraries where we can find information on ancient ruins to make our bullshit story more convincing.
No. 486981 ID: 6b2cd2
File 135890051338.jpg - (165.06KB , 800x534 , begging.jpg )

>Eadoo looks around carefully for a spare adventurer to recruit, but almost everyone present are clearly in group or part of a lumbering crew. of the lot one table stands out, a group of knolls and a very loud one at that.

*I'm not sure if tricking someone into following us is wise. Besides our goal is to save the princess right? Unless you've got some cards up your sleeves?*

>Eadoo tugs on the waitresses dress as she passes by...

-Excuse me miss... My friend and I, we're cold and tired. We're lost and hungry. and we have nothing... if you could please please spare anything you have, we aren't asking for much and I'll work if I must.

>Eadoo looks up as cutely as possible.

Charisma=43+10[watery eyes]+5[circumstantial bonus]...
Below 58 partial success
Below 38 success
below 10 critical success
No. 486991 ID: 6b2cd2

rolled 20 = 20

woops!! sorry
No. 486995 ID: 78c6ea

No. 487014 ID: 7b0ada

Whoo. We correctly predicted what we'd need at level up.

Enjoy the free meal, and remember to be gracious and thankful, and remain cute.
No. 487017 ID: b33427

Smile the biggest, cutest smile you can at the waitress and thank her greatly, no matter what she gives for food. Princess, remember to not act ungrateful for whatever you get; Any food is good food right now.

Find the nearest open spot near the hearth, and dig into that chow while you thaw out. Listen in to what the other patrons are talking about, especially those gnolls that are making such a racket.
No. 487039 ID: 6dc5a6

While you're eating it might be a good idea to think in the long term here. You need some information on these nonloyalists, get an idea of what their chances are at defeating the current regime. If there's been unrest for a long time as Rozaline says then I wouldn't bet on royalty getting out of the conflict intact.
No. 487178 ID: 9aed29
File 135897612744.jpg - (156.90KB , 800x533 , plentifull maid.jpg )

>The maid comes back with a bowl of mashed taters and muton in it's juices.

-here eat up, it's on me. it's meant for that table, but I'll gladly make those noisy gnolls wait.

>she whispers as she hands you the plates. Eadoo smiles widely as he smells in the bloody meat sauce

-I can't think of anything you could do to help. But if you can come up with something, track me down, you could make a few good coins, maybe something extra~

>She winks and walks away to serve other tables.

*It's far from fit for someone such as I, but I'm cold and hungry and it is warm and food. Eadoo seems to appreciate it, but that's because she's never had better is it? *pout* I'll have to show her what real food tastes like when we return to my court. I... I'm thinking maybe I'll keep Eadoo. After what happened to her family, I think she'll be happy as a pet in my home. But don't tell her, I think she may be insulted and I'd like to keep it a surprise...*

>Eadoo and Rozalin huddle up near the flames of the hearth, the princess tries her best not to touch the food with her hands but Eadoo doesn't think twice about it. he scans the room listening to his surroundings...

-Twain ate some leafs on accident yesternight, he's been right sick since.
-Ahhh... it won't kill him, but he'll think twice about it from now on.

-damn elves been picking out wood from our piles at night. you'd think they'd be more respectful of the woods.

-You drink your liquor curd, real gnolls drink liquor like water, so get drinking!

-you think treasure can be found in the river? We'll have to wait till it thaws in the summer...
-yeah but when we do we'll be rich as kings.

-that half trolls a piece of work, she may be blind, but she's got some good meat on her Hehee~

-Curd you filth, don't contest my authority! I'll show you who's the bigger man, I'll show you right here infront of everyone, is that how you want it you slut?! so drink up you mangy mutt.

*Sheesh... That gnoll captain's got a foul temper. she's rather harsh with her men.*

*No one seems to be openly insulting the crown, but almost every member of the staff have the non loyalist emblem on their backs. Why? think we can use these men to over throw the king? Don't speak of this to Rozalin if you do.*
No. 487181 ID: 735f4f

I wouldnt worry about using anyone to overthrow anything just yet. Need to focus on food and shelter and getting the lay of the land.
No. 487182 ID: bf54a8

princess: tell us about the crown's laws and such, what could the royal family POSSIBLY have done to garner any hate? anything really, even a slightly mean thing.

eadoo: depends on what exactly the crown did to make them hate it. if they are fine with royalty but the current king passed some unfavorable laws then they would be fine with siding with the princess. if they hate the very concept of royalty then nothing can be done to get their help.
No. 487185 ID: 7003a8

Talking about politics can start fights even in the best of circumstances. This is not the best of circumstances.
If somebody brings it up to you then claim you know nothing about what's going on since you rarely have contact with civilization. Don't even let people know you know what the symbol means.
Let them rant about their problems with the royal family and inform yourself that way.
No. 487253 ID: b6edd6

Eadoo could probably just ask what that badge they are wearing means. (And princess, remember not to argue with them out loud even if they say untrue and slanderous things.)
No. 487259 ID: 40b67d

eadoo do you have any performing or entertaining skill you could use to earn money?

or is there a dart board? if yes ... we have no money to bet ):
No. 487464 ID: 48459c

You know, there is nothing actually indicating that this body will be destroyed by sunlight, the bogeys just hate it.
No. 487523 ID: 908c2d

[To Rozalin]
*The sentiment is appreciated, but yes, most people wouldn't exactly appreciate being called a pet.*

That's not a bad idea, except for the lack of seed money to go gambling with. And even if the princess has anything valuable on her, it probably wouldn't be wise to show anything that might be recognized as royal here.
No. 487575 ID: 4068cc
File 135915731524.jpg - (264.16KB , 800x600 , the maid fell.jpg )

*Thanks, I'm feeling better already, only having to split a meal like this in two, it feels great to be full again. But don't doubt me. I may be small but I'll do anything to get what I want. I'll be king, and I won't ever let anything happen to my kingdom. Never again...*

*If I'm not mistaken, it's about money. The peasants have very little and the nobles have very much. But they simply don't understand the needs for taxes, for hierarchy. But I suppose it's not entirely surprising, they are simple and only think of them self's, they are only peasants after all.*
>The princess rattles on about how superior her understanding of wealth is...

*I've been meaning to ask, are you alright? You burned when the light touched you. sounds like they when out. if you're willing to burn again I'll trust on with your body.*

*I don't suppose she would, even though it would be perfect for someone like her. to live in a nice little garden, to have friends her size, not needing to worry about death or hunger. But she would have to give away her freedom. And we all know what happens when you strip people of that...*

*I can sing, but they already have a bard, I can hunt but they don't need any prey, and it's dangerous at night and Even if I wanted to use my manhood to gain any coin, I doubt anyone would be interested... I suppose I could give a massage with my little hands?*

>Eadoo waves over the waitress to ask her about her badge, she smiles and walks over but as she passes by, the gnoll chieftan shows anger.

-Why are you so interested in that little rat! Ehh? You serving her for free! Giving her My food, talking behind my back!!

-N-n-no you're wrong...

-Haa! I know a elf when they lie. Chef! Get us more liquor!

>The gnoll hurls the girl to the ground. The waitress tries to get to her feet but is greeted by the chieftains roar which fills the air with the smell of rancid alcohol and burn the fire a little brighter.

-You filthy elf, don't you dare disrespect my authority, I should plow you right here! Show you who's in charge. Bring me more food! not you, you stay there...

>Eadoo looks around but nobody stands up against the beast, she's taller than a man and armed with claws, teeth and spears. The princess has made herself very very small.

*Knife... I'm going to be king one day. I swear on my fathers name I will. Tell me knife what would a king to?*

>Eadoo puts his bowl down and stands up.
No. 487576 ID: 78c6ea

No. 487577 ID: bf54a8

eadoo: are there any throwable weapons around? if not then we may need to take drastic measures... you are weak right now but this will easily garner you respect. say that "the the only reason anyone listens to what the gnoll has to say is because she has lackeys to back her up, that if she was alone no one would listen to her". this will make her decide to go one on one. if she takes out a spear say "oh, you need a weapon to fight a little kobold?"

[sneak very close to the door]
No. 487578 ID: 6dc5a6


Get the gnoll outside then stab us in. We'll take care of the rest and cause the gnoll to accidently break her head on the ground. Slippery ice you know?
No. 487579 ID: c31f72

I wonder how loud our telepathy can get? Lets try screaming incoherently into the gnolls mind at max volume. Making sure we don't scream into the princess or Eadoo's minds, of course.
No. 487584 ID: 908c2d

>Wealth, economics
Yes, it can be a very complicated issue. A functional classless society is next to impossible to pull off. Also difficult is pulling off the correct balance between necessary taxation to provide the service of government (infrastructure, military, government aid and recovery, etc) and undue burden. Really, it's hard to judge without getting into a lot of messy particulars which we really don't have time for.

>You okay?
Uh, maybe? Not sure, we haven't been an undead bag of bugs very long... [assess health of host body]

>Pet nice, but costs freedom and dignity
Well, yes. But have you considered there are other ways to improve her life?

...Eadoo, I'm slightly worried you were willing to suggest prostituting yourself before the crazy voices.

>Tell me knife what would a king do?
...a king would stand up for the downtrodden, and fight oppression. That girl is suffering because she showed you kindness. A king would come to her defense.

Best bet is to draw the gnoll outside. Taunt it, throw something at it (there has to be a knife or something lying around you can snatch up. Everyone is distracted by the commotion). Then outside we can aid you. Sick the bedbug body on him, let you recover the knife, and stick it to him good.
No. 487604 ID: cc2e78

you got that bowl i say pick it up and see if you cant throw it at the gnolls head

then call it out for being so weak that it can only feel strong when beating on the defenseless,

after which you should see if you cant get it out side and we can back you up from there.
No. 487612 ID: 40b67d

a king would show his auditory in a non violent manner.

a king would show his worth whit his mind not whit his fist

challenge the gnoll chief in a test of skills, 3 task shall be given, one chosen by you, the second by the gnoll and the last by everyone in the bilding so that they are fair. best 2 out of 3 and the loser shall obey the winner.
No. 487614 ID: 7003a8

Oh, that's easy. Hide behind the big strong gnoll when you get the signal.
Remember to pull us out from this body as soon as you can.

*Get a running start and bodyslam through a window. Then chase Eadoo towards the Gnoll while screaming incomprehensibly. Try to kill the Gnoll when Eadoo puts it between herself and us.*
No. 487617 ID: bf54a8

supernatural creatures cannot cross thresholds uninvited. and eadoo may not have the authority to invite us.
No. 487628 ID: beeca1

Public houses are public. No invitation is needed, establishments such as these welcome all and sundry in hopes of making money.
No. 487639 ID: 40b67d

a king would show his *authority* in a non violent manner.
No. 487647 ID: 53688c

Whatever we do, we can't allow Eadoo to appear to be associated with the boogieman in any way.

That would do us far more harm than beating this gnoll would do us good.
No. 487654 ID: 735f4f

A king protects his people. Violence is always a option but if you can avoid it then it saves on wear and tear. As for the light its probably just the whole boogie man body thing. Should be able to use the knife just fine.
No. 487681 ID: 656f39

Gnolls typically only respect strength and see everything and everyone as a personal challenge hmm...

You should point out that she owes the waitress an apology for "accidentally" knocking her over when this turns into an insult of some kind you should tell the gnoll to "pick on someone your own size". After the inevitable witty retort you can then reply with "ya well i am still big enough to beat you" or some such, then ask her to step outside so we can settle this like gnolls. If she turns down your challenge she looks weak and hopefully you will be able to teach her a lesson in proper manners. By you I mean us in case it wasn't clear. After the fight is won we you can then reenter the bar and lecture the other gnolls on why you should always be polite and to never mess with the staff. Be careful though there is a small chance the gnoll will fly into a murderous rage when you challenge her authority. make sure you have a weapon on hand even if its a dinner knife. feel free to paraphrase anything you like, I don't mean to sound OCD with all my "".

If possible have this whole conversation with her next to a window so we can break in and clock her one before this escalates any further.

Kind of sad that no one can come up with a way to calm down this situation without violence though.I guess its understandable seeing as we are a tool made for stabbing people, not a lot of talking necessary in that profession. We will have to work on that.
No. 487739 ID: 40b67d

what about that?
that could easily be no-violent
No. 487909 ID: 9ddf68

Before we try anything lets see if we can use our telepathy to make chief think one of her ... uh, "teammates" insulted her, so they start a bar brawl, the cheif is drunk so it could work but only if we can talk to non-friendlies. Then try and get the waitress away from the fight.
If that fails, well try to talk it out, maybe even try and get some of the other bar goers to try and stand up for the waitress, but failing that throw your bowl or something at the cheif than run out of the tavern with the gnoll chasing you and we can attack the cheif and make it look like the cheif was just a victom of some random monster attack.( the runing may not look very kingly, but hell you still were the only one that stood up to the gnoll so points for that)
... oh and if the gnoll destorys our body make sure you get the knife back.
No. 488037 ID: 53470c

we should totaly puke bugs on that gnollbith while screaming obscenities into her mind. wait, can we telepath from this distance?

[communicate with gnoll leader] Hello, child. your cruelty belies your weakness, for you can but prey on those less able than yourself. Not very sporting of you. We are going to make you hurt for that.
No. 488215 ID: 85e7b9
File 135934310001.jpg - (190.39KB , 800x533 , chalenging the beast.jpg )

>You can't speak to the gnoll chieftain as she is not in your party.

[assess health of host body]
>You've recovered from your surface burns

>Well, yes. But have you considered there are other ways to improve her life?
*I suppose there are plenty, but very few I could offer. Understand I simply could not offer such a thing as a fief to a rodent of her stature.*

...Eadoo, I'm slightly worried you were willing to suggest prostituting yourself before the crazy voices.
*we both thought of it, but I'm flattered you retained yourself from suggesting it. But understand that as ungrateful as it may be, I'll stop at nothing to reach my goals, and we need the money.*

*Don't tempt me*

*We'll try to solve this without violence. But in case diplomacy fails, it's a good thing we've got a solid plan B. And trust me I wont hesitate to let you deal with this. But let's at least try to talk things through*

>Eadoo walks over to the massive gnoll, waving false pride and courage as he advances.

-Hey! Who do you think you are? Accidentally knocking over that waitress like that. You should apologize~

-*Gggrrr* How dare you, filthy rodent, I'll show you to disrespect my authority!

>The chieftain howls as she brandishes her pride through her loincloth.

-You don't scare me, I've got my own.

>Eadoo says as he mocks her movements. The angry gnoll replies with heavier growling and rage.

-And it's plenty big enough to beat yours, so how about we settle this like men? Real men, have a seat... You won't break me with aggression or your hyena "psudo penis"

>She barks aggressively at the remark.

-So here's how you win, There'll be three challenges, chosen by me, you and our lovely audience. One each, and he who wins the most is crowned victor. And the winner has authority over the other.

-Ha! You think I'd agree to such bullshit! I wager Curds life instead, and if you loose you'll taste my pride!!

*Okay... The chieftain agreed, but it's still dangerous, stay near the windows encase things go sour. But now we need a challenge. Think of something we can win.*

>The princess stares in disbelief at what she just bared witness to...

*Did... Did little Eadoo just say she had a..? Is she really gonna take on that giant Gnoll?!*
No. 488217 ID: beeca1

Yes and yes, Princess.

Challenges? As per tradition, I suggest the oldest game.
No. 488224 ID: 908c2d

>*Did... Did little Eadoo just say she had a..? Is she really gonna take on that giant Gnoll?!*
Well, she's certainly gotta have balls to take on that gnoll. Which, yes, is what she's doing.

Nice trash talking, by the way, Eadoo.

Knife darts, obviously. (Preferably best of 3 or something so one bad roll can't do us in!).
No. 488226 ID: 7003a8

"You'd bet somebody else's life? What sort of shameless coward puts their own pride before their people's lives?
I'm be tempted to call a contest of bravery, since you'd have already forfeited."
No. 488230 ID: abdd5f


Eadoo's Manly Levels would increase a thousand fold if he said that.

It would also be suicide, but totally worth it.
No. 488232 ID: 9ddf68

well you seem to be pretty damn good at throwing sharp things at other things so for our challenge knife throwing or darts, but if we do that lets hope they have a dart board that comes with darts or we are going to have to ask to borrow some knives because your only knife is currently inside of a monster.
No. 488254 ID: 976ee5

Yeah, a contest of darts isn't off. It is, after all, a tavern, so it ought to have a dartboard.

I trust the audience to choose the oldest game, as it is after all, the most definitive challenge anyone knows.

Just to be safe, though, have the taverngoers make the first choice. actually, its entirely possible they would choose a game of darts too, as it is, again, a tavern. that or they may suggest a drinking game, but I figure the gnoll may will choose that, for free booze. that, or a contest of strength.

This is all mere assumption and theory, however.
No. 488397 ID: 7003a8

It wouldn't be suicide, since we could just go kool-aid man on the window and fuck up the gnoll.
No. 488401 ID: 68bbc5

which would be social suicide
No. 488421 ID: 735f4f

As long as we don't have open contact with anyone it would just be a stray boogie man bursting in. Although this body is apparently weak against light. So not the best idea.
No. 488490 ID: b33427

Actually, could we just open the door instead of busting through the window? We do have more smarts than a boogieman, so we can operate door latches and such. Just pop the latch, then slam the door open. It'll be as surprising, and doesn't break a hard to replace window, so that'll be better for the tavern owner.

If we do bust in, we should charge on Eadoo first so she can pull us out before this body is destroyed, either by the light or attackers. The body will either die or go feral again, but in the latter case it won't last long. This'll get us back in her hands, ready for another throw, and avoids the possibility of another picking us up if we attacked right away.
No. 488491 ID: 65ddc7

Trying to get them outside for any reason would be a good idea. Having the knoll distracted then suddenly get its throat ripped out by a rogue boogen. At the very least we can use the boogie man bashing into the room as a fine distraction to throw the knoll off in the middle of some contest. Throw a rock through a window or something, charge in despite the light if we can.
No. 489112 ID: 4d95cd
File 135965235532.jpg - (214.75KB , 800x533 , Shenzi pissed.jpg )

*Oh my~!*
>The princess exclaims in shock

*I'll try to keep my cool, but I'm getting shaky. I'm sure I can win a game of darts*

*Good thinking, I'll leave my choice as a trump card.*

-You'd bet somebody else's life, what sort of shameless coward puts their own pride before their people's lives? I'm be tempted to call a contest of bravery, since you'd have already forfeited.

-Hold your tongue rodent! Gnolls are brave! Same as it is expected of your kind to hide in holes and die young, any self respecting gnoll would throw it's self in the line of danger for his commander! I'm helping Curd be less worthless.

>The hyena seems outstandingly angry. gripping a knife in her claw.

-You want a game of courage, HA! I spit on your curage!!

>She slams the blade into the table.

-I-is th-that your challenge? ... Coward~

>The Gnolls face churns with white rage. She howls tremendously.

-If that is your choice... I'll stab between your fingers, if you flinch I'll have won your challenge.

>She slams her hand down and spreads her claws...

-cut me and you'll die, kobold.
No. 489113 ID: 908c2d

Oh, we're playing the knife game? Hmm. I wonder if that's a melee or dex roll. I suppose it could be a ballistics roll if you threw knives between her fingers...

Pity we're not with you. If you screwed up and hit her, we could try and possess.

Good luck, Eadoo. Do your best. We're ready if things go south.
No. 489117 ID: bf54a8

no fear.
No. 489119 ID: f5092b
File 135965370697.jpg - (15.54KB , 207x200 , shooty_look_by_mistermech-d4q39y3.jpg )

put your hand first, and as the blade come down look down his eyes whit this stare
No. 489142 ID: 14bafe

We might be able to artillery the knife, call it a ballistics roll, and seriously freak out our gnoll captain here.

Theatric idea; throw up the knife, put your hand over hers, and have the knife land between both of your fingers.
I'm not sure we actually have the skillz+rollz to pull it off, but it would be badass.
No. 489148 ID: 0b214d


Even just overlaying Eadoo's hand over the gnoll's would look badass.
No. 489165 ID: 4d95cd
File 135966371504.jpg - (171.59KB , 800x533 , playing the game.jpg )

rolled 19, 31, 21 = 71

making the stab would be a dexterity check(39)+10=49 for prepared strike.
Throwing the knife would be ballistic skill(54)-10=44 for awkward movements.
Both will have to make a will save(38)+5 for desperate courage
the gnoll's is unknown

*Odd's are fair. If I'm trying to hurt her pride I'll take a risk*

-No fear.

>Eadoo pushes his little hand ontop of the gnolls claw. Spacing the gap between her fingers as wide as possible. She tosses the knife up in the air in hoppes it will fall and plant herself between their digits.

three dice will roll.
the first is eadoos accuracy.
below 05 critical success
below 44 it succeds
above 45 it hits eadoos hand
above 55 it hits the gnolls hand
above 75 it hits the table beside them.
above 95 critical failure

the second is Eadoos will
below 05 crit success
below 43 success
above 44 Eadoo flintchs
above 95 crit fail

the third is the gnolls will
below 05 crit success
below ?? she succeeds
above ?? she flintchs
above 95 crit fail
No. 489167 ID: 908c2d

Accuracy, success! Flinch check, success! Gnoll's flinch check... unknown. Probably success though, unless will was her dump stat, or Eadoo throwing the dagger really caught her off guard.
No. 489169 ID: 14bafe

Maaaan, we roll well, but they roll better? D :
No. 489172 ID: 4d95cd
File 135966541349.jpg - (120.56KB , 800x533 , eadooblackjackface.jpg )

>The blade flys up and swings down hard, landing right between all four fingers. Eadoo stares firmly at the gnoll as she backs off slightly, surprised by the show she flintchs.

will(40)-5 [numbed by spirits] -15[surprise and shocked]=20

>her hand moves just an inch, but it's just enough for a clean first victory.

-I win Gnoll...

-*Ggrrr* You tricked me.

-What, for showing more bravery than you?

>She roars and growls wildly!!

-Fine, now it's my turn. I choose strength, an arm wrestle.

-you're mistaken gnoll. You chose courage~

>The gnoll aside you laughs and giggles wildly.

-that is true mistress~

-Shut up Bansai!!

-the next challenge will be chosen by the fine folks of the pub.

-fight to the death~!
-nonono shut up
-Darts, throw darts
-a challenge of song!
-yes sing!

*Sounds like we'll be singing, think I should go first or let her?*
No. 489173 ID: 908c2d

Sweet, a angry warrior vs a charming rogue? We got this one in the bag. Gotta be a cha roll, possibly with a fellowship bonus if we can get the crowd into it. And played right, we can stack watery eyes.

Let her go first. Then we'll crush her.

Sing a sad, touching song. You've certainly got the emotion to pour into it after what's happened tonight, and and we can stack watery eyes for adorable, touching sadness.
No. 489178 ID: 14bafe

Let her go first. We'll counter-song.
This could be a rap battle, a war-song-off, or even a who-cares-we're-cute-and-win song fight.
No. 489183 ID: f5092b

if we go for a sad song use this
No. 489189 ID: 9ddf68

well shit... i don't know much about songs but i say let the gnoll go first, test the waters if you well.
see how the gnoll's song effects the other bar goers, if they seem to like it try to sing a song of the same type(war song, ranchy tavern song, whatever) seince changing the mood could hurt your song (maybe). If they seem to hate the gnolls song try something a little differnt since the gnoll probably would kill any mood it was trying to make.
also try singing what you know (you do know some songs right)
No. 489225 ID: 4066b9

Let her go first.
No. 489348 ID: 232fc9

sing about being short in a world of giants.
about more or less being at crotch-level to the entirety of civilization.
if you can get the people to laugh, they'll probably like you more, which may keep you safer from the retaliation of a possibly-sore loser.
No. 489558 ID: 7003a8

When surrounded by anti-loyalists?
Whiskey in the jar.
No. 489692 ID: 656f39
Audio soundtrack_beer_beer_beer.mp3 - (3.83MB )

I am disappointed in all of you. this is a tavern people come here to drink and relax. give them the best tavern song ever invented. I give you...
No. 489701 ID: 5d98c3

I'll support this with the force of a trillion exploding suns.
No. 490059 ID: a03e02
File 135993654733.jpg - (210.21KB , 800x533 , Gnoll song.jpg )

rolled 100 = 100

-You go first Gnoll, Show us how well gnolls sing~

-Ha! You'll see, our war songs give us wings!! listen well Kobold. Ed, Banzai Come sing with me.

-Captain, I think we're all to drunk... Maybe you should back down. I'm sure if you abpologise.../[b]

[b]-BANZAI!! Shut Up And Sing!

>The three oh them begin to sing in their Hyena tongue, though one of which contempt's himself with laughter...

Charisma check(28)-5 numbed by spirits -5 discorded partners.

below 05 crit success
below 18 success
above 19 fail
above 95 crit fail
No. 490062 ID: 997ce7

So they just crit failed?
No. 490063 ID: 14bafe

Oh. Oh god. Cover your ears, that they do not explode from the terrible.
No. 490065 ID: fa1344

Wow, we really have shitty luck.

Prepare your anus, Eadoo.
No. 490068 ID: bf54a8

cover ears, NOW,
princess, you too!
No. 490071 ID: 6d69a5


That was the Gnoll's roll I believe.

If so they just vocalized some sort of abomination unto reality, prepare for Universe meltdown.
No. 490075 ID: 908c2d

>gnoll rolled the most critical failure possible
...I'm glad that for the moment, we have cloth ears.

[Have the boogey cover its ears anyways]

Remember princess, you're playing a mute, so resist the urge to cry out in pain or anything.
No. 490091 ID: 328fa0

If my knowledge of critical fails means anything, either she is somehow going to choke on her own tongue, hit the brown note, or become the target of every stool, plate, and mug in the inn just to get her to shut up.
No. 490093 ID: b6edd6

Do those windows have glass in them? If they do, you might want to prepare to dodge if they explode.
No. 490106 ID: 5d98c3

Watch out for dead birds, rains of blood, and sudden reawakening of the Elder Gods. This is gonna be one HELL of a doozy. Related.
No. 490155 ID: 60fee2

.... Do we win by default?
No. 490159 ID: 9ddf68

are we able to turn our off our hearing until the the gnoll stops singing, because if so I think thats what we should do so we don't go deaf.
As for you Eadoo, cover your ears. Same goes for you princess.
No. 490162 ID: 60fee2

Oh, god. Does Eadoo have knife us on her. Because we can hear through the knife. WE CAN'T COVER OUR EARS!
No. 490163 ID: 5d98c3

Mother of god.
No. 490164 ID: 76b151

we are in the boobieman right now remember?
No. 490165 ID: 908c2d

Mercifully, we're in the boogie. Outside.
No. 490166 ID: 5d98c3

You think mere spacetime will stop this godawful shriek? Were I only as optimistic as you...
No. 490192 ID: b33427

Eadoo, do not cover your ears. Show your courage by standing tall and unflinching in the face of the aural abomination that has just been loosed upon this place. Do, however, move down and out of the throwing arc from the other patrons to the gnolls, as in all likelyhood there will a shower of food, tankards, utensils, and possibly darts and throwing knives incoming. Courage in the face of such unspeakable horrors is admirable; Getting hit in the back of the head by a wayward plate is not.
No. 490293 ID: 9008cd
File 136001604392.jpg - (187.13KB , 800x533 , failing gnoll.jpg )

>Though her companions sing half heartedly, the chieftain wails and slurrs horribly. Her song is terrible beyond description, the ear piercing highs force some of the guests to cover their ears and the discorded lows break what little harmony there was. Eadoo stands tall faceing the beast as she emits her noises, though he moves out of harms way as the audience gives into their anger and begins throwing all manner of things at the gnoll.

-Hey! Who threw that?! Why I oughta!

>A well placed tankard, half full, lands squarely on her brow, throwing the beast backwards. As she tumbles, she lands on the back of her chair and is knocked out. Several men stand up and cheer~!

-Well that settles that. looks like I win~

-*sigh* Sorry about that, the captain can be rather... Harsh, a times

>The smaller gnoll explains, shyly.

-We'll clear out of here... Oh euh, keep the new guy, Shenzi will kill him if you don't. Besides he's better off away from our gang.

>The two gnolls drag out the captain in shame. The tavern fills with clatter and cheer as they leave.

>Eadoo leveled up Rogue Lv.3
Give +5 to two different stats and pick one of the following perks...
Pilfering hands [+5 to slight of hand]
Song bird [+10 to singing]
Adorable allure [+10 to seduction]
No. 490294 ID: 697800

Adorable allure is a guarantee.

And I'm on the opinion that dex and charisma would benefit us most, though one of them could be switched for something else, maybe more melee or ballistics skill?
No. 490296 ID: beeca1

All to seduction
No. 490298 ID: 6dc5a6


This seems to be a sound long term strategy but I love the sound of Pilfering Hands.
No. 490300 ID: f5092b

let's get Adorable allure and +5 in cha and balistiq
No. 490301 ID: beeca1

Ooo, I know. Stab her with us so we can whisper in her head too like with the princess.

Or cut off her pride and wear it like an unicorn horn.
No. 490302 ID: 908c2d

>keep the new guy, Shenzi will kill him if you don't
...did we just win a gnoll?

>level up
Just like to point out, we have a wiki page with up to date stats for this quest!
May be useful in deciding what stats you want to vote for boosting.

I'd agree with this. AA looks like the best perk (especially since Eadoo has twice the opportunity to apply it :V), our dex is a little low, and we are building a charming rouge, here.
No. 490303 ID: bf54a8

No. 490304 ID: 9008cd

Oh shit I didn't know we had one of those!
Eum... How do I go about updating it?
No. 490307 ID: 908c2d

You have to to register / sign up to get edit privileges on the wiki. And then wait till you're approved, or go to IRC or the wiki thread in /general/ to ask them to speed it along.
No. 490394 ID: 9ddf68

I'd like to pick Pilfering hands because I feel that will be far more useful. Well AA would be good too but it takes time to seduce someone and with Pilfering hands we could use it right away in a pinch
As for stats i feel we should put some points into Charisma and fellowship because i feel this well let us become a better leader( we are trying to become a king)plus Ballistic are standing pretty good for now
also what are the princesses and our new gnoll friend's stats & abilities, and on the note of the gnoll I think we should keep him in the dark about the princess being a princess, at least for now
No. 490441 ID: 7003a8

+5 to Charisma and Dexterity
No. 490481 ID: 60fee2

Charisma and Dex
Adorable Allure
No. 490496 ID: a00410

CHA & DEX + the Adorable Allure Thing
No. 490504 ID: 77b987

Charisma and Adorable allure.

I don't know what fellowship does but it sounds like it will help with our newly acquired minion so lets get some of that.
No. 490512 ID: 14bafe

I'd vote AA, +5 to Ballistics and Fellowship. More crit range is always good, and so far with our skill we crit on ballistics below a 15.
Maybe if we keep stacking it, we can get like a 25% chance to crit.
No. 490867 ID: 828cc7

agi dex and AA
No. 491270 ID: 8d2649
File 136029739908.jpg - (152.65KB , 800x533 , Ophelia is happy.jpg )

Eadoo ups his charisma and Dexterity skill by 5 and gains Adorable allure.

>...did we just win a gnoll?

*Eum... I think so...*

>Eadoo looks at the gnoll, he seems half aware. Looking slightly worried but oddly calm.

-My hero~!

>The waitress you saved grabs Eadoo from behind, pressing him against herself.

-Thank you so much for saving me like that. Oh that scary Gnoll... And you did so with such grace and bravery~

-It... It was nothing, I couldn't just let her have her way.

>She kisses Eadoo on the cheek and whispers into his ear.

-If there's anything you want. Anything at all~ Just ask...

>she kisses Him a second time and prances up the stairs to the inn rooms. Eadoo sits down at the Gnolls table and waves the princess over to it.

*Well we did it... We beat the Gnoll chieftain... Now what? *Yawn* Oh boy, if there's nothing else, I might go to sleep*
No. 491274 ID: bf54a8

you can come pick us up now or you can wait and we'll headbutt a tree until we fall out.
No. 491277 ID: 908c2d

>What now
Well, you should probably talk to "your" new gnoll. That's kind of an important part of getting a new party member. Especially since apparently he's your slave, or in honor debt to you, or something. Congrats, your majesty. Your first subject.

...you could also probably charm your way into the waitress' bed, if you wanted to. (Although it's perfectly understandable if you don't feel up to that kind of thing tonight).

Meh, we can just keep watch outside. Eadoo can retrieve us tomorrow.
No. 491278 ID: 9ddf68

I say you should talk to our new gnoll friend and get to know him a bit before heading off to bed, we can get a bed here right? we don't really have any money.
As for us (the knife) I say we find a nice shady spot since boogies seem to have probloms in the light and then just scout out the area to see if we can find anything interesting before sunrise, like maybe a better body that can move in daylight.
No. 491297 ID: b6edd6

The waitress will probably help us arrange some sort of rooming. We also still have to ask the waitress about that symbol the next time we see her.

Is the gnoll name of Ed the reference I think it is?
No. 491309 ID: b33427

Better have a chat with the gnoll. "Curd" was his name, wasn't it? Yeah, it was that. Tell 'em you're not gonna treat him like a slave or anything like that; If he doesn't want to come with you, you're alright with that, and he can leave any time he wishes later on. Ask 'em if he's cool with that, then what's his (short) story, and what he can do, skills-wise.

As for what Ophelia the waitress can do for you... Uh... I can't imagine you're in the mood for any kind of sexual favors after all that's happened today, so stick to other stuff. Ask her for a room for all three of you, with a bed for each of you, or at least two big beds; You can share a large bed with the princess, since you're so small.

Also, ask Ophelia if she could part with some proper traveling clothes for your mute friend; Boots, hat, sturdy pants and shirt, underwear, etc., plus a spare set. See if you could get water skins and several days worth of rations for all of you as well. Maybe a few coins too? You might not be able to get all of that, but it's worth a shot.

Oh, and see if she'd draw up a bath for the princess as well. That sounds alright, Rozalia, doesn't it? ...In fact... Eadoo, how about you take a bath after the princess. It couldn't hurt your charisma to smell good. ...Uh, you might need to ask Rozalia how to take a bath, since I figure you haven't ever had one before. And as long as the bath is made, ask Curd if he would wash off as well, if he doesn't mind.

After you lot go to sleep, we'll take this boogie body around to scout the area. We'll try to find another creature you could easily plunk us into the head of. Something that'd take the daylight better, and can be butchered for rations when it finally gives out. A doe or stag, or perhaps a wild boar. We'll find where the creature is sleeping, come back just before dawn, and lead you to it so you can get a sneak attack in on it.

...Also, we shouldn't reveal ourselves to Curd until tomorrow, when you all are on the road, and can introduce us properly, since he probably wouldn't take voices suddenly popping into his head very well.
No. 491322 ID: 7003a8

The waitress went up to the rooms, so follow her up there. If the princess decides to follow then tell her she's welcome to watch.
Spend some time finding out more about the waitress. She might have some skills that would be useful in your quest - such as knowing market prices and haggling and such.

The gnoll is drunk, so it's probably not worth talking to him at the moment.
No. 491325 ID: fba446

What? The other one being named Bonzai wasn't enough of a hint for you?
No. 491343 ID: 735f4f

Yes go meet the waitress upstairs.
No. 491445 ID: f5092b

i say this but talk to gnoll first and then go meet waitress upstair
No. 491473 ID: b6edd6

I guess it wasn't what I was thinking of, because that Ed was not associated with any Bonzai.
No. 491476 ID: 415425

.... the hyenas in the Lion King were named Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. Ed was the dumb one.
No. 492097 ID: 8d2649
File 136063811368.jpg - (127.60KB , 800x533 , pet gnoll.jpg )

rolled 0 = 0

>You search for some prey that will fear better in the light.

luck check
below 05 Critical
below 30 Deer
above 31 rabbit
above 61 nothing
100 critical miss

>Eadoo sits down and speaks to the gnoll...

-How are you feeling? Curd was it?

-I don't have a name... call me what ever you want...

-Well... Is there a name you'd want to be called?

-not really

-they'll come up with something. They're good at that.

-who's they?

-A magical knife I hang out with, if you stay with me you're bound to hear them. But I'd just like to say that you aren't my slave, you can leave when ever you want.

-I need a master

-No really it's fine, be free

-With out a master I'll die within the hour...

- ... Excuse me?

-it's complicated... involves chi and stuff... I've had to much to drink... I'l tell you in the morning...

>He says, pressing his palm against his eyes and turning a mug in his hand.

-there's rules I have to follow or I'd die... Don't worry you don't have to follow them

-Who are you?

-*Sigh* I'll tell you tomorrow... But I'll tell you this, that Bitch Shenzi! Didn't Know Shit!!

>He sits back down and looks disappointed.

-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get loud.

-It's alright, We'll talk more tomorrow.

>Eadoo walks upstairs to the rooms

* *Yawn* I think I'm gonna go to sleep soon, or at least get a room, the folks down here are savages...*
>The princess thinks as she follows the kobold.
No. 492098 ID: bf54a8

> 0
No. 492099 ID: beeca1



What did we find, a god? Dragon? Dragon god?
No. 492101 ID: c80574

>Nat 0

Oh Jesus, my body can't handle the question of whether or not we just broke the fuck game by becoming some sort of indestructible monster.
No. 492102 ID: 908c2d


Aww, poor Gnollykins. Don't worry, we'll come up with a good name for you. And if you're cursed to need a master or something, we promise to take good care of you!
No. 492103 ID: 0b214d


Oh please tell me we find a golem or something that is purpose built to house us. >:D
No. 492104 ID: 9ddf68

rolled 0 = 0
I'm so happy right now, I wounder what were gonna get
also I wonder how well the gnoll is gonna react to us
No. 492109 ID: 8d2649
File 136064007822.jpg - (147.64KB , 800x600 , dear bear.jpg )

>As you search through the forest you stumble upon a dead black bear. It's rotted and devoured at places but seems pretty much whole and intact. It may be sick due to the rot, but it shouldn't affect you seeing as you're a knife. Congrats
No. 492114 ID: 908c2d

Sweet! We get a bear. Um... how do we transfer ourself?

...and if we're gonna be the bear, we really gotta find Eadoo some non-magical knives to arm herself with.

Goodnight, princess, Eadoo, Gnolly. You can probably finagle yourself a free room from the waitress.
No. 492120 ID: bf54a8

lay down so the back of our head is facing the top the bears skull. then slam the knife all the way through the boogie's head into the bear's skull. get a big ass rock first for extra force.
No. 492128 ID: b33427

Not to rain on the parade, but you accidentally rolled a d00, not a d100, so it would always roll a zero; Check the mailto field on the post to confirm it. So, are you going to rollback and re-roll, or give us a free crit success? I think it should be a freebie, and I'll suggest as if it is for now.

Nice! We finally get a body that's not a tiny woodland creature or a weak animate sack of bugs. ...Now, how to get ourselves in it?

Since the "clock" on how long we can use a body starts from when we're stuck in, I say we wait as long as we can before taking the bear's corpse. We'll stick here overnight to guard it, then head back to the tavern near dawn and hide in a shadowy spot. Then Eadoo can retrieve us from the boogieman, and we can direct her back here so she can stick us into the bear's head.

When we are stuck in, I suggest it be in through the bear's ear. It'll be a hell of lot easier than trying to jam us through the front of its thick skull.
No. 492138 ID: c31f72

Poke the hand of the knife into the rotten hole.
Once the handle is in, push the knife out of the boogieman using the bugs inside of it.
No. 492141 ID: 8d2649
File 136064460352.jpg - (172.21KB , 800x536 , cute elf girl.jpg )

Oh my, really? I can't seem to check it. Well since it's my mistake and It's already posted I'll give it to you.

>You lie down on the bear and point the blade to its ear, Smashing your head in and ramming the knife into your new host, you seamlessly transfer and kill the boogeyman

>Eadoo trots upstairs and finds the elf leaving a room.

-Oh there you are Mister~Kobold, Anything I can do for you?

-My name is Eadoo by the way. Do you think we could stay for the night, me and my friends?

-I'm Ophelia and of course you can, that room over there houses two for the gnoll and your girl. Since there's no single room, you can come sleep with me~

-Oh my.

>Eadoo blushes brightly

-You said earlier you needed supplies. I think I could lend you a hand tomorrow. When are you leaving?

-P-probably tomorrow...

>Rozalin and the gnoll arrive upstairs.

-Oh... Euh... R... Rose~ Do you mind sharing a bed with the gnoll?

-*grunt* I'm gonna sleep now so I don't care...

>He immediately stumbles into the room and you hear a loud flop. The princess yawns silently and walks in.

-you're cute.

>Eadoo Blushes a little more.

-I won't lie, I had my eye on you as soon as we met. Good thing to~

*Eum... Could you guys give me and the waitress some privacy? Maybe follow the princess or just sleep*
No. 492142 ID: 908c2d

Hover over the blue text and the contents of the email field should show up in your browser's status bar, Flynn.

And we sorta won out didn't we? We had to get lucky enough for you to slip up. :V

Oh my. Eadoo doesn't need to roll for seduction, Ophelia's taking initiate! Good luck, Eadoo. Use that dex and cha well!

Hiya, Rozalin. You doing all right? Anything on your mind before you turn in?

We should take watch in bear form. Nothing is gonna bother this inn tonight.
No. 492143 ID: 9ddf68

lets see if we can talk to the gnoll yet unless he is already asleep if not
"HEY BUDDY how's it goin"

to princess "good night"
Also I say we don't tell anyone about us now being a zombie bear, it will be funny as hell to let it be a surprise in the morning when they leave
No. 492151 ID: f5092b

of course Eadoo we will leave you two in private

(stay silent and watch every thing)
No. 492152 ID: beeca1

I sincerely suggest this less because I want to watch them fuck and more because this is when Eadoo will be the most vulnerable and I am somehow slightly suspicious of such an easy conquest.
No. 492153 ID: ac04aa

Of course we will leave you be

*Stick around and keep an eye on them, tastfully of course
Any waitress that has her eye on a cute little kobold like that could be evil and gaming for the princess.
Also I dont trust elves ever
No. 492177 ID: b33427

Eh... I'm a bit suspect of Ophelia, Eadoo. Elves don't usually have a thing for kobolds, do they? ...But, if that's what you wish, we won't watch. We might listen in, but we won't watch. And if anything bad happens, shout into your mind and we'll come running and relay the alarm to the princess and the gnoll, alright!

To the nameless gnoll: Heya! We're the voices in the knife! Just lettin' ya know that we might be yellin' into your head at some point in the night to get over to that elf's room and save Eadoo, 'k? 'K. Alright and g'night.

Alright, lets our ride over near the tavern and hide, just so we'll be nearby in case things go sideways. Do we all have to sleep at once? Could some of us stay up and stand watch in shifts? I'd feel more a ease if one of us is listening for any critters trying to bite chunk out of our bear, or if Eadoo calls out.
No. 492205 ID: d1efde

It suddenly occurs to me that we will not be pleasant nor inconspicuous company while we occupy a rotting bear corpse. The smell alone...
No. 492226 ID: d23be4

Boy I was out of it last night . Messed up the dice. And forgot to roll for seduction... Sorry
No. 492232 ID: 735f4f

Bone the waitress. Make the princess watch.
No. 492258 ID: 908c2d

Aw, no sweat. We'll eventually lose the bear anyways, and there's no need to roll for seduction if the other person comes after you. :V
No. 492261 ID: f5092b

that remind me, Eadoo ask the waitress at some point in the night what the :V badge mean
No. 492263 ID: 7003a8

Unless the seduction is an affection.
There is a long history of people seducing heroes in order to accomplish nefarious ends, and by far the best defense against such attempts is counter-seducing them.

Ponder, for a moment, what the implications would be if Ophelia recognized the Princess.

No. 492266 ID: c6319f

That is by no means the best defense. If their nefarious ends require only that intimacy take place, or the hero be momentarily distracted or sequestered away from their ward/charge, then seducing them is simply falling into their plot. Excepting the cases where you rock their world so hard the switch sides, of course, but relying on that is foolish. Vigilance is the best defense against attack.

I'm fine with bugging the princess or, preferably, the new gnoll for a little while.
No. 492284 ID: c9b053

Eadoo will be fine with us if she can avoid looking like a necromancer. wear white or some other passive colors to try to look like a healer or a good guy. and yeah watchout a lay that easy is suspicius. Buthen again you did save her from being raped and she did hint about it from the getgo. But we'll give you your privicy (lie)
No. 492285 ID: 908c2d

...oh quit it with the paranoia, guys. I mean, c'mon, she's noserubbing. You gotta know that means she's legit.
No. 492314 ID: 6dc5a6

Give the princess a rotting bear hug!
No. 492335 ID: 997ce7

Oi! Princess and gnoll! The waitress is raping Eadoo!
No. 492869 ID: 514b25

silence you. dont be ruining the masters fun like that!
No. 494245 ID: 150fea
File 136124072846.jpg - (171.65KB , 800x600 , elf undressing.jpg )

>Hiya, Rozalin. You doing all right? Anything on your mind before you turn in?
*I'm still mildly disturbed about everything that just happened... And Eadoos penis...*

>HEY BUDDY how's it goin?
*Ehh? Hmmn... So that's what she meant by them. I feel sick is how I'm going, Just gonna sleep it off*

*Yeah yeah... Figured something like that... Just yell really loud, I'll wake up*

>Eadoo and the waitress enter the room and make themselves comfortable.

-So I'll be sleeping with you, there's only one bed?

-Keehee I figured you'd pick up by now~

>She says pulling off her clothes.

-I try not to hope for the best.

>She tosses her undergarments on Eadoo's lap. He blushes deeply.
No. 494249 ID: 150fea
File 136124133564.jpg - (167.54KB , 800x600 , big boy.jpg )

-You know, as soon as I heard your story I had this in the back of my head.


-I've got a soft spot for cute things~ Is it true though, what you said to the gnoll?


>Eadoo says, blushing even brighter.

-I bet it's super cute~

>She undoes his loincloth and stares wide eyed at it.

-oh my...

-eum... yeah...

-Oh My~ It's... It's big. Bigger than an elf.

-It's magic.

>She stares at Eadoo almost as if she heard the single dumbest pickup line ever.

-Your penis is magic?

-A witch cursed me.

-Hardly seems like a curse.

-My entire body was supposed to be big and manly, but my father didn't keep his end of the deal so she made me a small weak girl. she left me this though since my father begged so well.

-Well that's the strangest story I've heard in a while.

-I've never been able to use it though, my mate was to small.

-oh you're a virgin~?

-well I've had children... But you're my first woman.

No. 494254 ID: beeca1

So... nobody say anything to Eadoo, we promised not to watch, don't blow our cover.

Keep watching for signs of duplicity. I wonder if Ophelia would try and steal Eadoo's dick somehow. That seems like the sort of shenanigan that would go on with us around.
No. 494256 ID: 9ee360

(Go Eadoo!

Continue to shut up, and let them go at it until the inevitable fade to black.)

[set zombie-bear form on guard, watching over the inn from a safe distance]
No. 494269 ID: 150fea
File 136124504998.jpg - (232.58KB , 800x533 , sex-scene.jpg )

>Eadoo and Ophelia have at it after some well enjoyed forplay.
No. 494272 ID: 9ee360

No. 494273 ID: beeca1

Single greatest thing ever
No. 494283 ID: 5d98c3

I have not seen such sinful acts since the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah!
No. 494287 ID: 150fea
File 136124754034.jpg - (136.40KB , 800x600 , aftersex.jpg )

-If ever I manage to make it look good I'll post the scene. Also caution huge dialogue

>After a long and very loud secession of intense inter racial sex. The two lie cozily.

-That's amazing~

-You sure it was the first time you've had sex?


-I hope you get plenty of it~


-What's your story for real?

-I can't really talk about it.

-I understand.

-besides you'd laugh.

-No I won't

-... I'm going to be king.

-king of kobolds? That's pretty cool.

-I'm going to be the king of men. Of all things really.


-Told yah.

-No but seriously. like king Dukkan?

-One day...

-well you'd be the cutest king.


-you're really serious aren't you?

>She glares at the kobold, wondering how to say.

-what is it?

-no... You'll laugh.

-I won't

-I laughed at you, you'll definitely laugh at me.

-I won't I promise.

-... You probably never heard of the dragon king's throne?

-Not at all, sounds interesting.

-thought so, it's a very old tale. I heard it from my grandmother a hundred years ago.

-a hundred years?

-yeah, I'm a hundred and twenty-one.

-I'm twelve.

-... Am I a pedophile?

-*Giggle* No~ Tell me about the story.

-It tells of a crown, a scepter and a throne. And if a man where ever to obtain all three he would become ruler over the obsidian barrens and the dragons that dwell there.


-*chuckle* But it's all stories... Foolish really. Dragons don't have kings and the relics are lost. unfindable...

-... But do you believe in it?

-... Yes...

-If I find those, would you come live in my kingdome?

-In a heart beat.

-I'll look for them. Did the story tell of where to find them?

-Maybe, It's been a very long time since I've heard it. The village elder in kadage is older than me and never forgets a thing. You should go there, it's only a day and a half away.

-Thank you Ophelia.

-Good night.

>She kisses his head ans they slowly go to sleep
No. 494290 ID: 5d98c3


Good news: That story is totally true in all likelihood! You can become KING OF ALL THE LANDS!

Bad news: Ophelia's probably an evil witch or demon or adventurer or dragon out to get the relics for themselves using you as a pawn to become KING OF ALL THE LAND.

No. 494292 ID: 150fea
File 136124800922.jpg - (119.62KB , 800x600 , chapter 1 end.jpg )

No. 494293 ID: beeca1



[silence moron]
No. 494294 ID: 62f448

Real men continue without saving.
No. 494295 ID: 361ea3


Good thing we are all a bunch of save scumming fag-hats then right?
No. 494296 ID: beeca1

No. 494297 ID: 9ee360

Goodnight, Eadoo.

Shut it with the friggen elf racism and paranoia. She's given us no reason to mistrust her.

No. 494298 ID: 5d98c3

There's only ONE game I don't savescum, and that's Dungeon Crawl. NOW CONTINUE.
No. 494299 ID: beeca1

She's given us no reason to trust her.

We're talking about magical artifacts with the power to control an entire race of superpowerful beings.

Paranoia is the default for shit like this.
No. 494300 ID: bf54a8

save, close game, copy save file to a removable flash drive, and disconnect it. then turn the game back on.
No. 494301 ID: 5d98c3

Let's be paranoia buddies!
No. 494302 ID: beeca1

Who the hell are you and why would I trust you enough to be buddies

No. 494303 ID: 9ee360

There's caution, and then there's stupid "elves are evil" and "women only use sex to manipulate you" thinking. Frankly, it's getting rather frustrating.
No. 494306 ID: 5d98c3

She just listened to our story, after having sex with a complete stranger, and said, "Oh yeah, have you heard about the lost mythical Rule The World macguffin? I HEARD IT LETS YOU RULE THE WORLD. You should totally go get it! I'm secretly evil! Mwuahahaha!
No. 494307 ID: beeca1

Look, I don't think I've even implied anything like that. So far, all I have said is that wanting to control all dragons is extremely suspect and that putting out does not automatically make her a good person.

You seem to be overreacting. Let me make myself clear.

The default is mistrust for anyone who wants artifacts like this. Her elven blood and willingness to put out or lack thereof does not come into it. Of course, it might still be possible to trust her if she proves herself trustworthy. She has done nothing to prove that giving her superpowers would be anything remotely resembling a good idea. Again, you seem to be projecting, so let me restate this: Race and willingness to fuck have nothing to do with it. If she had been, say, a gnoll and had told us of her desire to control an army of dragons before having sex, guess what? I still wouldn't trust her.
No. 494308 ID: c31f72

So, what are the chances we're one of those dragon controlling artifact thingies?
No. 494310 ID: beeca1

>a crown, a scepter, and a throne
>we are a knife

I'd say roughly 0.
No. 494313 ID: 9ee360

People have been spouting irrational "she's out to get you" as soon as she was willing to sleep with Eadoo. The mistrust hasn't had a rational basis till now.

And of course she's willing to tell Eadoo about the fool's dream to become King. She's part of a faction that openly hates the current administration. And Eadoo just proved himself saving her. She's probably be glad to see Eadoo pull it off- but doesn't expect it'll ever happen.
No. 494314 ID: c31f72

What kind of mind controlling throne doesn't have sharp spikes and pointless but cool looking sharp edges all over it?
No. 494316 ID: beeca1

Haha, what? Are you retarded or something?

All anyone said can be summed up as, "Hey, people don't normally agree to sex that easily and Eadoo will be very vulnerable while having sex and that elf is a lot bigger than Eadoo, we might want to watch out in case something funny is going on."

That was the point- just in case. I don't see anyone who went "HOLY SHIT SHE IS AUTOMATICALLY EVIL." You're overreacting and/or projecting.
No. 494317 ID: 5d98c3

We're probably just a broken Scepter. I suggest we get Eadoo to shank an Illithid with us, then rampage about devouring brains until someone stops us. Look out Eadooworld, there's a new antagonist in town, and its' name is KNIFE!
No. 494339 ID: 6dc5a6


Ironman run will unlock the best ending.
No. 494485 ID: c9b053

we can save at inns? Sweet! Dick around after loading, break things, kill folks and rape the corpses! then load the last save and play normaly.
No. 494528 ID: 997ce7

I think it's at the ends of chapters, not inns
No. 494559 ID: ad199c

Doesn't mean we can't have a bunch of crazy fun then load the game consequence free!

And why are you all so paranoid of an elven waitress? Eadoo was an absolute hero there, there's nothing that suspicious about the fair maiden being into it.
No. 494560 ID: 997ce7

She... wants... to... control... an... army... of... dragons.

Look, would you trust someone you barely knew if they said, "I wish I could fire and detonate all the nukes in the world over and over as many times as I liked" or some such?
No. 494564 ID: bf54a8

what? eadoo said "i wanna be king" and she said "well here is a way to be king"
she didn't say she wants to be the one to have them, we said our goal and she told us a story about how to get that goal.
No. 494569 ID: a7824f

It could be dickings = save points.
Still testing that would be impractical.
No. 494650 ID: 7003a8

It's hard to keep track of who is saying what if you don't mark who is saying what.


So, Eadoo, you should probably check that out immediately. You've got a lot of work to do in order to get the money and power you need before Ophelia realizes she's pregnant - you can't leave her struggling to fend for herself while you're off conquering the world, after all.

After you check out that story it'll be time to find out what happened to Rozalia's family. There may be loyalists hiding resources for deposed royals, or anti-loyalists she can side with if her family turned on her for some reason or another.
No. 494722 ID: 3c0835

I kept track of things fine, Ophelia probably isnt pregnant (hell, its not like they even have pregnancy tests in this world so its not like she'd know until she shows months later), and we're not looking for the princesses' family we're trying to get her home since she was kidnapped. Looking for loyalists would just cause trouble and there's probably more allies where he place is anyway. Hell, the king is probably just hanging out like a worrywart.

Let's just save and continue on our way. We should also try to find us a more solid body than a rotting bear carcass.
No. 494723 ID: 9ee360

>We should also try to find us a more solid body than a rotting bear carcass.
Well, we'll get some mileage out of it, first.

Actually, the most important thing we need to fix? We need to get Eadoo some more throwing knives. Because only having one piece of ammo- that may be busy possessing something- isn't the best idea. Girl needs to be loaded up with hidden pointy things.
No. 494732 ID: c31f72

Do we know if our body is still rotting? I mean, the bunny looked rather good for having a knife through the head. Maybe we heal the bodies we're in?
No. 495127 ID: a7824f

Author Should probably decide if they're continuing the quest in this thread or starting it in another, in which case this should be archived.

Also if this isn't written Flynnmerk under a new handle I'm a pile of hats.
No. 495240 ID: 150fea
File 136158949067.jpg - (17.87KB , 480x640 , 26326_421300964630205_42499671_n.jpg )

I'm probably gonna keep going in this thread.
No. 495261 ID: a7824f

looking forward to it.
No. 495263 ID: 5d98c3

Is that Flynn? Or are you a pile of hats? I DON'T KNOW!

But he is eerily identical in writing as Flynn... OH GOD, IT'S FLYNN'S ALTERNATE UNIVERSE DOPPLEGANGER! FLEE!
No. 495267 ID: 9ee360

Hmmm. Not sure if Pile of Hats.
No. 495271 ID: 150fea
File 136159441340.jpg - (133.02KB , 800x532 , ___.jpg )

Kaleb... Wake up Kaleb. You can't sleep for ever... come on big boy up on your feet. you've got more blood to spill...
No. 495272 ID: 150fea
File 136159449870.jpg - (145.49KB , 800x533 , waking up slowly.jpg )

Saving to slot1... Creating file... Game Saved

Chapter 2
~Birth of new beginnings~


>Eadoo jumps up in a cold sweat, looking around himself.


>He pauses for a moment to look around before waking up and stretching.

-Yawn~!*dry pasty lips smacking* Good morning?

>The elf rolls over and starts snoring rather ungracefully.

*Hmm... Knife are you awake? Did you sleep well?*
No. 495276 ID: 9ee360

Morning, Eadoo. We slept fine- we got a nice fur coat out here. You look like you did plenty well for yourself, too. =D
No. 495278 ID: b33427

G'mornin', Eadoo. We slept great. Our new ride is so awesome! We can't wait to show it to you; You're gonna freak! It's so cool!

Uh. Yeah. Anyway. You sleep alright? You kinda started awake there. Bad dreams?

Oh, and somebody forgot to latch the window last night and it blew open. It must be like a freakin' icebox in there by now. How 'bout closin' that up and stokin' the fire for your elf maiden, eh? Get her her clothes and shoes and stuff, 'cause she must be freezin' by now.
No. 495279 ID: bf54a8

we are good. we found a dead bear.
No. 495280 ID: b33427

...Way to ruin the surprise, man... Jeez.
No. 495281 ID: 9ddf68

morning morning, so I'll just ask
1) So how was last night, we could hear you all the way out here
2) What is up with that dream
and 3) got a plan for what we're gonna do for the rest of the day?
at least don't tell the gnoll and princess I want one good scare out of this thing before the day is done, also how are the gnoll and princess? last I heard is that they took a room together, oh god I bet princess is going to whine about that one... we should also remind her that she is playing a mute since we don't want anyone to know she is a princess.
No. 495282 ID: c31f72

No. 495285 ID: 9ee360

Oh, by the way, Eadoo? You might want to pick up more ammo of some kind, if you can. Only one throwing knife is disadvantageous should you ever miss, or if we're controlling something already. I mean, we'll do our best to protect you while we're in something, but I'd feel better if you weren't unarmed whenever you were without us.
No. 495293 ID: 5d98c3

Eadoo, get us a powerful body. This corpse we have is okay, but kind of lame. Find us a dead god or something so we can rule the world as we used- I mean, so we can help you rule the world.
No. 495883 ID: 150fea
File 136177326225.jpg - (202.53KB , 800x533 , kindleing the flames.jpg )

*Keehee thanks... I never knew sexing my manliness was so good~ I'll have a definitely large harem when I'm king.*

*Brrr* you're right. Guess I didn't notice with all the contact.*
>Eadoo closes the window and latches it shut.

*A bear! Really? ... C-cool! How? Oh It was a surprise... Well I'm surprised! Hahaa~*

*Dully noted. I'll ask for some knives before we go. I'm sure they have plenty*

*Not sure about a god, But I've heard stories of dragons~ I'm thinking sometime in the future we could look into it. It's a story I heard last night about a crown a scepter and a throne that make you into a king... A king of dragons~ *

>So how was last night, we could hear you all the way out here
*Well I wasn't to bad for my first time with the cock~ Apparently mine is bigger than a humans~ Kehehee Maybe I'm fit to be king after all.*

>What is up with that dream
*Don't know. I can't remember any dreams. But I definitely woke up in a jump*

>got a plan for what we're gonna do for the rest of the day?
*I'm not sure. I guess maybe we could stay an extra day even. But we should get going for everyone's sake. We'll get some supplies if we can and such but I'm honestly confused. Would you like to lead as usual? Anything we should we do aside from that? ... Hmmn... No one seems awake, it's still early, I can't hear anyone. What should I do?*

>also how are the gnoll and princess?
>Both still sleeping/unconsious
No. 495893 ID: f5092b

we should look into that story with the dragon king and all, only lead we have
No. 495895 ID: a31717

>You wanna lead?
...I'd like to think we more advise than lead. I mean, we're not much on our own.

>I guess maybe we could stay an extra day even.
I dunno. They might be stretching how much free hospitality you can get for besting that gnoll.

Plans... I guess we should figure out which direction we need to be traveling in? Last night was kind of frantic.

You should also probably talk to "your" gnoll at some point, figure out how that works, and come to some kind of an accord. Your first follower, your highness.
No. 495923 ID: b33427

Lead? Nope. Advise? Yeah, with my advice right now: Climb back into that warm comfy bed, wrap yourself around Ophelia and warm each other up. Maybe she'll be up for another go round when she wakes... Well. Anyway. Enjoy this while you can, since it's not going to be nearly as pleasant while we're on the road. We'll let you know when the princess and the gnoll wake up.

I figure we shouldn't wear out their hospitality by staying here any longer. We're already going to be taking supplies and gear and stuff. We should get breakfast, directions to nearby settlements, nearest major city, and any notable landmarks, load up and head out.

...I also think we should take a detour to head back to Eadoo's former home and confirm if what happened in that dream actually happened or not. It wouldn't take long to get there and back if it was just her riding on our bear. In fact, it could be just us, depending on whether or not that dirt dugout is too deep for our bear to dig down to.
No. 495940 ID: b7169d

Lucky bold, Let us prepare for the challenges ahead!
No. 495944 ID: 78c6ea

When the gnoll does wake up, learn about his particular supernatural obligation. Something about having a master? Is it inherited or was it cast upon him? What kind of ice cream does he like??
No. 496001 ID: 001618

well we should try and get some better threads for the princess as I'm sure she is getting tired of wearing that burlap sack she has on now, food is always good, never forget some rope if you can get it, and maybe see what kind of weapons you can get here, and also find some way we could make some coin so if we ever need to buy something we can. Oh and talk to the princess (if we want her to still play the mute we will just talk for her) and the gnoll when they wake up... maybe check in on them as well before you head back down.
No. 496040 ID: 68bbc5

Yes, we should get the princess some good commoner clothes as soon as possible.
We should also know exactly what the gnoll is capable of, since he'll be assisting us from now on. Things like skills, combat ability, etc.
No. 496297 ID: 150fea
File 136190110726.jpg - (229.19KB , 800x621 , Eadoos old home.jpg )

>I'd like to think we more advise than lead.
*True, if I'm to be king I'll have to be a leader.*

>I dunno. They might be stretching how much free hospitality you can get for besting that gnoll.
*Thought so. We'll only stay as long as we need to.*

>You should also probably talk to "your" gnoll at some point, figure out how that works, and come to some kind of an accord. Your first follower, your highness.
*Oh! I almost forgot about him. He has some kind of power or story he couldn't talk about yesternight... I wonder what it is?*

>We should get breakfast, directions to nearby settlements, nearest major city, and any notable landmarks, load up and head out
*definitely. We'll ask for such things when everyone is up and about.*

>Climb back into that warm comfy bed, wrap yourself around Ophelia and warm each other up. Maybe she'll be up for another go round when she wakes...
*Keehee~ That sounds nice*

>Eadoo climbs back into the warm bed with the naked elf...

>...I also think we should take a detour to head back to Eadoo's former home and confirm if what happened in that dream actually happened or not. It wouldn't take long to get there and back if it was just her riding on our bear. In fact, it could be just us, depending on whether or not that dirt dugout is too deep for our bear to dig down to.

>In light of distance and time you scuddle off while the tavern rests... You shortly arrive at the location of Eadoos den. But the place has changed significantly. The plants are ripe with death but devoid of decay. Black and red mists covet the air. Traces of black scrawl line every tree... You feel there's sickness about. And seeing black scrawl harms the soul you may want to avoid staying here too long... Eadoo's once familiar tree is torn open. The gaping maw twists and churns in an odd, almost impossible way. When you look away it seems to move out the corner of your eyes... Blood tracks march outwards from the hole... they're traveling away from where you came.
No. 496299 ID: d6ef5d

...some sort of horrible necrotic or demonic magic brought her kid back as a monster?

Well. Fuck.

We'll have to deal with that eventually. For now, I think we should head back. I don't think we're prepared to deal with the power that was raised here yet, nor are our allies.
No. 496303 ID: 150fea

Oh by the by. I've been asked a few times to make a discussion thread, But I'm really lazy about it. Mostly I don't feel like starting one cause I don't know what to put on the cover... Tell yall what~ If anyone wants to start one, you can. A little fan art for a cover would be Cool, try not to just take a stock image and put helvetica on it though... I'll eventually do it if no one does, but it would be cool to see what you guys can come up with. I'll gladly monitor and post in it...
No. 496332 ID: c9b053

well thats terrifying and dangerous. We really shouldn't go in there. But we can't not go in there. Let's just take a peek
No. 496334 ID: d6ef5d

The problem is if we idiotically get our bear-host killed here, our living allies will come and try to recover the knife. We can't risk that. We should retreat.
No. 496336 ID: c31f72

Yeah, let's head back.
Also, we should ask someone about this black scrawl stuff.
No. 496376 ID: 9ddf68

Do you think we should tell Eadoo about this or just tell her to keep her eyes open for now. If we do tell Eadoo it could hurt him since he did only loose his family yesterday but if we don't I'm not totally sure if this thing will come back to bit us in the ass. If we don't tell Eadoo and he ask why he should keep his eyes open for danger just say we did some patrolling and the forest felt wrong and leave it at that.
No. 496438 ID: b33427

...Holy crap. It's worse than we thought. A whole heck of a lot worse. Ain't no simple zombie rasin' happened here... We best stay back from the hole. Even looking in from a distance would probably be bad.

Lets examine the bloody tracks. Are they both going away from the hole, or is one set going in? The smaller set looks like its from that weasel-y creature in the dream, so the others are kobold child size, right? It's a damn good thing they lead away from Eadoo and the inn.

Once that's done, lets get the fuck out of here and get back to Eadoo ASAP. I feel we need to tell him what we saw here, and in the dream, as gently as we can; As advisers, it would not be right to withhold information. It'll be hard on him, but the sooner he knows, the sooner he can work through it.
No. 496692 ID: 150fea
File 136201925474.jpg - (144.43KB , 800x533 , eating some elf.jpg )

>Lets examine the bloody tracks...
you note a set of ferret tracks heading into the den and another bloodied set going out. They follow a pair of bloodied human tracks, but search as you may you can't find any human tracks leading in.

>You head back to the tavern, wanting to leave the disease ridden place as fast as you can... You arrive at the Inn.

-*panting gently* Eadooo~ Mmmmnnn...

>Eadoo notices your presence.

*Eum... Kinda busy right now. unless it's important could you go somewhere else? I think Roza and the Gnoll are up.*

-MMmmnn... I love how cute you are with those big eyes of yours~ *Panting*
No. 496694 ID: 78c6ea

It was the ferret
No. 496695 ID: 9ddf68

... why is your noise bleeding
anyways, yeah this can wait for now

[switch to Roza and the gnoll]
So what are you two doing. How are you doing this ... well kinda messed up morning Roza, hope you sleep well enough
And I believe we haven't met properly yet Ms. gnoll... yeah ok we really have to get you a damn name, any prefernces
No. 496697 ID: 14bafe

Nose rubs. It got intense.
No. 496707 ID: 772c81

are we sure it's a lady gnoll?

All these hermaphrodites and semi-ladies might obscure the issue.
No. 496713 ID: 14bafe

I'm like 90% sure our gnoll is male. It's referred to as HE any time anyone is talking about it.
No. 496715 ID: 6f066e

Eadoo Quest:
A libido-driven storyline.
No. 496717 ID: 9ddf68

I meant to say Mr. but i was ... distracted
No. 496724 ID: 68bbc5

On the other hand, Eadoo has also been referred to as both he and she.
Pronouns aren't really going to be especially helpful in this quest.
No. 496725 ID: d6ef5d

[Switch to gnoll and princess]
Hello, good morning, how'd you sleep?
No. 496765 ID: b33427

Whoops! Sorry, Eadoo. We... Uh... We do have something to tell you, but it can wait until after you've eaten ou-I mean eaten! Eaten something! Something like breakfast! Yeah. Yeah. Breakfast. Totally breakfast... Um... We'll just be over with Roza and the gnoll, 'k.

[Focus shift: Roza and the gnoll]
Good morning, Rozalin. Good morning, Mr. Nameless-Gnoll. Did the both of you sleep well last night? Sharing the bed wasn't too bad, I hope.

>Bloody ferret tracks go in, bloody human tracks come out
...It's a bloody shapeshifter, ain't it? One who's almost certainly powerful undead or a necromancer. Well, that's all kinds of not good. We didn't see any kobold tracks coming out though, did we? Did Kaleb even come out? Maybe he was carried out?
No. 496779 ID: c9b053

if i read right, ferret tracks go in and come out bloodied, so it whent in, did its magic and a human came out? did kaleb turn into a human? what happened? See? we should of looked! Now we don't know. I'm scared and confused
Also black scrawl. Where did I hear that? did someone in Eadoos family get it?
No. 496815 ID: b33427

Huh. You're right. I misread that. The ferret tracks do go in and out, and the human ones are the only ones going out.

Unfortunately it was too great a risk to go in alone. Who knows how all that necromantic magic would have reacted to us. We didn't even tell anyone where we were going, or left a note, so if we were knocked out of the bear we'd be lost or taken.

Lets wait until everyone is together, probably at breakfast, and after Mr. Nameless-Gnoll tells what's up with him, we'll tell Eadoo and the others what we saw. Eadoo will be heartbroken, but Roza or the gnoll may know more about this. Maybe Eadoo can ask Ophelia later if she has an idea what was going on back there.
No. 496966 ID: ef7773

considering what we saw and heard in the nightmare.. there's a good chance those aren't human tracks, but kobold..
No. 497639 ID: 150fea
File 136237380583.jpg - (133.54KB , 800x533 , gnollpraying.jpg )

>The princess is very quick to begin complaining about her night.

*Well I simply must say that that was the worst night I've willingly spent anywhere. They call this an Inn? It's a mess there's dust simply everywhere and these are not beds, theses are simply not comfortable enough to be beds! Sure there's cotton sheets and woolen mats but below there's straw! Fodder! Hay! I slept in hay last night! Do I Look like I'm okay!? Thankfully that beast slept across the room in his bed because I would never share a night with such a monster. He's a dog. A plowing Dog! He smells like a dog, he snores like a dog, he looks like a dog And I Must Say! I do not like dogs... But back on the subject of beds. I could not rest a minute without a straw of hay skewering me in my royal hips. I couldn't get any shut eye! And To Make Matters Worst! The little goblin you call Eadoo was so loud! Everyone in the entire Inn could of heard what she was doing! Not so much Eadoo herself but that Elf! What Was She Doing To Her?! How could it possibly be that good?! She simply would not Shut up the little wench!*

-Oh Eadoo... Not so hard... Aahh~ Not so early in the morn~ Aahh yes~! Oh Eadoo Yes~!

*Again?! They're doing it again?! They won't stop! They're animals!*

>The princess covers her ears with the lumpish pillows

*And the dogs been doing something weird since he woke up! What is he doing?! It's creeping me out!*

>The Gnoll sits perfectly still and breaths almost absently... Try as you may you simply cannot hear a sound coming from his mind.

>Did the both of you sleep well last night? I believe we haven't met properly yet Ms. gnoll... yeah ok we really have to get you a damn name, any prefernces.

*This is the second time you invade my mind... I suppose I'll have to grow accustom to this... I slept very well, though I don't feel well, as it is with me and liquor. I must say it is nice to rest in a bed of somekind. It is a far sight better than mud, or worst yet, the mistresses bosom. *you feel painful memories emerge from his mind* It's is also very pleasant to be allowed to meditate. Still I regress, I do believe we have not properly met? I do not posses a name of my own. I will willingly accept any given by my master. I am led to believe that honor was given to you? Regardless I'm certain you are full of questions, please feel free to ask anything you would like to know.*
No. 497642 ID: d6ef5d

[to Rozalia]
I apologize if the lodgings here were not up to your standards, but these were the best lodgings available to us in an easily traveled distance last night.

Regrettably, you may be forced to lower your standards for a while longer. I do not know how long the journey to reach your home will take. Perhaps try to see this as a kind of learning experience? A perspective on how the lower classes live, and the conditions they must endure, may one day be helpful to someone of your position. It is dangerous to grow out of touch, after all.

[to the gnoll]
No, we haven't met in the flesh, just as of yet. Our presence in the inn might cause some commotion, as we inhabit a magic dagger currently stuck into a rather large bear. Possession is a useful trick, but it can be understandably off-putting in social situations.

We're more Eadoo's advisors than anything else. You'd be better off thinking of her as your master than us. Besides, we don't always speak with a single voice, and if you're under some compulsion or geas to obey, it might have nasty consequences if you heard conflicting impulses from us.

So what can you tell us about yourself? Why is it you need a master?
No. 497643 ID: 9ddf68

well for one did the girl in the room with you give you any problems or anything, if so just tell us and we'll talk to her as she doesn't like to speak much OH GOD how I wish that was true. Also what do you do, as in what do you like to do and what can you do? If you feel comfortable about it can you tell us a little about your pass as well. I'm just trying to get an idea on who you are before we try and give you a name, also if you don't like a name we pick feel free to tell us so.
[switch to Roza]
I'm sorry you had a rough night last night but hey, at least that bed had to be an improvement over being bond and tossed into an upturned wagon so at least their is that. Also since we are going to be heading out today Do you have any skills. Anything from Archery or sword play to cooking or singing cause I have no idea what nobles are educated in and if we have an idea on what you can and can't do that could help us somewhere down the road.
No. 497689 ID: 7003a8

You look like a William to me. Does Will sound like a good name to you?

Roza: You can't recognize such an obvious meditation pose when you see it? No wonder you're so high-strung.
You're familiar with the burdens of governing, but not the burdens of the governed. If you wish to be an effective ruler you need to understand those you are ruling.

Right now you're gaining a valuable insight into how your subjects live. What you don't realize is that this inn is actually quite posh nice by commoner standards.
This bed has wool padding between you and the hay instead of only a simple cloth. This room has some dust, but is otherwise clean with no vermin scurrying about. The walls are solid and painted with no air-gaps to let drafts through.
If this is the worst you can tolerate then I hope you don't have any subjects living in sod houses. They don't enjoy it any more than you do, but they tolerate it because they have no better options.
With this in mind, what do you think would happen if you increased taxes on wool? Obviously, prices on wool would go up and thus the cost of wool pads. As fewer people would be able to afford pads more people would be sleeping on wool directly, and thus their beds would be less comfortable and they would know exactly who was to blame for it.
If, however, you cut taxes for geese farmers who gather and sell the down within the kingdom then the price of goosedown would drop and more people would be able to afford down pads, which would improve their comfort. Comfortable people are less likely to revolt, and a small cut in revenue would make a large difference in the satisfaction of your subjects.

The point, Rozalia, is that you need perspective. The decisions you make as a ruler need to be based on what would do the most good for your people, and happy subjects beget happy rulers. Ultimately this trip will serve to make you a better ruler, and may well be the most valuable experience of your life.
No. 497823 ID: 150fea
File 136244184799.jpg - (119.40KB , 800x533 , gnolls response.jpg )

*You are a dagger? what's your name? Do you have one or are you like me? Hmmn... How to explain this? It's hard enough sober, you can understand I never would of prevailed last night... I am a monk of an ancient teaching... Err.. Ex monk. I haven't seen my home since it was attacked... In my youth I undertook a series of rituals to free my soul from my body and hold it to my body with a spell binding contract. With this looseness of spirit my body became a temple for the god spirits, though I must obey the holy contracts, less my soul leave my body for ever. The five laws are simple. I cannot willingly kill, not even a bug. second I must stay with my master, the only exception being the first law, third I must obey the master, as the second rule, it's outlawed by the first two laws. Third of all, I cannot willingly subject myself to sex or adultery, with exception to uphold the first three laws, this rule was particularly unpleasant for me... my... my last master was... she... *you feel sorrow and pain, physical pain emanating from his mind.* I'd rather not say... the fourth law is a mystery, I'm not to know until I achieve enlightenment... Though I doubt my first master will ever tell me what it was, as he is no longer among us... And so that is why I must have a master at all time... *Sigh* Complicated... Could you do me the favor of redacting that to master Eadoo? perhaps in a less ear munching way?

**Sigh* I suppose I can't judge, I'm just impatient to get back home... That is if I even have a home... Can't we just ask if anything's happened back in the castle? When can I know?*

>The princess asks.

*No the woman didn't do any harm, she mostly seemed to sleep a lot, quite peacefully, I don't understand how she can sleep so easily with the noise coming from the masters room... But no matter, she seems rather delicate, who is she? I like eating and cooking, I enjoy poetry and philosophy, though I haven't found time for such things in a very long time... I must say, I am not the man I used to be, When I was in my prime I was steel and flame! blades could not cut me, spears could not pierce me and boulders turned to dust in my hands... But alas no longer... I haven't trained in over five years and my arm is shattered, paralyzed... not to mention Shenzy... she doesn't believe in strength other than her own...*

>Rozalin ponders for a moment...

*Yes I can fight, I've been fencing before I could walk, though I cannot fight without my rapier. I simply cannot swing a sword right if it is not my own, the weight, the length the balance have to be perfect. I can also shoot a bow, though It's a peculiar case. I'm told I have my mothers hunting spirit. I can't shoot the blind side of a barn, though I can hit moving targets, especially birds.*

*William sounds nice*

*I've never looked at it like that, I... I'll have to think about it... maybe I'll learn from this after all, maybe it's all part of the divine plan? I'll... I'll try to level myself to the world I live in... Th-thank you knife...*

[spoilers]I draw so much better when it's not 2am and I give half a fuck... Sorry for the ear wrenching wall of text... feel free to ask more questions if you have any, if not things are going to get moving soon.[spoilers]
No. 497825 ID: 150fea

woops forgot the / on the second spoilers
No. 497844 ID: 9ddf68

well... if it makes you feel better no one in this little group has had an easy life either and hell truth be told both of their lives just turned upside down yesterday. So what i'm trying to say is , uh well, sorry? Also if there is anything you would like to do feel free to tell us or Eadoo and if it is in our power we will do what we can.
Well if we can we will see to getting you a bow at least as I'm sure you would like to be able to defend yourself without us being around all the time. Oh and we will be traveling soon so we can probably pick up some info on the castle on the way, hell we might even past by it if not head strait for it unless something comes up.
you're done in here right, we can talk now without distractions? Yeah we got some info from our new gnoll friend. We named him William, he's a monk that found some way to disconnect his soul form his body and if he doesn't want to lose his soul completely he has to follow 5 rules that he can't break unless one rule conflicts with a other. from least important to most is
1) he cannot willingly kill, not even a bug
2) he must stay with his master which is now you
3) he must obey his master
4) he can't willingly have sex unless you force him (don't do this has he does not seem to be very found of it)
and the last one he hasn't a clue, so yeah
...OH and on a side note DO NOT BRING UP HIS PAST. he doesn't seem to like to talk about it that much.
No. 497851 ID: e3aff6

By the way, do you know anything from your teachings about 'black scrawl' appearing around sites of unnatural death and undeath?
No. 497852 ID: ccb2c1

*most important to least
No. 497857 ID: d6ef5d

We should use the bear form to start scouting out potential paths to take while the others breakfast and get ready and stuff. (Dead bodies don't tire, after all).

[To Eadoo]
This sounds like a good summation of William's situation for Eadoo, with the stipulation that we wait to update her until she's done with what she's doing.

We should also ask her to try and use her interpersonal skills (cha / will / fellowship?) to try and gather information in the inn before we leave. Maybe we can see if there's any news from the capitol for Roza.

>are you like me?
Not sure what we are, or how we came to be, exactly. It's a bit of a mystery, even to us.

So... what are the plus sides of being a living temple for the god spirits?

>who is she?
Royalty, actually. Rozalia. She's not completely sure how she ended up in this neck of the woods, but we rescued her last night. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to tell you about herself later, but if you haven't noticed, the people in this area aren't exactly keen on the royal family. We've got her keeping quiet since even her accent could get her in trouble. I'd ask that you please keep her identity secret from others.

We'll do our best to arm you then, when we have the opportunity to do so. You should have the ability to defend yourself if necessary.

We'll also see if we can get Eadoo to put her charms to use getting some information out of the locals. If anything bad happened at the capital, I get the feeling this crowd would be more than happy to tell us about it. Hopefully we'll get a reassuring silence, though.
No. 497982 ID: b33427

Will, uh... Just out of curiosity, but does that first law of yours extend to necromantic or other kinds of creatures and constructs that would be classified as "dead" or "not alive?" 'Cause there's a fair number of things out there that are dangerous that aren't actually "alive," so technically they'd be destroyed, not killed.

>Not trained in five years
What would training entail? 'Cause Eadoo almost certainly won't object to you training while we travel. You could spar against us if it'd help.

>Arm shattered, paralyzed
How much of a handicap is this for you? Is there nothing that could be done to fix it?

...Also, you have our sympathies for what your last mistress made you do. You can rest assured that Eadoo won't ever order you to do anything like that... And that if she does so it, we will knock her senseless for it. That kind of thing we do not agree with, at all.
No. 498397 ID: 150fea
File 136262500968.jpg - (133.25KB , 800x533 , Roza blushing.jpg )

>William stops mediating and gets up to dress himself...


>Rozalin immediately looks away blushing furiously.

*Oh god I just saw his penis... It's so gross... My virgin eyes, what have I seen? It was red and pointed why was it like that?! Whats wrong with it, Hes a monster... A monster! Why am I surrounded by monsters with penises!*

>The princess storms out the door and rushes down the stairs...

*What's up with her?*

>The gnoll thinks aloud.

>well... if it makes you feel better no one in this little group has had an easy life either and hell truth be told both of their lives just turned upside down yesterday.

*I see... Well the blind can sometimes lead the blind as they say.*

>Royalty, actually. Rozalia. She's not completely sure how she ended up in this neck of the woods.

*Oh... That kinda explains things I guess... So is Eadoo her hero of sorts or are we operating against her? She smells like chaos... You know that? She has some magic brewing... Evil stuff... But then again every noble I've been near smells like chaos, so it might be nothing.*
No. 498399 ID: 150fea
File 136262504739.jpg - (156.03KB , 800x533 , getting dressed.jpg )

>By the way, do you know anything from your teachings about 'black scrawl' appearing around sites of unnatural death and undeath?

*I know far better than anyone should of the black scrawl... There was once an outbreak in my home temple... Many of my friends died... The illness kills over a rather long and painful course of weeks to months. It doesn't harm the body but eats the soul. So to answer your question, No it has no correlation to the undead, save that it can kill them. I'm told the gods of death gave us the illness to punish mortals for overstepping their boundaries and committing resurrections. It's also apparently coveted and worshiped by cultists of the void born. But I fail to believe that anyone would truly worship the decimation of all souls. There is no cure but it is not contagious... Why do you want to know?

>The gnoll asks very firmly...

>So... what are the plus sides of being a living temple for the god spirits?

*When you are tuned just right the god spirit, dragon and truth can infest your body, Mainly the arms. In my left arm was the mirror of truth, the gods protect me with incomprehensible knowledge and foresight, rendering oncoming attacks useless. My Right arm was host to the dragons claw, a powerful attack that can topple mountains and extract merciful death on those the dragon chooses. This does not go against the contract as it is the will of the spirit gods and not mine. Though in my state I doubt I could summon the spirits, and the dragon would never reside in my broken arm for shame.*

>Will, uh... Just out of curiosity, but does that first law of yours extend to necromantic or other kinds of creatures and constructs that would be classified as "dead" or "not alive?"

*As a matter of fact it's considered even worst to kill an undead, as life was given back to them, it is only cruel to take it away once more... Though some constructs are living things, most are not. I cannot kill something that I know to be alive.*

>What would training entail?

*I would like an hour or two every day to keep my body in shape, though to return to my full strength I would need a proper location to train in, supplies and at least six hours of training and two hours of meditation for about three years... I'm going to assume that wont happen for a while.*

>How much of a handicap is this for you? Is there nothing that could be done to fix it?
*I can move and use objects but cannot exert force, it's to painful... It cannot be healed as it was broken by the spirit of truth. When my temple burned, it was my twin brother who challenged me, after killing all that stood against him. He was a devil, a shape shifting master of darkness, possessed from birth to ruin the spirits and unleash unspeakable evils. I fought valiantly but before the final blow was struck he deceived me and caused me to strike my arms together. The dragon talon was no match for the shield of truth and shattered, bringing my arm and my honor with it... I blacked out and woke up six years later in Shenzis caravan. She never believed my stories...*
No. 498400 ID: 150fea
File 136262507989.jpg - (131.51KB , 800x600 , Eadoo finaly gets clothes.jpg )

>you're done in here right, we can talk now without distractions? Yeah we got some info from our new gnoll friend

*Don't worry, it's tame now.*

>You peer in on Eadoo and Ophelia both mostly naked, Ophelia is pulling some makeshift clothes together out of sheets.

-Shouldn't I wear my loin cloth underneath?

-Your meat is to big for it, and you can't be comfortable with it wrapped up like that. Throw that smelly thing away...

>She tosses the cloth aside and wraps a sheet around his waist.

-sorry we don't hold clothes in your size, but a good length of woolen cloth will make for a nice robe and shawl and it should keep you warm in the cold winter.

-thanks a million Ophelia, I really owe you.

-Don't worry about it, you saved my butter last night, maybe even my life. You said you needed food and supplies?

-not to much, I simply will not overstay my welcome.

-Not a problem, Anything else?

>She asks pinching her cheek.

-Knives? a few, I plan on throwing them... and rope.

-I've got some spare throwing knives for the board you can have, they'll even have a quiver just for them, and we can spare a good 40 feet of rope.

-Thank you so much...

-there's a dress you can offer your girl if she doesn't mind looking like a barmaid... Oh take this, please.

>She fixes her :V pin to Eadoos shawl.

-Two years ago a wizard gave this to me, he said that it grants luck, but only till it takes it away. The only way to make it start giving it again is to give it to someone. I've been lucky until last night so I'm giving it to you now...

-thank you so very much~

>if he doesn't want to lose his soul completely he has to follow 5 rules that he can't break unless one rule conflicts with a other

*I see... that explains quite a bit. And don't worry I would never force myself on someone, especially not a friend. We'll get a bite to eat before leaving, but let's not tally if we hurry we can make it to the next town over in a day and a half, if we make it out of the forest by night fall we'll be fine.*
No. 498401 ID: 78c6ea

That's odd. There were no souls in Eeadoo's burrow. His children were long dead and buried, and nobody else was in there. No resurrections were committed, even though we asked for Kaleb's body (oops!). What would make the plague erupt there? Anywhoo, that's why we wanted to know mister temple.
No. 498407 ID: d6ef5d

[To Rozalia]
>Why am I surrounded by monsters with penises!
If it makes you feel any better we're completely without naughty bits of any kind. Nothing but cold steel.

But seriously, you'll be safe with them. The gnoll was a monk of some kind and has vows, and Eadoo's Eadoo.

Know any magic, by the way?

[To William]
>*What's up with her?*

>working against her or helping her?
We've agreed to try and help her get home. And... to be honest, I'm not sure she knows enough to survive out here on her own.

For the moment, it's as simple as that. Things may get a great deal more complicated, though. Princesses don't usually end up kidnapped and swept out to the provinces because something good is happening.

>black scrawl
...we've been scouting, and it's all over the site where Eadoo found her family brutally murdered. Some creature, we fear one of her own, is infected and walks the earth. And I fear none of our number are capable of striking such a thing down, as we are now.

>3 years of regular training
We'd love to give you opportunity to bring yourself to your full potential, but I doubt the opportunity will come soon. Survival and travel will likely be the order of the day for a while.

>I cannot kill something that I know to be alive
...how's that work with food, then?

Yeah, getting a bite to eat and moving on seems reasonable. And when you're on the road again, that gives you three a chance try and get to know each other and talk without having to go through the telepathic knife relay.
No. 498416 ID: 9ddf68

Are you going to eat down in the tavern, because if you are see if you can get any information on the castle that Roza was taken from. Oh and I like the new threads, much better then that loin cloth you had.
Got good news and bad news for you, well 2 good 1 bad
Good - we got you some new clothes
Bad - they're a bar maids uniform... sorry best we could do on short notice
Good - Everyone else has there clothes on now so at least that little nightmare is over.
We ask about the black scrawl because on a little scouting mission we just did we found some, well a lot of it. This also effect Eadoo so we would like to talk about it when everyone's together and on the road, no need to ruin Eadoo's good mood so early in the morning.
No. 498425 ID: e3aff6

Before we found the black scrawl, we had a brief vision of a quadrupedal furred form digging up the (quite dead) body of Eeadoo's son and telling it to wake up and shed more blood. When we got to the scene, there was black scrawl in the area and two sets of footprints leading away, lending support to the vision's validity.
No. 498495 ID: c9b053

it looks like that cause he's a hyena and has a dog cock.

Eadoos goal is to become king, when he does you could easily set up a new temple for training. He's going to need guards of some kind, and I think a bunch of shoalins would do nicely. Maybe one day you'll have a fleet of students to call you master.

So are we going to get the princess home or look for relics first?
No. 499903 ID: 150fea
File 136323068288.jpg - (157.19KB , 800x533 , leaving with stuff.jpg )

rolled 90 = 90

*Okay, Black scrawl always worries me... Master Eadoos children? He's still young, what happened? It wasn't the scrawl was it?*

*Magic? Not at all, what would make you think that?*

>The princess thinks out curiously.

>how's that work with food, then?

*at the temple we had hunters who didn't take the oath, as well as a small farmplot. Plants do not count as murder as they aren't truly alive so to speak... I suppose a tree man would though...*

>Are you going to eat down in the tavern, because if you are see if you can get any information on the castle that Roza was taken from. Oh and I like the new threads, much better then that loin cloth you had.

*Thanks it's nice to wear clothes, and I feel so free down there~*

>Eadoo wanders downstairs and eats a hardy breakfast fit for a lumberjack. He leans over to his lady friend, talking in a low voice.

-Say Ophelia, has anything happened at the castle of late?

-Nothing I know about. Even if pressing news were to come about it's seven days away so I don't really know until a week later.

-Okay, just curious.

*Well that's rather morbid... Perhaps I was safer Shenzi, Though I'd sooner die than go back, I'll assist the master in such trifles if the time comes but I'd advise avoiding such things... Speak of it to a exorcist or a paladin when you get the chance.*

-Well here you are, I hope it's enough...

>Ophelia retrieves the things Eadoo asked for and then some...

You've gained:Rope[30feet] six throwing knives, food and water[dried or bottled, enough for three for three days] region map, 7 silvercoins and 8 coppercoins.

>Eadoo stores his new possessions in Williams bag and leaves

-Best of luck to you~!

-thank you! Good bye

>And so our adventurist meet up with you and set off towards the nearest town.

-That plowing sucked. It was very loud and the music was horrible. I hate being mute, Oh I hope someone comes to save me from you soon or else I'm going to go craz-AAaaahhhHH!! Bear! Zombie bear!!

-Keehahhaahhaa~! oh my... ohhh Hhahaa... it's knife... It's just knife...

-Master. Someone should of told her, it isn't kind to scare princesses.

-Ahh hoot, every one needs a good scare every now and then~

>The group wanders off following the map and road trying to get free of the forest before night fall...

Eadoo's fellowship beckons the team on.

below 05 crit success.
below 41 you escape the forest before sun down.
above 42 the team was to slow and has to rest the night in the dark forest.
above 95 crit failure
No. 499905 ID: 76b151

welp, almost crit failed. Oh well adventure time in the forest!
No. 499907 ID: d6ef5d

>what happened? It wasn't the scrawl was it?
A massacre. We didn't see what happened- just the aftermath. The scrawl didn't show up till the next day.

>Someone should of told her, it isn't kind to scare princesses
Sorry, didn't realize we hadn't. We let it slip so quick to you too, I forgot we left her in the dark. Sorry, Roza.

>I hope someone comes to save me from you soon
Hey, you aren't our prisoner. You're free to leave at any time, if our company is so terrible. *pout*.

>fellowship roll
Huh. It's for traveling? I would have thought it was for interpersonal stuff, or orders.
No. 499910 ID: 78c6ea

Also we totally buried the bodies all formal like, so there's no way anything could possibly have resurrected them.
No. 499912 ID: b33427

[Speaking telepathically to the entire group from now on, unless otherwise specified.]

Oh, well. Guess we'll be sleeping in the forest tonight. At least we didn't run into something big and bad, like a pissed off Shenzi or a rabid wolf.

We'll take watch overnight, since we don't need to sleep. We'll even lay down our body so it forms a windbreak for the camp. Is it safe to start a fire here without attracting bandits or hostile critters? Otherwise it's going to be a very cold night and you all will have to huddle against each other in the tent for warmth.

William, we would ask you to do something for us: Could you take a closer look at us and tell us what you spiritually see, or smell, or whatever sense you use for such things? Maybe touch us? We'd like to know more about what we are and where we came from, but so far we only know that Eadoo found the shard of metal we're in by the side of the forest road. We feel we're from something bigger, but what that is we have no idea.

Roza, sorry for the scare. I wanted to surprise all three of you with the great bear body we found, but some of the voices let it slip to Eadoo and William, and then somehow it didn't slip to you. Again, sorry.

Though, there is something we're wondering if you know anything about, Roza. William said he smelled an aura of chaos on you; Something akin to bad magics. Might be nothing, since he also said all nobles he's ever met have that same air about them, but better to be safe about such things before they get worse.

Eadoo, we have something to tell you, and the rest of the group as well; We didn't want to share it at the inn and shoot down your good mood. [Recount in detail everything we saw at Eadoo's former home, starting with the dream vision.] The only vaguely good news out of this is that the unnaturally bloody tracks went in a direction away from the one we're going; We hopefully won't cross paths with whatever Kaleb is now, and the creature that made him that way.

Also, we're sorry to ask you this, Eadoo, but could Kaleb have killed all of your family? Could he have possibly come in contact with something that possessed him, or placed evil magics on him? When did he start promising your family wouldn't starve? ...Was it around the time you found the shard we're in?
No. 499918 ID: 9ddf68

Ok so we're stuck in the dark woods tonight, not that big of deal. i mean we only have to worry about some wild animals and maybe a boggie or two right? We'll take watch tonight since we don't need to sleep, unless anyone else wants to stay up with us to help.

...And uh, Eadoo. we were going to say something sooner but you looked to be enjoying yourself and we really didn't want to ruin your good time but I feel this needs to be said sooner rather than later. You know that strange dream you had this mourning, well we saw it as well (probably do to our telepathic link) and it gave us a bad feeling so we went back to your den and what we found was more then a little disturbing. we can go into more details if you want us to but for the short version is your old tree looked like something tore itself out from the inside, there was red a black mist everywhere, the black scrawl was everywhere around the place. The thing that we think concerns you the most would be that we found a set a foot prints going into your old den and even more and bloody footsteps coming out. the ones going in were ferret tracks and coming out were bloody ferret tracks and a pair of bloody human tracks. ... Just thought you would like to know.
No. 501221 ID: 150fea
File 136374964584.jpg - (148.24KB , 800x600 , hanging around the camp fire.jpg )

>A massacre. We didn't see what happened- just the aftermath. The scrawl didn't show up till the next day.

*that's very strange, you should tell the master as soon as possible.*

>Sorry, didn't realize we hadn't. We let it slip so quick to you too, I forgot we left her in the dark. Sorry, Roza.

-*pout* Well you scared me half to death all the same!

>Is it safe to start a fire here without attracting bandits or hostile critters?

-it's fine we can make a fire this far out.

Eadoo says confidently.

>Could you take a closer look at us and tell us what you spiritually see, or smell, or whatever sense you use for such things?

William investigates your shaft and blade, smelling and tasting you deeply...

-you're defiantly magical, the same magic that traces Rozalin, something noble and foul. But you're holy in your own right, I can sense great good but only under layers of filth... Are you an angel or a devil perchance?

>William said he smelled an aura of chaos on you; Something akin to bad magics. Might be nothing, since he also said all nobles he's ever met have that same air about them

-*pout* Well if that isn't just prejudice! everyone thinks nobles and the wealthy are evil by nature but it simply isn't true.

>Eadoo, we have something to tell you, and the rest of the group as well; We didn't want to share it at the inn and shoot down your good mood. [Recount in detail everything we saw at Eadoo's former home, starting with the dream vision.]

Eadoo looks in shock and horror at what you just said... gazing deeply into the fire...

-I should have known... I should have told him not to listen to those voices from the moment they appeared... He always said that the ferret and the porpoise were his friends... But now this... And here I am listening to my own special advisers... *Sigh* That's the beauty of having nothing to loose right? You can only gain from this point... Kaleb killed everyone and brought the black scrawl back to this land...

Eadoo starts to cry gently to herself... The group tries to comfort but doesn't seem to know how... After a while Eadoo clams down and sits quietly. Rozalin tries to level the mood awkwardly.

-you have a penis!

-yeah what's up with that? It's normal for a gnollish woman to have one but not kobolds. What happened?


-well... You see... [Eadoo tells the story of his father and the witch once more, this time to his friend] And so the lady of chaos gave to my father a single of my limbs, as a vestigial reminder of what I could of been, without missing a beat he opened wide and said: Penis. And so there you have it, and that's why it's so big, I was supposed to be as tall as a human and twice as manly. now I'm smaller than a bold but just as manly~

The princes looks more confused than before where the gnoll seems well informed.

-is everything alright Roza? You looked surprised at some point.

-It's just... I've meet that witch, the lady of chaos... she... She cursed me when I was a little girl.

-Oh? What did she do and why?

-I insulted her for no good reason. She cursed me to have big eyebrows... I've come to regret it deeply, but they simply wont leave.

-That's hardly a curse

the gnoll interjects.

-Yeah, what do you know? and who are you anyways?!

-I am William, a monk from the far east. I trained all my life until my brother murdered everyone I hold dear, after that I wondered with other gnolls as mercenaries and come across Eadoo who's now my master.


That put a stopper in the princesses mouth but only long enough for her to let out a lethal yawn.

-well I'm going to bed. See yah in the morn.

-I'm going to train and empty my body of impurities before I sleep.

-I'll stay up with knife for a while.

the princess crashes near the flames and William wanders off into the darkness...
No. 501222 ID: 9ddf68

to answer William's question about are we a devil or angle I believe we are both actually, not sure how but there it is. And in remembering this I also remembered our name so hot damn there.

... so ... how you holding up?
No. 501225 ID: d6ef5d

>Are you an angel or a devil perchance?
...both, maybe?

Is either one of those a bad thing? We don't know the lore or history of this land, and what part such creatures might have played.

>big eyebrow curse
Hey, for what it's worth, I like 'em. They make you more expressive. Never would have even occurred to me to see them as a flaw, if you hadn't complained about them.

>And here I am listening to my own special advisers...
For what it's worth, I promise we only want to help. Whatever we may be. We're not here to lead you to any purpose (great or terrible), or to use you for anything.
No. 501529 ID: c9b053

knowing the author, Eadoo's likely to have sex with every member of the cast, if you're interested you could have a go with us. Provided you don't mind the nurgle rot.
No. 501598 ID: 759d37

Truth told, we aren't especially sure of what our shape is. We haven't gotten a very good look at ourselves, and Eadoo likely added some sort of handle, as she said we were a shard of metal.

Maybe if we got a better look we could make a guess at what we were originally a part of?
No. 501608 ID: b33427

[Lightly bear hug Eadoo] You feelin' alright? Not gonna have trouble getting to sleep or anything? 'Cause we're here if you need to talk or something, 'k.

>Angel or devil?
Both, maybe? Maybe somebody tried to make an alloy of the divine and infernal, and we're the result? Probably didn't work out so well if they did, since whatever we were part of shattered.

>Lady of Chaos
Considering that we, Roza, and Eadoo have all been touched by her magics, seeking her out to ask of our nature sounds like something we should plan to do at some point soon. Though, I worry if she'd help more than hinder. She sounds rather... Eccentric, and short tempered.

>Big 'ol eyebrow curse
As far as curses go, you got off light. You could have ended up a combo prince and princess, as evidenced by Eadoo. I'm just glad it's not some big nasty curse that'll blow up on us at the worst moment.

...Wait, what? Why would whatever that is appear to Kaleb as an ocean mammal? How would it? Especially when he lives in the deep forest and never seen or heard of one?

Er... Well... We could... If Eadoo gets in a particularly strange and randy mood. Uh, just not with this body. Nearly frozen, somewhat rotten bear does not sound nice for that, to say the least. We'll hold off until we have a fresher, nicer body.

We did see ourselves back near the beginning, with the jackalope. It looked like Eadoo merely wrapped a rag around one end of the shard as a makeshift handle. Eadoo, could you take a closer look at us and tell us if we look like we were from a broken dagger or something bigger? We may want to visit a weapon smith to ask if they could identify what kind of weapon we came from, or even if we came from one.
No. 501631 ID: 150fea
File 136392315044.jpg - (107.24KB , 800x533 , eadoos offended.jpg )

>... so ... how you holding up?

-things have been pretty rough... I almost feel like I had an easier life before... Though I guess in a different light, I'v never been so wealthy, in both possessions and friends. I still feel empty inside...

>Is either one of those a bad thing? We don't know the lore or history of this land, and what part such creatures might have played.

-Well What's not to know? Devils are evil and angel are saints, Though I've heard stories of angels doing mean things, being corrupted by power, and tales of devils falling in love with humans, so what's to say who's truly good or evil?

Eadoo ponders on that curiously...

>knowing the author, Eadoo's likely to have sex with every member of the cast, if you're interested you could have a go with us. Provided you don't mind the nurgle rot.

-Nope! Nope nope nope Sooo much nope! that's... That's just... Wrong! It's bestiality and necrophilia... Eewww... Nononono maybe if you get a better body but... No! No... That is so sexist! to think that just because I'm a hermaphrodite I want to have sex with all my friends I... No! Stop it! Bad!
No. 501634 ID: 150fea
File 136392372439.jpg - (114.89KB , 720x478 , poisoned knife.jpg )

>Considering that we, Roza, and Eadoo have all been touched by her magics

-you've been touched by the lady of chaos? When, what happened?

>...Wait, what? Why would whatever that is appear to Kaleb as an ocean mammal? How would it? Especially when he lives in the deep forest and never seen or heard of one?

-I don't know, as far as I knew they were just ghosts not real animals, I've never even seen one before, they seemed so creepy. a massive fish with no scales, a hole in its head, black eyes and a beak. A snake with the legs, tail and head of a squirrel... Chimeras of sorts... Strange horrifying creatures... I was sure those things weren't real....

>Maybe if we got a better look we could make a guess at what we were originally a part of?

-I guess, here I'll pull you out and unwrap you...

*Eadoo does just that, he unravels your hilt and handle, below your leather bands lies a now glimmering shaft of metal, decored with engraved etches. The marks almost wriggle about the glimmering metal in the dancing light of the flames. Those markings are unforgetable for anyone who has suffered their wrath...*

-G... G-guys...

*Eadoo's hands shake, his shoulders quivering in confusion and fear*

-*gulp* You... Are you sure you're... T-telling me everything... Guys?
No. 501637 ID: 9ddf68

what What WHAT! what do they mean, the markings I mean, do you know what they mean Eadoo because your kinda freaking out right now. They just look like someone tried to make words our of star constellations to me.
No. 501638 ID: 7003a8

Everything we know. Yes.

That engraving that troubles you so... What does it say? What does it mean?
No. 501639 ID: 735f4f

Man we look like shit. Also we have no idea what that stuff means.
No. 501640 ID: c31f72

Oh please tell me we can't catch that black scrawl thing. That'd suck. Is that thing even contagious? Are those even the same symbols?
Anyways, we've told you everything we know about this world.
No. 501647 ID: d6ef5d

>you've been touched by the lady of chaos? When, what happened?
Uh... not that I remember. I think that voice was confused. I mean, we've been with you since we woke up, and she hasn't crossed our path since then, so I don't see how she could have touched us.

You seems frightened all of a sudden. Were those marks not there when you first found or shaped us?

It's a fairly simple pattern, dots and lines. Characters, "]-X5+ᴎ"? Possibly some kind of cipher or code? A bigger sample would be needed if we wanted to crack it though. Unless you know how to read those? Because we don't.

I, uh, um. Wait. Those are the same markings as make up the black scrawl, aren't they? That's... ominous.

I promise you there's nothing we haven't told you. We don't know what we are, or how we work, and we don't mean you harm.
No. 501648 ID: b33427

There were no marks on us when you found us, right, Eadoo? No etchings at all? This is new... ...That looks like the mark of the Black Scrawl... Fuck... Are we infected? Are we contagious? ...Are we causing it? Dammit, what does this mean?!

Eadoo, put us down. Put us down as carefully as you can. Do not even risk getting the tiniest scratch. Get William. Tell him the mark of the Scrawl is on us. He would know more then we do about what it means.

We're sorry we don't know more. We really are. This is the first we've seen this. All we can say is we don't mean you any harm, but we don't know if we'll have any control over that if the Scrawl is here.

>The Lady of Chaos' magic
Sorry, Eadoo. That was an assumption based on William saying the magics on us were the same as the ones he sensed on Roza, and then Roza said she was cursed by the Lady. Bit to much of a leap there. We'll need more evidence before we can say we're related to her or not.

>Suggestion of combo bestiality/necrophilia
Ugh... Extra apologies for the voice that suggested that, Eadoo. That was completely uncalled for... Just, ugh.
No. 501655 ID: 759d37


Maybe show the writing to William if he's still awake. Maybe that Monestary he was with taught him how to read this sort of thing? They did interact with the divine, after all.
No. 502484 ID: 150fea
File 136435189560.jpg - (396.46KB , 2400x1600 , taking a good look.jpg )

-It's... Th-the B-black scrawl...

>I promise you there's nothing we haven't told you. We don't know what we are, or how we work, and we don't mean you harm

-I... I'm not sure I can trust you... Not after what happened! Just... Head voices have done nothing but harm, and now this! I... I'm... I'm sorry... just... Give me a moment...

>Eadoo puts you down and walks away... Pacing in the snow.

>Eadoo walks back and pits you up by the handle.

-Okay. I've decided, I'm going to T-trust you, but with an eye open. Y-you'd expect no less I assume? You'd feel the same I'm sure...

>Get William. Tell him the mark of the Scrawl is on us. He would know more then we do about what it means.

-That's a good idea, great idea. William! oh shhh... Sorry sorry princess go back to sleep... William

>Eadoo fetches the gnoll to have him inspect you.

-it's definitely the scrawl... But it's only a mark, if you had it for real, you'd be in terminal and I'd perceive it, even through the metal. No you're fine and you don't seem to give it either. there's really no trace on you... Which is very ominous... These markings are not to be taken lightly, not ever, especially not after what happened last night.

>The gnoll ponders on for a short while...

-you two get some sleep... I'll watch guard, I'm sure this is bad, but I feel you aren't. Maybe it's a good thing you're on our side, and not someone else's... Master Eadoo?

-I'm fine... just a little shook

>Eadoo sits up near the fire a little ways away from your bear. William puts you back in your place.
No. 502488 ID: b7169d

To be fairly honest, we do have some issues with our memory. We cannot remember much at all before we met you a few days ago. We know nothing of this land, it's lore, or what could be considered evil or good.
No. 502490 ID: 997ce7

Maybe us voices are the spoooooky ghooooosts of people who died from the black scrawl and the markings are some sort of scar?
No. 502492 ID: d6ef5d

>I'm going to T-trust you, but with an eye open. Y-you'd expect no less I assume? You'd feel the same I'm sure...
We're a dangerous sentient magical artifact of unknown providence. We claim to mean well, but we have no memory before yesterday. I'd expect no less, and do the same in your position.

...thank you for your trust, though.

>what's it mean though?
Well, William confirmed we aren't infected, and we don't seem to be a vector for the scrawl. So... if I had to guess... maybe it has to do with how we possess things? That's something both we and the scrawl have it common, a way to force ourselves on something, and take possession of it. In both cases, it's magic that involves the soul, isn't it? Only we displace or control, while the scrawl rots and consumes. Different applications of the same idea.

I'd guess the markings are some kind of ancient, arcane code or script? (Possibly angelic or demonic, considering William's guess at our origin, and the myths about the scrawl). And that it can be put to more than one use. We've either got, are, or are using one enchantment or spell in this language, and the scrawl is or uses another.

Of course, this is all speculation. Not sure where we're going to find the information to truly figure this out.
No. 502494 ID: 9ddf68

you know when we first 'woke up' we first thought we were a talking jackalope, hell ask Eadoo she can confirm that one. Then we quickly learned we were a talking knife that could posses things, creepy as that sounds but still better then a magical talking horned rabbit. And now we learn we haven't the faintest clue to what we are but have it on good authority that it is most likely something pretty bad. Answers would be nice right about now but hey can't have everything in life now can you.
Hell the only thing I know of before Eadoo is an image, not sure if it means something or is just, well a picture in my mind. In this one image there are two creatures fighting, one with a spear and black armor that is being shattered by another creature that looks the same but has grey armor and a large two handed sword that looks as if it shattered when the creature used it to shatter the first creature's armor. I don't know what they are but they both have faces that are as black as a moonless night with two large pure white eyes. Hey William you're still up right, does that sound familiar to you at all?
No. 502495 ID: b33427

Well, I'm somewhat relieved that the mark of the Black Scrawl on us isn't dangerous, and we aren't contagious or going to succumb to it. The fact we have the mark at all is damn troubling, though. Eadoo, that wasn't on us when you found us, right?

...And, uh... Eadoo, if you don't feel safe enough to sleep with us controlling this bear, just give the word and we'll pull ourselves out. We can keep watch even body-less, and raise the alarm if anything bad comes along.

>Head voices are bad
Uh... Actually, don't a lot of different supernatural entities speak right into the minds of mortals? Be they good, evil, or neutral? Both gods and demons are known for that kind of thing. So head voices aren't inherently bad, just suspect.

Yes, we don't have any recollection before you landed us in the skull of that jackalope, Eadoo. We have no idea what or who we are, or where we came from. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to seek out those who would be able to figure out what we are, so that you'd know if you could trust us, and so we'd know if you could trust us.

A possibility, but we don't have any proof leaning towards that.
No. 502543 ID: 7003a8

If we've got the mark of the black scrawl, but not its taint, then that means the mark was inflicted on us instead of part of our identity.
Easy enough to investigate.
Look at the grooves of the inscription.
Are the lines straight?
Is the inside of each line smooth and clean?
Do the lines meet at precise angles?
Are the parallel lines actually parallel?
Are the perpendicular lines actually perpendicular?
Are the edges of each line smoothed from use, or are they sharp?

You can tell how long it's been there by how worn it is, and if the inscription is lower quality than the blade itself then we know it was added later.

I think I'm more bothered than I should be that we could really use a skilled blacksmith, but we don't want to hire one who's the sort to willingly work on a blade with the mark.
No. 502848 ID: 150fea
File 136468538038.jpg - (111.64KB , 800x533 , Sleeping Eadoo.jpg )

-that makes a strange amount of sense...

-no sorry. It doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard of.

-no me neither.

-It's okay... I'd feel safer with you in the bear. I trust you knife... I trust you...

*Eadoo yawns and curls up next to the fire... sleeping after a long day and a bout of stress*

>the marks are perfect and smooth, they don't seemed to be engraved at all, simply there. The marks seem newish... either Eadoo didn't notice them, or they appeared after she wrapped the handle.

>William wakes up at a point in the night. He waves and walks off to go piss...

-Hey... Knife. I'd say it's about three notches till sun rise, want me to take up watch? you look like you could use some sleep.
No. 502849 ID: 76b151

We can keep you company if you want. We dodn't exaclt sleep, being you know a knife.
No. 502852 ID: b93170

Um we're a knife we don't really need to sleep and we are riding in an undead bear I don't think we have to worry to much about getting tired, but thanks for the concern
No. 502854 ID: d6ef5d

I'm not sure if we need to sleep, actually. And we're kind of a collection of voices here, so even if one of us were to sleep, I'm not sure we would all have to at the same time!

...I suppose it couldn't hurt to try sleeping. It'll either do nothing, or help get us rested. Assuming we tire.
No. 502873 ID: 150fea
File 136469422162.jpg - (156.19KB , 800x533 , found a village.jpg )

>You stay awake until sunrise... William hums a foreign song.

-*Yawn* ... Hmmn Morning William, knife.

-Good morning master.

-Please call me Eadoo. *Grumble* breakfast.

>the group dines on toast and dried meat before leaving again on their journey.

-See all this, it's just fields of wheat and corn in the summer. The farmers always want more. It's easy to steal a few ears of corn or bundle of wheat, but the dogs can be scary...

-A village, I'm saved!

-Yeah, We'll find help there for sure.

-Oh thank the lord, I'll soon be rescued from these vermin.

-Still on with your superiority complex? You've honestly done nothing but complain and be a heavy burden since I've meet you.

-Well maybe you should be more appreciative. You're in the presence of a princess, that should be gift enough.

-*grumble* In the presence of my ass, you're hardly worth the gold you're giving. Honestly I don't know why I try with you.

-I woke up in a run down cart and now I have to deal with the likes of you, so don't complain.

-My family died! Everything I know and love is gone! You don't know poverty and suffering, you don't know hunger! So don't you fucking complain about shit! you whore!!
No. 502874 ID: 150fea
File 136469423414.gif - (130.75KB , 800x533 , princessed-away.gif )

>The princess boils red with rage...

-What did you just call me?! I have never... Ever been so insulted. You Filthy... vermin. You wrenched goblin you! I am a princess! You will respect me! You hear me! I am a Princess!!

>With a loud cry and a whoop! yellow claws swoop down and grab Rozalin.

-AAaahhh!! Save me!!

>The bird flies off towards the mountain. Past he forest...


-Fuck her, good riddance.

>The angry bold storms off towards the village... only turn back.

-Okay let's save her... No Fuck, I don't like her! *pout* But we can't just leave her... AAArrg! Knife you choose!
No. 502875 ID: d6ef5d

...we really shouldn't leave her to die just because she's a spoiled bitch with an underdeveloped sense of empathy. It's not her fault- it's how she was raised.

Is the bird already out of range? The fastest way to end this would be if you could hit it with us, then we could posses it, and turn the bird around.
No. 502876 ID: bf54a8

we'll save her but only at the last second. let her freak the fuck out for a while.
No. 502877 ID: c31f72

I'll go along with saving her, but only so we can get that bird as our new body. A flying body that can carry a person is good for fast travel.
No. 502879 ID: 7003a8

Yea, lets save her.

Roz: Has your arranged marriage already been decided on, or are they still shopping you around for a 'better match'?
You may not yet be aware of this, but princesses are a medium of exchange. What do you call a person whose lot in life is for their body to be sold and used for 'marital arts'?

You want to take offense to what Eadoo said? Then get some aspirations beyond being a princess and producing heirs for whatever prince offered the most gold or land.
No. 502883 ID: b33427

E'yup. That's most often what princesses that are sixth in line to the throne are; A bargaining chip. Hard to hear, but it's the way things are.

We're still gonna save you, Roza, but not 'cause you're a princess. It's 'cause you're a person, and people shouldn't be left behind to be eaten by giant horned birds, even if they are a princess with an over-inflated sense of entitlement.

I too want that bird body. I also want to find out why it specifically snatched up Roza, and not Eadoo, William, or even our bear body. I suspect it wasn't just random chance that took her.

So, Eadoo. Looks like it's going to be a trip, and we should make haste. Care to ride on our shoulders so we can move a bit faster. No insult to your stature, but longer legs would speed this along.

...Also, maybe try and keep your temper in check. I know Roza is trying, and you've had a hard life made even worse recently, but snapping and snarling at her isn't going to bring her around. She's going to need gentle steering to become a better person, okay.
No. 502884 ID: 642871

I say leave her. What are the odds of her family actually being around to claim her, and then not murdering you on sight because you're a kobold, gnoll, and rotting zombie bear knife?

Leave her. Tell someone in the village to go save her.
No. 502893 ID: 943463

You're a good person, Eadoo; you wouldn't let someone die just because they're obnoxious. The princess isn't *evil*, she's just ungrateful and incredibly sheltered. Go save her, if only to prove that you're better than what she thinks of you.
No. 502896 ID: 9ddf68

Are... are we really now on a quest to save a princess? Really? I don't know weather I want to laugh or cry right now that we are about to embark on one of the most told stories ever written only behind by how the young adventurers started their great journey by slaying giant rats. It almost feels like a right of passage. Ah hell with it lets go save her unless she finds some way to hunt us all in her grave, then we'll never hear the end of it.
No. 502911 ID: b7169d

Hmm, actually we could do well with a giant, flying bird body. Save her!
No. 502912 ID: 656f39

Oh come on now Eadoo your better than that. You want to be the hero and save the princess! go forth vanquish monsters! be the hero! besides it would look bad on our record if we gave up on the princess half way. Off we go then, cant have the princess being turned into lunch now can we.

Unless... maybe you really don't want to rescue the princess. Are you thinking about switching sides? Becoming a villain maybe? Well no judgement from us either way...
No. 503028 ID: a00410

We don't get to become a great king by ignoring problems. We must help our subjects, even the odieus ones. Besides she might learn a leson from this one. Ranting like that, then getting snatched up. This `grubby` little "GOBLIN" will show her wake it turely means to be noble.
No. 503030 ID: a00410

This not spaming, xbox controllers don't have return keys. Or spell check. I see what is could be meant by our gnollish friend. Holyness coverd in flith. Undead bear preaching altruism & nobility. We still have those scary marks; so lets not tempt bad karma.
No. 503224 ID: df9bc2

Tempt bad karma! We just wont tell anyone the princess went missing! Didn't William say she had a bad air about her?

Maybe ask him for advice on the matter, rather than asking a chaotic neutral bear what to do. He's a monk.
No. 503530 ID: c9b053

Go after her, it's the first key choice in the arc, mabe it'll trigger flag with the princess and surely her father will think kindly of us for saving his daughter twice. See three or four times if we keep her around.
No. 503767 ID: 65ddc7

We need her as much as she needs us. When we save her, change of plans, fuck the gold, we don't need that. Get information. Information on that crown, scepter, and throne in the obsidian barrens. Plus we want that bird as a host.

Before all that though, about the bird, do you know anything about it? Like exactly what it is? Is it a common creature that would pick up some random human sized prey for food or is it rare. If it is rare it's probably being controlled and thus we need to be prepared.

Don't be too mad at her. Her entire life growing up, she was surrounded by people who had to treat her as precious and act like being in her presences was an honor, not just a job. You can't overwrite such conditioning after a few days. Until recently she was exposed to as few hardships as possible, she is taking this whole situation as you would expect her to, very poorly. People with a good life have their hardships magnified. People with a hard life have the good things magnified.

When we get her back we need to open up more dialog. This needs to be more for her than 'that time she was kidnapped.' It needs to be the time she saw more of the world, a milestone in her life. It also needs to be more for you, more than just the first step if your journey. I can't say how exactly.
No. 503771 ID: 150fea
File 136504742171.jpg - (225.12KB , 800x533 , gotta go fast.jpg )

mostly updating just to prove to myself that I'm still doing this, I'll be less busy very soon. hopefully by this week end

>Rozalin is far to far to hear your words...

-you're all right, we have to save her! it's just the right thing to do. And it's a step towards my dreams, come on William we're saving a princess!

>Care to ride on our shoulders so we can move a bit faster.

-Good idea!

>Eadoo climbs on and holds tight

-Come on let's go!

>You dash off towards the bird, running in the forest, William jumps leaps and bounds keeping up with you at full sprint carrying all the supplies.

>about the bird, do you know anything about it?

-It's a rock, massive eagle, they live up on the misty mountains and hunt year long, They eat anything but usually stick to smaller prey. That's all i know about it, I've seen them before but never that close!

>You run in the forest following your lead at full tilt when suddenly!!!
No. 503774 ID: d9fbf3

When suddenly...? Yeeeess?
No. 503777 ID: 9ddf68

is this a prompt where we pick what we run into or is this just the first part to multiple updates?
Because if we get to pick what we run into I say a random group of travelers just because I want to see how people would react to a small kobolt riding a zombie bear being chased by a gnoll. I have a good feeling it would be hilarious.
No. 503788 ID: bf54a8

be on the lookout.
No. 503825 ID: 150fea

like I said in the spoiler text... feel free to ignore this update until I post the next one. I might even repost this one for dramatic effect. I'll see about posting it today... but well... We'll see...
No. 503830 ID: c9b053

well then I'll just wait in suspence
No. 503894 ID: 150fea
File 136511402833.jpg - (312.98KB , 800x617 , A challenger appears.jpg )

>Whisking by like a blur, it shines as it slashes open Williams bag, pouring your possessions out into the snow, stopping you in your tracks. You look up to see a figure in the trees, swung by a rope.

-Step no further beasts and bandits~ I am here to put a stopper to your devilish ways! I shall say it only but once, return the princess to me.

-You don't understand we're trying to save her.

-Ha! don't try to trick me bold. I know you have the princess, I heard her plea for savior in the distance~ And that is why I am here. I'll relinquish her from you, necromantic kobold and filthy gnoll.

-Can't you see she's not here? We're running to save her from an eagle.

-You persist to take me for a fool! Taken by an eagle? You clearly stashed her in a crook of some kind, and now you're looking for companions to partake in her flesh with... Filthy vermin! Tell me where she is and I'll erase you swiftly.

*Damn she's not listening to reason... If I run for it William will have to follow and we'll loose our things. Eum... Advisers... advise!*
No. 503900 ID: 1c893c

keep distracting her whit... i dont know what invent something

william, you gatter the stuff while she is distracted and we make a break for it when we can
No. 503901 ID: 94091c

Will you lose track of the Roc if you stay here thirty seconds? Otherwise ..

Okay, first of all, while you grandly narrate this, I should point out that you CAN stash items fairly safely inside the ribcage of the bear. Alternately, try to makeshift-repair the bag.

"Well, if we stashed her in a creek and you killed us, you'd never find her before she starved - and you are far too heroic to stoop to such villainous acts as torture. Of course, it's not much fun to :distasteful cough: partake in her flesh if she's dead, so we don't want her to starve either. So clearly your only option here is to follow us around everywhere we go, in hopes that we'll lead you to her.

Which, by an amazing coincidence, is also what you should do if we're trying to save her! Funny how that goes."

Then, assuming you've gathered your stuff at this point, swiftly resume the pursuit, leaving her too dumbfounded to point out the many logical flaws in that argument. She'll practically be forced to follow. Otherwise, resume pursuit but shout back "And bring that stuff, we'll need it!" She looks like a speed-type, she should be able to catch up fine.
No. 503902 ID: b7169d

We will charge him, and you guys evade.
No. 503912 ID: 65ddc7

Tell him something alone the lines of "Fine, you got us, we were going to her right now with the food from the bag you just slit open in what was obviously just warning. You could have severed his head just now if you wanted to, couldn't you? We are no match, follow us."

Then keep fucking going. We will see how this plays out when we get to her.
No. 503914 ID: d6ef5d

[Dialog suggestions for Eadoo. I doubt it would help if we tried to have the dead bear "talk"]
>partake in her flesh with
I'm female, William is a monk, and the bear is dead. None of us have any interest in her flesh.

>take me to the princess
...we are headed for her now. You can travel with us to her. Or you can try to fight us. If you are killed, you fail in your mission. If you kill us, you will not find her, and fail in your mission. Your choice.
No. 503931 ID: bf54a8

indeed "why would we be going into the woods without her unless it is to get her out of the secret lair?"
No. 503937 ID: 65ddc7


I would like to amend my suggestion a bit, put up a bit of a fight. He has good fucking reason to believe you are a necromancer and to not just go along with anything we say. You are riding a dead bear after all. We will fight him for a bit, let him cut down this body. Then we give in. Once we are down, yield with the notion that the gnoll is little more than a pack mule and you are no good without a construct in fights.
No. 503946 ID: 9ddf68

yeah just say fine she wins and we'll take her to the freaking mountain the princess was just taken to.

If she still is going to be a bothersome bitch and try and stop us even then, then You (Eadoo) and William go on ahead to the mountain and William can stop trying to pick up our stuff, in fact have William carry Eadoo and we'll try and slow this bitch down then after she either runs away or we knock her out we will gather up the supplies and meet you at the mountain.
No. 503948 ID: cc2e78

The more time we take wasting away talking right now the farther the princess is getting so I prupose that Eadoo and William go on ahead while we take care of her be that in talking her down or fighting her into submission afterwards we can follow after them. If we go with this prepare to block her from the most likely event that she will attempt to stop eadoo and William from going on.
No. 503951 ID: d6ef5d

>sacrifice bear corpse body for no good reason
>try to talk through a dead bear
Guys! Eadoo is a charming rogue. Let her try to charm some sense into this swashbuckler! Make the cha or fellowship roll! It's our best bet to get this quickly and without wasting time, resources, and blood.
No. 503956 ID: 2a8a2a

Remove us from the bear (subtly if you can so she doesn't see us), then tell her she can follow us to see for herself that we are telling the truth, and that she can surely defeat an unarmed gnoll and kobold with no minions if we are lying.

(If she is still hostile you can just immediately put us back in the bear.)
No. 503975 ID: 7003a8

Can we speak out loud? Lets try that.
"Don't smear Eadoo like that! It's not her fault I'm like this; Wizards are dicks!
...and It was a Roc, not an eagle."

Eadoo: Once she's confused, pour all your charm on her!
No. 504007 ID: a1e623

"Your over eagerness has already doomed you to failure. I have cleverly hidden the key to the princesses cell in one of the items in the bag you just destroyed. Since you have to follow us to find the princess and you need the key to rescue her when you get there your only option is to gather our belongings and chase after us into the monsters lair. A feat I hope you will attempt as it will be amusing to watch you fail. Now if you will excuse me I have to make sure the princess is comfortable in her cage as it appears she will be there for quite some time." Then you resume chasing after the roc.

Ideally this hero will gather all our belongings chase us up the mountain before fighting the roc to save the princess and we wont have to do a thing. Even if none of that happens we don't have anything irreplaceable in the pack and we cant afford to spend time fighting here.
No. 504472 ID: 150fea
File 136538321087.jpg - (165.15KB , 800x533 , telling a true lie.jpg )

*We'll keep her occupied for a moment, William gather out things post haste.*


*in all right respect we already lost it. but we can run in it's direction and hope that by the time we draw near it's nest Rozalin still has breath to scream with. We'll find her if she can...*

*Agreed I'll use my charm and my wit. She wont believe the truth, and I wouldn't blame her. A lie is better suited and when she saves the princess she'll thank me I'm sure. If she attacks you'll defend us and we'll meet up. I thank your martyrdom Knife, you're precious knight...*

-Don't smear Eadoo like that! It's not her fault I'm like this; Wizards are dicks!
...and It was a Roc, not an eagle.

-Now, now...

>Eadoo looks towards the light, eclipsed by the knight.

-you clearly know right... Well, if we stashed her in a creek and you killed us, you'd never find her before she starved - and you are far too heroic to stoop to such villainous acts as torture. Of course, it's not much fun to :distasteful cough: partake in her flesh if she's dead, so we don't want her to starve either. So clearly your only option here is to follow us around everywhere we go, in hopes that we'll lead you to her.

>Eadoo lies to the knight. Charisma check[49]

Below 05 critical success
below 50 she believes the lie
above 51 she doesn't believes it
above 95 critical fail.
No. 504474 ID: 150fea

rolled 40 = 40

oops forgot to roll

I'll roll now
No. 504475 ID: 76b151

rolled 23 = 23

well here goes
No. 504495 ID: 150fea
File 136538853004.jpg - (168.66KB , 800x533 , Martin joins by force.jpg )


>she bought the lie and swings down the rope.

-very well I will follow you, bring me to my princess and do not try to fool me. I will keep a very close eye on you.

-don't worry, I wouldn't hurt a lovely woman such as yourself.

-undeceive yourself rat, I am a man~

-Heh? so am I.

*really? Is it my fate to encounter them over and over? Knife is this your doing?*

>The girl... man! Seems surprised almost rejoiced.

-Really now? my name is Martin Jonson the brave. may I have your name, bold?

-I am Eadoo and this is William. We'd best hurry less your princess be harmed.

-Very well, Squire!

>A boy emerges from the bushes.

-we've been taken hostage, we follow them for now, be on your guards.

-yes sir! Ahh... clipclop, stop fighting me... Ahh!

-lead the way vermin...

>You gather your things and run off again, followed by Martin the knight and her... His squire... it grows dark and the sun goes down.

-hmmn... the princess is off a little ways, it's hard, if not impossible for me to know exactly where. plus it's dangerous to travel at night. should we wait the night or keep going?

-you don't know where she is?

-not entirely. I promise I'm not deceiving you.

-*sigh* very well...

-Knife, should we rest the night or march?
No. 504498 ID: 1c893c

we should try to find her as soon as possible but it is true that the danger lurk in the night, more reason to find her quickly i say
No. 504499 ID: 9ddf68

are close enough to talk to Roza now? if not then I say keep going I have a feeling that every second counts and if Eadoo gets tired she can just sleep on our back

If we are close enough
"Hey princess can you hear us if so where are you and by that I mean tell us your surroundings we'll be there soon but if we have an idea of were to look we can be there even sooner. Also side note do you know of anyone named Martin Jonson because that chick, er guy kinda delayed us a bit because he thought we kidnapped you?"
No. 504504 ID: d6ef5d

[testing psychic link to Roza]
*Hey, you there? We close yet?*

>Stay or camp?
Traveling at night is risky, but she's in danger the whole time we wait. And then there's the questionable patience of our 'guests'.

At the very least, we should be on point. If there's something to trip over, let the corpse do it.

Although we're going to be in trouble if we come to a cliff face or something. Climbing in the dark is more suicidal than dangerous.
No. 504510 ID: bf54a8

(it's probably half us half you. we are attracting beings of the same gender, which just happens to be both)
No. 504529 ID: bef086

Any sort of delay is more time for the Roc to get hungry or Martin to reconsider.
No. 504587 ID: 150fea
File 136544351311.jpg - (201.91KB , 800x533 , those god has forsaken.jpg )

Eadoo - yes we must press on into the night, Princess Rozalin is not safe, we should hurry to save her...

Martin - ... You almost seem determined to get me to her... What are you planning?

Eadoo - Would you believe that I lied and I'm really thing to save her?

Martin - ... Bring me to her vermin, I'll believe it when I see it.

>You march on into the night, William takes the lead as he sees better in the dark. You charge till sunrise, without rest.

Martin - Are you sure you know where you're going?

Eadoo - Let's hope, keep looking!

>You keep up scan till you just barely notice Rozalin's mind in the distance.

Roza - *Oh lord... Why have you forsaken me? ... What have I done to deserve such cruel fate...*

*Hey, you there? We close yet?*

Roza - Wh-what?! who's there!

*Hey princess can you hear us if so where are you and by that I mean tell us your surroundings we'll be there soon but if we have an idea of were to look we can be there even sooner. Also side note do you know of anyone named Martin Jonson because that chick, er guy kinda delayed us a bit because he thought we kidnapped you?*

Roza - I'm in a tree. that bird took me here and I can't climb down. Sir Martin's there?! Goodness I'm saved~ ... Knife is that you? ... you're... you're looking for me?

>Rozalin... looks distantly and begins to cry...

Roza - I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. Tell Eadoo I'm sorry!
No. 504589 ID: 001618

Eadoo we got something, she's in a tree and says she can't clim down and since we can talk to her we have to be close like very very close. Oh and she said she was sorry and has kind of broke down in tears so lesson for crying and we know we have her.
No. 504591 ID: d6ef5d

Hey guys, we got a ping! She's close.

Hmm. Can we track which direction she's in? At worst, we could just keep her talking and try moving back and forth and see which direction makes the signal clearer or stronger, right? That would give us a heading.

[to Roza]
Yes, of course we're looking. We weren't going to leave you to be bird food just because you and Eadoo lost your temper with each other. It happens.

...Martin's kind of convinced we're a bunch of evil, kidnapping, murdering, necromancer rapists, though. Eadoo barely convinced him he was better off letting us lead him to you rather than trying to kill us. A word on our behalf might help once we get you down.

The bird's not there?
No. 504635 ID: 7003a8

*Take the lead*
Say: She's this way.

Rozalin: No. Some things need to be said in person. We'll be there soon; you can tell her then.
No. 504847 ID: c9b053

princess, we're nearby. Yell so they know where you are!
No. 504848 ID: d6ef5d

Actually, rather than having her shout herself hoarse, if we can't get the heading from telepathy, why not have her sing? She mentioned she was good at that, earlier.
No. 504901 ID: 150fea
File 136555729820.jpg - (159.51KB , 800x533 , the roc appears.jpg )

Martin - You found Rozalin! Where is she?!

>You can't quite detect exactly where she is...

*The bird's not there?*

Roza - no, the bird left me here yesterday and left... Oh no... Knife... Knife come get me! Quickly! it's coming back!

Roza - HELP! Martin Please Help! The Eagles Coming To Get Me! Please Help!!

Martin - Rozalin!

>Martin turns his horse towards his princess and bolts as fast as his steed will take him! Swinging a rope in his hand.

Martin - I'm Coming Rozalin!
No. 504903 ID: d6ef5d

Hold on Eadoo!

Undead bear chaaaaaarge!

As a bear we should be able to climb the tree. And if needed, Eadoo has ranged attacks.
No. 504904 ID: 150fea
File 136555984291.jpg - (183.84KB , 800x533 , falling.jpg )

>You run as fast as you can reaching the base of the tree...

Roza - N-now now Mister big Bird... No need to...

Roc - *Squaw!!*

Roza - Aahhh! Help Me! Help Me please!

>Rozalin backs away from the eagle as is lands in its nest.

Roc - *CAW-Caw!!*

Roza - Get-get Away! Aaahhh!!

>The giant eagle screams and jumps forwards Rozalin backs up and falls off the nest, plummeting to the ground!

Roza - AAAAhhhh!!!
No. 504905 ID: d6ef5d

Time to catch her! Eadoo, you might want to hop off or risk getting crushed.

...assuming of course Martin doesn't swing in on that rope and catch her midair before she reaches us.
No. 504919 ID: 2a8a2a

Seems like the best course of action. Try to stay close enough that you can quickly retrieve us from the bear if you need to throw us.
No. 504922 ID: 9ddf68

yeah the good thing about being a body snatching knife is that we don't really have to worry to much about ruining our body.

The plan is simple we use our body to cushion Roza's fall unless of course Martin has a better plan, also after we save Roza are we going to have to worry about Martin trying to 'slay' us again since he has the princess and still most likely believes we're the ones who took her in the first place. On that note
hey can you make sure that Martin or his squire isn't about to stab us in the back after we grab Roza or at least give us a warning or something.

Oh and Eadoo, you might want to hop off or at least lean off our side as not to get crushed by Roza.
No. 504935 ID: 7003a8

You know how we can push a body past its limits at the risk of damaging it?

No. 504957 ID: bf54a8

run under there and flip over. a rotting bear belly is probably soft, if gross.
No. 505145 ID: 150fea
File 136564758431.jpg - (188.24KB , 800x617 , saving the princess.jpg )

rolled 79 = 79

>You run as fast as you can, risking your own body for her...

>Eadoo leaps off of you, tumbling to the ground and bolts aside you.

>High above Martin swings from his rope after leaping from his running horse! He dashes in to save Rozalin mid plummet!

Martin makes a dexterity check to not miss his princess. [dex=62]

below 05 critical success
below 62 success
above 63 failure
above 95 critfail
No. 505149 ID: 9ddf68

was that roll for us or for Martin?
No. 505151 ID: 2a8a2a

For Martin I think.
No. 505152 ID: 735f4f

Well he missed time for us to shine.
No. 505153 ID: 150fea
File 136564899903.jpg - (130.00KB , 800x490 , running bear.jpg )

rolled 91 = 91

>Running faster than you can you bolt to the tree leaping out infront of it belly side up.

you make a agi check [38+6(magic enhance)+20(beyond maximum)=64]

below 05 crit
below 44 success
below 64 success at a loss
above 65 fail
above 95 crit fail
No. 505154 ID: 76b151

well crap. Eadoo! We missed! DO SOMETHING!
No. 505155 ID: 1c893c

fuck fuck fuck

lucky pin activate
No. 505156 ID: 51ff34

rolled 25 = 25

Well, let's roll for catching the princess ourselves, using bear blubber.
No. 505157 ID: 51ff34

Have William catch her!!!
No. 505160 ID: 7003a8

No. 505165 ID: 9e1727

...Fuck fuck fuck FUCK! Ummm...

Roza! Kick your legs down! Land feet first! Don't land on your head and back!

...I can't think of anything else. Maybe she'll just be seriously injured and not dead if she lands on her feet... Please.

>Luck pin
Uh. DO SOMETHING! Um. Cause that roc to snatch her out of the air, please.
No. 505170 ID: d6ef5d

Sacrifice the bear form to save her?

Have Roza kick or push off from the tree towards the bear?

Eadoo use the bear for a springboard jump and midair catch?
No. 505173 ID: 9ddf68

this is going to end so well, I can tell.
No. 505178 ID: 150fea
File 136565544895.jpg - (129.92KB , 800x490 , failure.jpg )

No. 505179 ID: 76b151

oh no. no no no no no. Roz!
No. 505180 ID: 1c893c

aahh she miss the bear
No. 505181 ID: 150fea
File 136565577623.jpg - (170.01KB , 800x533 , casting luck.jpg )

Martin - PRINCESS!!

Eadoo - Aahh No! L-luck pin! D-do something! Save my friend!!

>Eadoo pulls the pin from her chest and holds it high grasping it's energy and shouting as it bursts into flames, sparks of raw entropy burst out and shine brightly!!
No. 505182 ID: 735f4f

Well that looks possibly fatal. Is that blood under her? Quickly check for life signs. Make sure not to move her much if she is alive. But if that's her blood then she landed on something sharp and we need to treat the wound if we can.
No. 505184 ID: 150fea
File 136565625662.jpg - (190.38KB , 800x533 , just barely.jpg )

>Martin lands and hits the ground running.

Martin - Princess! princess no! please no... Rozalin... Roza please wake up... Wake up Roza...

Roza - Eeh... Am I dead?

>Sir martin tears up as he holds Rozalin close.

Martin - no... no you're gonna be okay... you're alive.

Roza - H-how? I... I'm going to sleep now...

>William catches up... Rushing over... After a brief analysis she's fine, almost unscratched...
No. 505185 ID: 76b151

oh thank god, if that used up that pin it was well worth it.
No. 505186 ID: 9ddf68

that, that could have gone better, a lot better.
could have been worse to but god damn that was close.
No. 505187 ID: 51ff34

Whew. Our 1up just came in handy. Let's not fuck up like that again.
No. 505189 ID: c31f72

Is our bear body fine too?
No. 505190 ID: 915d25

You only get that lucky once in your life. Time to pass off the luck pin before the universe exacts karmic justice from us. I would also suggest passing it to someone outside the party, trying to cheat fate by keeping the pin close to us will certainly backfire.
No. 505192 ID: 9ddf68

just remembered something, since the princess is fine doesn't that mean we now have to focus on the bird or is it just leaving us alone for now.
No. 505193 ID: c210da

hopefully since we're in a forest there isn't enough room for the bird to fly in from just any old angle it wants to. When it swooped in before we were a few yards out in a clearing. Here the bird runs the risk of beaking a tree.
No. 505227 ID: c9b053

Welp we spent up our everything turned out better than expected on saving a princess we dont even like. Maybe she'll turn into a princess we do like? If not I want a refund! Either way Eadoo, you're hand caught on fire, You okay bro?
No. 505238 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. From the look of it, the luck pin retconned the puddle of blood into a berry bush she crushed.

I can't believe we all missed. Thank goodness Eadoo had that pin, although after reversing a death I'm not sure if it'll have much juice left.
No. 505260 ID: bf54a8

this is why i hate rolls in quest, a bad roll at a bad time and that's it, quest over.
No. 505876 ID: 150fea
File 136604371782.jpg - (181.74KB , 800x533 , burning blue.jpg )

rolled 35 = 35

>you over used your bears body breaking a limb.

below 10 = superficial damage: nothing worth menton.
below 25 = front leg: can't swipe or sprint
below 40 = hind leg: can't leap or sprint
below 55 = mouth: can't bite or speak
below 70 = back: cannot support weight
above 75 = ruined: He's dead Jim...
Above 95 = penis: ...

>After using it the pin melted into a muddle of searing hot liquid metal, it seeps into Eadoos arm twisting in his veins and pulling up his arm

Eadoo - AAAaahhh! Ggr.. aak!

>Eadoo falls to his knees grabbing at his arm.

Eadoo - what... the pin?! burns... Aah... oh... it's it's passing...

>The marks fade away save for the :V in his palm.

William - what has that?!

Martin - Kobold are you alright?!

Squire - Watch out!

>He yells pointing at the on comming bird
No. 505877 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Overloaded and burnt out the good luck charm. And it melted right into Eadoo. And I guess from the look of it it's angelic in origin? Hopefully whatever it did to her was a good thing.

...but why is Eadoo naked?

Alright, so the bear body can't run or jump. Inconvenient, that, with a flying enemy incoming.

You feeling up for a knife throw, Eadoo? The bird is coming back, and no one else really has ranged attacks. Plus, a flying form could be pretty useful if we get it.

[Move bear over to Eadoo and the prone princess, so Eadoo can throw us if she's able, or so we can use our disposable body we can try and protect them from the attacking bird otherwise]
No. 505879 ID: 001618

ok so lets recap, the princess is down for the count, Eadoo our only range fighter seems to be crippled because of a melting lucky pin, not sure what Martian can and can't do but guessing he has to be close to do it, we are crippled so unless the bird takes us head on there probably isn't much we can do with this body for this fight, and William can't kill... but does supposedly has an unbreakable shield of some kind that might be able to do something against the bird.

so I say have William us his shield thing if he believes it can stop the bird and then have Eadoo stab us into it as it's stunned and we'll try and take it over. (also do we have the ability to talk to Matin or are we just still not letting him know we can talk as we don't want him to react badly to a talking knife?)
No. 505885 ID: 915d25

Well Eadoo may be our best ranged fighter but she can't be the only one, get whoever is closest to throw us at the bird.
No. 505887 ID: 7003a8

Eadoo! Throw us at the bird!
No. 505895 ID: 001618

Well the princess was good with a bow but she's down and out.
No. 505901 ID: c31f72

Why are you guys telling him to throw us? He got some throwing knives at the inn so he wouldn't need to use us as ammo.
No. 505904 ID: d6ef5d

Because we'd rather possess the giant bird than kill it.

Kind of a moot point, considering she doesn't have a bow right now, anyways.
No. 505930 ID: 16fde5

But we can possess dead bodies, right?
Why not killing it and then possessing it?
No. 505933 ID: d6ef5d

Well, if we kill it first, it might crash and be wreck its wings past flying.

Also, using possession, we could end the fight in only one hit. Whereas it can probably survive more than one mundane dagger hit (unless Eadoo gets a really lucky shot right to the heart or spine or something)
No. 506098 ID: 0b214d

The only person close enough to us is Martin. Let's hope he's a good shot.

"Sir Martin, I'd suggest you pull out the knife in the bear's head and throw it with the best of your ability at the roc bird."

As for Eadoo...

"I'd suggest rolling to your right very soon, mistress."
No. 506145 ID: 150fea
File 136615995150.jpg - (156.87KB , 800x533 , fighting vs flying.jpg )

rolled 96 = 96

>...but why is Eadoo naked?
>Eadoo's clothes are basically a curtain held on with a pin... which melted.

>You feeling up for a knife throw, Eadoo?
Eadoo - *in no way*

Martin - the bird yes!, it's coming in fast!

>Martin pulls the blade from your skull.

>Williams body is not worthy of the gods at the moment, he cannot use that skill.

Will - *I'll protect master with my life!*

>A blur wises by Eadoo's eyes, only a moment after the after image fades he notices it to be his gnoll William. He poses lighting fast ready to repulse the avian monster!

William's making a close combat check using his dexterity, pushed by his fellowship for Eadoo. [51+4+5-10(incoming flying speed)]=49

below 05 = critical success
below 49 = success he parries the birds attack
above 50 = he fails suffering an attack
above 95 = critical miss
No. 506149 ID: 735f4f

Oh that's not good at all. Don't punch your own head off Will
No. 506151 ID: d6ef5d

...wow. 3 failures in a row. Pin or no, we are not lucky.
No. 506152 ID: 17675d