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File 139059097953.png - (65.50KB , 800x800 , knifebannerV.png )
559265 No. 559265 ID: 4740a0

First: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/460203.html
Second: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/461853.html
Third: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/478696.html

Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/64825.html
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No. 559266 ID: 4740a0
File 139059104345.png - (62.54KB , 800x800 , 332.png )

How do I always end up in these messes...?
No. 559270 ID: 9ddf68

so is this a dream or is this a waking thing right now?
No. 559271 ID: 74ec50

hey! it was your idea to do that thing with those guyz in that place,maybe if you hadnt trown that stuff and do that you wouldnt be in this mess but you never lisent
No. 559272 ID: 40660b


No. 559278 ID: cad45e

Hey there pinko.

Serving the socialist cause as usual? No really, who the fuck are you?
No. 559282 ID: beeca1

When are we?
No. 559283 ID: 102c69

Ello Hello! glad your finally awake darlin'
You get anything interesting?
No. 559285 ID: 4740a0
File 139059676967.png - (78.85KB , 800x800 , 333.png )

Oh! It's you guys again!

Dream time, baby. And it's urgent.

I'm Myr, and you're apparently colorblind! Nice to meet you!

No hard feelings! Right now we're paying a visit to someone pretty important. It's taking a while to find them, though...
No. 559287 ID: 9ddf68

A bitter little midget with half his head caved in? If so we just came from him. No idea where he is in the dream world sadly.
No. 559288 ID: 40660b

No. 559297 ID: 5869f6

Well, shit. What do you want us to do?

Fight some nightmareish entities or something? We're pretty creative when it comes to fighting.
No. 559303 ID: a87e3a

Nice getup. Very different from last time.

Are you trying to get to Rella? She's still possessed. We didn't manage to get a clean hit in with the knife.
No. 559308 ID: 102c69

Important? *kirrio* what could you possibly be doing in the dark that's so important? Your not a thief, are you? 'Cause that would be Awesome!...and bad, but awesome.
No. 559325 ID: dbe554

You looked more exotic in the getup, had to make sure it was you. I mean afterall we've been in many strange peoples minds at this point.
No. 559344 ID: 4a75fa

>Oh! It's you guys again!
Yup. Heyo. Nice to see a familiar face, Myr.

Well, we'll help if we can.

>Right now we're paying a visit to someone pretty important.
Anyone we know? We sort of do this hoping around thing a bit. Maybe we could help you zero in, or focus on them or something?
No. 559381 ID: b9d598

No time for games, lady, we just got booted out of a very important head in the middle of a very important task. What's up, and which head are we in now?
No. 559390 ID: 102c69

My straight to the point are we? Just calm down *kirrio*. We first have to get an idea of how this little chica fits in to the situation, or if she's even apart of it.
No. 559697 ID: 4740a0
File 139083995596.png - (82.06KB , 800x800 , 334.png )

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Like it? It's something special I cooked up. I call it "Suntan Cowboy"!

And nope. Sorry about her head troubles, but I'm not looking for her. Not yet, anyway.

Right now I'm looking for someone important who's gotten pretty tangled up in a web, of sorts. I was hoping I didn't have to fight anything, but if this person is caught up how I think they are, I might have to. Hey, at least you guys get to enjoy a show.

Currently we're not in anyone's head; just in the void that inhabits the space between people's dreams. We're in nothing, which makes it a little hard to focus in on specific people. There's no consciousness to reach out for.

But at least, in all this nothing there should only be one person here asides from myself. That's who we're looking for.
No. 559699 ID: 9ddf68

so this nothing you're in, is that why it seems to be that half your body is in shadow or is that part of your costume design? Also if you're in a endless void what are some tricks to find whoever it is you're looking for, Shout there name or something?
No. 559700 ID: 4a75fa

>I have no idea what you're talking about.
He was referring to Manchester.

>we're looking for the only other person in the nothing
Well, that narrows it down. Too bad we seem to be searching what appears to be an infinite, featureless expanse...

[Reach out, try to sense this person. Or anything, really]
No. 559701 ID: 40660b


No. 559706 ID: 4740a0
File 139084503562.png - (100.90KB , 800x800 , 335.png )


I can definitely shout, but I don't know if they'll hear me.

Wait. What's that thing bats do? Echo-lawoozit, right? If I think hard enough, maybe my thoughts will manifest and reach them. I just hope The Dread doesn't block my attempts.
No. 559707 ID: 4740a0
File 139084507530.png - (98.40KB , 800x800 , 336.png )

Something... something's reaching back! I think I found 'em!
No. 559710 ID: 9ddf68

neat, head towards it I guess, not much else we can do at this point.
No. 559711 ID: 4a75fa

Huh. They're trapped in... vines? Musculature? Some kind of a tear in the space of the nothingness? (The edges are kind of like torn paper).

Not much else to do but head that way. I'm sure something will interfere or try and stop you, but not much we can do to stop that.
No. 559714 ID: 0c1a69

Appearance would suggest one of two potential reasonings. Are they reaching back towards you by pressing through the substance, or is the substance holding them back? I shall assume the former. Color seems to be lacking here, but it does seem that their head contains plenty of bandages. Is this Prima? If so, things just took a turn for the interesting.
No. 559716 ID: 4740a0
File 139084970764.png - (225.66KB , 800x800 , 337.png )

This stuff is Dread gunk; its influence, more or less. Might get a little messy, but I need to get to that person.

I don't know who Prima is, but whoever this is is pretty banged up, like you said. From what I can tell, they're trying to escape from the influence, but it's holding them back.

"Hey! You alright?"

>"nnn... Were you... The one that called out to me...?"
No. 559717 ID: 9ddf68


so how do we go about freeing them? just cut away the dread or is it something less simple?
No. 559721 ID: 0c1a69

Prima is the name I had come to associate with the entity Mozzarella looked up to like a mother. The one who took her in and gave her everything. But she is not important now. This figure is.

I would presume it would be handy to let them know we're here to help, if they cannot hear us. There is no need to announce voices, just we.
No. 559726 ID: 40660b


No. 559728 ID: 4a5db0


i think i speak for a lot of us when i say, "what the hell is going on right now?" but no matter; i trust you :3

also, you're surprisingly attractive now that you're showing a little leg... and tummy... and cleavage
No. 559732 ID: a87e3a

Go on then, pull them out.
No. 559753 ID: 5869f6

I second the attractive part.
No. 559755 ID: cdc393

What's his name? Also how do you plan to get rid of the gunk? Are you gonna materialize something from the void to help?
No. 559760 ID: 0c1a69

It seems unwise to flirt with and flatter an entity beyond our realm of physicality. Our existence is as bodyless voices, there is naught we can do.

...Upon further processing of the fact, perhaps flirtatious flattery is, indeed, the best course of action. It is what we are limited to.
No. 559763 ID: 102c69

I feel like we've seen this white gunk before...

You think Shouty got this person *kirro*? Or am I just paranoid?

Anyways tell him "your here to help" and stuff plus that white dread 'vine' seems, curious
No. 560144 ID: 4740a0
File 139111344995.png - (97.73KB , 800x800 , 338.png )

"Yeah, that was me."

>"It's... been so long since I've seen anyone else..."

"I'd imagine."

Shucks~ I appreciate it, but now's not really the time to flirt. 'Sides, I can't date someone who doesn't have a physical form. Personal policy.


We're not here to free her. I need to ask her something. But I can ask what her name is. You guys say her name is Prima, right?

"Are you Prima...?"

>"I... don't remember."

"Darn. I don't suppose you can tell me where your physical body is, then- YOWZA!!"
No. 560145 ID: 9ddf68

so are we not freeing her because you can't or just because you don't want to? Either way it would be easier to ask her questions if it wasn't for that white gunk in the way so we may have to pull her out just so we can talk to her. Unless you have any better ideas.
No. 560147 ID: cdc393

You might wanna do something about that gunk. Also keep an eye out for the grue.
No. 560149 ID: 4a5db0

aww... but you're hot <3 ...so, yeah.... hey, realtalk, we're not in a dream, so can you die here? if yes, is this worth it, even for really good backstory? if no, well damn, live it up! =D
No. 560150 ID: 102c69

Oh god! I think we made it upset!

Okay so that white thing doesn't want you to take the mystery girl from it...*Kirrio*

Okay, if I know anything about greedy things, I say we, grab the girl and RUN!!
No. 560151 ID: a87e3a

Well, you can talk while dodging/fighting, can't you?
No. 560153 ID: 4740a0
File 139111681311.png - (120.67KB , 800x800 , 339.png )

Both. I don't want to because there's still a lot to be done. And I can't because she's caught in there pretty tight. The fact that she was able to even reach out to me is impressive.

Focus on the task at hand, baby!

I can't run until I get an answer. You mooks have an idea of what I can think up that I can slice this thing with?
No. 560154 ID: 5869f6

Machete? The tentacle-ish things seem vine-like enough that it could be effective against them.
No. 560158 ID: 3bb36a

cut it? Didnt' someone here mention brown scissors of LOUDNESS in here? Sounds like a fun thing to conjure!
Or maybe a purple&blue sword with a blade shaped like a lightning bolt!
No. 560159 ID: 0c1a69

My assumption is that locating her physical body would help clear her dream body from the "vines."

As for something to clear it up... It goes without saying that a flamethrower is a bad idea-- I'd presume that you do not want to cause harm to her. If that is not a problem, them I would go ahead and suggest it.

Processing history, you had a knife and gun already readied when talking with Cedric; might I recommend a blade of slightly longer proportions? Say, a short sword, or if you're up for a slower swing, a long sword.
No. 560165 ID: 4a5db0


got it. task at hand. um...
hmm! hey! is there a way to pull the RUBY KNIFE in here? or a veritable facsimile thereof? if that gunk is related to (or IS) mr. shouty, all we'll need is a one-hit combo!
No. 560166 ID: cdc393

Might as well go for a good old fashioned sword. I'm thinking katana.
No. 560171 ID: 102c69

A slashy weapon *Kirrio*?

A long sword or Katana mabey. Oh! mabey a Rapier! No no no wait a Claymore!!

... Know what, Just get a Sword before I get way into this.
No. 560178 ID: 0c1a69

Processing types of swords... The Katzbalger seems to be a rather efficient short sword. It possesses a light weight and sturdy build, while being slightly longer than the typical short sword.
No. 560179 ID: 9ddf68

if you want to be a bit more modern with you weapon of choose the chainsaw is always kick ass.
No. 560181 ID: a87e3a

Giant pair of scissors.
No. 560182 ID: cdc393

Katana scissors?
No. 560202 ID: 6e7636





No. 560203 ID: beeca1

ITT: 12-year-olds weebing out.

It doesn't look like you have a lot of room to swing around a long blade, especially with a hostage nearby. A machete or two is probably the best option.
No. 560216 ID: 102c69

Oh I like that idea! but, what about a pistol sword? Why settle for only a sword when you can get one with a gun built in.
Stab, Turn, Pull the trigger *Kirrio*

Now if you want practicality (I say screw it but...) go for a Kiliji. That's the strongest hunting blade out there, so great for vines, animals, fire starters, and Spammers...oh the spammers.
No. 560219 ID: 0c1a69

Processing... Sword appears to be unwieldy for the untrained. Belief may counter this, however, and I presume our dear Myr is well trained in believing.

Are you speaking of a gunblade? They are not actually capable of firing a bullet. Instead, what the trigger on them does is causes vibration to ring out across the blade to tear and rend instead of just slice. This offers a straight slash alternative to a curved slash Flamberge.

Calculating... Data would suggest a Kiliji or Katzbalger are the more efficient choices. But wait, pause that thought! A heavy "Short sword" bayonette rifle may indeed be more efficient for the combination of styles, however, it would result in an inability to use any offhand object.
No. 560225 ID: 4a75fa

>I can't date someone who doesn't have a physical form. Personal policy.
Hey, don't knock the mind-sex, dream girl. :V

(Seriously though, we're just nonsensically flirtatious sometimes. It happens).
No. 560227 ID: 2f4b71

A big pair of scissors sounds good.

Plus it appears to annoy the highly-strung, so it has that going for it too!
No. 560229 ID: 6aaabe

How about a Macuahuitl? It's a long stick with obsidian fragments set along the sides, carefully shaped. Nothing sharper.

Since you're forming it dreamwise, you could probably do something fancy and improbable with the basic concept. Maybe a double-ended Macuahuitl halberd with a lovely totem-carved haft and some flowers and beads strung on for a tropical island style.
No. 560231 ID: beeca1

If you meant me, I mean the katana. If you were talking about Apple Crumble, disregard me.

Annoying people is cool and all, but scissors are shitty for cutting stuff in actual combat, and let's not fuck Myr over for cheap laughs.
No. 560237 ID: 064dc0

How about a bee?
No. 560254 ID: 6e7636


No. 560256 ID: e607cd
File 139118185115.jpg - (25.59KB , 640x427 , ph-0.jpg )

I mean, you say combat scissors are an impractical idea, and yet it happened in so cultures and places over the centuries..
No. 560271 ID: bd48c5

Yeah, totally! It's DEFINITELY a legitimate form of combat.
No. 560281 ID: 58a5d5

How about scisord-chucks?
No. 560285 ID: beeca1

How about laser chainscissor swordchucks that you wear on your feet and attack with by breakdancing?
No. 560287 ID: 008180

use a chainsword or something. Or a weapon that is made up of nives. Or a bomb that shoots knives as shrapnel.
No. 560290 ID: 102c69
File 139119983146.jpg - (0.99MB , 1200x800 , mg_0024-1.jpg )

Kirrio?! That's actually a thing!?!

Whoa! I though you were B.S.-ing me but,... WOW!

Still no, but I think this scissor sword here would be fine for a normal one :)
No. 560320 ID: 4bdbe2

I was gonna suggest a pair of ulu, which is like the child of a war fan and a katar, but I guess we're going with scissors after all.
No. 560412 ID: 50eefc

ok guys lets come to a compromise here:
just think of all of the above things and a shitload of duct tape
No. 560417 ID: 577daf

Hmm, so let's see. Your saying a duel wield blade that can combine into one sword and can pulled open like scissors, be freely used by either hands of feet, that carries a hidden knife, to be wielded by Myr. *Gasp*

Man *Kirrio* that's insane as it is, and I'm not even sure I GOT all of them!!! But, that's a nice thought though.
No. 560418 ID: 0c1a69

I do apologize for continuously bringing up my ideas, but my processing of the data has suggested something else to me.

Specifically, a Kiliji bayonet on a rifle. The shape of the kiliji would allow you to hold the rifle with both hands and swing like a club, while still doing the damage normally achieved by a heavier blade like a Shamshir. Though my personal knowledge on the blades is limited, the search for data leads me to presume they have a similar shape.
No. 561846 ID: 4740a0
File 139204887306.png - (109.47KB , 800x800 , 340.png )

I couldn't really discern much out of that constant stream of babble asides from "scissors", so that's what we're goin' with!
No. 561847 ID: 4740a0
File 139204894340.png - (144.12KB , 800x800 , 341.png )

Time to make a few snips here and there...
No. 561850 ID: 4740a0
File 139204928014.png - (131.38KB , 800x800 , 342.png )


In all that commotion, I had nearly forgotten about our buddy over there! Seems the influence is dragging her back in. I get closer before it swallows her whole again, clipping my way through.

"Wait! Tell me where your body is before you go!"

>"It's... the temple... in the desert... old tomb..."

Before I can get any more information, The Dread swallows her back up.
No. 561872 ID: a87e3a

That's probably good enough. Know of any desert temples, or are we gonna have to do some research for you?
No. 561874 ID: 4a5db0

good job getting the vital information at least (and looking good doing it too)! =D

ok, i know it may not be the best time (again), but i have some questions. answer at your leisure... you know, if you want.

1. what's your motivation for fighting the dread? do you have something against him or do you owe rella something? or is it something more general like just hating evil? (no, you're too dnd neutral for that.) like not wanting anyone to interfere with your dreamscape unless you want them to?

2. do you have a body in the real world? if not, are you planning to manipulate people with real-world access in order to accomplish all your goals?

3. do you have any backstory you'd like to share with us? for example, how did you learn how to travel through dreams and the void between them?
No. 561876 ID: 4a75fa

Okay... so is that enough information to help you? Any idea which desert she might have meant, or which temple? Hopefully you have other clues to narrow it down from say, every desert in the world.
No. 561887 ID: 6e7636

No. 561891 ID: 41dd9e

is dread gunk cuttable? because if so then cutting her out of it is something we shouldn't have to tell you to do.
No. 561981 ID: 0c1a69

>do you have a body in the real world?
Data shows her presence in Cedric's home, so it is safe to assume she does.
>how did you learn how to travel through dreams and the void between them?
I would presume it connects to her government job, however, I have no evidence. It would be of interest to hear this.

As a reminder to my fellow voices, it is suggestible to avoid referring to the lady as Prima to Mozarella and her friends, beyond that we saw a person who "might" be Prima.

We do not seem to have much remaining point in this dream, unless you are about to visit somebody, Myr. Are we done here, or will you show us some backstory, whether it be yours or somebody else's? (Just don't promise Bonzi's. We know she has a mental block.)
No. 562040 ID: ea6635

Well its not much but it will do.

We should head over to that temple she mentioned *Kirrio*. My gut is telling me some important info is there, at the least. BTW, love the scissors. Even made them red!
No. 562671 ID: 4740a0
File 139248813544.png - (114.59KB , 800x800 , 343.png )

Nope, don't know of any desert tombs. Looks like I need to do some looking.

I can cut a few threads but that influence is waaay too thick for me to get through. Sorry pal.

Hm. I guess I can answer a few questions...

>1. what's your motivation for fighting the dread? do you have something against him or do you owe rella something? or is it something more general like just hating evil? (no, you're too dnd neutral for that.) like not wanting anyone to interfere with your dreamscape unless you want them to?

It's my job to fight him. Rella's cute and all but I'm not really doing this to help her, at least not specifically. I'm doing this to help the entire cosmos.

>2. do you have a body in the real world? if not, are you planning to manipulate people with real-world access in order to accomplish all your goals?

One of you already remembers that I do have a body, so yes, I exist both here and in the physical world.

And also yes! I was hoping to do this one alone, but it seems the stakes are getting higher. I have to make my move before that Gregga lady does.

>3. do you have any backstory you'd like to share with us? for example, how did you learn how to travel through dreams and the void between them?

Backstory, backstory... I guess I can say it's my job to kill The Dread; my dream hopping is just a part of that. It's been that way for a pretty long time. It gets a little dull, but hey, sometimes I get to see saucy dreams, so that's a plus~!

Oh yeah, that government detail... Almost forgot I did that. It was really just a stint.

And if that was Prima, I don't really care. Either way, I got what I came for. You guys can deal with the rest!

In fact, I'll make it easier for you. It seems you guys shift around after a certain amount of time, so now you can go where you please, as long as the person doesn't have some form of mental influence. Use it wisely! Or something!

Where do you want to go now?
No. 562687 ID: 6e7636





No. 562696 ID: 0c1a69

Bonzi is not an option. As I explained, she has a mental block. This block protects her from the voice, but, in turn, from us as well. Cedric is probably a safe bet, but let's call that plan C.

I would presume Mozarella is still fighting with The Voice. If this is the case, she cannot be met with. It is worth a try, but plan B shall be her sister.

Yes, Mr. Oliver may turn up useful, but we should stick with those with known connections. And we should certainly explain things to Brie so that she doesn't panic.
No. 562698 ID: 6e7636



No. 562700 ID: 649589

try Rella.
No. 562701 ID: dbe554

Rella, to see if we can get back into contact with her.
No. 562709 ID: 4a75fa

No. 562719 ID: cdc393

I vote Cedric.

No. 562728 ID: 4a5db0

thanks for answering my questions, babe <3 that was really cool of you!

you guys, she -just- said we can't do Rella:
>as long as the person doesn't have some form of mental influence
Bonzi is also out of the picture.

i've put my thoughts in the discussion thread; but i vote Brie.
No. 562734 ID: a87e3a

Brie! Of course, that's a great idea.
No. 562741 ID: e1609c

voting this if Rella turns out to be a no-go.
No. 562748 ID: 182a71

Sounds like Brie is who we want to head too! LET'S GO GUYS!
No. 562801 ID: 8b7760

Brie seems like the next logical step. We need to go collect her shitty unconscious husband anyway.
No. 562802 ID: f44ca3

Brie should be entertaining.
No. 563471 ID: 102c69

It would be boring to pick Cedric for another "dreamy" mission, *Kirrio* but it seems like this dread stuff may grow to be a problem if left unchecked.Oi, this could be intresting no matter what you do,
No. 563716 ID: 4740a0
File 139300169693.png - (1.89KB , 800x800 , 344.png )

--Oh dear, oh dear!
No. 563717 ID: 4740a0
File 139300179982.png - (149.64KB , 800x800 , 345.png )

This is all such a mess! I can't believe my hubby is in such a spot like this! And I can't believe it was all because of my sister! Why? Why is this happening??
No. 563720 ID: 0eef0e

My dear, it's going to get worse before it gets better. On the flipside? You will soon be in the loop of why things started getting so strange.
First off? Hi, we're headvoices, and we're trying to sort things out in general. However...It's been slow going-there's entanglements to deal with, as well as another annoying 'evil shouty' voice that's been trying to possess Rella, and cause trouble.
I'm sure that between that short explaination and the others you'll recieve shortly from the rest of us, you'll more or less have all the story pieces to put together and work with. Just stay calm.
No. 563722 ID: 4a75fa

It's not entirely her fault. Thing are kind of complicated.

Hello, Brie.
No. 563724 ID: 9ddf68

well in your sister's case she's being possessed by an evil spirit, your husband is tying to fix her, and most likely has a concussion now.

Oh and uh hi by the way.
No. 563725 ID: 57a559

Your sister is possessed by a voice, much like us, only very aggressive and sociopathic. We may have suppressed it with the knife. I don't know much about what happened after Manchester got knocked out by your sister though.
Oh and you just got voices too. Don't worry, we can flip around at will so we won't stay around for long, and we like solving problems more than being needlessly aggressive.
We were making your husband do crazy AND smart shit yesterday. Like remember how weird he was yesterday morning? Our fault, sorry, we made him think he was dreaming. But we also probably saved your sister with his help and helped control Manchester's family life a little more. So we're not all bad.

Hey Brie, listen, while your dumbstuck about all the revelations and annoying voices in your brain why don't you give us the lowdown on how you and your sister were as kids, her real name because we still aren't all that clear on it, and what got her into mercenary work?

How is Vinny doing? All I know is that your possessed sister was getting all slutty all over him, which I assume was an act by the voice, but who knows, maybe that sociopaths voice gets horny sometimes. Is Vinny still alive?
No. 563727 ID: 0c1a69

Hello, Brianna. (That is your name, isn't it? I would assume that is your name. I can call you Brie if it isn't) Before we get too far into things, I would like to apologize.

You are aware of The Voice, which some of us refer to as Shouty, and you are aware of us, which Mozzarella mentioned. However, we have deliberately kept a secret from you--we change who we are with each and every day.

Do not fret, your sister is fine. Your husband, on the other hand, may need some help. Gather up some medical supplies and rush to the forest, presuming we are early enough that this is vital. We do not actually know what has happened to you since we were last with him, if you have already found him...

But, yes, though Mozzarella is the original priority of our mission, it is our fault Manchester was hurt, and so he becomes priority for now. Tend to his wounds. I will guide you if necessary.
No. 563728 ID: 4740a0
File 139300606855.png - (75.19KB , 800x800 , 346.png )

O-oh... voices in my h-head...?

You did all that stuff yes...yesterday...?

aheh heh

You're all in my head, talking to me...
No. 563730 ID: 4740a0
File 139300614369.png - (76.63KB , 800x800 , 347.png )

aheh heh heeeeh
No. 563731 ID: 4740a0
File 139300619244.png - (83.30KB , 800x800 , 348.png )

No. 563732 ID: 4740a0
File 139300621279.png - (59.12KB , 800x800 , 349.png )

No. 563733 ID: 4740a0
File 139300638591.png - (1.95KB , 800x800 , 350.png )

Try someone else.
No. 563735 ID: 6e7636




No. 563736 ID: bf88d8

Ok ok ok

We check on Rella, to see if we can get to her again yet. If that doesn't work, then we check on Bonzi, and see if that block's still there, or if the block only stops her from consciously hearing us or something. And if that fails... then we come back and check whether Brie's woken up again by that time.

Then we try Cedric. Not sure who else we could try, really.
No. 563737 ID: 6e7636



No. 563741 ID: 3b3540

What's Vinny up to these days?
No. 563744 ID: 8b7760

Well, never mind then. Check on Rella, then go back to Cedric if it's a no-go.
No. 563748 ID: 955dc5


We need a more willful mind to inhabit. Someone who -won't- lose their absolute shit.

No. 563749 ID: 88960e

Well, let's try Rella and Bonzi, see if the mental influence thing is actually a problem.
No. 563750 ID: 0c1a69

This leaves us with one remaining option: We must check on Vincent. He's a strong minded man, he'll be able to handle it.

Plus, assuming he's still nearby, he can explain things to Brie for us.
No. 563760 ID: 4c561a

Bonzi! Let's go!
No. 563798 ID: 955dc5


Of COURSE, we forgot about Vincent.
No. 563799 ID: 8b7760

I don't think it's the best idea to let Vinny in on our business. Putting his shady family connections aside, he's not going to be too thrilled if he finds out we've been bullshitting him for the better half of a day. Better to stick with someone we already trust for now.
No. 563831 ID: 0c1a69

Decent enough point. Cedrik it is, then.
No. 563906 ID: c31be4

Cedric plskthx.
No. 563909 ID: 96c896

No. 563911 ID: 0eef0e

Hunh. Looks like Cedric's happening. Kinda would be nice if we knew if Rella's gonna be okay but yeah, Cedric.
No. 563913 ID: 4a5db0

Brie noooooooooooooooooooo..... ;_; i had faith in you!

i dunno. i do wanna say Vinny, but it really might get Manny in trouble. i guess let's get back in Cedric and go -ask- Vinny if Rella spilled any important information while she was being sexy at him :P also, we now know that Brie needs assistance both with her passing-out problem and with her not-knowing-how-to-help-her-husband-and-sister problem. so we can stop by there and get her if it would be convenient.
No. 564128 ID: 4740a0
File 139326144296.png - (97.38KB , 800x800 , 351.png )

Bonzi's mental connection still is still barring any mental influence. You've all decided on Cedric, so that's where your next location will be.

now where's my dress shirt
No. 564129 ID: 0c1a69

... (Let's let him get dressed before we make him panic, yes?)
No. 564131 ID: 4a75fa

Yeah, let's keep quiet for a minute, so he doesn't react in surprise and hit his head on the chest.
No. 564134 ID: 4740a0
File 139326304110.png - (97.22KB , 800x800 , 352.png )

There we go!
No. 564135 ID: a87e3a

Hey Cedric!

How's things?
No. 564136 ID: 0c1a69

Glad you have found it, Cedric.

Now, before we start relaying our data to you, perhaps it is best if we know what has been happening on your side of things?
No. 564137 ID: 4a75fa

Hello Cedric! We're back. What's up?
No. 564138 ID: 6e7636

No. 564139 ID: 4740a0
File 139326353014.png - (103.77KB , 800x800 , 353.png )


Oh! You guys are back! Wow, it's almost been a week since I last heard of you guys...

Er... How long were you guys watching me get dressed?
No. 564140 ID: 0c1a69

Only since you asked yourself where the dress shirt was. We were simply staying quiet so as to not frighten you.
No. 564141 ID: a87e3a

We just waited until you got your head out of the chest.

If we've been gone for a week, what happened to Rella? Did Bonzi manage to chase her down and fix her?
No. 564142 ID: 6e7636




No. 564143 ID: 4a75fa

Since you had your head in the chest.

Don't worry, I don't think it would be humanly possible for us to keep quiet for much longer than that. You don't need to get paranoid about us watching unannounced.
No. 564158 ID: a0eb11

not even half as long as I wish we were, sweetcheeks. so what's hanging, pun intended?
No. 564164 ID: 4740a0
File 139327167211.png - (99.82KB , 800x800 , 354.png )

Oh, okay.

Yeah, it's been a week since I last saw any of you. I was getting ready for the trip to the Capital.

And what are you talking about? What happened to Rella??
No. 564165 ID: e1609c

oh boy. Well, for starters, she kinda lost her nut. We got shunted over to manchester for a bit, helped stall him so he could pay back debts to family, etc etc.
While we were doing that rella walked in, started macking on his skeezy goon of a brother, and that's what tipped us off the big bad voice had taken over.
Last we saw, manny had nicked her with the sanity knife in the woods with bonzi.
We uh, arent sure if it worked or not. Bit of a code red situation here.
No. 564170 ID: 57a559

When you say week since you've heard from us, do you mean from your head or Manchester's head?
No. 564171 ID: 0c1a69

Yes, this is true. Has Bonzi returned since that incident? She would have been able to explain the details of the situation. If she has not returned, or if she has had a look of worry since doing so, then it is safe to presume things aren't entirely safe.

Can you inform us of the status of Bonzi, Manchester, and Mozzarella's sister, Brianna?
No. 564174 ID: e36926







No. 564201 ID: 4a5db0

damn... i assumed Bonzi would have come to tell you what happened. just like i assumed Brie could handle us XD (but maybe there was a more valid reason she couldn't than "a weak mind.") ...okay, anyway, Cedric. here's what happened, essentially:

the morning after you had that strange dream where you fought that monster and Myr kissed you till you were hard (you dog <3), we found ourselves in Manchester's head. so we were there when he found you and Bonzi and teased you about wanting her butt (you dog <3). Manny was trying to get out of owing his brother Vinny money so that he wouldn't lose his house. i believe you knew this much. THEN they went back to said house, where they found Rella beating Brie up. (Manny convinced Brie to trust him, and they made up... but she was still very shaken up.) then Rella hit on Vinny and possibly had her way with him. doesn't sound like Rella's usual behavior, right? i hope not. the evil Voice, Mr. Shouty, had taken her over. we got Manny and Bonzi to retrieve the ruby knife; and Manny grazed her arm with it, but Rella knocked him out and fled, still affected by Mr. Shouty. then we were with Myr as she fought in the between-dream space against a goop-type monster, probably a different form of the same one you fought in your dream with her, to try to cut someone out of it--probably Rella, though we don't know for sure. that person managed to tell Myr where her real-world body was. then we woke up in Brie's head, making her pass out. then we watched you look for your shirt just now =3

let's be practical and trade information. here's what we know:
1. you said it had been almost a week since you heard "of" us--not "from" us--so i'm guessing you mean since the day we were in Manny's head and he told you he had us.
2. when we were briefly in Brie's head, she said that we were in her husband's head "yesterday," and she was very worried about him, saying it was her sister's fault. if she knew that Rella and Manny fought, she may blame us for hurting her husband. she doesn't know what to do, but i still believe she could be a useful ally given the right circumstances.
3. Myr found out that the body of that person she was trying to cut loose from the goop (probably Rella) is in "the temple/ruins in the desert."
4. straight from the horse's mouth, Dream Myr is indeed Real-Life Myr traveling through dreams. she never had a government job, and all that sleeping on your couch she did was probably her fighting dream battles. probably shouldn't have jumped the gun on kicking her out.
5. Vinny's and Manny's father is a mob boss, and Manny owes his father lots of money after borrowing a ton.
6. Vinny thinks Manny is having Bonzi do work for Manny to pay off the debt Manny told Vinny Rella owes Manny.
7. Vinny takes payment in sex. probably. and doesn't know shit about what's happening to Rella.
8. Myr doesn't know where this "temple" or this "tomb" is, so we need to find it ourselves and check it out, help Myr, gain some allies first, or all three, it sounds like.
9. both Rella and Bonzi have outside mental influences that are stronger than we are, so we can't enter their heads presently
10. after Rella punched Brie that day, Brie said that Rella had said "things that only [Brie and Rella] would know," confirming it was her.
11. you would make a great couple with Rella, Bonzi, or Myr <3

now what do you know? we most need to know what's happened since the day we were in Manny's head; where Bonzi, Rella, and Manny are; and why you still think the trip is on. also, what's today's date specifically so we can get some bearings here? and exactly how long ago were we in Manny's head? also, what time is it now?

as for a course of action--if your knowledge or recent events don't preclude this--how about asking Vinny if Rella gave away any important or interesting information while she was with him. also ask Brie what Rella told her yesterday that "only they would know."
No. 564238 ID: 0c1a69

>to try to cut someone out of it--probably Rella, though we don't know for sure.
My assumption was that it was probably Mozzarella's mentor, Prima.
>she never had a government job
Data suggests this is incorrect. She did work for the government, but only to further her battles in the dreamworld.
>Vinny's and Manny's father
Okay, that's supposed to be a secret. We promised Manchester. Cedric, I won't try to claim that was a lie, but, please, keep it a secret from the others, unless it becomes vital.
>you would make a great couple with Rella, Bonzi, or Myr <3
Why not a foursome?
>how about asking Vinny if
Let's avoid asking Vincent anything unnecessary. He's... Violent.
No. 564655 ID: 102c69

Its Explanation Time!

We saw Rella go kinda, nutso freako thanks to shouty, and then, she managed to drop kick that gray guy, Manny. And Then! your ex-roomate Myr was in that dream state thing. And then! We found this one chick! AND THEN! Myr fought the influance thing you fought! Then we learned something about the girls location! AND THEN!! We were in Brie's head (for 30 seconds)!AND THEN!! We ended up in YOUR head! And then...

Oh,that's all. wait, *Kirrio*! One more thing!
If you weren't listening before, listen now. Do you know of any temples or runes in a dessert?
No. 564667 ID: 1b1808

Explanations are for the weak. you need to find yourself a weapon today, Cedric. a proper one. and you need to be confident that you could kill someone with it by the time you set out for the capital.
No. 565531 ID: 4740a0
File 139421391545.png - (110.72KB , 800x800 , 355.png )


Wh... T-that's a lot to take in...

wait you really think I'd be cute with Bonz- FOCUS CEDRIC.

Augh, this is all a mess!
No. 565532 ID: 4740a0
File 139421408438.png - (66.21KB , 800x800 , 356.png )

C-come to think of it, she did come around here that night after I found out Manchester had the voices...

She said she had important business to take care of and she'll be back when she could. I was a little groggy so I didn't think much on it... Darn it! I should have sensed something was wrong.

And I'm not sure what happened To Manchester or Brie. If he's hurt like you guys say then he must be at the hospital. At least, I'd hope so.
No. 565534 ID: 6e7636

Try not to kick yourself too hard. Unless you're into that shit.

What else do you know? And what's on the agenda for today? I figured we could grab a bite to eat and see if we accidentally murdered anyone before we head out.
No. 565542 ID: 0c1a69

I would first suggest to check on Brianna, but Manchester may be of more importance just now.

Check by the hospital. If he was released, then you can head to his home, but if he has not been there, then head to the forest near Mozzarella's home to look for him.
No. 565564 ID: 4a5db0

yup, to the hospital you go. since, you know, you could find out what happened from either Bonzi or Manchester; but we have a much better guess as to where Manchester is.

aaaaand on your way there, you've got plenty of time to consider your love life! =D see, we all know you've got a crush on Bonzi--and she'd probably blush and accept in an instant if you asked her out even if she hadn't already thought about it. but you're the eligible bachelor here! you're thoughtful of others, cute, honest... and you have self awareness and a surprising amount of self esteem, all qualities females are very interested in. you can afford to do a little shoppin ^~ Bonzi and you match up well emotionally; but you'd have to top her in bed since she's so shy, and are you really a top? no shame in being the bottom <3 Rella and Myr would probably be better sexual matches for you. also, while she might not realize it, you're a good fit in Rella's life since she needs to be calmed and tamed. and Myr, while mysterious and quirky, seems like she respects you and has a little itch for ya. can you tell i think about this a lot? <3 hey, maybe i'm just the part of your brain that thinks about this a lot. have you considered that? :ooooo
No. 565575 ID: 6e7636

I think he's had enough dating advice now for several lifetimes.
No. 565583 ID: 0c1a69

>but you'd have to top her in bed since she's so shy
And because she's so much larger. Seriously, though, I get the feeling that Cedric's not the sort to advance a relationship that quickly.
(Also, you made me break my accent. Don't worry, Cedric, analyticalness will return!)
No. 565631 ID: 8b7760

If Bonzi still hasn't come back, it's possible that she ended up pursuing Rella instead or Rella just beat the shit our of her too. I mean, it's likely that she took Manchester to the hospital, but be prepared to search the woods just in case he's not there.
No. 566004 ID: 102c69

Not cool man!!
We can't go killing people just yet! We need a liget reason.

That aside I have to agree. Going out to eat always helps, and for some reason, answers and agendas seem to work themselves out *Kirro*. Just at least get dressed and go outside man.
No. 566033 ID: 6e7636


I said that we should check and see if we'd gotten anyone killed yet, not that we should conspire to change that in the event that we haven't. That's just silly, it's way too early in the morning for homicide, and there's no way that Cedric has enough time to hide a body before his big trip.

All joking aside, Cedric, I think you'll agree that murder and murder-related activities are something that we should generally refrain from. It's just common courtesy that we should conduct our business quietly and without leaving any corpses lying around.
No. 566047 ID: 4740a0
File 139464592888.png - (127.89KB , 800x800 , 357.png )

Yeaaaaah. Sure. I'm just going to head to the hospital. Hopefully Manchester is ther-
No. 566048 ID: 4740a0
File 139464599160.png - (173.27KB , 800x800 , 358.png )


Oh no...
No. 566049 ID: 5869f6

Tell her to get out of the way. We need to get moving.
No. 566053 ID: 6e7636

'Suntan cowboy.'

Myr should know that we're with you already. That phrase is proof if she needs convincing.

Ask her what she wants. Ask her if she was at a car wash today. Ask her if she wants to go bother Manchester with you. Ask her for a hug. All while proceeding out the door with tremendous haste.

Whose picture is that on the wall anyway? I bet it's a dorky school photo. Is it a dorky school photo? I hope it is.
No. 566054 ID: 4740a0
File 139465038732.png - (87.68KB , 800x800 , 359.png )

"Myr! I don't have time for this, I need to get to the--"

>"Why the rush, speedy? Don't you have time for guests? That's pretty rude."

"Well no I--"

>"And you haven't even called me since the last time we saw each other! What kind of friend are you?"

"Myr I--"
No. 566055 ID: 4740a0
File 139465060970.png - (89.34KB , 800x800 , 360.png )

>"Well don't worry, I forgive you. That's just the kind of person I am! Forgive and forget, I always say."

"Myr this really isn't the best ti--"

>"I'll say! It's apparently going to rain later today! Not good for anyone going on a picnic."

No. 566056 ID: 4740a0
File 139465074726.png - (92.92KB , 800x800 , 361.png )

>"Though I suppose if people are going to go for a picnic, they should be smart enough to know when it's going to rain!"


>"Oh wait, my bad. I think it wasn't supposed to rain todaaay, it was gonna rain tomorrow! I guess I'm not much smarter than those picnickers after a--"
No. 566058 ID: 4740a0
File 139465080839.png - (162.30KB , 800x800 , 362.png )

No. 566059 ID: 4740a0
File 139465083843.png - (158.13KB , 800x800 , 363.png )

>"Our noses are touching."
No. 566060 ID: 6e7636


Also damn kid you got some teeth.
No. 566063 ID: a87e3a

Ask her to come with. She's less useless than she seems.
No. 566065 ID: 57a559

Cedric you should know that Myr is an eccentric psychopath that is usually in the know
She probably knows you have more important stuff to do
But she don't care
Because she's got her own important shit to do that is really vague and if it takes precedent over what you want you're not going to get it for a bit

She let's us fly around now to other people so she ain't all bad
But just saying man, this screwball? Probably knows what she's doing at all times and it's probably for a reason. Maybe this reason would be beneficial for you. But never ask directly she's just going to mess with you because that's her usual prerogative.
Then a good thing happens and it was probably her fault.
So just go with the flow Cedric, ask what she wants precisely. Try to get to the hospital but if she's going to fuck with you all the way there then you might want to stop.
No. 566066 ID: a97618

*Sigh* Yes, Myr. They are.

Why are you here? I haven't heard from you since that crazy dream thing, and the voices say last they met you, you were looking for someone in a desert.
No. 566079 ID: 189a54

Ooh, you have a little toughness in you after all!

You may want to apologize, though. You should probably ask Myr to tag along--she'd be good to have close by in case of more dream trouble.
No. 566086 ID: 4a5db0

see? she respects you as an equal. i'm feeling so gratified right now :3 kiss her, you fool!

i wonder if real-world Myr knows what she's doing like dream Myr does or if she just forgets everything after she wakes up like a two disconnected but continuous lives kinda thing.

either way, cue the gain-party-member music and ask Myr what she's up to while starting towards the hospital just in case.
No. 566096 ID: 0c1a69

Place your hand to your forehead (a soft face-palm) and say, "Alright, Suntan Cowboy, if you wanna chat, you can walk while you do so."
She needs to understand our location, and it should get her to calm down a bit.

Myr is only able to hear us while we are in the dreamscape. Remember, she was slightly surprised to hear that Cedric worked up the courage to boot her out only because he had us helping him to.
No. 566102 ID: 5869f6

Get moving, Cedric. You can talk on the way.

Be assertive. Push your way past her if you have to.
No. 566151 ID: 16a91f

feel free to ignore her from now on.
No. 566227 ID: 50eefc

ok step one is obviously to see a genealogist because one of your parents was a goddamn shark
No. 566413 ID: 4740a0
File 139491650062.png - (243.10KB , 800x800 , 364.png )

Fine, whatever. She can come as long as she isn't too much trouble. She still owes me an explanation for what happened last week, though...

"Suntan Cowboy, if you don't mind, can we talk while we go to the hospital? It's really urgent."

>"Oh hey, the voices are back with you. Hiii!"

"Yes yes, now let's go."

We make our way over to the hospital. This town's relatively old but luckily there is a hospital here with pretty modern technology. If Manchester's there he's in good hands.

Of course, with Myr babbling as much as she is, I might need to see if there's a psychiatric ward there I can admit myself to...

She finally shuts up about "rain" and "birds" long enough to give me some momentary peace.

>"...Say, Cedric?"


>"Do hospitals usually have big holes in them?"

"No, what kind of question is--"
No. 566414 ID: 4740a0
File 139491657219.png - (240.47KB , 800x800 , 365.png )

No. 566415 ID: 4740a0
File 139491660108.png - (252.06KB , 800x800 , 366.png )

Oh dear.
No. 566417 ID: 6e7636

Hey, everybody's remodeling!

Before any of you knuckleheads jump to conclusions, this might involve bottled oxygen or a boiler accident or something. Let's stay calm and find someone we can ask about this before we go poking our heads into a smoldering heap of rubble.
No. 566421 ID: a97618

Well, something's obviously gone wrong then.

Let's go check things out.
No. 566439 ID: 0c1a69

Okay, first of all, Cedric, calm down. All her talk about the weather is just her attempt to get you to relax a bit. She is not used to making small talk, you should try helping her through it.

As for the large hole in the hospital... Try approaching it at a steady pace. Do not rush towards it. If you see anybody along the way, ask them about it, otherwise, you can inspect it upon arrival.
No. 566447 ID: 7d6b31

No. 566454 ID: 189a54

Agreed with the others, calmly and carefully is how you should proceed. Make sure you keep an eye on the surrounding area as you approach--whatever made the hole has probably moved by now.
No. 566459 ID: 0c1a69

With the smoke still there? I shall remain doubtful that there's no danger still present there.
No. 566470 ID: 189a54

I'm certain there's still something dangerous nearby, but I just don't think it'll be exactly where the smoke is. This looks like a perfect place for something to take us from a different angle while we're looking at the most obvious place for a threat.
No. 566623 ID: a585b8

make sure you don't run like a girl, now.
No. 566663 ID: 50eefc

can i just say that that is one depressing hospital
No. 566762 ID: 55a8a3

See if it were a break-in or break-out. If there's a lot of debris outside, whoever broke out is likely gone by now. If there's a lot inside, then there's a good chance whatever had the strength to make a hole that size -may- just be inside.
No. 566768 ID: 4a5db0

on second thought, maybe bad things happen when Myr's around... ~.~ :P
ask Myr if she can arm you before you go in there. never hurts to be prepared.
No. 566890 ID: 4a5db0

you don't have to correct me every step of the way as if i'm either a loony or an incompetent. i already know real-world Myr can't spawn weapons out of thin air; but maybe, if i can get Cedric to ask for one, she'll mention something we didn't know about her yet. or she'll at least offer Cedric a rubber-band gun or something, and it'll be cute :P
No. 567178 ID: 102c69

mabey its just bonzai cause she tripped down some steps,if where lucky. And let's face it our luck in these situations...not good *Kirrio*, not good.
No. 567179 ID: 102c69

Well, any who... LETS VISIT THE HOSPITAL!!!

(I pressed enter but it posted instead of made another line. My B)
No. 567681 ID: 50eefc

in all seriousness hide around the corner of the opening and wit until you hear either a familiar voice or nothing before looking inside
No. 570662 ID: 08e08f
File 139749992104.png - (205.88KB , 800x800 , 367.png )


That's right, this could be dangerous. And here was me, thinking today would be normal...

"Myr, I'm going to check out what happened. Hang back if you can."

>"If you say so, shortstuff."

I make my way closer to the hospital, where the hole is. I hope Manchester's okay, assuming he's in there.

Once I get close enough I call out for anyone to see if they're okay.

No response.
No. 570665 ID: 08e08f
File 139750008178.png - (161.40KB , 800x800 , 368.png )

Against my better judgement I walk inside through the hole. Weirdly enough, aside from the debris around the hole, everything else seems fine. Maybe it was just an accident...

Nevertheless, I keep moving until I run into a strange sight.
No. 570667 ID: 6e7636

Fill us in here: Are dudes in armor, robots, or anything along those lines normal anywhere in your world? Is this a thing that happens with any kind of regularity?
No. 570668 ID: 08e08f
File 139750122725.png - (125.71KB , 800x800 , 369.png )

N-not to my knowledge. I've never seen anything like this before! I thought automatons were purely fictional, assuming that's what that is. The machine or man in armor quickly slides away before I can get a closer look at it, as if moved by an invisible force.

I go to the nurse, who looks pretty shaken up.

"What happened here? What was that?"

>"I... I don't know! I was just coming into check on Mr. Oren and that... THING burst through the wall and took him!"

Strange... Why would that machine come and take that man? What's going on here?
No. 570669 ID: 6e7636

Help the nurse up and try not to get in that thing's way or get its attention - hang back and see what it's up to.
No. 570670 ID: ca0da5

Don't be rude, help the poor nurse up to her feet. You aren't an official detective, and should probably make note of that for her, but that doesn't mean you can't ask questions, such as what was Mr. Oren working on before he ended up here, what sort of condition was he in, did he carry any trinkets?

Really, anything will help us understand why he was taken better. If it turns out they've just been taking patients at random, that too would tell us something-they need people to experiment on.
No. 570671 ID: 719c62

Maybe it would be better to ignore the giant death robot. Even if Myr helped you, I don't know how much you'd be able to actually do to it. You should consider just focusing on finding your friends and whether they're even in here or not.
No. 570673 ID: ca0da5

Ah, yes, this is certainly true. Help the nurse up, and ask her if she'd be willing to answer some questions about it later, but for now you should definitely focus on locating Manchester. Fetch Myr while you're at it, too, and tell her "The Bees" said they want to talk to her a bit later, but for now just suggest that the both of you keep out of the way of those large metal covered monsters.
Let's call them "Metal Shells" for now, until somebody comes up with a better name or we find out just what exactly they are.
No. 570686 ID: 08e08f
File 139750954292.png - (79.18KB , 800x800 , 370.png )


I help the nurse to her feet. The machine (or "metal shell" as you guys want to call it) has already disappeared down the hallway. Hopefully it's leaving this hospital so it can't hurt anyone else.

"Ma'am, can you tell me who exactly that man was who was just taken?"

>"I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell you that... Are you a police officer?"

Hm. I could lie and say I'm with the police, but that wouldn't be very civil of me. I think I'll listen to you all and be straight with her.

"Ma'am, I'm not with the authorities, but I'm somewhat concerned who that person was. Please, can you tell me? I might be able to help."

She looks around for a moment, before she decides to answer.

>"Fine, but honestly I don't know much. Mr. Oren was just an old man, he was admitted here almost a decade ago. No one knows who put him here or where he even came from."

Strange... I'd better get back to Myr so we can go find Manchester. Let's hope that thing doesn't come back.
No. 570762 ID: ca0da5

A man, in a coma for over a decade... A woman, lost to the Voice for years by now... I wonder if there's some sort of connection. Were multiple groups infested by Shouty Voices?

Don't dwell on that, though, Cedric. Anybody who has such a voice would be in a coma or set themselves up as hermits. Go ahead and get Myr. Although, with Myr's knowledge, she might know if there are others who could have the condition.

Oh, and thank the Nurse for telling you what you wanted to know. She had no reason to do so, except to show kindness to your honesty.
No. 570770 ID: 2c6ff1

Yeah go get the crazy lady and find Manchester. This machine thing and Mr. Oren is an odd occurrence but we have no related information to it yet.
No. 570785 ID: 53ba34

need allies more then other stuff.
No. 570828 ID: 75b8af

Huh. Should someone be following our metal coma patient kidnapper, maybe?
No. 570899 ID: 08e08f
File 139759593859.png - (386.12KB , 800x800 , 371.png )

I don't think the nurse said he was in a coma. To be sure, though, I ask what condition he was in.

>"He was awake, just very elderly. At this hospital we also have a ward for special needs patients such as him; he was much too old to take care of himself."

Hm. Who would want to kidnap an elderly man? Nevertheless, I bid goodbye to the nurse and thanked her for helping me.

I head back outside, but Myr is gone! Figures she wouldn't listen to me... Should I even bother looking for her, or just go back and check on Manchester?
No. 570905 ID: e36926

Manny probably isn't going anywhere and I really doubt Tin Can Man is going to come after him next. You might ask the nurse if she knows where he can be found anyhow, and if it's convenient, make sure that he's safe. Whatever got Myr's attention might have been important.

Also, Old-Man-O-Tron didn't leave the way it came, did it? That means it's somewhere else in the hospital, probably getting ready to make an exit. As in, literally make one, by smashing another wall. If they begin evacuating patients from that wing things are going to get hectic, and that'll make finding Myr even harder since she won't be headed to a designated safe area like Manny might.
No. 570907 ID: 2c6ff1

Let's just complete our mission. I'm sure Myr is off doing something she thinks needs doing.
No. 570910 ID: 08e08f
File 139760317107.png - (251.79KB , 800x800 , 372.png )

Oh dear. I saw the Metal Shell leaving the opposite direction. It's definitely going to make another exit.

Right. I run back into the hospital and to the main lobby. The Metal Shell has already gone through here; there's another large hole leading outside. At least it's out of the building.
No. 570911 ID: 08e08f
File 139760335294.png - (145.52KB , 800x800 , 373.png )

The hospital staff is helping calm the patients down, some of whom were leaving the building or in a general panic. I prepare to go up to one of the doctors and ask where I can find Manchester, when I accidentally bump into someone.

>"HEY! Watch where yer go-- Oh, yer that orange kid from before."

It's Manchester! And he's wearing...

don't laugh don't laugh don't laugh
No. 570912 ID: 08e08f
File 139760338952.png - (149.93KB , 800x800 , 374.png )


No. 570913 ID: ca0da5

"The Bees thought you were hurt badly is all. It's just funny how worried they were for you, you look fine to me!" Seriously it's true enough that you wouldn't have to bluff your way through it-we WERE worried about him, and, aside from the Cone, he does look fine. Better than I'd expected, at least.
No. 570914 ID: 2c6ff1

Ask him what happened to Rella.
No. 570929 ID: 99624f

He is laughing because apparently the hospital staff are worried about you chewing on your own ass or something.
No. 570944 ID: 50eefc

"bite me

...oh wait"
No. 570945 ID: 5bbbc0

...Why did you get in a cone.
Seriously, You got kicked in mid-air and fell on your face or something. That doesn't deserve a cone of butt-biting, as hilarious it may be.
No. 570947 ID: ca0da5

He may have attempted to scratch at rashes left after the bruises faded... Cones can be as much for scratching as they can be for butt biting.
No. 570949 ID: 189a54

This. Please, please say this before continuing.

After totally crushing any rude streak Manny had going with that awesome zinger, ask him if he had seen or knew anything about the old guy that the Metal Shell ran off with. From the view we got of him, he looked pretty similar to Rella, just brown and without the huge thighs.

Hey, maybe that's why he was taken. Maybe there's some connection between the two, like they're relatives or something?
No. 571106 ID: 08e08f
File 139769853032.png - (140.15KB , 800x800 , 375.png )

As great a zinger as that is, I'd better not tick Manchester off further. He seems humiliated enough as it is.

"Nothing, nothing! Anyway, the bees and I came to check up on you-- Wait where are you going?"

>"Away from this cockamamie bullshit! Those voices are nothing but trouble!"

"Manchester, keep your voice down! You don't want people to think your not all there mentally."

He grumbles and quiets down.

"Now, I'm sure whatever the bees did, they were just trying to help."

>"Yeah, they sure helped almost getting my head caved in by some crazy broad!"

He must mean Rella. Man, she must have done a number on him for him to be wearing... that thing.

"Do you know where Rella ran off to?"

>"How should I know! She kicked me in the head and ran away to who-the-hell-knows-where. Now do you have anything else to ask? First there was a ton of racket earlier, now I got you bothering me! Beat it, kid!"

And with that, he storms away. Well, first he bumps into a wall. Then he storms away. Darn, that wasn't helpful at all.

Do you think so? I couldn't really get a good look at the guy, but it could be possible.

This just keeps getting weirder.
No. 571108 ID: 2c6ff1

Damn. I guess we have nothing to do now but follow the robot's trail.
No. 571109 ID: ca0da5

Well, looks like you missed your chance to ask where Bonzi is. Try locating the receptionist to ask if Bonzi, "--That is, a large gold-fish looking lady", has visited recently.
No. 571225 ID: 6e7636

Let's see if we can find where Myr ran off to before we go on a robot hunt or do any more investigating.

By the way, uh, how much time do we have before the flight?
No. 571369 ID: 08e08f
File 139784372847.png - (99.97KB , 800x800 , 376.png )

I walk over to the receptionist's desk to see if she knows where Bonzi could have went.

>"Oh yeah, real tall orange lady? She dropped off a patient here a few days ago. He had a neck injury."

"I'm an... acquaintance of his. His name is Manchester, right?"

>"That's him."

"Do you know if the person who dropped him off said where she was going?"

>"Nah, don't think so. Sorry buddy."

Hm. I guess I'll have to do some snooping myself. But one last thing...

"Uh, why was Manchester wearing that cone on his head?"

>"Hm? Oh, no reason. He was giving the nurses a hard time so we thought it'd be funny if we tricked him into wearing it. We told him it's to support the neck brace he's wearing under it but that's just a load of malarkey. Don't worry though, we'll make sure he takes it off before he leaves."

"Aheh. Got it."
No. 571370 ID: 08e08f
File 139784411071.png - (150.47KB , 800x800 , 377.png )

I hope Myr didn't run off and go after that robot herself. She's so unstable that I don't know WHAT she could do next.

And Bonzi told me we were planning to leave for the airfield tonight, but I don't know about the flight now. With Rella and Bonzi missing, and Manchester here in the hospital, our trip might be delayed, if not cancelled outright.

I sigh, then turn around to go and find Myr, when suddenly...

>"Hey Cedric, there you are. You know there's a place in town that makes great frozen custard?"
No. 571371 ID: 08e08f
File 139784413837.png - (153.97KB , 800x800 , 378.png )

>"...What's with the look?"
No. 571372 ID: 49b933

...You didn't get one for me!
No. 571373 ID: 6e7636

Myr you cheeky lil' shit.

... Ask her what flavor it is. Be totally stone cold while you do this.

And then ask her what she knows about our geriatric-kidnapping automaton.
No. 571379 ID: 08e08f
File 139785433597.png - (108.38KB , 800x800 , 379.png )

I think what flavor Myr bought is the least of my worries right now (looks like strawberry, though).

"Myr, I told you to stay put!"

>"Yeaaaah but then I really wanted something sweet. Can't get that standing around!"

"Uggghh... Did you even see what made that hole in the hospital?"


"Oooof course you didn't."

>"What was it? Was it a ROBOT?"

"Wh... How did you know?"

>"Whoa, it really was a robot? I was just kidding. Huh, robots..."

"I... can't believe I'm asking this, but what do you know about automatons, Myr?"

>"They're made of metal."

"Well. Yes. But do they kidnap people? You had a government job once, do you know about any instance of machines kidnapping people?"

She looks at me for a second, and then goes into what looks like deep thought. Finally, she answers.

>"You've been reading too many science fiction novels, buddy."

Ugh. Forget it.

>"Oh! I just remembered why I came to visit you today!"

"Sigh. What could it be, Myr?"

>"I want you to take me to the Higher Lands Library!"
No. 571382 ID: 2c6ff1

Yeah, she's still not letting on about what she knows. Annoying.

Well, we have no leads now so just let her drag you along to the library.
No. 571387 ID: 6e7636

"Myr, I don't think that they have pop-up books in there. What are you after?"
No. 571390 ID: dbe554

Eat the ice cream cone, become the dominant male!
No. 571507 ID: ca0da5

In order to get on the flight to the library, we have to find Bonzi first. It would be preferable to locate Mozzarella as well, but the just was Bonzi's to get.

Check back at your home, make sure you leave a note on the door for her if she goes there while you're gone, then go to the station and, if she's not waiting there for you, ask the employees to let her know you'll be back there before the flight leaves.
No. 571532 ID: 824f43

>I want you to take me to the Higher Lands Library!
No. 571580 ID: 0ee153

No. 571581 ID: 0ee153

No. 571591 ID: 7f8545

And how does she know about that? Did we tell her and we forgot about it?
No. 572073 ID: 08e08f
File 139828199076.png - (302.07KB , 800x800 , 380.png )

>"Nope! I'm there to learn about deserts!"

If she noticed my barb she didn't acknowledge it. That was pretty mean of me, I won't make that a habit...

"Why do you need to go to the capitol library? You can read about desert at the library here in town."

>"Nuh-uh. This is a special desert. With a special place in it. A special place in a special desert. Are you following?"

"Uh...sure. But wait, even if you absolutely have to go to that library, why do you need to go with me? Can't you go alone?"

>"I'd love to, but I don't have any of the necessary papers to travel there."

"But... How? You used to work in the government, how can you not have proper documenta--"

>"CEDRIC! Are we just gonna stand around and yammer about papers? Or are we just gonna go? I already know you're heading to the Higher Lands today."

"W-what?? How could you possibly know that?"

>"I have my methods."

Myr somehow knows a lot... and I'm not sure if I like that. You're right, she seems like she's hiding things.

Well let's hold on a second. We should decide on one thing first:

Should I trust Myr to let her come with me?
No. 572075 ID: 0ee153

First, ask her if she couldn't possibly ask someone else. If the answer is no, you have the upper hand. Demand information in exchange.

If she does have other methods, agree and go with her so you can at least keep an eye on her.
No. 572076 ID: 4a83f2

It's okay to say mean things if you're saying them playfully. That back-and-forth teasing can be great fun, and it was a pretty good zinger.
No. 572077 ID: ca65e6

Yes. She is an ally.
No. 572078 ID: e36926


This guy's got it.

I don't think that Myr is out to hurt you or anything, but just how much trouble we're willing to get into on her behalf is going to depend on what she's looking for and why. It's also relevant to us - we don't know why we're here and neither do you.

The information that she's after has to do with that mind-monster you fought, the one that's in Rella's head making her go crazy. Elsewhere, out in this void, there's someone else tangled up in it. Literally. They're stuck in dreamland. We found this person (whose name we don't know) and they told us about the place Myr is trying to find. What Myr is trying to learn may be helpful to the others, but she also knows a lot more than she lets on.

Be firm with her. If we're still here then you may still be in danger, and we can't help you - and you can't help yourself - if we don't know what we're up against or what we need to do. If she can't take that request seriously then she probably doesn't have your best interests at heart.

Also ask about Mr. Oren. If she tries to bullshit you, just tell her that you're not in the mood for games.
No. 572087 ID: ca0da5

Alright, Cedric, I'm about to tell you some secrets of Myr's. I don't know if she wanted them kept secret or actually expects us to clue you in on what she means, but it pertains to the desert.

We have a habit of joining Myr in the dreamland when we're not with somebody who's awake. That's what we were off doing during that week of absence. She was looking for a special person, and you know what? With our help, she found them. She, that is, the special person, was trapped in some gunk left over by SHOUTY MC'LOUDFACE, and getting slowly pulled into it. Myr managed to chop apart a good lot of "Vines," as the gunk seemed to be shaped after, but we weren't able to save the person, Before she was pulled all the way in, however, she mentioned that her body is in a certain desert.

Are you following me? This person, a female, who had experience with the Voice, is somebody important enough that Myr is trying to find them. They may very well be Prima, Mozzarella's old mentor. Now, tell me, Cedric: Does that warrant enough importance to let Myr tag along? Because, I, personally, think it does. And go ahead and tell her that we told you what happened "Last night," just don't mention the specifics out loud, I think if she wanted them spoken out loud she'd have done so herself.
No. 572163 ID: 824f43

>Should I trust Myr to let her come with me?
You should let her come, sure.

Trusting her is another matter. She's rather obviously not sharing everything she knows, and playing her own game. That said, her game doesn't appear to be a bad one, or working directly against your own.

She's the joker in the deck. She's not going to be the most reliable ally in the world, but I think there will be times where she'll come in handy. And I think we're better off keeping an eye on her than not.
No. 572482 ID: 63598e

>Should I trust Myr to let her come with me?

she's the character type that seems to be an ally at first while her path happens to coincide with yours but ends up being more neutral in the end, working for a third party with their own agenda.

that having been said, there's absolutely no problem letting her come along on the trip; she's just gathering information and would find a way to do it with or without you. also, she's sexually open and into you <3 Cedric, you dawg :3

also, huh. seems like she does remember most of what she does in dreams. just seems lame and aloof (instead of just aloof) without her superpowers :P
No. 572860 ID: 102c69

Okay, I really don't think we should tell everyone's "dirty little secret" to every mind we jump here and from. That said, I have to agree with your perspective.

Myr does seem to be an important character, at least for Cedric. Also we do have a tendency to... vanish unexpectedly and with out warning from people to people. Plus that huge week gap, we're bound to miss something in that time frame.

So for this situation, I agree.

(Just finally noticed I ramble on a LOT *Kirrio*)
No. 575032 ID: 08e08f
File 140052969342.png - (189.95KB , 800x800 , 381.png )

You guys raise a lot of good points... I'm still not sure about all this, but this is a pretty good opportunity to learn a bit about what's been going on lately. I can't say I enjoy being left out of the loop very much...

"I'm not sure if I want to take you with me, Myr. For one, why does it necessarily have to be me?"

>"You're the only other person I know that has the proper papers. Plus, I mean, you were about to head there later on, I don't see why I can't just hitch a ride with you."

"Even if you came with me, you need papers of your own to travel. I can't cover you on that end."

>"Don't worry Cedric, I have a pla-"

"Don't tell me to not worry! This is important! Stop leaving things out."

She looks around a bit, and then sighs, before continuing.

>"What's with you lately? You used to be so easy to deal with... Look, just trust me. I'll show you my plan when we head there. That'll be the best time to do so."

So she IS hiding something. I'm getting more and more concerned about this head creature... it has more people than just Rella wrapped up -- heck, one of them literally so -- in its madness. As with everything lately, things are getting even more complicated.

"...Fine. I'll let you come with me."


"...If you tell me something. Does this have anything to do with the person you found a few days ago, in your dreams?"

She's immediately quiet. After a second she starts to talk again.

>"Man, those voices talk more than they should."

"Answer me, Myr." I figure it's time I be a little firm for once.

>"Yes yes, fine, I want to go to the library to look for someone."

"Why do you need to go to the Higher Lands Library, specifically?"

>"Because the person I'm looking for is in a place that's pretty dang hard to find. I need someplace that contains the most knowledge in the whole freakin' world, and that's such a place."

"Makes sense."

>"And I need a bookworm like you that's smart enough to help me find what I need."

"Thanks... I guess."

She smiles and wraps her arm around my shoulder.

>"So, whaddya say? Partners? Between us we can solve this mystery lickety split!"

"...Alright, deal. But you have to be more upfront with me from now on, okay?"

>"Cross my heart."

We continue on our way back to my house. But there's still one more thing nagging me...

"Myr, do you know anything about a guy named Mr. Oren?"

She makes a face like she's thinking for a second, before responding.

>"Can't say I diddly-do."


Before I can pursue that line of thought further, we arrive...
No. 575033 ID: 08e08f
File 140052974940.png - (219.31KB , 800x800 , 382.png )

...To find Bonzi standing in front of my townhome!
No. 575034 ID: 2bfcdf

Ah! Go ask her where Rella went.
No. 575037 ID: e1609c

Go say hi, ask about where rella was, and more importantly, if she's alright. Last we saw of her, rella was still goin kooky and had violently incapacitated the smallfry.
No. 575042 ID: 6e7636

Extend greetings! Introduce Myr, preferably as something other than your jerkass former roomie. Check up on her and Rella and make sure your plans are still on.

Adjust your shirt collar before doing any of this.
No. 575081 ID: 9a281a

Hello, Bonzi, it's good to see you again.

Then introduce Myr, and find out what's up with Bonzi.
No. 575125 ID: 08e08f
File 140061202127.png - (98.20KB , 800x800 , 383.png )


I fix my collar for some reason, then make my way over to Bonzi. She seems a little jumpy, and her shawl isn't in great shape.

"Bonzi! There you are!"

>"Cedric! You're okay!"

"Of course I'm okay, why wouldn't I be?"

>"N-no reason. How are you? And who's your friend?"

"I'm fine, and uh, this is Myr, an old friend of mine."

>"Yo. You must be that big lady Cedric's been thinking about."

I nudge Myr. "Please be quiet, Myr." She smirks, but doesn't say another word.

"Where did you go last week, Bonzi? Were you chasing Rella?"

>"How did you--"

"I'll explain later. But did you find her?"

She shuffles her feet and tries to avoid looking at me.

>"N-no. I spent the past few days straight looking for her, but I could never find her."

"Oh dear. That head voice must have quite the grip on her. Augh, this is a disaster..."

I stop and realize something about what Bonzi just said.

"Wait. You said you were looking for her for the 'past few days straight'? When did you sleep?"

>"I didn't sleep. I didn't need or want to."

How could she stay up that long looking for someone? Come to think of it, she doesn't even look physically tired. She must have way more endurance than I expected...

Suddenly Myr interrupts my thoughts.

>"Say, here's an idea. Me and Cedric here--"

She wraps her arm around my shoulder, to my annoyance.

>"--Were about to head over to the next town so we can take a shuttle to the Higher Lands. We're gonna use the library there to find some information I need. Maybe we can find something about why your buddy's acting so weird."

Bonzi ponders this before answering.

>"We... were planning on going up there for the same reason. To try and find information on the monster inside Rella's head and to see if there was a way to stop it... Wait a minute, how do you know about all this? Did Cedric tell you?"

>"Not exactly. I have my own way of knowing about things."

Bonzi narrows her eyes at Myr for a second. I don't think I've ever seen Bonzi give that look at someone before. It doesn't last long, though, before she returns to her normal expression.

>"Fine. If going to this library is our best bet, we better get going. We need to go find Manchester and his brother."

"Uh, why?"

>"Remember? He was going to pay for us."

Oh, right. In all this madness I forgot Manchester's brother was the one footing the bill for all this. Actually, come to think of it, I haven't seen him since the last time. Surely he would have come around by now to check in on our plans? Or maybe he left without us...
No. 575126 ID: 6e7636

Well, we know where to find Manny, but not his idiot brother. Vinny didn't say where he was staying. Manny or Brie probably know if Bonzi doesn't.

There's a chance that because of this bodyguard business Vinny was proposing, Rella's been hanging out with him. Mr. Shitvoice seems to want her to go up there too, even though it wasn't his idea in the first place. If Rella isn't with Vinny, we might be in a jam.

Ask Bonzi if she picked up the knife after Manny got his shit kicked in.
No. 575132 ID: e1609c

"Sorry about Myr, Bonzi. she's a weirdo, and an irritating weirdo at that, but I'm pretty sure she's legit. Probably."
Get started for manchester's place, he's probably still hanging out around there. Failing that, he's in the hospital with manny watching over his bruised and battered bro.
No. 575133 ID: 2bfcdf

Check Manny's house.
No. 575144 ID: 57a559

Switch to Vinny real quick. We can be anyone now, right? Then switch back.
No. 575167 ID: ca0da5

Let's not insult Myr right infront of her face, she's already upset at having her secret blabbed.

You can say you're sorry about her personality, that she just hasn't had much chance to, well, make friends. Maybe that you're sure she'll grow on Bonzi as they spend time together.
No. 575171 ID: 9a281a

...are you sure you don't need to rest or anything before we leave? You could catch a nap while we go hunt for Manchester.
No. 575347 ID: 08e08f
File 140078654684.png - (279.44KB , 800x800 , 384.png )

That's a possibility!

I ask Bonzi if Vincent was with Rella last time she saw her.

>"Like I said, the last time I saw Vincent was when we made travel plans. Sorry."

"Hm. What about the knife? Do you have it?"


She fishes around in her pocket and pulls out the knife for me to see. I tell her to put it back for safe-keeping.

Not to be rude, but I can worry about Bonzi and Myr's relationship with each other a little later. Right now Vinny is top priority. We should get moving so we can find--

--Oh... You guys can go anywhere now? Well, that'll come in handy. Okay, go and find Vincent! When you do, make sure he's okay, then come back and let us know the situation. I'll wait here and keep these two busy.

Switch Time.
No. 575348 ID: 08e08f
File 140078660658.png - (22.00KB , 800x800 , 385.png )

No. 575350 ID: 189a54

Hey bud. How're ya doing?
No. 575353 ID: 497ec2

wait...How did I get here again the last thing I remembered was
No. 575356 ID: 6e7636

Hey, sleepy-head. Get up. Yaknow what time it is?

Man, you must be hittin' the bottle pretty hard. Harder than you thought if you can hear us now.

All joking aside, uh... Where are you, why is it dark, and how long have you been there? Oh, and if you could, try not to panic too much, could you? That'd be swell.
No. 575366 ID: 2bfcdf

Hey bro, we're uh, guiding voices helping people out. Where are you? Did Rella beat the shit out of you?
No. 575368 ID: ca0da5

Whoa, whoa WHOA. Deep breath, concentrate. Hallucinogenic voices? That's a sign of stress. That, or there's somebody hiding nearby. Why does it seem so dark?
No. 575375 ID: 57a559

Vinny, there is no need to speak.
Simply think about where you are, or where you think you are. Feel around you.
Do not concern yourself about the voices you hear. Focus on where you are. I repeat, do not think too hard about us.
No. 575377 ID: 6e7636


Nah dude, totally overthink us, it's the best thing you could possibly do. Everybody needs a healthy existential crisis once in a while.
No. 575437 ID: 3b3540


Chill out bro, we're mostly harmless voices.

Now, try to regain your bearings. Also, where the shite did your motorcycle go?
No. 575442 ID: 8ae478

reach out and grasp for the red light then press purple button : )
No. 576005 ID: 08e08f
File 140113090394.png - (20.47KB , 800x800 , 386.png )

God fuckin' dammit, I've been down here so damn long I'm startin' to hear fuckin' voices. Well, I ain't headin' anywhere so I might as well entertain my fuckin' delusions.
That's great for me, then. I already busted my voice screamin' for help.

I'm stuck in a cellar. My idiot little brother's cellar, to be exact. Been down here for what I'm assumin' is a few days now.

Probably outside, numbnuts. Assumin' nobody stole it.
No. 576006 ID: ca0da5

Clearly, it is time to harness your psychic communication powers. Your brother is too dumb to receive anything, and that giant chick didn't seem too receptive. That orange kid is scrawny, but he's smart enough that if anybody can get the message, it's him.

[Transfer back to Cedric]
No. 576012 ID: 2bfcdf

Alright, we'll get Cedric and Bonzi there soon to get you out.
No. 576013 ID: 5c2478

Slow your roll chief, let's get a little more info here

How'd you end up down there? Is there anything/anyone else down there with you? Were you locked down, or is something else barring the way out?
No. 576016 ID: 6e7636

Yeah, tell us what's going on first, any and all details of the events leading to your imprisonment. Especially the embarrassing ones.

Also, uh, have you had anything to drink for the last few days? Anything that isn't rat poison, don't drink rat poison, that's bad for you. So is dying of thirst. We don't want you to do that either. No dying.
No. 576023 ID: ca0da5

Guy's been locked away for days possibly with nothing to drink or eat and you're concerned about getting information instead first and keeping him alive second, rather than the other way around? Like I said before, let's get over to Cedric.

Oh, but we should at least tell you this: "The Bees" your brother mentioned to the orange kid? That's us. "The Voice" is our umbrella name, but we specifically as a group are known as The Bees. As far as we know there's only one more group, and that is "Shouty" who used to be five units but was merged into one.

[Now let's be Cedric and rescue the guy so he can be kept alive for information giving]
[Also for paying the fare to the library, we kinda need him to pay that fare]
No. 576026 ID: 9a281a

>I'm stuck in a cellar.
Well, how would you like it if we arranged to have you released?
No. 576036 ID: 08e08f
File 140114043192.png - (334.01KB , 800x800 , 387.png )

It all started with that Rella girl. I was preparing to take her back to where I was staying for some... "action". She was one of those Northern dames. And I heard that Northern girls drop their undergarments pretty damn quick if you prod em right.

Unfortunately for me, she wasn't one'a those dames.
No. 576039 ID: 08e08f
File 140114088567.png - (51.25KB , 800x800 , 388.png )

I've been down in my brother's cellar ever since that bitch tossed me in here a few days ago. Apparently whoever soundproofed this place did a damn good job because nobody can hear me shout.

There's a puddle of water in here I've been licking from. It's dirty and it's probably gonna make me sick, but it's all I fuckin' got. Or, had. Just dried up today.

I don't see why you're all acting like you can get me out, though. Maybe my own fuckin' brain's tryin' to make me feel better. It ain't really workin...

I don't care what my mind decides to call you mooks. Just lemme die of thirst in peace.

You all see eager to switch, so let's do it.
No. 576040 ID: 08e08f
File 140114092903.png - (309.96KB , 800x800 , 389.png )

Whoop! I felt you guys switch back that time. I didn't expect you to come back so early!
No. 576041 ID: 2bfcdf

Vinny's stuck in Manny's cellar. Let's go bust him out.
No. 576042 ID: 57a559

That's cause Vinny is in Manny's basment, tied up. Manchester. Whatever.
Bring water, he may die of thirst soon.
No. 576044 ID: 6e7636

Vinny fell for the oldest trick in the book, Rella tied him up and threw him down there, and that's apparently all he knows.

He's been down there for days and probably isn't in the best shape. Make a beeline for Manny's place and save his stupid ass.
No. 576045 ID: 9a281a

Vinny's tied up in Manchester's basement and slowly dying of thirst. You guys should probably go let him out.
No. 576066 ID: 5c2478

Pretty much what all these other mooks said, just don't forget to bring Bonzi, you might need the extra muscle
No. 576101 ID: ca0da5

Bring a snack and a bit of water. Doesn't have to be anything big, but Vincent's been without food or water locked inside the cellar at Manchester's house. He thinks he's just being insane, but I did clue him in on The Bees so he'll probably thing it's more of some chemical leaving people suggestive or something. You know what, tell him that. "The Voice" is some hypnotic chemical and "The Bees" are a group that's trying to fix things that "Shouty" messed up using it. He's mafia, he lives inside conspiracies, so it should be easy enough for him to accept.

Anyways, chop-chop! Your free tickets are about to expire!
No. 576121 ID: 6e7636

It's Manny's house, he probably has food and water there. Point is, Vinny will need some time to recuperate. And a bath.

What we're trying to say is, be prepared to retrieve an extremely irritable, disoriented, and smelly man from a dank basement.
No. 576344 ID: 5c2478

Also, after you've saved Vinny you should probably check in on Brie as well. Don't mention us, though. We KINDA tried to talk to her and she KINDA passed out on us. She probably doesn't need to do that again, and there's too much she's stressing about already.
No. 576606 ID: 8ae478

sure, it's the moral thing to do, to help him out. and we wouldn't expect anything less of you, Cedric. :3 but, um, do we really want him and the rest of Manny's family involved in all this?

maybe we ought to find more lawful allies. Myr can help you out there. let her take the lead for the moment, and i'm sure she can spare a detour to rescue Vinny if you beg her properly = )
No. 577859 ID: 102c69

personally, I think that is a bad idea. But I also thought having Manchester saving his older brother and holding that above his head for the entire trip was a good idea, soooo...

We should still save Vincent. No matter how big a prick he is, no one should die slowly in a celler for any reason. Plus, have one up on someone is always good.

(gone for a month and still in this. Winning *Kirrio*!)
No. 580120 ID: 08e08f
File 140348347593.png - (273.35KB , 800x800 , 390.png )

What?? How could Rella hav- right, the voice inside her head... Darn it, Vincent could die down there!

Manchester's family may not be trustworthy, but we can't leave Vincent in this mess!

"We have a bit of a problem! Vincent is locked up inside Manchester's cellar. He's been down there for a few days now and is running out of water!"

Bonzi looks instantly worried. Even Myr raises an eyebrow.

>"Oh dear, how could this have happened?"

"Well... Rella put him down there."


"But that doesn't matter right now, we need to hurry up and get something for him to drink and eat, then call a transport service and--"
No. 580121 ID: 08e08f
File 140348362854.png - (252.61KB , 800x800 , 391.png )

>"There's no time for that! Here, take my hand!"

"Uh, why?"

>"Just trust me!"

Myr looks at us both incredulously while I take Bonzi's hand.

>"What are you gonna do, fishlips? Fly Cedric there?"
No. 580122 ID: 08e08f
File 140348368831.png - (216.74KB , 800x800 , 392.png )

Bonzi does exactly that.
No. 580125 ID: 08e08f
File 140348386618.png - (382.51KB , 800x800 , 393.png )

After the initial shock dies down, I realize Bonzi isn't flying; rather, she's jumping

What can't she do?

"B-bonziiii! I've never seen anything like this! How can you do this??"

>"Strong legs, I guess! Now don't you worry! I can get us to Manchester's place in a Higher Land minute this way!"

"F-f-fine! Just don't drop me!"
No. 580131 ID: e1609c

[cue cut-away to myr staring blankly at the sky]
No. 580132 ID: 08e08f
File 140348403561.png - (334.22KB , 800x800 , 394.png )

After a few minutes of jumping we land about ten feet away from Manchester's tower home in the forest. I hope nobody saw us when we were jumping over here; it would have given them quite a fright!

She sets me down and after a couple of moments of wobbliness, I regain stability.

Now where's the cellar?
No. 580134 ID: 2fd516

I dunno, look for a trap door or stairs down or something. The entrance might even be behind the tower. Unless you want us to go ask? We can do that if it's not an obvious entrance.
No. 580151 ID: 6e7636

Note for later: Construct parachute.

Vincent says he's been calling out for help but nobody has heard him. Brie's probably been at the hospital most of this time.

Assuming she's been home, after we paid her head a visit she might just think any screeching, angry voices in her house are just her imagination. Or us.

Knock on the front door. If nobody answers, take a look around the outside, the cellar might have an outdoor entrance. If not, just walk in through the big hole in the wall from last week. I doubt anyone's gonna mind.

Be sure to thank Bonzi for the ride.
No. 580156 ID: 08e08f
File 140348790892.png - (145.61KB , 800x800 , 395.png )

I thank Bonzi for getting us here so quickly (and I think she blushed? Nah, can't be). We both make our way over to the back to see if there's an entrance to the cellar.

Found it! This entrance must not have been used often; there's displaced plants and dirt from when Rella must have opened it.
No. 580159 ID: 6e7636


Into an open configuration.
No. 580161 ID: 08e08f
File 140348854049.png - (275.27KB , 800x800 , 396.png )

No time to think about that, though. I get to opening the doors. They're a bit sticky, but with some elbow grease I manage to get them open. I quickly run down inside. It's pretty dark and musty in here, my only light being the sunlight let in by the doorway. It doesn't take me long to find Vincent collapsed in a heap on the floor. Oh no! I hope we weren't too late!

"Vincent! Vincent!"

>"Yeah yeah, I'm awake kid, quit yellin'."

I rush over and help to him to his feet, but he stops me.

>"Untie me first. I can't move."

I undo the ropes. I guess learning knot tying back in that Little Camper Troop father made me join when I was younger finally paid off. I help Vincent to his feet. He's a bit heavy, but I manage.

I help him up the stairs by letting him hold onto my shoulder. Once we reach the top Bonzi takes him from me and carries him in her arms. He makes a face and opens his mouth to complain, but thinks better of it and closes it again.

"We better get him some water! Follow me, Brie might be home!"

We make our way back to the front of the tower and knock on the door, but no one answers.
No. 580162 ID: 2fd516

Brie is probably in there but she's probably also still passed out from us shocking her earlier today. Is it unlocked? Check it out. First priority is getting a glass of water though.
No. 580171 ID: 6e7636

Addendum: Find Vinny pants.

He's been tied up for days. Do the math.

I don't think Manny's will fit. Unless Vinny likes jorts. Ask him if he likes jorts.

If you don't know what those are you're honestly probably better off not knowing.

But only after we rehydrate him since dying is bad.
No. 580176 ID: 88bd37

If we can't get inside there is a river just a few minutes walk away.
No. 580180 ID: 6e7636

Getting inside won't be an issue because of the hole in the wall.

Besides, river water seems like a bad idea, unless there's not any such thing as Iro dysentery or something.
No. 580420 ID: 4f0da9

How'd it feel being in her arms as she bounced cross-country like that?
Your bed will never feel as comfy again in comparison
No. 581048 ID: 08e08f
File 140372329267.png - (113.32KB , 800x800 , 397.png )

I remind Bonzi to be careful how she holds Vinny. She's confused for a moment but then realizes what I mean. We walk a bit over to see the giant hole Bonzi left days ago and walk inside. Hopefully Brie and Manchester won't mind us doing this.

Bonzi lays Vinny down on the couch, and I go fetch him some water. After a few minutes (mainly due to me trying to find the kitchen and a glass), I return. Vinny drinks, looking utterly relieved.

>"Thanks kid. You're a lot more useful then ya look."

"Uh, thanks, I think. Are you going to be okay, though? Should we take you to the hospital?"

>"Eh I'll live. Just get me more water and some food, will ya?"

I make my way back to the kitchen, when the front door opens.
No. 581050 ID: 08e08f
File 140372352802.png - (187.75KB , 800x800 , 398.png )

>"Cedric? What are you doing here?"

It's Brie, probably returning from picking Manchester up from the hospital.
No. 581055 ID: b435c5

"He encountered Rella while she was off her meds. She locked him in your basement."
No. 581056 ID: 2fd516

"Freeing Vinny from the cellar. The voices helped us find him." Everyone here knows about us, now.
No. 581058 ID: dbe554

Aw man they took off his cone, unless he finally bit through it.
No. 581059 ID: 079914

Don't mention the voices around Vinny. Keep that buttoned up or you'll blow Manny's cover from the time when we were with him.

Just tell them that you came to check on things and heard Vinny shouting in the cellar. He's bound to pipe up anyway. Ask to speak with them (or just Manchester) in the other room as soon as you can, and try and keep Vinny from opening his big trap too much.

If you want, you might try distracting Vinny and have Bonzi speak with Manchester, or vice versa. Once he gets his strength back he's bound to get a bit rowdy over this. Brie's not gonna like hearing about what happened either.
No. 581061 ID: 08e08f
File 140372877062.png - (162.21KB , 800x800 , 399.png )

Is it a good idea to tell Brie that Rella threw Vinny down there? Actually, thinking about it, she probably already knows what Rella did to Manchester...

I tell them the situation, making sure Vincent can't overhear me. You're right, everyone's in the know now. At least I don't have to keep secrets anymore. Well, not too many secrets, anyway.

"You all have experience with the voices, but Vincent doesn't, so make sure he doesn't find out for now."

Manny pipes up.

>"Don't worry about my brother. He doesn't even believe in junk like this, anyhow. Also, how the hell did you get in my house??"

"Oh the uh... giant hole... over there."

He looks over at the wall and goes 'oh'. Hard to believe he forgot about that. Then again, being kicked in the head would do that to you.

Manchester walks away to go see his brother, while Brie stays behind. She looks really disheartened to find out her sister did this.

>"I was hoping she'd get better somehow... I guess that was dumb of me... Cedric?"


>"Those voices... they're inside your head, right?"


>"Can you and them make sure to help Rella however you can? Rella said the voices were helping her, but now that they're with you, that's probably why she's acting this way. Please, do whatever you can to help!"

She holds my hand and looks me in the eyes. She's pretty sincere...

"I'll do my best."

Suddenly we can hear Manchester yell from across the room.

>"What?? You STILL want to go to the Higher Lands? But bro, you just got out of a basement--"

>"Yeah, YOUR basement. Put there by YOUR sister-in-law. I swear anytime you're involved stuff always goes to the shitter, you little runt."

>"I hate it when you call me that..."

>"I need to get back to Pops ASAP. We woulda gone today but shit happened, as you know. I gotta deliver you to him, as well as Bonzi here so we can negotiate some terms about a job for her. Either way, you and I are heading back."


Bonzi interrupts.

>"I can't leave just yet. I need to find my friend first so I can help her."

Vincent scowls.

>"The crazy dame who put me in the basement? You wanna find her?"

>"Well she's not well and--"

>"Damn right she ain't well. Ain't well in the head department."

Bonzi grits her teeth. Uh-oh.
No. 581067 ID: 2fd516

We don't have any leads to where she went though. I think we should just continue on without her, because she'll probably show up again to hassle us anyway.
No. 581068 ID: 079914

Don't let them get into it if you can help it.

Step in and try to keep Bonzi from getting too worked up. Tell Vinny that it's not Rella's fault and what's wrong with her isn't for him to know.

Rella is Bonzi's friend and Vinny's inlaw. She's family. Loyalty comes first. He'll understand that. At least, he'd better.

Whatever you do, just don't mention voices. It works to our advantage for now that Vinny thinks we're just his imagination or that only he can hear us. If he doesn't know we roam around he's liable to be a bit more open with us.
No. 581080 ID: 08e08f
File 140373380030.png - (144.67KB , 800x800 , 400.png )

I step forward and try to defuse the situation.

"Let's calm down, there's no reason to get upset." I make sure to look at Bonzi while I say this, I've seen what she can do when she gets mad...

I turn to Vincent.

"Now, Rella's... going through some mental health issues. She needs to be taken back to therapy as soon as possible. She served in the war, you know; she's dealing with a pretty strong case of mental trauma due to that. Bonzi here's the only one tough enough to take her a mental ward where she belongs. Isn't that right, Bonzi?"

I wink at her, hoping she catches onto my ruse. She doesn't look happy about me lying, but she goes along with it.

>"Right. I have to find her before she throws someone else into a basement."

Vinny mulls it over for a moment.

>"Well... I guess she's family. I can respect that. But I still gotta look out for my interests, y'know? So here's what we're gonna do. Bonzi here's gonna come with me and see my Pop. Once she's done with that, she can come back and find her pal. I'll even foot the bill, just cuz I'm oh-so-generous."

Bonzi thinks about it.

>"...But what if we take too long?"

>"Look, Bonzi, do you even know where your pal is?"

>"Well... no."

>"Then there ain't no sense in waiting for her to come back or wasting more time looking for her. My Pop could hook you up with a team of professionals that could help you find her when you get back. Everything will be taken care of."

Bonzi thinks some more, rubbing her temples. She finally answers after a moment.

>"Fine. I'll come with you."

Vinny smiles pretty widely. I don't think I've seen him smile before. It's sort of scary...

>"Gooood, we can leave tomorrow. Now that that's handled, I gotta change my pants."

He gets up to leave, but stops to talk to me for a second.

>"A rescuer AND a negotiator. You're impressin' me ovah here, kid. I definitely want you comin' along on this trip."


He walks away. I now notice the smell...

This is all a lot to think about. Assuming nothing else happens, we're heading to the Higher Lands tomorrow. But with Rella running around like she is, it's a pretty unpredictable situation...

But I still need to keep my promise to Brie. I wonder what I can do to help while I'm there?
No. 581090 ID: 079914

You have until tomorrow to find her now. Or, you have until tomorrow to somehow lure her to you.

Myr may be helpful. She's also in a place we're not and can do things we can't. The last time she tried to make contact with Rella, bad things happened, but we may not have a choice right now.

Let's see if we can't hop into her head for her input. The best thing that you can do in the meantime is try to keep everybody calm. Hopefully Myr has a lead and we can organize a search - she says she's been lookin' to kill the monster in Rella's head so it stands to reason that she might have a means of finding her. (We'll have to anyway if she does, you guys have the knife.)
No. 581091 ID: 5c2478

I'd say confer with Bonzi and Myr. Also, remind Bonzi that she should talk with Shrap should she get the opportunity, just nip that potential problem in the bud.

Something to consider: Rella may keep hiding during your trip, but if the Voice reigned her in again she may also come back searching for the knife so she can't have it used against her again. She could probably raze the whole town in her current condition without any means of stopping her (short of killing her) while you're away.
No. 581103 ID: d8a627

If you leave word with a few people that you brought "The artifact" with you to the higher lands, then she'll chase you up there, rather than raze the whole town, so there's that.
No. 581124 ID: bb78f2

The squad that Vincent is planning on sending with Bonzi will probably be a hit squad and try to kill Rella on when Bonzi is either distracted or otherwise indisposed. It won't do shit to Rella, because she's a badass.

I'm almost certain Vincent isn't prepared to respect that family bond.
No. 582264 ID: 3f9b28

Hold up dude, we don't know if that person we saw in the dream state ( I'm calling it that) was really Rella. All we know is that they happen to be someone important. Second off, Myr her self told us that we can't go into her mind, or at least hinted it. she also is some kind of agent or something, so lets let her be for now.

Still mabey a peak into that dream state to see how it, and our trapped guest our doing, wouldn't be so bad.
No. 582278 ID: d8a627

>we don't know if that person we saw in the dream state ( I'm calling it that) was really Rella.
Yes we do. She wasn't. That's a fact. The gunk was from Mr. Shouty (Dread), the voice that's controlling Mozzarella.
I also found no mention from her that we cannot jump to her herself, not even through implications, so let's try it out.
No. 582286 ID: 6e7636


We can't go directly to anyone who's under a kind of mental influence. I was kind of hoping Myr could home in on her location, at least.
No. 582912 ID: 08e08f
File 140458757757.png - (183.22KB , 800x800 , 401.png )

You're right, we'll have to take care of this somehow before we leave. Myr's abilities in the dreamworld could come in handy, since we're unable to actually physically find Rella. Maybe we can help her within her dreams?

Well that's problematic. If we can't get inside Rella's head, then I don't know how much we can do. But homing in on her location could be helpful!

Myr knows more about this than either of us, probably. We should at least try to contact her.

If Vincent tried anything like that, Bonzi would never let it happen. Besides, I don't think Rella would be that easy to take down, as is.

Anyway, what's the plan here, guys? Get Myr's help, or figure something else out?
No. 582917 ID: 6e7636


We won't be able to figure much out until we determine what Myr can do.

I'd suggest asking Bonzi to sit tight while we run off and get Myr's input. Just tell her the voices are going to try something. See if she has any ideas while we're busy, and ask if she has any idea what Ol' Yeller might be trying to accomplish - does it have any kind of goal she might recall? That might give us an idea of where to look too. Don't press it if it's an uncomfortable subject, though, she's already been trying her best for a long while.

Speaking of which, you might ask if she needs anything, too.
No. 582921 ID: 08e08f
File 140459576055.png - (144.27KB , 800x800 , 402.png )

I might need to take Bonzi with me again, if we're heading back to Myr. I'm not very excited to go jumping again... But we do need to act fast.

"Bonzi, would you mind giving me a lift back to my house? I need to speak with Myr."

>"Can do!"

We bid goodbye and head outside, where Bonzi gets to work.

We arrive back at my house within minutes. After I shake off the feeling nausea, I look around for Myr.

Hm, she seems to have left. Darn it Myr, you can never make it si-- oh my door is slightly open.

I push it open, telling Bonzi to please wait outside. I go into my house to find Myr on the couch, in the same position she would lay there back when she lived with me.

>"Oh, hey Cedric! Man, ol' ass dent in this couch still fits me like a charm."

"Myr, how did you even get in here?"

>"I know you keep a spare on top the front door sill, duh."

Oh. Right. I forgot about that.

"Never mind, I need to ask you something."

>"Lay it on me, hombre."
No. 582922 ID: 08e08f
File 140459580147.png - (148.73KB , 800x800 , 403.png )

"Can you find a way to get me into Rella's head, or at least locate her?"
No. 582923 ID: 08e08f
File 140459612620.png - (150.68KB , 800x800 , 404.png )

>"ARE YOU INSANE? Only high-level dream warriors can do stuff like that without being torn to shreds!"

"High level... what?"

>"Your buddy Rella's got a piece of the most evil force in the cosmos locked up in her noggin, bucko. You'd need extreme concentration to even find her, let alone purge the mental lock The Dread's placed on her mind."

"I... uh..."

>"Lemme guess. Your voice buddies told you they can hop brains now, right? They think they can get over into Rella's head and fix all this, don't they? So that way Rella's back to normal, and we can have a big kumbayah moment while we go drink fancy drinks up in the Higher Land and read books about deserts, huh???"

"T-that's the idea, yeah..."
No. 582925 ID: 08e08f
File 140459668964.png - (145.28KB , 800x800 , 405.png )

>"...You're lucky I like fancy drinks!"

I now realize I will never understand Myr.
No. 582927 ID: 6e7636

"Our noses are touching again."
No. 582939 ID: 50338d

Tell Myr we'll start working on a fancy drink fund for her tab.
No. 582951 ID: d8a627

>"Lemme guess. Your voice buddies told you they can hop brains now, right? They think they can get over into Rella's head and fix all this, don't they? So that way Rella's back to normal, and we can have a big kumbayah moment while we go drink fancy drinks up in the Higher Land and read books about deserts, huh???"
Whoa, hey, I don't remember suggesting we go straight into her head to do battle... Honestly, the Dread is freakin' scary. He's been able to take control of Mozzarella even while we were in her head, all we could do was appeal to her natural psyche to overpower the Dread through sheer willpower. I'm not sure we can do that anymore, and, Cedric? You've had ONE fight worth of experience in the Dreamworld. Granted, it was against the Dread itself... I'm pretty sure he was weaker in your own head due to the lack of having a foothold there. Your psyche hadn't been worn down by him yet.
What I was suggesting was that we track her down to restrain her. You have the power to fight him off if he enters your own conscious, since you're the strongest person in your own, and maybe in any new-vessel he tries to take over, but definitely not inside of Mozzarella's head.
But, yeah, understanding Myr in entirety may be impossible... For now, just make a mental note that she likes fancy drinks.
No. 583043 ID: 50eefc

subdue any possible boner
No. 583496 ID: 8ae478

>subdue any possible boner

release any possible boner into the open air :P

>Only high-level dream warriors can do stuff like that without being torn to shreds!"

so we need to grind EXP? excellent! ready the comfy blankets and pillows! ^o^
No. 584070 ID: 08e08f
File 140527957526.png - (582.16KB , 800x800 , 406.png )

Don't look at me, Myr was the one who got excited about all this. Though it seems like she might have a plan...

"Well, do you have any idea what we can do?"

>"Do about what?"


>"Oh... Right, right..."


>"Well, we can't exactly just hop into your buddy's head. The Dread will make mincemeat of us."

"You've said as much, yes. Is there a way we can possibly locate her, though? If we can do that, we can track her down and restrain her."

Myr thinks on it for a second.

>"There is a way, yes. But the second we try to home in on her, The Dread inside her noggin will be tipped off and put her back on the move again."

"Shoot... Isn't there someway we can do it without tipping the Dread off?"

>"Hm. We have a few options. We could try stealthily entering a brain that's almost impenetrable. If we can pull it off well enough we can even slip your buddy a message and The Dread won't know. Or...


>"We can both go the batshit insane route and attack as quickly as possible. One of us divert's the Dread's attention while the other reaches Rella's psyche. With any of these options, though, we're both going to have to work together and concentrate to break through, if we do at all. Even if we do make it, the journey might prove strenuous."

"How strenuous?"

>"Y'know, our minds could be torn apart and we'll become vegetables. The usual."


>"Choice is yours, though. Or your little brain buddies. Don't matter much to me."
No. 584077 ID: b5130d

Uh, is there anything we can do to improve our odds? Like, I did this dream fight crazy stuff only once. Maybe I should practice?
No. 584078 ID: 6e7636

Is there a downside to not attacking immediately? Sneaky route being Plan-A, and attacking being Plan-B?

There's a good chance us just being with you will make stealth impossible but you might as well ask. Maybe we could be an additional distraction.
No. 584079 ID: d8a627

If you go for anything, I'd recommend the cautious, stealth route. It's harder, but having a safer trip is worth it.
No. 585516 ID: 08e08f
File 140614271969.png - (566.15KB , 800x800 , 407.png )

We don't have enough time to practice, so the experience I've gained so far with this... dream fighting business will have to do.

I'm with you there. I don't think I'd be able to combat The Dread with the little knowledge I have. Eugh, 'The Dread'. Such a creepy name...

Cautious is the better route, but perhaps we could utilize parts of Myr's attack strategy with your help.

"Myr, how about we combine aspects from both plans?

>"How so?"

"You and the voices can go and serve as a distraction while I sneak in."

>"Not a bad plan... except..."

"...Except what?"

>"Except I'm the only one of us with the know-how to break into a mind (hopefully) undetected. So YOU'LL have to be the distraction along with your voice pals."

"M-me? Deal with The Dread on my own?"

>"You won't be alone. You have all those voices with you! If you're in danger they can just shout at The Dread to go away, haha!"

I don't see how that's very funny...

>"But seriously, if I'm fast enough you won't have to deal with him for long. So calm yourself, ya goober."

"I dunno if I can..."

>"No, really, calm yourself. It's the only way to reach your pal; you have to totally be at peace."
No. 585517 ID: 08e08f
File 140614293440.png - (69.39KB , 800x800 , 408.png )

>"Now park your keister on the floor there and relax. Think about something you like to do that calms you down."

What is something Cedric would most likely enjoy?


No. 585521 ID: 53548a

Having sex with Bonzi.
No. 585523 ID: ef7fd2

well I mean, he's a huge nerd right? Nerds like books, dont they? reading is pretty calm.
If that dont work, default to bonzi boinkin like >>585521 said
No. 585525 ID: 08e08f
File 140614503245.png - (95.53KB , 800x800 , 409.png )

That's not a relaxing thought.
No. 585526 ID: 0f4497

Stargazing. Simply lying on his back, looking at the night sky.
No. 585528 ID: 2f4b71

Library of Calm.
Yer a (dream) wizard Cedric!
No. 585529 ID: 08e08f
File 140614519723.png - (184.59KB , 800x800 , 410.png )

No. 585530 ID: 08e08f
File 140614529032.png - (69.44KB , 800x800 , 411.png )


Yes, yes. Books. Libraries. That's calming...

>"Your breathing seems really relaxed. Good! Now, concentrate. Focus on your friend as much as you can. I'll do the same."
No. 585531 ID: 08e08f
File 140614536774.png - (50.69KB , 800x800 , 412.png )

No. 585532 ID: 6cf573

Think of Rella's swaying ass.
Then think of Bonzi's swaying ass, and then Myr's, all in a line, like a newton cradle.
No. 585533 ID: 2fd516

Looks like you're in.
No. 585535 ID: 08e08f
File 140614747121.png - (95.41KB , 800x800 , 413.png )

Looks like.
No. 585536 ID: 08e08f
File 140614751371.png - (79.94KB , 800x800 , 414.png )

But I wonder where Myr we--

>"Howdy partner!"
No. 585537 ID: ef7fd2

nice new digs, myr.
No. 585538 ID: e36926

Oh for Christ's sake she's David Bowie now.

Whatever, take her hand and see if you can get your dream gun back.

You remember that thing, don't you?
No. 585546 ID: 53548a

Myr Universe!

Cedric get your gun, get your gun, get your gun,
Take it on the run, on the run, on the run
Hear them calling you and me
Every son of liberty
No. 585548 ID: 53548a

Hey, you asked what Cedric would most likely enjoy.
No. 585551 ID: d8a627

Alright, Cedric, you're the security guard for the Archives of Memory. Try and will it to be, see if it gives you some snazzy new dubs and your guns. I mean, how else could Myr suddenly change outfit?
No. 585584 ID: 8ae478

Myr, grrrrrrrl, that's what they call fashion SENSE!

I wonder what it is that calms Myr that she thinks about when she goes on missions. Actually, I can't tell if she's always relaxed or if she's kicking really hard under the water.
No. 585588 ID: 6d3b18

Well, someone's dressed the part to play little miss hero.
No. 586478 ID: 102c69

Sweet threads Myr. Now get up and let's find Rella!
(Quick question,Is it possible to talk to both Myr and Cedric in the dream state *Kirrio * or is that just not possable)
No. 586657 ID: 08e08f
File 140666423578.png - (85.64KB , 800x800 , 415.png )

>"Why, thank you, thank you. Now I can hear you guys, since we're in the Dream World. I'm back in the loop~!"

>"Yeah Cedric, come on, join in the fun! Try making a costume!

"Well, alright..."
No. 586659 ID: 08e08f
File 140666432076.png - (111.83KB , 800x800 , 416.png )


>"Nice boxers. Anyway, erm, I guess you're not at that level yet. Try making your guns from last time, then."
No. 586660 ID: 08e08f
File 140666439041.png - (31.03KB , 800x800 , 417.png )

>"Try and concentrate hard as you can on it."

No. 586661 ID: 08e08f
File 140666465312.png - (95.21KB , 800x800 , 418.png )

>"There we go!"

"It's a little different from the last time I saw it... What's this little knob on the back?"

>"Beats me. You musta let your mind wander a bit while you were concentrating, so the details of your gun were altered. It's important you concentrate here, bucko; back in your own skull you could think up stuff a little easier because we were in your own head, but out here in the Dream World, we have to deal with a collection of different consciousness all across the planet. In fact, let's practice a bit. Try again at making an outfit, but really focus on what you wanna make this time! Maybe your head voice buddies here can help you out! Whaddya say, guys?"

It's that time again. Suggest or draw possible outfit ideas for Cedric here to use.
No. 586668 ID: 4b793f

Does the nerd read pulps at all?

Knowing what kind of heroic cliches he'd be familiar with that happen to involve guns would be dandy. Something like a vigilante, a treasure hunter, a gritty P.I. type, or even a Buck Rogers wannabe.

Unless all of those are applicable and he's just gonna get really, really confused by thinking of all the different books he's read.
No. 586670 ID: 510e81

No. 586673 ID: 7aa8c3
File 140667164616.jpg - (35.17KB , 620x414 , good-bad-ugly.jpg )

Or this.
No. 586674 ID: f996af
File 140667170719.jpg - (252.96KB , 705x1075 , Cedric Clothing.jpg )

the clear outfit of champions
No. 586677 ID: 0acb3a

I support either this or the previously mentioned gritty PI. If he goes for the PI, have him wear a blue scarf; scarves are cool.
No. 586684 ID: e6e228
File 140667248234.png - (2.16KB , 155x220 , Cedric.png )

? hang on a sec-
Ah, right. Knob thingys are pinball plunger devices that work as power amplifiers, the further out you pull it, the stronger the shot.

And also? Here. The Knife is the emblem to demoralize the Dread when we go for it.
No. 586691 ID: d8a627

Long, thin, flowing scarf, or what? I'm imagining a medium blue with thin darker blue lines going diagonal every so often, maybe hand's width apart, but it sounds like you're thinking of a solid colored scarf.
Although, a scarf in the same design as Mozzarella's, only blue with pale blue instead of brown with white, would be interesting to see.
No. 586692 ID: 2f2fc2


does that gun have a doofy lightbulb on top?
No. 586721 ID: 0acb3a

Flowing, long-ish, pale blue, medium thickness. That's what I had in mind.
No. 586791 ID: 6e7636
File 140669501056.png - (30.82KB , 703x1195 , superdorks.png )

Just to be contrary I'm going with Buck Rogers and/or the Rocketeer.

And by going with I mean going entirely too far.

(I'm afraid of coloring this.)
No. 586814 ID: ef7fd2

I am completely in love with this, I truly wish I had more than one vote to give for it
No. 586822 ID: 4ee074

This right here, yep. This one Cedric, is the one you need.
No. 586833 ID: d8a627

Totally original idea, not side-tracked by Myr's costume, this is what Cedric should wear yep.
It matches Myr
No. 586834 ID: 97907e

It goes amazingly with his guns too.
No. 586838 ID: 89b2a2

This, but it should tightly grip his butt so that Myr can make fun of him for it.
No. 586846 ID: e6e228

Nevermind my idea Ceddy HAS to wear this!
No. 586849 ID: c91636

i think we all agree t5hats a great design
No. 586903 ID: 08e08f
File 140674542047.gif - (304.74KB , 800x800 , 419g.gif )

Pulps, eh...? I've actually read a few, I enjoy a good adventure novel every now and then. My favorite is "Samu Shashu, Martial Artist Detective". Amazing series of books, plus I hear it's getting adapted into a moving picture later this year-- I'm probably boring you all...

Anyway, let's give this the old college try. Here I go!
No. 586904 ID: 08e08f
File 140674553901.png - (172.17KB , 800x800 , 420.png )

"Wow... I can definitely work with this..."


"What's wrong, Myr?"

>"You're growing up so fast...!"
No. 586908 ID: d8a627

Eh, it's not as boring as you may have thought it sounded, but if you continued on about it for a couple of paragraphs, then it would have been. You stopped yourself early enough that it wasn't; just saying "I'm especially fond of this one, and it's being made into a movie" is simple enough and still informative.
No. 586928 ID: 4b793f

No. 586945 ID: db121f

He has a fedora and a scarf. I'm satisfied.
No. 586946 ID: 3b3540

Well hot damn, hope you shoot as sharp as you look.

You should totally investigate that knobby thing on the back of 'yer pistols. Because that might be handy to know.
No. 587097 ID: 89b2a2

New quest added:
>Locate these items in reality.
No. 587098 ID: 2ae7d5

Omfg this is so cool I love you. Now all you need is a symbol on your chest or belt.
No. 587108 ID: 94b817

Actually scratch that, it needs buttons on the front that match the plungers on the guns.
No. 590809 ID: 08e08f
File 140882181784.png - (96.45KB , 800x800 , 421.png )

Thanks! I'll admit, this IS pretty neat-o.

And hm, good point. What do these do...?
No. 590810 ID: 08e08f
File 140882187140.png - (172.61KB , 800x800 , 422.png )

...Maybe I'll save that for when I really need it.
No. 590812 ID: 08e08f
File 140882214174.png - (306.38KB , 800x800 , 423.png )

>"Alright, Mr. Man, enough messing around. Let's get moving towards your buddy's brain."

"Roger." Hee hee, I've always wanted to say that...

After some floating around for a while we reach our destination.

"Gee, that sure is one tall wall..."

>"Rella here must really want to keep people out. Is she a distant person?"

"You could say that."

>"Well anyway, let's get to work on scaling that wall. We can't really just float over since screamyface will detect us immediately. We need a low-key mundane way of sneaking in. And mundane is your specialty!"

"I'll try my-- hey wait!"

>"Heh heh."

Lousy Myr. Anyway, any one of you have a plan? It has to be something discreet.
No. 590813 ID: 8b6612

Digging under it with a laser shovel?
No. 590821 ID: 2fd516

Grappling hook.
No. 590825 ID: 6e7636

Going under might work, and removing stones from it carefully might also work, but if this is a mental barrier, you might be able to negotiate with it another way.

As in, literally negotiate with it. That wall is part of her mental landscape. If we take everything in dreamland too literally we might wind up making a mistake. The wall might even react to your attempts at breaking through or undermining it, which would alert monster mash to our being here. We don't want that.

Think of the walls you've put up in your own head - you wouldn't want someone smashing through those, would you? Kinda like we did? What would it take for someone to get through your walls?

Clear your mind of any desire to force your way into Rella's brainspace. Think hard at it, think about wanting to help and really want to do that. See if there's a way you can get this thing to respond to something more abstract, something that isn't forceful at all, before you try a more direct approach. Give it a flower or something.
No. 590827 ID: 89b2a2

whisper into the wall
No. 590830 ID: dc4b80

Grow some vines at the base and climb up those.
No. 590851 ID: a3ee32

I second attacking the wall's self-esteem
No. 590857 ID: d8a627

Literally negotiating sounds like a good plan.
...But if you fail...
No. 590896 ID: 08e08f
File 140885369271.png - (141.51KB , 800x800 , 424.png )

I've never reasoned with a wall before. Well, not counting my father.

>"Cedric, you have to think of something Rella would like! Maybe the wall will let us in, then."

"Do you really think that'll work?"

>"Of course, the only way to get people to accept you is to give them things! That's what my parents taught me! Oh wait, I don't have parents."

"Wait, what--"

>"Think, Cedric, think!"

"Okay, okay! One of you suggested flowers, but I don't think that'll help. She blew me off when she found out about the flower I tried to give her before."

>"You tried to give her a flower--?"

"Not now, Myr."


"I don't think embarrassing the wall will help. Wait, books! Rella likes reading! Why else would she go through the trouble of setting up a courier system to bring her some every now and then!"

>"It's always something boring with you. Well, what kinda books does she like?"

"She liked books on history. And knives, for some reason..."

>"Then concentrate and think up some books on those subjects."

I close my eyes and give it a try. Soon I find myself holding a modest stack of books. I carefully approach the wall.

"...Uh, wall? I've... brought you something...?"
No. 590897 ID: 08e08f
File 140885376004.png - (87.51KB , 800x800 , 425.png )

After a moment, a small click can be heard. A door-like portion of the wall slides in, revealing a pathway. I guess that worked!
No. 590898 ID: 08e08f
File 140885380130.png - (73.84KB , 800x800 , 426.png )

>H-hello. What have you brought me?"
No. 590899 ID: d8a627

Ah, I suppose it makes sense that Mozzarella had withdrawn into her mind when The Dread took over.
No. 590900 ID: 487455

Book, just like always.

...can I bring them in?
No. 590901 ID: 6e7636

Well, this is unexpected. It looks like her, but... little.

Either this is an early, early memory or she's regressed mentally for the time being. Possibly both.

Whatever you do, try not to frighten her. Just give her the books and ask nicely if you can come in.
No. 590902 ID: 2fd516

Aww, is that young Rella? Offer her children's books.
No. 590903 ID: 1fbb52

A mental-projection of a younger Rella? Hm, interesting. Well, cautiously present her the books. It could be some sort of trap, but I give a voucher of trust.
New voice here, by the way. Loving this quest so far. Amazing work, friend!
No. 590914 ID: 01745f

Special delivery! Sign here, please. (Then hand her a clipboard with a note saying that you and Bonzi are here to help, and to please write where you can find her.)
No. 590915 ID: dc4b80

I brought you some books on history and knives. Also some company if you would like it.
No. 590936 ID: 436cdc

Myr, you mean.
And nah, I am not sure that will work out. We should confirm this is inner-kid rella here first, and work from there. If we justthrust that sortathing on hershe might just block us out on it.
No. 590955 ID: 2f2fc2

No. 591163 ID: 08e08f
File 140900747734.png - (96.16KB , 800x800 , 427.png )

This IS strange. She looks about, six, seven years old. Unfortunately I do poorly with children; I always get nervous around them. I'll try by best to not let that effect me, though.

I quickly change the stack of books to one simple children's book.

"Uh, hey there! It's me, Cedric."


I guess it makes sense that she wouldn't know who I am. I change my approach.

"Cedric the uh... nice man who brings books for smart little girls! Do you want a book?"

She seems apprehensive at first, but takes the picture book from my hands.

"You like reading, don't you?"

>"Yes. Well, I can't really read. I just look at the pictures... Papa says reading is a waste of time..."

She looks down at the floor.

"Hmph! Your father is wrong, reading can be a very wonderful thing!"

She looks back up at me.


I kneel down and place my hand on her shoulder.

"Really! It can take you to magical places deep in your imagination, and teach you wonderful things about the world you never knew! It doesn't matter what anyone says, you never stop reading, okay?"

She gives me a small smile.


Myr clears her throat. Oh, right.

"Uh, do you mind if we come in?"

>"I don't know, Papa says not to let in strangers."

Myr pushes me aside.

>"Kiiid, we're not strangers!"

>"Y-you're not?"

>"No, we're just people you don't know! Totally different!"

I put my face in my hands. I don't really want to lie to a little girl, but I'll have to if we're going to get inside. Do any of you have any ideas?
No. 591165 ID: bb78f2

"How about you let us in if I teach you to read, then that should make us friendly enough for you to know us?"
No. 591169 ID: 08e08f
File 140900934587.png - (545.45KB , 800x800 , 428.png )


>"Well...Papa is away. And you don't really look very threatening."

>"Haw! Cedric? Threatening? He couldn't hurt a fly. No, seriously, he can't. One time one got into the house and when he swatted it, it still flew away!"

"You promised you wouldn't tell anyone that!"

>"...Okay, Mr. Cedric and strange purple lady. you can come in."

The pathway widens and deepens, creating a long tunnel. We follow Rella inside.

After some walking, we finally reach some sort of desert.

>"My home is over in this direction! Follow me!"
No. 591170 ID: 08e08f
File 140900949381.png - (547.54KB , 800x800 , 429.png )

As we follow her, I see something in this distance.

"Rella, do you know what that is over there?"

She stops in her tracks.

>"That's the... scary place. I try to stay far away from it."

She goes back to walking. I turn towards Myr.

"What do you think that is?"

>"It's definitely The Dread's presence. It's best we stay here for now, out of its sight."

No. 591173 ID: 2fd516

I guess just keep following miniRella then.

Didn't we come in here to fight the Dread? What else are we gonna do, Myr?
No. 591180 ID: 01745f

>Didn't we come in here to fight the Dread?
No, we came here to hopefully avoid the Dread and find out where Rella is without the Dread knowing we know.
No. 591181 ID: 53ba34

yes, we want to find the memory of her location so we can go there and stab her with the knife, perhaps while someone distracts the dread from the inside at the same time.
No. 591187 ID: d8a627

But Dread Distraction is for later, of course.
No. 591196 ID: 6e7636

Now might be a good time to ask whether the Dread has any sort of Eye of Sauron type of abilities here. I'm going to assume that this is some part of Rella's active, thinking mind we're following around. Should we assume that it's going to follow her, or is it busy with other things right now?
No. 591309 ID: 46bde8

I'd say ask Rella more about her imagination. Get her to show you some fun places she likes, then once she's settled down a bit ask some more about the scary place.
No. 594305 ID: 50eefc

>it's best if we stay out of sight

yes because you are currently wearing the best possible clothing for staying out of sight
No. 595798 ID: 08e08f
File 141167516758.png - (142.68KB , 800x800 , 430.png )

It doesn't seem The Dread has detected us yet, so we must be in some 'safe' area of Rella's head. We can wait here while we figure out what to do next.

Good idea.

"Say, Rella, why don't you show us where you live!"

>"That's where we're going! Actually, it's right over here!"

She leads us to an old hut that looks similarly to hers. She walks inside and motions for us to do the same.

Even the interior is similar to Rella's hut. Wow.

>"This is my house! I live here with big sis and papa! They're both busy right now, though."

She begins to show us around the hut. I would have figured such a tour would have taken all of thirty seconds but she surprisingly has a lot to say about what little she has. It's really weird to see Rella so talkative...

While Rella continues the tour, I nudge Myr and whisper at her.

"So, what do you think?"

>"It's a little drab but a fresh coat of paint would lighten this place up."

"...No, I mean, what do we do about The Dread? Are we even in the right part of Rella's mind?"

>"If we're going to find your pal in the physical world, we're going to have dig a little deeper. The Rella we're seeing right now is just a Mémoire."

"A 'Mémoire'? Isn't that a type of book?"

>"It's always books with you. No, a Mémoire is a memory given life within someone's head. Kid Rella here is a collection of memories acting on its own. If we want normal memories, such as the location of the real Rella, we have to head towards the center of her head."

"Which will be tough with The Dread watching us."


No. 595858 ID: 5b11a0

The center of her head... well unless the center of her head IS the darkness itself, you should keep asking her about things that are important to her. I still feel like asking directly about the darkness is a bad idea, so maybe you should ask about her family. Hopefully those are close enough to her to lead you towards the center of her mind.
No. 595859 ID: 2fd516

What are big sis and papa doing?
No. 595929 ID: 8b533b

So when she says big sis, does she mean a real older sibling, or an 'older' Mémoire made of more recent memories?

Maybe we could sort of follow a progression of one leading us to another, until we got to a recent enough one who had intel we need. If we traveled with a native guide, as it were, we might take routes that don't arouse suspicion. Or if we're lumped in with the movements of the Mémoires, we might blend in with the natural processes of her mind.
No. 595950 ID: 6e7636

Yeah, let's just ask her about his sister and her dad - that is, if she wants to talk about that. If she seems hesitant, change the subject, ask her what she does with her time and what else she likes, or read that book you conjured up with her. (I hope you have it memorized, or can improvise well on the spot.) Even if these are memories, we have to assume that her mind will react unpleasantly to her recalling something distressing, but just letting her guide us from one place to another might allow us to travel through her mind laterally, without causing her any discomfort or attracting attention until it's time to spring into action.

We should be careful what we do with this information, though - not that we necessarily will because asking that of us is literally almost impossible - but you two, be mindful of what you do with what you learn here. This is very personal.
No. 596124 ID: 08e08f
File 141184147506.png - (92.82KB , 800x800 , 431.png )

You all could be right. Maybe if we follow some kind of common path, it could lead us to the memories of current Rella. Which means we can find out where she physically is right now!

Let's start out with simple questions. Luckily Young Rella here has just finished her tour.

"Say, Rella..."


She turns to look at me with big innocent eyes. I know this is just a memory, but she looks so real...

"I really like your house! But can you tell me where your father and sister are?"

>"That's easy! They're..."

She pauses.

>"They're... they're uh... Where are... papa and big sis...?"

No. 596126 ID: 08e08f
File 141184158925.png - (53.65KB , 800x800 , 432.png )

She turns around from us and starts to stare at a wall.

>"Where... is..."


I begin to walk closer to her, hand outstretched.

>"Where is..."
No. 596128 ID: 08e08f
File 141184164255.png - (120.89KB , 800x800 , 433.png )

No. 596129 ID: d8a627

Unexpected evolution of the memoire, but... Try and calm her down. You can help her look for them.
No. 596132 ID: 8b533b

Ooh. Looks like we hit the war.

...you don't know where her family is. Could we help her look?
No. 596136 ID: 1fbb52

Alright, we can still salvage this. I think. I hope. Tell her that you can find them together, y'know that whole shtick.
I would suggest Myr try a thing she did before, but I doubt it would work; tad too noisy, and it probably wouldn't affect Mémoires. So for now, let's just try and console her before the Dread notices and comes bearing down on us like a tidal wave of nightmares and insanity.
No. 596167 ID: 50eefc

ok here we go theory time:

This mind-place is layered like a tree; younger versions of Rella live nearer to the outside because they are younger versions of her present self. Based on what we briefly saw before a certain someone interrupted us, that big dark structure may represent where in Rella's life she first encountered the voice. I'd imagine that the structure is thickest around the outside when she allowed it to control her, and probably becomes less thick as she began to fight its influence. At the exact geometric center of the whole "world" you're in, if I'm right, is Rella's present self, probably fighting the darkness surrounding her while her physical body rests. If she's in trouble, she may be incapacitated while the darkness uses her physical body to lock people in cellars or something. Right now you appear to be facing some legendary levels of teenage angst though, so have fun with that for right now.
No. 596205 ID: 6e7636

Reassurance time. Tell her you can help her find them. Figure out what's happening in this memory and then offer to help.

You know what Brie looks like. You might be able to take a shortcut to someplace closer to the present by finagling up a photograph of her or something.
No. 599012 ID: 08e08f
File 141383542543.png - (417.97KB , 800x800 , 434.png )

It sure SOUNDS like the war. All I can hear is gunfire! And bombs... Wait, are bullets... shooting through us?

"Uh?? Myr, why aren't we being torn to shreds by gunfire right now?"

>"This is a memory, smart guy. We can't get hurt because this isn't real."

"But what about that time you got cut in half?"

>"Pay attention. That wasn't a memory. This is."

Even if we can't be harmed, Myr doesn't seem at all bothered by the fact we're in a war zone. In fact, she seems vaguely... curious? She keeps looking around as if to find something.

Layers of a tree, huh? Maybe this strange transformations Rell- er, the memoir is undertaking us moving closer and closer to the center! We just have to keep following the string and maybe we can end up where we need to be.

I turn my attention back to teenage Rella, who's still panicking about Brie and her father missing.
No. 599013 ID: 08e08f
File 141383577419.png - (240.87KB , 800x800 , 435.png )

Right! I concentrate and construct a photograph of Brie.

"Rella, calm down! I don't know where your father is, but I can at least help you find your sister!"

The memoir doesn't seem to be listening, though, as she pushes past both of us.


"Rella, wait! I have a picture of her right here! Together we can--"

But she's already run off.

"Myr, we have to go after her! It isn't safe here!"

Myr groans in response.

>"Last time, moron."

Odd... Myr's never taken this type of tone with me before...

>"This is a memory. If that's the case, then nothing happens to Rella here because you know her in the present."

"Oh I... guess that's right."

>"Now be quiet so I can think. It's already bad enough that this place is so noisy--"

We both hear the unmistakable sound of someone screaming.
No. 599015 ID: 08e08f
File 141383596003.png - (389.95KB , 800x800 , 436.png )

I leave Myr and rush over to where the scream came from.

I find Rella in some clearing, hunched over an older man. He doesn't look to be in great shape.


>"R-Rella... you have to get out of here... the caravan is waiting... that's where your sister is... you'll be... safer there"

>"I-I won't leave you, Papa!"

>"I don't have... much time left... please go... take care of your sister..."

He passes away. Rella begins to cry and shake him.
No. 599018 ID: 2fd516

Still a memory. It'll play out like it did before, regardless of what you do.

The best thing you can do right now is look around. Observe everything you can, in case there is something in Rella's memory that would be useful to know. That's what Myr is doing.
No. 599019 ID: 2f2fc2


I'd say even though this is a memory I still feel horrible and anyone who is in the middle of this should too even if they're investigating. This makes Myr seem detached. I really wonder what kind of motive she has or plans she's going to have later on.
No. 599020 ID: 079914

The memories here have responded to us before. This implies that Rella's unconscious mind is aware of us. We shouldn't completely ignore the thoughtforms even if letting this memory play out might be the best option for now.

Ask Myr what she's looking for, but try not to get too worked up yourself. This is hard stuff to ignore but you're going to have to tune it out a little for now. (You're also going to have to tune out Myr's attitude. There's a chance that your emotional state might affect the environment here too, or make you more visible to the Dread. Keep calm.)
No. 599034 ID: 50eefc

oh shit
somewhere soon i think Rella allows the darkness into her mind, which may mark the outer edge of the darkness. this would also mean that the darkness would possibly be able to see through past-Rella's eyes during this time period, so hiding might be a more safe course of action. in any case Rella is about to be very armed, very deadly, and very, very angry.
No. 599036 ID: 436cdc

Yeah, ask Myr about the darkness being able to see through memories of itself.
We don't got a decent grasp on what we are doing besides "We aren't really in any danger here", if Myr is to be believed.
No. 599098 ID: 08e08f
File 141392439570.png - (409.51KB , 800x800 , 437.png )

I look around, anything to not see the scene in front of me. I'm not sure what to look for, until I realize something:

That spire is getting closer.
No. 599102 ID: 08e08f
File 141392551697.png - (542.03KB , 800x800 , 438.png )

Myr runs over to me at that moment.

>"Cedric! I finally figured something out!"

"Myr, tell me later! The Dread's presence, we're getting closer to it!"

>"No no, this is important!"

"What could it possibly be that's so important?"

>"This is my home!"

I look at Myr incredulously.

"What in the heavens are you talking about?"

If Myr heard my question she's ignoring it, instead preferring to pace back and forth and babble. A bomb goes off in the distance.

>"Of course, of course, this is the desert I came from in my own universe! This is so cool! A few things here and there are different, mainly a whole war, but it's really similar!"

"M...Myr...? What on Earth are you going on about?"

Myr laughs.

>"Don't worry about it. Just inter-dimensional travel stuff. Anyway, what's this about The Dread?"

I point at the spire.

>"Oh. Huh. Yeah, I guess we're getting closer."

"Are we in any danger? The voices are suggesting The Dread may be able to see us."

>"If it could we'd know already. But if we're getting closer and closer to center of Rella's head, then we're on the right track. We just have to keep following this string of memories."

"Doesn't this... feel a little weird?"

>"Does what feel a little weird?"

"You know, traveling through Rella's memories like this. We're already seeing stuff she probably didn't want either of us to know."

Visions of Rella's father's death from moments ago return. I can hear another bomb go off not too far away.

>"I've been at this for years, Cedric. You get used to it."
No. 599103 ID: c06a9a

The key, Cedric, is that ultimately, things like this might be what define Rella, and thus highly important to her, is less important to you. How often would you think about this in your daily life? How often would you even have CAUSE to think about this in your daily life?
Multiply that a hundred, if not a couple thousand-fold, and that's what Myr's working with.

Now...Let's go along, but pay careful attention.
When the environment starts reacting to your prescence again and vice versa, that's when the memory ends and cutting in half can happen again.
No. 599107 ID: 4d85c5

>I've been at this for years, Cedric. You get used to it.
Just because we can get used to it doesn't make it right, though. Even if we're doing it to try and help her, we're seeing things we don't really have a right to see.
No. 599111 ID: 50eefc

yeah, who are we, the U.S. government?
No. 599227 ID: e36926

If you get a chance, ask Myr what she knows about this place, seeing as how she's apparently been here. Kind of.
No. 599636 ID: bb91b9

So dream hopping fighting eldritch abominations that spend lifetimes in people's brains is common for Myr? Colour me surprised.
No. 606395 ID: 08e08f
File 141723489663.png - (430.73KB , 800x800 , 439.png )

Sigh. As much as I agree with that sentiment...

Has a point. For now, there's bigger things to focus on.

Once again I realize how little I know about Myr. I really need to get some answers from her; preferably now. What's a better time than in the middle of a war zone?

>"Lemme guess, you've got a lot of questions rattling around in that head'a yours?"

"You could say that. Are you going to answer them?"

She looks in another direction for a second. Another bomb goes off.

I start to get a little upset.

"Myr, you can't keep me in the dark forever, you know! Sooner or later I have to start knowing about these things, especially if they start to affect me!"

Myr immediately turns around. She looks... angry? I've never seen her angry...

>"You ever think there's a reason I don't tell you these things?"

"Whatever the reason is, my friend is in danger. I deserve to know why."

Her anger fades, then she adopts an uncharacteristically jaded look.

>"...I've been doing this dream-hopping thing for a little while, as you can guess. My job is to find The Dread and kill it. Simple as that."

"But all that talk about another universe... What exactly are you, Myr?"

>"It's... complicated. Like I said, my job is to hunt and kill The Dread. Unfortunately, that's proven to be pretty damn tough. So I've had to do a different kind of hopping... We're about to shift again."

"Wait, what--"
No. 606396 ID: 08e08f
File 141723502582.png - (289.30KB , 800x800 , 440.png )

A bomb explodes next to us. The light is blinding. I expect the sensation of burning skin to happen any moment now, but it never comes.

I can just barely make our Myr. She looks like she's... smiling?
No. 606399 ID: 15d500

No, that wouldn't help....
So, once the bomb ends (hopefully) we'll be out of the memory and we'll get another chance to interact with this, and possibly our chance to try and get Rella free!
No. 606577 ID: 08e08f
File 141729244211.png - (169.96KB , 800x800 , 441.png )

The light fades and I find myself someplace else.
No. 606589 ID: 9b57d3

Oh hey a design on the wall. Poke it.
Is everything around here really dusty or something? You might be in some sort of ruin.
No. 606596 ID: 4c5cf2

Look around. Where are you? Anyone else here with you?
No. 606614 ID: 08e08f
File 141730116670.png - (321.37KB , 800x800 , 442.png )

Seems to be some form of hieroglyphics! I dust them off with my hand to get a better look. Really glad I'm wearing gloves.

Hm. I can't really tell what they are. I think the creature on the left might be an iro? How strange...
No. 606616 ID: 08e08f
File 141730126917.png - (287.11KB , 800x800 , 443.png )

I don't see anyone around me. Knowing Myr she's probably run off somewhere.

From what I can tell this place seems to be some kind of temple. There's lit torches, so someone must be in here. Maybe it's Myr, or Rella?

I walk along until I see a split in the path. Left or right?
No. 606638 ID: 9b57d3

Go left!

That thing on the wall looked like someone fighting The Dread.
No. 606653 ID: 6e7636

More light seems to be coming from the right side of the hall. Maybe someone is there.
No. 606808 ID: 311774

We might still be in memory world or whatever, so we should try and find whoever's memory this is.
Head right.
No. 607672 ID: 50eefc

well at this point in time Rella may be armed to the teeth and very, very angry so i would try to be discrete, although from your bomb encounter seconds ago she may not be able to damage you
No. 607818 ID: 08e08f
File 141754837454.png - (174.40KB , 800x800 , 444.png )

Perhaps? Maybe when we get to the capitol library I can do some research on it.

Right seems to be the best option. I'll head that way.

I'm still wearing my dream outfit, so that theory holds up. I have little reason to doubt we've left Rella's mind, but this place is really strange. I wonder what she could have been doing in an ancient temple like this?

Yeesh. I hope we won't have to deal with something like that.

Anyway, I head right. There's more torches here so this seems to be the right direction!
No. 607821 ID: 08e08f
File 141754842534.png - (183.34KB , 800x800 , 445.png )

No. 607885 ID: 687279

Show him your zaps!
No. 607894 ID: 60619a

get back! that's a melee fighter-you're ranged. don't stay in it's reach!
Hrrm. That statue looks like Rella does a bit in the head... Maybe down this way is more defenses before finding Rella's core?
No. 607896 ID: 079914

introduce self politely while BACKIN THE FUCK UP
No. 608550 ID: 50eefc

that thing doesn't look remotely real, and everything else here has. this isn't something that happened to Rella in her life, so you may have reached the first defenses of the Dread. worst-case scenario, you immediately got spotted. aim for the eyes for damage control.
No. 608717 ID: 08e08f
File 141772019131.png - (219.91KB , 800x800 , 446.png )


I quickly back away and ready my guns. Myr isn't around to help, so it looks like I'm on my own.

I hope this a defense Rella's mind has set up and not The Dread's. If it's the latter then we're definitely in big trouble!

Nonetheless, I aim and shoot for the statue's eyes. It staggers briefly before steadying itself. It rears back and prepares to take another swing at me.
No. 608720 ID: 6e7636

Well, it is made out of rock. Flaming laser bees don't seem like the right tool for the job. Still, it's missing an arm, so maybe attacking its shoulder or another joint can cause it to break apart. Otherwise, you might just have to run before it turns you into a nerdy orange paste.
No. 608734 ID: 687279

Dodge! Try firing at the joints this time.
No. 609879 ID: 08e08f
File 141800893572.png - (154.56KB , 800x800 , 447.png )

I fire at its joints, hoping they're a weak spot.

Perfect shot! The statue's remaining arm falls to the ground and shatters, destroying the stone mace as well.
No. 609881 ID: 08e08f
File 141800907388.png - (154.10KB , 800x800 , 448.png )

The statue rears back yet again, momentarily dazed. It bows down and begins to kick up dust. I think it's going to charge at me!

The space I'm in doesn't give me much room to dodge; the hallway's too narrow and this guy's quite large!
No. 609882 ID: 2ec61a

dive roll through the legs!
No. 609887 ID: 687279

Shoot a leg off!
No. 609888 ID: 4c5cf2

Duck back around the corner at the last moment. Something that quick can't have tight enough a turning radius to suddenly whip around 90 degrees. It'll swing hide and you can blast it.
No. 610036 ID: 6e7636

Your guns have those doofy little wings so you might be able to just hop over and be like sup bitch check out my Air Jordans.

Dumbass is gonna crash into a wall though, so you might be thinking about how you could avoid a cave-in next.
No. 610511 ID: 08e08f
File 141825219041.png - (184.59KB , 800x800 , 449.png )

There's not enough space for me to slide through!

I don't have enough space above me to maneuver like that, either. Though you're right, I need to stop him before he run into something and brings the whole place down!

Not a bad idea. I turn back quickly and jump behind the corner I came from. Judging from the sound of that thing's footsteps I just narrowly avoided it!
No. 610514 ID: 08e08f
File 141825224660.png - (130.90KB , 800x800 , 450.png )

I quickly roll back around and face my target, readying my weapon once again.
No. 610515 ID: 08e08f
File 141825228157.png - (187.14KB , 800x800 , 451.png )

No. 610516 ID: 08e08f
File 141825233234.png - (84.80KB , 800x800 , 452.png )

Without support, the stone man falls over and breaks into pieces. That ends that ordeal.
No. 610518 ID: 08e08f
File 141825245781.png - (76.69KB , 800x800 , 453.png )

I cautiously step closer to the pile of rubble that was my foe and check to make sure he's out of commission. It seems safe, so I proceed to get a move on.

But now I can hear voices. Not one I recognize, either. Seems to be coming from down this hallway...
No. 610519 ID: ea0ad9

>But now I can hear voices. Not one I recognize, either.
If this temple is indeed related to the Dread, then you're likely hearing Mozzarella's old comrades--the rest of the mercenary crew, Bonzi included, though as a Memoire she will not recognize you.
She DOES have a Mental Safeguard, though, so while the rest are under the Dread's influence, she is not. And yes, Mozzarella may be under the Dread's influence at this point.
No. 610520 ID: 687279

Go listen in unseen.
No. 610524 ID: 079914

Attempt to listen in, but stay alert.

That statue responded to you. Some part of Rella's subconscious is aware of you here. More trouble may be coming for you now.
No. 610632 ID: f488ee

Listen, and then approach slowly, until you can make out what is being said.
No. 612744 ID: 08e08f
File 141884200063.png - (201.33KB , 800x800 , 454.png )

I guess I finally get to see Rella's old war comrades. I'll try and be careful.

I sneak behind a wall and peer over, taking care not to be seen. Rella's there, looking a little older again. Why is she kneeling?

The voice I heard before interrupts my thoughts. It's a very deep, female voice. It's... strangely calming.
No. 612747 ID: 08e08f
File 141884229715.png - (97.63KB , 800x800 , 455.png )

>"You have done very well, Mozzerella. Tell me, do you think you are ready to join our sacred order?"

>"I have spent years training, mistress. I know I am ready."

>Ah. Do you know, or do you feel?"
No. 612748 ID: 08e08f
File 141884234746.png - (53.97KB , 800x800 , 456.png )

No. 612749 ID: 08e08f
File 141884238085.png - (69.93KB , 800x800 , 457.png )

No. 612750 ID: 08e08f
File 141884242560.png - (62.84KB , 800x800 , 458.png )

No. 612751 ID: 08e08f
File 141884247895.png - (116.18KB , 800x800 , 459.png )


No. 612753 ID: 08e08f
File 141884285333.png - (184.67KB , 800x800 , 460.png )

>"I know I am, Mistress."

>"Very good. Cereza, leave us."

The grey iro who attacked Rella leaves the room.

>"I am very proud of this moment. You and your friend Bonzi have proven to be very noble allies for the past few years. Her coronation ceremony will be next week."

>"I am loyal to anyone to who has done so much for me as you have."

Rella looks at the sword she was holding, before letting it drop to the floor.

>"You helped me kill the men who attacked my village. The men who killed my father years ago. I can never repay such a favor, but I will devote my life to you, mistress."

>"...Step towards the altar and let us begin the process."
No. 612755 ID: 08e08f
File 141884314290.png - (40.75KB , 800x800 , 461.png )


Rella walks toward an altar place at the far end of the room, where a stone chair is placed. She takes a seat. A shadowy figure is behind her.

>"Where is your loyalty?"

>"The Five."

>"What is our mission?"

>"To protect the world from it's own evil."

>"What will stop us from achieving this goal?"

Rella pauses for a moment.


>"Then prepare yourself, child..."
No. 612756 ID: 08e08f
File 141884324692.png - (57.21KB , 800x800 , 462.png )

The hand of the shadowy figure reaches out. In it, there's a large glowing knife.

I look away for the next part.
No. 612758 ID: fe4bfc

As horrible as it might be knowing exactly what happens next could be very important.

But if you cant make yourself watch I understand.
No. 612760 ID: 687279

Yeah you probably shouldn't watch her get her throat slit.
No. 612817 ID: 50eefc

right ok this might suck but try to look at the person behind her doing whatever the hell they're doing; specifically, what dark force they are going to put into Rella's mind. Just remember that Rella was alive the last time you saw her and so doesn't die here or anything, and that in a few seconds the Dread is going to be present in everything you ee from here until the "present"
No. 612925 ID: 185cb8

How does one join "the five", anyways? Either they didn't have five members before she joined (making it a strange misnomer, planning out the size of the team in advance) or she had to kill / push out a former member for a spot.
No. 613174 ID: ea0ad9

It may also be the memory being solidified with the order having five members, so she calls it that in memory instead of "the three."
>You and your friend Bonzi have proven to be very noble allies for the past few years. Her coronation ceremony will be next week.
It's also possible that hearing that, she knew it would become Five and said as such.
No. 617281 ID: 08e08f
File 142013684630.png - (168.18KB , 800x800 , 463.png )

I'm sorry, I don't think I can watch this...

But I can try and gather information.

I wait until I can no longer hear the sounds of skin being cut, before I take a careful look back around the wall.

Rella's still sitting in the chair, bleeding profusely from her neck. She still seems to be breathing, if just barely. I hold down my rising bile and look over at the cloaked figure next to her.

It's the woman I heard before. She seems to be doing some strange chanting. Suddenly her hands begin to glow with some strange aura. It's pitch black... like The Dread. Is this the moment where Rella receives his voice?

The mysterious woman rubs her hands on Rella's bleeding neck, continuing to chant. The black aura seeps into the wounds, and the wounds begin to close up, leaving scars.

>"It's a fascinating process, isn't it?"
No. 617282 ID: 08e08f
File 142013696323.png - (182.36KB , 800x800 , 464.png )

I'm startled by the voice of another person. A small green iro walks up next to me. Who is this person?

>"The birth of a warrior! It's so magnificent!"
No. 617287 ID: 687279

Just nod and smile.
No. 617288 ID: 6e7636

I think we've seen her before, when we first encountered Myr in another dream.

If the Dread is actually going to show up here this would be a good time for it to drop in, especially since we're now seeing a memory that actually involves it. That's what happened the first time it interrupted a dream we were in.

See if the green lady reacts to your presence at all or if she's just addressing the mysterious cloak person. We might have another memoire to deal with.
No. 617292 ID: dd4ed3

Wasn't she a warrior before?
No. 617524 ID: 08e08f
File 142023340414.png - (201.62KB , 800x800 , 465.png )

I smile nervously and look away. Does she notice me? She stands there for a moment, looking straight ahead. Then suddenly she turns to me and puts her arm around my shoulders.

>"Ah! You think I'm one of those figments of Rella's memories. I'm one hundred percent real, trust me."

"Wh-what do you want?"

>"Nothing. Nothing from you, anyway. I'm just observing like you are. Say kid, you don't really look like you belong here."


>"Yeah. I mean, sure, you're dressed the part, but you're shaking. You're giving off fear. I'm surprised The Dread hasn't shown up and gobbled you whole yet!"

She grins, flashing a mouthful of sharp teeth. She tightens her grip on my shoulder. Her hands don't feel natural...

You've seen her before? She feels kind of familiar but I can't place it... Who is she?

And I hope The Dread doesn't attack. There doesn't seem to be any sign that it's going to show up. Then again, Myr's still missing. What if it got to her and left me behind for some reason?
No. 617528 ID: a19cd5

Chill, compadre. It's still in someone's mind, worst that can happen here is you get dismembered. And that's not even a big thing, you don't even feel it here.
Ask what's up.
No. 617573 ID: 687279

Don't worry about it. Ask why she's here. Don't mention Myr by name until she does. Don't give anything away.
No. 617588 ID: 6e7636

Hey, wait a minute. You're here because someone who has spooky brain powers helped you get here. Either Pointy McPointerson has spooky brain powers too or she is not alone and we should be very careful.

Anyway to answer your question, she's one of Rella's old compadres. Yaknow, the ones that are trying to get her. I think it's a foregone conclusion she's not going to help us so instead of wasting time demanding to know where she came from or what she's really doing here, or how she got here in the first place, start making small talk to distract her from learning what it is she came here to know. Ask what's up with her hands. Ask what kind of toothpaste she uses. And ask where she got that coat. Just think, you could have a coat like that.

Oh, and ask for her name. I wonder if she'll just deflect the question or come up with a goofy pseudonym.

Wait a second, can she hear us?
No. 617592 ID: ea0ad9

For all we know, Greenie here is Myr. She could probably use her dream powers to change her appearance.
No. 617612 ID: f9d1f4

PROCEED WITH CAUTION. She's emanating that "knows her shit inside and out" aura like Myr, but we have no idea who's side she's on.
Tell her you're still kinda new to this whole thing, and try and get a little information from her. Be wary though; she seems like the type where if you want answers out of her, she's gonna grill YOU for just as many answers as well. Carefully consider the information you give her, maybe test the waters of talking around her a bit if you think you can manage (but drop that strategy fast if she doesn't seem to be biting on it).
No. 617613 ID: 50eefc

if fear attracts the Dread, it's simple; don't be afraid. this new character would have killed you by now considering she sneaked up on you. And no matter what you see, just remember that nothing overly horrible happens to Rella
No. 619013 ID: 102c69

*Psst* i think she might be a persona

Its random, but at this point I'm willing to bet anything. Plus if she's "the dread" you'd be dead by now.

Sidenote(side question?)-is it wrong if i like her?
No. 623015 ID: 08e08f
File 142274339429.png - (173.72KB , 800x800 , 466.png )

Even if it isn't real, I'd really rather not experience it to begin with. If she's one of Rella's enemies, I'll have to be even more careful.

I do my best to keep her distracted.

"Your hands, may I why they feel so... pointy?"


She removes her glove, revealing a shiny metal hand in place of where a real one should be.

>"Got this attachment a few years ago. Pretty neat, huh?"

She waggles her fingers in my face. I can hear the scraping of her metal joints as they move around.

"H-how did you lose your hand, if you don't mind me asking?"

She puts her glove back on.

>"Who says I lost it?"


>"Think about it. Who needs flesh-n-blood limbs that can break, when you can just get indestructible attachments like these!"

She motions towards her legs with a jovial smile. She really knows how to put people off their guard...

I prepare to ask another question, but she cuts me off.

>"I know you're trying to distract me, so let's stay focused here. Where's your friend?"

How did she...?

>"Uh... What do you mean? I came here by myself."

>"Don't play dumb, kiddo. I can tell when someone has the right stuff to dreamhop. And you definitely don't have it. So who brought you here?"

Well this is bad. At least she hasn't tried anything yet, but who knows how long that will last... She doesn't seem to be able to hear you guys, though.

What should I say?
No. 623021 ID: 6e5312

Bargain with her.

Tell her you'll talk if she tells you who she is and who she came with. If she refuses, then just tell her to leave you alone, and if she doesn't, she'll be forced to make the first move. I'm willing to bet that she doesn't want to fight headmonsters any more than you do, especially since attracting its attention is going to obscure any information that she's after.

If shorty here claims that she came alone, tell her you don't believe her. She'll have to show her hand, and I'm not talking about the creepy robot hand she's got, I mean she'll have to prove she's not full of it.
No. 623027 ID: 08e08f
File 142274792731.png - (213.58KB , 800x800 , 467.png )


"Fine, I'll tell you. But you have to tell me who you are and who brought you here!

She smirks. And then laughs.

>"You're a RIOT, kid!"

She 'playfully' bops me on the shoulder as she continues to laugh. I rub my arm subconsciously.

>"That's always a good laugh, when twerps like you think they can tell me what to do!"

She suddenly stops laughing and adopts another sinister smile.

>"Things don't work like that, KID! If you're not going to tell me what I want to know, I'll just have to be a little more persuasive..."

"S-stop! If you try anything, you might attract The Dread!"

>"Who said I was going to attack?"

No. 623028 ID: 08e08f
File 142274802425.png - (511.25KB , 800x800 , 468.png )

Suddenly I feel really dizzy...

>"Hee hee..."
No. 623029 ID: 6e5312

Resist the googly eyes by thinking of bees. Countless bees. Bees EVERYWHERE.
No. 623030 ID: b3dd38

SCREAM internally! The bees are already upon you! The poor fool in front of you has no IDEA how many bees have been unleashed.
No. 623041 ID: 5869f6

No. 623047 ID: 2f2fc2

Sing the most annoying song you've ever heard in your head

do it now
No. 623050 ID: 5869f6

He's right! We can't let her concentrate! *ahem*

"IIIIIN WEST PHILADELPHIA BORN AN' RAISED ON THE PLAYGROUND WAS WHERE I SPENT MOST OF MY DAYS-"(I doubt i need to put even a full verse in, you all know where this is going.)
No. 623051 ID: 6e5312


Now just replace the background music with kazoos and you're good.
No. 623053 ID: 2f2fc2

No. 623063 ID: eb959a

Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

No. 623107 ID: 2d90b5

No. 623114 ID: 8bd2b1


No. 623130 ID: ea0ad9

[insert Circle of Life lyrics here]
No. 623133 ID: 08e08f
File 142282084698.png - (103.37KB , 800x800 , 469.png )

>"Ugh! I've never encountered such an annoying mind before!"
No. 623134 ID: 08e08f
File 142282088830.png - (121.53KB , 800x800 , 470.png )

>"You obviously haven't met me yet. Wait, no, that's a bad thing."
No. 623153 ID: df6309

Target sucsessfuly Bel-air'd and Rickrolled.
No. 623160 ID: 6e5312

Jokes on her, Cedric didn't know where Myr was until just now anyway.

Though, he might be dead now thanks to hearing all that.
No. 623202 ID: 836aaa

Well, we all know what this is.
No. 623230 ID: 7d265e

Well, looks like your question answered itself.
No. 624963 ID: 7980c1

Hey i just realized we trolled, rolled, and mental screwed a persons mind...in a peraons mind. Where am i going with this? Wemay have more power then we realize. Food for though.
No. 624975 ID: 2f2fc2

>food for thought

Thats it! Make yourself a sandwich while this little green goober get's his ass beat
No. 625206 ID: 08e08f
File 142404069719.png - (222.08KB , 800x800 , 471.png )

I don't right now is the proper time to eat. (I don't think I can actually achieve nourishment from food in this world, anyway...)

Myr speaks up as Rella's comrade turns around to face her.

>"Ah, there you are Cedric! I've been looking for you. Who's your green friend?"


>"Ah! So you're the one who brought him here. Nice costume."

>"Thanks. Nice hands."

>"They're custom, you know! Anyway, may I ask what you're doing here?"

Myr's smile disappears.

>"Observing. You?"

>"The same. Though that could change, depending on if you're going to get in my way."

>"Depends on what you're doing."

>"Let's cut to the chase. I think we both know what we're up to. So let's get this show on the road already."

>"We can't fight here. The Dread will know."

>"Don't have to fight here. Let's take this show a little... deeper."

>"Oooh. It's been a while since I've gone into a deeper unconsciousness. It'll have to be quick, you know."

The green woman cracks her knuckles.

>"I work fast. But, to make sure there's no other interruptions, I'll give your lackey something to keep him busy."
No. 625208 ID: 08e08f
File 142404090230.png - (364.16KB , 800x800 , 472.png )

She raises her hand quickly towards me and soon I'm blinded by a flash of red. The disorienting feeling from before when she tried to get into my head is back, and much stronger

WH--aaatt ISSS HapPENInggg...??
No. 625215 ID: f77f01

Oh teh noes.
No. 625217 ID: 6e5312

No. 625218 ID: b5b419

Quick! Imagine Rella and Brie naked!
No. 625221 ID: 8bd2b1

Also the green lady! They're having a threesome?! Oh god.
No. 625226 ID: 82efdc

She's probably not trying to read you this time, just disable. More power, less finesse. And us being incoherent will be less off a defense.

That said, it's the only defense we have so...

This is the song that never ends.
It goes on and on my friends!
Some people started singing it not knowing what it was
And now they'll keep on singing it forever just because...

(repeat indefinitely)
No. 625258 ID: f77f01

If we need to defend from mind stuff, there is only one solution. Get /b/ out here.
No. 625286 ID: 55a8a3

If this bint can create an attack that can disorientate you, focus and make a barrier around you to ward it off!
No. 625287 ID: 20459c

The westlers want to warrior!
The novice needs to know!
So as an audience advises,
play the player's game!
No. 625296 ID: 2f2fc2

You're not helpless defend yourself but don't fight as to not attract the dread

we should swap to myr maybe?
No. 625305 ID: 3ce1e5

Okay i dont a rickroll is going to save us this time so...roll 15 or higher to dodge?
No. 625601 ID: 50eefc

i mean she's trying to put you to sleep, so in my experience the best way to not go to sleep is to think about how much you want/need to go to sleep because sleep is a fuckin awesome thing. your subconscious is an asshole however so it won't let you do that.
No. 626332 ID: 3ce1e5

Oh i see what you mean. You're talking 'bout reverse psychology. Like when you think one thing but say the opposite...OH I JUST HAD AN IDEA!

Paradoxical Intervention!(google it) If that can be used we may actually confuse Greeny and become less bound.
No. 627783 ID: 2e3657

Assuming 'Greenie' doesn't have any kind of mental barrier up.. Can't we switch to her? Distracting her might help Myr with her battle - Greenie trapped Cedric, but not us! The only downside is she'd be aware of us, and that'd probably be.. well, very bad, considering she's probably the same kinda thing as Myr, who gave us the power to switch in the first place. Chances are she might be able to take it away or trap us somewhere. Couldn't hurt to try, though, and the second-worst thing that could happen would be that we're not able to switch to her!
No. 629232 ID: 08e08f
File 142644747701.png - (191.11KB , 800x800 , 473.png )

I've never attempted anything like that before... But I'll try!

I try my best to concentrate, but the overwhelming sensory overload isn't helping. I can barely see at this point!

A glimmer appears in front of me, followed by a rosy pink circular object. I think it's working! I concentrate even more, expanding the shield. The tendrils of whatever Gregga's doing is bouncing around the shield!
No. 629233 ID: 08e08f
File 142644753215.png - (147.19KB , 800x800 , 474.png )

I... think it worked! I can see again! I see--
No. 629234 ID: 08e08f
File 142644756752.png - (116.08KB , 800x800 , 475.png )

No. 629235 ID: 6e5312

Well, it looks like you've trapped yourself in the print of a Hawaiian T-shirt. Great.

Are those stepping stones or just chunks of floating bumpus from your dream cube?
No. 629236 ID: d958ad

It looks like there's still a path, but... I'm not sure you can trust it. Even so, the other choice is to just stand there.
No. 629237 ID: ea0ad9

Alright, it looks like your shield was more effective than intended... You've not only shielded yourself, but that corner of Mozarella's mind. See where you can go in this deeper layer of the dreamscape.
No. 629248 ID: 08e08f
File 142645102305.png - (105.80KB , 800x800 , 476.png )

The path seems to be holding... And looks like it goes on for a ways. I wonder where this leads? Or where this place is in general? I know one of you said this could be a deeper conscious, but is it part of Rella?
No. 629252 ID: 5db52c

>I wonder where this leads? Or where this place is in general?
Well, you have to ask yourself: what is the foundation on which memory is built? When you scrape the memory away, what's underneath? Because that appears to be where you are now.

Not that answer helps much, since it's largely open ended and a matter for debate. This could be Rella's unconscious, or maybe the collective unconscious?
No. 629253 ID: 6e5312

Yeah, seriously, what the hell is going on around you? Are you in space? Is that water? Are you stuck in a Jackson Pollock painting?

That might give us a clue.
No. 629255 ID: 57ffb3

Either its your conciousness, or rellas.

Either way, just start jumping from floating block to floating block and we will probably find out soon.
No. 629260 ID: 08e08f
File 142645805571.gif - (490.38KB , 800x800 , 477.gif )


It seems I'm in some sort of void filled with... veins? Neurons, maybe? They seem to be flashing every now and then.

Maybe we're not in Rella's subconscious at all anymore. Either that or I'm in a very, very deep part of it. I would almost considering this fascinating if I weren't so terrified.
No. 629261 ID: 08e08f
File 142645823044.png - (89.10KB , 800x800 , 478.png )

Oh. It seems I've stumbled upon a door...

A very familiar door.

Maybe we are in my own head, because if I remember right, this is the door to my father's study. But, blue...
No. 629263 ID: 6e5312

Look out, there's a lunatic with a fetish for painting doors on the loose. Your door could be next.
No. 629266 ID: 2e3657

Wait, wait.. Is this your own subconscious? Did you somehow paradoxically enter your own subconscious in an attempt to defend yourself?
No. 629273 ID: 9297f4

I've hear of retreating into your happy place, but this is plain silly.
No. 629283 ID: fbc59e

Wellp, if you wanted to practice and play around the stuff you can do in dreams this might be the place to do it!
Once you go through that door, things start happening.
No. 629284 ID: 08e08f
File 142646311137.png - (111.33KB , 800x800 , 479.png )

That sounds like one of those silly moving pictures they watch in the Higher Lands.

That's a sound theory. In my attempt to protect myself it seems I've regressed inside my own consciousness. I would the inner machinations of my own psyche would be a bit less... barren.
No. 629287 ID: 5db52c

>I would the inner machinations of my own psyche would be a bit less... barren.
Maybe being awake inside your own head messes it up. Or maybe you're in the space in between or behind the memories? Backstage, as it were.

Might as well see what's on the other side of the door. Not much else to do but hang out and watch the maybe-neurons fire.
No. 629302 ID: 6e5312

I'd be curious to see if you can make things appear here or not, before you go in. Try to wizard up an extra hat or something mundane, see what sort of control you have in this space.
No. 629315 ID: d958ad

Open it!
No. 629316 ID: 08e08f
File 142646894941.png - (119.54KB , 800x800 , 479b.png )

Since I'm seeing what appears to be the literal synapses of my brain, you may be right.

It seems I can still make dream items, so that's good.

No. 629317 ID: 08e08f
File 142646898010.png - (66.17KB , 800x800 , 480.png )

Let's see what's in here...
No. 629319 ID: 08e08f
File 142646900818.png - (68.77KB , 800x800 , 481.png )

No. 629320 ID: 08e08f
File 142646903317.png - (157.92KB , 800x800 , 482.png )

It really is my father's study...
No. 629321 ID: 6e5312

oh no you're tiny

No. 629328 ID: d958ad

Is there something we should know about your father? Go investigate the books.
No. 629333 ID: fbc59e

You are now entering sensitive memories, the kind that another dreamer could use against you.
Check to be sure you weren't followed!
No. 629360 ID: eb959a

TINY ADORABLE! And to think such a small cutie would grow up to have a love such big bootys. Now go check that book case.
No. 629378 ID: ea0ad9

OH. Ohhh. You didn't manage to defend yourself, sorry to say. Or, maybe you did, but you weren't the sole target. She wanted to send you to your own mind to keep you occupied, so that you were out of reach.

I don't suppose your Father had any books on historical tombs? Maybe you could use a book to jump back to Myr.
No. 629670 ID: 08e08f
File 142663178978.png - (90.90KB , 800x800 , 483.png )

Oh dear. It seems I've regressed into a younger version of myself... I don't like this. Not one bit.
No. 629672 ID: 08e08f
File 142663243265.png - (148.71KB , 800x800 , 484.png )

I don't see anyone else around me. I'll keep vigilant just in case, of course.

Perhaps? I'm not very sure anymore at this point.

You seem to want to investigate the books, so I'll give them a look. It's funny, father never liked it when I touched his books. He never liked it when I came here at all. I feel like I don't belong in here.

I reach over for the books but my hands phase right through as if the bookcase was made out of some otherworldly matter. That's strange...
No. 629673 ID: 08e08f
File 142663249087.png - (149.09KB , 800x800 , 485.png )

>"Cedric. What do you think you're doing?"

I freeze.
No. 629675 ID: d958ad

"Not touching the books."

...I wonder, can you step through the bookcase?
No. 629678 ID: bd8b82

oh shit, it's a nightmare. a nightmare of getting caught by your father in his study.
No. 629683 ID: 962bff

...Should we Worry or everything should be fine?
No. 629698 ID: 08e08f
File 142664245602.png - (73.39KB , 800x800 , 486.png )

>"Son, you know you're not allowed inside my study. And look. You're touching my books. That's a double demerit."


"Well, son, what do you have to say for yourself?
No. 629702 ID: 5db52c

Geeze, books are important for a growing kid. Who is he to keep you out?

Answer him honestly- you're not sure how you ended up in the study.
No. 629703 ID: bd8b82

this isn't real, it's a fear game to break past your defenses. make yourself an adult.
No. 629704 ID: fbc59e

Head's up-this is still mental shenanigans. In other words, don't take it srsly what's about to happen. Might help!
No. 629705 ID: d958ad

Just tell him you like books.
No. 629713 ID: 6e5312

Man, the apple sure fell far from the tree, didn't it?

Did you ever do this in real life, or are you imagining this whole thing?

And is your dad actually that huge?
No. 629715 ID: 962bff

Can you act innocent like? Like saying that you wanted to be like him and that´s why you entered to his study?
No. 629716 ID: 2f2fc2


"I just wanted to be more like you"

ham it up for your subconscious....your dad wasn't that bad....hopefully
No. 629726 ID: d90668

The more you respond to this dream the more power you give it. This is not real and you should not treat it as such.

This whole thing is a trap regardless if it was intentionally made that way.

You are a grown ass adult and you better remember that.
No. 629979 ID: 50eefc

if you want to break out of your subconscious then first you need to break out of this memory. do something that kid-you wouldn't do in this situation
No. 629983 ID: 7e15da

Oh so THATS what she did.
Sorry to say adorable-cedric, but unless you can create things in this room, you're in some repressed, unwilling part of your subconcious, go back put the door, only to find that its locked.
No. 629985 ID: 7e15da

Im pretty sure those are tomes of horrible secrets, that or "forbidden knowledge" if you get me.
No. 630105 ID: 08e08f
File 142687202534.png - (96.70KB , 800x800 , 487.png )

F-father was always a large man. He used to serve in the Navy.

And yes, he spoke to me like this always. He's as stern as he is large.

"I'm... not really sure how I came in here?"

>"Well, son, through deductive reasoning I would assume you came up to the door of my study, decided to disobey me, opened the door, and then walked right in. Are you being smart with me right now?"

"N-no sir."

>"Is it a good idea to ever be smart with me?"

"N-no... sir."

>"If you wanted to be like me it would do you well to learn to listen and follow the rules. You need to be more like your brother, Cedric."

O-oh. T-this was before Cecil's accident... That's right.

I slump down onto the floor. I don't know how well I can deal with this right now.
No. 630106 ID: 08e08f
File 142687209196.png - (95.90KB , 800x800 , 488.png )

You're... You're right.

I'm an adult now. I shouldn't allow myself to be treated like this.
No. 630107 ID: 08e08f
File 142687213220.png - (82.89KB , 800x800 , 489.png )

I'm an adult.
No. 630110 ID: e6e219

Good for you. Now get out of this memory and try to figure out where the girls went.

You might have ended up here by accident but I am betting someone put you here to keep you occupied for awhile. By getting out quickly you might be able to get back in the action and help out.
No. 630113 ID: 6e5312

Remember something else you saw recently.

Someone you're trying to help right now had a hard time growing up, too.

Your opponent is trying to use your baggage as a weapon. You can't make it go away, but you can put it aside for now - and if you get the chance, talk to someone about it later.

Try shifting out of this. Think of where you were.
No. 630340 ID: 08e08f
File 142704988532.png - (104.00KB , 800x800 , 490.png )

I'm still not clear on the details of how I ended up here, myself, but I suppose those are questions we can ask Myr later. Assuming we can get back to her.
No. 630341 ID: 08e08f
File 142704998106.png - (109.63KB , 800x800 , 491.png )

You're right... I need to put myself aside and try and help Rella!

Now, I need to focus again. Maybe I can visualize a door or some other way out of here...
No. 630342 ID: 9297f4

No. 630343 ID: 5db52c

Turn around, cross your arms, and casually cock an eyebrow at the shadow creeping up out of the floor.
No. 630361 ID: 4f3280

immidiately start punching the figure rising out of the ground behind you.
No. 630365 ID: 6e5312


Yes, give the creepy shadow behind you the People's Eyebrow. That's exactly what this situation calls for.

I'm not being sarcastic FUCKING DO IT
No. 630371 ID: 9896da

This is the best idea we've had since your buck rogers outfit
No. 630381 ID: 34bb38

It´s just me, or that suspicious shadow that is behind you looks somewhat similar to your father?

I am not sure, but whatever it is, you might want to see it by yourself.
No. 630479 ID: ad627d

Looks like you're not done with your own baggage yet Cecil, turn around.
No. 630480 ID: ad627d

I mean Cedric
I am super embarrassed.
No. 630707 ID: 08e08f
File 142722109815.png - (102.67KB , 800x800 , 492.png )

I turn around in time to see a strange silhouette materialize from the ground. What is this thing?

I don't think it's smart to get into a physical altercation with this thing...

I can get behind this idea. Especially since it's beginning to attack me!

I throw up a barrier and ready my weapons, but I wasn't fast enough; the mysterious figure bounces off my barrier and heads straight up!
No. 630708 ID: 08e08f
File 142722120964.png - (36.65KB , 800x800 , 493.png )

I'm unable to get a good look at it, it keeps changing shape!


It takes another swing at me, and I duck at the last second.
No. 630709 ID: 08e08f
File 142722125405.png - (53.77KB , 800x800 , 494.png )

No. 630716 ID: 08e08f
File 142722204826.png - (101.86KB , 800x800 , 495.png )

At least the door's still here! But it looks like this thing isn't going to let me get away so easily...!

COMBAT TIME. The first post with an even number at the end of their post number will decide the first action. After that, every action with even number at the end of the post number will succeed, and every action with an odd number at the end of the post will fail.
No. 630718 ID: 11f933

Oh fuck! Do a backwards action roll!
No. 630720 ID: 88960e

Just shoot it.
No. 630721 ID: 296917

...with the posting speed on this board that is going to be very easy to manipulate.

A question: did you forget your mother? Sister, brother, childhood friend? Action figure you left behind?
No. 630722 ID: 6e5312

The path is still there, back to where you came from. Try prancing your way over there and see what happens.

... Forgot who?
No. 630724 ID: bd8b82

shoot it!
No. 630739 ID: 4f3280

Okay, so far we have: Backwards combat roll, shoot it (x2) and then prance away. Pretty good.
No. 630741 ID: 08e08f

Shit I hadn't considered that. I'm new to the random actions thing, admittedly. Change of plans, disregard that last rule. Instead, use the dice command in the email field (we're rolling 1d2, so type "dice 1d2" in the email field) to determine how attacks go. If you roll a 1, Cedric will successfully complete your action. If you roll a 2, Cedric will fail. The first suggestion after each action is taken will determine what will happen next. So for example, the first suggestion after THIS post will decide the action for the next post. Good luck!
No. 630743 ID: e36926

rolled 1 = 1

The aforementioned backward somersault shoot-prance combo.
No. 630758 ID: a19cd5

No. 630759 ID: 08e08f
File 142723024460.png - (152.61KB , 800x800 , 496.png )

I jump over to the next platform and roll away to avoid the creature's attack. That actually felt somewhat... daring!

I shoot it twice with my gun, striking it dead on. It staggers momentarily before regaining its composure, the gaping "wounds" I've inflicted seem to be permanent.

But... what it said before about me forgetting him... Wait. I know what this thing is.

He's my brother.

My musing is interrupted by screeching as it prepares to attack yet again.
No. 630761 ID: 5db52c

rolled 2 = 2

>post again with dice.
*Ahem*. Just shoot it.
No. 630762 ID: 5db52c

>He's my brother.
He's your brother, or he's some distorted memory and guilt slash grief over what happened to your brother?

This mental landscape means you're not necessarily dealing with people.
No. 630765 ID: bd8b82

rolled 1 = 1

it isn't your brother, it's what you think your brother would be. it's your fear. forgive yourself.
No. 630777 ID: e36926

Would your brother actually attack you like this?

I think this is something you've unwittingly created. It appeared as you remembered your brother... which might mean this memory is actually a trap that's causing you to create monsters in your head. The green lady zeroed in on your guilt. Self-loathing is a powerful thing.

Whatever the case may be, that isn't your brother, Cedric, it's you.

Deep down, this is what you feel you deserve.
No. 630809 ID: 2e3657

rolled 1 = 1

Stop attacking it. Perhaps try to reason or apologize. The more you attack it, the worse things might go.. After all, this is probably a manifestation of your self-loathing or guilt.
No. 631072 ID: 08e08f
File 142740097556.png - (138.12KB , 800x800 , 497.png )

I don't think I can... He's right, you know. I did try to forget about him. Push him to some corner of my mind, and now he's like this...