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File 152787662193.png - (398.07KB , 1024x1024 , disthread.png )
123379 No. 123379 ID: 891b91

Wherein we discuss dead dust, and possibly other sorts of dust as well.
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No. 123380 ID: f8ff93

Dust is a pretty good game. The ending is gloriously overblown anime.

Also this quest is exactly how you start an intriguing ontological mystery right.
No. 123381 ID: d35f61

So, probably silly to start theorizing right now, but:

I think we actually ARE dead. Whatever dust that we inbibed somehow brought us back to life, as it did select others. I don't know if we retained all our mental faculties because we're special or because that's the result of the dust, but I propose that once he's gone we do a simple health check on ourselves. Pinch and maybe hold our breath for as long as possible. We need to see if all of our nervous system is still intact and if we still need to breath and whatnot.
No. 123383 ID: 166e1c

Good game, cool story, but I felt something was missing from the villains. I didn't understand their perspective, why they though what they were doing was right? The existence of this reason is insinuated in the general dialog but never stated, a big emptiness considering the main antagonist had such emotional connection with Dust, who cannot reciprocate since he never discover what he used to fight for.

Since the protagonist used to be human and now isn't, I see two strong possibilities: Either we were brought back to life in a new body, or we are an undead human with a distorted perception of the world.
Personally I prefer the first option. Second guess the reality of everything we see would get tiresome really quick.
Also being alive is a preferable state of being. Unless there is an awesome reward for enduring decomposition, being dead is preferential to be undead.
No. 123413 ID: 5f80fc

Alright, plan of action: only as a last resort we'll follow the instructions on the page we tore out. That said, after leaving this place, we should find a library, and look up what this Vesper company is on a computer, and/or reading materials.
No. 123418 ID: ad7c25

So quest is not porn quest obviously but is it going to be NSFW or exclusive SFW or if lewd happens whatever?
No. 123419 ID: 891b91

Thanks for bringing this up; I meant to make a disclaimer about this at the start of the quest, but I forgot to do it.

The short answer: the quest might get lewd at times, if it's appropriate to the plot/setting/characters and if suggesters make choices that direct the plot towards it. Or it might not get lewd much, if at all, if they don't.

The long answer:

I'm fine with including nsfw/lewd/romantic content in the quest so long as I think it helps develop (or at least fits in with) the plot, characters, setting, etc. For example, the holoporn in the latest update was meant to help lend to the seedy atmosphere, and to characterize the guy behind the desk. Sex won't be a major focus of the quest, but given the right conditions it could happen.

All that being said, I want to cater to suggesters' wishes when it comes to lewdness. I don't plan on nudging the quest down a lewd path intentionally, but if a majority of suggesters try to push things in that direction and it makes sense for it to happen within the bounds of plot/characters/setting, then I'll allow for more opportunities for it to happen. On the same token, if I consistently see most suggesters shying away from lewdness, then I'll be more likely to downplay those opportunities in the future.
No. 123423 ID: f0e552

Hey, do you have places where you post art? Like a tumblr/twitter etc.
No. 123425 ID: 891b91

I do, here you go:
No. 123426 ID: 4eba89

Oh my god. That is quite possibly the most garish tumblr background I have ever seen. That is saying something.
No. 123427 ID: 891b91

Thank you, I'm very proud of its sheer obnoxiousness.
No. 123428 ID: 8df643

Hmm. *checks his bookmarks* Yep, you're on my favorite artists list. Just love your art style!
No. 123460 ID: 891b91

No. 123470 ID: 891b91
File 152834849176.png - (194.21KB , 657x1007 , 003lewd.png )

Here's a panel from the 3rd update that I threw out, but I still like how it turned out as a drawing, so I figured I'd post it. (Plus, I figure it's a good consolation prize for those who wanted lewds in the most recent update.)
No. 123473 ID: ae9b99

very cool consolation prize, looks like our protagonist is going commando in this quest.
No. 123489 ID: 61838d

Very... fluffy.
And yes she is, apparently her past self decided underwear wasnt necessary.
No. 123508 ID: dbf422

Personally glad to see it more limited. I don't mind it, I just need it to make sense.
No. 123665 ID: 891b91
File 152921979536.png - (475.00KB , 1024x1024 , 013-4.png )

(Non-animated version of post 013-4)

At first glance, it isn't clear what the card is for; it mostly lacks identifying marks, save for an odd glyph that takes up most of one of its faces. The glyph seems similar in concept to the one printed on the Vesper paper, albeit a different design. Cautiously, you glance at it, and to your surprise a holographic advertisement blooms from the surface of the card.


We offer:
- Cheating spouse investigations
- Corporate fraud, theft, and espionage investigations
- Taffa syndrome background investigation and recovery
- Polygraph and voice stress analysis
- Dust scan analysis
- Surveillance
- Memory acquisition and analysis
- Murder investigations
- Body theft investigations
- VIP protection and body guarding
- Covert camera installation
- Rhythmograph installation
- Employee background checks
- Vehicle tracking systems
- Specialized undercover agents
- Service with a smile :)

Offices located at 306B Ablewild block, Gansett Shelf

It appears that this is a high-tech business card for a detective agency, which you suppose explains the presence of the evidence case.
No. 123668 ID: 8df643

It's very thoughtful of you to worry about readers with epilepsy.

However, I don't think the warning was quite necessary this time.
This is because the flashing usually needs to be pretty fast, between 5-30 flashes per second. So the fact that the hologram displaces once every 2.5 seconds isn't a problem. The tiny flickering that's going on also isn't a problem because the brightness difference there is barely 2%, without any hue changes, whereas real "flashing" would be brightness going between 0% and 100%, or extreme changes in colors.

It's also worth noting that the triggers for people with photosensitive epilepsy vary from person to person. For instance, it could be that, rather than flashing lights, a trigger in one person is simply looking at a specific color. It's really not something that you can account for. Fortunately, such people will take measures on their own, such as reducing the brightness of their monitors and being in a well-lit room.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't worry, but there's also no need to be paranoid. As long as a person knows that a panel is animated, which is something they can already tell from the animated thumbnails, it's highly unlikely that a photosensitive person, being aware of their condition, wouldn't take pre-emptive measures on their own.
No. 123672 ID: 891b91

I appreciate the correction -- now I won't have to be as worried about the possibility of giving someone a seizure. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was under the impression that any flashing, even subtle flashing like the flickering in that gif, was potentially dangerous for people with photosensitive epilepsy. I wasn't sure how true it was, but I decided I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Anyway, I see your point; I probably won't bother with epilepsy warnings in the future unless the flashing in the animation is particularly extreme.
No. 123673 ID: 891b91
File 152926171050.png - (290.68KB , 742x1285 , swain-duo.png )

A friend doodled our still-unnamed protagonist with Sunny, the protagonist of a quest he's been running over at /qst/. Not sure if this belongs in the fanart thread, so I figured I'd just post it here.

If anyone is curious/interested, here's the current thread for his quest: https://boards.4chan.org/qst/thread/2641255
No. 123674 ID: 891b91
File 152926184998.png - (9.04KB , 336x440 , bluer2.png )

Another friend's take on how the most recent update should've could've gone.

Art by bluercheese: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/the-bluercheese/
No. 123675 ID: 891b91
File 152926190420.png - (4.71KB , 276x382 , bluer1.png )

Another pic of the protagonist, also by bluercheese
No. 123680 ID: 06fdc0

is there a way to expand all images on 4chan like there is here?
No. 123682 ID: 4f1cbc

There should be an expand all images link in the OP of whatever thread you're in.
No. 123684 ID: 891b91

I don't think 4chan has a link built-in to expand all images, but if you install the 4chan-x userscript (requires greasemonkey/tampermonkey/etc.), you can expand all images in a thread by hitting the e key. If you can't install a userscript, you can expand images individually by clicking/tapping on them.
No. 123757 ID: 8df643

Before I begin suggesting in the quest, I have a question.

Is there any sort of suggestions which you would prefer not to get? Any sort of content that suggesters should stay away from when suggesting? Some sort of rules or guidelines for your quest's suggesters?
No. 123762 ID: 891b91

The only major rule I have is that I want suggesters to act civilly towards each other (and towards me), and to take it to the big dumb arguments thread if they need to blow off some steam. So far, though, I haven't seen even a hint of that kind of posting, so I'm not worried about it.

On the whole, I'd like for suggesters to post whatever they want, so there aren't any specific kinds of content I that I want people to avoid. If a given suggestion isn't appropriate to whatever's going on in the quest at the moment, or is outright absurd, then most likely I just won't factor it in to the next update; I won't consider it a problem unless it's so prevalent that it hinders quest progression, but I doubt that's likely to happen on tgchan anyway.

Aside from that, I do have a preference for suggestions actually suggest a course of action for the next update, but only because it's helpful to me as a quest author. I occasionally receive suggestions that only contain commentary or speculation, but don't have any indication of what they want the protagonist to do next; while I love reading those kinds of posts, I don't have any choice but to pass them over when deciding what happens during the next update. That being said, if someone doesn't know what to suggest but they have something they want to say, by all means they should post it; and obviously none of this applies in situations where someone makes additional posts after suggesting what should happen next. In a sense it's a non-problem anyway, since if I'm getting very few suggestions that say what to do next, then it's most likely because I'm making things too confusing, or because the choices I'm giving are too subtle for readers to see possible next actions; if it happens, it's on me, not the suggesters.

I suppose that was a bit long-winded, but I hope it helps!
No. 123813 ID: 8df643

So far, my opinion about the quest is that it's as mysterious as it is interesting. And it's very interesting. I gotta praise the art, which is pretty high quality, and it makes me wonder just how much time you're spending on each update. If things get too hard, remember that you can always simplify the writing or the art and work in smaller chunks.

As far as the plot goes, what I think is going on is that in the beginning, some sort of mass suicide occurred. Altho I'm not ruling out the possibility that all 4 of the characters in the starting room were one and the same person.
We don't yet know what exactly dust is, but I'm thinking it could a manifestation of a person's soul. Given the fact that body swapping is possible, I believe that dust is the means through which that happens.
Why they did what they did we cannot really guess. But given that everyone was in a comfortable position, I'd say that the act was intentional. And if dust can make a person immortal, what they did would be logical in a suicide (attempt) scenario, that is, I'd guess that suicide is illegal and the only means through which one could accomplish it would be illegal ones.
Anyway, at some point, we find remains of a crime scene. What I think happened there was that someone got wounded, and then had his body stolen. A crime which I'd say would be pretty common. The power drill-like device that we found could be a sort of a dust extractor. The rest of the equipment points to the fact that this person may have been a private investigator. The foxes there could be common scavengers, feeding on.. dead dust.
In the last update, we encountered a new concept called rhythm. Until more is revealed about it, I'd guess that it's something related to space-time or multiple dimensions. Thus, a rhythmic disturbance would be a space-time instability, but then I'm not sure what rhythm spikes would be or how they could kill people. I guess a person hit with a rhythm spike simply vanishes and that's why they would be considered both dead and dust-unrecoverable.
Perhaps what we witnessed on our way to the evacuation zone was an advanced rhythmic disturbance. This disturbance opening a zone where monsters from the alternate space would periodically emerge. Heh, perhaps that's a classified military info.
But yeah, it seems rhythm is an integral part of the advanced technology around here.

Well, this is just a part of my theoretical thinking for now. We'll see how the story goes and what parts turn out to be true or wrong. Or if the 2girls1dust video exists :P
No. 123864 ID: 891b91

Thanks for the kind words! I'm happy you find the quest interesting; my hope is to keep things compelling throughout, especially as mystery unravels as the quest goes on. There's a lot of stuff that hasn't been revealed yet (or fully revealed, in some cases) which I think will add to the intrigue.

>how much time you're spending on each update
It varies, but I'd say each update takes me between 1 and 5 hours to make. I'd say I spend more time writing the quest than I do drawing it, honestly.

>If things get too hard, remember that you can always simplify the writing or the art and work in smaller chunks.
Of course -- although I'm pretty happy with the amount of effort I'm putting into the art and writing, so I'd prefer not to sacrifice either of those. Instead I'll just slow down the update schedule if necessary, which I expect I'll have to do at some point in the coming weeks, due to school.

>Well, this is just a part of my theoretical thinking for now.
I so wish I could respond to it! I think giving any indication about how close or far you are to/from the truth would ruin the fun of finding out in the quest, though. Regardless, it was really interesting to read, and you have a lot of cool ideas for what might be going on.

>Or if the 2girls1dust video exists :P
Dammit, I meant to respond to that in the most recent update, but completly forgot! I was going to make the kiosk sternly reprimand you for trying to view adult content on a public terminal. I've figured out what 2girls1dust would actually be, so yes, now it exists.
No. 124060 ID: ff82d2

You're welcome. I'll try my best to provide feedback whenever I can. Of course, take it with a grain of salt as I'm not the only reader there is. And I can get quite biased from time to time!

>I so wish I could respond to it
Oh, don't worry about that. I was not asking for any sort of a reveal and I'm writing here purely for feedback purposes. Because authors often say they get too little of it.

>make the kiosk sternly reprimand you
Haha, actually that's exactly what I was expecting to happen! Would've been totally hilarious

>now it exists
[terminal usage intensifies]

Lots of interesting new information here. We get to see the Concourse and the 5 layers it consists of. We also get to see the shelves. I used to think that they were a sort of large ship modules, but it turns out they're something else. They seem to be floating islands. I guess Gansett and Alton shelves are the primary shelves, while Oswego Falls, Red, Bellwether and Helas are the minor shelves. It was said that the Concourse orbits the Core, so I guess the shelves orbit the Core as well. But then, if Gansett is orbiting "below" the Concourse, which way is down? Well, it's probably irrelevant.

The current events seem pretty inconspicuous, but as I've written in my suggestion, the two that caught my eye were the "RESK-U Safety Net System", I think this may have something to do with recovering people's dust, and the one citing illegal Taffa trade. Before this, I thought that the word taffa was just some medical term that meant amnesia, but now it looks like taffa may be some illegal substance... which we may be carrying with us right now... 🤔

Free food? I'd expect such a search to return a bunch of shady-looking businesses heh. Well, I guess VITACAL is legit. I'm expecting some sort of a drawback to eating free food tho.

I gotta say, the paragraph about masturbating is well written. Altho I feel it's a bit out-of-place without an accompanying image. Perhaps one with the MC blushing would've been fitting. Don't worry, it's fine! I'm very happy that the suggestion was considered. I mean, it's certainly a good way to reduce stress heh. But alas, not enough votes. So I'll leave it there. For now.

>landscape curving upwards in all directions
I... this is quite strange and I'm not sure how to process this. The image that we see may indicate that we're on a ring world. But if the curvature is in all directions, then that would either mean we're inside a huge crater or inside a sphere. Being inside a sphere makes very little sense tho, because then there wouldn't be any day/night cycle.
No. 124205 ID: 891b91
File 153164770437.png - (182.61KB , 1024x1024 , 024-1-f1.png )

Gansett Shelf map, ground floors
No. 124206 ID: 891b91
File 153164773464.png - (256.01KB , 1024x1024 , 024-1-f2.png )

Gansett Shelf map, underground floors
No. 124207 ID: 891b91
File 153164774570.png - (101.19KB , 1024x1024 , 024-1-f3.png )

Gansett Shelf map, below-shelf floors
No. 124272 ID: ff82d2

So we learn here that taffa is indeed a drug, hard to legally obtain, and that it affects memories. We know that it can cause full and permanent amnesia, tho we've yet to learn what its effects are in smaller quantities. I think there's a high chance it's used as a way to selectively erase memories, which seem logical considering poor people would have a lot of bad memories they'd want to erase. But then, "mnemocognitive" could also mean alteration.

I still think that what occurred at the beginning was for suicidal reasons as losing all your memories is technically the same thing.

Perhaps I can venture a guess at what the faded label on the vial says.
GR____________O_PLEX-B GRAPHENE ANTICOMPLEX-B (technical term for taffa) PROPER____F T______________NAMICS PROPERTY OF TAFFA LABS & DYNAMICS (licensed distributor)

But yeah, a lot of new names and terms that would be wise to remember or look into at a later time. Memory salons, CMC, FFF, HM&B. Interlocutors general? Plasmodian Congress? Eh, politics.

>map of Gansett
Nice work on the design. 306B Ablewild... so I assume Delaney is in the 6th office of the 3B floor of Ablewild building. Good to know.

Interesting. An artificial sun? Well, considering its small size, it can't be a real one. I'm not sure what's going on on the surface of that massive object but, it's kinda plausible to be used as a light source.
Btw, I feel that the image is missing a glow or a lens flare around the sun. I mean, an object would have to be pretty bright to turn night into day on the surface around us.

So my assumption was wrong and this is just a system for preventing deaths from falls. But we do learn a few more terms of interest, such as "a network of dust swarms" (no idea about this one) and Chaser Fleet. It seems like Chaser Fleet is a name of a ward. So then, a ward must be something you can fall off of, just like the Concourse and its shelves.

Oh, a person that's interested in us. The problem is, of course, that we don't know what this person wants. It could be military or law enforcement, a pirate or someone with ill intentions, or just a random passer-by. Altho, as written in my suggestion, the lack of badge on the person and marks on their shuttle makes me think it's less likely to be the first one. It doesn't look like voice communication is possible here considering this person hasn't tried contacting us, and we haven't seen any comm system options on the console. And even if this person was someone trying to help us, we can't control our shuttle.

Perhaps nothing will happen, in which case maybe I should've suggested ignoring this person and suggested more shuttle console actions instead.
No. 124752 ID: 891b91

I should give a quick update on things, since I ended up disappearing for a month. Sorry about that! Things got really busy for me with school, and on top of that the next update is going to be among the largest I've posted so far, so the time I was able to spend working on it ended up not being enough to finish it. I kept deluding myself as to how quickly I could get it done, and in retrospect I should have just announced a hiatus until the class was finished. I apologize to anyone I may have disappointed with the lack of updates or who thought the quest was dead; in the future I'll try to be more realistic about how changes in my schedule might affect my ability to update the quest.

Anyway, the good news is that I'll be done with class for a while after this weekend, so I expect I'll soon be able to return to updating the quest regularly.
No. 124758 ID: ae9b99

Has it really been a month? It honestly didn't feel long.

well regardless, we knew you were busy. But I'm glad you are coming back. This quest has been very interesting so far with a likable protagonist. I'm glad we've been for the most part keeping her a neutral traveling observer of this world trying to figure things out while also trying to stay out of trouble (though I'm sure trouble will come to find her at some point regardless I'm sure, lol).
No. 124774 ID: 864e49

No. 124775 ID: ff82d2

> >>124752 >the next update is going to be among the largest I've posted so far
Can't wait! Just don't go the way of Prequel haha.
If you ask me, it's fine even if it's a single panel with one sentence of text. While larger updates push the story further, smaller updates give suggesters more opportunities to participate. Well, they might also make writing a bit more inconsistent, so there's pros and cons to both and it's not a simple choice. Whatever you feel you're most comfortable with I suppose.
No. 125122 ID: 891b91

It's been a couple weeks, so I guess it's time for another post on how things are coming along: I've been steadily working on this update, but it's proven to be a ton of work due to the amount of detail I've put into it. It's going to be a pretty big setting dump, so I think this is justified; most updates in the future won't require this amount of detail and effort, so there won't be so much of a delay. At this point I've got the line art nearly finished, and then I just need to throw some color/shading in there; my hope is to get the update posted by Thursday, at the latest.

One of my concerns with this quest is that the somewhat "blank slate" nature of the protagonist might make her boring, so I'm happy to hear that you like her and that you're enjoying the fact that her condition makes her effectively a neutral party in the world.

>(though I'm sure trouble will come to find her at some point regardless I'm sure, lol).

Generally speaking, I try to go with whatever length/amount of detail seems to best fit the situation. I expect that there will be a lot more single-panel updates once we have more opportunities for drawn-out dialogue, but whenever I need to show successive actions/events, multiple panels tend to be my go-to strategy. I also try hard to make sure that all the decisions left to the suggesters are meaningful and have at least a small impact on how the story plays out, which sometimes leads me into situations where I can't split up a large update into smaller ones. That's basically what is going on with the next update, in addition to having a lot that I want to show in it.
No. 125141 ID: ae9b99

that sounds exciting. But do not feel like you have to rush. If you need to get it done by Friday or the weekend instead of Thursday, that is understandable.
No. 125185 ID: a48264

Glad to see you're back! I look forward to the next update, but I hope you don't feel like you have to rush!
No. 125299 ID: c0641d

Man, sorry if I've been overthinking things after that 6-part update. I'm guessing there's no "perfect answer" to how to go about getting through customs scott-free while also hiding our zombie status? I might be married to the idea of us becoming a woman of mystery; no past, nebulous present, completely untraceable. (I even have this cute idea of naming ourselves "Taffa" to frustrate anyone trying to ask around or search for us, in the same vein as David Wong from "John Dies at the End.")
No. 125306 ID: 891b91

>sorry if I've been overthinking things
Don't be! I think this sort of speculation/debate/etc. is really interesting to read, as well as helpful with developing the quest. I wouldn't call it overthinking things, either, since a lot of factors could influence how things go for us in customs, and since there is no obvious best outcome to the situation.

>I'm guessing there's no "perfect answer" to how to go about getting through customs scott-free while also hiding our zombie status?
I think it's best if I don't give a clear answer to this, but I'll just say it might be helpful to consider why the Concourse requires evacuees to submit to a customs inspection in the first place.

>naming ourselves "Taffa"
I plan on leaving the choice of name up to a vote, but I have to admit that I like this idea! I think it could cause some... fun situations.
No. 125319 ID: ff82d2

Time to get off my lazy ass and write another update review.

That went well. Or not. I have a lingering feeling of a missed opportunity here, tho I can't quite guess what it was. Perhaps there was a chance we could've convinced this pilot to stop our shuttle and give us a lift instead. That might've been a way to avoid the customs. It seems kinda obvious now with all the talk about wards and stuff that there would be customs involved. No one to blame but ourselves :p

So you chose not to go with the video. Yeah, I think gif's are a better choice because, sadly, video uploads lack the in-place video player and thus, unlike gif's, have no preview. Also, I think that making videos is not worth the effort. Heh, come to think of it, the video file extension support was added when I requested it and I don't think that anyone else besides me uploaded any videos (btw, seen >>110900?)

A nice general view of the Concourse. Quite a floating city... oh. From the initial design (>>/quest/891554) I thought it would just be a boring bunch of thick plates. Of course, it's my fault for failing to realize that the simple design hid the buildings and it turns out to be a much more dynamic landscape.

>prison or mandatory hospitalization
The information presented here does confirm what I suspected, tho I'm worried about the involvement of mandatory hospitalization. In other words, if we officially reveal that we're a taffa syndrome sufferer, it could lead to a lot of action that's outside MC's control.

Geez. This is way too high quality! All the effort... I can certainly see why the update took so long to make. 1, 2, 3.. 24 animated characters (27 including holograms)?! It's like 5 updates in one panel. Madman I say! ... I like the lady up in the window.
Anyway, this panel is excellent at portraying the diversity of species in this universe and the building architecture which looks surprisingly old-town considering the high tech it's built upon. The real estate must be pretty cheap hehe.

Amazing perspective work. I noticed that you started using a ruler to draw straight lines during this update instead of the usual freeform stuff. It looks great and I got nothing against it, tho personally I'd prefer the freeform style. Not sure how to explain... freeform looks more artsy? Also maybe for consistency reasons. Oh and, the speed. Generally, precision comes with a cost.

>renaturalization process
I'm definitely against picking the name "Taffa". That's like wanting to be called "Cocaine" heh. Surely something better than a drug name could be thought of.

>licking the glass
Poor thing. Should give him something else to lick. Damn you lewd thoughts!

Again, props for all the hard work. I just hope that all of this doesn't cause you to burn out, which is something I fear greatly D:

>why the Concourse requires evacuees to submit to a customs inspection
The most obvious reason would probably be to prevent the import of illegal/hazardous goods. But there could be any number of reasons, laws that require the inspection, or for tariff purposes.
Perhaps some of the items in our possession aren't strictly illegal but require a handling license. I thought that perhaps, in that case, we could ask the customs to mail the items straight to Delaney (who should have the required licenses), or call them to come pick them up for us. Hmm.
No. 125337 ID: c0550f

When we get around to choosing a name for our character, I am hoping we choose a name that is gender neutral. I think it will be interesting in the story to play with the idea of our character being female, yet being mistaken for a male by some people from time to time. A gender neutral name will add to the confusion towards other characters. Just a fun thought.
No. 125339 ID: 91ee5f

So you basically want to pull an Undertale and name our character Frisk?

I mean, that’s not a bad idea, but I’d rather name her “Taffa“, since Teegee has implied here: >>125306 , that some fun things could happen if we did that.
No. 125358 ID: ae9b99

well not exactly like undertale, as the gender of the main character in that game was left to the gamer's interpretation. We already know our character in this quest is female. So I just thought giving our character a gender neutral name would make it so that if allies, or people we come across believe our character is male this whole time, but finds out much later our character is actually female, it would make for some confusing awkward, yet hilarious reactions.

Taffa does sound gender neutral enough though, so going with it would be kind of ok by me giving the same possible results from the characters we come across.
But as I must admit as >>125319 stated, it would be kind of weird as it is: like wanting to be called "Cocaine"
No. 125362 ID: 69d4b9

The character's gender is the least interesting thing about her in this game.

It was an interesting decision in Undertale not because gender identity is inherently interesting, but because Fox used the ambiguity to keep Frisk's interactions with the other characters childish and to emphasize that Frisk was a stranger in a strange land. Frisk's exploration of relationships wasn't about eros but instead had a very strong focus on philia and ludus, divorced almost entirely from the roles that our society imposes on people because this monster world is a weird quirky reflection of our own with its own rules where the particulars might not quite match up but the first principles of love, fellowship, and charity still apply.
No. 125399 ID: ff82d2
File 153669495660.gif - (68.46KB , 600x305 , VirginVsChad.gif )

>You think you can afford to lose any of your other items
Yeah, I think that, strictly speaking, none of the items are so important that we couldn't just toss them away. After all, we did start out without any of them so the chances that any of them would be a major plot element is pretty low. I'd guess that at best they might lead to side plots, but even then there's no saying we wouldn't get access to those plots anyway.

>you should hold on to [the vial with the faded label] no matter what
There's one thing that I intentionally chose not to suggest in the last update. That is, to detach the label from the bottle. In which case the bottle could be discarded and there would be no need for any hiding hehe. But that wouldn't be very fun now, would it?

This panel cracks me up so much. And she looks so cute!

This room looks like it's seen better times heh. And hey, there's a WC. A place where stuff might be disposed.

>Window licker
Actually, out of all the people in the room, this guy seems like the biggest mystery. Why is he licking the glass? Did he take a bit too much taffa and now believes he's some sort of a washing machine? What could've caused him to act the way he does? And would he notice if we stole his boots? We may never find out.
>portly woman
I bet she hates memes. Other than that, she's the only one here who actually looks unhappy which is why I think she would be easy to talk to.
>The llama(?) guy
I wonder what he's so scared of. It's not like he's waiting for a dentist or something.
>the strange, tentacle-armed canine girls
Don't have much to say about them, altho I wonder how they walk with those tentacles.
>the wolf-shark-thing woman at the end
Now there's someone that looks confident in herself. Definitely looks like a go-to person for all our needs.

>The two guys snoring by the door
Image attached ;)
Altho I couldn't think of much funny stuff to describe them with.
No. 125402 ID: ae9b99

Oh crud, I just realized, what if the reason this place is clean despite it being in disrepair is because that window licker didn't just lick the window, but licked this entire room clean. Gross.
No. 125487 ID: 93f082

Umm, I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that he's getting paid to lick the glass. Can you elaborate?

Also, I don't understand why you (and others) are so obsessed with "Spade". There's absolutely no precedent that would link that word to the MC.

The MC's original name (as appears here >>/quest/887022) was not only jumbled but specifically written that it was wrong. What appeared to us was 14 jumbled characters. It could've been any characters, but it just so happens that we ended up with these ones.

Of those 14 characters, the first one looks like a spades icon. But there's also a sun, a smiley, a note, etc which are ignored. Why would you choose the first character and discard the other 13? Isn't that mean to the other 13 characters?
Again, those characters have absolutely no meaning as they were supposed to be jumbled. So drawing any sort of conclusions from them makes no sense.
No. 125490 ID: b1b4f3

I think the window licker is being paid to collect tastes. I suspect this society can outright manufacture memories/experiences, not just forget them via Taffa.
No. 125500 ID: 93f082

>"Cowwectin' paysps. Good mummy."
Would probably translate to
"Collecting payslips. Good money."
Of course, that doesn't tell us much. Only that he believes that he's earning money with whatever it is that he's doing. Whether he's actually getting paid, or is simply crazy, I still can't tell. As for what he's doing, it could be cleaning, applying a glossy substance, or collecting something unseen. In any case, there doesn't seem to be much purpose in coming up with theories about him right now as it would be inconsequential.

Heh, it's definitely amusing that she called us that way. Would it be because of our chest or because of the floppy ears? Or is it some sort of a nickname attached to the suit we're wearing? Pancake baker suit!

>how obvious it is that your undies are missing
I'm sure it's gonna be fine!

>"Nice box."
It's interesting that she took notice of this box of ours. Perhaps there's something special about it. Maybe this box is shielded in a way and would allow its contents to pass the customs undetected.

It looks like a lot of suggesters have already started voting on the character name. Sigh. I'm not fond of the name "Spade" because of how common it is for /quest/ to do this, that is, I'm tired of quest characters getting names based on the first thing / pun that comes to mind.
Please, please don't let something as important as the MC's name get chosen preemptively or with little to no thought. If possible, come up with some naming guidelines and use a proper 2-step voting process.
No. 125584 ID: 7969eb
File 153759295926.png - (27.81KB , 458x760 , penny spade.png )

No. 125589 ID: 93f082

Ahaha, so true
No. 125591 ID: 93f082

>"it's a dustbender. This baby'll write, rewrite, erase, extract, inject... pretty much anything you might wanna do to someone's dust."
*fistpumps* I was right. It is a tool to extract dust. Well, one of its functionalities at least. It also explains the purpose of the extra canisters on the tool. Probably to hold the donor and extracted dust.

I'm a bit worried at how casually she talks about this tool. I mean, wouldn't erasing someone's dust kill them? Then again, a kitchen knife can be used to kill a person also so... it's all about perspective. It seems that playing around with people's dust really is an everyday thing in this culture. It's just odd to us because we're not used to it the way they are. Either that or she's just a total geek about it.

Ah, maybe the violet liquid is some sort of a fuel or oil used for tools and devices. It makes some sense considering we already found two jars, always next to a device.

>body-mod, modder
It seems logical that the people who swap bodies would be called body modders. But it looks like some suggesters got confused and think it's to modify parts of the bodies. Or maybe I'm confused? Can we use dustbender for breast expansion? :x

I had a funny thought. We could try out the dustbender by swapping the dust of Virgin and Chad.
No. 125606 ID: 10c408

We have absolutely no clue how this device works. It might not even do any of the things you just thought of.

We should try and find a manual or person with explicit knowledge about it's operation before we do anything with it. (assuming that we still have it after getting processed through customs)
No. 125609 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, that’s a good point. Penny Spade is an incredibly stupid name.
No. 125612 ID: b1b4f3

I hope we can change it later.
No. 125613 ID: 91ee5f

The name hasn’t been decided on yet, so hopefully we still have a chance at not giving ourselves that name.
No. 125614 ID: 93f082

> >>125606 >We have absolutely no clue how this device works. It might not even do any of the things you just thought of.
Umm, in the last update (I even quoted it), it's quite clearly written what the tool does. And hey, we just happen to be talking to a person that knows how to operate one.
Don't worry, it was just a thought. I'm sure that no one would actually vote for such a prank, right?
No. 125616 ID: 891b91

Since the protagonist's name is unknown, any name that you give her is effectively just an alias. There's no reason why it couldn't be changed at some point if enough suggesters want it, although there may be in-quest consequences for it. I definitely wouldn't disallow it, though.
No. 125623 ID: 05ff2f

Wait, are we sure it'll be a alias? I was under the impression that customs would scan the protag to get something like a DNA or dust ID or some other unique personal identifier and run it through the citizen and public records to get her name. If so, that'd mean we'd be choosing her real name, or at least what the government records consider her real name. ...Though, I'm not sure if this is the way it would go was said in-quest, so I may be speculating too far.
No. 125626 ID: 93f082

Considering the protagonist was scanned (>>/quest/890360) and they couldn't read our ward affiliation, it's safe to assume that the rest of our records are going to be unrecoverable as well.

Unfortunately, once a name is voted on, I think it's highly unlikely to be voted again in the future. This is because suggesters get used to a name over time, and it sorta becomes an acquired taste. I don't recall a single instance where a named quest character would have their name changed based on suggester demand.
No. 125791 ID: 891b91
File 153854176387.png - (41.27KB , 1088x896 , asstits.png )

so channel3 and I were discussing the possible merits and pitfalls of using a dustbender for breast augmentation

and then he drew this
No. 125800 ID: 06fdc0

I don't see anything wrong though?
No. 125807 ID: ad51b8

can't decide whether or not your an ass or tit man? while why not be both?
No. 125808 ID: 3cf5f3

That's awful! Even with the enhancement she's still flat D:

Also, it gives me an idea. What if the more dust one had, the sexier or the chubbier they became?
No. 125811 ID: 891b91

>even with enhancement she's still flat
Serves her right for cheaping out on it! And hey, she got lucky. She could've gotten titties on her forehead or her knees or something.
No. 125848 ID: 93f082

>a poke at its glyph
Interesting. I had no clue we could poke the glyphs to get more info. Based on this, poking the glyph on the Vesper page seems like a much better idea now. Of course, when we have privacy.

>Moira Elgin
Considering what happened, I'd be very surprised if she was ok. So it seems like a high-priority goal to try contacting her.

>up on holo
Holo... chat? That's probably what she meant. Altho this is a very important piece of info, unless that ball we got is a holo-projector, we currently have no means of using holo-chat. But yeah, a high-priority thing to do after we're past the customs.

Gonna take some getting used to this name. In my opinion, the name would sound a lot more legit if was, or also had a non-diminutive form of the name.

>He lets out a terrified shriek
Haha, poor guy!

>pancake ears
At first I thought it was a coincidence, but now I'm certain. You changed her ear design, didn't you? I think I like the new design better. It's a bit hard to say since I was used to the previous design, but yeah, thumbs up from me! However, I refuse to call them pancake ears - it's just not nice :p

>purple liquid is taffa
I found this to be quite unexpected; another form of taffa? This opens a whole venue of questions. Like how are the two forms connected, and how is this form used. Quincy says that the dustbender primes it, so maybe my guess about this taffa being some sort of fuel wasn't wrong but, more info will need to be gathered to confirm or deny anything.

>internal storage
I totally missed this. Or rather, I think it's unlikely that the canisters on the bender would contain anything - any filled containers should be immediately removed and replaced with empty ones. Because it would be dangerous to leave stuff inside bender in case someone accidentally tried using it. Considering we found bender in a proper place inside the equipment case indicates that whoever used it before had plenty of time for whatever standard procedure they needed to do.

>I can't sell it if I don't know what it is.
If she doesn't know what the ball is, then we either need to find an appraiser or experiment with the ball ourselves.

>I don't got a whole lotta use for stem taffa
Well, this confirms that the legal taffa is neither rare nor very useful.

>You're a bit shocked that you actually suggested that.
I am downright electrocuted! But really, it had to be done with how she keeps calling us pancakes.

>Play with your ears?
She really hates to use the word ears, huh?

>I ain't the kinda girl
Well, this does say quite a bit about her character and it's not a bad thing. Personally I think it would be a bit uncouth to immediately hook up with the first friendly character we get to talk to. How to say, it feels a bit too much of a coincidence.
No. 125850 ID: 93f082

And dayum, you really pushed Penny's sexiness to the next level here. I kinda wish there existed an uncensored version of the panel.
No. 125851 ID: 7969eb
File 153879509022.png - (9.85KB , 117x75 , Capture.png )

There is, but teegee won't let me post it. The insider info of what Penny's dick looks like is killing me inside.
No. 125852 ID: 891b91
File 153879595447.png - (178.39KB , 681x798 , DICK.png )

the horrific truth is revealed
No. 125855 ID: 06fdc0

does she faint when she gets an erection because of sudden blood loss?
No. 125856 ID: 891b91
File 153879910484.png - (193.72KB , 1024x1024 , lewd-031.png )

I always enjoy seeing these reaction posts you do; I tend to avoid saying too much in response to them, out of fear of accidentally giving something away that spoils the mystery of the quest, but please know that I do appreciate and read them.

>You changed her ear design, didn't you?
Her design has changed over time, although it was less intentional and more a result of me getting used to drawing her. (In retrospect, I should have spent more time practicing drawing her before starting the quest, so that most of that semi-conscious design iteration would've already been out of the way.)

>She really hates to use the word ears, huh?
Nah, she just took "play with my ears" to be a really awkward euphemism.

>And dayum, you really pushed Penny's sexiness to the next level here. I kinda wish there existed an uncensored version of the panel.
Thanks! I went with censoring the panel because I thought it helped illustrate her discomfort with offering her body for rent like that. It can't hurt to post an uncensored version of the drawing for shits and giggles, though, so here you go.
No. 125858 ID: 891b91

it'd be impressive if she's able to get one at all, with a dong that long
No. 125860 ID: 93f082

Haha omg
May our beloved protagonist have a fun time stepping over the "knots" of her(?) journey.

>I should have spent more time practicing drawing her
I think it's only natural that all designs evolve over time (in most quests the evolution can easily be observed) so I don't think that would've really mattered and you don't need to be worried about it. I also found it particularly coincidental how in this case the design changed to better match the nickname she was given.

>she took it to be a really awkward euphemism
Mmm, I see. Thanks for clarifying it. She almost made me think she had a fixation on large round objects!

I'm not criticizing it at all. It was perfectly in place there, elevating the humor of the situation and protecting the casual readers from the unexpected exhibition. So great job!

>here you go
Thanks a lot!
No. 125920 ID: 7efe6b

I wonder what the reasoning would be for someone to decide to live there. I mean, I don't see an obvious advantage to not simply living as a hobo on the Concourse. Maybe it's to bypass certain restrictions on drugs and alcohol but... wouldn't they just starve to death?

>the itch
This definitely seems connected to the rhythm spikes. Probably the same thing but simply much weaker. I can't wait to get to experience it hohoho. Well, or just find one of the freemen and ask them about it. Like, is it simply uncomfortable, or can it actually hurt and kill you?

>You're gonna need some boots
If this turns into a paperdoll where suggesters submit their boots designs, I'd like to say that I can't draw a straight line to save my life.

>Wow, that's pretty forward of you
Lol, now she's gonna keep teasing us for being super easy on top of calling us Pancakes. I am ok with this development.

>the address is 217U
Good thing we got a photographic memory~

>Furthermore, you somehow feel certain that she knows you know this.
What manner of dust sorcery is this!

>make your amnesia a little too obvious
We did make it known that it was our first time scavenging, but I still wonder if she suspects anything now, with all the questions about scavenging that we had. Well, even if she does, she probably doesn't care.

>time skip
I find that the only time suggesters would vote for a time skip (outside of MC sleeping) would be if there was literally nothing to do. After all, suggesters like using time efficiently and exhausting all the options. So I don't think you can rely on suggesters to decide on this.

What do you mean an art error? But the newer ears look cuter!
You aren't planning on reverting them back, are you?
No. 125961 ID: 891b91

>After all, suggesters like using time efficiently and exhausting all the options. So I don't think you can rely on suggesters to decide on this.
Honestly, that's what I expected, but I thought I should give the option in case I was wrong.

>What do you mean an art error? But the newer ears look cuter!
>You aren't planning on reverting them back, are you?
Nope, I was talking about the way they look in >>/quest/905835 specifically. The shading and perspective makes them look round and bulbous, when what I was going for was having them draped down her back.
No. 126002 ID: 1872dc

Well, given what the magazine from the latest update says, there's now plenty of implications of trouble in paradise. If "terrorism" is seen as a necessary step to better conditions, maybe living in abandoned cities isn't the worst idea.
No. 126010 ID: 7efe6b

Your reasoning seems plausible, although there's a few problems with it.

>May have physically altered appearance thru taffa
While Quincy has confirmed that body swapping is possible, I'd like to point out that "dust scanning" is a thing. As the name suggests, I believe that a dust scan relies on your dust, rather than the body you're in, to retrieve your info. In this case, would swapping the body even have a point?

>presence of taffa expert being worrying is understandable
He looked worried even before we started talking with Quincy. Also, Quincy's no taffa expert. Knowing about taffa is just common knowledge.

>start a life under a new identity
If changing your dust to the point of changing your identity is possible (other than how we did it), then it should be possible to do it anywhere and pick up a new identity in any government bureau. Does it make sense that we found Preston here, considering that using an evac shuttle seems unnecessary in the process?

I think there's many equally possible options for what Preston is hiding. Assuming that he changed identity seems a bit strong on the conspiracy theory.
Alternative conspiracy theory: He's an undercover agent here after returning from a mission, knowing what his mission was but not knowing his identity which was removed to protect him. He's here to return to the HQ where his identity will be restored. Heh. Sounds way too cheesy.

But yeah, as far as I can tell, it would make just as much sense if he was a nerd whose nervousness is causing him difficulty in forming coherent sentences. And he just wanted to know what time it was.
No. 126017 ID: c0641d

> Dust Scanning
We don't know if dust scanning happens during evac, if you need a warrant to scan someone, if a register is kept across concourses, etc. (though I could be wrong; I forget where it was mentioned). Altering your name and body would certainly help to prevent people from recognizing you by sight.

> Quincy (Not a Doctor)
Actually, she said she had a forensic taffa license. Perhaps that means she (or the contact we openly discussed) could legally perform that dreaded scan?

> How to Disappear
Never said he needed to change his base taffa. It's possible that while he's evac'd before, it wasn't here. We don't know how taffa registries and jurisdictions work across fleets and concourse platforms.

> Hypothetical Spy / Nervous Nerd
Those... both seem possible as well, despite my rebuttals. But then, I knew that there was a real chance I was wrong, even if I was sure my reasoning was sound. That's why I wanted to test my theory by gauging his reaction to Quincy's occupation and the stuff she can potentially do with it, to see if he panics even harder than he did before. It would certainly prove whether whatever he might be hiding is related to his taffa identity.
No. 126025 ID: 7efe6b

>We don't know if dust scanning happens during evac
Err, yes we do.
> >>/quest/890360 >Please wait while we perform a limited scan of your dust

>she said she had a forensic taffa license.
She did not. She implied that she's got a "license". A license that allows her to pass the customs with a dustbender. So it's more like a driver's license? I don't understand how you came up with the "forensic taffa" part.

>change his base taffa, taffa registries
I'm confused. I think you've started mixing the terms dust and taffa. Taffa is a drug. Dust is... physical manifestation of a person's ego or something like that. We don't know exactly.

>reaction to Quincy's occupation
Again, holding a license says very little about a person's occupation. However, what we do know is two things that she said:
> >>/quest/905080 >I deal in equipment
> >>/quest/905834 >I wouldn't've gotten into scrappin'
Based on this, we can assume that her occupation is "a scavenger and dealer of scavenged equipment". But that may simply be a side job for her, with her day job being something else.
No. 126053 ID: 7efe6b

I'd guess it's a name of a race. Maybe some sort of a slime or sea creature considering they can't move around freely.

>enclaving pact, terrorism between the wards
I'm having less and less clue as to what a "ward" is supposed to be. I thought it was a name of a residential area but, that can't be right.
In >>/quest/892989 I think it was implied that Chaser Fleet was a ward. And yet, that's just a collection of ships. So a ward is definitely not a region/district.
When we used the evac shuttle, we were told that we'd have to board the Concourse since our ward affiliation was corrupt. This implies that belonging to a ward is mandatory.
A ward also seems to govern certain resources, so it's not just a legal description / domain or a family name of sorts.

I think that for now the best way to describe what a ward is would be "a clan".

The way he answered the question about his first time being here makes me think that he's been on the Concourse plenty of times, but first time using evac system. This would make sense if he's been flying around with a personal shuttle. Maybe something happened to it, or there's been problems between him and his ward.

Heh, let me write what I originally wanted to suggest here.
"Oh, you know her? Are you her friend? Friends shouldn't hurt each other, you know. But she had to go, huh? Btw, how did it feel? You know, when you last saw her."
But that would've been too alarming to him haha. Anyway, let me explain my reasoning.

>So you... don't know her?
The fact that he changed his tune when he learned that we don't know who she is tells us a ton of things. First, it means it's highly likely that he knows her (he wouldn't care if it was a random person). And, it means that he thought we knew her - the reason for his fear of us. And not just us, he was already nervous the moment we got there, so it seems that he was involved in something disturbing quite recently. One plus one... something disturbing involving her. What could the disturbing thing be? We saw the remains.

We don't really know who she was collecting evidence on. Maybe him or his ward. But all of this leads me to believe that he already knew that something bad happened to her. And this makes it likely that he was either one of her assailants, or is directly related to them. Him asking for a location to "help us" sounds like him trying to cover up tracks.

Yeah, it's a funny theory.
No. 126099 ID: 2054c0
File 153997848969.png - (51.57KB , 771x1562 , toilet_candy.png )

>letting the toilet eat all the candy
eat it all before the toilet does
No. 126107 ID: 7efe6b

I know, right? It must be some really good candy if they have to smuggle it!

Also, I like how despite the simplification, the tentacle girl boob sizes are kept proportional.
No. 126108 ID: 7efe6b

>he pleads
His desperation seems somewhat unusual. It's as if his life depended on finding this person. I would assume his superiors threatened him or something. Perhaps they had captured her but then lost her. And he's the one responsible for losing her. Such a meek guy. Good luck to his endeavors!

>Moments later, the big guy and little guy in the back of the room jump up and rocket over to the door
I can't stop grinning when looking at these two.
Virgin: Even when his number is called, he's reluctant in making his move!
Chad: Always waits for his number to be called the second time to ascertain its importance!

I'm not surprised Preston was able to enter before them.

Haha, totally Chad-like behavior

Hmm, so they were going to smuggle some drugs but now they chose to flush them. Why?
I guess a logical explanation would be that security wasn't great and they would normally have been able to smuggle without a problem. But since Chad decided to go on a rampage, they're probably afraid that additional security will arrive and do a thorough search of everyone in the vicinity of the incident.

That's one theory. The other theory is...
...the toilet is the smuggling channel. Since Chad went on a rampage, it means their own ticket number would be turning up much sooner, and that's why they're in a hurry to send the drugs through the toilet. It also makes more sense that this is what they would be afraid of us reporting.

As far as suggestions go, I'd like to mention that I'd default to "not telling on the twins". But since I saw that that course of action would already win, I took the liberty of providing an alternative suggestion. So there's a bit more variety of what we could do if we weren't acting super nice. I almost felt bad writing it lol
No. 126121 ID: 7efe6b
File 154010551281.png - (1.24MB , 1400x990 , PennyByTac2.png )

Penny doing totally non-canon things.
No. 126129 ID: ae9b99

How lewd~

I hope she doesn't get caught.
No. 126142 ID: 7efe6b

Who knows if these shuttles have live audio and video broadcast.
No. 126170 ID: ae9b99

...can they~?
No. 126292 ID: 7efe6b

Ask teegee :x
No. 126293 ID: 7efe6b

>Dust is the essence of a person,(THAT has been spelled out, at least)
We both assume that but, sorry to disappoint you, that hasn't been written anywhere either.
The stuff that we know about dust is:
- It's called "Hoefler-Kurosawa corpuscles"
- It can be scanned to retrieve a person's information
- It can be recovered after a person dies
- It can be manipulated (as a whole) via a dustbender
So... it surely is an essence in a way. But still, it was never spelled out :P

>taffa syndrome is a problem with your Dust
We know that amnesia is one of the symptoms of taffa syndrome, sure. But that isn't the same as saying that amnesia is a result of a problem with dust. Just because a person has no memories it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with their dust.
Now, in the beginning we did see that our name was unreadable, so perhaps this is why you're assuming that our dust was corrupt. I have a counter-argument. In computers, when you try to read unallocated memory space, you'll get random data. So it's possible that the name we saw was simply the result of trying to read blank memory space.
So yeah, we don't know if anything happened to our dust. We know that our memories were probably erased, but that doesn't necessarily mean our dust was corrupt. In fact, we don't even know for sure that we used raw taffa or that we actually have a taffa syndrome.

>so raw taffa is needed to mess with memories
Yes, we know that using raw taffa can erase memories and cause taffa syndrome.

>the tool we handed off is further evidence
The dustbender does not use raw taffa. In fact, we don't even know if it uses stem taffa. We just know that stem taffa came with the bender.
Even if we assume that the bender uses stem taffa in a way, "extracting a person's dust" is not the same as "erasing person's memories".
There's proof for this. We know that raw taffa is needed to erase memories. If erasing memories was as easy as getting a dustbender and some stem taffa, then there would be no need for raw taffa at all. Considering that raw taffa is in high demand, if stem taffa could perform the same function, then Quincy wouldn't have said that she didn't have any use for it. This proves that stem taffa and dustbender cannot be used erase memories.

Hmm, writing all of this got me thinking.
Maybe a person's dust is like a cartridge. And memories are the contents of this cartridge.
No. 126341 ID: 7efe6b

Do we post suggestions, or wait for a new chapter to start first?
No. 126342 ID: 10c408

Great, we lost three whole days and almost starved to death.

Let's never do that again.
No. 126343 ID: 891b91

Now that the first chapter of the quest is complete, I want to thank all of you for reading and participating in it. Doing this has been fucking blast for me, and I hope everybody else is enjoying the quest as much as I've enjoyed making it. What makes it particularly special, too, is the influence the suggesters have had on the quest. Obviously there's the overt influence that comes from your votes on what to do next; but in addition to that, some of your suggestions and theories have ended up causing me to revise or otherwise change my plans for the quest. I think these changes have been overwhelmingly positive for the quest. To put it simply, I think I now have a better story to tell than if I wrote it completely on my own as a comic, and it's all because of your participation.

Anyway, I'm considering taking a brief hiatus before starting the next thread, but I'm not completely decided on it yet. I don't think it'd be for more than a week, but if that changes, I'll be sure to make a post about it in this disthread.
No. 126344 ID: 891b91

If there's something you really want to see addressed at the start of the next thread, feel free to post it, and I'll try to work it in, if possible.
No. 126346 ID: 7efe6b

No, was just wondering. I don't feel there's any particularly important things to suggest as any questions we may have for the newly introduced characters would probably get answered no matter the order.

Anyway, I'll write my comments on the last few updates a bit later and afterwards I'll probably also add some general thoughts on the chapter as a whole.
No. 126350 ID: 1872dc

The glyph might as well have been a skull with an X over it, and yet here we are.
No. 126352 ID: 05ff2f

Penny nearly starving to death after three days without eating anything? That feels off to me 'cause the rule of thumb I remember is that it's three days without water before a person dies of dehydration and three weeks without food before starving to death. Though, Penny could have significantly different biology from us so it basically comes down to whatever the author chooses.
No. 126353 ID: a0504f

To be fair she isnt human (anymore?) So perhaps wherever species she is can survive without water for a long time?
No. 126354 ID: 26bb62

Maybe not to death, but she would definitely be starving.
No. 126355 ID: 05ff2f

But I thought all the folks we've seen have been classified as "human," despite how different their bodies are. I figured it was 'cause of such common and easy bio-modding that basically every human changes up from baseline.

So going on from that, my guess for why Penny was nearly starving to death after three days without food is whoever designed the body Penny has wasn't concerned with calorie efficiency, figuring food is so readily available why bother. But it could also be 'cause Penny is so skinny and didn't have any fat reserves to burn. Or a combination of factors we know and don't know. We can ask about it next chapter to get answers.
No. 126380 ID: 7efe6b

>>126342 >>126355
>nearly starving to death
First of all, it's not said anywhere that she was starving to death. The word famished simply means very hungry so it would be a non-sequitur to claim that she was dying.

Secondly, as >>126352 mentioned, one normally dies from thirst, rather than from hunger. The feeling of thirst will always triumph the feeling of hunger. Yet when we woke up, we were feeling hungry. This implies that during our time out, our body did ingest water. Either during the trip, or when we reached our destination. Btw, any theories that we don't require water are discredited in >>/questarch/889360 where it's written that we've been feeling thirsty.

Lastly, and most importantly, Vesper protects us.
Does Vesper want us dead? No, they want people alive. The whole reason they spread these glyphs around is to bring taffa syndrome sufferers safely to them. They certainly wouldn't have done so if these glyphs could harm anyone or decrease their survival rate. It would go against their own interest to harm their own kind so I don't believe there was any chance of us dying at all.
No. 126381 ID: 7efe6b

RIP candy D:

Heh, Pico looks kinda cute with that fang of hers.

>Ponytail seems surprised by the question, as though she was expecting something else;
My guess here is that after we laid out the items, she was expecting us to ask her to smuggle them, or how to do it at least.

>she whispers something to her sister, who also reacts with surprise.
Yeah, they're probably aware of our lack of memories now. Perhaps this makes us look a bit more trustworthy.

>"Trouble," she says solemnly, giving you a confused look. "Taffa."
It's interesting how fast she was able to recognize raw taffa just from some residue. A pro at work!
I was actually not expecting this. If this jar held raw taffa, then was it us that emptied this jar? If so, then what's the weathered vial for? Well, I think it's more likely that this jar's simply been in that room from before our visit, and we only picked it up coincidentally.

>You want kroy-vons?
Do I want candy? Yes :P

>"...You tell, you get big trouble,"
What could they possibly do to us with those small tentacle hands? I dare them to try it!

>finally, an inky darkness overtakes you.
How exciting! My theory about the glyphs is that they're imprinted dust. And whatever dust was in that glyph reacted with ours. Also, as I argued before, this is probably only possible because our memories were erased. Something that only works once, and only on taffa syndrome sufferers. The reasoning for this is, if glyphs could do this on anyone and at any time, well, it would be quite a dangerous, possibly illegal weapon, and the Vesper organization would get in a lot of trouble for producing them.

I also find it interesting how quickly the glyph moves... faster than anything we've encountered before.

To be honest, I kinda expected this to happen. However, I didn't want to argue against it because I didn't want to scare the suggesters and... well, it's for meta reasons. Since we found this glyph at the start, it's quite clearly an important plot element. And as such, I didn't want to, quite literally, flush a part of the plot down a toilet.
It turns out it was pretty important after all.

>You try to open your eyelids, only to discover that you can't feel them.
Sometimes, to open the eyelids you need to feel them. Other times, you just need a screwdriver.

>it feels as though you are traveling a great distance, very quickly.
I doubt teleportation is possible, so the feeling of traveling is probably the result of a lack of perception of time. A time skip during which we travel to a place far away.

>it seems plausible that the glyph might have knocked you out.
Knocked out people don't think. Maybe dream, but this isn't a dream. We're capable of rational thought. So quite a strange state of mind.

>I think it's better to just wait.
>You don't think you have much of a choice.
For my suggestion here I first wrote a whole essay of what kinds of things to try to force our mind to overpower the effects of the glyph, only to delete it all as I realized that I'd prefer a skip to our destination. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to do nothing.

>You wonder idly what led you to that conclusion so readily.
Probably some of the knowledge that was embedded in that glyph. Now that I think about it, if we obtained this knowledge, then we probably also obtained other knowledge. Perhaps if we asked ourselves questions, such as where were we going, we'd get interesting answers. A wasted opportunity :P

As far as the panel goes, I did notice the change in the color of the noise that we see. Progress!

>whatever it is that drove you -- her? -- to that point.
Or perhaps it was a guy trapped in a girl's body and he just couldn't take it anymore~

>if you lost more than your memories alone, what else might be gone now?
Sadly, I don't think our virginity was restored.

>Unpleasant ideas of what may be happening to your body bubble up from your subconscious
To each their own~

>Still, thousands more lie quiet, dark. Dormant, waiting for something.
Oh? I was not expecting to see something like that. These are clearly our own, the question is just, are these temporarily deactivated due to Vesper glyph, or are they our past self. Or something else.

>It pains you to think about what it might be, but if you can just --
if we can just what? WHAT?!

>...Right, stay focused
Inner enlightenment, denied QQ

I'm just kidding. It would be boring if too much would be revealed too fast. All in its due time.

>you still pick up hints of concern and weariness in their speech.
It looks like at this point we've already arrived at the destination. It seems there's some problems with restoring control of our body. We'll have to ask them later on the specifics.

I do hope we're in a Vesper-owned building as that would put Vesper in a better light and make things more intimate.

Yeah, there was no way we could've guessed that was the name of the firm on the vial. Still, it's a very important clue since now we have a lead where to begin looking. Tho the state of the building we see makes me a bit worried.

>"...relief. I'll go... cider... you get... revived."
This isn't the time to be drinking cider!
I wonder why she's called that way.

>the situation between your legs is normal
Normal or... an emergency?!

>Perhaps feeling a bit delirious
Yes, it was a crazy suggestion heh. Thank you for not using it. It wouldn't have done us any favors and besides, Penny just isn't a joker so it would've been waaay out of character.

>"We were just about to intubate you. Three days is a long time to go without eating!"
I'm not sure what he means with intubate and three days is nothing special if you're sleeping the whole time.

>They sit down on the side of the bed and grasp your hand in both of theirs, rubbing it gently. There's something... warm about it, in an almost maternal way.
Mom! Is that you?!

If the doctor and Cider know each other on a first-name basis, it would mean this person has been here several times. It implies that this situation has repeated in the past, so it's highly unlikely to be our real family.

>"Welcome home, Sigarzghar."
You've done a great job making her look friendly. And "Sigarzghar" sounds way better than "Penny" hehe. Altho it's probably just an expression.

This is where things get complicated due to the nature of things she's going to offer to us. Will the suggesters accept, or will they choose to go their separate ways. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of Dead Dust!
No. 126382 ID: 05ff2f

Well, I'm foolish for just going by what >>126342 wrote and not going back to check the quest itself before writing my posts and ending up wrongly thinking Penny was nearly starved to death.
No. 126402 ID: ae9b99

Well that is one way to get through customs. Success?

The tentatwins must've had quite a terrifying experience, first the alarm spooked them along with the angry guy trying to bust the door open, then they are panicking over getting rid of their contraband with the fear of getting caught by someone (us appearing didn't help much on their fears) and to top it off, they most likely witnessed us falling in a coma. I'm wondering if they are okay.

Actually the main thing I would like to see addressed is what happened at customs from the time we collapsed to the time we got to the hospital. Quite a lot has happened there.

As for Cider, I wonder if she is a religious figure of some sort. Hopefully not a dark religion. I'd say we be careful with what we say to her.
No. 126417 ID: 7efe6b

>I want to thank all of you for reading and participating in it.
It's really us that are the beneficiaries of your creativity. Thank you for writing this quest, it's been a pleasure suggesting. I really liked the sheer amount of suggestions that you've been able to include in the updates as it really made me feel how important our actions were.

As far as the chapter goes, the story has kept up the interest as each update introduced something new to think about. I like the unique premise, the many mysterious concepts it introduced, and I have to commend the variety of character species and personalities that we've witnessed in such a short time span. And even though the atmosphere has been quite heavy/serious, I couldn't help but laugh at the occasional humorous element.

Critique? Perhaps it would be a good idea to put sentences mentioning permanent changes to the character (such as picking up items) in their own lines so that they stand out better (easier to notice in case a person is skimming the text). But other than that, I can't really think of anything in particular. The events seem well-connected and logical, the art is great, the updates have been steady, the pacing is good, suggesting isn't confusing, suggesters have agency, the nsfw parts are there, a Sunny was included (yeah, I noticed it now lol, are there any memes I missed? >_>)... wait, there is one thing. I don't like cliffhangers! But then, no one does hehe.

There's a few specific things that I'm curious about.
The chapter's number is 0 instead of 1. Does this mean it was a prelude? Hmm.
Also, I wonder if the same thing would've happened had we looked at the glyph right away at the start. Probably not since the Old Town is much further away from the Vesper HQ than the Concourse is. Well, it's kinda pointless thinking about it as that would've been a different storyline then.

>a brief hiatus
No. 126419 ID: 10c408

I may have been a bit overly dramatic with my response to the ending of the first thread but A: Penny is still pretty small and we have no idea when the last time she actually had something to eat was and B: using the glyph which we had little to no factual and established information about was still a bad idea and, again, almost resulted in starving to death on a toilet.

(We also have no idea who found us during our glyph induced coma, odds are likely it was the tentacles twins but it could have been someone else entirely, like the janitorial staff sweeping the concourse and finding us after several hours had passed.)
No. 126420 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think the glyph was malicious.
Either it didn't work right due to something weird going on with Penny, or it did what it was supposed to do but we didn't do it in a good spot. It's possible it was intended to put the user into a deep sleep until the Vesper group can go find them, but we did it somewhere the Vesper group couldn't reach in time(either because Customs didn't let them through, or the incident broke the door so they couldn't get in). In that case what was intended to be a temporary nap turned into a permanent one, until Penny woke herself up.
No. 126422 ID: 10c408

We won't know for certain if it was either us that caused a problem with the glyph or if the one we had was faulty in some manner, not until the new thread starts.

And as for as maliciousness goes... Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If the glyph is suppose to render a person unconscious to ease retrieval efforts, then I wonder what the actual ratio of successful retrieval missions is like given the giant city destroying things, the freemen and whatever the heck the itch does to a person.
No. 126424 ID: 7efe6b

>until the Vesper group can go find them
But how would they find us? You see, I don't believe that a glyph can act as a beacon. If sending signals was possible, then that would mean any two-way communication would be possible. In that case, we could just talk to Vesper directly and receive instructions. No need for any blackouts.

>If the glyph is suppose to render a person unconscious to ease retrieval efforts
I find very little merit in the idea that the glyph disconnected us from our body just for the sake of putting us to sleep. In that case, a simple written message to stay still would've done the job. As you explained, forcing someone to stay still wouldn't really be a safe solution.

Let me present my theory.

In >>/questarch/887433 we notice that a guy uses a gadget to have the girl stand. This implies that control over motor functions is something well-researched and common in this quest. It's probably used to easily transport bodies around.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

I'm about 90% certain that the glyph took control of our body to move it to where we needed to go. An autopilot. It needed to disconnect us so that it could move us around.
Perhaps it also had the ability to talk with people, that is, maybe Vesper has a contract with the authorities which would allow Vesper-piloted bodies to pass the customs and/or arrange transport to the Red Shelf.

>it did what it was supposed to do
It did. It brought us to a certain location and then shut off. And then we were moved to a room where we would rest until we could wake up.

At least that's one theory. A bit different theory is that it tried to pass the customs where it was stopped, and we were simply taken to a hospital.
No. 126425 ID: 10c408

If the glyph allows for vesper personnel to remote control our body and move it along, then there's a new slew of problems with the glyph

A: how is this even legal
b: Why did it take three days to move us to wherever they needed to go
C: what gives them the right to bodyjack us and how did they even get us through customs
D: they couldn't grab any kind of food along the way
E: Did it even work properly?
and finally, F: if it did work properly, it still amounts to kidnapping and thus we should not associate ourselves with a group that has legal grounds to do this kind of shit.
No. 126426 ID: 10c408

Also, adding "do you see where I'm going with this" after listing an example to support your theory is INCREDIBLY rude and demeaning.
No. 126428 ID: 7efe6b

>how is this even legal
I guess the same way that moving a patient to a hospital is. Assuming it's legal at all.
>Why did it take three days to move us to wherever they needed to go
It probably didn't. I think the autopilot did its job fast, and then we slept for 3 days.
>what gives them the right to bodyjack us and how did they even get us through customs
Same as A. And we don't know if we passed the customs. Maybe Vesper has certain privileges. Or maybe we were simply redirected to the Red Shelf.
>they couldn't grab any kind of food along the way
I guess we weren't hungry back then.
>Did it even work properly?
We don't know. It's something we'll have to ask.
>it still amounts to kidnapping
Yeah, it's a pretty unconventional way to help someone. The way I see it is like this. Vesper pulled us to safety. Sure, getting pulled isn't nice as it's something done without our consent. But I would rather that they pull us to safety than get crushed by a falling boulder. So the way I understand it is that sometimes, if you want to help someone, you have to do it without their consent and this is what Vesper did in this case. No one was harmed and we even got an important clue during our time out.

>rude and demeaning
I'm sorry if that statement sounded rude. I did not write it with any such intentions or feelings at all. It was a rhetorical question akin to "You know?", "Understand?", "Right?".
No. 126433 ID: 02a0f7

I just think this is a cute protagonist and an interesting setting and want to watch her hang out and explore. Just 2 cents.
No. 126437 ID: 891b91

Just a quick update, since it's been a week since I posted >>126343 -- The first update of the new thread has been written, and I'm in the process of drawing the panels now. I'm hoping to have it finished and posted either tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you for the kind words! I'm happy that people have been enjoying the quest so much.

>I really liked the sheer amount of suggestions that you've been able to include in the updates as it really made me feel how important our actions were.
Suggester agency has been a major focus of mine throughout the quest, so I'm happy to hear that it's paying off. I figure that it's best to try to include as many suggestions as possible, even if some of them just get mentioned only as something Penny considers and then decides against.

>Perhaps it would be a good idea to put sentences mentioning permanent changes to the character (such as picking up items) in their own lines so that they stand out better (easier to notice in case a person is skimming the text).
This is a great idea, considering that there seemed to be some confusion regarding Penny's items during the first thread, particularly the vial and empty jar. Most likely I'll include a recap at the end of relevant updates, where I'll explicitly list inventory changes, etc.

>a Sunny was included (yeah, I noticed it now lol, are there any memes I missed? >_>)
Yeah, that panel had several cameos of characters belonging to friends of mine, including Sunny; as well as a cameo from a character of mine that may appear as a main character in another quest I might run in the future. Someone picked up on it late in Chapter 0, actually, but it had been so long since the update in question that I decided against responding to it.

Thank you!
No. 126469 ID: 7efe6b

Hmm, is that a painting of the Red Shelf in the background? The shape seems to fit. It implies that we're with Vesper now.

>Yesterday was a blur.
I guess the hunger was such a minor issue (and easily dealt with by eating some food) that it wasn't even mentioned. This is pretty much what I expected.

>sometimes it feels like they find you familiar in some way.
It's unusual that so many people are visiting us in the first place since none of them should know us personally. I think the most likely reason is the fact that they're Vesper and most of them went through the same thing that we did.

>your possessions are missing
Something to ask her about. Of course, I think more important questions should be asked first, such as who she is, where are we and what exactly happened.

I can't really guess what opportunity they're talking about. Probably something political. Still, it implies that Vesper is an active organization which does more than just help the recovering taffa syndrome sufferers. This is also supported by the article we previously read which mentions Vesper's comments on a law.

My first impressions of this guy would be that he's a very serious person. Focusing less on the sentimentalities and more on the business side of Vesper. That's probably why he's not too fond of us as helping us might be perceived as a financial inconvenience. I'd expect his views not to be shared by the majority of Vesper members tho since we've seen that many people chose to welcome us at the infirmary. Alternatively, he might simply be jealous hehe.

>a compact, dimly-lit room
A very decadent-looking room. The fact that she's wearing a robe implies that she feels very comfortable being in this room and it's likely that this is her private apartment.

>fyura sabiha
The unknown words that she uses seem to be used by all the Vesper's members. As for why she's using them, I'm not sure. Perhaps they have unique meanings, or it might be to improve the familial sense between the people. Or perhaps these words have something to do with dust. In any case, from the context in which they're used, I can guess pretty well what they mean.

>her robes
The top part of her robe implies... that my first question for her is going to be what's her breast size :x
No. 126471 ID: 7efe6b

>these guys are throwing up a lot of mafia flags
Interesting. Can you elaborate on which flags exactly do you see and where in the quest they appear?
No. 126483 ID: 7efe6b

There's one thing that I missed here. The symbols on the carpet... they seem meaningful. Especially the sun-moon one, since it also appears on the door. It might represent the shape of our world.
No. 126507 ID: 891b91

In light of some stuff that happened recently in regards to another artist's work, I'd like to make it clear that I'm fine with it if people create and post edits or other modifications to my quest panels, art, etc. (Just try to let me know about it, because I'd like to see it!) My only stipulation is that I would prefer that nobody tries to make money off of my work without getting my permission beforehand.
No. 126524 ID: e95cec

Hey, I noticed a thing!

may have been on the money; look in the crosswalk in
It's the protagonist from Aux Oculo! And this image was posted 16 days before Aux Oculo started!
No. 126525 ID: e95cec

Uhh. I know how to use the questdis, definitely.

No. 126526 ID: e95cec

Ok. That was a lie. I have no idea how questdis works. Those are supposed to be links to the guy who posted "half of those characters are real OCs", and to the post of all the people on the crosswalk. How do I link posts from /quest/, if not either of the ways I tried?
No. 126528 ID: 05ff2f

Once a quest goes in the archive, you gotta use 'questarch' instead of 'quest' when creating new inter-board >> links. Like so:

Also, through mysterious board magic, already existing inter-board >> links to /quest/ posts will still link to the correct post in /questarch/ when the quest is archived. For example, the /quest/ links farther up this thread.
No. 126533 ID: e95cec

Ah, I see. Thanks
No. 126546 ID: 891b91

Just a heads up: the next update probably won't be out until sometime Saturday or Sunday, at the earliest. I had hoped to get it done earlier, but my free time has been pretty limited lately, between school and family obligations.

Yep, that's Sunny alright! naileD mentioned it in >>126417 as well. Channel3 is a friend of mine, so I wanted to throw a Sunny cameo in there for shits and giggles.
No. 126759 ID: 891b91

Sorry for the wait; things got really busy for me at school again. I'll be done for the term as soon as I finish my final this week, though, and soon after I'll finally draw the next update.
No. 126760 ID: b70ae2

Thanks for the info. Good luck with the final!
No. 126859 ID: 891b91
File 154501386418.png - (103.34KB , 371x602 , pennyclaus.png )

Class is finally finished for the term, so I plan on getting the next update out within the next couple days. I'm officially on vacation now, and my hope is that I'll be able to keep up a more frequent update schedule during the coming weeks.

Thanks! I feel like I did pretty well.
No. 127196 ID: fd3369

Cider said she'd be a couple minutes, but that was last year.
(Obligatory New Year jokes are obligatory.)

Okay, serious time.

This quest has been awesome so far. I love mysteries, and this is a brilliant example of how one should unfold. Our protagonist is amnesiac, not uncommon for the sake of mysteries, but the way you've used this to introduce a deep lore universe is well thought out.

The art is pretty swish as well, I love the contrast between the almost neon pallet, and the way it's used to portray a decaying environment. I'm generally not a fan of the color-tint art, but I've caught myself several times just staring at the pictures, transfixed by the beautiful colors and unbelievable detail.

I'm ranting. Point is, this quest is great. My sincere thanks and applause.

Keep doing what you're doing, dude.
No. 127219 ID: eceda8

Any word from teegee lately?
No. 127220 ID: c2508b

This is information I require as well. perhaps he is mearly tied up in post holiday shenaniging. Speculation however, is just that. As I have a severe deficit of information pertaining to our elusive author.

I call to you, tgchan! Anons, regulars, and quest authors, I behest you; find teegee's whereabouts!

(Perhaps it's milk-carton-missing-poster time.)
No. 127244 ID: 6ebee4

The only thing we can do is patiently await teegee's return
No. 127249 ID: d0b835

Totally. I just meant more like, if he's been suggesting on other quests or if he's been talking on IRC that would be confirmation that he's alive. Not that I doubt he is, but the illuminati could have gotten to him by now. You never know when they'll strike.

Until then, I'll wait as long as it takes. This quest is worth it.
No. 127303 ID: 891b91

Don't worry, I'm still around! So sorry about taking so long both to update the quest and to post in this thread. Holiday stuff ended up taking up much more time than I expected, and aside from that I just kind of let time get away from me -- I don't really have an excuse for it aside from getting lazy due to being on vacation. (I also had a lot of trouble early on with writing the update -- I just couldn't get it to a state I was happy with at first.) In retrospect, I probably should have just given myself a longer break between the first and second threads.

As I write this, I've got two panels out of six finished, while the third is partially colored and the rest are fully sketched, so I don't think it's going to take me too much longer to get it done and posted.

One of my worries with this quest was the possibility of leaning too hard on the amnesia trope, so I'm glad to hear that it doesn't seem too contrived. I don't think it'd be spoiling much to say that Penny's amnesia and the implications surrounding it will be a major theme of the quest, and my hope is that upcoming events will prompt some pretty interesting questions.

Admittedly the color tinting has become a bit of a crutch (color filters are a cheap way of forcing a bunch of colors into a more cohesive palette), but I do intend to use it for thematic purposes as well. I'm glad the attention to detail has paid off, too!

>Point is, this quest is great. My sincere thanks and applause.
Thank you! I'm really happy that people have enjoyed it so much.

Thank you for your patience! It won't be much longer now, I think.
No. 127314 ID: 73866c

Im glad to see youre good and well. Welcome back :)

I'll reread the previous updates to refresh my memory and find anything we might have missed before the new update.
No. 127331 ID: 725bd3

Yo man, that's cool. I definitely don't mean to rush you, I just wanted to make sure you were still doing the quest.

I always have this fear that a quest auther will disappear without a trace forever, and I'll never know what happened. I've seen it before.

I'll wait as long as it takes, and I urge you to take your time, there's no rush.

Just wanted to confirm the quest wasn't dead, and now I've got my affirmation.
No. 127356 ID: ebd50b

>The room is furnished with a sense of careful economy
Well, nothing controversial here.

>cooking implements
So she can cook, huh? Maybe we should ask her for a sample.

>"Just fixing some tea for us"
That's nice. Good thing we didn't catch her doing something inappropriate, like changing clothes. Or perhaps it's a shame we didn't~

>"make yourself at home!"
I'd be glad to stay here with her hah. I kinda doubt she takes tenants tho.

>this place is at the top of a hill.
We saw the wall-painting of what seems to be the Red Shelf at the beginning of the chapter. So then this must be the top building here. Which seems like a logical place for the Vesper's leaders to reside at.

>thinking the wrong thing
If they could read our minds, they would've already done so when we were knocked out. So it seems unreasonable to be worrying about this now.

>a hologram
Heh, looks like Cider gained a bit of weight since the time this picture was taken. Quite a bit indeed. And if she was already that busty back then... damn.

>Matteo, who stands rigidly off to the side
The fact that he's on the picture at all is interesting because it means he does consider himself a part of this group. And a very loyal member too considering how old this picture seems to be.

Hmm, is that one of your kobolds in the back?

>a subtle, pungent undertone that you can't quite place, something that's been there or has built up there for a long time now.
Ahahaha, I can guess what that is

>you nearly throw the pillow across the room out of panic
We must've been absorbed in the pillow too much, eh?

>a nice pot of tea!
I'm inclined to suggest we spill the tea all over ourselves. Would definitely lead to some intriguing developments heh.

>wide, girthy hips; a pear-like figure ending in a round rump; and a heavy bosom that fills out the top half of her attire.

>You feel a brief twinge of envy as you reflexively compare them to your own modest assets.
I'm afraid Penny's gonna have a tough time competing with Cider in that department. But hey, no one can compete with Penny's floppy ears!

>"I like to meet one-on-one with newcomers"
I'm surprised she finds the time for this. I suppose another question that I would ask her would be how often do they get new people and if that's changed over the years.

>"Ask me whatever you'd like -- nothing is off-limits."
"Is Matteo still a virgin?"
But yeah, I think she may regret saying this hehe.

>"I understand if you'd rather not ask anything right now"
I'm not sure why wouldn't we want to ask anything. I mean, this is pretty much the best time to be asking questions, since this person is fully aware of our condition, and has the will and patience to answer them.

>"Once you become a Jarmu, you'll be ready to reintegrate with the outside world."
I wonder if this means that we can't leave the Red Shelf until we become a Jarmu. Because I'm sure that a lot of suggesters would object to that. I suppose one way to solve that would be to allow us to leave, but to bring an escort with us. Or provide some other sort of protection.

I'd rather just call her mom :p

Well, this update certainly took a while. Man, drawing these elaborate backgrounds is gonna kill ya. Are you sure you're still spending more time writing than drawing? I know I'm repeating myself, but I still think you should try to simplify your updating process to the point where you don't spend more than a couple of hours per update.
No. 127382 ID: 891b91

>Hmm, is that one of your kobolds in the back?
Well, it's not like I wasn't going to throw in at least one kobold-like character... "Kobold-like" is definitely the way to put it, though, within the context of Dead Dust's universe.

>Ahahaha, I can guess what that is

>I wonder if this means that we can't leave the Red Shelf until we become a Jarmu. Because I'm sure that a lot of suggesters would object to that.
I agree, if that happened I think it'd be too much railroading without justification. Rest assured that there are options for getting Penny out of this situation, albeit each with their own limitations and consequences. (Of course, consequences really only stand to make things more interesting, from a narrative perspective.)

>Well, this update certainly took a while. Man, drawing these elaborate backgrounds is gonna kill ya. Are you sure you're still spending more time writing than drawing? I know I'm repeating myself, but I still think you should try to simplify your updating process to the point where you don't spend more than a couple of hours per update.
Like I said in a previous post, most of the time I took was due to getting carried away with other stuff while I was on vacation and simply losing track of time. I get that it seems like the art takes longer than I say it does, but the writing really is the longest part; this is mostly due to the fact that I'm rarely satisfied with the first or second draft of an update's text, and I often end up doing a full rewrite, once I've got a better grasp on how I want to structure the update's narrative. In terms of the art alone, the most time-consuming part is character design, rather than backgrounds (which are usually pretty quick for me to make); for example, the 3rd panel of the most recent update was the most time-consuming one, since I had to iterate on all of those characters' designs until I was happy with them (aside from Cider and Matteo, anyway).

>a couple of hours per update
I wish I could get to that point (because I could update very frequently that way), but even with completely streamlined art I'd still be bottlenecked by the writing. Most of the work in that regard involves figuring exactly what is going to happen in an update: which suggestions Penny will act out and the order they'll take place, how other characters will respond to her, etc.
No. 127383 ID: 78dbfb

teegee likes peepee hahaha
van wuz heer
i should actually read this with how much free time i have
No. 127384 ID: 864e49

I only now do I notice Sunny from Aux Oculo.
Dammit Total Garbage what other secrets are you hiding!
No. 127391 ID: 78dbfb
File 154839827573.png - (19.10KB , 389x441 , isador-bust.png )

you may notice this lad in there
he's mine
No. 127392 ID: 891b91

Yeah there are a number of cameos in there, haha
No. 127393 ID: 891b91

Oh, and some other secrets (that don't pertain to the quest's plot in any way) lurk in that panel as well
No. 127401 ID: 864e49

Yeah I see him, looks very surprised.

Don't know why but I swear I've seen the rabbit looking chick with the Big tits stripped shirt and the two goblins(?) before somewhere.
No. 127403 ID: 78dbfb
File 154848583535.png - (8.23KB , 219x394 , isador1.png )

If you're wondering, his name is Isador.
it's not often i get to say anything about him online
No. 127404 ID: 864e49

He dosen't look very much like a door :y
No. 127405 ID: 78dbfb
File 154848773606.png - (37.22KB , 500x552 , angery_isador_2.png )

I haven't heard that joke in years jesus christ
No. 127406 ID: 891b91
File 154848845097.png - (357.75KB , 1222x1470 , isadoor.png )

I disagree
No. 127407 ID: 78dbfb

i'm very disappointed in you son
No. 127519 ID: df1b0b
File 154914349061.jpg - (76.84KB , 1024x1024 , image.jpg )

By Auldin, Penny is the cutest protagonist on TG. I am elated every time we get a close up.

I don't know what the design and concept process was, but something went very right.

(Also, what drug induced fever dream led you to make a flat chested female on TG, Teegee? It's almost like you're trying to have a narrative drivin story!)
No. 127535 ID: 05ebc7

I need to get back into this quest. Very interesting.

Fuckin' Happy Happiest Cult shit right here. I ain't about it, chief.
No. 127564 ID: eeb7d9

Hey! Flat chests are cool! They are perfectly fine in TG, if you ask me.
No. 127607 ID: 7f3520

Oh no, I absolutely agree. I was just making a joke about how, like, 79% of tg females have huge boobs. And how suggesters are often pushing for female characters to get larger boobs whenever possible. (*Cough cough* Venji.)

I appreciate greatly Penny's lack of bust. And I will continually vote against her gaining more boob.

It's not that I have a problem with some, eh, well endowed characters. And in less serious quests, it doesn't bother me at all. It's just that it gets a little old when virtually all the girls on tg look like fifty percent of their body weight is hanging from their chest.

When the extreme becomes the mundane, the mundane becomes the extreme.
No. 127609 ID: eeb7d9

I could not agree more. I don't specifically remember a quest where females got their boobs bigger, but i don't find it strange. I don't find it strange to see desportioned breasts. So it is a fine change of senary when girls have small/normal sizes boobs.
No. 127611 ID: 20aff4

You know, I suspect there are better things to talk about in a quest's discussion thread than the bust size of the main character and others.

PS: All of Dead Dust's characters have very good designs.
No. 127674 ID: 10c408

Does "enhance knockers" ring a bell?

Anyways. teegee. Your handling of the hufflepuff reference in the latest update is hilarious and well thought out. Kudos.
No. 127703 ID: 891b91
File 154984559402.png - (610.28KB , 1440x1082 , penny_concepts.png )

Thank you, I'm glad you like her so much!

>design and concept process
From what I remember, designing Penny was a pretty organic process. I just kinda put pen to paper (or, rather, stylus to screen) and started doodling. I think at the time I knew I wanted the protagonist to be diminutive and a bit androgynous, as a sort of visual reflection of the powerlessness and confusion of her predicament, so that's definitely a more intentional aspect of her design, but aside from that I mostly doodled the design and refined it until it felt right. There's definitely some subconscious influence from the kobolds I've drawn, too, particularly in the tail.

(Here, have an early concept image I drew last April.)

>(Also, what drug induced fever dream led you to make a flat chested female on TG, Teegee? It's almost like you're trying to have a narrative drivin story!)
Honestly, it was just another decision that just happened organically. I don't think I even was considering tgchan's tendency towards well-endowed female characters -- it just kind of worked out this way. Variety is the spice of life, anyway, so I find myself inclined towards trying to mix up characters' body proportions.

>Hey! Flat chests are cool! They are perfectly fine in TG, if you ask me.
>I appreciate greatly Penny's lack of bust.
I agree! I appreciate pretty much any bust size, but I think Penny's sub-a cup endowments add to her cuteness.

>You know, I suspect there are better things to talk about in a quest's discussion thread than the bust size of the main character and others.
Probably, but I'm happy with bust size discussion so long as it doesn't detract from more serious discussion about the quest's plot, etc.

>PS: All of Dead Dust's characters have very good designs.
Thank you, that's really encouraging to hear!
No. 127704 ID: 891b91
File 154984578756.png - (1.04MB , 2981x3406 , penny-enhance_knockers.png )

>Does "enhance knockers" ring a bell?
Well, knocker enhancement is definitely a possibility in Dead Dust's universe... but just don't overdo it! (pic related, doodled this for laughs a while back)

Seriously though, increasing Penny's bust size is a definite possibility, if she ever gains access to the means to do so -- but it would absolutely take an overwhelming majority of votes to make it happen.

>Anyways. teegee. Your handling of the hufflepuff reference in the latest update is hilarious and well thought out. Kudos.
Thanks, I'm glad it went over well! Also, I don't want to spoil anything, but I didn't go for it solely for the sake of comedic relief.
No. 127705 ID: 891b91
File 154984588834.png - (172.76KB , 1000x1068 , penny-breakfast.png )

Also, I happened across some non-canon doodles that I drew a while back and forgot about, so I figure I might as well dump them here now.
No. 127706 ID: 891b91
File 154984594269.png - (331.37KB , 1015x1330 , penny-facial.png )

No. 127707 ID: 891b91
File 154984598615.png - (265.35KB , 1011x1394 , penny-preggo-confusion.png )

No. 127708 ID: 891b91
File 154984607825.png - (270.85KB , 1024x1024 , tiddy.png )

A mildly lewd edit of a panel from Chapter 0.
No. 127709 ID: 891b91
File 154984627354.png - (227.57KB , 668x1110 , penny-dontlook.png )

And finally, a doodle I did as part of a pose/gesture practice session.

(Full disclosure -- the pose is heavily referenced from an image drawn by Siroc: https://www.furaffinity.net/full/25814813/ )
No. 127711 ID: bad12e

Just popping in to say this is my favorite quest and I look forward to each update.

Penny is too precious~
No. 127712 ID: 891b91

Thank you, that's an enormous compliment! I'm really happy you're getting so much enjoyment out of this quest -- I find it really rewarding, not to mention motivating, to hear stuff like that.
No. 127715 ID: e51896

ENF Penny is best Penny.
No. 127717 ID: 891b91

Considering that I've just started a new quest alongside this one (Arzfayz Amazing Adventure Quest -- but let's call it 3AQ for short), I'd like to head off any concerns people might have about how it'll impact this quest. I've thought about it quite a bit -- whether I can manage running two quests at once, whether a new quest is likely to affect my interest in working on Dead Dust, etc., and I've come to the conclusion that it isn't going to harm this quest.

First of all, I'm going to follow a strict policy of putting this quest first; so if it turns out that I'm wrong and I can't handle running two quests at once, I've already decided that Dead Dust will continue and 3AQ will put on the back burner. Secondly, I've designed 3AQ to mesh well with DD. I put a significant amount of time into the writing and artwork for this quest -- that's especially true for the writing, since DD's story is very important to me and I try very hard to get the writing "right". (In retrospect, this is the main reason why I had a large delay at the end of last year -- I had writer's block and had to let things sit for a while.) 3AQ, on the other hand, is deliberately designed to be "easier": it's more light-hearted and open-ended, and so I expect the writing won't be so time-consuming; and I'm deliberately going with simpler art overall to keep the time spent drawing low. Additionally, I don't foresee myself becoming so enamored with 3AQ that I lose interest in DD, because I've got a ton of stuff in store for DD that I'm very excited to get to.

I suppose this raises the question of why I decided to do this. I suppose the biggest reason is that I've been itching to run an explicitly lewd quest -- while lewdness is certainly a welcome possibility in DD, it's also not the main focus of the quest and I refuse to allow it to compromise the plot. Having something like 3AQ lets me have that fun without running the risk of harming the quest, since the entire point of the quest is to explore the sexual misadventures of a goofy kobold girl. Also, I feel like 3AQ will be nice for those periods where I have writer's block and need to let the ideas congeal in my head for a few days before I get back to work on DD.

Anyway, I hope that answers any questions/concerns anyone might have, but if it doesn't, I'd be happy to discuss it further.

No. 127724 ID: 864e49

How do you make your gifs, also why.
No. 127728 ID: 891b91

It's a pretty simple process. After I finish the character line art, I trace over it loosely on a couple new layers, resulting in 3 frames of animation. Then I just export the whole thing as a PSD, load it up in Photoshop, and set it up to display each frame for 0.2 sec.

As for why, it's not just a stylistic choice -- there is a point to it that pertains pretty deeply to the quest's plot, setting, and backstory. At this point in the story, I don't think I've introduced enough clues for anybody to have a reasonable chance at figuring out what the animation is supposed to mean, but that'll definitely change in the future.
No. 127749 ID: 864e49

You crafty bugger you.
No. 127813 ID: 891b91
File 155031433981.png - (233.51KB , 1800x1252 , penny-triglyceride.png )

A warm-up doodle today ended up turning into a chunky version of Penny.
No. 127815 ID: 556568

big chonk
No. 127871 ID: 9a89ed

Just saw the update. I'm wondering if the next update we will get to customize what Penny wears like some of the other quests does.

Loving these non-canon pics of Penny. Thanks.
No. 127873 ID: 891b91

That's the plan for an upcoming update, yeah -- assuming more people vote for the wardrobe change than against it, of course. It'll be the typical sort of paper doll stuff you see in quests, although I plan on providing a bunch of pre-made options so that people who don't want to draw their suggestions can participate too. Most likely I'll ask suggesters to come up with 4-5 outfits so that there can be a bit of variety in Penny's wardrobe.

>Loving these non-canon pics of Penny. Thanks.
Glad you like them!
No. 127876 ID: 05ebc7

So I'm thinking, actually, that we could go about this another way if we REALLY wanted to risk it for the biscuit.

Simply put, they tend to get newbies in on a semi-regular basis, right? 'A few weeks' is still pretty often if that pattern holds. I'm wondering if maybe we can't extrapolate on that 'bring others with us' idea, and instead try to do our best to extend our influence among as many people here as possible. Try to do favors, keep our ears to the ground, get people indebted to us in non-monetary ways.

If we keep things subtle and entirely voluntary (with maybe the odd circumstance here and there to convince people of our goodwill) we could de-facto run this place!

This idea was brought forth by the idea of Mob Boss Penny just popping up in my head.
No. 127884 ID: 158da5

That's great! Having options is really cool, since I can't draw at all.
No. 127885 ID: 7969eb
File 155054611673.png - (675.38KB , 1478x1051 , unknown.png )

No. 127887 ID: 891b91

this is now canon ok maybe not really
No. 127946 ID: 05ebc7

So, the fact that everything is "free" is definitely something worth looking into. They seem to have some sort of influence, so they might be financed by someone of importance, as well as some other ventures. And if we can get IN on those ventures, then we'll be in an excellent position.
No. 128189 ID: 773e32

There was a big argument here about sexuality and sluts and slut shaming and stuff that wildly degenerated from quest suggestions into personal attacks.
This hit both the quest thread and the questdis thread.
If you wish to continue having this discussion I have carefully and delicately extracted the posts from both the quest and questdis thread and thrown them into the cesspit they belong, the Big Dumb Arguments thread on general. I'm not linking it because it doesn't deserve linking.
Consider this a warning to all parties involved in the argument, and if someone decides to dredge the argument back up or fire off any parting shots, they're getting more than a warning.

Friendly reminder that if your suggestion in a quest is starting to turn into an argument directed to another suggester about their personal moral or ethical code, you are getting far too off track of what a quest is supposed to be. There's not that a fine line between trying to point out why someone's suggestion is in error based on facts of a quest setting and trying to point out that someone's suggestion is bad because you're bad and you should feel bad.

Thank you to the two people who did actually clear the air between them before I hoisted the argument out of this thread, but you were not the only part of the problem.
I still moved your posts, though, because without context they make no sense and clutter up the disthread.
No. 128208 ID: eceda8

So, uh, I missed the argument when it happened, but I'm sorry to hear that it happened. It can be incredibly off-putting to an author to see people arguing over their work in a bad way - I hope that you're doing okay after all this, teegee.
No. 128209 ID: e51896

While I (and most likely others) despise arguments as they can be quite a downer to everyone and it is a shame when it happens, we can at least know that this means that there are people who really care about this quest enough to argue over it.

That said, You have some very passionate fans for your quest, Teegee. Keep being awesome with what you're doing.
No. 128215 ID: 891b91

First of all, thank you to Cirr for stepping in and handling the situation.

>It can be incredibly off-putting to an author to see people arguing over their work in a bad way - I hope that you're doing okay after all this, teegee.
I'm doing fine, but I appreciate the concern. I wasn't put off by it, since I accept that this is the internet and fights are going to happen from time to time, but I do worry a bit that they could drive people away from the quest if they happen often enough.

>we can at least know that this means that there are people who really care about this quest enough to argue over it.
This is how I prefer to look at it. While the argument was partially about semantics, I don't think the people involved would have said anything at all if they weren't personally invested in this quest.

>You have some very passionate fans for your quest, Teegee.
I agree, and I'm grateful for all of you. (This includes anyone who was involved in the fight; it's over now and I don't hold it against them.) I find the continued enthusiasm for this quest really motivating, and it's frankly the greatest compliment I can receive as a quest author.

>Keep being awesome with what you're doing.
Thank you, I'll do my best!
No. 128349 ID: 05ebc7

I'm loving this mystery and hope we can do some really cool things later. I've got some ideas and hopes for Penny's future.
No. 128354 ID: 891b91

I'm glad you're enjoying it so much!

>I've got some ideas and hopes for Penny's future.
I'd love to read them, if you're willing to share them.
No. 128370 ID: 05ebc7

I mean, it really depends on the players, but basically I'm hoping we can learn how the Vesper Society ticks, and perhaps we can eventually integrate ourselves into the system in a way that allows us relative autonomy without anyone realizing it- something like building up favors from a lot of individuals by doing this and thats for them. We'd need to keep everyone at an emotional arm's length while making them feel special, use their eventual trust in us AND the positives that they get from our doings in order to build clout and influence.

I like the idea that eventually we could become a 'hidden power' like figure in the Society, and basically instead of escape the Vesper Society, we turn it to our advantage and use its resources to accomplish our goals, even beyond our search for our identity. We would have to make sure everything can be interpreted in a clearly positive light, and we'd have to keep Cider in the dark, or at least unable to retaliate in a way that DOESN'T make her look bad. We can essentially usurp power right from under our nose if we play everything right.

If unable to do that, then we just escape this Happy House Cult as intended and I'll have to rethink things from there. My main point is really that it seems like the Vesper Society has tools we can use if we're careful.

I'm kinda obsessed with the idea of Penny becoming this mafia-like figure by the end of it all and I really want to fight to make it happen.
No. 128381 ID: 8d23f0

finally got around to reading this quest today and I got to say its really really good. well done on world building, art, writing, and moving along at a very reasonable pace which some quests get bogged down in the details.
it was also funny to see my other nickname as one of the name suggestions "Pwaffle"
I am looking forwards to seeing how Mint shakes out and Rosalyn is incredibly cute and I adore her.
No. 128397 ID: 891b91

Thank you! I'm happy to hear that the pacing is good, since that's one of the things I worry about the most -- balancing between not rushing things and not going too slowly.
No. 128455 ID: 891b91

>mafia boss Penny
I think this is a pretty cool idea! I shouldn't say too much about it, but if most suggesters want Penny to pursue that strategy, I won't block it from happening. (Whether Penny would succeed at it is another matter, but as with any strategies for her to improve her position in life, I would try to make it a fair challenge with balanced chances of success and failure.)

I should add, too, that it's only one of a variety of possible ways forward, and that I want the choice of how to proceed to be left up to suggesters whenever possible.

On an unrelated note, I think this is probably a good time to mention that it's starting to get later in the semester for me, and so I'm going to be getting a bit busier with coursework. If possible I'm going to try to maintain my current pace of 1-2 updates per week, but depending on how things go with class, things may slow down. Also, given that it's happened twice before, I'd say there's a possibility of another month-long hiatus towards the end of the semester, although I'm going to try to avoid it if I can. This time around I'll try to be a bit more communicative about it if I find I do need more time for school.
No. 128458 ID: 42c2a3

My brain reads 'Chits' like shits, so I actually had to take a break from reading for a moment to let my mind process out all the terrible jokes that come from my mispronunciation.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this new 'mods' revelation. I am now imagining Penny with a ton of military-grade augmentations. Greater mobility, reflex boost, targeting solutions programmed straight into her brain, software to aid in social interaction, a navigation system. Oh the possibilities are endless.

I thank you, Teegee, for this plentiful food for thought.
No. 128459 ID: 42c2a3

Don't worry about it, take as much time to do what needs to be done as you want.

If there's another month long hiatus? So be it, I'll still be here to read and suggest whenever you update. A quest like this is worth waiting for.
No. 128464 ID: 05ebc7

Been a hot minute since I've had to deal with school... How far in are you?
No. 128471 ID: 891b91

>My brain reads 'Chits' like shits, so I actually had to take a break from reading for a moment to let my mind process out all the terrible jokes that come from my mispronunciation.
It's cool, who gives a chit anyway ;)

>Oh the possibilities are endless.
Quite, as are the implications.

>A quest like this is worth waiting for.
Thank you, I'm glad you think so!

I'm in my first year of grad school. (Still feels weird to say I'm done with undergrad, but it is what it is.)
No. 128620 ID: bcc41d

Y'know, I didn't really think that checking whether the dates as listed were 'correct' compared to one another was going to lead anywhere, but here we are. Deviant dates discovered!

Hella kudos on some sneaky-ass worldbuilding there, teegee.
No. 129055 ID: 891b91
File 155486755987.png - (2.41MB , 2048x3848 , 1-011-paperdolls-2048.png )

Higher-res pre-made outfits, for anyone who wants to edit them.
No. 129056 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like I should recognize some of these.
No. 129058 ID: 05ebc7

I want to draw a custom piece, but I don't much have the tools available right now. But at least one of those looks familiar...
No. 129059 ID: 864e49

Man I wish had and could use any image editing software.

Cause I have this idea of starting with the pink one-piece from D then the pants from C and the boots either from E or C, then maybe the sleeveless waist coat from C either done up or not, then the jacket from E not closed with the belt replaced by the one from D, then either the gloves from E or C and then finally the glasses from C.

I can see it in my head but it may be to punk for this setting.
No. 129060 ID: 891b91
File 155489803215.jpg - (108.04KB , 975x850 , transmetropolian_yeah.jpg )

>Hella kudos on some sneaky-ass worldbuilding there, teegee.

Well, A through F are all based on clothing suggestions made earlier in the quest, so they might be recognizable that way. (Granted, I think Roz's singlet was suggested only as an excuse for bluffing Roz, but I couldn't resist.) The glasses in C are a reference to Transmetropolitan, although I drew them from memory so I got the design reversed.

Anything else you might recognize in the outfits wasn't intentional on my part, though.

Which one, out of curiosity?

>image editing software
A few free options off the top of my head are Krita, Paint.net, and Gimp. Doesn't solve the "could use" part outside of experimentation, but they're all viable options.

>I can see it in my head but it may be to punk for this setting.
Nah, I don't think it would be. Wearing three layers (one-piece, waistcoat/vest, jacket) seems to border on excessive, but I'd still allow it if enough people voted on it. It's looking like I'm going to have an additional round of voting due to the number of custom suggestions, so feel free to post your suggestion in the quest thread.
No. 129061 ID: 11f0db

>It's looking like I'm going to have an additional round of voting due to the number of custom suggestions,

That Sounds like a fair idea, especially since some people are posting their own paper doll designs after other people already voted and there might be more submissions late into the voting. Some of the designs people are making so far are pretty neat after all.
No. 129071 ID: 891b91

Exactly, I want to give the newer designs a fair chance. Depending on how things shake out, I might do a third round of voting too. Ideally, I'd like to end up with four clear winners.
No. 129075 ID: 5bdd53

Looks like B will be a winning outfit, maybe. Modern casual clothing. How old are these clothes?
No. 129076 ID: 05ebc7

G. Feels almost too specific.
No. 129077 ID: 891b91

That sounds like a question for Roz!

Nope, G was completely off the top of my head, so any resemblance wasn't intentional on my part.
No. 129078 ID: e51896
File 155495465791.jpg - (149.96KB , 562x913 , shirt.jpg )

Of course, you can't have a paper doll creation design without this classic tgchan running gag showing up sooner or later. It is expected at this point in these sort of moments. Sorry. (posting it here because it's a silly meme).

Joking aside, I'm hoping more people will make more clothing designs using the paper doll model.

It seems like there are plenty of interests in having our character go around nude for the rest of the day. Not complaining, though I wonder what will give her that idea after she had previously been uncomfortable with being in her b-day suit around others? unless maybe it will happen involuntarily if that choice wins?
No. 129082 ID: 05ebc7

It's a law, no worries.
No. 129083 ID: b1e749

cant wait for this "hilarious classic gag" to not be a thing anymore
No. 129084 ID: 891b91

No worries, it's expected at this point!

>It seems like there are plenty of interests in having our character go around nude for the rest of the day. Not complaining, though I wonder what will give her that idea after she had previously been uncomfortable with being in her b-day suit around others? unless maybe it will happen involuntarily if that choice wins?
If it wins, I'll most likely have Roz prod Penny one last time towards embracing nudism, prompting Penny to have a "you know what, fuck it" moment and realize that deep down she kind of likes it (which is in line with occasional suggestions that have been made throughout the quest.) It'll also solidify Penny's attitude towards nudity: if she ends up going naked now, she'll be more daring and adventurous about it in the future; but if she doesn't, then she'll be more reluctant to get naked outside of normal, appropriate situations. It'll still be possible to change her mind, but it'll take a very large consensus to do so, along with a plausible reason for it.

That being said, I should have anticipated how polarizing the nudity vote would be, but I didn't. To account for that, and for a couple other reasons I'll get into later, I plan on balancing things out in the second round of voting by turning the nudity vote into a simple majority vote. (Also, I had said earlier that there might be a third round of voting, but now I'm pretty sure there won't be.)
No. 129090 ID: 2202fb

So I was bored and decided to catch up on the dis thread.

After reading this, i feel like having the internal nudity outcomes would be better, but actually going nude would have bad social repercussions later. I propose a compromise(and given how i am one person, this is a suggestion to you rather than a vote choice since the majority wont even know it exists let alone vote for it).

So you do the final push thing, Penny does the fuckit response but then stops when she thinks about how it would probably hurt her socially at present.

I kind of thought of something similar when i posted my neutrality vote, but after reading your post, i figured i would expand on it.

(if i dont make sense, ask and i can try and elaborate on my idea)
No. 129115 ID: c2daab

Can someone explain me this meme? I'm pretty new so i don't understand it, at all.
No. 129117 ID: e51896


Hopes this helps explain
No. 129254 ID: e51896

I'm glad to know that Mint was laughing a bit during the dress-up. it shows she is showing some signs of opening up and is not totally withdrawn and getting a little more comfortable being around us. I feel like I want to protecc her. For the time being, if we want to maintain our friendship with her, I think we shouldn't pressure her into doing what she isn't comfortable with and give her space until she is ready to be a little more social. Though, it would be cool if she does decide to follow us for the tour, but only if it is by her own choice alone without anyone influencing her to come with.
That said, once she is a little more courageous and ready, one goal I would like to achieve is to ask her about the nightmares Roz mentioned she had. If I remember, Penny had a dream too. Maybe we can talk to her about the building Penny saw in her coma-fueled dream, as well as those lights she saw as well. Maybe by some crazy coincidence, Mint may have had a similar experience and saw that building in her dreams as well which may jog some of our memories. Who knows? For now, we'll continue to try to become her friend.

Also, been meaning to give my thanks. It might not seem like much, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the hoodie design I created was one of the four clothing options chosen. It was cool to see it drawn in your art style too, and to know that a decent amount of people liked the design. I think that inspired me a little more to be a bit more creative and perhaps make my own quest at some point (just gotta find the motivation to do so, especially after being burnt out from work).
No. 129350 ID: b5d6fa

Something that I noticed, but I don't think many people have brought up, so correct me if I'm wrong:

People in the Vesper Society have government positions in Red Shelf, right? So wouldn't that mean that the VS has particular influence in the local government? I've been wondering if they really DO run things behind the scenes and just put up an interesting front. Red Shelf apparently is by size and economy a smaller area, but considering what they do, I have to imagine that the right people in the right places could lead it to have a disproportionate level of influence and power.
No. 129395 ID: 891b91

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this! You're welcome, and thank you for participating in it! I was glad to see so many suggestions for outfits, too, since it made the whole process more interesting. If you decide you'd like to start your own quest, I say go for it -- it's a lot of fun, if also a lot of work!

I don't think I can comment much on your thoughts about Mint, but I do agree that trying to find out more about her situation would be a good idea.

I can't comment much on this either, but I think you might find it fruitful to pursue this line of thought within the quest itself -- there are many paths Penny can take at this point, and investigating Vesper's power and influence is one of them.
No. 129409 ID: b5d6fa

Oh, I have every intention of trying to do so.
No. 129455 ID: b5d6fa

So, uh, teegee, I hope you can pardon the impertinence, but what's up with your new quest? Is it intended to be short? I'm supremely worried about Dead Dust with you taking up a third quest all of a sudden. Your drawing is detailed enough that it takes some weeks for a single entry- per quest. A third being worked on at that similar level of quality...
No. 129456 ID: 891b91

No worries, it's a legitimate concern and I'm glad you decided to ask about it. I expect the new quest will be shorter than Dead Dust, but that's largely a guess on my part. Given the amount of detail I put into my quests' art, I see how it would give the impression that the delays between updates are largely due to that detail. (You aren't the first person who has had that impression, either.) That really isn't the case, however; most of the time I start and complete the art for a given update in a single evening. For example, the project files for the most recent Dead Dust update were created on May 10, the same day that I posted the update.

That raises the question of what actually causes these delays, and I think it's due to several factors. First, I find writing updates takes more time than drawing them; it's fairly common that I will revise major portions of an update, or even rewrite it entirely, multiple times before I'm satisfied with it. Sometimes I have to sleep on it a night or two before I figure out the right way to write an update, so that adds to the amount of time as well. Another cause is various distractions in my life -- some of which are necessary and others which are just other things I do during my free time. Additionally, I suffer from intermittent back problems as a result of an old gym injury, and over the past month or so it's limited the amount of time I can comfortably spend working at my desk. Thankfully, it seems to be clearing up now, so I should be able to work on my quests more frequently.

All of that only serves to explain the delays, though, so that alone probably won't do a lot to assuage your concerns. I've been thinking about how to get my rate of updates closer to where it used to be -- keep in mind that, at Dead Dust's outset, I was updating the quest on a near-daily (!) basis. (I probably won't ever go back to updating every day, though, because doing that ate up pretty much all of my free time at the time.) Up until now I've been trying to alternate between Dead Dust and AAA Quest, so as to give each "equal" focus, which has inadvertently compounded delays. For example, if I'm taking a while to finish writing a Dead Dust update, that would delay progress on the next Arzfayz update, and vice versa. Alternating quests, then, seems like it's doing more harm than good, so I'm going to stop doing that. Instead, if I encounter writer's block, I'll just set that quest aside for the night and work on a different one. Hopefully that'll cut back on the delays and mitigate any additional delays caused by adding a third quest.

That being said, if I find that I'm having significant trouble maintaining three quests at once, I'll simply put Flora on hiatus and return to it later. Same goes for Arzfayz; if handling even two becomes too much for me, I'll put it on hiatus as well, and work on Dead Dust alone until it's finished.
No. 129459 ID: b5d6fa

Cool, I appreciate the candidness! Makes me feel better about it, really. Although just to say, if you're maybe having issues deciding on what to write, maybe look into the possibility of beta readers if you haven't? I don't use them myself, but I hear they can work wonders as far as revising writing.
No. 129466 ID: 83ea0c

I volunteer my services as a beta reader/editor. I used to do a bit of editing work, so I'm fairly confident I could help clean up drafts without messing with your style.

Not saying you need it, Teegee, your quests always have wonderful writing. But perhaps I could help expedite the proofreading process. Just an offer.
No. 129470 ID: a27a13

dude, taking up new quests and abandoning the old is a time-honored tradition!
(teegee don't do that please, it's terrible)
No. 129472 ID: 891b91

Taking on a beta reader or two could be pretty helpful, actually -- not so much for proofreading per se, but for critiquing content. Most of my indecision when writing is a result of trying to write updates that feel believable and have good pacing, both of which require me to think about it in terms of how the audience will perceive it. Having someone I can go to with a draft update would let me do a bit of A-B testing when I'm unsure of which direction to take a particular update.

Thank you for offer! Keep in mind, though, that one of the most common revisions I make when writing updates is to split the events of one update into several when I decide that too much is happening without suggesters' input. It's pretty much a given that you'll end up getting spoiled on some future updates at some point. If you're cool with that, then I think I'd like to give it a shot at least on a trial basis. Are you on Discord?

When I started Dead Dust a year ago (hard to believe the first anniversary is almost upon us!), I promised myself that I would never abandon it nor any quest I started after it, unless some extreme circumstance arises that requires me to do so. If I ever feel like one of my quests is going poorly and there's no way to salvage it, I'm going to at least try to find a way to wrap things up quickly. I don't think that'll ever be an issue with Dead Dust, though -- I have a bunch of really cool/interesting events planned out for Penny to bump into. I'm pretty excited about all of it, actually.
No. 129473 ID: b1b4f3

>I promised myself that I would never abandon it nor any quest I started after it
You're the best.
No. 129475 ID: 7ff895

I don't actually have a Discord. I know, practically living in the Stone Age. Been meaning to get one, but divine intervention keeps getting in the way. I'll try to get one soon, but until then do you mind Email? That's pretty much the extent of communication methods I use. If it's not too much a bother my username is a link. Pardon the inconvenience.

And as for the other point you brought up, I promise not to make any sort of meta suggestion, or reveal any information regarding future updates to the audience, you have my word, sworn and binding.
No. 129476 ID: f8b1f2

I just caught up with the story, i was hoping for the F outfit with the leather jacket from B

though i am pleased with the results <3

I can't wait to see future updates and will totally keep an eye on things!
No. 129483 ID: f3310b

Hmm, now where was I with my reviews... ah, it looks like I have a little bit of writing to do.

>a form of rehabilitation
Yeah, this matches the info that we got from the evacuation kiosk. In other words, she's not trying to deceive us about what Vesper is.

>You were covered with a strange, red powder
How does she know this! Well, the logical explanation is, of course, that this is exactly what everyone else went through. And her assumption would be correct. Either that or they simply found some dust on our suit.

>take control of your body and deliver you here
Ah, it feels so good when my predictions turn out to be perfectly on point. So the glyph did exactly what it was designed to do.

>Penny, we know you have taffa syndrome
Lying to people who're only trying to help us doesn't seem like a good way to start a relationship. We're lucky that they're used to people like us, otherwise we'd probably be in trouble.

>the glyphs only work on people suffering from the syndrome
I guess this would be another good "I told you so!" moment hehe.

Heh, that grumpy expression on Penny. She really needs to loosen up a bit.

>It's never taken more than a couple of hours for newcomers to wake up
The way medical personnel before were reacting certainly implied that something like this was the case.

>there is something unusual about your dust's structure
A clue is given. What do I think about it? Well... how the structure of our dust came to be is hard to guess, but perhaps what we drank may not be what we believe it to be.

>it does help make counterfeiting a bit more trouble than it's worth, for them.
Indeed, it would be quite easy for the authorities to use a counterfeit glyph on a bait to catch the fish.

>and be compensated for your work
Something tells me we ain't gonna be getting rich. In fact, they might not even use money at all and the compensation would take a different form.

>it takes between two and five years
As far as I'm concerned, it takes one update with a time skip~
No. 129485 ID: f3310b
File 155847411543.png - (686.92KB , 562x800 , kroy-vons.png )

>You're lucky that you haven't touched your tea
Boo, it was probably some really good tea. Should get some of them kroy-vons to go with it next time.

>artifically-constructed memories
Well, this is probably one of the things that the memory salons are there for. But, geez, the fact that this is possible really complicates things. Now we'll always wonder if the person before us has real or fake memories. And could they even tell if their fake memories were fake? Are they telling us the truth or do they simply believe in something due to their fake memories? Too many implications :P This is why I think memory alteration isn't the best concept to include in a universe.

>We are legally obligated to keep you here
I actually love this little fact presented here. Because the fact that they're a government-supported organization means it's highly unlikely that they're doing anything illegal or that they are a cult.

>there's no outward indication that she suspects your lie at all
She really is a great actor, isn't she? It only makes me love her more haha. But yeah, with all the resistance we put up, I'd be very surprised if she didn't suspect us. Well, or she's just not worried about it. Because in either case, they're ready to catch us if we tried to escape.

>just a sliver of your past self's memory that wasn't wiped out completely
[x] Doubt

>you'll be given a day or two
Sounds like a chapter or two hehe.

>those that invited you
I bet that Matteo's dar (probably Ormi) doesn't take anyone new.

>tomorrow we'll have some invitations for you
Whatever invitations they may be, the suggesters will choose one of them. In other words, it's highly likely that they won't wait for any other invitations after the ones we initially receive.

I thought about going into what I would consider the pros and cons of joining each of the dars, but writing all of that out seems largely unnecessary since we'll be getting to see them in more detail in the future anyway.

Pff, at least someone's excited to see us. Finally some good fucking food warm reception! Does she bite? :x
Hmm, that's some interesting clothes she's wearing. I certainly wonder what's the purpose of her belt.
Also, I can't help but notice how Cider's size is showing...

>Polenta's waiting
Haha, Polenta! I can't believe you chose that name! You see, I eat polenta about once per week - it's a popular side dish here. However, polenta is quite a rare dish, only common in a few small countries in the world. So yeah, an interesting coincidence.

>my door is always open -- well, figuratively speaking
I'm not sure if those last three words made things better or worse :P

>feel free to stop by anytime
Ah, I hope we get to see her again soon. Such a warm person.

>a bit tighter than you'd prefer
Looks comfy to me~ Besides, I can't see how getting used to soft, tight places would be a bad thing for Penny.

(image shopped so people don't get any ideas)
No. 129486 ID: f3310b

>drastic times call for drastic measures
Could be worse I suppose. At least we're not stuck between her legs!

>They're remarkably soft
I can imagine Penny might get some more fun time with those in the future hehe

>eliciting a loud squeal from Rosalyn
A weakness! Now we know how to deal with her!

>friendliest welcome
So she considers a stranger playing with her breasts as a friendly gesture.
I can't help but grin at the implications this entails.

>your room
Room paperdoll when? Just kidding. Some things are probably better left out of suggester's hands.

>I really, really can't help it
It's fine. She should be free to act like herself! *nods*

>the last time we had newcomers was maybe a few weeks ago
So this means they get a new person about once per week. Basically, they're getting new people all the time. I was expecting it to be more like once per month, because if it's this often, it's actually quite concerning. It means that the taffa syndrome is quite a large problem. Another question is, is the problem getting bigger, or worse.

>I saw them being led onto a ship later on
Oh, that's new. In that update (>>/questarch/889585) it wasn't mentioned that there were any bodies from that starting room being led into the ship. This changes a few things, because now it may become important to find out who that ship belonged to. I mean, if that ship belonged to a reputable ward, exposing the fact that they're doing illegal body trading could provide us with leverage to get some... favors.

The room looks nice. But based on the fact that it only contains beds and drawers, it looks like it's primarily used for sleeping. In other words, it would seem that it's normal for people to spend most of their time outside, working, socializing, entertaining, etc., before coming home to rest. Or perhaps this is only the case with sigarzghars.

I feel sorry looking at this secluded girl. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's any direct way we can help her. Should we be pushy to get her to socialize? Or should we just keep back and hope she opens up to us? I can't really say.

>put together a wardrobe
A whole wardrobe? I guess that's better than a single paperdoll, tho I wonder if the extra sets of clothes will ever really be used.

Other than that... have we always been this small compared to Roz?
No. 129487 ID: f3310b

>Sports bras
Don't be silly. Just look at the size of those huge things that Penny's been flopping around! Do they even make support for those?!

Anyway, I'd prefer no bra but, *shrug*, not missing much anyway :P

>It's all charity
Hmm. So this means that Penny can... eat as much as she wants without needing to pay! Alright, take us to the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet!

>cheerfully yanks the zipper down
Haha, thank god someone's here to help Penny stop acting like a prude.

Overall a very funny update, especially the art.
No. 129488 ID: f3310b

Oh, this is actually the first time we get to see Penny's fangs. I guess to see how they compare to Roz. Well, it looks like Penny won't be using those to scare anyone.

>I hardly even know you
Pff, Penny's clearly misunderstanding how relationships in this universe go. I mean, when someone unzips your jumpsuit, you're practically already married! So what's this stuff about taking things slow and dinner?

>We'll go at your pace.
While we may not be getting a strip show, it just may be one from Penny's perspective heh.

>I'm too tired to care about seeing naked people...
She's gonna regret her decision someday!

>Roz's clothing hits the floor, defying your expectations.
Oh dear. It looks like Penny found the wrong person to mess around with. And right when she finally found some confidence too. How unfortunate is that? Surely no one could see this coming ;)

Best development haha
No. 129489 ID: f3310b

>I can't say I was expecting you'd actually do it.
She wasn't expecting a person who's fine with casual breastplay to be fine with casual nudity? Eh, anyone could make that mistake.

>Never try to bluff a nudist
I mean, that's one way to find out that she's a nudist. A pretty good way hehe.

>attempt to save your dignity
Well, there's Penny in almost all her glory.

>then you can get dressed again if you want.
I like those last 3 words.

>modifying it into something a little less drab
Yeah, this jumpsuit could definitely make some pretty useful clothes, ones good to get down and dirty in, but then it probably wouldn't be useful for its original purpose anymore. Not that we'd want to use it for that anyway; we don't even know what it was.

>Fashion's kinda my thing
It's interesting how she's a nudist, but at the same time she likes fashion.

>leaving yourself fully exposed
Well, there's Penny in all her glory.
But really, it's great to see that she's extremely cute especially even in her canon nudity and I'm loving every moment of it hehe. She's gonna have people swooning over her in no time!

On the other hand, Roz is smokin' hot herself, with her fluff (not) covering all the right places~

>the sight
This sight fulfills my soul. I'm ashamed to say that lewd stuff in quests is one of my preferences.

>it's a little early on for you to worry about saving yourself for anyone
I concur. While making friends is all fine and dandy, I feel that it would be too arbitrary to immediately claim any character as "the one". Also, it may all be a joke now, but as time passes, people will get more and more attached to their favorite characters while having more prejudice against any new character.

>I'm into girls
Similarly, I don't think it makes sense for Penny to decide on her sexuality from one single experience. A completely innocent experience at that. Not that I object to her liking girls, I'm entirely fine with that, but the whole point of being at Vesper is for her to discover herself. There's not much discovery if you stop after climbing the first hill heh. Personally, I'd vote for straight or bi, altho it looks like the straight ship has already sailed~

>There's some text printed across it
If Penny's been wearing a Delaney work suit, it can mean one of three things. That she found or borrowed the suit, that she used to work at Delaney, or that she's still supposed to be working there.
In all three cases, the suit should definitely be returned to Delaney where it can be analyzed and possibly determine who the owner was. Assuming they don't recognize us right away. So we may get some important clues, either about our own past life, or the other person that wore it.
No. 129490 ID: f3310b

>stuffing a breast deeper into her suit
Good thing Penny's never going to have issues like that!

I was wrong! So it turns out that modding doesn't refer to body modding, but dust modding. In that case, it's possible that a dustbender isn't the right tool to use for body swapping either, and that theory of mine may also be incorrect. Hmm, I'll have to revise my theories on what may have happened to Moira.

>if they can do it
That's a big if! Because I suspect that any larger change to the dust would run the risk of damaging it. In fact, the hint about Penny's dust structure being different plays an important role here. It implies that, just like with the glyph, modding of our dust may have unforseen consequences. It may cause modding of our dust to be easier. Or it may just flat out kill us. So I'm a bit reluctant to try it.

>they'll program a bender and zap you
But what if we brought our own bender? I know. It's probably the programming that's expensive, not the 'bender usage.

>500 chits
500?! That's absurd! Considering we don't have a single chit on us, one could say that that is infinitely expensive~ But yeah, no idea how much money that is. Would need a comparison with a monthly wage or something too see how much of an investment that would be.

>There isn't much danger of that
I wouldn't be too sure. All it would take is a couple of steps back~

>you doubt you'll be thinking of him while in the throes of self-passion
Hey, don't dis Matteo! He's the sexiest nerd so far and as far as Penny's concerned, he's the only male that exists in Vesper! I'm joking but, heh, a funny thought. What if the proportion of males that survive raw taffa isn't the same as females? And it's something skewed like, 10:90? Or 90:10?
Anyway, what would Penny be thinking of then? That's a good question. No, don't do it. Don't actually have suggesters vote on this - it would cause too much conflict early on. Better to just give Penny some porn to look at heh.

>I think some body mods are grafted on
So you're saying... Penny with a huge dong is possible... D:
>I really don't think you need it, though
What? Why wouldn't Penny want to drag a 3ft shlong behind her?!

>We all are
>That just raises more questions
...yeah. Questions like, is Penny the only one that believes humans look different? Normally, the word human would refer to a species, but perhaps here the word simply refers to being sentient. It's also possible that human here could be a reference to all the species at the same time, that is, there is no differentiation between species at all, however that's a bit less likely due to the fact that we have (probably) encountered at least one other species reference - the plasmodians.

>you aren't convinced by Vesper's whole "you are a new person, let your old life go" ethos
Cider said that "they offer an opportunity", which doesn't sound like anyone's forced to forget their past life, so I don't think they would actively prevent us from trying to do what we want. As long as we provide logical reasoning and not make it sound like an obsession.

Theory time. Vesper has a lot of experience with taffa syndrome sufferers, so they obviously dealt with people who were obsessed with their qabels before. If such people would turn out fine, then there wouldn't be any issues, and they wouldn't really care. But this likely wasn't the case. I suspect that something terrible may have happened to people who were obsessed with their qabels. With terrible I mean, severe mental disorders, or even disintegration of their dust. And this is why Vesper would truly wish for people to forget their qabels. Not because of arbitrary ethics, but to protect them.

>Nothing else, right?
"Cross my heart."
[later on the holo with Quincy]
"So where's the partyyyyy"

>Just need a username

>You're new here, right?
So is she!

>Do you feel like there's something... wrong with this place?
Now that Penny found someone even flatter than her, not anymore!

It's strange how she became more talkative as soon as Roz left. As if she distrusts her. I suppose this means that her reclusiveness is at least partially a result of her perception of the people around her, and not just due to her nightmares. In fact, she may have a completely normal and social personality otherwise.
No. 129491 ID: f3310b

>They're pretty culty
No, that's probably just her trying to act friendly / agreeable towards Penny. She has no memories and she's only been here a couple of days, so how would she know what culty is? That makes no sense.

>You aren't fuzzy at all
Another clue is given.

It's mysterious how our own perception is different than Mint's. Are Penny's and Mint's perceptions unique? It's entirely possible that various people have various types of perception and that neither is special.
No. 129492 ID: f3310b

Hmm, are there perspective problems in this panel? I'm not sure. Anyway...

>I'm still the only one who can feel it
I'm assuming that she talked to all the prominent people in Vesper and they all told her that no one's ever had an experience similar to her before. In that case, yeah, that's quite weird. And quite a coincidence. Imagine the chance of us meeting a special person like her, and her joining Vesper at a similar time as... no, wait. She's been here for a few days, but we were also here for a few days, except we were... busy in a bed. Which means that Penny and Mint both entered Vesper at the same time? That can't be a coincidence. Something's going on. We'll need to ask Mint about her initial circumstances to see if there's any similarity to ours.
But... if it's Penny and Mint, then there could be another special person as well. If this hypothetical person is not at Vesper, then either they're dead, are stuck somewhere / captured, or they're in a hospital. Fuck. Should we be checking up on hospitals? Cider would most likely know if someone in a hospital somewhere recently rejected Vesper's invitation...

Or something like that :P

>I feel it
Can you feel it? Can you feel.. the rhythm?! Let's dance!

>courteous enough to consider your height and put it all in the bottommost drawer
Haha. Look, Penny is a grown-up girl and she doesn't need hand-outs. She can climb the drawers by herself! With a ladder!

>What if this place... made them that way?
That's a very strange thing to say. Why would she say that? If she thinks this place makes people fuzzy, then why is she fuzzy and we're not when we've both been here the same amount of time? Has she been to some place that doesn't make people fuzzy then?
Something tells me that taking her to the Old City would give us some clues. Altho I don't see this happening anytime soon.

>at long last, underwear!
And then, having gone without it for so long, Penny developed an obsession with underwear.

Hah, I imagine that if the base was animated, you could call it Hard Mode~
No. 129493 ID: f3310b

Bummer, none of my picks passed the first round. I kinda don't like the military-style outfits because, well, we're not in the army and they don't really fit the atmosphere. Nor do I like the male-style clothes because they eliminate what little feminineness Penny has left, which is what was mostly left in the second round.

Man, seeing Penny wear underwear is so weird!

>Dare you to go in the buff
Don't be silly, Penny can't do that on the first day! On the second day however...
No. 129494 ID: f3310b

>we can just meet up again later
Little did Penny know, that this would be the last time she would be seeing Mint...
Kidding. But really, she's Penny's roommate now. They will meet again one way or another.

>It's quiet and empty here
Indeed, I'd expect more people to be out and about.

As always, excellent art!

>Where is everybody?
The thing is, shops need customers. So if there's no people walking around, it means there would be no customers. And the shops wouldn't have anything to do. I suppose it's a part of the day when most people have chores to do, however, I'd still expect these streets to get busy at some point and the place becoming alive.

>It's not like you could've known 'em for long.
She's right. Looking at it like that, there's nothing particularily special about Quincy. However, she's unique in a way that she doesn't belong to Vesper and thus can provide a different perspective on things.

Don't ask how long writing all of this took.
No. 129495 ID: f3310b

>>127703 >>127704 >>127705 >>127706 >>127707 >>127708 >>127709 >>127813
Thanks for sharing, all of these look absolutely awesome!
No. 129498 ID: 891b91

Alright, I sent you a quick message just to get the ball rolling. Thanks for offering to do this!

Glad you're liking it so far!

Thanks for doing all these reviews! It's genuinely helpful to get this sort of in-depth feedback. As always, there's a lot in here I can't say much in response to, lest I spoil my plans for the quest, but I'm going to address what I can.

>Ah, it feels so good when my predictions turn out to be perfectly on point.
Likewise, I like it when suggesters make accurate guesses as to what's really going on -- not that I want it to be trivial to guess, but it's really fun to see you guys pick up on clues and piece things together.

>As far as I'm concerned, it takes one update with a time skip~
That's an interesting idea. If it were to happen, chances are that the Penny we no know would be a significantly different person, having had time for her personality to redevelop as she acquires new memories.

>Bag of kroy-vons picture
Well done, gave me a chuckle.

>And could they even tell if their fake memories were fake?
People at Vesper would say yes, definitely. There's a reason why Vesper's way of doing things has gained legitimacy in recent years -- the constructed memories are mostly factual records, and nothing else. So the patient remembers that an event happened, but it doesn't have the sort of emotional meaning that a genuine memory would have. If you've read Unnatural Selection, it's kind of like what Glitcher went through after Likol's team resurrected him.

>Haha, Polenta! I can't believe you chose that name!
I'm glad you got a kick out of that. At the time, the name just popped into my head and I liked the sound of it, and I thought the idea of having some characters with food-based name was interesting.

>I can't help but grin at the implications this entails.
Anything is possible!

>Other than that... have we always been this small compared to Roz?
That's one of the things I've had some issues with in terms of consistency, although since then I started doing some extra stuff to try to ensure that proportions between characters stay constant.

>Anyway, I'd prefer no bra
Well, as I've said all along I'll allow lewdness (to varying degrees) so long as enough people are pushing for it and if it makes sense within the context of the plot. So if you can come up with a good reason for it, feel free to try to convince everyone else!

>Oh dear. It looks like Penny found the wrong person to mess around with.
If only she'd known about Roz's reputation beforehand! Curious that Cider didn't warn her first.

>I'm ashamed to say that lewd stuff in quests is one of my preferences.
Hey, I wouldn't be allowing it if I didn't like it too!

>Similarly, I don't think it makes sense for Penny to decide on her sexuality from one single experience.
That's true, but on the same token it's not like Penny's going through puberty, she's an adult. She may have lost her memories, but she's emotionally developed enough to be able to quickly accept the reality of it when her body says, "hey, you're physically attracted to this naked person standing in front of you."

>Personally, I'd vote for straight or bi, altho it looks like the straight ship has already sailed~
Clearly Penny just needs some, ahem, exposure to what the male form has to offer before she can be sure whether she's into dudes too.

>Hey, don't dis Matteo! He's the sexiest nerd so far and as far as Penny's concerned, he's the only male that exists in Vesper!
Unfortunately, he's also a big sourpuss and Penny ain't into that!

>Penny with a huge dong is possible... D:
Hypothetically speaking, yes.

>Now that Penny found someone even flatter than her, not anymore!
Perhaps a comparison is in order!

>Hmm, are there perspective problems in this panel? I'm not sure.
Yeah, the perspective didn't really work out the way I'd intended it.

>As always, excellent art!

Glad you like them!
No. 129499 ID: b5d6fa

I have to argue FIERCELY against the idea of such a massive timeskip. It robs us of agency in developing Penny's character, and may cause issues with her characterization that we had no intention of. General short term timeskips are fine (maybe a month at a time, depending on a vote or something), but nothing so large and allowing all that potential plot and personality to just be 'boop' done. That, I think, does disservice to the individuals who are here precisely FOR that purpose- and yes, I'm largely talking about myself.

Then again, naileD, we've always been at loggerheads when it comes to what we most desire out of quests, so this opposition makes sense enough.
No. 129501 ID: 891b91

While I thought it was an interesting idea, a several years-long timeskip would require near-unanimous agreement among suggesters (as well as an opportune point in the quest for it to occur), since it would deviate enormously from my plans for the quest. So it's technically a possibility, but not likely to happen.
No. 129503 ID: f3310b

You need not worry since I wrote that mostly as a joke. Neither I nor teegee have argued in its favor. It was merely a way to explore the possibilities. If you want my opinion on the idea, I personally think it's not a good one either, so we're not at odds here. Altho my reasoning would be more from an objective standpoint, where I believe that such a long time skip would create a large inconsistency in the pacing of the story, it would create plot holes, and it generally wouldn't make sense for Penny's established plans and characteristics.

While we're on the topic of characterization, I'd like to note that I consider imperfect characters as the most realistic. If the suggesters get to have a full hands-on approach to the characterization all the time, they would most likely try to create a perfect character. So there is such a thing as having too much agency.
I'd also like to note that character development is something that is happening in the quest all the time, from beginning to the end. So it's not something that would suddenly be in a short supply.

>we've always been at loggerheads
I'm sorry but, I don't know who you are.
No. 129504 ID: b4b7b2

...okay, fair cop. I remember you from Coxwette so I got paranoid. Sorry about that. Glad we're on the same page.

Also I change names and IPs a lot so yeah. I realized that not long after I posted.
No. 129511 ID: e51896

Y'know, I almost thought that insectoid attendant at the desk of the bath house was an Arthocob, a species from Sarcopholacooda's quests. But looking closer, it looks like he isn't.
But it would not be the first time a cameo appearance from a character or species from another quest appeared, like Sunny lol.
No. 129517 ID: f3310b

The owl. It knows!

I still think that there's nothing particularly unusual about these animals, that is, I don't believe they're spying on us or anything. Actually, there's evidence against it. The foxes that we saw before, when we found them, they were busy with the remains of the body. This means that, until we got there, they had no interest in us at all. And once they figured out that we weren't interesting, they left. If they were spying on us, then we would not have found them the way we did. It would've been more similar to the owl. So yeah, the owl staring at us may be unnerving and it's possible it sees something unusual about us. But that's not the same as spying, which, without any evidence to support it, would be a very paranoid thing to claim.

>You almost ask Roz about it
I don't see how asking her about this would be any worse than asking her about being human. But I suppose we should hold back on the most freaky questions until after we've talked with Quincy. So she doesn't get any second thoughts about helping us heh.

>The owl flies off suddenly
Maybe it thought we were spying on it and it got freaked out ;)

>the bathhouse's down here
Down here? Where's the Olympic-size swimming pool then?

>and doesn't wanna be alone.
I'm confused. Did you mean to write "or wants to be alone"?

>hang a left for the ladies' section
I wonder how he was able to tell that Penny's female.

>Roz's nudist club for weirdos
The question now is, how does this nudist club fit in with this spa.
One possibility is that it doesn't fit at all, and everyone in the spa is required to be covered regardless. So we're not actually voting on whether we want to go nude right now or not. However, that's unlikely considering the guy didn't already mention any such restrictions, nor are there any warning signs about that anywhere.
So it looks like nudity is allowed. However, he's waiting for us to give him our answer first, so that he wouldn't unnecessarily be giving us the rundown on the code of conduct for going au naturel.

>that's cheating
I guess the little corner for the Nudists United in the co-ed isn't anything great, which is why he wouldn't want Penny to get any... inaccurate info heh.

Checking out the room, there's one other thing that may be of interest. On the far left there seems to be a diagram of the layout of this place, which matches the directions he gave us.
We should definitely visit all the rooms of this place. I mean, it's important to be intimately familiar with the exact layout in a case of, cough, an emergency.
No. 129518 ID: 891b91

Nah, not an Arthocob, just an insectman!

>I'm confused. Did you mean to write "or wants to be alone"?
In retrospect I could have worded it better, but Roz is saying that she's gonna do her usual thing (heading straight for the co-ed spa), unless Penny wants Roz to tag along with her to a different part of the bathhouse.

>The question now is, how does this nudist club fit in with this spa.
This is another part I should have written more clearly. The attendant's asking Penny about Roz's "club" as an aside, unrelated to his duties at the bathhouse (which amount to acting as a helper and making sure the bathhouse doesn't exceed its capacity for customers.)
No. 129520 ID: cb6404

Petition to rename our shelf thing "Cider's Home for Wayward Cigar Czars"
No. 129526 ID: e51896

>Nah, not an Arthocob, just an insectman!

Nah, not an insectman, just a human!
just like how a lot of characters in the quest believe and insist that they are human, even though they don't look human, lol ;)

joking aside, that owl, one thing that is unnerving is that while the owl has two left vertical eyes like the foxes, this owl's eyes were pure white with no pupils (maybe even glowing?) while in comparison, the foxes eyes, while also vertical, were at least normal enough to have pupils in comparison. I don't know, even if all wildlife in this world has vertical eyes, something was definitely up with that owl.
No. 129544 ID: 5ba090

Hey I just read this, and it's quite good.
I want to ask something though. There's this quest on the Major Completed Quests page of the wiki called Crowmanticar https://tgchan.org/wiki/Crowmanticar
In it, there's a mist which turns humans into zombies (the undead kind). Some of them kind of recover and regain sentience. Some space whales take these smart zombies and transfer their minds into animal bodies, where their memories eventually end up combining with the animals'.
It's not really *that* similar to Dead Dust but while reading I felt reminded of it, with stuff like everyone thinking they're human. Did you know about this quest at all, or is it just an interesting coincidence?
No. 129577 ID: 891b91

>just a human!

>that owl
No joke, I got a little spooked by that owl while working on that update!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I read part of Crowmanticar years ago, but I don't think I got to the part with the mist. (That sounds pretty interesting though, I really ought to go back and finish reading the whole thing.) Any similarities probably aren't intentional.
No. 129646 ID: 790132

Hasn't been an update for a while, it feels like. Everything okay?
No. 129664 ID: 891b91

Yep, everything's fine! I just got distracted by other stuff for a bit, but now I'm back in the saddle and plan on posting the next update tomorrow (or today, depending on how you look at it).
No. 129665 ID: f8b1f2

I am hyped :3
No. 129695 ID: 891b91
File 156100849326.png - (203.78KB , 848x810 , penny_thanos_swimsuit.png )

No. 129696 ID: e51896

that does put a smile on my face.
No. 129697 ID: b92204

This sent me into hysterics.
No. 129698 ID: c240a7

teegee, please, murdering readers is illegal
No. 129699 ID: f2136e

No. 129700 ID: 864e49

OK, Now this is epic!
No. 129701 ID: 3d1dd5

Oh snap
No. 129931 ID: 891b91

It's been a hot minute since I last updated any of my quests, so I figure I should give a little update. In short, I got pretty busy between schoolwork, family plans for Independence Day, and taking care of a couple medical issues that came up. (Don't worry, it's nothing serious.) Things have calmed down a bit now, though, so I'm hoping to get all 3 quests updated this weekend, assuming I'm able to finish up my schoolwork for the week tomorrow. Starting with next week, I'm going to try my best to get started on a weekly update schedule for my quests where each one gets an update over 3 consecutive days (probably either Wednesday through Friday or Thursday through Saturday). I believe it'll be doable, but if not, then I'll try seeing what my other options could be.
No. 129933 ID: e51896

Thanks for the news. schoolwork is most important and comes first, so we understand if you're pretty busy. Do your best.
No. 129975 ID: bcc41d

Best of luck with it!
No. 130004 ID: b1b4f3

Things didn't go as planned I assume?
No. 130132 ID: 891b91

Yeah, schoolwork ended up taking me longer than I expected.
No. 130221 ID: bddb0f

Not to worry, schoolwork should always take priority.
No. 130268 ID: e51896

Hey, even though you are busy with school, I gotta say thanks for finding time to squeeze in a new page.
No. 130401 ID: 891b91

Thanks, I appreciate the understanding! I've got a month of vacation coming soon-ish, so with any luck my quests should be more active during that time.

No problem, I've been making a concerted effort to try to organize my time better so I can have more time to work on getting updates out. Thank you for reading/suggesting and for your continued patience!
No. 131089 ID: 49e4d4

Alright, so obviously Roz doesn't want us to know, which means it's probably a good idea for us to find out without anyone KNOWING we've found out. I still want to see if we can't manipulate that girl while letting her think she's manipulating us, but we should take precautions before we 'succumb to our curiosity' and inquire in a way that she notices.
No. 131090 ID: b1b4f3

I mean, we CAN just go ask Millie.
No. 131105 ID: 19da47

Is the whole dust concept inspired by his dark material dust?
No. 131119 ID: 502f42

If I remember right (and I probably don’t, it’s been years) the mechanics of the dust in Dead Dust are pretty different from the “Dust” in His Dark Materials series. Can’t really elaborate without spoiling the hell out of that series (not to mention it’s off-topic) but the Dust in Dead Dust seems to be like, I don’t know, a manifestation of the soul (it’s mysterious, in a good way), whereas the Dust in His Dark Materials is more like, ambient magic or something, I don’t know that stuff’s also mysterious. And confusing.

But that’s just my two cents.
No. 131121 ID: 891b91

I’m not familiar with His Dark Materials, so any similarities are completely coincidental, I’m afraid. I don’t completely remember offhand how I came up with the idea for dust, although I do seem to recall that I came up with the name for it after I’d already thought up the concept for what it is. No doubt it’s inspired by several things, but a lot of my inspiration creeps in on a subconscious level, which makes it a bit difficult to pin down what those influences are sometimes.

>the Dust in Dead Dust seems to be like, I don’t know, a manifestation of the soul
I’d say you’re on the right track, but that’s also not the whole picture.
No. 131123 ID: 5a7f1b

I have to wonder, were they meant to come off so very cultish? Because the beginning of chapter one has me put off from them so very, very much. That and it feels like we're being strung along.

Also I can't stop thinking "When's the next update!?!" Because damnit, now I'm emotionally invested in the protagonist.
No. 131128 ID: 49e4d4

Personally, I don't want that question to be answered. Would affect our decisions, and I like the debate going on now.
No. 131131 ID: b28250

And I like the mystery. Lore should be uncovered, not expounded upon.
No. 131133 ID: cb6404


I might be one of the only people in the thread who read all of Cider's stuff and thought, "Yes, I trust this person implicitly with just how much they're revealing." But maybe that's just me.

Also dang, yes, I need more Penny in my life. She is the most adorable little not-a-cutebold and she gives me sustenance.


Agreed here as well. I like that the "dust" is some kind of unknown, and it almost makes sense that coming to terms with it might be part of the whole Vesper Society deal, and information they might not be willing to toss about to those who've messed with Taffa so recently.
No. 131143 ID: 49e4d4

Although I'm glad you agree with us not being handed revelations, I have to insist that it's not the fact that she's telling us stuff, which is useful. It's the fact that she's keeping us against how will, and the way their system is set up, we have no choice in the matter. It's a lack of agency. Yes, they're supposedly legally bound, but it's clear we're a bit more clever than your average cigarztsar. Cider's attitude was so cloying that I can't help but be suspicious of them one way or another.
No. 131145 ID: cb6404


In hindsight ... yeah, you actually make a pretty good point. She was a bit coddling about things, but I suppose I'd read it as Cider being used to weepy / pouty / resistant / whatever ciggies who were probably distraught and in need of guidance.

Who knows.
No. 131146 ID: cb6404

Crazy and 400% Not At All Serious, caffeine-fueled thoughts on the whole affair:

The "medicine vial" is indeed a graphene-complex, that is to say HK-dust and thus potentially a programmed or charged Taffa substance.

We acquired this from that Taunton Microdynamics place by some means and used it to become The Ultimate Cutebold, perhaps illicitly.

Moira was sent to hunt down the missing stuff, because it sounds like any kind of substantial body augmentation is The Big Money and TM was pretty angery about it.

Enraged that our humanity was forever lost to us upon discovering the process irreversible, and that we were being tracked, we killed Moira or otherwise led her into a trap, stole her jumpsuit (remember, only a jacket was found and we were totally commando, so our original clothes no longer fit!) and possibly some chits, and rented a room in a basement to commit ego-suicide because we were totally unappreciative of our Ultimate Cutebold form.

Ergo, upon returning to the surface, does Preston, who is secretly part of a mafia-like organization that was trying to stop Moira, if not tasked with being rid of her, recognize both her image in the business card and our (stolen) jumpsuit, as well as the equipment case, and fear that his own involvement is about to come to light -- hence his reactions and his fearful state. And potentially why a craft came by to figure out who ELSE had just left "O-Town" by way of the evac system and had to go through the renaturalization process.

Because having your ward affinity blanked via a bender -- like the one we had -- would be the perfect disguise!

As for why her body is missing, I don't know, but the funky-eye-critters are also secretly agents of the dust and are indeed attempting to guide us toward something.

No. 131149 ID: 891b91

>I have to wonder, were they meant to come off so very cultish? Because the beginning of chapter one has me put off from them so very, very much. That and it feels like we're being strung along.
As others have said, any real answer I could give to this question would veer too much into spoiler territory and unduly affect suggesters’ decisions. So, all I can really say right now is that it’s up to you (and everyone else) to figure out what Vesper’s moral character is and decide the best course of action based on that.

(That being said, I’d love to answer your question eventually, so keep it in mind for sometime in the future, when it won’t be spoilery to discuss it!)

>Also I can't stop thinking "When's the next update!?!" Because damnit, now I'm emotionally invested in the protagonist.
Right now!

I can’t comment on any of it in detail for obvious reasons, but man do I love reading all this discussion and speculation. (Same goes for the discussion going on in the quest thread recently.) it’s one of my favorite things about running quests, so thank you for posting it!
No. 131150 ID: 015bf2

I've gotta admit that I made an early decision to treat the Vespers as a 'cultish thing' intentionally despite the current low levels of evidence. We've seen suspicious behaviour of precisely one Vesper so far, but nothing that indicates that things are as bad as all that. It's just that it's entirely possible our suspicions are true and validated to some extent and it's much more fun to have Penny sit on that suspicious mindset, especially if it makes her more woke to the situation she's in, for good and bad. Not to mention have her hold a grumpy grudge over her sudden recruitment to the faction when all else was going so swimmingly with her attempt to strike out on her own.

Anyway, really loving the quest, teegee! It's deep enough that on occasion I catch myself rereading parts to brush up on my knowledge of the setting's lore.
No. 131165 ID: 10c408

I'm on the opposite side because we never really asked quincy about them and now that we've woken up on their property, it seems that information is being tightly controlled, on top of some other stuff I find perplexing and shifty.

To wit: A whole parade of people, including the medical staff, came and went to see how we were doing after finally waking up from the coma but not a single one of them said anything about Cinder, or said anything about anything that didn't pertain to ourselves or our coma. (red flag #1)

The entire deal with staying at the vesper society and having a personality grown from scratch is fine on paper, but the execution and even the explanation from cinder has been pretty shifty and the logistical cost alone (red flag #2) on top of the duration (RF #3) just smacks of some kind of exploitation in and of itself (though whether the 'fix' is for free labor or circumventing some statue of limitations we're not aware of remains to be seen)

And then there's millie and her unsubtle pitch to get in her van for information candy. (more red flags!)

As of now, I'm... kinda sure that vesper is on the lighter side of morally grey? If we can take Cinder at her word then we lucked out but if not...
No. 131173 ID: cb6404

This occurred to me a few days back, but I never committed it to a post here:

You know how Mint talks about weird fuzziness to everyone?

I think she has The Itch, or whatever Quincy was talking about. I'd propose we see if Q's One Weird Trick for O-Town Hobos (read: booze) works, maybe as a way to loosen everyone up (Roz included), but ... the girl is a twig, we're a short-stack cutebold, and Roz is amazonian in stature. I don't think it'd work well.

That and we're a bit far, both in time and personality, from a chance to be all, "Hey Roz, let's head back to my place and drink booze with the cute shy girl I literally just met and have a slumber-party!"

(20 points to Dar Balzan)

Back on topic, however, "The Itch" seems to be related to rhythmo-whatevers, and Penny was purportedly the only person to have freaky interactions with the glyph and to not have the same fuzziness as others on Red Shelf. What are the odds that Mint was exposed to a rhythm-shift that mucked with her -- or is otherwise sensitive to it and the effects of Taffa Syndrome on the HK-dust of a person -- and is thus noting how our dust is all funky because of whatever that medicine vial was ...?
No. 131187 ID: 19da47

Honestly i really hope the Vesper organization isn't a evil cult. I kind of like the idea of a organization that goes out of its way to help people recover.
No. 131189 ID: b233f0

I mean... yes, I like that idea too, but it wouldn't be much of a story if it was all gumdrops and sunshine from here. There will likely be good and bad both. We've already stumbled over hints of SECRETS AND LIES.

But hey, if we can root out the truth, maybe the Vespers will become better for it and we can have a proper home base among them. Or at least run off with the good bits.
No. 131190 ID: 49e4d4

Iunno, I'd like the idea of a morally-grey organization (darker grey preferably, but any but the lightest shade is acceptable). It's interesting intrigue that I'd really hope has a good payoff.
No. 131241 ID: 30f4b7

Its less that they're outright *evil*, but more that they're bad for us and we can't do anything about it that I dislike. Penny is basically a prisoner and dispite being told its to help her, the one in charge apparently doesn't care at all about what they think/feel. The Vespers simply don't seem willing to actually act in syxh a way as to be believable or trustworthy. Being nice costs nothing, but they withhold information and give no choice and expect her to be happy qith it. THAT (among the various red flags) is what pushes them from dubious or just weird into being bad. Its also somewhat frustrating, making it feel like we're on rails and unable to affect change. I get that they're meant to be mysterious, but from my viewpoint they just seem bad instead of morally grey or neutral. I mean, is staying/escaping the Vespers meant to be a choice? Because if it is then their shoukd be SOME good side to them.

Also, it seems like Roz may be trying to butter us up so her clan can have us for whatever, which makes me sad. I really liked her at first.
No. 131248 ID: 719f92

I think you're overly paranoid and im in the camp that Vesper is so far misunderstood in a lot of things and is over all a neutral foundation with good intentions that said i still think that there are people in said organization that has nefarious intentions. We should get more information before passing judgment. If they are truly evil then we could always just runaway. Its not like they have us in a prison cell.
No. 131252 ID: 891b91

>Its also somewhat frustrating, making it feel like we're on rails and unable to affect change. I get that they're meant to be mysterious, but from my viewpoint they just seem bad instead of morally grey or neutral. I mean, is staying/escaping the Vespers meant to be a choice? Because if it is then their shoukd be SOME good side to them.

This is a really worthwhile piece of meta-criticism, so I think I should address it. I'm going to do my best to avoid spoiling anything, but just in case I'm going to place my response in spoiler tags.

I don't intend for the quest to feel like it's on rails, but I see your point. I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that I have never planned the quest around Penny following Vesper's plans, since if she did that'd make for a fairly boring quest that fails to hit the major plot points I have in mind. So, to me, it's less of a question of whether Penny will cease to be under Vesper's control, and more a question of how, when, and with whom.

I think a significant part of the feeling of railroading comes from Penny having played things very safe with Vesper. (Granted, that sort of thing is common for tgchan.) While Cider & co. have been unwilling to give Penny what she wants, Penny has gone along with them in the face of their reticence, when she could have been more demanding or defiant. I'm not saying that being compliant was the wrong choice, but it is one that has contributed to this feeling of being trapped. That being said, I can say with complete certainty that Penny will gain significantly more control over her situation, regardless of the path she takes.

No. 131253 ID: 891b91

After discussing this a bit on Discord, I've become convinced that another major cause of the railroaded feeling is due to the relatively slow pace the quest has been moving at. I think it might be best if I change my strategy for running multiple quests from running them concurrently to running them on a chapter-by-chapter basis like Lagotrope tends to do. I think it may be easier for me to keep up a faster pace of updates if I focus on one quest at a time, since I won't have to "switch contexts" all the time, so to speak.

If I go forward with this plan, I'll start by putting Flora and Arzfayz on hiatus until I've got both the current chapter and the next chapter of Dead Dust complete. Then, at that point, I'll focus on either Arzfayz or Flora for a chapter, then the remaining quest for a chapter, then Dead Dust for a chapter, and so on.

Before I bite the bullet, though, I'd like to get everyone's opinion on it, so please let me know what you think and if you'd prefer that I switch off like this as opposed to running them concurrently like I have been.
No. 131254 ID: b1b4f3

Well, it seems like a shame to pause Arzfayz when we're so close to getting her the dick (or at least it seems like we're close) but otherwise yeah it'd be good to focus on Dead Dust.
No. 131255 ID: 9b2d3c

I may just be particularly patient, but I have no beef with the current pacing and haven't felt particularly locked in by the Vesper storyline. This is from someone whose opinion was that we shouldn't have looked at the pamphlet in the first place (it was suspicious and we should've gotten more information or solicited a second opinion), but didn't get a comment in at the time.

I also have an important question: do you enjoy or find it easier running quests concurrently and swapping between them? If so, I don't think there's anything wrong with sticking with that. I'd rather you have a fun quest-making process than more focused updates.

That said, if you were to focus on any one quest then Dead Dust would definitely be my favored pick and I approve of your plans. Not that the other two aren't interesting, I'm just more invested in DD.

Perhaps you could have a 'best of both worlds' where you update Dead Dust 3-4 times for every time you update the others?
No. 131257 ID: 891b91

>I also have an important question: do you enjoy or find it easier running quests concurrently and swapping between them?
Well, on one hand I do feel a little sad about the idea of putting the other quests on the backburner, but on the other I think it'd probably be easier for me to stay focused on upping the pace on Dead Dust if I'm not having to switch to thinking about other quests as much.

>Perhaps you could have a 'best of both worlds' where you update Dead Dust 3-4 times for every time you update the others?
I think this might be a good compromise, especially since as >>131254 pointed out, Arzfayz quest is getting close to some real action. That way the pace in Dead Dust will pick up significantly without sacrificing progress on the other quests entirely.
No. 131259 ID: aaa179

I'll be playing the role of the selfish queste, then:

I'm largely interested in Dead Dust over your other ventures, not that AAA gets no love from me. So having a '3 per 1' kinda style in favor of Dead Dust is most preferable to me, though alternating chapters is acceptable too.
No. 131260 ID: eeb7d9

I kinda got lost on this quest, but if you plan on finishing this thing first, i will stick around and wait for Arzfayz and Flora.
No. 131261 ID: a0dfd2


I'm fine with that, as long as you're comfortable with that change.
No. 131263 ID: 32b5ec

I'd prefer the chapter-by-chapter approach.
No. 131264 ID: 92425d

Sounds good
No. 131285 ID: 1eb1bc

Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do. Total honesty, I like Dead Dust the best; but I know from experience that ignoring passion or inspiration for the sake of consistency or speed is a one-way ticket to burnout. It’s art, the art of storytelling, and like any other art it’s quality is 100% based on the passion behind it. If you’re exited for it, fulfilled by it, than that’s what you should be pursuing. Never treat your art as a product, our input may matter but in the end your preference, your desire, takes precedence.

All your quests are great. But that’s because you can feel the intention and emotion behind every word and every picture. If you’re forcing yourself to do it? It’s just not the same. At the risk of sounding like a cliché for the ages: follow your heart. Art is not about duty or obligation or even what your audience wants; it’s about expression, and that is something you just can’t force. So if passion tells you to write Arzfayz, Dead Dust can wait.

Besides, choosing between your quests is like choosing an Ice-cream flavor: one might be your favorite, but you’re hardly compromising by picking something else.
No. 131289 ID: 891b91

Thanks for your input, everyone -- I think I'll go with a bit of a compromise, for the time being. I'm going to shoot for updating Dead Dust 2-3 times for every time I update Arzfayz and Flora, at least until the next thread of Dead Dust is complete. Once that's done, I might put DD on hiatus until the first threads of Arzfayz and Flora are complete, although I'm not completely decided on that yet.
No. 131300 ID: eb1fcc

I think the chapter approach is the best way to accomplish this, yeah. I like all your quests but arz is the only one I'm able to currently keep up with thanks to time pressure.

It's cool that you juggle so many, but this is very much an update-speed oriented format :6
No. 131305 ID: 15a025

Late to the party, but I'm fine with either plan.
No. 131335 ID: 719d94

Well, dividing your attention between two quests at once... how have you been doing it? It probably is rough to push yourself to switch gears, but if you're jumping back and forth as inspiration strikes you that's a lot more reasonable.

Personally I'm used to quests often having a slow update pace and sometimes undergoing significant hiatuses, so I'm fine whether you decide to break things into chapters, continue running two quests concurrently, or run one quest at a time and switch whenever fancy takes you. Just do what works best for you as the author.

(I suspect that switching gears for extended periods in the middle of chapters would be real frustrating to some readers, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.)
No. 131336 ID: 864e49

First, Discord?

Second, I've always been of the belief that it doesn't matter how slow a quest is so long as it doesn't die.
Quests dying cause the author felt like they had some responsibility to us and/or ended up overburdened is one of the worst things for me.
No. 131342 ID: e5e15e

theres a tgchan discord now.
No. 131356 ID: 845319

Yeah, that would probably be better. Personally I wasn't aware you were doing more than one at once but it makes sense in hindsight. Personally I find that when splitting my attention between multiple things if I don't have sufficient time/progress on each individual thing it makes all of them as a whole slow down. Though honestly I'm only really focused on Dead Dust, even if the others seem nice.

Also, does anyone know where I can find the Discord link?
No. 131357 ID: eba8a7

Here's a link to the post here with the invite link: >>/meep/29292

I'm thinking we could do with a pinned thread with the Discord link, rather than buried in a post in a site suggestion thread in the General Discussion board.
No. 131440 ID: 49e4d4

I have to admit I'm curious why Roz thinks that way. Is it JUST because of Millie? Or do people know more about their pasts than they think? This kind of judgement seems like it's something that's really hard to quantify based on nothing but suppositions and heresay.

They may have been approaching it differently- fully believing that if they were that way, they had to stay that way, as opposed to more of a history/fact finding mission that, like was said, has little to nothing to what they're doing now. Really, it sounds like most of them were scared out of it rather than actually had any measure of success. Perhaps there was a number of Vespers who discovered something about themselves and got obsessed with those small pieces?
No. 131451 ID: a0dfd2


This response is going to contain some pretty heavy shit.

Raw taffa in sufficient quantity is tantamount to suicide. In fact, it might as well be, as we saw for those left completely burned out. Death isn't limited to the loss of life, after all; the complete eradication of the ego, of the self, is a form of death.

The "dead dust" in the title is part of that; the expulsion of this past self due to corruption from taffa, resulting in the blank slate that Penny has become.

Now imagine if you'd attempted to commit suicide, whatever the reason, and "succeeded," only to lose all of your memories -- an identical scenario to what is presumed of Penny and the rest of the Vesper Society. That isn't something someone can easily look on dispassionately, even if it was "their old self." Trauma may be able to be regarded coldly, as objective fact, but when that trauma is your own ... there's a reason that psychiatric professions exist, that people struggle for years (if not their entire lives) to understand what they go through.

Now imagine you've learned every reason why your past self chose to die -- not bodily, but the complete eradication of the self, in what I presume must be the equivalent of making their dust non-recoverable, given hints found throughout the quest.

Even if it wasn't the present "you" who did this, you still chose to take your own life and destroy who you were. That is, like the circumstances which bred it, not something which is easy to accept in any sense. And given what we know of Millie, she could be described as being in a dissociative fugue, a form of psychogenic amnesia -- having experienced such stress in learning her past, that her mind has effectively fragmented and created a new persona -- a new ego -- to protect itself from this knowledge.

In a syndrome that is embodied by the complete loss of identity and subsequent ipseity disturbances ... yes, I would say that learning of what led to your former self's desire for complete and total eradication would be deeply and profoundly disturbing.
No. 131500 ID: 891b91

Just wanted to make a quick progress update -- as you might have guessed, I've been pretty busy lately with schoolwork, since the semester's coming to a close and I have multiple projects due soon. Thankfully it'll be over after another week, so I plan to get back to updating more frequently within the next couple weeks.

Regarding the discussion a month ago about quest pacing and rate of updates, I've decided that I'm going to mostly stick to a schedule of 3 Dead Dust updates, followed by an update each for Arzfayz and Flora. I might tweak it here and there as needed, to account for cases where I want to keep going for another update or two with one quest before switching to another, but most of the time I'm going to mainly focus on keeping the ball rolling with DD. That'll continue until the next Dead Dust thread is complete, at which point I'll reassess things and decide how I want to proceed from there.

As others have said already, you can find me on the QuestDen Discord server. I haven't been very active there lately, though, again because of school.

>Second, I've always been of the belief that it doesn't matter how slow a quest is so long as it doesn't die.
>Quests dying cause the author felt like they had some responsibility to us and/or ended up overburdened is one of the worst things for me.
I agree, and I'm well aware of the pitfalls that come with letting running a quest feel like work rather than fun. I try to keep in mind that I'm doing this for me as much as I'm doing it for the audience, and that it's okay to slow down if I need a break. I am grateful for everybody's patience, though, and I have every intention of seeing these quests through to the end.
No. 131542 ID: 891b91
File 157572214682.png - (298.39KB , 1818x1628 , pennymono.png )

uh oh penny turned into a neumono
No. 131543 ID: cdabe3

Best ending

too bad her boobs didn’t fill out though :P
No. 131544 ID: 015bf2

It is a mystery most profound.
No. 131549 ID: 9e04c9

>Aw yeah, got it all to ourselves
Boo, got a dud. I mean, it's too bad that we don't get to share the enjoyment of being in a spa with other people. Yep.

I wonder what happened to Roz's nudist club then. I thought there would be one here. I guess the bet the receptionist has with Roz then was just in general and unrelated to the spa then.

>the water is cold
Is the water cold, or is it simply Penny's perception that makes it seem this way? Was there someone in this tub before Penny and they wanted to cool down, or was this water just right for them? One thing's for sure. Penny's not Canadian.

Also, nice job on Penny's legs... and the background kobold dong :P

>how much male anatomy appeals to you
It's a bit hard to say how much would fit without trying ;)

But yeah, it feels like bad luck that there's not much male traffic at the spa right now. Then again, there were some people in the shower stalls earlier, so I think it's just a matter of time before someone comes along.

>having to resort to staring at some dude's body from across the room
Hey, better than nothing!

>You wonder if she'd even care if she noticed
With how her hair always covers her eyes, we can't really tell. Assuming she has eyes, of course.
Hmm. Surely Roz wouldn't intentionally cover her eyes like that, would she? So that she could spot people staring at her without them knowing that she's looking back? It's... plausible lol
And then it's just a matter of Roz asking Penny if she wants a go.

Anyway, as always, nice job on Roz's assets! It's pretty funny seeing Penny staring embarrassed.

>you could probably go back there
Probably. If enough pervs besides me voted for it. Or if there was a good opportunity for it.

>something just seems wrong about your whole situation
It's hard to tell but yeah, we did get a couple of clues about it in our interactions with Mint (fuzziness) and Roz (humans). However, I don't think pressing Roz further about it would be a good idea at this time.

>She went lookin' for answers off-shelf
What I wonder here is if what Millie did is something that's allowed in the Vesper society. I did have a theory about the dangers of seeking your past self (>>129490), but if Millie really did that and it didn't kill her, then maybe this ethos of Vesper isn't that important to uphold. Still, I feel that before we go digging in our own past, it's crucial that we learn what happened to Millie first. I mean, it's entirely possible that what changed Millie has little or nothing to do with her own past, in which case the dangers of having your dust damaged by this act remains. Or perhaps Millie is simply lucky to have survived.

>I just don't wanna lose another friend
Roz definitely doesn't want Penny digging into her own past and it seems Millie is the reason for this. But I wonder if Millie is the only reason for it. I think that Roz knows more, but feels that telling us about Millie would be enough to persuade us

Anyway, let's hope the heat from the spa doesn't cause Penny to accidentally pass out hehe.
No. 131552 ID: b521ed

>Penny turned into a Neumono.
Ultimate life-form achieved.
No. 131560 ID: 891b91
File 157579597606.png - (543.99KB , 2221x2104 , neumonoroz.png )

Roz makes a surprisingly good neumono, I think
No. 131577 ID: a0dfd2


Thank you for this. It made my day.
No. 131607 ID: 336cc0

Alright, so we know to keep the topic of Millie (and the outside in general) away from Roz. I wonder just how many people will be attending this festival. Maybe we can put in a subtle inquiry or two about our Delaney, although it'd have to be careful. We should also try to be less obvious about our inquiries, otherwise I'm sure people are goong to talk to higher ups and result in us being watched closely.

I'm SO in this for the intrigue and story as opposed to the lewd that I'm a bit worried the latter will distract from the former, but I trust teegee.
No. 131613 ID: 891b91

If anything, the former is probably going to distract from the latter, in the medium-to-long term. For the most part, anyway.
No. 131614 ID: 864e49

No. 131639 ID: 16955b

I just hope you don't skip parts when it comes to sex or extremely lewd stuff.
No. 131641 ID: 9e04c9

>wonder if it could happen to more people I care about
So she didn't know that this could happen? I wonder if that's because she's not a Quatra yet and she's inexperienced on these matters, or it's genuinely a rare event.

>It's like I don't even know her anymore.
Considering body-swapping is possible, could it be that it's actually someone else in Millicent's body? Nah, any dust scan would've revealed that, so I think the chance of this is extremely low. Either something happened to her dust or her memories.

>He's naked, of course
Like everyone else that we've seen in this bathhouse so far. What kind of a bathhouse is this...

>he's kinda got a nice butt.
The behind's important yes, but we can't be sure until she sees the front as well. Still, I like the fact that she's not averted.

>Oh. That's his... his thingy, isn't it.
Penny really wishes she had one of those now, doesn't she?

>You tear your gaze away
Some tasks are harder than others.

>kicking idly through the water
Is this really only water?

>we kinda handle everything with entertainment 'n art 'n stuff around here.
Being all srs bzns all the time, Penny doesn't strike me as an entertainer hehe

>the fair
I wonder what's the purpose of this fair. I'd guess it's mostly to raise money for the shelf, but who knows what sort of things go on behind closed doors.

>it's the only time we actually let outsiders on the shelf
It makes sense that, like any hospital, outside visitors would only be allowed in provisionally. What's interesting to note here is that Vesper actually owns the whole shelf.

>some people come just 'cuz they're curious.
Curious to see Roz's assets heh
No. 131660 ID: a0dfd2


>Vesper owns Red Shelf

You know, I'd not put much thought into it, but now I'm rather curious quite HOW this came to be. Is it a set-aside, some kind of government arrangement to keep all the taffa syndrome sufferers (I think we should call them "taffies") cordoned off -- especially considering the approved use of the sigil? Or do Cider and her counterparts have access to impressive means that haven't yet been revealed?


I think you've got the right of it; Roz doesn't yet have all the information, but she knows enough people to begin piecing things together -- at least inside her own Dar. So what she knows is that Millie left for a different Dar, delved into her past (perhaps not in that order), and now Millie is Sillie™ and their friendship is in tatters.

In hindsight:

* Roz trying to get us to not follow Millie makes sense, given her emotional attachment to the situation, and her being Roz. I think we can also infer that her present knowledge, position within the Vespers, and her personality would make what she says MUCH more likely to be in-character rather than a Big Red Flag of "don't pursue this" from teegee -- basically giving us something of a choice in what we want to believe, kind of like with Cider.

* I think as well that the holo-tattoo thing might have actually been a silent way for Millie to say "come find me, look for this symbol." Perhaps there's another faction within the Vespers that Millie has fallen in with.
No. 131665 ID: 891b91

No, I don't plan on skipping through any lewd scenes. I've said in the past that I will allow for lewdness to whatever degree suggesters go for it, so long as it is believable within the confines of the plot, characters, setting, etc. As the plot progresses, though, Penny will probably end up in some situations that don't lend themselves to believable lewdness at all, and in those instances the plot/intrigue/etc. will necessarily distract from some suggesters' lewd ambitions. This doesn't mean that opportunities for lewd content won't exist in the future, but rather that for various plot reasons they might appear less frequently as the quest progresses.

>I think we can also infer that her present knowledge, position within the Vespers, and her personality would make what she says MUCH more likely to be in-character rather than a Big Red Flag of "don't pursue this" from teegee -- basically giving us something of a choice in what we want to believe, kind of like with Cider.
Since this is meta-commentary, I think it isn't spoiling anything for me to say that you've got it right: this is Roz speaking as Roz, not me telegraphing a warning to stay away from Millie.
No. 131666 ID: 9e04c9

>Roz trying to get us to not follow Millie
Roz never implied such a thing. Only that we shouldn't believe that we're special or try finding out about our past self. In other words, we're free to visit Millie to check out dar Ormi.

>the holo-tattoo thing
Perhaps we should look for a reflective surface (if only there was one nearby... :p) and look under our own ears. Well, we can do this at any time, so there's no rush. Probably when Roz isn't nearby.
No. 131689 ID: 9e04c9

So guys, what's your guess on what the other Penny could be?
No. 131691 ID: b40fdf

A hallucination caused by not taking our schizophrenia medication.
No. 131692 ID: a0dfd2


My in-world guess would be one of the fragments of our former self that Cider talked about, embodied in a "familiar" projection of our current self.

My meta-answer is a briefly available window into secrets that we should leverage if we wish to delve deeper into who and what we are, why we are this way, and what, precisely, happened for it to occur.

My "this is questden" answer is: after thinking about sex and our preferences, we're going to fantasize a version of ourselves that allows us to experiment (for the purpose of humor when Roz walks in on it) with either a guy or girl at our choosing, thus getting to build out more of Penny's character with regards to future relationships, based on reader feedback to Lizard Junk.
No. 131693 ID: fd5772

We're about to get a lead, partner. Next clue to the case! We're gonna talk to this thing right? And we're gonna talk to people about the fact we're hallucinating ourselves, just in case we're experiencing medical problems from erasing our ego that result in hallucinations.

Or maybe we're 'bout to get shocked that some people share our "body type", which would be weird since we haven't seen to two people who look the same since we left that building we woke up in.
No. 131695 ID: 9e04c9

There's clearly a reason why the other Penny isn't wiggling. For instance, it could be that, because Penny has her eyes closed, that she's not seeing it. In which case, it's also possible that the other Penny isn't actually an illusion.

Actually, since Penny has her eyes closed, how would she know that there's someone there? Do our suggestions to interact even make sense right now?
No. 131697 ID: a0dfd2


No. 131847 ID: 404f0f

>Omen doesn't respond.
It seems there are many things which it cannot talk about. Simply giving us a list of names would obviously be too easy hehe.

>Your surroundings melt away and reform, giving way to your will
Good. Now to summon a few naked males...
I'm kidding. I'm actually surprised that it worked so well. That Penny is mentally sound enough to do this and stay in control. It's as if she'd practiced in the past.

>Surprisingly, it doesn't bother you
Maybe it doesn't bother Penny, but it bothers me haha. I mean, in one's dream, your own body is usually one of the most easily defined and controlled things, so it's a bit strange that it would stay blurred. Maybe this is a result of some deeper repressed thing.

>A liar sleeps here
We can assume that it means Cider, but we can't be certain. It could be that with "here" it means this whole house, and even if it's the couch alone, it's possible that multiple people sleep here occasionally. I'd actually find it strange if Cider wouldn't occasionally enjoy some male or female company at night, so we can't know which specific person it is that Omen is referring to.

>We immerse in the shuddering expanse beneath.
Beneath, sub, subconsciousness. Most likely yes, a dreamscape.

>Intention floods the expanse. Directness at this distance would invite... interference.
The word interference here could mean that some third party could notice this communication. And interrupt or intercept it.
However, what most people seem to miss here is that, if we take the former sentence into account, what Omen could mean is the interference to the intention of this expanse. Where this expanse, Penny's dreamscape has a certain intention, a certain flow to it that shouldn't be disturbed. In other words, if Omen was more direct with its communication, it would simply wake Penny up, because instead of throwing water balloons, sending precise information would be like shooting nails into Penny's head.

So yeah, it doesn't necessarily mean that spying is involved.

>You aren't quite desperate enough to have dream-sex with a monstrous doppelganger of yourself. You think.
If Omen knows all about Penny, then wouldn't it also know where all the Penny's G-spots are?

>Spiritual congress... would narrow the gap
Since this was a response to Penny having lewd thoughts about Omen, it could mean that spiritual congress, in this case, simply means some lovemaking. However, it could also mean a number of other things, such as recovering Penny's old memories, falling in love, reducing physical distance, exchanging ideas, feelings, creating friendship, etc. Should we be taking Omen on a date while in dreams?

As for "narrowing the gap", we can assume that it refers to the distance Omen mentioned previously, the distance, due to which it has to be cryptic with its communication. Of course, it's also possible that it means something else. Narrowing the gap, closing the gap, closing the hole... maybe Omen simply wants to plug Penny's h*les haha... I'm sorry.

>Powerful hands pull at the Gordian knot! The blade they cannot wield rests in your lap. Some seek to stay your hand, others to guide it... but few to cleave the knot in twain.
What Omen is saying here is that there seem to be three types of forces at play. The ones that want to control Penny's blade themselves, the ones that want to prevent her from using it, and the ones that want to use it to cut the knot.
In other words, the vast majority want to either use it for their own gain, or lock it away. But only a few want to use it for its original intended purpose. What the knot is, what the blade is, and who the forces actually are is anyone's guess however. But most likely they're not limited to within Vesper.

>how long do you have until Roz comes back?
Dunno, but from personal experience I can say that a few minutes in real life can stretch to a few hours in dreams.

In general, I like this update because it reveals a sort of a grand scheme of things, so a lot of food for thought. And I personally find Omen cute and pretty easy to understand. However, some readers may find it scary and its words confusing. I think that as long as the cryptic parts aren't too important to the story, that it should be fine.
No. 131852 ID: a0dfd2

Am I the only one who finds it interesting that Omen / Dollar essentially has Roz's face?

Not entirely her dentition (canines are too pronounced for sharkface), but it could be a lot of subconscious projection going on.
No. 131858 ID: 6a2d5d

dust tastes good
No. 131874 ID: a0dfd2


Gotta agree on most every count of your observations here!

Though oddly, as someone who experiences fairly regular lucidity (of varying degrees) in dreams, I find that a physical body or self is rarely if ever defined, so much as sensed, until it's necessary within the parameters of the dream.

... though that could be manifestations of various mental health issues, but my understanding of psychiatric influences upon the dreaming mind -- and equally how one's perception of the self, like the occasionally dissociative nature of dreams -- translates into unwaking perception.
No. 131875 ID: fd5772

I think having sex with the apparition is a bad idea. I don't like the idea of strong psychic connection with someone we just met.

At least we now have reason to be suspicious of our own origins. No way we can stay locked up in Vespers.
No. 131876 ID: e51896

I agree, I can't help but feel this is a trap we're walking into. Everything has it's price after all, and I feel there is going to be a hefty price to pay if Penny continues.
No. 131877 ID: 10c408

Sadly, the votes didn't allow for this. My theory that Omen COULD in fact read our thoughts was proven, but now that spiritual congress has started, might as well get as much information as possible.
No. 131879 ID: 404f0f

> >>131875 >someone we just met.
What you mean to say is that you don't think they're trustworthy, right? The thing is, even if we talked to Omen a hundred times, I don't think that this perception would change. This is because they can only communicate through dreams, so we'd always be limited in our ability to communicate with them, and their answers would always be ambiguous. Whether their answers turn out to be true or false would be something entirely up to our own interpretation (for instance, when they said that "a liar sleeps here", even if Cider told a lie, we don't know if it was Cider that Omen was talking about, or whether it was actually a lie) and due to this, it would be more or less impossible to prove that they're trustworthy even if they were trying to do that.

Since Omen's trustworthiness isn't something we can easily prove or disprove, the fact that they're someone we just met is not a useful argument we can consider in our decisions regarding them. In this case, waiting wouldn't do us any good and it would logically make more sense to make our decisions for Omen sooner. Also because if we decided sooner, we'd also get better information sooner.

> >>131876 >Everything has it's price after all
Considering Omen said that their job was to prepare us for the future, and since getting closer to them serves this purpose, it's possible to assume that that's all they want and that there's actually no negative consequences here. That there's no price to pay. Of course, we can't be sure of this.

I'd also like to point out that, unfortunately, we can't expect our old memories to just come flying by. If it was possible for the taffa syndrome sufferers to recover their old memories, then Vesper wouldn't be doing what they do, and you wouldn't have hospitals forcing artificially-constructed memories on people.

So yeah, it's a risk-reward thing. Omen clearly gave us a choice on whether we want to go through with this (which also implies that they can't really force it), so it's on us to weigh the pros and cons. Personally, I'd follow the old saying nothing ventured, nothing gained, simply go with it and not worry about it. If nothing else, it makes the story more interesting.

> >>/quest/953691 >>We're essentially becoming one
Omen said that "The memory is unforgettable". So I think it's more likely that this is about creating shared memories and not about becoming one.

> >>/quest/953760 >Our collective hornyness is pushing her into a situation that she clearly isn't 100% comfortable with.
While this may be true, it doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. There are several reasons.
- Life isn't so simple that you'd always be able to do only things which you're comfortable with, so this happening is nothing unusual
- It would make for a very boring quest if the characters were only doing comfortable things as there would be no action, no conflict, and no challenging situations
- The character is properly expressing our subconsciousness. They're following our suggestions and this is a simple result of that

Maybe you feel that we should be acting nicer to the character, and that's really nice of you, but by itself that has very little to do with the general appeal of the quest and the plot itself. At the end of the day, I think that pushing your personal moral worldview on other suggesters isn't a good idea and that your dilemma would instead be more easily solved through suggestions for Penny. For instance, if you simply suggested that Penny enjoys her time with Omen, wouldn't that actually cause her to be more comfortable?

> >>/quest/953763 >losing all agency within a situation wherein we are no longer certain of our own consciousness
Since we were able to make a conscious choice to change our surroundings, I think it's pretty much proven that we're both conscious and that we have agency. Therefore, I disagree with the implications you put forth.

> >>/quest/953779 >there are other ways to get our memories back
We don't know of any other ways, so I'm not sure why you wrote this. But there's plenty of arguments that I wrote above which I think are relevant and which may alleviate your concerns.
No. 131882 ID: e51896

>We don't know of any other ways
one of the services Delaney Security Services specializes in is memory acquisition and analysis. They can help retrieve memories if we can somehow contact them. Plus Penny seems to be connected to them in some way with her jumpsuit being owned by them. Thats why I wrote that. It sometimes pays better to be patient.
No. 131883 ID: 3ae33e


We can't afford to "be patient" and try to waste time trying to find a way to contact Delaney for help. With how shady Vesper is, we need information ASAP before they brainwash poor Penny.
No. 131886 ID: 404f0f

Memory acquisition and analysis...
No, I don't think that's what you believe it is.

You see, they're a security firm, and as such they deal with security-related things. Such as theft, crime, detective work, etc. So in this case, "memory acquisition" would be related to memory theft, stealing or exchanging memories, memory salons and whatnot, where memories can be manipulated and moved around.

This is very different from Penny's situation, which not a result of any crime, but a medical condition. All evidence points to the fact that Penny's memories were erased with raw taffa, not stolen, so there's no known place or a person her memories could be acquired from.

Delaney can't get Penny's memories back. This is proven in the story where it's mentioned (>>/quest/920579) that "artifically-constructed memories are forced on taffa syndrome sufferers in the hospitals". The fact that even hospital doctors are unable to retrive such erased memories and are forced to use artificially-constructed ones instead, proves that Delaney wouldn't be able to do it either.
No. 131887 ID: 10c408

Your argument on what delaney can and cannot do rests entirely on the word of mouth from one character, with no corroboration from any other sources of information to prove one way or the other if we've been told things that are in fact actually true.

And on top of that, Omen indirectly claimed that the person who gave us this knowledge in the first place lied to us, so your already fragile claim is even more in doubt.
No. 131889 ID: a0dfd2

Guys, this has gotten pretty fucked up.

I get it, most of us can't even seem to remember our rebellious remarks against Cider or our attempt to work with Q and learn more about Delaney -- and also Moira, who's still dead by the way, as far as we know -- or why it was we wanted to get out of here in the first place.

We seem to have forgotten everything the instant we got flashed with Roz's tits.

But without a place to call our own, without a cover we can conveniently hide behind if shit goes wrong, we're just some unregistered idiot on their own. No memory, no affiliations, no help. And rather than being brought back to Vesper and given a talking to if we fuck up, we're in some hospital, getting our head pumped full of lies the instant the word "taffa" even leaves our mouth otherwise.

And nobody seems to realize that.

Instead we've gone on a fucking bender and we're now trying to basically have sex with ourself in the midst of a goddamned hallucination where one of our inquiries is rightly "prove to me this isn't all a dream," because the nightmare plot device is speaking in fucking riddles and most of us don't seem to comprehend what "spiritual congress" means in the wake of having committed suicide.

Because we did. Multiple times. And apparently we forgot about that, too.

But sure. Is Cider likely being manipulative with us? Quite possibly, but she's also leading a social commune that is steadily gaining legitimacy with the authorities of the shelf and in charge of a bunch of equally post-suicidal substance abusers with acute and permanent retrograde amnesia. Whom we number amongst.

Is Roz a bimbo with a heart of gold as big as her tits? Yes, absolutely, but she's also the only person who has really opened up to us and shown a genuine level of care.

Can we stay here and work with them, establishing a base of operations and creating a social webwork that allows us to use them as proxies in our stead, protecting ourselves whilst we hunt down our past and interrogate Millie for answers?

You're damned right we can.

But instead we've forgotten that. We jumped at the first promise of tits again. Just like last time. And the time before that.

We don't even know who Q is, outside of being a junker with cool hair who knows her way around illegitimate business. And considering how Preston reacted back at intake, we're deep in it, and stepping foot of Red Shelf without a lifeline and a cover to work behind is the stupidest thing we can do right now.

So maybe instead of bickering about whether or not that same Gordian Knot is what we believe it is or if we can trust the word of the thing that's looking pretty close to raping us and jumping into the first warm hole we see and making all of this even more uncomfortable and unnecessary than it is, we can actually sit down, think, and use the fact that we aren't a goddamned husk with no memories to our advantage.

Because it was cute and a fun teasing Penny before and getting our bluffs repeatedly called; even the bath house was a nice departure to the land of exposition-thick fanservice. But this? This is just creepy and getting progressively more gross.
No. 131890 ID: e7c7d3

It's legit that you find this gross. I'm not seeing the problems that you are, but I won't tell you that you're wrong for that.

Complaining about QuestDen being horny, however, is a futile effort. The nature of the audience getting distracted is also an unfortunate result of this method of story telling. The audience is always shifting with each person having different agendas and different levels of engagement. Keep in mind that there are people who want Penny to have sex over actually figuring out the mystery of the current plot.

Also also, this is by no means an mutually exclusive situation like you're making it out to be. We can have spiritual congress with Omen, we can do all that stuff that you're suggesting, we can see Delaney, and everything else. Just cause some people, (myself admittedly included,) want Penny to see some lady action doesn't mean that we're against figuring out what's going on.

There's stuff here that I think you're wrong about, like you're concerned that we're ignoring that Penny has committed memory suicide many times before, but that info is one of the things we're trying to get out of Omen. Heck, I don't know where I've mentioned it, but my current theory that Omen is our past selves a la Avatar style. But who knows! Point is, don't take our disagreement that people are actively working against you to ruin the plot.
No. 131891 ID: 6c7837

I have to largely agree with you fellow personally. I feel like we've lost sight of how we initially were playing the character. >>131890 brings up some good points for why this is happening, even if I don't agree with the entirety of the message. The way the quest is structured means that some posters won't be here, and different ones may show up. What's more, the place is really really horny for whatever reason (the reason is it'sQuestDen and we/they're always horny), and that is influencing decisions. For the worse, IMO. Means we lose sight of context to make important decisions. Teegee is handling this issue with aplomb, and I commend him for doing his best to keep things from going off the rails, but its quite the fight to prevent such an intriguing world from devolving into just a smutquest.
No. 131892 ID: 6c7837

Also, just to note on my last statement. I don't think people are maliciously trying to ruin the plot either. But I do fret it's happening regardless.
No. 131893 ID: 10c408

There are voting blocs being formed, same as what happened during the later parts of the coxwette quest.

Those that are voting for things they believe will lead to more pictures of a very specific nature, and those who are voting for literally everything else.

I'm probably paranoid, but there's been more votes in total for the current update than there were in the last several and a lot of those were from account names I've not seen in either thread thus far.

That said, it's a bit hyperbolic to say that the plot is being destroyed by this division. It is certainly being marred heavily in my opinion, but not "destroyed"
No. 131894 ID: 404f0f

>Because we did. Multiple times.
This statement is unproven. Omen saying, "Names are fleeting. How many have you left behind?", neither implies that we died as a result of a suicide, nor that it happened multiple times.

>that is steadily gaining legitimacy
Incorrect. Vesper is already a fully legit and government-supported organization.

>post-suicidal substance abusers
Implying that everyone who lost their memories had it happen as a result of a suicide, or that they were substance abusers, would be a faulty generalization. For one, we know that raw taffa has lawful uses.

>most of us can't even seem to remember
>We seem to have forgotten
>nobody seems to realize
>most of us don't seem to comprehend
>we forgot about that
I hope that you're aware that statements such as these sound like projection.

That said, there are three points that I'd like to make.
Firstly, we aren't forgetting anything. Instead, what I'd say is going on is that... people change. We change. As new facts are uncovered and we become more familiar with our surroundings, our perception changes as well. Our understanding of the characters around us adapts. And as it does, our suggestions for Penny change as well, which, consequentially, is reflected in her subconsciousness. We are not static.
Secondly, I don't know why you're in such a hurry, but I'm sure that we'll get to everything in its due time. You shouldn't get agitated just because you feel that we're inefficient or aren't taking the shortest route through the plot. After all, a quest is all about the journey. And who knows, maybe the current events are actually a shortcut? How do you know what is necessary and what is not?
Lastly, unexpected things happening to quest characters is nothing unusual. Creepy and gross? Yeah, plot elements can be like that. I'd argue that if a quest author is able to invoke strong feelings in the audience, then they're doing a masterful job.

>For the worse
I'm offended :p
But you shouldn't worry because, well, teegee already explained it here: >>123419.
No. 131895 ID: e7c7d3

I sincerely hope that the quest discussions won't devolve into the tired "hardboy vs. softboy" argument.

I don't think we're quite at risk of that yet though. (Admittedly, I don't tend to read other suggestions too much once I've posted one, for the most part.) Sort of stating my one point again, the lewds don't mean that progress is not going to happen. Most suggestions right now prompting for the sex are still choosing which questions they feel we should ask Omen. "We get answers and we get to see tiddy? Win/win!" Is how I'd sum most of the intent behind these lewd votes. (What it looks to me, anyways, these things can be hard to read online.)

If people are worried about the straight up yes/no vote for spiritual congress in the last update. I want to say that's a bit of an outlier, brought on by a comment on the discord.
No. 131897 ID: 891b91

>This is just creepy and getting progressively more gross.
Originally I had written several paragraphs of spoilers about Omen to explain why I'm writing things this way, but I ended up scrapping it because I think it would carry too much risk of strongly affecting suggesters' theories and opinions. Instead, what I will say is that if Omen's forcefulness creeps you out, you aren't wrong to feel that way; to some degree I intended for at least some of the audience to have that reaction to her. I just hope that it's clear that Omen's demeanor and actions are relevant to the quest's plot overall, rather than simply being fetish fuel.

>its quite the fight to prevent such an intriguing world from devolving into just a smutquest.
>I don't think people are maliciously trying to ruin the plot either. But I do fret it's happening regardless.
>That said, it's a bit hyperbolic to say that the plot is being destroyed by this division. It is certainly being marred heavily in my opinion, but not "destroyed"
I don't blame anyone for having these concerns, but from my perspective things are very far from going off the rails. While Penny's actions are a significant part of what determines the quest's plot, the other major determinant is the motivations and actions of other characters and groups in the quest's universe, which progress regardless of Penny's actions. Simply put, there are things in motion that will affect Penny and likely will occur in one way or another regardless of what she does; her actions mostly have the potential to modulate how these events play out, rather than deciding whether the events to happen in the first place. If we assume a worst case scenario of Penny becoming completely distracted and complacent, the outcome would probably be that she would be unprepared for future events, when they occur. That wouldn't bring the plot to a standstill, but instead would just be one of various avenues for the quest to progress along.

The events in question also pretty much guarantee that Dead Dust is incapable of becoming just a smutquest, in the long run -- it's hard to be distracted by sex when [BIG IMPORTANT EVENT THAT VERY MUCH INVOLVES YOU] is happening. That being said, if my reassurances here aren't satisfying, I'd be interested in hearing your concerns in more detail -- how is the plot being ruined/marred/etc., in your eyes?

>If people are worried about the straight up yes/no vote for spiritual congress in the last update. I want to say that's a bit of an outlier, brought on by a comment on the discord.
In retrospect, maybe I should've been less willing to discuss meta-aspects of ongoing quest votes, since I feel like I may have unintentionally encouraged vote brigading to some degree.
No. 131900 ID: 4854ef

Honestly it's starting to feel like "If you aren't voting this way it's wrong" in this sort of situation with how people are reacting on some level. Some people wanted lewds, Some wanted information about memories and this was a method of doing so, and yet everyone is getting lumped in "Hurr durr lewds" as if this choice had nothing more to do then sex.
No. 131901 ID: 015bf2

>accidental vote brigading
Huh, I did wonder where the sudden influx of votes came from.

Now, if those voters can get off their butt fetishes to engage with the normal intercourse of events and fondle about for clues too, I'd be quite gay to play along with the thread's fancies. It's better than having the life sucked out of it it by fewer posters coming around over time. Then again, everyone coming all the time might be a little much, no?

No. 131946 ID: 404f0f

>You grab Omen's ear suddenly
Haha, that's one way to return Omen's favor!

>I'm not as submissive as you think
Something tells me that this is going to backfire just like that time when Penny dared Roz to... you know.

>What a welcome surprise, she cackles.
The fact that Omen endorses Penny's participation probably means that it would help with the communication. However, I can't really guess if that's all there is to Omen's intentions.

>Omen slides herself away from you and opens your legs, and as she does so the scenery around you grows very dark.
Heh. From this one might assume that the way to Penny's memories is thought her nether region.

>odd, glowing structures
The glowing containers that we see are large enough to hold bodies, so perhaps that's what they were designed to do. It could be that the place is a cryo-chamber or a cloning facility, but it's hard to guess what goes on there.
The place also looks like it hasn't had any maintenance in a long time. This does link it to the previous memory of the entrance to the Taunton Microdynamics that we saw, which also looked abandoned. However, the entrance that we saw looked way too small, like an entrance to a small firm; not the kind that I would expect to lead to a large high tech facility. So we can't be certain that the two are linked.

>You stole something from here.
Look, that Hot Vesper Mommas holo tape that someone forgot on their desk was just asking to get stolen!

>You drank taffa to escape the consequences.
I had a theory that another substance which mirrors the taffa syndrome existed, but it looks like that's not the case. Anyway...

The revelation here is pretty important. It implies that Penny didn't consume taffa due to substance abuse, or with the intention of suicide, but to escape consequences of stealing something. I would assume that the difficulty of escape and the consequences were pretty severe if drinking taffa was the only way out. Then again, Omen said that "it didn't work" so, it looks like Penny's memory loss was ineffective for whatever purpose it was to serve.

As for what we stole, the first thought that comes to mind would be "the blade". So the question is, was it "the blade" that we stole? Maybe. Maybe not. If it is the blade, then it would imply that the consequences of stealing are dictated by the people who are after the blade.
Of course, it's also possible that what we stole from this place is something else and we either had the blade already before, or we obtained it after.

>She finally relents, leaving you wanting more.
All these revelations really get Penny going, huh?

In general, excellent job on the art and writing. Mixing the plot and the lewd is usually something that's difficult to execute, but I think you pulled it off flawlessly here.
No. 132024 ID: 9b97e0

Nothing much to say here except that I like the art hehe

>Your surroundings fade into darkness
The fade-to-black trope strikes again!

>a spherical hologram
A hologram of this world. The various shapes are the wards and shelves that we've seen. The cityscape in the bottom-left is probably the Old City.
The two sets of lines are likely the path that Omen's voice took before and after the tongue action. What's important to note here is the place where both paths start (the city) and where they end (the Red Shelf). This indicates one of two things. That either Omen is located in the Old City, or that they're using the Beacon as a non-transparent proxy.

>now you see mine -- and I can see yours
Geez, another huge reveal. So the wiggles that we see are the rhythm. I definitely had a strong suspicion of this and I even left a tip about it here:
> >>129492 >Can you feel it? Can you feel.. the rhythm?!
Altho what Mint feels and what Penny sees might not be the same. That's because Mint said that Penny, unlike everything else, isn't fuzzy at all. So it's a bit more complicated than that.
How to explain this? I can think of three theories.
- Mint feels a differential in the environment, where Penny leaves none
- Penny doesn't have anything of what Mint can detect
- Penny is passively blocking Mint from detecting anything about her

>Rhythm surrounds us, pervades us. For some of us, it grows stronger when we... exert ourselves, and we leave our mark upon it.
The logical analysis of the following paragraph is trivial and is left to the readers as an exercise.
In other words, if I went and broke this down into every implication that could be drawn from these words, I'd be writing all day lol

>you flip over, taking Omen with you.
I wonder what Penny's wrestling name would be.

>You and I are alike in that way
If Omen resembles Penny in more than just looks, then perhaps they're not just a doppelganger.

I'd say that the whole segment with Omen is starting to reveal a bit too much information at once, rather than it being gradually spread throughout the story. But other than that, it's very well written.
No. 132066 ID: 10c408

Soo, if I've got this right.. Penny's former self acquired the blade of illusion, used it to conceal itself and then committed suicide via taffa syndrome.

And now because there's going to be some impending disaster, we need to highlander the other blades since we can't become professor oak.

I'm sold, let's get started.
No. 132080 ID: 9b97e0

>This is our world
They almost make it sound like we're the guests here.

>you are not going to let her win at this
I would've preferred if Penny wasn't treating this as a game or as some sort of competition. That's not what sex is about heh. You're not winning or losing anything. inb4 a game-over screen

>the advantage of rhythm
It's interesting how the jolts are coming down Penny's butt, and how Penny's ears wobble really hard here. It's as if one's being converted to the other. Well, that's probably what's actually happening; Omen's rhythm is adding up with Penny's.

>Dark figures
Hmm, a major reveal. It looks like there's six of them. And the third one from the right looks like, well, the size of that bust is somewhat unmistakable :P

>There are many blades in this world
With "many", besides ours, does she mean these six? In other words, it's possible that there are more but that only these six are relevant.

>they reject each other
If they all reject each other, there must be a good reason for it. That not a single pair of them would choose to work with one another. Then again, I wonder if they even know about their own powers and about the knot. Do they even know each other? Because if they do, then we'd only need to talk to one of them to be able to get the info on the others.

>through its potential also the most powerful
Sounds OP. Until we find out that we're lvl 1 noob going against lvl 99 wizards.

>brings others into harmony
So many people that Penny's gonna have to sleep with haha

>a blade of illusion
Ah, the seventh. But, an illusion? Was Penny's qabel's death an illusion? Based on the fact that Omen said that we drank the taffa, it seems unlikely. Also, this might explain why Mint didn't feel anything about Penny. Actually, it might also explain why Omen couldn't find Penny while she was awake.

>you must obtain the rest -- or their bearers will destroy you utterly.
I'm having difficulty understanding what Omen meant with this. Get the blades or the bearers will come to kill us? Why would they want to kill us but not kill each other then? And if they're coming to Penny eventually, why would Penny have to pre-emptively seek them out? Hmm. It might be that they'd perceive Penny as a common enemy. Perhaps there's some sort of status quo going on and they'd want to get rid of Penny since she's a threat to it.

>feedback loop
Actually, this might be the primary reason why Omen looks similar to Penny (assuming Omen could choose their avatar). So that it would be possible for Omen to initiate a feedback loop.

>She screams
Oh, I was not expecting Omen to be phased by this to this degree. Or at least I think it would've been better if they weren't. Maybe they weren't properly prepared.

The other interesting thing I'd like to point out here is that despite Penny's strong movement in this and the following part, Omen's body remains still. This means that the movement that we see is purely from the rhythm itself.
At the same time, I like how it illustrates the way Penny feels. After all, the rhythm is a part of her body, so it's not just a visual thing.

>mind-obliterating, universe-shattering orgasm
Penny's secret weapon has been revealed.

>parts of your soul you never knew you had
So Penny never knew that she had an Omen-shaped hole in her Omen-shaped soul. Makes sense!

The speed of the wiggling here definitely confirms what Omen said before, that is, that the rhythm grows stronger when we exert ourselves.

>explodes from within you
Man does Penny make a MESS!
I hope the suggesters won't become scared of repeating this in the future haha

RIP Omen. Sacrificed her life so Penny could bust a nut D:

>vague figures scattered across the distance take notice of you
Geez, another huge reveal.
Now, we do see six of them. Is this a coincidence? Maybe. If we assume that Omen was supposed to be one of them but is temporarily missing, the number could rise to seven, which would coincide with the number of blades. However, this is discredited by the fact that... one of them just said that they're on Bellwether. If they can be on Bellwether and here at the same time, then there's no saying Omen couldn't do the same, which would mean that Omen is here and is one of the total six. Then again, it's also possible that Omen simply isn't connected to this place at the moment, or that one or more of them are off-screen on the panel.

The fact that they don't recognize us can be due to several things.
- They know who Penny is, but we look like same vague figure to them as they do to us. Either due to the nature of this place, or due to the blade of illusion. So until we engage in communication, they won't know who we are.
- They don't know who Penny is. In this case, it doesn't matter if we look like a vague figure or not.
I think that it's a bit more likely that they simply don't know who Penny is. This is because if Omen is not here, and we suddenly appeared here instead of Omen, they might think that we were Omen. However, it's clear that they were able to instantly tell that we're not Omen.

>relax this isnt the first time this has happened
Interesting, but nothing much I can assume from this. I think that Penny's former persona wasn't the one to enter this place before us. If they were, then I'd expect the reaction to be different. Because it would've been a much more recent event, I'd expect them to react more like "AGAIN?!".

Typhon must be busy programming heh.

>I hope not, that's boring~ My money's on Nemo!
Hmm. This seems to indicate that Nemo isn't here right now.

>hey new guy can you uh come kill me im on bellwether
>haha that wasnt a joke uhhh please im begging you just fuckin destroy me uwu
Is this guy a masochist? lmao
Also, the typos and that uwu haha... if we're able to perceive those, then wouldn't it mean that we're in some sort of a chatroom?

Anyway, these guys don't seem to have any common agenda and I can't guess very well what they could be. However, I'm almost certain that they're not the blade-bearers themselves because Omen seems to be one of them.

A very interesting development. Certainly the most major event in the story so far.

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