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File 159944507745.jpg - (74.53KB , 915x915 , IMG_20200906_032941_927.jpg )
133753 No. 133753 ID: a8ec2e


New disthread, the old one was crusty as hell and also from 2018
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No. 133755 ID: a8ec2e
File 159944523356.png - (113.85KB , 1600x700 , unknown-403.png )

Comparison, for the sake of it
No. 133756 ID: a8ec2e
File 159944525863.png - (284.06KB , 1600x700 , unknown-378.png )

No. 133757 ID: a8ec2e
File 159944533299.png - (378.47KB , 871x681 , unknown-362.png )

Concept art
No. 133758 ID: a8ec2e
File 159944535781.png - (1.07MB , 1296x869 , unknown-303.png )

More concept art, this time in 3d
No. 133759 ID: ff3732

This art looks great! Say, we aren't in Europe setting now, aren't we? Given the arquitecture and sword Eth is using.
No. 133765 ID: e46ce8

Sorta feels like south-eastern Europe to me. Turkey, or the Balkans.
No. 133766 ID: a0dfd2


The winged beast and the presence of the ziggurat / mud-brick strcuture, as well as Eth's garb in the initial post, makes me think Mesopotamia.
No. 133767 ID: 427b7d

You're right, it's very heavily mesopotamia inspired. I like the aesthetic, it's hardly overused, and the mythological circle is cool.

The region won't be quite as arid as modern day iraq, but I'm sure you'll all find out more of the lore as it progresses.

How are you all liking the new art style? It's my first time working in something this complex for a quest :I
No. 133772 ID: f8fa51

I'm really digging it.
No. 133773 ID: a0dfd2


It's awesome!
No. 133776 ID: cb7ed4

I feel nostalgic about the old aesthetic, but this new art stile is really good. It feels, i think.
No. 133800 ID: 7d2c59

Okay, that's really good to hear! It's harder to draw, but im enjoying having a bit of a challenge
No. 133802 ID: bc4729

Whatever makes your boat float Deer! I especially like the quest and disthread drawings of Eth and Reno. Gives out a "Darkest Dungeon" feel. I would love to see more of that.
No. 133805 ID: bb78f2

If you do need to take a break, don't feel bad about doing simpler styles from time to time. Everyone knows running a quest is stressful enough. A quick sketchier panel for an update might be a good release of tension every once in a while. I'm loving this Reno redesign, but I also did love the original a lot too. She was my favorite character design in the OG quest.
No. 134588 ID: a80e54
File 160888398073.jpg - (147.07KB , 915x1050 , eth.jpg )

No. 134592 ID: 3f8384

This is very important.
No. 134603 ID: 047c4c

No. 134604 ID: 047c4c

also, nice khopesh
No. 134665 ID: 27c515

Rad news
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