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File 125464102755.gif - (9.62KB , 800x800 , title.gif )
4059 No. 4059 ID: af9412

A lot of discussion's come up in the latest DiveQuest chapter so I wanted to clarify some things here without diverting the action of the thread itself.

This whole reorganizational thing, facilitated by the character of Ashedel, is not really a retcon of anything, just a reorganization.
I mentioned that I was so frustrated by and not at all enjoying Divequest that I was on the verge of just outright canceling it, but instead I made some big changes to its overall theme and drive, and one of my biggest changes is ripping out all the micromanagement. That wasn't fun and several people told me they weren't able to keep up with the quest solely because of the bloated inventories and mana management, and I was inclined to agree. Simple is better.
Other changes include the way puzzles are handled, the general focus and scale, social interactions between the characters, and so on.
Mostly, as you can probably tell by now, DiveQuest is supposed to be pretty over the top and tongue-in-cheek, and I wanted to change the flow of the quest to better fit that. As it was, the puzzles and pacing too closely matched RubyQuest, which didn't really work for Dive.

Major changes include more focus on the characters, more dynamic puzzles, more agency on the part of the players, more of an over-the-top aesthetic, a generally smaller scale in terms of Muschio's minions (so that each of them can have their own personality), less stuff that takes itself too seriously, and so on. You get the basic idea.
The goal here is to make it more accessible, fast-paced, entertaining, somewhat silly, and open for new players.

That doesn't mean this is going to turn into a Harem quest or that there's not going to be more profuse amounts of violence, nor that everything will be RANDOM AND WACKY, nor that there will be no serious moments interspersed.
Just that the previous incarnation of DiveQuest was thoroughly unenjoyable for me, because it was a sluggish, clunky, overburdened, over-technical, and almost schizophrenic (in the bad way) experience.

Chapter 8 was the real turning point, I think. At the beginning I made my decision not to abandon DiveQuest, but to turn it into something more enjoyable, and by the end of the chapter I'd set the preparations for it to shift gears somewhat.

Thought I might as well get that out there for anyone who wasn't on IRC when I went over it.
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No. 4060 ID: e06ea4

But we still have the Minotaur milk, right?
No. 4062 ID: af9412

If it's needed, sure.
The point is I'm being less of a stickler about the inventory. If you decide Muschio needs to take something with him on his trip out, or should be in possession of a certain item, I'm not going to bust out a massive inventory list to check for it. If it's something you'd feasibly have, based on either your loot or your minions or whatever, then sure, I'll give it to you. I'm not going to run down a list just for, say, metal nails or a mallet.
You get what I'm trying to say, though. I'm going for the rule of cool. I'm trying less to sacrifice awesome moments or cool plans for the sake of technicalities.
No. 4063 ID: 42e439

Sounds like a much better system. Over complication can off a quest quite fast.
No. 4065 ID: f4963f

This sounds like a good plan, Weaver. I heartily approve. <3
No. 4066 ID: 4d26aa

Sounds good to me.
No. 4214 ID: 9d07d9

So, this is a general DQ discussion thread?

At the moment, we've got a lot of options. We could build up our wealth, either through some scheme or simple pillaging (Muschio isn't above that, is he?). We could gain more minions, either in the form of actual people or mannikins. Or we could try to expand out influence, gain more allies/vassals/tributaries.
No. 4239 ID: 4553b2

A mild criticism about the current part. Its TOO open ended now, and no one is going to agree on anything.

I suggest you railroad something up when you have time, or we'll never get anywhere.
No. 4520 ID: d54409
File 125536419076.jpg - (34.04KB , 400x516 , 1250964979279.jpg )

So, after having read through chapter 8, I would like to know: where are chapters 9 and 10? I can't find them in either the quest or questarch sections. I want to read those before I read through chapter 11 which I see in the quest section.

Also, as an unrelated note, how many quests here are Weaver's? I've seen a lot of them that if not Weaver's then 'borrow' stylistically.
No. 4521 ID: db0334


9: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/51810.html
10: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/55632.html
No. 4522 ID: d54409

No. 4538 ID: 954933

>Also, as an unrelated note, how many quests here are Weaver's? I've seen a lot of them that if not Weaver's then 'borrow' stylistically.

RubyQuest is arguably one of the defining forces that created the whole /quest/ subculture; because of that, its influence is pretty pervasive. But other than that, Weaver does run multiple quests, with multiple chapters. I think he's only got DiveQuest and NanQuest going at the moment, though there have been others.
No. 4539 ID: 9d07d9


There have been a few mothers on 4chan that didn't last very long. Here, the quests Weaver has run are the ongoing DiveQuest and NanQuest, and Surprise Sex Quest, which is probably abandoned.
No. 4541 ID: 9e6ff3

There was that one with the imp too.
No. 4543 ID: 76e04d

mothers never last long on 4chan.
No. 4547 ID: 954933

Romme Quest, and that one's dropped.
No. 5269 ID: f90703


Any news on the next chapter?
No. 5273 ID: f98e0b

Yep. You're Weaver now. Go draw it.
No. 5444 ID: f90703
File 125700015666.png - (12.84KB , 532x558 , DQ000.png )

How can I be Weaver? Perhaps chipping the Orb so many times wasn't such a good idea.
No. 5447 ID: 43d730

1. Become a giant spider thing with ill-defined and unfair alternate dimension powers.
2. Drop lots and lots of acid, which may help with 1.
3. Decide on something to collect feverishly, then change it every five minutes.
4. ???
No. 5467 ID: f90703

Wait, what? TGChan Wiki says that DiveQuest is over. What's all this about! D:
No. 5468 ID: 9dd38f


What's-her-face the Minotaur crushed Muschio. The end.

Seriously, I dunno.
No. 5489 ID: 73ad2b
File 125703513945.png - (41.75KB , 875x880 , awesomeemo.png )

> DiveQuest has ended.
> NanQuest has ended.
No. 5491 ID: 632862

The official reasons are "Didn't know how to follow up minotaur sex" and "It's all downhill after nanbutt"
No. 5505 ID: 6b5e79
File 125704114523.png - (37.57KB , 450x450 , john depression.png )

No. 5508 ID: 6e0a56

No. 5509 ID: 8ce2bf

There's a multitude of things that can be done with Nanbutt. The possibilities are endless.

And you follow up minotaur sex with cuddling.
No. 5510 ID: 43d730

Cuddling or traction.
No. 5512 ID: 4dbb98

That is not the actual reason
No. 5516 ID: f90703

C'mon, there have to be actual reasons. I was damn happy when I found out there were more quests of his. What happened?
No. 5518 ID: 277821

I'm thinking troll
No. 5520 ID: 4dbb98

Then you're thinking wrong
No. 5545 ID: 3b9296

What? Was there an official announcement, or is the wiki the only source?
No. 5546 ID: f4963f

As I understand it, there was confirmation in chat that the edits were by Weaver.
No. 5547 ID: 73ad2b

Weaver made the edits, he was talking in the chat about how he was frustrated that people were undoing his edits
No. 5555 ID: 8ce2bf

Well that's a silly thing to be frustrated about when he didn't announce it anywhere else.
No. 5575 ID: 4bb122
File 125712353521.jpg - (11.33KB , 265x297 , oh no!.jpg )

No. 5717 ID: 9d07d9

<TG_Weaver> Seal I already said I'm not abandoning my quests after all~
<TG_Weaver> so yes
<TG_Weaver> everything is uncanceled
No. 5726 ID: 73ad2b

why would you sage that
No. 5727 ID: f4963f

... if new sessions come and we can confirm they're from Weaver or Weaver-approved, I'll move the articles back to Running Quests on the wiki. Not until then, though.
No. 5728 ID: d6a592

No. 5729 ID: 4bb122
File 125740504553.jpg - (62.42KB , 960x720 , Manly Tears.jpg )


Oh thank heavens.
No. 5744 ID: af3e6d

All hail!
No. 5760 ID: ba41e5

Our...our god hasn't abandoned us!?
No. 5763 ID: f8dcc1
File 125746388734.gif - (52.65KB , 256x192 , DAMON GANT.gif )


I mean, really?
No. 5765 ID: 1db014

Damon Gant is our real god
No. 5766 ID: 4bb122


Done any swimming lately?
No. 5769 ID: 135d9a
Audio damongant.mp3 - (2.37MB )

Dah naaaaaaah, dah nah naaaaaaah...

No. 5977 ID: 632862

Hey guys.

The Carpenter is a boss. He got an intro just like Salamander. We shouldn't underestimate him.

Also he has a fucking nailgun that can pierce solid stone and a massive sledgehammer.

Let's not try diplomacy or insults. Weaver's said that we don't have plot armor for everyone in the fort. We have to take the adventurer seriously and use everything in our power to take him out.
No. 5994 ID: dda9dd

I wonder if he is part of a larger themed hero's guild (or perhaps a union given his costume.)

Perhaps he will be followed up by a Tribal Chief, City Guard, Herdsman, Soldier, and a Road Gangster.
No. 5998 ID: 5d5878

That would be hilarious. Also gay.
No. 6000 ID: 9891a9

Someone call for the gay? Because it just arrived.

Yeah, definitely don't bother with the diplomacy on this one, and the traps in the entrance room should be utilized ASAP.
No. 6062 ID: 34470e

Has no one got this yet?
>Chapter 12: Nailed
No. 6065 ID: dda9dd

That was unspoken-ly obvious.
No. 6068 ID: 4553b2

Well yes, its obvious in hind sight, but reading is as it was updating... I missed it.
No. 6072 ID: 445c48
File 125800355433.jpg - (39.94KB , 272x400 , YouGonnaGetLoved.jpg )

No. 6075 ID: dda9dd

And now in the epilogue we find that the Commander had no clue what was going on!

Clever girl...
No. 6076 ID: 197650

man we totally called it
No. 6084 ID: 068b0e
File 125805617124.jpg - (108.83KB , 800x800 , muschiorc.jpg )

Nothing good can come of this union
No. 6088 ID: dda9dd

Wow... he looks like... well.. he would look like a fly guy, if his eyes took after his mother's.

However, I am fairly sure he would probably just end up with the beak face, empty eyes, those horns/ears of hers, and probably her huge physique.

Hmmm. Reminds me slightly of someone, familiar.

But am certain 'that' couldn't be.
No. 6092 ID: 1db014
File 125806407156.gif - (5.46KB , 800x600 , offspring.gif )

No. 6093 ID: 1db014
File 12580643931.gif - (8.56KB , 800x600 , bella.gif )

In fact while we're at it
No. 6137 ID: b8a332
File 125813036967.jpg - (12.98KB , 282x221 , Untitled.jpg )

No. 6139 ID: 5d5878

That really scares me for some reason...
No. 6169 ID: 27fd4d
File dive.swf - (953.33KB , 800x550 )


Left and Right arrow keys are move, Down is guard until I find something more efficient, and Z is attack. There's only a short two hit combo right now though, and no enemies...

I thought I'd think of some more attacks/combos before I try to make a Red Fang battle, but I can't really think of anything so I wouldn't mind some suggestions in that department...
No. 6170 ID: 4553b2

Add a shield bash - hitting Z while crouching!
No. 6172 ID: 6550ad


Well, if you're going to make a 1 vs 1 game, I guess you should make Muschio face always the side of the screen the adversary is (right by default, as it looks like there's no jump), and instead of using "down" to block, use left to move back and block when the enemy is attacking. Yeah, like a classic fightan gaem. And add a crouch movement and maybe a jump one, with attacks for both.

But if you don't want it to turn into a SF, you could try the "fencing game" approach.

Up/ /down + (block key, different of "down") = High/middle/low block
Up/ /down + Z = High/middle/low attack

And maybe add that already mentioned shield bash.
No. 6175 ID: 1db014
File 125821752112.gif - (8.10KB , 800x600 , 129.gif )

Oh now this is a fucking awesome thing to wake up to.

That animation is so slick, the responsiveness of the controls are so fine.
Oh my god how did you do this I can't animate even near this good
This is seriously an amazing thing to wake up to

I agree with what the other guy said, the ideal control scheme would depend on what kind of game you intend on making this into (if you intend to at all, and if not it's certainly a fine tech/animation demo).
No. 6177 ID: a29c56

Okay, let's see...
A third Z should lead into a lunge. You can add the ability to flow down into a crouch, bringing the shield to bare at the end, making that whole combo become Z-Z-Z-BLOCK.

With current moves, Z-Z-BLOCK should be a bat, and Z-Z-BLOCK-Z should turn it into one of those twirly parries the name of which I can't recall atm, followed by a reposte.

I support BLOCK-Z as shield bash, and that could be followed up by a pivot and thrust, so BLOCK-Z-Z.
No. 6178 ID: a29c56

That seems like a fairly solid move-set, and it's really the most realistic flows we can integrate. Another button would allow for more, of course, and it could be considered cool to integrate some kicking, and perhaps making use of his little fire trick, but I see no real need for such things. In particular, because both of the latter would tend towards being quite unsound techniques.
No. 6180 ID: 5d5878

Would this be a fighting game, or a sidescrolling beat-em-up? I hope it's the latter. Streets of Rage, only with Muschio.
No. 6181 ID: 197650

This really reminds me of the Another Day animation style :3
No. 6184 ID: a29c56

Oh god, when I moused over your email I read that as "Flashlight Cawk".
No. 6185 ID: 43d730

...It's not just you.
No. 6187 ID: 1db014

>Would this be a fighting game, or a sidescrolling beat-em-up?
That's really important to the decision of what kind of moveset we're going for. One-on-one, or one-against-many?

Then again keep in mind this could just be a test more than anything, and not at all intended to become some big project.
No. 6197 ID: 27fd4d

Sounds good. Not sure what
>Z-Z-BLOCK should be a bat
means exactly, or what a reposte is, but I'll add the rest of what you said.

The X key can be used for an alternate weapon, or just another attack, like the dagger or magic, or it can just be used as another attack. I'm fine with making both kinds of games, I think, so which do you guys want? Beat-em-up or Fighter?

Oh, also, if it's going to have a plot it would probably have to be some sort of filler arc rather than a reenactment of an existing chapter, since most don't have much fighting.
No. 6198 ID: 5d5878

My vote goes to beat-em-up, but let's see what the others think.
No. 6199 ID: 43d730

Suggesting >>255, >>256, and >>257 as inspiration.
No. 6200 ID: 1db014

Personally I'd love a tactical fighter of which there are rare few, highlighting a swordfighter's high/low attacks, blocks, parries, etc. in a one-on-one fight. So many fighters are all about jumping around and spamming moves, I think a simple but intense one where every move counts and one overextension could be fatal would be a breath of fresh air.

Not that canon matters more than fun but it's also probably more Muschio's style, what with his preference for one-on-one dueling. Opponents could include Red Fang et al.

A beat-em-up is fine too, I'm just throwin' in my two cents.
No. 6201 ID: 632862

So, kindof like Bushido Blade then?
No. 6203 ID: 27fd4d

Well, OK, that is possible. So, would hitting the Up arrow key just change your moveset, do you think? Or would it serve as a jump do dodge lower attacks? If that's the case, then the Down arrow key would probably cause lower attacks, but then what would be guard? Just another key overall?

I dunno, I'm bad at coming up with this stuff on my own, so suggestions are more than welcome.

As a side note, I got the lunge thing done...
No. 6204 ID: 6faa8c

There was a flash here

its gone now
No. 6205 ID: 1db014

I'd say holding up or down should change the moveset, so attack+up is a high attack, attack by itself is mid, attack+down is low. Block could be its own button and would work the same way, holding up or down to adjust to high or low attacks. The second key could be a special, you could give him more than one by again incorporating up/down combinations with it. They wouldn't have to be high/low specials either, they could just be different kinds of specials.
No. 6207 ID: 2c6b7e

A bat is when you bat your opponent's blade out of the way. It's a type of parry that doesn't bring the blade much away from its starting position. A riposte would basically just be a forward stab.

Directional buttons with attacks should definitely modify moves. Think akin to Rafaeil/Amy in Soul Calibur, they use the same basic fighting style.
No. 6223 ID: bf1e7e
File 125832993133.png - (125.54KB , 768x768 , Muschiolovesgianttits.png )

No. 6234 ID: 068b0e
File 125835449846.jpg - (166.55KB , 1000x1000 , muschio x bella.jpg )

I think we all know what really happened.
No. 7045 ID: 632862


Ogre-lovin': Good thing or bad thing?
No. 7057 ID: dda9dd

Depends how out of hand he gets. Really I could see him as useful for getting Ashedel out of Muschio's hands.

But aside from that particular case there isn't much call for competition with the Boss around here. Mostly because he could interfere with our plans to help Finesse get in with the Big M.
No. 7059 ID: 9d07d9


Why would we want Ashedel "out of our hands?"
No. 7063 ID: af3e6d

So they are free to put Finesse in.
No. 7064 ID: dda9dd

Because if the Ogre tells the truth (which he may or may to be) she is rather... -erh- how do I put this?

Like unto a village bicycle? Not exactly what an overlord needs for woman behind the throne of power.
No. 7065 ID: 43d730

Especially if she's not wearing the usual black-leather-and-studs uniform.
No. 7072 ID: 9d07d9


Think of it this way, if Dompag beds Finesse then Muschio will have had sex with her by proxy.

Mushcio --- Ashedel -?- Dompag --- Finesse
No. 7076 ID: dda9dd

If we are thinking like that then Muschio has already penetrated everyone in his lair, with his mind.

Besides, I somehow doubt Finnie would see it that way.
No. 7241 ID: 51d0f5

This chapter (13) is feeling pretty railroady, but I can't argue with the results.

I'm okay with a railroad now and then as long as the ride is fun.
No. 7242 ID: 8d5624

It kind of had to be, though. We needed to line up with the events Ridder interacted with.
No. 7243 ID: 5d5878

Yeah, we don't want TIME PARADOX. Also arsoncats are hilarious.
No. 7248 ID: 2dd482

Eh, It didn't feel like a railroad to me. But I guess that's just a compliment to Weaver; the best GM's railroad you without you ever knowing it.
No. 7250 ID: 6a66c3

Well we knew the city had to burn, but i'd guess (and hope) the specific moment hadn't been decided beforehand.
No. 7251 ID: 18b9f0

I'll say here what I said in IRC: we all knew how this chapter was going to end, but up until about the breaking of the perfume I had no idea how we were going to get to that point. This was a pretty daunting chapter for me, on top of the fact that I'm godawful at scenery and new sets, I wasn't sure how to arrive at the inevitable conclusion.

This chapter, more than any other, I relied on speculation and crosstalk for inspiration. I needed to come up with a way for Muschio to burn down the town, and when people commented on the alcohol stores in the bar going up, I almost had that be the reason. But Muschio made enemies of the patrons pretty quickly and there wasn't a ready flame source so I had to skip on that. The cats were originally just adding insult to injury, but I enjoy the way they played out, linking together multiple elements, from the sass at the bar to the Halfling's intrusion to his disgrace at the bar and finally helping spread the flames.

Like I said, much of this came from the crosstalk and speculation in IRC and in the thread itself. Someone mentioned the perfume could be an accelerant, and I jumped at the chance. Someone said "watch the crossbow bolt be deflected and hit the priest" and I thought "hell yes!".

So honestly, I stick with the claim that -- beyond the town ending up in flames, which was inevitable -- players had more influence here than in a lot of chapters. Muschio was influenced by suggestions, and the world itself was influenced by speculations.
No. 7252 ID: 632862

Hey, this is like Problem Sleuth. A bunch of little throwaway things the author put in were later linked up to be important.
No. 7253 ID: 51d0f5

That's crazy if you didn't have the cats planned ahead of time.
No. 7313 ID: 85b630

While we're on the subject, what's the official stance on Knight's canonicity? And if it is the future of Dive, are you guys going to compare notes or something to ensure that we don't accidentally neuter our own choices?
No. 7315 ID: 6550ad


Obviously it's only the author's right to decide about that. But as a reader I put my two cents there anyways.

I'd prefer if both stories would remain as independent as possible, their styles are very different (and I'm not talking only about the art) and I'd rather not see Dive Quest change its overall tone and story just to fit with Knight's canonicity.
No. 7317 ID: 43337c


i see, i think the problem is your quests always had the IRC element so those of us who were just following the thread sometimes felt left out. mmmm its a tricky balance but either way dont get disheartened tgchans got potential to be a VERY good community just keep pushing forward we'll get there eventually
No. 7319 ID: 1e523f
File 126032912577.jpg - (80.11KB , 982x217 , butterface.jpg )

I get back from a two hour car drive, bring up /quest/, and this pic is the first thing I see.

I love you guys, never change.
No. 7331 ID: 18b9f0

Well I took a lot of predictions from the thread too.
A lot of the speculation that came into play was already outlined in the thread, not just in IRC. I didn't take too many specific cues from #rubyquest, save maybe a few for the theme of the cats.
No. 7332 ID: 632862

I'm placing my bet on Undead Muschio.
No. 7334 ID: e024d0

Muschio in hell's what I'm thinken.
No. 7335 ID: f98e0b

Or in heaven and entirely pissed off about it.
No. 7336 ID: e024d0

Despite epic fail at times, he's still a wicked bastard.
No. 7339 ID: 632862

Hmm. I wonder if this is the second time Muschio's died? What if the orb is a phylactery of sorts?

...yeah, probably not.
No. 7354 ID: e024d0

Would that make him theoretically immortal? I mean, even assuming that he's only linked to that particular orb (there appear to be multiples), that orb has been implied to have been in quite a few places.

It may even be able to transcend time, space and even its own physical presence (note that young Finesse claims we, as Mojo, sound like Lord Molto even when the Orb itself shouldn't even exist yet.)

I think he hasn't even told us much of how we came about, aside from him being responsible for the Orb's creation in his youth.
No. 7369 ID: 5a3497
File 126042625487.png - (314.43KB , 800x2190 , 1245131514578.png )

Speaking of butter...
No. 7380 ID: 2f90b3

That would be... very cool.
No. 7385 ID: 2f90b3

Here's an interesting thought...

How about this: Muschio is dead. But the orb is not. The orb id Muscio's mind. So the rest of his mind gets stuck in here with us. Muschio no longer has a corporeal form, but controls his minions through direct mental control. Then we work on building him a greater body. One which cannot be killed by poison, preferably.
No. 7386 ID: ce2291

Regardless of how/if Muschio returns to life, we kinda screwed this up. Never employ a poison for which you lack the antidote -- I'm sure that's in the Evil Overlord List somewhere.
No. 7390 ID: e6b5e3

Not to mention saying "Oh sorry, i kind of poisoned most of the wine to get rid of a little problem" would've been enough.
No. 7391 ID: e024d0

I doubt it would have been enough as he didn't even drink wine, there was a failure of communication and care taken on multiple levels.

The herbs themselves were likely mixed up back at the source (Tislomer's worktable) when Dompag tripped or something and helped put them all back in order.

In fact the only person who does not seem to share any responsibility here is Babrakus.
No. 7421 ID: 23bee4

In case everyone forgot, the Boss didn't actually, you know, part take in anything. It was Babrakus' wine that Finnie got. We decided to go with milk instead, a smart evil overlord that we are. We didn't drink any before we started bleeding at the nose. Now, the over-hotness could be posion/viral, or it could be the Boss getting hot and, like some kobolds, bleeding messily from his very large nose.
No. 7424 ID: 75544c

He's not dead yet. Given the mix-up and all, there's a good chance that whatever Muschio just took wasn't nearly the "triple overkill" potency he ordered.

And as for the thing with Dompag, he probably realized what Finesse was trying to do with the herbs and decided to fuck with it. Of course, since that almost got Muschio killed, he'll probably deny everything just in case.

We should have Finesse claim that what he heard her say was a hallucination or something; he'll probably believe it. (On a related note, ask her why the hell she thought that acknowledging her part in feeding him aphrodisiacs was a good idea.)
No. 7441 ID: 43d730

One of these days, when I have a quest running, I'm going to do random shit with lots of pointless symbology, then spend the two or three days between updates picking explanations out of the discussion thread and running with them.
No. 7442 ID: 5d5878

I can guarantee this works.
No. 7462 ID: 18b9f0

I think the word you're looking for is symbolism.
No. 7465 ID: 4553b2
File 126055451832.jpg - (1.04MB , 700x3334 , twilight.jpg )

No. 7474 ID: e0499d

well, technically...
Muschio and the orb and the voices (us) are one. So if we can insert the orb into a working mindless body, Muschio obtains a body.

Even if Muschio's current body lives, having multiple bodies with one mind would be badass
No. 7475 ID: 18b9f0

>technically... Muschio and the orb and the voices (us) are one.
You're two parts of the same whole. You are not interchangeable and you are neither of you are whole when alone.
No. 7476 ID: e024d0

Muschio only has parts of himself in the orb, consider the fact that he seems incapable of love, common sense, or standard human empathy. Yet we often chide him for these failings, we have to remind him to thank other people and not 'always' think of himself.

We may be all of his emotion, all of his better humanity locked away in a sphere of a million howling voices

We could in theory control a golem of some kind, but it would be no more the Boss that any of the other people we have advised or controlled.
No. 7504 ID: 9ddea5

Yes, but what if the rest of the boss gets stuck in here due to his death? Nothing of that little that we know about the orb precludes this.
No. 7641 ID: 3ccb64

So Finnie confessed her love for the boss today.

I imagine she's wishing it had been under different circumstances.
No. 7663 ID: fb5d8e

Yeah what a dumb ass
If she had some balls and told him to his face instead of trying to drug him she wouldnt be in this mess
No. 7713 ID: e024d0

No, he would have just mocked her to her face, the Boss doesn't actually believe in love. Granted it would have been less trouble, but then the Boss would not have had his revelation ehh?
No. 7714 ID: c88bbf

We need to send a mannikin to get that ugly cat back. It was foolish to leave it. How can we be imposing without a hideous cat to sit in our lap?
No. 7729 ID: 5d5878

By not having a flaming cat in our lap and thus not burning to death.
No. 7731 ID: c5a914

I doubt he'd do something that would screw with her loyalty.
No. 7732 ID: e024d0

This is Muschio we are talking about, he is arguable 'not' the most diplomatic protagonist we've advised.

Besides, the point still stands that if he had not had his near death experience he would still be trying to be the Devil. Which is no longer his goal.
No. 7735 ID: 43d730

>arguable 'not' the most diplomatic
Which covers everyone that isn't Mudy.
Still, he's no Beardbeard.
No. 7907 ID: 6550ad
File 126131237216.gif - (44.13KB , 800x600 , dundunn.gif )

Oh shi-
No. 7915 ID: c1b520

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this
No. 7916 ID: e024d0

Actually, I noted this earlier when we were guessing about what his bastard child by Arabella would look like.

Heug, Muscular, Blank eyes, long face. Fits the bill pretty damn well.
No. 7922 ID: 12fc66

So does this mean we've inadvertently caused the events of RubyQuest?
No. 7923 ID: e024d0

When wasn't this the case?
No. 7937 ID: 315175


I thoroughly approve of this cameo.
No. 8002 ID: c4fb38

Some Allie Commander Coriander Salamander is, ya know what I just realized? She had a knight with the Malto insignia walk through her tower, and she never bothered to send a report about it to Muschio.

Maybe she doesn't know what the old-school Malto insignia looks like, but STILL.
No. 8877 ID: 1619d6

So! Time for Muschio's new modus operandi to take form. Myself, I think base pragmatism is the way to go. Enlightened self-interest is often indistinguishable from morality to the casual eye, so it should get the boss what he wants while not being too shameful.

Logic, reason, that's the ticket! The majority of morally and ethically "good" behaviors have their roots in common sense in any case.
No. 8878 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds pretty good to me.

I also think he should consolidate and solidify his position among the local goblin tribes as well as the kobold ones. We need to move them closer to our camp, both politically as well as physically, to make sure that we can keep a better eye on them as well as ensuring mutual saftey. We should also try to get a decent blacksmith or two alongside with sending a letter to the Commander that we need a military trainer. We should also try looking for a mage, Mushio seems to have some talent in the area and an increase of the tricks he can do would be useful.

Once we get something close to a professional army we can start making plans to expand our domain.

But I'm not sure what we're going to do with our new hostage. I don't think simply demanding a ransom is the best path there.
No. 8879 ID: 1619d6


Well no, not now she's seen our face. Although you could ransom her to one of the kingdom's enemies... Can't let her go for the same reason, anyway, and it would be a terrible blow to our loyal minions to toss out something they no doubt worked hard to get.

... We need to talk to these two about the proper precautions one should take when carrying out a kidnapping.
No. 8880 ID: 8ecfd4

I actually think the best thing we could do is to try and convert her to our side. In a non sexy way I might add.

I also think we should commend Finesse and Dompag for their intiative and inventivness but remind them to ask before they pull off anything this big in the future. But it's very nice to know that they're this competent. It makes pulling off similar things in the future alot easier.
No. 8881 ID: 1619d6

Oh wait, I know! We'll get some useful political information out of her! Current agreements, compacts, disputes and such - very useful to someone with Muschio's political acumen.

And if we can pull it off juuuuust right, then perhaps we'll get a bit of stockholm syndrome!
No. 8883 ID: cf41a7

While I commend Muschio for his apparent shift in goals... it seems we still have some old buisness to take care of.

Although we can't just "put her back" we also don't want to just kill her or something after we have just decided to turn over a new leaf.
No. 8884 ID: e0499d

So we have the freaking princess. The most you can do is "berate" Dompag and Fineese (as in, make it seem you're haranguing them... but actually commend them later)

Then untie the princess, "explain" that you're trying to find a non-violent way to get to power, and that she has to stay while you try to find a safe way to "get her back home"

while she's here, though, making her an ally is a good idea. Treat her nice, use expert court manners, and make her like/love Muschio. When she gets back, she could be a super mole.
No. 8885 ID: cf41a7

This is a good idea... but can Muschio pull it off?
No. 8886 ID: e0499d

of course he can. Especially if he brings her with him to Ridder's place.
eg: one week to woo a princess and then impress her insanely with the people he's affiliated with...
maybe sneak an orb fragment too. Nothing better than having us in her head
No. 8889 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm not sure bringing her to Ridders place is such a great idea. He might not appreciate the way she ended up in our company and he certainly seems like someone who would do something about that.

I think it's better if we get our little digger monsters going on making a new room for her. Getting her over to our side will probably take longer than a week and it would be a good idea to give her a room of her own.

Something just struck me. Someone is going to have to give up their room to her for a while and I bet Finesse will find a way through this that ends up with her sleeping in Mushios room
No. 8891 ID: 9d07d9

I don't think we should get embroiled in a kidnapping at the moment. Not because such an act is evil, but because we have much to lose. The King will spare no expense in tracking us down. He'll hire wizards to divine his daughter's location and send adventurers and bounty hunters after every lead, particularly when we try to communicate with him. Even if we somehow manage to get our demands, she's seen us and undoubtedly recognizes Muschio, and if she returns, her story would whip up a new wave of anti-Malto frenzy.

Our best bet is to take her far away and kill her.
No. 8892 ID: 51d0f5

>I don't think we should get embroiled in a kidnapping at the moment.
Little late for that now, huh?
No. 8893 ID: 8ecfd4

But simply killing her will gain us nothing and if the king tries to scry her and find out she's dead he's alot more likely to be überpissed at us.

I think we either really need to find a mage to work for us or Finesse will have to come up with some anti scrying charms.

Actually I think we should head over to the den of villains place (Sepia, right?) and find a mage willing to work for cash and a safe spot where we won't judge, unless her needs blood from virgins for summoning. Stuff like that attracts to much attention and it's really messy.
No. 8894 ID: 25672a

Ridder is a soldier. LG he might be, he must've fought and captured enemy nobles at some point.
No. 8896 ID: c16184

Alright listen
Stuff a shard in her butt
Send her home
All we need, man
No. 8902 ID: 8ecfd4

Probably, but I doubt he has ever sent out an ogre to kidnap a princess. She's a noncombatant and an innocent maiden. I don't think he would be ok with us keeping her. He might let us do it because we're his prince but it could erode his loyalty towards us.
No. 8909 ID: cf41a7

Our grievances against the kingdom may be valid. But how we handle them determines if we are good, or wicked.

We already crossed the line into dishonorable territory with a kidnapping. But what how exactly we decide to take care of her is another difficulty...

The unfortunate thing is that Dompag and Finesse may not have bothered to at least put a blindfold of bag over her head when they nabbed her.

If they did, good show, drug her (careful here, be really fucken careful!) shard her, and give her pack with a message taped to her or something.

Pass it off as a "knife under the pillow" kind of message "we can do this... imagine what we 'could' have done... or what you would have if I were you."

If not... well, things are going to be much harder.
No. 8982 ID: 712942

Ye gods, Finesse is going to hate herself for this when she sobers up.

Hopefully they had the good sense to knock her out or something to stop her figuring out where Muschio's hideout is. If so, we introduce ourselves politely (since she probably recognizes him, and in any case must have heard Finesse calling his name) and begin rolling Bluff checks:

"Greetings, Lady Vittima. You will not be harmed; I had you brought here to deliver a message to your father. My allies are legion, and even now your 'loyal' populace waits on my signal to begin the revolution. Your own retinue is riddled with spies and traitors, including a few that surprised even myself with their willingness to assist me.

The only reason your father has not yet awoken with a knife in his back is for the sake of his reputation. Being spontaneously removed from power by one's entire kingdom is an embarrassment I don't wish him to suffer. He may keep the throne for a while longer, on the condition that he immediately relinquish the crown to me upon my arrival. Failure to do so will result in him and his entire line being tortured to death, and forever afterwards the history books will remember him as a cruel, depraved, and incompetent fool.

And be especially sure to tell him this, Princess: that I am always closer than he thinks."
No. 8983 ID: cf41a7

Poor Finnie is always a page behind it seems...
No. 8984 ID: 8ecfd4

I don't think the threathen and then return her as a show of power thing will work out in our favour.

I think it would be better to use Mushios charisma to convert her to our cause.

Since Mushio has given up evil simply for the sake of evil but still has ambitions to power I think that is what we should focus on. A new Malto realm built on the ideals of the old one with a power based on the idea of every species being of equal standing and worth. First steps in the creation of that realm should be uniting the goblin and kobold tribes in the nearby forest and converting the princess into a believer.
No. 8985 ID: 51d0f5

>I think it would be better to use Mushios charisma to convert her to our cause.
>Muschio's charisma

I'm not following you, here.
No. 8986 ID: 9d07d9


Muschio is pretty good with people when he needs to be (and when we we're minimally involved)
No. 8988 ID: 8ecfd4

Pretty much everyone who has come across Mushio has described him as being incredibly charismatic and driven. If he can use his force of personality to win over the princess he gains a very valuble ally in the eventual fight to regain his fathers realm.
No. 9735 ID: 501a62
File 12645699823.png - (22.85KB , 244x593 , table.png )

rolled 36 = 36

Oh joy, travelling!
No. 9736 ID: bb1955

Dompag, what are you doing out here?
No. 9743 ID: c593ec
File 126457630953.gif - (1.01KB , 158x134 , run.gif )

Now you too can have your very own Running Prince(TM)!
No. 9745 ID: f52552
File 126457769235.jpg - (3.12KB , 130x130 , images.jpg )

What, no Dippy Prince?
No. 9749 ID: 04bd7e
File 126459968679.jpg - (38.64KB , 500x375 , Giant Fish.jpg )

No. 9750 ID: 04bd7e
File 126460076153.jpg - (48.59KB , 500x349 , candyland1.jpg )

No. 9753 ID: 51d0f5
File 126460949688.png - (19.77KB , 700x600 , run_from_crazy.png )

No. 9757 ID: 72f12b
File 126461341025.jpg - (9.75KB , 235x209 , 8920_lg.jpg )

Exercise is essential for the aspiring villain.
No. 9758 ID: 1d2d60


Why He's screwing everything else on that list of course...
No. 9790 ID: d9faf1

Inb4 Muschio shopped on that RubyQuest picture with Ruby and Tom running through Metal Glen with DERP'y faces.
No. 9795 ID: 34470e
File 126472539951.png - (301.83KB , 600x600 , THAT4.png )

No. 9796 ID: 34470e
File 126472573267.png - (23.87KB , 800x600 , THAT4.png )

>What do you think, Master? Does this make you... happy?"
No. 9802 ID: d02d24
File 126473217232.jpg - (153.24KB , 900x514 , RunForYourLifeMuschioBrown.jpg )

No. 9803 ID: f21281
File 12647326068.png - (11.35KB , 640x480 , Doomfrighten.png )


No. 9805 ID: f21281
File 126473323850.png - (105.29KB , 800x600 , Sithlomer.png )

"What is thy bidding, my Master?
No. 9806 ID: d02d24
File 126473419587.gif - (8.61KB , 800x600 , ImSad.gif )

No. 9809 ID: 5e3a67

We need to get her a kobold faced mask.
No. 9810 ID: bb1955

Goddammit, that mask reminds me of something that I can't put my finger on...
No. 9812 ID: d02d24

Muschio + Post-Burn Tislomer = Gues who...
No. 9815 ID: 9d07d9
File 126473900262.jpg - (127.60KB , 691x896 , 1248768679370.jpg )

No. 9827 ID: e75a2f


No. 9830 ID: 7f44e4
File dive_animcomparison.swf - (127.64KB , 550x400 )

Tweening/FBF comparisonssss

I think the catman's legs are too... I dunno. Something seems off. Tweening is way easier, but doesn't fit the style I already have in place... I was planning to redo Muschio's sprites anyways, though.

also I dunno show well running/walking will work with tweens.

So... How's it look to you guys? Is it too tall, does the idle animation suck, etc. I'm not very good at making natural looking idle animations, so ya. Also suggestions welcome i gess
No. 9831 ID: 7f44e4
File 126475377224.png - (19.98KB , 326x396 , catguys$$.png )

also comes in a VERITY OF FLAVOURS$$$$
No. 9832 ID: c593ec

Best advice I can give you is to use a combination of both. Use a marionette-style tween like you have going (every distinguished part increases clarity, like making the feet separate from the legs makes it look powers better than if you hadn't) but if a piece moves too far or you need a more dynamic image, draw it. Use tweens on multiple frames. Obviously you weren't going to stick with just tweening one set of frames for the whole of the animation, but used properly tweens can buff frames, smooth things out, and allow for more animation in much, much faster time if they're integrated properly. But learning to use them both together, when to switch the frames of a tweened object, etc. is no easy task.
Once learned though it's a great balance of speed and visual aesthetic.
No. 9833 ID: c593ec

See, that's another thing. Using tweens-buffing-frames you can easily just alter sets of frames to make different costumes for the characters, and make quick globalized changes to any aspect of the animation without having to redo every damn frame.
No. 9840 ID: 1afd58

Ok, so spoilers for those that haven't read chapters 16 and 17, but you should probably expect spoilers in a discussion thread.

I enjoy Dive. It's one of the few quests on the board that I actively read whenever it is updated. In the beginning I read it because of Muschio being an interesting dungeon delver, and then a bit later because of the interesting "run a dungeon" premise.

Then that all got scrapped for sort of a goofy "cheesecake" which hey, ok, Weaver was getting bored. We were running low on lighthearted quests, and frankly Weaver didn't update often enough using the old method. At the time I'm sure a lot of people figured Dive had been abandoned anyway. See the top post in this thread.

Anyway, since then the quest has been pretty damn bouncy and lighthearted. Sure there were bits of emotional sadness, see Finesse mixing up the potions and poisoning Muschio, etc. But by and large, it's a goofy, cute, comical quest.

That's where the main part of my problem with Tislomer's situation comes in. Yeah, ok, it's a quest and without low points there aren't recognizable high points. Yeah, Weaver can do whatever he wants with his own characters. Yeah, sometimes bad things happen. The problem for me is that there was no particular warning. The tone went from hey, goofy little trip to the whimsically named Commander Coriander Salamander's tower, to a sudden fight in which I could understand injuries. Then, after the fight, when people are expecting the tone to turn back to Muschio coming home and talking to Finesse, Tislomer is horribly maimed for the rest of her life without any player action causing it. No one suggested she go put her face in the pile of chemicals. In fact, people were saying to go look at the necklace that was nearly stolen. Instead, Tislomer went to the other side of the room seemingly specifically to have her face blown off.

Look, I know the next chapter attempts to make this less depressing. But when you only have a few main characters in your quest, and one of the more developed ones (over, say, Dompag or Babrakus) gets a horrible, permanent disfigurement with no player input, it's a little annoying. That happens commonly and hey, it's a bit depressing but sometimes shit happens that is out of your control. The problem with this particular instance is that it was completely avoidable if Tislomer had followed any of the suggestions given to her, and that the tone of the quest was bouncy and goofy, not dark and depressing. It just doesn't flow with the rest of the quest.

I dunno, man. Without using the R-word, it just felt like whatever the players did this time around, Tislomer's story would have ended the same way. Also, this has basically taken all the fun out of the quest for me.

Get well, Tislomer.
No. 9841 ID: c593ec
File 126478762012.gif - (6.71KB , 800x600 , masked.gif )

I really appreciate that you enjoy Dive enough to be concerned about its nature and where it's headed. Please allow me to address your concerns as best as I can.

>No one suggested she go put her face in the pile of chemicals. In fact, people were saying to go look at the necklace that was nearly stolen. Instead, Tislomer went to the other side of the room seemingly specifically to have her face blown off.
>The problem with this particular instance is that it was completely avoidable if Tislomer had followed any of the suggestions given to her
She was standing up, actually. She was always on that side of the room.
She got slammed into a desk full of chemicals, splashing them all over each other. Then for several updates they could be seen leaking all over each other. It wasn't some huge blaring klaxon but it was noticeable and nobody seemed to make the connection about mixing random volatile chemicals.

The suggestions were all mixed planning, mostly "so also someone take a look at that necklace thing", not a single "hurry up and move out of the way". Tislomer was injured so she wasn't exactly about to spring up in a split second, either.

As for the 'mood whiplash', Dive's always been about a mixture of serious things and unserious things. Such is the nature of dungeon-dwellers, going from progressive puns to severe injuries and vice-versa in the course of just a few updates. Even in the first one when Muschio got his leg staked this was the case. If there was no danger it would all be a farce, if there was no lightness it would all be a melodrama.

Lastly, as to the claims of railroading, the situation is the same as it has been since RubyQuest: I plan out a number of locales and set pieces/encounters for the quest, most of the time, but exactly how these play out is up to the player. This is probably even more true in Dive than RQ because the end goals and approaches of the players are often harder to predict. Many Dive chapters start with a vague idea of the theme of events that will be focused on and honestly, I rely heavily on player suggestions to figure out what comes next, where the story goes from there, even when it's not within the realm of a controlled character's capabilities. Meaning suggestions like "wouldn't it be funny if...", "I bet that this will happen..." and "You should hope that..." often get woven in. On the one hand this is just me taking inspiration from the discussion, but in a sense, players have agency even over things the characters don't, because suggestions and even speculation can influence the flow of the story.
In the latest chapter for instance I put Babrakus at odds with Tislomer's accident and assumed for the focus of the chapter that most players would try to make him okay with it. But the reaction was so strong and so unanimous that instead of just welcoming her back as a friend people pushed to have him see how much he needed her, how unhappy he was with himself, and so on, so it went much further, with him even going so far as taking her mask off.
My point is that people have assumed various turns were indicative of a loss of player control and while I can certainly appreciate the concern the ugly truth is that I'm not really all that good at coming up with things, to the point that I couldn't even begin to write this story without the suggestions. I can work with ideas that people give me through suggestions, and I can play with expectations when they're outlined, but the bottom line is if it were up to just me I'd have run out of ideas in the middle of Chapter 2. It sounds stupid but the best defense I have against the concept of railroading is the idea that I can't actually make a directed story like this on my own.
Honestly though I think that's kind of how it should be. Questing is a mutual experience between the players and the quest-starter. I know it sounds pretty stupid, but I need you guys to tell me "okay, so what happens next?"

However you have also raised some valid concerns and I will try to be more vigilant of player input, because even the appearance of railroading discourages players. So I'll work on keeping player agency more actively at the forefront of the quest. In the future I'll try to keep things more transparent and enjoyable to the players.
I need you guys to feel like when you make a plan, it can work because it makes sense. I don't want you to think "oh, well let's not even bother with that because obviously Weaver wants it to happen this way so it won't even matter if we try that".

[I'm really sorry if there's a million grammatical errors or broken thoughts in the preceding post but I wrote this immediately after waking up and immediately before going right back to sleep]
No. 9843 ID: 631142

tl;dr stop bawing that weaver is mean, this is a plot device.

as a question, muchio is cursed or just a really, really unlucky man?
No. 9844 ID: 498c52

Players often fail to note subtle clues. You've got to make them really really apparent. Sometimes they do something daft anyway, despite said clues. I try to make all the potentially injurious/fatal situations in mine very, very obvious, but sometimes you still get everybody wanting to jump on the pokéball.
No. 9845 ID: c593ec

I disagree, I like to keep some things subtle. If I mark every potentially dangerous situation with big red flags nothing bad will ever happen.
If Tislomer had been in a position to be killed by the blast it would have been different. But instead she was injured in a way that won't really affect her physical capabilities at all.
Not that it wasn't serious, just that it hasn't crippled her abilities.
No. 9846 ID: cfad4e

>If I mark every potentially dangerous situation with big red flags nothing bad will ever happen.
I'm starting to see things this way. For all we like to joke about the crazy ball, /quest/ is usually very, very, very cautious. Even if they did jump on the pokeball. (I don't think anyone anticipated the fragmentation hazard)
No. 9847 ID: 889351

It's like hiding secrets, but the secret is not getting maimed.
No. 9851 ID: d9faf1

Okay, I'll try my take on analyzing the problem.

Actually, I think the main problem most people *actually* have with Tislomer's situation, is not that she's disfigured for life.

Imagine her getting equally disfigured during the fight with the Intruder - we would all be sad, but at the same time we would just feel it was a badass wound gotten in a fight, and would be mad at the bastard Intruder for doing it. Just like Muschio got wounded during his first "Dive" - it was sad, yes, and shocking, but getting maimed during a dangerous mission is expectable.

It's not because there's suddenly drama during a lighthearted chapter. Weaver inserts drama and shocking things all the time, it just gives DiveQuest its distinctive tragicomical feel, which we all like and support.

And it's not because the event is too sudden and unexpected. Come on, Muschio's kneewound in the first chapter was even more unexpected and shocking.

The *actual* reason, I think, why many people were disturbed with this ending, is because it felt so out of place. It didn't feel like a punishment for wrong choices (while no one suggested Tislomer to "GET THE FUCK OUT OF DODGE", no one suggested her go and stick her curious snout right in the dangerous chemicals, either). It didn't feel like an expected risk during a dangerous fight or mission.

It felt like something foreign transcended into the story, and decided to rob Muschio and his allies of their good ending. Just like that: What, you expect some quiet and peace after the ordeal? You expect life to return back to being not good, not bad, just normal as always? Tough luck!

I disagree with the accusations of railroading - it was a cutscene-based epilogue, not a playable part. And I came to disagree with invoking the Cerebus Syndrome trope - no one yet knows if the tone of the story would change later or not.

But the thing I think, is that Muschio has no real grounds to take vengeance for poor Tislomer's fate on the Intruder. After all, his fault in this event is mostly indirect.

Muschio needs to take vengeance on Weaver.
No. 9852 ID: 0c91d4

No. 9853 ID: c05c83

I don't think he's quite at the stage to do battle with his God, so to speak.
No. 9854 ID: c593ec

>no one suggested her go and stick her curious snout right in the dangerous chemicals, either
I can understand you not reading what I said but I'll repeat: She was half-dazed and she was already on that side of the room. She had been thrown into the table. She didn't walk over to the chemical bench, she was just standing up.
No. 9855 ID: c16184

Basically everyone feeling bad are not thinking outside the box, and the awesome consequences.
No. 9857 ID: 1963d1

Don't worry about it Weaver. You can do no wrong.
No. 9863 ID: 6c28cf

This is a story. It's not Mary Sue's dance through Dreamland. Oftentimes, we get an opportunity to stop bad stuff. Sometimes we don't. In real life, you can't stop all bad things. Bad things can happen that aren't anybody's fault, and bad things can happen that don't arise from some dramatic happenings. DiveQuest is, despite the magic, catfolk, adolescent morality plays, and assorted silliness, a story grounded in reality. Dorf-Quest style quests, wherein the hero dominates the world and conquers everything by being awesome, are fun too, but that's not what DiveQuest is.

Ultimately, shit happens. That's how life works, and that's not, for the purposes of a quest, a bad thing.
No. 9864 ID: 126d08

Nah, they're just angry at the injustice, and the only one to be angry at is Weaver because its no one's fault. Tislomer had an accident.
No. 9865 ID: 631142

railroading is tecnically the inability to change the plot direction. cutscenes are railroad, but any game would be pretty sad and one minded without a main plot to follow.

tomorrow, your cat may die by car accident because you left a window open at night.

shit happens. it just does.
No. 9898 ID: 7f44e4
File dive_animcomparison2.swf - (166.34KB , 550x400 )

Hmm... Muschio doesn't seem to be on the same angle as the cat fellow.
No. 9900 ID: 7f44e4
File 12648276822.png - (17.42KB , 395x331 , lots of mosss.png )

Just postin' some outfits~

...Although, I only have two swords and two shields right now. suggestions welcom °ワ°
No. 9916 ID: 34470e
File 126483395279.png - (156.43KB , 700x700 , THAT4.png )

No. 9917 ID: 632862

We were distracted by the enemy in front of us. The one objection I have is that Tislomer only followed one half of the "pretend to be asleep and then ambush him when he's distracted" suggestion. That would have gotten her away from the explosive chemicals, probably.
No. 9924 ID: ba41e5
File 126484019392.jpg - (249.41KB , 1600x1173 , tiananmen-square-tank1-1808.jpg )

No. 9926 ID: d9faf1

May I disagree?

In real life, after getting my leg severed in two places, I get sent to a hospital and probably won't walk as well as before (even if it's not amputated). Not jump and fight etc.
In real life, after getting impaled by a rapier and losing a lot of blood I probably wouldn't be cheerfully planning a cheesy world conquest.
In real life, it's near impossible to get out of a coffin when you're buried alive.
In real life, even Steve Irwin didn't survive an encounter with a dangerous aquatic beast, nevermind riding a gigantic carnivorous fish like a mechanic bull and outbreathing it underwater.

All these examples show that before the Tislomer accident, Dive had a similar way with plot armor as do some cartoons or action films. E.g., people can get injured or even killed, but only if it's either reversible (like M's knee) or badass (e.g., die in battle). An action movie char doesn't get his hand suddenly sawed off in an unpredictable workplace accident while idly chatting with his girlfriend; he loses it while stopping the Big Bad's Chinese henchman from destroying the Eiffel Tower.

What I was trying to say, is that Weaver deliberately changed the feel of the quest. But it's not bad. I know Weaver as a master storyteller, and I've absolutely no doubt that he'll handle this new feel as expertly as he does with everything else.

...You know, remember Darkwing Duck? It was a very good show, imho. That show wasn't the traditional Disney happy candyland. It was at times sad, at times dark, at times even tragic. It also featured a similar protagonist, a lovable braggart, who at the same time had his own psychological flaws and problems. Add some blood in the battle scenes, some enemy deaths and arson, and you basically got Dive.

Now imagine Gosalyn getting her face burned for life at the end of an episode.
No. 9927 ID: 632862

Only Muschio has plot armor. It's always been that way.
No. 9932 ID: c593ec

In real life, that explosion would have killed Tislomer.
No. 9963 ID: 6c28cf

I feel I should point out that, for all his foibles, Muschio is the sort of individual many would refer to as a badass. He is, while not as mighty as the heroes of Norse and Greek legends, more than a normal man. His early wounds have been impermanent, yes, but he had to muscle through the pain when they were fresh, and they were both flesh wounds, the sort which, barring infection, are not that dangerous. It is not infeasible that one could do just fine there, were one possessing a strong enough will and constitution, both of which Muschio has.

Tislomer is no way a badass, and her wound is also not ultimately detrimental; it is purely aesthetic.

On a less pertinent note, Darkwing Duck was never as dark or gritty a story of dive, and yet I can still imagine characters in it becoming so superficially wounded as to adopt a mask.

Seems unlikely to me. It might well have taken both her eyes, but flesh is not particularly susceptible to fire, unaided, and the limited amounts of whatever compounds caused it would be unlikely to take of much flesh. I think the level of damage was realistic.
No. 9975 ID: 72f12b

There's also problems like concussive force, system shock, and glass fragments from the potion bottles. But either way, it's kind of pointless to argue realism in this sort of story. Especially as applied to events that have already happened.
No. 9981 ID: 6c28cf

>concussive force
From that? Naw, not too likely.
>glass fragments
While this would ordinarily be pretty significant, it's nothing compared to the fire.
>system shock
Yeah, this could be a feasible threat. But even so, it's rarely lethal.

>it's kind of pointless
Of course.
No. 10115 ID: 44ad00
File 126517351628.png - (108.44KB , 423x441 , faceofwrath.png )

Timotei's "YE GODS IT IS THE EVIL" face
No. 10116 ID: 6c28cf

I just wanted to let you guys know, when I saw the title, I let out a silent "FUCK YEAH!". I say this without having read any of the chapter yet. I'm sure my emotions will run all over the field once I do.
No. 10140 ID: e3f578

Uh, guys, could the same Gypsy selling Ridder shit be the same one who separated Muschio's mind... into a crystal ball?
No. 10142 ID: 5a2e05

Hmm. I guess that means buying the crystal ball is a horrib- Wait, wouldn't it be better if Ridder were to separate us into something else?
No. 10406 ID: c593ec
File 126570041265.gif - (6.78KB , 800x600 , ogre.gif )

When I need a new character I just doodle up until I get some interesting design that I like to draw.

This was Dompag's iconic doodle.
No. 10407 ID: c593ec
File 126570043239.gif - (2.36KB , 222x235 , mabel.gif )

This was Mabel Syrup.
No. 10408 ID: c593ec
File 126570045256.gif - (4.84KB , 456x312 , witchy.gif )

And this one was for Ona.
No. 10411 ID: d6a592

Draw Every Day.
No. 10412 ID: 7630d5
File 126570198218.jpg - (282.91KB , 672x750 , tacopunchlt.jpg )

No. 10416 ID: c593ec
File 126571457065.gif - (24.36KB , 600x800 , 1000.gif )

Since the thread got moved to the quest archives really promptly anyone who wants to comment on the latest chapter should do it in here
okay thank you
No. 10417 ID: c16184

Oh my god I laughed so hard hahahahaa
Hahaha oh god that ram for hitting people in the dick
hahahahaha!!!! PERFECT OH GOD
weavz u is amazin
No. 10420 ID: 8ecfd4

I knew this chapter would be own. Damn my work and need for sleep. Oh well, there were no monumentaly bad ideas involved so it was pretty sweet to read it afterwards.

Anyway what kind of creature is Ona? At first I thought it was a diminutive catfolk with a weird mask but that doesn't seem right. Btw, will Mushio ever get his hands on a smith? He needs to set up a proper support structure for a future involving armed forces. Atleast if he ever plans to get back his kingdom.
No. 10423 ID: 817cd3

She appears to be a plump little Axolotl girl... then again she lacks a tail and that might just be the impression I am getting from her mask.
No. 10462 ID: 86b644


At least the Vault has some sort of doctor now.
No. 10463 ID: 3416ec


Green has never looked so badass.
No. 10465 ID: 2cbe3e


Well that's very kind of you to say sir.
No. 10467 ID: 3416ec


I see what you did there.
No. 10473 ID: 6c28cf

This reminds me; I am pleased that we are exerting our influence. I feel that we should soon procure a proper fealty from the nearby goblins and kobolds. However, I am uncertain how we should go about it - If the King at Piacevole becomes aware of a Malto gaining power, it could be quite troublesome for us. Ideally, we should have the fealty of several other regions, prior to this.

Also, if we're enforcing laws on our land, it might be wise to have laws.
No. 10478 ID: 130b1d
File 12657704691.png - (29.82KB , 904x586 , wat.png )


She looks annoyingly familiar, but I can't remember why.
No. 10479 ID: f35d0a


That's because you're playing too much Animal Crossing. :3
No. 10483 ID: ba41e5

If we're worried about that, we could just have some minion pretend to be the leader, Kind of like a Rastin-and-Vresch set up.
No. 10490 ID: 632862
File 126579304093.jpg - (62.42KB , 293x289 , DQ_Slime.jpg )

Well there's this...
No. 10520 ID: 00b11b

I do not believe that this is compatible with Muschio's leadership profile. He is very much a hands-on kind of guy, not at all the "just as planned" sort.
No. 10524 ID: 62489a
File 126586081611.jpg - (11.81KB , 250x291 , keroro_fry.jpg )

No. 10525 ID: c593ec
File 126586107615.gif - (50.50KB , 800x2400 , frames.gif )

I figured you guys might want this
No. 10526 ID: f51d4a

No. 10527 ID: 744da4

I was actually thinking about that, yes. Thanks for posting it.
No. 10528 ID: 00b11b

I don't believe we'd seen the barracks since they were remodeled; they look nice.
No. 10531 ID: cfad4e
File 126586572876.png - (8.56KB , 500x500 , unoriginal_joke.png )

No. 10559 ID: 5ac76a

oh god the chalkboard!
No. 10598 ID: 67c611
File 126613173189.png - (35.67KB , 665x933 , boyshorts.png )

No. 10599 ID: 67c611
File 126613177777.jpg - (106.99KB , 500x400 , 2228269172_7703a792e9.jpg )

No. 10600 ID: a7a85a
File 126613356640.gif - (289.22KB , 400x300 , kermitfreakout.gif )

Alternate freak out.

No. 10602 ID: 0e9167

Oh man I lol'd. You should loop the last part longer.
No. 10604 ID: f52552

No. 10605 ID: 34470e

No. 10608 ID: 0e9167
File 126614111481.gif - (625.46KB , 400x300 , Muschio Freakout3.gif )

I was inspired to make edits.
No. 10609 ID: a7a85a

Oh wow, that is perfect! I knew it needed an extra something. That was awesome. I also liked the animated fingers. XD
No. 10719 ID: a7a85a

There doesn't seem to be much going on at the moment so I'll indulge in a little curiosity.

What voice do you hear when you read Muschio?

For me it's Jeff Bennett, voice of Owen Burnett.

Forget that the character is an underling. Listen to that clear succinct diction. That commanding cadence.


That's what I heard when I read,

"My dear fragments of self, I do believe you have forgotten why I came here.
But for this, I do not fault you. After all, your task is the present. Memory is yet my domain.
So allow me to bring clarity to this situation.

I did not come here to CLENSE this dungeon
...but to CLAIM it."

It stuck ever since.
No. 10721 ID: cfad4e

>What voice do you hear when you read Muschio?
I am the great Leon!
No. 10723 ID: 34470e

I read his voice as kid of high-pitched and kinda screechy.
No. 10727 ID: aafe6e


A sort of less genial, more forceful Steven Fry.
No. 10731 ID: 7318ec

Thanks, now I can't unhear.
No. 10733 ID: 3416ec

Since Muschio is bird...ish, I imagine his voice somewhat like Vulturo:


Only without the penchant for sinking into gobbledygoadpfiw4goque.
No. 10740 ID: ba41e5

Exactly like this guy:
No. 10801 ID: a7a85a

Many of the voices we chose were quite similar.
No. 10802 ID: f609ed

I didn't know where else to put this

Basically this started because you guys were discussing what Muschio sounded like and while the fact that most people think he sounds like a proper british dude is hardly a surprise I personally see it a little differently. To me Muschio's more of a punk, more lowbrow than he'd admit, and often just as petty. I imagine his bitter life in conjunction with his childhood and for some reason that's just how I picture him sounding. But hey, that doesn't make it concrete.

Either way I envisioned a more east-coast US or London Punk kind of a voice, sort of rough, even scratchy, and I'd previously used this audio as an example. Originally I was just going to post a small audio clip a few seconds long, but... then I got carried away.
No. 10803 ID: 3416ec


No. 10804 ID: 32cc0e

That... was beautiful. Words fail me.

Epic win.
No. 10805 ID: e3f578

And we sound like that according to Finesse. How fitting.
No. 10806 ID: c1b520

This is a victory for the entire internet.
No. 10809 ID: f609ed
File wsc.swf - (765.63KB , 550x400 )

Here this should work better for the people who were having problems, just click the play button when it's all loaded and it should be fine.

Anyway I was going to make a music video but it'd take a long long time to do right so I figured I'd just publish an animatic since I can do that in reasonable time and even though it looks like it's made of sketches you can still get the gist of it.

I may do more someday :3
No. 10811 ID: 9891a9

Still doesn't work on Firefox here, but IE worked fine. That said, FUCK YES THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! I especially loved Dompag's section, it fit him so well.
No. 10816 ID: 1963d1

> Originally I was just going to post a small audio clip a few seconds long, but... then I got carried away.

You should get carried away more often. That was MEGAWIN.
No. 10823 ID: a7a85a


That was crazy-awesome. XD
No. 10825 ID: 9d07d9

This is amazing
No. 10829 ID: cedccc


Now I'm going to be spending ages trying to do the voice. I will ruin my throat! It is that good.

It has also made me realize that nedynvor must give the best hugs, especially if they are of the rare booby-bearing subspecies.
No. 10830 ID: 7318ec

I want to make an animatic now.
No. 10839 ID: 25fc10

That was all kinds of awesome.
No. 10840 ID: 19b589

Words fail to describe how awesome that was.

>I may do more someday :3
No. 10844 ID: 86b644

Hell yes this is awesome.

I always kind of imagined his voice would change in different situations, putting on his Court Voice when being all speechy or playing diplomat, but dropping the ball if he got pissed or hurt.
No. 10845 ID: 2cbe3e

That was a p. good video, even though I hate that band.
No. 10899 ID: e6efc0

...and with that, our status of "villain" disappeared forever.

(Fucking awesome, by the way.)
No. 11257 ID: 601a90

wait.... what happens if malto picks up ridder's voice ring?

super sayian 2?
No. 11258 ID: cfad4e

If I should call you up, invest a dime
And you say you belong to me and ease my mind
Imagine how the world could be, so very fine
So happy together

I can't see me lovin' nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me, baby the skies'll be blue
For all my life
No. 11262 ID: 9d07d9


Feedback loop.
No. 11757 ID: d26f1e


No no, for that you'd need Muschio to wear the ring and give Ridder a shard in his hand.

And I would predict a fractal explosion of psychosis.
No. 11768 ID: a7a85a
File 126744442320.jpg - (69.49KB , 693x518 , orbofpsyche.jpg )

Speaking of which, just a little fun something.
No. 11797 ID: 3416ec


No. 11799 ID: 705b6e

Ona reminds me of that one duck the the Garfield and Friends cartoon. He had a a Circular flotation device that had a smaller version of his head poking out. And it would mimic his facial expressions.

In retrospect that is an odd as fuck design for a cartoon character.
No. 11801 ID: 601a90

or maybe a resonance cascade.

if it does the we are gonna need to trade that sword for a crowbar if we want to get out alive.
No. 11833 ID: d97d76
File 126756433368.jpg - (175.08KB , 640x480 , CRE_Onanimus-09b720cc_sml.jpg )

No. 11837 ID: 3416ec

That. Is. Terrifying.
No. 11854 ID: 7024c7

Is that one of those... RAPE things?
No. 11859 ID: eb6d46

you know, since ashedel is a nevinder; logically speaking, this means that divequest takes place in the same or a similar world as journey.

in short, races must exist in both settings. now, we have all stated that we need a smith, and a technological lead over the enemy is also a necessity.

two words my friends: Lohrke techomancer

now we just need to find a way to correct their sun sickness...
No. 11861 ID: 2cbe3e


Canon Nedynvor females don't have boobs. Journey takes place in its' own world, and the Nedynvor in Dive was just thrown in as a reference. Having all the journey races showing up would kind of be stealing from Lucid though. I think we should just stick to the races we have, or at least get races from somewhere else.
No. 11863 ID: 3b6c92

Lohrke could conceivably exist; I mean, one made a cameo on a poster on Dompag's wall.

... Then again, that same poster made a cameo in Dungeon Game, so maybe not.
No. 11869 ID: 288dda


I think the Lohrke pornographers have used their advanced technology to travel between dimensions. Really, it just makes the most sense of all the theories.

Heaven help us if Dompag gets his hands on that device.
No. 11878 ID: 27e85a

They've also made their way into our world. You really think that it was just drawn by an artist on a whim do you?
No. 11883 ID: 4144db

Imagine how much money you can make by capturing and selling quest critters to biologists!
No. 11888 ID: 817cd3
File 126765091349.jpg - (223.35KB , 524x708 , Yog_Sothoth_by_Drhoz.jpg )

Ever heard of RPG.net's "Project Long Stair"? Yeah... dungeons kinda take on a life of their own if you put so much power.. so many stories in an enclosed space... like libraries.

Cracks open pathways to that place from which the legends of the mythical underworld stem.

Those dark corners of the earth there lurk "things man was not meant to fuck with"...

In such places the walls between worlds grow thin... and Yog Sothoth, that iridescence congregation of glowing spheres, waxes powerful...

THE OpeneR of ways, Beware!
No. 11911 ID: 3416ec


Hey hey hey hey now.

ANYTHING can have boobs and be canon as far as I'm concerned.
No. 11912 ID: 5a2e05

What about boobs? That would just look odd.
No. 11913 ID: 601a90

that's why it's a gurochan /f/ lvl fetish. in my opinion boob-boobs are rather interesting.
No. 11916 ID: eb6d46


alright, so a lorhke was a bit too much wishful thinking, but I just recently got over how freaking awesome tav was.
No. 11918 ID: f52552
File 126768261882.jpg - (32.59KB , 306x425 , xzibit.jpg )

No. 11919 ID: 4144db

I think we can all agree that everything is better with tits.
No. 11920 ID: 601a90

yes, xzibit, i put breasts on breasts so you could fondle while you fondle.
No. 11945 ID: 1963d1
File 126773711033.jpg - (40.34KB , 744x481 , xzibit-happy.jpg )

No. 12777 ID: a7a85a
File 126880565026.jpg - (144.87KB , 629x821 , rockmode.jpg )

>I loosen my grip on the orb, preparing to drop it and try to focus. Suddenly rock form doesn't seem that good of an idea.

Wait, wait. You mean if he hadn't loosened his grip...? :3
No. 12778 ID: eb6d46


I could just see some dude taking a smoke break out in the woods with some friends, and he'd be like, "so did you guys hear about th-"
"what the fuck was that?!"
No. 12779 ID: 3416ec

Ashedel's sure rocking the "stonking great tits" category there.
No. 12899 ID: eb6d46


as she has been doing for just about the entire quest
No. 13081 ID: 1ac39d

i just had.... a weird dream. it involves muschio and ridder talking then it cuts to finny and grek arguing about something, then when it cuts back to muschio he has HUGE arms one of them with sword in the bicep and he is chewing on ridder's head.
No. 13082 ID: 3416ec


Be sure to lay off the drugs, dude.
No. 13109 ID: 3416ec

No. 13120 ID: eb6d46


ridder's head
make it happen
No. 13176 ID: 9d07d9

Ridder didn't even recognize his own mother at first, but Muschio recognized Ritari immediately. Could there have been... something going on between shotaMuschio and Ritari before the revolution? Hmm?
No. 13180 ID: 5b76f8

Except that Ritari's face was partially covered when Ridder met her, while Muschio saw her without obstruction - and in something of a context as opposed to Ridder who just bumped into her (almost in more than one way).

And Muschio's nose obviously contains all kinds of high-tech sensors.
No. 13186 ID: 8ecfd4

I think we need to agree on a goal for the current events. Do we attempt to get Mushio and Ritari in bed with each other?

I say yes we do! It will give Mushio alot of taunting material. But it would also solidify his position as one smooth sauve motherfucker.
No. 13188 ID: 8b1bc1

>Do we attempt to get Mushio and Ritari in bed with each other?

Gods be good, this is our goal. Our. Fucking. Goal. LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN
No. 13199 ID: 3416ec

>smooth suave motherfucker.

He would LITERALLY become a motherfucker. o 3o
No. 13200 ID: 362f0c

But... Finesse... :<

(Although I must admit the idea fills me with a kind of weird humor, and she is the kind of woman he likes.) However, as I assume Ridder's father will show up eventually we don't need more reason for him to call in the Knights Blades to "clean up a weed they missed the first time."

Also... on as unrelated note... I fully expect the gardening metaphor to get carried out fully on the Helianthus (ie sunflower paladins.) This will likely bring the Blades actively into the local area (we have already seen them scouting.)
No. 13202 ID: 8ecfd4

Well he has sleept with other women in the past and Finesse has been, well not entirely ok with it but not too upset.

And I'm sure Ridders has moved on. Or atleast I don't think he needs more reasons to want Mushio dead than the simple fact that Mushio is still alive.
No. 13210 ID: f95872

I kind of wish we were controlling Muschio for this scene. It's weird not hearing his thoughts, and it bugs me.
No. 13211 ID: 1ac39d

i agree. but we do know some things from knowing muschio. such as he now knows that the fact that he has a prisoner will go over better because ridder has one too.
No. 13417 ID: f7f565
File 12700907105.gif - (17.60KB , 800x600 , commandercoriandersalamanderandersinglehandernonbe.gif )



No. 13421 ID: 11c3fc

No. 13434 ID: 9d07d9


That'll come later
No. 13435 ID: 9d07d9


That'll come later

[spoiler]in bed
No. 13715 ID: 7b5188

Weaver... We need a wallpaper. NEEEED...
No. 13953 ID: 1b0a14
File 127119060079.gif - (10.91KB , 253x201 , muschioxmuschio.gif )

No. 13956 ID: c5bc5a
File 127119876051.png - (94.21KB , 1280x800 , DiveBackground.png )

This sounded like a fun project, so here you go.
No. 13957 ID: c5bc5a
File 127119923358.png - (94.23KB , 1280x800 , DiveBackground.png )

Minor edit.
No. 14063 ID: d6cb21

Anyone have any idea when the next update for Divequest is going to be? Or is it just placed on temporary hold?
No. 14068 ID: e3f578

Weaver's probably busy in The Medium with the other creators in their own Sburb session. Chill bro.

Gnome is probably using

No. 14071 ID: 3416ec


Wait, what?
No. 14112 ID: 3441fa

Don't make me make this my next quest.
No. 14119 ID: e3f578

Player, I don't even know what quests you make. I dare you to make a quest where Weaver's shirt features the Barbed Wheel, Reaver starting some sick fires with his Gentlemen-Jizzturkey kernalsprite, Gnome pulling off some sick nasty moves with his tie, Ed Pastry getting it on with some instruments, and all the rest of those wacky authors doing their thing.

I fucking dare you.
No. 14195 ID: eb6d46


and dave strider is unexplainably there, as well, because he is the reason homestruck was made.
No. 14196 ID: 3441fa

I should probably tripfag when I have a dynamic IP.
No. 14525 ID: 2c809f

Just finished reading up to this point last week, was waiting for the update.

Still waiting.

Does Weaver usually take this long?
No. 14530 ID: 3441fa

Sadly yes. He updates when he can, which is not as frequently as Ruby Quest, unfortunately for us all.
No. 14556 ID: 7c3a81

I'm also on a bit of a hiatus for the time being, due to numerous factors regarding real life, the condition of my computer, and the fact I'm focusing more on NanQuest right now.
No. 14559 ID: e3f578

>real life factors

I fucking knew you were in The Medium. I fucking told you bros. GO kick some ass Weaver.
No. 19951 ID: 7f1921

No. 19954 ID: 8ce2bf

Dompag must be like a blanket fresh from the dryer.
No. 20048 ID: 3416ec

Dompag has the best therapy sessions. c:
No. 20150 ID: b4b04d
File 127931292837.jpg - (58.42KB , 800x600 , breakfast.jpg )

Who wants breakfast~
No. 20154 ID: d560d6

(Moved from /quest/ thread)
She agreed to him attempting to court her with that eventual intent:
>All right, I will allow you to attempt courting me. But you've only just met me, and once you have grown to know me I am not sure words words words.
Since Ridder then had a bit of a mental breakdown he's presumably not going to be showing up an attempting to follow through with it. Which is good, because stealing your best friend's girl is quite blatantly unfitting behaviour for a knight.
No. 20155 ID: c2c011

She's a very freespirited lady though. Not exactly one to be tied down to one guy. Which really wouldn't go well with Ridders morals. So it's probably better if they never get married, or even into a relationship.
No. 20156 ID: d560d6

(Also moved, wasn't expecting this to work.)

Ok, I just forced my way through the appropriate Knight Blades chapters; here's the summary for those just reading Dive:

- Crazy gnoll woman apparently lost parents to fire-based tragedy and turned into a psychotic pyromaniac who may also have been abused by one of her scheming [not-apparently-blood] brothers. Her old pack/family appear to all be dead, and she murdered (with fire) one of the wise leader types in much the same way she just tried to murder Dompag. The lawful stupid detect-evil-smite-evil paladin from Paladin Quest is following her and may or may not be checking up on our recuperation efforts.
- Muschio's meeting with Ridder basically went "oh hai after I decided not to spill the beans OOPS I SPILT THEM STRAIGHT OUT I'm the evil dude", at which point Ridder went "'kay, fine" and is now vaguely allied. Also Ridder spontaneously proposed to [court] Ashedel, who laughed.
No. 20162 ID: a83ce3

Best character
No. 20163 ID: 8e7d2a

No. 20164 ID: d560d6

Motion carried.
No. 20237 ID: d97d76
File 127935458373.jpg - (54.78KB , 620x475 , PAAANCAAAKES.jpg )

No. 20727 ID: 70d9eb

oh hey this is a discussion thread how about that

We should have a good way into the higher ups of the Matriarch's bugfolk if we namedrop K'miele, getting to the Patriarch if we're going to try and play both fronts might be harder.

The paladins don't seem to be an incredibly pressing issue, with them being preoccupied with getting land rather than smiting evil, and they don't seem the type to just get smoothtalked, so we will probably want to deal with them after we are more of a force.

The Pretender and his benefactor could be troublesome, my best guess is the Knight Blades hired him. It's a bit of a stretch but the bugfolk might know something about Red Fang's artifact, we should take it along just in case. It's more likely that The Pretender knew Red Fang had it than that he knew Muschio had it, so it's probably safer with him than staying at The Vault. Muschio should still have his wrist one-shot if he gets attacked unexpectedly anyway.
No. 20875 ID: d560d6

05:35 < TG_Weaver> I wonder why everyone likes Ona so much
05:35 < TG_Weaver> maybe it's because they know her full nickname is Furs Ona
No. 20889 ID: 70d9eb

Ona is Nimi and Dompag is the rape ogre.
Why else would Ona be so paranoid about rape?
And so paranoid of Leferrans, aka rabbits?
No. 20913 ID: 45be60

LD said something that made sense, now there is a terrible storm outside. The apocalypse is imminent.
No. 20963 ID: fddd61
File 128045477996.png - (57.44KB , 498x498 , sexbug.png )

Because it is relevant to the current situation once again.
No. 20981 ID: 18169f

i don;t know about you guys, but i don't want Finesse anywhere near bug dicks.
No. 20992 ID: 4ae7b5
File 128047326832.jpg - (116.03KB , 500x500 , Finnie.jpg )

Same here, but Damn... people be metagamen! They gotta cut that shit out. I mean, we can't help but be influenced by the knowledge we have, however... we cannot use said knowledge to justify suggestions to characters, nor should we ever admit ingame that we have such knowledge.

Ridder's just a bit crazy, Muschio is cursed, the voices are not the same.

We can share knowledge from different viewpoints within the quest, but not from outside. You might as well tell Muschio that Penji says hi or something.

Anyhow, back on topic, yeah I wish to avoid the chitinous cock possibility here. I acknowledge that Finnie is more savvy, manipulative and far less naive than Ridder, but I fear that her dedication to the Boss may take her places she would otherwise avoid.
No. 20996 ID: e32cb3

Finnie for new Matriarch.
No. 20997 ID: 18169f

with muschio we can be a bit more direct. we ask a question and when an adviser tries to speak we can go "EXCUSE ME, but i was asking the matriarch, not you"
No. 21011 ID: d2afff

We can always call bullshit on them. They wanna test your subordinate to let you talk to them? That doesn't makes any sense in so many levels. If anyone must take whatever test is necessary, is either Muschio, or BOTH.

And if they play the cultural card, so will we. What the heck would they do if Muschy came with no female subordinate?

Sides, we can always drop Ridder's name. How much he did talk about the place?

Hmn, maybe I should post this in the thread.
No. 21012 ID: d2afff

How well would it stick if, at the moment of sexing truth, Finnie claimed she wont do it out of loyalty to Muschio?

She'd pass the mock loyalty test's terms without doing the act, and Muschy would pass the mock delegation test's terms.

Sides, we're the orb. We can keep her under watch.
No. 21013 ID: b31572

wont work. the 'test' is the having sex part.
No. 21015 ID: d2afff

Try to face it as a game of con artists. You're working on the assumption she has to do anything in her power to prove her loyalty to Muschio, but I'm working with the assumption she has a vow that doesn't allows her to go getting laid with everyone she meets.
Its a fake vow for a fake test.

It might seem lose-lose, but its not; she'd prove her loyalty to Muschio by upholding the fake vow, and jeopardizing all chances of contact with the matriarch out of loyalty. They, the Matriarch, the Mesa, nothing is more important than this "vow". That's loyalty.

I'm saying this here because, at least, I have to pretend we're not metagaming in-thread... and there's the chance it isn't a test of sex.

Heh, you could say the vow is real. Finesses does love Muschio. Although she might end up seeing as 'I gotta get laid with them because its for Muschio'... eh, we still need a counterargument for that.

Also, if all else fails, we can go to the Patriarch. I think the Queen is the princess Muschio met, but heck. That might end up mighty fun. :3
No. 21020 ID: 4ae7b5

If it is a 'test of sex' (and we already know that there isn't really a test, it's just some bullshit the guards have been pulling.) then denying them on account of some loyalty to Muschio won't satisfy them.

They don't care how loyal our associates are to 'us', they want to know how loyal we are to 'them'.

Anyhow the point is moot becasue the test seems to be just the result of exploitative guards. Which brings up another issue. The guards and military advisers are obviously the ones in charge around here. The Matriarch seemed to want diplomacy when we last visited with Ridder, but the military officials just called bullshit and talked her down.

I think that in order to pull the 'good end' here we are going to have to dismantle and restructure the military of both sides (hopefully with us in a position of great power of course)

Notice how the war is essentially bloodless, yet takes up resources, time, and grants great power to the military. I hate to use the conspiracy buzzword word "military industrial complex' but I think it may be apt to help explain the ongoing war. However this buildup and self-sustaining war machine works in our favor as a large, excessively trained fodder force is exactly what Muschio desires,
No. 21021 ID: 8fa4ab

yes, that is what i mean. the test is having sex with them. no ifs ands or buts will matter. we need to call bullshit and get to the queen in order to start things rolling.
No. 21023 ID: 3416ec
File 128051950086.png - (66.52KB , 928x689 , ultimate_test.png )

Maybe it won't be so bad.
No. 21030 ID: fc5f60

they say multiple choice now, but I bet the last 3 fucking questions will be those annoying "graph this shit out" questions that sadistic geometry teachers get a hard on for.
No. 21043 ID: c477b9

>they want to know how loyal we are to 'them'.
You ARE right on this point. Didn't thought this way.

Ok, cancel that, let's try the patriarch this side, and no Finnie. I don't care, I'm loyal to her; I'm not handing her over to these maniacs.
No. 21116 ID: 3a289a

I would like to say that The Pretender was a lot of fun, and I would like to do something like that again some time.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Weaver can infact do evil played straight and effectual, at least for one chapter. Even if some suggesters miss the point and try to impose a traditional morality on the character, and thus require that their suggestions be ignored, it worked. Probably because it seemed, at least to me, that understanding the character's mindset was the goal, and the character's actions were largely incidental. It felt like we, the players, made some progress as the thread wore on, and won a significant victory when the boldling was spared. It gave us a grounding point; the boldling was not a pretender. The boldling was innocent, and thus was not killed. This was true of no other character, besides the protagonist.

And it was a song I know well, and thus I understood the references. Not really sure how much that factored into it.
No. 21132 ID: 2131c2

Yknow, I thought at the end of that chapter in knight blades it turns out the "test" was the three of them pulling one over on Ridder for their own benefit.
No. 21170 ID: 4a25d3

Yeah, that's why we're trying to defuse this bomb in their own rules, so we can escape this mess cleanly.
No. 21174 ID: 243525

if we can get into the same room as the matriarch then we can tell any advisor to shut up if it looks like she is about to speak. mushcio is much more direct. and they can't really argue as the matriarch has final say, and if they all cry off with his head and she says no head-offing then no head-offing.
No. 21184 ID: 9d07d9

Just some thoughts about the long term.

If we want to take North Piacevole back, we'll need allies on the inside. Not just a few individuals, but masses of people who support Muschio's cause.

The old aristocracy is most definitely not going to help us. They'd hate Muschio for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that many of his advisors are of the lower races. A vital part of our takeover will be the disenfranchisement of the aristocratic class. If they're allowed to keep heir power after Muschio takes control, then they'll oppose him at every turn and stab him in the back. In the past, when wars were fought only with swords, the aristocracy were useful as a caste of warriors, but now, with new inventions such as the crossbow, war is a simpler matter. One no longer has to spend years training to become a soldier; any peasant can simply be given a crossbow and told to shoot.

So, if we want to wipe out the aristocracy, we must ally ourselves with the other classes: the peasants and the burghers. We're already on our way to influencing the burghers. If we can successfully block trade to North Piacevole through Red Mesas, then the burghers and aristocracy will suffer (not so much with the peasants, since they subsist entirely on their own production and locally-traded goods). This will reduce the resources with which the aristocrats may fight us and cause the burghers to become dissatisfied with the ruling class for failing to protect their trade.

Then there are the peasants. They don't care who rules them as long as they aren't taxed too much and their villages are safe. We could secretly align ourselves with bandits, or perhaps persuade the Czar of Tela Cruz to raid villages under North Piacevole's control. The peasants will blame the aristocracy for failing to protect them- after all, what else are taxes for?

If we can align ourselves with the lower and middle classes against the current rulers, then North Piacevole will become a strong, centralized state under Muschio's rule, with lands confiscated from the former aristocracy enriching it further and adoring masses legitimizing his seizure of the throne.
No. 21193 ID: 4ae7b5

ahh so you are suggesting the transformation of North Piacevole from a psudo-feudal aristocracy to a more modern imperialist dictatorship?

A daring goal, but remember that there is another thing the leisure of nobility allows the time for, the study of the arcane arts. Now we 'could' assume that most of the families will not have such resources (look at the old court wizard for instance, he turned out to be a lot less than he let on.)

However, we can't all assume that even minor power cannot be refined to a weapon that makes mere crossbows and crude mortars irrelevant on the battlefield (consider how Muschio 'accidentally a whole volcano' with that little flamefinger trick.) Note that this doesn't even consider that royalty often has access to some heirloom or another of unfathomable power as a symbol of office.
No. 21194 ID: e3f578

Has anyone suggested that we just say Finnie's actually really young or a virgin saving it for someone special if the test is like that? Hell you combine both of those, then the bugs trying to do that will feel like jerks and just let us pass or make a more polite test in the first place. I don't know because there's so much text wall of suggestions and shit between here and the actual /quest/ thread.

Only reason that Ridder got fucked over is he's naive, a honor above reason kind of guy, and just a plain fucking idiot with no real personality. Sticks and the others only like him because he's strong and apparently gentlemanly for the paladin lady and lesgip. Also they're all furries, especially miss paladin lady who is so fucking in the closet she's got a fluffy fucking coat in her face giving her sneezes.
No. 21324 ID: d560d6
File 128096697599.png - (13.47KB , 640x480 , facepalm-muschio.png )

I'm pretty sure Weaver's done this already in the quest, but that's why it works.
No. 21325 ID: d560d6
File 128096700779.png - (8.06KB , 640x480 , unicode-dompag.png )

Besides, I'm having way too much fun making these.
No. 21332 ID: cf68aa
File 128098157945.png - (43.52KB , 500x500 , muschio.png )

No. 21341 ID: dad664

I saw the little strap on his collar as his arm for a second there.
No. 21343 ID: 620bfb

You have unlocked BIG HEAD MODE.
No. 22021 ID: 754124

Finesse's mouth seems small lately. Or maybe it was always like that? I dunno.
No. 22024 ID: 05dd93

It's intentionally cartoonishly small (when open) during her little glittery sequence just with Muschio, but she also normally does have a pretty small mouth.
No. 22025 ID: d560d6

She was puckering up, remember.
No. 23499 ID: 12fd85

I know divequest is currently paused, but something just occurred to me.

A tiny fragment of the Orb of the Infinite Psyche works just as well as the whole thing, right? And as far as we can tell, even the tiniest sliver works.

And the orb regenerates pieces removed from it, bit by bit.

So if someone were patient enough, with enough time, they could, say, remove thousands, millions, billions of shards, and grind them into a fine powder...

/Let's cause an instrumentality!
No. 24378 ID: 3c3565
File 128625639843.jpg - (54.36KB , 800x320 , whatigot.jpg )

I was gonna post a little "What I ran" version of the what I read pics in that one thread but it seemed a little self-aggrandizing so I moved it here, but while I was making it, it occurred to me I have no idea what Dive actually ended up as and currently is. I couldn't really find a screenshot of a dating sim featuring monsters but even when I was looking I realized that still wasn't quite it. The main focus seems to sway between silly confrontations and exaggerated action, then to cute indulgences and soap level interpersonal drama. I don't know what to make of it, but Dive is a quest I can pick up almost any time and have a blast with. I'm glad I retooled it when I did or it would have been long-since abandoned, and though it's gotten sillier and more lighthearted it's still a lot of fun for me to run and that's better than sticking with the rule-bogged Hussie-wannabe quest it started as.

The initial idea was actually very much accurate to this image, and I literally came up with it while playing Disgaea. Not so much the story or focus or flow, but the basic premise was very appealing to me as something that could be turned into a quest: an evil base that grows and gains more useful facilities, a ragtag army of misfit monsters, and some silly little jokes to keep it moving in between. Hell, Muschio as he was first introduced was very much a Laharl character: the inept but very ambitious and eager overlord of evil destined to make a name for himself even if he's nowhere near as threatening as he believes himself to be.

Things changed a lot though the basic influence is still there.
The monster guards we met at the start were fun, and those were going to be the type of minions Muschio would pick up frequently -- non-humanoid/demi-humanoid monsters including slimes, bat-things, devils, all sorts of weird shit. But I'm having a lot of fun focusing on the characters in depth which I suppose is why I haven't gotten a much larger cast like I originally planned -- also a bad idea was making the first 'monstrous' mannikin a mimic, which is hard to draw and hard to emote with, so I've left him by the wayside like the animate piece of furniture he is. Bad start. I'm hoping to introduce more new characters (both humanoid and monster-type) quite soon.

I know there's not much point to this post, I just sort of wanted to reflect on the quest's origins and how my expectations did or did not pan out.
No. 24379 ID: 3c3565
File 128625670182.png - (5.99KB , 500x400 , the succubus.png )

Oh, point of fact:
Also probably inspired by the Disgaea motif, I originally planned for Muschio to have two main advisers: Finesse and a Succubus I'd never named. They would be advisers of Good and Evil -- not that Finesse is particularly good, it's just the old dualistic approach. More like Pragmatic and Indulgent, perhaps.
Finesse and this Succubus would be at odds all the time over many things, including Muschio's affections, and it was going to be a strange love dynamic because Finnie loved Muschio but he wasn't interested in her, and he was insanely attracted to the Succubus but his soul would be forfeit if he ever had sex with her.

All people want is what is unattainable!

I never actually drew the succubus I specifically had planned for Dive but something like this probably
No. 24381 ID: 3416ec


The succubus is STACKED, man.
No. 24382 ID: 37f60a

but her fucking chin could put an eye out goddamn

just having sex and losing your soul and all of a sudden BOP 'OH GOD I'M SORRY LET ME GET A TOWEL YOUR EYE IS BLEEDING EVERYWHERE OH NO'
No. 24383 ID: b36dbd

Neat. I like things with crazy grins and sharp teeth. Perhaps a role for her will come up somewhere, even if it's different from your original idea.

Also, I'm glad you're having fun with DiveQuest because I'm having a lot of fun reading it, as is my friend who got addicted after I introduced her to it, and we really appreciate you taking the time to keep making the quest.
No. 24384 ID: d97d76
File 128626665151.png - (23.73KB , 640x512 , onachannelstheheavy.png )

No. 24393 ID: 1e88e0
File 128627351361.jpg - (61.14KB , 800x320 , what_i_FSN_relationship_chart.jpg )

Something like this, perhaps?

Honestly, I don't get a very strong datesim vibe or a "let's see how they ship my characters" vibe from Dive. Some part of it is surely about relationships, but for me it's only a subplot, while the main focus remains on conquering the world.
Boy, do I wonder what Muschio is gonna do with all that power when he gets it.

> check /questdis/
> oh hey there are new posts in Dive dis maybe I should check for any heads up on where it might continue
> DiveQuest Chapter 22, 143 posts and 14 images omitted
No. 24394 ID: e31d52

> DiveQuest Chapter 22, 143 posts and 14 images omitted
>roughly ten posts to an update

Show me your magic weaver
No. 24397 ID: 3c3565

I know, I know. This is a lot. I don't know if it's because it's following through with steam generated by the last NanQuest update as through some tangent or if people just really like Ona (it is very possible because everyone seems to like her more than any other minor character) but I dunno
It is
No. 24399 ID: 1578e2

Running in sessions helps a lot also I think.

People see it updating often and feel that they should get their suggestion in, and plus Ona is fun and squeamish and people like her yes.

Anyway I do like the return to sessions.
No. 24405 ID: 2563d4

Space Colony comes to mind. I almost put that instead of The Sims in the one I did, since it has actual mission objectives but you have to achieve them while managing the interpersonal malarky of a small team of oddball characters.

Dive is certainly better for having both elements.
No. 24422 ID: d97d76

What I expected: Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
What I got: Disgaea: Infinite
No. 24424 ID: 620bfb

>Wiki on DI:"...the main character will possess other characters to obtain information and gather clues to solve the mysteries."

Sounds oddly familiar.
No. 24584 ID: 511785

I think we should set up a library in the den at some point. At least tell the Odds to make a hall for it, possibly with shelves carved in the walls already.
Plans and blueprints of clockwork thingies and traps for Finnie, books about witchcraft and occult rituals for Ona, brewery and alchemy books for... oh well, we'll have someone read out to Tislomer >_>
When we're done at Red Mesas, we should totally grab a couple of tomes from the queen's library.
No. 24585 ID: 365adf

Finesse seems to know quite a bit about general mechanical work already, I'm not sure how much books would help.

Ona, I dunno. We don't know enough about her yet.

But books were pretty expensive before the printing press, and Muschio isn't exactly loaded. Plus the quest has sorta been more about doing and less about reading about other people doing. That was horribly phrased.

But certainly a library at some point, especially if we ever end up recruiting a lot of people and needing to actually train them. Though I think that part of the quest idea got dropped.
No. 24586 ID: 511785

Oh, I'm not implying they don't know enough. It's more for expanding their knowledge, effectively having more advanced stuff at our disposal.

And sure, books, especially the rare kind, might cost a fortune, but who needs money when we've got favors and connections? ;)
No. 24590 ID: 754124

Sounds good to me.

Books always help.

>But certainly a library at some point, especially if we ever end up recruiting a lot of people and needing to actually train them. Though I think that part of the quest idea got dropped.
It could still be done like in Golem Quest, where there's some vague large group of people, but we only interact with a very few of them, most generally leaders. That's probably going to happen when the goblins swear fealty to us, which is suggested as likely after we're done in the Red Mesas. I don't recall the kobold tribes being specifically mentioned, but they might do so as well. The goblins would very likely be interested in the opportunity for some of there members to become educated in useful vocations. We can just have them cleared by the door guard, and then they can study in the library. There would need to be some sort of librarian, either a full-fledged character, or a summoned critter designed for that sort of purpose.

We also have theft.
No. 24591 ID: c59f60

with success in the bug kingdom we could probably get one commander and a squad. troops are generic while the commander is a character.

or something like that.
No. 24595 ID: 365adf

The kobolds dislike Muschio since he seemingly corrupted the little kobold girl they thought he saved, and then lead two of their tribespeople off, never to return.

It was in one of the early Knight Blades chapters.
No. 24596 ID: c59f60

while knights blades is canon i always felt ugh about that.
No. 24630 ID: 19dce0

It's not like Muschio kidnapped them or anything. He paid a hefty sum to the community for the loss of their workers!
No. 24640 ID: 1578e2

I'd "pay a hefty sum" for Tislomer if you know what I mean.
No. 24642 ID: e3f578

Man, is that real Canon though? When there are Dive Canon mistakes in KB canon does dive canon overwrite it or like something? Granted SkullKing does still probably get away and a lot of people might blame Muschio for that but the feeling of kidnapping probably won't be canon.

Man, the way it sounds of gathering allies and shit reminds me of Bioware storyline missions, specifically Dragon Age. Which obviously means that there's going to be trouble we're actually going to have to wipe off the planet for all the races. Probably some small time SkullKing shit with the 'bolds, stop the gobbo civil war like with the bugs, gain control of the scummy city and either destroy or add the paladins to our ranks as a major moral choice, etc. etc.
No. 24649 ID: 754124

There is a little bit of messiness to the canon. If you need specific clarification on something, I'm sure Weaver wouldn't mind answering questions. In general though, I'd recommend assuming everything is canon.

And we're not gathering allies. We're gathering vassals. Some of them just don't know it yet. Sooner or later, when our power is clear-cut and obviously visible, we can get around to some more formal treaties that will make this binding.
No. 24656 ID: 1578e2

I got the impression that the basic reason the "Skull king" kobold was tossed into the rift etc was just to separate Mudyverse from Diveverse.

As far as the kobolds all disliking Muschio, I dunno. It'd be nice if they didn't, but let's face it: they are just kobolds.
No. 24664 ID: 754124

As kobolds though, their opinions are pretty mutable.
No. 24669 ID: e3f578

Just punch them in the snout for dominance, that'll do them some good.
No. 25588 ID: 071184

Bumping the discussion thread because it would be rude to do so in the current thread without a suggestion, of which I have none.

Does Weaver have a schedule on a blog or anything that he updates? I recently finished ALL of Knight Blades and DiveQuest, and ironically when I got to the end of the current DQ thread the last update had happened pretty recently. I'm sorry to ask questions that are probably somewhere in this thread, but any information on Weaver's current status/etc. would be greatly appreciated.
No. 25589 ID: 754124

There is no such information. He updates when he feels like it and has time.
No. 25620 ID: 365adf

Finger their snouts to establish dominance
No. 25701 ID: 071184

So is nosepicking masturbation for 'bolds?
No. 25703 ID: 3416ec


Nose rubbing.
No. 25787 ID: 071184

Well I guess nosepicking is more like anal with 'bolds, and nosebleeding is like ejaculation/orgasm.

Either way someone needs to spread the word to these 'bolds so they don't suffer from low pregnancy rates and frustration with sexual desires, as well as nasal blood loss and possibly infection. Of course nose-related sexual interaction could still remain an alternative to genitallular intercourse.
No. 25798 ID: e7b76d

Don't worry about it really, they give birth in litters, if anything it's probably their general naivety that helps prevent population booms and subsequent starvation cycles from becoming the norm.
No. 25901 ID: e3f578

All right I'm on a goddamn movie binge and remembered that Weaver was inpired by a movie to make the buried alive scene. I thought he said it was The Departed but that turns out to have been an infiltration drama/action flick that was awesome nontheless but probably not the source of inspiration

So please, tgchan, learn me another good movie and say its name
No. 25902 ID: 4f6e37

Well it reminded me of that one scene in Kill Bill.
No. 25905 ID: e3f578

You see that's what I think most people thought around then but I could have sworn the official word that the title had a big old fashioned "The" in it

I wish I haven't already seen Kill Bill or I would try to see it though now
No. 25907 ID: 725496

It's sort of a spoiler since it's the climax of the fucking movie but what you're looking for was taken from a French film called The Vanishing
No. 25920 ID: e3f578

thank you
No. 25921 ID: d8fa96
File 12884677692.jpg - (9.44KB , 240x227 , hurr.jpg )

The buried-alive scene was literally and unironically the best part of the quest.
No. 25994 ID: 1578e2

Didn't you already get banned once for posting retarded KISS faces in that chapter?
No. 26018 ID: 8555c2

Yes he did.
No. 26366 ID: 0e252b

Uh, file removed? ;~;
No. 26367 ID: 3670a9


No. 26392 ID: e3f578

haha holy shit when I mistook The Departed for The Vanishing, the best song in The Departed was made by the same band featured in that flash.

Holy motherfucking coincidence batman
No. 26406 ID: 1963d1

So... yeah. It's been nearly a month.

Anybody know what's goin' on with this?
No. 26409 ID: 3416ec


Be patient. Real life comes first.
No. 26464 ID: 9d07d9


It isn't unusual for there to be this long between updates. Usually Weaver will spend several days in a row updating then lose interest or inspiration and/or get caught up in real life stuff.
No. 26589 ID: e9ec30

yay weavers back! i read through divequest while weaver was on break so now i have a chance to actually participate.
No. 26788 ID: 901fff

I've been looking at the chapter 22 title image for quite some time and I still can't figure out that the hell it is in the middle (the black-with-white-band silhouette).
No. 27632 ID: 14dc37
File 129084583414.png - (411.35KB , 802x481 , butt.png )

aaaaaaaa can't wait for update!

polite sage for nothing really substantial to contribute to thread. here have something my friend and i drew
No. 29234 ID: 5e04de
File 129404354173.jpg - (210.81KB , 936x936 , Untitled-2.jpg )

A quick sketch for all that trouble.
No. 29235 ID: 725496

No trouble, just more suited to being categorized somewhere more appropriate.
>No-Ink '10
No. 29236 ID: 5e04de

Yeah that was something I did around the 29 of Dec. or something like that. But I see what you mean.
No. 29744 ID: d169fc

discovering the greatness of tgchan, its archive and the wiki. i read through divequest, knights blade and the smaller quests in the verse, its left me enthralled by the story, the characters and gave me an appreciation of the people who run these things.

but here is the confusion, why has it left me so sad and depressed? i have not a single glum thought and feel happy for discovering this medium of storytelling. but why so depressed?

hopefully the next chapter will turn my frown upside down.
No. 29934 ID: 8b9dd7

Most likely, the amount of time it takes to update
No. 30829 ID: 2563d4

>>/quest/278947 etc.
>It's The Pretender and the same guy that fucked up Tislomer's face and tried to nab our fang necklace.
The only part of this Muschio doesn't know is the name, which is the least important part when it comes to deciding whether to sword him.

Remember, the orb shards meant Muschio knew what was going on ( >>/questarch/120242 ). This isn't OOC metafaggotry for once.
No. 30853 ID: d6ae01

Funny thing is, I meant that we don't know about his capabilities beyond "can best Tislomer and some civilians in a fight". I wasn't being meta at all, just sorta cautious and advocating not immediately throwing yourself at him.
No. 30863 ID: 70d9eb

He's a crazy ass wizard-motherfucker, staying at range and letting him do whatever he wants is probably not a great idea.
No. 30972 ID: c2b048

First of all, this is really long, so you may want to just read the TL;DR section and skip the rest. Please keep that in mind.

-Get your Shield Muschio
-See if that Good-Aligned Necromancer ever shows up
-Slow, steady, and small will get you where you’re going Finesse. Use Muschio’s disbelief of Love against him
-Keep learning and keep being awesome Brabakus & Tislomer
-We know you’re a gentleman/gentle ogre Dompag, and now is your best chance to prove it
-Let us know if anything goes wrong Ona
-Ask about Mojo, Spread ourselves to towns/cities in the form of free trinkets, Use our ability to overwhelm minds as a weapon in the future, Learn to better mind-jump/drop messages, Figure out how to deal with beginning-of-chapter knowledgelessness, Stop trying to get people laid
-Explain the status quo of society to “lesser races” so they can join it and stop being treated as monsters, Build diplomatic relations with Goblin/Kobold villages as well as nearby towns and cities.
-See if we can mass-produce Minions w/ Mana and Mannikins when we want to, Get blacksmith and dual-profession apprentices

-What ever happened to that shield of yours? You are almost guaranteed to need it in the future.

The Good-Aligned Necromancer
-It’s like the guest speaker at your high school who used to do drugs that goes around telling people his story and why they shouldn’t do drugs. Except it’s a Necromancer.
-Could help Ona w/ her witch doctor stuff
-Commune w/ the dead
-Possible Undead army/workforce

-Keep your affectionate actions small and simple, or Muschio will think it’s just you being “afflicted with the disease of Love”
-Continuing affectionate actions toward Muschio after an attractive Goblin Male has joined the workforce will emphasize the validity of your love, especially if you and the Male work closely.

Babrakus & Tislomer
-If/When more workers are added to your areas (Alchemy, hunting, crafting), always check that they know basic safety. Especially when they are new to the profession. If any of them are uppity/arrogant, let them know that it is simply a precaution set by Muschio and/or the Orb.
-Continue to work diligently, learn more about your professions, and just plain being great.

-Fine so far

-Do not rape anyone. Ever. We know you’re a gentleman, but your “big sister” is making us all a bit worried.
-Speaking of which she is acting very aggressively toward Ona, even going so far as to cut her bra so you can have sex with her. Please DO NOT DO THIS unless Ona says otherwise, and we have checked that she is not under any/too many influences. This may seem unnecessary but we are worried, and when we are no longer worried as to your “big sister’s” influence on you, these conditions will most likely dissipate. We are quite sure this is not your fault, but it revolves around you and as such we need your help to get it done and dealt with.
-If it makes you feel any better, doing this may make Ona like you more, and eventually lead to her willingly giving herself to you.

-Let us know the MOMENT that things with Dompag and his “big sister” become dangerous so that we can intervene. We care greatly for the happiness and safety of you and everyone else at the Vault.

The Orb of Infinite Psyche
-We have previously come upon the idea of secretly implanting shards of ourselves in people during medical visits. This seems too diabolical, and our apparent lack of skill as to the infiltration of minds could get us and Muschio in a great deal of trouble with adventurers. However, the idea of dispersing ourselves out within the populace is not without merit. We could create small trinkets (rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) using shards of ourselves as gemstones and either sell them or give them away freely to many towns. If the populace discovers us, they will only have to remove the trinket rather than dig out their own flesh, making them less aggravated at us. If they become angry with us we can promise to take back all the trinkets and never try to do this to them again, and we should probably do as such. There is also a chance that they will be happy with us for our suggestions, witch would increase their standing with us and Muschio and increase our chances of peacefully integrating them into our domain/empire.
-Many times before we have made Muschio and others stop and stutter with our inane suggestions. This could prove useful if we found a way to become weaponized. A bolt or arrow of some sort with a shard of ourselves for the tip could give us a chance to overflow an opponents’ mind and weaken their defenses. And since this is not an uncontrollable alchemic compound, we could prevent friendly fire from being any more than a physical injury.
-Finesse from the past recognized us a being (imaginary or otherwise) called Mojo. Does this mean we have access to her memories, or is it one of our memories? What if we were an entity before being sealed in this orb with Muschio? Perhaps there are even moments when we transcend time? We must speak to Finesse about Mojo.
-Previously, we have had an issue with jumping between minds. We should find some way to jump to a mind, drop a message, and immediately jump to another mind. This would insure privacy while being able to relay messages and waste little to no time finding someone who actually needs our help.
-There have been periods of time in which we have been absent, and needed Muschio or another to explain what had happened recently. They seem to be annoyed by this at times. Whether this is a limitation of the Orb or our own failure, the next time this happens we should quickly tell our host what was the last point in time that we were present, so they can quickly explain what we have missed without wasting too much time.
-We should probably stop trying to match people up. On most occasions it aggravates our hosts, especially Muschio. In many cases it has probably even reverted our previous progress.

-Ashedel altered the Monster Generator so that it required only the Mannikins. Did it previously use up the Mannikin and an amount of Mana, or did it only use up the Mana? If it did not previously use up the Mannikin, we may want to switch it back and forth at certain times so as to allow ourselves to make many creatures from a single Mannikin. The Denlings, for instance, are very useful. If we could make many of them from a single Mannikin, it is possible that we could use them for large, industrious projects, such as a mail service. This simple service could greatly improve our standings with neighboring cities/villages, and might even generate some amount of profit. If it had previously taken both Mannikins AND Mana, then disregard this entire node.
-As it has been said before, we should probably get a Blacksmith. With instructions and input from our other hosts, a Blacksmith could create many weapons, armors, and components specifically needed by others. Purchasing from an outside Blacksmith would cost more, and less of the items we need would be available in the way/form/quantity that we would need them. As we bring in more workers, having them practice in two professions already managed by more experienced workers (I.e.: someone with less experience in Blacksmithing than the blacksmith & less experience in Carpentry than the Carpenter) would be able to convey needs in ways that both could more easily understand (Technical languages of both professions are different, so someone who knows both would better be able to state what is required by translating from one tech. language to another.)

-We should check on the Goblin and Kobold villages and see if there are any matters we can assist them with. The more we help them and the more they like us, the more likely they are to willingly join our domain/empire and thus increase our strength.
-We must also make sure it does not appear that we deal to heavily with the “lesser” races, or the more civilized towns/cities may think that we are attempting to use an army of tribes to overthrow the status quo. Diplomatic relations with the larger towns/cities will help them see that we are actually working to bring such tribes to the civilized level of status quo. This may seem like a racist or otherwise regressive way of looking at it, but the fact of the matter is that we are integrating what are believed to be lesser races into current societal beliefs so that they will no longer be looked down upon. If all goes well, instead of limiting “lesser races” and forcing them to fight cities and towns for the resources they need to live, they will become part of our society of cities and towns and gain the same access to the same resources that are available to us while still allowing them to keep their culture and heritage. If things go badly, people will continue to force the “lesser races” into smaller and smaller areas where they will eventually be forced to die away so that society can continue to expand. I’ll try to explain this better in the TL;DR section.
No. 31032 ID: d5c481

>See if we can mass-produce Minions w/ Mana and Mannikins when we want to.

See, the problem is nobody knows where manakins come from, and we don't even use the 'mana system' anymore. It's now a direct 1-1 conversion.

Although, I 'would' like to see more use of that monster portal though.
No. 31472 ID: 3416ec

His mask is the source of his power. We must tear it from his face.
No. 34101 ID: 543aa6
File 130102142741.gif - (7.91KB , 800x600 , ona.gif )

Evidently there's a lot of disagreement about what color(s) Ona is. I have a vague idea, but trying to ink it in I realized how vague it really was.

So how do you see her? Use this handy reference picture to color in!
No. 34104 ID: 40cb26

I see her like a fair skinned half-humanoid marlboro, so a nice green~~

Green my be overdone in the quest races though, so maybe delicious browns?
No. 34105 ID: 543aa6
File 130102209609.png - (20.49KB , 800x600 , 130102142741.png )

Sure, I'll throw my hat into the ring...
No. 34106 ID: 3f1b5c

Generally blue with salmon undertones, maybe a hint of purple or something, very amphibious looking. Somewhat like what I drew a few months ago.
No. 34109 ID: 07416a
File 130102227827.gif - (25.04KB , 800x600 , ona.gif )

No. 34110 ID: dad664
File 130102252960.png - (11.76KB , 800x600 , Onananana.png )

No. 34111 ID: 2563d4
File 130102264262.png - (6.82KB , 800x600 , ona-fortress-colours.png )

Colourpicked from PREVIOUSLY >>330164
No. 34112 ID: 53ec77
File 130102307724.png - (41.99KB , 2200x600 , coloronas.png )

No. 34113 ID: 9d07d9
File 130102314933.png - (23.51KB , 800x600 , unimaginative.png )

Little Brown Girl + Axolotl
No. 34114 ID: 07416a
File 130102332434.gif - (154.73KB , 800x600 , onacolors.gif )

No. 34117 ID: 15b51b
File 130102499053.png - (11.79KB , 800x600 , One_Of_Those_Blue_Things.png )

I can't remember why I assumed this was canon.

I feel pretty solid about it, though. Except maybe the hat. Red symbol on white seems obvious, but I'm not sure.
No. 34118 ID: 543aa6

no lie
I had actually considered this
No. 34123 ID: 40cb26

My brain broke trying to imagine what chameleon-Ona would look like when she was tripping balls from smoking the real good shit.
No. 34124 ID: 53ec77

hell, why not?

I mean other than it wouldn't be very communicable in-quest unless you started colouring everything...
No. 34125 ID: 543aa6
File 130102649892.png - (20.13KB , 800x600 , 130102142741a.png )

Now we're talkin'
No. 34127 ID: 07416a
File 130102724141.png - (27.88KB , 800x600 , salamander ona.png )

No. 34129 ID: 70d9eb
File 130102806928.png - (13.08KB , 800x600 , onaissobeautikawaii.png )

ona is beautiful and kawaii
No. 34139 ID: 15b51b

>hell, why not?
Because it's a black and white quest, I figure.

That means when she changes color, either nobody notices, or we start hearing Muschio go "Oh hey Ona just turned purple. You can't see it, though. You'll just have to take my word for it."
No. 34192 ID: 49d6d7
File 130119102955.png - (349.66KB , 800x600 , apng.png )

No. 34909 ID: 543aa6
File 130231118854.gif - (4.30KB , 371x411 , wes.gif )

The original character sketch for Wes Fumo.
Nothing changed, really.

The date on the file says it was created in February but modified in January -- of 2010.
That might be off by a little.
No. 35268 ID: 24dd8d

Is this christmas?
No. 35333 ID: 679e7a

So, is anyone else a little disappointed that we <i>didn't</i> get to see Dompag and the game play a quest inside a quest?
No. 35334 ID: 679e7a

(The post didn't show up, so forgive me if this is a duplicate post...)

So, is anyone else disappointed that we didn't get to see Dompag and the gang play a quest within a quest?
No. 35363 ID: 6930ef

I saw 'Muschio' in the title bar and I was like 'damn'.
No. 35364 ID: bccf7b


.... Yeah. And Ashadelle needs more face-time.
No. 35530 ID: 543aa6
File 130328391996.gif - (12.39KB , 800x800 , dive.gif )

Children waiting for the day they feel good

Happy birthday,
happy birthday.
No. 35535 ID: 2563d4

>Ashadel needs more face-time.
Even if she's making THIS FACE? >>/quest/296462 (◉◞౪◟◉ )
No. 35536 ID: ce15d1


especially if she is making that face
No. 35539 ID: bccf7b


No. 35629 ID: 920830

I was making up ideas for Muschio's hand replacement when this video came to mind.
No. 35631 ID: 920830

Seriously though, while effective, the gripper doesn't score high on the "cool" and "feasible" sides.

The prosthesis has to be at least part magical if we want it to be thought-controlled. The only non-magical alternative is to hook up the mechanical hand to nerves and muscles, and even if such fine surgery exists in DiveVerse, I'm quite sure it's out of our reach now.

And if we settle on a part-magical-part-mechanical hand, it can as well be strapped/magically glued to Muschio's stub. We could also possibly make some kind of a slot/connector that would remain on Muschio and in which multiple tools could be plugged in a more mechanical way.

Just throwing around ideas.
No. 35635 ID: 6b2b68

He just needs a stump with a hole in it that is threaded so he can screw various items into it.

You know, hook hand, fake hand he can put into a glove for social outings, etc.

I'm sure they might be able to magic him up a mega buster as well.
No. 35641 ID: b36dbd



I still say he needs a flamethrower.
No. 35643 ID: 920830

See, that's the problem. It still hurts, and you suggest drilling a hole in the stump. There's still bone there, are you going to remove it?
No. 35645 ID: 8c73c8

i think he means cap it and put a hole in the cap.
we will probably need to do some ghost hand healing thing. get a mirror and make him think the mirror image is the missing hand so it stops hurting.
No. 35654 ID: 28e94e

No no no, you're all looking at this the wrong way. What we need is this.
No. 35655 ID: b36dbd


But you know what's even better than a chainsaw? A flamethrower chainsaw.
No. 35672 ID: 56e639

That's cool, but I have a feeling it might penalize our ability at negotiations. It's kind of hard to persuade people you come with peace when your arm's a bloody chainsaw.
No. 35675 ID: 8c73c8

but the chainsaw is the know as the great communicator. it can communicate anything we want. like our desire to have their guns.
No. 35687 ID: e9ab30

This man makes an excellent point. A chainsaw it is then.

Or at least we could have an arm with multiple attachments (one of which is a chainsaw).
No. 35688 ID: 2563d4

So, Kanela's getup then.
No. 35799 ID: 9d07d9

So has anyone considered the possibility that giving Pendle better quarters might upset others in the base?
No. 35800 ID: 2563d4


Just wait until the fussy toff starts demanding windows and sunlight or something, ruining all our careful security plans. We could just stick him in a topside shack and leave him to the mercy of sieges. I bet Babarakas could build a pretty nice one. :V
No. 35802 ID: 3b45c5

He had best not start wanting crystal glass or adamantine furniture lest we be forced to build a 'noble lever'.
No. 35803 ID: 2563d4

Hah. We'd better wait for him to outlive his usefulness with the crazy ore first, though.
No. 35807 ID: 8c73c8

he could be a cool noble and only ask for things that you already got plenty of. like iron. just wants a iron... SOMETHING every once in a while.
No. 35811 ID: f5fe2f

What are they going to do, ask for better quarters? We'll just give them better quarters then.
Besides, some people have had better quarters than others for ages, and there hasn't been a problem.
No. 35813 ID: 2563d4

Well, so far the better quarters have been Muschio and Finesse; the most senior members of the team. Giving the new guy a fancy pad while passing over the bolds et. al. is certainly an understandable reason for resentment.
No. 35816 ID: b4e796

Then, assuming we put the Odds back up, let's ask everyone if they want a living quarters upgrade. Would look fair. This is something we should've done from the start.
No. 35820 ID: f5fe2f

Thus far, the usurper king seems to not care that his daughter is gone.
We've seen no evidence of him acting, at least.

It is possible that our acquiring her plays into some plan of his, and he is spying on us through her with magic or something.
We should check if that's possible and if it is, take some countermeasures.
Maybe we can make some sort of magical thing to limit her from the peregast.
No. 35832 ID: a41aaf
File 130390096924.jpg - (75.32KB , 400x900 , sprite.jpg )

No. 35835 ID: b4e796

Alright, didn't see that one coming xD
No. 35838 ID: 911e41

Don't touch it Muschio! :D
No. 35854 ID: f5fe2f

So how the fuck does the portal work now that manikins transfer 1-to-1?
Used to be the mannikins defined creatures within the pocket plane, and they could then be summoned forth with mana. The current system really not in keeping with that.
Also what happens if non-mannikin things go in? Would there be other Denlings to give Ethos a burial in the manner of their kind?
No. 35862 ID: 70d9eb

I don't think trying to ruin the princess's hopes of living on is a great plan, we don't want her to go doing something stupid that would ruin her usefulness like trying to escape or kill herself.
No. 35894 ID: 9d07d9

Is Ona's kind of magic something that's inherited? If so, and if Ona doesn't know from whom in her family she inherited her abilities, we should have her and Pendle do some genealogical research.
No. 35896 ID: 543aa6
File 130405485386.gif - (13.52KB , 800x600 , 1372.gif )

Are you suggesting Ona did this?
No. 35897 ID: 70d9eb

The Pretender is the one that held the pipe and saved them. You can see a little peek of him in one of the pictures.
No. 35902 ID: 8c73c8

i just went and checked, if there is a peek then i can't find it.

anyway, i think we acted as a conduit for the magic focus. it detected it's master in danger and reacted. meaning TIME PARADOX, because if ether mom or ona died then the the symbol would of never been made in the first place.
No. 35903 ID: b4e796

I looked at the end title pic and thought "oh, right, the orb's near that thing, that's why we got thrown into Ona's dream". But >>345702 sounds much, much more interesting.
No. 35904 ID: b4e796

And it's funny how I thought all keplings had round-shaped figures. Turns out it's just Ona.

And she smokes weed too. Talk about hedonism.
No. 35907 ID: f1972f

To be fair, we've done this (temporal displacement) thing at least once before (and hinted at more) with Finesse, albeit it wasn't quite such a 'lifechanging event' then.
No. 35908 ID: 43d730

The shards are reacting to the largest emotional events in the character's lives.
So wait, does that mean that everyone is going to end up like Muschio?
No. 35956 ID: 5cf8d6

Holy crap, after a week and a half or so after discovering DQ, I've finally caught up. What a trip!

I just want to give some words of encouragement and thanks to Weaver. I found Rubyquest totally by accident via TVTropes one day, and was absorbed and amazed by it. After that, I dunno, I guess I just hadn't figured Weaver would do anything else that I could find. Then TVTropes saved the day again and introduced me to Nan Quest a couple weeks ago, and by the wiki I found DQ. I remember seeing the NQ /dis/ some frustration on Weaver's part that he was getting a lot of "This isn't as good as Ruby" BS and was facing a lot of pressure. So I want to say that, while it's fundamentally different than RubyQuest, I think I actually prefer Dive? RubyQuest was an amazing mindfuck through Lovecraftian evil, don't get me wrong. But Dive has a lot more heart to it and really seems to be incredibly well-integrated to the thoughts and suggestions of the players (despite the absolutely staggering amount of dumb/trolling suggestions, I have no idea how you put up with that). It balances humor and drama, has tons of interesting, jaw-dropping reveals. It's fantastic.

So thanks, Weaver. You're doing an amazing job with DQ (and with Nan Quest too, though this is the wrong thread to discuss that). You're awesome.
No. 35957 ID: f5fe2f

Out of curiosity, did you also read Knight Blades and Gift Quest?
If you didn't and you're still feeling starved for stuff in the Diveverse, go for them. Their relation to Dive is basically just as the backstories to characters, but they're worth reading in their own rights. Knight Blade is the story of Ridder and his base, it ends when Ridder and Muschio meet up and ally. Gift Quest is Geppa's backstory.
No. 35958 ID: 5cf8d6


Unfortunately, I did read them already, so I'm stuck with the rest of you with biding my time to read more. :) I enjoyed them both, as well (and I have to say that I thought Reaver's art for KB was incredible) and I'm glad I read them concurrently as suggested by the Crossover guide; Weaver's brilliance in tying DQ into KB made me appreciate some parts of DQ more (particularly Chapter 13, which was just a piece of magnificent bastardry). Thanks for the suggestion, though.
No. 35970 ID: 3416ec


Welcome Lobito!

No. 35974 ID: 9d07d9


Cool, it's always nice to get some new blood into this very insular community.

If you're interested in participating in these quests, you should get on IRC, #rubyquest on rizon. Most quest authors leave a message there whenever they update, so you can just idle there and set your client to alert you whenever someone says the name of a quest you're following.
No. 36734 ID: af72f6
File 130549390579.jpg - (69.95KB , 405x348 , 1300679428837.jpg )

Took about 3 full days, but I'm now caught up on DiveQuest and Knight Blades. I can't say why I put if off for so long, but I'm glad I was as surprised by it as I was. Reading all there was from the Crossover Guide was a long haul, but a great ride. Great work Weaver, and Reaver. You've got another regular for the Dive in the future.
Keep up the great work.
No. 38290 ID: 543aa6
File 130854748934.gif - (14.75KB , 800x600 , char.gif )

Design sketches for Emmy.
No. 38302 ID: 2563d4

Is that a hole in his abdominal area, or is his body a delicious fried egg?
No. 38310 ID: af72f6

I think it's supposed to be a coal, or the source of the flame.
No. 38323 ID: 2563d4

Ashedel is best in Team A, though, since we're headed toward (well, via) Cmdr Salamander's tower, which she used to guard.
No. 38325 ID: f5fe2f

It's just his penis, pointed directly at the camera.
No. 38343 ID: d6ae01
File 130861685901.png - (35.54KB , 800x600 , Marketable.png )

I can't tell if you dodged a bullet or if we missed out something really awesome with that middle design there.
No. 38345 ID: 28e94e

This is awesome.
No. 38444 ID: f3fb56

Good god, I just realized. I think Mushcio may have bitten off more than he can chew with this one.....
No. 39350 ID: 451cb8
File 131008838778.jpg - (65.43KB , 380x253 , istockphoto_11359161-neapolitan-ice-cream.jpg )

No. 39352 ID: 3416ec


No. 39470 ID: 543aa6

I was going to color each of the thirds just to divide it more clearly, visually, but then I realized pretty much any combination of colors I chose would look like some European country's flag.

So instead of trying to think of something nobody uses I went with an established color combo much less confusing.
No. 39471 ID: 453e62

good call.
No. 39475 ID: 451cb8

Well, it resulted in delicious ice cream consumption. I'm sure that would be a success in anyone's opinion.
No. 39499 ID: 712d5e


everyone except those who didn't get to consume any ice cream while everyone else did. >:c
No. 41041 ID: 1854db

Your submission meets with my approval.
No. 41042 ID: 00f7d9


Also, my favorite parts:

the muted music playing when we see the princess

Finesse's piece with 'nervous Muschio'

Tislomer's 'wait, wat THAT voice?'

and the bug guy.
No. 41043 ID: 1e8fb8


This is great and I love it.

Click on the microphone at the credits!
No. 41044 ID: 543aa6
File karaokefinal.swf - (3.20MB , 600x450 )

All done.

A project I've managed to keep secret for the week it took to make it.

I've tried to match up the vocals with the character-singers, and this was so chosen because in my mind, it is similar to how the characters actually sound.

Enjoy! ♥
No. 41045 ID: 543aa6
File 131233099861.gif - (28.11KB , 450x430 , box.gif )

No. 41046 ID: 6d014e

Good work. Tislomer's floppy ears are adorable.
No. 41049 ID: 14f38d

Bravo, that was fun. All those voices are canon now.

Especially Babrakus and Geppa.
No. 41052 ID: eba49f

I think that was the blacksmith guy who was singing, not Geppa.
No. 41053 ID: 9d07d9


Weaver said on IRC that all the songs are close approximations of what he imagines their voices to be.
No. 41054 ID: c04c0d

So awesome.
No. 41056 ID: eba49f

I am confused. Is the singing gnoll the blacksmith, or is Geppa wearing the blacksmith's hat? (That is definitely his hat. And on further reviewing the head shape is the same as the blacksmith's.)

But yes, I really liked the video. (Making this post gave me an excuse to watch it another two times)
No. 41057 ID: 7e687b

fyeah brah

now that you mention it, Geppa's not there.
No. 41059 ID: 9d07d9


She's in the easter egg. Click the mic stand at the end
No. 41064 ID: 543aa6

The one singing "Hope" -- the one who takes their hood off and falls to the ground on their knees -- that's Wes Fumo, the blacksmith.

Geppa is in there, but that's not her.
No. 41067 ID: 14f38d

Geppa's there, you just have to look for her.
No. 41085 ID: 543aa6

weavies you can use my PC <3 you could network it with yours and like, do awesome stuff on my awesome pc
No. 41136 ID: 624ff2

9/10, watched 4 times. :3
No. 41245 ID: 550bb5

I have a proposal. What would be the most probable outcome if Sir Ridder were to share his ring with Muschio, while at the same time being implanted with a piece of the Orb of Infinite Psyche?
What say ye, Weaver?
No. 41724 ID: ab117e
File 131373476239.gif - (16.31KB , 800x600 , EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG.gif )

No. 41914 ID: 79cb9d


This has been speculated on since like the introduction of both items.
No. 43411 ID: 72d8c7

Huzzah BACK IN FUCKIN' BUSINESS. Missed ya Weaver.
No. 44847 ID: 459534

I know I'm commenting late, but that was nice! ^^ I'm surprised by how pretty Tislomer's voice sounds. :3

...Geppa's song and facial expressions keep making me think of Boxdog. Poor, pitiful Geppa. I wish, at the very least, that Dompag could've heard her sing. :/
No. 44939 ID: d60822

No. 45717 ID: 685167

I miss Weaver.
No. 45729 ID: b4adaa

Maybe someday...
No. 45800 ID: d6ae01

I had to move the argument that was here, one post at a time, to the Big Dumb Arguments thread. That was a little annoying!

If you want to argue about the free entertainment Weaver creates, go to that thread and do it there.

Further arguments posted here will be deleted.
No. 45923 ID: 56c687
File 132210704686.jpg - (318.50KB , 953x800 , 124772229378.jpg )

My god. Weaver has played The Neverhood.
No. 47930 ID: 001bad

No. 47931 ID: 0448b9

Such great news, I say. So very great.
No. 47933 ID: 049dfa


How did you not know this? His entire style of exposition and worldbuilding draws super heavily from the Hall of Records (which is not a bad thing, because that was awesome).
No. 48108 ID: 45fc67

DiveQuest returns! Huzzah!
I think this is the first time in-quest that we've seen Wes display an emotion other than nervousness or....whatever emotion a blank-face conveys (ambivalence?). Kinda nice to see, even if he is ticked-off. I'm likin' him more and more.

And I'm getting a kick outta the latest update.

Also, Emmy is apparently female. I did not know that. :I
No. 48391 ID: 17d86a

First up, thanks a lot for everything you created.
This weekend I discovered RubyQuest and read it through in one run. Afterwarts I had this bad empty feeling you sometimes get when something epic ends. After that i found NanQuest and finaly the World Eater thread and I'd kill for being part of something that epic. Where do you get inspiration for a big story like that? I try writing things for role playing games and the like on my own, but seeing what you create makes me kind of depressed for my lack of creativity.
For the next days I'll consume DiveQuest and I'm already exited at this point.
(If my english sucks, I'm sorry, also sorry if this is a little of the topic, didn't know where to place it)
Greetings and thanks from germany!
No. 48407 ID: f3a1d4


I read Ruby's Quest some years ago, reread it yesterday and became aware by some comments that there is Dive-Quest, too.
Divequest is a really interesting story (as was Rubys quest, too) and I would like to ask, if there is
a flash-version
of the story, so it can be read easier...

I'm currently learning flash & actionscripting, so I began practicing by putting a simple flash of the first chapter of DiveQuest in the manner of ruby's quest together... However, I even don't know who's permission I need to publish it somewhere or where to publish it at all^^
Also, as I'm a beginner in Flash and in tgchan and in... all here, I would like to ask for a bit critique (if I'm allowed to publish/make it somewhere)...

Is there any way to contact someone that I may have to get permission from like Weaver or do I just have to wait and hope, Weaver might read this comment here?^^

No. 48415 ID: 543aa6

By all means, you are welcome to repackage and redistribute DiveQuest as you see fit, so long as you provide links to the original source(s) here, and don't do anything shady like try to claim ownership or drop credit where it's due.
Otherwise feel free to put it into new forms and places. I have nothing against that kind of open expression.
No. 48418 ID: f3a1d4


Thank you very much!

Then I will upload it to Deviantart when I completed importing the first chapter and link it here again, so you can see yourself that I gave the proper credits...

I think it's okay, when I write on first&last page that Divequest was made by Weaver with a link to the wiki?
No. 48440 ID: ae2c63

Oh man, base progress!

Also: I would totally buy Divequest books/expanded universe novels/encyclopaedias/plushes/undergarments/etc. I could think of no quest author better to sell merch.
No. 48441 ID: becb83

maybe design action figures
No. 48443 ID: ae2c63


Muschio action figure! Now with detachable hand!
Coming soon: The Vault playset! Comes with all your favourite characters! (Odds and Denlings sold separately)
No. 48444 ID: 72d49b

Pendle got no gumption.
No. 48452 ID: 202e3b

Weaver, you have no idea how excited I am to see Divequest going again.
No. 48558 ID: 2ca5d6


I've completed the first flash-version of the first chapter^^
would you like to look at it?
No. 48597 ID: cc7c47

It needs sound, and a narrator. Or that is my opinion.
No. 48604 ID: 31c5e5

Well, unfortunately I just wracked my microphone...
regarding the music... I'm no musician/mixer, so I don't have much background-music... So if you have or if you know someone who would make some for being credited, feel free to tell me!
No. 48620 ID: 72d49b

How come the greentext is blue?

Also, I'd forgotten about that little monster in his hole. What ever happened to him?
No. 48621 ID: cc47f2

In terms of a narrator, I think that would lead into a larger project altogether. Not that I'm complaining, that flash is awesome, but maybe getting voices to the faces could be a whole thing. As it stands, Muschio still sounds like the lead singer of Flogging Molly to me.
No. 48624 ID: 72d49b

Yeah, I don't think it would benefit from a VA or sound; I reckon it's excellent as it is. Will be very helpful/nice to direct people to as more chapters are completed.

Although if we want sound as in background music, that song Ed Pastry made is fucking great.
Should probably still have a mute button though.
No. 48626 ID: d537fe

>how come the green text is blue
Well, textcolor isn't an information that gets copied with the text, so I could choose a color on my own... and I like blue^^
I also had to find some colors matching the black background...

Do you mean this one?
any idea how to contact Ed Pastry ?
Plus, maybe looping one sound the whole flash is kind of unnerving, as it takes approximately 20 minutes to read it full... so maybe some other musics for different environments and Ed's for the start+intro? maybe someone should make a contest...
But even then this problem is remaining, as there are already 24 chapters, so that's a lot of music needed, isn't it?^^
No. 48656 ID: 4f1b29

still figuring this place out. It's not the most user friendly site I've ever been to......
but I'll manage.

Also, curse you Dediggefedde. I read all 24 chapters in the last few days since bumping into the flash you made of this quest. Didn't do a single productive thing in the mean time!

But I'll forgive you because DiveQuest is awesome.

Now how do I insert those little 'quote' things >_>

-new voice added to the orb of infinite psyche-
No. 48673 ID: 202e3b

I love the flash version. No comment on music/sounds, since I watched it while muted, but I thought it was solidly done.
No. 48676 ID: 6154e0

>no comment on music/sound since muted
Not a single sound-file is included yet, so no need for muting^^

That's basically because I don't have any music.
So, if you have any music files or sound-effects that would fit and which are allowed to be used (!), please feel free to tell me!

Maybe there should be something like a poll or contest about which sounds should be included... however, I don't quite understand this tgchan, so I don't really know how or if to make a new post...
Of course, I could make some music on my own (harp or keyboard) but as I never really learned how to play professionally (I can name you some main musician, their birthtown and lifedates though... so I learned some kind of music too) it may be not that fascinating...

And maybe you would prefer a flash of the second chapter over some music to the first flash-file?
No. 48677 ID: 4f1b29

Well, there are thousands of sound effects you can freely use. Music is a little trickier, but if you search you can no doubt find some that requires you to only name the original creator.

You could google for 'free sound effects', but here's at least one link for you:
No. 48681 ID: 0bb652

Personally, I like the idea of just leaving the quests as-is and soundless. I guess if you had some incidental music on hand you thought was good, great, but I don't see the need for you to add music/sound effects to 'em. I don't think the RubyQuest flashes did, either, and I don't think it hurt them at all.
No. 48691 ID: 4f1b29

It has its own charm, definitely. I merely provided a link where possibly useful sounds could be found in the event that Dediggefedde really wanted to implement some. ;)
No. 48705 ID: 72d49b

That would be it, yeah.

>Plus, maybe looping one sound the whole flash is kind of unnerving
Yep. I reckon starting Ed's song on the Devil line would be fairly powerful.

>And maybe you would prefer a flash of the second chapter over some music to the first flash-file?
I would. The reason we're talking about sound is because talking about the next chapter would be like "You should make the next chapter!" "Yeah!" and then there's nothing else to say.

I concur in general, but sound in a few places can make experience stronger, I reckon.

Anyway, here's that song in a usable format.

Because the link Ed originally gave appears to have 404'd.
I went all the way back to the first fanart thread and found it, only to have it not work.
Getting Ed's permission should be as simple as hanging around IRC and talking to him when he turns up. I'd be very surprised if he had a problem with it.
No. 48716 ID: f9a5f9

Well, you could also talk about what to improve(change) about the flash, not only what could be added, as when I'm making the next chapter, it would be nice to work in a way that doesn't need to get changed later^^

As for irc... well, maybe I'm stalking the irc then... I wasn't in a irc-chat for quite some time... although I don't know Ed's nickname... and when he get's online...

>Yep. I reckon starting Ed's song on the Devil line would be fairly powerful.
you mean the last frame?
I'm not sure to implement such a long song, as 0.8Mb (I converted the sound to mp3 to use) will lead to longer loading-times...
No. 48719 ID: 72d49b

>although I don't know Ed's nickname
Ed Pastry's IRC name is Ed_Pastry.
It doesn't have to be you, somebody else could direct him to this thread, but you really ought to be on IRC anyway. Everyone should.

Although I haven't seen Ed around lately and a cursory investigation indicates he hasn't updated in a few weeks, Nd I've not seen him around IRC lately either, so it might be a while.
No. 48727 ID: 4f1b29
File 132771370741.jpg - (47.71KB , 500x800 , DiveQuest_Pendle_SW.jpg )

Sometimes random thought patterns turn into strange things.
Sometimes those strange things don't let go untill you put them on paper.

this was one of those strange things that popped up in my head. Tried to keep it in the DiveQuest art style.
No. 48855 ID: fa1d9c

When I didn't make any severe mistakes, flash-file of chapter2 is now available:

No. 48880 ID: 4f1b29

Read it just now. Left a comment too. ^^
No. 49107 ID: 543aa6
File 132877205297.png - (31.79KB , 402x443 , parentage.png )

No. 49109 ID: d12795
File 132878307533.png - (13.27KB , 451x297 , divequestfanart.png )

alright weaver, you got me. Now i have to draw fanart for that dawable finesse.
No. 49111 ID: 4c0017

Finesse is yellow. You have failed me, padawan.
No. 49135 ID: d12795


i've always seen my goblins as green... why would a goblin be yellow, or any color aside from green?
that'd be like making the goblins similar to... ponies.
No. 49140 ID: 049dfa

Goblins have been colors that are not green literally since they were invented. The only place where they are specifically green is warcraft/hammer.
No. 49141 ID: 582c62
File 132888121166.jpg - (445.22KB , 1600x900 , divequest1.jpg )


not if you ever wanna use this Weaver-made wallpaper you won't.
No. 49144 ID: 4f1b29

Dawwwww! Look at that little huggable lady!
No. 49147 ID: d145ac
File divequest_ch3.swf - (360.93KB , 800x800 )

Well, I made almost the same mistake when I began reading divequest... I though Muschio's skin would be more human-like and the title-picture would have wrong colors for style^^

By the way: I finished chapter 3.
It wasn't that long but I had little time and wanted to try some things out...

I'm curious whether I could include the file in this post... (if nothing is included->fail)

Here is the link to the flash on deviantart:

-By another way:
I just read about Knightquest, Giftquest etc... and tried reading them, too, however it got kind of complicated and confusing... Quotient of Questions to Answers as risen, too, I think... e.g. the situation with babrakus' mother or the fate of the little girl from chapter 2... the later will probably become a for our group there in the current situation...
It would be fortunate if ridder would have told his allies about "the evil boss" not evil anymore...

Do I see correctly that Geppa isn't in the group-picture?
And why is emmy in there when the odds, mimic and denlings not?
No. 49153 ID: d12795
File 132892445830.png - (17.03KB , 517x364 , divequestfanart.png )

No. 49155 ID: 7c4023


...I love it.
No. 49296 ID: 543aa6
File 132918132692.gif - (9.11KB , 408x246 , dog-buns.gif )

No. 49297 ID: 543aa6
File 132918137971.gif - (9.26KB , 541x246 , DUNGEON.gif )

No. 49299 ID: 459534


No. 49499 ID: e4b2f0

Had a thought occur to me. Is anyone else speculating about what the mystery project that's being built on Finesse's bed, yet? I'm going to put forth a thoery. It's a cradle. There's going to be babybolds running around, once they figure out what they're doing.
No. 49512 ID: 4f1b29

been looking a few chapters back but I can't seem to find what you're talking about.

either way, it's either a new hand for our dear Muschio, or the epic hat that he still desperately needs! :)
No. 49681 ID: 4d068d

Is this quest dead? Or did Weaver decide to work on Nanquest instead?
No. 49682 ID: 9c7c3b

Naw, this is just his regular update schedule. Rapid-fire bursts of updates for 3 or so days before switching to another project. It'll probably come back in a few months.
No. 50835 ID: 4dc5f5

I made a little pause... but here is ch4^^
please comment if you like it!
Deviantart is free and fun!^^
No. 54875 ID: 1f8505

And it's back!
No. 54985 ID: c315be

Am I the only one wondering where they got the karaoke demon?
No. 54997 ID: fbd8d6

they rented it at the bar.
No. 55320 ID: 4f1b29

I don't check for a bit, and now find out that I've missed some updates. Evil! But I had some reads and I am happy Weaver's back!
No. 57099 ID: a6222a

Do you think the Pretender works for the Collector? It would kinda fit.
No. 58372 ID: 092a91

What happened to the runner that went to Ridder's place?
Where is he or the reinforcements that he was supposed to send?
No. 58398 ID: 092a91

I have been giving it some though and I think
that Dompag with the Handy man adventurer's "the Carpenter" Hammer, a good set of armour, shield and some Molotov cocktails. He could become a force to be reckoned with.
No. 58399 ID: 092a91

Or maybe he could train to be an Ogre-Monk
No. 58424 ID: 092a91

I was wondering about that too
No. 58461 ID: 9b4436

Quite possibly. I'm positive they're at least working towards the same goal.
No. 58478 ID: d7361e

It's my understanding that the runner was the one that the paladins got ahold of. R.I.P. I wouldn't mind being wrong about that.
No. 58480 ID: 092a91

I believe that the one that found the prince is the same that was supposed to inform Ridder
No. 58503 ID: 092a91

One was to spy the paladins (killed), one was to go to Ridder's place (MIA) and the last one was to go to the commander's tower (found the prince instead)
No. 58505 ID: 092a91

Almost correct
"one to Coriander's Tower, one to Sir Ridder, one to the nearby Goblin Village"
No. 58506 ID: 092a91

one came back, one is MIA and one is dead.
No. 58540 ID: 092a91

Guys do you think since Reaver ended the Knight Blades Quest, Do you think Weaver will take over the characters and incorporate them into Dive Quest?
No. 58541 ID: 092a91

Man if Weaver does that I'm going to donate another ten Bucks to the TGWeaver Quest's Drive
No. 58542 ID: 1f8505


He already did. This was agreed upon by both Weaver and Reaver as far as I can tell.
No. 58709 ID: 0e79f4

awesome, I was sort of sad to see the Knight Blade crew disband. Hopefully they have managed to find a new goal to keep them going.
No. 60081 ID: 0d2bec

The soldiers who were garrisoned by the lair seem hostile. I wouldn't trust them whatsoever. If I had to guess, they were placed there with the intent of a later-on betrayal.
No. 60164 ID: a0c115

I don't know about that. Seems to me more like they resent their assignment more than anything.
No. 60173 ID: cfd2bf

well they are sent to protect a small group of "monsters" from a holy crusade, they are in effect protecting evil from the good guys. and they probably know it.
No. 61359 ID: f4feaa

Time to come back from the ashes, DiveQuest thread! You were made to discuss some stuffs and discuss some stuffs we shall!

For example, I'm interested in knowing how Nino came about joining the nautical business and becoming a captain of his own ship so quickly.

Did he just gather a group of willing workers together and say that he would be everybody's boss much like Muschio did for his current entourage?

Was this sailing gig his fail safe in case he decided that infiltrating haunted cave fortresses just wasn't a reasonable job anymore?

I can honestly say, I'm curious. What are your thoughts, tg?
No. 61760 ID: e68f23


Maybe he was always a captain, but when we saw him in the High rollers bar/pub he was super drunk, worked up a bar tab to high and had to pay back the high roller by trying to retrieve the crystal.
No. 65033 ID: b53faa
File 135541005441.png - (16.05KB , 800x600 , allkindsashit.png )

I'm not really sure where fanart goes, haha
Sorry, new here!
Anyhow, for some reason I think our good friend muschio's hair is just REALLY wizardy looking, so I gave him a wizard hat.
this is all kinds of shit haha
No. 65034 ID: b53faa
File 135541230569.png - (15.24KB , 800x600 , allkindsashit.png )

Now in shiteo-vision crappycolor™!
No. 65232 ID: b53faa
File 135588017134.png - (1.07KB , 50x50 , Muschiomalto.png )

I did more fanart, this time it's moderately less terrible though.
No. 65250 ID: 2f14f1

keep doing these, your getting better with each iteration, also eventually with more posts we can resurrect this discussion thread.
No. 65295 ID: b53faa
File 135601798464.gif - (10.65KB , 248x198 , risefromthegrave.gif )

I'm not sorry at all
No. 65357 ID: b53faa
File 135613354524.png - (7.19KB , 347x347 , URT.png )

No. 65474 ID: cc9d39

Well, we've got two brooding allied warlords, one used to having voices in his head, the other still having them, and a set of rings that allow telepathy.

I'd guess they'll at least come into play slightly.
No. 65561 ID: b53faa
File 135650395792.png - (1.29KB , 80x79 , finnesse.png )

I finally sucked up my hesitation and drew my favorite character
Wasn't too sure on the colors, had to base this off of the few color pictures we have of the adorable gobbo lass.
No. 65562 ID: b53faa
File 135650423147.png - (1.33KB , 80x79 , finnesse.png )

now with a background so you can actually SEE the blasted thing
No. 65617 ID: 26f3f2

so... sorry for the delay^^ luckily nobody really waited.

Also available here:
No. 65624 ID: 300b12


Neat, I always like seeing these things.
No. 65638 ID: c6f082
File divequest_ch5.swf - (960.63KB , 800x800 )

Isn't adobe-flash awsome?
The whole thing hat an x-offset because I accidentially used a for-loop with a x-variable while x seems to be treated as the stages x-offset...
I also decreased the size by half by deleting some ghost-symbols, key-frames and resizing the fanart (5 images...) in gimp before importing again...
I also spelled waever wrong, but that's my own fault^^
so... have an improved version of my fabulous flash:
No. 65684 ID: 4bc724

You rock Dediggefedde!
No. 65706 ID: d095c6
File 135703008365.png - (537.46KB , 800x889 , onapinup.png )

I was told to post these here :B

(I'm gonna do all the girls, working on Finnie now)
No. 65707 ID: d095c6
File 135703011793.png - (84.94KB , 600x600 , 3.png )

No. 65708 ID: d095c6
File 135703012933.png - (107.47KB , 600x600 , 2.png )

No. 65709 ID: d095c6
File 135703014104.png - (83.34KB , 600x600 , 1.png )

No. 65710 ID: d095c6
File 135703016307.png - (113.14KB , 600x600 , HAPPYNEWYEAR.png )

No. 65715 ID: d095c6
File 135703652212.png - (96.25KB , 600x421 , dronacilier.png )

You're changin', you're changin', you're changin, alright.
I hope you're satisfyyYYyyied.
But if you ain't, don't blame me.
You can blame my friends on the other side.

No. 65716 ID: dfa22a
File divequest6.swf - (763.38KB , 800x800 )

chapter 6, now featuring Muschio's little fashion show!
also available:
No. 65740 ID: 4bc724

I <3 all the fanworks. I hope Weaver feels inspired by them to continue writing.
No. 65819 ID: d095c6
File 135736870552.png - (735.05KB , 1000x631 , finessepinup.png )

aaaand Finesse

I want to do pin-up Muschio next 8V
No. 65843 ID: b53faa

holy sweet DICK yes
No. 65853 ID: 027156


oh my goodness.
No. 65893 ID: 51496f
File 135755460339.gif - (6.42KB , 800x600 , 125609394117.gif )

the only thing i can think of upon seeing this, "oh looks like finesse left me a lett....."
No. 65942 ID: b53faa
File 135782678871.jpg - (55.62KB , 525x700 , hair.jpg )

So I was goofing around the internet and I found something you all might be interested in
(sauce link: http://www.wigs.com/product_info.php?products_id=993)
No. 65980 ID: 1f8505

All you need now is a green traffic cone and a red jacket!
No. 66083 ID: d095c6
File 135812206235.png - (705.34KB , 750x856 , muschio.png )

have some delicious Muschio~
(working on Ashedel next but not for a while)
No. 66503 ID: b53faa

so, the latest episode of game grumps has a somewhat familiar face on the cover...
No. 66515 ID: bd1d08


not really news at all.
No. 68718 ID: b53faa
File 136283233797.png - (47.98KB , 800x600 , muschio.png )

I am getting a lot better at mouseart, I think.
No. 68719 ID: b53faa
File 136283242127.gif - (18.21KB , 800x600 , gobbogirl.gif )

And next up, the adorable gobbo girl.
I'll be doing the NEW FRIEND LAZERFARTS as soon as we can get a color scheme on her.
No. 70044 ID: 2b6765
File 136623595162.png - (775.37KB , 1545x1044 , dive quest epic.png )

Whelp I'm fairly new to tgchan in general but I've been reading Dive Quest (I'm reading it through again) and so I'm just gonna leave some fanart here :I
Gonna start participating hopefully now. Can't wait to see more. Havaniceday
No. 70046 ID: b53faa

whoop looks like I got me a new desktop background
sweet work dude
No. 70048 ID: 2b6765

Oh, thankyou! Glad you like it!
No. 70051 ID: 7f1702

Pretty great. Always nice to see new blood, especially when they bring fanart.
No. 70062 ID: 2b6765
File 136632286491.png - (137.83KB , 612x652 , finesse wants a kiss.png )

So Finesse is about the most adorable character ever. I wanted to redraw this silly little scene cause it made me laugh. So out of character. Got another one to post after
No. 70063 ID: 2b6765
File 136632290980.png - (213.43KB , 587x1082 , not a good enough kiss.png )

Aaaaand the second little doodle to go with it.
No. 70090 ID: e422d8

Thats so adorable
No. 70476 ID: b53faa
File 136811358136.png - (136.28KB , 800x600 , DOMPAG.png )

posting this here too
No. 70502 ID: b53faa
File 136820951031.png - (164.30KB , 800x600 , divequest groupshot.png )

Should prolly put this here as well.
No. 70916 ID: b01fbc

I may be late for this, but someone should SERIOUSLY post those musical tributes up on YouTube.
No. 72492 ID: 67bfa9
File 137165905091.png - (80.94KB , 256x179 , Ona.png )

I found Ona
No. 75774 ID: dbe0e9
File 137797304529.png - (35.60KB , 480x272 , Screenshot_0010.png )

No. 78021 ID: d08484

Hello, 2012.

I also predict a future betrayal. Remember, the only thing we base Rungord Hookdon's good will on is the fact that he is REALLY THAT STUPID to not realize Muschio was a sadistic asshole who simply tried to kill him in the most gruesome manner possible. Back in the early chapters that seemed plausible, but as of recent we've seen that he is quite a bit more competent than we initially assumed. He could just as easily be feigning friendship to strike Malto where it really hurts. It bothers me that we've yet to see Silvermoone. There's no telling what manner of fallen creature that was once his love he came to meet in that desolate tower, and how it would affect his psyche.

So, why save him from the Paladins? Probably revenge. Muschio himself alluded to the fact that "death is too good for my rival", and so Rungord desires to inflict similar horrors upon his nemesis instead of letting some random do-gooders clean him out.

A few other things point towards this outcome. 30 men positioned outside the cave, quite large but helpful when it comes to protection... Or a siege. The very same men are relied to take care of the dungeon when all the strong fighters are away, so conquering the dungeon and laying an ambush would be very easy (and a failure, thanks to the omnipotent contact network of the Orb which they do not know about)

And yes, they're jerks, but then again, would YOU take pride in guarding some random cavern filled with smelly subhumans instead of protecting king and country like you signed up for? They'd probably be nicer if they knew they were allowed to ransack the place at some point, if they even know about it ATM. It's not like Rungord needs to instruct them on that matter until the time for revenge has arrived.

The waiting's killing me. Let's ask 2014 what happens.
No. 78641 ID: cae3f6
File 138778004902.png - (4.79KB , 159x240 , Bloodydummy.png )

So guys, I've been thinking about how the collector dude was talking about the Church of the Barbed Wheel and how that was connected to ruby quest, and then it hit me.

The MANNEQUIN they dug up in the Glen. What if THAT'S a Mannikin for one of Cjopaze's top servants, or even the Barbed Wheel himself?

Ergo, we need to get to the coast ASAP.
No. 78652 ID: 86e91d

I think that was just a nod to RQ readers, and besides that's too OOC
No. 78653 ID: 86e91d
File 138783429834.gif - (15.08KB , 800x600 , 124855728476[1].gif )

oh and also look at the tapestry
oddly familiar
No. 79587 ID: 6ccc9a
File 139198617884.png - (237.29KB , 300x568 , mustachio.png )

My friend calls Muschio, Mustachio.
This is what happens when I have a pencil and paper on hand.
No. 79886 ID: a7f344

Well, I feel better again and wanted to start the flash for chapter7...
However, I got invited into the beta-test of Motionbook, which is awesome, if you don't fail at it.

So, I tried it out and everything works fine, intuitive and has nice effects... downside so far: no downloadable swf (they keep it at their server) and sometimes the editor crashes...
But after working on/with it for some hours, beside other stuff, I completed the first and second motion book "page" for DQ7.
Still need to learn some stuff...

So, what is your opinion?
No. 79958 ID: 25b5f3

I noticed madefire made a unique link for every version I upload, even just for previewing...
So the link above will never lead to an updated version and probably someday be outdated...

So I use the new feature to link madefire.com with sta.sh, for the updated version:

If you have a deviantart.com-account you can even comment there^^
No. 87090 ID: 388ccd
File 141686132759.jpg - (60.28KB , 330x444 , unnamed (8).jpg )

I hope Dive Quest ends with a tragic fight to the between Muschio and Ridder.
Just saying.
No. 87138 ID: 388ccd

AH FUCK I FORGOT TO CATCH UP ON SHIT BEFORE SUGGUSTING THAT! FUCK EVERYTHING, ALL I WANTED WAS FOR EVERYBODY TO FUCKING DIE AND YOU ALL FUCKING RUINED IT! I SHALL HAVE MY VENGENCE.....until then, I should just leave this old archive as it was and move on; yes, this does indeed seem like the most optimal choice I cancarry out. I hope nobody sees this....
No. 87244 ID: 557bac

I am getting very sick of people fucking around in Weaver's quests: first with reaction images, then macros, and now this bullshit. Read the rules. If you are not an author, do not post images. If you think something is better suited to the dis thread, do not post it in the quest thread.

Your long winded, rambling, self depreciating rant dropped in the dive quest thread was completely inappropriate. It might have been better suited here in questdis, but seemed to have little to do with Divequest itself other than "what happened to this quest, Weaver will never finish this, I wish this were more epic". While I think quests and authors need to receive criticism in order to grow... honestly, holy shit. Rather than clutter up this thread by moving that GIGANTIC block of spoilered text, I've posted it to a pastebin to be immortalized forever.
That wasn't a critique, that was a fucking cry for help, which is completely unfair to lay on someone who (I'm guessing) has never spoken to you before.

Weaver has repeatedly stated that he intends to finish his quests. Right now it seems like he is investing most of his energy into Nanquest. Reading some of the background hes written for his stories, his lore is pretty involved and I imagine there are a lot of directions DQ can take. I would have to guess that he is working towards an endpoint of some sorts, but can only guess as to what that would be.

I don't know what you are trying to convey with your post. You seem to think that Weaver did something more than just sit down and start writing and drawing. There's no magic to it: all of the tools you would need to create something are out there, if you feel the drive to create something just fucking do it. Start small and simple and don't give up if your first attempt sucks. If you want to start a quest (when you're done being banned from posting in that particular board) I encourage you to, readers will keep you on your toes and make you work and think in ways you'll never be able to prepare for. There's nothing more exciting than starting a new creative project, and Weaver, myself and many other quest authors have found the process to be incredibly therapeutic.
No. 87246 ID: 91cfcf

No. 87257 ID: 388ccd

You're right, it was rude and uncalled for for me to post that; I'm sorry.
No. 87263 ID: 557bac

If you really need inspiration as well a better idea of how he works, I recommend reading the Ruby Quest: behind the scenes posts Weaver has made on his tumblr.

Warning: Rubyquest spoilers

The quest apparently had extremely humble beginnings and the characters were based off of fan comics he did of animal crossing NPCs. The story was originally going to be just a puzzle adventure thing but slowly the horror started to set in and it became something much darker and incredible.
No. 89815 ID: d72979
File 142737007962.jpg - (13.00KB , 623x220 , bishamon yari.jpg )

For Sir Ridder.
No. 90379 ID: b19c9a
File 142935748979.gif - (14.51KB , 701x683 , 1265365550790.gif )

I really hope Weaver somehow works this into the story. I don't really care how he does it, I just hope he does it.
No. 90581 ID: b19c9a

Is this quest dead? I mean I know Weaver is a busy guy and I should really be patient for him, but it seems not even the fans are talking in the Quest threads for this anymore.
No. 90619 ID: 19d195

Right now it looks like Weaver plans to wrap up NanQuest before returning to DiveQuest. Updates will probably resume within several months.
No. 90642 ID: b19c9a

So then has everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (Fans included), just sorta put themselves in a hiatus on this?
No. 90719 ID: 15fae4


No. 91159 ID: b19c9a

SOOOOO cannot wait for this to return. I'm waiting on the edge of my seat.
No. 91161 ID: 15fae4


Be prepared to keep waiting, son.
Be glad you're not a Search for Andellousia fan.
No. 91165 ID: b19c9a

Pretty sure this will continue when Nanquest ends. Which should be soon.
No. 91166 ID: 9ddf68

unless he decides to go on a break
No. 91656 ID: b19c9a

Nanquest has ended...time to resume!
No. 91657 ID: e380e3

Patience fam, it ended like last night xD
No. 91661 ID: b19c9a

It ended literally last night.
No. 92803 ID: e64240

Literally first time posting, uhh am I doing it right? And in order to actually say something, do we have official colors for Greppa anywhere? She's not in that wallpaper.
No. 92807 ID: 15fae4
File 143606915348.jpg - (170.22KB , 499x670 , RIP-AND-TEAR.jpg )


God damn it, I saw this thread at the top of /questdis/ and thought it was Weaver making his triumphant return.
No. 92824 ID: 09f4d8

Well, as it's mentioned in the Crossover-Timeline and as it's suggested at the end of the thread, I think this quest features yellow fang and gray fang (geppa):

and she seems to be gray...
No. 92841 ID: e64240

Isn't Geppa a girl?
No. 92842 ID: e64240

Oops, that's what I get for not reading the whole thing first. Alright, I guess that is her color scheme then.
No. 94956 ID: 15fae4



No. 95011 ID: cdd954

Well, it was nice of Weaver to acknowledge us, even if it was only 2 panels.

See you all back here in a couple years.
No. 95029 ID: 97786a

>Two years
Silly goy, that's no way to thank your superiors
It'll only be one year
No. 95399 ID: 27c0e0

What ever happened to Ridder's hat and cloak, the one from blie fang?
I'm not sure about the hat the cloak would look FABULOUS on master M.
No. 95408 ID: ad936f

Calling it now; the final panel in Dive is Muschio finally putting on a hat (or maybe a crown).
No. 95414 ID: 0dd9b9

confirmed impossible
No. 95443 ID: 06d995

I was reading something today and found out that "citta" is Italian for "city".
A quick google search revelaed that "iniziare" is "start".
"Muschio Malto" has an Italian ring to it and it never occured to me to check it before.

I feel so stupid right now.
No. 95676 ID: e53226

Can someone post the current layout of our base? We might as well do something productive while we wait.
No. 97320 ID: eda1f9
File 145368804423.png - (375.35KB , 554x674 , image.png )

I've finished everything the Diveverse had to offer... Now I gotta wait for updates with the rest of you guys.

On another note I realized who Ona reminds me of
No. 98757 ID: e3ff70

So how about it, guys?
Could it be a dragon?