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File 124824463178.png - (318.12KB , 927x872 , lowdee.png )
1157 No. 1157 ID: 581607

Anyone know where I can find up-to-date ACT logs?
Expand all images
No. 1184 ID: 036360
File 124840183628.png - (49.19KB , 516x688 , doeadraw.png )

Hambol 1-5. Lowdee 1-4

Hambol 6-10. Lowdee 5-8

Hambol 11-13. Lowdee 9-16

Last ones are unedited RTF files. Not too pretty, and pieces might be missing from the Hambol logs. The Lowdee logs should be 100% complete.
No. 1187 ID: 581607

Excellent, thanks alot!
No. 1203 ID: a3b36a

The more I read tales of this setting, the more interested in learning of it I become. Does the channel object to lurkers that keep their mouth shut?
No. 1204 ID: c01408

Nope, I'm sure lurkers are welcome.
You can't really mess up the game itself if you wanted to, since it's on a moderated channel.
No. 1205 ID: a3b36a

It warms my heart to hear such. I might have to start lurking it now and then.
No. 1208 ID: 96da9e
File 124850891780.png - (202.98KB , 768x768 , newfriend.png )


I have needed logs for rather a while, thanks for them.

In return, new scribbles hot off the presses.
No. 1215 ID: 1afd58

I like this character. I dunno who she is aside from "doea" apparently, but she is cute with the head shape and the antennae.
No. 1216 ID: 036360
File 124853805623.gif - (10.41KB , 464x458 , hugs.gif )

Doea'Dai? Yaga Librarian. Not very confident, but slowly (very slowly) gaining more confidence. Hopefully she'll pull a Simon at some point.

Yeah lurking is allowed... but keep in mind the place isn't too active unless a game is going on.

Apparently MIRC has been keeping the logs of every chat I've been in. I've had everything all along, and I feel very silly for not realizing it <_>;
No. 1221 ID: a3b36a

This is a masterful world eater image. It is encircled with bands of D'aww. It menaces with spikes of adorable. On it is an image of an Id and an Olympian. The Id is embracing the Olympian. On it is an image of an Id and a Yaga. The Id is embracing the Yaga. On the item is an image of an Id.
No. 1252 ID: 8e7830

Hopswain looks like he's listening to Doea's tummy for baby noises. Although... although a bit too far north...
No. 1258 ID: 9a71e2

No. 1534 ID: a3b36a

Just finished reading those logs. Fun read.
No. 1771 ID: 036360
File 125150723775.gif - (287.70KB , 1024x1024 , lowdeesunsetscarfshadow.gif )

Tiny Update as logs were requested.

Lowdee 17-19

More of the ugly RTF files, including the older ones.
No. 2044 ID: a3b36a

Curses. Makes me wish I could get an IRC program for either cellphone or PSP, so I could lurk while at work and catch some of this stuff as it happens. Ahh well.
No. 2734 ID: 036360
File 125651618341.gif - (100.49KB , 1024x1024 , itskhuul.gif )

Might as well keep this up to date huh?

Lowdee 19-24

Surprised we're still playing? Yeah so am I..
No. 3346 ID: 34bfdb
File 126543129437.png - (214.72KB , 768x768 , blueandgreenxoxoxoxo.png )

Been a while since I last updated this huh? Might as well keep it up to date.

Lowdee 1-32
No. 3358 ID: 6550ad
File 126564321454.png - (303.72KB , 1500x1750 , hambol.png )

Because someone requested it, here are the logs from the Hambol group up to date.

Hambol 1-22
No. 3361 ID: 885a15

Thank you kindly!
No. 3410 ID: 67c611

I miss ACT.

No. 3415 ID: 8e18cd

There are other games running: like a 2nd Edition game or the Bubblebucket universe game.
No. 3798 ID: eb6d46

Bumping for more Hambol logs, if there are any. Is the group still going?
No. 3799 ID: 6550ad


Yes, I just keep forgetting that there are people outside the game that are interested in the logs. I'll put them up soon.
No. 3801 ID: 6550ad
File 127490644757.jpg - (728.62KB , 1800x1000 , Shitjustgotreal.jpg )

Here. That was fast.


These aren't as pretty as the other ones. I'm sorry, didn't have the time or the patience to clean them. I apologize.

Bonus: shitty fan art.
No. 3804 ID: eb6d46

wow thanks man, Coda is probably my favorite char, little candy addicted sprite is awesome :3
No. 3811 ID: 107b44
File 12749917873.png - (375.02KB , 1024x1024 , Codabackground.png )


Thank you
No. 3812 ID: a594b9

Hahaha, Haydn really is a trap magnet isn't he?
No. 3813 ID: 107b44


He is a professional at "disabling" traps.
No. 3885 ID: cef587

Haydn is a trap.
No. 3902 ID: bf1e7e
File 127582211786.png - (113.64KB , 768x768 , theboxlaggie.png )

Posting recent lowdee fanarts
No. 3903 ID: bf1e7e
File 127582214577.png - (235.17KB , 768x768 , Stormbrewing.png )

No. 3914 ID: 6550ad
File 127587028148.png - (263.82KB , 700x600 , Coda pimp.png )

And then we whored out Haydn for a bag of candy. True story.

Logs for the sessions 31-32.

Also doodle done for the occassion. Super fast, so forgive the crappyness.
No. 3969 ID: b35486
File 127734101377.png - (146.57KB , 768x768 , wizardofmons.png )


About time I updated the Lowdee stuff here huh?

Lowdee 1-41
No. 3970 ID: 099247

Any more Hambol to go with that Lowdee?
No. 3972 ID: 6550ad
File 127736395212.png - (125.78KB , 750x750 , Sweetpaste.png )


Sure, here you are.

Sessions 33-35


Or if you want the complete pack with all the logs so far:

Sessions 1-35

No. 3990 ID: 099247

Awesome man, say, did weaver ever draw an image of one of these Cambanes?
No. 3991 ID: b4b04d
File 127764020511.jpg - (43.92KB , 401x385 , cambane.jpg )

Something like this, though this is a particularly bulky specimen.
No. 3992 ID: 5cc920

Thank you, man!
No. 4021 ID: 099247

Bumping for Hambol~
No. 4200 ID: 099247

Don't tell me you've stopped ;_;
No. 4202 ID: 6a447a

Nah, we're playing this sunday.
No. 4203 ID: 231806

Hambol, sessions 36 and 37


I wish I had fanart to post with it, but the rest of what I've drawn sucks too much. Enjoy the logs anyways.
No. 4204 ID: dad664
File 128251098883.jpg - (137.00KB , 800x600 , throttwarden.jpg )

Didn't know this thread was here. Huh.
No. 4205 ID: 70d9eb

Thanks for the logs. Noticed the last complete one had the wrong file for Hambol 1 part 1, so here's a fixed complete upload of sessions 1-37 for Hambol.
No. 4779 ID: 70d9eb
File 128578860576.gif - (3.74KB , 245x345 , haydnlift.gif )

Are there any more delicious ACT logs?
Quick Haydn molestation sketch vaguely relevant.
No. 4782 ID: 6550ad


We've been having some really shitty luck with the schedules, so there haven't been any new games (and no logs, obviously).

But both groups are scheduled to play this weekend!
No. 4785 ID: 3df86e
File 128597954773.png - (374.09KB , 1024x1024 , happiestday.png )

Yeah not Much on the Lowdee end either. We've had about three games worth since the last updated (Log number 42 is basically two games in one. Still since people have been requesting it:

Lowdee 1-43
No. 4786 ID: 1578e2

Bug girl and paper bag guy got married?

They are the cutest superheroes ever.
No. 4795 ID: c2c7a9
File 128622625282.png - (71.92KB , 440x837 , coda.png )


Which did not work out either! At least for Hambol.
But I dids a (f)art and will shamelessly post it here.
No. 4799 ID: 70d9eb

Oh no, it appears there is some playing missing between 35 and 36 of Hambol.
No. 4838 ID: 099247

So has the Hambol group got together yet? Any new logs? Or ya still having scheduling issues?
No. 5168 ID: 70d9eb
File 128917520186.gif - (8.90KB , 678x754 , sushissokawaiiclean.gif )

I couldn't find much description of Sush but he sounded totally kawaii.
No. 5791 ID: 099247

This still running?
No. 5793 ID: bf1e7e


Yes, scheduling has just been fucked all to hell with the holidays and such.
No. 6027 ID: 70d9eb

if I looking for log
him name is hambol lowdee log
No. 6030 ID: ebe160
File 129922035289.gif - (198.61KB , 1024x1024 , exposions.gif )

We're still running? What the hell? Never expected that! Oh well. Two more logs added to the pack since people want them.

Lowdee 1-45
No. 6032 ID: 099247

Hambol! Hamboool!
No. 6036 ID: 543aa6
File 129955934010.gif - (28.39KB , 932x884 , fightraces.gif )

There was a discussion about which form of unarmed combat any given race would be known for

so here we are
No. 6037 ID: dad664
File 129961168840.jpg - (111.29KB , 615x655 , Third_doctor.jpg )


Venusian aikido
No. 6043 ID: 099247


No. 6046 ID: bf1e7e
File 129980493960.png - (56.97KB , 900x750 , sushaydn.png )

oh tee pee
No. 6047 ID: 5f2683

As Haydn's player, I find this extremely disconcerting. Also pretty fucking hilarious.
No. 6051 ID: 70d9eb

You misspelled extremely arousing.
No. 6061 ID: b5feda


No. 6063 ID: bf1e7e
File 129989623635.png - (27.65KB , 750x750 , 003.png )

I should probably post this here
No. 6075 ID: f5e4b4
File 129998296776.png - (56.57KB , 999x666 , nHduq5HA.png )

Woo, we're back, finally!

Hambol logs updated, the entire pack.

Hambol 1-46
No. 6098 ID: 70d9eb
File 129999759793.png - (34.97KB , 800x600 , lowdee9.png )

Lowdee 9-45 converted to HTML.
Format can be seen to the left, irclog2html.py was used in combination with a heavy dose of messing around with regular expressions to get everything to work and clean it of most of the IRC junk like join/quit messages. If you would like the first 8 in the same format I would need the original logs.
The first line in a log tends to mess up but I didn't see any major problems checking through.

Hambol 10-46 converted to HTML. If you would like the first 9 in the same format or the first 22 with full formatting I would need the original logs. Make sure to keep irclog.css in the same folder, or the formatting screws up.

I might as well explain my process just in case someone wants to do it with some other logs!
Or you could skip all that dickery (which ended up being way longer than I thought it would be) and just ask me and I'll probably do it to whatever logs you want.
No. 6104 ID: 70d9eb
File 130007530972.png - (36.71KB , 706x720 , codasushhug.png )

C0da sits down next to him and hugs the scraggly cambane. "I'm sorry."
Sush startles a little, holding his arms out and up awkwardly as Coda hugs him.
"Wheh?! W-what's he doin'?!"
No. 6910 ID: 099247

Any more recent hambol logs?
No. 7377 ID: 543aa6
File 131041576705.png - (78.68KB , 512x936 , racesannotated.png )

Might as well add these
No. 7378 ID: 543aa6
File 131041579933.png - (69.60KB , 880x350 , pixel.png )

and this
No. 7379 ID: f7ae22

In case anyone wanted to just download everything:
7z: http://www.multiupload.com/Z10W109O18
Zip: http://www.multiupload.com/7TJADPLC9M
Contains all original logs as well as the HTML conversions. Hambol 1-46, Lowdee 1-45.
No. 7888 ID: d1ad31

Hambol 47-52 and Lowdee 46-56
No. 7902 ID: 7a92ed


Thank yoouuu.
No. 8049 ID: 94ed3e

Since Multiupload died, reuploads.
Everything: http://uploadmirrors.com/download/88BX9RPK/ACTLogs.zip
Hambol 47-52 and Lowdee 46-56: http://uploadmirrors.com/download/UBO1Z9GX/ActLogsnew.zip
No. 8147 ID: 190952

Thanks for this!
Pity about multiupload...
No. 10673 ID: a19cd5
File 141445498468.png - (3.31KB , 256x256 , ant creature.png )

tablets are hard
No. 10674 ID: 6438bf


She's pink BTW
No. 10675 ID: a19cd5
File 141452664623.png - (3.31KB , 256x256 , ant creature.png )

No. 10694 ID: 0143aa
File 141827266172.png - (199.00KB , 700x700 , drunkoffherbutt_zpsbd1ca63b.png )

*glances into old thread for the first time in ages*

Huh. Nope. Don't know what I think about that.
No. 10696 ID: a19cd5

Oh cool, people dig that. nice.
No. 10741 ID: f61b8d

I haven't read any of these quite yet, but note that in that link, 2shared (and apparently only 2shared) still has the file.
No. 10758 ID: ab0ecc

y own thread for this sort of thing.
No. 10820 ID: bc7b81

No. 10846 ID: 4c2072

0 for art
No. 10880 ID: 50f254

Now and then I remember the time we used to play this quite fondly. Just stumbled over this thread and had sort of a nostalgia-blast. I wonder how likely it would be to get everybody together to continue it.
No. 10881 ID: 4e37a3
File 143939378664.gif - (120.59KB , 1024x1024 , dangerdanger.gif )

Ehnn.... Best you could hope for is gathering up a mixed group made up of people from both campaigns who are still around. Likely with a different GM/Setting. People have lives and move on etc.
No. 11835 ID: 0d2f2f

Anybody still have the logs? All the old hosters are down.
No. 11884 ID: 0bcd34

Bumping this up, maybe somebody has the logs lying around.
No. 11908 ID: 5fc3a0
File 167138847123.png - (4.56MB , 927x872 , open-me-with-7zip.png )

Re-upload of the Hambol/Lowdee logs: https://mega.nz/file/sson2ZJJ#L0Q4fumlWJMTCpFkGDsZjkJRnqpwSTLHmDpxmLeqm9Q

Also attached is a png that's also a zip archive of the logs, you can open it with 7-zip or whatever.
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