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File 155094180073.png - (119B , 1x1 , pic-unrelated.png )
11700 No. 11700 ID: 8eaf98

I feel like I must just be blind but I click the watch thread button the box pops up and then i can find no way to ADD anything to it. posting here cause I dunno where else to do it
No. 11702 ID: 080aaf

The eyeballs next to OP subject lines while browsing the entire board add the thread to your watchlist. The WT link in the top right corner opens the box where new posts in the watched threads will occur.
No. 11703 ID: 8eaf98

Oh, thanks I see that. Is there a way that doesn't require wading through entire boards to find the one(s) you want? Like, say from the thread page.
No. 11710 ID: 8eaf98

If there isn't a way, I would like to strongly request, and beg for, a button in the watchlist box or on the top bar to Watch Current Thread or just Watch Thread
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