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File 166233411948.png - (601.22KB , 986x1244 , rpg_demo.png )
11889 No. 11889 ID: 11f77a

Yes. I believe now is as good as ever.
The window of opportunity can only be open for so long...
--Z’anon, Chupian HURON recruiter

The Vaal Gaar Galactic Council reaches across the Third Arm of the galaxy offering protection in exchange for undying obedience. Who they don’t convince, they purge. But you are not alone, traveler; there are millions who rebel their regime. There are pockets of sanctuaries for free people who make their honest living without being in the sights of the Gortian’s Looking Glass. HURON is one of many stations--but it’s the most legendary.
We’re fighters. We’re engineers. We’re medics and scientists. We’re common-folk. We’re merchants. And we’re the free.

--Nor-Nanhaal, Chupian Resistance Founder

Fumigators? Constructors? Assassins? You want them? They’re yours my friend, as long as you cough up enough credits!
--Rio, Ichorynth HURON Merchant

Hello quest. For fun I’m going to try making a HURON TTRPG, based within the Team Port Echo universe (and the titular quest itself, HURON). Feel free to comment and critique the development. I’m reading many core rulebooks from shadowrun to genesys to D&D and Pathfinder, as well as their editions—so you may be familiar with some rules I’ve borrowed.

If you like everything related to the Universe of HURON and Team Port Echo, or just want the latest ramblings and thought process on how I build this ttrpg you can join my discord server: https://discord.gg/XpRctkx

My strategy is to post one concept of the game and leave it open for anyone to pitch in their feedback, suggestions, or a simple ‘looks good to me’ before I’m confident to move on the next topic. Although I fear this thread may see little activity, I may carry discussions in the QuestDen discord as well.
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No. 11890 ID: 11f77a
File 166233454054.png - (176.11KB , 500x631 , rpg_dice.png )

>What is HURON?
HURON TTRPG is foremost a narrative-driven roleplaying game. The players assume the role of mercenaries-for-hire from the titular space station and head off on adventures for credits to get by their day-to-day life. These tasks include but are not limited to: heists, cargo protection, bounty hunting, rescues, or artefact collections. As HURON TTRPG is narrative-driven, there are also chances of combat against the galaxy’s wildlife, space-faring bandits, and armies both accrued by outlaws or under the blessing of high councils. Combat should be quick and thrilling, and every action should affect the outcome of each round. Missions will often have a straight-forward task without the necessity of a convoluted plot.

To move things smoothly whether through fights or tests of skill, I have decided to use pools of six-sided dice. To further increase chances of succeeding a test I’m making each die resulting in a five or six count as a Hit. Under most circumstances rolling a one is not an automatic or critical fail.

Your dice pool for a skill check is equal to your ranks in an allotted skill plus the corresponding attribute.
Take the drive skill for example. Drive is a skill associated with a character’s Agility attribute score. A normal player can drive a vehicle without needing to roll a dice pool, but the success goal differs if they are involved in a pursuit or dodging missiles in a spacecraft.
Typically a standard task only needs one Hit to succeed. A player unskilled for the task may need more than one Hit to pass a test. Some tests may exceed the character’s capability to achieve; at rank 0 everyone may have a basic understanding on how to drive a car but absolutely clueless on piloting a plane—and it could default to an automatic failure.

Some classes give players starting ranks for certain skills. The Jockey, a subclass of the Engineer, is a natural for piloting and operating vehicles. A jockey begins with a drive rank of 1.
Let’s assume a player portraying a jockey has an agility score of 4 in our scenario. When their vehicle spins out of control and they must realign themselves, they roll a pool of five d6s: 1 from their drive skill plus 4 additional d6s from their agility score.

Sometimes there are penalties that reduce your dice pool, but penalties cannot reduce the pool to 0. If there is even a slight chance to pass a test a character will always roll a minimum of one d6. There are automatic failures, but only for certain situations such as an incapacitated character or a task way out of a character’s league.

I plan to keep the amount of dice in a pool low. The average amount could range between four and six.

In short, this section was stating my plan to use dice pools as opposed to rolling a 1d20 (for instance). I would love to hear feedback and ideas you’d like to contribute. I will work on this fun thing little by little. Maybe there’s a special system you liked in a game that could mesh well.

Does it feel like something is missing? I know I won’t be able to include every detail each official post--most ideas are up in the air and not entirely solidified.
Does something need to be addressed? Perhaps I risk of going ahead of myself and I need to be sure to address a game rule before moving on.

I plan to talk about Attributes/Ability Scores next.
No. 11891 ID: 894419

Sounds like it has potential! If you put out a rules PDF I might suggest trying it to my group when I wrap up my LANCER campaign!
No. 11892 ID: 11f77a

I'll hold ya to that offer! But my ambitious nature will probably cause me to take a long time before I'm confident enough to playtest this thing. Lots of species. Lots of classes/subclasses. Biting off more than I can chew, and the like.

But who knows if it can all change at once! Thank you
No. 11893 ID: e7c7d3

Interesting so far
No. 11921 ID: 11f77a

I've actually been working on this little by little since the last post--it was when I decided to play around the Powered By The Apocalypse roleplaying system since it's much easier to integrate.

So uh... when I have a good hold on things I'll start posting.
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