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File 166267534365.png - (347.00KB , 1290x1900 , No Haven for Mad Devils.png )
11894 No. 11894 ID: 2eaeea

About a year ago I wanted to make a use out of all the things I've drawn and the setting I've made that's doing nothing but rattling around in my head. So I decided to try and make a ttrpg, and instead of hacking just writing a setting doc for an already existing game or hacking an open source system or something a bit easier I've been Frankensteining this together from a bunch of games mechanics I thought were cool because that seemed like more fun. Very possibley most likely going to be a train wreck, but It's the first game I've made I'm fine with that.

The game is about playing imps on an earth ravaged after heaven and hell went to war and ended up pulling mutually assured destruction on each other. This isn't related to anything else I've done on questden like D3 or Eschatologic other than the fact that the players are all imps, that being said if you like those than you might like this. If I continue to post the details here than I welcome any critique, questions, or comments on the game. I've got a year's worth of stuff down but some of that year was planning, writing, then redoing all of it so it isn't too much. I'll add more details when I have time.

I haven't shared too much of the mechanics I have to many other people so I look forward to seeing what people think and how bad these ideas actually are when you think about them from different angles

I got the idea to start posting here from Sarc
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No. 11895 ID: 2eaeea
File 166267579730.png - (472.87KB , 1608x1419 , Vort Drozon BW.png )

The main gist of the game is hell has frozen over, and the demons that haven't died have gone mad and turned into feral snarling beasts except for the Imps that seem to have kept their sanity and escape to earth which has been left in ruins from the same war that froze Hell.

Quick notes about the gameplay it's 2d6 + attribute vs 8. If you're familiar with Shadow of the Demon Lord or LANCER I'm also using something similar to the Boons/Banes or Accuracy/Difficulty of those systems called Edge/Trouble where you add or subtract d3's from the roll keeping the highest if it's an Edge or the lowest if it's Trouble.
No. 11897 ID: 2eaeea
File 166294859925.png - (770.67KB , 1766x1558 , Impshidingfrompsuedohuman.png )

I was big on trying to emulate the stamina systems of games like dark souls or bloodborne which now I sort of think is a bad idea but it dead lead to me adding the strain mechanic to my game where you can give your imp a strain to do certain actions like adding 1 to damage or hit chance or sprinting a bit further. Characters can strain themselves 5 time as a base, not sure if there should be a penalty for having maxed strain yet. Classes get abilities that are also fueled by strain. Strain can be restored by eating rations, and sleeping well or eating big meals grants "energy" that can be used in place of strain.

I wanted this stamina system to not have to involve too much tracking, and felt adding strain up instead of ticking stamina down might've made it easier to track.
No. 11898 ID: d2baf2

Huh, neat. If you want more people discussing this or just to look at it though I’d suggest telling people on a discussion thread for one of your quest as ironically the TG board is prettt quite a lot of the time for a website that use to call itself tgchan.
No. 11899 ID: 2aa5f0

so would their be classes or do you have something else in mind?
No. 11900 ID: 2eaeea
File 166327780760.png - (2.24MB , 1592x2518 , classes.png )

I do plan on there being classes. Characters get a main class and a subclass later. I have no subclasses made right now but here are the main ones and all of their current abilities
No. 11901 ID: 2aa5f0

so the demons went mad, what happened to the angels and humans?
No. 11902 ID: 90c101
File 166406571482.jpg - (324.68KB , 1194x866 , improvised magical weapons.jpg )

Scribbled some Imps
Don't know how well they'd fit with the setting, the idea is that they're from a big family of magic users, but can't use scrolls or spell books normally, and so they have had to improvise.
No. 11903 ID: 2eaeea
File 166407417648.png - (578.42KB , 1490x1623 , Slayer Imp.png )

I've got a super rough first draft written. I wouldn't call it playable yet, but I'd say I made good progress.

Angels went mad too. That mutually assured destruction ended with whatever angel's and devils were left alive going mad save the imps. Humans are extinct.

Very cool! But yeah that wouldn't really work in the setting since anyone can use a book or scroll, and there's no real way to improvise using one. I love these drawing though.
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