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File 12907535624.png - (40.76KB , 350x350 , 1290558415873.png )
5566 No. 5566 ID: ffb525

I don't know how many of you guys are aware, but we've got ourselves a big ol image dump site right over here:


It's a resource for anyone and everyone who needs/wants character art, landscapes, references, or anything else /tg/ related in .jpg/.gif/.png format.

It's not safe for work, so feel free to post whatever you feel the need to, so long as its /tg/ related in one way or another (just don't go overboard).

Pic unrelated
No. 5690 ID: 2f55cf

I've tried it a few times. Never found anything I was looking for. Needs some work. Some work, as in, "a little more work than stopping global warming needs".
No. 5693 ID: 2f55cf

... is that an image of Joan in a Paranoia game? Gasp.
No. 5694 ID: 754124

The major flaw with this is that tagging the tagmes is slow, not fun, and doesn't feel very rewarding.
No. 5697 ID: 9804fb

Yes, well, we're working on it.
The important stuff is hardly ever fun, you know.
No. 5706 ID: ddaac3

I have tagged a few images a day, but yeah, it is slow. And it hardly ever feels like I make a big dent in it. Still, I hope it'll be a good resource for us as time goes on.
No. 5707 ID: 1a2b0f

Has Google open sourced their image-tagging game? That's a pretty good way to get people doing it.
No. 5779 ID: 9804fb

They have not, unfortunately, that looks like it'd be a great help.
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