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File 139274781811.png - (14.06KB , 387x197 , Capture akrodon.png )
22187 No. 22187 ID: a138e3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
No. 22189 ID: a138e3
File 139275569901.png - (25.92KB , 360x411 , Maleskintightakrodon.png )
Male Akrodon variant in skin-tight pressure suit

File 132256894541.png - (203.59KB , 489x578 , skyrim.png )
8850 No. 8850 ID: ec12da hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I have a thread?

I do now!

Dumping all my shit on your faces. Lets start with some Skyrim. Fuck yes Khajiit master race.
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No. 21949 ID: 1ace6e
File 139030205515.png - (509.87KB , 900x918 , resolution 182014.png )
I haven't drawn in months, fuck
No. 21950 ID: 1ace6e
File 139030251597.png - (933.60KB , 945x1620 , zinmakeogre.png )
i got a 3ds
No. 21951 ID: 1ace6e
File 139030254830.png - (132.18KB , 670x570 , demon-human.png )
No. 21952 ID: 1ace6e
File 139030256764.png - (40.69KB , 217x539 , bundage.png )
No. 21953 ID: 1ace6e
File 139030262760.png - (111.05KB , 475x706 , fluffbutt.png )

File 138939264453.jpg - (154.46KB , 1170x1362 , lucy_with_armor_cropped_sketch.jpg )
21837 No. 21837 ID: eaa372 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm not dodging quest updates or anything. Honest. Have a sketch of a quest protagonist.
No. 21850 ID: 74c4ad
Does that quest you're not not updating have a name, or a title, by the way? Wasn't sure if Lucy's name should be read as the quest title.
No. 21926 ID: eaa372
File 139011098963.jpg - (426.21KB , 2792x2623 , alia_and_veechy.jpg )
Had the urge to draw the twins in detail between classes and writing up plans for the quest I haven't namedropped yet.

File 136868845409.png - (48.50KB , 889x606 , c3p0 and stuff.png )
19026 No. 19026 ID: 25312f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I guess I'm doing a drawthread? I'm in no way serious about it.
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No. 19057 ID: f81986

How delightful!
No. 21166 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138416530821.png - (63.07KB , 993x529 , Skelita.png )
Got bored. Drew one of my favorite dolls on my desk. Uplifted and I have affectionately nicknamed her "Little Creepy Bones" after an amusing Tumblr post about her, but she's actually Skelita Calaveras.
No. 21167 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138416638061.png - (75.19KB , 993x529 , Jin.png )
...And this one is Uplifted's favorite. She's supposed to be a dragon, but I didn't draw the scales because I dunno.
No. 21805 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138906369512.png - (120.24KB , 1306x529 , Arcanebear\'s awesome team!.png )
I drew some pictures of some Redditors' Pokemon teams for Reddit contests. I don't think I'll win any of them, but I just thought I'd give it a shot.

This one is /u/Arcanebear's team: a Mega Alakazam, a Gyarados, a Gengar, a Ferrothorn, an Arcanine, and a Shiny Nidoking.
No. 21806 ID: 2ae1fb
File 138906375873.png - (149.82KB , 1306x529 , Pika-chic\'s shiny kitties!.png )
This one is /u/Pika-chic's avatar and her team of shinies: Glameow, Skitty, Umbreon, Absol, Persian, and Liepard.

File 138446391094.jpg - (77.37KB , 489x498 , 138445179713.jpg )
21194 No. 21194 ID: 097017 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Mmkay, I've encountered a few voices (looking at you LW) that would like a thread that works like a backstreet corner of Paris. I'm not talking about pick-pocketing gypsy kids or streetwalkers--

Of course I'm talking art.

We draw-friends need a place to peddle our craft together, rather than living in our own, separate commission threads. Now I'm not sure why one doesn't already exist. I've been assured by what hopefully is a very reliable source that this hasn't happened before.

So, without further adoody, I present to you what seems to be the first common commissions thread.

OP image (c) someguy on deviant art (ahm layzee): http://hugohugo.deviantart.com/[/spoiler]
15 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 21438 ID: 097017
File 13868092408.png - (3.84KB , 300x300 )

View animation
No. 21441 ID: 097017
File 138680979176.gif - (289.92KB , 843x1095 , AgentsofCOIFISH.gif )
potential future for Tory of TotG, depending on how the questers play it.
No. 21442 ID: 097017
File 138680981298.gif - (357.99KB , 843x1095 , AgentsofCOIFISH2.gif )
No. 21509 ID: 1ce34b
So I'll be getting a refund, yeah? Intro's no good half finished.
No. 21513 ID: 097017
check your paypal.

File 137937648853.png - (178.72KB , 627x750 , moira.png )
20553 No. 20553 ID: 7fde7e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Here's my sex fairy, Moira, that #tgchan sort of knows about.

In this thread, you should totally expect NSFW. so just a warning now. I HOPE YOU ENJOYS THESE.
70 posts and 26 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 21263 ID: 7fde7e
File 138504589255.png - (259.60KB , 614x700 , assdayamielle.png )
my ass day drawing~
No. 21454 ID: 7fde7e
File 138692515110.png - (448.93KB , 914x892 , moiraandadorne3.png )
work in progress stuff on my Moira/Adorne drawing
No. 21465 ID: de1374
If you look closely there's a stealth penis peeking out from behind Amielles leg.
No. 21467 ID: 7bbaae
That's her arm/hand.
No. 21469 ID: 7fde7e
File 138717148401.png - (156.84KB , 431x669 , pie.png )
Today's Weaver's birthday! I mentioned that Weaver's favorite dessert is peanut butter pie and people were asking about the recipe so here it is. It requires no baking and if you don't feel like making your own crust, you can buy a pre-made graham cracker or chocolate cookie (oreo) crust:

~* Weaver's favorite peanut butter pie *~

>For the crust:
- a whole pack of oreos (or non-brand name chocolate cookies like them)
- 1/2 c of sugar
- 1/3 c of melted butter

1. This part probably takes the longest/most effort. Take all the Oreos and remove ALL of the white filling from every single one of them. Make them as "dry" as you can.
2. Crush the Oreo in a large ziplock bag until they are as powderish as possible
3. Mix Oreo crumbs, melted butter, and sugar together and press into a pie tin. Place in the fridge until ready to use

> For the pie filling
- 12 oz jar of SMOOTH/CREAMY peanut butter, any brand
- 1/2 to 1 cup of sugar (depending on your tastes)
- 8 oz of cream cheese
- one 16 oz container of frozen whipped topping, thawed (like kool-whip)

1. Put all this stuff in a bowl
2. Mix with a mixer on medium speed until thoroughly blended
3. Pour into pie crust and refrigerate fro 3 hours before cutting into it.


File 138616828661.png - (91.74KB , 710x1436 , PurseOwnerBeethoven.png )
21382 No. 21382 ID: f567e6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Visit this link, suggest to me ideas for evolutions or combinations of these monsters.

Also, thread starter pic is mine.
No. 21456 ID: d94546

New link
No. 21457 ID: f3bb85
File 138696118645.png - (91.47KB , 386x202 , Nausicaa_god_warrior.png )
Suggestion evolution for starter image

File 138519966578.png - (6.92KB , 600x600 , DrawingCoatOfArms.png )
21287 No. 21287 ID: fb4e93 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hey, tgchan! I need to practice art-ing! What should I draw? (No porn or nudity, though.)

I'm probably going to go to sleep now/soon, but hopefully I will have time tomorrow to draw. ...gonna need to scrounge up a tablet somewhere around the house....
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 21298 ID: fc937d
Oh hey, I remember you. That daemancy quest looked like an interesting concept.
No. 21319 ID: fb4e93
File 138546125214.png - (138.03KB , 587x460 , bodyslam.png )
IT BURNS. IT BURNS, BUT I SHALL POST IT. Augh, it's just so mediocre! And it took like 5.5 hours! Aaaaugh. Anybody have any constructive comments? Like how to fix the facial structure, the lack of action in the stances, the coloring, the facial structure? Part of this all may stem from the fact that I did this on an android tablet, rather than with a drawing tablet. Maybe. Plus, as time wore on, I gradually started to lose willpower. Like, the Argonian was originally going to be a girl - waaaasn't working, so I erased a line or two, and presto, you couldn't tell!

But geeeeze, the mediocrity BURNS. Uh, I mean no offense to anyone who would consider this art to be better than their own; don't be discouraged or anything - it's just that normally I can draw stuff better than this. I...think.

I believe Piro of Megatokyo.com once said, "Sometimes I wonder if I actually can't draw and I've just managed it by accident up until now."

Man. Any other suggestions, anybody? Perhaps something geared towards some particular art goal, like improving facial structures or colors or linework or something?

Thanks! Yeah, I think I invested too much of myself in it and then panicked. Hopefully I'll get back to it at some point, maybe with a bit more "wherever it goes is fine" attitude.
No. 21320 ID: fb4e93
I mean, looking again, it's not BAD art, really...it's just...I dunno. It just seems a bit meh. And I really like to make GOOD art! Good ANYTHING, whatever it is I'm making!
No. 21321 ID: fb4e93
Oh, I will say there is one thing I was pleased with - the shape of the tail. Not even necessarily in context (it might not be quite right with momentum or whatever), but I rarely manage nicely tapered curves like that.
No. 21322 ID: f3bb85
Well, for one thing, that's a Throw, not a Body Slam.

For another, I do not know what that brown disk behind the Dunmer is supposed to be.

Otherwise, I suggest you continue practicing your drawing skills.

Oh, I just noticed, it is a table. Anyway, you should work on Perspective and Consistency. Once you have those down, you should be home free.

File 138302436909.jpg - (1.66MB , 3264x2448 , 1383024309100.jpg )
21075 No. 21075 ID: 73aab1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
(Picture unrelated.)
So I commissioned some paper dolls for my quest, but then ran into real life issues for a few weeks and now dont remember who I had commissioned or when they hung out in irc.

If you are that person I do want to pay you!
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 21080 ID: 7bbaae
Well, it looks like a fan in the doorway on top of something but I don't understand why.
No. 21120 ID: 73aab1
Yay! So what times are you on irc again?
No. 21121 ID: 67bfa9
after 6:00pm eastern time, on most days.
No. 21222 ID: 00b2db
I think I gave you the wrong email.

its xxxxxaxxxxxx not xxxxxxxxxxx if that makes sense.
No. 21278 ID: 3af198
I sent you an email a while back with the revisions you asked for, just check as to whether you got it

File 135338274723.png - (97.19KB , 1328x2824 , Untitled-2.png )
16394 No. 16394 ID: eba327 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
so i guess im going to give this thing a try
request away guys
ill try and do them
19 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 20067 ID: 34cbef
i got a request, peeps- lots of peeps. Lots and lots of peeps
No. 21256 ID: 1a0754
File 138483152138.png - (87.06KB , 403x374 , fuckin peeps.png )
here you go
No. 21257 ID: 53548a
thanks for completing my re-quest request
No. 21259 ID: 05b1f0
surprisingly cute :3
No. 21267 ID: 1a0754
File 138507885739.png - (439.00KB , 648x432 , lego house escape.png )
You bust the HELL OUT of the house.

File 138128861541.jpg - (638.26KB , 1592x2560 , political illustration.jpg )
20890 No. 20890 ID: 34b2f2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
a political illustration

File 137806752905.png - (236.99KB , 1000x1000 , preparing to fire.png )
20369 No. 20369 ID: c23ab0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I somehow managed to lose the pictures from that one speculative discussion about Tzl reproduction. Specifically I lost the one where the female was adjusting a range finder or walkie talkie to calculate the precise elevation of her pelvis needed. I still have the one of the male a mile away, preparing to fire, but I need the female one. For reasons.
No. 20370 ID: bf8aa5
>>/questdis/19308 ?
No. 20397 ID: c23ab0
That's the one! Couldn't find it for the life of me. Thank you soo much.
No. 20400 ID: bc8d67
Yanno, from the first time I saw the OP image in >>/questdis/46371 I've wondered what the heck Baj is doing there and if there was something missing from the image. However, what I'm pretty darn certain of is that it's not related to that ridiculous speculative discussion about tozol reproduction that you think it is.
No. 20409 ID: 9dba7d
I think I remember something in that pic about baj being raped by something invisible
No. 20411 ID: 8b9215

File 127327856964.png - (51.58KB , 300x400 )
583 No. 583 ID: a693e4 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Strategy, leadership, practicality, skepticism. Balanced between extremes, master of his own making. Muschio?

I dunno, just felt like it.

View animation
26 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 612 ID: 3441fa
It was an homage, not theft!
No. 613 ID: 620bfb
Keep telling yourself that.
No. 615 ID: 697b23
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
No. 616 ID: 0b2a05
Drugs, mostly.
No. 20244 ID: 8b9215
Why is the tozol not death?

File 137559115824.png - (73.87KB , 500x500 )
20114 No. 20114 ID: 9f8532 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is my first time doing oekaki in nearly ten years. It is so nice to find one remaining board that doesn't require registration. I hope I can find my way back, I would like to get better.

View animation
No. 20120 ID: a01b62

File 137473489712.png - (4.90KB , 300x300 )
20023 No. 20023 ID: c891a0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
you are all alone in the void.

View animation

File 136017085193.png - (29.11KB , 500x500 , ragabuny and atomic hound heel yea h.png )
17629 No. 17629 ID: 389f2b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
so does anyone do any pixel art
i dont really do a whole lot, this ones the only one ive done
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 17638 ID: 7ce619
do i need to fight you tgchan user DJ LaLonde because i will
No. 18098 ID: 389f2b
Gaddangit why do none of you guys tell me you have art threads
No. 19741 ID: ea4b0b
ignore me, bumping this so I can track it for updorts
No. 19745 ID: f29090
We prefer you not to bump old threads for any reason, unless you have some legitimate content for it. If DJ LaLonde posts art, the magic of technology will bump this thread for you.
No. 19746 ID: f29090
Also, be sure to check which field you are sage-ing. this is also important.

File 137153062863.png - (415.92KB , 875x1233 , spidermancer.png )
19552 No. 19552 ID: 00f58c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I wish I'd known of this board earlier- gimme some characters or monsters to draw. No 40k. Pic related-my last /tg/request.
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 19566 ID: 552d96
File 137161079353.png - (148.83KB , 432x480 , sload.png )
What are Sload anyway? I know they're from TES, but that's the extent of my knowledge.
No. 19569 ID: cf49fc
They were a race of frog monsters who released a plague that wiped out 60% of all sentient beings. In retaliation the Empire of Tamriel sent their entire fleet backed by hundreds of battlemages to raze their island nation, then literally drop it into the sea. They survived, being amphibians, but their civilization suffered greatly. Also, they have the Internet, among other technologies.
No. 19570 ID: cf49fc
Also, very nice.
No. 19573 ID: ccf689
How about Frey from Lost Planet quest:

No. 19582 ID: 79b8fd
Can I get a scarecrow wizard, horrified that he's just lit his arm on fire?

File 133369956703.jpg - (137.09KB , 700x963 , rinaporn5.jpg )
12137 No. 12137 ID: 09a2fd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So, uh, I guess I just decided to explore this side of tg for the first time.

This is something I may or may not finish. Approve?
90 posts and 39 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 16858 ID: 09a2fd
File 135587787416.png - (521.60KB , 700x1680 , 01-007.png )
No. 17551 ID: 25e59d
File 135983445451.png - (610.31KB , 1120x700 , emery.png )
No. 19331 ID: 9f5a86
File 137020021798.png - (377.43KB , 800x1067 , charactersaiden.png )
No. 19332 ID: 9f5a86
File 137020022602.png - (346.79KB , 800x1067 , characterschrisa.png )
No. 19333 ID: 9f5a86
File 137020023593.png - (333.44KB , 800x1067 , charactersyuseta.png )

File 136942312761.jpg - (56.65KB , 514x640 , A channel.jpg )
19172 No. 19172 ID: 9ce4d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can anyone help me?
I'm "creating" one imageboard and needs a mascot.
If any drawfag can do for me I would be grateful.
Wanted a girl, like the picture, but with purple hair and a sexy outfit and hands.
Are free to make.
Pay what you want.
Sorry for my bad English.
3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 19277 ID: cf49fc
File 136988712320.png - (20.92KB , 1285x565 , Oh god it\'s like watching spreadsheets fuck.png )
Mine's still better. Eighteen million Millifenigs, if you please.
No. 19278 ID: cf49fc
Also, I suggest you look up the other board artists Deviant Art accounts. I doubt Archivemod and I are what you're looking for.
No. 19279 ID: b53faa
In all honesty dude, if I get some guarantee tthere will actually be money coming my greedy way, lord knows I can put a billion hours into physically getting something decent done for you.
No. 19281 ID: cf49fc
What, no new drawing?
No. 19282 ID: b53faa
Its 1:17 here and I gotta sleep
you want more stick figure wank material I'll put it on the list of things I'll do in my drawthread yo
you know what would be great tho? continuing the thread with a bunch of different artists drawing the shittiest things they can manage of this hypothetical purple-haired wank material mascot thing.

File 132055486131.jpg - (2.86MB , 2000x2667 , ctans.jpg )
8235 No. 8235 ID: 39fadf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
The old one was getting clogged with stuff.

here, a few C'tan dudes.

commishes are opened again, don't know for how long; see the details on my profile:

I've been toying around with the idea of adapting bits of the new necron background into a short comic, but I'm not sure yet which techniques I should use; or even which language...
305 posts and 74 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 19042 ID: ebaa9e
File 136872541254.jpg - (634.07KB , 1609x711 , swamp.jpg )
Come on you fuckers criticize this shit

also I need stuff to work on values; apparently just copying pictures doesn't work so I need typical exercises;

next up is something with draping. Not right now but don't hesitate to remind it to me in case I feel too lazy.

Also the latest combichrist album is fucking cool goddan can't type I'm half-Drunk Beelzebuth is one hell of a beer.
No. 19048 ID: eb496a

Hm, it's a tough one. Especially since I can't really rationalise what I'm seeing in the image. You said 'swamp' on dA, so I therefore assume the convolution is intentional. It's not a bad thing, though. It just makes it more difficult to describe elements, I suppose.

The part that sticks out to me as being 'the worst,' is that little hill-type thing at the bottom. The issue is that it seemingly has the greatest range in values, whereas the much more carefully detailed background seems to, in most areas, stick to darker values, and therefore I seem subconsciously less interested by it.

The problem with this is that it really draws my eye, and I feel like, once there, my eye doesn't have a lot to look at -- especially when it's juxtaposed upon such a finely detailed background. The biggest 'branch' towards the left of the hill, is especially noticeable. It just juts out rather crudely, and the fact that it almost has this 'black outline' of shadow just highlights it further. The entire hill does not appear to be as carefully rendered as the rest of the image, and that's a shame, because the background is really nice.

Those black things on the hill: are the creatures, or just more details? They also draw my eye, but I do not know what to make of them. They do not make much sense as anything other than characters placed into the landscape, but they are difficult to make out. Therefore, I can't say they look as though they belong in the image, either.

That's about all I really notice right away. Otherwise, it's quite impressive.
No. 19067 ID: ebaa9e
Thanks for the crit, I quite see what you mean.
No. 19165 ID: 672939
File 136938938287.jpg - (709.46KB , 1609x711 , swamp f corr.jpg )
how about now?
No. 19166 ID: 14ba5d

Yeah, that's way better.

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