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File 148623434982.jpg - (268.92KB , 1173x1054 , Beautiful butterfly.jpg )
32929 No. 32929 ID: 47be15
Here you can ask me to draw some of my characters or to place fan art in this thread
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No. 32958 ID: 7cb4d2
File 148652098481.jpg - (1.88MB , 3521x3024 , IMG_3119.jpg )
I doodled up Derrick while at work today, I think he looks happy in Valhalla, looks like he is about to kick some ass. Makes me wonder if a Cultist saw a berserking Derrick coming at him what would his first reaction be? My guess is
"Why isn't the fog killing him?" Followed quickly by "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT!"
No. 32963 ID: 47be15
It looks awesome and if you have any suggestions as to what you want me to draw just send the message
No. 32964 ID: fb7eb9
So this is my request, could you draw Ana and Logan holding hands? But both are looking away and blushing? Maybe Ana has a tiny smile on her face and Logan isn't sure what to but knows he likes this. Also maybe have Logan without his mask (or would that be spoilers?). I like to imagine Ana told them of their possible future and Logan is just trying to puzzle it out and this is the first real intimate action they've done together
No. 32977 ID: 47be15
File 148663332388.jpg - (568.04KB , 1166x1197 , Beautiful butterfly 1.jpg )
No. 32979 ID: 3583d1
Thats, just turbo cute...

I'm wondering what Root is thinking here.
No. 32986 ID: 47be15
Probably some evil stuff
No. 32989 ID: 861db5
Here's a fun idea for a drawing, all girl punk band of your characters? Maybe Dahlia on vocals, Ana on guitar, 93 on drums and Rosalia on base?

Here's are a couple songs to go with it:
No. 32998 ID: 47be15
That sound like an awesome idea and here's another song for them
No. 33002 ID: 915428
File 148694466486.jpg - (488.19KB , 2299x1132 , Beautiful butterfly 2.jpg )
No. 33018 ID: 475080
Hey man I'm planning on doing a Lorence Portrait later tonight but before I do I wanted to know if you wanted me to upload my previous ones here too. I know they are already up on the disthread but I figured I'd ask and get your opinion. From now on any fanart I do will go here.
No. 33019 ID: 915428
As always I love seeing your interpretation of those characters. As for the older versions of your fanart, the main reason why why made thread was to make a place where all fan art can be placed. In other words in other words, what you asked highly advised if you ask me
No. 33020 ID: 915428
Also Fanart Guy nice nickname
No. 33033 ID: 3583d1
File 148719789090.jpg - (1.81MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_2977.jpg )
Right-o, here we go:

Ana Tiova (ver. 1)
No. 33034 ID: 3583d1
File 148719796805.jpg - (1.88MB , 2729x3583 , IMG_3040.jpg )
No. 33035 ID: 3583d1
File 148719810605.jpg - (2.48MB , 3004x3671 , IMG_3034.jpg )
The Root of Ash
No. 33036 ID: 3583d1
File 148719822550.jpg - (2.52MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_2985.jpg )
No. 33037 ID: 3583d1
File 148719838383.jpg - (2.52MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3025.jpg )
No. 33038 ID: 3583d1
File 148719842701.jpg - (2.17MB , 3021x3530 , IMG_2984.jpg )
No. 33039 ID: 3583d1
File 148719849448.jpg - (2.07MB , 2995x3293 , IMG_2983.jpg )
No. 33040 ID: 3583d1
File 148719856275.jpg - (2.41MB , 2930x3802 , IMG_3033.jpg )
No. 33041 ID: 3583d1
(The correct song for 93, my bad)
No. 33042 ID: 3583d1
File 148719886613.jpg - (2.20MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3026.jpg )
Wild Cat
No. 33043 ID: 3583d1
File 148719902972.jpg - (1.32MB , 2685x3378 , IMG_3103.jpg )
Ana Tiova (ver. 2)
No. 33044 ID: 3583d1
File 148719910629.jpg - (1.98MB , 2980x3290 , IMG_3035.jpg )
No. 33045 ID: 3583d1
File 148719920363.jpg - (2.63MB , 2920x3969 , IMG_3050.jpg )
No. 33046 ID: 3583d1
File 148719927846.jpg - (1.91MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3052.jpg )
Dr. Lester
No. 33047 ID: 3583d1
File 148719936033.jpg - (1.70MB , 3021x3684 , IMG_3122.jpg )
Here's a new one,

No. 33048 ID: 3583d1
File 148719945728.jpg - (833.25KB , 1972x2481 , IMG_3102.jpg )
Morpheus The Dreamwalker
No. 33049 ID: 3583d1
File 148719951494.jpg - (1.94MB , 2561x3382 , IMG_3041.jpg )
No. 33050 ID: 3583d1
File 148719961834.jpg - (2.69MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3053.jpg )
I saved creepiest for last...
No. 33051 ID: 3583d1
So with all that out of the way, one thing I loved was you putting WCs drawing into the story, that made me smile. But it also makes me wonder what the others would think if they saw their drawings (with the exclusion of WC, he has his copy)
No. 33062 ID: 915428
Well now you have gave me an idea about doing something in that aspect. Also I must ask, did you vote for the new short story in the Meaningless ticking story. I am still waiting to get results of that
No. 33063 ID: e6eb4d
I did, I cast mine for Street Smarts because I'd like to see a pre-transformation Root.
No. 33065 ID: 915428
No. 33109 ID: 22471c
File 148762905805.jpg - (334.12KB , 1416x1728 , Beautiful butterfly 3.jpg )
No. 33113 ID: 3583d1
...No. no I do not think they will be friendly... At all...
No. 33115 ID: 3583d1
File 148763787555.jpg - (1.72MB , 2634x3970 , IMG_3134.jpg )
The Maid, the Chauffeur, the Accused. Matilda.
No. 33116 ID: 3583d1
File 148763804001.jpg - (1.58MB , 3021x3692 , IMG_3135.jpg )
The Queen Bee, more seductive than a succubus, more deadly than a knife, the beautiful, sexy, Lovely Luvia

(Turns out I got her name wrong, I have no idea how I got Lascivia)
No. 33117 ID: 22471c
Matilda looks so scared, worried and adorable in a way, that music fits her so perfectly. As for Luvia awesome interpretation I have another idea for her song
No. 33121 ID: 22471c
File 148764052849.jpg - (151.08KB , 806x770 , Beautiful butterfly 4.jpg )
Be careful there are crazy people out in the fog
No. 33126 ID: 8138da
Something I like is that when I do a drawing I always try to find a song that set the tone of the person I'm trying to draw. It's almost like finding someone in the music, and your job is to capture their image and put it on paper. Recently I found a song that just sings of Clara as she is now. But given her situation and the bandages I feel it's almost in bad taste. Should I draw her?
No. 33130 ID: 22471c
Well the thing about drawing certain pieces the main point is to know where to draw the line. It all depend on how you feel comfortable of presenting certain things.
No. 33131 ID: 22471c
I am curious what music did you find that just sings of Clara as she is now. I am a fan of musical accompaniments
No. 33132 ID: 8138da
The song is called "excess baggage," by Staind. It was actually a secret song that the band hid on one of their albums. It's super depressing though, especially given that we are discussing a depressed disfigured woman who has lost almost all of her will to live.
No. 33134 ID: 22471c
You are right it fits her perfectly especially with what kind of mind she is currently in
Also how do you like the self reflection comic strips about your fan art. I must warn you some of the characters won't appreciate your hard work. Don't let that paint the picture that I don't like it, I love all your fanart. I am just depicting some ungrateful people
No. 33135 ID: 8138da
I really like it! And that's actually fun seeing how they take it, even if it is somewhat unappreciated by the intended person. And it occurred to me why I felt it would be in bad taste. Because she responded to her first drawing and suddenly I'm worried about making her more depressed. Then it kept hitting me further, if I can feel guilty over a fictional character then they are written very well.
No. 33136 ID: 22471c
Glad you liked it, more will come when I finish with the gremlins
No. 33170 ID: 064dd5
So here is an interesting idea for a drawing, but what if Quests had a copy protection screen like certain video games did to prevent piracy. What would the copy protection/anti piracy message for R&B look like?
No. 33171 ID: 22471c
Can you give me an example as a reference
No. 33173 ID: 064dd5
File 148790916717.jpg - (25.43KB , 266x190 , IMG_3141.jpg )
So sometimes in a video game, anti-piracy methods would kick in and certain characters would give an anti-piracy speech before the game would crash or just not work anymore making it unplayable, kind of like this
No. 33174 ID: 064dd5
File 148790922345.png - (11.19KB , 256x224 , IMG_3140.png )
Other times, the game would not operate and a simple screen with an anti-piracy warning would appear and it wouldn't allow you to do anything else.
No. 33175 ID: 064dd5
The game Earthbound (or Mother 2 in Japan) had one evil version of anti-piracy where all the enemies were a lot tougher to kill and they appeared more frequently. And then at the very last boss of the game, the whole game crashes and it automatically deletes all of your saved data.
No. 33176 ID: 064dd5
So given all of this kind of info, if you drew an anti-piracy screen or created an anti-piracy scenario for R&B what would it look like?
No. 33188 ID: 22471c
This will be one of the weirdest things that I've done
No. 33189 ID: 22471c
File 148801139682.jpg - (659.48KB , 1748x1616 , Beautiful butterfly 5.jpg )
No. 33215 ID: 3583d1
File 148824274057.jpg - (1.86MB , 2911x3897 , IMG_3144.jpg )
This one was a bitch to try and get right so I may redo one later. But for now...

The Demon, The Master, The one whom we can trust, Andrew Goodwill
No. 33222 ID: 22471c
Don't take this the wrong way but it looks like a disfigured creature from nightmares and in a way that is what he is. I will describe how I feel about this picture with this video
No. 33353 ID: 97af11
File 148945873733.jpg - (1.74MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3275.jpg )
So since self reflection is starting up again soon I figure it would be good to draw some new characters, the only requirement I have is that I know their actual name and a bit about their personality (or be interesting enough that I already have an idea of what they look like).

We still don't know a whole lot about him, but I like to think he is part of the cult's science team, and probably joined either out of fear or he was bullied so much that he wanted to take some revenge, either way he's a nerdy guy to the core, Lazlo.
No. 33354 ID: 97af11
File 148946379705.jpg - (1.58MB , 2604x4011 , IMG_3276.jpg )
Once he is your friend, you won't have anyone else...
Here's Bleeding Jimmy.

(By the way those are scars on his mouth. I doubt he'll show up in self reflection until we meet him in the main quest, or I could be wrong...)
No. 33355 ID: d0002a
Awesome fan art as always and the music for Lazlo fits so perfectly. For Jimmy I have one additional music that would go perfectly with him
No. 33370 ID: 3583d1
File 148973660920.jpg - (1.58MB , 3975x2604 , IMG_3280.jpg )
Ughhhh.... I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I drew these little shits. And I'm making it clear this is the real Anthony here, the one that played part of the prank, not the friend that was in the car later fessed up and helped us out, I'll give him a drawing unto himself.
No. 33371 ID: 3583d1
File 148974014856.jpg - (848.58KB , 2167x2643 , IMG_3281.jpg )
You know, J.K. Rowling once wrote "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends." Well that certainly applies to this kiddo, you did the right thing, we're proud of you. I just wish I knew your real name so I could write it down.

(So yeah this is "Not Anthony" the friend who posed as him and helped us at the trial. I did give him the same scarf but I removed the glasses and hat because those are Anthony's and I thought that in order to distinguish the two they should look different)
No. 33372 ID: b8f2da
From the author
Awesome art, you really made my day with this. I have a lot of thing to do about my school, as soon as I can I will continue the story :)
No. 33394 ID: 3583d1
File 148999891408.jpg - (2.21MB , 2575x3863 , IMG_3290.jpg )
Remember how I said I don't respond to demands? It's still true, I drew this because I wanted to. I think it does harden you up, a lot more, and if you complain about looking too cold of a person, tough. You are a cold woman. Hopefully by the time you see this you will have changed for the better.

(Plus I was listening to the song I linked to this and it just seemed to fit really well)
No. 33396 ID: b8f2da
Never give in to peer pressure, also this theme also fits her perfectly
No. 33397 ID: 3583d1
lol I know, the only reason I felt like drawing it all was the song I linked and I just felt that there was a drawing in there.
No. 33487 ID: 3583d1
File 149077055358.jpg - (2.01MB , 2345x3940 , IMG_3322.jpg )
Her love is eternal and her majesty is seen in all living things on this earth. Mother to all for she is the earth itself. Mother Gaia, wife of Absolution and mother to the new Absolution.

No. 33489 ID: 6f5376
Wow you will do really every character in my story, even the minor ones. Also this music goes with her
No. 33490 ID: 58ae0d
I can't say I'll do ALL of them, I just don't have that
kind of time, but I'll certainly draw ones that I find interesting. I do want to learn more about them before I start to draw. them.
No. 33491 ID: 6f5376
No. 33493 ID: 3583d1
File 149081453677.jpg - (1.52MB , 2824x3122 , IMG_3323.jpg )
The shaper of magic and the fabric of reality. From him all sources of power may be drawn, from the earth, from one's imagination, from the ash tree itself. He is infinite, he is Absolution.


(Quick side note before someone tries to hang me for putting him in a swatstika position. The original mean of the swatsika in anicient religions was a symbol of well being of soul, good health, beauty, and just all around good things. Only during WWII did it become a symbol of bigotry. But given that the original intention of the symbol was to spread goodness and is super ancient, like 13,000 BCE ancient, I think it's fitting given Absolution's character. By the way the song I picked, that chanting is a wedding song which seemed fitting given his relationship with Gaia and Ana)
No. 33494 ID: 6f5376
From the author
It looks awesome, I will have to work on more characters commenting about your work
No. 33496 ID: 3583d1
That will be awesome to see, but I hope you don't feel like you need to do that. It always makes me smile to see, but please don't feel like you need to do it, work on what you want to work on.
No. 33511 ID: 6f5376
File 149087672743.jpg - (955.93KB , 1366x1277 , Beautiful butterfly 7.jpg )
This is how the Silver tails and Root and branches crossover would look
No. 33514 ID: c3605f
And the multiverse slowly crumbles around them as the 4th wall shatters into nothingness.
No. 33515 ID: 6f5376
Well it is just a non canon portrayal, just done for the fun of it
No. 33537 ID: 17aee7
File 149126738095.jpg - (5.61MB , 4948x3453 , ash drawing.jpg )
Here is how first I envisioned Root and branches story. More like a compilation of scary stories
No. 33538 ID: e478fa
I remember you showing me these! I'd still like to play through them as a quest once R&B is done. Even as a comic would be cool. Also I remember I asked you if this series had any inspiration and you said the ring and some creepy pastas. But did this series have a title as a whole? Like "The Ash Tree Saga" or something?
No. 33543 ID: 3583d1
File 149129262566.jpg - (2.19MB , 2835x3642 , IMG_3374.jpg )
The demon, the spirit, the one who started it all. Be it god, be it fate, be it sheer bad luck, the world will be forever changed because of him. The Ash Tree.

(For his theme literally anything by Myuuji will work)
No. 33544 ID: 3583d1
File 149129297944.jpg - (2.34MB , 2876x3867 , IMG_3375.jpg )
Our newest, and yet one of the more depressing people we've come across. Joined through semi-forced cooperation, but hopefully for the better, and until we learn his real name, here's Boxhead Hobo.

(I could not figure out a good theme for him, but these 3 are my favorites)
No. 33545 ID: 17aee7
Well Graphite ash drawing was originally the first name of this series. The Root and branches was just for the part where the cult became the main antagonist. I was thinking of doing the previous parts of the story. But in what form, when and how long will it be I am not sure. I really like how you did the Trunk of the Ash tree and when it his part of the self reflection there will be a lot of hints for the previous stories. Also this theme fits him perfectly
Also I did a self reflection for Matilda.
As for the Boxhead Hobo only thing that I have to say about is LOL Living in a Box!!!!
No. 33616 ID: 3583d1
File 149198206211.jpg - (2.00MB , 2592x3523 , IMG_3406.jpg )
The one who would over throw Root and Andrew, but perhaps only to take their place. The unknown Queen piece, the 9 of spades and death reversed. With men like these, you realize that no one is born evil or born a monster, but they have chosen their path, and this the way their branch grows, but it perhaps only grows to damnnation, never to bear fruit, or the only fruit they bear is poison. This is the Ambassador, the Brimstone Bequest Besieger.

No. 33623 ID: 81c4c9
Wow this looks amazing, can't wait for the Ambassador to reacts to this. He will be sooooooooooooooooooooo excited with it. Also he looks buff as hell, looks like he has been hitting the gym
No. 33624 ID: 3583d1
There's a reason he looks so huge, I've noticed he stand at what something like 7-8 feet tall? And I also wanted to give him a presence that commanded everyone's attention (like the Cthulhu beard and medusa hair didn't already do that)
No. 33625 ID: 81c4c9
I wasn't intended to say that your drawing is bad, actually in this picture that stature makes him more frightening. Which was the look that I was going for in the first place
No. 33627 ID: 81c4c9
File 149203354117.jpg - (1.46MB , 1234x1598 , Beautiful butterfly 8.jpg )
No. 33628 ID: 3583d1
File 149203888694.jpg - (28.96KB , 250x342 , IMG_3407.jpg )
No. 33629 ID: 81c4c9
No. 33644 ID: 81c4c9
File 149208220738.jpg - (3.80MB , 1571x2161 , GMTADIWMP.jpg )
My motivational poster
No. 33651 ID: 3583d1
File 149210932042.jpg - (1.39MB , 2578x3373 , IMG_3408.jpg )
... Excuse me? Did I miss something?

No. 33652 ID: 81c4c9
Wherever would you be referring to? He he he he! What is write on the side where the starting line is weird talking silverware. Also such an calming music it is fantastic as much as this picture is funny. I will have a blast when I come to the self reflection for this one
No. 33653 ID: 81c4c9
File 149211373716.jpg - (625.47KB , 999x1067 , Discussion thread 11.jpg )
Also I made this
No. 33654 ID: 3583d1
lol I was referring to Daro saying "give me thoughts and dreams and I will make popcorn." The Dreamwalker saw that and this was his response. And it says "weird talking silverware and other applicances real?"
No. 33655 ID: 81c4c9
File 149211707730.jpg - (169.40KB , 562x630 , Beautiful butterfly 9.jpg )
Ah that one of my older world that I made as a preset to my friend. I guess that you liked this gage that Absolution did in self reflection
No. 33656 ID: 3583d1
Yep, that is where I got the idea
No. 33657 ID: 81c4c9
Yeah that was one of my favorite jokes that I did. Absolution being so nonchalant about being dead
No. 33671 ID: 81c4c9
File 149227314407.jpg - (1.07MB , 1652x2059 , Beautiful butterfly 10.jpg )
No. 33676 ID: aebd9f
File 149228378092.gif - (1.73KB , 275x200 , IMG_3432.gif )

No. 33677 ID: 81c4c9
Well on one thread there was a question
>If you wrote a book based on your life story, what would the title of the book be?
So I simply answered
No. 33717 ID: 80b588
Well shit. I'm trying to post my new portrait of Godfrey but this is being pretty stubborn. Keeps giving me an error message. I just sent it to ya via messenger though but still... damn.
No. 33718 ID: 81c4c9
Same problem. I have even finished with the finally theater part. But I can't send it :(
No. 33731 ID: 81c4c9
File 149260371950.jpg - (82.67KB , 717x960 , 18009875_1495887197088455_1352335337_n.jpg )
A knight is sworn to valor, his heart knows only virtue, his blade defends the helpless, his might upholds the weak, his word speaks only truth, his wrath undoes the wicked! He is the Grandmaster of the Cross Ash, Godfrey! DEUS VULT!
No. 33732 ID: 81c4c9
(By the way, I put him in shadow because I suspect that because he is probably an immortal, he will feel some shame over that, and he is trying to hold on to his humanity. So because of that, he hides his face in shadow and behind a helm.)
No. 33747 ID: 3583d1
File 149267497840.jpg - (1.67MB , 2728x3911 , IMG_3446.jpg )
The dragon, the pyro, the warrior of flame who will accept defeat on her own terms only. And who is DEFINITELY not a tsundere. Fire of Hate.

No. 33748 ID: 82a33d
Badass and awesome music
No. 33754 ID: 3583d1
File 149276475577.jpg - (2.67MB , 3021x3947 , IMG_3448.jpg )
This isn't necessarily R&B related but I did want to draw something, and this is what I ended up settling on. Human versions of Triumphant and Daro. If you have them reacting to this I suggest putting up here rather than on the quest boards to avoid confusion. I also have the 3 songs I listened to while working on it, Hope you like it!

No. 33755 ID: 82a33d
Wow I didn't expect for you to do fanart of them. It will be fun to do reactions for this
No. 33772 ID: 3583d1
File 149307112869.jpg - (1.38MB , 2976x3263 , IMG_3464.jpg )
Soooo... this is a quick one so I don't really consider it great but oh well. So I'm not really sure what possessed me to draw this one, especially since they haven't necessarily even showed up yet, but I'm just gonna roll with it. Here's Masturbating Mike and Handjob Hank, or Master-B and Handy-J as I'll call them, and guys before you ask, no im not drawing you any porn.

(By the I totally consider this what they would talk like)
No. 33773 ID: 82a33d
This drawing and the video made me laugh like this video
No. 33793 ID: 064dd5
File 149317091227.jpg - (1.56MB , 3287x2894 , IMG_3469.jpg )
Well it would be amiss of me if I didn't give Absurdity a drawing but I did something a little different here. There was a drawing in the dis thread that I loved and it was a humanoid Dreamwalker and Absurdity, it was done for more or less a joke but I absolutely loved it, so I wanted to do one kinda similar but put my own spin on it. So this is Absurdity and DW/FG (Dreamwalker and Fanart Guy) drawn in a more fun style. And if you are wonder why I'm dressed like that, because while Absurdity is dapper and fancies himself and an "asshole" I myself am just casual and fancy my self "a lazy slacker."
No. 33794 ID: 82a33d
Oh boy, I will have so much fun doing self reflection for this one
No. 33795 ID: 064dd5
I'll bet, Absurdity actually has HAIR in this one!
No. 33867 ID: 3583d1
File 149376280930.jpg - (1.80MB , 2655x3990 , IMG_3484.jpg )
Aww. Hey I just realized, Ana this is the first time actually seeing Logans face. And Logan I noticed that when you saw Ana's back at the shop you became visibly less angry...

Well you two? What do you think?
No. 33869 ID: 41b778
This looks phenomenal and sweet at the same time. Oh boy the reaction for this will be priceless
No. 33873 ID: 3583d1
File 149379958729.jpg - (2.04MB , 2793x3860 , IMG_3487.jpg )
So I'm mixing it up again, instead of doing R&B I decided to do ones for MDK, particularly the two main characters. So first Up is our boy in blue, the knight himself, Cornelius Zapata.
No. 33874 ID: 3583d1
File 149379977418.jpg - (1.86MB , 2418x3739 , IMG_3486.jpg )
And finally from MDK and who sometimes cameos in other works, is the dickhead, Mokap, complete with 80's style sun glasses with LED lights that emulate eye movement.

(I tried to make him look like his father, even with the weird hair curl at the front, but since he's also taking his style from video games, I made his hair look like Travis Touchdown from no more heroes)
No. 33875 ID: 3583d1
Oh crap! I forgot their themes:
Cornelius: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALzDuOUOEkQ (and) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2HTJMTCjPo

Mokap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE90PDhhwkE (and) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smt28hhJ5kE
No. 33877 ID: 41b778
Lol Mokap looks like one of those bullies from the old cartoons and movies
No. 33878 ID: 3583d1
More or less what I intended
No. 33887 ID: c37dad
Here's an idea for a drawing for you, what would Root look like if instead of cult leader he was the Captain of a pirate crew?

No. 33888 ID: c37dad
I forgot this one!
No. 33909 ID: 4a6bb7
File 149420865476.jpg - (398.79KB , 1380x920 , Beautiful butterfly 13.jpg )
Well here is the captain and Ambassador as Davy Jones
The best version of that song LOL
No. 33911 ID: 4dfa49
Ha! Nice and while it may best version of that song perhaps, but certainly not the best music video for it. That would be this one... NSFW
No. 33913 ID: 4a6bb7
That version with the Crotch Ninja is not the version that we deserve. It is the version that we need
No. 33915 ID: 3583d1
File 149428198335.jpg - (1.91MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3499.jpg )
Despair all ye wicked and foul sinners! Weep before your eternal justice, for DESOLATION has come to punish all evil!
No. 33930 ID: 4a6bb7
WOW! Is it me or is your art are getting better and better
No. 33932 ID: 3583d1
File 149440160155.jpg - (2.48MB , 2649x4009 , IMG_3500.jpg )
She is beauty, she is grace, she will tear you to bloody pieces, and trap you in her web, and have you for tea. Madamé Rosaline.

No. 33937 ID: 4a6bb7
It looks awesome this is what I have to add
and this
No. 33939 ID: 388cdd
The question is to whom does the song "Killer Queen"
Belong too? Luvia or Rosaline? Actually thinking about it they'd probably be best friends and share it.
No. 33941 ID: 4a6bb7
No. 33946 ID: 388cdd
Alright so here's a new drawing idea for you, I've actually done this one myself (I'll post it below if you want) but a couple years ago I did a drunken bar night drawing of all the main characters in a d&d game that I was playing (and which some of the designs of the characters I shamelessly ripped off from another artist), but in it I included all the main heroes and some of the villains questioning why they were at the bar were all the good guys were hanging out. I'd like to see your take on it with it with R&B. But the fun thing about it is, some of the characters were from another campaign and time but set in the same world so we had characters from across time and space (and universes in some cases) meeting at this one bar to get piss drunk and share fun stories, so have as fun with it as you want.
No. 33954 ID: 3583d1
File 149457709231.jpg - (2.00MB , 2728x3935 , IMG_3510.jpg )
Welcome to the Finally Theater.


Root is sitting in what looks to be a dining hall. There is a horrible smell coming from all around him, like burning flesh and sulfur. He tries to get up but something unseen keeps him from moving. Totally immobile, and only able to look ahead he sees Ana at the other end of the dining table, lifeless as a doll. Behind her there is a window that shows only darkness and hellfire. She opens her eyes and only stares at Root for what seems an eternity before uttering something incomprehensible. She then face plants into the table completely lifeless, and Root realizes she is dead. What seems like a very long time passes and suddenly, Ana is alive again, and staring at Root. This time when she speaks he can understand her, and she tells him his worst fear.

"There Is Nothing."

She continues to stare at Root before dying again and resurrecting again, each time she reaffirms her statement. Dawning horror spreads through Root and he suddenly realizes what this is. He is in a kind of half-life, unable to die, yet unable to live. But Ana, the doll girl, assures him that there is absolutely nothing. As for where he is, he knows he is somewhere between heaven and hell, oblivion and damnation, everywhere and nowhere. Here in this dining room, the line between life and death is blurred. Here his worst enemy and his heart's desire only exists to tell him of the great paradox that is life and death, constantly cycling between the two and denying existence of anything beyond this, fulfilling the paradox. Here, Root is trapped. Here, Root suffers in silence, for although he exists, he knows that somehow, he does not.
No. 33972 ID: 50613f
Alright................. I will see how I will implement this in the story
No. 33973 ID: 388cdd
I can tell whatever you were expecting for a nightmare you weren't expecting that.
No. 33974 ID: 50613f
No. 33975 ID: 50613f
My reaction to that nightmare
No. 33976 ID: 3583d1
I mean I was going for something really creepy here and legitimate nightmare fuel. I guess I succeded
No. 33977 ID: 50613f
Did you watch the new episode of samurai jack
No. 33978 ID: 3583d1
I'm about too, NO SPOILERS!
No. 33979 ID: 3583d1
................ THE FUCK WAS THAT??!?!?!?!??
No. 33980 ID: 91ee5f
A plot twist!
No. 33983 ID: 50613f
And the worst part of it all, is that there is only one episode left. Now when things are heating up! :(
No. 33985 ID: 3583d1
File 149487396304.jpg - (1.59MB , 2486x3160 , IMG_3516.jpg )
Graphite Ash Drawing 1: Strange Abnormalities

It was all supposed to be fun, was what they thought. It was never meant to get out of hand. It was just a ghost story, that was all, nothing more and nothing less. But what happened at the camp site near Lacuna Lake, would go on shake the very foundations of all humanity. And that how it always begins, very small, but soon... more blood will flow...

Main characters: Thomas (Tom), Michael (Mike), Martin (Marty), Bethany (Betty), Jeremy (Jerry), and Anastasia (Nancy).

No. 33986 ID: 3583d1
After seeing the various covers to the whole Graphite Ash series, I got inspired to do this. It had been floating around in my head for a while and this was the result. Plus I shameless inserted myself into it, modeling one of the characters. I won't say which, but I bet our esteemed author can already guess. I'm not really sure if this one can be done in self reflection, I feel that would head into spoiler territory, but I suppose the ash tree can always react to it and drop more hints as to what happened and who lived. We'll just have to see.
No. 33988 ID: 50613f
First of all being a part of that cast is like auditioning to be a cast of a slasher movie. Most of them will have a gruesome demise, just saying not many will survive this part. As for the setting in the first incident it wasn't the campsite near Lacuna Lake, it was just a ordinary Halloween party at one friends apartment. And yes there was one ghost story and one graphite ash drawing that appeared there. But what exactly happened, well that is a story for another day
No. 33990 ID: 388cdd
I hope I did a good job on the characters. I was trying to draw them as best I could with what information I had on their appearances. But I was also going off of just the stick figures and what each of them had. so really this can just be my take on the initial drawing you did.
No. 33992 ID: 3583d1
Also I realize that I got a name wrong on this. I thought Nadly's name was Nancy, couldn't exactly see it properly. So if I went back and redo this I would probably change her name to Natalie, which could then be shorten to Nadly
No. 34001 ID: 50613f
I must admit you always surprise me with the fan art, you always do something that I don't expect from you to do. By the way awesome job as always with the drawing, if I ever wrote a book. You would be the first person that I would ask for doing the cover of the book
No. 34002 ID: 388cdd
I'm flattered but I'm THAT good
No. 34004 ID: 50613f
Well your art style is way better than my at least
No. 34005 ID: 50613f
File 149495948857.jpg - (2.31MB , 5767x1306 , Beautiful butterfly 14.jpg )
Alright this is the song that goes with this bar scene. Also bonus points if you can guess what drinks are all the customer are having
No. 34006 ID: 3583d1
Lester: A coke, possibly with some jack daniels
Delilah: Whiskey and beer
Susan and Anthony: Vodka is my guess but regardless of whatever they are having they will be having a horrible headache
Matilda: Whatever gets her through this day faster
Lazlo: Dry martini, funny I thought he'd be a pina colda type of guy
Lorence: Scotch or a brandy, for the classy gentleman
Ana: Beer or Jack and Coke, whatever helps
Triumphant: Water with alka-seltzer to help with their headaches
FoH: Not enough
Flint: Not nearly enough to excuse this kind of behavior
Rozaline: Looks like she is pouring some shots
Root: Why is he even at this bar if all he's getting is water?
No. 34007 ID: 50613f
Yes why does Root come to the bar if he doesn't want even to drink?
No. 34008 ID: 3583d1
Designated driver...
No. 34009 ID: 50613f
No. 34012 ID: 50613f
As for the drink games you guessed all the drinks

No. 34014 ID: 3583d1
File 149500903343.jpg - (2.12MB , 2579x3641 , IMG_3543.jpg )
I've always loved blacksmiths in stories. I've even tried it myself and managed to make an (okay) knife. But I swear upon all the gods, if Blacky is dead, there will be a reckoning. I don't think he is though (at least I hope). I'm willing to be the moment he lost his hand he either got to work on a mechanical replace meant but with his own added touch kinda like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtyU2PJCk7Y

Anyway here is Blacky!
No. 34015 ID: 143250
RIP :(
No. 34016 ID: 3583d1
Hey, c'mon have a little faith! He'll pull through! a lot of famous characters have lost a hand and lived. Luke Skywalker, Jamie Lannister, Ash, take your pick.
No. 34017 ID: 50613f
File 149503958712.jpg - (293.55KB , 1092x1024 , Beautiful butterfly 15.jpg )
No. 34018 ID: 3583d1
File 149504489808.jpg - (1.48MB , 2762x3816 , IMG_3547.jpg )
Because I wanted too...?

I don't know if you've noticed but I am something of a geek for fantasy stories. And like I said blacksmith are usually some of my favorite characters, and I've always admired the patience and skill it takes to craft something like that. Often times when I saw the dreams of blacksmiths I would help them with ideas for new weapons or patterns they could use. One guy, oh man, his smiths name was Ulfberht, that guy could forge like it's nobody's business! I actually took human shape for a little while so I could forge with him, that's when I made the knife. It came out alright! It looked like this with a crescent moon shaped blade, hold maybe I still have it around... huh... that's odd where put that damn thing?
No. 34021 ID: 50613f
Alright you skamp, just don't run with what knight. But I can understand if you have fascination with fantasy, actually fantasy is your speciality.
No. 34022 ID: 388cdd
Yeah I suppose it is... Motherfucker! I can't find that damn knife! Where did I put it? Did someone take it? I don't even think it's magical... But Ive never really tested it, what could a knife made by a god of dreams even do? I just used it to chop up fruit...
No. 34042 ID: 50613f
Oh you will see what I have planned for this picture HA HA HA HA HA!
No. 34045 ID: 3583d1
File 149510110948.jpg - (2.50MB , 3441x2944 , IMG_3552.jpg )
Sleep soundly tonight, scavengers and cultists. For judgement will fall upon all you! The right hand of Absolution, The one who will bring vegence upon The Root of Ash, and any who would pledge themselves to his thrice damned cult, Logan Albrecht!

OH MY GODS! My poor drawing hand... oh well 2 hours well spent! Anyway that probably isn't his last name but it just sounded powerful and a little magical so I just went with it. Also that is my pick for his theme, I kinda stole parts of it for te intro.
No. 34047 ID: 50613f
Well the only thing that I can say about the picture and the music is
No. 34058 ID: 3583d1
File 149518414696.jpg - (2.24MB , 2719x3941 , IMG_3553.jpg )
I once bade farewell to my family due to my own mistakes. By all that I have left I swear I will not make them twice. People call me Boxhead, but that's not my real name. I was named for an old ancestor of mine, a righteous outlaw. So allow me to tell you bastards what he told all the corrupt people he robbed.
"I'm Ned Kelly! Bail up, or you're dead men!"

I'm keeping my hero drawings going! That probably isn't Boxy's real name, and until he trusts us enough we probably won't learn it. But he can't just be "Boxy" forever.
No. 34059 ID: 50613f
I was already planning on introducing a character called Ned
the immortal Kelly and yes I was also inspired by extra history to make him
No. 34060 ID: 3583d1
No. 34113 ID: 3583d1
File 149547697368.jpg - (1.69MB , 3013x3421 , IMG_3561.jpg )
As promised to the Robbit Rabbot, his own drawing maybe he can hang it as a center piece in his hall or something.

"Wheeeen you're... Hopping on down the multiverse, the creators all seem to look down. Your metal and small, your ears and too tall, and stories make the worlds go round'... Now I'm a big prick, and but you gotta admit, when you're dealing the guy in the mask, so you aren't gonna change my thieving ways until my house is finished at last!"
No. 34117 ID: 3583d1
File 149550201491.jpg - (1.68MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3573.jpg )
Sexy Ana training with her Svardstav? Sexy Ana training with her Svardstav!

The result of a boring afternoon. Mostly did this just to go "Niener-Niener, Delilah! Faces are one thing but figure is too! And someone is much prettier than either you or Luvia!"
No. 34118 ID: 1e3a4f
The Robbit Rabbot looks fantastic. I like it when I see who you interpret some of my abstract characters. As for Ana she looks badass as always
No. 34119 ID: 29ca5a
File 149550945254.jpg - (1.79MB , 3548x3024 , IMG_3574.jpg )
If I really did make good on my promise and "jumped ship" over to silver tails, and dragged Anon along with me, it probably would have looked a little like this.
No. 34124 ID: 143250
Heh, that would definitely suit me if I were an avatar for that dimension. I Have been asking a lot of questions recently. Have you ever thought about making your own quest?
No. 34142 ID: 3583d1
I did something kind of like one a while ago, but it wasn't on here. I just ran it on a facebook group for a while but it just sorta stopped. I've thought about doing one but I want to have the actual time and right equipment to do one.
No. 34143 ID: 3583d1
Dreamwalker and Anon's adventure through silver tails! Really it's just me doodling and practicing expressions but still I like the character designs a lot. Anon being "Anonymous" all he is a question mark, and Dreamwalker is a literal flame of colors that change depending on his mood, normally it's purple. The mask in the flame i based on the general shape of the eye. Anywho, so yeah, laughing happy, pissed and/or annoyed, and shocked/scared.

No. 34144 ID: 3583d1
File 149552635883.jpg - (2.51MB , 3021x3582 , IMG_3577.jpg )
Dreamwalker and Anon's adventure through silver tails! Really it's just me doodling and practicing expressions but still I like the character designs a lot. Anon being "Anonymous" all he is a question mark, and Dreamwalker is a literal flame of colors that change depending on his mood, normally it's purple. The mask in the flame i based on the general shape of the eye. Anywho, so yeah, laughing happy, pissed and/or annoyed, and shocked/scared.

No. 34145 ID: 3583d1
File 149552645098.jpg - (2.74MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3578.jpg )
And finally, quizzical, and then piss drunk.

No. 34146 ID: 3583d1
Fuck. Forgot to add the picture and now it's giving me incorrect password, damn...
No. 34147 ID: 3583d1
File 149553014834.jpg - (2.87MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3579.jpg )
One last one before I crash...

It always starts very small. But what was once just a story can grow, take form, even kill. Eventually, through followers, it can gain GODHOOD. The Ghost, the one who would become The Ash Tree.

No. 34148 ID: 1e3a4f
Whoa man you went all out on the drawing thing. As for the thread don't feed them after midnight there I said. What I will do with the future self reflection segments
No. 34149 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149554211006.jpg - (456.57KB , 1652x1848 , Beautiful butterfly 16.jpg )
The way I envision the ghost in the story would be much different from the tone of the Root and branches series. For example it wouldn't have a weapon it wouldn't talk. It would be like some presence that you can't get rid of constantly getting closer and closer. The whole story would feel like the Ring movie

No. 34150 ID: 3583d1
I like it! Can't wait to see it when it's started! I bet it will be fun and scary!

And I'm excited to see self reflection continue here!
No. 34151 ID: 1e3a4f
Go to the discussion thread, there is something waiting for you
No. 34154 ID: 3583d1
Full bodied Wild Cat, our curiously courageous curator!

No. 34155 ID: 3583d1
File 149558210122.jpg - (1.75MB , 2690x3786 , IMG_3589.jpg )
Full bodied Wild Cat, our curiously courageous curator!

No. 34156 ID: 1e3a4f
Awesome work as always
This song can also go with it
No. 34161 ID: 3583d1
So could this.
No. 34162 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149563950584.jpg - (1.78MB , 3508x4540 , Beautiful butterfly 17.jpg )
No. 34163 ID: 3583d1
Yes I remember what happened, and you made me pay for it. But hey c'mon, the new one's mahogany. Can you really complain?
No. 34188 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149593352509.jpg - (2.79MB , 2480x2906 , Beautiful butterfly 18.jpg )
No. 34192 ID: 6d8df5
DEUS VULT! Remember the dead, fight for the living!
No. 34226 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149622324687.jpg - (7.12MB , 5584x4961 , Beautiful butterfly 19.jpg )
No. 34227 ID: 5b68fc
Hey FoH? Do me a favor? Smack her?
No. 34242 ID: 1e3a4f
File 149634281520.jpg - (8.80MB , 4059x5441 , Beautiful butterfly 20.jpg )
No. 34257 ID: bd0723

The way my mother taught me was if you don't have anything nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all. But I mean, if you want me to be honest why did you change what you liked? And... I'm sorry that emover haircut is kinda odd... I get why it's there, just the one eye glint thing, but Triumphant never really struck me as "goth" enough for that haircut.
No. 34274 ID: f64d1f
File 149661436623.jpg - (4.37MB , 3508x4834 , Beautiful butterfly 21.jpg )
No. 34276 ID: e94b09
If you recall where I got my entire idea from this drawing was a video that in of itself was a joke... so really these guys have just come full circle...
No. 34281 ID: 3583d1
File 149668519519.jpg - (1.86MB , 3021x3893 , IMG_3624.jpg )
WOOOO! The boys and I came through! This is my graduation gift for Laura when she masters her powers. We've decided we'll let her name it when she recieves it. It's a cane sword! Well more specifically a shillelagh sword. Made of unbreakable steel and and blackthorn wood. It has the same cutting properties and my old knife with some extras, but if Laura would prefer a non lethal route all she needs to do is sheathe the sword, lock it in place, and she can now just use as club and dueling cane!

Also these are my smithing buddies, three gods of Earth, metals, and Smithing, Sindri and his brother Brokk, and also Haphestus (I think he and Gaia are related somehow but I didn't think it polite to ask, cousins maybe?) I have no real talent for smithing myself but I can help out and plan. I even had a few strikes at the anvil to imbue some of my power!
No. 34282 ID: f64d1f
No. 34318 ID: f64d1f
File 149671301049.jpg - (5.19MB , 3508x4961 , Beautiful butterfly 22.jpg )
No. 34322 ID: 3583d1
File 149673305974.jpg - (2.01MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3625.jpg )
Glad you like this form! Really I consider this my actual self, "The Dreamwalker" is me playing as the God of Dreams, so I guess this can be considered more the "Fanart Guy" half. I'm probably just making this more confusing...

Anyway to answer your question I started following this quest a little after it first started. Going back my first suggestion was during the interview with Root. I remember seeing chapter one R&B keep popping up around late 2016. The title had piqued my curiosity as well as its art style andI ended up having a lot of fun! As for my actual quest experience I've been an avid quester starting around Nanquest and Divequest (gods bless our lord and savior Weaver) and being tired of Weavers almost nonexistent updates I decided to poke around the site and other quests to see what I could find and ended up falling in love with TGchan. I've participated in a lot of quests on and off but I've gotta say this one where I have really broken out of my shell with all of my drawings, it was just something I felt I had to do. I've really enjoyed everything you have written and I've enjoyed drawing for this. I also love it when an author is accessible and always listens to their audience it makes it way more fun for me. It's why I love authors like you and JiggyDino. Keep doing what you do man, and keep and eye open, I've suddenly had ideas for a couple new drawings!
No. 34323 ID: 3583d1
File 149673776640.jpg - (2.45MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3627.jpg )
The man in the shadows, the one who is trustworthy, the one who is a true demon...

Andrew Goodwill
No. 34324 ID: f64d1f
Well I am glad that you are enjoying this quest. Also this is my first and previous experience was just with reading Ruby Quest, Nanquest and Divequest. And yes I was also sad to see that he basically stopped updating that quest. But his work inspired me and I wanted to make a quest where you participaters would be a part of the story a significant characters. I am having so much fun with this quest and I already have majority of the story planned out, that is if you choose to go with that road. As for the new portrait Andrew Goodwill it looks awesome it reminds me of Sutter Cane from In the Mouth of Madness. As always here are my songs that would go with it


No. 34326 ID: f64d1f
No. 34375 ID: 3583d1
File 149703376823.jpg - (1.97MB , 3692x2956 , IMG_3689.jpg )
Would this be nightmare? Fuck it, it is SOMEONE'S dream now. Don't know who's it is, but I bet their face will be priceless when the wake up.
No. 34376 ID: 143250
YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Why did you give me that dream?! I know we don't see eye to eye on some things, but WTF?!

Now I have that song stuck in my head.
No. 34377 ID: 3583d1
I am not sorry.

I didn't intend to give it you but, Y'know what? Fuck it, lets give this to someone else, this too funny.
No. 34380 ID: f64d1f
File 149706162093.jpg - (897.80KB , 1364x4701 , Beautiful butterfly 23.jpg )
No. 34382 ID: b0784e
File 149706326902.jpg - (44.93KB , 603x315 , IMG_3690.jpg )
And to ask if we trust WC, yeah we do. He pulled Ana away from Desolation so he's an ally to be sure.
No. 34384 ID: 143250
You didn't experience the dream you gave me, it felt so real... Andrew did insinuate that dreams could be premonitions when he was speaking to Root after his own nightmare.

After what Falafa said to me about betrayal in our future, and not trusting enemies who are our enemies with our lives (mind you that WC did work for Root), and that final message in that dream mirroring that message of trusting him with our life before I woke up, I'm now not too sure... But you're right, he has saved our lives multiple times...

In a different perspective, he may actually have good intentions for Ana, but does he have good intentions for me? it was my dream after all, not Ana's...

I'll trust him for now, but I'll have to keep an eye on him and rethink things. Sorry. Just do me a favor and don't tell him about me being suspicious. If he truly is a friend, I don't want to hurt his feelings.

but anyway, after experiencing your nightmare, Dreamwalker, I almost feel bad for the cult. Ever think you might be going overboard?

(>>34375 also, nice artwork forgot to mention)
No. 34386 ID: b0784e
Hey woah, I didn't make that one with your head cut off. Hell the first one that was just WC and Stitch dancing I got from watching Young Frankenstein, it was just supposed to be a funny joke kind of dream, I certainly didn't intend for you to be on it's receiving end. As for going hard on the cult, if people leave they leave the cult they stop having nightmares. Otherwise, it's "tough titties, said the kitty"

If anything I think you just answered your own question of who gave that one to you, Andrew did warn about dreams being a premonition, but he also has shown that he can make nightmares as well. Remember when you first met me? He gave Ana a nightmare to lure me out.

Wait a minute... how did he even see the original funny dream? That had to be where he got the idea for that one...? Either you have some kind of lurking spell or I do. I doubt it's me, I've already set up a way so that he can't find me and monitor the dreams I've sent out... you might want to look yourself over...
No. 34387 ID: b0784e
Hmm, you know thinking about I sent out the one of WC and Stitch doing that dance to one other person, not sure who though, I really just rolled the dice on that. I wonder who got it...???
No. 34390 ID: 143250
Do you still do requests, Absurdity? How about Delilah tripping out, maybe see the world through her eyes?

It was Andrew? He's not nearby is he? Well he was drawn here earlier, so he might be here to critique the drawing soon. Mind if I hide behind you if he shows up? I don't really want him to confront me right now, especially after that dream. Not mentally prepared after what I've been through recently.
No. 34391 ID: b0784e
Don't worry, he won't see you.
No. 34395 ID: f64d1f
File 149710736943.jpg - (696.01KB , 1748x1208 , Beautiful butterfly 24.jpg )
No. 34396 ID: f64d1f
As for Delilah tripping out, I will do one better. I will do Delilah making a drug PSA
No. 34397 ID: 143250
I have stated before that I don't remember anything about my past life, not even fragments like the other Anas, so this would be worrying if the dream was based off something I remembered.

The only thing I did remember was Root's backstory. When I constructed his backstory back in the Street Smarts section. I thought I was just making it up, but Root went along with it like it was all correct. How could I have known so much about him, a man shrouded in so much secrets?

I don't know if I even want to try to remember my past. I'll just focus on the future instead.
No. 34398 ID: 143250
lol, can't wait.
No. 34399 ID: f64d1f
Good things come to those who wait
No. 34412 ID: 111586
File 149722016420.jpg - (2.42MB , 1748x4469 , Beautiful butterfly 25.jpg )
No. 34414 ID: 464660
No. 34415 ID: 111586
If drugs are so bad...
Then why are you such a pussy?
No. 34416 ID: 143250
Joel, lol.
No. 34417 ID: 111586
Best drugs PSA
No. 34419 ID: 3583d1
Alright since we've had so many Jojo refernces around here lately, if Ana had a Stand what would her stand be? The most I figure is it would be combination of AJ, WC, Desolation, and her other selves all mixed into one form
No. 34430 ID: 3583d1
File 149734386197.jpg - (2.23MB , 3573x3024 , IMG_3732.jpg )
I showed one of my friends R&B, and what ushered forth from telling him about it was what inspired this drawing. We started talking about Dreamwalker going over to his friends house, The Incubus Melkior, and they have a rude and crude heart to heart chat while they attempt to drink away his grief over the loss of his brother, which is unsuccessful. Why he goes over to a demon's place? fucked if I know but its what inspired the title. But basically he gives him a few ideas as to how deal with the grief, most of which involve bloody revenge. I don't really consider this canon, it can be, but its mostly for shits and giggles.
No. 34431 ID: 3583d1
The song that really inspired the title:
No. 34433 ID: 111586
File 149734578836.jpg - (136.45KB , 1328x813 , Beautiful butterfly 26.jpg )
As you wanted the stand of Ana. Also awesome drawing just don't drink and drive
No. 34435 ID: 111586
It is a Integrated Stands ( 一体化型 Ittaika-gata )
No. 34436 ID: 3583d1
File 149738326309.jpg - (1.91MB , 3000x3901 , IMG_3733.jpg )
It's funny people say I'm being hard the cult, or that I underestimate people. Well a threat to my friends and family is something I don't take lightly anymore.
And I haven't even started going hard...

I'll be saving this. Just in case.
No. 34437 ID: 111586
What are you planning. I am concerned and aroused at the same time
No. 34438 ID: 3583d1
Let's just say this, Gods usually have more than one name and aspect that reflects what is. Dreamwalker is just one way of thinking of myself, but I have another that reflects another part of me. And those who hurt anyone I care about, will feel my full wrath.
No. 34439 ID: 111586
File 149740508902.jpg - (248.76KB , 692x840 , Beautiful butterfly 27.jpg )
What do you think about this upcoming character, do you think that it will be your friend or foe?

No. 34440 ID: 464660
Friend or Foe? I'm still trying to figure out it that's a man or a woman...
No. 34442 ID: 111586
Does this help in answering that question?

No. 34443 ID: 3583d1
File 149743383240.jpg - (2.86MB , 3021x3820 , IMG_3736.jpg )
Would you like to know what I am planning? What will happen should Dervan, Andrew, Root, anyone try and hurt my friends? My family?

Well I won't tell, you that much, but I'll give you a bit of a hint...
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strand aeons even death may death may die. Draining of your sanity, now you face that which should not be."
No. 34445 ID: 111586
File 149746176533.jpg - (827.63KB , 1588x1864 , Beautiful butterfly 28.jpg )
No. 34446 ID: 3583d1
No. 34453 ID: 3583d1
No, That's where you're wrong. So fuck you, and fuck your movie cliches. Keep my damn knife, shit I was even going to tell you how it worked before you decided to go all psychopath on me. Too late now. Look man, just don't okay? I really don't want to have to deal with your angry wine-opener ass, but I swear by the gods of light darkness, you hurt anyone I love, and you will pray for death. So just fuck off. Okay?
No. 34460 ID: 3583d1
File 149764612997.jpg - (1.63MB , 3323x2693 , IMG_3740.jpg )
Our newest child companions, who I really want to protect. I'm a huge softy when it comes to kids... Here's Robert Ramona and Russell.
No. 34473 ID: 111586
They look so precious and cute. You made them look much better than the way they first looked

No. 34476 ID: 143250
No. 34499 ID: 5abf51
File 149795608702.jpg - (3.13MB , 3315x3089 , Beautiful butterfly 29.jpg )
No. 34500 ID: 143250
Friend or foe?

Probably neutral. Whether that means he/she is an enemy to both sides, an ally to both sides, or does not want to be involved at all and will only be your enemy if you confront him/her is anyone's guess. Bottom line: neutral.
No. 34501 ID: 5abf51
Interesting observation, why do you think that he/she looks like someone that would be neutral?
No. 34502 ID: 143250
The way he/she is dressed does not look like what we've seen the other cult members have worn at this point, or what we have seen allies worn for that matter. The dark outfit looks perfect for blending into the darkness to hide from everyone like a ninja, and it gives off an intimidating look to keep people away from them to avoid conversations and confrontations. Basically, someone who does not want to get involved with our war unless they are forced into it.

We also haven't seen a lot of neutral characters in the story so far as well, (granted, we've seen survivors that are neutral here and there, but they're either helping us in some way like the two we are in contact with, or against us, like the ones who were attacking Gretel, but they're dead now). and I know that since a neutral path is available. It would stand to reason that there are more characters that are on neither side that have tremendous power of their own to fend for themselves.
No. 34503 ID: 3583d1
Well give it time, you two really haven't had a chance for more than one interaction with each other, who knows what could happen.
No. 34504 ID: 5abf51
Only thing that I can tell you is not to judge the book by its cover
No. 34506 ID: 3583d1
File 149803136161.jpg - (2.31MB , 2808x3910 , IMG_3762.jpg )
We still don't know a whole lot about him, but based on his title, he probably is something of a torturer. Presenting, Inquisitor Raphael.
No. 34507 ID: 3583d1
File 149803490747.jpg - (2.26MB , 2864x3823 , IMG_3763.jpg )
*Sigh* Well you probably knew I was going to get to this guy eventually, here's Flint. Rest in pieces, douchebag.
No. 34508 ID: 5abf51
Oh I love that shit eating grin on the face of Flint. As for Raphael he looks sad for a person with a smiling mask. As always everything awesome
No. 34509 ID: 97bb2d
I like to think Ralph's face is more the look of "i know something you don't."
No. 34510 ID: 5abf51
Do you mean something like this mask
No. 34511 ID: 97bb2d
File 149807942592.jpg - (18.27KB , 210x240 , IMG_3764.jpg )
Yeah, pretty much. I drew him that way because in normal conversations I think his face would look something like this. It's only when his eyes open, he can be considered deadly and dangerous
No. 34526 ID: 3583d1
Here's an idea for another Delilah drawing... Use the audio for this and just go nuts (although I like the idea of the "and I won't do it..." part is her holding a knife at Lester)
No. 34527 ID: 5abf51
Oh I can't wait :D
No. 34528 ID: 3583d1
File 149816229171.jpg - (2.04MB , 3964x2787 , IMG_3767.jpg )
So... this is a thing now....

Is this a dream? I don't know, probably. I think Laura might be rubbing off on me in terms of silly dream qualities. I'm gonna give it to someone in the cult anyway. Probably a higher. Lorence maybe? Or even Root? Idk we'll have to see.
No. 34529 ID: 3583d1
This is how Root is dancing btw, forgot to add this one in.
No. 34531 ID: 5abf51
I didn't expect this but

No. 34539 ID: 3583d1
File 149820952439.jpg - (2.29MB , 3255x2740 , IMG_3799.jpg )
Do you remember, Delilah? Do you remember, all those years ago?


Ugh, what a pain. Your dumbass parents couldn't look after him while their out so you get stuck with him again. Sure things with him can be fun, hell stealing the garden gnomes was funny as shit, but this is a whole new low for you. Today was the day when you and your crew were gonna plan the next job. Nothin' big, just stealing some shit, maybe some breaking and entering, if anyone gets hurt it won't be too bad you tell yourself. You're only worried about your brother, fucking wheelchair bound idiot just seems to go with the flow at times, he never told anyone about stealing the gnomes, so you think whatever your going to discuss with your crew he'll be cool with it. From what your bro has told you he's been through some shit. Well so has everyone, big fucking deal. Rounding the next corner you see your crew, their all just haning, Jake is rolling some dice playing a poor mans version of craps, Allen is lighting up, and susan looks as if she is trying to blend into the wall and shadow by looking cool.
"Hey guys, sorry it took to long." You say.
All of them turn to you and immediately look suspicious.
"Who's the cripple?" Allen says, exhaling blue smoke from his cig.
"My brother, y'know the one who stole the gnomes? Gotta watch his ass today."
Your brother looks down at his hands in his lap. Goddamn it, could you look any more pathetic or more of target? You tried to teach him up on that bridge but you get the feeling he was trying to act tough. He never quite got the hang of your lessons, but damnit if he doesn't stop looking so pathetic you'll give him a reminder.
"H-hi..." He says sheepishly. Fucking hell dude, if you knew he was gonna act like this around your crew you wouldn't have taken his v-card a couple nights ago. And yep, you look up and your crew is staring him down with wide grins like a pack of wolves. Fuck, they are gonna eat him alive. You already feel the shit you are gonna get from them for having to drag him along. Gotta try and save some face here.
"Don't worry, he won't tell anyone." You say grinning, and slap your brothers back a little harder than necessary. "ain't that right?" Just for emphasis.
He nods emphatically. Jesus, grow some balls will you.
"Oh, sure D. Didn't realize that you also had to look after your baby bro on the side though." Jake chuckles.
You feel anger in your gut, fucking pussy ass cripple. You knew he was gonna drag you down, and here you are. You just hope not to hit rock bottom by the end of the night.
"C'mon, we've got work to discuss."
And the meeting begins...
No. 34540 ID: 3583d1
File 149821205791.jpg - (2.23MB , 2131x3852 , IMG_3798.jpg )
Do you remeber, Delilah? Do you remember, the day you learned fear?

You crush your cigarette out on the pavement in the alley. Fucking fuck. What a shitty week it has been... Your job went south, you almost got arrested, and again, your fucking brother is causing a real pain in the side. If your parents did go out, none of this would have even happened. You remember the words you said to him, they still ring in your head. After you all made it out of that rich ass neighborhood, you blamed everything on him.
"Fucking useless ass criple, I can't wait for the day your own body gives out on you and you are six feet under!"
The look on his face. It was almost a look of betrayal. Fucking hell, what is this? Since when have you felt sympathy for anyone?
"What's wrong D?" Susan asks from her perch on an old dumpster.
"Just thinking about my dumbass brother." You say.
"The cripple will be fine, everyone looks after cripples." Jake says lighting up a new cig. You bum another off of him and light up.
"He's only been gone a few days. Whats the worst that could happen." Jake says, trying to be reassuring.
You roll your eyes.
"Still, I knew he was stupid, I never thought he'd be retarded enough to run away." Damnit, you hate these kinds of shitty moods. You need something to take your mind off things. As if in answer Allen suddenly looks up, someone coming down the alley towards you guys. You can't quite make him out, but he's got a hood up and he's not looking at any of you.
Perfect. You feel an easy smile on your face, here's that chance. As if rehearsed, everyone stand's and begins walking toward this new stranger.
"Get lost, pal?" You call out.
No reply.
"You deaf or something?" You say again.
The figure looks up and you feel your heart skip a beat.
This guy, he almost looks like...
But that's impossible, he can't walk, his hair is too long, and what is up with those eyes?
The guy smiles, and it's a look you don't like. You've seen that look all too often, that's the look of someone who means violence. He reaches into his shirt then, everyone stops, expecting a gun or a knife, but instead, it's a mask? Your whole crew suddenly laughs at this guy, except you.
The mask looks like a cross between a kind of bug, tiki, and skull. But there's something really wrong about it, you can't tell, but something almost inherently wrong about it.
Your crew stops laughing, and is now only giggling at this idiot.
"Look dude, I don't know who you are, but unless you want to get the shit kicked out of you, you'll give us your wallet." Jake says.
The guy doesn't reply, only smiles. Now you know something is wrong. Most people crap their pants at that, this guy though... Your crew stops laughing and now they look annoyed.
"Uh, hey? I said give us your cash!" Jake says advancing on him.
It happens too quick to see, but suddenly Jake is hurled back, there's a brief scream, then you feel Jake's weight crash into all of you, and you're all knocked over. You manage to get up and now you are royally pissed! You don't know what just happened but no one disrespects your crew like that! Flicking open a switch blade you jet forward stabbing, but he's not there. He to the left. He suddenly grabs you and twists your arm, hard with one hand. You howl in pain and drop the knife, reflexively. And now you suddenly get a good look at his face. Dawning horror spreads through you, as you see the twisted face of your brother.
"First lesson, force equals power."
The thing that looks like your brother puts on the mask, which now seems even worse and then-


The ringing in your ears is loud. Your vision is first black, then blurry, then starting to clear. Everything is red. You suddenly become aware a of pungent smell of meat and iron. The ringing in your ear begins to clear, and you can hear-
You suddenly look up in time to see Susan being torn apart by thorny branches coming out of the pavement. Her screams cut suddenly short as her head is ripped from her body, her face a rictus of fear and pain. The masked man who stood and watched your friend be killed suddenly turns to you, and walks over to you. You feel like you are going to vomit. Hot tears begin to roll down your face but you are too horrified to realize it, too scared to even scream. You see the mutilated bodies of your crew, your friends. All of them ripped apart, their head a mask of pain, confusion, fear, hate.
The figure that looks like your brother slowly walks over to you, you try and crawl back but your head is killing you. He kneels down and looks at you. You can't see his face, but his eyes tell you he is smiling.
"Second rule, Intimidation and fear is everything..."
No. 34541 ID: 5abf51
File 149822599409.jpg - (531.31KB , 1548x1080 , Beautiful butterfly 30.jpg )
No. 34542 ID: 3583d1

Clowns... fucking clowns... nope nope nopity nope...
No. 34548 ID: 5abf51
File 149825356942.jpg - (402.00KB , 1324x992 , Beautiful butterfly 31.jpg )
No. 34549 ID: 3583d1
No. 34550 ID: 3583d1
File 149826192239.jpg - (1.89MB , 3941x3024 , IMG_3801.jpg )
No. 34552 ID: 3583d1
File 149826422778.jpg - (1.82MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3802.jpg )
Absurdity: Oh, hi, DWFG, what's going-


Absurdity: OOF!... Did- Did I miss something?
No. 34553 ID: 5abf51
File 149826868496.jpg - (418.40KB , 1316x1198 , Beautiful butterfly 32.jpg )

Sorry but Absurdity cannot appear in this scene
No. 34554 ID: 97bb2d
I know, lol this was just for shits and giggles.
No. 34555 ID: 97bb2d
But to answer Delilah's question, yes I am actually terrified of clowns.
No. 34557 ID: 97bb2d
although I am curious as to where you got the name Anthony from, that's not my actual name, just a disclaimer.
No. 34559 ID: 5abf51
File 149831257030.jpg - (651.83KB , 1748x1160 , Beautiful butterfly 33.jpg )
No. 34561 ID: c5b754
I can roll with it.
No. 34563 ID: 5abf51
File 149833900093.jpg - (784.76KB , 1820x1689 , Beautiful butterfly 34.jpg )
No. 34573 ID: 97bb2d
Ugh... I wish I could just go home...

Yeah, I'll get it done soon, but I don't even know your name...
No. 34574 ID: 5abf51
File 149838296522.jpg - (284.12KB , 1352x886 , Beautiful butterfly 35.jpg )
No. 34575 ID: 97bb2d
I figured out who you are, and you are a creepy guy. Shaman Amaroq...
(just for clarification, his name is pronounced Like Ah-mo-rock, this might not be his real name but it's name that comes from the same culture as the mask he's based on, and it's also the name of an evil spirit, so I thought it fit well, but you can change it to whatever)
No. 34576 ID: 5abf51
File 149843942903.jpg - (313.01KB , 1324x783 , Beautiful butterfly 36.jpg )
Sorry but I envisioned this character to be female
No. 34577 ID: 97bb2d
You don't even sound entirely human...
No. 34578 ID: 97bb2d
(No problem I'll delete that one and do another. Actually female works out better in an odd way, want to keep the name or change it?)
No. 34579 ID: 5abf51
No don't delete it :(
No. 34580 ID: 97bb2d
Too late...
No. 34581 ID: 5abf51
Also she has a name, well it really isn't her real name just her code name or something like that
No. 34582 ID: 5abf51
No. 34583 ID: 97bb2d
I'll send the other one too you, but not here. Maybe he'll be a character later but who knows.
No. 34606 ID: 3583d1
File 149855047274.jpg - (2.63MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3834.jpg )
There, I finished it, and even gave you a fancy headdress to go with it all. Is this better?
No. 34607 ID: 6e649f
File 149856103704.jpg - (857.73KB , 1748x1424 , Beautiful butterfly 37.jpg )
No. 34608 ID: 3583d1
Uhh sure? What kind of group is it?
No. 34610 ID: 3583d1
File 149859532793.jpg - (2.50MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3837.jpg )
I felt I should update Roots image a little bit, I kept the look of his original cloak but added in some new stuff to give him a real air of command and terror, plus since compared to his other followers his mask is a little plain, I really wanted to make his whole outfit look much more intimidating... This took me two whole days to finish. Hope it looks good.
No. 34612 ID: 143250
wow, quick work right after giving your agreement to join her group.

Dream premonitions, huh? I have a feeling that perhaps if we meet through Ana, Anthony, you and I would become good friends to some extent. Continue your great artwork.
No. 34613 ID: 143250
Oh wait, you said it took a couple days. My mistake still very impressive, though.
No. 34615 ID: 6e649f
File 149860090775.jpg - (205.15KB , 1116x584 , Beautiful butterfly 38.jpg )

That version of Root is something how he would look if he lead his people on the battlefield. Your art stile surpass my art stile and puts my doodles to shame. This is how I would describe that picture

No. 34616 ID: 3583d1
(I'm having something of a shitty day, so I decided some Godfrey crusader meme jokes might cheer me up)

No. 34617 ID: 3583d1
File 149868029123.jpg - (1.87MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3842.jpg )
(I'm having something of a shitty day, so I decided some Godfrey crusader meme jokes might cheer me up)

No. 34620 ID: 3583d1
File 149868133179.jpg - (1.86MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3843.jpg )

NotAnthony: Lord Godfrey, I'm only ten...

No. 34621 ID: 6e649f
No. 34622 ID: 3583d1
File 149868203470.jpg - (1.80MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3844.jpg )
Boyfriend and the Girlfriending...

They make you look cooler in public
Sometimes, the let you put things... in their ass. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You can hold hands with them, and people won't think that it's gay
Your parents won't think that you're a loser
And you don't have to eat and McDonald's by yourself anymore...

No. 34624 ID: 3583d1
File 149868270848.jpg - (1.78MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3845.jpg )


No. 34625 ID: 6e649f
File 149870033752.jpg - (332.45KB , 1257x790 , Beautiful butterfly 39.jpg )
This is how I see all the funny pictures being created. I hope this will cheer you up today

No. 34627 ID: 3583d1
File 149875972635.jpg - (2.15MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3847.jpg )
Yes, it did cheer me up. So since I did so much making fun of Godfrey yesterday, I figured I would give him something much more proper. This was actually a lot of fun to do because Ive drawn a lot of armor and knights in the past for various D&D characters.
So here is Godfrey, Lord Commander of the Knights of the Cross-Ash in all his glory. DEUS VULT!
No. 34629 ID: 143250
Oh, I have a request, if you want to do it Anthony: can I see your artist interpretation of Falafaf? I want to give her a gift of her portrait as thanks for taking me in as her student, and she can show it to her boyfriend during her date. Thanks.
No. 34631 ID: 6e649f
File 149877156145.jpg - (503.26KB , 1012x1784 , Beautiful butterfly 40.jpg )
Anthony that portrait of Godfrey is awesome, but if you want to do the picture of Falafel this is how her face looks outside the dark or without the hood
No. 34632 ID: 3583d1
Hmm, I can do it, but I'll need a little help. See music is a big deal for when I draw. I need a few songs that I can listen to while I work. So far all I have is this:
No. 34633 ID: 3583d1
Better yet, I'll design her a dress she can wear too. Also, as for the music, just pick songs that you would associate with her. it makes it easier to get the feel of the character right.
No. 34635 ID: 143250
I did post a couple of theme songs I thought of for her that I imagined her having back in the discussion thread


Both these songs are based off of time. Thats why I chose those.

Something else for inspiration, since her powers have to do with time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzNIMmObP3k

I'll come up with more later if you need it.
No. 34636 ID: 6e649f
If you know who this character, then you will know that this theme fits her perfectly

No. 34638 ID: 3583d1
File 149877711461.jpg - (2.17MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3855.jpg )
All done! I also designed Ms. Falafaf a new dress as well. I heard what she had to wear so I combined elements of everything to create this. It's something of a traditional gypsy attire but with some of my own silken designs as well. And don't worry the corset isn't a lace up thing in the back, it's fitted and meant to just keep everything snug and comfy. Thanks for the music, they did help a lot. When I was designing the dress, I found this song and it also seemed to work pretty well for me. Hope she likes it and I hope she likes the dress even more!
No. 34639 ID: 143250
It looks wonderful. I'll pass it over to her after we are done focusing on getting her dressed up for her date. I'll also let her know about you if you want, and your dream premonitions. I'm sure she would be interested in hearing about you, Anthony.
No. 34640 ID: 6e649f
No. 34641 ID: 3583d1
File 149881001621.jpg - (2.70MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_3856.jpg )
Lorence once tried to teach Lazlo how to interrogate a prisoner. Needless to say... he wasn't exactly cut out for the job...
No. 34667 ID: 6e649f
File 149895092269.jpg - (4.00MB , 4216x3323 , Beautiful butterfly 41.jpg )
No. 34679 ID: 143250
I wonder who that prisoner was and why they're interrogating him. He must have some pretty important info he is withholding, or maybe this is just another method of how they get people to join them.
No. 34733 ID: 3583d1
File 149941950636.jpg - (2.23MB , 2864x3920 , IMG_3912.jpg )
Uh, excuse me? Iron Thorn Ana? I just woke up from a nap a little while ago and- well.

You better take a look.

All I got was this sense of overwhelming rage and hate, coming from it... it was... it was like it was directing all its hatred at you.
"You have failed us." It seemed to say.
You were standing before it and you came to blows with it ... but it never attacked in anger, like it didn't really want to hurt you. But that wasn't all, with every blow you exchanged I could feel its emotions, and it was not just angry at just you but itself. There was an overwhelming sense of grief and loss.
"I have failed you." It said
But strangely enough, along with all the rage, all the grief, all the hate, there was this sense of hope, like it would never give up...

I think you could make more sense of it than I could...

Sorry to disturb you...
No. 34745 ID: 143250
Drawing request idea: a family reunion photo with the Absolution family (Absolution, AJ/Desolation, Dreamwalker, etc.)
No. 34780 ID: 3583d1
File 149976674917.jpg - (2.17MB , 2833x4029 , IMG_3950.jpg )
It's funny how this ending is going, I always wanted to draw Luvia as a jazz piano bar singer, and what do I find I. This future? That was actually pretty awesome. So I went ahead and did my version too. By the way I'm not writing this as Anthony because I have no clue what he'd be doing in this future, probably just doing his thing.
And yes, that is the song I associate with her the most, the lyrics really fit. If you know where I got this song from, yes I am a perv, but you know where it's from too...

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

No. 34781 ID: 09b125
What strange coincidences, fantastic work as always and don't worry we all are a little bit pervy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
As for Anthony it all depends how would you act like him. Would you become immortal or would you die as a mortal person. Whatever you choose the story will adapt

No. 34783 ID: 780a88
Honestly he probably wouldn't take it. He would think immortality a nightmare, he wouldn't want to watch people he cares about die, if any of his family survived the fog (but I like to think he was from out of state and just was there for
school or something so they have a good chance). But like I said, he just kinda does his own thing. He'd help and draw where he was needed but otherwise he'd stay out of the way. But I bet he and Lazlo would be good buds.
No. 34784 ID: 09b125
So be it

No. 34786 ID: 09b125
File 149977073687.jpg - (833.37KB , 3771x1441 , Beautiful butterfly 42.jpg )
Drawing request finished, also there is a hidden meaning to this picture can you see it?
No. 34793 ID: 3583d1
Hmm, looks almost like a chart who whose a good guy over whose not. Like a line from good to evil. Absolution is in the middle cuz he's dead and AJ is in the middle as he will go wherever Ana goes.
No. 34795 ID: 143250
Wait, Desolation and AJ isn't one in the same? Looks like we've got some researching to do.
No. 34799 ID: 09b125
File 149981744460.jpg - (724.62KB , 3887x1585 , Beautiful butterfly 43.jpg )

You are correct the scale was hidden in the picture, it shows that AJ can become any one of them. But where do you think AJ is currently and what the scale stands for?
No. 34801 ID: 143250
It feels like a sliding scale of good and evil. I could be most likely wrong though.

Dreamwalker wasn't kidding when he said his father Aos was a very elusive god. He didn't even show up to his family reunion photo. Well, I wouldn't blame him. I wouldn't really want to be involved with anything if I was him.
No. 34802 ID: 780a88
I also said he went by a lot of different names, I just didn't say that the Great Contractor was one of them...
No. 34804 ID: 143250
To add on, if it is a scale of good and evil, what is interesting to note is that how each ending was arranged left to right was like this: Monster, Opportunist, Neutral, Survivalist, and Hero. This scale seems reversed when comparing it to the position of the endings... or is it? is Gaia evil all this time? is Essence the hero despite being mischievous?

Just putting things in perspective.

As far as AJ goes, Ana said she has been keeping AJ blinded by the horrors, thus trying not to influence him. If that is the case, I would say he is at the moment on Absolution on the scale
No. 34816 ID: 3583d1
File 149997652155.jpg - (1.53MB , 3004x2778 , IMG_3963.jpg )
The last piece that Anthony finished before his death...

Shades of the Past: The Scarred Warrior and The Fortune Reader
No. 34819 ID: 143250
*gasp* Anthony acknowledged me! *smile*
No. 34820 ID: cc3193
No. 34824 ID: 143250
That aside, I'm getting a Yin and Yang feeling from this artwork. It also looks like we had experienced so much. The question is, are these ourselves from our past lives, or are these events yet to come? Time will tell.

Really great work.
No. 34826 ID: 90b98f
Think he might have seen something of our own lives in His dream? I'm not sure I remember that coat, but it does look cool.
No. 34827 ID: 3583d1
File 150001942354.jpg - (2.48MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3964.jpg )
The following are some "lost" works of Anthony's that surfaced shortly after his death.
although if we somehow manage to go back in time then I suppose they won't be lost anymore

The first of the lost works, the crazy voodoo witch, Betty
No. 34828 ID: 3583d1
File 150001949534.jpg - (2.72MB , 2997x3829 , IMG_3966.jpg )
The second of the lost works, The Carpenter.
No. 34829 ID: b16910

Awesome work as always, do you like how I implemented all of your fan art to the main story?

Also I have a bit of a bad news, I will be leaving my town and go on a vacation, I don't know if I will have internet at that place where I will be staying. So for a short period of time the quest will be put on a hold. I hope that won't be a problem
No. 34830 ID: 143250
That is fine. Enjoy your break
No. 34853 ID: 3583d1
File 150032455220.jpg - (1.90MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3974.jpg )
Another of the lost works, this one comes with a sort of diary entry...

I enter my room and everything is dark. I suddenly get a feeling I've stumbled into something I really shouldnt have, like I took a wrong turn, or fell too deep down the rabbit hole, wherever I am, it's not my room. I think I hear something coming from somewhere in the dark. It sounds like something swinging from a rope or maybe a chord? I can't exactly tell what. It's too dark to see but then something caresses my cheek. I can't tell but I don't like the fee of it's hands. Everything about it radiates with a sense of "wrongness." Then I see it's eyes. It's hard to tell just. Exactly what I am looking at but it's like looking at face hidden in darkness. But I don't like it's smile, I don't like anything about it. It looking at me, as if trying to think of what to do with me. In a glimmer of sudden light I see it completely and I am overcome with horror. Strange open eyes glare at me from under long hair, parts of it stick up like demonic horns. It's mouth is somehow bleeding and drooling. In the corner I see a man hanging by what looks like an extension chord and I recognize him, my friend, he's dead! And this... THING, is what killed him! I try to run away but it's like no matter where I go in the darkness I can't get away! Finally, I ask it one question.
It seems amused. It comes up from out of the darkness and whispers in my ear, and its voice is absolutely bone-chilling.
"Draw me like one of your fancy french girls."

Well I have to give it credit for humor... that's about when I woke up...

No. 34854 ID: 7161c9
That punchline got me off guard, ha ha ha! This looks creepy and sick at the same time, but in a good way. What I ment to say it looks good in a bad way. Only thing that is left to add is the Titanice music

Also I feel bad that I am currently unable to post new pictures. I am on a vacation and my laptop is not able to connect to the internet
No. 34857 ID: 143250
The fact that he drew Essence makes me wonder if she killed Anthony as a result, like maybe Anthony revealed that drawing to someone, and after having that revealed, she wasn't too happy having her privacy be made public, and thus murdered him

Thats my theory anyway. Though the question is, why did she want him to draw her if she valued her privacy?
No. 34858 ID: e9ef8f
Thanks I get what you mean, haha. And yeah the punch line is really something I think she would do just fuck with people. And don't worry about posting for now dude, hope you are having a good vacation
No. 34859 ID: e9ef8f
Keep in mind that in this current timeline, these are "lost" works. These were found after his death. And as for why she wanted one, it can presumed that because everyone was getting a drawing of them, she just wanted one too. I think the bigger question should be, is Essence the reason these drawings never surfaced before? Or is the there another reason why these ones are suddenly showing up now?
No. 34860 ID: 0787bc
Oh I am having a blast, but I must warn you what you started with that picture will have consequences he he he

Breking Benjamin polyamorous
No. 34861 ID: e9ef8f
DAMNIT! How do I keep doing that!? Haha
No. 34879 ID: 0787bc
When will you lern that your action will have consequences!
No. 34888 ID: e9ef8f
When you figure out that for every action there is an opposite reaction! Haha, but seriously I just drew her for fun I wasn't intending anything by it
No. 34889 ID: 0787bc
I jnow, just joking......or am I?
No. 34890 ID: e9ef8f
No. 34891 ID: 143250
If it's alright, I want to see Anthony's artist interpretation of the creepy doll child actor kid, the one that blew bubbles near Ana, or was on that pirate/hijacked television channel in the cult's interpretation of "The Little Match Girl". Bonus points if he/she is on the television in the artwork. They don't need to be without mask, as I'm not even sure if it even is human, let alone even wearing a mask, or if it is even a living thing.

stuff for inspiration if needed for the creepy pirate public access television vibe (music and videos)


mostly number stations, or other music that may fit the scary broadcast feel I get from the character. Especially the first one.


Max Headroom Incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t32JpruyLZk (a real event that happened in Chicago where some pranksters hijacked a television channel, and did their own thing. Kind of eerie, but also pretty silly)

KrainaGrzybowTV youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/krainagrzybowtv/videos (very artistic, but pretty creepy youtube series. Language is in polish, but there is english subtitles if you turn on the caption. I can imagine some of this doll's television episodes may be like this youtube series with not making sense and being nightmarish at times. this youtube channel also has some music you can listen to for inspiration)
No. 34894 ID: 3583d1
File 150036031125.jpg - (1.45MB , 3016x3352 , IMG_3987.jpg )
The fourth lost work, this one with another diary entry...

I don't trust many people here, hell at this point I don't even trust my own head with all of the dreams I've been getting. I don't sleep very easily anymore. It actually a little ironic though, my mom always told me "You can never trust the media, Anthony."
It never really occurred to me just how right she was. I'm one of the lucky few to have a tv in my room but don't really watch it anymore. Because, somehow,from this city bunker, this cult have hacked the cities public broadcast with pirate transmissions. Mostly propaganda from what I've seen, but there is this one show that comes on...
I find it very disturbing, it's mostly bastardized versions of children's stories but it's told by this... person... I say "person" because I can't really tell if they're a boy or girl, or even if they are really a kid, sometimes I think it's a creepy midget playing dress up. I don't know their name so I'll just call them, "Little Bo Creep," for now. These people really make me miss the internet... I want to go home.

No. 34895 ID: 7161c9
Congratulations you made a new enemy. Also this looks awesome
No. 34896 ID: 7161c9
As for the current state that Anthony is in during the drawing of that picture can be described with this song Owl City Fireflies
No. 34898 ID: e9ef8f
I begin to question whether we really have made a NEW enemy. I get the feeling that this kid was already somewhat antagonistic towards us but even still this is ANTHONY's diary, not Ana's. So if anyone read this and told the kid, he would hate Anthony more than Ana, and by the time this surfaced he was already dead... so... how exactly have I made an enemy out of this kid exactly??? Jus' sayin... lol jk, it's practically a running gag by this point that somehow make new enemies with the stuff I post haha
No. 34899 ID: 0787bc
Well you did in a way, because what I envisioned for them was a different use and now you have inspired me
No. 34900 ID: 7161c9
Hey I have figured out what we can do wihile I am not able to draw. Come to the discasion thread and we can do somthing intresting :)
No. 34902 ID: 143250
If that kid is going to be our enemy, I can assume that their end goal with Ana isn't to kill, or force her to join the cult, but instead kidnap her, and force her to costar in their creepy shows. At least, that is what I theorize. I may be completely wrong.
No. 34905 ID: 7161c9
Only thing that I will say about the doll is that there are many of them
No. 34906 ID: 143250
No. 34907 ID: 7161c9
No more mama!
No. 34918 ID: 3583d1
File 150054274250.jpg - (2.72MB , 3837x2534 , IMG_3988.jpg )
An odd lost work, this one seems to have an odd story...

You are my sunshine...
No. 34919 ID: 3583d1
File 150054277663.jpg - (2.57MB , 2948x3867 , IMG_3989.jpg )
My only sunshine...
No. 34920 ID: 3583d1
File 150054282702.jpg - (2.99MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3990.jpg )
You make me happy...
No. 34921 ID: 3583d1
File 150054287039.jpg - (2.96MB , 2894x4024 , IMG_3991.jpg )
When skies are grey...
No. 34922 ID: 3583d1
File 150054295369.jpg - (2.11MB , 2554x3387 , IMG_3992.jpg )
You'll never know, dear...
No. 34923 ID: 3583d1
File 150054299013.jpg - (2.92MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3993.jpg )
How much I love you...
No. 34924 ID: 3583d1
File 150054303255.jpg - (2.50MB , 3021x3734 , IMG_3994.jpg )
Please don't take...
No. 34925 ID: 3583d1
File 150054309238.jpg - (2.85MB , 3004x3807 , IMG_3995.jpg )
My sunshine...
No. 34926 ID: 3583d1
File 150054312925.jpg - (2.88MB , 3757x3024 , IMG_3996.jpg )
No. 34927 ID: 0787bc
File 150057895386.jpg - (782.35KB , 1872x2955 , a.jpg )
No. 34928 ID: 3583d1
The Car Scene what do you mean by... OH!

No. 34929 ID: 143250
...Looks like I have some competition if I want to win Anthony's heart.
err not his literal heart. That would be strange, and gross.

Also, I wonder if that is Gaia's rose. Did she steal it from Ana?
No. 34930 ID: 0787bc
No it is not her rose
No. 34931 ID: 0787bc
File 150058841657.jpg - (616.61KB , 1754x2480 , c.jpg )
No. 34933 ID: 80b588
No... but that's not to say she didn't try...

My dick is kinda scared of her... so I ended up bolting out of the room carrying my clothes over my crotch hearing her laugh like that was the funniest thing ever as I ran...

I got a lot of weird looks on the way back to my room and I think I heard Lady Delilah wolf-whistle and cat call at me as was running bare-assed, some like "You streaking pretty boy!? Looking good!" It was pretty embarrassing...
No. 34934 ID: 80b588
Alright, I gotta ask, what do you all think of the comic I made?
No. 34943 ID: 7161c9
It looks interesting, sad, fascenating and like something that I will implement in the story. Like always, I use most things that you give me to work with
No. 34946 ID: 143250
Pretty interesting. It shows how she isn't just physically scarred, but mentally scarred. It explains why the character is pretty emotional and prideful to a fault and would do anything to save the world from Root, even if it causes her to get reckless in her actions.

To Absurdity: as far is implementing things we do to the story, I'm keeping Fortune Ana's past life open for you to write and reveal later in the story if you want to do that. Her past could be troubled, happy, sad, terrifying, embarrassing, funny, very dark, neutral, boring, or you can keep it a mystery that would never be revealed. As of right now, I want to keep Fortune Ana almost completely unaware of most of the things in her past and what kind of person she was. I think it will add to the suspense.
No. 34947 ID: 80b588
In regards to Fortune Ana, I'm planning on a drawing that involves her tonight. So keep your eyes open, it may be something that helps divine who she was...
No. 34948 ID: 3583d1
File 150062491308.jpg - (2.62MB , 3021x3999 , IMG_4006.jpg )
Another of the lost works, we aren't sure what this one is, or what it represents. The diary entry on it read less like a story of why Anthony had a dream about it, and more of a description of the symbol itself.

I'm not sure what this even is, I dreamt of a woman, I think it was that Ana woman, maybe? I just know it was a woman, but she had her hood up and she recited this phrase while creating this inscription. I hope I'm not creating some kind of curse with this...
The saying went as follows:

"In the sea without lees
Standeth the bird of Hermes
Eating his wings variable
And maketh himself yet full stable
When all his feather be from him gone
He standeth still here as a stone
Here is now both white and red
And all so the stone to quicken the dead
All and some without fable
Both hard and soft and malleable
Understand now well and right
And thank there gods of this sight

The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame.

The Red Sea. The Red Sol. The Red Elixir Vitae.
Red Stone. White Stone. Elixir Vitae. Luna in Cresent.

No. 34949 ID: 0787bc
File 150063358041.jpg - (603.74KB , 1748x2174 , d.jpg )
Perfect music for this part is Jerk it out by Caesars
No. 34951 ID: 3583d1
... The fuck?! I most certainly did not shit and piss myself, and we did not have sex! After the drawing was done you more or less forced yourself on me. The only true thing you said was all the gross shit you said about your vagina and that was way more than I could handle, hell the shit you said would make any guy freak out so I ran!
No. 34952 ID: 0787bc
File 150066325363.jpg - (696.36KB , 1748x2480 , g.jpg )
The song for this part is Miracle of love by Eurythmics
No. 34953 ID: 3583d1
Sure, but I don't really want "Multidimensional Beings" or whoever to know what goes on in my sex life just as much as I don't really want ANYONE to know about it! And who is this producer anyway I'd like to give him a piece of my mind!

And what was all that stuff about love...?

I'm so confused...
No. 34957 ID: 0787bc
File 150075716327.jpg - (536.28KB , 1748x2130 , k.jpg )
The song for this part is Call me by Blondie
No. 34959 ID: 143250
[inner thoughts]...Is everyone gone? Coast is clear? ok, Now I can look for the actual Trunk of the Ash Tree artwork around here >>33543, and ask if I can have it to donate for the art exhibit to replace the replica artwork... >>34957
Oh dear... oh... Anthony is still here... Calm down. deep breaths. just pretend your talking to Scarred

Uh... Anthony? Hi... Sorry for bothering you, I won't be long. But I wanted to say that I... uh, thanks so much for making that artwork for Falafaf. She really loved it. I have a request to ask of you. I was wondering if you still had it... may I have that artwork of the Trunk of the Ash Tree? I mean, I heard all pictures of the trunk is banned as of right now, and I thought instead of just throwing it away or burning it, or risk getting in huge trouble if you are caught still having it somewhere, Could I perhaps have it and give it to a museum when the time is right, that is when the ban is lifted?

you probably won't remember our conversation and will think the artwork will go missing, and I can't guarantee you'll be able to get it back, but at least the artwork will be safe somewhere in an exhibit and not destroyed or have you risk getting in trouble if you're caught still having it... I really want you safe *ahem*

...I don't really have anything I can offer for it though. I've... lost a lot. The only thing I can offer you is a fortune reading, though I don't think it will matter since you might not remember your reading when you go back. And I'm still a novice and learning from my teacher. As such I will not be able to give you a full reading, nor would I actually literally see your future, but I can see what your fortune card currently is in exchange for the artwork.
No. 34960 ID: a2d9cf
File 150077669768.jpg - (2.21MB , 2835x3642 , IMG_3374.jpg )
My dick is scared of that woman...

What? Oh hi, you are Fortune Ana right? I think I did a drawing of you and your friend a while ago... Hmm... You know your voice sounds kinda familiar now that I hear it. tell me does this >>34948 mean anything to you?

As for the Trunk drawing, yeah I had to hide it away for a while after showing it to the Trunk himself. He didn't really seem to like it though, it made him sad... He gave it back to me. And don't worry, I have an extra copy. I don't know about a museum wanting it though but that would make my day if one did. As for a Tarot card reading I'd love to have one! I had some friends back in college who did them!
No. 34962 ID: 0787bc
File 150079632003.jpg - (462.06KB , 1748x2480 , l.jpg )
No. 34964 ID: 143250
*Stares at symbol without blinking*

...A...Anthony, did anything happen after you drew this symbol? And how many copies of this symbol did you make? Has anyone else seen this? no offense, but I think you need to shred, or burn all drawings of this, and the journal entry. I don't know why, just do it when you get back.

I don't know whether this symbol is good or bad, but I did feel something about it. I don't want to take any more risks. Sorry.

Thanks for the artwork. How I do a fortune reading is different then most. Really, I just look at one person, and sometimes a giant card representing the path they are currently on appears. I can tell you it's meaning, and advice. So, lets see your fortune.
No. 34966 ID: 0787bc
File 150087261120.jpg - (333.87KB , 1341x959 , m.jpg )
No. 34974 ID: 143250
It seems I lost connection to Anthony...

Who was the Ash Tree feeding information to? Who did Lorence order to kill the Ash Tree? and when exactly did it happen?

Say if we can go back in time, how can we find and reach him to warn and/or save his life? Same method as last time? draw that mask symbol before going to sleep? Hopefully, we can save him without having to get into some kind of fight.
No. 34975 ID: 143250
Main reason why I want to save him is because his stance is neutral, not picking sides. He doesn't deserve being beheaded.

another reason: he was able to tell Scarred Ana what kind of person she was when we first met, a person who succeeded in defeating Root... Maybe he can give me insights of who I was...
No. 34976 ID: 3583d1
No I'm still here, just having some issues on my side for some reason.

Hey! I know you! You're Daniel, the child of leaves right? Good too finally meet you. So hey listen, I'm awfully sorry about the trunk, from what I saw, he was a good guy. If you ever need a friend or just want to hang out for a while let me know alright? I don't have many friends around here, but it would be nice to make one for a change.

And no, I never recited anything from this whole... spell? I don't really know what it did. It certainly moved a lot of things and make some really bright lights happen, that's for sure. However I did some digging on what all of these symbols are. First of all, you have the giant wheel of fortune that is on the tarot card of the same name. Surrounding it is the Ouroboros Dragon, which usually stands for the infinite, and then finally below that you have an alchemy signs for the eclipse, which usually stands for god, as well as other alchemy symbols for various elements. No idea what any of them mean but hey, maybe you can get an idea from the Trunk should he ever return to life.
No. 34977 ID: 143250
Sounds reasonable. I'll keep that picture and the chant in mind. But if you've made copies, please destroy them regardless. even if it is beneficial, I wouldn't want them to fall in the wrong hands by accident.
No. 34978 ID: 3583d1
There was only the one I drew, so I'll see what I can do.
No. 34979 ID: 0787bc
File 150093352364.jpg - (485.74KB , 1564x1298 , m 1.jpg )
No. 34983 ID: 143250
Perhaps it is a different Anthony from a different timeline, or perhaps this is him from the past? I know where we were before all this, we were at a place that existed outside the frame of time and reality... perhaps he somehow followed me? I wonder how we even got here anyway.

Also, Anthony, are you okay? I didn't expect you to say something like that.

nonetheless, something is very odd here. Hey Daniel, what is the safest way for us to see the Ash Tree without hurting ourselves like last time when Ana summoned him incorrectly?
No. 34984 ID: 3583d1
... yeah I'm not bald and I would t say something that mean either... BUT IM DEAD!? When the hell did this happen?
No. 34987 ID: 0787bc
File 150094392756.jpg - (0.99MB , 1748x2480 , m 3.jpg )
No. 34988 ID: 143250
Daniel, should we call an exorcist or something? Or is this not Anthony? And how did Daniel lose his eye? I have so much questions right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzzjFVF25IQ
No. 34997 ID: 3583d1
No. 35001 ID: 3583d1
File 150097197136.jpg - (2.07MB , 2979x3816 , IMG_4008.jpg )
This lost piece was seen as highly controversial, and even heretical and blasphemous within certain circles of the Acolytes of the Ash. Mostly because of the chant and journal entry that was associated with it.

It was really incredible to see, this dream. I witnessed a great army all flying a banner of sheers and fire. All of them knights and soldiers. But at the head of them... I've seen that figure before. It was just giving off an immeasurable amount of rage before, but now it was in shining armor, it held forth a... well It was too big to be called a spear, it was more like slab of iron attached to a pole...

But the war cry of the army, hearing ten thousand warriors all chant this as they marched, it was... inspiring.

"Out of the darkness we will rise,
Into the light we will dwell!
We came to save the world with muse in arms!
We are the clouds in the skies!
We are the storm and the tides!
We are the wind and the rain!
The sun and moon,
at the end of all time!

We are the guards of the new world order!
We are the soldiers, the legion of light!
We are the centre, the depth of the sun!
Fire and flame, we are one!

It was truly something to behold...

No. 35003 ID: 143250
I've been freaking out long before this. Don't see why you can't.
No. 35005 ID: 0787bc
File 150098507644.jpg - (1.96MB , 2480x3563 , m 4.jpg )
Song for this part is A thousand mil by Leagally blond
No. 35006 ID: 0787bc
File 150098540378.jpg - (2.83MB , 2752x3508 , m 5.jpg )
Watch first video The Stanley parable-choice
No. 35007 ID: 143250
*sad sigh* goodbye Anthony

I wonder what choice was made to have this happen?

Also, hi. What is your name? I'm a Fortune telling Ana, and that kid over there is Daniel. What brings you here?
No. 35008 ID: 3583d1
HEY! I'm still here! That is not me! It's like i'm watching this shit outside of my body! Is this because I wouldn't have sex with her? The fuck is wrong with this woman!? Y'know what? No, I don't have to take this.

HEY! You! *Slap*

Yeah I can hit you, I may exist outside of my body but don't think I can't teach you a few lessons. Ok, first of all, Essence of life, that argument is total bullshit. You argue that choices we make can cause a chain of reactions that can lead to chaos. Well that is true, when certain events are also out of our hands. But then there are people who are simply poisonous to everyone around them, there is a word for people like that, we called them sociopaths. This is a person who blames everyone else for problems, and will actively try and cause problems for everyone without every admitting that they they themselves are just shitty people. So let's look at the chain of actions that have led us here. You approached me, trying so hard to be as creepy as possible, and asked me to draw you. Seeing as how I like drawing, I agreed. After which YOU forced yourself on me wanting sex. I disagreed and when you continued to force it to the point of rape, I ran away. You then did... something to my body where upon my "death" you expunged me from my body and it became... THAT! And now you are trying to tell me its MY FAULT!? Are you seeing the pattern here? Now, here is where you can change things. If you really want me to like you... well like you more than I currently do at the moment, FIX THIS! If not, you can go on wondering what could have happened should you taken sometime to consider that "hey, maybe cursing the body of a guy a like isn't the way to get him to notice me and will only make him angry at me."
Or maybe you really are a sociopath where any attention is good attention. If that's the case, then fuck you and goodbye. I'll just wrestle that thing for control over my body.

Alright Fortune, any and all help is appreciated, wish me luck!
No. 35009 ID: 3583d1
No. 35010 ID: 0787bc
File 150101959618.jpg - (1.82MB , 3462x3508 , m 7.jpg )
No. 35011 ID: 0787bc
File 150101967211.jpg - (1.03MB , 3311x3508 , m 8.jpg )
No. 35015 ID: 143250
Um... Uh... Can we settle this over tea or something and come to a compromise? or are we really going the violent route as usual?

Also, hi Falafaf and Dreamwalker. perhaps you can make the dream biscuits for the tea, Dreamwalker?

uh... everyone settle down?

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DmYLrxR0Y8 (WAR - Why Can't We Be Friends)
No. 35018 ID: 3bc6b6
Holy shit! It's like watching aliens 2! That's awesome!

But I never made any deal like that! Anyone with half a brain knows that you never make any Faustian bargains with creepy Entities. So I feel more than a little cheated out of my body at this point.

Also, who is that woman? And who is that around her? It reminds me of the eye that gave me my mask, also it's brother I think? Anyway it's cool as shit!
No. 35019 ID: 7adeae
Well this is the curupted time line corrupted timeline, things aren't as they should be
No. 35021 ID: 33054a
File 150110604347.jpg - (1.02MB , 2480x3170 , 17.jpg )
The song for this part is Polyamorous by Breking Benjamin
No. 35022 ID: 3583d1
Hey Mrs. Falafaf? If possible, and if I am dead, even though I don't feel like I am, kick it's ass. If you can't save my body... oh well... hey... wait a minute.... AHA!!! I have an idea!!! Hold it off for me!
No. 35023 ID: 3583d1
... Well, you heard him! Let's kick some ass! Anthony what are you planning to do?!
No. 35025 ID: 3583d1
File 150110896281.jpg - (1.45MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_4086.jpg )
Well I mean... if i'm dead... I read a story once that the trunk was born from a spirit... and that spirit was ironically born from a drawing... so maybe... I could...

Hey daniel? What if I recreated an Ash Drawing? Would it be possible to become the Trunk? Kind of like Wheatley did in Portal 2...? Like take over his body? Would I be stuck like that? But if it helps them... and maybe you don't have be alone anymore...

Sorry that's the best way I can think of this...
No. 35028 ID: 143250
Felafaf... I see another face besides your own... who is that?

Also, Are you all sure there's no room for reasoning, everyone? Anthony could see dream visions of the future before he died long ago after all, and even though he may have forgotten now, perhaps he saw visions in his dream throughout his life that actually saw Spirit Parasite throughout her life as not as bad as we all are making it out to be? I'm not saying that is correct, I'm just throwing that possibility.

Also, I really wanted to taste those dream biscuits that Dreamwalker once made
No. 35034 ID: 3583d1
*tosses you a dream biscuit*
No. 35035 ID: a0011a
File 150114738243.jpg - (714.49KB , 2104x2768 , m 11.jpg )
The song for this part is U + Ur hand by Pink
No. 35036 ID: 3583d1
Alright then, if you are Anthony then you will know this. What did I tell him when we first met. Before any of this happened, what was it that I told him?
No. 35045 ID: 292ebb
File 150119299123.jpg - (4.00MB , 2887x5324 , m 12.jpg )
The song for this part is Froggy Fresh Dunked on
No. 35047 ID: 143250
psst... Daniel. While these people are distracted fighting, lets slip out of here. I have some things I was trying to ask you before I was interrupted, and a yummy dream biscuit I can share with you.

I'm not a fighter, and I don't think I can do much here other than try be a voice a reason (which I failed at doing), or if I even want to be involved with this mess, but at least we can hide somewhere safe and have myself protect you while they have their little battle here...

No. 35048 ID: 3583d1
Ain't hesitating anymore... In fact, how about a little boost!

No. 35049 ID: 3583d1
File 150119875846.jpg - (951.64KB , 3264x2024 , IMG_4094.jpg )
Hey Ms Falafaf? Just letting you know, this all white version of me you are seeing over by the trunk is the REAL me. Don't really know how you hear me or see me seeing as how no else does... But that fake Anthony over there, that is currently invading my body, you have all the rights to beat the shit out of. I even drew you this so know the difference.
Real Anthony:
-is a spirit without a body
-all white, no color
-Ghostly vapor in human shape
-has hair
-still have pendant

-in a rotting corpse
-clothes are rags
-Boney fingers and torn flesh
-bald, no hair
-is an asshole

Alright, im gonna do my thing over at the dead trunk, you just kick that things ass please? If this works, and that's a big if, I'll help you fight it. Right... here we go...
No. 35050 ID: 3583d1
File 150119903883.jpg - (1.67MB , 2370x3262 , IMG_4089.jpg )
I guess for the Ash Drawing to work... we'll need to use my real face... Get ready everyone, this is might be my last drawing, and it's a self portrait.

A lonely boy, made his family proud
No. 35051 ID: 3583d1
File 150119915733.jpg - (1.44MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_4090.jpg )
Always dreamt of marvelous things.
No. 35053 ID: 3583d1
File 150119947532.jpg - (1.43MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_4091.jpg )
Despite bad dreams, never stopped doing what he loved.
No. 35055 ID: 3583d1
File 150119977084.jpg - (1.75MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_4092.jpg )
But he was Lonely, and wasted away in his sleep.
No. 35056 ID: 3583d1
File 150119984469.jpg - (1.46MB , 2219x2935 , IMG_4093.jpg )
Made the world cry.
No. 35057 ID: 3583d1
File 150119994829.jpg - (1.73MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_4088.jpg )
One of the last lost works to be uncovered. This one has no time frame for when it was done, and no diary entry on it. This one, is an utter mystery...
No. 35063 ID: 292ebb
File 150125308048.jpg - (3.04MB , 2480x4319 , m 14.jpg )
No. 35066 ID: 143250
Honestly Daniel, I don't know either, or if I even want to know. It isn't our problem, not anymore at least. We're safe now. I'm just glad we had very little involvement in that. *looks at Daniel's missing eye* I'm so sorry you went through so much torture. It's not much, but have a dream biscuit Dreamwalker tossed to me. He says it is supposed taste like anything you want them too.

...What I was trying to ask is, I know the Trunk of the Ash Tree is currently dead, but hypothetically, if he wasn't, how would Ana be able to find and talk to him again without injuring herself like the last time when she summoned him incorrectly? If we were to see him again in the past, I would definitely warn him about Lorence, and see if I can ask him to look into my past life just like he did with Scarred Ana when he saw a vision of the end of her journey. I know next to nothing about my past life.
No. 35070 ID: 292ebb
File 150128511037.jpg - (2.67MB , 2576x4299 , m 16.jpg )
The song for this part is spiderman 2000 monster ock theme
No. 35071 ID: 143250
Yeah, I kind of figured it wouldn't be as easy. This feels more like a final boss of sorts that I would of expected.

Psst, Daniel, lets both try to sneak and hide out again while this fight enters it's next phase.

[inner thoughts] I wonder if Dreamwalker will become Phobetor again if he is pushed to it... if so, I hope Felafaf can handle his nightmarish form. Hell, how will Daniel handle seeing that form. Yeah, its best to protect Daniel and keep him hidden.
No. 35074 ID: 143250
File 150129350915.jpg - (431.79KB , 1748x1878 , beds.jpg )
Alright Daniel, so doing some thinking, there are one or two places we can hide out in while Spirit Parasite is distracted.

First if it is still here: Ana's bed. Ana got here from her bed after putting a symbol above her head before sleeping. However, Ana said it felt like days to get from there to here so I don't know if we will be able to make it there before I am forced to leave, but then again time has no meaning here if I remember. You and I know where it is though. I believe it is that way.

Second place: Lorence's bed: this one I'm not too sure if it is even in this place, but the method he used to get to where he went to in order to meet Root is very similar how Ana got here, so I'm assuming that where Lorence went was the same area. But I can't gaurantee if I'm right. If I am, perhaps it is well hidden enough for Spirit Parasite to have trouble finding. Do you know where it i?

Currently, I think we should find Ana's bed, and hide out there.

No. 35076 ID: 292ebb
File 150131279186.jpg - (1.72MB , 2912x2670 , m 17.jpg )
No. 35078 ID: 143250
*sigh* Hey Daniel, I really don't want to ask you this, but I guess with the timeline's existence and everyone in it already in the process of being erased, and the fact that my friend and my teacher is in grave danger without a plan of action to defend themselves against this Spirit Parasite, and that there is nowhere we can hide, I guess I must ask you now: do you still have that gift you tried to offer to Ana long ago that she refused to accept because she didn't want to end your existence? It was a mask I think?

I remember that The Trunk of the Ash Tree said that if Ana really wanted to get an advantage against her enemies, she really should have accepted the gift that you were instructed to give her. If I myself were to accept that gift, perhaps borrow it for a bit, will it somehow be able to help me gain some sort of advantage to save Dreamwalker and Felafaf's life? I'm aware that your life will end, but well, I guess it doesn't matter right now since this timeline's existence is already ending...

No. 35079 ID: 292ebb
File 150133320492.jpg - (2.89MB , 2480x4548 , m 18.jpg )
No. 35081 ID: 143250
I'd say retreat, but I don't think there is an escape from here...

In that case, for now lets take a wait and see approach, Felafaf, keep avoiding attacks so we can see what moves she has to pull, and from there we can figure out how to counter them.

I know a couple of powers the trunk of the ash tree had was to give Ana connection with us through her psyche, see visions of our past lives, and maybe possibly turn people into stick figures, but I'm not sure about that one. He did that to Ana in a fake destiny we saw from the late Janitor, but it was a joke as it didn't happen. But that doesn't mean that it isn't possible though that he still had that power. that said you might not want to be at eyeheight with her in that case. Don't let her anywhere near your eyes or else it will all be over.

...Just a heads up, Dreamwalker is also able to call upon and become Phobetor... but I wouldn't recommend it unless the situation is dire and you are near the end of your rope. I fear what Phoboter would do to your mind, Felafaf. That said, if you've run out of options and received fatal damages you can't heal from, have Dreamwalker call upon Phobetor.
No. 35082 ID: 292ebb
File 150136406495.jpg - (2.32MB , 2480x3963 , m 19.jpg )
No. 35085 ID: 143250
I see... so you're going to threaten to kill Daniel in order to capture, take control of, or kill Felafaf and Dreamwalker? no offense, Spirit Parasite, but that seems... kind of heartless and cowardly, Flint levels of heartlessness, and cowardliness even. And I have a feeling even if we do comply with your demands, and let you capture us in exchange for Daniel's life, you are just going to kill Daniel regardless along with killing Felafaf and Dreamwalker and myself. I've been betrayed enough times by enemies, neutral parties, and even good friends, basically just about everybody to know this song and dance already. I'm not angry, just disappointed in you, Spirit Parasite.

You know, as much as I hate to say it, Daniel told us he accepted losing his life. Long ago, he said: The only way to fight a monster is with a predator, and we must be cruel to survive and that his existence is meaningless, just like this timeline that is being erased by our hands at this very moment, whether we intended to do that or not. Do you really think holding Daniel hostage is going deter us after we are losing just about everyone and everything already in this timeline? We basically have just about nothing left to lose now and everything to gain now. Killing Daniel is just going to prove to me how cowardly you really are, and will just make Dreamwalker and Felafaf more inspired to take you down.

Now This isn't a threat, but a friendly warning: I suggest you please leave Daniel alone, and fight fair, or ideally, perhaps we can talk it out without any harmful sneaky tricks like I wanted in the first place, but at this point, I think we are well beyond the point of negotiations... You would not want to see Dreamwalker and Felafaf at their angriest. Even I don't want to see them like that. Not again
No. 35104 ID: 292ebb
File 150144059685.jpg - (1.66MB , 1728x3508 , m 22.jpg )
No. 35105 ID: 143250
I think it's too late for Daniel. Which means we've got nothing to hold us back in hesitation now, right? Now that she is distracted with Daniel, now is the perfect time to strike with whatever moves you have. You already know you're faster than she is against her moves, and how she attacks, and I am assuming she is trying to get used to the painful body of the Ash Tree thus making it difficult for her to multitask doing whatever it is to Daniel, while focus on attacking us.
...If she uses Daniel as a shield, don't hesitate to attack. He's already under her control, and even if he wasn't, he's going to be eaten by the death of the timeline anyway. At this point, it's a mercy kill for him.
No. 35111 ID: 3583d1
HEEEEEEEEEY! Is this a private fight?

*summons armor and and increadibly oversized svardstav*

Or can anyone join in? Oh, trying to hurt Daniel? Well that just won't do.

*gets stav ready to throw as black fire and magic surround the blade*

No. 35112 ID: 3583d1

No. 35114 ID: 292ebb
Dude, I thought that you died. Where were you all this time?
No. 35115 ID: 3583d1
Was on a camping trip since friday, had no internet or cell service
No. 35116 ID: 292ebb
No. 35117 ID: 143250
Oh Scarred, you okay? You're still bleeding after Ana stabbed you. Please be careful, I don't want you to lose too much blood and faint. You are still in your physical form.
No. 35118 ID: 3583d1
͉ ̹̼̜̖̠̞̀̊ͫ͗̾̕P̴̺͆̆ͣ̇̂͜h̷̑ͯ͋͗͏̼͈̤͇̜̻ọ̷̦͎̜̲̝͚̮̗ͨ̑̓ͪ̀̉ͨ̄̚͝͡ṱ͚͙ͯ̓͑ͧ̀ḇ̨̡̫̬̦͈̬̯̬̔͊e̷͕̫̻̺͍͉̒ͣͦ́̈̑͆ͨ̃͜t̷͍̩̫̍̐͘͘o̿͊̊̀
̵̢̡̻̳̯̺̥̀A̩̻̞͈̯̐ͫ̚p̨̲̻͖̂ͩ̓͛̄̚͡p̰̣̌͒ͥ̌ͦͮ̇řͫͧͫͬ̇́̕͏̱̤͉o̞̹̰̟̼ͦ͘͘͞v̶̹̌ͩ͒ͧͤ̍͛̅a̪͎̦͔̫͙̳͙͐͌̈̅̚͜͢͞l̬͎͉̖̥̼̤ͪ̏ͨ̄̊͗͌͝ ̑ͬ͊̀͞҉҉̬̩̜͓̪o̸̥̱̲͙ͧͯf͕͙͓͔͇̭̯̠ͬͪ͗͐̐ͅ ̟ͤͤͧͧ̀s̺̙͖̖̣̏͘ͅi̦̻̼͇͚̐̓ͦ̅̓ͤ͌͒ţ̹̋ͤ͂ͯ́u̴̷̘̪ͯ͊̑ͪ̐ȃ͂̐̔ͯ͊҉̮͙̱͈͕̭͔̳t̞̦͖̿̆̒̈́̾ͨ͋͊́͟͝i͉͎͙͈̦̼͙̝̥ͦ̈́̑ͩ̈̍̕o̻̘̘̓͛̏ͯ̃ͣ͌ͪͥ͟͞
n̛̳̬̖̝͉̭̠̆̓̓ͦ̾͌͊̐̕͢ ͤ͌͛ͦͭ͏͉̠̘͎̥̰́r̤̘̘͌͂ͩ̓̈́ė̴̥̹̦͔͙̤̑̎̽̌ͨ͜gͯ̅̀҉̲͙̱o̖̭͙̼̗͙̓̅g̴̸̳̠̝̰͇̙̻̝̘͆͂̌̂n͈̩͉͓̙̳͐ͣ͑ͯ̂̂ͦ̈ị̹̞̲̼̑̏͒͗͜͟z̸̟͙͖ͨ̎̋̆͟ė͋
̸̡̣y̮ͩ ̱̱͓̜̞̬̪̤̳͗ͩ̋ͨp̨͔͔̖͍̙̠̖ͮ̐ͨͧ̓̿ͩ͠ȯ̴̸̥̖͕̹͖̦̣̤͐͘w͆ͩ̉ͮ̋̍͜͏̺̼̮̯̗͕e̛͒̽̈͑̐ͪ҉̬͇̜͓̲̦ͅr̸̷͔̣͓̦̦͎͍̋̀̍̅ͭͮͧ͜ ̸̢̱̰͖͉̫̒̑ͩ̈͊̊̓ͥg̵̭̩͗̓̄͋̏ͣ̔ͥ͞͠r̡̢̼̍̏̐̍ͬ͐ͧ̂͠a̲͇̽̃͜n̴̥ͯ͛̎̃̇ͧ̋̊͠t͍̥̟̻͕̯̜̘̄̋̌ͦ͘͢͜ḙ̭ͭ̉̈̑ͥ͠d̦̰̈́̊͒ͧͯ̽̚͘ ̴̡̢̗̺̜̘̹̱̲̲̊͋ͦ̍ą̶͕͙̖̝̬͐͆͜l̙͉͍̋̚͢͝͠ļ̩̱͉͓͇̿̅̅̿̾ ̡̰͇̲̱̖̤̗̆̐ͤ͌ͤͤ̃̓̀͡ṟ̴̩̜̫̰̠̙ͩ͂̏ͦͦ͊ͣ̃͘ȩ̠͉͈͎̻̰͆͛̊̅͂͠s̩͍̖̹͈ͤ̌̒̉͋͒̅͠t̗̻̹̙̱̪̒̅ͫ̐̓̑͒͘r̨̭͎̖̲͈̦͎ͥ́̚ͅa͈̣̝̰̬̫̝ͫ͒͑ͣ̀̄̒͘͡͠
i̗͎̘͎̯͉̩ͦ͊́̋n̶̴̦̲ͯ̓ͧ̉͞s͎̘͐̋̕ ͎͉͈̻̤̟̮̠͖ͥͥ͌ͪ̔̆̄̌͗l̶̻̭̗ͣ̌͒̎i̦̻̖̼̰̮̤͔ͦͯ̓ͣ͑͝f̹̩͖̩̘̊ͅt̴͉͍̳͇̳̂ͮ̌ͯ̀̒͊̑̐́͠t̶̼͉̋ͩ̽̒ę̥̝̞͓̹͓̞̲̾̈́̽ḍ̗̖̮̻̭͓ͥ ̭͕͇͉̱͍̜̳̝ͯͦͫ̄ͭ́́ṷ̡̤̝̟̋͑ͥ͐̐nͯ̽ͮ͌̇̚͜͏̙̳͚̹̳͔̜̠t̶̫̤̱̭̫̖͖ͧ͂ͅi̫͔̻̯̪ͩ͜ͅͅḷ͕̤ͣͩ̆̈̋͗̌ ̸͉͚̖͍̗͚̂͒e̝͖̙̫͂̎͊̉̀̀n͔̣͐͑̏ͩ͢ęͯ̏̿͏̠͙̥̗ṃ̲̺̀͑̐̏̍͘y̛̰̥͙ͣ̚͡ ̥̙̫̽̃ͬ̒ͣ̃̓ͅh̷̫͕̝͚͇̲̺ͫ̑͐̎̿́̌̿́ͅaͮ̾̑ͩ͆͆ͥ͏͓ş̤̘̞̱̘̞̥͑ͮ̔ͬ́̊̊̆͜ͅ ͗͂͡͏̷ͅb̸̷̞̺͉̿ͤ͋̄̏͐̈ͨ̿e̸͓̹̤̹͓̳͊̏͝e͔̺̙̭͚̥̞ͩ̓̈́ͩͪ̏̎̃͘n̨̘͈͕̳̤̠̼̠̐ͤ͋͘͝ ̻̭̯͇͐̀͊ͭ͑͞r̟̠̪͕͐̎̀̄͐̓ͯ̚̚e͓̬̭͎̬̮ͮn̟̝̣͔͕͔̰̐̉̔͛ͯ͋ͫ̇̋͡ͅd̰̟ͥͤ̊̉ͨͩͬ̀e͈̮̺̭̠̗̦̝ͣ͂̄͡r̴̹̥ͨ̓̌ͫ͊e̩͈̗̜ͫ̏͝d̡̼̯̱̤̰̰̰ͣ͋͆ͯ͊ͯ͡ ̢͕͔ͯͧ̓ͫ͜ͅŞ̸͙͖͚ͯͦ͗ͨ̇̈̃̍́͟I̧͚̼̒ͯ͛̎Ļ̸̥͓͇̫ͮ̒̒ͧͪ͞E̜̘̞̱͉̱̾͋̿ͣͦ̂ͬ͜ͅͅṈ̣̜̭͖̫̓̅ͭ͜T̴̯̤̤̼̞̈́ͫ̋̍ͫͥ̃̈́.͕̥͖̪̥̰̪̾
̨̣̥͍̣͍̹̐ͫ̿̓̐͛͑T̯͑ͣh̶̨̪̅͒̎̆̚ė̡̛͕͙̱̟̲̭̒ͯ̾̃ͅ ͖̰͛̀l̖̦̰̗̠̳͖̺̒̒̽͟a̛͔̹̻̘ͤ̊s͔͔̳̗̣͈̘̥̀ͥ̂̎͋̋̈t̠ͨͥ̕ ̵̡̭̬̖͉̘̬̞̓ͨͩ̽̿̑ͩ̈͜t̄ͭͭ̋͏̀ͅi̫̠͐ͫ̉ͬ͢͡m͕͕̪̞̘̈́̈́̒̓̎̏́e̵̻͎͓͈̿ͥ̏͂͐̉́̚͟ͅ ̸̜̤̤̫͉̦̝̩͂̍͊̅̂̃̚͡I̶͈̖̖̟͚̦͔̥͊̈͐́͞ ͕̣̲̬̍̑ͪ̊͘w̛͖̲̞̬̤͕̰̃͊͋ͥͫ̽̍͊̚ͅà̶͍̳͛s̛̙̟̳̖̜ͤ̿̈́̈́͐̍ͯ̔ ͈̲̹̼̣̉͋͢͡a͍̟̫͙̖͎̫ͤ̎́ͣẘ̥͖̼̯̱̰̺͋̑̕a̫̺̬͕̰͉̳̿͗̏͝͝k̩̠͍͎̪̮͇̳͇ͨͪͫ͐͗͂̚e̺͎͚̝ͣ̍́͐n͒͏̦̮͉eͨͧͤͩ͏̞̥͖̹̝͕d͎̲̜̬̞̓̅͊ͪ̐̌̌ͅ,̌ͩ́̊̿
͇̗͔̣͍͇̝̼ͬ͒̔̕ ͚̬̯̲͇͌̐͠ͅA̹̞̻̺̪̻͔̎ͤ͒̃n̖̤͓͍͇̦̦ͧ͛̇ͥ͐ṯ̣̝͓̅̈́̾͒ͯ͂ͦ͗h̡̢͇̰̬̣̠͈̖ͤ̀ͧ̓̈́ͣõ҉҉̘̝̮̤̤͓n̴̢̰͕̤͔ͧ̊̋̑̿̽̓ͨ̋y̴̮̮ͫ̃͗̂͢ ͚̹̹̹͙͇ͣ̍̄ͯ̑͝h̨̟͕̺͍̻̫̪͊ͬ͗̅͛̍ͣ͒̉à̵̶͙̹̳̺̺d͕̟̥̑ͫ̾ ͓̠̫̮̤̰̲̟͒́̕a͖͕͓̩̠̰͇̽͑̐͒̎̍͆̕ ̧̪̠̍̓ͬs͙͇̼͇̳̉̅̈̅ͮ͟e͔̟̱̠͉͎̓̌͗̕͢i̧̺̟̞̭̞͔̅́͒̈́ͩz̪̥̰̱̦͊̈́̌̓̃ͣ͑͘͝u̯̰̞̣̩̟̞͑ͯ̓ͪ͋̀r̗̹ͮ̍ͫͪ̿̒̉̚e̲̺̲̝̝̺̞̝̔͛ͣͦ̌̾̋ͫ̊.͊ͮ̉͐̒̄̋͞
̪̲̻͖̬͇̮ͥ̊̄͑̉ͅL͈͔̞̣̳̘̠͔̲̂͐͝e̸̟̪͛̂͢͟ͅţ̺̞͛ͧ̿̓̑̈́̋͋'ͮ̋̃̈̅ͫ̕҉̞̳̤͙̜s̙͉͚̭̾̈ͣ̅͌͒ ̷̪̤̩̃̒s̶̘͚̗̥̙̱̒͗ͅë͍͓̖̝ͧe̸͕̼͆͗̄͒͗̔ͤͭ́̀ ̏͋̾̀͆ͨ̐ͣ͏̯̩̳̻w̨̬͔̻͑͋ͩ̍ͬ̀̓ḩ̺̣̩̝̋̈́̿̆͟͡â̾ͩ͏̭̰͉͕t̛͒́̏ͪ͑͗͏̤̬͍̱͕͇̬͞ ̯͕͚̩͉̝̦̱̈̌͊̈́ͩh̔̌͛̀͛͏̫͎̮͍̖̻a͙̞̥̥̺̟͋ͣ̀ͪͧͮͧ́͘p̧̫̰̦͈͉ͩ̌̈̍ͬ̈͝ͅp̯ͬ̂ͬ̈ͬͣ̑̕͢ͅe̱̬̮̼̺͈̣̝̖̐̎͐̈ͬ̋͒̕ň̢ͧ̓̓̈́͂̇ͩ͏̥̘̥š̛̺͎̜̤̩̍
͉͇ ̫͓ͨ̈̿͟n̪̳̝̼ͫ̿ͫ̎o̝̰̠̬̫̖̻̥̽̈́͌ͩ̋͛ͤ͠w̷̥͚̮̭̩ͤ̅ͬ̐̌̈́̍.̷̡̲̦͇͙̆͗ͮͣͅ
̞͇͎͉̣͉̳ ̨̢̠̳̜̹͈̟̦̓t̶̴̮̰͛ͩ̄ͩͤr͐͛̀҉̗̝̠͔̞̼͓̬a̡͍͆ͫͦ̓̀̋̎͟n̼̣͔̏̂͒͊̊͢͜s̤̤̤̜͖̮͚̰ͣ̉͌͌ͣ̚͟͟f͐̀͌ͩͣ̉ͥͮ͏̜͎̝̦͓̩̲̗o̴̵̧͍̰̅r̫͙͇͉͛̐ͮm̵̹̈́̋
̯̤͉̺a̹̘̻̹̙̫͍̿̀̓ͪ̋͗̌͒̈́͜tͩͯ̏ͧ̽̿͜͏̘̥͖̟̺i̞͕̪̼͐͆̊̚̕̕o̡̮̻͉ͧ̂̽̒̽̔̀n̷̴̹͕̝̭̬̗̯̰ͯ̿̅̈́̓̍̕ ̦̼̭̲̦̻͚̚͟͡o͖̲͍̝ͨ̒̅͌ͪ́ͭͮ̕͝f̡̱̲͕̣͍̝ͨͥͩ͐͌ͤ̒͌͞ ͍̗̣̲̲̤̙͓͐͂̿́̾̎a̱͖̰͔̞̻̺̹͑͋̈ͯ̈̕͜rͣ̈́͘҉̱̻͔̯̦̜ͅm̧̨̞̫̮͐o̵͇͉̮͍̦͖ͭ̆r̷̛͓͎̳̩̘̮ͦ́.̳̫̘̀́̀.̼͎ͪ̒ͬ͜͟͡.̈͏̶̼̟͜
No. 35119 ID: 3583d1
I'm just peachy.

What the hell is that!?
No. 35120 ID: 3583d1

I gotta try and regain control!!! Keep going everyone! If you weaken it enough maybe I can take control of it!
No. 35128 ID: 28e01e
File 150154495406.jpg - (3.77MB , 2480x5520 , m 24.jpg )
No. 35129 ID: 3583d1
File 150154661436.jpg - (1.28MB , 2992x2401 , IMG_4098.jpg )

*summons gungnir and turns into this >>35001 then charges in midair driving the point through the back of the head and out the front*

No. 35131 ID: 143250
*throws dream biscuit at Parasite* thats... all I got... Sorry, I did not get summoned by the Ash Tree with weapons like Scarred did. er... not that it matters or want any. I don't even know if I know how to use a weapon properly anyway. I guess I wasn't a fighter in my past life or something?

Dreamwalker, can you still boost to get Falafaf free? you can either boost forward in an attempt to get the drill closer to the brain but risk having that tentacle break through the face plating, or boost away and hope that it is strong enough to get you unstuck, and escape

Hey, Parasite, Falafaf doesn't have the proper... head to infect (no offense, Falafaf, sorry). I don't think you'd be able to infect her no matter how hard you try. You'll have to find someone else.
No. 35132 ID: 292ebb
File 150155149983.jpg - (795.94KB , 1762x1110 , m 25.jpg )
No. 35134 ID: 143250
*Runs to Daniel* you okay buddy? let me see your wound, see if you've been infected...

Falafaf, She is distracted again talking to Scarred. Few ideas you can try, boost either upwards, or backwards to escape the tentacle, and maybe the bindings. I think it will be easy to escape since she is too busy talking to Scarred, and not smart enough to just ignore her.

Or, if you are feeling like doing a high risk high reward kind of thing, and/or if you can't escape after boosting, try to deactivate the face plate, and right when the tentacle gets between your face, and the face plate, activate it again. That tentacle will get chopped off once the face plate closes up on it's tentacle. Gotta be very very quick though... Hey, Inner thought mode tends to slow down time, use that to your advantage.
No. 35135 ID: 143250
Hm, hey Spirit Parasite, since you are in a talkative mood, and since you have the Ash Tree's powers, let me ask you: can you see the previous lives of us Anas like he did?

...nevermind, this is a very bad time to be asking that.
No. 35137 ID: 3583d1

*continues fighting, staying in the blind spot of the loss of the eye, making continuous thrusts and cuts with svardstav*

Oh I've noticed alright. But clearly, you haven't. You think you know me? You don't know jack shit about my powers, the strength I wield. And besides, if that whole god thing were true, then Dreamwalker wouldn't be here... But hey, rule one of battle, don't tell your enemy what you are doing. And rule 2?

*Stabs upward at the second eye, and cutting off claw tongue*

No. 35138 ID: 292ebb
File 150159846027.jpg - (3.94MB , 2480x5020 , m 26.jpg )
No. 35139 ID: 3583d1

Daniel, can you give me my form back for this fight? If not I can still be useful in this fight. If you can't, I can still be distracting, all I need is a little boost...
No. 35140 ID: 3583d1
I don't know if we can, Scarred. If Daniel can't give you a form, you can still help us what I want you to do is be our flight navigation. If you see an attack incoming you say what direction is coming from.
No. 35144 ID: 143250
oh no! sorry about your eye Anthony, please forgive me...
oh wait, it's only Spirit Parasite, not Anthony anymore. Sorry, Falafaf... I let my feelings for him get the best of me and lost focus for a moment there.

Ok, Falafaf, even if your flight navigation is broken, we've damaged her eye, it must have ruined her vision and depth perception in some way making it difficult for her to aim at her targets properly.

Now Falafaf, based off of what she said after Daniel did his attack, she will be targeting Daniel now, not you. I'll keep her distracted while protecting Daniel while you try to get behind her, and attack her from the back.

Ana's not the only one who can get attacked from behind so easily.

Daniel, I think she is going to be attacking you now. Since I'm not in a physical form, I will sink below the ground and see where the roots she used to attack will emerge from, and alert you on where to dodge, that is if I can even do that. If not, I'll stand between you and her so that she'll have trouble trying to see you.

Scarred, protect Falafaf while I protect Daniel.
No. 35145 ID: 3583d1
I am here though... Why can't anyone see or hear me...?
No. 35146 ID: 143250
Oh, and Falafaf, try and stay away from Daniel just in case even after the battle until we confirm if he has been infected or not. We don't know if he has been infected by the hive mind or not.
No. 35147 ID: 3583d1
Wait a minute...

Where am I?

I remember seeing everything, trying to talk to everyone out there... but no one could hear me or see me... I did the ash tree drawing and then it was like I was watching through my eyes but with no control over my body, or the ash tree anyway....

But... where am I now?

What the... Who... Who are you? >>35057

No. 35148 ID: 292ebb
File 150162441593.jpg - (3.72MB , 2840x5075 , m 27.jpg )
No. 35150 ID: 143250
Let her go for now, Falafaf. You have to be patient at times like these. you'll find her again. Besides, your flight navigation is broken. Trying to go after her with broken flight navigation will only put you in a huge risk, and that bodygaurd will only bring you down and kill you and Dreamwalker when that happens. It is best to get rid of the bodyguard first, and get out of here quick. If what Ana said was correct, If Dreamwalker dies here, he won't exist in any other point in the dimensional cycle, and we won't see him again if we go back. It is best to try to finish up here quick, and escape so you two don't get eaten by the timeline.

I wonder what dimension Spirit Parasite... and... Anthony... will be headed next? I feel they'd fit right at home at Labyrinth city with all those crazy creatures...

I'll check up on Daniel, look in his head and see for sure if he's been infected.
No. 35151 ID: 1ce4e4
I'm not going with you or anyone else! I never made any deal, you can keep my body but I'm not going anywhere! I'm staying right here! And you can't make me!
No. 35152 ID: 143250
>As for you fortune teller, I hope you die here with everyone else

...There's two Fortune tellers. Who are you referring to? Falafaf, or me? if Falafaf, understandable since she challenged you. If me, why call me out in particular?
No. 35153 ID: 292ebb
File 150168539695.jpg - (4.16MB , 3508x4865 , m 28.jpg )
No. 35154 ID: 3583d1
wait so I'm confused is Anthony the Trunk now? Or is he back or what?
Wait a second...? So I'm the ash tree? Holy shit this worked? Well then the reason you can't go after her... is because I want some pay back too.

Hey ugly! Where do you think you're going!
No. 35155 ID: 143250
Well, I did warn you not to go after Spirit Parasite just yet and fight the bodyguard first...

Ok, we need to take them down quickly. Let me ask you some things, Falafaf

1. the card you gave me long ago, the moon card. Will it be able to help with this situation? the vision from the moon card has come to pass with Ana and she had died in this timeline. Perhaps we can now use this card for a different purpose that could help us?

2. In one of Anthony's dream visions, he saw me draw this symbol: >>34948 and then I did some kind of chant. He explained the symbol I drew was a giant wheel of fortune that is on the tarot card of the same name. Surrounding it is the Ouroboros Dragon, which usually stands for the infinite, and then finally below that is alchemy signs for the eclipse, which usually stands for god, as well as other alchemy symbols for various elements. Seeing as you know more about fortune telling, you know what this will do, and if it will help us, Falafaf? when Anthony himself drew it, he said it moved a lot of things in his room around and make some really bright lights happen, and he didn't even say a chant for that to happen.

3. If your willing to sacrifice your life or sanity to take them both down, you can have Dreamwalker transform into Phoboter. Dreamwalker said that as Phobetor, he is the living embodiment of people's nightmares. Just to gaze into his eye means to go mad, he is the thing that should not be... even if you don't go mad from his gaze he still can tear people limb from limb, chew people alive.
That says, If he transforms into Phoboter, I cannot guarantee your safety, Falafaf, or if you would be able to keep your sanity, but if you feel there is no other way to take care of this quickly, you might have to have Dreamwalker pull this move.
No. 35156 ID: 3583d1
I'm down for that, but I warn you it's probably best if you look away when it happens. I can eject Falafaf from the armor and turn... but I suggest you and Scarred take her and get out of here.
No. 35163 ID: 143250
Another idea could be to boost towards Anthony's head and maximum speed, with the drill, and hope that it will impale the head onto the drill and the momentum will take the head right off, and continue charging towards Spirit parasite and impale her as well while she isn't looking. Two birds one stone. But it might be risky as your flight navigation isn't working properly as you said...
No. 35164 ID: 292ebb
File 150171026564.jpg - (1.83MB , 2177x2500 , m 29.jpg )
No. 35165 ID: 1ce4e4
File 150171104599.jpg - (1.55MB , 2171x3263 , IMG_4101.jpg )
Hey! But I'm on your side... wait a minute...

I know that symbol! I drew it! That one woman, who also drew it, I think she's here! That symbol was like a gate or something! Maybe she can help me! Please oh for the love of god, please let her hear me, maybe she can find a way to take full controll of this thing!

Please, if you can hear me, help me. I know you. I saw you. You were a scholar, a cleric, a healer. You knew great secrets. Your touch was healing. Please, if you can hear me, help me stop this thing. Help me to help Falafaf and Dreamwalker kill that Parasite. If you can hear me, help me...
No. 35166 ID: 1ce4e4
that drawing is also one of the lost works, here is the entry on it
Another of the lost works of Anthony. Because of the similarities between this one and the one depicting a knight, we aren't sure if the woman in this drawing and the knight are one and the same. However, this one was also seen as treasonous against the phoenix nation due to the chant in it. It is unaware of what became of these two drawings.

I had a dream that I was in, a cathedral? No, that's not quite right. It was like a cathedral, but not specifically a religious one. Instead I saw great tomes of knowledge and science, art and medicine. Any form of knowledge that was worth preserving, the scholars and monks would preserve it. At head of a great procession was this woman. She had the patience of eternity in her eyes. Her touch was healing, and her voice was kind. She led her organization in a chant. It was... familiar.

"Out of the darkness we will rise!
Into the light we will dwell!
We came to teach the earth, with muse in words!
We end the source of all sin!
We are the stars in the sky!
Death and rebirth in the light,
The Sun and the Moon,
at the end of all time!

We are the guards of the new world order!
We are the soldiers, the legion of light!
We are the centre, the death of the Sun
Fire and flame, we are one!"

And funny, I think this woman could see me, I don't know how or why, but I think she was blushing at me.

No. 35167 ID: 143250
Is... your forehead supposed to glow a bluish purple like that during intense readings?

Well here was the chant that came with Anthony's vision on his diary entry. Here is hoping something good will come of it:

"In the sea without lees
Standeth the bird of Hermes
Eating his wings variable
And maketh himself yet full stable
When all his feather be from him gone
He standeth still here as a stone
Here is now both white and red
And all so the stone to quicken the dead
All and some without fable
Both hard and soft and malleable
Understand now well and right
And thank there gods of this sight

The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame.

The Red Sea. The Red Sol. The Red Elixir Vitae.
Red Stone. White Stone. Elixir Vitae. Luna in Cresent."

No. 35171 ID: 292ebb
File 150172159874.jpg - (3.65MB , 2480x3508 , m 30.jpg )
No. 35172 ID: 1ce4e4
CHRIST! It feel like my head is about to explode! Find it please! HELP ME!
No. 35173 ID: 143250
I can barely hear Anthony crying for help. It's breaking my heart, but I must stay the predator at this moment to take down the monster... like Daniel told us to do long ago.

hm, Falafaf, I get the feeling the artwork in your tarot card imitates life's future and past like poor Anthony's artwork did. I knew he must of had some kind of similar powers to yours and mine, Falafaf. I only wish you and I didn't get acquainted to Anthony this way.

That said, I'm probably overthinking this, take it what you will, but looking at the moon card, I notice that the picture kind of represent what is happening at this moment: the roots from the Ash tree coming out of the ground mirrors what is happening on the card, and those roots look very similar to each other. However, the roots from the ground are going through the tame dog on the left, and the wild wolf on the right. Not a good sign... unless... wait... that reminds me of something

In a predicament we are in, I was told that I was a more "obedient" Ana who is willing to learn, like dogs are, while Scarred was told she needed to "behave" herself, as she seems more wild temperament, like wolves have. I wonder, if I were to stand where the dog is on the left side, and Scarred were to stand where the wolf is on the right, we might be able to recreate that picture on the moon card so we can be sure where the attack will come from, and I can get a better visual on where the parasite fetus might be at. Also, this is to ensure that the dog and the wolf won't represent you, and Dreamwalker and not get you two killed. Don't worry, we are not in a physical form. the roots will just go right through us unharmed.

I am assuming the weak point, where the fetus is, will be where the crescent moon will be positioned, eclipsing the sun as the moon on the card seems to have similar patterns and colors to the fetus from the wheel of fortune card. Plus, the fetus' eye on the wheel of fortune card also looks similar to the moon's eye. That's got to be where the Parasite is at. Falafaf, position yourself between me and Scarred, where the Crawfish would be, and fly high enough so the Roots won't harm you, When the roots go through Scarred and myself at the same time, fly and charge attack where the crescent moon would be positioned. I think that is where the weak point would be located at.

Scarred, I know you are grieving in the other place right now over someone you care about. You can grieve all you want there, but here, I need you to stay strong with those wild thoughts, and go along with this plan. I'm going through something similar right now having to attack Anthony, I know how you feel in some respects, but now more than ever, we must be strong here.

Now while we stand here, in case I am overthinking that crazy plan, I will focus on the card and see if I can get a vision in case that is what you actually meant, Falafaf.
No. 35174 ID: 1ce4e4
You might be right, shit Anthony may have even seen this coming some way or other. He even eluded to our duality, me as the wolf, you as the hound. Look at his drawing >>34816, the warrior and the scholar. I say we try. I'm ready to do my duty.
No. 35176 ID: 292ebb
File 150175493199.jpg - (2.16MB , 2492x4082 , m 31.jpg )
The song for this part is Diamond eyes by Shinedown
No. 35177 ID: 143250
File 150176620549.jpg - (368.35KB , 676x1499 , sha.jpg )
...4 spots I see...
Don't worry...

1. located below the right shoulder of the ash tree (our left). It is blue, and turquoise, and shaped like a sideways butterfly

2. located where the heart would be at. it is red, and shaped like an umbrella

3: located at the bottom of the rib cage below the heart (#2) It is also shaped like a butterfly, but more thin, and curvy

4. directly below the rib cage, and near the bottom of the spine. It is yellow and shaped like a scar...

Spirit parasite is shaped like a beautiful butterfly. It's got to be either #1, or #3. #3's top middle portion of the butterfly between the wings though seems to be the same size as the right wing, and the wings are too thin curvy, so I don't think it is #3. It has to be #1

Shoot at #1, below the right shoulder of the Ash Tree (our left.)
No. 35178 ID: 1ce4e4
Well, then if your certain, lets do this shit RIGHT! Falafaf? let's plow the road! Anthony if you can hear me, HOLD IT STEADY! WE'RE COMING FOR YOU, PARASYTE BITCH!


No. 35179 ID: 143250
[inner thoughts] I think Dreamwalker has been watching too much anime.
No. 35182 ID: 292ebb
File 150183705281.jpg - (3.51MB , 2480x4961 , m 32.jpg )
No. 35183 ID: 3583d1
No... we.... WOOOOOOON'T!
No. 35185 ID: 143250
I'm... Sorry Falafaf... I'm sorry Dreamwalker... once again... I've failed to save people I care about, all because I lead them to a wrong choice...

and I... overexerted myself from concentrating too hard on that card... My head feels like it is throbbing, my left eye feels like it is burning... I'm so tired... I feel like I might faint right here...
No. 35186 ID: 1ce4e4

I can hear Anthony! He is still trying his damn hardest to keep that thing at bay, trying to give his best shot. He is refusing to give up hope, and still in this very moment trying to save us! And you want to waste that chance! SHAME ON YOU!

Falafaf you know where the spots are, but I saw aim the eye, Anthony is holding it back, you have one chance! ONE CHANCE! TAKE IT!
No. 35187 ID: 1ce4e4
You know what, to hell with all of you! I'm not wasting anything!

*picks up svarstav*

I don't know if this will work or not, damnit I'm going to try!

*runs and throws spear into the other eye*
No. 35188 ID: 292ebb
File 150187128628.jpg - (2.42MB , 2100x4000 , m 33.jpg )
The song for this part is Halo by Beyonce
No. 35189 ID: 292ebb
Sorry Scarred Ana but you dont have a body
No. 35190 ID: 143250
Thanks... Caper... You're one in a million...

fire at the bottom... of his left rib cage (our right). It is the only other target that looks like a small Spirit Parasite....
No. 35191 ID: 3583d1
Casper you are a beautiful bastard!
No. 35192 ID: 3583d1
I know, that was more just meant to inspire tom courage around here.
No. 35194 ID: 143250
Oh, and Casper, can you distract Spirit Parasite, make sure she doesn't escape?
No. 35201 ID: 292ebb
File 150189454150.jpg - (3.38MB , 2624x4202 , m 34.jpg )
No. 35203 ID: 6c7837
Goodbye... my grandson of many greats...

I don't know about you but that gate is still open, we'd better go after the bitch..
No. 35207 ID: 143250
I think we all are too injured to chase her down right now, mentally and physically. If we go after her now with our current mindset, and with our current injuries, like my overexertion using the moon card, Falafaf's and Dreamwalker's injuries after being attacked by the roots, and Casper's injuries, it will only get us killed. It is best to heal our wounds, come up with a plan of action in case she comes back for revenge. For now, lets escape this timeline ourselves before it is too late. I'll look for spirit parasite in the other area and see where she will be hiding. And I'll also look out for you guys and call you over so maybe you guys can stay safe as well, that is, if I'm allowed to do that.
*cries over loss of Anthony*
No. 35208 ID: 6c7837
Hey, just so you know, but this was only one instance of him. Anthony isn't like me, if he dies in one timeline he can still be alive in another. He's human, he's got let's than a fraction of me in him. If this timeline is about to be erased, I don't think we've seen the last of him. But I'm not like my dad, I mourn family, regardless of timelines. My dad didn't mourn for Absolution because he has no concept of time. He is time really, so to him Absolution is both alive and dead... so am I really... But I still mourn the loss of him. But hey, if we all get out of here, then we can see him again. I see the way you look at him...
No. 35209 ID: 6c7837


...I feel as if someone just walked over my grave...
No. 35211 ID: 292ebb
File 150193098223.jpg - (1.05MB , 1748x1989 , m 35.jpg )
No. 35212 ID: 6c7837

That's not much a choice at all... We'll Falafaf I've got the accelerated healing started in the suit, should help you out. You ready to go?
No. 35213 ID: 143250
It's not giving up if we retreat. We have to be smart about this.

you bring up good points, Casper, but looking at Falafaf and Dreamwalker, they have a damage power suit, damaged face plate, broken flight navigation, no more ammo, a broken drill, and quite possibly broken bones from being squeezed to near death. Going after her without healing and being better prepared will only be a pointless suicide. Besides, that parasite barely got damaged in comparison. She has a huge advantage over us in comparison. Plus, don't forget that we chopped up the tentacle she uses to infect others. I doubt she'll be able to infect people, and even if she did, she'll have a lot of trouble doing it.

Besides, you said she is going to another universe? it's most likely us voices will be able to travel to that universe and help a hero take that parasite down themselves. And I have a feeling I know which universe she will reside in that opened up to us recently... I could be wrong though.

The sacrifices that happened here won't be for nothing. What we gained was knowledge on how she attacks, how she moves, what the fetuses looks like in case we need to take down another one of them again if someone gets infected.

For now, I recommend escaping, and better prepare ourselves for the next run in with her if she shows up again for revenge, like an updated power suit, more ammo, stronger drill, etc.

...This is my recommendation. I can't stop you if you decide to attack, Falafaf. But whatever we do, lets escape now!
No. 35226 ID: 016e0f
File 150197216275.jpg - (939.29KB , 1760x1872 , m 36.jpg )
No. 35228 ID: 143250
You've heard our friendly ghost. Lets leave... And thanks again Casper.
No. 35229 ID: 143250
Art request for Anthony if you feel like it: a lost artwork of spirit parasite. But have it look similar to the title card of this art thread: >>32929

No. 35233 ID: 016e0f
File 150202694518.jpg - (1.62MB , 2048x3663 , m 37.jpg )
No. 35236 ID: 143250
Falafaf, Dreamwalker... I think we are about to head towards a trap at the end of this tunnel.

Now that we have left Casper, I can now reveal what my thoughts are: Casper showed us that he had been infected by the Spirit Parasite, and was very insistent in us wanting to attack Spirit Parasite even though we are at a huge disadvantage... now, I was thinking: what if that was not Casper telling us to fight that parasite as we are now, but was actually one of her children relaying that message from Spirit Parasite's hive mind so that we would fall into an ambush if we chase her at the end of this tunnel?

I'm hoping she is gone, but let us take precautions in case she is waiting for us at the end: Get your drill, point it forwards, and charge forward with a small boost (small boost because I don't want to accidentally crash into something just in case, and have enough speed to slow down effectively). If she is waiting in front of the end of the tunnel, we will get a free hit on her. if she is around the tunnel, we would be fast enough for her not to hit us. If she is gone, cool beans, you can find a safe place to rest up
No. 35238 ID: 3583d1
The drill is primed and ready to go.
No. 35240 ID: 016e0f
File 150206677594.jpg - (1.71MB , 2634x3176 , m 38.jpg )
No. 35245 ID: 143250
You're a fortune teller. Which means If you feel like you are being watched or stalked, you most likely are...
And right on cue, I was right about it all being a trap by the parasite that infected Casper. My predicted location on where the spirit parasite would be was wrong, but it's a good thing I warned you and you have your drill ready. Lets defend ourselves. Point the drill upwards, and boost diagonally upwards and backwards behind you. She thinks we are going to retreat with our defenses lowered and not chase her which, is why she is behind you. Lets give her a surprise for trying to cowardly stalk you..

Ironic. She's a parasite, but she's been infected by a parasite herself... A parasite called... revenge.
No. 35246 ID: a05012
What the- Oh, good idea.

No. 35248 ID: f852d2
File 150210304091.jpg - (2.01MB , 2179x3364 , m 39.jpg )
No. 35249 ID: 143250

I have a feeling I know what is at the end of the tunnel. I'm hoping I'm right, but we are also with Robbit outside of the timeline where we discovered a hole that appeared out of nowhere. I'm asking if Robbit still has some kind of bomb like a grenade. If he does, we can lure this parasite out of the tunnel, hope that the end of the tunnel is the destination I think we're at, and explode the parasite as soon as it escapes. For now, until I get an answer from on whether Robbity still has a bomb or not, do some fencing with your drill and her arms. stall for time. Don't worry about being infected, we chopped off her tentacle earlier.
No. 35250 ID: 3583d1
Fuck! Alright hold on, I'm starting up a repair module, it can help with those wings, activating long jump to make up for loss of wings.

Let's see what other weapons do we have... Uh we got smokescreen, caltrops, the drill of course, a sword module? That's pretty cool... uh what else we're out of ammo, i can reload some but it would take too long... And an acid spray? That might work! But we only have one shot... Fortune Ana? You have any thoughts to provide?
No. 35251 ID: 143250
As I said, stay on the defensive by fencing with the drill, dodge as many attacks as you can and keep yourself from harm. I'll tell you the next plan of action as soon as I hear a response from Robbit concerning the grenade he might still have.
No. 35252 ID: 3583d1
A grenade? Oh shit! that might just work... well if that's case... RUN! HEAD FOR THE GATE! I WANT THIS AT NEAR POINT BLANK!
No. 35253 ID: 143250
Don't jump to conclusions just yet. I still need an answer from Robbit first. Just dodge, and be ready to retreat when I tell you.
No. 35254 ID: 3583d1
File 150212671092.jpg - (1.21MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_4113.jpg )
There. That should do it...

No. 35255 ID: 3583d1
File 150212675082.jpg - (1.13MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_4114.jpg )
Where did that thing come from?
No. 35262 ID: f852d2
File 150214259150.jpg - (2.21MB , 2480x3236 , m 42.jpg )
No. 35263 ID: 143250
The wings are a distraction. Run away. retreat. Don't look back. the exit is right over there.
No. 35264 ID: 3583d1
No. 35265 ID: 3583d1
That's where you are wrong essence. With the death of one, there is rebirth in another. This isn't a mirror, but a window. Where I die, this one lives, and another universe is being born.

Did someone leave this on my desk when I wasn't looking or something? Huh...

*picks it up*

Looks kinda like a game piece or something?
No. 35269 ID: f852d2
File 150219088683.jpg - (1.76MB , 1748x3376 , m 43.jpg )
No. 35272 ID: 143250
Now that the the characters has took their dumb battle outside, and stopped having the story bleed into the art thread, now we can get back to what really matters: MORE ART!

Art request: what would Rosaline look like if she got mind controlled by spirit parasite? She's already part spider so...
No. 35277 ID: 3583d1
File 150223314068.jpg - (1.59MB , 2448x3264 , IMG_4116.jpg )
AHH! Did I just hear that??? In my head???

Um... please tell me I'm not crazy... Well hopefully I'm not but this is what I came up with. I assume the spirit parasite was this thing? >>35254 I had a bad dream about it last night. And it can take people over? That's a scary thought. Especially Miss Rosaline, she gave me some tea the other day. She's really sweet. I didn't know about her spider thing until a while ago though. So the idea of the two mixed together... I thought it would look something like this...

So um... who are you? Your voice is familiar but I can't place the name to the voice.

If Anthony needs to stay dead then disregard this as nothing more on my take of what Rosaline/Parasite looks like. But with the new universe being back in time then it stands to reason that he is alive. I don't know if he did get Fortune Ana's totem but hey it's a neat idea in my mind. We don't know what happened to it, so I like to think he got it somehow.
No. 35279 ID: f852d2
File 150229839606.jpg - (3.75MB , 2952x5173 , m 45.jpg )
No. 35280 ID: f852d2
Come to the beach day for some fun
No. 35281 ID: 28314e
Huh, that's pretty awesome! You know I never apologized for freaking out on you a while ago. I... have something of a phobia of clowns. But you're okay. If I think of you as a Jester, that somehow works better for me.
No. 35290 ID: 143250
To absurdity: is it confirmed that Anthony has Fortune Ana's totem?

Also, Wow, lots of arms and legs there. Crazy.
No. 35296 ID: 928cbe
File 150240689457.jpg - (853.04KB , 1290x1974 , m 49.jpg )
No. 35297 ID: 02d8f4
File 150240748419.jpg - (160.91KB , 678x902 , IMG_2131.jpg )
I.... know her... it's a long story... one that involves me running out of a room naked and terrified and hearing Delilah cat call after me...

As for why I'm scared of clowns... ironically it's because if a dream had as a kid. Where this one evil clown with knfie life teeth was in my bathroom and he tried to eat me while strangling me. I woke up before he could finish me off though. I drew this while I was still at home, just wanted to put how I felt on paper, hope this gives some ideas as to why they scare me...
No. 35298 ID: 143250
No. 35310 ID: 894beb
... What the hell? Why is there a video playing in my head? But I can top that one.

No. 35313 ID: 143250
Are you sure the person the jester was referring to was who you think it is? the person you met said that the things on her head are not horns, and she really likes her privacy unless she has a reason to reveal herself. It could have been anybody that had horns.
No. 35315 ID: 02d8f4
If it is who I think it is then I want as little to do with her as possible... So... seriously who are you?
No. 35316 ID: 928cbe
File 150244720281.jpg - (3.43MB , 3191x2909 , m 46.jpg )
Really creepy clown picture I love it, also I am sorry but I will not continue the gallery story in the draw thread. I just don't want to create another long story in here especially after the previous battle. Also I made this for the beach day In the celebration of summer, so do you want to play a friendly competition just for fun. If you do there will be a gift at the end, but the battle will be held in the beach day thread
No. 35319 ID: 928cbe
File 150249639022.jpg - (2.02MB , 2958x2307 , m 52.jpg )
Well now I will just post the preview of possible characters that will appear in the story. I would like to hear your thoughts about them, what they are like and what will they do in the story. There is a running theme that goes with all the characters that I will show you. Can you guess what it is?
No. 35320 ID: 928cbe
File 150249659411.jpg - (1.40MB , 2354x2096 , m 53.jpg )
No. 35321 ID: 894beb
The best I can figure is each of them can represent different eras of American time periods. Maya represents the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Next is Molly who I see as colonial era. Inspector J is the 1920's prohibition era. And finally Zillean looks like some kind of space age alien.
No. 35323 ID: 7573fc
Well the thing is that there are more than I did not uploaded yet. There is three or more pictures left. But interesting observation nonetheless
No. 35324 ID: 143250
All I can say about the characters is: ah crude, more enemies we might have to deal with.
No. 35325 ID: 7573fc
Not all will be your enemies
No. 35326 ID: 894beb
Thank goodness.

Well I know you said the gallery wouldn't continue, but I am curious, what would have been in the number 1 place? Can we know that? Or shall it remain a mystery? Also will self reflections continue? I suppose those "lost works" aren't necessarily lost any more. I think I'd be most excited to see the self reflection of Andrew seeing his new one.
No. 35327 ID: 7573fc
Well there is a significant in the first place position in the gallery. The work has been tampered with
No. 35328 ID: 7573fc
As for the self reflection it will continue when Absurdity returns from vacation
No. 35330 ID: 928cbe
File 150252989116.jpg - (2.13MB , 3558x2480 , m 54.jpg )
Here are the rest of the characters from the preview for now. I hope now you will see the running theme with all of them
No. 35331 ID: 928cbe
File 150253025192.jpg - (3.68MB , 3315x3239 , m 55.jpg )
No. 35332 ID: 928cbe
File 150253039658.jpg - (1.09MB , 1748x2128 , m 56.jpg )
No. 35333 ID: 143250
Ah, Whispers. Robbit mentioned going to talk to that person so that we would get a new story.
No. 35334 ID: 143250
As for the themes for these new pictures

1st picture:trees
2nd picture: knights
3rd picture: animals
No. 35336 ID: 3583d1
I have the feeling Scarred Ana and the knights will get along more than fine.
No. 35350 ID: 928cbe
File 150258736844.jpg - (3.62MB , 3850x4302 , m 60.jpg )
No. 35351 ID: 3583d1
.... Are they based on fairy tails? I can tell some, but not others...