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File 135952124553.png - (535.30KB , 716x1000 , Sworn1.png )
488701 No. 488701 ID: 67bfa9


My Name is Saitnen SoulSworn

My father with his Dying breath made me promise to be the worlds greatest Hero!

and I swore an oath to him that I would uphold this final wish.
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No. 488702 ID: 67bfa9
File 135952129595.png - (160.42KB , 477x666 , Sworn2.png )

Okay that's not exactly how it went down . . .

* * * [FLASHBACK] * * *

Saitnen: "FATHER NOOOOO! you've been slain by ninjas! how could this have happened!"

Father: "My son Listen carefully I have two dying wishes of you . . ."

Saitnen: "I will do whatever you ask of me father, I swear it!"

Father: "My son you must be a hero . . ."

Saitnen: "Father, I will be the greatest hero that ever lived!"

Father: "My son you must steal panties . . ."

Saitnen: "Father, I will be- WAIT, WHAT?!"

Father: "urk! blargh"

Saitnen: "FATHER NOOOO!"

* * * [FLASHBACK OVER] * * *

. . . and that was yesterday

I have really have no idea what to do now.
No. 488705 ID: 68bbc5

Well obviously, you must seek out and acquire the panties of the most evil villain there is.

Fulfill both wishes in one fell swoop!
No. 488707 ID: 74c86b

Uhh... I guess you should acquire some adventuring gear first... Maybe look for some panties along he way?
No. 488710 ID: 908c2d

You sure he was slain by ninjas? That kind of looks like a two handed broadsword or greatsword. Not exactly the kind of weapon a ninja carries.
No. 488711 ID: 9ddf68

it's simple really, become the best hero the world has ever known and be a complet prev while you do it.
or if you want to be kind of not prevvy just ask for the panties of the princesses you save as a trophy or something (heros do that still right, saving princesses)
No. 488713 ID: 1f8505


So let's get the dying wish out of the way first, and go shoplift some Hanes from a department store.

Then let's go find bad guys to fight!
No. 488717 ID: 68bbc5

The panties have to be stolen, and heroes don't steal from good people.

We'll just make it a habit to steal the panties off every female villain we vanquish.
No. 488718 ID: bf54a8

vanquish evil ladies with your dick and take the panties while they are passed out
No. 488720 ID: 1f8505

Wait, what do we do with the undergarments once we have them?
No. 488721 ID: 12c19f

1. Wield the sword of your father's slayers and hunt down their foxy hot kunoichi leader.

2. Defeat their entire ninja clan.

3. Woo their leader.

4. Get her panties.
No. 488728 ID: 14bafe

Are you sure he's dead? Next time, check for a pulse.
Or at least make sure the guy isn't holding the blade with his armpit.
No. 488740 ID: b53faa

My advice? Look into legends regarding all-powerful long-lost artifacts that happen to be panties.
In short, we are after the legendariest of legendary queef quellers, the most astonishing of fabric twat buffers, the mightiest of the textile taint traps:
We want the panties of GOD.

This is our goal, and will serve as our ever-enduring quest goal.
No. 488761 ID: f8a43b

what I want to know is why do you have a dong-shaped armguard
No. 488762 ID: 14bafe

And now I can't un-see it. Thank you very much[ /endsarcasm].
No. 488793 ID: 9747ef

Oh God yes.
No. 488794 ID: 8fca75

You beautiful person.
No. 488795 ID: 710329

Wait... whose panties did GOD steal?
No. 488848 ID: 67bfa9
File 135958029293.png - (154.83KB , 473x660 , Sworn3.png )

>Aquire the panties of the most evil villians
Well I guess that seems like a plan . . .

>Wait, what do we do with the undergarments once we have them?
I have NO idea . . .

>I guess you should acquire some adventuring gear first...
I already have an adventuring Gear, it's huge and on my shoulder

well I guess it's not SPECIFICALLY for adventuring, but it's just huge enough that it shouldn't matter.

>Are you sure he's dead? Next time, check for a pulse.
I did, so did the paramedics before carting him off, they seemed pretty convinced he was dead.

>Wield the sword of your father's slayers
I can't the Police took it back to the station, they said it was "evidence"

>You sure he was slain by ninjas? That kind of looks like a two handed broadsword or greatsword. Not exactly the kind of weapon a ninja carries.
oh I guess maybe it wasn't Ninja . . . I just assumed because I didn't see anyone leave the building, I should try not to jump to conclus-

Out of nowhere three darts strike Saitnen in the head

Saitnen: "ow."

God damned Ninjas! I spin around axpecting to see nothing . . . Oh! it didn't vanish.


Kitten Klaw: "Nya ha ha! you've just been injected with [Blood Petal

Essence]! enjoy your last twenty minutes of life hero!
No. 488849 ID: 76b151

She's wearing bells. Nevermind not seeing her... how the hell did you not hear her?
No. 488850 ID: 908c2d

If she really wanted you dead, why didn't she use something a little more quickly acting?

Well, she's trying to kill you. (Sort of, and badly). That de facto makes her a villain. Time to fulfill your father's wishes and do the hero thing to her. And steal her panties.
No. 488865 ID: a7b849

Ninja. Also, it might not actually have a ringer inside of it.

Welp, time to show off your moves Hero. Try and keep her alive for a chance at the antidote. A pro wouldn't carry poison without the antidote.

No. 488868 ID: f1b3ee

Steal her panties first, then use them as a bargaining tool for the antidote. I mean all good ninjas carry the antidote to their own poisons in case they accidentally poke themselves with their own darts.

You know how it is, darts are like car keys and sometimes they like to stab you a few times.
No. 488880 ID: 001618

do you believe in hitting girls because if not this whole questing thing "might" be a bit of a bitch
No. 488882 ID: 14bafe

I have no idea where she could be keeping the antidote.

As such, I must recommend catching her quickly. While good ninjas would certainly keep the antidote on their person, they also wouldn't gloat after stabbing someone with poison darts, wear bells, or probably walk pigeon-toed.

You might have to make her take you to her hideout.
No. 488885 ID: c31f72

Tell her you're not a hero, you're trying to become a professional panty thief!
No. 488895 ID: bf54a8

pull out the darts and hit her with them. then she has to get out the antidote if she doesn't want to die too.
No. 488938 ID: 87d89c

Oho, she's a keeper.

Time to kick her ass, feed her panties to your shoulder gear, and then acquire catgirl waifu.

Oh, and you know, get rid of her poison shit too. If it's even poison shit. Is that a real poison? Yell "THAT'S NOT EVEN A REAL POISON!" at her while dashing forward with your sword. Preferably air-dashing. Zwee fight if you can.
No. 488940 ID: f2c20c

Fukkin GET HER. Assassins always carry the entidote to their own poison. It's a rule. She should be easy to chase considering she's got bells all over her.
No. 488980 ID: d666ac

well attack her, however you can. I don't know how you attack stuff, you're gonna have to tell us.
No. 489016 ID: 035ce3

Priorities are to defeat catgirl and obtain panties.
Engage target with awkward grappling combat.
No. 489072 ID: 14bafe

The more awkward, the better.
No. 489079 ID: 7839dd

hahaha, this! This so much!
No. 489218 ID: 67bfa9
File 135969263588.png - (176.48KB , 477x666 , Sworn4.png )

Saitnen: "All you've done is given me a whole twenty minutes to beat the antidote out of you, not a smart move!"

I lunge at her with a grab.


still no jingle from the bells . . .

Kitten Klaw: "Oh? I gave you to much time? NYA!"

three more darts

Saitnen: "GAAH"

Kitten: "ten minutes any better?"

Grappling her still seems my best bet, if only I could catch her . . .
No. 489220 ID: 908c2d

Oh. They're cheating bells, for look only. She took the knockers out.

>3 more darts
So... you're supposed to some kind of super hero right? What kind of powers / abilities / skills / gadgets you got? Some of that would come in handy right about now.
No. 489221 ID: 10165a

focus on controlled breathing, try to keep your heart rate down to slow the poison... we can't just die out of the gate, man! we're the hero!
No. 489222 ID: c6319f

The bells are probably hollow because she's a cheater.

Feint a lunge then spin around when she jumps over you or to wherever she does jump to.
No. 489224 ID: 4066b9

Fake being affected by the poison. When she gets close, you can surprise and grapple her.

Also, an idea, if you do get her into a grapple, try headbutting her. You've do have that headgear on so it should hurt more.
No. 489229 ID: bf54a8

rip out darts, return to sender.
No. 489232 ID: 0298a0

unless you can do anything else I guess you can keep on doing this.
No. 489251 ID: 232fc9

bitch is jumping. once she's off the ground she can't change course. inter-fucking-cept
No. 489252 ID: 232fc9

also, what's the point of that goofy-ass outfit if it can't stop a few needles?
No. 489492 ID: 67bfa9
File 135978627967.png - (181.38KB , 477x666 , Sworn5.png )

gotta focus.
keep my heart rate down.
slow the poison.
I can't die my first day on the job! I gotta be a hero!

. . . of course!

I lunge again exactly like before.

Kitten Klaw: "Nyaha! So predictable."

Saitnen: "ya, YOU are!"

I spin on my feint, and she can't dodge in mid air!



> What kind of powers / abilities / skills / gadgets you got?.

I'm really strong and really tough and hard to kill.

my shoulder gear also makes it so I don't have to eat, breath or drink, It's supposed to do other things but I have no Idea what.
No. 489494 ID: 87d89c

Looks like you're in a perfect position to tear off her top. It's not panties, but it's a good first step! Knowing our anime villains she'll have to fight the rest of the fight one handed if we do that, to preserve her dignity.

Also she's probably hiding the antidote in her top. Knowing our anime villains and all.
No. 489497 ID: 8e5580


retrieve antidote and underpants.
No. 489498 ID: 908c2d

>Don't need to breath
So... if that poison is an asphyxiating agent, you're actually already fine.
No. 489499 ID: cfe29c

choke that bitch unconscious.
No. 489505 ID: 5d98c3

Steal her glasses, her panties, and HER... soul. What, you thought I was going to say virginity? Poiverts.
No. 489519 ID: bf54a8

frisk her. if she doesn't have the antidote on her pull a dart out of you and stab it into her arm. and explain that unless she wants to die as horrible a death as you, she will tell you where it is.

oh and take her clothes, i mean, why not right?
No. 489520 ID: f2c20c

Start punching! You said you were gonna beat the antidote out of her so make good on your threat.
No. 489568 ID: bd1d08


Pull out the darts and stick her with them.

Then demand the antidote.

Then demand her panties in exchange for using the antidote on her.
No. 489587 ID: 1f8505


Take the antidote and get it into your system immediately. Then remove panties.
No. 489598 ID: 53688c

Don't stick her with the darts. She might only have enough antidote for one dose.

Just rip her clothes to incapacitate her and take the antidote.
You can get her panties AFTER you apply the antidote.
No. 489604 ID: 25312f

If you think you can get away with it, do this.

If not, do this.
No. 489669 ID: 0e3c46

No. 489839 ID: 67bfa9
File 135987125321.png - (150.11KB , 477x666 , Sworn6.png )

>Pull out the darts and stick her with them.
hmm . . . no, I couldn't do that. using lethal poison is not what heroes do.

I quickly frisk her, no antidote.

Kitten Klaw: "Nyahaha, Like I would actually carry an antidote on me, Nya you're only wasting what few minutes you have left.

she's right. time to move onto the next objective.

Kitten Klaw: "what are you-"

can't get her panties without removing the pants, so I might as well take both

Kitten Klaw: "KYAA!"
No. 489849 ID: b53faa

No. 489850 ID: 87d89c

Tell her you'll give her the shorts back when you get the antidote

keep the underwear
No. 489851 ID: 370c40

this pretty much
No. 489852 ID: 735f4f

Well there are only two places that antidote could be. Keep at it.
No. 489853 ID: 908c2d

Seems the best approach.

If she balks, make it clear you're going to continue strip searching her. And that if she really doesn't have an antidote, your dying act is going to be hauling in her in for justice. Naked.
No. 489857 ID: 11a38f


sniff them. relisch the scent.
No. 489865 ID: 5d98c3

This is a great plan. But seriously, offer to return the pants for an antidote.
No. 489866 ID: 295615

"Ten Minutes isn't much time for regrets, but plenty of time to leave a lasting impression. Are you sure~ there's no antidote around here somewhere?"
No. 489878 ID: 5d98c3

Uhhhhh, while that's keeping with the heroic theme of a certain young gentle named Rance, aren't we trying to be a HERO rather than a deranged serial rapist?
No. 489881 ID: 735f4f

Rance was a hero. Also a serial rapist but eh you know.
No. 489882 ID: c30a1a

Best plan.
No. 489888 ID: bf54a8

we can make threats and never follow through with them. a threat simply needs to only say that we CAN.

so yes. "if i only have a few minutes left i may as well have fun with you for the last few moments of my life." and grab her boob.
No. 489899 ID: fe4d7b

Nah, that's still pretty dickish for a hero, even if it's just a threat.

Go with
No. 489902 ID: 5cf982

now you can carry her outside and show her shame to the whole world. unless she gives you the antidote.
No. 489915 ID: 035ce3

You said that your shoulder gear makes it so you don't need to eat, drink, and breath, so could it protect you from poisons too?
Are you even sure that the poison is affecting you? It doesn't even look like you're dying or anything.
No. 489929 ID: 7839dd

you may be right... keep on strip her just to be sure...y-yeah
No. 489948 ID: fa1344

The only hitpoint that matters is the last.
No. 489957 ID: 25312f

Take the rest of her clothes and use them to bargain for the antidote. Don't give them back until you have the antidote, and have taken it. Keep the panties, of course.

Also, no threats of rape please. Seriously. That's fucked up.
No. 489958 ID: 47d311

Now barter the panties back for the antidote. Then once you get the antidote, steal the panties again and run.
No. 489964 ID: 67bfa9
File 135992433292.png - (141.06KB , 473x660 , Sworn7.png )

>sniff them. relisch the scent.
I-it smells like a girl should . . .

they're cotton or something, I'm not eating this.

maybe the poison is getting to me, but it sounds like my shoulder gear is starting to hum.

Saitnen: "Okay you get me to an antidote,and I'll give you your pants back."

Kitten Klaw: " . . ."

Saitnen: "OR, as my dying act I could strip you of what little clothes you have left and have you publicly arrested."

Kitten Klaw: "I-I'll take you to the antidote, P-please don't let people see me like this."
No. 489969 ID: fe4d7b

No. 489971 ID: f7acde

Give her pants back, but not the panties. SPOILS OF WAR.
No. 489974 ID: a28731

deal. give her back her back her pants, give her back her panties too after she gives you the antidote.

Yes we should still aim for panties but I figure you could come up with a more liberal interpretation of your father's last words. That is, seduce women, then in the next morning abscond with a pair of their undearwear.

>my shoulder gear ... It's supposed to do other things but I have no Idea what.
You don't know? Where did it come from?
No. 489976 ID: 47d311

When you get the antidote so that you don't die and part ways with this Kitten Claw person, add a way to hang acquired panties on your shoulder guard as a trophy rack to ward off and/or intimidate enemies.
No. 489978 ID: 47d311

Also no it is much more fun to interpret it literally and ignore the implication.
No. 489982 ID: bf54a8

make sure she has no other darts and, while keeping hand on her, let her stand up.
No. 489985 ID: 4a328b


So give her back the panties but keep the pants. Walking around in just your underoos is embarrassing, but not quite as bad as walking around naked. Give the pants back when you get to the antidote.
No. 489988 ID: 370c40

guys guys what if the mysterious shoulder gear is FUELED BY PANTY THEFT
No. 489998 ID: bf54a8

oh shit, brilliant!
No. 490011 ID: 5d98c3

It makes so much sense. Your father set you up, the old pervert!
No. 490013 ID: 908c2d

>"I-I'll take you to the antidote, P-please don't let people see me like this."
Agree, but don't trust her for a second. If you give her the chance, she's going to double cross you and escape.
No. 490030 ID: f2c20c

Excellent. You'll live through this yet.

Don't let her escape while she puts on her pants though. Maybe you can do that instead, or... I don't know. Whatever's the least awkward.
No. 490092 ID: 02bd5c

Do not give her anything back until you've already taken the antidote. She'll double-cross you.
No. 490151 ID: 1f8505

Exchange pants for antidote. Take antidote. Figure out what to do with underpants.
No. 490175 ID: f2c20c

Perhaps we should experiment with putting it on your head later. Or putting it on the gear.
No. 490176 ID: aa4d3b

Well throw her over your non-gear shoulder and have her lead the way. Let her know that if she tries anything you'll strip off all her remaining clothes and Kitten Klaw will be widely known as Public Pussy.
No. 490178 ID: 2a9dc0

okay. but antidote first.
No. 490487 ID: 67bfa9
File 136004688432.png - (175.25KB , 477x666 , Sworn8.png )

>what if the mysterious shoulder gear is FUELED BY PANTY THEFT

oh COME ON, that's the most ridiculous thing ever there's NO WAY that could ever be true . . . EVER!

. . . my dad wouldn't do that to me . . .


Saitnen: "OK Kitten but if you try and pull something your new nickname will end up being "public pussy"

haha I'm so clever!

Kitten Klaw: "I wouldn't dream of pulling anything . . ."

the second I lighten my grip she moves with lightning speed!


Kitten Klaw: "stabbing you with poison claws, now THAT I would do, NYA!"

I feel my muscles tightening up

Kitten Klaw: "oh and by the way, not ALL my poisons take minutes to act. you've got six seconds to guess what THIS one does!"
No. 490489 ID: 908c2d

>you've got six seconds to guess what THIS one does!
No. 490490 ID: 14a1d0

Grab her tail so she can't get away... while you grab her ass.
No. 490497 ID: 7fb504

Utterly destroy her tanktop. Laugh at her while you suffer rigor mortis. Ponder how a gear that makes breathing redundant makes you immune to cell death and thus any form of poison.

Also, assume anything dad gave you to be pantytheft powered.
No. 490509 ID: f7acde


Then this, while falling.
No. 490513 ID: 1f8505


Eat the underpants. Gain their strength and healing antibodies.

(I have no idea what else to do)
No. 490514 ID: a28731

Further antagonizing is actually counter productive in getting the antidote. And your own heroic sensibilities prevent you from inflicting the pain and humiliation needed for actually forcing her to.

Option A: the bluff. Catch her, DON'T let go no matter what, have her lead you to antidote with verbal cues and threats (bluffs).
Option B: appeal to her / make a deal. "I expected you to do that but hoped you wouldn't. I just don't have it in me to torture the antidote out of you... can't we come to some sort of an agreement instead?"
No. 490517 ID: b53faa

Don't eat the panties. I know I was the first to suggest it, but I think I know what to do.
Stretch the legholes around the bumps, they look to be just the right size for it and are probably some sort of receptor node.

See if attaching the panties in that way helps you out of your predicament!
No. 490518 ID: 14bafe

Dang, and I was JUST about to suggest stabbing the panties onto those spike looking things.
No. 490523 ID: ebe421

I guess you have to swing her by the tail and throw her outside into the people then.
No. 490530 ID: bf54a8

slurp in panties like a noodle.
No. 490533 ID: b53faa
File 136006942311.png - (927B , 16x16 , Sprite-0004.png )

And now you have yourself a Favicon. If you cant see it, click and drag it till you can.
No. 490830 ID: 67bfa9
File 136016927342.png - (113.11KB , 477x666 , Sworn9.png )

muscles freezing.
can barely move.
can't attack.

p-panties fueling my gear . . . .my only chance
just gotta reach a little further . . .

I barely feel it as I'm kicked off the roof.

just a . . . little further . . .

the world starts to fade . . .

I see a light . . .
No. 490839 ID: 1f8505


Use the last ounce of your strength to put the underpants into your shoulder thing.

You can do it!
No. 490840 ID: 908c2d

Shove the panties into the light.

Then, transform into your ultimate form and kick ass.
No. 490845 ID: 17f7c4

transform into teruchan
No. 490865 ID: bf54a8

No. 490898 ID: f2c20c

No. 490905 ID: 5d98c3

No. 490930 ID: 2f4b71

Hentai Kamen Mode ENGAGE.
No. 491179 ID: 67bfa9
File 136028565728.png - (105.97KB , 473x660 , Sworn10.png )

a little further . . . GOT IT!


the panties are gone.
I feel the same . . . damn.

oh hey a dumpster broke my fall . . . that's nice.

the world continues to fade a way into darkness . . .
I guess this isn't so bad . . .

I hear someone shouting . . . they're calling my name?
No. 491180 ID: bf54a8

feebily wave hand so they can find you.
No. 491204 ID: 6d4fa5


Also, your Gear is totally powered by panties. Your dad totally screwed you over.
No. 491349 ID: f0d2e5

say hargarblgrr
No. 491386 ID: 1f8505


Try to shout back where you are.
No. 491528 ID: 67bfa9
File 136038136588.png - (3.64KB , 477x666 , Sworn11.png )

I flail feebly and moan as loudly as I can to draw attention to myself . . .


on buildings . . . It's just a place heroes gotta be. . .

>Also, your Gear is totally powered by panties. Your dad totally screwed you over.

goddamnit dad . . . I hate . . . you . . . so . . . much . . .

black out.
No. 491531 ID: 67bfa9
File 136038160454.png - (90.81KB , 477x666 , Sworn12.png )

I am awakened by a loud radio.
my best friend Paris Kane is here.

Radio: "This just in! famed thief Kitten Klaw strikes again! this time targeting the GoodPeep's department store. Branch manager Harvey Keng claims that among a large collection of expensive jewelry stolen a single pair of paw print-panties were also swiped . . ."

Paris Kane: "Ha haha! what kinda weirdo steals panties?!"
No. 491532 ID: f2c20c

"A weirdo like my DAD."
No. 491534 ID: 22b21b

Orient thumbs towards self and proclaim "THIS GUY!".
No. 491535 ID: 11a38f


say hi to paris and ask how you got here.

also be all like 'what about armour that is powered by panties?'
No. 491536 ID: 5d98c3

Steal his panties. Cmon, he's wearing a monocle, you know he's the type. Oh, and also, ask him to help you figure out where your metal gear came from.
No. 491539 ID: 12c19f

The armor runs off panties...



If your dad invented that equipment he's a genius and fucking insane.
No. 491540 ID: 87d89c

You should totally point your thumbs towards yourself and say "THIS GUY!"
No. 491542 ID: 12c19f

Sure why not.
No. 491549 ID: bf54a8

also, the poison supposedly was going to KILL you. the gear probably burned through it's energy supply negating death by poison.
No. 491550 ID: 5d98c3

I uphold this idea.
No. 491559 ID: 908c2d

What? No. Don't reveal the secret source of your power. If it gets out your gear is powered by panties the villains will just stop wearing them. You must keep the secret.

Also, if we're going after her again? You need something to prevent your being poisoned.
No. 491563 ID: 6dc5a6


You say that like it's a bad thing.
No. 491565 ID: 5d98c3

Yes, if they do not wear panties, we'll then steal bras. And when they're all going commando, you can steal their pants! EVERYONE WINS!
No. 491593 ID: f2c20c

Don't tell the dude you steal panties.
No. 491611 ID: d39331

I uh I uh don't know haha um.
No. 491615 ID: 6d4fa5

Yes it is ! This get out and every goddamn female in the universe will make it their mission to end Saiten's pitiful existence in the most painful, gruesome manner imaginable !
No. 491617 ID: c31f72

Maybe we can buy panties to feed the gear?
No. 491625 ID: 53688c

Pretty sure this would completely defeat the purpose of the quest. They have to be stolen.
No. 491632 ID: 908c2d

Of course it's a bad thing. If all the villains stop wearing panties, we fail both of our father's dying wishes. We can't steal panties, and we can't be a hero (because our gear is powered by panties).
No. 491700 ID: 67bfa9
File 136045559980.png - (105.10KB , 477x666 , Sworn13.png )

Saitnen: "THIS GUY!!!"

Paris Kane: "Wha? OH you're awake! . . . did the radio wake you up?"

Saitnen: "yah."

Paris: "sorry man but I'm hooked to the news, can't get enough! like did you hear about this weirdo chick stealing panties?"

Saitnen: "maybe she has a good reason like powering magic armour or something."

Paris Kane: "Hahaha panty powered armour? Now that's SUPER weird!"

Damnit, Paris is my best friend I want to trust him, but I also don't want him to think I'm a weirdo
>Cmon, he's wearing a monocle, you know he's the type.
Actually Paris isn't wearing his prescription monocle at the moment.

there's also the problem if my enemies find out about my secret . . .
>This get out and every goddamn female in the universe will make it their mission to end Saiten's pitiful existence in the most painful, gruesome manner imaginable !
O-Oh jeeze, Not every girl would want to kill me for this right? I mean theres gotta be at least one space-slut planet out there SOMEWHERE! . . . unless they're PSYCHIC space sluts and just heard me call them space space sluts and are NOW COMING TO KILL ME JUST FOR INSULTING THEM! AAAAAAAAAAAH-

Paris Kane: "Hey buddy you're not looking good, like you're all nervous and stuff, you feelin Okay?

Saitnen: " eh heh heh heh, I'm fine . . . "

until the space sluts come for me.

Paris Kane: "Oh Sweet! is that a new arm plate? where'd you get it?"
No. 491702 ID: 735f4f

Wait check your arm-guard. Did the panty devouring shoulder piece upgrade it? And if so what does it do now. Also check your dad's lab for manuals. I am assuming he made your gear.
No. 491703 ID: 87d89c

Explain that your father gave you this armguard before he died, and that somehow, it runs off panties.

You have NO idea how or why. Just that that's what it does.
No. 491704 ID: f2c20c

Just say that your father gave it to you. You're still figuring out what it does.
No. 491705 ID: cdc7fd

Just tell the guy your father's final wishes, that the gear is powered by panties, and then segway into an evil ninja lady poisoning you and you acting out of desperation to not die.

People will find out eventually. Best to tell the guy in a controlled situation where you can say you have the excuse that you were about to die.
No. 491706 ID: a28731

Stop worrying about what you can't change.
And don't discuss the panties with anyone, its your little secret.
No. 491707 ID: 908c2d

>unless they're PSYCHIC space sluts and just heard me call them space space sluts and are NOW COMING TO KILL ME JUST FOR INSULTING THEM! AAAAAAAAAAAH
This is obviously the most productive and well founded paranoia ever.
No. 491726 ID: 6d4fa5

I couldn't agree more. There's also a non-zero chance that Kitten Klaw was one of them. Or maybe she was just a non-psychic one who discovered your dad's work and decide it had to be destroyed for the good of femalekind everywhere. You never know.

On another note, check your gauntlet. Were those 3 holes on the side always there ? Because if they suddenly appeared, then I'm getting a very strong Megaman vibe from this whole situation.
No. 491727 ID: 76b151

Nicely spotted, those are definately new.
No. 491730 ID: bf54a8

there are psychic space sluts, but they KNOW they are space sluts and don't care. so you are cool.
No. 491732 ID: 5d98c3

Yeah, they're called Scellor. And I'm pretty sure none of them wear panties, so you're golden.
No. 491753 ID: 11a38f


i'm pretty sure maolla wore striped panties.
No. 491778 ID: 67bfa9
File 136048899893.png - (171.91KB , 473x660 , Sworn14.png )

Oh hey! my wrist plate is totally different! I wonder how this happened?

Paris Kane: "Oh I get it bro! you got some mad secrets going on! It's cool I respect your privacy."

Saitnen: "Thanks Paris, a lot of stuffs been happening lately . . ."

Paris Kane: "No prob! I betta go tell that hot-ass doctor lady the you're awake, she promised to give you some "special private treatment" if you know what I mean!"

Paris leaves

>there are psychic space sluts, but they KNOW they are space sluts and don't care. so you are cool.
>Stop worrying about what you can't change.

Ya I guess they really wouldn't care, haha that's a relief . . .
huh? I hear voices outside my room

Voice1: "-and don't fail me like the other!"

Voice2: "it will look like an ack-see-dent I ash-sure you."

then there is the sound of foot steps going away down the hall
No. 491779 ID: f2c20c

It sounds like they're gonna kill someone! Go out and follow them. BE A HERO.
No. 491780 ID: 735f4f

Looks like it got upgraded with some kind of 3 barrel launcher thingy. Might want to test that out on the assassin ninjas about to come through your door. Looks like they are out to finish the job they started with your dad.
No. 491782 ID: bf54a8

you must of absorbed her attack through her panties, and at the same time became immune to it! you got poison darts now.

be ready to man-handle the doc if she is an assassin. pretend to be asleep.
No. 491784 ID: f2c20c

Guys, they're not coming through the door. They passed by us and we overheard them as they walked by.
No. 491791 ID: 76b151

After the evil ones, does their perfidy know no bounds? This is a hospital, a place of healing, not harm!
No. 491829 ID: b6edd6

That could just be voice 1 walking away. Barging out into the hall would still be a good way to surprise them though.
No. 491830 ID: 1f8505


Looks like we're going to have to thieve the undergarments of this alleged female doctor too.
No. 491831 ID: 908c2d

>Oh hey! my wrist plate is totally different! I wonder how this happened?
Kirby style panty power upgrade. Your shoulder thing ate the kitty-ninja's panties, and now your wrist plate can shoot (hopefully non-lethal because you're a hero) darts.

A foreign sounding assassin? Sounds like something you should investigate.
No. 491832 ID: 78c6ea

Is voice 2 shrill and quavering? In which case it's a mad German doctor. Is voice 2 low and husky? In which case it's an evil German nurse. Germany is a known source of evil medical personnel.
No. 491862 ID: 67bfa9
File 136054209771.png - (146.62KB , 477x666 , Sworn15.png )

>Is voice 2 shrill and quavering?
the second voice is a deep feminine modulated monotone.

who ever they are they're going to hurt someone! I can't let that happened!
but before I can spring into action someone opens the door and enters the room

Miss Mercy: "I am MERCY-02 I will be your fizz-ish-in for the eve-ning."

Saitnen: "Uh what's the big needle thing for?"

Miss Mercy: "It is time for your spe-shull pry-vit treat-ment."
No. 491872 ID: 76b151

She's obviously in cahoots with Kitten Klaw.

Try to activate gauntlet (point it at her and saw something silly like PANTY BLAST!)
No. 491876 ID: 908c2d

She's a villain here to kill you.

Shoot her with your gauntlet's new triple needle launcher, and then steal her panties.
No. 491892 ID: bf54a8

if you can try to make your darts sleep darts. and fire. go for a center of mass shot.
No. 491897 ID: 5d98c3

Steal. Her. Panties.
No. 491911 ID: b53faa

note that she is a robot, and said panties may be metal.
This means you might actually gain the powers of the DEATHMURDER HARDCORE CLAN, the most metal fuckers to ever DEATHSCREAM about THUNDER atop the MOUNTAINOUS WASTES OF ICELANDIC FOLKLORE
No. 491913 ID: bf54a8

wait is she a robot? if so then poison would do jack shit.
No. 491915 ID: 32e092

You are recovered (the bad guy indicated that the previous attempt failed, after all) and require no further treatment!

Check yourself out. By force if necessary. With the nurse's panties regardless.
No. 491924 ID: 1f8505


I'm pretty sure nurses do not wear robot boots.

Test your new weapon on her, then thieve her undergarments.
No. 491964 ID: 78c6ea

Evil German nurse then, right. OK you're going to have to thieve her undergarments, but watch out for that hypodermic needle. It might be a gun in disguise! Or some sorta... X... thing? Anyway disarm her first literally since she's a robot and then you can use her arms to take off her panties, thus forcing her to steal them from herself!
No. 492021 ID: 6aef5b

tell her you know she's here to kill you. maybe she'll buy the bluff.
No. 492044 ID: 6d4fa5

They also don't usually wear Spikes Of Evilness either. That's definitely an enemy.

In fact, there is pretty good chance that everything female you'll come across (potential Love Interest exclude) will turn out hostile.

You dad really fucked you over. Suck to be you man.
No. 492051 ID: f2c20c

Act unaware until you have the right opening to strike. Then pummel her senseless. This time don't go easy on her!
No. 492148 ID: 47d311

See that thing on her left arm?

She is going to put that in your butt.
No. 492159 ID: 67bfa9
File 136064830771.png - (144.82KB , 477x666 , Sworn16.png )

I rush her, making an opening shot with my new weapon.
Saitnen: "TRI-DART FIRE!"
it follows my command, however the robot blocks it.

Miss Mercy: "it is un-wise to ex-zert your-self like this. You are still re-cove-er-ing from in-jure-ease"

as a follow up I lunge for the panties.
Agh these clothes way a ton! like they're made of chainmail or something!

Miss Mercy: "!!"

eh? "high voltage" panty mark? I guess that's kinda cute for a robot.


Miss Mercy's body has become electrified!

Saitnen: "AICHIII!!"

o-okay l-less c-cute n-now . . .
No. 492160 ID: 908c2d

Robot, huh? Guess the needles won't help much. Nor will punching her be easy.

Is there a sink or bathroom attached to this room? You could try to short her out by knocking her into water.
No. 492161 ID: bf54a8

yes water, splash her while she is high voltage and bad things should happen.
No. 492162 ID: f2c20c

Use your environment! Tangle her in the bedsheets, bludgeon her with the radio!
No. 492235 ID: 47a120

You should defeat them first not just lunch for the panties right away.
No. 492239 ID: f4b51f

yes water go
No. 492384 ID: 67bfa9
File 136073301831.png - (136.27KB , 473x660 , Sworn17.png )

>You should defeat them first not just lunch for the panties right away.
it IS a lot easier to take panties when they're not actively trying to kill me . . .

time fore a less direct plan of action!
I've heard electricity and water don't mix, let's see if this works

Toilet destroyed

Saitnen: "Time to cool off Mercy!"


The robot starts to flee down the hallways
No. 492387 ID: 908c2d

Right, press your advantage! Don't let her get away!

...try to avoid getting cold-cocked, knocked through a wall or off the building, getting stabbed by her needle, or being electrocuted. Just clobber her. Don't worry, she's a robot. She can take it.
No. 492398 ID: bf54a8

get a cloth and soak it and chase after her.act like you are going for the panties again but then throw the wet cloth, with luck she just upped the volts and the cloth will cause a short circuit.
No. 492402 ID: f2c20c

Follow her and try the dart attack again as she flees.
No. 492421 ID: 1f8505


Grab more water and soak her with it!
No. 492431 ID: 62f448

Start a wet T-shirt contest in this hospital. And she's the first contestant.
Or I guess it would be a wet nurse's-outfit contest? Actually, does that even work with robots? WHATEVER, JUST DO IT.
No. 492472 ID: a616a4

try the darts again. if they fail to work, try to snatch her panties- maybe the water will short out her electricity attack.
No. 492474 ID: bf10af

No. 492489 ID: 32e092

Deploy bedsheets to trip her up and continue watering.
No. 492503 ID: 67bfa9
File 136078924034.png - (108.57KB , 477x666 , Sworn18.png )

She turns a corner before I can get a clear shot with Tri-Dart

I drench a bed sheet and store it in my waterproof pouch for later, then I chase after the wayward robot.

* * *

Okay I got a clear shot and-

Bystander: "Aiya!"
she threw someone at me!? not cool!

Bystander: "That robot's gone crazy! somebody has to stop it!"
well at least she doesn't seem injured.

tick . . . tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .

huh what's that ticking sound?
No. 492505 ID: 14a1d0

Quick, grab those panties for a quick power boost.
No. 492506 ID: dd287a

Suspicious cylinder on the bystanders cleavage! we must heroically throw that cylinder back at the enemy! or at least get it off said bystander, ticking cylinders are bad news.
No. 492507 ID: f1b3ee

Frag out.

Torso inbound.
No. 492508 ID: f2c20c

I think that's a grenade stuck to her chest. Get rid of it! Maybe throw it back at the robot.

Also jeez I dunno if you should steal bystanders' panties.
No. 492509 ID: bf54a8

bomb on her. grab it and pull. if it rips her shirt off, oh well, just be sure to yell BOMB when you throw it away. then say "it's complicated but i need your panties." take them and put into gear.
No. 492510 ID: 9ee360

I think the robot left a bomb. That's the ticking. It's probably the suspicious cylinder on the girl. Snatch it off with an awkward sorry!

Ignore the civilian panties. She won't have any superpowers for your gear to copy, and if you go around robbing / assaulting civies, you'll get a reputation as a villain yourself, rather than a hero (whereas no one will ever care what we do to villains. It's totally cool, because they're the bad guys).

Besides, we got robo-panties to get after!
No. 492516 ID: 91c1b3

Remember, you said you'd become the greatest hero ever. The greatest hero doesn't steal from innocent bystanders.
No. 492518 ID: bf54a8

it's only theft if you don't bring it back. just buy her a pack later as an apology.
No. 492532 ID: 8ebb5c

Be a hero, don't steal from innocents. Also, the only power's they'll give you is cute and clumsiness, so throw the bomb back and ignore her crotch
No. 492585 ID: 47a120

Don't molest the innocent bystander. (you are a hero!)
Do grab the ticking thing and toss it at the direction where the least amount of people are while screaming "bomb!"
No. 492639 ID: ad76be

apologise, rip the bomb off and throw it away. then apologise again and take the underpants. feed the underpants into your shoulder thing.,
No. 492642 ID: b33427

Gotta get that bomb offa the cute nurse, but there's no way to tell if the clip has a removal trigger. You're going to have to cut her bra and top loose to safely take the bomb.

Lunge forward, reach around behind the nurse and use your knife to slice her top off and undo the bra strap. While doing that, tell her you're sorry for doing this, but there's a bomb on her clothes and this is the only way to get rid of it.

Once you have the bomb, sprint into the nearest patient room, bust out the window, wad the whole thing up, clip it with the bra, and hurl it as far as you can; Aim for a parking structure, if possible. The wadding up is so all the cloth doesn't slow it down.
No. 492710 ID: 32e092

Throw the bomb at the fleeing bot. Don't steal the bystander's undergarments.
No. 492831 ID: e155e0

feed both the bomb and the panties into your Gear.
No. 492837 ID: b53faa

no stealing the pantsu off the innos without consent, yo.
ask her permission, be a fucking gentleman, explain as fast as you can why you need them.
No. 492838 ID: 667bb1

Potential Love Interest detected !
No. 492978 ID: 67bfa9
File 136089787730.png - (130.94KB , 477x666 , Sworn19.png )

instinctively I grab and toss the grenade
and shield the innocent girl from the blast.
No. 492979 ID: 9ee360

...keep eyes averted, apologize for damaging her outfit.

Has the robo-villain gotten away? Has the explosion damaged the structural integrity of the building? (Ie, is there a need to shore anything up, or to rescue civilian(s) before they're crushed?).
No. 492986 ID: bf54a8

if it looks like the building has been weakened then i guess we are gonna need to let her get away for now and worry about the civvies. protecting the innocent is more important then catching villains for a hero.

if the blast hasn't damaged much of anything then you can keep moving. but if we lost sight of her then it would put a damper on trying to chase her so instead help the nurse into a side room so she can cover up. and actually you can explain to her what is gong on.
No. 492993 ID: aeaf2b

apologize several times, then steal the pantsu. we must augment are abilities as soon as possible.

also continue to chase the robot nurse!
No. 493002 ID: f2c20c

Say sorry about her shirt, check self for damage, continue pursuit of the robot if we can tell where it went.

Don't steal her panties.
No. 493016 ID: 66ff59

i think it's time to apologize. also she didn't earn any panty-stealing.
No. 493065 ID: 1f8505


Ask if you can borrow her underpants?
No. 493066 ID: bf54a8

just because she lacks special attacks doesn't mean her undergarments are useless. i highly doubt such an amazing machine would impart weaknesses. it probably takes the best of what it is given. also raw energy could still be gotten from non-super panties.
No. 493109 ID: 9ee360

No panty stealing from the innocent civy!

Besides, if she's a nurse or a doctor (a real one, not a supervillian!) we don't want to piss her off. We're a superhero- we're gonna end up in the hospital a lot. Smart cops don't give nurses any shit, because they know they might be taking care of them next. You should be thinking the same way.
No. 493111 ID: 76b151

I agree on not stealing her panties. ... but we can ask. Say to her my father made a perverted hero gear for me. It needs panties to power it. Could I use yours? If not tell me now. I have a robot whos not afraid to use people as bombs and I have to stop her NOW!
No. 493210 ID: 5e172e

No to asking or taking her panties.
No. 493251 ID: 0a99e7

ask the nurse if she happens to know the location of more panties.
No. 493427 ID: 32e092

Don't steal or even ask for her panties, we don't have time. Get after that robot ASAP.
No. 493457 ID: 812966

uh oops. but don't be distracted by the boobies. check on your opponent.
No. 493514 ID: 67bfa9
File 136104159381.png - (128.32KB , 477x666 , Sworn20.png )

it doesn't look like the explosion cause much structural damage, there probably won't be any colapses.

an extra pair of panties might just give me the power boost to defeat Mercy . . . NO! I'm a hero! and heroes don't steal from innocents!

Saitnen: "I'm really sorry about your shirt miss . . ."

bystander: "I-it's alright, thank you. you saved my life."

Saitnen: "No problem, It's what us heroes do! now I've got n evil robot to stop!"

* * *

there she is now!

Miss Mercy: "you are uh-live. thank you for give-ing me the chance to fix that miss-take."
No. 493518 ID: 76b151

Shoot more darts at her and when she blocks close in to her. Feint going after her panties again and instead throw the wet sheet over her.
No. 493525 ID: 78c6ea


I like this plan.
No. 493548 ID: 9ee360

Also, if possible, smash and shatter her tube-o-drugs. Instead of being able to inject you, it'll be one more fluid short circuting her.
No. 493642 ID: 64cc00

speak in a garbled mess of 1's and 0's, it might impress her.

locate wet mop, if the shaft is wooden or plastic then it will be insulated against her zapping you again, and will give you some needed range and defense against her.

it seems you are far more agile then her, you probably can't out muscle her so try to out maneuver her.

considering her motives you can probably fight her in an area of far superior advantages, i suggest an open area so you can use your agility better
No. 493769 ID: 1f8505


Attempt to trap her in a logical loop.

Say "This statement is false!"
No. 493770 ID: 78c6ea


You moron. Don't do that until you have no other options left and she has you helpless!
No. 493793 ID: a0c700

do all of the above.
No. 494022 ID: 522afb

But we always lie!
No. 494476 ID: 67bfa9
File 136129865721.png - (116.76KB , 477x666 , Sworn21.png )

Saitnen: "TRI-DART go!"

she blocks as predicted.
now to make like I'm going for the panties . . .

Miss Mercy: "HIGH VOLTAGE ack-tiv-ate."

. . . and wet sheet to the face!

No. 494478 ID: 1f8505


Quickly, while she is distracted! Sprint up and yank off the underpants!
No. 494479 ID: f2c20c

Please make an effort to subdue the target before we do any yanking of clothing.
No. 494480 ID: 76b151

Destroy that syringe while she is distracted. THEN get her panties.
No. 494482 ID: 9ee360

Now punch her in the face, right through the towel.
No. 494484 ID: d6c877

g robopanties

u robopanties on gear
No. 494489 ID: 47a120

Isn't she currently shorting out? Touching her with your bare hands could electrocute you.

Destroy syringe, get ready to hit her more if she tries to get out of the towel but lets hope she goes offline soon.
No. 494499 ID: 64cc00

quick reprogram her with your none existent hacking skills to try and kill voice 1 which will potentially help you find the evil ninja base.
No. 494501 ID: ceb7ce

Your boots aren't conductive, right ? Then kick her in the head until she stop moving.
No. 494515 ID: bf54a8

boot to the head.
No. 494525 ID: 68bbc5

Kick her in the head, stomp the syringe to smithereens, and then acquire her panties.
No. 494531 ID: 47a120

Check for witnesses before taking panties. There was a big fight and a bomb, someone might be looking and see you kicking out a lady and then taking her panties and get the WRONG IDEA.
No. 494546 ID: 67bfa9
File 136133092584.png - (114.91KB , 477x666 , Sworn22.png )

I'm not leaving my self open for a surprise attack this time.
I've gotta make sure she's out!


*DEE* . . . *DOO* . . . *dooooooooo* . . . .

with a flurry of punches and kicks I knock the robot into maintenance mode.
it should take her a while to boot back up again.

a couple of hospital staff apperently hiding behind the counter cheer at my victory
No. 494547 ID: 87d89c

Tell them to look away, secret business that could get messy, then steal the panties and feed it to your gear right quick

Also inspect robo-crotch. Is she anatomically correct? She's a robot...
No. 494548 ID: 14a1d0

Now that she's unconscious, you can strip her clothes off, for Heroism.
No. 494549 ID: f2c20c

Search the body for clues as tho who's trying to kill you.

Also see if you can steal her panties without being witnessed by anyone. Like, maybe you can steal them from under the sheet.
No. 494550 ID: bf54a8

ask where a bed with straps is, want her secured so she doesn't rampage when she wakes up.
No. 494552 ID: 875821

"I'll be taking her in for questioning."
Pick her up, hail her off, and as soon as no one sees you, take the panties.
No. 494553 ID: 1f8505


Take the underpants now, declare loudly "I NEED THESE FOR FUEL" and then stuff them into your shoulder thing.
No. 494556 ID: 9ee360

Right. Secure the prisoner steal her panties when no one is looking, and then hand her over to the proper authorities.
No. 494570 ID: b53faa

Are you all idiots? No, here is what we do.
FIRST OFF, take her out and look out for some sort of screwdriver. We want the bits off this iron lass as soon as possible, if we can get her reprogrammed then we will have us an ally.

hopefully we'll be able to do something about the annoying accent on the way, my GOD that was grating...

Oh, and of course snag iron man's loaners from under her skirt yo. Make sure you explain the sitch to the crowd tho.
No. 494576 ID: bf54a8

mind alteration is pretty much the most evi thing you could do.
No. 494579 ID: f2c20c

Yeah let's not brainwash anybody.
No. 494580 ID: 952246

Time to take her panties.
No. 494612 ID: 6e73a0

just yank her panties and insert it into your gear in front of everybody.
No. 494634 ID: 47a120

That is pretty sane, yes. "Bringing her in" and commandeering panties in secret on the way there is better then just doing it in front of everyone.

Is there a police locale that actually takes in super villains though?

While other pointed out reprogramming someone is evil, a few questions arise:
1. Is she a full AI sophont or just a programmed bot.
2. If she is a full AI, is she currently being mind controlled by someone else. (FREEING her from mind control can make her turn away from villainy while actually being a good act).
Both of those require taking her to an ethical computer specialist...

We should also provide a replacement for the panties we "liberate". In the future we should carry some spares for that very purpose... with an embedded tracking chip!
No. 494635 ID: 522afb

Actually, we should go ahead with the brainwashing so far as it's meant for the safety of the community. If we could reprogram murderers to, you know, NOT murder, hot damn, I'd be all for that too! So, if we could just turn the Murder knob down, and leave the personality otherwise intact, that would be perfect, thanks.
No. 494665 ID: 67bfa9
File 136139005188.png - (144.22KB , 477x666 , Sworn23.png )

Saitnen: "Hey you guys, I need one of those strap beds."

one of the hospital staff gives me the direction to a nearby room.

I attempt to carry Mercy to the room . . . SHIT! she weighs like a thousand pounds!
I removes her heavy roboboots and shes's a little more managable . . .

* * *

once out of sight, I remove her panties.

>Also inspect robo-crotch. Is she anatomically correct? She's a robot...
. . . I don't really know what qualifies as "anatomically correct" for a robot.
it um look like she's got some sort of USB port down there . . .

>if we can get her reprogrammed then we will have us an ally.
I can barely use email, I don't think I could reprogram a complexed AI

>Is there a police locale that actually takes in super villains though?
actually I can hear police sirens right now, it's sounds like they're outside the hospital.
No. 494666 ID: 7003a8

Take her to an ethical computer specialist to see if they can make her not-evil.
No. 494667 ID: 76b151

Right, insert panties into gear. strap her down and vamoose. A Hero does not stay for the police and reporters.
No. 494668 ID: 9ee360

Get her looking decent and strapped down before the cops get here, man.

And feed the robo-panties to your shoulder thing. I'm curious how the new power will work. Will you just get a second attack? (darts and electric pnches!) Will your gauntlet follow megaman logic? (ie, you can only use one power at a time, but you can swap between them). Or will it follow kirby logic? (Only one power at a time- new one costs you the old).
No. 494670 ID: 64cc00

"Fear not citizens, I will be make absolutely certain that she will not detonate or threaten anyone life any more." *especially my own.* "I can try to do it here or bring her to a more secluded area if there is time. The choice is yours, it is your lives at stake."

Either way your disarming of the "bomb" has you removing all her clothing. If she wakes up during this time and you are around a crowd.
"Now Fembot, follow me!" As you hastily run away. Likely with an infuriated robot after you.
No. 494703 ID: 47a120

1. Panties on shoulder thing NOW, act fast.
2. Straighten her dress so she isn't as exposed.
3. Search her for more explosives.
No. 494704 ID: ce9629

Righto there.
No. 494708 ID: e3f896

Stuff the panties in the gear, make her dress more modest, strap her down, and get outta dodge. If someone stops you and asks about the panties, claim you have no idea about that; she must not have been wearing any to begin with.
No. 494714 ID: bf54a8

write a not that her hair is made of bombs.
No. 494727 ID: 35edd4

Nothing more to say than this.
No. 494734 ID: 68bbc5

Couldn't agree more. The last thing we need right now is unnecessary complications.
No. 494803 ID: 67bfa9
File 136147082944.png - (92.68KB , 477x666 , Sworn24.png )

I straighten out her skirt and strap the robot to the table.

now to get my shiny new power
my gear hums almost in excitement as the panties draw closer . . .


. . .

my gauntlet's still the same!
how the heck is this thing supposed to work?!


AAH! I'm blind . . . no wait some sort of interface has popped up . . . weird.
No. 494806 ID: 9ee360

Haha! Total megaman mode. Right down to the ammo bars and selection screen.

Wonder what the gear bar is for, though. Available battery or something? It's not like your gauntlet had an attack mode originally.
No. 494813 ID: 3266a4

select the lightning, try it out. away from living beings and water, of course. and then select and try the gear.
No. 494831 ID: b27b8f

Basically this.
No. 494833 ID: b10a66

Well this is unintelligible and clearly not important. Slide the visor back up and go turn her in to the police, who will surely dispose of her in a JUSTICE manner and not complicate our lives with legalities at all.

I don't know about you, but I never seen panties with eye holes before.
No. 494847 ID: 4a328b

It's indicating that panty levels are still too low for an upgrade, obviously.
No. 494851 ID: 04b86a

I think the gear bar represents how many times you can switch powers, and you'll have to steal normal women's panties to restore five charges to any of the bars.

Maybe you should just destroy the armor. I mean, it's not like its powers have actually helped you so far...
No. 494873 ID: c92d04

Poison immunity, No starvation, Immunity to oxygen deprivation...
No. 494878 ID: 6dc5a6

I wonder if we could simply walk into a store and buy several packs of panties. We'd be able to say we're fueled by Capitalism!
No. 494879 ID: 04b86a

>doesn't have to eat, breath, or drink, can't be killed by poison
Okay, right, I forgot about those things. I guess that stuff is valuable enough to warrant being constantly attacked by crazy women. When you think about it, though, that means whoever made the armor wasn't just a pervert: he was a pervert that wanted to corrupt other men into becoming perverts by giving them a slippery slope to slide down.

...Now I'm wondering what would happen if the armor was worn by a woman. Would feeding it her own panties give her some kind of recursive panty power?
No. 494880 ID: 5aa752

You guys are dumb. The gear is your health and the other two are powers you can switch between. Choose electricity, then get outta dodge.
No. 494883 ID: bf54a8


also i bet never been worn panties are worthless, somehow.
No. 494884 ID: c31f72

Anyone else wonder what type of power we'd get if we fed the gear a pair of panties we've worn ourself?
No. 494893 ID: 57fdb4

They might need to be stolen...
No. 494917 ID: 35edd4

1. Purchase panties
2. Wear panties
3. Feed panties to gear
No. 494939 ID: 5bf190

up up down down left right left right b a start
No. 494969 ID: d15f5b

We should feed it unused panties first, just in case. also, this may not be the best of ideas, like Kirby eating a spy wearing a Kirby mask, it may well cause us to fall into ourselves.
No. 494973 ID: 68bbc5

I'm willing to bet unused panties will give us some sort of horrible biological feedback.

May as well test it out for sure at least once though.
No. 494976 ID: 76b151

unused panties might restore a single unit of ammo. Or that might be normal people panties. We won't know until we try.
No. 495038 ID: 35edd4

No. 495442 ID: 67bfa9
File 136165537016.png - (124.73KB , 477x666 , Sworn25.png )

>Maybe you should just destroy the armor.
No, perversion aside my dad poured his soul into this thing, I'm gonna hold onto it.

>I wonder if we could simply walk into a store and buy several packs of panties.
I'll have to try this out, if I can get this super hero thing down with out having to be a pervert I gotta do it.

for now though I should get out of the crime scene.
I switch to HIGH VOLTAGE power and makes for the exit.

Officer Badge: "Freeze Robo-criminal you're under arrest!"

shit it's the cops . . .

Officer Cuff: "uh chief, are you sure this guy is the robot we're after?"

Officer Badge "I know a Robo-criminal when I see one and this guy's as evil as they come."

they don't seem very competent . . .
No. 495444 ID: 76b151

Power armor, not robot. The robot is down that hall in a room, strapped to the bed.
No. 495445 ID: 9ee360

Raise your hands and don't fight the cops.

Hey, I'm not a robot! I got skin and hair and everything! I even bleed!

The robo-chick's tied to a bed in the room behind me.
No. 495446 ID: ced646

you're mostly covered up by armor and clothing. The goggles might make it a bit harder for them to tell you're a person.

Let's play the Reasonable Card. Is that nurse you saved still here? How about your friend? Or just about everybody else in the building that saw or heard about the fight.

Play it cool.
No. 495459 ID: 5d98c3

Protest your innocence, and demand they provide Probably Cause that you are, in fact, a criminal, Robo or otherwise. Because if it's just because you're a robot, that's racist.
No. 495460 ID: 47a120

Put your hands up.
I am wearing power armor, the robo-criminal who was blowing up the hospital is tied up over there.
No. 495462 ID: 17030a

If they dont provide probable cause, squeal that your going to sue so hard the district will be forced to give you all their clothes. and then hope desperately its true
If they dont stop, shout that you surrender. THEN SUE THEM SO HARD THE DISTRICT GIVES YOU THEIR ENTIRE ESTATES.
No. 495466 ID: 387644


oh my, cute cops!

'accidentally" fire your recently gotten grenade near them to blow off their clothes.

then steal their pantes~~
No. 495471 ID: 8b9215

Put one hand up and use the other to point to the room and say "The robot is over there.".
No. 495479 ID: 7003a8

The difference between a vigilante and a proactive citizen is cooperating with the police.
There is no law against wearing a costume.
There is no law against having super powers.
There is no law against acting to stop crimes.
There are laws about resisting arrest, disobeying legitimate orders from an officer of the law, and etc...

So cooperate.

Freeze, then point a finger at the room where the robogirl is.
"I'm a patient here, and the one the robo-criminal tried to murder. She's restrained in that room. I think somebody messed with her head, though, so she might be a victim too."
Turn to Officer Cuff "You seem reasonable. Would you be alright with taking my deposition over some coffee?"
No. 495565 ID: 64cc00

No. 495599 ID: 54408f

No. 495607 ID: 952246

"On the contrary, I am a cyberhero! I've incapacitated the robo-criminal for you, she's right here."
No. 495629 ID: bf54a8

"there are several eye-witnesses to the fact that i am not, in fact, the robot you are looking for"

try to think hard on making your shades retract.
No. 495633 ID: 1f8505


Invoke your right to attorney as per Miranda rights.

Ensure you receive a hot attorney lady.
No. 495676 ID: 83304a

ask what the hell is wrong with that left one's face.
No. 495858 ID: 67bfa9
File 136177014204.png - (132.63KB , 477x666 , Sworn26.png )

Saitnen: "Hey I'm not a robot this is just armour!"
I raise the visor

officer Badge: "that's sounds exactly like what a robot would say!"

Saitnen: "Oh come on! the real bot's tied up just in the room over there"

officer Badge: "nice try but you're coming with us criminal."

>Let's play the Reasonable Card. Is that nurse you saved still here? How about your friend?
Paris! he can vouch for me, and there he is now! what good timing!

Paris Kane: "Oh hey Sai, you never told me you knew cute police babes!"

officer Cuff: *GASP!* "C-Chief! T-that's Paris Kane!! and in such a humble hospital too!"
officer Badge: "M-Mr Kane, we don't want to trouble you but we have business with this citizen."

Saitnen: "Paris you gotta tell these girls I'm not a robot!"

Paris Kane: "wah?"

officer Badge: I-is this true Mr. Kane? do you really know this . . . human"

Paris Kane: "Oh yeah, me and Saitnen go way back, we've know each other since we was kids"

the tall officer grumbles a bit then moves in close and whispers to me.
officer Badge: "you may have friends in high places, and you even MAY not be the robot we're looking for, but I see the criminal look in your eyes, you won't be able to escape prison for long scum."

Saitnen: "yeah whatever, just go arrest that robot before she boots back up and starts hurting more people."
>ask what the hell is wrong with that left one's face.
she's a kind of alien, I forget the name but they all kinda look like that. personally I'm more weirded out by her complete lack of chest, is she a breast cancer victim or something?
anyways she walks away in a huff so I don't have to look at her deformity anymore.

I turn to the nice cop.
Saitnen: "hey thanks for trying to stick up for me, wanna get a cup of coffee some time? heh heh . . ."

officer: "ehh?! I um, I'm on duty I'm not suppose to um - SORRY THE CHIEF NEEDS ME!"
she sprints after her boss.

damnit I'm such a clod, no wonder girls don't like me . . . she probably thinks I'm a real creep . . . maybe's she's right . . .
No. 495859 ID: a31717

All right! A job... done. Now what?

>I'm more weirded out by her complete lack of chest, is she a breast cancer victim or something?
Dude, alien. She don't gotta have the same physiology.

>damnit I'm such a clod, no wonder girls don't like me . . . she probably thinks I'm a real creep . . . maybe's she's right . . .
Nah, you're fine. Was just bad timing is all.
No. 495861 ID: f2c20c

I think she was just flustered. Maybe she's shy.

Anyway let's get the hell out of here before they find out the robot's panties are missing.
No. 495879 ID: 4a328b

>damnit I'm such a clod, no wonder girls don't like me . . . she probably thinks I'm a real creep . . . maybe's she's right . . .

Well, you /do/ steal panties. That's REALLY CREEPY.
No. 495919 ID: 562bf1



They quite deserve it.
No. 495920 ID: 7003a8

She's shy. Ask Paris Kane to ask her if she's interested in you.

So, I suppose it's time to go on patrol or something?
No. 495926 ID: bf54a8

naw she wanted to but got super embarrassed.
No. 495969 ID: de590a


who cares about her chest, you're not a bra thief.

go to a bar and celebrate your new powers by getting hammered.
No. 495988 ID: 87d89c

The solution to not being a creep is to be confident in yourself. Chicks dig confidence.
No. 495989 ID: 14bafe

But mostly giant robots.
Chicks dig giant robots.
No. 496493 ID: 67bfa9
File 136194809746.png - (97.19KB , 477x666 , Sworn27.png )

>Anyway let's get the hell out of here
Saitnen: "Paris I'm getting the hell out of here."

Paris Kane: "suit yourself, more tall exotic babes for me."

Saitnen: "really? isn't she a little you know . . ."

Paris suddenly scowls
Paris Kane: "there's more to girl than her bust size Sai."

Saitnen: " Whatever . . ."
I leave the hospital.

>Well, you /do/ steal panties. That's REALLY CREEPY.
damnit Dad, why couldn't have had this thing powered by something normal like coal . . .

what to do now . . .
well I could check out a clothing store and by some women's underwear.
or maybe I should just go on patrol that's a hero thing to do right?

well- huh? I hear a voice calling

????: "Gear man wait!"
No. 496495 ID: 5d98c3

No. 496496 ID: 35edd4

No. 496499 ID: c31f72

Run away! Everyone you've talked to so far has been out to get you, theres no reason this person would be an exception!
No. 496500 ID: f2c20c

At least look to see who it is first.
No. 496501 ID: 5d98c3

No. 496515 ID: bf54a8

turn around and say hello.
No. 496529 ID: 6de77b

turn around and STRIKE A POSE
No. 496532 ID: 35edd4

From behind cover, of course.
No. 496544 ID: ca3024

look to see who it is.
No. 496552 ID: d6ef5d

Just turn around and see who it is. Don't listen to paranoia.

I mean, on the off chance someone is attacking you? You're a hero. You're meant to take blows and shrug them off. So don't bother losing face jumping around like a scared chicken!
No. 496559 ID: 2de44c

Go super Saiyan and grow your hair to an intimidating length!
No. 496610 ID: 96dde8

you are a hero! you don't take orders from anyone! don't even look back!
No. 496631 ID: b1364a

This would be where you save three civilians life's by being awesome. you dont get to cop out of this.
No. 496676 ID: 10165a

Spin around really fast and grab any and all loose clothing that may be within grasp.
No. 496709 ID: 67bfa9
File 136202462573.png - (109.76KB , 477x666 , Sworn28.png )

I turn around fast around fast and strike an intimidating pose!
. . . it's that Officer from earlier.

Officer Cuff: "Oh I . . . um, I-I just wanted to um . . . That is I-I . . ."

she seems intimidated.
No. 496711 ID: b53faa

Apologize, you dolt!
Assure her that you have been getting attacked quite a lot in recent times, so you are just a bit on edge.
Then ask her what it is she came after you for.
No. 496712 ID: 10165a


Whoops. Backpedal and apologize for the intimidation. Smile and let her know she's in good company. Panty-stealing company, but good company nonetheless.
No. 496721 ID: f2c20c

Awesome pose.

Relax a bit and ask her what she wanted.
No. 496723 ID: 47a120

No. 496726 ID: 47d311

Laugh at her reaction and play it off like a joke.
No. 496729 ID: bf54a8

explain that the robot was actually the SECOND time you were attacked. so you are a bit on edge.
No. 496743 ID: c6319f

Laugh it off and ask what she wanted.
No. 496744 ID: 10165a

Also, trip over yourself and pull a piece of clothing down, anime-style.
No. 496760 ID: a2c6c2

And generally be respectful of her femininity. This means dont steal her panties.

If you get into a relationship, and she just cant ever seem to find her underwear in the morning afterwards though, that's fine.
No. 496773 ID: ad199c

You are striking an awesome hero pose, hold that pose, complement her appearance, and then ask her out for coffee again.
No. 496787 ID: 713001

goddammit just say it or stop wasting my time and skidaddle bitch
No. 497789 ID: 67bfa9
File 136243254172.png - (128.83KB , 477x666 , Sworn29.png )

Saitnen: "Haha, sorry about that I'm a little on edge. people keep trying to kill me for some reason."

officer Cuff: "t-trying to kill you? why?"

Saitnen: "don't worry about it, I'm sure it won't happen ag-"

????: "HEY YOU!, hope you like pain! "

ahh hell . . . I turn around to see three punks wielding weapons

gun vandal: "Copper we're gonna make you pay for cuffing our pals!"

officer Cuff: "they were defacing town statues, that's against the law!"

knuckle vandal: "any law that suppresses art is a law that has to be broken!"
gun vandal: "art needs improvement to stay current, statues are out of fashion"
blade vandal: "art is a living medium, we're just keeping it real."
knuckle vandal: "and we just got a new masterpiece to keep real, YOU!"
No. 497791 ID: 1f8505


Welp, time to lay the smack down.

And steal underpants.
No. 497792 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, normal punks? Sweet. Those should be easier than supervillians.

Switch to tranc darts, and fire 1-2-3 and take 'em all out.
No. 497793 ID: 14bafe

Ask her permission first, then go for the guy with the gun. Guns aren't things that you mess around with.
No. 497796 ID: bf54a8

tell cuff that you have a tranquilizer and are more then willing to use it, but feel you need to ask her first.

then switch out fwip fwip fwip. three knocked out punks. if switching doesnt seem possible right now for some reason then just fight them with your fists, you are wearing armor, they are not.
No. 497821 ID: ad199c

Don't tell her anything, just do it. Make sure you are on tranqs and don't electrocute them.
No. 497878 ID: 7003a8

Put a hand on Officer Cuff's shoulder
"As one artist to another I'm glad you agree she's a masterpiece in a living medium, but you would really help the law of the jungle suppress her art?
Your friends will suffer, and through that their art will improve. Don't debase your work with such a crude canvas as revenge."

If they don't back down, then turn to Cuffs
"It seems conflict is unavoidable. May I dance with you Officer, and show you my art?"
If she says no, then respect her decision until she's out of the fight.

If she says yes or they attack at any point then peg Gunthug with a tranq and move to keep Gunthug occupied until it takes effect. Unleash a shocker on Knifethug as you pass.
No. 497931 ID: 0f8468

Why is no one suggesting we taser them? Non-lethal, and also legal,considering they're threatening you
No. 497936 ID: d6ef5d

Because the taser is single target, and melee. Whereas the tranqs are ranged, and fire three at once. If we're fast (and don't waste time talking like an idiot), we can shut down all three of them right now with one shot before anything happens.
No. 497939 ID: 6dc5a6

Go for the gunman's underwear first, we need to know if men's underwear affects the gear. For Science.
No. 497942 ID: 83c12a

Traniquiliser darts, spam trigger.
No. 497949 ID: 5d98c3

Taze em.
No. 497984 ID: 47a120

We can't steal underwear here there is a lady cop who we are trying to romance here as a witness!
We are just going to have to, sadly, let them go with their underwear intact, this time.
No. 497991 ID: 38a6a1

aim your darts at the gun guy.
No. 497997 ID: bf54a8

we don't know the power output of taze. could be a million volts.
No. 498010 ID: 7003a8

We're out to be the best hero ever, so we can't INITIATE combat because that's unheroic. We also can't goad somebody into fighting since that's just as unheroic.

Since we need to wait for somebody else to make the first move we can fill the intervening time by trying to talk them down. Talking people down is heroic.

Remember that these are thugs, not supervillians.
Also remember that Officer Cuffs is an actual Officer, and doing her job for her without asking is disrespectful to both her skills and position.

Be ready to catch a bullet for Officer Cuffs if need be since that's all kinds of heroic. (Also, you're in powered armor and she is not.)
No. 498052 ID: 1f8505


Maybe she should be the one to know of our power, then? We can coordinate with her on fighting crime! Her Jim Gordon to our panty-collecting Batman!
No. 498096 ID: 47a120

Eventually, if we get into a serious relationship.
But we just met her minutes ago and said all of 2 sentences to her. Stealing panties is a CRIME, she is going to have to arrest us.
This is way too much to ask so early in the relationship.
No. 498655 ID: 67bfa9
File 136272132758.png - (126.31KB , 477x666 , Sworn30.png )

Saitnen: "don't worry officer I'll handle this"

officer Cuff: "be careful Gear man"
I switch to Tri-Dart on my gauntlet

knuckle vandal: "You're getting in our way? who do you think you are!?"

Saitnen: "call me a civil servant."

gun vandal: "oh yeah well? WELL SERVE THIS!"

they charge at me, but with their slow reflexes they barely have time to take a step
I fire two volley's stopping them in their tracks

blade vandal: "aeyi! police brutality!"

they seem stunned by the sudden attack but not paralized.
No. 498656 ID: 76b151

Look like the more dangerous ones lost a grip on their weapons. A few well placed blows should put them to sleep without undue risk.

Though you won't be able to get the women's panties unfortunately. THeres a witness!
No. 498660 ID: 735f4f

It should take a short while to take affect. The poison did not get you right away.
No. 498661 ID: 593f45

Get those panties. You never know when you might need punchy knuckle or scalpel powers.
No. 498662 ID: f2c20c

Get to punching.

No attempts at theft in front of the cop.
No. 498665 ID: ad199c

oh my god... you didn't tranq them you poisoned them. That's... not... good...
No. 498679 ID: 76b151

.....I hope you are wrong.
No. 498695 ID: ba5f2c

rush them while shooting at the gun guy, then shock the two ladies.
No. 498701 ID: bf54a8

.... shit?
No. 498708 ID: 7003a8

"Oh, calm down, that was just tranquilizer. I think.
Or maybe it wasn't? Err... Actually, you should prrrobably head to the hospital.
Like, within the next five minutes soon.
Or sooner."
No. 498711 ID: d6ef5d

Nah, it's okay. It wasn't fatal for us, and there's a hospital right over there. Besides, superhero weapons aren't lethal to civilians anyways. It's a rule.
No. 499551 ID: 67bfa9
File 136303442556.png - (149.85KB , 473x660 , Sworn31.png )

no stealing now! I gotta look good in front of the cop!
time to take out the trash!
hah, these guys sure weren't very strong . . .

officer Cuff: "WOW that was amazing! no wonder you were able to take down Miss Mercy"!

Saitnen: "haha well I guess-"
>oh my god... you didn't tranq them you poisoned them. That's... not... good...
oh no, SHI! shit, shit, shit. killing people is WAY worse then stealling, and it's the exact opposite of what heroes should!! SHIT!

officer Cuff: "Is something wrong Gear Man?"

what the heck am I going to do now!?
No. 499552 ID: 735f4f

We don't know that they are poisoned yet. But we are right outside a hospital so check for vital signs and if they are all breathing ok we should be fine. If not cart them over to the ER.
No. 499553 ID: 76b151

Tell the lady you should get these people to the hospital under arrest so they can heal up and be sent to jail. Maybe do a toxicology scan since who knows what they were on. They were crazy enough to attack a cop after all.
No. 499554 ID: 9076a3

Restore your confident appearance. Inform her that these criminals should receive immediate medical attention. You've only given them partial doses compared to what you had and you were fine, but there's no point taking risks.

You of course did this on purpose, knowing that the hospital behind you is equipped to treat them, and not wanting to take any risks about harm coming to the officer's person.
No. 499558 ID: f2c20c

Say that was the first time you used the darts and you're not sure what they're laced with. But hey, you're right outside a hospital so this is a pretty good time to find out!
No. 499560 ID: c6319f

Say that you may have overestimated their constitutions, being used to fighting far more dangerous enemies than these petty thugs, and that your darts may have been too strong for them. They should receive immediate medical attention, but they should be none the worse for wear in the long-run.
No. 499563 ID: ff6171

send the cops away to go get some help while you guard the bodies to prevent them from escaping and stuff.

and while the cops are gone, well... you know what to do.
No. 499571 ID: bf54a8

say that your ability is power copy. your darts were taken from someone that attacked you, you aren't entirely sure how they work but when you got it with three the person said you had 10 minutes.
No. 499573 ID: 7003a8

Confiscate their weapons, then pick two of the thugs up
"I haven't used this armor or these weapons before, and I just realized there's a chance those darts might not have been tranquilizer."

Start walking towards the hospital
"I think maybe we should check on that. Sorry, but could you get the last one?"
No. 499653 ID: 47a120

Don't panic...
"The tranquilizer darts should have made them drop safely and harmlessly, I am worried I got a bad batch or maybe someone tampered with it as a practical joke. Mind helping me getting them to the hospital for a checkup?"
No. 499777 ID: 5fd94e

they were threatening a cop with firearms, poison is perfectly acceptable
No. 499784 ID: bf54a8

if she asks how you can have a weapon and not know how it works explain that your ad built it, gave it to you, and then died before explaining how it works. is why you got into the hero-gig.
No. 499796 ID: 952246

Just say that we ought to get them medical attention before bringing them in for interrogation.

No. There's no reason to say that and it just makes us look like an idiot and a menace to society.
No. 499937 ID: ad199c

How about...

"I think I hit them a little too hard. Better take them to the hospital, they'll wanna be checked for concussions."
No. 499960 ID: 67bfa9
File 136326557730.png - (97.02KB , 473x660 , Sworn32.png )

Saitnen: "oh, ha ha, nothings wrong I just hope I didn't hurt them to much."

officer Cuff: "d-don't worry I'll get the hospital staff"

Saitnen: "good, good, also tell them to have a toxicology test ready, I um think these guys might be on "the drugs"".

officer Cuff: "Right! you watch them while the attendants get here"

it's a good idea they could come to at any moment . . .
she starts walking towards the hospital then stops and turns.

officer Cuff: "I um, I didn't s-say why I called, I mean what I called to you for, um you see my boss is all well -well the reason I c-called is I um . . . " she stutters a bit then mumbles something about coffee.
No. 499961 ID: d6ef5d

> mumbles something about coffee
No. 499968 ID: bf54a8

"coffee sounds great"
No. 499971 ID: 8dfc91

make sure the date is with her and not with her boss.

also, steal the panties AFTER she's out of sight. don't get caught!
No. 499996 ID: 15c312

speak the fuck up, yo.
No. 500003 ID: 1f8505


"I love coffee! Let's go get some coffee!"
No. 500063 ID: 7003a8

"Coffee with you? I'd love to!"
No. 500462 ID: b53faa

Yes, ALWAYS check this yo. We do NOT want to be stuck with hostile officer asshole on our face.
No. 503387 ID: 67bfa9
File 136487413831.png - (129.06KB , 477x666 , Sworn33.png )

Saitnen: "Go out for for coffee with you? I'd love too!"

officer Cuff: "I-I . . . TOMORROW. BLAZING BEAN'S. FIVE PM."

before I can get another word in she runs off, weird . . .

so Five PM huh? that's like a whole entire day from now! I wonder what the hold up is . . . well is there anything important I need to do before then?
No. 503389 ID: d6ef5d

I dunno. Go home. Eat sleep, enjoy a bit of time without someone trying to kill you?

Do you even have any cash on you in that suit? You kind of need to pay at a coffee shop.
No. 503390 ID: bf54a8

she probably needs to set up time off beforehand. she can't just ditch in the middle of the day. anyway, maybe we should head towards home?
No. 503404 ID: f2c20c

Test buying panties to use as fuel for your gear.
No. 503421 ID: 13a36d

feed panties from vandals to the gear
No. 503423 ID: b33427

You might not want to go back to your place, since that's the first place people out to kill you would look. How about crashing at your friend Paris' place? He'd certainly let a bud like you do that, what with evildoers after your life and all.
No. 503448 ID: 35edd4

Do this.

Also this. Including whatever the dude was wearing, for science.
No. 503452 ID: 35e15b

Go take a shower, you've been fighting crime all day.
No. 503455 ID: 454447

Wait, aren't you supposed to stay with the hooligans for a minute?
No. 503490 ID: e37529

steal some muhfuggin' panties.
No. 503547 ID: 29654e

You need these criminal's panties. Take what is yours.
No. 503710 ID: 67bfa9
File 136502021094.png - (89.86KB , 477x666 , Sworn34.png )

>You need these criminal's panties. Take what is yours.
I take the underwear from the criminals, last time I fed panties to the gear it made a large flash, I'm not sure I want to draw too much attention here

>Wait, aren't you supposed to stay with the hooligans for a minute?
they should be out for a while, besides I really don't want to be here when the paramedics find their underwear missing . . .

>Test buying panties to use as fuel for your gear.
I head out to the department store

. . .

the cashier gave me an odd look, but I was able to purchase 3 pairs of women's underwear.
I now have a bag of various underwear containing a total of 6.

>Do you even have any cash on you in that suit? You kind of need to pay at a coffee shop.
I had thirty now I have twenty dollars, that should be enough to buy coffee I think.

>You might not want to go back to your place, since that's the first place people out to kill you would look. How about crashing at your friend Paris' place?
Yaa my dad's lab is still quartered off as a crime scene, probably not a good place to lay low, I'll head over too Paris' place

. . .

well this is it, should I go in the front or sneak in the back?
No. 503712 ID: d6ef5d

Let's go in the back. Try and limit the criminal element knowing where you are. Since getting attacked out of the blue is a problem for you.
No. 503714 ID: e71208

sneaking is fun!
No. 503760 ID: 480661

You've got a gear on your shoulder, sneaking isn't your thing. Stroll boldly through the front door with your head held high and make sure you strike a semi-heroic pose while you survey the situation inside.
No. 503768 ID: 11a38f

you are now solid soulsword, and this is now a sneaking mission.
No. 503791 ID: 68bbc5

Be as sneaky as possible and hope to run into a even sneakier enemy whose primary power is sneakiness, so we don't have to put all this effort into a stealth mission ever again.
No. 503808 ID: 1f8505


First, feed various underpants into armor and observe effects. Then go sneaking.
No. 503913 ID: 13a36d

Paris is your friend, just head in the front.
No. 503920 ID: 91c1b3

Easy way, front door. Fun way, sneak in back.(I vote for fun)
No. 503923 ID: ad199c

6? Did you pick up the guys underwear?

Logically if panties are your source of power, then mens underwear would be your kryptonite. Don't let it near your gear. Or ever steal it again.
No. 503983 ID: 47a120

>I had thirty now I have twenty dollars, that should be enough to buy coffee I think.
Do you have a job? Any source of income? A credit card at least?
It is enough for coffee but you wouldn't survive a single week on that much money.
No. 504762 ID: 67bfa9
File 136548593741.png - (93.33KB , 477x666 , Sworn35.png )

>Do you have a job? Any source of income? A credit card at least?
uh not really, my dad always had tons of money, I just got some from him whenever I needed any, or I bummed a couple hundred off Paris.

>First, feed various underpants into armor and observe effects.
I offer a pair of plain white panties taken from the blade thug to the gear . . . well it ate them but I don't feel any different . . . not sure if I should feed the gear more underwear now, I have 5 pairs left.

>then mens underwear would be your kryptonite
what, would man underwear cause the gear to explode or something? . . . Ugh, why does that sound EXACTLY like the sort of thing Father would have the gear do.

>Let's go in the back. Try and limit the criminal element knowing where you are.
I climb up the building side making it too Paris's place, doesn't look like anyone saw me.
No. 504790 ID: bf54a8

okay while safe is the best time to test it, bring the men underwear near it, SLOWLY. if it starts making a noise one would best describe as 'pissed off' then back off with them. and just throw in the rest.
No. 504806 ID: a2310a

maybe generic underwear just acts as ammo for the weapons you get from the special ones. check the visor.
No. 505161 ID: 67bfa9
File 136565000024.png - (90.37KB , 473x660 , Sworn36.png )

>bring the men underwear near it, SLOWLY. if it starts making a noise one would best describe as 'pissed off' then back off with them. and just throw in the rest.

as I bring the underwear close the gear makes some low rumbling kinda sound, I have NO idea what that's supposed to mean. I guess I'll just put them away for now

>check the visor
Huh? has one of the bars gone down? did the panties do that, how does that even make sense? is the bars going down even a bad thing?! Aargh! I don't get any of this . . .

maybe if I try putting in another pair of panties I can see what happens, I'll use one of the store bought ones this time


well it ate the panties but none of the bars changed . . . I have four pairs left.
No. 505164 ID: f2c20c

You used the darts since the last time you checked. I think the dots are ammo, and you need to steal panties from supervillains to gain any powers. Normal thugs don't get you anywhere. Or maybe it can only display 3 types at a time?

Let's stop fooling with it and meet our buddy.
No. 505171 ID: c210da

Perhaps the meter went down because the suit was assisting you in your cat-burglar like behavior of sneaking in through a window several stories up.
No. 505172 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. We're almost out of darts, looks like. And it seems we don't have a way to refill the ammunition either. That's unfortunate.
No. 505176 ID: c31f72

Try wearing the a pair of the panties to see if that'd make a difference
No. 505207 ID: 04b86a

>Huh? has one of the bars gone down? did the panties do that, how does that even make sense?
The bars are charges, each power starts off with 5 and using that power uses up a charge.

Umm... maybe normal panties recharge the gear bar and you can somehow use charges from that to recharge the powers? Start trying to recharge it.
No. 505232 ID: 9f7d0e

proceed Parisways. the person, I mean.
No. 506013 ID: 67bfa9
File 136609196594.png - (107.89KB , 477x666 , Sworn37.png )

>You used the darts since the last time you checked. I think the dots are ammo,
well I guess that would explain the bar going down . . .

>proceed Parisways. the person, I mean.
Paris isn't here, he's probably still at the hospital hitting on the angry flat chested cop.

Lily LaQuitte: "Ahem!"

oh shit there's someone in the room . . . Oh it's just Paris' bitchy maid she hates my guts . . . I can't understand why he hasn't fired her yet.

Lily LaQuitte: "Zee Kane fameely doeseent want you here, no one wants you anywhere leettle worm, go back to Zee mudpits where you belong."
No. 506017 ID: 8334ff


"I promise next time to take my shoes off before entering the building."
No. 506018 ID: 35e15b

Quick, derail her attempts to force you out with an unexpected compliment!
"Why Mademoiselle LaQuitte, did you do something with your hair today? It flows so beautifully with such elegance."
No. 506022 ID: b53faa

no, all of these will just get us in trouble. Let's go for the diplomatic route this time, mates.
"Hey, look. For once I actually dont intend to cause trouble here. I am here on important business, and REALLY gotta talk to paris.
Weird superhero shit started happening and they might be able to help."
If that doesnt work, back off and create a DISTRACTION, IE upturning a table in the next room and using catninja powers to spiderman to the ceiling and out of the room while she handles that.
No. 506023 ID: f2c20c

Tell her that you've got assassins after you and if you can just stay here for a little while it would go a long way to ensuring you don't die in the near future. Tell her you're willing to make yourself useful to pay them back for housing you, so long as your presence here remains on the down-low.
No. 506071 ID: 7003a8

"Unless they finally disowned Paris I was invited.
I'll try to avoid getting in your way, though."
No. 506076 ID: e8c15b

nah. shay and wait.
No. 506077 ID: 8a3061

steal her panties
No. 506590 ID: 593f45

Yeah, you'll obviously gain fish/maid powers if you steal her panties, so you're going to have to.

Hop to it.
No. 506635 ID: c44712

We do not steal panties from the legally innocent!
No. 506714 ID: ad199c

This could be a good time for a heel turn.
No. 508095 ID: 67bfa9
File 136721120603.png - (90.47KB , 477x666 , Sworn38.png )

>steal her panties
I'm not so sure that's a good idea . . .

Saitnen: "Hey I'm not here to cause trouble, honest"

Lily LaQuitte: "Yet troubeel you cause all zee same."

Saitnen: "Look Paris wants me here and last I checked he's still your boss so go talk to him"

Lily LaQuitte: " . . . Meester Kane, he ees not pleased weeth some of hees sons poor choicees, nor some of hees son's company."

with that she leaves, was that a threat?
ugh I wish she'd learn to speak better english.
whatever at least she's gone.
huh? I hear a quit greeting outside the door.

Lily LaQuitte: "Young Meester Kane."

Paris Kane: "Hey Lily whats up!"

foot steps

Paris Kane: "haha bye Lily!"

Paris enters the room
Paris Kane: "Oh hey Sai, I figured you'd be hanging here, I set up the game station."

Saitnen: "oh cool I guess . . ."

Paris Kane: "Um you didn't make Lily angry again did you, she seemed pretty peeved."
No. 508097 ID: 735f4f

Profess your innocence on the making her angry. She seems to think you are a bad influence on her master or something. Crazy rich people stuff you know.
No. 508101 ID: d6ef5d

I didn't make her angry, she just was!
No. 508102 ID: bf54a8

"no, she just hates me. meaning seeing me is all it takes to piss her off. anyway, i think there is a hit out on me or something. after you left a robot in a nurse outfit tried to kill me. guessing the nurse thing was to sneak in. but yeah. that makes two attempts on my life in one day.

also there is something really important and secret i need to talk to you about. can you keep a secret?"

think we need to spill to beans. after he agreees hold up the arm thing flip down the goggles and switch modes so he can see it transform. he will probably remark that it is cool. then inform him it does that because your shoulder thing eats women's underwear.
No. 508106 ID: f2c20c

Oh just say that you kinda climbed in through the window and she might not have appreciated that.
No. 508130 ID: 888df6

Totally did make her angry. He knows us, we're not the diplomatic sort. It wasn't on purpose though!
No. 508143 ID: 2d3c9d

nah, she always hates us.

tell him about the recent developments.
No. 508147 ID: 7e84b0

Well sit down, play some games and start talking, thank Paris for being a bro and showing up at the hospital, especially as he helped clear up the mess with the police girls. Ask if he got anywhere with the alien police girl, who does pretty damn hot, but was kind of hostile towards you for no real reason. If he didn't get horribly rejected you should let him know you're taking the short and cute police girl out for coffee tomorrow because you beat up some punks that were threatening her. Advise against a double date though - therein lies trouble.

You might also want to hint that you've discovered the strange secret of your fathers Gear and you're a bit stronger now so if he needs help he can totally call on you for support.

Ask if he's got any tips for getting Lily to like you better. Maybe you could sleep at Paris' place if you do some housework around the building or something.
No. 511049 ID: 67bfa9
File 136865742551.png - (122.36KB , 477x666 , Sworn39.png )

Saitnen: "I dunno Paris, she just hates my guts. I didn't even do anything."

Paris Kane: "huh, maybe next time you can try being more polite? she likes that."

I don't want to even think about that stuck-up clean-freak anymore. Time to change the subject.
Saitnen: "so how did things go with that flatchested alien cop?"

Paris Kane: "Dude, could you please not call her that."

Saitnen: "Whatever . . ."

Paris Kane: "Her name is Handine and she's super into me, listened to every word I had to say, she even has a pet name for me "Mr.Kane"!

Saitnen: "Um-"

Paris Kane: "But that's not all! this friday she invited me to a "business meeting" in her "office" to discuss "private police funding", I think we both know what she's really talking about!"

Saitnen: "uh sure . . . well things went really good for me too with . . . um, whatever her name is, ya know glasses cop. Anyways we're going on a date tomorrow."

Paris Kane: "Score! now you see, not every girl hates you!"

Saitnen: "I think she was impressed by my newfound power when I protected her from a band of thugs."

Paris Kane: "Hey that's right, you got that new gauntlet, what's it do?"

Saitnen: "well it's more than that um . . ."
I'm not sure I want to tell Paris about this, he tends to overreact

Paris Kane: "Oh I get it, secret stuff. Don't worry I respect your privacy dude."

Saitnen: . . .

Paris Kane: "So what's in the bag? or is that secret too?"
No. 511050 ID: 7baaea

man, I don't even remember.
No. 511051 ID: bf54a8

you can tell him "it's what my shoulder gear uses for fuel." he will be like 'cool'

also officer cuff was ... what her name was listed as.

anyway tell him about the catgirl and the robot and how you think they are from the same organization. just leave out the part about how you stole their underwear.
No. 511053 ID: d6ef5d

>I think we both know what she's really talking about!
She thinks she's reeling you in for a donation.

And no, not the kind of donation you're thinking of! (Not sure if we should rain on his parade, though).

Long story.

>secret stuff
The really weird thing is suddenly everyone seems to know about it! I've has villains trying to kill me ever since I started.
No. 511060 ID: 13a36d

Spill your guts and tell him about how weird your father was and now you're stuck with this thing that runs on panties.
No. 511139 ID: 1f8505


Let's do this. At worst, he'll think we're weird, and at best he'll become an ally.
No. 514860 ID: 67bfa9
File 137055788643.png - (112.08KB , 477x666 , Sworn40.png )

I decide to tell Paris everything, or at least everything I know.
he doesn't say a word as I explain my situation.
after a minute of silence Paris speaks

Paris Kane: . . . I get it, finally it all makes sense."

Saitnen: "uh, it does?"

Paris Kane: "Your dad finally succumbed to his depravity and began building a device that would gain in power according to the subjugation of all dominant women!

Saitnen: "tha-"

Paris Kane: "Why you ask? isn't it obvious? the patriarchy has been in decline ever since the women's rights movement, millions of men are losing power by the second, and obviously there are those not willing to let this happen."

Saitnen: "wha-"

Paris Kane: "these power hungry alpha males would do anything to keep on top, and that's where your dad's device comes in, he stood to make millions, but not everything went according to plan, Alpha males tend to brag and women's rights activists discovered this plight, THEY sent the assassins that killed your dad AND the assassins that are after you right now. They're after you gear Sai ITS the device your dad built, and it's PURE. EVIL."

Saitnen: "uh-"

Paris Kane: "Talk to the feminists? they'll never listen. WE HAVE TO DESTROY IT SAI, it's the only way for all of this too end!"

Jeeze Paris has gone off the deep end . . .
No. 514861 ID: 593f45

Now your purpose is clear. You must gain panties and make your way to tumblr headquarters to destroy the source of all evil.
No. 514862 ID: 735f4f

Yeah not really buying that but you can tell him you are going to use there device against them and need his help to find there headquarters.
No. 514863 ID: 35edd4

You didn't ask for this, you're not trying to make any kind of misogynistic statement, but they're trying to kill you anyway. Giving in to such force is wrong. Heroes don't submit to people whose negotiating tactic is "kill everyone", no matter what their ostensible reasons are.
No. 514864 ID: 601855


I... I think my dad was just a really rich lech. Otherwise, why would the assassins just left the gear there?

It's more likely he personally annoyed a group of FEMININE ASSASSINS.

...which explains the catgirl, really.
No. 514866 ID: eaa372

Hate to break it to you but Paris does have a point about the psycho-sexual politics and your gear. Now it's very likely your father didn't understand the consequences building panty powered armor but you should see where Paris is coming from.

Or you could disregard your friend and continue an endless series of battles just to fuel your precious gimmick device.
No. 514867 ID: e3aff6

He does kind of have a point about the unsavory implications of your device, but I doubt a group of mad women's rights activists would choose a scantly clad catgirl as their first choice of assassin.

Besides, it sounds like the assassins would probably still try to kill you even if you destroyed the gear.
No. 514868 ID: f2c20c

Uh, tell him your dad wanted you to be a hero. Oppressing women sounds rather un-hero-like.
No. 514871 ID: 13a36d

Oh shit, Paris has been brainwashed! Or replaced by a feminist clone! We know this can't be your best friend's TRUE feelings!

We have to find a way to break the spell or find the real Paris, but not now, now we need to bide our time and figure out what's been going on. Let's go back and meet with glasses cop and see if anyone's reported any suspicious activity around Paris's tower thing.
No. 514872 ID: bf54a8

tell him to wait a second, he should realize they would never believe that we would willingly destroy it. if they see me without it they would assume i simply hid it away, capture me, and try to torture the nonexistent hiding place out of me. at least with it i can fight back. besides, he just has to make sure you never succumb to it's power and abuse it.
No. 514876 ID: 19b3c3

Ugh. Why did you tell him, really.

Uh, you don't think we can harness the evil for a good end? It's not as if any weapon is a good thing, really. And it can hardly upset the social order if there's just one and we don't mass produce it.

And not that I have anything against feminism or women's rights, but people willing to kill over it aren't good people right? If it's drawing crazies like that to me, shouldn't I fight them? Aren't I more... taking the power they're irresponsibly spending on murder and crime and turning it back to a good end?
No. 514881 ID: 35edd4

> I doubt a group of mad women's rights activists would choose a scantly clad catgirl as their first choice of assassin.

This is a really good point.
No. 514882 ID: f29aa1

LIE: "It, uh, actually is really picky, and only consumes the panties of villains."
No. 514946 ID: c23ab0

OK now I'm reaching on this one, but I think I've found the flaw in this whole diabolical plan. Before you fight with Paris get him to put on a pair of those woman's panties you bought.
No. 514950 ID: cf49fc

He's right. The Patriarchal and Matriarchal extremists are only going to get MORE EXTREME. Ergo you've got to ally with Glasses Cop (After acquiring her a device that runs on Boxer Shorts) and go on a global rampage to destroy BOTH FACTIONS. It's the only way to save [PLANETNAME].
No. 514956 ID: ea4b0b

I agree, this is now the primary driving goal for me. We must get glasses her boxergear.
which would mean getting some level playing-field action going.
Tell your friend of your plan, unless you think this will cause him to flip out MORE.
No. 514962 ID: 6d5e30

this sounds like it's going to end in an epic battle between glasses and us.

And then maybe sex.
No. 514972 ID: ea4b0b

prefferably both at once.
No. 514979 ID: 7003a8

"You're right.
I hate this gear, but I have no choice. I am honorbound to use it and become the world's greatest hero.

I need another option, Paris. And I need your help to find it."
No. 514981 ID: 05392a

No. 517428 ID: 67bfa9
File 137143771788.png - (100.35KB , 477x666 , Sworn41.png )

Saitnen: "Evil or not, I've done nothing wrong and it's the only thing keeping me alive from these crazy people. I NEED it."

Paris Kane: That's the gear talking Sai! the gear isn't saving you it's corrupting you with it's evil temptations of power!"

Saitnen: "You're wrong! my dad wanted me to be a hero!"

Paris Kane: "man a hero? you're just a junkie!"

Saitnen: "Help me find another way!"

Paris Kane: " I AM helping you."

Paris activates an intercom

Paris Kane: "Security? I need you to arrest Saitnen Soulsworn immediately!"
No. 517429 ID: 1f8505


Junkie?? What?! We are not so horribly physically dependent on this suit! We are a PANTY-POWERED SUPERHERO!

Time for a dynamic escape. Run for the nearest window and jump through it.
No. 517431 ID: bf54a8

"so this is how it is? i thought we were friends, but when i ask you to trust me, you wont, goodbye"

and jump out a window.
No. 517432 ID: bf54a8

actually we may be, but for a different reason. we were hit with a double dose of super deadly poison. the fact we didn't die is because of this thing, no idea if the docs cleared it from our system but if they didn't get all of it then the only thing keeping us from dying horribly is the suit.
No. 517433 ID: 91c1b3

We're near the top I think. I don't think we can survive a fall that big without going to another hospital.
No. 517435 ID: bf54a8

well yeah we aren't going to just plummet, we jump and then grab the ledge and high speed climb down.
No. 517456 ID: f2c20c

Call him an idiot and jump out the window you came in through.
No. 517506 ID: 47a120

wait what? How does the first lead into the second?
No. 517508 ID: cf49fc

Perfect, but I suggest we kick him in the balls first, and shout, "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!" on the way down from his window.

Don't worry about the fact that we're on the 80-billionth floor, we'll handle it.
No. 517524 ID: 35edd4

It's not calling him an idiot, it's informing him of the objective truth.
No. 517544 ID: 7003a8

"Ugh, we weren't done talking and you go and force the issue? Not cool, but I forgive you bro."

Then jump out the window.
No. 517560 ID: 5869f6

Kick him in the dick
backflip out window
No. 517573 ID: ea4b0b

bumping this because kicking our best bro in the testes over his misstep here probably would just bite our ass later
tell him you aint about to get arrested, but you are gonna give his points some thought and see if you can figure something actually agreeable out
No. 517580 ID: 2ddb7b


steal his panties.
No. 517635 ID: 058fbe

if you are so set, my friend, then I have no choice but to prove you wrong! Keep your ears open, and I assure you, you will be told only of justice and the thwarting of evil when you hear the name: SAITNEN SOULSWORN!

HERO AWAAAAAAAAAY [that is when you escape]
No. 517648 ID: 8a3061

>steal his panties.

and gain the power of assholery
No. 517679 ID: cf49fc

That's BRILLIANT! Steal HIS panties, which are CLEARLY in a twist.
No. 518014 ID: 6d5e30

Dude's a traitor. He's the villain, not you. You should teach him a lesson. Bam with the darts and see what he thinks then. Or give him a light tazing.
No. 518109 ID: 7003a8

What? No, he's being an ass about it but he's right. The gear is a PR nightmare, and if it wasn't for his dad's dying wish Saitnen wouldn't even be using it in the first place.
No. 518112 ID: bf54a8

but it IS too late to just get rid of it. we will get ninja assassins still trying to kill us. they wont know we threw it away. and if we say we did they wouldn't believe us. and paris apparently doesn't believe us ether.
No. 518118 ID: 91c1b3

We will sort this out and turn in the gear once we are done. As of now, we have no assurance that we won't be killed if we are without it. Remind him that one tried to kill us in while we were in the hospital under his care (he was watching over us at least) and would have succeeded if we had not had the gear. Then leave.

...Why'd Saitnen put on the gear in the first place? He already had it on when he found his father dying.
No. 518121 ID: 7003a8

Yea, but I was pointing out Paris isn't a villain. He's trying to do the right thing for the right reasons, but he's being rash and dumb and doing it the wrong way.
No. 518411 ID: 6d5e30

Look, this is the perfect point for a heel turn. Don't you guys read comics? We could turn his social ineptitude and his morally ambiguous powers into a good thing with a snap of the fingers. Suddenly he's an anti-hero: a person who's hunted by the law and the bad guys but is still fighting to protect the innocent and do what needs to be done. Paris will be our nemesis, our turncoat friend who betrayed us and tried to send us up the river and has made it his public goal to see us brought in, all under the guise of "it's for our own good". Glasses cop will be our spunky sidekick on the inside who feeds us information on criminals and warns us when the police are closing in. Also, a romantic interest in a relationship between an incredibly shy awkward person and a socially inept goofball.

You know, it'd sell. Beat down the turncoat! Give him what-for. Yell something about "you were like my brother!" while doing it.
No. 518431 ID: c23ab0


No. 518466 ID: 35edd4

So much this.
No. 518801 ID: 67bfa9
File 137192990271.png - (155.20KB , 477x666 , Sworn42.png )

Saitnen: "so this is how it is Paris? I thought you were my friends, but when I ask you to trust me, you won't, goodbye"

Paris Kane: "good bye Saitnen"


I leap through a window
. . . I probably should have leaped through the one I had already open . . . also I need better get away quips

I hit the ground

>>We're near the top I think. I don't think we can survive a fall that big without going to another hospital.
pfft like anybody couldn't survive a fall of . . . um . . . seventeen stories . . . well it turned out fine, and that's all that matters!
No. 518803 ID: 19b3c3

>pfft like anybody couldn't survive a fall of . . . um . . . seventeen stories
Just remember to keep thinking that way if you ever see a villain fall to his or her 'death'. And remember not to think that way about squishy civilians.

Guess we need a new place to crash, now. A place Paris doesn't know about, too.

...did we tell him where or when you were meeting that girl for coffee tomorrow? That might end up being an ambush, now.
No. 518804 ID: 3a3fd8

keep on runnin'.
No. 518805 ID: bf54a8

>grants ability to survive 17 story drops

another point in the gear's favor.

let's keep moving. anyplace you have that paris doesn't know about? gear let's you basically live off of panty energy.
No. 521062 ID: 67bfa9
File 137289338469.png - (131.07KB , 477x666 , Sworn43.png )

>keep on runnin'.
I gotta get out of here and find a place to-

Saitnen: "Gah!"

?????: "Yoink"


. . . HEY, that bitch stole my panties and money!
No. 521063 ID: 1f8505


No. 521070 ID: bf54a8

you have a ranged attack, use it!
No. 521071 ID: 19b3c3

>bitch stole my panties
The irony.

Well, time to turn the turnaround around. Get after her.
No. 521073 ID: ea4b0b

Wait, I have a better idea
call after here "You know if you had just asked I would have given you that underwear for free!"
Then chase after her.
Because honestly that stuff has absolutely no purpose for us right now
No. 521081 ID: 91c1b3

You only had 20 dollars, right? Are you sure that's enough to chase her over?
No. 521082 ID: 19b3c3

If we get her panties, we'll get street surfboard powers or something. That alone is worth the trouble.
No. 521085 ID: ea4b0b

Problem is, we arent exactly certain she is a villian. She might think WE are bad guys. I think we should chase her, yeah, but we should try and talk to her as we chase her as opposed to just outright attackign her.
I am probably wrong here, but something about this one isnt striking me as villianous. Perhaps rougeish, but not outright villianous like catlady and robonurse.
Let's go after her and play this oen by ear.
No. 521094 ID: 6d5e30

If she's not a villain well get the panties by seduction, until then chase her down and get your shit back. Steal a bike or something if you have to to keep up.
No. 521123 ID: cf49fc

You're in an alley. Grab the nearest dumpster and throw it at her. You just jumped 17-stories off a building with no ill-effects, don't tell me you don't have super strength.
No. 521133 ID: ea4b0b

It is possible the arm gear just has some sort of shock absorbtion process built in, not unlike the long-fall boots from portal. We dont exactly have the time here to go testing wether we got superstrength or not, yo.
Do what >>521094 said and hotwire a bike or something, make sure to return it later though. You are gonna be dating a cop, after all.
No. 521290 ID: f5e470

No. 525441 ID: 67bfa9
File 137420500540.png - (115.37KB , 477x666 , Sworn44.png )

>you have a ranged attack, use it!

I don't want to kill her! these darts are lethal

?????: "catch me if you can big shot!"

Saitnen: "You bet I will!"

* * *

I chase her down an alley . . .woah who's the shorty?

????(shorty): "Mr. Soulsworn, I'm glad you're here we need your help saving your father!"

Saitnen: "WHAAAT?!"

Who are these mysterious strangers?
Can Saitnen's dead father really be saved?
Why did Paris Kane Turn turn into a huge douche?
and Will Saitnen's date even be relevant to the plot?

Find out all this and much, much more in the next exciting issue of Soulsworn!

No. 525442 ID: bf54a8

because he's a nut
no, but it will be a nice break from his hectic day.
No. 525447 ID: c95833

Radgirl and yodaface.
Probably not.
Magic douche pills his maid has been giving him.
Yes, because he'll get ambushed in the middle of it.
No. 525449 ID: 91c1b3

People from the future (with a time machine)
We will either cause his death, or watch as he dies
He knows someone that became evil from stealing panties
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